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Author Topic: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Chapter 3 [180318] *Dropped*  (Read 3125 times)

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The players have been chosen.

A new trial (game) shall commence.

All but one will fall, and a new world shall rise.

Trust will be tested.

Desire will cloud reason.

Jealousy will break bonds.

Love will drive you mad.

Are you willing to become a God for your wish?

God's Game

Coming Soon
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YASHHH!!! MORE SAKAMICHIAKB FANFICS!!!  :farofflook: :farofflook:
Just a silent, introverted girl filled the 48 and 46 love

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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Upcoming project - Concept trailer
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But seriously, I'm SO sorry this took so long! Let's just say... blame writer's block. o_o

Anyways, we're here now! It's time for SakamichiAKB fic!


Chapter 1 - Log In

Ouroboros. The endless cycle. Death and rebirth repeats over and over, for all eternity. This world has been destroyed and reconstructed, rewritten countless times throughout the infinite course of life in the universe. You humans do not realize how many times this world has been re-created. Only Gods know. And today, it begins again…

The trial (game) to choose the new God of this world.


30 Days until the End of the World

“Hm? What the heck is this text? Some kind of spam?”

Sakura stared at the message written on her phone.

“End of the world? What kind of stupid prank is that?” Her friend, Mion spoke. “There’s no one bullying you, is there?”

“What?! No way, Mion. Still, it’s an unknown address… How did they even get my number?”

“Beats me.”

Sakura munched on her melon bread, trying to delete the message on her phone. However, every time she tried, it came up with the same message.

ERROR: Message cannot be deleted.

“This is crazy… Who sent this crappy text message?!” Sakura shouted. Then, she let out a sigh.

“Come on, don’t get so down,” Mion encouraged. “Let’s head back.”



“Kyaa! Jurina-san~ so cool!” Everyone cheered as the blonde girl dashed down the track. The female students fangirling drowned Sakura’s hearing as she watched the girl.

“Jurina-senpai… she really is amazing,” she said, her cheeks turning red. “I can’t run like her at all…”

As she stopped running, one of her classmates passing her a towel and water bottle, Sakura couldn’t help but sigh while twirling her tennis shoe shoelace. She wasn’t the athletic type of person; her running style was pathetic and her general LACK of talent in any kind of sport was disappointing.

Not for Jurina. She was a fast runner, had good reflexes, and physically able to lift heavy objects. Not just track and field, but she also participated in the school basketball team and swimming team. On top of all that, she often went to the gym and would go on jogs during the weekends.

In terms of sports, Jurina was perfect… whereas Sakura was utterly lacking.

“Don’t look so down, Sakura-tan~” Kojima Mako said, trying to cheer her friend up. “Just think positive! So what if you’re bad at sports?”

Sakura sulked more. “How can I think positively about that?”

“There are other things you’re good at, right?”

“Mm… haa, I can’t think of anything like that…”

“Mou, Sakura, there’s no need to be so depressed,” Nana rubbed her back, comforting her. “You do your very best in your studies and in sports. That’s all that matters.”

“Yeah, but… Jurina-senpai is too amazing.”

“She has a point,” Mion confessed. “Jurina’s not only talented in sports, but she also dances extremely well, and is popular with students due to her charming personality.”

“And she’s beautiful!” Mako squealed.

“Jurina truly is the idol of AKB Academy.”

“Next, Miyawaki!” the coach called out.

“Hai,” Sakura said gloomily as she walked up to the track.

“Ready… Go!”

Sakura dashed on, her friends watching her unusual running form with shell-shocked expressions.

“She really does need to work on her running form,” Nana said, Mako and Mion nodding.


After school, the girls went to eat ramen together, discussing different stuff, while Mako was looking on her phone.

“Mako, you shouldn’t be on your phone while eating,” Nana said.

“I heard some girls talking about a new mobile game that came out. I’m looking for it now.”

“Hee~ an RPG?”

Sakura just slurped her ramen, still daydreaming about Jurina during gym class.

“Maybe I can get her to coach me…”

“Nee, Sakura~” Mion waved her hand in front of her friend’s face. “Are you listening?”


“She was not,” Nana commented, the other two chuckling.

Mako’s eyes then widened. “Ah! I found it!”

She showed them the started screen for the game.

“A mobile game?” Sakura asked.

“Yup! It looks like a lot of fun!”

“I already downloaded it to my phone! Why don’t you guys install it, too, and we can all play tonight?”

“That sounds good.”

“Sakura-tan, too?”

Blinking a bit, Sakura slurped up her noodles, slowly nodding.

“Nice! We’ll definitely need to form a guild together,” Mako cheered before going on to eat her ramen.

Meanwhile, another girl with short black hair was glaring at them with a frown. She took out her phone, staring at a single text message.

God’s Game begins in 5 hrs 34 min 27 sec


Sakura collapsed onto her bed, pulling out her phone to install the RPG game.

“‘God’s Game’ huh… Or is it read as Kamisama Game?”

As she waited for the game to download, she rolled around lazily on her bed. She then opened up her gallery on her phone, looking through some of her photos.

Some of which were Jurina’s. Jurina running, playing basketball, swimming, eating lunch, dozing off…

“Mou, I must be a stalker…” she muttered to herself.


“Ah,” she gasped as the game finished downloading, the notification appearing on her phone. “Alright! Time to play.”

She clicked on the app, seeing the title screen appear. She tapped the Log In button and began setting up her avatar.

“Red or blue? Hmm… Give her this armor… short hair like mine, and… Yes! Perfect!”

She then named her avatar, appropriately, “Cherry”.

:Confirm Avatar?:

She tapped “Yes”, growing more excited to play...

A black screen with a single phrase was the last thing she saw before suddenly blacking out.

:Game Start:

...To Be Continued...
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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Upcoming project - Concept trailer
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She tapped “Yes”, growing more excited to play...

A black screen with a single phrase was the last thing I saw before suddenly blacking out.
you changed it to POV next?

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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Upcoming project - Concept trailer
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She tapped “Yes”, growing more excited to play...

A black screen with a single phrase was the last thing I saw before suddenly blacking out.
you changed it to POV next?

Ah... That was an error. Sorry XD

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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Chapter 1 170727
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*stares at Exterminatus button*

30 days left and you can blow up the planet... Patience Rainier!


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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Chapter 1 170727
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Chapter 2 - Immersion

“So the game’s started already?”

“Yup, seems like it.”

“I wonder who will win…”

“I hope they’ll be a good God.”

“Shall we place our bets now?”

“Sure! Why not?”

“Haruna, who do you choose?”

“Hmm… I choose…”


Sakura POV

“Ngh… ow… my head hurts… How long was I asleep?”

I winced as I woke up, finding myself collapsed on the roof of the school…

“Wait… why am I on the school roof right now?” I looked around at my surroundings. I could see from the view below that no one else was around. The school seem abandoned.

“What’s going on? How did I even get here..?”

I decided to go down and look around to see if anyone else was here. The hallways were empty, only the sound of my footsteps echoing.

I immediately went to my classroom and found the desks were still there. But no one was there, except for…


I ran to Mion, who was sleeping at her desk, and shook her shoulder.

“Mion, wake up! Mion!”

She groaned as she woke up, her eyes fluttering open to look at me.

“Sakura..?” She slowly got up, gradually grasping the current situation. “Huh? Eh?! Where is everyone? Is school already over?!”

“I don’t know… I woke up on the roof. I have no clue what’s happening right now.”

Mion then looked at me confused.

“Wait… the game.”


“God’s Game! The RPG! Weren’t we all going to play it last night?”

My eyes widened. “That’s right..! So why is..?”

I then saw something strange. There was a green crystal floating above Mion’s head, along with the word “Miion”.

“What is that..?” I pointed above her head.

“Huh?” She looked up, but couldn’t seem to see what I was seeing. But then, she looked at me. “Eh? Sakura, your head…”

“Eh?!” I touched my own head, looking up. “Do… I have one, too?”

“A floating crystal and the name ‘Cherry’?”


“Yeah… Why? Do I have one above my head?”

“If you can see mine, then I can see yours… but we can’t see our own.”

I started to wonder what else might be going on around us. We’re still in our school uniforms, even though I was sure I changed into my pajamas last night.

Then I noticed a wristband on my right hand. I hovered my hand over to touch it, then was surprised to see a menu open up in front of my eyes.

“Eh?!” I looked and saw various stats and other information. As well as… The avatar I created for the mobile game?

“What’s wrong? What happened?!” Mion asked.

“Mion… do you have one of these on?” I asked her, showing her my wristband.

She looked at her own wrist. Sure enough, she had one, too.

“No way…”

“An empty school, floating crystals above our heads, and avatars… It’s like we’re in a video game!”

“Wait, so you think we’re actually in the mobile game now? No, no, no, that’s ridiculous!”

“What do you suggest we do then?”

“Hmm… I guess, try to look for other people?”

“That’s probably our safest bet. Let’s see if Mako and Nana are around.”

As if by luck, just as we said that…

“Oooooi! Sakura-tan~ Miion~”

“Mako!” We both exclaimed.

We look outside and saw Mako and Nana looking around the courtyard, shouting our names.

“Kojimako and okd77… that’s definitely them.”

“Guys! We’re up here!” I shouted down to them.

They saw us and waved at us. Me and Mion ran down the stairs to meet them, but we then saw strange black creatures.

“W-what are those?!”

“I don’t know… But let’s just walk away slowly, maybe they won’t notice.”

We slowly made our way outside, avoiding the attention of the black monsters. Once we got out, we ran to Mako and Nana.

“What on Earth is going on?!”

“No clue! We just woke up out here just a minute ago.”

“Is it just… the four of us?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Nana said. “Look.”

She touched the band on her wrist, and a radar appeared. There were red and green diamonds around the area, and where the four of us stood, in the center of the radar, were four pink diamonds.

“We saw black monsters inside the building with red diamonds floating over them.”

“And us…” I looked up at everyone’s heads. “Ours are green.”

“So there must be others here. We have to find them!”

“Weird, though… Why are ours pink?” Mion asked.

“Didn’t you all say you wanted to form a group together?” A new voice said.

“Eh? Who was that?!”

Just then, before the four of us appeared a floating girl in a colorful outfit. She giggled at us while we just stared in confusion.

“What funny reactions you humans have!”

“W-who are you?”

“What are you, is more like it?”

“Name’s Iku-chan! Yoroshiku!” the girl gave us a peace sign. “What do you think? Quite the amazing replica, eh?”


“This school! Doesn’t it look just like your real school?!”

“Hold on!” I stopped her. “What do you mean, ‘replica’?! Is this not our school?”

“Of course not. I had to create a simulation. We can’t just going around fighting in the actual school building. It’ll be a wreck and people will get killed! That’d be a lot of trouble for the Gods, so we just made this digital simulation and put you in it.”

“Digital… what?!”

“Ahh~ this will take a while to explain. Why don’t you girls go gather up everyone else? I’ll continue once all of you are together! Bye~”

“Wait!” Iku-chan then disappeared, leaving the four of us confused.

“Well… that happened.”

I looked to my friends, all of them seemed unsure what to do. Nana then spoke again.

“Let’s just do as she said and find the others. Once we do that, we’ll get our answers.”



We went into the gym and saw some girls already there. They looked like girls from another class. I saw their usernames…

“Sugai_yuuka” “berika♥” “RISA.w” “princess yui”

“Hi~” One of the girls waved as we approached them.

I noticed that these girls were wearing different uniforms. Are they from the Keyaki division?

The girl named Yuuka then spoke up, “You four… You’re from the Akihabara division, right?”


“I see… So it seems it’s not just our division.”

“I wonder if they got Nogizaka, too.”

“Are you girls in a group, too?” Mion asked.

“That’s right!” The cheerful girl smiled. “I’m Berika, by the way! Watanabe Rika, nicknamed Berika!”

“Berika, then. I’m guessing you girls don’t know what’s going on either.”

“Nope,” Risa answered. “We were getting ready to meet up online and play our game as usual, but then we blacked out and found ourselves here.”

So it’s the same. The mobile game is connected to our current situation…

“ we just made this digital simulation and put you in it.”

“We’re not too sure, but I think this might be some kind of virtual reality.”

“Virtual reality?!” Yui exclaimed. “Like those VR games?”

“Berika’s always wanted to do VR!”

“I don’t think that’s something you should be happy about, Berika.”

“Anyways. I think there are more of us here, so we should find anyone else who might--”

“KYAAAAA!!!” We then heard a scream from outside.

Without hesitating, we ran outside and saw two girls faced up against one of the black monsters from earlier. Their uniforms were different from both of our groups; they definitely must be the Nogizaka division.

“G-go away!” one of them screamed.

“saito☆Asuka” “hori307”

One of them picked up a nearby rock and threw it at the creature, but it didn’t affect it. They became more scared as it approached them slowly.

“Hey, you two, get behind us!” Yuuka shouted to them.

The two just did as she said and ran towards us, hiding behind us.

“What the heck is that thing?!”

“I don’t know. But me and Sakura saw it when we were leaving the school building.”

“Are those supposed to be, like, the monsters you fight in the mobile game?” I asked.

“No,” Risa answered, her expression shocked. “The monsters never looked like this.”

“They were little balls of slimy slime!” Berika also responded. “Those slimes are big!”

“They aren’t slimes, Berika!”

“Whatever they are, they’re worse! And if this really is like the mobile game, we need to kill it!”


Before we could answer, we heard it roar out and charge towards us. We all ran off, making our way back inside the building. From inside, I could then see someone approaching the monster.

Someone in silver armor…? Who is that?

The person drew a sword and started fighting the monster. There was such skill, such power in her movements…


“Go, knight-san!”

The others cheered, but I remained silent as I noticed a striking feature that could only belong to one person… Her golden, blonde hair.


She slashed her sword and defeated the monster. After it disappeared, her sword and armor dematerialized and revealed herself to be in her uniform.

“That’s Jurina-senpai!!!” Mako explained.

“Holy crap!”

She looked to us as we ran out to her.

“Matsui-senpai, that was incredible!” Nana said. “But, how did you know what to..?”

“I’m a veteran player of ‘God’s Game’. Once I found out I was able to transform into my avatar, the rest was easy.”

“That’s amazing! Matsui-san, you’re amazing!” Miona said excitedly. “Will you teach me how to do that?! I wanna use magic like my avatar in the game!”

“I think you’ll all learn that soon.”


“Come with me. The others are waiting,” she said calmly, leading us in her direction.

“Others?! You found them all?!”


We made it to the rooftop where several other girls were waiting. One I recognized as an underclassmen, Oguri Yui, and the others were from the Nogizaka division. There was one more girl, from the Keyakizaka division, standing by herself.

“Is this all of us?”

Just then, Iku-chan appeared again, surprising everyone else. I saw Jurina keep a calm, stoic composure, even in front of the mysterious girl.

Jurina-san really is amazing… No, wait! Don’t get distracted right now, Sakura!

“Are? Are are?” Iku-chan looked around. “Is this everyone? One, two, three… Hmm, looks like we’re missing one.”

“Eh? Missing one person?”

“Mou~ where is she? We can’t wait forever!”

“Don’t bother,” a voice then rose. “I’m right here.”

We all saw a girl who appeared from the other side of the roof, a dark look in her eyes. I could sense in those eyes… nothing but hatred.

And I also noticed, unlike all of us, who had usernames above our heads, this girl’s was blank.

“Ahh~ there we are! All 18, present and accounted for! Great, great!” Iku-chan smiled. “Welp, I guess it’s time for explanations!”

“About time.”

“Yes, please tell us where we are, floating girl!”

“Ahem, well, to put it simply… Your world is going to end.”


D-did I hear that right?! Did she say the world was going to end?!

“Yeah, the God of the world, Deus is running out of power, and soon he’s going to disappear. Once that happens, the world will end and all your existences will be erased.”

“Why are you telling us this?!”

“Yeah, what about you?! Are you a God, too, or something?! Can’t you do anything to stop it?!”

“I’m merely an observing archangel. I don’t have the power to save an entire world from utter oblivion.”

“If you’re an angel, why don’t you have wings?” Berika asked.

“I don’t need wings~” Iku-chan then sung. “Ah! Wait! I’m not from AKB, so I might get in trouble for singing that! Hehe.”


“Nevermind that! What matters is, you girls will be the deciding factor for the fate of this world!”

“Eh? We’re the deciding factor?”

“Yup! One of you must inherit Deus’ power and become the God of the new world!”

“That’s Mirai Nikki!” Mako exclaimed.

“Hmm, but y’know, it’ll be hard since there are so many of you, so we’re gonna have a special tournament where the one who wins in the end will become God! That seems fair, right?”

Asuka raised a hand, asking “We won’t actually die, will we?”

“No~ Of course not!”

“Ahh, good. I was worried there.”

“As for how the tournament will go, it all depends on your experience that you gain while fighting the Remnants here! The more you defeat, the more power you gain!”

“So that’s what those things are…”

“Oh, I’ve also hidden some surprise upgrades, so if you find them, that should help, as well,” Iku-chan winked.

“So, how exactly will we battle?”

“We transform into our avatars, right? Like Jurina-san did earlier.”

“That’s right! On your right wrists, there’s a band with all your stats and abilities recorded on it. Just hold down the button and you’ll transform! Super easy!”

“Sakura-tan, try it! I wanna see you as your avatar!” Mako suggested.

“Eh? Me?”

“Yeah,” she then whispered. “You’ll look super cool in front of Jurina-senpai.”

“Ah… o-okay. I’ll try!”

I pushed the button on my wristband and saw it light up pink. Once it did, my uniform transformed into the red outfit that was on my avatar.

“Woooooah, Cherry-san looks super amazing!”

I looked at Jurina to see her expression. She just smiled kindly.

“It looks nice. It suits you.”

I blushed a bit, looking away while my friends complimented me.

“Is that it for explanation? Any other questions?”

No one spoke up. I think we all had to fully digest just what was going on. We just stood in our places, and became aware of our current situation.

“I guess the sensible thing to do,” Nana then spoke up, “Is for all of us to introduce ourselves.”

“Eh? Now?!”

“Diligent as always…” Mako commented.

“We’ll figure out what our situation is and how we can get out of it easier if we know ourselves better. So we should all get along with each other!”

“I agree with Nana-chan!” Rika said. “Let’s all be friends!”

“I guess if that’s all we can do for now,” Risa crossed her arms.

I looked over to the girl with hateful eyes, who was separated from everyone else.

“Hey,” I called out to her. “What’s your name?”

“Why does it matter?”

“It does, if we’re all in this situation together.”

The girl just sighed.

“It’s Hirate Yurina.”


“Do you girls recognize her?” Miona asked the girls of the Keyakizaka division.

“No, not really…”

“Maybe she was just shy and we never noticed her!” Rika giggled. “Nice to meet you, Hirano-san!”


“Ah, sorry! Hirate-san!”

“Hirate Yurina… Hirate Yurina…” the quiet girl of the bunch repeated. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”

“So we’re all from different divisions,” Nana looked around. “How about we use this time to bond and learn things about each other?”

“Ahh~ I guess it can’t be helped,” Asuka said as her other classmates nodded in agreement.

“Alright! Then let the ice breaking and bonding begin!”

...To Be Continued...

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Re: God's Game (SakamichiAKB Fanfic) Chapter 2 170825
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It's been a while since I updated this! I invoke the power of the fanfiction Gods to raise this fanfiction from obscurity!



Chapter 3 - Inventory

“Very well. How about… the Akihabara division first?” Yuuka suggested.

Including me, there was six of us from the Akihabara division. Jurina was the oldest, and Yui-yui was the youngest.

“Well, us four are all classmates,” Mion said. “That’s how we know each other.”

“Yui-chan is our kouhai, and Jurina-san over there is our senpai.”

“You should’ve seen Jurina earlier! She was so amazing!”

“We saw from the roof,” Hoshino Minami said. “She defeated that Remnant all by herself!”

“You just GOTTA teach us how to fight like that! It was so badass!”


Jurina-san is a veteran player… I didn’t think she was the type who likes RPGs.

“Hey, Hirate-san, why don’t you come and join the conversation?” Miona called out to the girl, who was looking out at the Remnants below with a disgusted expression.

“I’ll pass,” she said, her hand gripping the fence.

“Ooooookay~ suit yourself.”

“So, Jurina-san,” I spoke up.


“Do you remember what happened before you got here?”

“Yes. I was on the train going home, when all the sudden, the lights started flickering and it went into a blackout. In all the panic, I heard a notification sound on my phone, but the moment I pulled it out, I suddenly lost consciousness and woke up on the roof here.”

“That’s the same as me,” I said. “I was about to play the game with Mion and the others, but I suddenly blacked out and woke up here on the roof.”

“It’s the same for all of us.”

“We all started to play, but then…”

“Actually, for me, it was a bit different,” Mako said. “I was already fighting some monsters in the game, but then suddenly, I felt like I was being sucked into my phone. Then, a monster like one of those from before charged at me, and I passed out.”

Miona frowned, “Something similar happened to me.”


“Me and Asuka were texting each other, then I saw I got a message from an unknown number. I thought it was a spam, so I ignored it, but then, my phone started going crazy, and--”

“It made a weird noise…” Asuka grew pale with uneasiness.

“Yeah! Same for Berika!”

“After hearing that sound, the world around me grew dark…”

“Now that I think about it, I think I heard the same noise,” Mion said. I and the others nodded in agreement.

Yes, now I clearly remember. It was a glitched, screeching sound, almost like white noise.

“When I regained consciousness, I felt like I had woken up from a nightmare…”

“Yeah. I remember feeling disoriented and uneasy.”

“Berisa puked,” Berika pointed at the other girl.

“Hey! Don’t tell them that!”

“Well, considering that we likely all felt the same way, it’d only be natural.”

“So I guess we can all agree we all had the same experience before coming to this digital world?” Asuka asked, and we all gave our word of confirmation.

Yes… we all got here the exact same way.

From that game.

“Honestly… this makes no sense,” Yuuka said. “We need to find a way out of this place!”

“How do we do that?”

She looked at the band on her wrist, tapping it to pull up the map. We could see dots where we were all gathered on the roof.

“There must be somewhere…” she searched through the map, extremely focused on it.

“...Hungry…” the quiet girl who hadn’t spoke a word suddenly said.

“Eh? Neru-chan hungry?”

Neru nodded at Berika’s remark.

“Who has food?”

“It looks like our inventories are the same as the ones in game,” Nana said. “When you first create your avatar, you are given two bags of berries to heal your HP.”

Hearing that, the girl named Neru tapped her band, opened her inventory, and selected one of the two bags. The menu disappeared and a bag of red berries materialized in her hand.

“Berika wants cookies!” Berika pulled out her menu and selected two biscuits from her inventory. When they appeared, she started munching on the cookie biscuits happily.

“We should check and see if this place has any food stored somewhere,” Jurina said.

“The cafeteria!”

“Wait!” Yui-yui raised her hand, pulling up her map. “There are monsters down that path! What if something happens?”

“Let’s have just a few of us go,” Risa suggested. “Who will go?”

“I’ll go,” Yurina immediately said, glaring at us. “But I’ll go alone.”

“No way! It’s too dangerous!”

“We’ll go with her!” Three girls raised their hands; Ito Marika, Hoshino Minami, and Kitano Hinako.

“Are you sure?” Miona asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, senpai! We’ll protect Hirai-san!”

“It’s Hirate!” the girl said angrily.

“Ah! Sorry!”

“You three just be careful, okay?” Asuka said. “We still don’t know what will happen if--”

“It’ll be okay! We’re pretty strong!”

“Well, alright… We’ll be waiting for you girls!”


“Uwaa, these hallways really are creepy when it’s empty like this…” Marika commented. Their footsteps echoed off the empty walls.

“It’s like a haunted house.”

“Keep walking, you three.”

The three Nogizaka girls caught up to Yurina, who was far ahead of them. As they hurried, the group then heard a growling sound from far down the hall.

Yurina looked out and saw a Remnant clawing at the wall.

Immediately, Yurina transformed into her avatar’s armor. It was a black outfit with silver armor plates on her shoulder, arms, and chest, and black wings on her back.

She pulled out a black sword and walked toward the monster. When the Remnant saw her, it roared and charged at her.

“Look out!”

Yurina yelled out and slashed her sword through the monster’s head, slashing its body two more times in one swift motion.

The three were amazed as the monster vanished into dust, leaving behind a small red crystal.

Yurina took it in her hand, staring at the crystal before placing it in her mouth. With a loud gulp, she swallowed the red item.

“Eh? She ate it?”

The three approached Yurina, still awestruck from what just happened. Yurina’s armor and sword vanished, and she turned to look at them.

“So, uh… what did you just eat?”

“It was a seed.”


“Let’s go,” she said, advancing forward.

“H-hey, hold on! At least tell us what a seed is, Hirate-san!”


As we were all waiting, I saw Miona pull out a small red crystal. She stared at it, raising an eyebrow as she held it between her fingers.

“What’s that, Hori-san?”

“I don’t know. But I found it on the ground after Jurina-san killed that monster.”

“Let me see,” Jurina immediately took it from her hands, examining it. “I thought so…”

“What is it?”

“A seed. If we don’t dispose of it, the monster could revive.”

“For real?!”

“At least this one’s small…” Jurina summoned a dagger from her inventory, threw the crystal in the air, and slashed it as it came down, shattering it.

“So all the Remnants have those things?”

“Not all of them. But if a seed grows within them, they can become more powerful and deadly.”

It was then we felt the ground below us vibrate slightly.

“What was that?!”

“They must’ve fought another monster.”

“Mou~ I wanna go home…” Mion said, hugging her knees.

“We have to find a way out of this place!” Asuka then yelled.

Miona looked at her worriedly, “But how? That thing said this is a simulation--”

“How do you know we can trust it?!”



“Foooooood!!!” Marika cheered as they reached the cafeteria. They found all kinds of food and snacks stored in different areas. “So much food~ this is heaven~”

“How exactly did it all get here, though?” Hinako asked.

Minami then found a pink sheet of paper with something written on it.

“This is a gift from me. -Iku-chan!”

“That digital God lady must’ve left all of this here for us.”

“Let’s hope it’s real food we can eat then, and not digital! Hahahaha!” The girls (aside from Yurina) laughed as they grabbed some snacks and placed them into their inventory.

“Yuria-san~ we’re ready to go!” Minami said.

“It’s Yurina,” she corrected.

“Ah! Right! Sorry.”

“Still, I wonder why only the cafeteria isn’t surrounded by those monster-thingies…”

“It’s a safe area,” Yurina said. “...Most likely.”

“Cool~ That should come in handy if we get a nasty monster infestation!”

“Let’s hurry and go!” Marika started to run down the hall, oblivious to a black shadow targeting her with red eyes.

“Ito, watch out!” Yurina suddenly cried out.



...To Be Continued...

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