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Author Topic: Kaze ni Fukaretemo Part3 *update* {RisaNeru, MonaRisa,TechiNeru} Keya46 fanfic  (Read 8588 times)

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@RisaNeruLive : I will 🙏
@Albiebs22 : you'll be surprised  :cathappy:
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“What the hell?!”

Both of them were surprised by the sudden voice. Standing before them was none other than Harada Aoi, Risa's ex-seatmate.

I will post the second part on 15-16th October  :cow:

Aoi.... :doh: I can't wait to read the 2nd part  :deco:
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Neru ayashi. I think she's hiding something.
Can't wait to read the second chapter  XD

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@BelieberJ :  :lol:
@Spaceboy686 : she definitely is. Big things even. I'll post the second part tomorrow  :cow:
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                                    Kaze ni Fukaretemo
                                    (RisaNeru fanfic)

~Part 2~

“What the hell?!”

Both Neru and Risa were surprised by the sudden voice.
Standing before them was non other than Harada Aoi, Risa’s ex-seatmate. Aoi confronted them with a stutter.

“R-R-Risa...? and N-N-Nagahama-san...? W-what are you guys doing?”

Risa stared at Aoi and gave her a frightening glare.

“None of your business. Nobody should know about this, you got me?” she threatend Aoi.

Aoi wanted to say something, but she refrained herself. Risa’s scary glare was enough to shut her up.

“H-hai. I won’t tell anyone...” she answered dejectedly.

Risa smirked. She approached Aoi then gave her a pat on the head.

“Good, girl~”

Neru smiled at the scene. She always love Risa’s sadistic nature. But despite that fact, she also enjoyed having Risa bow before her. Begging for her love.

The three of them walked back to their classroom awkwardly. Aoi walked between Neru and Risa. Aoi never felt so awkward in her whole life. She cried silently. Once they reached the classroom, Aoi hurriedly rushed to her seat.

“I’m safe...,” she murmured to herself.

On the other side, Neru and Risa walked to their seats silently. None of them talked until the school’s over. Even on their way home, none of them said a word the entire time. Dani who also walked with them that day, could felt the icy atmosphere. But she didn’t say anything, she only sighed.


It was Friday that day. Everything went as usual. Risa and Neru still haven’t talked to each other. After the lessons were over, Techi suddenly stand.

“Minna, tomorrow is my birthday. And i’m inviting everyone!” she announced.

Everyone were surprised.Techi wasn’t only known for her ikemen look, but she also known for her family wealth. Usually she only invited her close friends and some elite students to her parties. Everyone cheered happily. Who didn’t want to be invited on an exclusive party?

“But remember, you all need to wear either a dress or a suit. I hope you all will be there.” She continued while looking specifically at Neru.

Everyone were murmuring with their friends.  Manaka and Dani turned their head to Neru and Risa.

“ about we go to shibuya today?” suggested Manaka.

“Mm...Is it really necessary?” Dani argued.

“Of course. We’re going to an elite party. We need to dress properly,” said Manaka.

“Mm~ I think it’s a good idea. I want to look beautiful at Techi’s birthday party.” Neru said with mysterious smile.

Risa scoffed.
(What a cheap girl. Trying to impress that rich arrogant kid... So annoying!)

Manaka waved her hand in front of Risa.

“Risa? Risa~ Earth to Risa!”

“Huh? What?” Risa asked Manaka with an annoyed face.

Manaka sighed.

“I said, let’s get going now. We’re going to rent some clothes.”  Said Manaka with a gentle voice.


Once they arrived at shibuya, they went looking for a store which rented clothings. Manaka was really excited. She wanted to look cool at the party.

“Yosh. I’m going to wear a suit at the party!” stated Manaka.

Risa raised her eyebrow.

“A suit? Why not a dress ?” she asked Manaka.

Manaka scoffed.

“I want to look cool. I won’t look cool on a freaking dress.” Answered Manaka.

(Hmm...I wonder if I would look cool on a suit- wait but Manaka’s already the one who will wear a suit...)

Risa sighed.

“I think you would look cool on a suit too~” Neru told Risa.

Risa glanced at Neru. She was going to say something but Manaka cut her.

“Nah...I’ll be the one who wear the suit. So she have to wear a dress. I bet Risa will look gorgeous in a dress.” Said Manaka with a stupid grin.

Risa looked down. She didn’t know wether to be flattered by Manaka’s complement or angry at her selfish request.
Dani noticed Risa’s bad mood so she tried to lighten her up.

“You can wear anything you want. To hell with the pervert’s dirty imagination.” She dissed Manaka.

“Hey! I’m not a pervert! I-I just think that-“ Manaka tried to retorted.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let’s just find the damn store and then buy some ice creams. I’m thirsty,” said Dani.

15 minutes later, they managed to find a nice store which renting their clothings. Manaka eyes lited up when she saw the suits section. She went to the suits section on her own, leaving the others behind. She wistled.

“Which one is good on me...-meh anything look good on me.” Manaka said with a smug face.

Dani shook her head.

“That kid... Ne, Risa do you want to go to the suits section or the dresses section?” Dani asked Risa.

Risa was depth in her thought. She wanted to wear a suit (No no, it’s definitely not to impress Neru. Nuh uh.)

But she didn’t want to dissapointed her girlfriend, Manaka wanted to see her on a dress. She sighed.

“...The dresses section,” she reluctantly answered.

“Are you sure? You look reluctant...” asked Dani.

Risa groaned.

“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s just go to the dresses section.”

She rushed to the dresses section, dragging Neru (who was only silent the whole time) with her. Dani was petrified for a moment, then she hurriedly followed Risa and Neru to the dresses section. She yelled.

“Hey, wait for meeeh...”
At the end, Manaka rented a black suit with a dark blue necktie. Risa rented a dark blue dress (matching with Manaka’s necktie). Dani rented a black dress (we all know Oda have a bad fashion sense). While Neru bought an ellegant and expensive red dress. Manaka raised her eyebrow at Neru.

“You bought the dress? How did you get the money?”

“I have a lot of savings,” Neru answered shortly.


On the next day, Neru and Manaka went to Risa’s house with a taxi. When they arrived, Risa was already wating for them in front of her house. Manaka was stunned by Risa’s beauty.

“You’re so beautiful,” said Manaka breathlessly.

“Thank you,” Risa flustered.

Neru was secretly eyed Risa too. But she refrained herself from saying any words.

Manaka opened the taxi door for Risa. Then she sat beside her. Neru sat beside the driver. On the backseats, Manaka and Risa was being lovey-dovey with each other. Neru silently watched them through the mirror.

Once they arrived at Techi’s mansion, Neru quickly dashed to the party room. Risa eyed her curiously.

“Heh...seems that Neru is too excited.” Said Manaka.

“Maybe. Let’s just go inside.”

Risa held Manaka’s hand and led her inside the mansion.
Once Neru was inside the party room, she went looking for a certain someone.

“Found her~” said Neru with a smirk.


Techi was chatting animatedly with Yuuka. When she turned her head, she saw Neru walking towards her. She was instantly enchanted by Neru’s beauty. Neru was absolutely gorgeous.

“Hi...” Neru greet Techi.

Techi greet Neru back with a stuttered voice.

“H-h-hi. Y-you look so beautiful tonight,”

Neru smiled and bite her lower lip.

“Thank you. You look great too. So handsome~”

Techi blushed. She nervously fixed her already neat necktie.

“J-ja...shall we dance?” Techi extended her hand.

Neru took Techi’s hand.

Techi gave the dj a signal to turned the music on. Techi led the dance. She put her hands on Neru’s hips while Neru put her hands on Techi’s neck. The first song was a slow one, Techi led accordingly.

Manaka and Risa also did the same thing, Manaka led the dance of course. Risa glanced at Techi and Neru. Neru glanced at Risa too. She gave Techi a flirty smile then smirked at Risa’s pained look. Risa’s heart clenched. She felt like someone just stab her heart with a rusty knife. She laid her head on Manaka’s shoulder and held her tears.

After the first dance session was over, Risa told Manaka to brought her a drink. While Neru told Techi to dance with a girl who asked Techi to dance with her.

“It’s not polite to declined a girl’s dance invitation,” Neru told Techi.

Techi reluctantly took the girl’s hand. The girl, who introduced herself as Kakizaki Memi was so happy that Techi accepted her dance invitation.

Risa glanced at Neru. Then she averted her vision at Techi who danced with an unknown girl. She smirked. She walked towards Neru. Neru raised her delicate eyebrow when she saw Risa walking to her direction.


Risa forcefully dragged Neru upstairs. She led Neru to a room. She opened the door then closed it with a bang. Risa looked at Neru with a dark and terrifying expression. Neru felt slightly nervous.


Risa grabbed Neru’s hand then threw her to a bed. Neru gasped. Risa climbed above Neru. Neru bites her lip. Risa’s carnivorous expression really turned her on. She traced her finger on Risa’s face down to her neck.

“What are you waiting for, baby? Do you want to punish me? I’ve been a rea~ly bad girl, didn’t I?” Neru whispered seductively.

Risa groaned. She wanted to f*ck the shit out of Neru so bad. Her inner beast was screaming for Neru. She eyed Neru’s red lips. They looked so soft and kissable.

(Gosh. What’s happening to me? It feels like Manaka and everything else has disappear. There’s only Neru inside my mind. Damn it. I just can’t take it anymore. I want Neru so freaking bad...)

Risa kissed Neru aggressively. All the pains, the heartbreaks that Neru caused... She wanted Neru to felt it too. Neru was a little surprised but quickly returned the kiss. Risa knead Neru’s breasts. Neru made a muffled moaned. Then Risa bites Neru’s lip so hard, it drew blood. Neru wasn’t complaining though, in fact she was turned on even more by Risa’s wild side. Their make out session was getting wilder and wilder by the second.

Neru couldn’t control herself anymore. She opened her eyes. Then she flipped their bodies around. She moved her face to Risa’s neck. She sniffed Risa’s delicate neck then licked her lower lip.
Risa gasped. She felt something sharp piercing into her neck. Her eyes became heavier and heavier. Then she passed out. Before she passed out, she saw Neru with blood dripping down her mouth and piercing blood-red eyes.

To be continued

Thanks for reading  :cow: and reply pwease  :hee:
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Yabai yabai yabai. To think that Neru Neru Neru was actually a vampire??? What a surprise twist!
I wonder if TechiMemi will also be a ship in this story?

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Neru is a vampire???  :panic: what an interesting plot-twist
Please continue this fic al-san  :deco:

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Ugh, that's it! I give up! This story is just to enticing that i had to place a comment instead of just a thumbsup!

I knew it! I expected that neru would be a supernatural! Honestly, this story is just too painful and hard for me to choose a pairing! There's more i wanna say but can't find words for it! Just...update soon!! Honestly looking forward! :thumbsup

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@RisaNeruLive @Shinoki @Kairi65 @MaYukiIsLive nice guess... But Neru is.not.really. a vampire. But close enough. You'll find out who she really is on part 3. Otanoshimini  :cow:
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Neru is not a vampire?  :doh: is she like a vampire hybrid?  :roll:
Can't wait to read part3  :thumbsup

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Risa gasped. She felt something sharp piercing into her neck. Her eyes became heavier and heavier. Then she passed out. Before she passed out, she saw Neru with blood dripping down her mouth and piercing blood-red eyes.

OMG please tell me Risa is alive  :panic: or is she gonna turn into a vampire (or whatever Neru is)?  :shocked:

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@RisaNeruLive @Shinoki @Kairi65 @MaYukiIsLive nice guess... But Neru is.not.really. a vampire. But close enough. You'll find out who she really is on part 3. Otanoshimini  :cow:

Close enough? Maybe a half-vampire? Definitely looking forward to the third part  :twothumbs
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@Spaceboy686 don't worry, she's fine  :lol:
@RisaNeruLive saaa, maybe  :nervous
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Ohhh. So excited for the next scene.
Hope it turns out ok for both parties.

Love the fic!!!

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Ugh, that's it! I give up! This story is just to enticing that i had to place a comment instead of just a thumbsup!

Same here, I can't not comment after reading this part 2 XD

I kinda got over the phase of loving supernatural beings romance story, but I simply can't ignore a RisaNeru fanfic >< and boi am I loving this :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

Looking forward to the next part^^

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@Goto24 @emprezz48 thank you for reading and replying my fanfic  :) I will post the 3rd part on October 21st  :cow:
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Kaze ni Fukaretemo Part3 *update* {RisaNeru, MonaRisa,TechiNeru} Keya46 fanfic
« Reply #57 on: October 21, 2017, 03:34:18 AM »
                                            Kaze ni Fukaretemo
                                            (RisaNeru fanfic)

~Part 3~

Risa slowly opened her eyes. She groaned. Somehow her body felt so tired and heavy. She looked around, she realized that she wasn’t in one of Techi’s room anymore. The room she was in was full of cute plush toys and the walls were painted light blue. The room was kinda remind her of Neru somehow.

Speaking of Neru, Risa suddenly remembered what happened. She touched her neck, she felt a sharp pain on her neck. She grunted. Neru’s bite was so damn hurt.

(Neru had fangs. And she freaking bite me?!!  And her eyes was blood-red *shivered*  Is she really a vampire? Am I going to turn into a vampire too???)

Risa cringed at the thought.


Risa gasped. She was startled by Neru’s sudden appearance.

“Neru...Don’t scare me like that.  You almost gave me a heart attack.” said Risa dramatically while touching her heart.

Neru chuckled.

“Gomen, gomen. I didn’t mean to scare you. Here, I’ve made you pancakes.”

Neru put the pancakes tray in front of Risa. Risa eyed the food suspiciously. Neru might looked pretty much like a human right now, but she remembered clearly how Neru’s eyes turned blood-red and she even bite her with her two sharp fangs.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like pancakes?” asked Neru.

“Y-you’re a v-vampire... a-aren’t you?” Risa stuttered.

Neru bite her lip. She calmly responded Risa’s question.

“Do I look like a vampire to you?”

“You bite me,” Risa stated.

Neru sighed. She knew she had screwed up. She should’ve control herself around Risa.

(But controlling myself around Risa is really hard though. Her smell is just too tempting...)

She unconsiously eyed Risa’s neck. Risa touched her neck protectively.

“O-o-oi. You’re not going to bite me again, are you?”

Neru averted her eyes from Risa’s neck. She honestly wanted to taste Risa’s delicious blood again, but Risa have just recovered. So she decided to wait a little longer. She took the fork from the tray.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite you (yet). Here, say aa~”

Neru tried to feed Risa. Risa was hesitant for a moment, but she was starving so she opened her mouth anyway. She chewed the food slowly.

“Mm~ Oishi~” said Risa with a smile.

Neru giggled.

“I’m glad you like my cooking...” said Neru.

Risa was happily munching the pancakes that Neru fed her. But she couldn’t help but bothered by so many questions inside her head. So she decided to let them out.


“Mm? Doushita?” Neru put down the fork.

“Are you a vampire?” Risa asked Neru.

Neru sighed. (She just won’t give up is she? It can’t be help then. Maybe I should tell her the truth. But I don’t want to put her in danger though. Dousiyo???)

Neru took a deep breath. Then she stared intensely at Risa.

“No. I’m... what they called a dhampir-”

Risa cut Neru’s statement. “-A what?”

Neru continued, “Like I said, I’m a dhampir. A half-human half-vampire hybrid. That means, I’m faster and stronger than humans but slower and weaker than vampires. Also unlike vampires, I can walk under the sun, and consume human food. Though I also find human’s blood very alluring~”

Neru bite her lip while looking hungrily at Risa. Risa gulped.

“J-ja. What about our eyes then? Why are they black? Are you wearing contact lenses?” asked Risa.

“My eyes are normally black. They only change into red-colored when I'm angry, thirsty of blood... or  when I’m really turned on,” Neru said seductively.

Risa fidgeting on Neru’s bed uncomfortably. Don’t get her wrong. She would love to do some naughty stuff with Neru. But she just didn’t wanna die after a sexual intercourse. That would be the most embarrassing way to die.

“Do you have other questions?” Neru asked Risa.

“Eto... Am I going to turn into a vampire?” asked Risa nervously.

“Nope. Damphires can’t turn humans into a vampire. Only full-blooded vampires can do that,” told Neru.

“Ah~ So I’m safe then?” asked Risa.

Neru giggled.

“You’re in a room with a supernatural creature... you’re clearly not safe,” stated Neru with a teasing tone.

“Somehow I feel really safe though. Being here with you... I miss this.” Risa gently gazed at Neru. “I miss you...Neru.”

Risa couldn’t hold back her feeling anymore. She looked down and cried. Neru felt uneasy by the sight of the crying girl. She bite her lip.

“Risa... I’m sorry. For everything. I know I’ve hurt you so much. I know don’t deserve you... or your love. But I’m very happy that even after all this time... you still love me. And... the truth is, my heart is always belong to you and you only. It killed me to leave you just like that,” Neru confessed to Risa.

Risa looked up. She angrily asked Neru.

“Really? Why didn’t you came back sooner then? Why did you have to leave me on the first place?”

“I was just- I wanted to protect you! Supernaturals are prohibited to have a relationship with humans. They would kill you if they ever found out about us...” said Neru with a sad tone.

“Who are ‘they’? Are they the reason you were so frightened?”



Risa approached her girlfriend. Neru was spacing out alot lately, which made her really worried. She tapped Neru’s shoulder.


Neru jerked a little. Then she calmed after realizing it was just Risa.

“Ah, Risa. Doushita?”

Risa sat beside Neru under the zelkova tree. She sighed.

“You were spacing out again. That’s so unlike you. Is there anything bothering you?” asked Risa with a gentle tone.
Neru bite her lip.

“It’s nothing. I just-“ Neru choked “I’m scared...”

Neru hugged herself. Risa put her arms around her girlfriend.

“You know I always be here for you, right? If you just tell me what’s going on-“

Neru released herself from Risa’s hug.

“I can’t. I’m sorry...”

Then Neru stood up and left Risa alone under the tree.

End of Flashback

“Yes. They’re called the watchers. They’re the one who rule all supernaturals. For centuries, it’s been their duty to make sure that no humans would found out about our existence. They made many rules and punished anyone who dare to break them. Talking about this things with you is already breaking many rules. If we become lovers again... they’ll kill you for sure. They have suspected me before-“

“That’s why you left me?”

“....Yeah. My father told me to stay with him in England. So I would be away from you. He was so mad when I told him I wanted to go back to Japan.”

Risa raised her eyebrow.

“Your father?” (Didn’t she told me she never knew who her father was?)

“Un. We’re never really close to each other. I didn’t even know about his existence until I was 13. When I turned 13, I started to shown my vampire-side. I even tried to bite my friend once.  I told mum about my condition, then she told me about how she fell in love with a vampire and gave birth of me. A half-vampire half-human... an abomination,” said Neru.

Risa was pissed off by the word “abomination”. She scouted closer to Neru and touched her cheek gently.

“Don’t call yourself that! You’re not an abomination. You’re... you’re like the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the whole world. You’re everything to me.  I... I love you. And I’m willing to sacrifice everything for us to be together again,” Risa paused “ Even my humanity,” she continued.

Neru smiled. It was a genuine smile.

“Arigatou... but becoming a supernatural is not that easy,” Neru warned Risa

“I don’t care. I wanna be with you,” Risa stated.

Neru sighed. Then she get off the bed and told Risa “Go get a shower then. I’ll take you to my secret hideout to meet my friends.”

“Are they all supernaturals?” asked Risa.

“Yes, but they’re good people. They won’t hurt you. I will protect you...” Answered Neru.

Risa smiled. Then she get off the bed and head to the bathroom.


Once they arrived at Neru’s “secret hideout”, Risa raised her eyebrow and asked Neru

“This is your ‘secret hideout’?”

Neru and Risa get off the car and walked toward a cafe called “The Nocturnals”. It was located at a quiet neighborhood outside Tokyo. A maid walked towards the two and gave them a strange question.

“Welcome to Nocturnals Cafe. Do you sleep on broad daylights?”

Neru answered the maid “No. But We love drinking fresh blood.”

“Ah... hybrids. Please come this way,” said the maid with a kind smile.

The maid led them to a table. They followed the maid without saying a word. Risa was busy looking around the dim cafe.

(I wonder if this people are all supernaturals... meh, I have Neru here. I have nothing to worry about.)

Risa gazed at Neru. She smiled at Neru and held her hand gently.

“Did I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Risa flirted at Neru.

Neru smiled shyly and bite her lower lip.

“You did. Ma~ny times even,” said Neru.

Risa chuckled. She flirted again “Well, I can’t help it. My girlfriend is just too beautiful~”

Neru became silent and drew her hand away from Risa’s hold. Risa realised her mistake. The reality was... they were not officially girlfriends yet. Because Risa hasn’t break things with Manaka.


“Yo! Neru-chan~” Techi greet Neru.

Neru and Risa glanced at Techi’s direction. Techi walked towards the pair and sat right beside Neru (Neru and Risa sat across each other). While the other two girls who came after Techi sat beside Risa and Techi. Risa eyed the three girls suspiciously.

Neru greet the three. “Techi, Yuuka, Rena-chan. How are you guys doing?”

“Fine. A girl left me on my party last night,” Techi said sarcastically.

Neru gave Techi an apologize look. Yuuka sensed the awkwardness, so she tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

“Akanen agreed to be my date last night~” Yuuka said with a huge smile.

“Heh... congratulation~” Neru congrulate Yuuka.

Rena giggled. “Took her forever to finally have the gut to asked Akanen out,” Rena teased Yuuka.

Yuuka pouted. “Maa, I do have to thank Jurina for that. Your girlfriend is is a really good advisor,” said Yuuka.

Rena smiled. “She sure is. Jaa, why did you called us here?” she asked Neru.

Neru bite her lip.

“I ever told you all about my ex-girlfriend right?” asked Neru.

Yuuka, Rena and Techi nodded. Techi scoffed.

“The human... what of her?” asked Techi with a bored tone.

“Her name is Risa. And...she’s here with us. Right beside you,” Neru addressed Yuuka.

Yuuka was startled. “Huh???”

She eyed Risa strangely. Rena eyed Risa curiously. While Techi gave Risa a disgusted look. Techi snorted.

“This... puny human was your lover? Are you serious?!” said Techi mockingly.

Risa felt offended.

“I’m not a puny human! Don’t be so smug just because you’re...” Risa paused.

“A lycan,” Techi said with a smirk.

“...just because you’re a lycan!” Risa continued.

Risa whispered to Yuuka “What’s a lycan?”

Yuuka was about to answered Risa when Techi cut her.

“A creature which way way more superior than you humans,” said Techi smugly.

Rena snorted. “Right~ we all know my baby Juju could crush you with her left pinky...” she dissed Techi.

Yuuka added Rena’s phrase “With a blindfold.”

Rena and Yuuka chuckled with each other. While Risa smirked at Techi’s annoyed face.

Techi scoffed. “I might be a newborn lycan. But I’m still way... stronger than this weak human,” she addressed Risa.

Then Techi averted her gaze at Neru.

“You know the rules, Neru. They’ll kill her. If you’re with me, no one’s gonna get killed” she told Neru.

Neru was dept in her thought.

“They won’t kill me if I become one of you,” Risa stated.

“You want to be one of us?” asked Yuuka.

Techi scoffed. She asked Risa "Are you ready to leave your parents? Friends?"

Risa was silent by the question. She didn't think about it before. Neru glanced at Risa.

(Risa is hesitating. Yappa, it's impossible for her to let go of her family and friends. Techi... I can't deny that she's really attractive. Cool, cute, funny and powerful.)

Neru felt insecure of her future with Risa. Would she dared to take the risk and be Risa's girlfriend once again? Or would she chose a risk-free relationship with Techi?

You'll find out on part4  :D

To be continued
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Yabai, yabai, yabai. Techiiiii, find true love with Memi or someone so Neru Neru Neru can stop doubting herself. Haha. Ahhh, hopefully Neru doesn't get swayed by those odd thoughts. This chapter really made my heart beat with excitement and anticipation.

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I'm a techixneru shipper but for this fic, i prefer neru and risa!  XD
But what's bothering me is techi a half or full blood? Or turned? Bcoz techi stays with her family right? Same to the 2 other.

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