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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 266719 times)


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Here’s more trailers.

TRAILERS PART 7: #61 - #66


     One day, Mayu had an idea to make money fast and legal. Her idea is to open a Hunter Academy, an academy that will teach its students to become a vampire hunter. It will teach the students to hunt and kill not only vampires, but also werewolves, monsters, demons, and other supernatural creatures. The basic lesson is fighting and martial arts, but depends on their interest students can also take extra lesson about witchcraft/sorcery, mechanical stuff, computer hacking, etc. This academy can also teach them how to become a good sidekick, especially for those who are weak in fighting.
     After drawing out the concept, Mayu then makes a flyer about the Hunter Academy and its open recruitment. And she did it without telling Yuki, Takamina, Yuko and others about it.
     And few days later, when our vampire hunters are patrolling and hunting vampires out in the town, a bunch of high school girls suddenly come at them.
Yuiri         : “Excuse me, are you Takahashi Minami, the vampire hunter?”
Takamina : “Yes, I'm Takahashi Minami. Can I help you?”
Yuiri         : #shows a flyer# “We want to join this.”
Takamina : #reads the flyer# “The hunter academy….open recruitment… eh, nani kore!? Who made this flyer!? Yuko!”
Yuko        : “What?”
Takamina : “Did you make this?”
Yuko        : #reads the flyer# “Hm? No, I didn't. What is it? Hunter academy…. Come and join us…. We will teach you how to hunt and slay vampires and supernatural creatures... Wow, this sounds fun, but why are we the teacher!?”
Takamina : #grumbles# “Obviously someone has set this up. Yuki, did you make this?”
Yuki         : “No.”
Takamina : “Sasshi?”
Sasshi     : “Nope. Wasn't me.”
Takamina: “Atsuko?”
Acchan   : #smiles# “Of course not, baby. Why do you think I would do that without telling you first?”
Takamina: “Yeah, you're right. Sorry Atsuko. Hmm...But if it's not us, then who?”
Everybody pauses to think.
Yuiri         : “Actually, we got this flyer from Watanabe Mayu-senpai yesterday.”
Takamina : “Mayu!? Dammit, that kid! I should've known it was her! That little rascal! She's gone way too far now! Grrrr!”
Yuko        : #reads the flyer again# “Wait, Midget, actually this is not a bad idea. Look, there is a registration fee and monthly tuition fee. We can make money from this. Hehe~”
Takamina : #sigh# “But, Yuko, we’re already very busy, I don't think we can handle this. Hey, girl, what's your name?”
Yuiri         : “I'm Murayama Yuiri desu.”
Takamina : “Okay, look, Yuiri-chan, I’m sorry to break the bad news to you, but this announcement is fake. There is no such academy. And we're not recruiting new members.”
Yuiri        : “Eh!? But- but we already paid the registration fee!”
Other girls: “Yes! We already paid it! We even have paid the monthly fees to Mayu-senpai!”
Takamina : “WHAAAAT!!!?? Mayuuu!!! Grrr!!! Where is that brat!?”
It seems Mayu has already runaway with the money she got.
Takamina, Yuko, and others then stare at Yuki, giving the raven girl a death-glare look.
Takamina : "Yuki."
Yuki         : “What? Tck! Alright, alright! I will spank her once she gets home tonight!”
Takamina : “Good! Spank that Cyborg hard, Yuki!”
Yuki         : #rolling eyes# “Yeah, don't worry, I will.”

Yuko         : “So I guess because we don't have any choice, we will just accept you all as our new students. Everyone stand in a line here, and we will put you in the respective teams.”
Yuiri          : “Eh? There's a team?”
Yuko         : “Yes, of course. Team A, Team K, and Team B. Takamina is the leader of Team A. Team K’s leader is me, and Team B is Yuki. Which team would you like to join?”
Yuiri         : “I want to join Team B. Yuki senpai, please teach me.”
Yuki         : #smiles and nods#
Yuko        : “Okay, Yuiri, go to Yuki. And you, what's your name?”
Ryoka      : “I'm Oshima Ryoka desu.”
Yuko        : “Oshima? Oh, we have the same surname. Come to my team, girl!”
Ryoka      : “Haik!”
Takamina : “And you, what's your name?”
Juri          : “I'm Takahashi Juri desu.”
Takamina : “A Takahashi! Come to me then!”
Juri          : “Haik!”
Yuko       : “And you, what's your na- MAKO-chan! What are you doing here?”
Kojimako : “Mmm...I want to join too.”
Yuko       : “Does Haruna know you're here?”
Kojimako : “Err...No.”
Yuko       : “Go home then.”
Kojimako : “No! I want to join! If you don't let me, I will spill Oneechan’s secret to everyone.”
Yuko        : “Tck! You little brat! You’ll never stop blackmailing us, will you? Alright then, come to my team.”
Kojimako : “Yaaaay~ And oh, I bring friends too. Can they join? This is Owada Nana, Nishino Miki, and Mukaichi Mion. We want to join in the same team.”
Yuko       : “Geeez! Alright, you're all in Team K.”
Kojimako and friends: “Yaaaaay!!”
Yuko       : “And you two, what's your name?”
Tano       : “I'm Tano Yuuka desu.”
Tomu      : “I'm Muto Tomu desu.”
Yuko       : “Tano-chan, Tomu-chan, please choose Team A or Team B. Just don't choose my team, cause we're full already.”
Tano       : “Eh? But I want to join Team K!”
Tomu      : “Me too! I want to join Team K! Team K is awesome!”
Yuko       : “Oh thank you girls, but really sorry, we’re full now. I won't take anymore students unless they have big boobs and nice oshiri. Please just choose Team A or Team B.”
     More and more juniors then come in, willing to join the Hunter Academy. Most of the students choose Team A or Team K as their favorite. While Team B seems to be the not-very-cool type, and only favoured by lolis and hetare type of kohai, who of course, are usually weak in fighting. (This will bring Yuki trouble later in the story.)



     One day, Hirajima Natsumi (Nacchan), comes visiting her cousin, Yuki, in Shizuoka. She comes with her best friend in college, Nakagawa Haruka (Harugon). They spend their few weeks holiday in Shizuoka, helping the girls hunting vampires.
     In one morning, Yuki and Mayu are inside the kitchen, wearing aprons. Valentine Day is coming near and Mayu comes up with another idea to make money, that is, by making chocolate cakes and candies and selling them to their friends.
Yuki   : #watches Mayu baking chocolate# “I didn't know you're actually good at this, Cyborg.”
Mayu : #smiles# “Well, yeah, my mother taught me this.”
Yuki   : “I see. So what can I do to help?”
Mayu : “Hm, let me see, can you break those eggs and put them into the mix?”
Yuki   : #takes some eggs and starts breaking them#
Mayu : “Woah! Woah! Stop! I think you’d better just stand there and watch.”
Yuki   : “Eh? Why? Mayu, I want to help you!”
Mayu : “No, it's okay, Yuki. Just stand there and watch, or else you're going to destroy my work.”
Yuki   : #pouts#
Mayu : “Ah, don't be sad. Look, this one is done. You can taste it now.” #takes a piece of chocolate cake from the tray#
Yuki   : #takes a bite# “Wow. Delicious.”
Mayu : “Is it? Here, here, taste this too!”
     Mayu takes a bowl of melted chocolate and offers Yuki a spoonful of it. But suddenly Mayu slipped and fell upon Yuki, causing the bowl to be thrown upside down, and the melted chocolate is poured all over Yuki’s face and body. Fortunately, the chocolate has been cooled down and is not so hot anymore.
Mayu : “Ooops, sorry, Yuki!”
Yuki   : #stares# “Did you just purposely slip and pour this chocolate on me?”
Mayu : “No.”
Yuki   : #stares#
Mayu : “No, really, it was an accident. I'm sorry, Yuki.”
Yuki   : #sighs, and walks to the sink to wash her face#
Mayu : “No, wait, Yuki! Don't wash them yet! It can still be eaten, you know!”
Yuki   : “What? You want to eat this?” #points at her own face#
Mayu : #smiles# “Yes.”
Yuki   : #frowns# “Really?”
Mayu : #smirks#
     Mayu then comes closer and starts licking the chocolate from Yuki’s face and body. And soon the scene escalated into a make out scene, with Mayu licking Yuki all over her body.
     Sasshi and Rabutan come and stop outside the kitchen’s door after hearing the commotion. They then witness the whole scene from the keyhole.
Sasshi   : “Oh my God, they're at it again.”
Rabutan: “Mayu is such a good kisser.”
Sasshi   : “Mmm...The chocolate look tasty.”
Rabutan: “Yeah, let's make one too, Sasshi.”
     Sasshi and Rabutan continues peeking from the keyhole, watching MaYuki kissing in the kitchen. Not long after, Nacchan and Harugon come along.
Nacchan: “Hey, what are you two doing there?”
Rabutan : “Sssshh!!”
Harugon: (comes to open the door)
Sasshi   : “No! Don't open the door! Don't enter the kitchen!”
Harugon: “Eh? Why?”
Sasshi   : “You will disturb Yuki and Mayu.”
Nacchan: “Yuki and Mayu? What are their doing?”
Sasshi   : “See it yourself.” (make a space for Nacchan)
Nacchan: (kneels down and takes a peek into the keyhole) “Oh my God!”
Harugon: “What? What happens?” (pushes Nacchan and takes a peek) “Oh my God!”
Sasshi   : “See? Let's not disturb them.”
Nacchan: (takes a second peek) “Oh my God, oh my God, Yuki, I can't believe you're doing this!”
     Nacchan is amazed upon seeing Yuki kisses Mayu. She never thought Yuki could ever kiss someone so passionately like that again, ever since they lost Miyazawa Sae three years ago.



     Yuko is visiting Takamina in prison. Now they’re sitting face to face, only separated by the glass window as they talk to each other.
Yuko        : “Takamina, how are you?”
Takamina : “Fine, thanks. And how is everyone?”
Yuko        : “We’re all fine, except, you know, Acchan. We still don't know what's wrong with her. She has turned into a completely different person now. It seems like someone is taking control of her mind.”
Takamina : “What did she do this time?”
Yuko        : “Well, last week she came to attack us in our house. She’s still a resident so she can enter our apartment without our permission. Luckily we can fight her off. And I have also replaced our key, just in case she will come back again.”
Takamina : “...Where is she now?”
Yuko        : “I don't know. Probably going back to her sisters, or joining Akimoto’s clan.”
Takamina : “Yuko, I need you to take care of my sister and my mother while I'm imprisoned. Can you stay at my house for a while? I'm afraid something bad will happen to them.”
Yuko        : “Sure, don't worry. We will take care of them until everything is back to normal.”
Takamina : #sighs# “Thanks Yuko. I can't do anything, I can only depend on you right now. And about Acchan, I want you to promise me something, Yuko.”
Yuko        : “Sure. What is it?”
Takamina : “Promise me, that if things get out of control you won't hesitate to kill Acchan for me.”
Yuko        : “......”
Takamina : “Promise me that, Yuko.”
Yuko        : “...Okay, I promise. But I think Yuki is more suitable for this job, don't you think?”
Takamina : “No no no, Yuko. Yuki won't be capable to kill her. Acchan has helped Yuki killing Shinoda last time. She owed her. There's no way she could bring herself to kill Acchan. Only you is capable to kill her, Yuko. Only you. And I trust you. Kill her. Kill Atsuko, before she kills anyone else.”


     Yuko leads her team to find Acchan and bring her back to them. Her team consists of Yuki, Tomochin, Sayaka (the police officer), Miichan, and Sasshi. And after doing investigation for quite some time, they finally find the cause of Acchan’s evil behavior. It is the microchip planted inside her brain. And so after learning about this, Yuko wants to take Acchan back and destroy the microchip. But of course, Acchan’s sisters won't let Yuko do that. Yuko and her teams must fight Acchan and her sisters in order to bring Acchan back to the good side.
Acchan : “Oh Yuko, I thought you will never find me here.”
Yuko     : “Come with me, Acchan. Let me help you. That microchip inside your brain is ruining your brain. It must be destroyed.”
Acchan : #points to her head# “This? Oh but it's making me feel good, Yuko. I have never felt so good like this before. It gives me...freedom.”
Yuko    : “No, Acchan. This isn't the real you. You're not evil. Come with us. We're your friends.”
Rena    : #giggles# “Friends? Acchan doesn't need friend like you! She has us now. We're her family. And I won't let you take her away from us again.”
Acchan : #smiles at Rena# “Oh, thank you Geki. You're so sweet.”
Yuko     : “Acchan, I'm asking you for the last time. Come with us.”
Acchan : “Ha! Are you kidding me? No!! Just go home to your pregnant girlfriend, Squirrel. Oh, have you found the father yet? Your girl is such a b**ch, I bet she had s*x with a random stranger.”
Yuko     : “Shut up! Don’t talk about her like that. She's just a victim. And you're a victim too, Acchan. Come with us. We will save you.”
Acchan : “Hell no.”
Yuko     : “Hell yes. Yuki, take her.”
Yuki      : #nods and moves forward, ready to fight#
Rena, Jurina, and Umechan also move forward in order to protect Acchan.
Yuko     : “Everyone, choose your opponent. Mine is the kid.”
Jurina   : “Grrr! The kid has a name! It's Jurina!”
Sayaka : #hesitating to choose her opponent, and slowly moves to Umeda#
Yuki      : “No, Sayaka, don't fight her. I suggest you fight Gekikara instead.”
Sayaka : “Okay.”
Rena     : “Hehehe…” #cracking neck, and slowly turning into Gekikara mode#
Tomochin: “Then this left me with no choice. Umeda, I'm your opponent. I heard you have psychic power. Show it to me.”
Umeda   : #smirks# “Oh, you’re really asking it, are you? You're going to regret it, Itano!”
     Megumi the witch also comes out of nowhere. Miichan comes at her and they start having a witchcraft/sorcery war, throwing potions and eliciting spells to each other, just like the scenes in Harry Potter movie. While Sasshi stays in the car and watches everything from nearby, ready to jump into action whenever she is needed to.

Yuko   : #whispers to her earpiece# “Sasshi, are you ready? Don't forget our plan. Once you see Yuki and Acchan come near you, drive your car closer so that Yuki can put Acchan inside the car. After that, drive home as fast as you can.”
Sasshi : “Aye aye Captain!”

Meanwhile, Yuki and Acchan start circling each other.
Acchan : “Tck, there you go again, Yuki. Do you really think you can take me? Last time we fought, I kicked your ass real hard, didn't I?”
Yuki      : “Oh you mean, the 100.000 yen fight? Don't forget that I actually won that fight, Acchan.”
Acchan : #smirks# “Well, no. You won it because I let you. Miichan wanted me to lose and I took pity on you. You seemed so desperate for money that time, Yuki. That's why I let you win. But the fact is, I beat you. I have always beat you.”
Yuki      : “Yeah, but don't forget too, it was an empty handed fight and I admit you have advantage in that. But now I'm armed, you see.” #reveals the weapons she’s keeping underneath her jacket, including gun, silver daggers, holy waters#
Acchan : Oh, shit!
Yuki      : #takes out her gun and begins aiming at Acchan#
Acchan : “Wait! You're not gonna shoot me with that, are you?”
Acchan : “Ouch!” #holding onto her bleeding shoulder (the gun has silver bullets)#
Acchan : “How dare you shoot me! I had helped you killed Shinoda last year, Yuki, and this is what I got from you? Where is your gratitude? If it wasn't because of me, you wouldn't have been alive today! You owe me, Yuki!”
Yuki      : #hesitating# “I'm sorry, Acchan, but I have to do this.”



     Sayanee and her werewolf army come to Nagoya and start surrounding Nishishi’s mansion, threatening to attack them anytime.
Yuasa   : “Nishishi-san, there are so many of them out there. There will be a bloodbath if we fight them now. And we’re also in a disadvantage, most of our troops are out of the town.”
Nishishi : #thinking# “Send someone to negotiate with them. They're not the type who likes to attack frontally. They must have a reason for this. Let's talk to them and see what they want.”
     Nishishi and Yuasa then send their right-hand-man, Rikkie (Hirata Rikako), to talk with Sayanee. Not long after, Rikkie returns with some news.
Nishishi : “So, what do they want?”
Rikkie    : “They said they want us to return Kanon to them.”
Nishishi : “Kanon? Isn't that-...?”
Rikkie    : “Takumi’s girlfriend, yes. And she's Sayanee’s little sister.”
Nishishi : “Dammit! Get Takumi here, right now!”
Rikkie then goes to fetch Takumi. Not long after, they arrived in Nishishi’s room.
Nishishi : “Takumi, did you kidnap Kanon?”
Takumi  : “...No.”
Nishishi : “Do you hold Kanon somewhere right now?”
Takumi  : “....”
Nishishi : “I take it as a yes. Takumi, return her to her sister!”
Takumi  : “No!”
Takumi  : #falls to the floor after getting punched by Nishishi#
Nishishi : “You useless kid! Look what you've done! You just cause an unnecessary war here! Return Kanon to them!”
Takumi  : “No, I won't! I love her! I love her, Niichan!”



     One day, Jurina trains Nana how to lure a prey using their charm and how to become a pimp like her.
Jurina : “Naachan, tonight I'm going to train you how to lure a prey. And unlike Rena-chan, we won't involve violence here.”
Nana  : “Eh? How?”
Jurina : “Wait here and watch me.”
     Jurina then walks up to a highschool girl who is standing alone at the bus station. Nana witnesses them talking for a few minutes, with Jurina clearly flirting with the said girl. The girl looks happy, she smiles and laughs a lot while they're talking. Not long after, Jurina and that girl goes to somewhere else. Nana quietly follows them, and in a secluded place, she witnesses Jurina traps the girl and drinks her blood, leaving her unconscious on the ground.
Jurina : “You see? That's how you do it. Now your turn. Find a prey for yourself.”
Nana  : “Alright.”
Jurina : “Look! There’s a girl there! Go! Talk to her, Naachan!”
Nana  : “Okay.”
     Nana then walks up to the girl. They start talking, but not too long, because then the girl pushes Nana away and leaves angrily. Mission failed for Nana-chan.
Jurina : “What happened? Why did she leave you?”
Nana   : “I made her angry.”
Jurina  : “What? Why?”
Nana   : “She asked me if I like her hairstyle, and I said I didn't. I said her hairstyle is weird and not suitable for her.”
Jurina  : “Eh? Why? Why did you say that?”
Nana   : “Because I think it is. I think her hairstyle is really weird and not suitable for her, and I don't like it.”
Jurina  : “Darn it, Naachan! You should just say you like it. That's Flirting 101. When a girl ask your opinion about something, just say you like it, and praise them.”
Nana   : “But what if I don't like it? I can't just lie to them!”
Jurina  : #facepalming herself# “Geeez, Naachan! Why are you so serious!?”

(Imagine a serious vampire Nana with a rookie hunter Yuiri.  :roll: )

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Haha I can imagine that scene with Jurina trying to teach Naachan to flirt so well! XD

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Right! One last trailer before I go!
I made this one for RukaKikuchi, who has been staying so patiently with me until the end.
Thanks, Ruka!
You still owe me a JuriRuppi shot in that TofuPro universe, haha!



     Finally, after quite some time, Sae learned the truth about Sayaka. That Sayaka was the one who still loves him until this day. This revelation made Sae felt bittersweet. He was happy, but also sad because now that he had found that person, he needed to leave soon and go back to Heaven. (He was a spirit/ghost).

Sae      : “Sayaka, is that you? ”
Sayaka : “...”
Sae      : “Is that you who still loves me sincerely until now?”
Sayaka : #stares# “Yes, it was me, Sae.”
Sae      : #takes a deep breath, trying to gain control of his emotion# “Why? Why you never told me that?”
Sayaka : #sobs# “Because I don't want to see you leave again! You will leave and go to Heaven if I tell you I love you, right?”
Sae      : #smiles# “Yes, but what I mean is, why did you never tell me that you loved me, back when I was still alive? And not in a ghost spirit like this! Why you never told me that, when we were still in highschool?”
Sayaka : #continues sobbing# “...I don’t know. Maybe I’m just too shy...”
Sae      : “You know I loved you very much back then, Sayaka. You were my first love. I’ve fell in love with you ever since we’re in middle school. Don’t you know that?”
Sayaka : “No, I didn’t know that, Sae. I’m so sorry...”
Sae      : #smiles# “Sayaka, you were always kinda slow...”
Sayaka : “I know, Sae, I know. I’m sorry...”
Sae      : “All those times I was trying to draw your attention, but you never once looked at me.”
Sayaka : “I looked at you secretly.”
Sae      : “Sayaka, you stupid girl.”
Sayaka : “Yeah, we are both stupid, Sae.”
Sae      : “Unn...Thank you for loving me, Sayaka. Please don’t forget about me.”
Sayaka : “I won’t. I will never forget you, Sae.”
Sae      : “I hope you can find somebody worthy of you. I know you will.”
Sayaka : #nods#
Sae      : “I’m leaving now. Goodbye, Sayaka. ”  #his hologram form begins to vanish into thin air#
Sayaka : #sobs# “Goodbye, Sae.”


Yes I'm putting this thread into its end.
Let's consider this as completed.


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