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Author Topic: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)  (Read 4822 times)


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[OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:04:31 AM »
Yeah, Anzai the evil, dumb, delusional author is back for another story!
I wrote this one as a tribute for Mayuyu’s graduation.

I’ve been trying to write a different fic since a long time, and this idea just came up in my head. As you have read from the title, this will be a law theme fic. This will be an OS. So before you write a comment and request for a continuation, I’m going to say this right now: I’M NOT GOING TO CONTINUE THIS FIC, THIS IS JUST A ONESHOT!!

And don’t worry, I won’t do anything bad to Mayuyu, eventhough she’s the main character this time. I would rather make my oshi (Yukirin) getting hurt than to see Mayuyu suffer. From my observation, most of authors here like to make their oshimen gets hurt and suffered, especially in dark/angst story. Then again, it’s totally acceptable to make our own oshimen suffered in our own fic rather than making other people’s oshimen gets hurt, right? You see, I’ve tortured Yuki and Acchan in my fic. And if someone protest about it, I would just answer, “No problem, they’re my oshi anyway. I follow their news and I know pretty much every things about them.” But surely I wouldn’t dare to torture someone’s oshi (other people’s oshi) or some AKB girls that I don’t really know. That being said, Mayuyu is not my oshimen, but I love her very much, to the point that I cried over her graduation announcement. I think most of us have become related so much with the 48/46 groups as a whole and as individual members, oshimen or not.

And oh, I almost forgot to tell you, this will be pretty intense and contains some mature, se*ual tension. So you probably want to read this alone in your bedroom so that you can stare at your screen for about 60-90 minutes without being distracted. Total number of words is 20k, with 10k for the chapter, and 10k for the bonus segment (interviews+trailers). And you're expected to have finished reading Season 1 & 2 before you read this one.

Okay folks. Enough talking.
Here I present you a charming, suave, lawyer Watanabe.
And let’s wave the flag for our lovely MaYuki ship!



Bonus Features: Character Biography + Interviews
Bonus Features: Trailers

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March 2017.
Hongo Campus, Tokyo University, Tokyo.

Graduation day. It was one of the most important days in anyone’s life. It had became a milestone of our  achievements, of our daily struggle through all the hardship in our life. School life was troublesome especially for those who doesn’t like studying. Even for top ranked students, studying sometimes can be boring. And also there are a lot of bad experiences than can happen during school life. No wonder people say graduation day is a bittersweet event. You can cry out of happiness and of sadness at the same time, because in this special day you will be reminded to all those good times and bad times you had been going through during school days.

For most people, those good times and bad times could mean having a crush with the most popular guy in the school, being in a circle of good friends, finding your soulmate and BFF, going through broken-hearted, broken friendship, betrayal, bullying, etc. But for a certain people, those bad times could mean more. That could mean having your brother left you and came back later as a bloodsucking creature. That could also mean having your parents died and left you with nothing so that you have to depend only on your own. Or having fallen in love with your brother’s ex-girlfriend, who at first denied her feeling to you but later admitted that she loves you. And how about having to witness your girlfriend getting through a bloody battle against a very powerful vampire lord? Or having a serious financial problem that force your lover into taking a stupid decision and indulging in some illegal fight club, all just for money? Or having shot by a bullet to your chest in a desperate attempt to save your beloved one? Oh that was such a good times and bad times! Such crazy times!

And now, sitting inside this crowded auditorium, Watanabe Mayu couldn’t help but wonder how come she managed to get through it all, and still be alive today? She never imagined that she could finally achieved her dream, to graduate from one of the best university in Japan, and on top of that, as a honor student with a summa cum-laude and highest GPA. If only her parents and her brother were here to see her now, they would be so proud of her.

The young Watanabe had suffered so much in her life, but she never lost her faith in life. She kept on struggling and working hard everyday. She kept on thinking positively and believed that one day her life would change for the better. She’s an orphan, and she had no money, but she was not afraid to dream of something higher, and she dreamt to become the best lawyer in this country.

Tears started brimming in her eyes as the memories slowly filled her mind. She quickly rubbed her eyes because she didn’t want to show any tears in this happy day.

“And the best student graduated this year from Tokyo University School of Law is, Watanabe Mayu! Please come to podium!”

The moment her name was called by the master of ceremony, the auditorium was immediately filled with cheers and applause. Although Mayu already knew that her name would be called with such honor, still this moment caught her by surprise. The reaction from the audiences were more than she expected. It was even better than the moment she did cross-dressing in front of her high school auditorium four years ago.

Mayu then walked up to the stage with a wide smile planted on her face. There she was greeted by The Dean of School of Law, who then shook her hand firmly and said, “Watanabe Mayu, we wish you all the best in your future career. I believe you will be one of the brightest advocate in this country. From now on, dedicate yourself and you will find yourself standing in the hall of fame, and the world’s gonna know your name. So do your best, and never give up, Watanabe.”

“Thank you, Sir,” the young Watanabe replied and shook the dean’s hand just as firmly.

The Dean gave her a small trophy as an award upon being the best student of the year. After receiving the trophy, Mayu went back to her seat, feeling so much contented at her achievement.

Graduation day. It was one of the best days in the entire life of Watanabe Mayu. From this day on, all her hardwork would finally pay off.

In a ramen shop. On the evening.

“Ojiisan, two more ramen bowls please! And a refill drink, thank you! I love you, ojiisan!” shouted a young ikemen girl cheerfully, waving her hand to an old man, the ramen-shop owner.

“Haik, Jurina-san, two ramen bowls coming up!” the old man shouted back.

“And add more spice for me, ojiisan! If it’s not spicy enough, I’m going to kill you and blow this place up! Just FYI, I have killed 999 people in my past life, and you’ll be my 1000th, Ojii-san!” shouted one of the raven-haired females in the group.

“Oh my god, stop it, you guys! You’ll be scaring everyone here!“ Mayu said clicking her teeth and crossing her arms.

“Hehe don’t worry, Mayu, nobody will believe me even if I said that. They will think I’m just joking. Because, really, do I look like a warlord now?” Matsui Rena winked cutely at Watanabe Mayu.

The young lawyer couldn’t help but smirk upon seeing her two friend’s antic. These sides of Matsui Sisters is always surprising and amusing to see. Who would’ve thought that this brooding and cunning Matsui Jurina actually had a playful and cheerful side, almost like a kid? And who would’ve thought that the fierce and ruthless ex-warlord Matsui Rena actually had a cute and innocent side, almost like a doll?

“And Mayu, why do you insist to choose this place? You know I can treat you to the most expensive restaurant in this city!” said Jurina.

“Well, because this is our favorite, right, Yuki?” Mayu replied while throwing a glance at the older girl who was sitting beside her, who immediately nodded in agreement. “We often come here everytime I had finished with my exams. This place is quite close to my university, and also not too far away from the convenient store where Yuki works.”

“Unn…And it’s one of a few food stalls we can still afford,” added Yuki.

“Well, okay then. Tokyo is expensive city afterall,” Jurina said, “And that makes me wonder why you always refused my help and returned the money I send to you, Cyborg.”

“J, I’ve told you, there’s no need for you to do that. But thanks anyway,” replied Mayu reassuringly.

The shop owner came with two bowls of ramen, a bottle of sake, and some deserts. Jurina poured the sake into their glasses and raised it.

“Let’s cheer one more time, for our young and cool lawyer! Kanpai!”



The group raised their glasses and cheered.

After that, Jurina and Rena continued eating their ramen, while Mayu and Yuki ate deserts. As usual, Rena put so much spice into her ramen, causing their friends to wince as they couldn’t imagine the level of spicyness. Rena was known to be able of eating a very spicy food, thus earning her the nickname ‘Gekikara’.

“So… what are you going to do now, Watanabe?” Jurina asked.

The young lawyer cleared her throat before answering. “I have to pay my student loan first, so of course I’m going to work at some big law firm first. But after I become partner, or after I get enough money, I want to open my own firm.”

“Woaaa! That sounds cool!” shouted Jurina. “Why don’t you build your own firm now? I can support your financial and stuff!”

“Oh please, Jurina, stop it. I don’t want you to do that. Besides, it’s not only about money. I have to get some experience first before I build my own company.” Mayu explained.

“Okay. Do whatever you want.” Jurina shrugged.

Rena suddenly stood up and poked her chest.

“Mayu-chan! I will help you! I promise you, I will not stop until I can help you solve 999 cases and send all the culprits to jail. Oh my god, I can’t wait to beat them all! I, Lord Matsui Rena, in my path of redemption, I’m going to beat all the bad guys and criminals!” Rena said aloud.



“Hahaha! Rena-chan, do you enjoy beating up people that much?” Mayu said laughing.

“No, not all people! I only beat up the bad guys!” answered Rena with an oh-so-innocent look.

“Really? But you seemed kinda enjoy beating me up too, back in old days.” Yuki smirked.

“Oh I truly apologize for that, Yuki. You know, back then, I was the bad guy, mwahaha! But now I’ve reformed hahaha!” Rena laughed.

“Honestly, I like it more when we were bad guys, Rena-chan~” Jurina spoke jokingly.

“Yeah me too. It gives me a reason to beat the bad out of you both!” Yuki said, still smirking.

An idea suddenly crossed Jurina’s mind and she let out a devilish grin.

“So, you need a reason to beat us up, Yuki? Well, I’ll give you a reason now. Watch this.”

The ikemen vampire got up from her seat, leaned over the table, and then without a moment of hesitation she grabbed Mayu’s chin and kissed her lips forcefully. This action caught the later by surprise and she didn’t have time to avoid it.

Both Yuki and Rena released a sound of protest, but that didn’t stop Jurina from continuing and deepening the kiss.

An incoherent mumble escaped Mayu’s lips as she tried to defend her lips from Jurina’s sudden attack. But it seemed her attempt was futile because Jurina was much stronger than her.

A few people including visitors and waitress in the restaurant started staring at the kiss scene.

Unable to stand the scene any longer, Yuki grabbed Jurina and pushed her away from her girlfriend.

“Get off her!”

Jurina leaned back to her seat, flashing her trademark, playful smile that could melt every girl’s heart. Her smile grew wider as she saw Mayu hastily brushing her own lips.

“Gross!” was the only word that came out from the young lawyer, as she was busy trying to remove the remaining of Jurina’s taste from her lips.

“I’m warning you, Jurina, if you dare touch Mayu again, I swear I’m going to put you out in the sunlight and let you burnt into ashes!” scolded Yuki angrily.

Meanwhile, a certained raven girl who was just as mad as Yuki, was totally lost for words and could only stared at Jurina with eyes full of disbelief.

Yuki turned her attention to the older Matsui. “You should put your girlfriend on a leash, Rena, she’s getting ou-----“

And just before Yuki was able to finish her sentence, another shocking moment took place.

Matsui Rena stood up and took a few steps closer to Yuki’s seat. And while everyone was still wondering about what she’s planning to do, the raven vampire bent over and grabbed Yuki’s head, and did exactly the same as what Jurina did to Mayu previously. She claimed Yuki’s lips roughly and forcefully, causing the later to let out a muffled yelp.

Jurina mouthed an ‘Oh-my-God!” while Mayu could only stared with her jaw dropping to the ground.

This RenaYuki kiss was more brief than JuriMayu kiss, but was definitely more rough and bold. It almost looked like Rena wanted to eat Yuki alive with that kiss.

“Mmmppphhh!!! Rena, stop!” Yuki got very mad now. “Get off me!!”

She pushed the person who had just so insolently stole a kiss on her lips. The said person stumbled and fell with her butt on the floor.

Once again, the second commotion earned everyone’s attention in the restaurant. But then most of them just shook it off and thought these girl were only being playful.

“What the hell was that, Rena!? You wanna pick a fight with me!?” Yuki said angrily.

“Mayu, let’s go home now before we turn this place into a battlefield!” she stood up and grabbed Mayu’s hand, willing to drag the younger girl out with her.

“No, wait, don’t go!” Jurina grabbed Mayu’s other hand, preventing them to leave.

The young lawyer, now torn between the two, she could only glance at Yuki, then at Jurina, and then at Rena who was slowly climbing back up to her seat.

“Come on, Yuki, don’t lose your temper so quickly like that! Me and Rena were just joking. Don’t take it seriously.” Jurina said calmly.

“Eh!? You’re just joking? I thought you were kissing Mayu for real! And you also never kissed me like that!” the jealous Rena slapped Jurina hard on the shoulder, causing the later to lose her hold on Mayu’s hand.

“Ow! Ittai!” the ikemen whined and rubbed her aching shoulder. “Of course I’m just joking, Rena-chan! Why do you think I’m not? Oh wait, does that mean you kissed Yuki for real? Did you enjoy kissing her?”

“Ha! Don’t throw that question to me! You’re the one who always do that! You kissed everyone when I’m not around! Don’t think I don’t know about you meeting Akane secretly last week when we were on trip! You didn’t even have a crooked fang, why did you go to that dentist?”

“Oh come on, Rena, don’t bring that up now!”

“Yeah whatever! We’re even now! You cheat, I’ll cheat. You kiss people, I’ll kiss people too!” Rena said angrily.

Yuki and Mayu could only stared incredulously at this lover-quarrel scene.

Oh my, their relationship is so weird! They have no trust on each other! Do they even love each other, anyway? Mayu thought curiously. Or could it be, Jurina is still pretending to love Rena? much mystery.

Just then, Jurina cleared her throat a bit clumsily and spoke again. “Ah, I’m sorry for this ruckus. Please sit down again, err…..people?”

At first Yuki didn’t budge and kept holding Mayu’s hand tightly.

“Yuki, please. We’re friends now, right? And we just met again after a very long time. We still have so much to talk about tonight. And I have some news from our old friends. Don’t you wanna hear it?”

Yuki bit her lips and thought for a moment. She’s still angry and wanted to go home, but Jurina was right. They had just met tonight after not meeting each other for a long time, and they had so much to discuss.

“Okay.” Letting out a sigh, Yuki then removed Mayu’s arm and sat down again.

“Tck! And look at you Yuki. You haven’t changed at all since the first time I saw you. Now I’m still seeing that same person who was always easily angered and fighting with Rena, even thrashing Mayu’s school. You still have a very low boiling point, Yuki. If I were still a bad guy, I would definitely use that for my advantage.” Jurina said smirking.

That statement, however, caused Yuki to boiled up again and she shot Jurina her infamous death-glare look.

Mayu noticed this and she knew she had to say something quickly to calm the raven down.

“Don’t worry Yuki. I know a way to punish them. There’s actually an act for sexual harassment against women in public, and I can use it to send these two to jail.” Mayu said with a smirk. Being a law student who graduated with a summa cum-laude and highest GPA had made her become more effective and lethal in a word war, mind game, and psychological war like this.

“Eh!! Eeeh!! You’re going to send us to jail? Yadaaa!! Yadaaa!! I don’t want that!!” the ikemen vampire exclaimed her protest, pretending as if she was scared.

And then it was Rena’s turn to become Jurina’s hero, as she took the younger vampire’s hand and said, “Don’t worry Jurina. I can always make a jailbreak for you. It’s an easy thing for me.”

“Oh thank you, Rena-chan. So you’re not angry at me anymore?”


“Aah….yokatta… I’m glad Rena-chan is not angry anymore~” the ikemen vampire suddenly changed into a puppy, clinging onto the older vampire girl, and getting a pat on the head in return.

As this lovey-dovey scene went on, the only two witness of this scene somehow handled it differently. While Mayu was grinning as she was quite amused upon seeing WMatsui’s interaction, Yuki wasn’t as entertained at all. This scene only reminded her to the old times, back when she witnessed with her own eyes WMatsui kissing at the cemetery (Season 1 Chapter 19 – Love Spell), and also to the time when she walked in on WMatsui kissing scene again for the second time, in Mayu’s school (Season 1 Chapter 21 – Back to the Present).

“Were you always like this, for the 160+ years of your life together?” Mayu asked curiously.

“Unn…yeah, especially when Shinoda was not around, because he thought I was still too young for Rena. Heck, he always seemed to forgot that I was already 160 years old! Hahaha!” the ikemen laughed.

There was a brief moment of silence after Shinoda’s name being mentioned, and their mind began to wander to the old times.

“Shinoda Mario…….May the lord rest in peace.” Mayu said earnestly as she glanced and sent Yuki a meaningful look and heart-warming smile.

After learning some of Shinoda’s history, how he had found and saved the four vampire girls and raised them like his own daughters, Yuki and Mayu began to grow a bit of respect to Shinoda, and not fully judged him as a cruel and heartless person. Even his decision to brainwash Rena’s mind was only out of pity, eventhough that decision was unethical and morally wrong. But now that Rena had regained her memories and learned to make peace with herself, there’s nothing to be regretted anymore. This ex-warlord, who once murdered her own father and killed another 998 people in her past life including Jurina’s family, now is willing to go all the way down the path of redemption.

The tension in the air had returned to normal again as the four persons now were eating their desserts and beverage calmly.

“So, what happened to our dear, old friends?” the young lawyer asked while stuffing a spoonful of icecream into her mouth.

Clearing her throat, Jurina spoke. “Well, last week me and Rena went for a long trip to Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka. We met everyone. They’re all seem to be doing well and busy with their stuff. Yuko, Haruna, and Miichan are still running the hunter academy, and they had more and more students each year. Nana-chan often comes and helps them. She said she liked to hang out with Kojiyuu’s children, Miki and Mion, and their aunty Mako. Acchan and Takamina were still on their second honeymoon in Europe, they rarely contact me, probably too busy making babies, haha.”

“As expected from our Atsumina. And how is Takamina doing? Has she been able to cope with her new vampire state?” asked Mayu.

Jurina nodded. “Unn. Takamidget is a strong-minded, she definitely has no problem with controlling her blood lust eventhough she’s still a new-born vampire. And she definitely can do better than Tomochin.”

“Oh, those TomoTomo. I’m always a bit worried about them. I mean, they’ve been hiding their secret from us for a very long time. And none of us could have noticed it before, except maybe Takamina whose guess was close but not quite. Miichan too, she said she always felt something was off about TomoTomo, but still our psychic couldn’t figure out their secret. Geeezz….it was crazy, to finally learn that one of your close friends was actually a vampire. You meet them everyday and yet you didn’t notice anything weird about them.” Mayu wondered while putting both hands under her chin.

“Yeah, we’ve been fooled the whole time. Such good actresses they are.” Yuki stated with a smile.

“Well, they’re your friends, not mine. So I can’t say agree or disagree,” said Jurina, “And so after that, we went to visit Takumi and Kanon in Nagoya. Takumi doesn’t like managing retail company left to him by AkiP so he sold it and started his own business which is related to entertainment and idol industry. We know he loves arts and music more than running business. Last year he created and produced a supernatural idol groups in Nagoya, called VMP48 and WRV48---“

“W--wait, what? Supernatural? Idol?” Mayu asked and furrowed, a little surprised because she never heard that kind of thing before. She knew what ‘supernatural’ and ‘idols’ are, but she never found those words being put together in one phrase.

“Yeah, supernatural idol group. It is an idol group whose members are supernatural beings. But of course Takumi won’t reveal it to public that the groups’ members are actually vampires and werewolves. The vampires group only performed at night, while the werewolves group can perform anytime, day and night except when it’s a full moon.”

Yuki and Mayu both mouthed a big ‘O’. It seemed a rather hard for them to conceive the idea of uniting the ‘supernatural’ and ‘idol’ concepts together in one term. Many questions will arise such as, won’t these groups be a bit too dangerous for their fans? How the management will handle these supernatural idol groups? Will the members be allowed to go out in a public or having a relationship with ordinary people (human being)? And many, many other questions.

“Why 48 though?” Yuki asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask. Probably it’s the quantity of their members,” replied Jurina.

“I see. It has so many members then, so unbelievable. Usually a band only has a few members, right? Hm, whatever. I hope Takumi’s doing well in that business. And…what about Yui and Sayanee?” Mayu asked.

“Oh about them, Yui and Paruru are still staying in Kyoto, while Sayanee and Miyuki in Osaka. Yui said she recently encountered a problem in her research facilities, and she asked Sayanee and Miyuki to come and help her.”

“What problem?”

“One of their researchers gone insane and escaped after stealing a few of dangerous substance, mostly viruses and toxins. He didn’t steal much, but Yui worried if he’s going to produce similar substance on his own and spread it around the town, endangering innocent people. So now Yui and Sayanee are trying to find and catch him before something bad happens.”

“Sounds like apocalypse to them.”

“Probably, yeah.”

“Do we need to come and help them?” Yuki asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. Yui said she can handle it for now. And she will call if she needs our help. Let’s just hope things won’t be getting of out control there.”

“Oh okay.”

“Unn.” Jurina nodded and continued. “After that, I went to Kobe to visit Umechan. And here comes the surprising news…………. Umechan and Sayaka are officially together now!!!”

“EEEEEEEEHHH!!!” Yuki let out her infamous ‘big reaction’ face. She almost choked on her drink, and couldn’t believe what she had heard just now.

“Yes, yes, Yuki, you heard it right. They’re together now, as in dating. And they looked so happy I thought they’re gonna get married soon……….Errrr…..Mayu-chan, are you okay? What are you doing down there?” Jurina said as her attention was turned onto a certain ex-Cyborg who was currently resting on the floor after falling off chair oh-so-gracefully and landing with her butt, due to her lack of ability to handle the shocking news. And it seemed that the poor girl had also spilled her drink onto her clothes.

“Yeah..yeah.....I’m alright......crap….my favourite shirt…” cursed the Watanabe as she climbed back onto her seat.

Woaa! Sayaka and Umechan together! I never saw this coming before! And the weirdest thing is, both had also fallen in love with Sae-niichan before! And now they end up being together! Just how weird is that, huh!?
Mayu thought in a daze. And she wondered what is it that her brother had that he could steal and rob so many girls’ hearts in his life. Even Yuki had also fallen in love with him once!

“Wow, you both look very surprised, that’s funny, hehe,” said Rena chuckling, “I was surprised too. I mean, first Acchan, and then Umechan, falling in love with a human. Who would’ve thought Umechan will take the same path as Acchan?”

Jurina, being Jurina, then spoke teasingly, “Yeah, who would’ve thought. And maybe Rena-chan also wants to take the same path as them? Falling in love with a human?”

The older Matsui, who also had begun to learn how to handle Jurina’s playful side, then answered. “Yeah, probably. I’ll just have to wait until I find the right person, a human, to whom I will fall in love with.”

“Hm? Why do you have to wait? Why not her?”


“You know. Airin. Your long-time lover…”

Rena blushed suddenly upon hearing Jurina mentioning that name.

“What? Of course I can’t! She’s different than the person I loved before, and she’s a bad guy now! Unless….unless she reforms herself and be a good guy.”

“I see. Then, how about her?”


“The woman in front of you. The one you just kissed.” Jurina said almost whispering.

“Hell no!! Don’t drag me into your drama again!” protested Yuki.

“Seriously you guys….hahaha!” Mayu laughed.

“I kissed her because you kissed Mayu first! If you didn’t kiss Mayu, I wouldn’t have kissed Yuki!” Rena argued.

“Okay, I admit, it was my fault. I’m sorry. But Rena, you haven’t answered my question. Did you enjoy your kiss? Is Yuki a good kisser?” Jurina asked teasingly.

“Uhh…..well….I…..actually, y--” Rena was hesitant to answer.

“Rena, if you dare finish that sentence, I’m gonna kill you too. I’m serious.” Yuki said coldly.

“But…Yuki--” Rena said.

“Okay, guys, can we just go back to our discussion? We don’t have all night. Please.” The lawyer spoke.



“So, where were we? Oh yeah, we were talking about Umechan and Sayaka, and the whole human-and-vampire-falling-in-love thing. So, after that we went to Fukuoka and meet Sasshi, Rabutan, Sakura, Haruppi, and their shapeshifter friends. I believe you both still keep in touch with them so I don’t need to give you update about them, right?”

Mayu nodded. “Yeah, of course. And thanks for giving us update about the others.”

After that, their conversation changed to more casual stuff such as weather, seasonal clothes, movies, and new places to go. And by the time they finished their food and beverages, Rena had already passed out from drinking too much sake. Jurina had to carried her a bridal-style into their car at the parking lot which is located quite far from the restaurant. Tokyo was a very crowded city (probably the most crowded in the world), and it is really hard to find a parking lot especially in a celebration day like this.

“Careful, Jurina. See you later!”

“Yeah don’t worry. Later! Bye!”

Mayu and Yuki waved their goodbye and watched as Jurina’s car speed off and disappeared from their sight.

“Such a weird couple.” Mayu said.

“Yeah.” Yuki agreed.

“I can’t believe we’re friends with them.”

“Uh-huh. Me too.”





“Did you….did you enjoy the kiss?”

“No, why? Did you, Mayu?”

“N--No!! Of course not!! Hahaha!” Mayu laughed nervously. What am I even thinking?

Yuki and Mayu then walked to the nearest subway station. It was a graduation month in all universities in Japan, so the city was quite crowded everywhere in the evening. Many students (kohai and senpai) and their teachers (sensei) were having a farewell party in the restaurants and bars.

The underground station was crowded, and there were already long queues on each tracks waiting for the train. Mayu was standing right in front of Yuki in the queue when a passenger bumped into her, causing her to lose her balance.

“Ow!” Mayu yelped as she stumbled over.

Just before she fell to the ground, she felt an arm caught her body. She looked over and found it was Yuki’s. And Mayu suddenly felt like she was hit by an electric shock.

“Are you okay?” Yuki asked.

“….Y--yeah.” Mayu blushed a little since their faces are a bit too close now.

(Geez! It’s been six years, but why am I still feeling dokidoki whenever she gets close to me? It still feels like the first time. Oh, this is so stupid. I’m so stupid.) Mayu thought as she mentally facepalmed herself.

The young lawyer regained her composure and stood herself up with the help of her guardian angel.

A train came and they entered the carriage. It was crowded and they had to stand very close to each other. More passenger came in and pushed them from all direction, leaving both girls with almost no space between them.

And the best part is, because Yuki was taller, thus Mayu’s face was on the same level with Yuki’s you-know-what, so, yeah…..

Mayu’s eyes were locked on Yuki’s you-know-what, which was only a few milimeters away from her face. She could smell the scent of Yuki's perfume, and it drove her mind nuts.

(Oh, dear Lord! This is life!! Jackpot!!)

She muttered as she opened her eyes as wide as possible, not wanting to blink and miss a single thing. Her heart started beating faster as her perverted mind’s taking over.

(Oh sh*t, I’m gonna have a nosebleed anytime soon now. I can’t wait until we reach home, and I’ll shove her to the bed and rip that shirt off of her!)

On the surface it might seemed that Mayu had managed to keep her face in a stoic, blank state, just like she normally had everyday, but actually now she was trying very hard to keep her imagination from running wild.

(It’s been six years since we first met, but I'm still acting like a pervert little kid. This has gotta be stop. Come on, Mayuyu, grow up, you’re an adult now. You’re not that pervert little Cyborg/oshiri-sister, anymore. Grow up, Mayuyu!)

Mayu told herself repeatedly while still maintaining that Cyborg-like mask on her face. She remembered about all of her failed skinship missions, back in old days, when she was still obsessed to touch Yuki’s you-know-what [Season 1 Chapter 7. MAYUKI SKINSHIP MISSION]. And now Mayu couldn’t help but think just how stupid and childish she was back then.

After a few stops, they got off and transferred to another line.

On their way they saw several young men, wearing suit and tie, standing in front of the vending ticket machine. They’re all look neat and full of self-confident.

“Aaah, Watanabe-san! There you are!” said one of them.

“Takizawa-senpai… Konbanwa!” Mayu replied politely.

“Watanabe-san, I was looking for you today after the ceremony’s over.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Just wanna say, congratulation for being the best student of this year.”

“Unn…Thank you.”

“This is my namecard.” Takizawa took a card from his suitbag and gave it to Mayu. “Of course I don't need to tell you that it’s one the biggest law firm in Japan. You should come and apply. I assure you, you’re going to have a very bright career there. And the salary is very, very high.”

“I know. I’ll think about it.” Mayu said smiling.

“Think about it? Come on, Watanabe, what are you waiting?”

“Nothing. Okay, okay, I’ll apply tomorrow.”

“Good! I can’t wait to work with you. I’m going to teach everything you need to know about the legal practices, and you can ask anything to me. Right now I’m currently working on Ishihara Case.” Takizawa spoke proudly.

“That case? Oh that’s a big one! Sugoi nee~~” Mayu responded.

“Yeah….Err…Who is this girl? Your older sister?”

For a moment, Mayu almost forgot that Yuki was with her during that time. As she glanced over, she found a very quiet Yuki standing behind her.

“No…she’s my……She’s a friend from my hometown.”

“Oh that’s nice. What major do you study?” Takizawa asked.

Yuki furrowed her brows, looking a bit confused at the question.


“What major do you study?” the young man repeated his question.

“Me? No…I’m-”

“She’s not studying. She’s working here.” Mayu explained.

“Oh I see.”

The situation got a little bit awkward now, especially for Yuki, because she suddenly felt like an outsider. A simple/naïve girl amongst this intelligent, elite people.

“Well, then. Make sure you’ll apply early. We’re gonna have so much fun!” Takizawa said as he then reached for a handshake and a hug with Mayu. “See you Watanabe! And don’t forget to give me a call!”

His friends also did the same, giving a handshake and a hug to the young lawyer. Some of them even went a bit too far with a kiss on the cheek.

After that, they went to separate direction.

It didn’t take long until they arrived at the nearest station to their apartment. The apartment was located in the suburban area, which was very crowded and a bit far from the university, but the price was very cheap compared to other area.

“Oh, I forgot I have to buy something. Just wait for me home.” Yuki said as they walked and passed by a convenient store.

“Okay.” Mayu said and continued walking home alone.

Just before she reached her building, however, a girl suddenly showed up and stood there blocking her way.

Mayu recognized the girl as her junior (kohai) who gave her a bouquet when she was doing danso at a festival day in their high school (Season 2, Chapter 2 - Doctor Watanabe). That kohai also went to the same faculty at the same university with Mayu.


“Kaoru-chan, konbanwa.”


“What are you doing here? Your apato is not around here right?”

“No. I…I only come to see you. Congratulation, Mayu-senpai. I’ve always known that you are actually a genius, ever since high school.”

“Oh yeah, thanks. You know I was pretty much of a troublemaker back in high school…hehehe~” Mayu said chuckling.

“Yes.” Kaoru nodded. “And also a very good danso player.”

She suddenly moved closer to Mayu and reached forward, and then, much to Mayu’s surprise, kissed the lawyer on her lips.

Mayu stood frozen, unable to react or move. She was very shock. The girl was kissing her with her eyes closed. Mayu knew it because she had her eyes wide-opened during their lip-to-lip contact.

Eventually, the girl pulled back and made a few distance.

“I’ve been….I’ve been wanting to do this since a long time ago.…. I just really like you a lot, Senpai. Please accept my feeling…”

Mayu was silent and didn’t know how to answer that. And soon the atmosphere became awkward for the two of them.

“Ah, I’m sorry, you must be in shock, Mayu-senpai.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s just that……I’m already taken. Sorry.”

“I know.” Kaoru said. “But I still wanna be friends with Mayu-senpai. After I graduate next year, I want to work together with you in the future.”

“Then I’ll be waiting for you. Good luck, Kaoru-chan.”

“Thank you, Senpai. Ja mata.”

“Haik. Bye bye.”

The girl walked by, and Mayu turned around and waved goodbye.

Just then, she saw Yuki stood with a blank expression, not faraway from them.

(Oh, shit! Yuki must have seen the kiss! I'm so dead!) Mayu thought and started panicking. She unconsciously put her finger on her lips and brushed it slightly as if she wanted to remove the evidence.

The girl disappeared from their sight, and then Yuki asked Mayu. “Who is that girl?”

“My junior,” Mayu answered while rubbing the back of her neck.

“Oh.” Yuki nodded and then walked to the entrance of their apartment building.

Mayu quickly followed behind.

“Did you see the whole thing?” Mayu asked as they entered their room and took off their coats.

“The kiss? I mean, those kisses? Oh yeah.” Yuki answered and headed to the kitchen.

Their apartment was small. There were only one bedroom, a small kitchen, and a small dining room. In the bedroom beside the bed, there was a desk with a laptop and a lot of books, papers, exam sheets, mangas, DVDs, and figurines scattered on it. Other than that, everything looked normal just like a couple’s room.

Mayu sat on the dining room and watched as Yuki proceeded opening the fridge, taking a can of health drink, and leaning on the kitchen counter while drinking it.

“Yuki, look…. I swear those kisses mean nothing for me. I don't--”

“It’s okay, Mayu. You don’t have to explain it.”

“Really? You’re not angry? Jealous, no?”

“No, don’t worry.” Yuki said smiling and continued drinking.

Mayu stood there, silent for a while. Something seemed to be occupying her mind now. After a moment, she then came closer and stood in front of Yuki.

“Yuki, I’m gonna be honest to you now.”

The older girl stopped drinking and blinked a few times, staring into Mayu’s eyes.

“When we were still in Shizuoka, Jurina kissed me a couple times. And I…” Mayu closed her eyes for a moment. “……And I let her.”

Mayu paused and waited for a reaction, but she received none, so she continued.

“One time, I made a bet with Jurina and I lost, and I had to let her kiss me. Other times, there was no bet, I just let her kissed me.”

“A bet, huh? That was so like you. Have you not learned your lesson? Or should I spank you again just like old times?” Yuki smirked.

“Yeah, maybe. I know it was stupid. I’m sorry, Yuki.”


“….So, are you jealous now?” Mayu asked again.

“….Hmm….No, I don’t think I should get jealous at that. If you kiss people, I’ll kiss people too. You cheat, I’ll cheat. No problem.” Yuki spoke casually.

The statement caused Mayu to flinch. Her jaw dropped a bit as she wasn’t expecting that from her girlfriend. And for a moment, she really thought that Yuki’s love for her had declined a bit, to the point of not getting jealous upon seeing her being kissed by someone else.

There was a moment of silence before Yuki broke it with a faint laugh.

“Pfft! I’m just joking, Mayu! Of course I’m jealous…..But…”

Yuki took a quick glance at the younger girl, and their eyes met for a few miliseconds.

“…But then again, I think maybe Jurina was right. I shouldn’t get jealous so easily. I shouldn’t lose my temper so quickly. ”

(I’m just a cashier, a convenient-store girl. And here you are, already become a lawyer. Our world is so different now. You will change and move forward. But I’m still here. I’m still the same. Always be the same.)

“Now that you’ve graduated, you will meet a lot new people, making new friends with people I don’t know. So I can’t possibly get angry everytime I see someone kiss you in front of me, right? It won’t be good for any of us if I suddenly jump and punch people just because they kiss you. So I think I just have to start learning and get myself used to it.” Yuki said with a smiling face, but failed to hide her tint of sadness behind that smile.

And that was when Mayu suddenly realized something. Until then, Mayu thought she was the one who felt the most insecure about their love and relationship. And boy, was she relieved to know that she wasn’t the only one who felt that!

The lawyer took one step closer and put one hand on Yuki’s shoulder, while resting the other hand against the counter. She leaned forward and put their lips together. It was a gentle kiss, an opening for a deeper kiss. Mayu opened her mouth and started utilizing her tounge. Yuki responded as well, letting the younger girl explored her cave. Their kiss lasted for a minute and both were smiling while they’re doing that.

Mayu, however, knew something was lacking tonight. And while they were kissing, she worked her mind and racked her brain trying to find a solution.

The smile on Mayu’s face disappeared and was replaced by a smug grin as soon as they parted their lips.

* SLAP *

A sudden slap landed on Yuki’s cheek, causing her face to flick a few degrees to the side. It was almost like a playful slap, but there was definitely more than that.

“What was that for?” Yuki blinked in confuse.

“You’re doing it wrong, Yuki.”

“Huh? You mean the kiss?”


“Alright. Let’s do it again.” Yuki smiled and straightened up her position as she prepared herself for another kiss.

They leaned in and tilted their heads to opposite directions, and kissed again for the second time.

The kiss lasted longer than the first one, and both parties seemed to have a fight over dominance. Yuki had her hands holding and rubbing onto Mayu’s shoulder and upper back, while the shorter girl snaked her arms inside Yuki’s shirt. They entangled their tounge, exchanged saliva, and sucked each others on the lips. The world stopped spinning for them as they were so into their little world now, savoring every single second of their kiss.

After a moment they had to pull away due to the lack of breath.

“How’s that?” Yuki asked.

“Are you kidding me? Jurina can kiss me better than that!” the younger girl answered, looking unsatisfied.

The raven-haired female frowned upon hearing Jurina’s name being mentioned again. She did feel jealous over the little vampire. The thought of Mayu and Jurina kissing behind her back during their hunter days, four years ago in Shizuoka, it made her drowned in anger and jealousy.

Without saying a word, Yuki seized her girl and kissed her again, a bit roughly this time. Mayu responded and let the hunter devouring her mouth. But after a few seconds, she pushed Yuki off and slapped her again.

“Ouucch!! What the heck, Yuki!! You bit my lips!!” Mayu put her hand onto her slightly wounded lips.

Yuki smirked, unfazed by the slap.

“Geez, you made me bleed! Ouuchh!” Mayu uttered in an angry tone, and walked back and forth with her hand still caressing her lips.

Seeing the lawyer acting like that, however, had turned a switch inside Yuki. Her smirk faded and changed into a worried look.

“Did I hurt you? Sorry.”

The older girl extended her hand, wanting to reach Mayu. “Let me check it.”

“No! Don’t touch me!”

“Come on, Mayu, let me see it.“


* SLAP *

Yuki’s face was thrown to the side again as she received another slap on the same cheek. The slap was harder this time, it actually made Yuki flinched a bit.

“I said I was sorry.” Yuki spoke softly. Her eyes also softened.

“Saying sorry doesn’t fix anything.” Mayu replied, stern and cold.

Yuki let out a sigh. “What happen? Did someone rub you in the wrong way? What’s wrong with you?”

“No. What is wrong with you, Yuki?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me.”

“Well, obviously, there is something wrong between us.”

“Then what is that? Tell me. I know this isn’t about the kiss. So please just tell me what it’s all about, ‘cause I really don’t get what’s happening here!” Yuki said, frustrated.

“Oh, it’s so obvious, why can’t you see it? Why are you so stupid?”

“Wha---Of course I’m stupid! You’re the one with a college degree here! It’s not my fault if you’re so smart that I can’t even understand you!”

Mayu went quiet, staring at her girlfriend. No one knows that this ex-Cyborg was actually trying hard to contain her smile.

Oh, you don’t understand me? But I understand you, Yuki, I very much understand you. You are so easy to read.

Mayu continued her act, which wasn’t very hard to her, thanks to that flawless expression and Cyborg-like personality. And also thanks to that Psychology 101 course which she had taken during sophomore year in the university.

“Actually, Yuki, it is still about the kiss…….”

Mayu crossed her arms, while Yuki listened.

“……..But not our kiss. It’s my kiss with those people.”


There was a pregnant pause as Mayu waited for Yuki to speak. But what Yuki was saying later was not exactly what she had expected.

“So, you’re having a problem with people kissing you, huh? Why are you taking it out on me?”


“Why are you taking it out on me!? You know I can’t really do anything about it!! IT’S YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE!!!” Yuki shouted the last part.

*** SLAP ***

It felt like time had stopped suddenly, right after Mayu landed her palm on Yuki’s cheek once again, for the Nth times tonight.

The impact of that slap took the lawyer herself by surprise. The sound of it was loud and it echoed throughout their small room, along with a small gasp that escaped from Yuki’s lips.

For a moment, everything was frozen. No movement inside the room. Not even a single sound could be heard, except for their own heartbeat. Both were equally stunned and confused.

Yuki rested herself and leaned against the dining table, facing and staring blankly to her side. Surprisingly, the force from the slap was strong enough to make our heroine staggered back a few steps, until she found support from the table.

For a minute, Yuki kept staring blankly to her side, not even bothered to turn her face back again towards the younger girl. Biting down her lips, she clenched her fists on the table. Her eyes were hazy. Deep inside, she was hurt not only physically but also emotionally. At this point, she already began to feel her cheek stinging, after receiving those slaps on the same cheek over and over again. And it was at this point too, that Yuki realized she had started learning how to love and hate someone at the same time.

Meanwhile, the lawyer was also frozen on her spot. Hesitating. Worrying whether she had gone overboard with her act, and whether she had hurt Yuki more than she should.

“Yuki…..“ the lawyer spoke with her hand curled on her side. Her hand was hurting after delivering all those slaps, and she was sure the other girl on the receiving end was hurting even much more.

Slowly, the hunter turned her gaze to meet the lawyer’s.

“……So this is it. You got all the kisses, while I got the slaps. Fair enough, Mr. Lawyer.” Yuki said gritting her teeth.

Seeing Yuki’s cheek reddened and bruised, however, made the lawyer almost re-questioned her decision to treat her girlfriend so harsh like that.

“I’m sorry. Let’s fix this,” said Mayu as she moved forward, wanting to kiss Yuki again.

But Yuki pulled away. “No. I’ve lost my mood tonight.”

There was a tint of sadness painted on Yuki’s face as she stared at Mayu for a moment before heaving a sigh.

“Just do whatever you want. I’m gonna take a shower, and sleep early. Good night.” Yuki said as she turned her back and headed towards their bedroom.

“….No. Stay. You’re not going anywhere until we fix this.”

Upon hearing the lawyer's words, Yuki stopped on her track for a moment. A faint smirk appeared on the corner of her lips, and then she continued walking to the bedroom, ignoring the Cyborg girl.

No, Mayu, this time I’m not going to do every thing you ask me to. You always had me believing it was always something that I’d done. But I don’t wanna live that way, reading into every word you say. You have to stop treating me like this.

Yuki continued walking, hiding the tears that was brimming in her eyes, already threatening to fall down. But she strengthened herself, not wanting to show any pain or sadness in front of the younger girl.

Seeing Yuki went away, however, made the lawyer returned to her angry mode.

“Yuki, come back here!!!” Mayu shouted mad.

Yuki didn’t listen and kept walking.

Mayu got more mad and chased the older girl to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, Mayu saw Yuki opening the drawer and taking out a towel.

Mayu grabbed Yuki’s arm and forced her to turn around and face her.

“What? Do you want to slap me again? Sorry but my cheek is kinda unavailable right now. Come back again later.” Yuki said coldly.

*** SLAP ***

Available or not, Mayu’s hand already made a direct contact with the said cheek, slapping Yuki hard across her face once again.

Yuki stood there with her mouth agaped, staring at the younger girl with eyes full of disbelief.

“Why you--?“ she slowly put her hand on her burning cheek.

“Do you have a death wish!? Stop slapping me!!” Yuki shouted.

Mayu didn’t answer, only staring back at the older girl.

Their eyes met once again, but Yuki, however, was already too drown in her anger that she failed to notice the menacing grin and playful gaze that came flashing from Mayu’s eyes.

Once again, Mayu raised her arm and swung it towards the raven girl’s face, wanting to land one more slap on that pretty face.

But this time, it was stopped mid-air as Mayu’s wrist was caught immediately by Yuki’s palm.

Yuki glared angrily while holding onto Mayu’s arm tightly. Uh oh....Looks like this Cyborg had already crossed the line now. This Cyborg is going to be in sooooo much trouble now.

In the next few miliseconds, Mayu felt her body being pushed and thrown onto the bed quite harshly. She slammed hard upon the bed, letting out a shriek as she felt her back crashing painfully against the mattress.

Shrinking, she saw Yuki’s tall figure hovering on top of her, pinning her down on the mattress. The older girl pressed her hand on Mayu’s shoulder, while putting all her weight onto Mayu’s small body.

The younger girl winced from the pain. As much as she already saw this coming, the sheer amount of force that was inflicted upon her was still shocking.

“Yuki….please, stop……You’re…hurting me….Aaahhkk!” Mayu gulped and choked on her own words.

She tried to pushed Yuki off but she knew it was impossible, and that it was only a desperate attempt. She knew it was already too late to stop Yuki from doing whatever she’s going to do now. And she didn’t want to imagine what Yuki’s going to do to her now.

Yuki had always been gentle and tender towards her, but that’s not the only side of Yuki that she knew and loved. Mayu had already seen many times how Yuki fought in her fights. But now she didn’t even dare to imagine how Yuki was really like in a battlefield, moreover to imagine themselves being enemies who were destined to fight each other.

And now everyone who saw this scene would probably thinks Yuki was going to rape her girl or something.

(Shit! I shouldn’t do this in the first place! I knew it was risky!)
Mayu thought as she looked up to see Yuki.

Like a beast being awaken from its sleep, Yuki glared down with an eyes of a tiger, and released an angry growl.


Yuki lifted her other hand and curled it into a fist, right above Mayu’s face, and without hesitating, sending it down with full force and full speed.

Mayu let out a muffled scream and automatically closed her eyes, bracing herself for the incoming hit.

But it never came.

The fist landed on the mattress, just an inch away from her ear.

And when she opened her eyes, what she found was a face of an Angel of Death, beautiful but scary, staring at her with eyes full of strange, mixed emotion.


All Mayu could hear was the sound of their own heartbeats. And also the sound of their breathing. Heavy breathing, in and out.

Their faces were so close to each other, Mayu could feel Yuki’s warm breath upon her face, while Yuki’s hair fell around her head like a curtain. She can feel Yuki’s body shaking too, probably due to anger. The weight of Yuki’s body was still pressed onto her, but she managed to endure it and continued her act for a longer time.

Staring into Yuki’s dark obs, then she heard the Angel of Death spoke to her.

“Listen, you little piece of shit! If you weren’t you, I would totally beat you up without mercy. You’ve slapped me many times already and I’ve let you get away with it. Nobody is that lucky, you little punk!!”


“I don’t even remember how many times you’ve slapped me ever since I met you. Do you think you can treat me like that? Do you think I will never return any single slap from you? Do you think I won’t dare to hit you back and hurt you?”


Mayu kept staring into Yuki’s eyes, as she listened carefully to Yuki’s words.

“You’re a lawyer and I’m just nobody! And that makes you think you’re so high above me now? That I’m not good enough for you so that you can treat me all you want?”


Go on, Yuki. Just let it all out. Don’t keep it to yourself. I want to hear you say it. All of it. Though I already know how you feel, and you’re always so easy for me to read. But still, I want to hear you say it.

Mayu kept staring into Yuki’s eyes.

“You’ve tortured me enough when you let them kissing you in front of me. So please, don’t treat me like this. I can’t stand it.”

A teardrop fell from Yuki’s eyes like a diamond.

A teardrop splashed upon Mayu’s forehead like the first raindrop splashing onto the ground early in the morning.

Yuki was crying in silent.

It was such an awful sight.

But it was also a very pleasant sight, because Mayu knew that Yuki’s silent tear was meant for her.

For a girl like Yuki who hardly ever cried, the sight of her crying really showed a lot of emotion. She hardly ever cried in front of people, and only cried in front of those who’s very closed to her. But when she cried, it was really something.

There had been many occasions in the past where Yuki was given enough pressure for her to crack, just like when she saw her parents being murdered in front of her, or when she was taken to jail and wrongly accused for Sae’s murder/disappearance, and also when she met with Sae’s (and Mayu’s) parents in that police station. Even in those situations, she remained stable and unfazed, because she didn’t want to show her tears in front of people. But she’s a human being, not a robot, and definitely not a Cyborg. She would crack in front of those whom she deeply loved and loved her back.

Okay, now it’s time for Pop Quiz:
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Yuki let out a sigh and continued.

“I would’ve killed anyone who dare touching you in front of me. But sadly I couldn’t, and I shouldn’t. And that sucks, you know.”

“I was so afraid that after all these years, our love will fall apart and you will find someone who is better than me. I was so afraid that you will get bored of me someday, and you will leave me for someone else. I mean, look at you. Surrounded by people. Smart and rich people. You’re out of my league now, Mayu.”

Mayu raised her hand to touch Yuki’s cheek, and wiped Yuki’s tears with her thumb.

“Finally. You said that.” A smirk formed on Mayu’s lips.


Mayu’s smirk evolved into a smile. She knew that the ending would be like this. Yuki’s always having trouble voicing out her feeling and her insecurities. So Mayu just had to trigger something inside that girl to make her realized her own feeling, eventhough the trigger involve slapping and rough kissing.

Indeed, things had become more complicated recently between our two heroines, that it was hard for the both of them to express their true feeling.

“I was waiting for you to say that, this whole night. I was waiting for my Yukirin to come out. And finally, she’s here. This is my Yukirin that I’ve loved so much, since the very first time I met her.”

Mayu continued.

“I love this side of you more, Yuki. I always love it when you get into this mode. I love it so much.”

Now it was the older girl’s turn to be stunned. She’s slowly getting up, and stood in front of Mayu who was still lying with her back on the mattress.

“I want you, Yuki. Always want you.”

Mayu continued.

“I want a Yuki who always gets angered easily and gets into a fight with everyone, even thrashing my school. I want a Yuki who has a very low boiling point. I want a Yuki who will get angry everytime she sees somebody kissing me in front of her.”

Mayu took a pause to breath, and continued talking and staring into the ceiling, as if she was speaking to herself. While Yuki just stood there crossing her arms in front of Mayu, trying to digest Mayu’s words and register it into her mind.

“I want a Yuki who once threatened to send me to a juvenile prison because I stole her purse on the first day we met. I want a Yuki who always spanked me when I misbehaved. I want a Yuki who would always come to save me everytime I call her, eventhough it was only an SOS prank. I want a Yuki who would come and beat up my school teacher, because he wanted to rape me. I want a Yuki who always act so cold towards me but whenever she saw me in danger, she would jump and save me without hesitation, even willing to take a beating for me.”


Yuki didn’t know what to say now. She was startled by this sudden turn of act from the younger girl. Just a few minutes ago they were still bickering, and this Cyborg were still slapping her. But now, this Cyborg suddenly said such thing like this. Yuki was definitely surprised.


“I want a Yuki who always kissed me so passionately even if she’s in the middle of hunting and patrolling. I want a jealous, protective, sexy, and demanding Yuki that she has always been, with or without love potion. I want a tsundere Yuki, not a deredere Yuki.”


“It’s been six years since we first met, Yuki. So many things have changed since then, but I want you to stay the same. I want us to stay the same, just like old times.”

Mayu raised her body up into a sitting position and rested her arms on the bed. Staring at the dumbfounded girl, Mayu then continued.

“Tell me, how can I find someone like you, Yuki? You’re just one of a kind. I never met a girl like you before. And I’ve never known a girl like you before, not even in movies or fictions. I was alone until you came along. And you give me just a taste so I want more. Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw, ‘cause now you've got me crawling on the floor. I might be talking metaphorically and allegorically, but Yuki, I hope you understand what I’m talking about. That’s the way I feel about you. And I never, never, never met a girl like you before.”

“There’s no one in this world could ever replace you for me, Yuki. And I want you to stay with me, until the day I die.”

At this point, Yuki already started blushing. Her heart almost exploded upon hearing Mayu’s sweet words. This Cyborg really knew how to be such a sweetheart and melted Yuki’s heart.

“You know, Yuki, I’ve been working so hard, studying every nights, in order to get a bloody straight A for all my subjects. I did all that for you. And today I graduate with highest GPA in my university, I did all that for you. I’ll be working hard from now, and I’m going to be a famous lawyer in this country. And it’s all because you. I’m doing all that for you. So how can you be so stupid and think that I will ever leave you someday? What makes you think that without you, my life would be so much better than now? Without you, my hopes and dreams will never be as good as what I had with you. So please Yuki, just throw your fears to the wind, and never ever think about leaving me again, ‘cause I will never leave you too. And if you ever think like that again, I swear I’m gonna slap you again, harder than before.”

The raven girl blushed even more. So this is why Mayu kept slapping her around before. Yuki finally realized. And now that she thinks about that, she couldn’t help but think just how stupid she was, and just how deservingly it was for her to receive all those slaps, eventhough it was actually quite painful for her, especially to her cheek.

Mayu stopped talking and now she was staring at Yuki with a heartwarming smile. That kind of smile that could melt your heart and make you forget all the pain you’ve been suffering.

Yuki was still standing there like a mannequin. Her brain failed to function and react. Somehow she felt so stupid while her girlfriend was so smart. She was no match for our charming lawyer, the great and majestic Watanabe Mayu.

Letting out a long, relieved sigh, Yuki sat on the bed beside Mayu.

Mayu then circled her arm around Yuki and hugged the older girl tight.

“I’m sorry, Mayu.” Yuki said softly.

“I’m sorry too. For slapping you.” Mayu replied with a smile.

“Is it still hurt?” the young lawyer asked as she put her hand onto Yuki’s cheek which seemed to be a bit swollen after receiving so much slapping.

“No,” answered Yuki.

“Really?” Mayu pinched Yuki’s cheek.

The raven girl was unfazed at first. So then Mayu pinched harder until Yuki winced and showed some reaction.

“Ah, it’s a bit hurt, I think.” Yuki said as she removed Mayu’s hand from her cheek.

“You think?” Mayu furrowed her brows, and then chuckled. “Don’t think, Yuki. Just feel it.”

Oh Yuki, you just don’t want to admit that you’re in pain, right?

“I’ll go get an icepack for you.” Mayu said as she stood up.

But before she could walked away, Yuki caught her arm.

“Forget about the icepack.”

She pulled the younger girl into her embrace, forcing Mayu to sit on her lap.

“You want a protective-sexy-and-demanding Yuki, right? Well, she’s here now.” Yuki whispered into Mayu’s ear.

Oh yeah! This is what I’ve been waiting for….My protective-sexy-demanding Yuki….Tehehe~ Woohoo!! Mayu’s inner self started dancing in joy.

Yuki started nibbling into Mayu’s earlobe, causing the younger girl to moan.

“Aah…Uhh….Yuki…I thought you said you wanna get a shower and sleep early.”

“I change my mind.”

“Hm…Wanna get a shower together later?”

“Sure, I’d love to.” Yuki said as she continued playing with Mayu’s ear, while letting the younger girl leaning on her chest.

For a moment, the two girls just stayed in their position like that, enjoying each other’s presence.

“Yuki, after I get my first job, I want us to move to a bigger apato. This place is too small for us, don’t you think?”

“Hm yeah I think so. Where do you want us to move? Have you decided it yet?”

“No. How about tomorrow we go to the apartment company?”

“I can’t. I have to work.” Yuki said.

“Okay let’s wait until next weekend then.”


“And Yuki, after I get my job, I want you to quit yours.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Because you won’t need it anymore. My salary will be ten times fold, higher than yours. It is more than enough for two of us.”

“Aaahh…It’s great….But then what should I do for work? It will be so boring if I have nothing to do all day.”

“Well…maybe you can….you can work for me!”

“Work for you?”

“Yeah, I need an assistant. A personal assistant. I will have many clients and I will be very busy solving cases. So I think I’m gonna need your help, Yuki. I will pay you.”

“But, Mayu, I know nothing about legal affair.”

“Ah don’t worry. I will teach you everything you need to know, Yuki.”

“Okay then, Mayu.”

“Call me ‘Boss’. From now on, I’m your boss.”

Yuki rolled her eyes, chuckling.

“Okay, Boss.”

Mayu smiled wide. From now on, Yuki won’t have to work as cashier girl in the convenient-store anymore. Those days of having to face financial problems are finally over.

The girls continued their smooching session.

“Now where were we?” Yuki said as she’s getting back to business.

“Oh, I was about to give you a protective-sexy-and-demanding Yuki. Here she comes~~” Yuki said happily.

She continued spoiling the ex-Cyborg, nibbling her earlobes, playing with her hair, planting kisses on her lips, her cheeks, and all over the face. And then she went lower, burying her face inside the crook of Mayu’s neck, and savoring it with her mouth.

Mayu felt her her heart picking up its race, and her core began warming up.

And next thing she knew, Yuki already threw her to the bed again and hovered on top of her.

The protective-sexy-and-demanding girl then eagerly removed her shirt, showing off her perfect body.

The Cyborg Lawyer could only hold her breath while staring at the perfection. She was having a massive invisible bloodbath inside her brain. Seeing Yuki like this, it’s a bit too much for her. Indeed, Yuki had been giving too much for her ever since they were together. But then again, too much Yuki was still never enough for her. And she always craved for more.

It was now the lawyer’s turn to undress herself.

The two were almost naked now.

However, before they moved onto the next part………….

………….Mayu got up and switched off the light in their room.

It’s dark now.

And therefore, Anzai the Author couldn’t continue writing the scene because it was dark in the room and she couldn’t see anything. What could be heard was only the sound of moaning and the bed squeaking everytime the girls made their movement on that small bed.

[Actually the author decided to leave this scene to your imagination, because she still feels herself not good enough in writing such a scene.]

After an hour.

* THUD *

“Ouch!! Yuki! Don't kick me out of my bed!”

“You’ve slapped me five times today. Sleep on the floor tonight!”

“Oh come on, Yuki, I’m just kidding! It’s a joke! A joke!”

“No! That slaps wasn’t a joke. You slapped me real hard. Just sleep on the floor tonight!”

“Yuki, please~ It’s freezing here. I’d rather get a spank on my butt than get kicked out of my bed.”

“Oh, you will get both if you don’t shut up now!”

“Aaah Yuki, why are you so mean~”

“Shut up!”



Hard work will always pay off.
That was Takamina had always told me.
And now I believe that, completely.
Because today I’ve become the living prove of that.

And for me, the reward for my hardwork is to see you happy, Yuki.
So please take my hand and come with me.
I will take you to a place where you’ve never seen before.
A place where you won't need anyone else but me.

No looking back from here on in.
Let's move on to the better things, and better places.
‘Cause you deserve more than you think, Yuki.

Just forget everything you've been told.
With me, there's greener grass and denser gold.
So just stick with me and you’ll be alright.
And I promise I will never leave you, or abandon you.
I’ll never gonna let you down, or make you cry.

Gone are the days when you used to feel alone and insecure.
Now it’s time to say goodbye to everything in your past.
And you'll come out at the other side.
You will hold your head up high.
And if anyone could only see you now, they would see how far you've passed them.

If you've never felt this way before, Yuki, then I’ll show you what you've been waiting for.
I can free your mind, and help you lose control.
‘Cause now is the time, to show you that you deserve the happiness and all the good things in the world.
And I'll treat you the best to soothe you, ‘cause anything less just won't do.


Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You
Honne – Gone Are The Days


I initially wanted to make an OS, only an OS, about a lawyer-Watanabe (just because the doctor-Watanabe is already too mainstream!). But somehow I ended up making this as another installment of the “Human vs Vampire” series. It seems that I’m still trapped in that universe, I can’t think of anything else to write! Everytime I had an idea to make an OS, somehow I always managed to incorporate those ideas into this long, long fic.

And as you see, the whole idea about YukiGeki falling off the cliff together after a bloody epic fight (which I already put on the voting thread) won’t have a sad ending. I really don’t have a heart to kill any of the girls.


@ kurogomi a.k.a. my cameraman: If you’re reading this, there I give you the long-awaited JuriMayu kiss scene that I have promised about five years ago (click here to see your request)! Hope you like it! Sorry it took me so long to fulfil my promise! And I hope you’re still reading my work, whereever you are! Maybe we can have more of JuriMayu’s kissing again later, of course, when Yuki is not around, haha!

@ Sieka: Sorry, no deredere Yuki for you (click here to see the request), because apparently Mayu (and Anzai the author) love tsundere Yuki more! I’m not sure you’re still reading this though, Sieka-san.

@ masokun: If you’re still reading this, there I gave you a happy ending for Umechan’s love life (click here)! I think Sayaka-Umechan will make a very good pairing! Let’s just hope they’ll be very happy together, haha! Also I want to apologize for all Umechan’s oshi, for making her as an antagonist here. But just like her three sisters, Umechan will also reform to the good side. I love Umechan too! She's really perky and fun! She's awesome, yeah!

@ wmatsui fanfic. : In 2015, you sent a PM to me and requested for a YukiRena scene. So there I gave you a YukiRena scene. And we’ll have more and more YukiRena scenes later on! That, if someone is willing to help me continue.

@ oddball: Where are you? I need you to comment again now, for the last time. Cause you know, I won’t be able to update this again for a very long time, or forever, at all. So if you’re still reading this, then please comment, even if you’ve become a ghost now. Give me just one last comment, please, Oddy, for the sake of our old times. You’ve been a very good friend to me during those crazy times. And it was a good time. Sayonara!

@ sakura_drop_ : I remember reading your PM a few years ago. You were requesting something from me. However since I was busy at that time, I couldn’t make it for you. Please forgive me, Saku-chan.

@ cmze: If you’re still alive and still reading this, I just wanna tell you, this last update from me is a tribute for you. There are so many great authors around here now, but your fics will always be my all-time favorites; they made me laugh and smile and cry a lot. I love all your versions/interpretations of MaYuki couple. I have so much fun reading them, and I have stolen so many ideas and dialogues from your fics. Even until now, I always have this urge to come back and lurk into this forum just to reread your fics over and over again.

@ the real Maeda Atsuko, the real Oshima Yuko, the real Shinoda Mariko, the real Kashiwagi Yuki, the real Watanabe Mayu, the real Matsui Rena, the real Matsui Jurina, and the rest of 48-group members: If any of you ever read this fic (the "Human vs Vampire" fic) and if you can understand some English, please accept my apology. I am so sorry for making you girls suffering so much in my story. But don’t worry, I’m going to make all of you have a happy ending, I promise. And thank you girls, for letting me borrow your names and personalities for this fic.

@ the real Akimoto Yasushi: Please don’t track me or hunt me down. It is your fault anyway. You created AKB48 and you got me addicted to them.

For someone who asked me long time ago, why I didn’t write a smut for this fic. Well, it’s because I’m not good in writing smut. I rarely read smut. And I enjoy reading them more than writing them.

For someone who asked me whether I’m going to make a PDF for this fic, the answer is no, because I’m too lazy to do it. But if someone want to do it for me, I’ll be happy.

P.S. : No, I’m not gonna update or continue this fic.


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(a.k.a. “Human vs Vampire: Third Season”)


After successfully defeated Akimoto Yasushi in Season 2, the hunter girls were separated and stayed in different cities. AtsuMina, KojiYuu, and TomoTomo were still staying in their headquarter town (Shizuoka), while MaYuki and WMatsui moved to Tokyo. Mayu got accepted to Tokyo University, and Yuki decided to move and stay with her. Sayaka and Umechan lived together in Kobe, with Sayaka continued her duty as a police officer. Paruru moved to live with Yui in Kyoto, while Miyuki moved to live with Sayanee in Osaka. Sasshi and Rabutan decided to open a new business (an auto-mechanic shop) in Fukuoka. Sakura and Haruppi also returned to Fukuoka. Takumi and Kanon continued staying in Nagoya, managing the supernatural idol business together.

The timeline of this third season begins right after Mayu graduates from Tokyo University in year 2017. This third season will include only MaYuki and WMatsui pairing (because the author had found it so difficult to focus on so many pairings just like in the Season 1 & 2). Therefore, the author then decided to focus only to MaYuki and WMatsui, and other pairings will be given their own spin-off shows.


WATANABE MAYU (23): A young, newly graduate lawyer who works on a big law firm at days, but secretly do vigilante activities at nights because she saw too many corruption in the local government that can be solved only with street-justice style. Can be a shark while in courts and during negotiations, Mayu actually has a very cute, flawless face that makes everyone fall in love with her. But she has a very sharp mind and sharp tongue, so don’t be fooled by her cute face! The lawyer is also quite a tech-savy, has a profound hacking skill, and can speak English fluently. She has two badass hitman/assistants, Kashiwagi Yuki and Matsui Rena, and a loyal supporter, Matsui Jurina. Acting as the leader and the strategist/mastermind for the group, Mayu is known for being cool-headed, self-assured, and well-modulated. In one occasion, she has proven her ability to answer deceptively (which mean, lying) while successfully evading the lie-detector machine. It’s impossible to detect what she’s really thinking behind those many well-crafted layers of facades of the Cyborg-like face. Mayu is also the only member in the group who doesn’t possess any fighting skill and physical prowess. Therefore, whenever the girls were under attack, the other three will automatically make a circle around Mayu to protect her like she’s the most precious thing ever.

KASHIWAGI YUKI (26): Currently working as a full-time Mayu’s lover, assistant, and hitman. Once a vampire hunter, now she’s embarking the journey to become a vigilante. Together with Mayu, Rena, and Jurina, they’re fighting crimes and sending bad guys to prison. She mainly does all the dirty jobs for Mayu, including sneaking into enemy’s lair, stealing some data and stuff, kidnapping and threatening enemies, fishing out information (using intimidation method), protecting key-witnesses for Mayu’s case, and indulging into physical fights whenever it is needed. At days, she’s going out in mission alone; but at nights she’s usually accompanied by Rena. Mostly likes to fight empty-handed, but now she also brings a gun when she’s out on mission. She is highly skilled in various martial arts, including jujitsu, karate, judo, kendo, aikido, kickboxing, wrestling, sword fighting, taekwondo, muay thai, krav maga; you name it, she learns it. Heck, she even learned “pencak silat” from an Indonesian expatriate who lived in Japan a while ago.

MATSUI RENA (165): A psycho vampire, also an ex-warlord who once lost her memories after being sired and brainwashed by Lord Shinoda. After regaining her memories, she takes the path of redemption by helping Mayu solving her cases and fighting the criminals and bad guys. Due to some complication and incompatibility inside her body, she cannot use the sunlight-antidote which was produced by Eguchi Aimi (the crazy scientist in Season 2), and therefore she cannot go out during the day. Her most favourite weapon is sword, and she’s quite expert using it due to her experience as a samurai/warlord in pre-Meiji era. Once a trigger-happy murderer, now she’s trying not to kill people and only go as far as hurting them, unless they were too dangerous to be spared alive. And because of Rena’s lack of experience as a crime-fighter, Yuki has to teach her a lot of things, and sometimes it creates random/hillarious moments (also, sexual tension) between them when they’re out together on mission. Rena is the strongest in the group in term of brute strength, but when it comes to technique and speed, Yuki is still the winner. Being a vampire, Rena is also the oldest in the group, but due to her previous circumstance (of being brainwashed), she then turns out to be the most naive and innocent one in the group, and often asks some silly questions just like a curious little kid.

MATSUI JURINA (159): An ikemen vampire and antihero, also an enterpreneur who is currently managing several companies left by AkiP from Season 2. After becoming CEO of those companies, she likes to dress in male suit when making appearance in public events and in front of socialites. Very charming and playful, she often serves as Mayu’s inner demon and partner in crime. Together with Rena, Jurina has also reformed and crossed to the good side, but sometimes she forgets to behave as good guy, and tends to conduct something illegal such as cheating, stealing, swindling, money fraud, kidnapping, and other illegal activities whenever she spots a chance. As a vampire, she’s also strong and pretty good in fighting although not as good as Yuki and Rena, but she prefers to use her social-engineering skills (a.k.a. charm and seduction) to solve things. After she discovers her true feeling and love for Rena, she withdraws her revenge plan to the said girl. However, due to her ‘casanova’ personality, her relationship with Rena is still quite unstable and from the outside it seems like they’re just playing around with each other.


As for the main villain (the Big Bad  – see TVtropes), I’m thinking about this person:

Ishikawa Rika, yes!
She was quite a badass in Sukeban Deka!
It’s an old movie I watched a long time ago when I was a fan of Morning Musume before I got into AKB48.

I think having Morning Musume as enemies in this fic will be a good idea. My favourite members are Yoshizawa Hitomi, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina (all have graduated). And maybe we can include current/newer members too.

Why Morning Musume though?
Well, I think it’s about time to include other groups (outside of 48-46 groups) into this fic now.
And I also think Morning Musume can be regarded as the ‘big sister’ of AKB48, eventhough AKB48 has beaten them in term of sales and popularity nowadays.


[NOTES: Now to make this Season 3 happen, we have to assume that Season 2 has already ended a few years ago.]

Q1 : Good evening Anzai-san! Congratulation for the release of third season of your “Human vs Vampire” series. It’s been five years since the second season ended. The first and second season have become a big hit in Japan, with so many people watching it in the TV channel. Now tell us what have you planned for this new season?
A1 : Good evening, and thank you. As you see, in the second season, our heroines managed to defeat their enemy, Akimoto Yasushi. Now this third season will be like a continuation from the second season, but it will only have two main pairings, MaYuki and WMatsui. Other pairings will get their spin-off series. I decided like that because it’s been really hard for me to focus on so many pairings at once during the writing of Season 1 and Season 2. So this Season 3 will focus only on MaYuki and WMatsui.

Q2 : The leading role for this season is Watanabe Mayu right? What do you think is interesting for her character? What have you prepared for her?
A2 : From Season 1 and 2, we know that Mayu is very smart and knows how to manipulate person. Since I saw her in Majisuka Gakuen, I already imagined that she’s going to have different path, compared with other yankee girls there. Mostly the girls will become nurses or cashier-girl after they graduate from Majisuka High School. But for Nezumi, I don’t think it will fit her. She’s more likely will grow up as a hacker, lawyer, politician, something like that. And I’ve been planning this kind of role for her since a long time ago.

Q3 : How about her relationship with Kashiwagi-san? What are you planning for MaYuki? Are you going to make them suffer again just like in Season 1 and 2?
A3 : Well I think everyone already know that they’re my OTP, so of course I won’t make them suffer too much this time. They have suffered enough in previous seasons. Now I just want to focus more on their relationship and how it will develop after they’ve been together for so many years. In this Season 3, I see Mayu as a very stable person, emotionally-wise. While Yuki has very low consciousness about her own feeling. Yuki always tries to hide her emotion towards Mayu, whether it’s jealousy, anger, pain, sadness, etc., but Mayu always manages to read it. Yuki is like an open book for Mayu, she’s so easy to read. So Mayu will have to teach Yuki how to express her feeling. It’s their dynamic and I want to explore that more further.

Q4 : Anzai-san, the pilot episode for Season 3 is quite intense, what with those kissing and slapping scenes, haha! What exactly do you have in mind, while you’re writing the scripts for that episode?
A4 : Hahaha! Yes it is indeed very intense! First, about the kissing scene. I have promised to someone (kurogumi-chan) a long time ago, that I will write JuriMayu kissing scene in this series. And I’ve always wanted to write JuriMayu and YukiRena kissing scene, so you can expect to see more of them in the future. And second, about the slapping scene. Actually it was very hard for our two actresses to get the slapping scene done. When Watanabe-san read the script, she called me on the phone, asking me to remove the slapping scene from it. She was like, ‘How could you make me slap Yukirin! You’re cruel, Anzai-san! Please remove that scene! I can’t do that to my Yukirin!’. But I told her that the scene was necessary in order to create emotional impact between them. And finally Watanabe agreed to do it. So then we started filming the scene, and yes, it was very hard, especially for Watanabe-san because she was the one who must carry the whole scene. While it was easier for Kashiwagi-san since all she needs to do is just reacting and responding to Watanabe’s act. In most of our fighting scenes, we’ve been using stunts and faking the punches and kicks. But this time, faking a slap and using a stunt will not be an option because we need to shoot the scene in one go, and people need to see the impact of the slap immediately, such as the reddening cheek etc. So yeah, we’re filming the slapping scene for real. At the first day, after a few shots and a few real slaps, Watanabe still couldn’t get it right. We kept repeating and shooting the scenes again and again, but still they knew something was lacking. We know that MaYuki had been given several slapping scenes before, such as in the [S1E02], [S1E11], [S1E12], [S1E19], and [S2E09], but all of them were brief and only involved one slap for each scene. So it was understandable that this time Watanabe was so nervous and even losing her self confidence. Knowing that, our director, Oddball-san, decided to give Mayuyu-san and Yukirin-san a day off from the filming schedule. I don’t know what she was doing with Yukirin on that day off, but when they came to the set again the day after, I can sense something’s different between them. I think maybe they had gone for a secret date, and Yukirin has given Mayuyu some sort of support and encouragement. Maybe they’ve been practising in their private room with noone watching them, who knows? Haha! And that day, Mayuyu promised Oddball-san that she was going to give her all and she would get the scene done in one go. So then we filmed it again, and what we saw inside the room was, well, unexpected. I was there when they were filming the scene. Our two actresses seemed to be too carried away by their own act. It was like they weren’t acting at all. Even I was surprised! I was like, “Oh my, this is so much better than what I’ve imagined before!”. The room was kept quiet during the whole filming, with no sound effect whatsoever. And thus when the slaps occurred, we actually heard it. It was clear and loud, and I was wondering if Yukirin was gonnabe alright after Mayuyu slapped her so hard. Hopefully, just like her character in this series, Yukirin in reality is also a tough girl and thus she could continue the scene without taking a break eventhough she’s probably hurting. And talking about emotion, well, you can see by yourself, just how much emotion those two have been putting into the scene. You can feel Yukirin’s anger, frustration, and insecurities. Back then, at the part when we saw her pushing and slamming Mayuyu onto the bed, all the crew members in the room were like holding their breath and jawdropping. Yukirin looked so scary and fierce, and we’re all afraid she was gonna improvise on the spur of the moment, and would hit Mayu back. Thank God, she didn’t! And after we finished filming the scene, Watanabe kept apologizing to Kashiwagi for slapping her. They’re so adorable LOL.

Q5 : Haha yeah, they’re indeed so adorable! Are they still friends after this? I mean after all those slapping scenes?
A5 : Hahaha of course they’re still friends! Their chemistry is so deep and undeniable, probably it’s the result after being together in the same team in AKB48 for 10 years. And now I can tell you with confidence, that every time we let the camera rolling, Yukirin and Mayuyu will be suddenly transported into their own little world. We just have to let the camera rolling, and they will do the job and make you amazed. I am really proud of them. Especially Mayuyu. I say kudos for that kid! She has done a very good job for this pilot episode of the new season. She’s just…..perfect. Mayuyu and Yukirin both are good as an actress. But when they’re together, they’re perfect.

Q6 : It seems that you like to make Kashiwagi-san gets punched, kicked, slapped, beaten, and almost killed quite often, almost in every episodes. Why is that? Isn’t she your oshimen?
A6 : Don’t we authors in general like to see our oshimen suffer in our fics? Haha! I’m such a sadist, ne? But yeah, that punch-kick-slap thing had become an inside joke amongst the cast and crew members on the filming set. Just like the butt-spanking scene for Watanabe-san. And actually, it’s not only for Kashiwagi-san and Watanabe-san. All other members also have their fair share of beating and rough moments in this series. This series has so many fighting scenes, blood, violence, and even torture scenes. In several occasions, the casts had accidentally hurt themselves during the filming. Of course we’ve been doing our best to avoid any injury, we use professional stunts, we use a lot of wires, pads, mouth-guards, body protectors, and especially for Kashiwagi-san, a chest protector (ooops!). And Kashiwagi-san has a very good facial expression that whenever we saw her getting punched or kicked on TV, she can make it looks like it’s really hurt while in reality she’s not feeling pain at all. I think Kashiwagi-san has become more experienced in acting, and she can show a wide range of emotion. That’s really great for her.

Q7 : What about WMatsui? What are you planning to do with them?
A7 : You know, I like WMatsui very much, despite of their age difference. And these two couples, MaYuki and WMatsui, can always be twisted into a love-rectangle relationship. I see many fans adore YukiRena and JuriMayu pairings too. So it will be fun to drive their relationship into that direction. You see that after Rena regaining her memories in Season 2, things also had become more complicated between her and Jurina. Rena realized that she’s the one who had murdered Jurina’s family in the past. So now she wants to protect Jurina because she feels she owes her that. And although she’s still questioning Jurina’s love for her, she still make a promise to be with the later and protect her with all her might. It’s kinda similar with MaYuki situation in the beginning of Season 1, with Yuki wanting to protect Mayu because she feels guilty for Sae’s death. That’s what Rena feels about Jurina. And also, after spending 160 years together, Rena and Jurina start learning how important their relationship is, and that they needs each other to make their love complete. We see the mentioning of Churi and Airin in the pilot episode too, so we can expect  their appearance more in the future, just to add some spice for WMatsui relationship.

Q8 : What about the villain for Season 3?
A8 : The main villain will be Ishikawa Rika-san from Morning Musume and “HANGRY and ANGRY”. She’s very popular, and I know Kashiwagi-san adores her very much. I will also include other Momusu member as villains in this fic. Because, really, I can’t think of any other people who can be the next Big Bad for our heroines after they defeated Akimoto Yasushi in Season 2. So I’m thinking, it’s about time for our girls to face someone outside of the 48-46 family. And Morning Musume is probably the best choice because they’re like the “big sister” of AKB48. Long before AKB48 was born, Morning Musume was a buzz hit, and they’re still a legend until now, eventhough AKB48 has defeated them in term of sales and popularity. But we have to respect Morning Musume for having paved the way for idols business in Japan.

Q9 : You have revived Churi and Airin’s roles in this fic, even bringing Sae-chan back as a ghost. Do you have any plan to resurrect Shinoda Mariko’s role too?
A9 : What!? Nooooo!!! Haha! You surprised me with that question! No, seriously no, I can never do that. It’s not gonna work. Shinoda’s death is already very perfect. I don't want to destroy that perfection by bringing him back from the death.

Q10 : How do you come up with this fic in this first place? What was motivating you to start writing Season 1 six years ago? And what drives you to continue the fic for so long time?
A10 : I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After watching the series, I came up with an idea of alternate plot which the time setting started after the character Angel died in the end of Season 2, after Buffy killed him with the sword. My idea was about Angel having a little brother who will come into Buffy’s life and replaced his older brother position in Buffy’s heart. Because, well, as much as I love Angel, I never really like it when someone is being ressurected from death; it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather see him staying dead, and have the memories of him lingering in Buffy’s mind for so long. And then I created Angel’s little brother as an original character; a boy who is younger than Buffy, with a cute, baby-face and a slim body (not so bulky like Angel). That’s what I had in mind before I wrote this fic. A few years later I found about AKB48 and got addicted to them. And then I suddenly remembered about my idea of fanfic in Buffy-universe. I quickly learned the AKB48 members’ personalities, and I found that Sae-chan is the most suitable to fill Angel character. When I tried to choose who’s going to be Buffy, I was cut between Yuki and Acchan. But then I chose Yuki, and I decided to make her character more like Faith; they both have similaries such as being taller, brunette/raven-haired, and have dark/black personality and sarcastic humour. I made Acchan’s character to be more like Spike because it is more fun to write Acchan in a playful character like that. And later I also found that Watanabe Mayu is the most suitable for filling the original character I created, the “Angel’s little brother”, mostly because Mayu is the only one I approve to be with Yuki and also because Mayu is suitable to be Sae’s little sister. And after I decided those main characters and their relationship, the rest was easier. Just right after I posted the S1E01 (Season 1 Episode 1) in this forum six years ago, I suddenly had so many ideas to write and continue with the fic. My brain was overwhelmed with so many plot bunnies, and I was like, “Hey I don’t write this story, this story writes itself!”. It was really fun. And for the last question about what drives me to continue this fic for a long time, well, the answer is: my stubborness, persistency, and perseverance. I wanted to create a cult fic in AKB48 fanfiction-dom. And despite having trouble in my grammar and vocabulary, I kept writing it. And I finally made this fic into a cult.

Q11: It seemed that you are a bit obsessive with violence, what with what you write in your fic. Why is that?
A11: Yes I admit I’m obsessed with blood/torture/violence, but if you look deeper into my mind, then you’ll see that there’s actually more than just that. What I’m really obsessed with is a heroism, self-sacrifice, bravery, and willingness to suffer and endure pain for the sake of our beloved one. I got into that kind of obsession because, well, let’s just say that something bad had happened to me in the past, and I found noone to rescue me. I then regret everything around me, to the point that I want to punch everyone in the face. But I know I can never do that since I’m just a short girl with a weak, non-athletic, petite body. If I ever dare try to punch someone or something, I might just end up hurting myself instead. And so I try to find another way to channel out my anger, and I found it by writing this action fic. Fangirling over AKB48 & Family, while also writing this fanfic, has helped me overcome my dark side. It becomes some sort of “defense mechanism” for me. When I was writing the violence part, it was actually about my dark side and about the monster beneath my bed (well, to be honest, I am the monster itself). And after that, I would make it up by putting a happy ending, a romantic and lovey-dovey scene at the end of those bloody chapters; and that was when I finally able to overcome my anger in real life. So you can say this fic is like a “projection” of what’s happening inside my soul. I was swinging back and forth between anger/sadness and happiness/joy, just like a pendulum.

Q12 : Which character in this fanfic relates to you the most?
A12 : You would have guessed my answer would be Kashiwagi Yuki because she’s my oshimen, right? But no. It’s definitely Watanabe Mayu. Of all characters in this fic, I really want to be Watanabe Mayu, being saved and rescued by someone who is gallant and tender like Yukirin’s character here. When I experienced dark moments in my life, I was hoping and waiting for someone to come and rescue me too. I was pathetic and my life was miserable back then. However it was all in the past and I already get over it. I am a happy person now, and I’m busy with my life. Haha~

Q13 : How do you define your oshimen? Is Mayuyu also your oshimen?
A13: I love Mayuyu so much, but I never put her as my oshimen. Why? It’s because, well, I want to BECOME like her. I want to BE her. I want to be in Mayuyu’s shoes so that I can touch Yukirin’s breast. That’s how much I adore her. Girls who fall into this category for me are: Mayuyu, Yuko, Mariko, Takamina, Jurina, Sasshi. They’re not my oshimen, but I adore them almost as much as my oshimen, because my personality is somewhat similar with them, and I want to become more like them. While I define my oshimen as someone whom I want to BE WITH, or want to BE FRIENDS WITH, or make them as my girlfriends if I were a boy. I don't want to be like them, but it will be nice to have them as friends. Girls who fall into this category for me are: Yukirin, Acchan, Rena, Tomochin, Kojiharu. Sorry I don't really know about the rest of the members, I'm kinda stuck with the original Kami 7.

Q14 : Are you planning to do more projects with these girls again?
A14 : Yes, of course. I actually have prepared a one-shot movie for MaYuki. But due to scheduling conflict I must put it on hold until next year. Yukirin is still very busy with her AKB-related stuff. And I so want her to graduate ASAP from AKB48, so that she can work with me more closely on various projects such as one-shots (movies). I never write a one-shot before, so it’s gonnabe fun for me.

Q : Okay, that’s our questions for you. Thank you for coming here and talking to us. And thank you for your hard work. And don’t forget to leave a message for your audiences. You have amazing viewers here.
A : You’re welcome. Here’s my message. Please continue support this fic, and give this fic more love in the future. And also, keep spreading the love for AKB48 & Family. Goodbye.


[WM = Watanabe Mayu]
[KY = Kashiwagi Yuki]
[MR = Matsui Rena]
[MJ = Matsui Jurina]

Q1 : Hello, Ladies! Good evening! Thank you for coming to this interview today. It’s really nice to see the four of you gathering here right now. So can you tell us how are you feeling about this new series?
[The girls jumble in whisper and point to each other]
WM : Okay, since I am the leading role this time, I’ll be answering first. I’m very happy, yes. After I announced my graduation from AKB48, Anzai-san called me and send me the scripts for pilot episode of HvsV Season 3. She said she wanted me to be the leading role in this new season. At first I thought she should be joking, because for all I know, HvsV Season 1 and 2 is all about action and fighting scenes, and my character doesn’t have any ability in fighting. My character was like the weakest there, physically-wise, like I’m always the weakling. But after I read the script, I can figure why she wanted me to be the leading role. The script for Season 3 is quite different from previous season. It put the Cyborg at the center of the story plots, being a very smart and charming lawyer. I like this role a lot. It has much more depth than Nezumi’s character in Majisuka Gakuen. I think this will be very hard for me. But I’m happy since I’m doing this project with Yukirin~  *steals a glance at Yukirin*
KY : Of course, I’m happy too, Mayuyu~  *glances back at Mayuyu and gives a meaningful look*
MJ : And I am probably the happiest person here now, because I am reunited with Rena-chan~~  I miss Rena-chan so much!   *hugs Rena*
MR : Ahaha, I miss you too, Jurina~ *hugs Jurina*  You know, after season 2 ended, I have graduated from SKE48 on 2015. After that I still keep in touch with Jurina, but I never have a project with her. So I am definitely very happy for the installment of the new season. Anzai-san had made WMatsui suffer so much in Season 1 & 2. I hope she can give more loveydovey scene for me and Jurina in Season 3.
MJ : That’s right! I want to have more loveydovey scene with you, Rena-chan~  *hugs Rena tighter*

[The interviewer is stunned because MaYuki and WMatsui are being so intimate and loveydovey in the middle of this interview]

Q2 : Ehm, next question. Do you know what’s going to happen next to your characters in this new season?
WM : Nope.
KY : Nope.
MR : Nope. I’m probably gonna die, hehe.
MJ : Haha! None of us know what’s going to happen next. Anzai-san always has something up her sleeve. She always has the element of surprise for every chapter. And she keeps it secret from everyone, even from us, the actresses. She will give the next script to us, only after we finish filming the current episode. So every week, we will get a surprise from her! And that’s why we love her so much!

Q3 : What scene do you love the most and what scene do you find to be the most difficult to shoot?
WM : I love all the scenes with Yukirin! And the most difficult scene is, well, everytime when I have to slap her. I almost hated Anzai-san for making me do that! I don’t want to hurt my Yukirin!
KY : Naaaah don’t worry, Mayu, I’m fine with that. I love all the scene with Mayuyu too~  And the most difficult for me is the sad scene when I have to cry, ‘cause you know, in reality, I hardly ever cried in front of people, much less on the camera. Crying in front of the camera is really difficult for me.
MJ : I love all the scenes with Rena-chan! Ne, Rena-chan?
MR : I’m sorry Jurina, but I love the scene with Airin, hehe~
MJ : Eeeeeh!!? But Rena-chan, I’m your partner in this series! How could you!?   *pouts like a puppy*
[Everybody laughes]

Q4 : How about your enemy for this season?
WM : Hm, I think this question is most suitably addressed for Yukirin. Why? Because our arch-enemy this time is her idol.
KY : Ah yes, yes, that’s true. Ishikawa Rika-san is my idol. A dream of 10 years’ standing has come true. She was the reason for me to start wishing to be an idol, so it was such an honor that I was able to meet her, and have a talk with her, even have a project together with her. And it was like a dream. We have many things in common, such as our circumstances when joining a group, and starting a solo activity after entering a group, so there were things I could ask only to Ishikawa-san, and I learned many things from her. She was amazingly kind in person, so I recognized once again that she was the person I adore the most after all.
Q4 : Well now I think we all have to say thank you to Ishikawa-san. Because without her, Yukirin wouldn’t have started wishing to be an idol in the first place, and Anzai-san wouldn’t have been a fan of AKB48, and this fic/series wouldn’t have existed!

Q5 : And how about the fighting scenes?
WM : Fighting scenes? No, I don’t have one, because as a lawyer I spend most of the times working on the courts, or sitting behind the desk in front of computers and books. Anzai-san said she’s going to give me some action scenes, but she said it will be more like about me getting beaten up and tortured, only to be rescued by Yukirin later on. Somehow I love being the damsel in distress in this fic, hehehe!
KY : In previous seasons, we had fight scenes mostly against our own comrades in 48 Family. But now in Season 3, we will have fighting scenes with the Morning Musume members, and I am quite nervous about it. You know that I have auditioned for Morning Musume before I got into AKB48, right? So it kinda feels strange for me to fight against them. But I will do my best.
MR : The fighting scenes will be mostly Yukirin and me against Morning Musume. However, Yukirin’s fighting choreography will be much more difficult than mine because she has to learn some real moves and fighting techniques from a professional martial artist. As for me, because my character is depicted to be very strong and only fights using sheer brute strength, so I don’t need to learn any moves. I just have to punch and kick on my targets, and they will add sound effects, like thunderbolt, to make it looks powerful. And I don’t even need to dodge any punch, because I’m just too strong. LOL. Hahaha!!
Q5 : How about you Jurina-san?
MR : Oh she won’t have too much fighting scene, because…..err….what did Anzai say about you again, J?
MJ : Well it’s…It’s because Anzai-san doesn’t want to ruin my handsome face, or having it bruised in that matter, duh! Damn I really want to have a cool fighting scenes like Yukirin and Rena! But Anzai-san just won’t give me any. And that’s funny because in real life, I can beat almost everyone in sport competition and AKBingo segment. I even killed Yukirin instantly in arm-wrestling combat a long time ago! I’m much stronger than her!
Q5 : Really? Yukirin-san, did Jurina really beat you in arm-wrestling combat?
KY : Yes, yes she did!  *seems embarassed*
WM : Yukirin is actually very weak and not athletic in real life. LOL. Even I have much more arm-power than her! Hahaha~
Q5 : Really? Is that right Yukirin?
KY : Yes, yes, that’s also right!  *seems embarassed more*
MJ : Not only Yukirin, I also beat many others including Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Tomochin, Kojiharu, etc. And then I became the pie-less champion in AKBingo.
WM : Anyway, Jurina, I think the reason why Anzai-san won’t give you a lot of fight scenes is because she want to exploit your handsomeness more than your fighting skill…LOL.
MJ : Yeah that’s probably true too! Haha!

Q6 : There will be a lot of fighting scene between you and the Morning Musume girls. But are we going to get a “Yuki vs Rena” fight scene again in this season? It was really epic when you both fought each other on that cliff, right after Rena regained her memories in Season 2. So, will there be any YukiRena fight scene again?
MR : Wahaha, nice question! I’m looking forward to it. Let’s see what Anzai-san has in her mind this time.
KY : Noooo……Rena-chan, why do you enjoy beating me up so much? I’ve had enough of that! Please, no more, Rena-chan~

Q7 : What about the kissing scenes?
[The girls' cheek suddenly turn all read, and they break out into chatters and noises]
WM : I will have a lot of kissing scenes with Yukirin and Jurina! Haha!
MR : And I will have a lot of kissing scenes too, with Yukirin and Jurina! I’m the same with Mayu here! It’s a love-rectangle!
Q7 : So does that mean the pairings will end up with JuriMayu and YukiRena, or will it still be MaYuki and WMatsui in the end?
WM & KY & MJ & MR : Hahaha! We don’t know about that! Let’s the audience decide it with a poll!

Q8 : Last question, are you going to have another project with Anzai-san? Or maybe with another fanfic author?
WM : Most probably. She said her next project is going to be a movie (one-shot). And also, after finishing our first project with Anzai-san which has become a big hit in Japan, suddenly there are so many other fanfic authors contacted us and wanted to make a project with us. They want to put their fanfic into a live action too whether it’s a movie or TV series. And I must say, there are a lot of great and talented authors out there. Many of them are even better than Anzai-san. But yes, it is Anzai-san who did it first before anyone else, putting her fanfic into a live action (TV series). She’s really a hardworking person.

Q : Okay, thank you girls for answering our questions. We’ll be looking forward to your incoming projects with Anzai-san and also with other fanfic authors.
WM & KY & MJ & MR : You’re welcome. We will work hard on that. Please continue support us.

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Here’s some trailers, more like drabbles I think.



Yuki and Rena kidnap a bad guy and bring him home and plan to make him talk.

Yuki : “Rena please hold him for me! I need to make a phone call.”
Rena: “What should I do to him?”
Yuki : “Ask him where he hides the evidence. And give him some beating if he doesn’t talk.”
Rena : “Okay.”

Not long after, Yuki came back to their room and found the guy was already knocked out cold.

Yuki : “Rena, what did you do to him?”
Rena: “I punched him. Just like you told me.”
Yuki : “How many times have you asked him the question?”
Rena: “Only once.”
Yuki : “Only once!? And you already knocked him out like that!? Geez…Rena, you shouldn’t punch him too hard. You’re supposed to make him talk, not to knock him out.”
Rena: “I didn’t punch him that hard!”
Yuki : “Yes, you did. You have too much power, you must hold back a little when you punch people.”
Rena: “But I’ve punched you harder than that before, and you didn’t faint!”
Yuki : /*starts getting impatient*/ “Well, that’s because I’m different. And you’re different too.”
Rena: “Hm, I see. I will do better next time, Yuki.”
Yuki : “Good. Now bring me the water.”
Rena: /*leaves the room, and comes back later with a glass of water*/
Yuki : “Eeh!? Not this! What I meant is the water in a bucket inside the bathroom. We need to wake him up with water!”  *loses her patient and glares at Rena*
Rena: “Ah sorry, Yuki. I thought you were thirsty.”
Yuki : “Oh please~~”   /*rolling eyes and ruffling her own hair*/


Yuki and Rena were caught by the bad guys and were interrogated.

Bad Guy: “We’re gonna ask each of you question. And if you’re not answering, your friend’s going to pay the price. Let’s start with you first.”  /*looks at Yuki*/
Bad Guy: “Who do you work for?”
Yuki : “Noone.”
Bad Guy: *punches Rena on her stomach*
Rena : *doubles over from the impact, but shows no pain*
Bad Guy: “See? If you give wrong answer, your friend will suffer. Now your turn. Who do you work for?”  /*turns and looks at Rena*/
Rena : “….. Umm…I don’t know.”   /*glances at Yuki, and wonders whether she should answer it or not*/
Bad Guy: *punches Yuki on her stomach*
Yuki : “Ugh!”    *doubles over and falls to her knees, coughing from the pain*
Bad Guy: /*grabs Yuki’s hair and forces her to stand up again*/  “Who do you work for? Give us the name and address.”
Yuki : “Go to hell!”    /*spits on his face*/
Bad Guy: /*turn to Rena*/ “It seems your friend wants you to suffer. Too bad for you. You’re pretty cute and I kinda like you. But I have to beat you. Sorry.”   /*punches Rena on her stomach*/
Rena : *doubles over from the impact, but again, she shows no pain*
Yuki : *suddenly realizes about Rena’s abnormality, and suddenly feels envy at Rena*  (Geez! This isn’t fair! Rena can’t feel pain! This is so unfair!)

The bad guy forced Rena to stand up again, and repeated the same question.

Bad Guy: “Who do you work for?”
Rena: “Err…Yuki, should I answer that?”
Yuki : “No. Keep silent, Rena.”
Bad Guy: “Well, Cutie, if you don’t talk, your friend will suffer.”
Rena: “Yuki, I’m worried about you.”  *glances at Yuki*
Yuki : “It’s okay, Rena. Don’t worry, I can take it-----Ugggghh!!” *receives another punch on her stomach which is harder than previous ones*

(Gaaah! Now I really, really want to switch bodies with Rena. Where’s that witch when I need her?)
Yuki thought and mentally facepalmed herself.


In the middle of the night, Yuki and Rena are currently on a mission to spy someone. The two sit inside their car, with Yuki sitting behind the wheel. They have binoculars, hidden camera, covert tracking device, voice changer, phone tapping, and all those geeky stuffs and gorgeous gadgets that a professional spy/assassin can have. At that moment, Yuki was busy watching their target through her binocular.

Rena : “Yuki, are you sure he is our target?”
Yuki : “Yes, he is. Mayu had already double-checked it. She won’t make mistake. Just trust her.”
Rena : “Okay. But we’ve been here for three hours doing nothing. I’m bored. How about we just go inside and strike them? Or kidnap one of them and interrogate him?”
Yuki : “No we can’t. We need to get the evidence as well. So tonight we’re gonna wait until he meet with the drug dealer. And then we’re going to record them on video as a prove, so that Mayu can use it on the court.”
Rena : “I see. But Yuki, what is drug anyway? Why people want to buy it on such a high price?”
Yuki : “Drug is….err… do I explain this? It is something that can make people flying. It can give a pleasant feeling, and can make people get addicted to it.”
Rena : “Hmm….Flying? You mean like when we were fighting each other?”
Yuki : “Huh? Of course not. Why do you mention fighting?”
Rena : “It’s because, well, I remember when I was still evil, you always threw me and made me flying in the air everytime we fought each other. And I kinda liked it. I think I’m probably addicted to it.”
Yuki : ///////// *blushing*  “ASDFGHJKL!!! What are you talking about!? Of course it’s not like that. What I meant with flying is more like…..umm….kissing. Yeah, kissing. Or smooching. We’re not flying literally, but we feel as if we’re flying.”
Rena : “Hmm….I see.”  *nods a few times, trying to understand Yuki’s explanation*

Suddenly, their target appears behind the window’s curtain of their apartment; and he starts noticing Yuki and Rena’s car. He then takes out a portable LED spotlight and points it to the car in order to have a clearer look on who’s inside the car.

Yuki : *panicking*  “Rena, we have to hide now!”
Rena : *confused*  “Hide? Where?”
Yuki : (Crap! No time to hide. I’ve gotta do something fast!)
Yuki : *suddenly got an idea*       *grabs Rena’s head, and kisses her mouth*
Rena : “Yu---Yuki…..What are you----Mmmppphh!!!”
Yuki : “Don’t move! Just let me kiss you!”

Yuki and Rena continue their kiss for they don’t know how long, pretending they’re lovers. Hopefully, the person they’re spying right now will think they’re just normal passerby who want to do some kissing and smooching inside their car. After a few minutes, the spotlight went away, and then they separated their lips.

Rena : *grin*  “Oh, wow! Now I’m curious which one tastes better: the drug, or your kiss.”
Yuki : /////////////////////    *blushing even more*


Mayu is currently having a meeting with a Yakuza Boss in the yakuza’s house.

Yakuza Boss : "Okay I agree with your proposal. I will protect your client from them, and you will help me defeat my enemy."
Mayu : "Exactly. We will work together to send your enemy to jail. And you must provide everything I need, information, evidence, witness, anything."
Yakuza Boss : "You sound pretty convincing to me. But you know the risk, right? If you dare messing up with me, you’re dead, Watanabe!"   *make a gesture of slitting one’s throat*
Mayu : *gulping, but remains calm*  "Don’t worry, I won’t mess it up."

The two continue talking about their business. And while they’re talking, several guys entering the room, dragging a person with them. That person is clad in black from top to toe and wears a black mask. They snatches the mask, and the figure is revealed to be a woman. One of the yakuza troops pointed his gun at the captived woman.

Guy 1 : “Boss, we found this person lurking around our base. She might have been spying on us, or stolen something from us. And she has these things with her.”  *throws a gun, camera, and communication device*
Yakuza Boss: “Is she a cop?”
Guy 2 : “Probably. But she got no ID card with her.”
Yakuza Boss: “Well, make her talk then.”
Guy 1 : “Who are you? Are you a cop?”  *punches the person in the face*
Guy 2 : “Who sent you?”  *kicks the person in the stomach*

The captived person remains silent.

Yakuza Boss: “Hmm….It’s weird we have someone spying on us while we talk, Watanabe. Isn't it a coincidence? Do you have something to do with this person? Do you know her?”

Mayu stares at the captived person. Their eyes meet for a while, and then Mayu looks away quickly.

Mayu : “No, I don’t know this person. I never met her.”
Yakuza Boss: “Is that so? Are you telling the truth, Watanabe?”
Mayu : “Yes.”
Yakuza Boss: “Let’s prove it then. Guys, beat her.”

Guy 1 nods and makes a gesture to his friends to start the beating. The captived person then is pushed and held into a kneeling position, and is given several punches on her face and kicks on her torso. Blood starts splattered on the floor. And Mayu can only watch the scene anxiously while the beating continues right before her eyes. The Yazuka Boss looks at Mayu, waiting for a reaction. Mayu tries hard to remain calm, because she knows if she shows some reaction or even asks them to stop the beating, then it will raise their suspicion on her.

Yakuza Boss: “Okay, enough. I think Watanabe’s telling the truth. Now put this person to the cell and interrogate her.”
Guy 1 : “Okay Boss.”

The guys left the room, dragging the captived person out with them.

Yakuza Boss: “Now let’s get back to business, Watanabe.”
Mayu: *smiles and gulps*  “Yeah. Sure.”
(….continued to Trailer #5…)

TRAILER #5: SEARCH AND RESCUE (continuation from Trailer #4)

Mayu went home immediately after having a meeting with the Yakuza Boss. She was really anxious after witnessing those yakuza beating Yuki in front of her, and for having to pretend like she didn't know her. But thanks to her Cyborg-like personality, she can witness the scene calmly without batting an eyelid, eventhough it was her girlfriend they were beating up.

Mayu then called Rena on the phone.

Mayu : “Rena, I need your help now! They captured her.”
Rena : “Huh? Who captured who? Speak clearly, Cyborg!”
Mayu : “The Yakuza Boss! They captured Yuki! I need your help to rescue her now! ASAP!”
Rena : “Okay, okay! Where are you? Eh--- But I can’t go out now. It’s still daylight. Sorry!”
Mayu : “Oh damn I forgot you're a vampire! We must wait until dark then. Please hurry come to my place after dark okay? I will give you a briefing about our situation and give you the map of their building.”

Later at the evening, Rena goes in a mission to rescue Yuki who is being captured by the Yazuka gang. She’s now crawling in a sewer under the Yakuza’s building, with portable spotlight on her forehead and map on her hand.

Mayu : *talks through the communication line*  “Rena please hurry up, before they do something bad to my Yuki.”
Rena: “Alright alright, I’m hurry up now. Sh*t, I got lost again! Wait, where is my compass? Where is west again? And north? Gaaaah….I don’t know how to read this map!”
Mayu : “Oh God, stop playing around, Rena! Yuki’s life is in danger now!”
Rena : “I’m not playing around now! I’m still trying to read this map! Just wait a minute!”
Mayu : “We can’t waste another minute, Rena. Please hurry!”
Rena : “Mayu, I’m telling you what. It’s been five hours since Yuki got caught right? So if they wanted to do something bad to Yuki, they must have done that already by now. Let’s just hope Yuki’s not dead yet!”
Mayu : “What? Rena! How could you say something like that! I don’t wanna hear it! Just hurry up, please!”
Rena : “Be patient, Cyborg. I’m still studying this map. I need time.”
Mayu : “Geeez, I should’ve asked Jurina to come with you tonight.”
Rena : “She can’t. She’s still on a business trip to Jakarta.”
Mayu : “Rena, I can only count on you now. Please save Yuki!”
Rena : “Don’t worry, Mayu. I will save Yuki-chan and bring her home tonight.”

Not long after, Rena manages to find the interrogation room inside the Yakuza’s building.
She then jumps into a room, shouting, “Yuki-chan!! I’m coming!!!” only to find the room is empty.

Rena : “Huh? Where is she? Sh*t, I got the wrong room again.”

Suddenly she hears Yuki’s screaming from the other part of the building.

Rena : “Oh my God! Yuki, where are you? What are they doing to you?Yuki, please be safe! I’m coming to you now!! Just hang on there!! I’ll save you!!”

[Now, this last trailer will be pretty intense with some torture scene and violence]


Somewhere inside a room, Yuki is being captured (again) by her enemy. But this time the enemy is very powerful, the Big Bad for this season. The Big Bad enters the room, and their conversation begins.

Ishikawa : “Hello, Yuki-chan.”
Yuki : “…”
Ishikawa : “How are you feeling up there?”
Yuki : “Great. Actually, never better.”   /*Yuki is currently being chained up to the ceiling*/
Ishikawa : “Had enough sleep last night?”
Yuki : “I would have slept all night long if it weren’t too freezing up here. At least you should have given me a blanket.”
Ishikawa : /*grin*/ “Oh sorry about that. I’ll make sure they’ll give you a VIP treatment from now. Ahahaha! You’re quite amusing, Yuki-chan. I love your humour.”
Yuki : “What can I say? I’m a funny person.”
Ishikawa : “You know, Yuki. When I first saw you, you reminded me of my younger self. So eager to do what is right, to protect people, and fight the bad guys, all in the name of justice. You are so much like me in the past. That’s why I know a lot about you. And I understand you very well. We’re the same kind, Yuki.”
Yuki : “No, we’re not.”
Ishikawa : “Well, maybe now we’re not. But in the future, who knows?”
Yuki : “No, there’s no way I’m gonna be someone like you.”
Ishikawa : /*smiles*/   “……….You killed Mano-chan, right? How do you feel about that? You’ve killed human, Yuki. Her blood is in your hand. Does that make you feel guilty? Or powerful?”
Yuki : “I was forced to kill her! I had no choice! She was going to kill-”
Ishikawa : “Yes! Yes! You don’t need to tell me that! She was going to kill that lawyer. And you love her, do you?”
Yuki : “…”
Ishikawa : “When I first killed human, it was exactly for the same reason like yours. To protect someone that we love. Do you know who was my first kill? It’s my husband. I killed him because he was going to kill me and my daughter.”
Yuki : “……I’m--”
Ishikawa : “You see Yuki. Everyone has a dark side. And I’m interested to reveal yours.”
Yuki : “What do you want from me?”
Yuki : “Nothing. Just watch.”

Few men came into the room, dragging a figure of a young woman in a formal suit.

Yuki : “MAYU..!!!!!”
Mayu : “Yuki..!”
Ishikawa : *smirks*

Yuki starts panicking now. She never minds it if it’s only her who is captured by their enemies. But when Mayu gets involved, it become a different story.

Yuki : “Wha—What are you gonna do to her? Please don’t kill her. Please!!”
Ishikawa : “Oh don’t worry. I won’t kill her. Not yet. I just want to do a little something.”

Ishikawa approaches Mayu and grabs her arm forcefully, while those men hold Mayu tightly to keep her from moving. Mayu tries to break free but it was only a futile attempt. Ishikawa takes Mayu’s left hand and caresses her finger.

Ishikawa : “Your hand. It’s so soft and fragile. Just like my daughter's.”  /*smirks*/

And suddenly, Ishikawa breaks Mayu’s pinky finger in an instant.

Yuki : “!!!!!!!!!!”    (Oh God! Mayu! Nooo!)
Ishikawa : /*glances at Yuki*/  “Are you watching this, Yuki? Shall we continue?”
Yuki : “No! Please stop! Please!”  /*struggles to break free from the chain*

Ishikawa shakes her hand, and proceeds breaking Mayu’s finger. This time it is the ring finger.

Mayu : “UWAAAAAAGGGHH!”  /*starts crying in agony*/

Yuki closes her eyes, unable to bring herself to watch her girlfriend suffers.

Ishikawa : “Do you know how many bones a human has, Yuki?”
Yuki : “Please, just stop it…..”
Ishikawa : “It’s 270 at birth, and it reduces to 206 by adulthood. Two hundreds and six bones. It’s quite a lot right? Imagine breaking all of them one by one.”

Yuki’s body starts shaking because of anger and despair.

Yuki : “P-please…. Leave her alone. You can do anything to me, break my bones, beat me, but please leave her out of this. I’ll take her punishment.”
Ishikawa : “Taking her punishment? Hm, I knew you’re going to say that. But just like I said before. I know you very well. We’re both fighters, Yuki. We’re stronger than average people, and our body can endure pain way beyond its normal limit. So, no, I’m not interested in punishing you. This girl, on the other hand….”  /*glances at the poor, little lawyer*/

Ishikawa continues her action, breaking Mayu’s middle finger. The poor lawyer cries even harder, her face twisted in pain. While Yuki cannot do anything other than watching her girlfriend being tortured.

Ishikawa : “Now for the closing part. Lay her down on the floor, and bring me that chair.”  /*giving order to her men*/
Yuki : “Please stop it…. I will do anything you want….”
Ishikawa : “Well, I want you to shut up and watch.”

The tension in the air increase more rapidly, as the men pushes Mayu down and forces her to lie on the floor, and then one man comes with the chair. Yuki watches anxiously as Ishikawa puts that chair over Mayu, placing one of its support right on top of Mayu’s left knee. And her heart drops immediately as she knows what is going to happen to Mayu.

Yuki : “No! Please stop! Please, don’t hurt her anymore! I’ll do anything!”
Ishikawa : “Nothing you can do will make me stop. I’ll make sure her scream will haunt you for the rest of your life, Yuki.”
Yuki : /*struggles hard to break free from her chain*/

Next thing they know, Ishikawa’s already sitting on the chair, and just in a matter of seconds, she crushes Mayu’s knee with that chair.


Mayu’s screams echoes loudly throughout the room, Her kneecap crashes and her leg is now bending to the wrong way. And it looks so damn painful, that Yuki cannot help but turn her eyes away, unable to watch it any longer.

Mayu continues screaming. And it’s so loud and haunting, it pierces right through Yuki’s heart. She has never heard anyone screaming like that before, and especially not from Mayu. It’s like a nightmare for Yuki.

The screaming eventually fades, replaced by sobbings and writhings. Mayu’s face is twisted painfully and already full of tears, while Yuki also cannot stop her tears from falling.

Ishikawa gets up from the chair which somewhat has become a torture device for the poor lawyer.

Ishikawa : “Next time I’m back, I’ll be working on her right leg and right hands.”
Yuki : *bites her lips, stares desperately at Ishikawa* “Why are you doing this?”
Ishikawa : “Why am I doing this? Well, I’m doing this…..”
Ishikawa comes closer at Yuki who is still hanging by the ceiling.
Ishikawa : “…… break you, Yuki.”
Yuki : “Wha--…“  /*falling deeper into despair*/

Ishikawa and her men then leave the room.

Yuki stares hopelessly at the lawyer who is now lying motionless on the floor. It’s breaking her heart, seeing Mayu suffers like that.

Mayu : “Yuki…I- I can’t move…It hurts….”
Yuki : “Mayu, listen to me. Everything’s gonnabe alright. I’m gonna get us out of here. Just hold on….”
Mayu : “Yuki….She’s going to come back…. Just in case she’s planning to kill me, I wanna tell you now, that I already put your name in my testament. You'll be safe for the rest of your-”
Yuki : “No, no, listen, Mayu, she’s not going to kill you! I will get us out of here before she comes back! I promise!”
Mayu : “But how? Yuki…’re….”  /*staring at Yuki who is still in chain*/
Yuki : “I said I’m going to get us out of here! Trust me!”
Mayu : “…”

Yuki examines her situation again, trying to figure out what to do. Her wrists are in shackles, and a long, vertical chain connects the shackles to the ceiling. Yuki then holds the chain tightly and starts pulling her body up. However, she soon finds it difficult to climb up the chain that way. After thinking for a moment, she springs her legs upward and wrapped them tightly around the vertical chain. And then, with her position upside down, she starts climbing up the chain, fast and steady like a ninja.

Mayu is in a moment of stun. Since when her girlfriend acquires such an acrobatic skill like that?

(Yuki, you monkey!) Mayu thinks and watches with her mouth agaped.

The chain is quite long so Yuki has to spend at least a minute to climb it up. After she manages to reach the ceiling, she puts her feet onto it while still holding the chain tightly. Now comes the hardest part: she has to disconnect the chain from the ceiling. So then Yuki pulls the chain down with all her strength. However, after a few minutes of pulling, Yuki realizes it’s impossible to break it; the chain was made from steel. Not being the one to give up easily, Yuki racks her brain again. This time, she’s trying to punch the ceiling, attempting to make a hole around the area that connected to the chain. It’s hard at first, but Yuki continues working diligently, punching the ceiling over and over again without stopping. Her position is still upside down and her feet planted firmly on the ceiling. Small debris starts falling down right onto her face, but she doesn’t care and keeps punching. She has promises Mayu, afterall, so nothing is going to stop her from getting them out of that place.

Yuki keeps on punching the ceiling. Her knuckles already turns red, bruised and bleeding from so much punching. The hole on the ceiling is getting bigger everytime she thrusts her fist into it. A smile appears on her face when she sees the chain slowly disconnected from the ceiling. Yuki then punches it again a few more times. And finally, after throwing her last punch, she pulls the chain down and it comes off.



Yuki takes the free fall, and landed with her back on the ground with a loud thud, followed by the long chain that is still connected to her wrist. The debris from the broken ceiling also falls upon her.

"Ugh!" Yuki winces at the pain that shot through her backbone. It was indeed quite a long and hard fall, because the ceiling is located high above them.

The young lawyer is stupefied by the sight. She can’t quite believe her girlfriend is actually able to break free from her chain. But then again, maybe love can make people do unimaginable things.

Yuki quickly examines Mayu’s condition on the floor. The left leg is broken badly so Yuki has to carry her. But carrying the girl on her back or in a bridal-style carry will only make the injury become worse. The only option left for Yuki is to carry that little body over her shoulder, like a fireman’s carry (click here). It is a technique commonly used by firefighters to carry an injured person, by placing that person across the shoulder of the carrier.

Three men come to the room as soon as they heard the commotion and the loud thud earlier. Yuki wastes no time and fights them all, and manages to defeat them while still carrying Mayu’s body on her shoulder.

Walking in the hallway, Yuki notices a lot more coming on her way. She prays silently and prepares herself for the fight, knowing it won’t be easy for her to fight them all, while also having to ensure Mayu’s safety at the same time.

A brutal, intense fight ensues in the hallway. Sometimes Yuki has to put the younger girl down on the floor in order to be able to fight more freely. She's punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, kneeing, elbowing, headbutting, all without stopping to take a breath nor taking a rest. And everytime her enemies land a punch or kick on her, she will recover fast and punch them back even harder. She also uses the chains that is still connected to her wrists as a weapon, wiping her enemies down with it. Other times, when there aren’t too many enemies around her, she returns to put Mayu back onto her shoulder again and advances towards the exit door, while still throwing punches with her free hand and kicking whoever is on their way. And all the while, Mayu only stays silent and watches as the raven-girl fights their way out.

After a long, tiring fight, Yuki finally defeats all of them. More than fifty bodies lying on the floor across the long hallway, most of them are unconscious while others are still awake but immobile. Bloods splattered on the floor and on the wall, and that includes Yuki’s blood too. Her face, arms, and other parts of her body are now decorated with cuts and bruises. Not that she cares anyway.

Yuki continues walking to the exit door, with Mayu resting on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. However, just a few steps away from the door, Yuki suddenly falls to her knees, panting and trembling, probably due to extreme fatigue. Fighting against so many people surely has taken quite a toll on her body. She's barely able to stand and walk anymore, much less to carry Mayu's weight. Normally Yuki won't have any problem carrying Mayu whether on her back or in a bridal-style carry; she used to do that all the time just to spoil the younger girl. But with her condition right now, Mayu's weight suddenly becomes an issue.

“Yuki……Are you okay?” Mayu asked worriedly with her face still buried on Yuki’s upper back.
“I’m okay, Mayu, don’t worry. I’m just a bit…tired.”
“Just put me down and take some rest first, Yuki.”
“No. Not now. I’ll take a rest once we get home.”

Don’t worry, Cyborg. I will bring you home soon, and we will fix your leg.
We’re gonna make it. I promise.

Still trembling, Yuki forces herself to stand up again, squeezing every last bit of energy within her. A teardrop falls from Mayu’s eyes, but Yuki cannot see it due to their position. She hates to become such a burden, but she knows she can't do anything and must fully rely on Yuki at this moment.

Yuki continues walking to the door, albeit slowly. She opens the lock and slides the door. And with that, they leave the place, heading to their home.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside a panel room, a few figures are standing in front of a CCTV monitor.
It seems that they’ve been watching the whole thing, ever since the fight broke out in that hallway.

“Should we go after them? If so, I will call for reinforcement.”

“No, there’s no need for that. Don’t you see? That girl can barely even walk, much less to continue to fight. She has defeated fifty men in a single fight. That’s already quite impressive, just what I’ve expected from her. If we call for reinforcement, that’s gonna be like…cheating. Just let them escape this time. And oh, don't forget to fix that ceiling.”

“Haik, Ishikawa-san.”

A smirk appears on Ishikawa’s face as she stares at the two figures walking away from her building.

“Kashiwagi Yuki…….I will break you.”


I’ll repeat this again: I’m not gonna update/continue this fic, unless somebody pay me LOL.

Sorry I broke my promise about not giving Mayu a painful/torturing scene in the trailers. After reading some angst fics around here (*cough*HFAYPTG*cough*), my sadistic level suddenly increased a lot (and I'm already a sado before). Blame all those angsty writers, LOL!

Summer holiday is over.
My school’s activity will start again next month. *sigh*

I just read something in the discussion thread about a specific issue (it actually has been discussed several years ago). It’s about writing in a script form. There are someone who are fine with that, and also others who are against it, and also someone who are in the middle. It was a long discussion with so many arguments from each parties and I learn many things from it.

But now you see me writing something which is very similar with a script form. In fact, I've been using the script form in many parts of my story in HvsV Season 1. Well I have to say, I’m not a fanfic writer in the first place. When I started writing this fic, I consider myself writing a script or a scenario for a live action movies. So please excuse me if I'm still using that script form again now, because it is easier and it's quite fun writing in script form. Also I’m still learning on how to be a fanfic writer. Everyone has their own pace and learning curve, so let’s keep supporting each other. I do accept all criticism and I will take them without grudge.
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« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2017, 04:27:11 AM »
I just read something in the discussion thread about a specific issue (it actually has been discussed several years ago). It’s about writing in a script form. There are someone who are fine with that, and also others who are against it, and also someone who are in the middle. It was a long discussion with so many arguments from each parties and I learn many things from it.

But now you see me writing something which is very similar with a script form. In fact, I've been using the script form in many parts of my story in HvsV Season 1. Well I have to say, I’m not a fanfic writer in the first place. When I started writing this fic, I consider myself writing a script or a scenario for a live action movies. So please excuse me if I'm still using that script form again now, because it is easier and it's quite fun writing in script form. Also I’m still learning on how to be a fanfic writer. Everyone has their own pace and learning curve, so let’s keep supporting each other. I do accept all criticism and I will take them without grudge.

Beyond that so far, the way you write varies based on where you stand on the issue. Many are bound to get away with it even though we may not particular like it as much. Many writers are not authors by trade however they do learn certain things that do apply to the audience. Which I love for the many people who do write but most are in the infant stage. They are starting to write but on most occasions will be ignored because it isn't great nor readable.

I'll be frank in your case where, the learning curve can only be applied if you have like minds. You're at that point but also there are times where you need a critical person (most do) Beyond how you write is how you write and being presented. Then again where I write many don't see it but will see this and probably think I'm just being... let's say too honest. And as I Pm'd you from before a lot of it is the imagery. That's the hardest part of it. I respect everyone who does write but the problem is to paint it.

Now it just comes down to feedback. I may not get a lot although I don't go ahead and write a whole lot of pairings that are still popular here or throw certain ones into the pool. Hell I could make it extremely awkward although who would read it. To me, I haven't cared as much and I know where you stand everytime you post. The readers have to there hope to more of them than writers. :nervous
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@ kuro_808 :
Thank you for your advice/critics. I wish I had received this sort of advice/critics when I was still in the beginning of writing my fic, and not when I am about to graduate from this forum now. But I believe your advice will still be useful not only for me but also for other writers around here. I remember reading some of your fics in H!P Fanfic section (your username was kurosawa87). It is an honor to receive advice from a veteran member like you.

Imagery is the literary term used for language and description that appeals to our five senses. When a writer attempts to describe something so that it appeals to our sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, or hearing; he/she has used imagery. [source]

Imagery means to use figurative language to represent objects, actions, and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses. Usually it is thought that imagery makes use of particular words that create visual representation of ideas in our minds. The word “imagery” is associated with mental pictures. [source]

I admit that "imagery" is something that I've been lacking of. I can spend days or weeks thinking about the plots and dialogues, but when it comes to imagery, I usually avoid working on that part, merely because I am lazy or I just feel that I don't have enough time to do that.

And about the feedback/comment, well, right now I don't really care about it. I can continue making an update even though I don't get any comment at all. I write only for myself. I don't take request. I don't even socialize or make friends with other writers/readers here. But still I remember those times when I would received so many comments after making an update. I will never forget those feeling of joy and satisfaction. I was quite a chaos-maker back then.   :roll:

To someone who have offered their help in continuing and co-authoring the HvsV fic (you know who you are!), thank you very much. But I am afraid we must put it on hold for I don't know how long, since I must focus on my study now.

I will ask the moderator to move this thread to Library Section, a long with the HvsV main thread.
Thank you everyone for reading.
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Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
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I said I won’t update this, but the poll said so, so I will try to update one chapter.

Lawyer/detective/action/mystery theme in dramas and TV series are my favourite so far. And there are several good Japanese doramas about law. The one I like the most is Legal High (it’s more like comedy though).

And due to my love for legal thriller novels, this update will be a bit John-Grisham-ish (or not, because I’m just a wannabe-writer).

And here I introduce a new character, Sawajiri Erika, with whom Watanabe Mayu shared a kissing scene in a Japanese historical drama, Ooku. She is also a very famous actress. I really love her performance in 1 Litre of Tears, and she has become my most favourite Japanese actress ever since.



Tokyo. April 2017.
Inside one of the tall skyscrapers in the city, a dozen young people, males and females, were sitting anxiously in the lobby. Some of them were having a small talk with each other, while some others were busy typing something at their handphones, and some others were just silent. They all wore formal outfits that has been ironed very carefully, with no wrinkles and stains.

In front of the lobby was a meeting room in which a job interview session was being held today.

“Interviewee number 7, Watanabe Mayu!” the receptionist announced the name of the next person.

Seeing there was no reaction from those young people, the receptionist repeated the announcement.

“Watanabe Mayu! Is there Watanabe Mayu here?”

A young female with a cute, flawless face abruptly stood up and raised her hand.

“Ah, sorry! That’s me! Sorry!” she said with an awkward smile. And then she mumbled something, scolding herself for daydreaming right before her job interview session.

The young female entered the meeting room, and was met with three persons: two males and one female. Mayu could recognized all these people in an instant.

“Good morning, Watanabe Mayu san. We’re going to interview you today. Please take a seat and suit yourself. Don’t be nervous,” said the male person who was sitting in the middle.

“Thank you,” said Watanabe Mayu. As she sat quietly on her chair, she studied the three persons in front of her.

“I am Masato Sakai, to my left is Sawajiri Erika, and to my right is Sakurai Sho,” said the person in the middle, smiling at the nervous Watanabe. They were very famous lawyers and had a huge media exposure for the past five years. Mayu knew everything about them and had been following every legal cases they’ve been working on. These three people had also reached the peak of their career by becoming partners within less than 10 years. Masato Sakai, 40 years old, specializing himself in international/crossborder law. Sakurai Sho, 33 years old, was a corporate tax lawyer. While Sawajiri Erika, 31 years old, was a civil rights lawyer, and also an activist for human rights.

“I’ve heard a lot of you from newspapers and TV.” Mayu said, trying hard not to be nervous around these famous people.

“Yes, I believe most of you should already knew about us. And Watanabe san, we have read your resume and found it to be very impressive. A graduate from Tokyo University School of Law, the best student of the year. A member of the student government body, academic team, and debate team. You also joined arts club, and engaged in volunteer work and community services. That was very colorful, Watanabe san,” said Sakai, smiling at the young girl.

“It’s also very rare for a female student to reach such an outstanding academic performance in the field of law science. You know, even I couldn’t do that, back in my college,” Sawajiri spoke, also with a smile which was more like a smirk.

“Anoo…” Mayu was flattered. “...thank you.”

“Well, I think you’ve already secured your position in our firm. Don’t be too nervous, Watanabe. Just relax. We’re not going to interview you, we’re just going to have a little chit chat to get to know more about you,” said the other person named Sakurai.

“And also to give you information about how things work in our company, the basic salary, the career prospect, the culture, and such,” said Sakai.

“Watanabe-san, do you have a family? Tell us about them,” that was the first question coming from Sakai.

“Oh, my family….I don’t have a family now. My parents and my older brother died in an accident, 7 years ago. And since then I’ve been living with a relative. I still have grandparents from my mother side, but we rarely get in touch. They live in Hokkaido.” Mayu explained.

“So you’re an orphan, but you still manage to graduate from law school despite of that.” Sawajiri said, showing a sympathy.

“Yeah, I worked hard. And I have a huge support from my relative.” Mayu said.

“I see. And who is this relative? Is he, or she, staying with you here in Tokyo?” asked Sakai.

“Yes, she is staying with me. She’s been working part-time jobs to support me while I was still in the university. She also acted as my guardian when I was in high school. We’re very close like sisters,” Mayu answered with her brows furrowed, wondering why the interviewers had become a little bit too personal with their questions. But then again, being a lawyer is a personal job. A happy lawyer with a happy family means a productive lawyer. And a productive lawyer means more money for the law firm.

“She must be very happy and proud of you, now that you’ve graduated and become lawyer.” Sawajiri said. She stared directly into Mayu’s eyes, causing the later to become nervous again.

Sawajiri had an exquisite beauty, with reddish duck lips that even sexier than Tomochin. She was very smart and sharp like shark, inside and outside the courts. The way she dressed, the way she sat, the way she spoke, all her gestures just spelled out ‘smart is the new sexy`. With her daring personality, she often made controversial statements in the media. She’s the epitome of the ‘love her, or hate her’ kind of person.

And Watanabe wondered if she would become someone like her in the future. Would Yuki like it if she change into someone like Sawajiri Erika?


“Huh!?”   Crap. I’m dozing off again.

“Oh yes, yes, she is. She’s very happy and proud of me. In fact, she’s the main reason for all my achievements so far. She has been a great support to me. And I’ll be nothing without her. So now all l want do is, make her happy.”

(Oh no! What did I just say? Did I talk too much?)

Sawajiri let out a little smile. This cute, Cyborg-like, young female had perked up her interest. She wanted to know more about Watanabe Mayu.

“You’re single. Do you have a boyfriend or fiancee?” asked Sawajiri suddenly.

“What!?” Mayu almost choked herself.

What does this question have anything to do with the job interview?

“Uh, no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“A girlfriend then?” asked Sawajiri again, causing the poor little Cyborg to actually choke herself this time.

(WHAAAT!!!??? Should I answer that?)

Before Mayu could answer, Sakai went to interrupt them, saving our little Cyborg from further embarrassment.

“Sawajiri-san, please, don’t tease her like that. Look at her. Red as tomatoes.” Sakai said.

“Yeah, Sawajiri. You can tease her later, after she becomes your apprentice,” added Sakurai.

Sawajiri let out a chuckle.

“Alright, sorry. Let’s get back to the topic,” she said with a mischievous grin. While Mayu couldn’t help but staring at Sawajiri with a disbelief look in her eyes.

“Tell us about yourself, like your strength and weaknesses.”

“I am a hard-worker. I only spends 4-5 hours to sleep everyday. I can work under peaceful environment as well as stressful circumstance. I can work individually, and I can also work in team. I enjoy arts, books, mangas, and movies. I don't drink alcohol. I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. My main weakness is sport. I am very bad at sport and physical activities. I’m also a bit stubborn.”

“Okay. And what is your motivation to choose law school? Why do you want to be a lawyer?”

Now this was the question that Mayu had prepared the answer. She was about to say something related to justice, moral codes, big salary, etc. But after being teased a lot by Sawajiri, she suddenly changed her mind, and wanted to play along a bit.

“My default answer would be for the justice, moral codes, and big salary.” Mayu said in a calm, composed tone. “But actually I never thought of becoming a lawyer. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed to become a doctor, but unfortunately the medical school was too expensive for me. And then I wanted to be a police officer, but my sister, the relative with whom I’ve been living together, decided that I wasn’t suitable for that job. She then beaten me up so badly in order to make me change my dream job. Not long after that, one of my friends was arrested and sent to prison. And then I think, why not become a lawyer so that I can defend my friends whenever they’re in trouble, which happens quite often. I mean, them being in trouble, that happens quite often, hehe. So here I am now. If my sister didn’t beat me up that day, then I would’ve been a police officer, instead of lawyer, today.” Mayu said nonchalantly.

“Oh.” The three interviewers had their mouth agapes upon hearing Mayu’s long story.

But soon their bedazzlement then changed into a burst of chuckle.

“Hahaha! Seriously, Watanabe san? You really are interesting!” Sakai and Sakurai laughed.

Sawajiri also let out a little laugh, but after that Mayu could feel Sawajiri’s eyes piercing right into her.

“Okay, now let’s continue to our next issue. Every lawyer must specialize themselves in more specific field. So, have you already chose one, Watanabe?” asked Sakai.

“Yes. I want to be a criminal lawyer and prosecutor.”

“Criminal lawyer? Are you sure? Because it’s--”

“Not sexy, I know,” said Mayu.

“Then why did you choose it? Why not tax law or corporate law? Those fields bring more money than criminal law. And besides, criminal law is usually not a popular choice amongst female lawyers. Are you sure you can handle it? Dealing with the worst of people, criminals, drunk people, drugs dealer, gangster, Yakuza? I have to ask you once again, what is your motivation, Watanabe san?” asked Sakai.

“Well, I just find it’s more….challenging, and emotionally rewarding,” answered Mayu. "Or maybe I just watched too many crime-fighting movies."

At that moment, with the corner of her eyes, Mayu could see Sawajiri licked her lips, and staring at her more intensely.

Nonetheless, Mayu ignored the stare and continued. “Of course, I am also interested to study tax law, corporate law, and other fields. I believe that being a specialized lawyer doesn’t mean you cannot learn other areas. I think I am going to go for a general practice lawyer. But my first choice will be, yeah, criminal lawyer.” Mayu delivered her words with a full confidence.

“Well, I just hope you’ve found your calling then.” Sakai said.

“So that was our interview today. Congratulation for being accepted in ‘Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu’ law firm, Watanabe san. We are proud to say that we are very selective, we only accept five fresh graduate every year. And being in the top-tier, you’re clearly our first choice. You will work here starting from next week. And now we will explain the basic salary. For a fresh-grad junior associate, the annual salary will be 18 millions yen, plus bonuses. After two years, it will be 20 millions yen, plus bonuses. And after ten years, if you work very hard, you’ll become a partner like us. I won’t tell you how much our income as a partner is, because it depends whether you want to be an equity partner or non-equity partner. But I can assure you, you can be a billionaire before you reach 45. Then you can decide whether you want to retire at that age, with a huge money to burn, or you want to continue working and bring more money into your life, so that you can secure the future of your grand, grand, grand children in your family.” Sakai finished his long explanation, and waited for Mayu’s reaction.

Knowing Mayu’s background and how she had lived in poverty during her school days and college days, these interviewers knew it exactly that Watanabe Mayu was hungry for money.

The young lawyer herself, at that moment, could only froze upon hearing the mentioning of her salary. Of course she knew it already that working in one of the biggest law firm in Japan, surely would bring her a lot of money. But to be hearing it with your own ears, listening to your bosses as they mentioned your salary, it would gave you a totally different sensation.

(Holy sh*t! Eighteen millions yen per year. One million five hundred thousands yen per month. And that’s only the beginning! Holy f*cking sh*t!)

The interviewers looked and smiled at each others, as they knew exactly what was on Mayu’s mind.

Mayu was already imagining herself with a lot of money to burn, by time she reached thirty, forty, fifty, and so on.

(I can’t wait to see Yuki’s face when I’m telling her this!)

Sakai then continued, “You will work as associate at this main office. But occasionally, you will be tasked to assist our overseas branch office in New York and Singapore. How high is your TOEFL/IELTS score?”

“I have 6.5 for IELTS and 105 for TOEFL.”

“Well, then it won’t be a problem for you to work abroad. We’re also planning to open a branch office in Beijing next year, so it will be a good benefit for us if you can learn some Chinese,” Sakai let out another smile.

(Oh yeah! New York, Singapore, Beijing, I’m coming! And Yuki must come with me too! Woooohoooo~~~ This is gonna be so much fun!) Mayu’s inner self started dancing in joy.

The interviewers then continued explaining several other things to Mayu. But from here on in, the rest of the interview wasn’t so important for Mayu, as she was already flying in cloud nine, imagining herself and Yuki doing all those stuffs they couldn’t do in the past, going on vacations all around the world, buying all those fancy dresses, riding fancy cars, living in luxury penthouse, etc.

Finally, after a long time, after a long struggle through long hardships, Watanabe Mayu’s dream has come true.


A red sports car was spotted driving out from the parking basement of a condominium complex, somewhere in Tokyo. The road today was crowded since it was a busy hour, but it didn’t seem to affect the happy mood of the car’s driver.

The driver was a young female with a smug look and ikemen face, and cladded in a grey Givenchy suit. She turned on the CD player, and soon found herself humming to the songs, the newest album from one of her favorite band AAA, Way of Glory.

It only took 20 minutes of driving from her penthouse in Minato-ku, to her office building which was located near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku-ku. Most people preferred public transportation such as buses and subways, but it wasn’t an option for somebody like her who needed privacy more than other people.

She was the CEO of several big companies. She was Matsui Jurina, or Lord Matsui Jurina, as she secretly called herself.

Jurina’s appearance was still like a 15 years old girl, however, she managed to make her appearance look older and more mature, by using a small portion of Eguchi’s aging control substance, and also by regularly changing and upgrading her wardrobe.

After becoming the CEO of many companies left by Akimoto Yasushi, Jurina’s life style had changed into a luxurious one. She bought an expensive condominium, namely the Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho Tower Ward, located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. She’s been living there together with her partner, Matsui Rena. The condominium was 44 stories tall and 200 sqm. It had a small, private indoor swimming pool so that Jurina and Rena could swim anytime in a broad daylight, without worrying over the sunlight. It also had a larger open swimming pool at the rooftop, a gym / fitness centre, a spa and a salon inside the building.

Jurina also had three ultra-luxury cars in her private parking lots, which she used for different occasions depending on her mood. First, there was the red Honda Acura NSX, a two-seats sports car. And there was the most expensive one, a Rolls Royce Phantom Black Edition. And lastly, Jurina’s most favourite was a white Lamborghini Aventador.

As for today, she was riding on her red Acura.

At 9 AM she arrived at her office; a 20-stories tall building with a futuristic design. Her shiny black shoes echoed all along her way from the parking lot in the basement to the main entrance of her office building. Inside the building, the floor had rugs.

“Good morning, Matsui san.” the receptionist at the lobby greeted her with a smile. She was a young woman, who had just been newly recruited in Jurina’s office.

“Good morning, Aoi. And how many times I must remind you, that you should call me Jurina. Just Jurina. Everyone here calls me that. No need to use formalities with me.” Jurina said, giving her best smile to the new employee.

“Okay, Jurina san. I’ll try to remember that.”

Jurina nodded and continued heading to her room at 15th floor.

On her way she meets two employees, a male staff from marketing department and a female staff from finance department. Jurina had been seeing them talking in private a few times while other people’s not looking, and she suspected these two persons have been dating secretly.

“Good morning Shigeru, good morning Ayame. It’s nice to see you two together,” Jurina said with a wink.

“Good morning, Jurina,” they greeted her back in unison. And Jurina could see them blushing a little.

As Jurina continued strolling down the hallway, she met a janitor who was busy cleaning the floor and carrying out trash bags.

“Aaah...Naoko san, good morning! I have something that I forgot to give you yesterday~” Jurina turned into a happy puppy once she met the middle-aged woman who’s been working as a janitor in this office for more than 10 years.

“Good morning, Jurina! What is it?” asked the janitor, letting out a wide smile.

“It’s an Anpanman Figurine Set for your son. I’ve promised to give him this as his birthday gift,” said Jurina as she took out the figurine from inside her bag.

“Oooohh….Thank you Jurina, why are you so nice? You’re such a good person. Kosuke-kun will like it very much. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Naoko san.”

The janitor was very happy.  No one had ever treated her so well like this before, except Jurina. This young CEO had given her the biggest appreciation, even to a janitor like her.

Jurina continued walking again, feeling even more happier than she was when she woke up this morning.

Jurina met several other people amongst her many employees. She greeted them with their first name, and was greeted back with her first name too.

When Jurina started working here, the first thing she did on her first day was trying to change the culture in this office to be more friendly and warm. She initiated calling her employees in the first-name basis, and insisted they must called her ‘Jurina’, without all those formalities. Jurina was very good in remembering people’s names and faces. And that made her become easily popular amongst her employees.

After taking the elevator, Jurina arrived at her room, and was greeted by her secretary. A young woman with a round, thick spectacles.

“Good morning, Betty.”

“Good morning, Jurina. And stop calling me Betty. I’m not that ugly,” the secretary said with a frown.

“Of course not, Miki. What I mean is, just like Betty, you’re very pretty with glasses, and you’re even prettier without glasses.”

“Hm, really? Oh why, thank you Jurina,” Miki said smiling.

“Your welcome, Miki.”

(Jurina’s right. I’m pretty. I’ll try wearing contacts next week). Miki thought.

“And oh Jurina, this is your schedule today. You have meeting with your stakeholders at 10 AM. And after lunch, you will have meeting with our business development managers. And lastly, a meeting with our tax lawyer at 4 PM. I have prepared all the documents and materials for you.”

“Nice! Thank you Betty, I mean Miki! You’re a really my life-saver, really!” Jurina said and gave the secretary a hug and a kiss to the cheek, which surprised the later a bit.

Even in the office, Jurina was still a kissing monster. And fortunately for Jurina, she was the boss here, so nobody could ever complain about her antics. Not that everyone would complain anyway. Then again, who wouldn’t love being kissed by someone as charming as Jurina?

After attacking her secretary with hugs and kisses, Jurina went to her desk to study the materials for her meetings today. She was an extremely busy person and she had to learn and do everything fast.

And after being a CEO for 4 years, Jurina had proven herself to be very capable to handle her huge business kingdom. She was almost as capable as Akimoto Yasushi, the previous owner of this kingdom. She had a smart brain, leadership, sharp intuition, strategic thinking, and willingness to take risks. Plus, she also had something that AkiP did not have: her warm and friendly personality.

Matsui Jurina, once a thief and a mugger, now had fulfilled her dream to become a lord. A long time ago, 150+ years ago, Jurina had made a promise to someone who was very dear to her. Someone who wore a lovely eyepatch, and was very good at using bow and arrows. Someone with whom Jurina had promised to stop being a mugger and to settle down in Nagoya.

And now, long after that person had died, Jurina finally fulfilled her dream to become a lord, in a modern world.

(Akane, can you see me now?
I’ve become a lord now, Akane.
And I’m doing this all for you. Just for you.
Even though you’re not here anymore.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lived today.
If you hadn’t come back and saved me in that battle, I wouldn’t have achieved this dream today.
Our dream.

Arigatou, Akane.
Thank you for everything.
I will always remember you in my heart.
And I know that in your heart, I will always be your prince.

I will never forget you, Akane.
My lovely eyepatch girl.



“Here we are, Ladies. We have arrived at your destination,” said the taxi driver as he stopped his car in front of a huge apartment building.

Yuki stared at the building, her face was full of doubt. “Mayu, I’m not sure if this is the right address.”

“Well, if you’re worried so much, let’s just ask the ojiisan.” The person who was sitting next to her in the passenger seat just shrugged.

“Ojiisan, are you sure this is right address? Could you please check it again?” asked Mayu to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver read the piece of paper on which Mayu had written down her destination address. He then checked the address of the building in front of them through a GPS.

“This is the right address. I am very, very sure of that.”


Mayu then paid the money to the taxi driver. And both girls then got out from the car. The taxi driver helped carrying their luggages and belongings to the entrance of the apartment building.

Mayu and Yuki then entered their new apartment, which was located on the 18th floor. They had two big luggages and two small luggages, along with several backpacks and duffel bags.

Standing of the door to their room, Mayu emptied her pocket to find the key.

And as soon as they entered the room, the both girls were in awe as they witnessed the interior of their apartment.

The apartment was fully-furnished. It had 2 king-size beds, refrigerator, sofa, table, integrated electric stove, dining table and chairs, washing machine, cloth-dryer machine, big television set, computer table, free Internet wifi, etc. The size was 2SLDK which was made for a couple, or a small family with 1 or 2 children. 2SLDK means 2 bed rooms, 1 Storage room, 1 Living room, 1 Dining room, and 1 Kitchen. Although it was much smaller than Jurina’s luxurious condominium, but it was definitely larger than their old apartment which only had 1 bed room and no storage room. Their old apartment was so small, that if someone farted in one room, the other person in the other rooms would hear and smell it LOL. There was no privacy at all.

And so now, looking at their new apartment, Mayu couldn’t help but feel excited. Her mouth formed a wide croissant smile. She took Yuki’s hand and dragged the older girl around to explore the other rooms.

“What do you think, Yuki? Do you like it?”

“Hm. I like it. It’s very...spacious. And comfortable too….”


“....But…” Yuki paused for a moment. “Mayu, isn’t this a bit too expensive for us? Can we really afford this? I think it’ll be better if we choose a smaller one, and not wasting your money for something like this.” Yuki said, not feeling happy.

“Don’t worry Yuki, this only costs 20% of my monthly salary. This is a good bargain, I'm telling you.”

“I know, but 20% of your monthly salary is equal to twice of my monthly salary. That's still quite a lot of money, I'm telling you.” Yuki said, rolling her eyes.

“Hmm….If my salary is X, and your salary is Y, then 0.2*X is equal to 2*Y. If X is 1.5 million yen, then how much is Y? Wait, let me think….”

“Oh, cut it out already! This isn’t a Math quiz!” Yuki frowned impatiently.

This Cyborg can be annoying sometimes, and not to mention, this Cyborg also likes to brag about how smart she is.

“Okay, okay~ You know I’m just kidding. I apologize if it was a bad joke. You know I suck at being a clown.” Mayu laughed at herself, thinking she was funny as hell when in fact she was not.

"Anyway, you don’t need to worry, Yuki. We have everything now. There’s nothing to worry about,” Mayu said with a reassuring smile.

“I know. I just...I don’t want you to do all these things for me.”

“What? Hey, who said I’m doing this for you!? No, you’re wrong, Yuki. I’m doing this only for myself.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m doing this only for myself!”

Yuki rolled her eyes.

“What? You don’t believe me? Well, I love spacious! Spacious is my middle name!”

“Tckk, you know what, Cyborg.” Yuki came closer to the younger girl, and put herself just a few inches in front of Mayu.

And then, with their faces being so close at each others, she whispered, “You’re so sweet. I like it. So thank you, for everything.”

Yuki then gently put her lips upon Mayu’s lips, giving the later a sudden but gentle kiss.

Mayu was in a frozen state, but only for a short moment. She quickly recovered, and she frowned.

“Stop calling me Cyborg, Yuki. I’m not that cute, little Cyborg anymore. Now I’m an adult. A smart, mature, suave lawyer. I’m a devil’s advocate.”

“Alright, Mr. Devil’s Advocate. I won’t call you Cyborg anymore. Happy now?”

Mayu nodded, giving out her signature croissant smile.

“I’m hungry. What are we going to eat now?” Yuki asked.

“Hm...Do you wanna to go out? Oh wait, I have a better idea. Let’s just call a delivery. How about something fast like pizza or okonomiyaki? I’m so hungry I want fast food and fast delivery. Do you want to select the menu?” Mayu asked as she browsed an online delivery meal from her smartphone.

“Anything is fine for me,” the older girl said and then went to drag her luggage into the bedroom.

Mayu then ordered a lot of pizzas and okonomiyaki.

A few minutes later, Yuki walked out wearing something more comfy.

While Mayu was busy setting up the TV channels and the wireless Internet connection. Mayu then opened her backpack and took out a pocket of DVD case. Singing happily to the tune of her favourite anime soundtrack, she inserted a DVD into the player. And soon she was drawn into her own little world. The room now was filled with Mayu’s cheers and merry laughters.

Yuki stared at Mayu, feeling amazed and amused at the same time. A moment ago, this young lawyer declared herself as an adult; smart, mature, and suave. And now she already came back to her original self, a little child and otaku who was crazy over animes and mangas.

Not knowing what to do, Yuki then decided to leave Mayu in her little shell, and went to the balcony to enjoy the view. It was Saturday after all, so they had nothing to do other than procrastinating in their new, cozy apartment.

The apartment had a wide balcony and a lot of glass doors/windows, giving them much lighting from the sunlight and beautiful view of their surrounding. The apartment building was also located near a park where children could play anytime. Watching children playing, it was something that Yuki liked very much. There were times when she was distressed upon having too many stuffs on her plate, and then she would just go to the park and play with the children. Just like Mayu, sometimes Yuki also wanted to be a child again. Young, careless, and free. Far away from troubles and sorrow.

Not long after, the delivery food arrived. Yuki and Mayu ate pizzas and watched movies together in the living room. Another delivery from a transport company also made an arrival at their address, delivering a lot of cardboard boxes containing Mayu’s stuffs, such as books, mangas, toys, figurines, cosplay costumes, etc. The transport company helped people moving in and out from one place to another.

After finishing their meal, they unpacked their luggages and made a list of what they’re going to buy on the afternoon. Since their apartment was already full furnished, they only needed to buy a little more stuff like cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, and foods supply to fill their refrigerator.

And that night, they spent their night just like a newly married couple, having a hot, passionate moment in their new, spacious bedroom.

Sorry I just can’t make a smut scene.
I’m not good in writing smut.
Please use your own imagination.

Next day, Mayu asked Yuki to go shopping again.

“Yuki, let’s go shopping again today,” Mayu said suddenly.

“What are we going to buy, Mayu? We already shopped yesterday. I don’t think we need to buy anything again for now.”

“I still have a lot more in my list. Come on, Yuki. Let’s explore this area.” Mayu took Yuki’s hand and dragged her out without a warning.

Just come with me, Yuki. Let’s explore the world together. You and me.

“Mayu, wait! I’m still in my loungewear! I need to change first!”

“No need to change, Yuki, hehe~”

I’m going to give you all the love in the world. All the diamonds and the pearls. Anything you want.

“Oh, I know where we’re going. You want to buy me some clothes, right?”

“Yes, and other things too.” Mayu said.

’Cause you have given me everything, Yuki.
You have saved me and protected me, in every way that a person can be saved and protected.

Soon they found themselves inside a fashion store.

Mayu grabbed a lot of fancy dresses, fancy skirts, gowns, shoes, boots, hats, bags, accessories. And she forced Yuki to try wearing each one of them, much to Yuki’s protest.

“Remember, I’m your boss now, Yuki. Just do what I say.”

And now it’s time for me to pay you back.
Though I don’t think I’ll be able to ever pay you back.
So tell me what do you want, Yuki?
What do you like?
I’m going to give it all to you.

Yuki could only frowned, unable to protest any further.

Yuki then began the embarrassing process,  trying all those clothes on, one by one. And everytime Yuki walked in and out from the fitting room with different clothes, Mayu squealed like a crazy fangirl because Yuki was just too beautiful and stunning. Even the shop attendants praised Yuki for having tall, slender (but curvy in all the right places), model-like figure, which made those dresses fit nicely with her body.

And it was very rare to see Yuki wearing dresses like that. In fact, she never wore girly clothes like that before, not in her lifetime. For an orphan like her, a village girl with no money and always facing constant dangers in daily basis, fancy clothes was not Yuki’s thing.

The couple spent almost entire day to go shopping, and had their lunch in an oriental restaurant nearby. Mayu bought a lot of clothes and stuffs for Yuki, while also bought some for herself. And although her hands were already full with shopping bags, which made it difficult for her to walk straight, Mayu insisted to visit each and every store in the area.

And finally, at the last fashion store, Mayu made Yuki wear something like a wedding dress. Yuki came out from the fitting room, with her cheeks blushing so red like a tomato.

“Wooaah….Let’s buy this dress. And I want you to wear it as we’re walking home today.”

“What!? No, Mayu! Please no! I can’t...I can’t wear this.” Yuki said as she turned around quickly, wanting to get back into the fitting room again and take off that dress.

But Mayu grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“Why? Why can’t you wear that?”

“I just can't. This isn’t for me.”

“But I think it really suits you.”

“No...I mean...What if, what if we meet a bad guys in our way home, then I will have to fight them, but I can’t, because I’m wearing this fancy clothes!”

Mayu just gave a stupid look with her face before she smiled wide again.

“Oh Yuki, just for one day, please stop thinking about those bad guys. There are a lot more good people in this world than bad guys. These worlds are actually full with good people, if only you care to look deeper. Stop focusing your mind to those bad guys, and start paying more attention to the good people! This is our lucky day, there won’t be anyone harming us today. Trust me, Yuki.”

Yuki was stunned upon hearing Mayu’s words. Never had she heard something so optimistic and inspiring like that before, much less coming from Mayu’s mouth. Where did Mayu got her wisdom from? Yuki was puzzled.

“Okay, I’ll wear this, Mayu,” Yuki finally said.

“Good. And don’t worry, if we ever meet bad guys today, I think you still can fight them even with that dress.”

“No way.”

“It’s true, Yuki. I saw them in movies. Action movies. Two sexy women wearing sexy dress, fighting each other. It looks so cool and funny in the movie.”

“And you should know that those things only happen in movies, right?”

“Yes, but......what if we’re actually living in a movie too, right now, Yuki?”

“Huh? Living in a movie? What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Mayu smiled. “What if our life is just a movie? What if the world that we’re living in, is just a fiction? What if there is someone out there, writing a story about us? What if we’re just some characters in mangas, animes, or novels, or fanfictions?”

“What kind of riddle is this, Mayu? Are you saying that we’re not real?”

“Yes. What if we’re not real, Yuki?”

Yuki seemed to be thinking hard, but then she just sighed and shook her head. ”Well, I’m not sure whether we are real or not. But one thing I know for sure is this.”

Then Yuki stepped closer and made a sudden bold move. She took Mayu by her chin, and then, staring into those eyes, she claimed Mayu's lips and kissed her Cyborg passionately.

"Mmmpphh...Yuki...stop it. The shop attendant is staring at us..."

"It's okay. Just let her be." Yuki said as she pulled Mayu closer and prolonged their kiss.

Mayu was quite surprised because Yuki had never kissed her in public before. Yuki always preferred to have their kiss in private place, when nobody's watching (except that one time when Yuki boldly kissed Mayu in front of Sasshi the Invisible, back then in the girls' apartment in Shizuoka).

Despite feeling awkward upon having a stranger witnessing their kiss, Mayu eventually responded Yuki's kiss with the same amount of passion. The tounge battle inside their connected mouths was quite fierce, and they sucked each other's lips making a nice popping sound.

And when they broke their kiss, they were panting for air and smiling at each other.

“Now, that one, Mayu, is real. Our kisses are real. And what we had last night, and many other nights, those are real too.”

Mayu could only frozen.

And hopefully that answer was enough to satisfy Mayu’s hunger over some philosophical, mind-blowing question she recently had in her mind.

"So, Mr. Watanabe, would you please escort your lovely bride home?" Yuki said playfully with a wink.

Mayu smiled wide.

"Yes, let's go home now, Mrs. Watanabe." Mayu said as she took Yuki's hand, kissed it, and hold it like a gentleman before they walked home together.



The door of their apartment flew opened as Watanabe rushed hurriedly inside and panickedly locked the door.

Her face displayed horror and turmoil. And she was panting heavily, probably from running all her way home.

“Mayu, what happen?”

“I….I think I’m being followed. Somebody’s following me, Yuki.”


“I don’t know! They’re wearing black suit!”

“They? How many people?”

“Two, or three….I’m not sure…”

“Okay, calm yourself first. Breathe. Drink this.” Yuki instructed as she gave the trembling woman a glass of water.

After several minutes, Mayu calmed down.

“Now explain it to me. Is this related to your work?”

“I--I think so, Yuki. I’m currently working on this money-fraud case. And one of our key witness died suddenly….”

Yuki frowned. “And?”

“His sister gave me this, today.” Mayu said as she took something out from her briefcase.

It’s a flashdisk.

“What’s inside it?” asked Yuki.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen it.”

“Let’s see then.”


Should I continue this?
Or should I update the main fic first (the HvsV season 2)?
Which one do you want me to prioritize?

P.S.: Congratulation Jurina for finally fulfilling your dream to become a lord #1 in the SSK 2018! You deserve that spot after working hard for so many years!

P.P.S.: For my dear readers, sorry for not giving you the smut. You know I am really bad at it. I like thriller/action more. And I hope the MaYuki kissing scene is enough to keep you entertained. WMatsui kissing scene will be in the next chapter.

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After i watched Ooku.. i can't resist to not ship these two together..i'm sorry yuki but erika is very attractive.. :shakeit:

Owh how cutee..... when mayu was trying to act like the devil's advocate but yet in my mind she's still a young cute cyborg mayuyu.. i don't know why i can't imagine the mature woman mayu.. well since in real life i have watched a lot of mayu yuki sasshi 's moments and she acts like a cute kid who is being spoiled too much by yuki and sasshi  :P

Can't wait to see my lovely wmatsui  :heart:
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It's haaard to choose which you should prioritize but if I remember the poll goes to lawyer Watanabe isn't it? Both story make me curious what will happen next (plus your trailers before it's make me more curious) so it so hard to choose which one!


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@ Yhuuui : LOL I know right. I was squealing too when I learned about Mayuyu playing opposite Erika in Ooku. Erika was my very first girl-crush before I got into AKB48. And I am happy for Mayuyu for starring in a drama with one of the big actresses in Japan. Moreover, a hot kissing scene with Erika :lol:. Well, if you have a hard time imagining a mature Mayuyu, you’re not alone. I too have a hard time to imagine Mayu as a lawyer (while it's far easier to imagine her as a doctor, what with all her danso stuff). But you can refer to Mayu’s picture in the Character Biography in this page. She looks serious and kakkoi in that brown suit, bow tie, and hat. That’s the best picture I can find to suit her image as a lawyer in this fic (I got that picture from this thread). And not only with Mayuyu, I also feel the same with Jurina. I really can't imagine her being a 21 years old woman now. In my mind, she’ll always be the prince/jailbait and kissing monster who likes to go flirting with everyone :lol: Lovely WMatsui? Hm, I think it’s still a long way to go for them before they can become a lovely couple. For now, I’m planning to make WMatsui as a dark/intriguing/unstable pairing.

@ Rhythm: Thank you for taking interest in both fics! Actually, I want to update both of them equally. However, before I know it I already made a lot of updates in the HvsV Season 2, and I forgot to update this one. Now I can only write 1 or 2 chapters for this Season 3 with the remaining time I have.

Anyway, does it even make sense to write a parallel story of two consecutive seasons like this? I mean, juggling the writing between Season 2 and Season 3 is kinda...not making any sense. Each events that happened or will happen in Season 2 should effect the story plot in Season 3. So, yeah, I don't know what to say about this. It's like writing a parallel universe :lol:

And you might find this update boring and mediocre. Please don't expect anything extraordinary from me. I just want to update this as fast as I can. Also, I’m not a lawyer so maybe you will find something inaccurate here. To be honest, I don't really know what I’m going to write here. Not to mention, I’m also still struggling with the vocabulary, grammar, and imagery. #sigh#

Also, I forgot that I have put a preview for the next chapter in the earlier update. But now I think it’s still too early for that scene/plot to happen, so I will just remove it and put it as a trailers.



     Yuki’s mind was still somewhere between asleep and conscious when she stirred and reached out her hand to her side. She was about to pull her girlfriend close to her, but she found nothing but the pillow, and not her girlfriend’s body, beside her.
     The sound of footsteps and something screeching against the floor then invaded Yuki’s ears. As she opened her eyes and squinted, a view of someone standing in front of the closet came into her vision.
     Watanabe Mayu was currently in her bathrobe, and standing in front of her closet trying to choose what to wear today. As Yuki glanced to the clock, it showed it was only 6 AM in the morning.
     “Leaving early again today?” Yuki asked.
     The young lawyer turned at Yuki. “Oh, you’re awake, Yuki? Yeah, I’m leaving early today. I forgot I left my files at the office, and I have to make a summary for my presentation tomorrow. ”
     The older girl letting out a sigh as she put her blanket aside and got up from her bed. She came closer and hugged Mayu from behind. She put her chin on Mayu’s shoulder while enveloping her arms around her body. Together, they stared at their reflection in the mirror. The lawyer soon found herself surrounded by Yuki’s warmth.
     “You’re working too hard, Mayu. You’re going to get sick easily.” Yuki said with a sigh.
     Her girlfriend responded by taking Yuki’s hand up and brought it closer to her chest, as if wanting the older girl to feel her heartbeat.
     “Don't worry, I’ll take a good rest and stay healthy.”
     “You don't look healthy enough for me. You're losing weight, I can see that."
     Mayu didn't answer to that. She knew Yuki was right.
     "Anyway, I didn't hear you coming home last night. What time did you arrive?” Yuki asked.
     “Around twelve.”
     Mayu felt the hug on her become tighter.
     “.... I miss you, Mayu.” Yuki whispered.
     That words strike Mayu right on her chest. “I know. I'm sorry. I miss you too, Yuki. I will make it up to you later, I promise-”
     “No, it's okay. I don't ask anything from you. I know your job is very important. Just promise me, don't knock yourself out too hard, okay? Npw you're making me worried everyday.”
     Mayu smiled. “I used to be the who was always more worried about you, Yuki, every time I saw you fighting someone. But look at us now, now you’re the one who is more worried about me. Now you know how I felt back then, Yuki?”
     Yuki frowned. “Tck, okay. But you’re still pretty much wrong about something.”
     “Oh yeah? What is it?”
     “That you were not the one who always worried about me. Even then, I have always worried about you, ever since we first met. When you stole my purse that day, and I saw you wearing that necklace, I was already worried about you, you Little Thief.”
     “Ah! You’re right. Hehe~”
     “And talking about your failed attempt to steal my purse back then, I also have an interesting story to share with you. Two days ago, I met someone who really looks like you. I mean, not physically looks like you, but she acts like you.”
     “Really? Who is she? And where do you meet her?”
     “Her name is Oguri Yui. I met her near the subway station. She was wearing her seifuku uniform. I think she’s around the same age with you when we first met, maybe even younger. And guess what? She stole my purse.”
     “Oh! And what happened then? Did you manage to catch her?”
     “Yes, I chased her and I managed to catch her. I then scolded her and threatened her a bit, and then I let her go. Kinda similar with my treatment to you back then.”
     “Really? Hm. Not interesting enough for me. It’s not uncommon to see a high schooler become a thief or pickpocket in this big city, you know. There are many of them out there.”
     Yuki smiled while keep putting her chin on Mayu’s shoulder, and enveloping her arms around her. “Yeah but I’m still not finished yet. So last night, I met that school girl again. And I caught her red handed again, stealing a purse from someone else. So I caught her and this time I took her to Eikura-san.”
     “Ow! Yuki, you really took her to the police station?”
     “Nope. I just made a phone call to Eikura-san and asked her to come to the subway station. And then Eikura scolded that girl and gave her a lecture for an hour. It revealed she had been doing it for quite some time, stealing, pickpocketing, shoplifting. Eikura didn't arrest her though, instead she gave her a punishment to help guarding the streets for a month.”
     Eikura is a female police officer whom Yuki and Mayu befriended ever since they came to Tokyo. Yuki become friends with Eikura after she helped her chasing and catching some criminals back then. And until now Yuki still liked to help her sometimes. Whenever Yuki encountered and caught a criminal or bad guys, Yuki would handed them to Eikura. From then on, Yuki and Eikura become good friends. And coincidentally, Eikura was also originating from Kagoshima.
     After listening to the story, Mayu made a remark. “Hm, now that’s interesting. I want to meet this girl.”
     “Oh, you can meet her everyday for a month now in the subway station. She’ll be doing a police duty there as her punishment.”
     “Fufufu. If I were her, I prefer you giving me a spank instead of a punishment like that.”
     “Well, I prefer letting someone else do it to her instead of doing it myself. But yes, she really needs someone to spank her.” Yuki chuckled.
     “That’s true. Hm... Let's just hope she will find someone…” Mayu paused as she stared into Yuki’s eyes in the mirror. ”….Someone who can protect her and guide her, so that she won't make mistake in the future.”
     At that moment, Yuki stopped and also stared at Mayu upon hearing the seriousness in her tone.
     Someone like you for me. Yuki, have I told you just how much I feel so lucky for having you? Have I told you that I’m so lucky for meeting you that day? Hadn't I decided to steal your purse that day, my life would’ve have ended up so differently today, and I wouldn't have been the person that I am now. And all those spankings and punishments you gave to me, it just made me become a better person. Thank you, Yuki. Mayu thought to herself.
     They continued staring at each other’s reflection in the mirror, until finally Mayu broke their hug.
     “Sorry, I’m going to be late.” Mayu said while removing Yuki’s arms from her.
     Mayu then turned to her closet to select her clothes. She stared into it for a moment and let out a sigh.
     “I think I need to buy more clothes this weekend. I need to upgrade my closet. Look,” the lawyer said as she pointed ar her clothes. “They’re still screaming ‘Hello I’m Mayuyu the cute little Cyborg!’ Haha~ And why do I still keep those hoodies anyway?”
     Mayu grabbed several hoodies from the hanger. Those hoodies used to be her favorite outfits in the past. There are several different colors of them, pink, red, white, and blue.
     Mayu was about to put those hoodies into a trash bag, but Yuki stopped her.
     “Hey, don't throw it away.”
     “Eh!? Why not!?”
     “Because it’s your signature hoodies. You look so cute wearing them.”
     “Yeah, but I’m not a high school girl anymore. I'm a devil’s advocate remember?”
     Yuki smiled. “Yes, yes, you are, Mayu. But I would love to see you wearing them again sometimes. Seeing you in that hoodies always reminds me to the day of our first encounter. You were wearing that pink hoodies when we first met, six years ago.”
     “Ow, Yuki, you still remember it? I don't even remember what you were wearing that day.”
     Yuki poked Mayu’s nose. “That’s because you didn't have eyes on me back then, while I already had my eyes on you.”
     “Ah, that’s sweet. But I remember thinking you were very beautiful back then, though I was more like hating you because you threatened to send me to the juvenile prison.” Mayu said chuckling as she put the hoodies back into the closet. “Anyway, I still need to go shopping this weekend. Can you come with me?”
     “Of course, why do you even have to ask?” Yuki said furrowing her brows.
     “Well, just in case you already have a plan.”
     Yuki smiled. “I don’t have a plan. And you know I’m not the busiest person in this house. Oh wait!” Yuki suddenly remembered something. “We already invited Jurina and Rena for a lunch this weekend.”
     “Oh yeah, I forgot! When is it? Saturday or Sunday?”
     “Then we can go shopping on Sunday.”
     Mayu then picked a brown suit and began to change her clothes while Yuki went into the bathroom.
     After that, they went to the kitchen and prepared their breakfast. Yuki made a rice omelette with sausage and vegetables, and a green smoothie for Mayu.
     “Yuck!” Mayu sounded as Yuki put the green smoothie in front of her.
     “You need to stay healthy.” Yuki said with a smile.
     Mayu shrugged and continued eating her omurice.
     “Hey, why is there so much egg shells in this omelette? Yuki, really, I shouldn't let you cook for me next time. You still suck at cooking. You can’t even break an egg properly.”
     Yuki grinned sheepishly. “Hehe~ Sorry, I’ll do better next time.”
     Mayu smiled. “No, I’m just kidding. I love your cooking, Yuki. Anyway, why are you still working in that convenience store? Didn't I tell you to quit?”
     “Well, I’m a bit lonely here with you working 16 hours a day. I need something to ease my boredom.”
     “Okay. How about joining a street-fighting club again? I rarely see you fighting nowadays. Maybe that can ease your boredom.”
     “Mm...Nope. Unless you or Sasshi come with me, I will never want to go to that kind of place again.” Yuki said making a face, upon which Mayu snickered.
     “Alright. Just do anything you want to do. As long as I find you lying right beside me every night, I won't mind what you do.”
     Mayu then got up from her chair and grabbed her briefcase, getting ready to leave. ”I’ll send you message later, Yuki. Ittekimasu.”
     “Itterasshai.” Yuki replied as they kissed each other goodbye, and she watched Mayu left the house.

     Yuki let out a sigh as she sat back in the dining room and finished her breakfast. Her shift in the convenience store would start later in the afternoon, and she still had five hours more to spend before going for work. And Yuki didn't know what to do until then. Now it's been a month since they moved into this new apartment. And most often Yuki would find herself sitting alone and feeling lonely without Mayu in these empty, spacious rooms.
     Yuki knew Mayu’s been working so hard recently, ever since she was accepted as a junior associate in this big law firm. Mayu often arrived very early to her office, and left very late at night. And even at home, Yuki often found Mayu waking up at 3 or 4 AM to read or write something. And Yuki wondered, what kind of work hours is that? That’s kinda crazy. But then again, her job paid really well, and Mayu said all her colleagues also worked so many hours a day.
     Back in high school, Mayu was never a morning person. But now she has become one and even beat Yuki to be the first person to wake up in the morning. While Yuki now seemed to be a bit more relaxed and sleep longer than Mayu. Yuki had a lot of free time now, which allowed her to start enjoying her life more.
     But today she found herself feeling bored again. Not knowing what else to do, Yuki then went into their training room and began exercising. The room had a punching bag, treadmill, and other stuffs. Mayu had arranged this small room so that they could workout together, though Mayu had rarely used it due to her being very busy.
     After changing into a sweating clothes, Yuki began to stretch and warm up herself. And then she put on her gloves and started punching and kicking the punching bag. She punched and kicked it repeatedly, slowly at first. And then she began to punch it harder and faster, over and over. And her body began to be drenched in sweat upon exerting all her strength like that.
     However, a few minutes later, she found herself hugging the punching bag instead, and her lips pouting. She was feeling….bored. And lonely too.

     Mayu, I miss you.
     I really, really miss you.
     It's been so long since I had you wake up on the bed next to me.
     It’s been so long since we cuddled each other before bed time.
     Sometimes it gets so crazy, living life from day to day like this.
     And all of my days are kind of lonely now.
     How I wish you were here with me all the time.

     I can't wait till we could spend some time alone.
     I wanna feel your touch.
     It's what I need so much.
     I wanna make sweet love to you all night.
     And I'll hold your body tight.
     And I can't wait until that moment comes.
     When it's you and me in each other's arms again.

     Yuki kept hugging the punching bag tightly, as if wanting to kiss it and smooch it.

[A/N: I had a good laugh imagining Yuki, or anyone actually, hugging a punching bag and feeling oh-so lonely like that  :lol: ]


Saturday afternoon.

     Mayu and Yuki were busy preparing lunch in their dining room. Both were cladded in nice clothes and aprons. Yuki insisted to do the cooking while Mayu cleaning and preparing the table. Their dishes today are quite a lot. There’s meat with sauce spaghetti (Jurina’s favorite), fried karaage (Mayu’s favorite), sashimi, shabu-shabu, and salad. Mayu had also bought pastries and melonpans (Rena’s favorite) from the bakery shop earlier. Any kinds of fruit were also served including Yuki’s favorite, watermelon.
     “Why aren't they here yet? Have you contacted Jurina?” Yuki asked as she took off her apron and walked to her girlfriend.
     “They’re on the way. Jurina said she had to do something in her office.”
     “Oh, seems like you two have more thing in common now.” Yuki said.
     “What is it?”
     “You both are workaholic.”
     “Hm, you got your point, Yuki.”

     The two sat on the living room while waiting their friends to arrive.
     Not long after, the bell rang.
     “Ah, that must be them!”
     Yuki was about to go to the door, but she was stopped by Mayu.
     “No, stay. I’ll open the door.” Mayu said as she got up and walked to the door.
     As the door opened, it revealed a lovely WMatsui couple holding hands with each other, with a huge smile plastered on their faces. Jurina was wearing a casual clothes, while Rena wore a shades, gloves, masker, and a black long coat with the hood over her head. She needed to dress like that in order to protect her from the sunshine.
     “Hey, buddies! We’ve been waiting for you.” Mayu said smiling wide.
     “Come on in, Rena!” Mayu said.
     Rena and Jurina then stepped into the room. Jurina, being a gentleman, she let Rena to enter first. As soon as Rena crossed the door, Jurina unsuspectingly took her step and followed suit.
     But just then, something really strange happened, surprising everyone. Jurina’s body was smashed against something and bouncing off from the door, despite the door being opened wide. There was a loud thud when Jurina hit the unseen shield that was surrounding Mayu’s apartment.
     Everyone was staring at Jurina while Jurina stared at Mayu. It took a few seconds before they all realized what just happened.
     “Mayu, you forgot to say your invitation for me.” Jurina grumbled.
     The young lawyer chuckled. “Oh, no, I didn't forget, J.”
     “What!? So you did it on purpose!? You invited Rena in, but not me?”
     Nod. Nod. Mayu nodded with a smile.
     At that time Yuki and Rena were staring confusedly at Mayu. They didn't know what was happening and why Mayu didn't let Jurina in. But they didn't say anything and decided to watch while things progressed before their eyes.
     Jurina then pleaded. “Errr… Okay, I admit your joke is funny. I really didn't see that coming. It was a good joke, really. And you have a good sense of humor. Now would you please let me in?”
     Mayu stepped closer into the door, but still maintained herself behind the doorstep, and out of Jurina’s reach.
     “I will let you in, Jurina. But only in one condition.”
     Jurina frowned. “What is it?” She began to feel annoyed. There’s something really fishy with this little Cyborg.
     “I want you to apologize for kissing me that day in the cafe. You kissed me without my permission, in front of Yuki and Rena. You have to apologize to me and to them. And promise me you won't do that again, Jurina.”
     Jurina stared at Mayu, with a disbelief look in her eyes.
     “Because it's not a sin. And I’m not guilty. And I won't promise anything to you either.”
     “Hm… Okay then, I will just let you stay there, until you apologize.” Mayu shrugged and turned her back at Jurina.
     “Come on, Yuki, Rena, let’s go to the dining room and enjoy the meal.” Mayu said to Yuki and Rena, and started walking to the dining room.
     Rena was hesitating at first, her eyes turned from Mayu to Jurina and back to Mayu. But Mayu sent a wink at her, so then she complied.
     While Yuki just smirked upon seeing Mayu’s act. She knew Mayu didn't really want to embarrass Jurina or something. She just wanted to tease Jurina a bit. And it’s understandable because in the past Jurina also had played and teased Mayu a lot. A little payback surely won't hurt.


     “Hey, Mayu, come on, let me in, will you!?” Jurina shouted from the outside.
     Mayu then shifted her chair a bit so that she could take a peek at Jurina from the dining room. “Not until you apologize, Ju!”
     The young vampire made a face while standing outside, in front of the door. The door was opened wide but Jurina couldn't see her friends because the living room and the dining room was separated by a section of wall. She could only catch a glimpse of Mayu peeping her from there.
     “Mayu, this isn't fair! Rena did kiss Yuki too!” Jurina shouted.
     “Yeah, but you’re the one who initiated the kiss. And Rena just did it because she was angry at you. You made everyone angry, Jurina. You should apologize!” Mayu shouted back as she shifted her chair back. “And besides, Rena here already apologized to Yuki too, right Rena-chan?” The lawyer winked secretly at Rena.
    The vampire was aware of Mayu’s antic as she then glanced at Yuki. “Oh yeah, right! Yuki, I’m sorry for kissing you earlier! I won't do that again, I promise!” Rena voiced out loud so that Jurina could hear her.
     Yuki couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. Rena seemed to be very playful at that moment. She even played along with Mayu and teamed up with her to tease her own girlfriend.
     “See? Rena already apologized here! Now it’s your turn, Jurina! Say you’re sorry!” Mayu voiced again. This time without looking at Jurina.
     “No!” Jurina resisted. “I won't apologize! I didn't do anything wrong!”
     Mayu let out a sigh. “Tck! Stubborn little vampire. Go stay there for as long as you want! I won't invite you in until you say sorry!”
     “No way! I’m never gonna say I’m sorry!”
     “Come on Jurina, say you're sorry! It’s just one word! Say it! It’s really not that hard!” Mayu kept on teasing.
     But still, Jurina resisted. Being a player and a kissing-monster, Jurina never said sorry after she kissed someone. She was born to be like that. It was the essence of her soul. And she would never say sorry for that.
     “Just say sorry, Jurina! You’re ridiculous! Don't act like a clown!” Mayu laughed.
     “Tck! And so what if I act like a clown? I’m always a clown for everyone!” Jurina retorted.
     “Okay then, I’ll just leave you there and I won't talk to you again until you say sorry!” Mayu said.
     “Fine! Who needs you to invite me in anyway!” Jurina retorted again.
     Everyone then went silent. And there, Jurina stood on the hallway outside Mayu’s apartment room. She leaned her back on the wall and crossed her arms while staring at the opened door, waiting for Mayu to invite them.
     No one seemed to be willing to surrender or compromise. Mayu and Jurina both were very stubborn and they refused to admit their defeat. Just like Yuki and Acchan. Or Yuki and Rena, in the past.

     Jurina kept waiting patiently in front of the door. And finally, half an hour later, Mayu appeared at the front door with a pout on her lips.
     “Tck! Okay, you win. Come on in, Jurina!” Mayu said and gestured Jurina in.
     “Yataaaaaaaaa!!!” Jurina pumped her fist in the air and smiled in victory. She then stepped into the room, and walked with her chest puffed like a proud man.
     “Hm…. Nice home you got here, Mayu. I’m guessing your job pays off really well.” Jurina spoke as she let her eyes roamed around inside the room.
     “Yeah. Thanks.”
     Jurina continued observing the inside of Mayu’s home. She approached and observed the cabinets, cupboards, ornaments, figurines, bookshelves, and plasma TV.
     “Nice collection, Mayu.” Jurina said as she stared at the manga and DVD collection and the figurine sets.

     Suddenly Jurina’s eyes landed upon something, and her eyes widened in shock.
     “Hey, what’s this!?” Jurina voiced as she picked up that thing from the floor. And her expression is similar like this (click here).

     “Hm, F cup. Must be Yuki’s, huh? I never knew she likes pink. I thought she only likes black.” Jurina squinted her eyes and stared ridiculously at Mayu. She looked down again and picked another stuff. A panties, with the same color with the previous object.
     “Oh my God, you were doing ‘that’ here?” Jurina voiced out loud.
     Mayu’s cheeks flushed heavily. She quickly snatched the two objects from Jurina’s hand.
     “Don’t act innocent, Jurina! You and Rena are doing ‘that’ too everywhere!” Mayu retorted.
     “Hm, yeah, you’re right. Wait, let me look for your undies, Mayu.” Jurina kneeled and crouched down near the sofa, and grabbed something from under it. “Found it! Oh it's purple! Nice!”
     “Give me that.” Again, Mayu took the objects from Jurina’s hand. “Thanks.”
     “Haha! You’re welcome, Mayu.”
     “Come on, let’s have our meal now. We’re all hungry.”

     Mayu and Jurina then went to the dining room.
     Yuki and Rena seemed to be talking about something, and the two were smiling at each other in a friendly way.
     “Hey, what are you talking about? Seems like you’re enjoying each other company here, huh?” Jurina teased the two raven-haired ladies.
     Yuki turned to Jurina and her expression changed from friendly to snappy. “No, we’re just talking about the weather,” she said while squinting her eyes on Jurina.
     “Hm, it seems you’re still mad at me because I kissed Mayu in front of you. Well, I’m sorry to say, yeah, sorry not sorry.” Jurina said shrugging as she took a seat beside Rena.
     Yuki intensified her stare at Jurina. “Not only that. Mayu said you were kissing her behind my back, while we're still in Shizuoka.”
     “Oh, Mayu told you that?” Jurina glanced at Mayu. “Well, we were just playing games and having bets, and Mayu lost. That’s all.” Jurina said shrugging again.
     The raven girl just smirked. “Jurina, you think I’m mad because you stole kisses from my girlfriend? No, you’re wrong. I’m mad because of something else.”
     “Oh, yeah? What’s that?”
     “I’m not telling you. If you’re smart enough then you must’ve been able to figure it out yourself.” Yuki said as she took her eyes from Jurina and then went silent.
     Others were also silent upon seeing Yuki and Jurina’s interaction. While Mayu didn’t have anything against Rena right now, it seemed that Yuki still have a strong dislike towards Jurina. It can’t be helped though. Jurina had done so many evil things to Yuki, Mayu, and other hunter girls in the past. And she did it intentionally and consciously. While Rena just did it because she was kind of brainwashed and she thought it was the right thing to do, to avenge Shinoda’s death on the hunter girls.
     Mayu then decided to be the arbitrator and break the tension. “Come on guys, don’t be sulky! Let’s enjoy our meal now! Look, we have everyone’s favourite here. Meat with sauce spaghetti, chicken karaage, melonpan, and watermelon. Look! It’s delicious!”
     Jurina eyed the food suspiciously. “Oh yeah? Who cooked it?”
     “Yuki.” Mayu answered.
     “Oh, man! Mayu, you go taste them first!” Jurina glanced at Mayu.
     “Taste them first for me. I don’t want to get poisoned after this.”
     “Hey, watch your tongue!” Yuki shoot up from her chair.
     “Jurina, please don’t be rude. We’re guests here.” Rena calmed her partner down.
     “Yeah, right,” said Jurina.
     “Now apologize to Yuki.” Rena commanded.
     “Okay, I’m sorry, Yuki.” Jurina complied.
     Mayu let out a huff and then clapped her hands in front of her.
     “Well then, let’s eat. Itadakimasu!”

     “This is delicious!” Rena said smiling.
     “Yeah, Yuki’s cooking is getting better now.” Mayu replied also smiling.
     “Hm, I will say edible, at least.” Jurina chuckled. No one knew why she kept trying to get under Yuki’s skin.
     But now Yuki knew not to fall into Jurina’s trap. She preferred to stay cool and calm. “Thank you for compliment Jurina.” Yuki said calmly.
     “Sorry Yuki, I’m just kidding. Your cooking is delicious. Really.” Jurina said with a smile.
     “Anyway, so, how are you doing, Mayu? Any interesting cases you’re currently working on?”
     “Hmm… Not many. I’ve been only working for four months in the company. For most of the small cases, they assign me to handle the cases alone. But for the big cases, they assign me to work with senior partners. I mostly work on criminal cases.” Mayu explained.
     “Hm, can I consult you about something? I think my tax lawyer is not doing his job well. But I don’t understand legal matter and accounting. Maybe you can help me.”
     “I’m not really into tax law, but let’s see what I can do.”
     “Okay, thanks. I will send you email later.”
     “Sure, but you have to remember one thing, Jurina. Nothing I write to you will be legal advice. I can help you with the suggestion, but you still have to go for legal advice from your lawyer.”

     After finishing their meal, they went to the living room. Mayu and Jurina were having a discussion about law, company business, and such. Mayu showed Jurina some articles and magazines about law, and she gave Jurina some of her insight. Mayu had recently subscribed for monthly law magazines and it helped her to stay up to date.

     While Yuki and Rena just sat next to each other on the sofa. Yuki then felt she needed to talk about something to Rena and she decided to have a private talk with her.
     “Rena, let’s leave these two gentlemen alone and come with me to the kitchen.” Yuki said. “I need your help with the dishes.”
     Rena nodded and followed Yuki to the kitchen.
     As they washed the dishes together, Yuki began to talk.
     “Rena, how are you?”
     “Me? I’m fine of course. Other than having occasional bad dreams. But overall, I’m fine.”
     “You’re still having those bad dreams?”
     “Yeah. But it’s not really disturbing anymore. I still can have enough sleep.”
     “Oh. That’s good.” Yuki said.
     They both were silent for a moment as they continued washing the dishes.
     After a moment, Yuki shut off the water valve and turned her face at Rena.
     “Rena, I want to ask you something more private. If that’s okay with you.”
     “Go on.”
     “How is your relationship with Jurina? Is she… Is she treating you right?” Yuki stared deeply at Rena. Her eyes looked concerned.
     The vampire was a little taken aback. She didn’t expect Yuki to ask something like that.
     “Well… Jurina and I, we’re doing fine too…” Rena said hesitantly. “And she’s treating me good. Why are you asking me this?”
     Yuki let out a sigh. “Because I think you deserve more from her, Rena. I’m...I’m sorry if you’re not comfortable with this conversation.” Yuki then said upon seeing Rena a bit fidgeting.
     “No, it’s okay.”
     Yuki then faced Rena again. “Rena, I just want to say this to you. If you need someone to talk, about anything, just remember that you can always talk to me. You can call me and visit me anytime.” Yuki said reassuringly.
     Rena didn’t answer it, only nodded.
     Yuki smiled at her, and Rena smiled back.
     At that moment, Yuki suddenly felt the urge to hug Rena.
     She suddenly felt a deep affection for this vampire. And no, it’s not a sexual one. It’s more like a sincere affection between close friends, or sisters. Now Yuki felt as if Rena was her long-lost sister.
     And it’s kinda crazy for Yuki to think of Rena like this. Back in their old days, they used to fight each other in a very brutal and violent way, to the point of almost killing each other. Rena used to think of Yuki as her toy, or her punching bag to be exact. And Yuki used to think of Rena as her greatest enemy after Lord Shinoda died. Now everything had changed and they’ve come in a very good term. Yuki thought that whatever Rena had done in the past, the vampire deserved a second chance, and an opportunity to redeem herself. And Yuki knew Rena would do anything to prove it. Now, if they asked Rena to jump into a battle and to die sacrificing herself, then Rena would definitely do it without hesitation.

     “Hey, do you girls need our help?” Mayu asked as she and Jurina entered the kitchen and saw their partners were busy washing dishes.j
     “Err… How about you and Jurina hang those paintings to the wall and install some DIY shelf here? Also, there is a broken lamp on the terrace. Can you fix them?” requested Yuki.
     Jurina immediately rolled up her sleeves. “Men’s job. I love it. Where is the toolbox?”
     Yuki stared at Jurina and let out a snicker upon seeing her act. Sometimes Jurina can behave like a good girl (or boy) too.
     “There, inside the cabinet.” Yuki pointed.
     “Okay, let’s do it, Mayu. Oh wait, I have to drink my pill first.” Jurina said as she took out a jar of pills from her jacket. It was the sunlight antidote which enabled her to walk under the sunlight.
     After that, Jurina and Mayu then found themselves heavily indulged in the so-called men’s job, setting the paintings on the wall, installing DIY shelf, and replacing the broken lamp.
     The two humans and two vampires then continued spending their time together until the night fell. They talked about anything. They talked about their past, their present, and their future. They talked about their friends, old friends and new friends. And after they grew tired of talking, they then decided to play some games. Jurina wanted to play a pocky game, but of course Yuki opposed to it since she didn’t want to see Mayu getting kissed by Jurina again in front of her. They then chose to play Yamanote Line game, no laughing game, and pin-pon-pan game. Rena and Mayu ended up getting drunk because they're the ones who were losing most often, and they were forced to drink the sake each time they lost.
     And so that night, those four people felt the bond between them getting stronger, and the trust between them began to grow as well. No matter what had happened to them in the past, they will definitely help each other out now, and in the future, and will protect each other from any danger.




Oguri Yui will make a debut in the next chapter. Yaaay!!  :yossi:

And also it's revealed that Yuki wasn't only mad because Jurina stole kisses on Mayu. Yuki was mad more because Jurina wasn't loyal to Rena and was cheating on her by kissing other people.

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Hello! A fast update again!
In this chapter, we will have the first fight scene ever in this Season 3. It will be Kashiwagi Yuki versus Oguri Yui and her friends. And of course, I don't need to tell you who's going to win the fight.  :lol:

I’m also planning to make a debut for Ogino Yuka and other NGT48 girls, but that will have to wait until few chapters more.



Tokyo. September 2017.

     It had been five months since Watanabe Mayu began to work in this law firm, and it was a five months of hellish hell for the young lawyer. She spent one full month studying hard for the bar exam, which she managed to pass successfully. And then she spent the rest of the months handling a lot of tasks, cases, lawsuits and clients that were assigned to her by the firm. Her daily rhythm only revolved around her apartment, her office, her clients’ offices, and the courts. She barely had time for leisure or to do anything else. She barely had time for Yuki. She barely even had time for herself. But of course, Mayu had already expected this before, even long before she entered this law firm.

     ‘Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu’ was known to be one of the Big Four law firms in Japan. It has almost 800 employees and 400 attorneys working from their offices in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore. Just like any other big firms, its major practice area was general practice. They handled everything from criminal law, civil law, tax law, human rights law, corporate law, international law, etc.

     Everyone in the law firm worked in a very long hours, almost around the clock. And Mayu found herself competing with other apprentices and junior associates in delivering their jobs and giving their best performance. She arrived early at the office, and only reached home late at night. She even spent some Saturday at the office. And whenever she had free time at home she would spend it for reading news, studying legal cases, and watching footages of trials in courts. She had no time to rest.

     Mayu did fall sick several times during this period, but fortunately nothing was serious. All she needed to get back to her feet was a full day of sleeping and procrastinating in her bed. Yuki was always worried about this, but there's nothing she can do or change about Mayu’s working habit. Being a very understanding person, she didn't ask a lot of Mayu’s time for her. Mayu was busy and Yuki knew that.

     There were several occasions when Mayu and Yuki went out for a date, either to a cinema or a concert. And then Yuki would find Mayu sleeping on her seat during the whole times, instead of watching the performance. And then Yuki would have to piggyback Mayu home. After that, Yuki never asked Mayu to go out for a date anymore. Instead she just let the younger girl decide on what they’re going to do on the weekend. And most of the times, they would just spend their weekend procrastinating and cuddling in their bed for the whole day.

     Yuki had asked Mayu once, whether she was planning to spend the rest of her life working so hard like this. Eventhough the firm paid very well, Yuki could not imagine Mayu to continue working like this till they get old. She was worried that Mayu would burn herself out by the time she retired.

     The answer from Mayu was quite reassuring though. Mayu said she didn't plan to work in the big firm for a long time. She wasn't interested in the money anymore. Now she was more interested in building her own firm although it meant she would have to do it from scratch. Mayu planned to quit the firm after saving enough money, probably after a couple years, and then started her own small firm. That was what Mayu wanted to do in the future.

     But for now, Mayu knew she needed to gain a lot of experiences first by working in this big firm, and to save a lot of money to secure their financial. And working in this big firm was proven to be very advantageous for Mayu. She made a lot of new friends, colleagues and clients, handling a lot of interesting cases and lawsuits, and getting a lot of new experiences.

     Everyone in the office was very interesting. And after working together with them for several months, Mayu had started to learn something more about them. Sakai Masato, the international cross-border lawyer, was a family man with a beautiful wife and two children. While Sakurai Sho, the tax lawyer, also had a side job as a celebrity and media personality. He was the only one in his generation who graduate with a double degree: an economic degree from Keio University, and a law degree from Meiji University. His striking good look and bright personality had made him become very popular in the country. He even had his own television program which aired weekly during primetime, the “TAX SHO: Talk Tax with Sho”, a program which people can ask and consult about tax law with the lawyer.

     Sakai and Sakurai were the two interviewers who had interviewed Mayu earlier. The other being Sawajiri Erika, the civil and human right lawyer. Mayu didn't have anything to say about Sawajiri, other than recognizing her as the most demanding and intimidating person in the office. Sawajiri was a very good lawyer who put integrity, work-ethics, and professionalism above anything else. But there was also a rumour about Sawajiri and her tendency to have the hots for her younger colleagues, mostly females. Whether the rumour was true or not, Mayu had never taken it seriously and she still held an utmost respect for Sawajiri.

     There were several occasions when Mayu was assigned as a member of Sawajiri’s team, and she had to work together with her. And then some of Mayu’s colleagues told her that Sawajiri seemed to have an eyes on her. At that time Mayu decided to just brush it off, and pretend to be oblivious of it. She didn't want to get any trouble from Sawajiri, and she already had a very loyal girlfriend too. There’s no reason for Watanabe Mayu to play with fire now and thus risk her relationship with her girlfriend.

     But the closest relationship Mayu had in the office was probably with Takenaka Naoto, her mentor and supervisor. For all junior associates that was newly recruited in this firm, each of them was provided a mentor/supervisor. And Mayu’s mentor was Takenaka Naoto, an eccentric 55-years-old man who has been working as a prosecutor for 15 years, and a criminal defense lawyer for another 17 years.

     Takenaka was a very interesting person. He had a taste for swing jazz and classical music. He has married two times, and divorced two times. From each marriage he had one child, a boy and a girl. Mayu spent her time a lot with Takenaka, working together in several cases and criminal lawsuits. And from there, Mayu learned that Takenaka was also quite a pervert, which made Mayu become easily related with him because he reminded her to her Oshiri Sister. When they were having lunch together, Mayu noticed how Takenaka would steal a glance from time to time, and stare secretly at a random pretty girl or beautiful woman who happened to walk past them. It was quite amusing for Mayu to witness that. While Takenaka also quickly grew fond of Mayu because Mayu never showed any sign of disapproval against his pervertness.

     Takenaka was assigned to be Mayu’s mentor because his field of expertise was criminal law. Although it seemed at first that Takenaka was a bit sceptical about Mayu’s preference for criminal law. Just like Sakai said, most of female lawyers didn't favor criminal law to be their first choice. It needed a lot of courage and patience to deal with the worst of people: criminals, drunk people, drugs dealer, gangster, and yakuza. However, over the course of time, Mayu proved herself to be very competent and she slowly gained Takenaka’s trust and favour in her.


     One day Mayu and Takenaka were attending a trial and representing their client at the court. At lunch break, Mayu and Takenaka went to have a lunch in a nearby restaurant.
     Takenaka then spoke while they were eating dessert. “Mayu-chan. I’m gonna tell you something.”
     “You choose criminal law because you think it’s intriguing to work as a criminal lawyer right? Don't you think it’s dangerous?”
     “Hm. Maybe. But not as a dangerous as a cop, I think.” Mayu said shrugging as she took a spoonful of ice cream and put it into her mouth.
     “That's right, Mayu. But even so, most people still think being a prosecutor or a criminal lawyer is dangerous, because they have to deal with criminals. They mostly think a convicted person will hold a grudge against their prosecutors or lawyers, and will attack them as a revenge. It’s reasonable to think like that. But from my experience, that's not actually true. There's something that is contrary to those belief, and not many people know that.”
     “Really? What is it?”
     Takenaka leaned forward, putting his elbows on the table and placing his hands under his chin. He then squinted his eyes and stared at Mayu.
     “Let me ask you a question first, Mayu-chan. Assume you are a prosecutor or a judge who had just sentenced someone to a prison. Which one do you think will most likely to hold a grudge on you? An ordinary felon? Or an elite member of yakuza and mafia? Which one you do fear the most, Mayu?”
     “Yakuza and mafia, of course.” Mayu answered without thinking.
     “You see Mayu, contrary to what you believe, yakuza and mafia rarely attack law officers and law-enforcement officers. The reason is, they have a consensus for it.”
     “A consensus?”
     “Yeah. Killing law officers will violate a long-standing rule amongst the yakuza and mafia. If they do it, the backlash from the rival yakuza clans or other mafia families will be severe. Not to mention, the law enforcement will take more drastic approach towards them if they dare to mess with the law officers.”
     “Oh, I see. How about the ordinary felons? What will they think of their prosecutor?”
     Takenaka let out a smirk. “Well, let’s imagine I am a felon. After I finish serving my sentence, what do you think I will do? Taking my revenge on my prosecutor? And then get punished more severely later? Come on! I must be very stupid to do that! If I’m going to take my revenge, I will prefer to do that to the witness or the families or friends of my victim, because they were the ones who testified against me. I may hold a personal grudge towards them, but not to my prosecutor or judge.”
     “Hm, that's right. But you were only talking about prosecutors. How about the lawyers?”
     “Well,” Takenaka paused for a moment. “Being a lawyer is a bit more vulnerable than a prosecutor.”
     “Really? But they defend the criminals, right? They’re doing the opposite job of prosecutors. The lawyers jobs should be safer than prosecutors, I think.”
     “You think?” Takenaka chuckled. “Mayu-chan, what I really meant to say is this. Convicted felons rarely hold a grudge against their prosecutors or judges even though they’re the one who sentenced them. They usually will think those people were just doing their jobs. However, there is a higher probability for a felon to hold a grudge against their defense lawyer if they think their lawyer messing up with them and not doing a good job in defending them. You should watch Robert De Niro’s movie, Cape Fear, then you’ll understand what I mean.”
     “Hm. You meant to say that being a prosecutor is safer than a lawyer?”
     Takenaka let out another smirk. “Actually, both profession are equally safe, unless…”
     “Unless, you mess with your clients by not doing your best to defend them, or you cross the border and do what you aren't supposed to do as a lawyer.”
     “And what am I not supposed to do?”
     “Playing a cop and taking their jobs.”
     “Oh yeah, sure. I wouldn't do that.”
     “Mayu, do you know the difference between the lawyer or prosecutor and the police officer?”
     “Of course. Police officers work to find the evidences and catch the criminals. Lawyers and prosecutors work to analyze those evidences and decide the punishment for the criminals if they are proven guilty.”
     “Yes, that’s the difference. Before the police officers finish their job, I can say we are not exist. So all we have to do is, let the cops do their job, and let’s do ours. Don't mess up with our work and their work. As long as you don't go messing up with anyone, or playing cops and taking their jobs, you’re safe.”
     Staring at the old man, Mayu furrowed her brows. “And why are you telling me this, old man? It’s like a basic lecture for a first-year law student.”
     Takenaka let out a chuckle. “Well, it's because I have a feeling you’re going to do something like that in the future.”
     Mayu shrugged. “Naaah, I won't do that! I’ll get beaten up by my partner if I dare playing cops and taking their jobs. Haha!”
     The old man just stared at Mayu and leaned back to his seat.
     “I have a close friend before. He was my roommate during our staying in the dormitory, and we always attended our classes together in college. But he died young. He died 20 years ago. ” Takenaka said with a rather dreamy eyes. The seriousness in his tone caused Mayu to stop eating and listened to him instead.
     Takenaka continued his words. “He was handling a case for a client, a young woman who is convicted for a murder. He believed his client was innocent, and then he went too far to help his client. He tried to find the evidence himself, and he succeeded. However, his action enraged the real culprit who then came and attacked him, injuring him badly. His client was then cleared from the charge, but unfortunately he couldn’t survive and died from his injury. He was playing cops and taking their jobs, and he paid it with his life.”
     “Oh, I’m…. I’m sorry to hear that.” Mayu didn't know what to say.
     “It's okay. I just want to share the story with you.” Takenaka said. “So, my advice is, just do your job, don't play cops, and don't get too personally or emotionally attached with your clients.”
     Mayu nodded.
     “Have you ever been attacked by someone, Takenaka-san?” she then asked.
     The old man shook his head. “Fortunately, no. Either as a prosecutor or a lawyer, I have never been attacked by anyone. One day I encountered someone whom I have given a sentence a long time ago. He had finished serving his sentence and got out from jail. And do you know what I did when I met him? I smiled at him, and then I greeted him and shook his hands. I could see how he was feeling awkward upon seeing me, which was understable because I was the one who sentenced him to prison. At first I thought he was going to attack me. However, he just greeted me back and accepted my handshake. Then I asked him how he’s been doing after getting out of jail. He replied that he had got a new job as a truck driver and now he’s living a clean life. And after that we ate ramen together in a food stall. And we had a friendly talk for an hour, as if we were long lost friend. He didn't seem to have a grudge on me. He probably thought I was just doing my job.” Takenaka finished his story.
     And Mayu was left stunned upon hearing that. “Wow. What a story, Takenaka-san.”
     “Yeah.” Takenaka glanced at his watch. “Ah, lunch break is almost over. Let's go, little girl.”
     “Yeah, let's go, old man.”
     The two then quickly headed back to the court.


In another corner of the city.

     “Otsukaresama deshita!”
     “Otsukaresama deshita!”
     Yuki said bowing a little to her manager and her workmates before leaving the convenience store. She had just finished her shift that day and was planning to go to the fish market and the grocery store that was located three stations away from the convenience store.
     It was still an hour before sunset, and Yuki wasn't in a hurry so she decided to not take the subway and just go by foot instead in order to kill time and enjoy the city view. Mayu would probably come home late at night again today, and therefore Yuki didn't feel the urge to go home early either.
     Yuki then walked slowly while trying to enjoy the city view. Passing by a highschool building complex, she found herself being swarmed by a large crowd of high school students who had just finished their activities and were exiting from the school gates, some of them riding bicycle.
     And just then, Yuki caught a familiar face staring at her from a distance while standing inside the school gate. Yuki was about to call out to that girl, but she already ran and disappeared from her sight.
     Upon seeing the girl runaway, Yuki then just shrugged it off and continued her trip to the fish market.
     After spending some time on the fish market and the grocery store, Yuki then walked home taking another route.

     The sun was almost set. Yuki stopped at a park to enjoy the view of the sunset. There were a lot of kindergarten kids playing around in that park. A ball rolled over and stopped near Yuki’s feet. She caught it and threw it back to those kids, and they said, “Arigatou, Neechan!”
     Yuki smiled at them and sat herself on a bench.
     A moment later, her phone rang and she quickly dug it out. She glanced at the caller ID, it was from her close friend, Sashihara Rino.
     “Moshi moshi!”
     [‘ Moshi moshi! Hey, Yuki! How are you? You know, I saw Mayu on the news today. She’s defending one of the Johnny boys in the trial! Man, your girlfriend has really made a name for herself now! She’s going to be a famous person in the future! ‘]
     Sasshi continued blabbering on the other side of the line, while Yuki just laughed upon hearing her words.
     “Yeah, she is! And she’s very busy too! She doesn't even have time to go out with me anymore!” Yuki chuckled.
     [‘ Awww! Yuki, are you saying you are lonely now? ‘]
     “I am actually. Everyday, she will leave when I’m still sleeping in bed, and will arrive home when I’m already asleep. And I don't have a lot things to do during the day, so it's pretty boring here. How are you and Rabutan?”
     [‘ Hm? Oh, we are fine here! Totally fine! Rabutan had been helping me a lot, handling the auto-shop. We also had bought a ship and we’re all having fun with it. We use the ship to catch fishes from the sea. ‘]
     “What? Are you a fisherman now? That’s cool, Sasshi!” Yuki laughed.
     [‘ Haha! Yeah! But we’re only doing it for fun! Sakura and Haruppi often come with me too, catching fishes! It’s really fun! ‘]
     “Hm, yeah, I can imagine that.” Yuki said smiling.
     [‘ Hey, if you feel bored there, just can come and visit me! You’ll be having fun here! There are so many loli girls, not to mention, the beaches are wonderful with all those girls in bikinis and stuff! It’s really fun!! ‘‘]
     “Haha!! Of course it’s fun for you, Sasshi!! I’m not doubting that!! And yeah, I will come and visit you later!”
     [‘ Anyway, are you still hunting vampire there? ‘]
     “Emm… Not really. There’s not much of them here. Only thugs, gangsters, and yankii.”
     [‘ Ah, same here too! But there’s a lot of shapeshifter here! Sometimes they caused trouble in town, but fortunately we have Sakura and Haruppi to help putting them back in their place. ‘]
    “Oh that’s good! Sakura must have been doing very well there, right? Tell her I miss her!”
     [‘ Okay! Ah, it’s Rabutan! I gotta go! Talk to you again later! Bye, Yuki! ‘]
     “Bye, Sasshi!”
     Yuki then hang up the call.

     The sun had already set a few minutes ago. The children had stopped playing and began to leave the park one by one. And finally, Yuki was left alone in the park. After a moment, she got up and was about to leave as well, when suddenly a bunch of schoolgirls appeared out of nowhere. They were still in their seifuku, and most of them had a baseball bat and chains in their hands.
     “Hey, what is this?” Yuki squinted her eyes and stared at them. Her eyes then landed upon a girl whose face was hidden beneath a baseball cap.
     “Oguri Yui, is that you!? Show me your face!”
     Yuki could see the girl was smirking as she removed her cap.
     “Yes, it’s me,” the girl spoke. “And I’m glad we can meet again, Kashiwagi Yuki san.”
     Yuki was silent for a moment. She then put her grocery bags on the bench while kept her eyes on those school girls. There were more than a dozen of them, and they were all making their steps closer towards Yuki.
     “So you’re mad after I took you to the police the other day, and now you want to get me, huh? You even bring your friends here. What are you? Bullies?” Yuki spoke out, feeling more like amused than annoyed.
     “Shut up! Do you know who we are? We’re going to tear you apart and teach you a lesson for sending our friend to the police!” said one of those girls.
     “Yeah! You shouldn't have done that! You dead meat!”
     “No one messes with us and goes without getting their ass kicked!”
     The taunting continued while Yuki just stared at them.
     There was a girl who were standing in front of Yuki, she swung her chain a bit too hard and accidentally hit her own leg. The girl shrieked in pain and Yuki couldn't help but smile upon seeing that. How clumsy. These girls were just a bunch of school kids who tried to act tough in front of everyone. And judging by how they acted, they're certainly not yankii. They’re just bullies, with bats and chains.
     “Oh, so you want to kick my ass? Do you think you can do that!? How old are you, kids? Fifteen? Sixteen?” she asked in a mocking tone.
     “Yeah, I am sixteen! And how old are you? Thirty? Pfffft!! Obaa~chan!” Oguri Yui said while sticking out her tongue.
     “Oh, look at that! You have a lot of wrinkles there! Baa~chan! Hahaha!”
     Yuki squinted her eyes, feeling a bit annoyed upon receiving the backlash. Do I really look that old? She thought while pouting.
     Biting her lips and taking a deep breath, Yuki then spoke.
     “Mmm…. Look, I don't want to fight you. How about we… talk? I mean, you can talk, and I will listen. Now put those things down, and let’s talk. Who knows maybe we can be friends?” she said while smiling as sweetly as she could.
     “Tck! Friends my ass!” Oguri retorted with a sneer.
     “We don't want to make friends with someone like you!”
     “A friend won't turn their friends in to a police officer! That’s uragirimono!”
     Yuki frowned again upon hearing those. And she wondered why always she failed when trying to persuade and negotiate with people. Mayu obviously could do better than her in this department.
     Yuki then changed her strategy. If a sweet smile doesn't work, then bluff and threaten them.
     “Look, I have a black belt in karate, aikido, judo, and taekwondo. I can send you altogether to the hospital if you keep insisting to attack me.” Yuki said while intensifying her glare, and trying to make herself look as threatening and intimidating as ever.
     “Tck! You don't scare us, Baa~chan!”
     Yuki couldn't help but pouting upon hearing that. And she wondered again, why she always failed when trying to bluff and threaten people. Sasshi obviously could do better than her in this department.
     Oguri then gestured her friends to move closer and began their assault.
     They swung their bats and chains at Yuki. The sound of wood and metal slashing through the air and clashing against the ground were echoing loudly. But of course, Yuki managed to dodge all those strikes effortlessly.
     “Girls, stop this! I don't want to hurt you!” Yuki spoke while maneuvering and dodging their attack.
     Upon seeing their hits missed, the girls get more annoyed and they began to attack Yuki more fiercely.
     Yuki then looked around to search for an escape. And after grabbing her grocery bags, she then made a run into an alley.
     “Hey, don't run!!” Oguri shouted.
     The school girls chased after Yuki, while kept shouting and making noise all along the way.
     Yuki ran fast along the alleys and made several turns in order to confuse and escape her pursuers. However, not long after she found herself being trapped from the two directions, forcing her to stop running.
     As Yuki turned, she saw those school girls were already swarming around her and blocking her way, in front and behind her. Now Yuki had no choice other than to fight them. Although she thought it was kinda silly for a grown-up woman like her to fight against a bunch of school girls. But then again, this might ease her boredom for a bit.
     “Hehe! Now you can’t run anywhere!” Oguri said mockingly.
     Gritting her teeth, Yuki spoke. “I’m warning you for the last time. Back off. Or you will regret this.”
     Yuki was ignored, however, and those school girls started attacking her again, more furiously than before. They swung their bats and chains again and again, forcing Yuki to take a few steps back every time she dodged them. Not only swinging their weapons, they also began punching and kicking Yuki. One of them managed to land a hit on Yuki’s back, causing Yuki to flinch a bit. At this point Yuki realized she was a bit overwhelmed and she needed to fight back. She then put her grocery bags on the ground and prepared herself to face her attackers.
     “Okay, kids. Let's settle this. And don't say I didn't warn you.” Yuki said while cracking her knuckles.

     Few minutes later.
     “Now, don’t speak so tough like you own everyone!! You’re still too early ten years before you can come and beat me down!” Yuki shouted while standing with her arms akimbo and her brows furrowed.
     Everyone except her was either lying on the ground bleeding from their wounds, or hiding behind a tree or a wall in another alley.
     Yuki then looked down at Oguri Yui as she parted her lips to speak again.
     “Oguri Yui, you have something to say now?”
     The said girl just looked up to her while still lying on the ground.
     “N-no!” Oguri said shivering. Her lips was bleeding and she had a few cuts and scratches on her arms.
     Yuki then reached out her hand and helped the girl up.
     After that, she ordered, “Turn around, Yui!”
     Oguri was confused. “What?”
     “Turn around, and bent over so that I can see your butt!” Yuki repeated her order.
     Oguri was still confused but she complied anyway because she feared Yuki would beat her up again. She then turned her back at Yuki and bent over. Her buttocks were practically facing Yuki.
     Yuki walked up to her. And then, surprisingly to everyone, Yuki raised her hand and brought it down upon Oguri’s butt, and began to spank the girl hard on her butt.
     “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Oguri winced in pain upon receiving those spanks. All her friends were also wincing upon seeing the scene and hearing those loud spanks.
     Yuki then stopped and made the girl turned around and stood upright again.
     Oguri was rubbing her butt in pain while staring at Yuki. Her lips quivered and her face looked as if she wanted to cry.
     “Now listen everyone, if I happen to see any of you stealing again, I will give each of you fifty spanks on your butt! Do I make myself clear?”
     Oguri and her friends all gave a nod while cowering in fear. And from the look on their faces, Yuki could tell these girl were really vexed after being beaten by the older girl.
     “Good! Now we’ve finished here. Goodbye, and catch you later, girls!” Yuki said as she grabbed her grocery bags and walked away from the place.




This fight scene between Yuki and the school girls was a homage/reference to a scene in Undercover! fic by AKB48couples. I hope he/she won't mind I’m copying a couple of sentences here. Click here if you want to read the fic. And why do I keep making a homage/reference like this? Well, because I like those fics and I want to make a homage to them. But of course, a lot of other parts/sentences in my fics are written by myself and I'm not copying from anyone.

And don’t worry, just like Mayu in the past, Oguri Yui here will change and be a good girl too.

- Cape Fear is a Robert De Niro’s movie about a convicted rapist who had been released from prison after serving a fourteen-year sentence and then stalked the family of the lawyer who originally defended him.


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Fast update again!
And here I present you a love rival for Yuki........
Sawajiri Erika!

We see Mayu has several love rivals in the past: her own brother (Sae), the yankii boy (Akira), the loan-shark thugs, etc.
Now it's time to give Yuki a love rival too.



     Mayu locked her eyes intensely on the two-hundreds pages document on her desk, attempting to read and analyze them as fast as she could and make a summary that must be delivered to her client by the end of the day.
     “Watanabe-san,” she heard her name being called and without even looking she already knew who was calling her.
     “Yes, Sawajiri-san?” Mayu replied politely and did her best to give the person a smile.
     “I need your help for a minute. Can you come to my room now?” the person, Sawajiri Erika, said while smiling sweetly at Mayu.
     Mayu was a bit startled. Again? But she just called me twice this morning. Why she calls me over and over again?
     However, being a good junior, Mayu complied. “Okay, give me a minute, Sawajiri-san.”
     Sawajiri nodded before withdrawing to her room.
     Mayu then let out a sigh as she put her document back into the binder.
     A frown was formed on her forehead as she was trying to figure out how to deal with this demanding woman. Refusing Sawajiri’s request would be impolite. Thus Mayu didn’t have other choice than to fulfil her request.

     After cleaning up her desk and throwing some trash into the dust bin, Mayu then got up and walked out from her room.
     On her way to Sawajiri’s room, Mayu met Takizawa, her senior back in the university.
     “Hey, Mayu-chan, where are you going?” Takizawa asked. But then he saw the pout on Mayu’s face, and he quickly grasped what was happening. “Oh, must be Sawajiri bothering you, again, huh?”
     Mayu didn’t answer, only kept pouting.
     Takizawa continued. “Tck! She obviously has the hots on you, Mayu-chan. Be careful. If you don't like her, you gotta to tell her.”
     “Yeah, sure.” Mayu nodded and walked away.

     Inside Sawajiri’s room.
     “What can I help, Sawajiri-san?”
     “Oh! Come on in, Mayu-san. Please take a look at my computer. I can’t find my files here. Probably it’s virus or something. I’m afraid my files are lost. Can you recover it?”
     “Okay.” Mayu entered the room and approached the desk.
     She grabbed the mouse and began to inspect the folders in the computer.
     She clicked a few things and after a moment, she said, “Your files are here, Sawajiri-san. They’re just hidden, not lost. You should change the properties of the folder to view hidden files in a folder. And also, this virus had changed the files extension so you have to change it back before you open them.”
     “Oh thank god, I thought they were lost. Mayu-san, you’re my lifesaver.” Sawajiri exclaimed in gratitude.
     “You’re welcome. Anyway, you should just ask the IT guy to come here and help you next time. You know I’m not the IT guy here.” Mayu said.
     “Well, they’re busy, and I need to find my files fast. And you’re also very good at computer. I’m sorry if I’m taking your time.”
     “It’s okay, I’m glad I can help you.” Mayu said while continued checking a few more things. “Your antivirus is outdated. Do you want me to update it?” Mayu asked.
     “Here you go. Everything is alright now.” Mayu said getting ready to leave.
     “Wait!” Sawajiri grabbed Mayu’s arm, causing the younger female to stop and startled a bit.
     “Can you show me how you did that?” Sawajiri asked.
     “Did what?”
     “To recover and find my files again.”
     “Okay, sure.” Mayu sat again, while Sawajiri stood and hovered behind her.
     “Here’s how you do it.” Mayu spoke. She felt Sawajiri’s hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently. And it made Mayu felt a bit nervous, especially with Sawajiri standing close behind her. Mayu could almost feel Sawajiri’s breath next to her ear.
     Gulping, Mayu tried to stay calm and ignore Sawajiri’s presence. And after she finished with her explanation, she quickly stood up and withdrew herself.
     “That’s all, Sawajiri-san. It’s quite easy, right? Just make sure you update your antivirus regularly, or better make it automatically.” Mayu said.
     “Okay, thank you very much Mayu-san. You’re really helping.” Sawajiri said smilingly.
     “You’re welcome.” Mayu was about to leave again when Sawajiri suddenly came at her again.
     “Wait, you have dust on your shirt.” The older woman said as she reached out her hand onto Mayu’s shirt, right on her chest pocket.
     Mayu flinched in response and almost jumped a step back, but Sawajiri grabbed her shoulder and made her stopped moving. Sawajiri then tapped Mayu’s chest a few times to clean the dust away. This action sent a sudden electricity shock for Mayu, and her cheeks flushed upon having such a close proximity with Sawajiri. She couldn’t deny this woman was indeed very attractive.
     “Done.” Sawajiri said with a smile.
     “T-Thank you…I gotta go...” Mayu stuttered and scurried away.
     While Sawajiri just smiled at her, and she was still smiling even after Mayu had disappeared from her sight.


Later in the evening.

     Matsui Rena stood on the balcony in her luxurious condominium, staring at her surrounding. Her eyes captured the sight of the starry night sky and the bustling city beneath it. The wind was blowing gently against her face, playing with her glossy, deep black hair. She was only wearing a black-laced slip dress at the moment. Her arms were rested against the railings as she locked her eyes on the beautiful sight in front of her.
     A beep was heard from Rena’s smartphone, indicating a new message had just arrived in her inbox. She slowly reached to check it and found it was from Jurina.
     [Rena-chan, I have to attend a drinking party with my business partners tonight. I will come home very late. Or maybe I won't come home at all and sleep at my office instead. Don’t stay up and wait for me, okay!]
     Letting out a sigh, Rena put the phone back to the table and returned to the balcony again. She was already used to getting this kind of message from Jurina. Rena knew Jurina was very busy, being a CEO and managing several big companies.

Matsui Rena with a black dress

     Matsui Rena already used to feeling bored. And lonely. And empty. She had been feeling like this ever since she was living under Shinoda’s patronage, though it wasn’t very acute. But after she retrieved her memories back, it had gotten much worse. Retrieving her memories was a good thing, but it also had many downsides. Now that Rena had a full control over her mind and a full conscience over her feeling, she become much more aware of her loneliness.

     After Rena retrieved her memories from Yuki’s sword, Rena’s mind suddenly was flooded by a lot of things. She remembered witnessing the tragic fate that happened to her beloved servant, Furukawa Airi, in the past. She remembered how she was forced to witness Airin getting tortured by her father’s order. She remembered witnessing how her brother had killed Airin and then killed himself in the midst of chaos of their failed uprising. And she remembered killing her own army, including her father, Lord Matsui Ichiren, and cutting them into pieces with her sword.

     She also remembered going to many battles and wars upon her father’s command, and killing 998 persons during those times. She remembered seeing the pain, fear, shock, and other unimaginable feeling that was seen in her victims’ eyes. They were all screaming, begging for her to spare their life, but Rena never complied to them. The only time Matsui Rena ever spared someone’s life was when she was about to kill Matsui Jurina. Back then, Rena was only 15 years old while Jurina was 9 years old, and both of them were still human. And now Rena remembered how she had spared Jurina’s life but killed all her family members, leaving Jurina as the only one to stay alive.

     If Rena could describe her life in a few words, that would be violence, anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, and pain. And if she must choose only one word, that would be pain. Which is ironic because Rena was unable to feel any physical pain. But then again, Rena chose it not because she’s feeling the pain herself, instead it’s because she’s the one who has inflicted those pain to all the people around her. She had caused pain for her servant. She had caused pain to all those 998 people that she had killed in the past. She had also caused pain to the family member of her victims. And most importantly, she had caused an eternal pain for Matsui Jurina. Not only had she killed Jurina’s family, she also made Shinoda sired Jurina and turned the younger girl into a vampire.

     There’s nothing could beat the guilty feeling, when a murderer realized how they had murdered the family of the person whom they loved the most. Rena’s guilt was unbearable. She couldn’t handle it. She couldn't face the truth that she had murdered Jurina’s family in the past. She couldn’t even bring herself to look into Jurina’s eyes and asked for her forgiveness. All Rena wanted to do was to die and kill herself in front of Jurina. That was the only suitable punishment for her. She knew her sins could not be forgiven and she didn’t deserve to live. But then Jurina decided to give Rena a second chance, that is for Rena to serve Jurina and be her slave for a hundred years in order to make amends for her sin.


Rena : “Jurina, I apologize, for everything I did to you in the past. I know my sins cannot be forgiven. But please forgive me, so that I can die and rest in peace.” /* took a sword and knelt before Jurina, preparing to takes her own life */
Jurina : “No. Don’t. Don’t do that.”
Rena  : “But I have to, Jurina. There’s no other way for me to make amends. I have to die.”
Jurina : /*smiled*/   “Rena, there’s one way.”
Rena  : “What is it? Tell me.”
Jurina : “Be my slave.”
Rena  : “........S-slave?”
Jurina : “Yes, Rena, be my slave, for a hundred years. After that, I will forgive you.”


     So now here she is, redeeming herself by serving Matsui Jurina and following the younger girl around, and doing everything Jurina told her to do. Rena vowed to Jurina that she would forever stand by her side, and protect her with all her might. Rena’s debt to Jurina was so big, that she wouldn't mind it even if she had to stay and serve Jurina for a thousand years to make amends.

     Aside from Jurina, the other person to whom Rena also felt very guilty was Kashiwagi Yuki. Her guilt towards Yuki wasn’t as big as her guilt towards Jurina because she didn’t kill any of Yuki’s family, but still, she owed an apology to Yuki. All the time she thought Yuki was the devil. And all the time she’s been trying and doing everything to hurt and kill Yuki. But because Jurina forbid her to kill Yuki, all Rena could do was trying to inflict pain as much as possible toward Yuki without killing her.

     And now after she realized what she had done toward the raven girl, Rena not also felt guilty, she also felt a sense of respect for Yuki. Because Yuki, unlike everyone else, had never showed her weakness to Rena. Rena had killed and tortured a lot of people in her past, either as a human (warlord), or a vampire (after she was sired by Shinoda). All those people were screaming in pain and begging for her mercy. But Yuki was different. In fact, she’s the only exception.

     The first time Rena learned about Yuki being different was when Umeda took Mayu as a hostage and ordered Rena to beat Yuki up (see Season 1 Chapter 19 Love Spell - Part 2 and Part 3). Back then, Rena was impressed, and more like intrigued, by how tenacious and determined Yuki was to give herself up and endure such a beating from her. Any normal human would have cowered and runaway from Matsui Rena whenever she was in her ‘spicy’ mode. But instead of running away, Yuki chose to stay there and let Rena/Gekikara beat her up in order to spare Mayu the pain. And during the beating, Rena had never heard Yuki cried or screamed. Not even once.

     And it was always like that, everytime they had a fight. Yuki never let out a cry or a scream. Rena too, had never cried and screamed when she was hurt, but it was only because she couldn't feel the pain. And so Rena wondered, did Yuki also have a syndrome like her? A syndrome of insensitivity to pain? Was Yuki also unable to feel pain? Rena was intrigued by this, and she thought Yuki must be having the syndrome too. It's the only explanation as to why Yuki never scream while she gets beaten and hurt.

     However, later, Rena found out that Yuki didn’t have the same syndrome as her. Unlike Rena, Yuki actually felt the pain, just like everybody else. And this made Rena become intrigued more. If Yuki actually felt the pain, then how did she manage to act like she didn’t feel it? What is it that Yuki has that makes her able to withstand such pain and torture?

     Rena could only rely on the last answer: the willpower. Yuki must have possessed a very strong willpower. One that would not be broken by anything in this world. Learning all this realization just made Rena respected Yuki more and more.

     And not only Yuki was strong-minded, she was also compassionate, merciful, and forgiving. The fact that Yuki forgave Rena for all the things that she had done to her in the past, it had proven the statement to be very true. As Rena remembered from her conversation with Yuki during their last visit, she now learned that despite her ‘black and cold’ exterior, Yuki was actually a very caring person. And Yuki cared about Rena more than Rena had expected.

     “Rena, how are you?”
     “You’re still having those bad dreams?”
     “Rena, I want to ask you something more private. If that’s okay with you.”
     “How is your relationship with Jurina? Is she… Is she treating you right?”
     “Because I think you deserve more from her, Rena.”
     “Rena, I just want to say this to you. If you need someone to talk, about anything, just remember that you can always talk to me. You can call me and visit me anytime.”

     Those were Yuki’s words to her. And she never expected those words would be coming from someone whom she had treated so badly in the past. If was as if Yuki had forgotten all those bad things that Rena had done to her in the past, as if those never happened. And that made Rena become intrigued and respected Yuki more. Because really, how can someone forgive their enemies so easily like that? It just doesn’t make any sense for Rena. For all her life, Matsui Rena had been taught that one should never show mercy and compassion towards their enemies. Doing that would be considered as a foolish act, and it would only make yourself weak.

     However, after Rena met Yuki, all her beliefs including all those values that had been taught to her were suddenly reversed upside down. Yuki had shown to Rena that being merciful and compassionate didn’t make someone become weak. Instead it only made them become stronger. Indeed, only a strong-willed person can show mercy and forgive their enemies so easily like that.

     Strong as ice when facing her enemies, but gentle as snow in front of her friends. That was how Rena would describe Yuki. Rena knew she too was strong, even stronger than Yuki. But was she gentle? No. Matsui Rena was far from being gentle. She didn't know how to be gentle. No one has ever taught her how to be gentle. Her father was a merciless person, and she was taught to become like him.

     Although they’re both warrior, Rena knew she was very different from Yuki. Their difference was like heaven and earth. And it made Rena became more intrigued and more infatuated by Yuki. Rena then wondered if she could ever be a gentle person like Yuki. And she was kinda hoping for Yuki to teach her on how to become a gentle person like that. Rena didn't know whether it is necessary to be gentle, but from how it seen, it seemed really nice to be a gentle person.

     And as the night grew thicker, Rena continued thinking about her life, and drowning deeper in her contemplation.


     Few days later, on Saturday, Mayu and Yuki went to a car dealer shop and look for a new car to buy. They had planned to buy a car since months ago, but had to wait until one of them get the driving license.
     “Which one do you want, Yuki?”
     “Mmm… I don’t know anything about car. Why don't you choose it yourself?” Yuki furrowed her brows.
     Mayu let out a smile. “I just wanna know your preference.”
     “Yeah, but I really have no idea.”
     “Hm, okay then. Let's choose the model first, and then the color. How about this one? A Toyota Avalon? I like the shape. Or a Honda CR-V? The price is cheaper, it only costs 2 months of my salary.”
     “Choose the cheaper one.”
     “Okay. And what's the color?”
     “Tck! Of all those interesting colors, you choose black. Why not red or white or silver or green?”
     “Well, you know Black is my middle name.”
     “Okay, black it is.” Mayu said rolling her eyes.
     Together they then went to the counter to make the payment and complete all the necessary paperwork.

     An hour later, they were already on the road with Yuki driving behind the wheel. Mayu still had not taken any driving lesson and therefore she didn't have driving license yet. She was still very busy and had no time to do that, and therefore she asked Yuki to take driving license instead.
     “Great! Now we can go out for a date more often and I still can lie around and sleep here anytime. And you won't have to piggyback me home again whenever I fall asleep hehe~” Mayu chuckled as she buckled up her seat belt and lowered the backrest. She began to relax and enjoy herself there.
     Yuki drove slowly and carefully so as to not give Mayu a sudden shock during the driving. She glanced at her girlfriend one more time before focusing back to the road. A smile formed upon her lips at a sight of Mayu lying and relaxing on her passenger seat.
     “Do you wanna go somewhere now?” Yuki asked.
     “Just drive around the town slowly and find what is interesting.”
     Yuki then continued driving slowly, while Mayu turned on the radio. She changed all the stations until finally she found a station playing her favorite anime song.
     “Mayu, do you me want to drive you to your office starting from next week?” Yuki asked.
     “Mmm…. No, I prefer taking the subway in the morning. But maybe you can pick me up from office if I finish very late at night.”
     “Sure, will do.”
     “But you will have to stay up late to pick me up. Is that okay for you?”
     “Of course it’s okay, Mayu. It's my pleasure to do that for you.” Yuki said with a smile.
     Yuki had been always worried every time Mayu arrived home very late. There were several occasions in past, when Mayu had to spend the night at her office because she missed the last train in the middle of the night. And it had happened quite often too during Mayu’s university years. Although Mayu wasn't a teenager anymore, Yuki still found herself worrying about Mayu a lot. Especially with the criminals, gangsters, robbers, vampires, and other supernatural creatures that were always lurking in the night searching for preys.
     “When are you planning to take a driving lesson?” Yuki asked again.
     “Mmm… I don't know. Still have no time for that. I will just let you riding the car for now. As for me, I prefer riding you instead. Hehe~”
     “What!? Oh, shut up!” Yuki rolled her eyes and continued driving.

     After driving around for a while, they found a French restaurant and decided to have their lunch there. Mayu had developed quite a taste for everything French lately, after she spent 2 weeks attending law seminar in Paris last month.
     As they entered the restaurant, they were welcomed by a waiter in a black suit and bow tie.
     “Good afternoon, Mam. Do you have a reservation?”
     “Mmm...No, we don't have.”
     “That’s okay. We still have many unreserved table. Where would you like to sit? Downstair or upstair?”
     “Downstairs, and near the window, please.” Mayu said politely while holding Yuki’s hand like a gentleman.
     The waiter led the couple to their preferred table and gave the menu list to them.
     “Do you need help for the menu?” asked the waiter.
     “No, thank you. We’ll decide it later. We would like to have an appetizer first. Ah, Yuki you will like this.” Mayu said as she pointed at an item in the menu. “We’ll have this, please,” she then said to waiter.
     “It will be served in no time. Please wait. And just push the button to call us whenever you have decided on the main menu,” said the waiter as he bowed and himself.
     Mayu and Yuki then found themselves indulged in the menu. However, because the menu was written in French and English, Yuki could only rely to the picture to get a grasp of what those dishes made of. Eventually, she decided to just let Mayu choose the menu for them.
     The appetizers were served not long after. They nibbled into it while looking at the menu to select the main dishes. After that they called the waiter again and made their orders.
     The couple then let their eyes wandering around to observe their surrounding. It’s a very classy French restaurant and the people who come there also looked very classy, amongst them were foreigners. The restaurant was also quite expensive. A ten thousand yen for lunch, and twenty five thousand yen for dinner.
     Suddenly Mayu’s eyes caught a familiar figure entering the restaurant. It was a woman around her thirties, cladded in a white blouse and loose pants, and looking very attractive. Her eye shadow accentuated her beautiful eyes. Mayu quickly took her eyes away from the woman, but it's too late because their eyes already met for a second and they already recognized each other.
     The woman wasn't alone. She was with another two women around her ages, whom Mayu had never met before. She then excused herself from her friends and then walked up to Mayu’s table.
     “Watanabe-san! I didn't expect to meet you here! What's the occasion?” Sawajiri greeted Mayu, seemingly delighted upon seeing her there.
     “Sawajiri-san, konnichiwa! We just happen to be around and we wanted to try the menu here.” Mayu replied politely. While Yuki just glanced at the woman, and then looked back at Mayu.
     “Oh, hello, Kashiwagi-san, isn't it? I remember seeing you at our office once. We’ve met before.” Sawajiri smiled at Yuki.
     “Oh, hello...Ummm....” Yuki looked up with a brief smile.
     “Sawajiri Erika, Mayu’s colleague in office.” Sawajiri extended her hand at Yuki for a handshake, which Yuki accepted.
     “Oh yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not really good at remembering names. Nice to meet you again, Sawajiri-san.”
     “Same here. Nice to meet you again, Kashiwagi-san.” Sawajiri said smiling. “Anyway, I’ve seen you a couple times with Mayu around our office. You two seem to be quite close. Mayu, do you mind if I ask you something?”
     “Sure.” Mayu said, slightly frowning because Sawajiri had just called her repeatedly in first name basis and without honorific, in front of Yuki. And as Mayu stole a glance at Yuki, she saw the raven girl was sending her a confused, questioning look.
     Sawajiri spoke again. “Mayu, I remember you said something in the interview, about your friend or relative who’s been staying with you since you were in high school. I’m just wondering, is the person Kashiwagi-san?”
     Mayu was a little taken aback as she stared at Sawajiri for a moment. She didn't expect Sawajiri to ask her that question, and especially not in front of Kashiwagi Yuki.
     Mayu was hesitating for a moment, whether or not she should tell the truth. Answering yes would reveal her private life to Sawajiri. While answering no would make Yuki feel betrayed and belittled. However, Mayu also realized that as a lawyer Sawajiri was highly trained to observe and analyze people’s behaviors. Sawajiri must have noticed the unusual gestures, body languages, and the eye conversation between Mayu and Yuki. Mayu might have been able to hide it thanks to her Cyborg-like personality. But Yuki on the other hand, was a little more readable. The way she glanced and look at the younger girl, and the way she reacted when she heard Sawajiri calling Mayu in the first name basis, it provided undeniable evidences that Yuki and Mayu were more than just friends. And as a lawyer, Mayu too knew that Sawajiri knew about it.

     “......Yes, it’s her.” Mayu said as she decided to just tell the truth.
     Sawajiri smiled again. “Ah, just as I thought. You know, Kashiwagi-san, Mayu has been talking about you a lot in the office.”
     “Really? Ahaha.” Yuki smiled awkwardly while stealing glances at Mayu.
     “Yes, really. Mayu even told us that if you didn't beat her up that day, she would've become a police officer instead of a lawyer right now. You really have such a big impact on her, Kashiwagi-san.”
     “What!? How did- Mayu, you told them that!?” Yuki's eyes bulged out, she was clearly embarassed. She then glanced at her girlfriend again, sending her a deadly glare.
     And Watanabe Mayu could only looked away.

     Fortunately just then, a waiter came to their table bringing the main dish on a tray.
     “Well then, please enjoy your lunch, and see you again in the office, Watanabe-san.” Sawajiri waved to them before returning to her friends.

     Yuki and Mayu followed Sawajiri with their eyes for a moment. And then Yuki stared at Mayu.
     “Mayu, did you really talk a lot about me, in your office?”
     Mayu let out a frustrating sigh. “No, Yuki, I didn't! And I don't know why she said that. Well okay, I did mention a little about you, anonymously of course, during my interview with her. But I’ve never talked about it again. Not to anyone.”
     Yuki furrowed her brows. “You know I prefer to be in the shadow for the time being.”
     “Yeah, I know. Sorry, Yuki.” Mayu said apologetically. And Mayu couldn't help but cursed silently, upon having to encounter Sawajiri Erika today in this restaurant. In fact, Mayu already knew Sawajiri was going to give her trouble when she walked in to this restaurant.

     Not only that, Mayu also felt very guilty now, for having revealed about Yuki to her colleagues. She knew Yuki didn't like to be involved in her social life. Being a lawyer, Mayu was bound to have a large circle of friends and a bright, colorful social life. She even had celebrities amongst her clients. While Yuki on the other hand, had been a lone wolf for almost her entire life. It took quite a long time before Yuki finally willing to open herself to the hunter girls back in Shizuoka (A/N: see Season 2 Chapter 18 - Yuki vs The Rogue Cop, in which Yuki openly shared her problems to Takamina and Miichan).

     So now why would Mayu expect Yuki to get out of her shadow and join her club? Except Mayu, Yuki basically knew nobody in Tokyo. Except Mayu, everyone in this city was a stranger to Yuki. That's why everytime Mayu is away from home, Yuki always feels lonely. That's how much Yuki depends to Mayu now. Yuki basically has nothing else to live for, except for Mayu.

     Upon thinking about that, Mayu now regretted for having mentioned about Yuki in front of Sawajiri during their interview. Mayu really didn't have any idea back then, that she would be caught in the sight of this enfant terrible person named Sawajiri Erika. Even all her friends in the office now were saying that Sawajiri has the hots on her. And for Mayu, this means trouble. She’s already taken, and she doesn't want to have an affair with her colleagues/seniors/boss at work. Mayu already felt guilty enough for being too busy for Yuki, and she definitely didn't want to make it worse by having a dangerous liaison with Sawajiri Erika.



Sorry for not giving you a lovey-dovey WMatsui yet again. But I can assure you, once they have that ‘big talk’ between them, they will change into become the loveliest couple ever :lol:

As you see here, WMatsui couple is very contrasted with MaYuki couple. While MaYuki couple is already very stable and mature, WMatsui couple on the other hand is still unstable because they’re still in their initial stage. Jurina had not fully forgiven Rena for her sins. Her love for Rena is still questionable, and she still considered Rena as her ‘slave’.

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Hello reader!
This will be the last update from me. I have been discharged from hospital yesterday, so I won't be able to update my fanfics anymore. So please enjoy this. And I must warn you, this update will be pretty boring. I have tried to make it as a legal thriller, but apparently I failed.  XD



October 2017.
First week.

     “Ohayou gozaimasu!”
     “Ohayou gozaimasu!”
     “Ohayou, Watanabe-san!”
     “Ohayou, Tanaka-san!”
     “Ohayou, Watanabe-san! You’re so early today! So full of spirit, I see!”
     “Ohayou, Sakai-san! Thank you!”

     My croissant smile was plastered across my face as I greeted my colleagues along the way to my room at my office. It was still 7.30 AM in the morning but our office was already full with people. Most of the lawyers, either associates or partners, usually like to come very early to our office. While other employees like paralegals, secretaries, IT staff, and others would come later at 9 AM.

     My room was located at 8th floor, along with other junior associates. While the rooms for senior associates, which were slightly biggers than ours, were located on the higher floors. The lowest floors were allocated for meeting rooms, halls, auditoriums, cafeteria, data centers, and libraries. And lastly, the rooms for the partners were located at the highest floors of this building. Their rooms were much bigger than everyone else’s, with a stunning view that can be seen through the large glass door. I had entered some of those rooms and I found myself quite fascinated by their unique style and decoration. It's no wonder though, because partners are the ones who are responsible for generating the firm’s revenue. That's why this firm valued them so much. Most of my colleagues aimed to become a partner like them and work for a long time in this big firm, but I didn't. I wanted to build my own law firm instead. That was my dream. My true calling.

     I continued walking down the hallway until I reached my room. And once I entered, I was welcomed with the messiness that had been left off on the previous Friday night. That is my bad habit actually. I am a messy person. And I wonder myself, why I can still work in a messy room like this. Maybe I just fall into this category of people who can work better in a messy room, instead of a tidy room. Well, what can I say. There is only a thin line separating a genius from a messy one.

     After taking off my coat, I sat on my chair and set everything quickly on the desk. I turned on my computer and checked my inbox again. I had read and replied some emails on my way here in the subway, but I still had a lot more to reply. I spent another hour to read and reply all those emails, and then I went to check my schedule for today. There is an appointment with a new client this morning. My mentor, Takenaka-san, had assigned this client to me, saying that this client is pretty hard to handle and it will be a good experience for me to learn how to deal with them.

     I then read a few documents and legal contracts, and made some summaries of them while waiting for my new client to come. At 10 AM, the client arrived at my office. I welcomed him and asked him to sit down on the sofa across my room. We introduced ourselves to each other. His name is Yamada Satoshi, 18 years old, and he just dropped out from high school last year. And I was wondering for a while, what kind of crimes this young man did. Did he have a fight, or ruin someone’s property, or steal something? I have known some yankiis in the past, and that was what they usually do.

     Letting out a smile, I then began to talk to this young boy.
     “Thank you for coming in, Satoshi-kun. How can I help you?”
     The boy stared at me. His eyes showed a sign of displeasure. “I wasn’t doing anything and the cops came and arrested me,” answered him.
     “That’s horrible. What did they arrest you for?” I said empathetically.
     “Nothing. Just nothing. They arrested me for nothing,” he shrugged.
     I tilted my head and frowned. Why would a police arrest someone for nothing? There must be something wrong with this.
     “Well, what were you doing back then?” I asked. My hands were rested on the desk while I put all my attention to this young man.
     “Just sitting there, smoking,” he said.
     “Just sitting where?” I asked attentively.
     “In this dude’s car.”
     “What dude?”
     “Some dude. I don’t know. I don't really know him.”
     I frowned again. “You were sitting in a car with the guy you don't know?”
     “No. My cousin, Kento, was there.”
     “The three of you?”
     “No. Just me and Kento.”
     “Where was the dude?”
     “What dude?”
     “The dude whose car you were in.” I said impatiently.
     “Why would he be there?” Satoshi frowned and stared at me.
     “Because it was his car.” I stared back at him.
     He then replied calmly. “No. He didn't exactly know we had his car.”
     I frowned even more as I tried to process this information. “Wait. You were sitting with your cousin, Kento, in a car that belongs to someone else, and the owner did not know you were sitting in his car, and you don't really know the owner?” I asked him and stared at him sharply.
     And he answered, “Well, I have seen him before. He used to date my friend’s sister before she had another baby. Now she lives in Yokohama with her baby’s father. And the dude works at a radio station in Tohoku.”
     His expression was so calm as he sat there on the sofa in front of me. I started thinking that maybe he was just retarded or had a mental problem or something.
     After pausing for a moment, I then questioned him again. “So you don't really know the dude, and the dude did not know you had his car, but your cousin and you were in the dude’s car, smoking?”
     “Yeah. Exactly,” replied the boy.
     I faked a smile. “I’m guessing you didn't borrow the car.”
     “No. You’re wrong. We were just borrowing the car,” Satoshi said with an innocent look on his face.
     “Did the dude know you were borrowing the car?”
     “No. Why?”
     I glared at him. “How did you get into his car then? Did you steal the car key?”
     “No, we don’t need to do that. Kento has a master key.”
     “A master key?” I was quite shocked at this point.
     “Yeah. You know, one of those keys that opens everything. Doors, garages, cars. You know, a master key.” Satoshi said. And I mentally facepalmed myself.
     “Did the police arrest you for stealing the dude’s car?”
     “Yeah. Can you believe that shit? It’s unbelievable.”
     I couldn't say anything anymore because I was pretty much dumbfounded.
     Satoshi continued. “Not only that. The police also took all of our weed.”
     “What weed?” I asked.
     “The weed we were smoking.”
     “So they arrested you for stealing the dude’s car, and for having marijuana?”
     “No. Not for the weed. I have a medical certificate for the weed.”
     “Oh, that’s a relief.” I pretended to feel relieved upon hearing that.
     “Yeah. But they did get the coke.”
     “The coke?” My eyes were bulged out again.
     “Yeah. The coke in my backpack. It was with a gun.”
     “You were smoking weed in a stolen car with a cocaine and a gun?”
     “Yeah. That’s what I have been telling you.” Satoshi said while kept staring at me.
     I mentally facepalmed myself again. This kid has been testing my patience ever since he came to my room today.
     “Why did the police pull you over? Is it because they knew you were stealing car and having a coke and a gun?” I questioned the boy again.
     “No. The police did not pull us over because of that.” Satoshi shook his head.
     “They didn't?”
     “No. The police didn't come until after the accident.”
     “What accident?” I glared.
     “The lady pushing the shopping cart.” Satoshi answered.
     “What lady pushing what shopping cart?” I frowned again, for the N-th times today.
     “The one I hit with the dude’s car.”
     “Was she in the street?”
     “Why would the lady be pushing a shopping cart in the street? She was on the sidewalk,” Satoshi said shrugging.
     “You hit a woman on the sidewalk? You were driving on the sidewalk? Why were you driving on the sidewalk?” I raised my voice sharply, and I can feel my patience began to lose it bit by bit.
     “Well, I lost control after I shot Kento.” Satoshi replied.
     “What the fuck are you talking about!?” I shouted and almost jumped from my seat. Really, I can't believe what I heard just now. This kid is unbelievable.
     “Satoshi-kun, please tell me everything about what happened in that car. Everything.” I said with a glare.
     “Okay. Here is what happened. Kento and I was driving in the dude’s car. And Kento was like, hey you wanna hear something funny? And I was like, sure. So he said, this is my impression of your mother. And he did a funny gesture, and we were laughing. And then it was my turn to tell a joke, so then I told him that his mother was so fat she has to walk in her belly button. The thing is, his mother is morbidly obese, like 600 pounds. I thought it was funny, but Kento did not think it was funny, so he punched me. But he punched me in my ear. It was the same ear I just had an infection then, so it hurt.”
     My eyes bulged out upon hearing his explanation. “So, you shot him? You shot him for punching you?”
     “No. I shot him because he said my girlfriend has a smelly snatch. The thing is, she does have a smelly snatch. That thing smell like Tsukiji Fish Market at the middle of the miserable summer season.”
     I sent another glare at him. “So you shot him for telling the truth?”
     “No. I shot him because, how does he know she has a smelly snatch? They must have sex while I was not around.”
     Letting out a deep sigh, I then continued questioning him again while preparing myself for the worst scenario. “I see. So, is your cousin, Kento, dead after you shot him?”
     “No. But he was pissed off. I mean, really pissed off. And so was the lady with the shopping cart. She was also pissed after we hit her with the car. Kento and that lady were now in the hospital for recovery. But the police said they were going to arrest Kento too, after he recovered.” Satoshi explained.
     I then paused for a moment and leaned my back on my chair. I was a bit relieved after knowing he didn't kill anyone. But still, this boy was really screwed. Not only he had stolen a car, he also smoke weed, had a cocaine and a gun, shot his cousin with that gun, and run the car into a woman in a sidewalk. If only I weren't a lawyer, I would’ve asked Yuki or Rena to come and beat this boy up and teach him a lesson.

     I then continued. “Okay, I understand your situation, Satoshi-kun. But now I have to ask you, how did you make bail?”
     “Oh, that… I bailed myself with the money we got.”
     “What money who got?”
     “The money we got from the gambling. Kento’s mom’s boyfriend helped us to win the gambling.”
     “Wait, Kento’s 600-pounds-mom has a boyfriend?”
     “Yes. And he is very rich. He earns a lot of money from gambling.”
     “Okay, and does he know about you borrowing his money to make a bail?”
     “No, he doesn't know. We stole it.”
     I shoot up from my seat and shouted. “You stole his money? Are you fucking retarded?”
     “No. I’m not retarded. If I was retarded, I wouldn't have thought to borrow the car.”
     “But you're going to pay me with a stolen money. It’s Kento’s mom’s boyfriend’s money, not yours.”
     “Yeah but he won the gambling by cheating anyway, so I think it's okay if we stole it from him.”
     I blinked at the boy. “I’m having a hard time believing all of this.” I said with a sigh. My palms were resting on my desk as I tried to keep myself calm.
     “You don't have to believe me. The police have it all on the video.”
     “Of course they do.”
     “So can you defend me or not?”
     “I don't know. You are pretty screwed.”
     “I have ten million yen, cash.” Satoshi opened his suitcase and showed me the money inside it. And I couldn't help but blink again upon seeing them.
     “Errr...did I say screwed? Sorry, I meant, yes, I can defend you.” I took back my words and faked a smile at him.

     I realized, sometimes I cannot avoid defending these kind of people at the court, although I knew they’re very bad and screwed, and what they did was horrible. But then again, I have no right to judge them. Even the most evil warlord in the world who had killed 999 people in her past life still has a good streak in her, and now has redeemed herself and joined the good side too. I'm talking about Gekikara here. So yes, people can change. And I have to give everyone, no matter how bad and evil they are, the benefit of the doubt.


Second week in October.

     I arrived at my office a bit late than I usually am, around 8 AM. And I still feel a bit dizzy after staying up all night, only spending one hour to sleep. The first hearing for Satoshi was scheduled tomorrow and I’ve been spending my nights almost sleepless, doing some research and reading everything in order to find out what is the best way to defend him in the court. With a rich but troublesome client like him, my bill is surely going to explode this month. Lawyers are paid hourly, and therefore the longer time we spend to work on a case, the more we will get paid.

     I was still on my way towards my room, when I heard a familiar voice greeted me in the hallway.
     “Ohayou, Mayu!”
     I turned my head to see the person.
     “Ohayou, Sawajiri-san!”
     The woman was walking up to me with a smile plastered on her beautiful face, which soon disappeared as she noticed the bags under my eyes and the zombie-state I was currently in.
     “Mayu, you look so beat up today. How many hours did you sleep last night?”
     “One hour.....” I let out a yawn.
     Sawajiri then looked at me with concern. “Look, we know everyone else here aren't getting enough sleep as well. But, Mayu, you’re overdoing it. I checked your bill yesterday, it's too over the top, even by my standard. You have to slow down a bit.”
     “Okay, thank you for your concern, Sawajiri-san.” I nodded, smiling.
     “Anyway, are you free this weekend?” Sawajiri asked me.
     I squinted my eyes a little. “I have a plan with my friend. Why?”
     “A friend? Kashiwagi?”
     And I saw her smiling again. “That’s good then. I just received a gift from my client, four tickets for Ayumi Hamasaki concert this weekend. And I want to give two for you. You really need to relax and refresh your mind a bit, after working so hard 90 hours a week.” Sawajiri said as she handed me the tickets.
     I frowned and stared at her. “Two tickets?”
     She winked at me. “Yeah. Ask Kashiwagi to come with you. I’m sure she will like it.”
     I glanced away a bit, feeling hesitant to accept her gift. “I...I don't think I can go. Why don't you give it to someone else?”
     “Well, you’re my first choice and I don't want to give it to someone else. And I’m guessing you and Kashiwagi still haven't decided where to go this weekend, am I right? Just go to the concert, Mayu. I will come too, so consider this as an invitation,” she said.
     I paused for a moment, thinking. And I realized I was not in a position to reject her. I was still a junior in this office, and it was considered impolite to reject an invitation from a senior.
     “...Hm, okay. We will come. Thank you for the tickets, Sawajiri-san.”
     She smiled again. “Your welcome, Mayu. I’m glad you accept that.”
     Her smile made me stunned for a while. Sometimes when she’s not bullying me, she can be so caring and heartwarming like that. I wonder which side of those is her true personality.
     Sawajiri continued. “Anyway, I’m going to have a business trip tomorrow to meet a client abroad, so I guess I won't be seeing you again until we meet at the concert this weekend, Mayu. Don't bail out. You have to come.”
     “Sure, Sawajiri-san. I will come.” I nodded.
     She smiled at me again before walking away and leaving me on the hallway. I scanned the tickets to find information about the date and the venue of concert, before putting them inside my pocket. Upon entering my room, I took my coat off and suited myself and went to the brewing machine to make a coffee. Walking back to my desk, I took the tickets from my pocket and put it inside my organizer.

     And while sipping to my coffee, I started to think about it. Sawajiri was right. I feel really beat up this week and I need something to refresh my mind. And it's been a long time since I last attend a concert. Attending Ayumi’s concert will be quite fun and enjoyable, though I prefer attending anime song concert and convention. Ayumi is a very popular singer here. If America has Madonna, UK has Elton John, then we have Ayumi Hamasaki. She's the legendary diva in Japan, and her tickets concert is always sold out.

     And of course, I couldn't help but also thinking about the woman who had just given me the ticket concerts herself. Sawajiri Erika. What can I say about her. She's quite a mystery. She’s smart, attractive, rich, and single. She has everything that money can buy, and she can have more if she wants. And yet it seems like she’s still searching for something in her life.

     I often wonder what kind of person that is really her type. I heard she had been in several relationships before, either with man and woman. I figure she’s a bi. And I can't deny that she's taken a liking in me too, ever since I joined this firm. Everyone said I’m her most favorite kouhai at the moment. She often comes at me, either to tease/bully/bother me, or showing care and affection to me. There are times when she become such a nuisance for me, like when she comes and asks for my help upon the little things. But there are times when she shows a genuine care and concern over me, just like today, when she's worrying about my health and my excessive working hours. It was really kind of her to give me these two tickets and say I should go there with Yuki. And speaking of Yuki and Erika, my mind wanders to our unexpected meeting at the French restaurant earlier. I wonder what Erika thinks about Yuki now. She had made a perfect guess about Yuki being the most influential person to me. And she might have sensed something between me and Yuki. And now what should I do? Should I just tell her the truth about my relationship with Yuki, so that she would stop bothering me? But that means I will have to expose about Yuki to her, and probably to everyone else at my office. And I knew Yuki wouldn't like that. Just like she said, she preferred to stay in the shadow for the time being, and not to be acknowledged publicly as my girlfriend/lover.

     So with Yuki acting like that, I have to find another way to avoid Sawajiri. The thing is, Sawajiri never exactly told me what her intention is. She never asked me out for a date or asked me to be her girlfriend. All she did was teasing me, bullying me, bothering me, and once in a while showing a genuine care and affection towards me which I deeply appreciated although it made me a bit puzzled.

     Aside from Sawajiri, I also had several people chasing after me. Most of them were my clients. They had asked me out on a date, in a difference occasion. And I turned down all of them, saying I didn't want to be involved in any romantic relationship with anyone at the moment. I didn't say I was taken though, because I'm afraid they will question me further about it. And I don't want to reveal about my private life to them, and I knew Yuki wouldn't like it too.

     Dealing with these suitors is not really hard. After I turned them down, most were backing off eventually. But there’s one who was very, very persistent, and I have to admit I kinda enjoyed my companionship with her. She was a celebrity, a member of an idol group, and a rising star in entertainment industry. A month ago, I represented and defended this young girl in the court, on a charge of an assault against her fans. Her fans accused her for ordering her bodyguards to attack them. It turned out those fans were actually the crazy ones, and they wanted to breach the security and kidnap her. And so after I took over the case and won it for her, I suddenly found myself a new suitor. This idol girl sent me a lot of bouquets, delivered to my office and my home almost everyday. She even invited me for a dinner several times, which I received out of courtesy. She’s six years younger than me, and she reminds me a lot to my juniors in my high school, who always go crazy over me everytime I did a danso in school club events. I can't deny that she kinda brings out the player side in me, and so I decided to play around with her for a little more time and received all the affection she’s giving me while it lasts. And because she was a very famous idol, I ended up getting myself covered in the Bunshun as well. They described me as the “celebrity’s lawyer”.

     The one who was bothered by all this was, of course, my hot-sexy-protective-demanding lover, Kashiwagi Yuki. I could clearly pictured her annoyed expression, everytime she opened the door of our apartment every morning, only to find a delivery boy standing there with a flower bouquets and a letter addressed to me. Yuki was annoyed because I didn't reject this idol girl in the first place and kept playing around with her. While I just laughed it away, since I never think of this as a serious matter.

     Well, what can I say. With a cute and flawless face like this, there’s no way I wouldn't attract attention from everyone. I’ve been used to having lots of admirers and suitors ever since I was in high school, including my crazy English teacher who even went as far as trying to rape me while Yuki was occupying my body in that hilarious body-swap episode. And now after I become a lawyer, of course I must prepare myself for more suitors.

     I can sense that Yuki somehow feels jealous and insecure upon seeing me having so many suitors like this. The first time I realized about it was when she showed her deredere side to me, back then on my graduation day six months ago. It was the only time she ever showed her insecurities in front of me. She  was so insecure and afraid I would leave her someday. And I can sorta understand it, because I once felt that way too, back in our old days. I once felt so jealous over my older brother, and I was afraid that I would never be able to replace him and fill that empty space inside Yuki’s heart. It was only after a lot of struggles and a lot of dramas, that I finally managed to steal her from my brother’s hollow, and took her out from her shadow and dragged her up into the light where she belongs.

     And now after staying together with Yuki for more than six years, I am sure there's nothing can separate us anymore. Our love has been tested and proven over the course of time. The feeling is strong and I’m sure it will only be getting stronger in the future. Just as Yuki has been so faithful to me all this time, I will always stay faithful to her too. She’s the love of my life, the girl of my dream, and I would never ever leave her for anyone else. There is no one can take her place. She’s the one that I adore. And she’s all that I need and more. Those people might be smarter, richer, classier and all, but Yuki has the most beautiful thing in the world that makes me fall in love with her. Her heart. Her courage. Her determination. Her selflessness. Her compassion. Her everything. I am in love with all those things she had in her.


     So yeah, that was my love life as a lawyer. Most people probably think that lawyers are boring, dull, and hopeless when it comes to their love life. But for me, no. I have quite enough dramas and adventures either as a lawyer and as a lover. People may think lawyers are heartless and uncompassionate, what with what they did in the court and behind the desk. But no. Lawyers have a feeling too, allegedly. Most lawyers are liars, but they can be a pretty sweet lovers, if they want too.

     But yes I must admit that lawyers can be pretty damn annoying too. I heard a funny story about this lawyer and their lover. The lover said, “Hey darling, I love you so much.” And then the lawyer was like, “Hm, thank you but, are you currently under an oath or not?”

     And oh, here’s another joke. When you’re marrying a lawyer, don't expect them to say “I do”. Instead, they will say, “I accept the term and condition.” Haha! Bad joke, I know.

     And lastly, here is my advice to you: Don't ever argue with a lawyer. Arguing with them is like wrestling a pig in a mud. Sooner or later you realize that they like it.

     What? You don't believe me?
     Trust me, I’m a lawyer.


Third week in October.

     My mentor, Takenaka-san, assigned me to work on another new case. And I was scheduled to meet our client today. Takenaka said this client really needed help but didn't have any money to pay a lawyer and thus I could use this as an opportunity to do a pro bono, which means a legal work that is undertaken without charge, especially for a client with low income. As a good lawyer, I need to do a pro bono at least once or twice a year. And this was the first time I’m doing a pro bono so I feel quite excited. Because really, nothing can beat the contented feeling, when you’re helping people solving their problem, for free. Yeah, I feel like a hero now. Wait, do I sound like Yuki here? You know, cause for all I know, she’s the one who always wanted to help people and save their life, for free. I still remember our silly fight and argument we had back then, when Yuki saved a rich man from being robbed by muggers on the street, and I wanted to take some money from that man as a reward of saving his life, but Yuki opposed to it saying she could never take money from saving people. I figured it was her warrior code or something, and I thought it was ridiculous, and that it only exists in utopia world.

     But now look at me. I’m doing exactly the same thing like her, helping people for free. The difference is, I’m only doing this once or twice a year. Cause if I do this too often, I will find myself financially bankrupt. And nobody would want to see a bankrupt lawyer. That would be a disaster.

     So, back to my pro bono project, my client this time is a single mother. Her name is Tachibana Ayame, a 22-years-old single mother with a baby boy. She had dropped out from high school, and now is working at the convenience store with a very low income.

     Ayame didn't come to my office to meet me today. Instead, I went to visit her in her apartment. She lived in a danchi, that is a public housing provided by the government and usually aimed for people with lower income. My appointment with her was scheduled on the afternoon. After grabbing my lunch, I jumped on the subway heading to her apartment, and continued my trip with a bus. When I arrived at her house, she had just come back from her shopping and was riding a bicycle down the street. Her baby boy was clinging on her back, since he was still too small to be put on the child seat in the bicycle. The boy started to cry when a strong wind blowed at their direction. It was in the middle of autumn, and therefore the weather was wet and windy. Upon noticing me standing in front of her door, she then smiled and nodded at me. And I waited for her while she was parking her bicycle in the parking lot.

     “Konnichiwa! You must be Watanabe-san. Sorry to keep you waiting.” Ayame greeted me with a smile.
     “Konnichiwa, Tachibana-san. It's okay, I just arrived too.”
     She then opened the door to her house and invited me in.
     “Come on in, Watanabe-san.”
     I nodded politely as I entered her house and followed her to the living room, which appeared a lot like the traditional Japanese style. She put her son on the tatami floor. And then we sat there face-to-face, while resting our hands on the kotatsu table.
     “Your baby is cute. How old is he?” I asked as I glanced at the baby boy who was crawling on the floor beside us.
     “Six months.”
     “What’s his name?”
     “Hikaru. I named him after Hikaru Genji.”
     “Oh, what a great name it is. Hello, Hikaru-chan. Peekaboo!” I played a peekaboo and made a funny face, causing Hikaru to laugh loudly. Seeing this baby boy somehow made me want one too. I then made a mental note to talk to Yuki about this later. I think adopting a baby from an orphanage would be a good idea. And I’m sure me and Yuki can be a good parent too.

     I then made more funny face causing Hikaru to laugh even louder, until his mother give him a pacifier.
     “Thank you for coming in, Watanabe-san. Takenaka-san said you're going to help me in my case.” Ayame said.
     I nodded. “Yes, that’s right, Mam. I will represent you and defend you at the court. Now please tell me everything about your case so that I can find a way to help you out.” I then turned on my recorder and put it on the table.
     The young woman let out a sigh as she glanced away and looked at her baby boy. This woman was just a year younger than me, but she definitely looked much older.
     “Hm, where do I start. I… You know, I’m a single mother. I have no husband. Last year, when I was walking home alone after working at the convenience store, a drunken man came and assaulted me. He … he raped me, and then Hikaru was born after that incident. I didn't even know his name until he came again a few months ago. He visited me, in this apartment. And he revealed to me that he wasn't human anymore. He was a vampire. And he said he wanted to take my son away, so-”
     “Wait! He was a vampire?” I exclaimed in surprise.
     “Then how about your son? Is he…” I frowned and glanced at her baby boy.
     “Hikaru is human. His father was still human when he…impregnated me.”
     “Oh, I see.” I nodded.
     Ayame then continued. “So he tried to take my son away, and I fought him off. We struggled, and I managed to kill him using a knife through his heart. Few weeks later his family came and accused me of killing him. I told them the truth, that he was a vampire and he was trying to attack me and that all I did was just a self-defense. But they didn't believe me. And I couldn't give them the prove. They then reported me to the police and I was arrested for a few weeks. I left my son to my neighbor during those times.”
     At this point, I could see a teardrop falling from the corner of her eyes.
     “Takenaka-san bailed me out later after hearing what was happening to me. The judge said because I have a baby, they lowered my bail amount and allowed me to stay out of jail with my baby, while waiting for my trial. But now I don't know if I can make it through the trial or not. I don't have any evidence to prove he was a vampire. All they think is that he had came and visited me, and that we had a fight and I killed him and disposed his body somewhere.”
     Ayame took a deep breath and stared at me. “I don't know why Takenaka and you are still willing to help me. I don't have enough money to pay you. And this case is hopeless. I'm going to go to jail. And I’m worrying about my son. I don't have a family to take care of him. If they send me to jail, I will have to put my son on the orphanage.” Ayame turned her eyes at Hikaru who was crawling on the floor, playing with himself.

     And I found myself feeling saddened and stunned at the same time. I was saddened by the thought of the baby boy getting separated from his mother. And I was stunned because Ayame's story felt all too familiar for me. It reminded me to the incident that happened to us five years ago in Shizuoka. Back then, Sayaka-neechan came at us and accused Yuki for killing Sae. And at that time, we also had no evidence to prove that Sae was a vampire. If it wasn't for the help from Miichan, Haruna, Takamina and others, then Sayaka would've sent Yuki to the jail already.

     And so now, upon meeting a woman with a similar case like that, I couldn't help but feel sad but nostalgic. I can still remember how hopeless Yuki was back then, she even wanted to hire a lawyer. If only I had a time machine, I would be more than happy to go back in time and defend Yuki, for free. And the funny thing is, it was because of that incident that I suddenly decided to become a lawyer. And now I realize, God must have sent this woman to me purposely, so that I can help and defend her just like I had always wanted to defend Yuki back then.

     “Tachibana-san, I understand your situation. And I believe you're innocent. Please do not worry, I will try my best to defend you in court. As long as you are honest to me and tell me everything about this case, then I believe there’s a hope for us to win this case. Now please tell me all the details of the events, starting from the first time you met with that man. I need to know everything about him. His name, his physical appearance, his behavior and habits, his job, his daily activity, and everything that you know about him. If you have any photo or memento or any stuff related to him, please hand it to me. And I need you to tell me about yourself too, everything that might be relevant to our case. Can you do that for me, Tachibana-san?” I asked the woman.

     She was startled for a moment. “...Yes. Of course, I will.”

     “Good. Then let's work together, Tachibana-san.” I nodded and smiled at her. And I saw her face brightened up as if she had just found a new light in her life.

     For three hours I then found myself listening to her as she explained the whole things to me. My recorder was on during the whole time. And I also jotted down my notes while listening to her explanation. And by the time she finished, the sun was already sliding down on the horizon. It was almost sunset. After gathering all the stuff and information that I need, I then excused myself and went back to my office.

     I spent the rest of the day at my office, working and trying to figure out how to defend this woman. I browsed and tagged every cases that had a similarity with her case. Of course, I cannot use the same strategy that we used to solve Yuki’s case earlier. Back then, we managed to make Sayaka believe that Yuki was innocent, despite not being able to present an evidence to prove that. It was only because Sayaka was a good person, that she finally decided to let Yuki go. But now with Tachibana’s case, the situation was different in which the family of the murdered man had already filed a charge. What’s left to us now is a battle at the court. And that's where a lawyer is needed to do their job.

     And now, looking back to my journey in the past, I couldn't help but feel grateful. After getting through a lot of hardships and struggles, I finally found my place in this world. And not only I’m able to stand on my own two feet, I also have the power to help others out. This might sound cheesy, but now I feel like I am a heroine in a fan fiction made by my crazy fans. I never felt like this before. For all my life, I’ve been always the weakling. I can't fight, I'm bad at sport, I don't have any physical prowess. I always need Yuki to protect me and save me everytime I’m in danger. But now I realize even without having any physical power, I can help to save people's live and make a change in this world. There are many people out there who are in trouble but cannot speak or fight for themselves. And it's my duty to help them. Just like doctor save lives and police catch bad guys, lawyer can save people's lives too, innocent people's lives. And I don't need to possess any physical power or learn any martial arts to do that. All I need is my brain and my sharp tongue. And with that, I, Watanabe Mayu, vow that I will be the best defender for all those poor, innocent people in the world.


     Days gone by and without I realized, it was already on the last day of October. I was very busy these past few months as I had to handle more than 15 cases at a time. And for a junior lawyer like me, it was a bit too much. After receiving five new clients this month, Takenaka-san reminded me to stop accepting new clients.

     Today I’m attending a trial that was held at the Tokyo District Court, Chiyoda. I’ve been to that place quite often. And this time I was assigned to assist my senior lawyers defending a rich, famous businessman in the country. The defendant was a CEO of a big company, who was charged with a murder of his business rival. This case has attract a lot of attention because both the defendant and the victim were very famous throughout the country, and both were coming from a highly respected family. And therefore every time we had a hearing, the courtroom will be filled with a lot of people and journalists.

     However, despite all the tension and the seriousness, some funny moments managed to occur inside the courtroom.

     First, the judge asked the witness to be presented in the courtroom. The first witness was the victim’s wife, a very beautiful woman around 35 years old, who had found the victim dead inside their house. From the previous hearing, it was revealed that their marriage didn't go very well. And therefore, in order to defend our client, we would attempt to prove that this wife also had a motive to kill that man.

     As the wife walked up and stood at the witness stand, our lawyer stepped up and began to question her.

     “Mrs. Fujimoto-san, we’re going to ask you questions. And please remember that you are currently under an oath, so you have to answer it honestly. If we find you are lying or not telling the truth, your lies can be used against yourself.”
     Mrs. Fujimoto nodded.
     The lawyer then proceeded with the first questions. “What time did you find your husband? And how did he look like?”
     The woman answered, “It was around 8 PM, I was just returned from a dinner with my old friends. He was lying face down on the bed in our bedroom. At that time, he looked like he was sleeping but when I turned his body, I found blood on his mouth. I tried to wake him up but it was to no avail. I quickly called the emergency to come and bring him to the hospital.”
     “Who else was at your home that day?”
     “No one. My step-son Toranosuke were out for a school camp, while my step-daughter Tsubasa had also left for a sleepover at her friend’s house.”
     “Was he already dead when you found him?”
     “I didn't know. I wasn't sure about that. Maybe you should ask the doctor who had examined him.”
     “What time did you leave your home that day?”
     “I left early in the morning, on 9 AM.”
     “And where did you go that day?”
     “I went to the shopping mall and hair salon to get manicure and pedicure, I then went home around noon, my husband was already left for work. On the evening, I went out again to have a dinner with my friends. And when I went home, I found my husband lying on the bed in that position.”
     “Did you notice something strange with your husband that day? Maybe like anxiety or restlessness?”
     “No, not that I remember. But he did say something to me that made me very upset, just after he woke up early in the morning. I ”
     “And what did he say?”
     “He said, ‘Good morning, Kaoru.’”
     “Only that?”
     “And why were you upset then?”
     The woman gave the lawyer a cold stare and spoke glaringly. “...Because my name is Miki.”
     Chuckles and laughters erupted immediately throughout the courtroom. Even the judge and the prosecutor were seen to be trying hard to hold back their laugh. While the woman, Fujimoto Miki, just crossed her arms in front of her chest, seemingly annoyed by all of this. And we are left to wonder, what kind of husband could forget his own wife’s name? He must have cheated so many times already, to the point that he mixed up the names of his wife and his mistresses.
     The room was still filled with laughter, until the judge knocked his gavel and put everyone in silence.
     The lawyer then continued his questions, “Mrs. Fujimoto-san, when he said those words to you, was he drunk at that moment?”
     “Do you know who this woman named Kaoru is?”
     “No… I don't know. And I don't care,” she said pouting.
     “Fujimoto-san, do you love your husband?”
     The woman went silent.
     “Let me rephrase that,” the lawyer said. “Fujimoto-san, did you love your husband when you first married to him?”
     “Objection, Your Honour! His question is irrelevant!” The prosecutor let out a protest.
     “Objection is sustained. For the defender, please ask another question,” spoke the judge.
     The defendant’s lawyer nodded. “I’m sorry, Your Honour. I’ll take back my question. Now, Mrs. Fujimoto-san, I’m sure you are an intelligent, wise, and honest woman-”
     “Thank you.” The woman suddenly cut in. “You know, if I weren’t under an oath, I’d return the compliment.”
     The lawyer blinked upon hearing that. He was baffled, as well as everyone else in the courtroom. This woman really has a sharp tongue and sarcastic humour. And I’ve never seen a woman as bold as her in a courtroom before.
     Soon the courtroom was filled once again with suppressed laughters and chuckles. And the judge had to knock on his gavel again in order to put the room in silence.
     The judge then said, “Fujimoto-san, please respect everyone in this courtroom, including the lawyers. We know you're just joking, but by saying that you were implying that our lawyer here is unintelligence, unwise, and dishonest, and it is impolite to say things like that.”
     “Okay. I’m truly sorry, Your Honour. I will not do it again,” the woman said with a sweet smile, which we all suspected to be fake.
     The judge then said to the lawyer. “Please proceed to the next question.”
     Although still a bit baffled after being teased/insulted by this female witness, the lawyer managed to recover quickly and stay calm cool and confident, thanks to his abundance experience as a criminal defense attorneys.
     The lawyer then said. “Thank you, Your Honour. Fujimoto-san, I want to ask you about your relationship with your husband. Your step-daughter said you often had a quarrel with him. I suspect your relationship wasn't going well, am I right?”
     The woman stared at him. “Yes, you're right. But that doesn't mean I will kill him.”
     “Yes, of course, Fujimoto-san. And last questions from me. Do you know how many times your husband had cheated you with another woman? Do you know their names? Is there any of them sitting here inside this room?”
     “Well, no. I don't know any of their names, other than this mysterious woman named Kaoru.”
     “Do you know how is the relationship between your husband, Fujimoto Tsuyoshi, and the defendant, Yoshizawa Shota?”
     “They were best friends since high school, but they also had huge rivalry in business for several years.”
     “What do you think of Mr. Yoshizawa?”
     “He’s very smart and ambitious. He was quite nice, but recently I heard he had a drinking problem.”
     “Did you know if your husband and the defendant had any fight or argument recently before your husband died?”
     “No. Not that I know of. But just like I said, they were in a heated rivalry so I won't be surprised if they had argument at that time.”
     “Okay. That’s our questions for now. Thank you, Fujimoto-san. Thank you, Your Honour.” The lawyer closed their session.

     The judge then dismissed Fujimoto and ordered the next witness to be brought in. This second witness was the doctor who had performed autopsy on the victim.
     Another lawyer stepped up and questioned him.
     “Doctor Hagiwara, how long have you been practicing as a physician?”
     “Thirty years.”
     “Have you been in a court before? And in what occasion?”
     “Yes, I’ve been here five times before, and everytime as a witness.”
     “Do you know Mr. Fujimoto Tsuyoshi personally?”
     “Yes. We’ve met quite often outside our works.”
     “How do you think about him?”
     “He was a good man, a hard worker.”
     “Has he ever been ill before.”
     “No. Not that I remember. He was quite very healthy for a man his age.”
     “Do you remember what time he was admitted to the hospital?”
     “I wasn't at the hospital on that day. But I heard he was admitted around 10 PM.”
     “Was he dead?”
     “Probably no. They said he still had a faint pulse. But his condition keep deteriorating until the next day in the morning.”
     “Do you recall the time that you examined the body and the started the autopsy?”
     “It was around 8:30 AM.”
     “And Mr. Fujimoto was already dead at that time?”
     The witness nodded while frowning. “Yes, he was already dead at that time. If not, he surely was by the time I finished the autopsy.”
     Small chuckles was then heard from the front lines of the audiences. The doctor knew this lawyer was attempting to put the blame of Fujimoto’s death upon him, in order to protect their client (the defendant). However, instead of feeling agitated, it seemed the doctor decided to play along and answered in humorous way. And I must admit this doctor had a quite good humor, although not as sarcastic as the previous witness, Mrs. Fujimoto.
     The lawyer then continued asking questions. “Doctor, how do you know he was already dead at that time?”
     “It was written in his log.”
     “I see. But before you performed the autopsy, did you check again for a pulse?”
     “Did you check for blood pressure?”
     “Did you check for breathing?”
     “So, then it is possible that Mr. Fujimoto was alive when you began the autopsy?”
     “How can you be so sure, Doctor?”
     “Because his body was stiff and his temperature was as cold as ice.”
     “I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?” the lawyer kept asking.
     “Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere,” the doctor said while chuckling, causing the audience, the judge, and the lawyer himself to burst into laugh.
     The doctor then said with a smile. “Well, Mr. Lawyer, I assure you that Mr. Fujimoto was already dead by the time I began the autopsy on him. Of all my autopsies, I always performed it on dead people. Because you know, the live ones put up too much of a fight.” The doctor said, still with a chuckle.
     The lawyer smiled. “Of course, Doctor. Don't feel offended. We just want to be sure of what’s really happened. Now, can you tell me what did you found after the autopsy?”
     The doctor then began his explanation, which I will not relay here because it was very detailed and highly technical.

     After that, the judge asked the third, fourth, fifth witness, and so on to be brought into the courtroom one by one. During the hearing, I was tasked to question the people who work as employees in Fujimoto’s corporation, as well as in Yoshizawa’s corporation. Most of them were quite cooperative, and some even made funny jokes just like the first two witnesses.
     The hearing session took a whole day to finish. It was quite tiring but thankfully not really stressful, probably because of some hilarious and creepy jokes that were thrown by some people during the trial. And thank god it was Friday, I felt much more relaxed than usual.
     I messaged Yuki and asked her to pick me up so that we can go somewhere nice and have dinner together. She told me to wait and meet her at the parking lot in front of the Tokyo District Court building.
     I spent another minutes talking with my colleagues about the case we’re working on, until finally everyone left the building. I decided to read something on my laptop while waiting for my girlfriend. After some time, a beep was heard from my smartphone indicating a new message had just arrived. I checked the message, it was from Yuki saying she’s already waiting at the parking lot. I then gathered my stuffs and put them into my briefcase before making my exit from the building.
     As I walked to the parking lot, I noticed several cars were still parked there. My eyes quickly caught the sight of our car but I didn't see Yuki inside it. And since I always bring the spare key, I decided to just go inside the car and waited until Yuki showed up.
     I then walked to my car and pressed the remote key to unlock the door. However, when I was about to open the passenger door, I suddenly felt a heavy blow on the back of my head, and the next thing I knew, I was already down on the ground.
     Writhing in pain, I brought my hand to protect my head, and I instinctively crawled away to avoid another attack. A figure of big, tall man came into my view. He was standing just a few steps away from me. First thing that came into my mind was that he was just a random thugs or muggers. But after I get a clearer view of his face, I realized this man was no stranger to me.
     “Tanaka-san…” I called out and stared at him. My head was still throbbing painfully. I was shocked, but soon I realized the reason of why he was attacking me.
     “You! You messed it up, Watanabe! We paid you to do your job. But look what you’ve done. Twenty five years in prison! You're screwed, Watanabe!” The man stepped closer, his large frame was hovering on top of me.
     He then grabbed me by the collar, and pulled me up quite harshly. His eyes looked so fierce and vengeful.
     I tried to talk and reason with him. “Wait... Tanaka-san, please listen to me, I’ve done my best-”
     My words were cut when a sudden punch landed hard on my face. I fell back down and hit my body against the metallic hood of my car.
     “Ugh…” I groaned painfully. His punch surely hurt. And he didn't seem to be holding back at all.
     Knowing I'm in danger my eyes then roamed around, frantically searching for Yuki. I knew I was no match for this man. I cannot fight him and I cannot outrun him from such a close distance. Only Yuki can save me. But where is she? Yuki, where are you?
     I saw him raising his fist at me, wanting to hit me again.
     “Stop, please, listen to me, Tanaka-san…” I pleaded with a shaky voice. My heart beats rapidly inside my chest.
     My plea was ignored, however, as he just grabbed me again and shoved me against the side of my car. Before I could react, his fist was already raining down upon my face.
     “You son of a b**ch!” Tanaka shouted angrily as he kept pummeling me over and over, not giving me a chance to cry for help or I even speak. And I couldn't do anything to stop him, except raising my arm and trying futilely to protect my face. Soon my suit was tainted with my own blood.
     I was in so much pain. My vision started to blur as I received more and more punches from him. And I wondered just how many more I could endure before collapsing. Not being able to do anything, I roamed my eyes around again, searching for that certain someone.
     Yuki, where are you? Come and save me, hurry, please. I prayed silently in my mind. And under those raining blows, I waited patiently for my guardian angel to come.

     Suddenly a tall female figure caught Tanaka’s fist and twisted it behind his back.
     “Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size!” the female said before grabbing the man and throwing him over to the empty parking slots.
     I lost my balance as well, and slid down against the metallic body of my car.
     “Yuki!” I looked up and exclaimed in relief upon seeing the person I’ve been waiting for, my knight in shining armor, now is standing there in front of me and saving me from this hoodlum.
     Yuki turned at me, and our eyes met for a second. I let out a smile while she a frown. Without saying anything, Yuki then extended her hand and pulled me up from the ground. She also picked up my briefcase and handed it to me.
     Just then, we noticed Tanaka coming at us again.
     “Get in the car, Mayu.” Yuki said as she pushed me into the car and turned around to face that man.
     I obeyed her and sat on the passenger seat. Blood was still flowing profusely from my mouth and my nose. I grabbed a tissue paper from the dashboard and use it to wipe my blood.
     I then turned my attention to the fight and lowered the window to get a clearer view of the fight.
     Tanaka came and threw his punch, but Yuki moved fast and punched him first. Tanaka was knocked immediately to the ground. He rolled away and quickly stood back up. He dashed again and launched another attack, swinging his arm at Yuki which Yuki dodged it with ease, only tilting her head to the left side. Came another punch, and Yuki tilted her head to the right. And her body wasn't even moving during that scene. Tanaka seemed to be very angered by this as he then attempted to land another punch. This time Yuki caught it with her hand.
     “You know what? I’m not your size either, so you shouldn't pick on me.” Yuki spoke glaringly. She squeezed Tanaka’s fist that was trapped inside her palm, making the man winced in pain. She then grabbed the man by the collar and punched him square on his face. Yuki didn't stop there as she kept holding on him and punching his face repeatedly, just like what he had done to me earlier. The loud sound of thwack and broken bone made me shuddered. Tanaka seemed to be suffering more than I did, his face was covered with blood. And Yuki looked so fierce as if she wanted to kill that man. I almost felt pity for him.
     After giving Tanaka those hard blows, Yuki then lifted him up and threw him flying high across the parking slots. He landed hard on top of a parked car. His body bounced off a few times before falling to the ground. Scrambling onto his feet, he then stared angrily at me and Yuki for a moment.
    “This isn't over, Watanabe!” He shouted mad at me before scurrying away from that place.
     I saw Yuki frowning upon hearing that. She was about to go after that man again, but I stopped her. “Don't! Just let him go, Yuki!”
     She glanced at me, hesitating, but then she complied. And we both watched as Tanaka runaway and disappeared from our sight.

     Yuki then get into the car and sat on the driver seat beside me. She let out a sigh before turning her eyes at me.
     “Are you okay?” Yuki looked at me with concern. “Sorry, I just went to the toilet.”
     I nodded. “It's okay. I’m alright.”
     “You don't look alright to me.” She brought her hand up and hold my face gently, examining my wound.
     She then moved her finger to the bridge on my nose and pressed it softly, but enough to make me yelp in pain.
     “You broke your nose, Mayu.” Yuki said with a sigh.
     She then turned on the engine and started driving. “Forget the dinner. We need to go home now and get you treated. Or do you wanna go to the clinic instead?”
     I shook my head. “No. Just go home now please. And don't forget to buy some takeout food.” I requested, upon which Yuki nodded.
     After a few minutes of driving, we then stopped at a nearby food stall. Yuki told me to wait in the car while she went out to buy takeout food.
     Alone in the car, I looked around at my surrounding, and I found the streets were filled with people. lt was one fine evening, Friday, at the end of October. Autumn was coming to its peak. It’s my favourite season, with my favourite dishes all around. There are a lot of food stalls on the streets offering matsutake mushrooms, chestnuts, sweet potato, nabe and oden, grilled swordfish, and such. My mouth is watering already as I imagine how delicious those dishes are. If only I weren't injured, I would've visited all those stalls and taste all those delicious food. Unfortunately tonight I wasn't in a good condition to do that, what with my chapped lips, bleeding nose, and the long cut near my eye. I'm not even sure I can eat properly with my condition like that.
     After buying what we need, Yuki then returned to the car and started driving again.
     And while driving, Yuki began to ask me questions. “Mayu, that man, who is he? And why did he attack you?”
     I let out a sigh, knowing that sooner or later I would have to tell Yuki about my incident. And somehow I knew she wouldn't like it if I tell her the truth.
     “His name is Tanaka. He is my client’s son.” I replied.
     “Your client’s son?”
     “And he attacked you because?”
     “....Errr….He attacked me because, well, he thought I was messing up with my job and not doing my best to defend his father in the court. His father ended up getting twenty five years in prison as a punishment.”
     Yuki squinted her eyes. “And he thought it was your fault?”
     I nodded. “Yes.”
     “But you’ve been working so hard for your clients. He should've appreciated your work no matter what the result is.”
     “Yeah.” I smiled weakly. “But the thing is, he was right about it. I didn't really do my best to defend them.”
     I nodded again. “Yes. Even worse, I did something to make them lose in the court.”
     “...Whaat!? But- Why?” Yuki asked in confuse.
     I let out a huff and pouted. “Because they deserve it. They did commit the crime, and they’re not showing any remorse upon doing that.”
     Yuki went silent for a moment. “What was their crime?”
     “Murder. Second degree murder. But I suspect it’s actually first degree murder. Twenty five years sentence is too lenient. He should have received death penalty or at least life imprisonment without a possibility of parole.” I explained in details.
     “Are you sure he was guilty?” Yuki asked.
     “Yes. I overheard him talking quietly to his son while we’re on the courtroom.”
     Yuki went silent again. She probably found this to be quite bizarre and unexpected.
     “So, you intentionally messed with your job and send your client to prison although your job is supposed to defend them?”
     “Yeah. Sort of.” I replied with a nod.
     “And that's why his son came and attacked you?”
     Yuki let out a frown. “So, all of this is because your job. Dammit, Mayu! I thought you said this job isn't dangerous.”
     “It isn't. At least it isn't as dangerous as police job,” I argued.
     “Yeah, right.” Yuki rolled her eyes.
     “Yuki, why are you so mad? It's not like I get beaten up everyday. You had it worse than me, you always get into a fight, and I never complain about it!” I exclaimed.
     Yuki took a deep breath. “Look. I don't wanna talk about this now. You're injured and we need to treat you first. After that, you must explain everything to me,” she said while continued driving.

     At our apartment.
     Yuki parked our car and helped me carry my stuffs into our room. I took off my suit and went for a quick shower. And when I finished, Yuki was already waiting in our bedroom with a medical kit in her hand. I changed into my pajama and sat on the bed while Yuki began treating my wound.
     “It's gonna sting a bit. Hold still,” Yuki said with a stern face as she took a gauze and dipped it with alcohol before putting it into my wounds.
     I bit my lips and grimaced a bit as I felt the alcohol substance made contact with my wound. And somehow I felt Yuki was putting an unnecessary amount of strength while she did that.
     I then felt a sudden pressure on my wounded cheek, and I automatically shrieked in pain.
     “Ouch!!!! Yuki, gentle please~” I whined.
     I then turned and glared at my girlfriend. “Yuki, you get injured more often than me, and everytime you get home injured, I always treated you gently. But now look at how you treat me. I'm only injured once in five years, and yet you treat me so roughly. That’s not fair, Yuki.”
     Yuki smirked. “Well, that's what you get for messing up with your job and not telling me anything about it.”
     I opened my mouth but couldn't find anything to say as a retort. Yuki then continued treating my wound, with me hissing in pain every now and then because she did it in a quite rough way.

     “Done.” Yuki said as she put a bandaid on my nose. “Your nose will need a few weeks to recover though.”
     I groaned upon hearing that. My hands were brought up to cover my nose.
     “First time having a broken nose, huh?” Yuki sneered at me.
     I could only give a nod as a response.
     I then tried to twitch my nose a bit. It felt awfully painful. And I’m quite surprised to realize just how strange this stinging sensation is felt to me now. It's been a long time since I get pummeled so badly like this, and I kinda forgot how painful it could be. Not to mention, I’ve been spending the last five years of my life working behind the desk, and absent from any physical activity like this. I really am not prepared to experience a physical confrontation like this.
     While Yuki, in contrast with me, she had never stopped fighting ever since we left Shizuoka and moved to Tokyo. She still continued working in a dojo, teaching children some martial arts, and looking for partners to spar once in a while. She still did her daily routines too, and exercised regularly. And although I’ve never seen her engaging in a mortal-combat type of fights anymore these days, after seeing how effortlessly she beat Tanaka, I’m quite sure her fighting skill is still as good as ever.

     After finishing with the medical treatment, we went to our dining room to have a dinner. We heated our bento box in the microwave and then sat on our dining room and ate silently, with me occasionally grimacing and hissing due to my chapped lips which made me unable to bit and chew properly. And during the whole time, Yuki just stared at me coldly. I knew she was still upset because of my incident.
     Yuki took the last bite of her meal, and put her chopstick and bento box aside. She then waited for me until I finished my dinner, which took me a longer time because of my injured lips.

     After I finished my dinner, Yuki then spoke at me.
     “Mayu, what happened to you today is very serious. It's not just a random people attacking you. You've been attacked by someone because of your job. And he could've done something worse to you. What if that man had a gun? What if he wanted to kill you? What would’ve happened to you if I didn't come in time? Do you ever think about that? You were dealing with murderers, Mayu, you should've been more careful!” Yuki shouted at me, almost scolding me.
     I stared at her. “Yuki, please calm down. You're overreacting. No one is going to kill a lawyer. They won't dare to do that.”
     “Oh yeah? Are you sure about that? They are murderers, Mayu! They will come to attack you again if you don't stop messing with them!” Yuki said with a high tone.
     I was silenced for a moment.
     “I’ll figure something to do about it, don't worry,” I tried to reassure her.
     “How?” Yuki asked.
     “I’ll report them to the police if they dare to attack me again.”
     Yuki sneered. “That's great. But then what? The police will arrest them for a while, but after that they will come and attack you again.” Yuki argued.
     I racked my brain again. “I’ll prepare something to protect myself.”
     “Oh, yeah? Like what? Gun? Do you know how to use it?”
     “No. Not gun. Pepper spray.”
     “Pepper spray? Pffft!” Yuki said mockingly.
     “Yes. Pepper spray. It's quite effective actually.” I retorted with a pout.
     Yuki threw her gaze through the glass window before turning back to me. She seemed pretty much annoyed now. “Okay, so you’re a lawyer, and that impressed me much, Mayu. But tell me exactly, what kind of lawyer are you?”
     “I’m a criminal defense lawyer. And I’m specializing myself in criminal cases.” I replied.
     “Tck, that's why you're dealing with criminals and murderers. Of all people in the world, you choose to deal with them. I think you better switch your job, Mayu.”
     I let out a deep breath and stared at her. “No, Yuki, I can't. This is what I always wanted to do. And you will have to beat me up again to make me switch my job. And besides, not all of them are bad. I found some are innocent and I really want to help and defend them in the courtroom. And this is the only thing I am really good at, just like how you’re good at fighting, Yuki.” I spoke firmly.
     Yuki seemed to be taken aback by my words. She then thought for a moment, trying to comprehend what I had said.
     “Mayu, look, I just don't understand what you're doing here. You have a legal job which you can use to help people, but you also mess it up in order to do what you think is right. It’s kinda contradictory for me. I mean, is it okay for you to do this? Are you not afraid to lose your job because of this? Do you know what you're doing, Mayu?” she questioned me.
     And this time it was my turn to be taken aback. Yuki was right. What I did was contradictory. My job was contradictory, and after working and practicing law for quite some time, I found this to be very true.
     During my apprenticeship, I found a lot of innocent people were sent to prison, while a lot of guilty people managed to get away freely with their crimes. I hate to admit it, but yes I’m quite conflicted by that. And I’ve never told anyone about it. Not even Yuki. But maybe now it's time to let her know.
     “Yuki, tell me how do you feel, if you see an innocent woman, a single mother with a six-months-old baby boy, and working in a convenience store, get convicted and charged with a crime she didn't do? If she goes to jail, her baby boy will be taken away from her and will be put in an orphanage. And you know that woman is innocent! How do feel about that, Yuki?” I spoke fervently, almost shouting.
     My eyes met with Yuki’s. And I saw my own reflection in them. Her eyes were beautiful and deep. It made me lost myself. But it also gave me courage that I’ve never had before. A courage not only to do my best in my job, but also to mess up with it.
     Yuki didn't say anything, only staring back at me with her dark orb eyes. And I didn't need her answer either. My question was fully rhetorical.
     I then continued. “And tell me how do you feel again, Yuki, if you see someone killing another, stealing their money, and leaving their victim’s children orphaned? And you know that they had planned it, and that they didn't regret what they had done. And still, they managed to get away with it because there's not enough evidence to prove them guilty. How do you feel about that, Yuki?”
     Yuki kept silent. But I knew she’s slowly taking my points.
     “Sorry, I didn't know your job is that complicated.” Yuki said with a faint smile.
     “Yeah, my job is complicated, and I messed it up.”
     Yuki stared at me again. The confused look in her eyes had disappeared, and changed into something else. A smirk was formed on her lips as she spoke again. “You know what, for someone who once stole my purse on the first day we met, I never thought you can have a strong sense of justice.”
     I blinked at her. “Do I?”
     She smiled again. “Yes, you do, Mayu, and I’m proud of you.”
     I shifted my gaze from her. My hands were playing with the chopstick on my bento box.
     “Mayu, listen, I know how you’re feeling. So many unfortunate people out there, yet we can't do anything to help them. And so many evil people out there, yet we can't do anything to stop them. This world is unfair, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Yuki said softly.
     “Nothing.” Yuki shook her head.
     I let out a sigh and went back to playing with my chopstick.
     Yuki spoke again. “You're a lawyer, Mayu. Not a cop. You shouldn't endanger yourself just because you want to make those evil people go to jail. That's really not your job.”
     I nodded. “I know, Yuki, I know. I just hate to feel so useless like this.”
     “You're not useless. You're helping people there in the courtroom.”
     “No. It's not enough, Yuki. Courtroom is not enough.”
     I heard Yuki heave a sigh.
     “I hate to see you like this,” she said while puffing her cheek.
     “Do something then,” I challenged her.
     She furrowed her eyebrows and stared at me. “Okay, what do you want me to do? You want me to stalk your clients? You want me to look for evidences? You want me to fight them? Protect them? Is that what you want?” Yuki asked me.
     And I remained silent, not giving her any answer.
     “Mayu, you know I will do anything for you. I’ll even jump and die for you if you ask me to! But I want you to know what you're doing when you’re asking me that.” 
     Yuki stared at me. Her voice softened, but still firm and stern.
     “I want you to be sure of what you're doing, not just acting out on a whim like this. Playing cops and fighting evil is not easy. There’s danger in it. I can do it on my own, and I’m never afraid to do that. But when you get involved, it will be a different story for me. So please, Mayu, make up your mind first before you ask me to do something as important as that.”

     And with that, Yuki closed her words and got up. She then left and walked back into our bedroom.

     While I was left there, sitting alone in the dining room. And once again I realized Yuki was right. She was absolutely right. I’m not ready yet to do that thing that I want to do. I'm not ready yet to be a superhero, or be anyone that I want to be.


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Here are more trailers.



     The door of their apartment flew opened as Watanabe rushed hurriedly inside and panickedly locked the door. Her face displayed horror and turmoil. And she was panting heavily, probably from running all her way home.
     “Mayu, what happen?”
     “I….I think I’m being followed. Somebody’s following me, Yuki.”
     “I don’t know! They’re wearing black suit!”
     “They? How many people?”
     “Two, or three….I’m not sure…”
     “Okay, calm yourself first. Breathe. Drink this,” Yuki instructed as she gave the trembling woman a glass of water.
     After several minutes, Mayu calmed down.
     “Now explain it to me. Is this related to your work?”
     “I--I think so, Yuki. I’m currently working on this money fraud case. And one of our key witnesses died suddenly.....”
     Yuki frowned. “And?”
     “And his sister gave me this, today.” Mayu said as she took something out from her briefcase. It’s a flashdrive.
     “What’s inside it?” asked Yuki.
     “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it.”
     “Let’s see then.”



     It’s already late at night when Watanabe Mayu and Sawajiri Erika are trapped inside an elevator in their office. Unfortunately, they are the only people who are left in the office, and thus they have to wait until the security guards come tomorrow and fix the elevator. The two women then sit on the elevator floor and lean their backs on the wall.
Mayu : #digs out a candy from her pocket#  “Want some?”
Erika  : #takes one# “Thanks.”
Mayu : “Your welcome.”
Erika  : #eats the candy and sighs# “Hufff...This is gonna be a long night.”
Mayu : “Yeah.”
Erika  : “What are we gonna do now?”
Mayu : “Nothing. Just waiting.”
Erika  : “I hate waiting.”
Suddenly the elevator moved abruptly and began to slide down fast, causing Mayu and Erika to jerk and shriek.
Erika  : “Kyaaaaaaa!!!”  #hugs Mayu#
Mayu : “!!!!!!!”  #hugs Erika back# 
The elevator slides down for a few seconds before stopping somewhere in between the floors.
Erika  : #panicking# “Dammit! I thought we’re going to die here! What's wrong with this elevator? We should report this malfunction and sue the building’s manager.”
Mayu : #smirks and glances at Erika# “Yeah, but we have to get out of this alive first.
Erika  : “Tck. You’re right. Mayu, how can you be so calm in a moment like this? You’re not even panicking at all.”
Mayu : “Well, my friends said I’m a Cyborg.”
Erika  : “You’re what?”
Mayu : “A Cyborg. A cybernetic organism who had attended a law school and now is practicing law.”
Erika  : #chuckles# “I see. A Cyborg. That explains your behavior.”
Erika then stares at Mayu.
Erika  : “Wait, Cyborg, you have something on your face.”
Mayu : “What?”
Erika moves closer and begins to kiss Mayu on her lips. Mayu is shocked, and tries to resist but it's too late.
Erika  : #smiles# “You’re a good kisser, Mayu-chan.”  #wants to kiss Mayu more#
Mayu : “W-wait! Sawajiri-san, I can't do this! I have a girlfriend.”
Erika  : “I know. Kashiwagi Yuki, right?”
Mayu : “Yes.”
Erika  : “Well, just forget about her tonight. We're trapped here and there’s nothing we can do anyway. So why don't we just kiss and enjoy ourselves tonight, Cyborg?” #leans forward to kiss Mayu again#
Mayu : “What!? No!!” #pushes Erika away#



     One morning, Yuki wakes up and finds that Mayu didn't come home the previous night. Usually Mayu will send Yuki a message whenever she’s planning to stay the night somewhere else. However, Yuki doesn't get any message this time, and thus she starts worrying like hell. She thought something bad must have happened to Mayu.
     Yuki then receives a message from an anonymous sender. The message tells her to come to Hotel XYZ, Room Number 999 immediately and there she will find Watanabe Mayu. Yuki then hurriedly comes to the said hotel, thinking that Mayu is probably in danger. As she arrives at the said room, she finds the door is unlocked.
     Slowly, Yuki then opens the door and steps inside. The first thing she notices in the doorway is the clothes and underwears lying scattered on the floor. She traces them into the bedroom, and she’s in for a nasty shock.
     There inside the bedroom, Yuki finds Watanabe Mayu sleeping on the bed with Sawajiri Erika. Both of them are naked, with Erika holding and hugging the younger girl. Their bodies are entangled to each other.
     Yuki feels as if she is hit by a thunderbolt upon witnessing this scene. She finds herself unable to breath. Her hand is brought up to cover her mouth as she begins to choke herself.
     She cannot fathom what is currently happening. Is Mayu cheating on her? Yuki doesn't want to believe it, but the evidence is too clear to be ignored. Watanabe Mayu had slept with Sawajiri Erika in a hotel room.
     And suddenly Yuki feels her world is ruined in front of her. Her dream and future with Mayu, it's ruined. Everything is ruined.
     Yuki takes a step back. She accidentally hit a table nearby. The glass on the table falls to the floor and broken into pieces.
     The sound of a glass hitting the floor awakens Mayu and Erika.
     “Ouch! My head!” Mayu groans. Her head feels so dizzy and heavy. As she glances around, her eyes landed on Yuki.
     “Y-Yuki? What are you-” Mayu stutters. She stares confusedly at Yuki, and then at herself.
     Eh!? What am I doing here? Mayu finds herself naked with Erika lying beside her, naked as well. Mayu quickly grasp what is happening. She remembers attending a cocktail party last night and drinking a little. And as far as she remembers, she didn't drink that much last night. So why she ends up hangover and lying naked with Erika inside a hotel room? Mayu has no idea at all.
    “Mayu! How could you!?” Yuki shouts at her. Her voice shaking.
     “No, Yuki, this isn't like what you think!” Mayu tries to explain. She pulls up the blanket to cover her naked body.
     But Yuki already turns around and stumbles away to leave the room.
     “Wait! Yuki, wait!” Mayu gets up from the bed, only with a blanket over her body.
     Yuki doesn't listen. She quickens her steps and rushes away from the scene.
     Mayu stares at Erika.
     “Dammit, Erika, what have you done to me!?” she curses and shouts angrily at Erika, who at that moment was just lying and staring at Mayu.
     Mayu quickly puts on her shirt and trousers, but skips the underwears part because she has no time to put them on. She wants to catch Yuki fast and explain what happens to her.
     “I’ll talk to you later!” Mayu shouts at Erika.
     After grabbing her stuff, Mayu exits the room and follows Yuki downstairs. She finds Yuki leaving the hotel, and she follows suit. Yuki walks fast and Mayu has to run after her. She’s finally able to catch up with Yuki at the parking lot.
     “Yuki, wait!! Please let me explain!! This really isn't like what you think!!”
     Mayu grabs Yuki’s arm before she managed to open the car’s door.
     Yuki frees her arm and pushes Mayu away harshly.
     “Stay away!! Don't touch me!!” Yuki shouts.
     “Yuki, please listen to me first!”
     “No! I can't believe you're doing this to me!! We're over, Mayu!! If you want to be with her, you’re free to do so!!” Yuki then throws the car key to the ground and then rushes away from the parking lot.
     Mayu has to search and pick up the key first before she can go to catch Yuki again.
     She then drives the car and follows Yuki on the sidewalk.
     “Yuki, please hear me out!! I don't know what's happening!! She- she spiked me!! Yuki, please get in the car and listen to me!!” Mayu pleads while driving slowly beside Yuki who is now walking on the sidewalk.
     But Yuki doesn't listen and continues heading to subway station underground. Mayu can only stares as Yuki walks away and disappears from her sight. A sound of horn coming from behind her and she has no choice other than to continue driving, or else she’s going to get a ticket from the police officer for causing a traffic jam.
    Yuki, you have to believe me! Erika must have planned this to separate us! She spiked me at the party last night, and she brought me to the hotel room! Dammit! That woman! Mayu curses silently while continues driving.


TRAILER #10: SPIKED (Part 2)

    Yuki didn't come home after what happened yesterday. She only comes to their apartment to grab her stuff, in the afternoon after Mayu already left for work. Yuki then rents a cheap motel somewhere in the town, in order to avoid her girlfriend.
     At the office, Mayu tries to confront Erika directly. She storms into Erika’s room and speaks angrily at her.
     “You spiked me! At the party last night! And you brought me to the hotel room! What are you planning to do, huh!? Do you want to ruin my life?” Mayu shouts to Erika’s face, expressing her anger.
     But the older woman just walks up
to her, smiling.
     “Mayu, you know I love you. Leave Yuki, and be with me. I can treat you better than her.” Erika says as she puts her hands on Mayu’s shoulder.
     Mayu frees herself and pushes Erika away.
     “Mayu, I love you very much, more than her. I will give you everything you want and make you happy. Just leave her, Mayu. And I promise I-”
     “No!” Mayu cuts Erika’s words. ”She can give me everything I need. You can't. I will never leave her for you, or anyone.”
     “Mayu, please give me a chance. I can prove to you that I will do much better than her. Come on, Mayu. I know you like me too. You enjoyed it when we first kissed, back then in the elevator.”
     Mayu frowned. “No, that kiss was a mistake. You were forcing yourself to me. I never meant to kiss you, and I didn't enjoy it. I was thinking about Yuki while we kissed.”
     “Oh, you didn't? You can't lie to me. You enjoyed it. A lot. Maybe you already forget, so let me remind you again.” Erika grabs Mayu’s shoulder and begins to lean in for a kiss.
     “Mayu, I love you-”
     Mayu pushes Erika away again. “No, you don't love me. This thing you feel for me, it's just lust, not love. And now you said you want to take Yuki’s place? You said you’ll treat me better? No! No one will treat me better than her. You see she loves me, and I love her, and I could never leave her. Now please, stop your obsession on me and find someone else to play with.”



At Jurina’s office, Mayu rushes in to Jurina’s room.
Jurina : “Hey, Mayu, what's up?”
Mayu  : “Jurina, we need to talk.”
Jurina : “Hm? Okay, sure. What is it?”
Mayu  : “I saw you at the club last night.”
Jurina : “Oh, really? I didn't see you there.”
Mayu  : #frowns# “Of course you didn't. You were too busy making out with your secretary.”
Jurina : “Wha- Oh, Mayu, did you see that?”
Mayu  : “Yeah!”
Jurina : “Damn. I thought nobody sees me.”
Mayu  : “Jurina, what do you think you were doing? How could you do that to Rena! She's your girlfriend!”
Jurina : “Lower your voice, Mayu.” ##gets up and locks the door#
Mayu  : “You’ve gone way overboard, Jurina. I know you like to kiss everyone, and Rena already knows it too and she lets you. But to making out with someone is a different thing. You’re playing with fire. And I can guess this isn't the first time you’re doing this. I never knew you were this kind of person.”
Jurina : “Tck! What do you know about me? And how much do you know? Mayu, you think you know me, but you don't.”
Mayu  : “You’re right. I don't. You’re 150 years old, of course I don't know anything about you. But I can't just stand here doing nothing while I see my friend’s getting hurt. Rena doesn't deserve any of this.”
Jurina : “Do you know how much she had hurt me in the past?”
Mayu  : “Yeah, but she didn't do it out of free will. And she already regret it. She’s a good girl now. Don't break her heart, Jurina. You're supposed to care for-”
Jurina : “Enough! I don't need you or anyone to tell me what to do with my private life. And you know what, I never think Rena as my girlfriend. Now please leave now, I’m busy.” #turns around and walks away#
Mayu  : #gets angry and grabs Jurina#
Mayu’s fist landed on Jurina’s cheek. Jurina only flinches a bit upon receiving that punch, as if she’s only bitten by a mosquito. Mayu, on the other hand, feels her hand hurts a lot after throwing that punch at Jurina.
Mayu  : “Ouch!” #wincing in pain, holding on her own hand#
Jurina : #smirks# “You broke your own hand? Tck! You should've known better than punching a vampire, Mayu. Only someone like your lover Yuki or your oneesan Sayaka can punch me without hurting herself.”
Mayu  : “Grrrrrrr!!!”
Jurina : #smiles# “And you know what? You should've just slapped me instead of punching me. That's what girls do whenever they get angry at me.”
Mayu  : “Well, I’m not a girl, and neither you are. You’re just a little boy trapped inside a 15 years old girl body.”
 #scoffs and walks away#

Later at their apartment, Yuki sees Mayu’s injured hand and quickly grabs the medicine kit and treats the younger girl.
Yuki   : “Mayu, what happened to your hand? Did you fall?”
Mayu : “Err...No, I had a fight. Not really a fight though. I just punched someone.”
Yuki   : “Who?”
Mayu : “Jurina.”
Yuki   : “What!? You had a fight with her? Why?”
Mayu : “I saw her making out with her secretary, and so I got angry.”
Yuki   : “Oh!! I’ve never thought Jurina can do such a thing! That’s really unfaithful! Poor Rena.”
Mayu : “Yeah, poor her. Jurina has gone too far now.”



     In this season, FuruYanagi couple is already official, with Churi and Airin start dating each other. However, Rena and Jurina do not know about that. Jurina is still trying to flirt with Churi, while Rena and Airin are also flirting with each other. On the other hand, Churi and Airin also do not know about Jurina and Rena’s relationship.
     One day, Jurina asked Churi (Akane) to go out for a date to an amusement park.

Churi  : #thinking# Hm, what should I do? I love Airin, but I love Jurina too. I can't choose. I want to date both. But this means I’m cheating. Oh Airin, Jurina, I’m sorry...
Jurina : “Akane, what are you thinking? Don't you feel happy to go out with me?”
Churi  : “Oh, I’m- I’m not thinking anything. Of course I’m happy with you. I’m just…. Can you excuse me for a minute? I need to go to the powder room.”
Jurina : “Sure, Akane. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Suddenly Jurina sees Rena coming at her from at her from a distance.
Jurina : “Rena? What are you doing here? Don't come near me. I’m busy. Go away.”
Rena  : “Busy, huh? I know you're dating Akane. And you know what? I don't care. You cheat, I cheat too! And guess who is the girl I’m dating now, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Tck, I don't know, and don't care. Now please go away now before Akane comes back here.”

Suddenly Airin appears from out of nowhere and comes to them.
Airin   : “Hey Rena-chan, there you are! I was looking for you. Don't leave me so suddenly like th--  Oh my God, Jurina, what are you doing here?”
Jurina : #smirks# “Hehehe~ Airin! I knew you two are dating each other. Well then, have a nice date. Bye!” #starts walking away#
Airin   : “No! No! No! Jurina, wait! This isn't like what you think!”
Jurina : “Yeah, sure. Don't worry Airin, I’m not mad at you!”

Suddenly, Churi returns from the powder room and comes at them.
Churi  : “Jurina, sorry for making you wait! I lost my way there! And oh, who are these peop- Oh my God, Airin? What are you doing here?”
Airin   : “C-Churi? What are you doing here?”
Churi  : #panicking# Oh no! I can't let Airin know that I'm going out with Jurina and cheating on her! I gotta run now!
Airin   : #panicking# Oh no! I can't let Churi know that I'm going out with Rena and cheating on her! I gotta run now!
Churi  : “Sorry guys, I think I left my purse in the powder room! Bye!” #runaway#
Airin   : “Me too! I have a sudden call from the hospital! It's from my brother! Bye!!” #runaway#

Rena and Jurina: #staring confusedly at FuruYanagi# What the hell is happening with them?



Mayu is talking with Yuki over the phone. Mayu is in her office, while Yuki is on the street distributing pamphlets with a picture of a missing person, a high school girl named Oguri Yui.
Mayu : “Yuki, have you found her?”
Yuki   : “No. I will search again in the market near the subway station. Someone said they saw her walking down there two days ago.”
Mayu : “Okay. Keep searching, Yuki. I will try to call her friends.”

Not long after, Mayu calls again.
Mayu : “Yuki, I got a new lead.”
Yuki   : “What?”
Mayu : “One of Yui’s friends who is also a member of their gang has been missing too since last week, after meeting someone from a modeling agency. She was last spotted at a hostess club in Yokohama. I’m afraid it is a human trafficking case. These girls might have been kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery.”
Yuki   : “What? Oh my, this isn't good! Mayu, what should we do?”
Mayu : “We must narrow down our search. I will track down this modeling agency. It must be a fake agency. And Yuki, can you go to the hostess club in Yokohama today? I’ll ask Rena to come with you too.”
Yuki   : “Sure. Just give me the address.”
Mayu : “We have to move fast, Yuki, before they transport these girls abroad. The police are working too, but they’re slow. So I think it's better for us to move on our own first. But if this trafficking network turns out to be big, which I’m afraid it is, then we will have to cooperate with the police.”
Yuki   : “Okay. I understand. Just do what you think is best, Mayu. I trust your judgement.”



Mayu, Yuki, Jurina, Rena, Churi, and Airin met in a remote island, somewhere in Pacific Ocean.
Mayu  : “Hey, Jurina, thanks for your invitation! Yuki and I really need a vacation this month. So thank you, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Huh!? What do you mean, Mayu? You’re the one who invited me and Rena to come here. Look!”
Jurina shows Mayu an invitation letter, including a free ferry tickets and villa reservations. The sender name is Watanabe Mayu.
Mayu  : “Eh!? But I also got the same letter and tickets from you.” #shows Jurina the letter#
Jurina : “What? This is so strange! I didn't send that to you.”
Airin   : “Wait! Does this mean you also didn't invite us? Look! Me and Churi also received this invitation letter from you, Jurina!” #shows the letter to Jurina#
Jurina : #stares# “No! I didn't send it!”
Yuki    : “Jurina, you’re just joking right? Just admit it, you sent this invitation to all of us here!”
Jurina : “No, Yuki, I swear I didn't send it!!”
Airin   : #goes outside for a minute, and then returns again# “The ship has sailed. It won't return again until three days.”
Jurina : “Do you mean now we're trapped here?”
Airin   : “Yes.”
Jurina : #suddenly grabs Airin in the collar# “You’re the one who made this trap, Airin, admit it!”
Churi  : “Jurina, let go of Airin! She didn't do it!”
Jurina : “How do you know, Churi? She’s a hired assassin. Who knows maybe someone hires her to lure us here and kill us all.”
Churi  : “Shut up, Jurina! Airin won't do something like that!”
Mayu  : “Stop bickering, everyone! Calm down and let's think about this. If none of us planned this vacation, then who?”
Jurina : “I don't know Mayu. You're the only who always deals with criminals and murderers. Maybe you have made one of them mad!”
Yuki    : “Shut up, Jurina! You and Rena too have a lot of enemies!”
Jurina : “And how about you, Yuki? Don't you have a lot of enemies too?”
Yuki and Jurina glares at each other.
Rena  : “Hey, maybe it's a serial killer. I saw it in the news yesterday. They said there’s a serial killer on the loose.”
Churi  : “What!? Serial killer?” #shivering and clinging to Airin#
Airin   : “It’s okay, Churi, I will protect you.” #hugging Churi#
Jurina : “See? A serial killer! Now we are trapped here with a serial killer! Great! This is just great!”
Mayu  : “Guys, let's stop bickering! It doesn't matter who invited us! All we have to do now is to cool down and don't blame each other. And don't go anywhere alone. Let's stay together.”
Suddenly the light goes off, causing everyone to shriek.
Mayu  : “Calm down! Calm down! Everyone stick with me! I bring a flashlight!” #taking out a flashlight from her backpack#



Mayu is alone in their apartment when her phone suddenly rings.
Mayu : “Yuki?”
Yuki   : #talking fast# “Mayu, are-you-in-the-apartment-now?”
Mayu : “Y-yeah. Why?”
Yuki   : #still talking fast# “Good, listen-to-me, you’re-in-danger-now, someone-is-coming, I-need-you-to-”
Mayu : “Wait, slow down, Yuki, I can’t hear what you said. Talk slower.”
Yuki   : #takes a deep breath# “Okay, sorry. Listen Mayu, you are in danger now, someone is coming to you. Don't go anywhere, just stay inside and wait for me. Grab the gun, and lock the door and the window. Do it now, Mayu. I’ll explain later.”
Mayu : “Okay.”
Mayu then hurriedly locks the door and windows, and then rushes to their bedroom. She takes a metal safe and puts it on the table before opening it. Inside the safe there are two guns, two holster, two bulletproof vests with different size, and lots of bullets. Yuki had insisted to keep those stuffs for each of them, although Mayu had never used it. Mayu then walks back to the living room and sits on the chair, with the gun in her hand.
Mayu :“Okay, I did everything you told me. Now tell me what’s happening, Yuki? Who’s coming at me?”
Yuki   : #silent for a moment# “...It’s Mano Erina.”
Mayu : “Mano Erina? But, isn't she still in prison? Is she getting parole or what?”
Yuki   : “I don’t think so. Maybe she escapes.”
Mayu : “Oh, now that's a bad news. I’ll wait for you, Yuki. Be here fast.”
Yuki   : “I promise, I will.”
The two then hangs up the call.

A few minutes later, Yuki is still on her way to their apartment when her phone rings again. It’s from Mayu’s number.
Yuki   : “Mayu?”
Erina : “Hello, Yuki. I got your girlfriend here.”
Yuki   : #shocked# “Erina!”
On the other line, Yuki can hear Mayu’s voice in the background.
Mayu : “Mmmpph!! Mmmphh!!” #unable to speak because her mouth is glued with a ducktape#
Erina : “Say hello to your girlfriend, Yuki. Hehe~”
Yuki   : “Erina! Don’t you dare do anything to her!”
Erina  : “Well then, if you still want to see her alive, come and meet me here. I’ll send you the address. And be here fast, Yuki, or you're not going to see your girl, ever again.”


So, which trailer do you think is the most intriguing?

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If you don't know who Mano Erina is, just check out her thread here.

And here's some old pictures of Yukirin and Mano-chan.


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Hi readers!
This is the last update from me to send myself away as I’m fully retiring from this fandom. Although who knows, maybe I will come back here again after 10 years from now.

This chapter will be fully about YukiRena, which I have been looking forward to write here, mainly because Rena has always been the villain and has served as Yuki’s long time enemy in the previous seasons of HvsV. We see in this Season 3, Rena already remembers all of her dark past and now has turned into a good person. As for when, where, and how Rena retrieved her memories, I will just left it to your imagination, including the big fight in the cliff between her and Yuki.

And pheww, finally I can write using my laptop again. It's been very tiring to write a fic using a smartphone only.

Don’t expect much from me. This will be light and short (if you consider 8000+ words length as short), and probably boring. Writing a YukiRena fluffy/friendly/heartwarming fic is something that I’ve been craving for so long. But I had to hold back due to the tight plot I had in my fics. So, this is my very first chapter of our sweet YukiRena (and not the bloody/hateful BlackGeki I used to write in the past). Seriously, I’ve been holding back for six years from writing this chapter I'm about to post now. And I had to google some YukiRena stuff too before I wrote this update, to reenact my feeling about this pairing.

This update is a bit rush, but please enjoy. And sayonara, everyone! Please do not forget me! This time I’ll be leaving for good. (Unless I get into another accident and have to undergo another surgery again, which I surely do not want to.)

And RukaKikuchi, thanks for staying with me until the end (yes, this update will be the end). And this chapter is a reward for you. Again, I took a little scene from your fic, Black Rose, because I’m too lazy to write my own scene. Hope you don’t mind. And yes, there will be a Black vs Geki friendly fight, yeaaayy!!

And why do I feel sad, retiring and parting with you guys?
Maybe because deep inside I knew, this will really be the last update from me this time.
I love you all, my readers, old and new.

At first i thought I can continue writing fanfic for this 48-fandom at least until my kamioshi Yukirin graduate. But heck, she’s still not graduating until now LOL. She’s too persistent (12 years of perseverance), I’m no longer able to catch up with her. I feel bad for being a fan who retires from the fandom even before their kamioshi is graduating. But still, I cannot resist this urge to write one last chapter, the YukiRena special chapter, in this entire HvsV series. This pairing is just so awesome and captivating!

Now I have to retire and shut my muse off, and focus to my study again.

Have you seen No Way Man MV? I’m so loving it because Yukirin gets a lot of screentime!
Finally! I’ve been waiting this for seven years!
She’s the hidden/shadow center there LOL!
At first I thought she was wasting her time by still hanging around in the group. But now I think it's a good thing she hasn't graduated yet.



Tokyo. November 2017.

     Today was just another usual day in Yuki’s life. Lonely, bored, not really knowing what to do. Last night, Mayu had departed to the airport for an evening flight to New York, as she was assigned to assist a project in their branch office there. And due to her strict schedule, it was not possible to ask Yuki to come along. And so Yuki was left alone again in their cozy, spacious apartment.
     Lying around on her bed, Yuki then typed a message on her smartphone and selected the receiver’s name from her contact list.
     [‘ Morning Rena! Are you busy today? ‘]
     Fortunately Rena was also online so the reply came pretty fast.
     [‘ Morning Yuki! No, I’ve never been busy :) You need something from me? ‘]
     Yuki smiled and typed again.
     [‘ Mayu is out of town for two weeks. Come sleep over here, will you? ‘]
     The raven waited for a second, staring at her smartphone. She could see Rena is typing too.
     [‘ That would be great! Jurina is also out for I don’t know how long. I’ll arrive at your place in an hour or two. ‘]
     Yuki couldn’t help but smile wider. Usually when Yuki had nothing to do and no shift in her part-time job, she would invite Rena to come over. And now with Mayu and Jurina out of town, it would be just the two of them for quite some time. And Yuki found it strange that even though they had been living in the same city for four and half years, they only recently had time to hang out together. When Mayu was still attending the university, the two were always very busy that they barely had time to hang out with Jurina and Rena. While Mayu was busy studying, Yuki was busy working, juggling between at least five parallel jobs at one time in order to earn more money to support their financial needs.
     Now, with Mayu taking all the responsibility and securing their finance, Yuki didn’t need to work as rigorously as before and therefore now she had more free time to spend with Rena. The Matsui herself, as she had already stated, had never been busy too. She could not go out often due to her resistance against the sunlight, which cannot be nulled by the antidote. Sometimes she would go out in a daylight just to ease her boredom, but she had to cover herself with a long coat, gloves, hat, and shades. And those are not the most comfortable outfit to wear during the day, especially in a summer. Rather than going out alone, Rena would prefer to come over and stay in Yuki’s apartment even though they weren’t doing anything particularly interesting.
     And after spending quite some time with the Matsui, Yuki also found Rena to be nice and easy-going to be with. She never argues, never complains, never gets angry, and never force her will upon Yuki. Just like when she’s with Mayu, Yuki also found herself calm and relax around Rena. Though Rena could also act like a curious little kid who unintentionally gets in Yuki’s nerve sometimes.
     And Yuki couldn’t help but feel amazed by how different their relationship can be, compared to what they had in the past. Back then, everytime she and Rena crossed path and encountered each other, or share a room/place together, there always be blood spilled between them. But then again, people can change. Friend can turn into a foe, and foe can turn into a friend. Yuki was more than grateful to have Rena come into the light and join the good side now.

     After sending another message to Rena saying she would be waiting for her, Yuki then got up and walked to the living room. She then turned on the TV and decided to watch while waiting for Rena to come. She stopped at a channel that currently broadcasted some criminal news, and she couldn’t help but feel concerned about the city’s safety and its increasing criminals rate. After a moment, she went to the kitchen to make some green smoothie and take out some cookies from the pantry. As she walked back to the living room, the bell rang and she immediately opened the door.
     “Hi, Yuki!” greeted the figure that was cladded with a long coat, gloves, hat, and shades --the usual attire of Matsui Rena whenever she goes outside in a daylight. A medium-sized duffel bag was hanging over her shoulder. Her lips was smiling and it looked so cute although Yuki could not see the eyes that was hidden behind the shades.
     “Hi, Rena! I didn’t expect you to come this fast.” Yuki greeted back with a grin. “Come on in.”
     The vampire eagerly entered the room.
     “I was bored. I had nothing to do at home,” she said as she put her duffel bag down beside the couch and began taking off her undercover attire and putting them on the table. Now she was clad only in a T-shirt and pants.
     “Same here,” Yuki spoke. “Suit yourself, I’ll get you drink. Tea? Coffee? Juice?”
     “Err....How about your blood? Ooops! Haha! Just kidding!” Rena said laughing.
     Yuki didn't say anything, but she did blush a little.
     Haha, gotcha! Rena thought to herself, amused upon seeing Yuki’s reaction.
     “Just water is alright, thanks. And can you please put these inside the fridge?”
     The vampire opened her duffel bag and took out several blood packs. It was her daily rations. She would need it very much during her two-weeks stay in Yuki’s place.
     Yuki nodded understandingly and took the blood packs from Rena. She knew that Rena was still struggling with her addiction of human blood, probably due to her violence nature in the past. Jurina had it easier than Rena though. While Jurina could live for a week without drinking blood, Rena still needed to drink it at least once every two or three days.
     As Yuki went to the kitchen to store those blood packs, Rena took the remote and changed the channels, trying to find some interesting program to watch. Not long after Yuki came back with a glass of water and a tray of melon pans.
     “Where is Jurina going?”
     “Spain. Probably for two weeks or more. And Mayu?” Rena took the water and drink it.
     “She left to New York last night.”
     “Oh.” The vampire stared blankly at the raven girl. Without saying a word, both knew how lonely it was for them to be left alone by their respective partner.
     “Any idea what are we going to do this week? Any place you want to go?” Yuki questioned.
     Rena scratched her head. “I don’t know. I’ll let you decide it, Yuki.”
     Yuki rolled her eyes. Everytime she asked Rena where she would like to go or what she would like to do, she always let the taller girl decide it for them.
     “I’ll see what we can do this week. As for today, let’s just lazying around at home. And maybe going for a food shopping and dinner somewhere tonight.”
     “Okay.” Rena agreed.
     The vampire then put her head down on the hand-rest and positioned herself lying on the couch, as if ready to take a nap.
     “What are you doing?” Yuki blinked.
     “Lazying around.” Rena answered shortly.
     “No, no, no. Don’t take a nap yet. It’s still morning.”
     “Well, what should I do then? I’m bored.” Rena shrugged. “Do you have something interesting to do?”
     “How about watching movies?”
     “No, I don’t like movies.”
     “Cooking? Baking?”
     “Us? Cooking? No. Jurina and Mayu can cook better than us, Yuki.”
     “Playing game?”
     “No. I don’t like game either.”
     “Ermm…...What to do then….” Yuki was thinking as she stared at the training room.

     Few minutes later.
     A sound of bare knuckles hitting against the bodies was heard repeatedly throughout the room, along with small grunts and breathing. As the scene unfolded, it revealed Yuki and Rena were inside the training room, practicing together.
     “When was the last time we did this?” Yuki voiced under her breath while parrying Rena’s attack, stopping one fist with her palm and holding Rena’s other arm.
     “Eight months ago,” the vampire answered as she made another move that bring them closer.
     Now their faces were so close to each other. Yuki’s elbow was on Rena’s shoulder, locking her, and their arms and legs got tangled on each other’s.
     “That long? We should do this more often.”
     “Well, I wanted to. But you’re the one who never had time for this.”
     “Yeah. Sorry. I’ve been busy.” Yuki said as then pushed Rena away from her.
     Both females smirked at each other. Their eyes sparkled with excitement. Even after they become friends, they still never get bored of this. Fighting each other. Just like old days. Only now their fight was much more friendly and less violent. Both were still aggressive and still going strong in their strikes, but they had made sure they were not hurting each other too much in the process.
     Once Rena was off from her, Yuki leaped forward and spun around for a double roundhouse kick, pivoting on one foot between each kicks. And she was quite surprised because Rena was able to dodge those kicks. Yuki quickly delivered the third and fourth kick, again without stopping. This time, Rena was sent to the floor.
     “Not bad. Your reflex is getting better. Try to keep dodging me.” Yuki said as she waited for Rena to get back to her feet again.
     And once the vampire was back into her full height, Yuki raised her fists again and posed into her fighting stance. However, Rena then did something that brought smile to Yuki’s face. The vampire raised her fist in front of her, also posing into a fighting stance that was similar to Yuki’s. And it was such a rarely sight to see Rena raised her fist like that. Rena never did that before. Why? Because she didn’t need to. All Gekikara needed to do was biting her nails and advancing slowly, intimidating her opponents, and directly sending her punches without warning, and without even bother to take a fighting stance beforehand. Sometimes she would even let her opponents to land a lot of blows first before she delivered one deadly blow as a return. Yes, she was just as crazy as that.
     And therefore, Yuki couldn’t help but smile wide upon seeing Rena raising her fist in front of her, just like a normal fighter.
     Letting out a stifle laugh, Yuki then lowered her fists and loosened her stance.
     “No, nothing. Pfftt...Hahaha...” Yuki tried hard to suppress her laugh.
     “You’re laughing at me.”
     “No, really, Geki, I mean Rena. I’m not laughing at you. I’m just-....”
     “You just what?”
     “Smiling. I’m just smiling.”
     “Yeah. And why? What so funny about me that makes you smile like that?”
     “It’s..uhh.....” Yuki was startled. How can she say that she was smiling because she found Rena to be very cute, raising her fists like that?
     “Just forget it. Let’s continue our training.”
     Rena let out a frown as she was still annoyed, being laughed at by her opponent. She then moved forwards and swung her leg out of the blue, nearly kicked the raven girl.
     Yuki’s eyes bulged out as she bent herself backward, barely dodging the kick by an inch.
     Damn, that was close! Yuki stared amazed at Rena.
     The vampire proceeded releasing a flurry of punches and kicks, targeting Yuki’s face and torso.
     “Oh wow!” Yuki moved fast left and right, dodging all those attacks. “Geki, are you- are you mad at me?”
     “Yes, I’m mad! Me okotteru!” Rena kept on trying to hit Yuki. “You’re not taking me seriously, Yuki!”
     Rena threw several more punches, each one was harder and faster than the previous one. And those were not just some random punches that she usually did as Gekikara. This is certainly not Gekikara that Yuki was fighting with.
     “No, you’re wrong! I always take you seriously, Rena!” Yuki said while still busy dodging.
     “Oh really?”
     “No, you’re not!”
     Rena continued striking Yuki more fiercely, successfully landing a few hits on the raven girl. Yuki felt a bit overwhelmed. And she never liked it when a vampire, especially Acchan or Rena, getting the upper hand of her.
     Annoyed, Yuki then grabbed Rena and tried to flip her over, but failed because Rena stood her ground firmly and clinging to the taller girl very tightly. For a moment, they were wrestling while standing up. And after some struggling, Yuki managed to grab a hold of Rena and locked her in a headlock. Yuki’s fist was then brought up high in the air, ready to give the vampire a good smack on her face. However, for unknown reason, she stopped mid-air as if she was distracted.
     Rena was confused for a while, but she quickly used this opportunity to retaliate. She freed herself from Yuki’s lock, and without hesitating she thrusted her fist toward Yuki’s face. It landed with a loud thwack, surprising the both of them. Yuki was knocked down to the floor.

     “Oh God, Yuki, I’m sorry!” Rena blurted out in panic.
     Yuki herself was in a moment of daze. She brought her hand up onto her jaw. Blood were trickling down from the corner of her mouth. Her cheek was bruised as well.
     Rena threw herself kneeling beside Yuki. She was panicking upon seeing Yuki hurting and bleeding on the floor.
     “Yuki, are you- are you hurt? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I was...I was…”
     Yuki quickly recovered from her daze. She then stared at the panicking vampire, giving out a soothing look.
     “It’s alright, Rena. You don’t have to be panicking like that. I’m not that hurt. You used to beat the hell out of me, remember? And thank God, you still punch like you used to, haha.” Yuki tried to laugh it off.
     “But..but still… I shouldn’t hit you so hard.”
     Yuki let out a smile. “Don’t worry, Rena. I’m alright. Besides, it was my fault. I was distracted.”
     “Distracted? Why?”
     “It’s because...uhh…” Yuki was startled this time. How can I say I was distracted because she looked really cute just now?
     “Ah, never mind. Come and help me up, Rena!” Yuki said as she reached out her hand, willing to be helped.
     Rena pulled Yuki up and helped her to sit on the couch. She then disappeared to the kitchen and returned with a towel and ice pack.
     “Thank you.” Yuki took the ice pack and covered it with the towel before putting it onto her bruised cheek.
     “Yuki, I’m really sorry, okay?”
     “Ie, ie, daijobu desu.”
     Yuki couldn’t help but feel amused upon seeing Rena panicking like that. Back in the past, Rena used to beat the hell out of Yuki without feeling guilty at all. But now, just with a single punch thrown at Yuki, Rena was already sent into a panic state.
     Then again, Yuki realized it was totally her fault for letting herself get distracted like that. She felt so silly for getting distracted by Rena’s cuteness while they were fighting. Really, if this happened when Rena was still bad/evil, then Rena (or more precisely, Gekikara) would have finished Yuki off already.
     And thank God, now that Rena had retrieved her memory, she rarely turned into a Gekikara mode again. Instead, she just let her normal self, the Matsui Rena persona, to take control whenever she indulged into a fight. Unlike Gekikara who only cared about hurting her opponents rather than winning her fights, this Matsui Rena now are much more considerate and less sadistic. And unlike Gekikara who rarely tried to dodge or block any attacks from her opponents, this Matsui Rena now has a much more elegant style of fighting. Using her naturally enhanced speed and strength as a vampire, Rena was able to dodge and block some of those attacks now, which Yuki was very grateful of. Though sometimes Yuki just sort of missed to hear the fits of Geki’s laughter and giggles, and her gesture of cracking neck and biting nails.
     But now Yuki felt it’s time to teach Rena something about martial arts and how to fight using techniques instead of pure brute strength and violence.
     “Rena, I want to ask you a question that you probably never think of before. What fighting style do you want to bring about?” asked Yuki.
     “Huh?” The vampire blinked.
     Yuki continued. “When you were fighting as Gekikara, you had no fighting style at all. You just conducted a violence. That’s not a martial arts. Martial arts is used to understand oneself. And so now I’m asking you, what fighting style do you want to bring about?”
     “I...I don’t know.”
     Yuki smiled. “Do you have a fighter that you admire?”
     “...Err…” Rena was hesitating. “...Maybe...Antonio Inoki,” she said shyly.
     “The wrestler?” Yuki asked a bit surprised.
     Rena’s cheeks were flushed a bit. “Y-yeah. I like his fighting style. He's so strong and kakkoi. It will be an honour to get slapped by him someday.
     Yuki paused for a moment before letting out a smile.
     “Then you should learn and imitate his techniques. And maybe I can help you with that, although I don’t really know a lot about wrestling.”
     “Yeah. Thanks, Yuki.”
     The raven girl nodded. “Your welcome. Ah, I’m hungry. It’s time for lunch now.”

     Yuki and Rena then went to the kitchen and prepared their lunch together.
     They ate slowly while conversing a little. And although the cooking were not very delicious this time, Rena quite enjoyed it because Yuki had put her best into it. At least there was no overcook and undercook dishes like the last time.
     After finishing their meal, they decided to take a nap together in the guest room.
     And while they were getting ready to nap, Yuki’s phone ringing. It was a video call from Mayu. As Yuki clicked the green button, Mayu’s face appeared on her phone screen. She was seen inside a hotel room.
     [‘ Hi, Yuki, miss me already? I miss you too! Oh hello, Rena-chan! You're staying at our place tonight? Nice! ‘]
     “Hello there too Mayu-chan! Yeah, because your girlfriend here is so lonely without you!”
     [‘ Haha, I know, sorry Yuki! Eh eh, Yuki, what happen to your face? ’]
     Yuki fidgeted a bit. “This? Oh, this..uhh…Rena punched me.”
     [‘ Eh? What in the world are you two doing? Were you fighting again? ‘]
     “No, we’re just practicing. Don’t worry,” Yuki replied.
     [‘ Fine, just don’t practice too hard, okay? I need my girls neat and pretty ‘] Mayu was heard laughing on the other line.
     Yuki just smirked upon hearing her girlfriend’s remark.
     Mayu then continued. “Yuki, you won’t believe what happened during the flight. I sat next to this pretty lady, and she was also an otaku like me…..blablablablabla……She was so funny…..blablablabla….” Mayu started blubbering. And once she started, she usually would not stop until several hours after.
     For a few minutes, Yuki was forced to listen to this Cyborg’s nonsense talk. But then something crossed her mind. She realized there was a time difference between them, with Japan time is about 14 hours ahead of New York. In Tokyo now is 6th November 2017, 13:30 JST. Therefore in New York it must be 5th November 2017, 23:30 EST, which means almost midnight. And as Yuki remembered, Mayu said her flight schedule last night was at 19:00 JST, 5th November 2017. The flight will take 13 hours. So this means, Mayu will arrive at New York at 6th (or 5th?) November at …….. EST (fill this yourself, readers).
     And so, while pretending to listen to Mayu’s blubbering, Yuki tried to calculate Mayu’s time of arrival in New York and how long she had been there. Not surprisingly, her brain stuck and she gave up almost immediately. Yuki was never good in Math anyway.
     Yuki then decided to just ask Mayu directly.
     “Mayu, how long since you arrived there?”
     [‘ About one hour ago. Why? ’]
     “And what time is it there?”
     [‘ It’s 11.30 PM, 5th November. I’m a day before you. Why? ’]
     Yuki stared at her phone screen, her brows furrowed. “You just arrived an hour ago, and now it is almost midnight there. Mayu, just go to sleep already! You shouldn’t make this call. I’m hanging up now, okay? And go to sleep, now!”
     [‘ Woah woah, wait a sec, Yuki, I just wanted to say hi to you! Am I not allowed to do that? ’]
     “Sending message is enough, just to let me know that you have arrived safely. Now shut off your phone and get a sleep.” Yuki ordered like a boss.
     [‘ #chuckles# Alright, alright, Mother…. Geez… I’m going to sleep now. ’] Mayu continued chuckling. [ ‘See? I’m changing to my pajama now. Happy, Mother? ’]
     Yuki let out a sigh and a smile. “Okay, I’ll talk to you again later. I miss you already, Mayu. Sleep tight.”
     And with that, they hang up the call.

     And during the whole call, Rena could not help but stare amazed upon seeing the interaction between the lovely couple. They acted so genuinely sweet and caring toward each other. If only she could be like that too, with Jurina. But alas, now she was just a ‘slave’ for the younger girl. Not that Rena mind it though. She would gladly take any punishment from Matsui Jurina. Her debt to Jurina was too big, killing the girl’s entire family. And Rena knew it will take a very long time before Jurina can forgive her. But that day will come. Rena just had to put her faith in that.

     “Geez...That kid. I can’t believe she still has so much energy after travelling that far.” Yuki murmured as she put her phone on the table.
     “Yeah. Kids always has more energy than older people like us. Jurina is often like that too.” Rena laughed. “I’m so sleepy, wake me up when dinner’s ready, Yuki.”
     “Haha, alright, you slacker!” Yuki laughed along.
     Both females then eventually drifted into their sleep. They looked so peaceful, sleeping together side by side, sharing the same bed. And they looked a lot like sisters, what with their similar skin tone and similar hair style (they both had long, jet black hair). They also had almost the same height, with Yuki being slightly taller. They definitely looked like sisters.

     After an hour and half, Yuki woke up from her nap. She found Rena still sleeping next to her, which she understood because vampires mostly sleep during the day and awake during the night. Not wanting to wake Rena up, Yuki then left a note in the kitchen, saying she was out to buy some food at a nearby store. An hour later, Yuki arrived home and she found Rena was still sleeping soundly like a baby.
     Yuki then decided to do some cleaning and house chores. She vacuumed the floor, collected the garbage, and took the trash bag out. After that, she went through her and Mayu’s closet and began to sort and tidy their clothes. Mayu was always too busy to do that. Even with such a small task like fixing a loose button or patching a hole on her socks, Mayu would always ask for Yuki’s help.

     Two hours later, Rena woke up from her slumber. She walked out from the guest room and found Yuki was in her apron, doing house chores.
     “Need some help, Yuki?”
     “Nope. I’m almost finished here.”
     “Oh, there’s something you can help though. I want to move this cupboard, but it’s too heavy. I might need your help here.”
     Rena rolled up her sleeve as she walked up to the cupboard and began helping Yuki. Together, they moved the cupboard. And thanks to Rena’s monstrous strength and godly power, they can move the cupboard easily.
     “Rena, you are fabulous.”
     “Haha, thanks, Yuki.”
     Yuki took off her apron and went to the sink to wash her hands.
     “So are we going to cook our dinner now?” asked the vampire.
     “Mmm...I don’t feel like to cook tonight. How about going out for dinner?” Yuki asked back.
     “Okay, whatever you like, Yuki.”
     “I know some place. They serve spicy food too. You will like it.”
     “Sounds great. I’ll take a shower and get ready.”
     “Yeah, me too.”

     Both females then went to their bathroom to take a shower. Yuki finished first and waited in the living room. While Rena took a longer time to unpack her bag and arrange her stuffs inside the guest room.
     Yuki was reading a magazine when Rena finally walked out from her room. Her appearance left Yuki in a moment of stun. The Matsui was wearing a loose white blouse under a black, unbuttoned suit. She looked beautiful and classy, but still having that lethal look in her eyes, as  expected from an ex-warlord. Rena really looked like someone from higher class, a blue blood warlord from Edo period.
     While Yuki herself was only cladded in a simple shirt and jacket. And she regretted it for not choosing more fashionable outfit tonight. Now she felt like a commoner compared to Rena.
     The raven girl was still staring at the vampire.
     “What?” Rena asked.
     “Nothing. You just...look good.” Yuki said with a smile.
     “So, are we going now? Where?”
     “It’s near Chiyoda River. Not too far from here. We can walk there.”
     “Okay, let’s go.”

     It was already sunset now, and thus Rena didn’t need to cover herself with more attires. The city streets was still crowded with lots of people returning home from their workplaces. As they were not in a hurry, Yuki and Rena walked slowly while enjoying the atmosphere. In November, the fall season was just as beautiful as spring. As temperatures dip after the scorching summer, the colors of the leaves change into vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. It’s a magnificent sight which has inspired artists and poets for centuries.
     As Yuki and Rena walked crossing the bridge, they looked around and their eyes were met with the beautiful sight of momiji (red leaves) everywhere, along the river banks. And Yuki remembered when she was a child, she often went with her friends, hunting for the most striking red shades of leaf in the town.
     “It’s beautiful, right?”
     “Unn. It is beautiful,” the vampire replied with a nod.
     Yuki then stopped at the middle of the bridge. Unconsciously, Yuki grabbed Rena’s hand and pulled her closer. She then walked up to the railing, dragging Rena along with her. This gesture made Rena slightly taken aback as she did not expect Yuki to take that move, but she decided to play along. It’s just holding hand, nothing more. But somehow it sent a warm, fluffy feeling inside Rena’s heart, mainly because they never did this before. Sometimes Jurina would hold Rena’s hand too, and dragged her around whenever she was excited of something. But with Yuki, Rena felt warm and relaxed. It was something that she never felt with anyone before, not even with Jurina.
     Noone. Except Airin.
     Yes. Airin. Furukawa Airi.
     Her beloved, sweet servant.
     The Furukawa Airi that she first met 170 years ago, when she was still 14 years old, and was still a human. (see Special Chapter C. Paradise - Part 2)
     They spent six years together until Airin met her tragic fate at the hand of Rena's father. And during those years, Rena and Airin developed a strong bonding. Airin was the only one who could make Rena feel calm and relaxed. She was the one whom Rena trusted the most.
     And now, all Rena wanted is to find someone like Airin again. Someone that she can trust.
     Rena secretly hoped Yuki could be that person. A friend whom she can trust. Nothing more. Just a friend is enough. Rena knew they both had someone else to go, and promises to keep. Yuki already had Mayu. And she herself was tied with Jurina.
     But does Jurina love her? Or she just merely wants Rena to be her ‘slave’? At this point, Rena didn’t have the slightest clue.

     The breathtaking sight of momiji took over Rena’s mind for a moment. She had seen this scenery for a hundred times already. But it feels different, now that Yuki's standing beside her. Intentionally, Rena tightened her grip on Yuki’s hand and took one step closer to her before leaning herself to the railing and continued enjoying the scenery. And she noticed too, the subtle reaction that Yuki was giving out afterward. Yuki was secretly staring at her from the corner of her eyes. Rena though, she just kept cool and held onto Yuki’s hand tightly, as if she would never let go.

     “Yuki.” Rena voiced out while locking her eyes onto the water flowing in the river beneath them.
     “I’m sorry.”
     “Rena, I already told you, I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me that much.”
     “No, I wasn’t apologizing for that.”
     Yuki’s brows furrowed as she glanced at Rena. “...Then for what?”
     A faint smile formed on Rena’s lips. She then took a deep breath.
     “It's uhh...for everything that I’ve done to you in the past.”
     Yuki was startled and gave another look at the vampire.
     “I’m sorry for that time, when Umeda took Mayu hostage and asked me to beat you.”
     “I’m sorry, for kidnapping you, and locking you up in that warehouse that night.”
     “I’m sorry for destroying your apartment, back in Shizuoka.”
     “And I’m sorry too, for hurting all your friends.”
     “Rena.....” Yuki voiced.
     “I’m sorry for stabbing you and almost killing you with your own sword.”
     “Rena, you didn’t....”
     “I’m sorry for fighting you in that cliff and almost making us fall to our death.”
     “I can’t recall how many times I have hurt you and attempted to kill you, over and over again. I was so stupid. I was unable to see the forest for the trees. I messed up everything. And I don’t understand, why are you still willing to stand here next to me and hold my hand. I have hurt you in every way possible, and yet you didn’t hate me for that. I’m a sinner. I have killed so many people. And yet you didn’t despise me for that. Yuki, are you a human or not? Cause I’m not even sure God will still forgive me after committing all those sins.”
     Rena then freed her hand from Yuki’s and took a step away from her before fully facing the later. Her heart was racing as she stared straight into Yuki’s eyes. Finally, she can spill everything out to her. Her regret. Her shame. Her apology.
     “Kashiwagi Yuki, please accept my apology.” Rena spoke.
     And Yuki was speechless. She didn’t know how to react to this. And before she could say anything though, Rena did something that surprised her even more.
     The centuries-year-old vampire suddenly dived down and knelt on the ground. Her both palms were placed flat on the ground, her back was then bent forward, bowing deeply with her head touching the ground. She was doing a dogeza, the Japanese way of expressing a deep and sincere apology.
     Yuki’s lips parted open, but no words come out from her. She was surprised upon seeing such a scene. This was the first time Rena made a formal apology to her.
     Many pairs of eyes were then locked on them as people who were walking passed by them gave out a curious look, staring at those two girls. It’s not everyday they see someone doing a dogeza in a public space like this.

     “Rena, what are you doing? Get up!”
     “No. Not until you give me your forgiveness.” Rena said while still having her head on the ground.
     “You don’t have to do this, Rena. Just get up now!” said Yuki, lowering herself a bit to reach for Rena.
     “Give me your forgiveness first.” Rena insisted, not caring that people were staring at them. Not caring, that a centuries-year-old vampire like her was now kneeling and bowing in front of a mere human being, a 26-years old, ordinary girl.
     “Rena….” Yuki's voice faded as she stared at Rena. Looking around, she then more people were staring at them, some even smiling. And Yuki had never liked it, to draw attention and make such a scene in public.
     Yuki closed her eyes for a moment before throwing her gaze somewhere else. In her mind, she was replaying back all those painful fights she had with Rena. And unlike Shinoda with whom Yuki only had fought once in her lifetime, with Rena Yuki had many. So many. Ranging from the brief fights to longer ones, and from friendly fights to the most bloody, deadliest ones. Most of the times, their fights ended up with Yuki having to escape and hide from Rena, in order to avoid herself getting injured more than she already were. Yuki could've attempted to kill Rena a long time ago, weren't it for Acchan pleading her not to. Acchan told Yuki to put her faith in Rena, believing that someday Rena can change.
     And boy, what a change it was!
     From the ruthless, blood-craving vampire warlord, to someone who was now kneeling and bowing in front of Yuki.
     Yuki could not believe her eyes.

     “Kashiwagi Yuki, please accept my apology.” Rena voiced again.
     But the human still didn't say anything. And the vampire could only waiting.
     A few seconds passed without either of them move nor say anything. Only a few seconds, but it almost felt like an eternity.
     There was a part inside Yuki that suddenly wanted to ignore this vampire's request, or at least to let her kneel longer just to make her pay a little for what she'd done to her in the past.
     Another seconds left, and Yuki found herself taking a deep breath before parting her lips.
     “.....Okay, I forgive you, I forgive you, now get up, Matsui Rena,” she said as she stared at the kneeling figure in front of her.
     The vampire then raised her head little by little. Wide smile was plastered on her face. She slowly straightened herself and rose.
     “Thank you, Yuki,” Rena said smiling.
     Yuki nodded and smiled as well.
     You know I will forgive anyway, even without you're asking for it.
     Now that Yuki thought about it, she realized Rena was just a victim. A victim of a cruel parent and bad upbringing. Rena never asked to be born in such an environment like that. She never asked to be raised as a monster.
     “Come on, let’s go now, I’m hungry.” Yuki said, walking away.
     The vampire followed suit. That smile still didn’t leave her face, which was beaming radiantly as she stared and followed Yuki from behind.
     If felt as if the burden on her shoulder had suddenly been lifted up. And the gap between her and Yuki, that she previously thought was larger than Heaven and Hell, now has become closer.

     They kept walking without saying anything. And soon they arrived at the said restaurant that was located just a few blocks from the river bridge.
     Yuki chose the table at one corner and not long after they sat, the manager and waitress came at them. The waitress put a set of chopstick and knife on the table, along with a few bottles of ketchup.
     “Welcome, ladies! Would you like to order our special menu tonight?” asked the manager. “It’s a hot spicy chicken curry with a new flavour. And there’s also a challenge. If you can eat up three bowls of them, you can get a seventy-five percent discount for anything else that you order tonight.”
     “Seventy-five percent?” Rena’s eyes sparkled in excitement. “Alright, I’ll take the challenge. Bring the curry now!”
     “Haik!” the manager and the waitress said as they left.
     “Rena, are you sure you can eat it? I had tried the curry once, and I couldn’t even finished one bowl.”
     “Haha, don’t worry, Yuki! I can handle this, trust me! They don’t call me ‘Gekikara’ for nothing.”
     “Hmm...okay, fine, just do what you want.”
     Not long after, the three bowls of curry arrived at their desk. The waitress placed those large bowls on the table, in front of Rena.
     “Remember, you have to finish them without stopping. And you are not allowed to pause for too long, or drink water while you’re eating.”
     Rena nodded, still looking very confident. While Yuki only stared quietly at those bowl, frowning. Just smelling the aroma already made Yuki’s stomach churned. She couldn’t imagine Rena eating that spicy food. Can Rena eat all of it? And will she be okay after that?
     However, Yuki’s concern soon disappeared the moment she saw Rena taking her first bite, a spoonful of the dish. And the next spoonful. And next. And next. And next. Everyone who was watching had their jaw dropped as they saw the girl ate the spicy thing like nobody’s business. She managed to finish one bowl only within a minute. She even drank up all the watery sauce that made up the ingredient of the dish. Now she’s ready to finish the second bowl.
     “Oh, God.” Yuki shook her head and mumbled as she saw Rena continued working on the second bowl.
     The manager and waitress began to cheer upon Rena. And this garnered attention from other customers around them. More spectators then came to watch them.
     In less then two minutes, Rena was able to finish the bowl. A loud burp was then heard coming out from her mouth. Her face was also sweating after so much exertion.
     “Go Matsui! Go go go! One more bowl!”
     Rena smiled and took the last bowl. And she began eating it, although a little slower than before. Four minutes later, she managed to finish the bowl.
     “Yaaaaay!! I win!” Rena threw her arms up in the air and shouted like a happy little kid.
     “Congratulation, Matsui-san!” said the manager. “Now please feel free to order anything. It’s free for you tonight. You don’t need to pay at all. Everything is free.”
     “Eh? It’s free? But you said it's a seventy-five percent discount!” spoke Rena.
     “Well, yes, I said that. But because you are so fun and entertaining tonight, I decide to give you a hundred percent discount. So it had become free, haha!” the manager said laughing.
     “Wow, hahaha! Thank you!” Rena let out a laugh as well.
     While Yuki could only stare in awe, unable to quite believe what just happened.
     Rena looked so happy as if she had just won a million-yen lottery.
     “Take your time to make your order, ladies. Everything is free, except for takeout foods. Please just call us again whenever you have decided on your order,” the manager said as they left.
     Not long after, the table was full with a lot of foods and drinks that being served for the two girls. This once again garnered attention from everyone (the customers) around them. They either felt amazed, or envy at how lucky these two girls were.
     Yuki stared at Rena.
     “Rena, why did you order so many of this?” her eyes bulged out, her expression was a mix of amused, amazed, and annoyed.
     “Because it’s free,” Rena answered shrugging.
     “But look at this! You ordered too many. Who’s going to eat them all? And it’s not takeout foods either, we can’t take it home!” Yuki protested.
     “I will eat them all, don’t worry!”
     “This is silly!” Yuki facepalmed herself.
     Rena laughed.
     “Yosh! Let’s eat now! Itadakimasu!”

     Two hours later.
     The foods and drinks on the table were all finished. While Rena was seen to be lying on the floor, her back on the ground. Her stomach bloated up like a nine-months-pregnant woman.
     “Waaaaaaa…. I’m full!”
     “Sure you are! What the hell were you thinking, Geki!?” Yuki scolded Rena angrily, calling her with her infamous name ‘Gekikara’, although the later was not in Gekikara mode.
     “Thank God! Thanks for making me so lucky!” Rena exclaimed.
     “You’re thanking God, but you just committed one of the seven deadly sin!”
     The manager came at their table. Just like Yuki, he was also amazed by how many empty plates and empty glasses that were left on the table. This girl was really such an eater. It's a miracle she didn't get fat or obese like other greedy people did.
     “Ladies, we’re closing the shop in five minutes. You cannot stay overnight here. Please go somewhere else. And thank you for coming. We’re looking forward to see you come here again and take up another challenge,” the manager said smiling before he left. It seemed that Rena had become her favourite customer now.
     “Rena, get up, we have to leave now!” Yuki spoked.
     Only a grunt was heard as a response.
     “Rena, get up now! We can’t stay here!”
     But the vampire didn’t budge. “.....I can’t move! My stomach hurts!”
     “Oh come on Rena, get up!”
     “I can’t! I’m too full!”
     “Rena, seriously, just get up now!”
     The vampire made an attempt to get up, but she fell back down.
     “I caaaaan’t….Sorry…”
     “Oh well…” Yuki let out a sigh as she then squatted beside the vampire girl.
     “Get on.”
     “I’ll carry you.”
     “You will?”
     “Yeah. Or do you prefer I’m leaving you alone here?”
     “Come, get on.”
     Yuki pulled Rena up into a sitting position, and put her on her back before attempting to stand up. The vampire did not protest and just let Yuki carry her.
     “Dammit! You’re heavy!” Yuki let out a grunt.
     "I really am sorry, Yuki. Please forgive me."
     "...Do a dogeza again then maybe I will forgive you."
     Yuki walked limply, having a difficulty to maintain their balance. For a slim girl like her, Rena sure packed a lot of weight. She was way heavier than Mayu.
     At a time like this, Yuki only had two options. It’s either carrying this vampire along their way home, or leaving this vampire sleeping on the ground under the starry sky. And being a nice person she always is, Yuki preferred to take the hassle.

     The raven girl sure had a hard time carrying both of them home that night, but she made it (of course she did). Once they arrived, Yuki put Rena on their bed and let the later resting herself there.
     And for several consecutive days, the vampire had a serious problem with her digestive system. She had to take a few medicines that Yuki bought from the drugstore.

     So to make it short (because the Author is in a rush and she has no time to write longer), Rena spent two weeks at Yuki’s apartment. Fortunately, she recovered fast from her digestive problem, and they managed to pull the rest of the week, going together to some nice places. They went to aquarium, planetarium, cinema, arcades, book stores, flea markets, local festivals, etc. And with someone like Matsui Rena, granted there always be an adventure awaited them.

     There’s also one particular night when Rena picked a fight with some local thugs. At that time, Yuki and Rena was taking a walk somewhere in the town. Out of the blue, Rena heard something from a far away. Someone was crying for help. Yuki didn’t hear anything, but apparently Rena had some enhanced sense and super hearing, thanks to her vampiric nature. Rena insisted to follow the source of the voice, forcing Yuki to come with her. After spending half an hour searching for the source, they found a bunch of thugs cornering a young couple. The male victim was already bloodied and beaten up, lying on the ground. And the thugs seemed to be trying to rape the female. Rena and Yuki fought them off. However, more thugs came in, and with more weapons. Our heroines had quite a hard time fighting those people. And it was their first time too, fighting together side by side (they used to fight each other in the past). Nonetheless, Rena proved to be a valuable ally for Yuki. She single-handedly knock most of their opponents, as expected for an ex-warlord. And she did it without turning into Gekikara mode (this scary side of hers would only come forth in a much more serious situation). The Matsui was also very protective toward Yuki during the fight, she even used her body as a shield when these thugs started attacking Yuki with bats. The outcome of this fight was predictable, and those thugs were sent to the police. Though some of them had to be sent to hospital first.

     On the last day of her staying, Rena asked Yuki to practice together again. And this time, she asked Yuki to teach her some moves, which Yuki gladly did so. However, Rena quickly got bored with all those complicated techniques, and she decided to just go with her usual fighting style, using her brute strength. Of course, she still needed to learn how to dodge, block, duck, roll, punch and kick properly, or even learning some tricky moves in fighting. There's still so much she needs to learn. Oh well, maybe she will start to learn it… next year.

     And finally, Rena was ready to leave the house.
     “Thanks for coming, Rena.” Yuki said to the other girl, who was now standing near the door with her duffel bag slumped over her shoulder. It was still daylight. The vampire was covered in her long coat, gloves, hat, and shades.
     “Thanks for serving and welcoming me too, Yuki,” answered her.
     “Come again later, will you? If Jurina is out of town.”
     “Sure, I will.”
     They smiled at each other.
     Yuki then opened her arms. “Do we hug?”
     The vampire chuckled. “No, we don’t.”
     But they hugged anyway.
     “Bye, Yuki. See you again later.”
     “Yeah, see you again later, Rena.”
     Rena then made her leave, returning to her own apartment where she would be waiting for Jurina to come home from her business trip too.
     And it had been quite a good time for Yuki and Rena to spend together for two weeks long.

     Later that night.
     Yuki was sitting alone in the living room when someone opened the door.
     The raven girl looked up to see the person standing at the front door.
     Mayu was seen wearing her formal suit, long pants, and shiny shoes. She looked tired but it didn’t stop the light from beaming from her face.
     The Cyborg Lawyer then took off her shoes and stepped into the room, dragging her suitcase behind her.
     “Miss me, Yuki?” Mayu spoke teasingly as she stood in front of Yuki.
     The older raven-haired stared for a moment at her girlfriend. She then rose up but instead of welcoming her, she just walked pass by her.
     “Stay there, and don’t you dare move.”
     “…O-Okay, Mother.”
     Yuki proceeded walking to the other room.
     “Hey, can I sit?”
     “No!” Yuki’s voice was heard along with a sound of closing door. She was probably in the bathroom now.
     Mayu stood there in the living room, waiting for Yuki to finish her business. As the raven-haired came out from the bathroom, she came and look at Mayu who was still standing on her spot like an obedient student.
     Yuki then came closer and stood in front of Mayu.
     “Okaeri, Mayu,” she said with a smile.
     Yuki brought her hands up and began taking off Mayu’s jacket, leaving the later with the white, buttoned shirt. Yuki had that longing look in her eyes. She couldn’t hide it. She’s been missing Mayu for the whole two weeks. It was the longest record of Mayu leaving her for work. One more day, and Yuki would have gone crazy, drowning in the sea of loneliness.
     “I miss you, Mayu.” Yuki said while placing her both arms on Mayu’s shoulders, bending a bit, and connecting their foreheads together.
     “Which part of me that you miss?” Mayu asked.
     Yuki closed her eyes as she prepared herself to answer.
     “I miss your body. I miss your face. I miss your neck. I miss your finger.”
     “And?” Mayu asked again. A smile crept upon her lips.
     “I miss your eyes. I miss your nose. I miss your lips. I miss your hair. And I miss your belly button."
     "I miss the way you look at me. I miss the sound of your voice. I miss the way you talk. I miss the way you walk. I miss the way you laugh.”
     “What else?”
     “I miss your love. I miss your life. And I miss your money and your credit cards.”
     “What? Hahaha!”
     And Yuki didn’t stop there. She proceeded with a few more bold moves, kissing the Cyborg Lawyer gently on her lips. Her arms were enveloped around Mayu’s back. She kissed her several times, pausing in between each kiss.
     “I miss the smell of your body. *kiss* I miss the smell of your breath. *kiss* I miss the shape of your lips. *kiss*. I miss the taste of your lips. I miss the kisses of your lips.”
     Yuki continued kissing.
     “I miss your embrace. *kiss* I miss your touch. *kiss* I miss your everything.”
     “O-ow!” Mayu suddenly felt herself being lifted up from the ground by the older girl. She was surprised, but not too long as she then quickly clung herself onto Yuki, wrapping her arms around Yuki’s neck and her legs around Yuki’s hips.
     Still carrying Mayu, Yuki proceeded walking to their bedroom.
     She put Mayu gently on the bed.
     Then she got on top of Mayu and started removing Mayu’s shirt.
     They smiled at each other, and continued their passionate kisses, smooching and embracing each other for the whole night long.

     “I miss you too, Yuki......”


It is the end.
And I have promised to myself I won’t be updating this fic again.
Nor I will write any fanfic again in the future.

Goodbye, everyone!
Wish me luck with my study!


If you wonder who Antonio Inoki is, here I give you an old picture.
Before Mayweather vs McGregor, there was Inoki vs Ali, and Inoki vs HulkHogan.


… brave girl Rena-chan!  :cry:
Only she can receive a slap like that from Inoki, and still smiling widely.
She's fabulous!  :lol:

(please excuse me for hyperventilating of nostalgia  :P )

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Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
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Let me spam you again for one last time with YukiRena pictures.
Those two are always be my Top 2 oshimen (ooops, Acchan is my #2... sorry, Rena you're #3)!

(taken from BlackGekikara Wordpress)
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