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Author Topic: Nanase x Mai  (Read 288 times)

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Nanase x Mai
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:47:23 AM »
"Nanase?" Mai asks. Nanase turns her body towards the girl and hums, indicating that she's listening.

"W-What are we?" Mai asks.

That's the question they've been avoiding for months. They act like they're together but in reality they're not. There are days they act like they love each other but there are also days when both of them ignore each other for days. It's confusing. Their relationship is confusing.

Add the casual sex, the jealousy and possessiveness, the stolen kisses in the bathroom, the makeouts, the dates, the holding hands and the "I love you"'s (in Mai's part).

It's been three years eversince this *thing* between them started. Mai still remembers how this started. Mai went to Nanase's home to have a sleepover and Nanase suddenly suggested this arrangement. Mai can't refuse (Because she also yearns for this and because she love Nanase. She can't refuse anything that's Nanase.).

Nanase told her that this will be just them relieving their frustrations and stress. This will just be short-lasting and any of them can stop the arrangement. That they can do anything they want. They can play around with who they like. That they are not bounded together by this arrangement.

But then, the jealousy and possessiveness took over their minds. They've crossed the line that they both drew and so both are scared of what they are now. They knew that something had changed but both are too scared to know what was that.

"I-I don't know." Nanase whispers. Mai hears her, hears how Nanase's voice cracks. Mai stares at her eyes, feeling lost in them. Her eyes are galaxies and Mai seems to be just a supernova. A dying star. She's just one of the stars in Nanase's eyes.

"I love you." Mai confesses. "I love you so much." she holds Nanase's hand and interwines them together.

"I know."


a nanamai drabble
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