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Author Topic: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 5: Something's unusual... right?](30.11.2018)  (Read 1337 times)

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Ajisai no Himitsu

CHAPTER 1: An Invitation


Yamamoto Sayaka was spacing out that she didn't hear the speaker. She was so concentrated on the files that she was reading.


Sayaka snapped back to reality and looked at the speaker -- it was her secretary. "Yes, Jonishi-san?"

"Watanabe-sama's daughter has arrived. She said she has something to tell you."

"But Watanabe didn't even made an appointment! That annoying man, tss. Let her in and please prepare us tea, Jonishi-san.. Thank you." Sayaka said and gave a subtle smile to her secretary. Jonishi Kei left the room and after a minute or two, someone knocked.

"Come in." said Sayaka.
Anywaaays, Yamamoto Sayaka is the daughter of the CEO of a car company, Yama Motors, Inc. She was an acting officer now that her father went into a business trip on the west.

Soft footsteps chimed in the room as the girl walked by. With her elegant aura and pretty face, she seemed like an angel sent by the heavens. When Sayaka's eyes met hers, she felt something warm stirring her heart inside. She was looking at her in awe as she walked across the room--
"Will you not offer me a seat, Yamamoto-san?" asked Watanabe's daughter.

"O--Of course, please have a seat. You are Watanabe-sama's daughter, right? I am the CEO's daughter, Yamamoto Sayaka." Sayaka extended her hand and offered a handshake. The girl reached for it and shook it lightly.

"Yes I am. My name is Watanabe Miyuki."

The hands separated and there was silence...

Until someone knocked again. Sayaka knew that it was her secretary and told her to enter. Kei served the tea and bowed to both of them before leaving.

"Now, what is it that brought you here, Watanabe-san?"

"Well, let me go straight to the point. About your proposal to buy shares from our company... My father said he would want to personally talk to you about this that's why he would want to invite you to a dinner next week."

Sayaka almost spit the tea out after hearing that. "Well, maybe he could have just sent me an email. He even brought you the trouble just to say that to me."

"My father wants things to be properly executed and he thinks this is the best action. Uh, sorry for coming over without an appointment. Maybe I should go now that I've told you that."

"I guess it would be proper if you finish your tea first." Sayaka said.
Their eyes met again and Miyuki smiled at her.

She looked at Miyuki as she sipped the tea. Sayaka does not drink tea at work, usually she would prefer coffee. But having known the backgrounds of the Watanabe family, she assumed that Miyuki will prefer tea over coffee. Noticing Sayaka's gaze, Miyuki felt awkward and diverted her eyes across the room.

Embarassed, Sayaka stopped from staring and looked down.
And then there was an awkward atmosphere...

"By the way, Watanabe-san... You're the only child of the Watanabe family, right? So, that basically means you're the heiress of your family's company?" asked Sayaka.

"Basically, yes. But I am not really interested in business." Miyuki briefly replied. "That goes the same to you, right?"

"Uhm, I have a sister. But since she's younger than me... I guess, I will be taking over someday."

"But, do you like it? Business, I mean?" asked Miyuki.

"I don't know. I got used to doing these things."

"Maybe you should do the things you love to do too, other than business." suggested Miyuki as she finished her cup.

Sayaka then realized that she haven't done anything aside from school and business related matters ever since before. "Yes, maybe I should." She finished her cup too.

"Uh, I haven't told you the details. I will personally come here on the day of the meeting and will accompany you to our house. That would be, friday next week?"

Sayaka nodded.

"I think I'll be going now, Yamamoto-san. Thank you for the tea... and see you next week." She smiled before leaving the room--leaving Sayaka alone again.

Sitting by the couch, she contacted her father to tell him the details. After the call, she sighed and just sat there, staring at the empty space.

"Yamamoto-san..." Jonishi said as she knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Are you alright?" asked her secretary.

"Mmm yeah. Just a bit tired." Sayaka then stood up and went back to her table again.

"Kei, do you have anything important to do tonight?" asked Sayaka.

"I don't have any, Yamamoto-san." Jonishi answered.

"Wanna go out for a drink?" Sayaka suggested out of the blue.


"Mi. Yu. Ki." Akari called out to her best friend because her mind was all over the place.

She sighed and sipped the strawberry frappe she ordered. After her visit at Yama Motors, Inc., she decided to go meet with her best friend Yoshida Akari.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Akari. "Oh no! Don't tell me you cancelled another marriage interview?"

Miyuki nodded. "It was Kinoshita. I don't like him cause you know how much of a playboy he is."

Akari just laughed it off. "You never changed Milky~ Even if it wasn't Kinoshita-san, I know you still wouldn't attend anymore marriage interviews."

"Yes, it was really hard turning them down." She sipped more on her frappe. "My father has been more persistent in finding me a fiance."

"Well, you should just tell him that you don't like this."

"I did. And you know what he said? 'It was just an interview. Doesn't mean that he'll be your fiance right away. Of course, you'll still be the one to chose.' or something like that."

Akari nodded. "But still, expect another sermon from him tonight."


Later that night...

"Kei, let's go eat first. I'm starving." Sayaka said.

"Okay, Yamamoto-san."

"We're not in work now Kei, you can call me by my first name."

"Okay, S-Sayaka..."

They hopped into Sayaka's car and drove into the nearest restaurant. Soon after eating dinner, they went on a ride again and headed to a bar.

It was good timing that the place wasn't full of people. There was a subtle ambiance in the air. The two of them went to the counter and the bartender welcomed them.

Kei wasn't used to these kind of places meanwhile Sayaka sometimes drink.

She roamed her eyes over the place -- dim lights, soft music playing. She was relieved that they didn't go into a disco bar.
Sayaka ordered tequila while Kei had an apple martini.

Both of them quietly sipped their drink, but then an awkward silence was built between them. Kei broke the ice and started to speak.

"Yamam-- I mean, Sayaka. May I ask why did you suddenly wanted us to go for a drink?"

"Well, I just felt very very tired..." She had another shot of tequila. "Besides, there's something that Miyuki told me that hit me."

"Watanabe-sama's daughter?"

Sayaka nodded. "Yes. She suggested that I do what I love to do, other that business stuffs."

"So... you like to drink?"

Sayaka laughed at Kei's remark. "Not really. I just want my mind to rest. We don't need to worry. It's your rest day tomorrow right?"

Kei nodded and finished her glass pf martini. Sayaka ordered more drinks and their conversation continued.

"Go, drink and don't hold back! We can rest for the whole day tomorrow. I'll text my sister to head to the company tomorrow. I'll take the day off too." said Sayaka as she typed something on her phone.

Kei smiled and drink the contents of the glass. The alcohol had a bitter taste but it felt warm inside.

Sayaka gulped down her drink and smiled at Kei. They chatted for more and drank more.


"One... More... *hik* plea--"

"No. No. No. We need to go." Kei paid for the bill then she helped Sayaka to stand up. She can hardly walk because she was too drunk that's why Kei supported her as they walked to the parking lot.

She doesn't know where Sayaka's house is, thus she drove to her apartment.

It was hard going up the stairs while supporting Sayaka. But she managed, and reach her doorstep.

"Where are... *hik* we?"

"My house." She briefly said before turning in the key.
Kei didn't bother turning on the lights and headed to her bedroom. She assisted Sayaka and laid her on the bed.
Kei closed the doors and opened the lamp beside the bed. Sayaka hazily opened her eyes and looked at Kei who was staring at her.

"Beautiful..." Kei whispered as she caressed Sayaka's face.
Sayaka blinked her eyes and pulled Kei closer until their lips met. It shocked Kei so much but she didn't break the kiss but rather kissed her back.

Sayaka stopped to breathe and uttered a name.

"Mi... Yu... Ki."





I know I haven't updated my older fics but here I am with a new one. (๑و•̀ω•́)

Anywaaaays I'm loving Sayanee these days thus an NMB ff for ya guys. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more updates~ (●´з')♡

P.S. Thanks for reading~ Comments are deeply appreciated <3

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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 1: An Invitation] (12.12.2017)
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Awww Kei accepted Sayanee's kiss, but it turned out to be not for her.  :(

Can't wait to see the updates.

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Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 2: The Secretary] (20.12.2017)
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@four4four: Kei sure felt bad, right? But let's see what'll happen next chapter. Thanks for the comment :)


Ajisai no Himitsu

Chapter 2: The Secretary

It felt cold and her head hurts. Sayaka woke up to the soft sound of rustling clothes. She was at an unfamiliar place. She looked on the other side of the bed only to see a girl sitting at the edge of the bed and putting her clothes on.

She noticed how she felt cold besides being under the sheets. She looked under the sheets only to find out that she was totally naked. She looked back at the girl and recognized her even without seeing her face.


The girl looked at her with a totally red face. "Saya-- I mean Yamamoto-san... G--good morning."

She said before looking down.
Sayaka doesn't remember anything from last night, except for the fact that they went all out and got totally drunk at the bar. Whatever happened after, she can really not recall.

But judging from the situation, Sayaka had a hunch about what happened. And it was probably her fault.

"G--good morning, Kei." Sayaka sat at the bed, covering her bare chest with the sheets. "I totally don't remember what happened last night, but--"

"We can talk about it later. For now, you should take a shower and put some clothes on. So that you wouldn't catch a cold." Kei suggested as she smiled at her, while still blushing. "Ah! Your clothes are still being washed so you can use my clothes for the mean time."

Sayaka felt quite embarrassed but she had this enormous beating inside her chest. "Thank you, Kei." She blushed and cannot look at Kei's face directly.

"I'll go prepare breakfast. You go take a bath." Kei stood up and left her alone in the room.

Sayaka cannot absorb everything. What did she do in her drunk state? She was trying to recall what happened but nothing came to her.

Sighing in frustration, she stood up and put the bath robe placed in a chair beside her. Kei probably prepared this while she was asleep. Sayaka felt an unknown sense of guilt and she wasn't sure if this was really guilt or pure embarrassment.

Sayaka strode in the small hallway as she searched for the bathroom. It was easy to find since there are not so many rooms in the apartment.

She entered the bath room and headed to the sink. She drenched her face with the cool water from the tap and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"I need to take responsibility for what I did last night." She murmured to herself before finally taking a bath.

After washing her body in the shower, Sayaka then soaked herself in the tub. It felt good because of the warm water and she suddenly felt a bit sleepy. The warmth of the bath somehow relieved her headache too.

It was unexpected that suddenly Miyuki's image flashed in her mind. Sayaka felt bad after she thought of Miyuki. How her innocent eyes looked at her and how she can straight-forwardly make remarks. Her heart started to beat fast again.

Why? Why does her face always appear on her mind even when they've only met yesterday?

Sayaka doesn't understand a single thing.


The air was filled with the scent of bacon and eggs. Kei smiled at the thought that she was making breakfast for her boss. She turned off the electric range and started plating the food.

She knew exactly what taste of coffee will Sayaka prefer. How would she not know? When she has been Sayaka's and her father's secretary for two years already.

Kei heard footsteps approaching her just as she has finished brewing the coffee.

"Need help with anything?" Sayaka asked casually as she walked behind Kei.

"You're my visitor plus I'm done already." answered Kei with a smile as she put a cup of warm coffee on the table. "Have a seat."

Sayaka politely sat opposite Kei and felt the awkwardness of the situation when their eyes met.

"U-uhm, Kei..."


"I'm sorry about last night--"

"You are not the only one who's at fault. We were both drunk last night..." Kei said as she diverted her eyes away.

Sayaka sighed as she sipped the coffee. "But still, we cannot leave things as it is..."

"How's the coffee?" Kei has been asking random questions to divert the topic.

Sayaka smiled at her. "It's good. You know my tastes."

They began eating breakfast without anyone uttering another word. Only the soft clacking of utensils can be heard.


"Kei, I told you, you can call me Sayaka. We're not in the office."



"You really don't remember anything that happened last night?" asked Kei who was surprisingly the one who brought the topic back.

Sayaka shook her head as a reply. "Besides when we we're drinking at the bar, I don't really remember anything. Anyways, would you mind telling me what happened?"

"Well, you we're totally drunk and I was a bit sober and I got you into the car. I don't know where your house is so I decided that we better head here. I assisted you in walking up at my bedroom when you pulled me in for a ki--" Kei stopped when she realized she had been going too far in detailing things. "Never mind."

Sayaka gawked as she somewhat recall something.

She was laying on a soft bed when she saw a girl who was staring at her. The girl caressed her face and murmured something that she didn't even hear. All she knew is that it was Miyuki. That's why she pulled her in for a kiss...

"Oh no! I--I'm totally sorry! It's all my fault! I remembered some thing. I pulled you in for a..." Sayaka blushed as she asked for an apology. "That was my first kiss..."

"Me too." remarked Kei as she looked at Sayaka with her face all red.

"May I ask something... did we do something besides the kiss last night?" asked Sayaka.

Kei didn't answer but instead gulped down her coffee. Sayaka looked at her with a sense of guilt and said, "Kei, I need to take responsibility for what I did last night."

"You sound like a boy. Don't worry I wouldn't get pregn--"

"Of course I know!" Sayaka laughed and hearing her made Kei smile.

"It has been a while since I last heard you laugh like that." remarked Kei.

"Really? I'm surprised you noticed." said Sayaka.

"Of course, I'm your secretary."

"And you're my friend, as well." Sayaka said with a reassuring smile.

"Yes, indeed."


That afternoon...

Jonishi Kei went inside her room to get something. She left Sayaka in the living room as she watched TV. She went over to her table and looked inside the drawer. She found the sole picture she and Sayaka has took during her first day at work.

She smiled as she looked at their younger faces in the photo. Kei cannot even believe that things are progressing just like what she wanted.

But her smile faded when she remembered last night. When Sayaka called her Miyuki. She touched her lips and felt a chill as she remembered their first kiss.
But she felt really upset last night after hearing Miyuki's name. For the first time, she felt jealous. And she didn't like it.

Kei shrugged off the thought and took her phone and wallet with her. It was Sunday after all, she need to buy groceries.

She went to the living room and told Sayaka that she'll be buying groceries. But the latter insisted that she'll come. That's why both of them left the house and headed to the supermarket.

The supermarket was situated only a few blocks away from Kei's house. They didn't bother to bring the car but rather enjoyed the walk up to the building. They were having small talks as they walked and Kei was very happy to get to spend some time with Sayaka without discussing business matters whatsoever. It just felt so normal that they didn't even noticed that they arrived at the place.

Both of them entered the supermarket and Kei took a push cart along with her as she went from aisle to aisle to get the things that she need to buy for the week.

Sayaka tagged along as Kei picked what she usually buys except when she sees some new products. She observed how the girl carefully read the labels and choose one over the other.

"Hey, Sayaka... You don't shop for groceries right?" asked Kei.

"Yes. Our maid usually does that." answered Sayaka.

"Anyways, would it be fine if you join me for dinner tonight?" Kei asked again.

"I would love to." Sayaka replied and looked at Kei with a smile. "Thank you."

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Curry rice!"

"You sure??"

Sayaka nodded like a kid. It made Kei smile watching Sayaka show her unknown sides to her.
"We rarely cook curry rice at home. I kinda miss the taste."

"Okay then, I'm going to make delicious curry rice for you!"


They went over the meat and vegetable section to buy ingredients for dinner. Kei enthusiastically chose and picked items while Sayaka was excitedly watching her.

After they're done, they headed to the counter to pay for the items. The lines are long and it would take quite some time for them to pay that's why Kei asked Sayaka to wait for her at the bench somewhere over the corner.

Sayaka did what she was told to and patiently waited for Kei. While sitting there, it came across her mind as to how good it must be to live on her own and do things on her own will too. Just like how Kei does.

While she was daydreaming, her secretary was still waiting in the line. Glad that the line was progressing quite fast. Kei opened her wallet and got the bills after mentally estimating how much all of their groceries would cost.

"Excuse me, Miss." Someone said while tapping her left shoulder.
Kei looked around to the speaker who was standing behind her.

"This fell from your wallet." She said before handing a photo to her. It was her and Sayanee's photo. She must have absent mindedly inserted it to her wallet.

"Thank you very much!" She was indeed thankful that she didn't lost it.

"It was a nice picture. Both of you look good." Commented the girl who was next in line. It made Kei blush really red.

"T--Thank you."

"Ah! It's your turn!" Commented the girl while pointing at the counter. Kei thanked her again before moving towards the counter.

After all the bills got paid, Kei had Sayanee assist her with the groceries. She let out a sigh as they walked out of the supermarket.

"Are you alright?" asked Sayanee in which Kei responded with a cheery nod.

"You know, I never had this kind of fun when I'm shopping groceries before. Thank you for accompanying me."

"Oh..." Sayanee felt the heat creeping up her cheeks and suddenly went out of words. "It's my first time doing this too..."

Kei looked at her and saw her blushing furiously. It made her smile and it made her heart flutter.

"I--I had fun, too!" Sayanee added because she felt kinda shy when Kei stares at her like that. "...and I hope we can do this again..."

Sayanee looked back at Kei and waited for the latter's answer.

"Of course we can do it again!" she replied with a smile.

They continued to chat while walking on their way home.

"Whenever I walk home during this time of the week, I always feel like this road is so long--like it was stretching up to nowhere. But having someone to talk to while walking, somehow made me enjoy walking down this road."

Sayanee was just listening attentively as Kei speaks. The afternoon breeze somehow felt warm to both of them and they enjoyed having their bodies bathe in the afternoon sunrays. The surroundings were orange-colored, reflecting the color of the sky, adding up to the subtly warm feeling.

"I like the sunset. It looked so beautiful... It makes me feel warm inside. You know, I've always dreamed of this scenery -- walking down the road together with the person I like while watching the sun set. It feels so peaceful..."

Kei stopped walking and turned around with her back facing the sun, she was now face to face with Sayanee.

"Do you feel it?" Kei asked her.
Sayanee was speechless. She cannot believe the beauty that she can see in front of her. It seems like Kei was being illuminated by the afternoon sun.

"I--I do. Yes, I can feel the warmth..."

"Yamamoto-san, I'm very happy that I got to spend this wonderful moment with you. I hope that I can walk this road with you forever, but that wouldn't be possible. It will be night soon. But before everything goes dark, I just want to tell you that... I want to thank you for always being my light."

"K--Kei, I--"
Sayaka was about to try to speak when Kei stopped her by putting a finger on her lips.

"You are my shining light, no matter how bad a day may be, when I see you, you can always make me smile in an instant... And during those days when you aren't there and I feel unwell, I can always get through the day thinking that I'll be able to meet you tomorrow... You are my dream -- a sky that I want to fly into, an ocean I want to dive deep into, a forest I want to explore, a mountain I want to climb, a horizon I always want to see..."

Sayaka heard probably the most beautiful compliment that was ever told to her... She didn't know there's more to come.

"I love you, Sayaka." Kei said with her serious gaze, and it melted Sayaka's heart right away. The words were echoing in her mind. Just as she thought that she heard the best words when Kei said something even better...

"It's alright if you don't give me an answer yet... I just want to tell you... that's why..." Kei added with a now red face. She started to walk again and Sayaka followed too.

Just as they were near Kei's house when Sayaka spoke. "Kei... I really appreciate your feelings. And I'm really happy that you feel that way to me... Thank you so much, Kei..."

She stopped walking, Kei did too. It was almost dark and the wind was now chilly.

"I don't know if I can reciprocate your feelings the way you want to... Because you know, I am no good when it comes to romance and stuff... because I haven't even dated anyone before..."

"Is this your... answer?"

"Not yet... Kei." Sayaka moved closer and continued what she was saying. "Today was really fun, and... I'm looking forward to spend times like this with you... again. Can we?"

Kei's mind went blank and she was staring at her with a surprised face.

"I want to know more about you, Kei."

Kei finally said a word. "This is more than enough, you know... to make me happy. It's like a dream."

"I'm serious. I don't know how it feels like to be inlove. But I can feel something funny inside my chest, and I know that I am happy... I can't explain this feeling. You are the first person who ever confessed to me..." Sayaka added. "Maybe we really should start dating, Kei..."


A/N: Hope you liked this chapter guuuys :D
Stay tuned for more updates~
Thank you for reading! :)

Comments are deeply appreciated <3

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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 2: The Secretary] (20.12.2017)
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Awwww Kei confessed to Sayanee.  :wub:

But Sayanee was thinking of Miyuki in the bath.  :?
Is Kei going to end up hurt?  :cry:

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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 2: The Secretary] (20.12.2017)
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sayanee and keiichi,, they are so cute together XD , but still, i prefer milky to be with sayanee :p

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Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 3: Dinner] (22.12.2017)
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@four4four: Will it be SayaKei or SayaMilky? Which side are you in? :D Anywaaays, thanks for the comment :)

@yamamoto_din: I guess I'm giving Sayanee a hard time in this story. XD Thank you for the comment :)

Anywaaaays here's another update. I guess I'm somehow productive during cold nights. XD


Ajisai no Himitsu

CHAPTER 3: Dinner

A week has already passed. The night of the scheduled dinner at the Watanabe residence came.
Sayaka was currently changing into a black dress while she was waiting for Miyuki to accompany her. She slipped on a black stiletto to match her dress. After changing, she went out of the comfort room of her office and there was her secretary waiting for her.

"How's it?" Sayaka asked with blushing cheeks as she walked towards Kei.

On the other hand, Kei's jaw dropped in awe as she looked at Sayaka's dazzling figure. "You look amazing!" She said with a smile and it made Sayaka sigh in relief.

"Don't you want to come with me tonight?" asked Sayaka.

Kei shooked her head to refuse. "I cannot accompany you, you know that. It's a personal invitation to you as an acting leader of the company." She said while she walked towards Sayaka. Kei's hands were warm as it touched Sayaka's arms. She run her fingers down to reach for her hand. "If you went there with your secretary, they might think of you like you are a leader who cannot stand on her own. We don't want them to have that impression of you stuck in their minds. Besides, I wouldn't be of any help with your negotiations with the Watanabe group of companies. I'm pretty sure you can do it yourself."

"That sure gave me self-confidence. Thank you, Kei." Sayaka said while pressing Kei's hand lightly.

"Are you nervous?" asked her secretary.

"Quite..." answered Sayaka. "But since you believed in me so much, I believe that I can manage too."

Sayaka leaned in to kiss Kei's cheek but it was interrupted when they heard someone knocking at the door.

"Save it for later." whispered Kei. "I'll wait for you here."

Sayaka shook her head. "I'll head over to your house after. You should go home now."

"Okay then."

Kei went and opened the door. There was Miyuki standing. She wore a cream-colored dress. When Sayaka laid her eyes on her, she felt a weird feeling on her chest. She shrugged the feeling off and put her phone, wallet and keys inside her elegant-looking pouch.

"Are you ready, Yamamoto-san?" asked Miyuki who was waiting on the door.

"Yes I am. Let's go." answered Sayaka as she walked towards Miyuki. Kei also followed them after she locked the door of the office.

Along the entrance of the building, a limousine was waiting for them. Sayaka waved her hand goodbye to Kei as she and Miyuki hopped inside for the ride. Kei watched as the vehicle drove away, farther and farther.

"Maybe I should prepare rice wine for her. She might want to drink tonight." Kei murmured to herself before heading on her way home.


"Forgive me for rescheduling the time for our meeting tonight. There will be a heavy traffic on the usual road, that's why we're going to travel longer because we'll take another route to my place. I hope it didn't run over your other appointments." said Miyuki as soon as the car engine started.

"Oh, don't worry. It's alright. I don't have any appointments tonight." replied Sayaka.

After that very tense and formal talk, silence enveloped the car. It felt awkward for the both of them but Sayaka just diverted her eyes to look beyond the glass window. Thoughts about the past week run across her mind as she looked at the bright lights of the city. The past week felt unbelievable, but she also felt happy. Things sure change fast...

[Flashback; 6 days ago...]

Sayaka drove straight home after having dinner at Kei's house. She even bought a strawberry shortcake on her way home for her younger sister. But there was a visitor waiting for her.

"Oh! Momo-kun!" Sayaka didn't expect him to be visiting their house late at night.

Kinoshita Momoka looked at her annoyed. "Where have you been, Sayanee? It's late already... Tss. Seems like you aren't checking your phone."

She took her phone from inside her pocket and yes there were three unread messages. All of them are from Momoka.

"Ehehehe..." An awkward laugh was all Sayaka could do.

"Don't tell me you were on a date?! Oh! Hohoho! You sure are growing up now!!"

"No no no no!" denied Sayaka. "I was with my secretary! We went out to drink last night and I--I had a hangover... That's w--why I was resting at her house all day!"

"Sounds suspicious..." teased Momoka with a goofy smile.

"Anyways, what brought you here?" Sayaka asked to change the topic.

Momoka sighed as she looked at Sayaka. "Marry me, Sayanee."

Sayaka laughed at Momoka's statement. "Don't tell me..." She had a hunch on what he is about to tell.

"Yes, you're thinking right. Father wants me to marry. He even made an appointment with the girl. But surprisingly, she didn't attend." Momoka answered with weary eyes. "I might have been giving headaches to my father because I'm too charming with girls."

"Man, your father knows very well how you treat girls. He just wants you to settle down with one partner."

"Then, marry me." said Momoka with a goofy smile. "I wouldn't mind if it's Yamamoto."

"Stop the jokes already, Momokun! Don't you even dare hit on my little sister, okay?"

"I don't have a thing for kids like Ayaka." said Momoka.

"Anyways, who is that girl who dumped you on your supposedly first meeting?" asked Sayaka, out of curiousity.

She knows that Kinoshita Momoka is one of the prettiest boys in their place. They have been friends since they are kids, approximately since they are 5 years old. They went to the same grade school and high school. He was her best friend.

Ever since then, many girls have went head over heels with Momoka. He was handsome, cool, has a good family status, and he was sexy. Momoka has dated all kinds of girls before, Sayaka knew. But what she didn't know is why she never settled with one girl...

And also it was surprising for Sayaka to hear someone turning Momoka down, that's why she's curious as to who is that girl who didn't attend the marriage interview.

"The Watanabe heiress." said Momoka.

"W--Watanabe Miyuki?" asked Sayaka to double check what she heard.

Momoka nodded. "It was the first time someone didn't attend a date with me."

"It wasn't simply a date, Momoka. It was a m--marriage interview! Maybe Miyuki has her reasons." Sayaka was still shocked. She didn't expect it to be Miyuki. She had this wild pumping in her chest, and it felt unusual...

Momoka sighed. "But thanks to her, my father was pressuring me too much." He said in a sarcastic tone.

[End of Flashback...]

She turned her head around to look at Miyuki, but to her surprise she was looking at her instead. Her heart started to beat fast...

"Watanabe-san, may I ask something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Why didn't you attend your marrige interview with Kinoshita--" Sayaka realized that it wasn't proper to ask her that kind of thing. "Oh, never mind."

"How did you know? I haven't told you that."

"Apparently, Momoka is my best friend. I was just curious because it was the first time someone did this to him."

"Oh..." Miyuki looked down. "I don't want to marry someone I don't love. Besides, he's a playboy. You know that, right? Because you are closer to him than anyone."

And everything fell into silence again. Sayaka looked at the window again, daydreaming...

[Flashback; 5 days ago...]

Sayaka went to the office earlier than usual. She checked on the files piled up on her desk during the time she was away. Marketing reports, production reports, sales projection reports, a couple of proposals for new product innovations, etc...

It was her usual breakfast. Her stomach grumbled and she regretted not eating breakfast at home.

She read each report carefully, scrutinizing every detail. But, she can't concentrate with an empty stomach...

"I should go grab something to eat at the cafeteria."

But it was when Kei suddenly opened the door. "Ah, Kei! Good morning." Sayaka said with a bright smile.

Kei smiled back at Sayaka, too. "Good morning, Yamamoto-san." She noticed the piles of report on her desk. "Seems like your hands are full today."

"I was about to grab some food at the cafeteria. Want to come with me?"

"No need. I knew you wouldn't eat breakfast at home since you texted me that you're going to work early today." Kei handed her a paper bag.

"What is this?" asked Sayaka as she settled it in the table and brought out the contents of the bag.

"It wasn't something grand, but... I hope it suits your tastes."

What was inside the paper bag was a packed lunch. She opened the container and smelled the lovely aroma of the food. "It looks delicious! Thank you, Kei!"

"Very much welcome... Anyways, I should get going to my office. See you later, Yamamoto-san."

Sayaka happily enjoyed the good breakfast.

[End of Flashback...]

She smiled as she remembered that memory. Kei was very thoughtful, and she was someone who understands her more than anyone else--

"Yamamoto-san, we're almost there." said Miyuki, stopping her daydreams.

She looked outside just as the vehicle entered the wooden gate. There are plenty of cherry blossom trees along the path. The car took a turn and parked and they went outside to walk to the house. She didn't expect that Miyuki's residence was that of a traditional Japanese house. She speculated that it is a grande mansion or anything of the like.
They walked above the stone path where there are plenty of hydrangeas blooming on the sides. She can also see a koi pond along the far corner of the garden. Miyuki's father was waiting for them at the doorway as they walked towards him. He was wearing a gray suit and was smiling at them.

"Good evening, Watanabe-sama. Thank you for inviting me today." said Sayaka as soon as she stood face to face with Miyuki's father.

"You're very welcome, Yamamoto-sama. Please feel at home."

The three of them entered the house and headed to an empty room.

It felt uncomfortable for Sayaka to be sitting on the floor while wearing a dress. She should've wore kimono instead if she knew the situation.

Sayaka and Miyuki's father started talking about business matters as the servants served the food for them. They were talking about the investment, and some agreements they could work on in the nrear future.

"Anyways, I hope you think about our proposal, Watanabe-sama. I'm sure you wouldn't regret tying up with us, the Yamamoto Group." concluded Sayaka.

"I was pretty much impressed on how competent you are. And at a young age, you already know how to make business. Your father must be very proud to have a daughter like you to succeed him." commented Miyuki's father. "But I don't want to rush in making decisions. I still need to think over the circumstances regarding this proposal. I know you understand, Yamamoto-sama."

"Of course, Watanabe-sama. I can provide you with more information if you wanted. I'll forward to your email the whole proposal document and please take your time in deciding." Sayaka politely replied.

"Anyway, maybe we should start eating." said the father.

They were served with lucious Japanese cuisine. They started digging in to the food. Miyuki served them green tea.

"This is good!" exclaimed Sayaka as she ate.

"I'm glad it suits your tastes. Usually, it was Miyuki who cooks for the two of us. Glad the servants can cook on par with her." commented the father.

Miyuki just ate as the two of them talked.

"Anyways, how old are you, Yamamoto-sama. If I may ask?"

"I'm 26."

"Oh, same age as Miyuki!" said the father. "Then, you should be dating someone at this point in time..."

Sayaka coughed slightly after hearing that. She drank green tea to clear her throat.

"Y--Yes, I'm dating someone!" blurted Sayaka. It was too late to regret telling it because she realized it late that it is a girl she's dating!

"How's he like?" the father excitedly asks. Sayaka felt cornered with the question.

"Dad! You are being rude. You shouldn't ask her private things." commented Miyuki.

"I was just curious. You know this is the best time to be meeting someone already." Mr. Watanabe said to Miyuki but then looked back at Sayaka. "Am I right, Yamamoto-sama?"

Sayaka felt cornered with one simple question again.

"Dad!" said Miyuki, quite annoyed with how pushy his father could be. Things were always like this, Miyuki thought.

"Yamamoto-sama, does your father bug you to attend marriage interviews?" asked Miyuki.

"No." said Sayaka as she shooked her head lightly.

"Yamamoto-sama, do you think it is more rude to not attend a scheduled marriage interview?"

"Yes." answered Sayaka straightly. "But maybe you should've asked her if she wants to..." She suggested in a soft voice.

Miyuki's father sighed and cleared his throat. "Yes, I guess I made a wrong move that time."

"But I still won't stop pursuing you to start dating someone, Miyuki." added his father.

Sayaka chuckled a bit after hearing that. "You should give it a try, Miyuki." She joked.

"Hmp!" Miyuki said as she tried to control herself from smiling, before digging into her food again.

The three of them ate as they talked about non-business things.

"Miyuki, you should hang out with Sayaka from time to time. She can teach you a lot about business..." suggested Miyuki's father.

"She's a busy person, Dad."

"No, it will be fine." replied Sayaka. "As soon as my father went back from his business trip, I'll have more free time."

"That's great!" said Miyuki's father.

They soon finished their food.

"Thank you for the meal." Sayaka said after finishing her tea.

After a while, when Sayaka was about to leave. She wore back her stilletos at the doorway. Sayaka straightened her dress and smiled at the Watanabe family.

"Thank you for coming over, Yamamoto-sama. I was pretty impressed with you and I have high expectations of your company because you are the one who'll be leading it someday." Mr. Watanabe reached for a handshake. Sayaka shook it firmly. Smiling because it has a positive feedback with regards to her proposal.

"Thank you Watanabe-sama, both for the compliment and warm hospitality. I hope you approve my proposal. It will benefit both of us, I assure." said Sayaka formally.

"I'll be reviewing it again."

"Yamamoto-sama, here's a present from our family." Miyuki handed her a paper bag.

"Ah, thank you very much." Sayaka said. "Anyways, I should get going now."

"Miyuki will accompany you home."

"Thank you very much, Watanabe-sama." She bowed before taking her leave. Sayaka and Miyuki walked along the stone path again. The moon was being illuminated in the pond. It felt refreshing visiting in a place like this, after all, Sayaka thought as her dinner with the Watanabe family ended.


A/N: Soooo how's it? :3
Hope you liked the update and please stay tuned for more :)
Thanks for reading!

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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 3: Dinner] (22.12.2017)
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2017, 06:56:06 PM »
Sorry for only leaving thanks :lol:

Although for the story, I'm a bit perplexed with how everything is although simply... Momoka has a weird affection towards Sayaka, I'm feeling a weird vibe by it and the fact that drunkenly Sayaka is a bit open makes it all bit dramatic for everyone involved

Keep up the good work :jphip:
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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 3: Dinner] (22.12.2017)
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2017, 04:42:39 AM »
could it be sayamomo will appear? XD ,, its must be hard for sayanee if momoka have a things for her too,, can't wait for the next capt. XD
btw, thanks for the update :D

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Re: Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 3: Dinner] (22.12.2017)
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I would nornally vote for SayaMilky, but I'm feeling a SayaKei this time around.  :P

I have this feeling that Momoka will have a bigger role in the future.
Sayanee, don't you go and have weird feelings around Milky. You're with Kei right now.  :lol:

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Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 4: It All Started in a Jam] (04.01.2018)
« Reply #9 on: January 04, 2018, 10:23:16 AM »

@kuro_808: Is it a good thing that you are perplexed?  :? XD I'm not that confident in my writing, I have too made too many mistakes on the older stuff I wrote.  :banghead: Anyways, I love Momoka and I think she'll be a good addition here... Thank you for always leaving thanks! And for the comment too :D  :heart: :heart:

@yamamoto_din: Who knows? I don't want to make things difficult for Sayaka, but it's a bit fun adding Momoka in here.  :P

@four4four: Sayaka should really decide who she'll pick, right? Or maybe it's too early for that... Let's make it harder for her to choose in the next chapters, that would be fun!  :P XD

Sorry, if it took me quite a while to post an update. I was working out on my older fics too and I realized that I got too many things to write.  :lol: :lol:

Anyways, I hope you'll like the next chapter!

CHAPTER 4: It All Started in a Jam

Jonishi Kei went home with a box of senbei and rice wine in her hands. She went to the kitchen to put the groceries on the table, and then she headed to her room to get some change of clothes.

Kei decided to bathe and soak in the tub to pass time while she waits for Sayaka. She headed to the bathroom and took a shower first before climbing onto the tub filled with lukewarm water.

It felt good -- the warmth of the water felt good on her skin. She felt very relaxed that she could almost fall asleep inside the tub. But, no, she tried her best to stay awake because if she fell asleep (in the tub) she might not ever be able to wake up.

That's what leads her into daydreaming...

[Flashback; 2 days ago]

"Try this one, Sayaka!" Kei said as she handed Sayaka a red colored dress.

"Doesn't it look too bright?" She said before looking at it. "How about this one?"
Added Sayaka as she showed Kei a white off-shoulder dress.

"Try them both. Then, let's decide after." Suggested Kei.

As Sayaka walked inside the fitting room, Kei was still looking at other display dresses at the shop. They were a variety of colors and styles -- from pastel colors, neons, and monochromes.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am." She heard the employees say in sync. She got curious and looked at where the sounds were coming from.

There was a girl who entered the shop, and for Kei, she somehow looked familiar. She was tall, has long curly black hair and she was wearing an elegant looking, pastel pink colored dress. She smiled at the employees and said, "Good afternoon. Thank you for always working hard."

It was a matter of chance when their gazes met in an instant and a smile was drawn from the familiar girl's face.

"Where did I meet her?" Kei thought to herself as she was trying to recall her memories.

The girl walked towards Kei, not breaking the eye contact and the smile too. Kei felt a sharp aura surrounding the girl and it gave her strong vibes that made her feel somewhat uneasy.

"Need help with anything?" asked the familiar girl. "I am Yoshida Akari, the owner of this shop and also the major designer of the products here."

"Actually, my boss is looking for a dress to be used for a proposal meeting." said Kei formally.

"Oh, where is she right now?" asked Akari.

"At the fitting room. We already chose some dresses but we are still not so sure about--"

It was when Sayaka went out of the fitting room wearing the red dress.

"Uhm, Kei, I don't think it suits me..." said Sayaka.

"It is indeed eye-catching." commented Akari "...but doesn't fit the theme well."

"Who is she, Kei?" Sayaka asked when she noticed Akari.

"She's the owner."

Yoshida Akari smiled at Sayaka and formally introduced herself. Sayaka introduced herself as well.

"Oh!" exclaimed Akari. "I think I have something that would fit you well!"

Akari called over one of the employees and instructed her to get something. After a minute of waiting, the employee went back with a black dress in her hand.

"Thank you." Akari said as the employee handed the dress to Sayaka.

"You should try that one out." she told Sayaka.

The latter then entered the dressing room again, leaving Kei and Akari alone.

"She was the girl in the picture right?" Akari asked Kei. It confused Kei though.

"What do you mean?"

"The picture you dropped while waiting at the counter at the supermarket..." said Akari with a smile.

"Oh! I remember now!" Kei said. She saw Akari at the supermarket a few days ago.
"Yes, she was the one in the photo."

"By the way, you haven't told me your name."

"I'm Jonishi Kei."

"Nice to meet you."

[End of Flashback]

The thing that brought Kei back into reality was when she heard her faded ringtone. She left her phone in her room though. She went out of the tub and slid on a bath robe. She quickly went to her room but the ringing has already stopped.

1 missed call.


She dialed the number back...

"Onee-chan!" was said on the other side of the phone.

"Why did you call, Rei?"

"I just missed you! When are you coming home?" asked Kei's little sister, Jonishi Rei.

"During the holidays, like the usual. I miss you too, Rei. Tell mom and dad that I'm doing well."


"Good girl~" said Kei. "I'm going to hung up now. A friend's coming over."

"For real? At this hour?" asked Rei. "Okay then. I'll call you again Oneechan!"

"Take care always, Rei."

"You too."

After the call, Kei decided to go prepare the dessert because it's already getting late.


The limousine was put on stop. Sayaka and Miyuki stepped out of the vehicle.

"Are you sure you don't want us to bring you home?" asked Miyuki.

Sayaka answered with a nod and added, "Thank you for the dinner tonight, Watanabe-san."

"You're very much welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the night."

"I did." Sayaka smiled at Miyuki. The latter smiled back at her.

"Okay then, I'll get going." said Miyuki.

"Bye." Sayaka waved her hand to Miyuki.

Just before Miyuki entered the limousine, she looked back at Sayaka. "Please take care on your way home..."

Sayaka saw through Miyuki's words and felt something in her chest. It felt painful somehow. Maybe because of how Miyuki said those... And she didn't know why it felt that way.

But for the meantime, she shrugged off the feeling and called her father to tell him the details regarding the meeting. After that, she then calls Ayaka to tell her that she wouldn't be going home tonight and that she'll be sleeping at Kei's house.

The doorbell rang. Kei turned the television off and walked to the main door of her apartment. She felt her heart beating fast. It always feels like this whenever Sayaka is around.

Sayaka's smiling face greeted her after she opened the door. The visitor entered and removed her stilettos at the hallway.

"How was the meeting?" asked Kei as she sat on the couch. Her boss took the seat behind her.

"I think it went well. Watanabe-san was impressed with the proposal, I hope he approves it as soon as possible."

"That's good news then!" Kei handed a sake cup to Sayaka. "We now have a reason to celebrate!"

"Yes, indeed!" She then remembered the gift she received from the Watanabe family. Sayaka has already peeked up on it a while ago. It was a good timing that the contents of the package was a bottle of rice wine. "Oh, anyways, here's a gift from the Watanabe's."

Sayaka smiled at Kei as she put the other sake bottle on the table. It was Sayaka's innocent smile that brought back memories into Kei's mind...

"Sayaka, do you still remember the first time we met?" Kei asked as she put sake on her and Sayaka's cup.

"Uhh... We attended same classes in college, right?"

"No, no, before thaaaaat."

"Oh! We're schoolmates in high school!" Sayaka exclaimed. "But we haven't talked much before. I guess it was when you became an intern to our company when we started really talking."

The rice wine brought warmth upon Kei as she drank it. She poured more sake into her cup as she started telling an old story...

"Well, you might not know, but the truth is... I really liked you since high school!"


Jonishi Kei has just finished writing on the cleaning log. Her face was sweaty after doing the task. She wiped it off with a white handkerchief and slid the cloth back into her bag.

"Keicchi~" Her classmates, Shibuya Nagisa and Yabushita Shu, called for her. "Want to walk with us home?"

She knew that they are a couple. They haven't really told anyone but Kei can see how they act with one another. She doesn't like the feeling of being a third wheel that's why she refused and quickly thought of a reason to stay at school.

"I think I'll pass! I'll be heading to the music room." Kei waved her hand as she watch the two walk along the corridor.

It was still early but the corridors has been emptied. She looked outside the window. There were still members of the track team who are running laps along the track field.

Atleast she was not alone, Kei thought.

She was near the music room when she started to hear some strumming of a guitar and someone was singing.

She stood beside the slightly opened door and listened to the beautiful sound. The voice isn't familiar, so it's probably not someone from the music club...

Before that sun sets, since I'll go to meet you
Facing the rain of tears, walking barefoot
While only waiting for the morning, the night drapes over us
Your time is with the many shooting stars, they truly are as radiant as you

The miracle of meeting you is no dream
Tomorrow I want to search for more miracles together

Kei was curious of who was the person singing inside. Her heart was unusually beating fast. She took a quick peek through the slightly opened door.

The black hair was being blown by the wind coming from the open window. What she only saw was the back of the girl.

It's only you here, and it's silly, but this joy I feel makes me tremble
The words I couldn't say over the phone are flowing out of me one by one
Let me take you to happiness

The times I've been late to our meetings, your disappointed face
But, little fights are okay, since now I'm in love with only you

Our love's not yet at it's fullest, so let's make it grow
Smiling through our tears, let's kiss one more time

Kei wanted to see her face. She wanted to know who she was and how can she make her heart beat this fast!

She tried to walk inside but when she opened the door, it creaked loudly and the strumming stopped.

"Oh, I--I'm sorry!" Kei exclaimed.

It felt like a slow motion when the girl finally turned to look at Kei. She knew her! Well, everyone knows to whom those sharp eyes belong. It was the school's top student, Yamamoto Sayaka.

Sayaka looked down and removed the guitar on hand. Kei didn't want her to leave yet, that's why she run towards the drumset and started to play the song Sayaka was singing a while ago.

Sayaka was about to leave but she turned around to look at Kei.

"Wanna jam in?" She asked Sayaka with a smile.

Sayaka locked the door and walked near her. She got the guitar and on cue, the two of them made a good sound. Sayaka continued singing the unfinished song...

It's only you here, and it's silly, but this joy I feel makes me tremble
The words I couldn't say over the phone are flowing out of me one by one
Let me take you to happiness

Let me hold you, let's watch the continuation of a dream
My inexperienced hands are desperately happy
With only an impulsive gesture, seeing how beautiful you are
I embraced you once more

Kei intently watched Sayaka as she played and sang. It looked so beautiful... She hasn't seen someone who could be that beautiful in her eyes. She was trembling with excitement.

It's only you here, and it's silly, but this joy I feel makes me tremble
The words I couldn't say over the phone are flowing out of me one by one
Let me take you to happiness

Let me hold you, let's watch the continuation of a dream
My inexperienced hands are desperately happy
With only an impulsive gesture, seeing how beautiful you are
I kissed you over and over again

As soon as the song finished, Kei quickly stood up. "You have an awesome voice and you're good in playing the guitar, why didn't you join the music club?"

Sayaka didn't answer. She just slid the guitar back to its sheath.

"Anyways, I'm Kei." She extended her hand. Sayaka clasped it and shook it lightly for a hand shake. "Nice jam!"

Sayaka nodded and smiled. "Hope we can jam again someday! Gotta go."

The feel of Sayaka's hand and the smile lasted on Kei's mind. Her heart was beating a rhytm she wasn't familiar of. Her hands felt cold and shaky but her face felt like it was burning with warmth. She just watched as Sayaka left out of the room.

[End of Flashback]

"Oh, I remember now!" Sayaka exclaimed.

"That was the day I fell in love with you." Kei confessed. She felt the shyness creeping up to her face and it made her blush. "After that day, I wondered if we could do that again... I tried to approach you but I haven't had the courage."

"Thank you, Kei... for loving me through all those years."

It was in a blink of an eye, Sayaka leaned forward and kissed Kei on the lips. "That one was for the kiss a while ago, the one I haven't done earlier."

She kissed her again, longer this time. Kei kissed her back, feeling her heart racing. She felt the rush was running through her body.

Sayaka stopped and gazed at her eyes, taking a good look at her brown orbs. "That was because I wanted to kiss you more."


Kei was blushing furiously as she leaned her face closer to Sayaka's. She kissed her once this time.

It was a passionate kiss and both of them started to feel the atmosphere turning hot. Sayaka nudged forward and used her body to push Kei to lie on the sofa. She pinned her down as she stopped the kiss for a breathe. Her eyes were shining with a new kind of luster, Kei noticed.

When Sayaka was about to dive into her again, Kei broke the eye contact and looked away. She was wavering.

Sayaka felt embarrassed suddenly. "I--I'm sorry..." She uttered as she swiftly took a short distance away.

Kei saw the pained expression on her face and the girl felt the weight of what she has done...

Or what secrets are she not telling...

"It's not like that!" Kei's heart was racing again, now because of guilt. "I--I want this, too."

Sayaka looked at her with surprise but Kei started to tear up. "There's something I wasn't telling you..."

"What is it?" asked Sayaka. She disliked the sight of Kei crying, it pains her.

"Nothing really happened between us last week."

"What do you mean?" Sayaka was confused.

"We haven't done it."

Now, she realized what Kei was talking about. "H--How... I was... Naked."

"The truth is that..."

[Flashback; a week ago...]

"Beautiful..." Kei whispered as she caressed Sayaka's face.

Sayaka blinked her eyes and pulled Kei closer until their lips met. It shocked Kei so much but she didn't break the kiss but rather kissed her back.

Sayaka stopped to breathe and uttered a name.

"Mi... Yu... Ki."

It was extreme shock for Kei to be called out by another name. It felt painful, like something was pinching her heart inside. The name echoed in her ears until she felt a hand pulling her head closer. Her face was still a few inches away from Sayaka's. She can't help but to look at her eyes, nose, lips, and flushed cheeks. She wanted to remember all of these because it might not happen again...

It was more to her surprise when Sayaka's free hand worked it's way towards her collar. She started unbuttoning her top... One button after one, until there was none.

Kei's eyes were stucked on Sayaka's exposed chest. Her heart has a wild rhythm, something she hasn't feel before. Her body felt very very hot...

There was a quick turn of things, probably because of the lust arising in both of them... They are now both fully naked as they faced each other, Kei pinning Sayaka down on the bed.

"You look pretty..." Sayaka uttered the words that made her blush.

"Kiss me again, Miyuki."


Kei froze.

She knew that this is wrong. All of this was wrong. She felt that all the flutters on her heart vanished. It just felt cold. She lied down beside Sayaka, laughing at the thought of them acting like this towards one another.

It hurts.

The truth hurts.

And it made her cry. One drop wasn't too much but it poured constantly, draining everything inside her eyes. She didn't notice that Sayaka has fallen asleep already.

She covered both of them with a blanket. She should just be happy lying on the same bed with the person she loves... It was already too much for her...

Kei cried herself to sleep, constantly staring at the sleeping Sayaka.

[End of Flashback]

"That's it, I guess. I--I'm really sorry for not telling you this... I've given you a wrong impression of what was happening between us two."

"No, I should be the one to say sorry..." Sayaka looked at her directly, melting Kei's heart again.

"I'm sorry for calling you Miyuki." She pulled her for a warm embrace. "I wasn't like myself that day..."

"No one's at fault I guess." Kei said. "Somehow I felt like my chest was lighter. Being able to clear that up to you..."

Sayaka wiped the remaining tears on Kei's face. She smiled at her before leaning closer, their noses touching...

"I like you, Kei. That, I'm pretty sure of now... I don't know if this is love but I am not rushing. I always feel happy whenever were together. You were the most thoughtful and caring and smart and cutest girl I ever dated!"

"I was only the one you dated, right?"

"Yeap..." Kei was now smiling at her.

"Always remember that I love you, Sayaka."

"I know. I like it when you say that to me."

Kei's hand touched a part of Sayaka's exposed collarbone. They looked at each other again, with a fiery gaze. Sayaka leaned once more and Kei didn't move an inch to resist. Both of them.wanted this too...

They started kissing and touching each other, taking the things out of their body. They stopped for a breath occassionally and Sayaka suggested...

"Maybe we should move into your room."


That's it! Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next chapter :D

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It shows a sense of mystery however for everyone it makes everything quite intriguing down the line when the dominoes are set for the apex of the story.
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Kei may be happy now, but I get the feeling she will be hurt in the future. :(
Sayaka's heart wavers too much. It's a mystery as to who she truly loves. :sweatdrop:
Maybe Akari will play a bigger role in this mystery? :?

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So... yeah, I think I'm slowly coming back...? I guess...

Hi everyone! Amecchii here~~~

Anywaaaays I've been away for too long but here's an update. Hope you like it! And thank you for reading!! ♥♥

Ajisai no Himitsu

Chapter 5: Something's unusual... right?

Sayaka greeted the morning with a soft yawn followed by a serene smile. The sheets felt cold and she snuggled closer to the body beside her for some warmth. Her smile grew as she stared at Kei's sleeping face.

"Ah, so beautiful..." she whispered, admiring that lovely face. Sayaka reached to touch her cheeks, tucking some strands of hair behind her ears. She couldn't help but to smile. Never did she imagine before that their relationship would change this fast... It wasn't a bad thing. She liked Kei and has always been very happy spending almost everyday with her.

Sayaka moved her face closer to Kei's, letting her nose touch the latter's and giving a quick peck on her lips.

That swift motion woke Kei up. The girl slowly opened her eyes, catching Sayaka staring at her and smiling mischievously.

Even in her hazy vision, Kei blushed by the blurry sight of the girl's smile. She just stared at her with a smile, her vision becoming clearer. Her hand moved to caress Sayaka's face. Vivid images from last night appeared in her mind... She'll never forget how warm Sayaka's touches were, how soft her lips were, and how she was loved by that wonderful girl.

"Good morning~" Sayaka softly said, without breaking the eye contact.

"Good morning--"

Kei's words were interrupted when they heard Sayaka's cellphone rang.

"Who could that be? And as early as this?" Sayaka pinched Kei's cheek and motioned to get off the bed. She swiftly moved out of the bed, letting the blanket to slide off her body. Kei's eyes grew very large when Sayaka's naked body was revealed in broad daylight. The latter didn't mind and answered the phone call...

Kei cannot take her eyes off of Sayaka's rear. But her blushing was intensified when the phone call ended because the girl turned around and walked towards her. Sayaka smirked after seeing Kei staring at her.

"Can't get enough of the sight?" she teasingly said as she sat at the edge of the bed.

Kei moved to sit up, holding the blanket to cover up her chest.

"Is that Ayaka?" Kei asked, referring to the phone call. The girl nodded in reply.

"Even though I planned to spend the whole day with you... But something came up. Dad's on his flight back." Sayaka explained. "Ayaka told me that I should head to the airport in two hours."

"Then you should be preparing already!" Kei said as she tried to stand up but her hand was quickly caught by Sayaka.

"No need to rush. Can't we stay here for five minutes more. I just want to be with you longer..."

Those were the words that came from Sayaka's mouth. Kei gawked in awe and embraced her girl tightly -- as if not wanting to let go.

"I wouldn't mind spending the whole day just embracing you, Sayaka." murmured the girl.

"We can do that some other time." Sayaka suggested and caressed Kei's back. "Kei, would you like to go with us and meet father at the airport?"

"I would like to but I won't. You should enjoy the rest of the day with them." She said with a smile. A couple of minutes passed and they broke off from the embrace.

"Okay then... Let's grab something to eat?"


There was a thick crowd of people at the airport. Her eyes roamed around as she looked at the people arriving back at home...
"I'm glad you made it on time, Onee-sama." said Ayaka with a bright smile. "Dad would be sad if you didn't!"

"I know, I know..." She calmly said and pinched her sister's cheek.

"Where have you been last night?" asked the other person who accompanied them at the airport.

"I went over to the Watanabe's residence to discuss business matters then headed off to my secretary's place." She briefly explained with an unwavering look on her face.

"Oh, I see." Momoka said and then sighed deeply. "Looks like you've been spending quite some time with your secretary..."

The look she gave Sayaka was unusual. But the latter wasn't shaken off. "Of course that would be normal. We've been friends for some years already... Why are you suddenly like that? Don't even try to hit on her..."

She teasingly said to Momoka. "Of course not! I haven't even seen her, Hmph!"

Sayaka and Ayaka chuckled at his expression and soon enough another batch of passengers went walking down the aisle. Sayaka quickly spotted his father and he did see them quickly too. He walked over to their spot while his valet pushed the luggage cart.

"Father!" Ayaka yelled and gave him a tight hug.

"How's America?" asked Sayaka.

The father replied accordingly. "Like the usual... Almost the same as when we last went there. Though, I really missed the food here..."

"Then, let's get going! I'll cook!" Sayaka exclaimed with confidence. The three looked at her in unison and exchanged confused looks.

"Are you serious? I don't think you have tried cooking before!" - Momoka

"Trust me~" said Sayaka.

"Okay then..." Yamamoto Papa, though reluctant, agreed to the idea. Seeing Sayaka like that amazed him a bit.

"Then, I'll go in a separate way to buy groceries." She said cheerfully. "Momoka, you go on ahead with Ayaka and Papa."



Momoka was left wondering what the heck came into Sayaka's mind. Being her friend for years, he knew nothing about her cooking skills. He never saw her cook before. All her packed lunch was made by their maid and it was confirmed by Sayaka, too. What the heck was happening to her these past few days???

He continued to drive and for a moment, cleared his thoughts by listening to Ayaka and Yamamoto-san talking on the back seat of his car.

"So... Tell me what happened when I was away." asked the father.

"Nothing unusual. Sister and I did good when you were away."

"Did Sayaka spoil you too much?" Her father teased.

Ayaka smiled and replied, "She took me several places to eat whenever she's not too busy but that's not frequent."

The father sighed in relief. "I'm actually worried about your sister. I thought she might focus too much on work and forget to relax... I'm honestly glad that you two are enjoying yourselves every once in a while. You know her... She likes to overwork herself."

"She's also been hanging out with her secretary lately... I think?" - Momoka

"Ah, yes! Onee-sama told me that Jonishi-san helps her with work and other stuff, like preparations for meetings. She organizes most of sister's meeting with clients/potential investors." Ayaka explained briefly.

"Jonishi-san is really reliable when it comes to work. I think they went to the same high school together? And college, too. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they're getting along quite well."

The conversation about the secretary ended there. They've talked about other things and soon enough they arrived at the Yamamoto's residence.


After an hour of waiting, a car pulled into the driveway...

"That must be Sayaka." - Momoka

Sayaka went inside the house but she was not alone. Her companion immediately bowed and greeted them.

"Otou-sama, I asked Jonishi-san to accompany me with the groceries. I think I'll be needing her help in the kitchen." Sayaka explained with a joking tone. "Of course I wouldn't want to have you eat a failed dish."

There was laugher in the room after hearing that last statement of hers.

"Then, Jonishi-san, I'll be leaving Sayaka in your hands." Sayaka's father jokingly said. He never knew that those words made Kei's heart race fast. Kei glanced at Sayaka who was smiling mischievously at her.

"If you'll excuse us..." Sayaka said before the two of them headed to the kitchen leaving the three in the living room.

"Ah, Momoka! I haven't introduced her to you. That's Jonishi Kei. Sayaka's secretary..." exclaimed Sayaka's father.

"Onee-sama must be learning how to cook from her...? Maybe that's why they're hanging out these past few days?" said Ayaka.

"Maybe... Who knows?" Momoka whispered in a very small voice.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Kei was busy preparing the ingredients for the meal they are going to prepare. Sayaka helped her sort things out.

"Now, I guess we better get started?" Kei asked as she glanced at the other girl. She blushed after seeing Sayaka staring at her deeply... and smiling. "W--What's wrong?"

Sayaka giggled at the slight tremble of that voice.

"How's it? We'll be together doing kitchen stuff. This is your chance to show off your skills to my family." She winked at Kei after whispering those words. The latter's face turned redder and she looked away for a moment, trying to compose herself.

"Don't be such a teaser!" She pouted and continued... "If you only knew how n--nervous I am at the moment!"

"Well... Don't be. I'm here." Sayaka's words were very comforting. Her voice and the feel of her hands holding Kei's instantly calmed down the anxious girl.

"W--We better hurry and start. Y--Yamamoto-san must be hungry already!" And those trembling words from Kei signalled the start of their work.



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