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Author Topic: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 10 (Multipairing) 3/18/2018  (Read 1895 times)

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 7 (Multipairing)
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   "Tadaima!!!!!!!! ~ I miss youuuuu. Yeaahhhhhh".Yuko shouted happily while doing a round of butt dancing infront of the school gate. Students whose passed her only gave her a weird look. Some of them also taking a pictures of their pervert president.

Unlike the hyper president, the hoodie girl behind her showed uninterested looks with the whole thing.

   "What's with the grumpy look Shiriri-chan. It's a new term, come on show some energy of yours. You makes your big sister sad  :cry: ".Mayu ignored the older girl. "Heii, listen to me! ".Still no changed, Yuko gave up. "But that Bakamina.... "

   "Yukooo, Mayu-chan! Ohayo".

   "Ah Acchan, Mariko, oha! ".Yuko greeted the duo back. Mayu only gave a slight nod.

   "Ara, a grumpy Mayu in this morning? Mayu-chan must hate school, Huh? ".Acchan pinched the cyborg 's cheeks. There no protests from the cyborg because Mayu knew it was useless to fought against the actress. Acchan let go a moment later, she can felt Mayu getting annoyed.

   "This is weird. Where's Takamina? ".Mariko asked noticed the missing of the other midget.

   "No idea. She didn't showed up, so we went here without her".Acchan looked dissapointed hearing Yuko's answer. She really looked forward to seen the other girl because she didn't had a chance to during this whole holiday thanks to her busy schedule. Mariko who noticed patted Acchan's back to reassured her.

Four of them made their way inside the building and can't helped but to noticed the students gave them a weird looks and a whispers. Yuko, Mariko and Acchan getting confused while Mayu stayed calm and emotionless.

A ruckus can be heard after they entered, Yuko being a curious girl ran towards it.

   "Why they are staring at you? ".

   "Me?! ",Acchan pointed at her face. "What did I do? ".

   "Yeah, that's what I wanna ask you Acchan, what did you do? ".Yuko who just returned grasped Acchan's arm and pulled her to a crowds whose still busy looking at something. "You all,move!".Students made way for Yuko and the others. "This! Can I get an explanation for this?! ".

Acchan looked at where Yuko was pointing at only to gawk.At the bulletin board, there a newspaper that had Acchan face on it. But she was not alone, beside her,stood her co-worker Oneo Matsuya.They were holding hand. Acchan remembered that moment, this picture got taken during summer holiday. Mariko just arrived at the scene and quickly sighed, she knew who the culprit who did this. She never noticed Miichan were taking pictures of those two.

Mariko averts her eyes somewhere else and became interested with the other fresh news. 'New Popular Couple Has Been Born? ' ,'The Player Finally Settle Down? '.There also this title, 'Kagoshima Princess Got Taken.Fans live in misery'. Mariko shrugs. Never thought the player and the new princess had something between them. 'They did a good job,..that Newspaper Club'.

Bruk! Bag dropped to the ground. The new arriving Yuki stared at her news with her famous Reaction Queen plastered on her face.

Yuko gulped.That club should change their name to Paparazzi club if the things they brought only gossip. "Mayu". She called out to the younger girl, one of the club members. No respond. "Ma.. Yu? ".There no trace of the cyborg anywhere. "Where the heck she ran off to? ".

The shocking news attracts all students attentions. Even the teacher also eavesdrops whenever they heard something about the news. As expected, Yuki, Sae and Acchan got bombarded with questions. All day, Yuki face were red while Acchan tried her best to clear up the misunderstanding. On the other hand, Sae was happy with the attentions and gladly answered all their questions. Of course she told the truth, there was no way she elaborated the story or Yuki will killed her.

A tall black haired girl was marching somewhere with a stern looks on her face. Students got the message and didn't dare enough to approached the fuming princess. Reached the destination,she banging the door loudly.

The door that written 'Newspaper Club' on it opened. Miichan who hiding herself all day meeting eyes to eyes with Yuki who emitting a black aura from her body. 'Black!'. Before Yuki could said anything, the door slammed closed right infront of her face. Lucky, the door didn't hit her perfect face. Realizing the girl hiding away again, Yuki kicking the door while yelling to the occupants inside the room to opened the damn door. She didn't care the stares she received from other students.

10 minutes later, she got tired and gave up. When she turned in order to left the place, her eyes meeting with Mayu eyes that standing not too far. The younger girl had a bun inside her mouth and already stopped chewing when she saw the evil grins Yuki gave her.

"Hi, Yu-Yuki".

"Oh, it's Yuki-senpai for you now. Ma~yu~yu".Yuki smiled strangely.

Mayu gulped. 'I am doomed'


Acchan sitting on a bench with her head facing down. The evening sun above making her feels hotter and sweaty but she didn't have a damn about it. Alone. No students around her.She actually at her secret place right now, that located behind an old church building near the school. The place full with roses with different colour and she always ran here whenever she felt like wanted to escaped from this world. Away from her trouble, busy life. No one dared enough to came here because in order to reached this place, you need to passed a dark tunnel first. Because of some rumor,people afraid to came there,well except Acchan. Because the one who caused the rumor of a bloody high school girl ghost was her. Someone mistook her for a ghost. Blame her school uniform with spilled ketchup on it. But thanks to that, she owns the place for herself... Well, not really.

   "Thought you will be here".

   "Takamina? "

   "You really uses this place for a good use. Glad I ever introduced this place to you".Takamina sat beside Acchan.

Acchan knew it was a golden chance for her to clear up the misunderstanding. "Takamina, listen. Me and Matsuya-san, there's nothing between us. He only my co-worker in my new drama. To get into our characters better, the producer suggested a play date to improve our relationship. That was why we did it. It was only for a job.. You need to trust me.I-I never knew the o-others were spying o-on us. I swear! ".Tears spilling from Acchan's eyes.

   "Hey, hey,,.. Don't cry. Take a deep breath. Okay, just like that".Takamina comforted Acchan. Acchan leaned her head on Takamina's shoulder. A scene of Takamina, she inhale it. It was one of her favorite scenes. "You don't need to explain anything to me. I already knew about it before, the girls who got your explanation explained it to me.They sure are busy,even though they only an outsiders".

   "T-They did? ".

   "Un.I was angry because you didn't tell me you're going out with someone".

   "....Only that? ".Acchan pushed Takamina, looking at the shorter girl eyes trying to find something in it. 'Why, why I can't read her like I always did? ' .Takamina back to her original self, she never avoiding Acchan again, but something was missing that made Acchan can't understand the girl before her.

Takamina stood up. "Well, I got job to attend to. See you tomorrow Acchan".Takamina bid her farewell. Acchan sitting confused.

   "Yuki, let's go home together! ".Sae said to Yuki after catched up with the Raven girl.

   "Ano, Sae-chan. Don't you think we need to separate for a while until the rumor died down? ".

   "Why? Are you discomfort being with me? ".Sae flashed a hurtful looks.

   "N-No! It's -it's not like that! Just.. ".Yuki denied it. She don't wanna made Sae hurt.

   "So, what's the matter? If you worried it might bothers me, don't be. I am okay with it".

Yuki paused. Sae was right. 'It should makes me happy of what others think about us, so why I feel weird about this?'.

   "Yuki".Someone called Yuki.

   "Rena! ".She happily jumped and hugged her bestfriend. Rena were busy today so Yuki don't got a chance to talked with her at all. Seeing a happy Yuki, Rena smiled and patted the girl head. Only to frown to seen Sae there."What are you doing with this playgirl? ".Squinting her eyes.

   "Hello too Rena. Oh,and hi Airi".

Yuki just noticed an unfamiliar girl was standing beside Rena this whole time. She never seen this girl before, and she sure she was not one of her classmates. "Who is this? ".

   "I am Furukawa Airi. Student from class 2-A and also Rena's friend from Kendo Club.Just call me Airin".The unfamiliar girl introduced herself.

   "Kashiwagi Yuki. Rena's friend from middle school".

   "Yeah, I know about you. Rena talked about you a lot. Trust me, almost everything about you I already known because of this Melon pan lover here".

   "Stop it, Airin". Rena always became embarrassed whenever Airin teased her about Yuki,but not today. Sae's presence affecting her mood.

   "Owh Rena, I never knew you love me that much. You should have told me".Yuki continued the teasing while wrapping her arms around Rena's neck. Rena blushed with her bestfriend 'S gestures. Airin smirked. Sae falsely coughed to brought back the two girls from their own world. Yuki released the hug. "How about we go home together? ". She suggested.

Sae frowned then smiled after heard Rena rejecting the offers. "Sorry Yuki, I want to, but, me and Airin gotta go somewhere buying something ".

   "Is that so? ".Yuki pouted. "Can't be helped, maybe next time".

   "Jaa nee ".Rena and Airin excused themselves, but not before Rena gave a last glare to Sae. 'She seriously don't want me to be near Yuki, Huh'.

At the same time,

Yui relaxing herself with laying on the grass under the evening sun above. Even with the sun shining brightly above their head, the sports club on the courtyard and field still did their best practicing. It quite a restful sight for Yui the vice-president of student council.

Click, click.A camera shutter. "You're in the way",said the girl who covered the sun. Yui only can saw the girl shadow.

   "Excuse me? ".

   "I said, you're in the way".Said the girl again with impatient.

   "Huh? ".Dumbfounded Yui uttered.

   "Are you dumb,or what? Step aside".

   "There still many other spaces here.Why I need to move my body to other spot. Why can't you? The view still the same no matter where you capture it".

   A sound of clicked tongue. "This is why I hate talking to people who don't understand the meaning of an art... For someone like you, yes. But I am a photographer.Quality of my pictures is my top priority. So move, before I kick you away".

Yui forced herself to followed the rude girl demands. After standing up, she can seen the girl features clearly. Shimazaki Haruna, class 1-A, member of photography club and a friend of Watanabe Mayu. She never talked to this girl before, never thought the girl can be a rude person.

Paruru started to taking pictures. Yui didn't realized herself that she was staring at the girl. After satisfied with the pictures she took, Paruru made her way to left the place.

   "My name is Yokoyama Yui. I just thought it was best if you know my name ".Yui face-palmed. She didn't understand why she did that. Paruru went silent a bit before continued to left the place. But something she said before ringing through Yui's ears

   "For someone who holding a vice-president position, you're quite a dumb".

Watanabe Resident

Mayu sitting on the couch with uneasy. She can't focused on the television. Her eyes always glanced at the clock on the wall of living room.


Mayu facing down looking at the floor while hearing Yuki scolding. Even though she was not the one who took the pictures, she still involved with the processed making that newspaper. So Yuki gave her an earful now.

But something went wrong when Yuki paused, Mayu looked at where Yuki were looking and saw a familiar man near the gate became the attention of the crowd. It caused quite a ruckus because man who doesn't had relation with the school got prohibited from entering the school ground unless they got a permission.

Mayu saw Milky and Sayanee approached the man from neighboring school. Sayanee looked pissed,while Milky looked... scared? The man saying something to Milky and pleading to her. It took a while but Milky nodded. Milky said something to Sayanee, Sayanee looked more furious and with a heavy steps she left the place. Milky took out her phone.Mayu's phone buzzing later.
'Mayu, please bring my bag home. I'll get home late tonight '.
Then Milky left with the man.

'Isn't that her ex? '

End of Flashback

   "Tadaima".The front door opened.Like any other day, Mayu never replied to it.

Milky took a step on the staircase but quickly a hand prevented her. "Ouch!".She hissed.

   "What happened to your arm? ".Mayu examinating Milky's bruised arm.

   "My ex asked for a chance again to continue our relationship, but I refused him".

   "So he did this to you?!! Son of a bitch, where is he? Tell me. I am so gonna beat him up".Mayu dashed toward the baseball bat beside the front door,in full mode to killed someone.

   "Mayu, it's okay. I slapped him few times already. So put the bat down".

   "Not enough. He deserves more than that. What kind of man dared enough to lay a finger on a girl. Such a coward".

Milky smiled sadly. She took the bat from Mayu's hand and throw it somewhere away from Mayu so Mayu can't grabbed it again if she went berserk.

   "So what are you gonna do now? That bastard, you already got rid of him. The next step, are you gonna makes a move on that Yamamoto girl? ".

   "I don't know Mayu-chan. I spend my night thinking if she will accept my feelings or not. If she does accept it, did I deserve her.Someone like me, there's no way I can have a chance to be with someone as pure as Sayaka".


   "I wish I can be strong as you, Mayu. You brave enough to keep all the feelings to yourself. You acts normal outside,.. but hurting inside".

Milky gave a patted on her cousin's back. Mayu gazed at her cousin retreating back. 'Wish to be like me,huh?Impossible'.



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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 8 (Multipairing)
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Chapter 7:
Acchan?! What are you doing?! :banghead:
Yuki saving Mayu. :heart: Sorry Sae, but I have to ship MaYuki.
Milky you've finally come to your senses. :wub:

Chapter 8:
Uh oh, those pictures are going to cause a lot of problems. :(
Oh Mayu, you are way more than doomed. :twisted:
Waiting for AtsuMina. :cry:
Quick Rena! Protect Yuki from Sae! XD
Ahhhh, salty Paruru. :P
Milky! Just confess already! :banghead:
What is with Mayu's last comment? :?

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 8 (Multipairing)
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Yeah~exam was over. Last Thursday, my graduated seniors 's results has already been announced. You can said it was bad because it didn't reached our school's target making the teaches dissapointed. Being a senior this year, the teachers gonna be more strict to us from now.

Well, let's move on:


The next day,

   "Saya–ka.... ".Milky squinting her eyes watching the views unfold infront of her with annoyance. All her bubbly feelings earlier vanished into a thin air after she saw her Sayaka surrounded by girls from other class. Must be her fans. And since when Sayaka became hers?!

   "Oh, Miyuki".Sayanee greeted the new arrived girl with a grins.

   "Milky-san, wanna join us? Sayaka's singing voice really beautiful ".One of the girls said. The latter didn't knew she only made Milky more annoyed hearing the girl calling Sayanee with a friendly gestures.

   "No, I am fine.I got work to do".Milky replied faking a smile. The girl's didn't noticed it except for Sayanee who already known the girl longer. "Sayaka, Yuko-san has been looking for you.She wanna discussed something related to student council ".

   "OK. Gotta go now minna~bye". Sayanee placed the guitar she had been holding down and ran out outside to chased the other girl.  "So where's Yuko-san? In the student council? ".

   "Don't know". Answered Milky coldly without slowing down her steps. The steps only became even more faster.

Already lose her patience with Milky's strange behavior, Sayanee decided to grabbed the girl arm an pulled the latter towards her. The pulling was too hard making both of them stumbled sitting on the floor. Lucky there was no students on the corridor that moment. Milky tried to get up but got pulled back by Sayanee.Sayanee lifted Milky's chin forcing her to looked at her in the eyes.

   "What's up with you? Since the beginning of school, you have been acting strange towards me. Did I do something wrong,.. Or is that bastard dis something towards you?! I swear I'll kill him!".Sayanee cursed the guy. Her hold loosening, Milky took the chance to back to her own too feets. Her lips curling into a smile seeing the furious Sayanee. 'Yes he does. He makes me realise how much important you are to me. Of how much, I love you'. A blush creeps onto her face. Milky quickly left the girl worried for the girl to seen her blushing face.

   "The princess left you, you're not gonna chase after her? ".

   "Yui. Even if I do, she never gonna tell me about it".Sayanee reached out both her hands to Yui. Yui took the hands and pulled her friend up from the ground. Sayanee bid her farewell and left Yui standing alone

   "I don't know how those two can be so oblivious to each other's feeling".

   Yui headed to the back of the building. To her usual place only to saw the same girl from yesterday also there today with her camera.

   "I know you are here".

The latter startled from Yui's voice. She never expected to saw the vice-president anymore. At the same place at that.

   "Are you stalking me now? ".

   "Nope. Where's you get that ridiculous idea. This is where I usually spent my free time if I was alone ".Yui said and taking a seat on the grass beside the ponkotsu girl.

   "Well, sorry for disturbing your precious time. I'll be taking my leave now.Excuse me". Paruru stands up.

   "But I don't mind, to share this place with you, Shimazaki-san ".Yui looked at the girl with a warm gazes.

   Paruru darted her eyes somewhere and sat back,but this time she took a few inch away from Yui. Yui didn't mind it and just let the girl be.



   "Hehehehehe...come here,you little soft thing".Yuko ran chasing the girls around the changing room. The girl's quickly saving themselves by running from their pervert president .

   "Yukoooooooo!! ".A shout from Takamina .She attempted to stopped Yuko's assault to their classmates .

Haruna only took a glance at her girlfriend behavior from the mirror inside her locker. She didn't made any attempt to stopped it, only can watched it with bitter smile.

   "Haruna, what's happened to your arm? ". Yuki asked with a hint of panicked in her voice.

Haruna covered it fast. "I bumped onto a door. Nothing big".

Yuki inauspicious agreed with the lame excuse. But not Mariko, that kind of excuse didn't enough to convinced her. She quickly put on her PE shirt and stopped Haruna from undressing. Haruna titled her head confused.

   "Yuki, can you please tell sensei that me and Kojiharu will be late attending her class". Before Yuki could respond, Mariko already dragged the cat-like girl out from the chaos room.

   "Mari-chan. Itai-yo".

   "Ah gomen".Mariko released her holding and slided open an empty classroom door. "Get inside".

After both of them got inside the classroom, Mariko quickly closed the door to prevent anyone from seeing them. The gazes from Mariko made Haruna's fidgeting uncomfortable.

   "I wonder why you're wearing a long sleeve even in this hot weather. I thought you just become your airhead self, but I never figured there's more to it".
Haruna only can stared at the ground with guilt.She knew, just from Mariko's voice that Mariko were angry at her from keeping it a secret. "That girls... Is this the reason why you have been distancing yourself from Yuko?! I can't believe you have been keeping this from us, from me, from Yuko! How would she reacts if she found out about this? "

Haruna flinched. "Ple–please,d-don't tell Yuuchan. I don't want her to do something reckless that might put her in problem situation ".Pleading Haruna. Tears streaming down her eyes.

Seeing the pitiful sight of her friend,Mariko can only sighed with frustration. She hated it when she needed to kept things secret from other. "Since when the girls begin to bully you?".

   "Since last year. Yuuchan become a president caught many students attentions to become her fans.The leader of the groups is one of the girls Yuuchan had rejected".

   "Since last year?!! And you have been keeping it since then? ".Mariko 's tune raised again. "So why now?If you has been holding it back since last year, what makes you suddenly avoiding her this year?".

   "Mako-chan. They said if I don't do what they told me to do, they will hurt Mako-chan. I can't dragged my sister into this. But I also don't want to break up with Yuuchan.. *hiks*hiks*..I love her".Haruna slide down sitting on the floor.

Mariko throw herself into Haruna to embrace the crying girl. "Oh Kojiharu".

BAM! .Yuko landed a blow to the wall. Her fist became red, and so her eyes,filled with anger.

"Those girl, how dare they hurts my Nyan Nyan. Unforgivable ".

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 9 (Multipairing) 17/3/2018
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Man miyuki, u can just flirt with sayanee and everything can goes smooth.
I smell love seed between yuiparu :luvluv1:  :deco:
w...who.. WHO DID THAT TO HARUNA THOSE GURLS  :scolding:
Yuko go and revenge Ur nyannyan! :scolding:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 9 (Multipairing) 17/3/2018
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SayaMilky, come on! Realize each other's feelings already. :banghead:
YuiParu must become a thing. :wub:
Yuko, go beat up those girls! Don't let them hurt your girl! :angry:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 9 (Multipairing) 17/3/2018
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From Last Chapter

Yuko POV

   Still wrestling with Takamina, I saw Nyan Nyan and Mariko went out from this changing room just the both of them. All the negative thoughts came into my mind, what if my speculation about them is true, what if Nyan Nyan truly cheating on me with that stick?! No no no no no no...NYAN NYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

   Escaped from Takamina, I followed them from behind and saw them walking into an empty classroom. Didn't want them to noticed, I only eavesdrops them from outside.

   "Mako-chan, They said if I don't do what they told me to do, they will hurt Mako-chan. I can't dragged my sister into this. But I also don't want to break up with Yuuchan... *hiks*hiks*...I love her".

   My fist landed on the wall beside me. Hearing NyanNyan's confession makes my blood boiling with anger. That's the reason why Nyan Nyan have been distancing herself from me. I never noticed a thing. She's looked happy around me, but inside she's hurting. To become the one who doesn't find out sooner, I am a failure as a girlfriend.

   "Those girls, how dare they hurts my Nyan Nyan. Unforgivable ". Forgetting the throbbing pains on my right fist, I leave from there.

End of Yuko POV


   "KYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!Sayaka-sama, kakkoiii!!!". Squealing the girls from the bench. The owner of the name only can waves back shyly from all the attention she had been getting. The teasing from her classmates didn't help either.

   "Sensei, what's those girls doing here? Isn't this a class time now".The unhappy jealous girl asked her PE teacher.

   "Well, those girls didn't have class right now, rather than letting them roaming around the school and caused trouble, it's better if they are here, right? ".Answered the teacher casually. He not troubled by it, unlike the student beside her who continues pouting hearing the teacher's replied.

Milky ignored the girls and continued looking at her crush who gave her best in playing basketball. Even this just an ordinary PE class. Milky not an athlete person, she rather sitting doing nothing just looking at her classmates playing than joining them jumping running around chasing after one ball. It looked so tiring and probably worn her out if she played it.

Sayanee was so cool in her eyes. Her serious gazes making Milky full of excitement. She thought she gonna had a full redden face if that kind of eyes looking through her soul. The sweat also made Sayanee looked sexy, and if Milky looked carefully, she probably can seen through the white shirt into Sayanee perfect abs. She squints her eyes,hoping to seen it.

She lose focus in her surrounding because the next thing she seen was just black and the last thing she heard was peoples calling her name.

After school

   "Ugh, ouch, my head. That ball got me really good".Milky who just conscious rubbed the sore spot on her forehead. Next time, made sure to not standing close to a court if you not a player.

   She felt something holding her right hand when she tried to say up on the bed. 'Sayaka? '. Sayanee was sleeping peacefully with her head on the bed where Milky occupied while her other free arm supporting her head to made sure she feels comfortable. Milky chuckled softly seeing the rare sight.

   When the two of them met, they always bickering with each other and only stopped if someone got between them. So it was rare for Milky to seen a peaceful Sayanee and not a grumpy annoying Sayanee who always find a way to argued with her.

Her fingers brushed against Sayanee's skin. Admiring the girl in her sleep.
She never noticed how and when the sleeping girl successed in stealing her heart, but the only thing she knows is, "I love you, Sayaka".

   A tug.... Was what she felt on her right hand that Sayanee has been holding onto. The latter woke up slowly from her position, staring into Milky's widen eyes.

   "S-Sayaka?.... S-since when...? "

   "I guess when you were touching my face. You know I don't sleep well unless I am laying on a bed".

   "S-so, did you? ". Sayanee nodded. Milky 's expression dropped. She never meant for Sayanee to heard it. She must felt disgusted by now. She removed her hand from Sayanee's, wanted to left the place as soon as possible. Her eyes felt warm, she hold it. She don't want to looks pitiful infront Sayanee.

   "Where are you going? ".

   "Away from you".

   "Why? "

   "Because I don't want to hear rejection from you. Not you Sayaka. This is the first time my feelings for someone is strong like this, I don't think I can take your rejection. So please, let me go". Milky said it all without looking at Sayanee.

   "No way! ". Milky felt herself got pushed onto the bed. Sayanee was on top of her, with her bangs covered half of her face. She tried fighting back, but the grips on her wrists became even more stronger with each struggle she made. "Sayaka, what are you doing, let me go".

   "No way, not after I know about your feelings. All these times, I always thought this feeling inside will never got replied from the one I am hoping for . There's a moment I wanna give up, but there also a moment when I just wanna stole you away from that exes of yours. But the friendship between us prevents me from doing so, I can only hope for your happiness . So.. There's no way I can let you GO!! ". Sayanee looked up. The tears on her eyes, it affected Milky so much.She never realized how hurting her friend was from all her actions talking about boys in front of the woman who in love with her. 'I am such a fool. I desperate searching for my prince in a shining armour that I never realized it myself that the person I have been looking for just in front of me this whole time'.

   "Gomen Sayaka. Gomen".

   "Miyuki". Whispered her softly the name of the girl who laying under her. Sayanee brought her lips closer and closer until it touched with the other girl lips.The soft kiss turned into a passionate one. Sayanee bit Milky's bottom lips making the girl moan and Sayanee took the chance to explore the girl's mouth. Both of them fighting for dominance. The air-con in the infirmary was not enough to cooled down the temperature of the two girls who busy making out.

   "We came here because we're worried, but I think it was not necessary anymore. Looking at how it turned out ". Commented a voice that not belong to the two.

   Sayanee quickly separated herself from Miyuki. The both of them only can looked downward avoiding the stares from Yui, Yuki and Mayu.

   "Can you two atleast locking the door before making out?! I seriously need a surgery for my eyes after seen the hot scene earlier". Said Yui again. Yuki nodded embarrassed.

   "Shut up, shut up. It's not my fault if you all came uninvited".

   "Oh wow, how bold Sayaka. I never knew that got yourself a girlfriend can makes you become bold. It's a good thing Yuko-Senpai are not here, or you two will be teased to death by her".

   "M-Mayu ".Milky looking at her cousin who had a stoic expression on her face. Yui, Sayanee and Yuki realized about it, the silence came haunting the room. Sayanee gulped nervously.

Mayu took a steps forward until she standing face to face with Sayanee. With a swiftly move, Sayanee's collar got yanked forward by that small girl. The others gasping suprised with the event. Mayu glared into the girl eyes.

   "You're lucky she loves you. Make her sad, you die". Mayu let go of Sayanee then went to patted her cousin's head before walked out from the room. Yuki followed the younger girl out not before congratulating the newborn couple.

It took several minutes for Sayanee to translate the whole words, before a sigh of relief escaped from her mouth.



   "I–itai". Haruna holds her left arm that collide with the wall behind her. Not enough with that, the pusher grabs Haruna's hairs and pulled it backwards. Tears started forming, Haruna struggled only to got slapped by another comrade.

   " I warned you to stay away from Yuko-sama. Or things become more horrible for you. But no, you ignored my warning, and you dared to reported this to Yuko-sama. Coward! ". A kick flying to Haruna's abdomen. The cat-like girl coughed. The fours girl snickered seeing the pathetic looks of their president's girlfriend.

Haruna mumbled something. "Hah?! I don't hear you, speak louder!". Ordered the leader by kicking Haruna again in the same spot. No one can heard them that moment, because they had club activity to attend to, so the toilet was vacant for them to used it.

   "N-ne-ver...te-tell h-her. S-swear". It was hard to spoke without stuttering after the damaged on her body.

   "Liar". The leader sharply stated before continues to damaging Haruna's body with her legs. Her three friends later joined them together.

Haruna can only curled into a ball, enduring all the pains she received. Her body began to felt numb, a red liquid trailing down from her lips,her vision became blurry. She tried to hold herself from fainting on the spot, but her eyelid became heavier every kicks she received. The numerous laughs from her bully only reminded her of how pathetic she was. Can't do anything. 'What did Yuko saw in pitiful girl like me? '.

A hit sound perceived Haruna's ears. But strangely, the pains from the hit not landed on her body. A groans came, but not from her. It was from her bullies. From the blurry vision, she can saw a shadows of her bullies on the floor and also near the wall. They looked terrified of something. Infront her, there another shadow that back facing her.

   "I told you didn't I? To never went near Haruna ever again". 'That voice?!! Yuko! '.Haruna moves her body but gave up because it was only increasing the pain on her body.

   "I don't understand, why her? Why that woman? I am better than her, I am rich and obviously I am more prettier than the useless woman at your back!! ".

   "DO NOT CALL HER USELESS! In my eyes, she's the prettiest woman I've ever met, she more kinder and better than you. Money?Go to hell with that. The one you supposed to torture was me, because I was the one who rejected you.Not her, she got nothing to do with this. And to answer you, if you in love with someone, do you truly need a reason for it? ".

The girls went silence. Yuko kneeled down and picked up Haruna's body in a bridal style.


   "Shuush. It's okay. Everything alright now. Sleep tight".Before Yuko left the toilet, she gave glare towards the bullies. "This is my last warning, there will be no forgiveness for you all next time".


Thank you for the ones who have been reading my story. I really appreciate it. Hope you like it.

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SayaMilky, finally. :wub:

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Aish those bully, haruna more perfect than u that's why yuko chose her :bingo:

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