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Author Topic: Ghostdrive (Sakamichi/AKB48 - Multipairing) - Zone 1 (180523)  (Read 534 times)

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Warning: deaths (especially some members), excessive gore and violence, disturbing scenes; comedy and romance (what the? XD)

This fic is kinda similar and inspired from Devil May Cry Series in few ways, such as demon-slaying, ghost-fighting, etc., with a couple of horror and science-fiction.

So here it is. ENJOY READING~!



Prologue: The Transfer Student

Someone’s POV

13.772 billion years ago, everything started with a gigantic explosion. The explosion scattered all of its matter and energy, and the temperature before was so high, higher than the hottest recorded temperature that we observed today. 377,000 years after the Big Bang, free electrons combined to form neutral atoms; and once combined, the electrons quickly generate energy in the form of one or more photons as they transition to low energy state. The universe has become transparent to all electromagnetic radiations.

Around 150 million years to 1 billion years after the Big Bang, the universe was slowly illuminated by the formation of the stars, dwarf galaxies and quasars, which followed by large galaxy formation and superclusters. 13.51 billion years ago, our galaxy, the Milky Way, has formed. The formation of Solar System began 4.6 billion years ago, via the gravitational collapse of the molecular clouds, forming pre-solar nebula. With the accordance of Conservation of Angular Momentum, the nebula spun faster as it collapsed. Over about 100,000 years, the contracting nebula flattened into a spinning protoplanetary disc and formed a hot, dense protostar at the centre. The planets were also formed.

Earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago, starting from Hadean Eon, where the Earth is still hot from its birth. On Archean Eon, 4,000 million years ago, the first form of life, Prokaryote organisms, emerged at the very beginning of this eon. 2,500 million years ago, on Proterozoic Eon, the Eukaryotes, a more complex form of life, emerged including some forms of multicellular organisms. Finally, on Phanerozoic Eon, 541 million years ago, vertebrate organisms dominated the world followed by the appearance of all familiar forms of plants, animals and fungi. Modern animals – including humans – evolve at the most recent of this eon. And to the present period.


National Route 139, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; Monday, April 18, 2016, 7:45 am

Sitting comfortably on the right back seat of the bus, I’m currently reading an astronomical book, while listening to the playlist of my smartphone using my noise-cancelling headphones. As I’m done reading the whole book, I put it inside of my backpack. I looked from the window and saw the Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, behind those spring-bloomed trees. Then I switch my perceptive look to my uniform.

My uniform is composed of green tartan miniskirt, white blouse, red necktie and silver blazer with a school crest. The school crest is composed of green star with the overlapped letters ‘A’ and ‘H’. In my perspective, my entire school uniform represents dead forest covered by a gray fog. To make it worst, the school that I’m transferred is situated near to that forest. Cute, but creepy.

From the window, I saw some female students, with similar uniform from mine, are walking on the side road. It means that my destination is near. I stand from my seat to get my things from the luggage rack. What I get from the luggage rack is a 130 cm storage tube, the tool used to store fishing rods. After I removed my headphones and placed it on my neck, I heard the male voice coming from the bus speaker.

 “Now arriving: Aokigahara Girls’ High School (青木ヶ原女子高等学校, Aokigahara Joshikoto Gakkou)”

Exiting the provincial bus, I take out two luggage bags from the baggage hold. After saying thanks to the bus driver, the bus left the bus stop. I cracked the joints of my hand, which causing popping sounds, while looking at the slightly steep road leading to the school.

“Well then.” I smiled. I put my backpack on my back and pulled my luggage bag as I ascended to the road.


Gate Entrance, Aokigahara Girls’ High School, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 8:20 am

I finally saw an opened school gate. Luckily, I’ve managed to get here early in my first day of school. As I reached on the school gate, I saw a girl skating at the high speed. She’s wearing the similar uniform as mine, only difference is she’s wearing black-and-red hoodie jacket over her uniform and a headphones slung on her neck. Right before she collide me, she performed aerial twist in the air, passing above me. After her left feet touched the ground, she kicked the surface for aerial cartwheel. Later, she stood in two feet for a complete stop.

“Using two aerials to reduce the momentum from her skating. What a genius girl.” I applauded.

“More likely, recklessness. She always do that right before the bell rings.” I looked at the source of the voice and saw three girls approaching to me. When I saw a red armband, it means one thing.

“Student Council.” I whispered.

“Hi, you must be the transfer student that our principal mentioned. I’m Sakurai Reika, 2nd year student and Student Council President.” The girl in center said.

“I’m Wakatsuki Yumi, 2nd year student and Student Council Vice-president.” The girl on the right side said.

“I’m Hoshino Minami, 1st year student and Student Council Secretary.” The girl on the left side looked at me with cutesy smile. Yup, she’s cute.

“Sumimasen! Did I scare you?” The skater girl approached me.

“Oi! Kizaki Yuria! Did I told you to stop overspeeding? You’ve scaring our students here!” Wakatsuki-senpai scolded her.

“Your club president will scold you later.” Hoshino-san smirked.

“I thought I’m late. Sorry. Hahahaha.” The girl named Kizaki Yuria scratched her nape.

‘Kizaki-san, be careful. You’ve been permitted to use roller skates as a way of travel. Next time, wake up early and lessen your gaming session at night. Do you understand?” Sakurai-senpai said.

“Hai~.” Kizaki-san said nonchalantly.

“I’m Kizaki Yuria, 1st year student. You’re in class 1-B right?” I nodded.

“Then we will be classmates along with Hoshino-chan.” Kizaki-san and Hoshino-san performed high five. Kizaki-san felt a vibration in her blazers. She picked it revealing her smartphone. Once she read the mail, Kizaki-san looked to the part of the school with glaring eyes.

“Urusai na, Shiraishi-senpai.” Kizaki-san replied the mail then she sticking her tongue out. She looked at her watch and gasped.

“Oh shit, it’s already time. See you later~!” Kizaki-san run off to the school.

“We will carry your luggage to your designated room in Aokigahara Girls’ Dormitory. Hoshino-chan, please take our transferee student to your class.” Sakurai-senpai and Wakatsuki-senpai took my luggage bags. I also give the very long storage tube to Wakatsuki-senpai. Wakatsuki-senpai looked me with curious look while she’s holding a 130 cm storage tube that looks like a drafting tube. Nevertheless, she slung it on her back while bringing my luggage bag.

“Well then, shall we?” Hoshino-san said as she guided me to my respective classroom.


Class 1-B Room, Aokigahara Girls’ High School, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 8:35 am

“Wait here.” Hoshino-san instructed me as she enter to the classroom. Then she talked to the teacher inside the classrom. After several minutes, the homeroom teacher went out to the classroom to meet me.

“Hi, I’m Fukagawa Mai and I will be your homeroom teacher in class 1-B.” I bowed to Fukagawa-sensei in 45 degrees.

“Come inside and introduce yourself to your new classmates.” Fukagawa opened the door as she went back inside. I followed her suite and stood in front of the class. The class is still noisy despite of my presence as a new student. On the right back of the classroom near the window, I saw Kizaki-san waving at me. Hoshino-san went to her seat, which is in the right front of the classroom, near the teacher’s desk.

“Children, please quiet!” Fukagawa-sensei slapped her hand on the teacher’s desk. Right before she slapped the desk, I instantly used my headphone to cover my ears, and then I saw Kizaki-san do the same. As soon as our homeroom teacher’s palm swiftly contacted the desk’s surface, all of the students covered their ears using their hand. I saw the table slightly vibrating. Just how powerful her slap that makes the entire class and me cover our ears. As both Kizaki-san and I removed our headphones, the slapping sound was gone and the classroom is now in pure silence, although the vibration on the teacher’s table dissipates slower than the sound in the air.

“Everyone, this transferee will be your new classmate. Well, will you please introduce yourself to your classmates.” I looked at my classmates with slight nervous. Fukagawa-sensei write my name vertically on the blackboard.

“I’m from Osaka Prefecture, Nishino Nanase desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.”

This is the story of a team, disguising as a high school club, which deals and investigates paranormal, supernatural and preternatural incidents and events that creates havoc in society; and fighting the forces, such as ghosts, demons, vampires etc., that cause the events, using their abilities, unique powers and various state-of-the-art technologies.


To Be Continued
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Re: Ghostdrive (Sakamichi/AKB48 - Multipairing) - Prologue (180510)
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DUDE you're back!! (Pls tell me there is gonna be YuukaNen in here loools)

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Re: Ghostdrive (Sakamichi/AKB48 - Multipairing) - Prologue (180510)
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Please let it be maiyan x nanase couple :kneelbow:

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Re: Ghostdrive (Sakamichi/AKB48 - Multipairing) - Zone 1 (180523)
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Hello, everyone. Here's the second update.

For replies:

MayukiIsLife: Yup, I'm back (lol). I don't know if there is. haha
maharani niken: Thanks for reading. Stay tune for it.



Zone 1: Sea of Trees

Class 2-B Room, Aokigahara Girls’ High School, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 8:00 am

Two girls were sitting on the windowsill, looking at the students entering the school gate. Another one was leaning on it while looking at her iPhone. It looks like they were the only ones inside the classroom.

“Here comes the president. Trying to be cool as always.” Shiraishi Mai said.

“Well, we don’t blame it. It’s her responsibility as a model for the student body.” Matsui Rena reasoned out while eating her melonpan.

“I saw Sugai Yuuka and her own Porsche 911 GT2 RS, 20 meters away.” Akimoto Manatsu said while looking at Instagram. Just she mentioned the name; a black Porsche car appeared in front of the entrance.

“As expected from our Club Secretary, your eyes are look like eagle eventhough you’re still wearing eyeglasses.” Mai said.

“Here comes the school director’s rich daughter.” Rena finished one bread and took out another one from her blazer’s pocket.

“Well, as far as I concern, we have also rich kid here, parring Yuuka-chan.” Mai looked at her right ride.

“Why are you looking at me? And is it not me the only rich kid here?” Manatsu sensed the gaze coming from her friends and look at the two.

“Me? I’m just one of the owners of our bakery. Except that I provided those astronomical equipment.” Rena said.

“Oh no, our family is famous but not rich. Unlike you, your family owning group of companies. And their daughter, who has a collection of firearms, ranging from small grenades to high-rate machine gun.” Mai smirked.

“Don’t start with me, Maiyan. I’m busy here.” Manatsu went back to her smartphone.

“Here comes the three rich kids blabbering their own wealth.” Miyazaki Miho appeared behind Manatsu and hugged her.

“Myao-chan, how long did you got here?” Mai asked.

“15 minutes ago, I was ordered by Takayanagi-sensei to feed the birds at Aviary.”

“Is that?” Rena raised her arm horizontally that makes her friends looked on the direction she point.

“Two luggage bags, one backpack, and one 130 cm storage tube. Looks like she’s a transfer student.” Manatsu said. Then they saw their friend performed aerial flip above the transfer student and one aerial cartwheel upon reaching the ground.

“Really, Yuria? You should lessen staying up at midnight.” Miho facepalmed. Mai pulled out her smartphone in her pocket and typed a mail.

“Showoff.” She looked at the commotion on the school gate entrance. As her smartphone vibrated and read the mail, she saw Yuria sticking her tongue out.

Urusai na, Shiraishi-senpai.

“That face, I’ve seen her somewhere.” Rena tapping her head.

“Ah! I know her. She’s Nishino Nanase, the sole survivor of Nishino Clan.” Rena said.

“Nishino Clan? You mean, that Nishino Clan!?” Mai softly shouted.

“Nishino Clan, one the most notorious underground syndicate in the country.” Manatsu said.

“How did you know about her?” Miho asked.

“Well, bakery~.” Rena winked.

“Ohhhhhh…” Miho said.

“Why sole survivor?” Manatsu asked.

“I don’t know the whole story, only know some. But long story short, vendetta.” All of the girls who listened Rena’s explanation are nodding.

“Good morning, everyone!” The four girls saw their friend placing the bag to her seat.

“Morning, Milky!” Miho greeted back.

“So all of you are looking at the transferee, eh.” Watanabe Miyuki said as she approached them. Rena saw something on Miyuki’s hair.

“Wearing that hairband here?”

“Just in case.” Miyuki tapped her hairband.

“I wonder why she has a fingerless glove worn on her left hand.” Manatsu said.
“Due to her history, maybe she’s a great fighter. I want to spar her even for once. By the way, how’s Ikumin and Nanami-chan?” Mai asked to Miyuki.

“They are already in their classroom. Speaking of them, it looks like the transferee is in their section.” Miyuki pulled out the laptop from her bag and placed it on her table. Ten minutes later, the school bell’s ring echoed throughout the entire school.

“Looks like the homeroom will start. Let’s go to our respective seats.” Mai said.


Class 1-B Room, Aokigahara Girls’ High School, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 8:40 am

“I’m from Osaka Prefecture, Nishino Nanase desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” Nanase bowed.

“She’s from Kansai, Nanami-chan.” Nakano Ikumi whispered to her seatmate.

“Finally, a fellow Kansaijin.” Yamada Nanami raised both of her hands.

“Well then, Nishino-san. You may sit next to Kizaki-san.” Fukagawa-sensei said. Nanase sit on the left corner of the classroom, which is beside the window.

“Nishino-san, we’ve meet again.” Yuria said.

“You can call me Nanase. Nice to meet you again, Kizaki-san.” Nanase bashfully smiled at her.

“Then you will call me Yuria.” Yuria smiled back. In front of Yuria’s seat, Nanami turned around and smiled at Nanase.

“Hi, fellow Kansaijin. I’m Yamada Nanami from Hyogo Prefecture. You can call me either Nanami-chan or Yamada. Nice to meet you.” Nanami offered a handshake.

“Then Nanami-chan is. Nice to meet you.” Nanase replied Nanami’s handshake.

“Name’s Nakano Ikumi. My friends call me Ikumin. So if you want, you can call me that nickname.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ikumin.”

“I forgot to ask this. Nishino-san, why are you wearing a fingerless glove?” All of the girls inside the class turned around and looked at Nanase, who’s standing on her seat upon being called.

“Uhm. It’s because I have a nasty scar on my dorsal hand for two reasons. The first one is accidentally cut on a sparring match from my former school. The second reason is my hand got caught on fire.” Nanase explained.

“Accidentally cut from a sparring match? You used actual swords in kendo club from your former school?” Fukagawa-sensei asked.

“It’s more likely having a mock match in kenjutsu club. Our school is one of the few schools that has martial arts club with actual blades.”

Technically, kenjutsu club really do exist in my school.’ Nanase thought.

“May I ask? What is your rank in Kenjutsu Club from your former school?” Takayama Kazumi asked.

“My rank? I’ve been skipping ranks twice, so as of now, 6th dan.” This cause all the students in class 1-B to gasped.

Then she’s skillful as Shiraishi-senpai.’ Nanami thought.

“Amazing. She’s one rank higher than me.” Kazumi said it in English.

“Will you please join to our Kendo Club? Please?” Kazumi clasped her hands.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I changed my interest to drawing. Thanks for the offer.” Nanase smiled at Kazumi.

“Aw, that’s unfortunate.” Kazumi said.

“Now, now. Do the advertising your club after this homeroom.” Fukagawa-sensei said.

“Next month, we have a midterm exam to take, so all of you must prepare and study seriously.” All of the class groaned.

“Especially you, Nishino-san. Although your scores and grades in academics are average, you should put more efforts. Is that clear?”

“Wakarimashita, sensei.” Nanase replied.

“Okay, the homeroom session ends here. Your biology teacher, Takayanagi-sensei will enter later on.” Fukagawa-sensei left the classroom. As soon as their homeroom teacher left, some students went to Nanase’s seat.

“Nishino-san, how about having a sparring match in our club? We just want to encourage some of our clubmates.” Kazumi said.

“It’s fine by me. But I will not join to your club, is that clear?” Nanase asked.

“I know, I know. I just want to see myself how skillful you are. By the way, I’m Takayama Kazumi, Kendo 5th dan and vice-president of Kendo Club.” Kazumi offered a handshake, which Nanase replied.

“I’m Ozono Momoko, Kendo 5th dan and deputy secretary general of Kendo Club. Aside of Kenjutsu, do you have other style used?”

“I mainly use Iaijutsu but I’m more like freestyle fighter.” Nanase answered. As more people continued ask her, Hoshino Minami, their class president barged between Nanase and the rest.

“Alright, girls. Enough for questioning. About 3 seconds, Takayanagi-sensei will enter this room.” Just as Minami said those words, their biology teacher, Takayanagi Akane, opened the door and approached to the table. All the students went back to their seats.

Hoshino-san knew Takayanagi-sensei’s approach to this room?’ Nanase saw Minami went back to her seat elegantly.

“Ok, students. Putting birds aside, let’s discuss about taxonomy.”


Greenhouse Cafeteria, Aokigahara Girls’ High School, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 12:50 pm

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Located at the rooftop of the second building of Aokigahara Girls’ High School, this large greenhouse, surrounded with several cottages and patio tables, serves as the main canteen in this school. You can eat your lunch while watching the beauty of the plants. Just outside of the greenhouse, I occupied a large square table with a cottage roof shielding me from the gazing sunlight. As I eat my lunch, consist of tuna sandwich and a can of coke, someone called me.

“Yuria-chan!” My face goes from excitement to boredom in split seconds upon looking at the owner of the voice.

“Oh, it’s you, Shiraishi-senpai. What a way of destroying my appetite.” I continued to eat my sandwich while having a deadpan expression.

“Don’t say that, we’re here to encourage you more to eat. Hai.” Shiraishi-senpai gave me another sandwich, similar to what I’ve eaten.

“Thanks for reserving our seats.” Watanabe-senpai said and sat beside Shiraishi-senpai. I saw Matsui-senpai took out her Nintendo 3DS while placing melonpan on the table. Akimoto-senpai still reviewing Differential Equation while Miyazaki-senpai watched her carefully. Ikumin and
Nanami-chan are the last ones who came, bringing their favorite food. While we enjoy our lunchtime, Shiraishi-senpai raised her voice, allowing us to focus our attention to her.

“One of our satellite trackers in our clubroom detects an anomaly somewhere in Shoji Village. What I’ve seen from the screen vague me.” Shiraishi-senpai said while she looked at the laptop screen. I peeked at the screen out of curiosity.

“Well, it looks like we don’t need to be all-nighters from this, right?” I asked.

“Depends on how we can assess this anomaly and how worse it is.” Ikumi-chan said while sipping her orange juice. “Umai ne.” She cutely said.

“How’s the transferee?” Miyazaki-senpai asked us.

“Nishino Nanase. Age, 16 years old. Birthplace, Osaka Prefecture. She received 6th dan from Kenjutsu. Her talent is drawing.” Nanami-chan explained while typing Nanase-chan’s biography in her laptop.

“Wow, sixth dan. She has something eh.” Matsui-senpai smiled.

“Speaking of Nishino-san. Where is she?” Akimoto-senpai asked and looked around.

“I have a feeling that she went there.” Shiraishi-senpai said.

“Eh? She went there! Out of all places?” Miyazaki-senpai reacted.

“As far as I remember from my childhood memories, Nanase-chan is more like a silent, shy person. If she wants to have a quiet place, then the place she would choose is that.” Matsui-senpai explained.

“I think we should find her. That area is contaminated by ‘them’.” Ikumin-chan said.

"Watanabe-senpai, want to join us in search operation?” I asked while smirking at her.

“Oh, are you challenging me?” Watanabe-senpai smirked back at me.

“Just asking. Let’s go?” I picked my phone that was sitting on the table as I went to the place where there’s possibility that Nanase-chan went.


Aokigahara Jukai, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 12:50 pm

Nishino Nanase’s POV

Technically, resting in this place is perfectly bad idea. Not only the soil itself is volcanically made, but also the stenches of either rotten potato or egg are scattered across the forest. After all, Aokigahara is reputably known as the ‘Suicide Forest’. It will be surprising if there’s no any decaying body around here.

Despite of all of that, the natural serene of the forest coupled with few bird chirps and chirping insects gives me a peace of mind. Watching the sky while sitting on the tree branch 10 feet from the ground of Mongolian oak and lastly, listening to my smartphone’s playlist.

Before I fully submerge myself into my own world, my extrasensory perception suddenly feel something. As I look everywhere, I noticed white small mists appearing from all directions. I hung my headphones on my nape.

I would be surprise if this place is totally devoid of anything. They’re many.’ I stroked my gloved left hand while looking at them.

Doushiyou? My things are currently in the girls’ dormitory. Should I do it?’ Before I try to do something.

“Nanase-chan!” I just heard recognizable girl’s voice. I saw Yuria-chan and Ikumin along with other student from below.

“Is that Nishino-chan?” The other student pointed upward, directly at me.

“Nanase-chan?! Why are you there?!” Yuria-chan said with high-volume voice.

“Nothing!” I let myself fall 10 feet above the ground then perfectly land on the uneven volcanic-soiled ground without any pain.

“So, why are you looking at me?” I asked to them.

“Well, Shiraishi-senpai have a feeling that you’re going to Aokigahara forest on your own. We’ve thought you will do something horrible.” Yuria-chan said.

“If you thought of me going to suicide. As much as I want to, there’s no reason why I should do that.” I fixed my uniform.

“By the way, this is Watanabe Miyuki-senpai. She’s 2nd year student of Class 2-B.” Yuria-chan said.

“Watanabe Miyuki desu, from Nara Prefecture. It’s nice to meet you, Nishino Nanase.” Watanabe-senpai cheerfully said.


Aokigahara Jukai, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 1:20 pm

Third-person POV

“I think we should head back now, the sky is dark and there’s a high possibility of raining.” Ikumi said.

“As far as I know, you have a sparring match with Kazumin. I think you should prepare for your fight.” Yuria said.

“You’re right, let’s go.” Just as Nanase and the rest will going back, she saw Miyuki staring around.

“Watanabe-senpai?” Nanase called to her.

“Just go ahead, I’ll follow later.” Miyuki replied. Nanase tilted her head in confusion while looking at her. Then she shrugged for a while and followed her two classmates. Just as her three juniors are far from Miyuki’s perception, her expression changed from gleeful to serious.

“To think 500 wandering ghosts would appeared at the same time in the same area eh. What are you all trying to do?” From her vision, Miyuki saw numerous corporeal spirits floating everywhere.

“Nevermind, they’re harmless despite causing disturbance to any person they’ve encounter. Well then, iku ka.” While walking away, Miyuki showed her knife from her right hand. Then it floated on her palm and by twitching her index finger, the knife started to rotate itself.


To Be Continued
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Re: Ghostdrive (Sakamichi/AKB48 - Multipairing) - Zone 1 (180523)
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Oh God... Oh God... Oh God :dizzy:
Nanase v.s. kazumin in a sparring match :mon spit:
I’ll be cheering for nanase :mon yeah: :mon beam:
Please let it be nanamai(nanase x maiyan) :mon lovelaff: :kneelbow:
Thanks for the sakamichi akb fanfic :wriggly:
I’m looking forward to the next chapters :on GJ:
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