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Author Topic: 黒い羊(Kuroi Hitsuji) - Black Sheep  (Read 630 times)

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黒い羊(Kuroi Hitsuji) - Black Sheep
« on: March 03, 2019, 09:54:50 PM »
This is just something I wrote a when the 8th single of Keyakizaka46 was released uwu
Its also my first time posting anything here so please bear with me~ anyways, douzo!


Sirens were wailing loudly as a large crowd surrounds an area covered in spider lilies. Reporters were racing to the scene first to get a good view of what has happened and Police are trying their best to control the crowd from getting too close to the crime scene.

"What happened?" "Who died?" "Apparently, someone commited suicide by jumping from the roof." Whispers and questions from inside the crowd were travelling around the air while the police were busy quarantining the scene and setting up yellow tape around. The commotion from downstairs woke the tenants who live there and asked what happened.

As the police question if they know the victim's identity, a girl who was holding a bouquet of spider lilies was leaning against the entrance wall. Nobody seemed to notice her presence as they all continue to pass by her while they walk out the building. She stares out in the crowd and starts walking into the building.

Different scenarios played out as she walks deeper into the building. "Ozeki..." she whispered as she watches a scene of a girl throwing books off her desk and walk away while her mother and father scold her and pick it up.

She walked farther in and heard a loud bang, "Fuu-chan.." She whispered again as she witnesses a 1-on-1 fight between her and a man in a suit while another pair, both men, were struggling to pin the other down.

"I didn't steal it! Those old hags are lying. I didn't take anything from that store, you gotta believe me!" A delinquent was trying to break free from the officer as she shouts her protests "Shii-chan? What happened to you..." She asked to no one as she walks by the scene.

Hirate passed by a few more, each one a different person, each one a different scenario until she walked up to one scenario where a woman was crying beside her father that was just declared dead. "Sugai-sama..." She said when she got close enough, expecting to not be noticed but to her suprise the woman suddenly stood up and looked at her, eyes filled with sadness and anger. She roughly pushed her away "Why?!" she exclaimed "You told me you understood why I couldn't talk to you these past few days. Why did you still do it!? I could've helped you!" She pushed her harder this time and started crying into her hands. She staggers backwards and bumped into someone from behind. "Hirate... You left me when I was finally ready to change" Shii-chan choked out, trying hard not to cry. Hirate attempted to hug her and apologize but she was pushed away again "I'll never forgive you." Shii-chan coldly declared. Hirate looked frightened and ran away from her.

"Do our homework for us if you don't want to get beaten up again!" One of the bullies said to a girl, crying and covering her ears "Hey! Get away from her. Bother someone else!" She went in front of both of them and pushed them away. She turned back to the girl "Yui..." she held on both her shoulders "Are you oka-" she got cut of when Yui shoved her "I don't need you to save me..." she said, tears in her eyes threatening to fall. Hirate looked into her eyes "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for leaving you, Pon... Please... Forgive me.." Hirate hugged her tight while crying. Tears fell from Yui's eyes as she slowly returned the hug "I'm sorry, too" she whispered as she hugged Hirate tighter.

Hirate let go and ran. "Hey, pretty lady don't you want to hang out with us for a bit? We'll show you a good time." A drunkard old man said while pulling a woman's arm towards him "No! Let go." She tried to break free from the two men "Get away from her!" Hirate pushed both of them away. The two men were angered but when they saw her face, eyes glaring at them with such malice, they stood up and scrambled away from them.
"You told me you stopped doing this kind of job, Risa!" She stepped closer to Risa but she got shoved away again "I don't need to listen to you, Hirate! Not anymore...after what you did..." she took off before Hirate could say anything else. "Tired...I'm so tired.." Hirate turned around to see a woman dressed formally, mumbling complaints. She walked closer to her "Nijika..." her eyes began to water again as their eyes met "Techi..." Nijika choked out and tightly hugged her, desparate to savor her warmth once again. "Techi...I miss you...Please, come back..." she sobbed but decided to let her go "I will, Niji.. I'll come back... I promise.." She walked away again.

She heard sobs and wailing coming from beside her. "It's my fault...It's all my fault...I'm sorry, Techi.. I dragged you into my mess.. I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry..." a girl said while sitting in a bathtub "No, no, no, Koike! It's not your fault." Koike looked her in the eye "It's all my fault..." She looked down at her wrists. Hirate didn't know what else to say, so she hugged and held onto Koike for awhile longer.

Footsteps passed by Hirate and she looked up. A group of people were walking in a group while the tall girl in front was silently comforting another girl beside her. Hirate stood up and followed them to wherever they were going.


She heard coming from her right. Startled, she looked towards the sound and saw a man rolling down a flight of stairs while a line of adults ignore his groans of pain. A woman in a formal attire was walking down the stairs, looking depressed. Hirate went up the stairs and passed by her, she glanced at the papers on her hand. It was a letter, 'Notice of Termination' in bold text was written at the very top of the letter. She continued to walk up the stairs until she passed by 2 girls that looked lost in thought, they didn't say anything and just looked dazed. Hirate walked up the next flight of stairs with adults looking down upon her as she continues. When she reached the top of the stairs, Rika, who was holding a bird in her hands mumbled softly about setting the bird free. She turned the corner and saw another scene, adults pointing and shouting at each other while their children were beside them, eyes empty and the youngest hiding in a corner while holding her stuffed rabbit.

As she passed through the last scene, she was greeted with her own memories. Hirate smiled when she saw it was a memory of one of her birthdays. Younger Hirate excitrdly blew the candles out and her mother and father watched and wished her a Happy Birthday. As she passed through the happy memory, she saw a table and on top of the table, some of her pictures when she was still a child. Young Hirate in the pictures looked happy and energetic, she remembers all the times her family and her would go out. She noticed something else besides the pictures; the 2 teenagers behind them. They don't look familiar to her but before she can wonde on who those two were, she was suddenly surrounded by adults, all lashing out on her with hurtful words "I told them to get rid of you!" "They had such bright futures ahead of them, if it weren't for you!" "They were only teenagers, blinded by what the thought was love and now you're here in this world..." "They don't know anything about parenting and yet they decided to keep you!" Hirate covered her ears, attempting to drown all the shouts and accusations thrown at her.

"It's all on you!"

"If it weren't for you, none of this would have happened!"

"It you weren't here, we would still be happy!"

"It's all your fault!"

"Your fault!"

"Everything is your fault!"


" all my fault."

And she ran. Hirate ran into everyone she knew in another part of the building. She ran up to each of them, desparately trying to explain herself but each one of them pushed her away. She screamed, frustrated until she bumped into Yui "Yui!" Pon looked at Hirate and held out her hand. Hirate took in and enveloped Yui into a hug

"It's because of you that I was bullied"

Hirate didn't have any time to react as Yui pushed her away. Koike caught her and also said similar words

"I wouldn't have been depressed, if you had helped me."

Koike pushed her again and bumbed into Nijika "Niji!" Hirate exclaimed but Niji looked at her with tired eyes "I'm tired..." she complained again "I'm so tired of listening to all your problems, Hirate. It's so troublesome." She pushed Hirate hard enough for her to fall on the ground and walked away. "Nijika-" Hirate tried to run after her but was once again pushed down. One by one, all of her loved ones ran away from her leaving her all alone. Shakily, she stood up amd watched as they all went into a bright light in front of them. She couldn't stop them. She won't. "Ah!" while running towards the light, Yui tripped and fell onto the floor. Hirate saw this and quickly tried to make her stand again "Come on!" she said while helping her up. Yui didn't look back and just continued to run.

After that, Hirate was all alone. She tried her best not to cry and ran towards the staircase, she climbed up and knelt down at the very top. She didn't know what to do, she was on the verge of tears. She looked up and saw a bouquet of spider lilies again. It was her younger self that was giving her the lilies. She took them from her hands and held it close to her. She looked up once again to thank the young girl and stood up. She slowly walked up the last flight of stairs and at the top shouted.

She ran out to the rooftop to see all her loved ones waiting for her. She walked up to Yui and made eye contact "I'm..." before Hirate could say anything, Yui enveloped her into a hug. Hirate hugged her back, tighly and quickly let go. Yui gently pushed her back just to be hugged by Risa this time. She gently let her go and faced Nijika, who had tears in her eyes. They quickly gave each other a tight hug and Hirate moved to the next. Shiichan was glad to finally hug Hirate properly and had a sad smile on her face as she hugged Hirate. Hirate was then spun around by Koike, who also had a smile on her face. She let Hirate go and was now face to face with some people that she didn't want to forgive. Hirate rejected at first but not long after she was also hugging them back.

She couldn't avoid that there are still some people that hate her but she accepted them as well, even through the pain she went through because of them. Suddenly, everyone was running away from Hirate again but this time, they stopped and looked at her. Hirate didn't understand why this was happening again, she looked back at them and got close. "I'm a black sheep." she said in front of them. She realized that there was a line separating her from being with them. Although that frustrates her, she looked at each one of them. She doesn't hate them for turning their backs on her, in fact, she was glad. Glad that she finally accepted the fact that she was different from them. Glad that she has told all of them that she is different. With such a weight off her shoulder, she turned around, her face expressing so many feelings all at once, happiness, sadness, regret and the most evident one, relief.

She crouched down and looked out towards the view, tears finally falling down her face. Even though she was gone, she was glad to have finally accepted herself before she had truly faded away.

Hope you all liked it!

This was my own enterpretation of the MV, some ideas taken from theories. The ending got is pretty messy but if you watch the MV, you might get it

Dedicated to the 8th single of Keyakizaka46 「黒い羊」
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