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Author Topic: Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)  (Read 2689 times)

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« on: July 08, 2006, 02:34:54 PM »
This is my second fanfic (The first was a Starwars fanfic!) and is a spoof of the Russian movie "Night Watch" based around the fans of Hello!Project. Please don't hesitate to post with your thoughts and I'll be posting short chapters along with side material on a regular basis.

For as long as Hello! Project has existed, there have been H!P fans among us; Collectors, Cosplayers, fanboys and fangirls who are soldiers in the eternal contest between fans to prove their loyalty. The members of Hello! Project treated their fans with respect for their devotion was vital to their careers. The members showered their fans with merchandise and collectables, staged concerts and handshake events to preserve their loyalty and to gain even more fans.

Legend tells of one day, two groups of fans known as the Green Aspara and Red Tomato, that  met at the plaza of a concert hall. There was only enough space for one group and neither side was willing to give way. With emotions flaring, a battle of futsal took place.The battle lasted for days and then weeks. When someone was too exhausted to keep playing, another fan would replace them. Those who did not play slowly lost interest and renounced their support for H!P.

As the battle raged on, the members of H!P Realised that both sides were evenly matched and a complete loss of fanbase was the only outcome. To prevent this, a treaty was struck between Inaba Atusko, Countess of Aspara, and Nakazawa Yuko, Queen of Tomato. They agreed that no one could be forced to support one single artist, the fans must choose freely for themselves. To uphold this agreement, each side established underground forces; the fans supporting Green Aspara would be called Sakura Watch, making sure that Red Tomato obeyed the treaty. And the fans of Red Tomato would be called Otome Watch, to do the same.

A third force, Gatas Brilliantes, was formed by fans of both Green Aspara and Red Tomato to enforce the treaty and mediate any disputes. As an added incentive, H!P staged a sports festival every year to reward the fans who respected the treaty. The members of H!P secretly knew this was the only legal way to persuade new fans to join them or to convert current fans to their side.

However, Ancient prophecy foretells the coming of the Great Otaku and their decision will decide the destiny to Hello! Project. That day has come, and the Great Otaku, once he or she is identified, must choose which side to pledge their allegiance to.

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2006, 03:54:56 PM »
The following is a list of fan classes that are common to both Sakura and Otome watch and are unisex with the exception of cosplayers.

Cosplayers (Female only)
Cosplayers use H!P costumes to enhance natural abilities or gain special skills. While a cosplayer is generally free to wear any cosplay they wish, there are certain restrictions based on the cosplayers allegiance (For example, a cosplayer with Sakura watch can use Matsuura Aya cosplay from but not Goto Maki)
HOwever, there are certain cosplay that are are specifically restricted to one side. An example of this is the Gatas Brilliantes uniform.

A collector is a fan who uses H!P merchandise combined with magic for various effects. Like cosplayers, collectors will have merchandise specific to their allegiance. For many fans, magic is a secondary gift ( A common trick is using bromides and music to create a 3-D illusion of a H!P artist). As a general trait, all H!P fans are collectors to some degree but it's the fan who can obtain rare merchandise that earn the title.

It used to be the term Fanboy/girl was granted with age and experience, though now it is equated with a high level of knowledge. Fanboys/girls are employed by the Watches as teachers and team leaders, as their authority is necessary to policing their watches without intervention from Gatas Brilliantes.

DJ mixers
In current usage it has come to describe H!P fans who remix music to imbue certain effects on a listener. Due to the potentially dangerous nature of remixing, effects such as mind control are banned. Of all the fan classes, DJ mixers are rare due to the constant harrassment they face from Gatas Brilliantes.

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Chapter 1: An unlikely candidate
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2006, 04:48:46 AM »
Ryan never truly appreciated the concept of “Standing out” until he flew to Japan on a holiday. Standing at the entrance of Harajuku station he felt overwhelmed by the masses of Japanese people swarming around him busy with their own lives and affairs. Ryan looked at the map with the details of a Hello! Project store he found by chance. Making his way through the crowd, Ryan found himself in front of the store. The store had an almost hypnotic red glow in the Summer light. Standing nearby were three Japanese youths wearing various pieces of green-and-red clothing as if they were waiting for a football game to start. One had a headband, another wore the colors as a jacket and the last one, a young woman wore a green t-shirt and a red skirt.
“Must be a new fad” Ryan thought as he entered the store.
Stepping inside, Ryan felt like he was in an Aladdin’s cave of Hello! Project merchandise. It almost felt surreal to Ryan looking at and touching the things he had only ever seen on the internet. After much thought Ryan picked out a few packets of Bromides, a keychain and a photobook of Matsuura Aya and made his way to the counter. The clerk looked at him with a mixture of bewilderment and surprise “A gaijin that likes Ayaya? How strange” He thought as Ryan put his purchases on the counter and pulled out money to pay. Pointing to the photobook, the clerk asked “You like her?”
“She’s cool” Ryan replied, placing his payment on the counter. Ryan couldn’t help but notice the blue-and-red uniform the clerk was wearing, wondering if he’d accidentally stepped into gang territory.
The clerk glanced at the money and looked up at Ryan quizzically “You know, Matsuura Aya’s not really that popular right now. You like her?” pointing to a poster of Goto Maki
“She’s not bad” Ryan replied.
“Gocchin keeps releasing better songs and photos. Many people like her” The clerk excitedly said. “Are you in a rush? Why don’t you listen to one of her songs?”
“I’m in a rush, mate…” Ryan impatiently said as he went to pick up his purchases.
The clerk stopped him in a polite manner. “How about one song? If you like the song after hearing it you can take your purchase for free?”
Ryan looked at the clerk suspiciously as he went to the CD player and started playing a song. It was “Uwasa no sexy guy” Ryan didn’t think much of Gocchin but instead feeling annoyed, he felt relaxed. As the song was playing the clerk placed 3 bromides on the counter. As if  by magic, the bromides transformed into minature Gocchins dancing and singing to the music. The “bromides” were like the ancient sirens, serenading Ryan and teasing him with their movements. Ryan went from feeling relaxed to euphoric as the music took hold as it hypnotised Ryan under its spell. For Ryan, time felt like it was slowing down, coming to a standstill.
Suddenly, Ryan felt a sharp blow to the side and he was nearly pushed over. Normally, a push would last a split second but for Ryan it felt like eternity. Composing himself, Ryan saw the 2 of the youths standing outside run past him and the third youth, the young woman, holding him up. The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a pack of trading cards, throwing them like shuriken. The trading cards were raining around the youths and Ryan like gunfire. The youth wearing the headband made a run for the CD player but was pinned down by the trading card attack. The jacket wearing youth pulled out a CD single, waving it in a circular motion to create a shield and went to protect his friend.
The clerk was fighting off the pair, protecting the CD. Ryan collapsed on the ground, exhausted. The young woman started frisking him but Ryan was too weak to resist. “I’m being robbed!” Ryan panicked, trying to defend himself. The young woman found his ipod and turned it on to “Love Namidairo” thrusting the headphones into his ears. Ryan went from feeling exhausted to nauseous almost immediately.
“It’s not working!” the young woman yelled.
In a combined attack, The youth wearing the headband leapt for the CD player plug while the jacket wearing youth charged the clerk, blocking the cards being thrown and pulled the clerk over the counter and threw him to the ground. The plug was pulled and the song abruptly stopped with the “Bromides” disappearing into thin air.
At that moment, Ryan felt instantly recovered, and rather angry. Ryan got up and walked towards the clerk. To everyone’s shock Ryan pushed the youth holding him aside which made him literally fly into a wall and picked the clerk up, lifting him off the ground. Even Ryan was bewildered at his newfound strength.
“Please put him down” the young woman asked “We’ll handle him”
Ryan looked blankly for a moment, and put the clerk down. The young woman addressed her friends “Taka, Kyosuke start filing a report”
“Yes Yuki” Taka, the headband wearing youth replied.
Ryan sat down on a chair, contemplating the events that unfolded. Meanwhile, Taka and Kyosuke were pulling out papers and filling them in.
“Name?” Taka asked the clerk
“Kawamoto Yoshi” he replied
“Under section 21 and 26 of the treaty, you have been found in possession of an illegal remix and use of an illegal remix for subversion.” Kyosuke advised, rubbing his back. Ryan felt guilty at hurting him, even if it was by accident.
“I was only doing my job. Is it a crime to encourage sales?” Yoshi sarcastically asked.
“I wonder if Gatas Brilliantes would support that view?” Taka asked, which made Yoshi quickly shut up.
While this was happening Yuki made a call on her cellphone, looking at Ryan with a mix of concern and wonder.
“Hello” a voice replied
“We’ve found an illegal remix and have apprehended the suspect for questioning by Gatas Brilliantes” Yuki advised.
“Download the remix before Gatas arrives” the voice ordered
“Yes. Before you go, we’ve just identified a gaijin H!P fan. What shall we do?” Yuki asked
"What artist did he choose?" The voice asked
"Mastuura Aya" answered Yuki
“Bring him in” The voiced ordered before ending the conversation. Yuki looked at Ryan as she approached him and pulled out a bottle of energy drink.“This is to regain your strength”. Yuki offered.
“As if I needed it” Ryan joked, gulping it down “I want to apologise for hurting your friend. I didn’t mean to it’s just that….”
Ryan never finished the sentence and passed out quickly.
As Taka and Kyosuke were completing the last form, Yuki made another call.
“It’s Yuki. We need a pickup. We’ve found a newbie”

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2006, 02:17:25 AM »
The following are the final 3 fan classes that are common to both Sakura and Otome Watch. A H!P fan must reach the pinnacle of their chosen class in order to progress to a Lvl.2 fan class.

Like collectors, Traders specialize on the acquisition of H!P merchandise both common and rare. The difference is that traders are motivated by money! Traders are well known for their ability to obtain rare goods for a premium price. Collectors and traders rarely see eye to eye and are constantly competing for merchandise, which on occasion has led to minor conflicts within a particular watch. Unlike most fan classes, traders specialize in goods connected not to their allegiance, but to an artist in particular. This devotion has resulted in Traders not being completely trusted by either the Sakura or Otome watch for their tendency to “defect” in the name of greater profits.

Empath (Male only)
An Empath is the male version of the cosplayer and are unique in that they can use specific songs to gain immense strength, speed or any range of effects. Because the music has to be channeled to the Empath the only source of their power comes from an ipod or Mp3 player. Because of this, an Empath can be rendered powerless simply by taking their ipod away from them. Some Empaths have been known to dabble in remixing in an attempt to combine effects or increase a songs power.

Futsal player
With futsal becoming a successful venture for H!P in both outside tournaments and the H!P sports festival, both Sakura and Otome Watch have started developing their own futsal teams. Futsal players display extraordinary athletic finesse and use a football as an effective weapon. Futsal players train and play regularly, aspiring to be chosen to represent their watch to play in “Dispute resolution” matches.

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Chapter 2: Baptism by fire
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2006, 08:56:02 AM »
Grey. Hard. Cold.

These things came to mind very quickly as Ryan woke up. The events of the day were playing through Ryan’s head so fast he couldn’t make sense of it. The store, seeing miniature Gocchins, not to mention gaining superhuman strength and being drugged! Ryan felt the clean rag stuffing his mouth, and then the handcuffs on his wrists and ankles. Surveying his surroundings, Ryan found himself in what looked like a cage with no door and no roof. The walls were solid concrete but not that high so climbing over was possible. From what Ryan could make out, the “cage” was in a warehouse. Looking around, Ryan found his ipod next to him with a note:


Ryan looked around, looking for some indication of this whole scene being some weird joke or even some insane scheme thought up by some Japanese TV show, but all he felt was silence. Reluctantly, Ryan put on “Love Namidairo” and started listening, playing around with the handcuffs when he felt something bend. Puzzled, Ryan turned over one handcuff to see a bend. Giving the cuff another twist, the handcuff broke off. Not wasting time, he broke off the remaining cuffs, took off his gag and walked to one wall.
“I wonder…” Ryan thought as he gave the wall in front of him a push. Ryan expected the wall to go crashing down, what he didn’t expect was an audience on the other side. Ryan recognized Kyosuke, Yuki and Taka but what made this slightly surreal was seeing Inaba Atsuko standing with them.
“What the hell?” Ryan asked aloud, moving forward. Instinctively, everyone moved away, Kyosuke in particular. Atsuko slowly stepped forward, putting out her hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet an Australian fan” she said.
“Now this is getting bizarre” Ryan thought, shaking Atsuko’s hand.
“You have a lot of questions, don’t you?” Atsuko asked, studying Ryan’s blank expression.
“Follow me and we’ll turn your questions into answers” motioning Ryan to a door.
Ryan wasn’t sure if this was real or another trick but something compelled him to follow Atsuko and the others.
Entering the door, Ryan found himself in a back alley. “So what’s the story? Is this some joke for Hello Morning?”
Atsuko smiled, handing Ryan a meishi “Look up the website. We’ll contact you when the time comes.
At that moment, two cars stopped at the entrance of the alley. Atsuko got in one and Taka, Kyosuke and Yuki got into another. As Yuki walked past Ryan, she said “Please consider our cause. We’d be grateful for your help.”
As the cars pulled away, Ryan looked at the card Atsuko gave him. The meishi had the word “SAKURA WATCH” with a picture of a green cherry blossom on it. The other side of the card had a website address and a cellphone number. Ryan put it in his pocket and walked out of the alley.
Turning right, Ryan stopped at a drink machine. Buying a Pocari sweat, Ryan gulped it down in the first moment
of peace since going into that damn store.
"Hey gaijin!" a voice yelled out.
Ryan turned around to see a gang of youths wearing red-and-blue colors like the Sakura watch. Among them was
the clerk from the store, looking a little worse for wear. The leader, a stocky youth with flame red spiky hair
stepped forward.
"Are you the one causing trouble with our boys?" He asked
"Who's asking?" Ryan replied.
"Don't play games gaijin!" The clerk yelled out
"Quiet, Taro" the leader rebuked.
"Sorry Ken" Taro meekly complied with this request.
"I'm on vacation guys. Leave me alone" Ryan tiredly said.
As he started to walk away, the gang started to spread out, surrounding him. Taro knew what was going to happen
and smartly stepped away. Pausing for a moment, Ryan hastily put on his ipod and charged into a gang member,
bowling him over. Ryan tried clicking onto "Love Namidairo" but accidentaly started playing "Doki doki mail"
which resulted in Ryan speeding away from the gang at breakneck speed.
"He's an empath" Taro exclaimed
"After him!" Ken yelled, prompting everyone to get on their scooters to pursue Ryan. Ryan was going so fast he was almost tripping over himself. His joy was shortlived when he started slowing down. Looking at the ipod, the battery was starting to run out. Ryan quickly turned it off to preserve the little energy it had and turned around to the gang closing in on him. Ryan estimated he had at least 5 minutes of super strength which he intended to use wisely. Suddenly, a bolt of energy hit the ground in front of him, stopping the gang in its tracks. Ryan turned
around to see Yuki in a Nochiura Natsumi costume with one of the car from their alleyway meeting behind her. Yuki grabbed Ryan and literally threw him into the car and stood on the roof. Ryan composed himself to see Taka sitting next to him and Kyosuke with a driver in the front.
"GO!" Kyosuke yelled. As the car sped away, Ryan looked out the back window to see What was left of the gang reorganised themselves and give pursuit. Yuki was on the roof, shooting energy bolts
"Do these guys know what quitting means?" Ryan said. Taka gave him a packet of Pretz "What the hell is this?"
"JUST THROW THEM!" Taka barked. Ryan saw Taka throw a pretz like a dart into the wheel of one of the scooters causing the scooter to crash. Ryan tried emulating Taka's throwing style, but wasn't so successful. The ranks of the gang were growing thinner due to the combined efforts of Taka and Yuki. Frustrated with pretz throwing, Ryan saw Kyosuke's ipod on the dashboard and grabbed it.
"Hey!" Kyosuke yelled "Just give me a second with it" Ryan hastily begged, scrolling through Kyosuke's playlist.
Brandishing an e-kara microphone, Ken unleashes a sonic blast at the side of the car, causing Yuki to lose her balance and start to fall.
Seeing Yuki, Ryan immediately opens the car door, climbing out and grabbing Yukis hand in a split second. There was no time to celebrate as Ryan was hanging out of the car with Yuki holding on for her life with Ken closing in. Taka helped pull Yuki in as once she was inside, Ryan leapt out and played "Doki doki lovemail".
Ken was too busy concentrating his aim on the car to see Ryan casually run alongside him and push him over. With the pursuit all but a failure for Ken's gang, he could only look on as Ryan and others sped off into the distance. When they knew it was safe, Ryan and the car stopped by the road. Ryan returned the ipod to Kyosuke.
"Thanks" Ryan said. Kyosuke was too shocked at Ryan's stunt to give his thanks. Ryan looked into the back of the
car. "You guys ok?"
"We're fine" Taka replied.
"This isn't going to go down well with Otome watch" The driver interrupted.
"Everyone knows that Ken and his goons are the troublemakers of Otome watch" Yuki retorted.
"Who cares guys? At least we're not beaten up! Lets go for coffee. My treat" Kyosuke offered as a peacmaking tool.
Kyosuke looked at Ryan "Get in".
"This holiday's gotten more interesting Ryan thought as he got in and they drove off to drink and laugh the evening away.

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Chapter 3: Enforcing the peace
« Reply #5 on: July 17, 2006, 07:09:52 AM »
By definition, a holiday is a period of time for rest and relaxation, not to be chased by a gang or be bound in cuffs. Ryan pondered this as he rode the train to Shibuya to meet Yuki and the others for coffee. Ryan was given a crash course in the history of the Sakura watch, Otome watch and everything inbetween. Despite the circumstances, Ryan grew fond of his newfound friends but Ryan was still struggling to understand it all, especially his own newfound talents when he saw Yuki waiting for him at the front of Shibuya station.
“I hope I’m not too late” said Ryan,
“That’s ok” Yuki replied “I know a really nice café we can go to”
“Sounds fun but where’s everyone?” Ryan smiled
“They got stuck in traffic but they’ll meet us at the café” Yuki said hastily.
Ryan was a little surprised by Yuki’s quick response but Yuki took Ryan’s hand and they started walking. As they walked past the stores and meeting spots, they found the café Yuki was talking about. Walking inside, Ryan ordered two coffees and found a corner table to sit down.
“Are you enjoying your holiday in Japan?” Yuki asked, as if she was only saying it to distract herself from something on her mind.
“I love it. Japan’s such a fascinating place” Ryan enthusiastically proclaimed
That’s good. Perhaps we can go sightseeing sometime” Yuki commented
“I’d like that” Ryan smiled. At that moment, the coffee they order arrived. As Ryan drank his coffee, he noticed the distant look on Yuki’s face as her coffee remained untouched. “Are you alright?” Ryan asked.
“Yes” Yuki nodded.
Ryan wasn’t convinced by her answer and was about to probe further when a symphony of scooter engines and footsteps filled the air. Ryan looked on as members of both Sakura and Otome watch entered the café. Among the members entering Ryan recognized Ken, Yoshi and their gang along with the Sakura watch members from the car. Ryan became more concerned upon seeing Inaba Atusko and Nakazawa Yuko enter the café. In a matter of minutes the café was full of Watch members and a feeling of tension lingered in the air. Instinctively, Ryan reached for his ipod but Yuki stopped him. “You knew about this didn’t you?” Ryan asked. Looking into Yuki’s eyes he saw guilt instead of worry.
“I’m sorry” Yuki meekly replied.
Before Ryan could say anything, a new group entered the café. They wore orange-and-white colors and commanded a presence that ensured everyone would behave accordingly. Moving towards Ryan and Yuki’s corner table, Yuki motioned Ryan to get up and vacate the table. Ryan noticed the emblem of Gatas Brilliantes on their jackets as he left the table. The new group occupied the corner table and a chair was pulled out and given to the VIP, Asami from Country Musume. The atmosphere felt more uneasy than before.
“This meeting has been called as part of our inquiry into yesterday’s incident involving members of Sakura and Otome watch”. Asami began, flicking through a folder before pulling out two pages. “After reviewing both accounts…”
“There’s nothing to review!” Yoshi interrupted angrily “They violated the treaty by trashing my store and subverting the gaijin!”
Ryan had just about had enough of Yoshi’s pompous nature “I’m not the one brainwashing people with music mate!”
Nakazawa Yuko leapt to Yoshi’s defense “He’s a salesman you idiot that’s his job”
This exchange was all the gathering needed to explode into a chorus of finger pointing, threats and insults. Yuki kept close to Ryan to keep him from getting too aggressive.
“ENOUGH!” Asami yelled, slamming her fist on the table, silencing everyone almost immediately. Asami’s order was enforced by the Gatas members aiming their e-kara microphones into the mob “Now, will everyone please sit and we can continue this meeting peacefully” Asami politely requested. As everyone complied and Gatas stood down putting away their microphones, Asami pointed to Ryan and Ken “Except you two”
Both Ryan and Ken took this as a hint to keep standing.
“After reviewing both accounts Gatas Brilliantes has concluded that both sides are accountable for the violations of the treaty incurred yesterday. Before I pass sentence, will you both hold out your hands” looking at Ryan and Ken. Ken held out his hand without question, Ryan followed suit apprehensively. An envelope materialized in both their hands. Ryan looked at the envelope in a puzzled way. Just as Ryan was getting his head around this secret world, yet another unusual thing happens. “Choose a partner” Asami continued. Ken chose Yoshi to his gang’s disappointment. Ryan looked over to where Yuki stood. “I choose Yuki” Ryan replied as Yuki rose and stood with him.
“As of today, restricted access to Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya will be imposed on both watches for one month Furthermore; the individuals involved in yesterday’s incident are banned from using their abilities for one month. The full terms of this penalty are in the envelopes.”
As Asami finished this sentence, the Gatas members pulled out their microphones and zapped the people involved in yesterday’s incident. Ryan was almost expecting people to be vaporized but saw them under some kind of trance. As the “zap” ended, each person looked like zombies. It was like their whole personality was erased completely. With the judgement imposed, Asami and Gatas Brilliantes walked out of the café. Shortly after, Otome watch filed out silently. “We’ll be watching you, Ryan” Yuko taunted.
As the last of Otome watch disappeared, Ryan opened the envelope to find a letter and started reading the contents aloud.
To whom it may concern,
If you’re reading this letter, it means you have a chance to redeem the violations your watch has committed. As you’re no doubt aware by now, the actions of a few can have a profound effect on many. This can also be said of the hardcore fans. These people have sold their soul to an idol when the likelihood of being associated with them is virtually non-existent. One such person is Sawada Yutaro. His loyalty to Iida Kaori is legendary and has become a type of “authority” on her. The only thing Yutaro is yet to obtain is Iida Kaori’s autograph. Gatas Brilliantes has classified Yutaro to be a fanatic and steps must be taken to ensure he doesn’t get the autograph.
There will be a handshake event at Odaiba and Iida Kaori will be present. Your task is to prevent Sawada Yutaro from obtaining the autograph and to return the autograph to Gatas Brilliantes within 24 hours. If you succeed in this task, the penalties on Sakura Watch will be lifted. If not, the penalty will stay in place.
This task has been assigned to only you and the partner you’ve chosen. Your watch can only provide support, not direct assistance. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the penalty being increased.
“This is typical of Gatas” Atusko added with concern in her voice “Get everyone except themselves to do their dirty work and monopolise goods as well.”
“What’s so important about a damn autograph?” Ryan asked in a clueless manner.
“Autographs are a type of bond between the member of H!P and the person receiving it. They’re like a energy supplement. If you possess one, your abilities will increase to incredible levels”
“Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of money a collector or trader will give you for them” Yuki added.
“Because of their concentrated power, that’s why autographs can only be obtained through a fan club tour or handshake event.” Atsuko commented
Atsuko looked at Ryan and Yuki “We can’t help you but we’ll do what we can to provide information and we’ll try and find out what Ken and Yoshi’s task is.”
“No doubt they’ll be doing the same thing” Yuki lamented.
“Hold on guys” Ryan interrupted “I’m not even a member of your gang so why should I do this?”
Atsuko pointed to Taka, Kyosuke and Ryo, the driver “Does that answer your question?”
Ryan felt sick looking at how they became so empty. “I’ll do it. Just give us all the help you can”
Atsuko gave Ryan her cellphone and Yuki her PDA “I’ll be in touch as I get information. Contact me if there are any problems.”
As Ryan and Yuki raced out of the café, they noth knew time was a commodity they couldn’t waste.

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2006, 05:24:49 AM »
I must admit I was relucant to read something so out of the genre that I like reading.

Gaijins and non-related H!P characters bore me usually but this fic is an execption. I love it! I laughed out loud various times. The teams, the types of powers, Matsuura Ayaya's Love Namida Iro being a source of power? Ah, yuou have thought a lot about this havent you? It seems to fit together so nicely. Being Australian I really appreciate the main character being an Aussie too. Nothing makes me laugh more than reading the words "mate"

I think If I was in this story - Love namida iro would be my song too. Curse it for being so catchy~

I hope you dont feel discourged! Please write at will, I'll always be here to read!

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2006, 07:24:17 AM »

I was recommended to read this one. Thank god! IT WAS GOOD!  I too thought it was going to be Sci-fi and was hesitant about reading it..but man..this is cool!!

Please come back and write more!

Read the complete Doki Doki!!

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Sakura Watch (The first chapter of a fanfic trilogy!)
« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2006, 05:52:12 AM »
LOL...Most uhh...original fic i've ever read. keep on writing!

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