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Author Topic: AKB Adventures in Art School: OS Collection. Unconscious (WMatsui) (3/29/20)  (Read 642 times)

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Adventures in Art School

Would you call this the front page? The cover? Table of contents? Either way it's under construction, please bear with me.

This is an collection of One shots that take place in the prestigious 48Art Academy. The students often find themselves in wacky situations. Truth be told, so does the faculty.

1. Figure Drawing (AnRena)
2. The Cafe Crush (SayaMilky)
3. Unconscious (WMatsui)

Kato Rena (Renacchi): Appears in 1,2
Iriyama Anna (Annin): Appears in 1,2
Kizaki Yuria: Appears in 1
Yamamoto Sayaka: Appears in 1,2
Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru): Appears in 1
Miyawaki Sakura: Appears in 1 and 3
Watanabe Miyuki (Milky): Appears in 2
Yagura Fuuko: Appears in 2
Miyazaki Miho (Myao): Appears in 2
Matsui Jurina: Appears in 3
Matsui Rena: Appears in 3

Teachers and Faculty
Takahashi Minami: Appears in 1
Kuramochi Asuka: Mentioned in 3
Miyazawa Sae: Appears in 3


This is my first time writing. I don't see much of Renacchi related fics on this site... Or anywhere really, so I decided to step up to the plate.

I hope to upload more art school adventures in the future!

1. Figure Drawing (Kato Rena x Iriyama Anna)

Figure Drawing (AnRena)

"The final project for this class is due next class period. I really hope all of you have made good progress so far." Professor Takahashi hopped off the desk she was leaning on. "You certainly aren't gonna want to miss out on 100 points."

Rena sat quietly and listened to the lecture. The atmosphere in the class became noticeably more tense anytime Professor Takahashi mentioned exams or projects. The class was filled to the brim with gifted artists, but the professor's passion for art made her a harsh critic.

The final was a figure drawing and Rena hasn't started yet. She didn't have a model for her project which would be problematic considering her limited time to work on it. Rena could use references online, but Takahashi specifically wanted the class to use a live model. No one really knew how, but the professor always knew when a submission wasn't done the way she wanted.

Rena pulled out her phone and began texting, trying to hide her actions behind her bag that lay across the desk. Her fingers were ready to release a text filled barrage to Anna Iriyama.

Annin. I know you're busy. I need that favor now. You owe me, remember? It's been a week since you last texted me, please respond.

Just as she was ready to unleash another text filled salvo, Takahashi approached her from behind.

"Oh? I see someone is texting in class" The short, brown haired professor announced. The entire classroom of girls turned their attention to look at the texting girl.

Rena shot up and threw her phone into her bag. "I'm sorry professor." The girl lowered her head.

"Don't apologise Kato. I know you're gonna make up for it with a perfect grade on the final project, right?" She stared at the formerly texting girl with a smile before looking down at her watch and announcing to her students, "Class is set to leave in 10 minutes, but I'll let you off early considering some of you are already in the mood to be on your phones."

The class began to pack their bags and leave, but not before chucking at Rena.

Shit. The last thing she needed was to piss off the Professor before the big final. She took her bag and made her way out silently in shame. She was as quiet and reserved as can be walking down the hallway of the campus, but on the inside she was screaming.


The garden next to the photography building was a popular hang out spot for students. Finals have ended for some students, and just around the corner for others.

Anna and Yuria were two photography students that just walked out of their last class of the day. Their professor assigned an essay to be the final two weeks prior. Anna had already finished hers and Yuria didn't plan on getting any sleep tonight. The two sat down on a bench next to a beautiful set of roses to blow off some steam after class.

"Ah. Kato texted me again." Anna pulled her phone to check the notification.

"Don't you still owe her a favor? How long are you gonna avoid her?" Kizaki asked, raising an eyebrow at her friend.

"I haven't texted her in a week. She's probably pissed off at me." The girl's eyes were glued to her new message, contemplating replying back to her.

"At this point you should speak with her in person. I remember trying to avoid paying back a favor from her and she threw a rock at me." Kizaki stared into space, her eye twitched when recalling the memory. "It's always the quiet girls who get pissed off the hardest."

"Kato has Professor Takahashi right?" Anna paused before contorting into a cringe "She has to do that figure drawing then."

"So? You're gonna have to be naked in front of her. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

"Ugh. You're disgusting." Anna groaned and rolled her eyes, but Yuria noticed her face turning red.

Anna and Rena knew each other since high school. She didn't know exactly when this all started, but one day Rena became the prettiest girl in the world in her eyes. After a night of one too many drinks, Anna confided in Yuria about her wild crush on Rena. Yuria took every opportunity she could to make fun of Anna about it.

Anna sighed. "I'll meet up with her later and pay the favor back."

"You should ask her out too."

"Shut up or I'll tell Kato to throw another rock at you."


Rena sat on the floor and leaned against the fence facing the dormitory. To take her mind off her embarrassing last class period, she planned to stay and draw for a while. Art was therapeutic for her, graphite streaks along paper never failed to calm her nerves.

Turning to a new page in her sketchbook, she warmed up by drawing various inanimate objects in the vicinity. This was a place where she drew frequently, so she became quite good at accurately transferring what she saw to the paper after several visits.

Drawing stationary objects soon became boring to her, and she began to draw the people entering the dormitory. Her eyes and arm worked as one, capturing the gesture of each and every person in her line of sight. One person in particular caught her eye, this one was prettier than the others. She sketched her form swiftly, before noticing she looked quite familiar. 

"Iriyama?" She whispered to herself.

Rena became more certain as the girl drew closer to her. She put her sketchbook and supplies away before standing up to properly meet her friend.

Anna spoke first, "Sorry for ignoring you this past week. Really busy, finals week and stuff."

"Oh, it's okay." Rena certainly didn't think it was okay, but she was a little too forgiving for her own good.

"I know your final is due soon, so I've come to do that favor I owe you. I'll be your model."

"I'll do it tomorrow. Meet me at my dorm after your class. I have the dorm to myself, Paruru is gonna be working on some film project all day."

Anna nodded and smiled. "I'll be there." She turned on her heels and took a few steps before turning back around and muttered timidly, "Again, sorry for keeping you waiting."

Rena stayed silent, choosing to nod and smile in response as she watched the black haired girl walk away. The artist reached into the pocket of her uniform and pulled out a rock.

"Guess I won't be needing this anymore." Rena whispered to herself, tossing the rock aside before making her way back to her dorm.


Silence engulfed the dormitory during exam weeks, many of the students trying to get the required rest for their upcoming tests or projects. Some students chose to stay up all night working or studying choosing to replace good sleep with caffeine in the morning.

Anna laid in her bed and looked up at the ceiling struggling to drift off into sleep. It didn't help that her roommate Sakura became a loud snorer during this stressful finals week. Her thoughts became louder than the snoring.

Would it be awkward between us after Rena sees me nude? What if this was all just a ploy so Rena could see me naked? My goodness Anna, that's disgusting. Why would you think that?

She tossed and turned in bed, but her roommate's snores started to become rhythmic in a weird way. Slowly but surely her eyes began to grow heavier. Sheer fatigue finally overpowering the anxiety.


Rena and Anna were taking the train from the beach back to campus. Anna was proud of the photographs she took of her friend. While the shots weren't particularly measured, they were eye-catching and full of energy not to mention the subject was incredibly attractive.

"Anna, was this all necessary for your first assignment?" Rena shifted and winced in her seat. "I think I'm sunburned, and spring just began."

Anna held on tightly to her expensive camera bag. "I wanna make a good first impression to the class. Also sorry about making you stand in the sun for 3 hours… without sunscreen"

Rena smiled at her friend's apology, trying her best to fight through the agony on her upper back and shoulders. "As long as you pay me back for this, I'll forget this ever happened." She leaned back in her seat before letting out a small shriek and immediately sitting back up.

Anna didn't want to admit it, but the struggling sunburnt Rena was kinda cute. Regardless, she felt bad for putting her friend through that.

"Don't worry Rena, I'll make it up to you."


Anna's class was over. She was finally going to pay her debt to Rena. She considered working out to potentially make her body look better, but decided against it.

She was now standing in front of Rena's dorm, her fist was raised to knock until the door suddenly opened. Rena greeted her friend with a smile. The girl was out of her uniform wearing a comfortable combination of a white t shirt and a pair of red shorts.

Anna stepped inside and now that she's thinking about it, she had never been inside Rena's room before. Other than the fact her roommate's bed wasn't made, Rena's room was tidy.

In the middle of the room, there were two chairs facing each other and an easel between them. There were sets of sharpened pencils that lay on the desk next to the setup.

"Shall we begin?" The artist sat down in front of the easel. "You should probably begin removing your clothes."

This was gonna be the first time she'd ever been naked in front of anyone before. Just her luck it was the girl she had a massive crush on. She kept in good shape by treating her body with regular exercise. So maybe… just maybe Rena might like what she'll see.

The model began undressing from her uniform, she knew Rena was watching her. She lifted her top over her head, and pulled her skirt down shortly afterwards leaving herself only in her underwear.

Anxiety began to kick into full gear, her hands  shaking when she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She was having trouble fighting back the nerves.

This was embarrassing, she must have looked like an idiot. It seemed like she never touched a bra in her life. Should she just skip the bra and take the panties off first? But Anna couldn't give the impression that she gave up. Rena wouldn't like a quitter. The artist's voice jolted Anna out of her inner thoughts.

"I understand if you're nervous. Do you think it would be easier for you... if I got naked too?" The artist asked hesitantly in almost a whisper.

The question made Anna's mind hit a brick wall at full speed. Did she just hear that correctly? She turned around to face Rena, who was seated quietly averting her gaze.

"If you think that would help, then… yes." She felt embarrassed hearing those words leave her mouth like some sort of pervert.

Without an ounce of second thought, the artist stood up and removed her shirt. The bra removal stage, the one Anna was currently stuck on was skipped… because Rena wasn't wearing one. She tossed her shirt to the ever growing pile of clothes on her floor before removing her shorts along with her panties.

Anna stared at the newly naked girl in astonishment, as if a rainbow had walked into the room. However, no rainbows were present in this room, but she could make the argument that this was way better. Anna never thought she'd see the day.

"Your turn." Rena spoke calmly while kicking her pile of clothes to the edge of the room before sitting back down in front of the easel.

Thanks to her newfound motivation the remaining underments on Anna's body were swiftly removed before she lowered herself down to the seat across from her artist friend. The sensation of open nudity was new, but she could definitely get used to it. It didn't take long for Anna to get comfortable with her new, very naked current state.

Until the door opened.

"Hey Kato, I think I might have left my guitar pick in your-" Yamamoto Sayaka stopped and froze at the sight of the two naked girls staring back at her. "OH… wow… uhhh… I-I'll definitely knock next time. S-sorry for interrupting." She stammered before slamming the door shut which resulted in a loud, unceremonious bang that rang throughout the entire building.

The mother of all awkward silences made herself present in the room. The two girls stared at each other until Rena broke the silence.

"I'll start drawing soon, I'm just gonna go and lock that door first."


Thirty minutes have passed and Rena was surprised as to how smoothly everything was going. Anna was a perfect model, her stillness was almost statue-like. 

"How are you feeling Anna?"

"Fantastic." Anna retorted without turning her head at all.

The piece would probably be done in another fifteen minutes. Despite the pair not talking much during the art making process, She was having a lot of fun with Anna.

Rena was a perfectionist when it came to her art. Incredibly critical of her own work and always made sure each creation of hers was a product of her maximum capabilities.

"Rena is this not weird to you?"


"Me being naked and stuff? I find it odd that you're so casual about this."

"Well, I've done these before. I've seen countless naked bodies while doing figure drawings." Rena's pencil glided along the page, marks sweeping across the beautiful form on the paper. "I'm finally just happy to have such a pretty model this time."

The model remained still at the compliment, but Rena swore she noticed a rosy hue shading Anna's cheeks.

All there was left to do at this point was to add the finishing touches. Some shading around the thighs, some blending around the midsection, and maybe apply a drop shadow where necessary. Honestly, Rena didn't really have much use for the model at the moment, but it was nice to have the company.

She put her pencil aside and took a step back and squinted at her work, scanning for any possible imperfections.

"Huh, I think that's it."

Anna turned her body for the first time since the drawing began. The relief must have been incredible.

"Finished? Can I see?" Anna asked, giddy in excitement.

Rena turned the Easel around and presented her final project, her arms extended towards it with a grand "ta-da!" as the cherry on top.

A gasp could be heard when Anna observed the final product. She was almost frightened as to how accurately this captured her image. She scanned the entire piece several times before speaking up.

"You really outdid yourself on this one." Anna’s eyes were glued to the drawing, "Does my body really look that good?" The black haired girl said to herself as she  looked down at her body and placed a hand on her midsection.

It was funny, Anna was so nervous stripping her clothes off at first. It only took 45 minutes or so for her to completely be casual in the nude. Rena smiled to herself, believing she helped Anna turn a new page in her life.

"I'm aiming for a perfect score this time around. That'll teach Professor Takahashi to catch me on my phone." The triumphant tone turning into a mumble around the second sentence.

Rena took the figure drawing and laid it on her bed when suddenly both girls heard the jingle of keys being inserted from the other side of the door.

Rena's roommate pushed the door open "My film crew was kicked out of the library so we have to-" she made eye contact with the naked girls and saw the clothes strewn about the floor.

"Hold on Paruru I know what you're thinking-"


Both girls knew that they couldn't explain their way out of this.

Haruka's eyes darted around the room and noticed Rena's bed was occupied with the art piece and her own bed was messy and unmade. (Not that she made her bed often anyway.)

"WERE YOU USING MY BED TOO? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" She screamed before storming out of the room and slamming the door shut behind her.

The mother of all awkward silences made her second appearance that day. The girls weren't quite sure what to make of that entire event, but Anna broke the silence this time.

"Is she gonna be okay?"

"This happens sometimes. Usually buying her ice cream is enough to buy her forgiveness."


It wasn't often Anna got the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time without clothes on outside of bathing.

After Haruka's freakout, the two found their clothes and put them back on. Anna was surprised she had the mental strength to not stare at her artist for the duration of her nudity.



"I had a lot of fun doing that… we should do that again sometime."

"Will you be naked again?" Anna had no idea why she said that. Why did that come out of her? She wished at that moment she could turn into dust. Or explode.

Rena giggled at her friends involuntary question. "You're cute."

Anna wasn't expecting to be called cute, she would've been happy not ruining their friendship. However, getting called cute by who she believed to be the prettiest girl in school was an absolute victory.

"But yeah… we should definitely do that again." Anna stood up and made her way to the door. "I should probably get going though." her hand gripped the doorknob ready to leave the room.

"Wait, but you haven't finished paying the favor."

Anna turned around "But I thought your project was done-"

Before she could react, the artist connected her lips with her model in a small kiss only about as long as a heartbeat. Anna's eyes were open the whole time, but she saw the gates of heaven for a split second.

Rena gave her a small smile, before avoiding Anna's eyes. She held her delicate hands together over her chest.

Anna flashed her teeth at her in a pathetic attempt at a smile before dashing out the door, making sure Rena couldn't see her becoming drenched in sweat.


Sakura was sitting on her bed playing on her Nintendo Switch when she heard the door get thrown open and her roommate taking a few steps inside.

Without looking up from her game she spoke "So, how was Rena's favor?"

There was no response.


She paused her game to look at Anna who stared into space for a brief moment before fainting right in front of Sakura.
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Re: AKB: Adventures in Art School (OS Collection)
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Another installment of Adventures in Art School! Even though this one takes place in a cafe it's still very much in the art school "universe?"

I had a Wmatsui one in the works but I'm gonna need a little more time on that one.

Anyway here's another pairing for the readers!

2. The Cafe Crush (Yamamoto Sayaka + Watanabe Miyuki)

The Cafe Crush (SayaMilky)

There was a cafe across the street from the art school. It had a cozy atmosphere, good food, and the staff usually hired students so everyone usually recognized each other. In a way, the cafe became an unofficial extension of the school.

Sayaka walked in through the familiar doors, taking in the scent of coffee beans and sugary pastries. Her usual seat at the back corner was unoccupied, she laid her guitar next to the table to save her spot before entering the small line.

Sayaka's usual order was a green tea and a small slice of lemon cake. Fuuko was operating the register like usual, serving guests with a big smile. Her smile is probably what earned several return customers to the cafe. She remembered names, and always complimented the artwork of her regulars.

Soon enough Sayaka was at the front of the line, but before she could order Fuuko spoke first.

"Green tea and lemon cake right?" Fuuko said with her trademark smile.

"Like always." Sayaka nodded and pulled out her wallet, but Fuuko interrupted her before she could pull out her money.

"I'm actually gonna have Miyuki ring you up if that's okay, we just hired her."

"Ah, take your time." Sayaka's classes were over anyway, she wasn't in a rush.

Fuuko smiled and disappeared into the backroom to retrieve the new girl.

Fuuko returned to the register with Miyuki. Sayaka studied the new girl as she waited for her order to be taken. She noticed her long black hair, her pale whipped cream colored skin, her pretty brown eyes, and her friendly, welcoming smile…

...Oh crap. Sayaka knew this feeling. It took one look and she was smitten. She was shaken out of her musing when she heard the voice of the new server.

"Your order is gonna cost-"

Sayaka interrupted Miyuki and extended her arm to hand the money over.

"Exact change." Sayaka smiled, trying not to make Miyuki's effect on her obvious.

"Thank you" The new server collected the money and inserted it into the drawer that shot out of the register.

Sayaka could hear Fuuko giving Miyuki congratulatory words as she walked back to her table.

Did that come off as rude? Did it look like I shoved the money in her face? Damn… she probably thinks I'm a jerk. Sayaka sat down and scratched the back of her head in irritation ruffling her short hair in the process.

As she waited for her food to come by she pulled her guitar out from its case and played a few songs to pass the time. Sayaka noticed a long line beginning to form.

Sayaka absently strummed on her guitar as she watched Miyuki serve her customers. It appeared the cafe was about to get hit with the lunch rush as the line slowly grew longer and longer. Eventually extending from the register to out the door.


Her tea and cake was taking a little longer to come than usual, but it made sense considering the cafe just got packed. She played various songs on her guitar while watching the new girl handle customers. Slowly but surely, the line began to shrink.

The new girl remained calm during the rush, she was a natural. Sayaka watched as Miyuki handed the change over to the last customer in line.

It suddenly hit her, Sayaka had been gazing at Miyuki for the entirety of the lunch rush. As the last customer walked away from the counter, Miyuki turned her head and made eye contact with Sayaka

As quickly as she could, Sayaka averted her gaze away from the girl to her table. To her surprise, her tea and cake were sitting right in front of her the whole time. Had she been so distracted staring at the new girl that she didn't notice her food being delivered?

She laid her guitar against the wall before cutting off a piece of her cake. The tart flavor of the icing tasted just as good as the last times she had ordered it. She had no idea how long her food had been waiting in front of her, but luckily it wasn't long enough for her tea to have gotten cold yet.


The new girl retreated into the backroom and Fuuko sat behind the counter once again serving the occasional customer that walked in. This was a positive thing, now Sayaka could concentrate.

Sayaka's fingers began to dance with the strings of her guitar, occasionally taking a break to continue eating or drinking. Other patrons of the cafe would occasionally glance over at the guitar playing girl and sometimes clap when her songs were over. This cafe was primarily where she practiced her instrument, and the regulars were used to her playing.

She took glances at the guests, and took notes of who she recognized.

Annin and Renacchi were having lunch together, the time she walked in on those girls naked would be seared into her memory forever.

Myao who was seated alone was doodling in her sketchbook, probably filling the pages with grotesque artwork like she usually did. 

Miyuki, the new hire was on her lunch break, and she was making her way to Sayaka's table…

"Wait… why is she making her way to my table?" Sayaka thought to herself in panic. Her eyes were tracking the girl as she got closer. The strings on her guitar felt like barbed wire, the notes coming out of her guitar becoming a distorted cacophony as the girl neared the table.

"Is anyone sitting here?" Miyuki asked as she pulled out the chair on the opposite side of Sayaka's table.

"N-no. You can sit here if you'd like." Sayaka set her guitar down next to her and attempted to start some small talk. "You handled that lunch rush well."

"Yeah, Fuuko said the rush was 20 minutes long. It was brutal." Miyuki set her muffin and coffee down on the table before getting seated. "She said I did well though."

20 minutes? I stared at her for that entire lunch rush. Oh my God I'm such a creep. Sayaka's thoughts exploded. The anxiety levels raised for the short haired guitarist.

"Yeah, you did really well. I doubt anyone could tell you were just hired." Sayaka tried her best to keep her cool.

Miyuki chuckled and took a sip from her coffee while Sayaka took the last piece of the lemon cake into her mouth before reaching for her guitar again.

"You think I'm cute don't you?"

Sayaka spat out the lemon cake all over her guitar. Miyuki's expression was similar to an adorable shark that just sensed blood in the water. Her friendly brown eyes appeared black.

"Excuse me? Why would you think that?" The short haired girl wiped her lemon cake covered mouth while nervous laughter forced itself out.

"Hmm? Oh… maybe you were just staring at something behind me for the entire lunch rush?" Miyuki grinned at Sayaka while mindlessly playing with her long black hair.

"H-hey… I-I." Sayaka's mouth was making a lot of sounds, but very few words.

The girl found herself cornered. The cafe chatter was deafening, she couldn't even hear the sounds coming out of her mouth. Sayaka shoved her guitar back in its case, and stood up from her chair.

But before Sayaka could turn away, Miyuki reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Hey… Don't go so soon guitar girl." Miyuki's eyes returned to it's familiar shade of brown and her calming smile welcomed Sayaka back in. "I don't even know your name."

Sayaka set down her guitar case and slowly lowered herself back down to her seat before Miyuki released her grip on the guitarist's hand.

"I'm Sayaka. Fuuko said your name was Miyuki?" The girl nodded with a smile at the sound of her name.

"So Sa-ya-ka~" Miyuki playfully extended the sounds of the guitarist's name. "When was the last time you've been on a date?"

"It's… been a while… why?" Unlike her boundless talent for the guitar, her skills were quite lacking in the world of dating.

"I think you're kinda cute too." Miyuki winked. "How about… on Wednesday we come here for your first date 'in a while?'" 

If Sayaka wasn't sitting down, her legs would've given out.

"I'd love to!" Sayaka was embarrassed at herself for sounding too excited.

Miyuki chuckled and checked the clock on the wall behind her.

"Ah. My lunch break is over already? I didn't even get to finish my muffin." Miyuki pulled out her pen and started writing on a napkin. "I get out of my painting class at 3 tomorrow. Get in touch with me." She slid the napkin over to Sayaka before getting up to leave.

Sayaka grabbed the napkin which had Miyuki's phone number written in blue ink with a small heart on the side. 

"By the way guitar girl, you can call me Milky." Miyuki winked at Sayaka for the second time before turning around and walking behind the counter. "Bye Sayaka~!"

She watched Miyuki disappear into the backroom behind Fuuko.

Sayaka pulled out her phone and inputted the number into her contacts list and named the contact "Milky". Sayaka planned to shoot her a text once she got to her dorm.

That is, after she wiped the bits of lemon cake off her guitar.
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thanks for your SayaMilky os !! it was a while since i last read one and yours was very cute ^^

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Oh nice fic! I really liked this sayamilky, the way that Sayaka fell in love at first sight was very tender, I would like to see a continuation to know how the appointment will be  :)

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This is so sayamilky! I love it, I wonder if we can have a second part?
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I wanna start off by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to read Adventures in Art School!

Thank you for leaving comments as well.

The next installment is coming soon! WMatsui is on the way!



thanks for your SayaMilky os !! it was a while since i last read one and yours was very cute ^^

Thank you thank you!!

Oh nice fic! I really liked this sayamilky, the way that Sayaka fell in love at first sight was very tender, I would like to see a continuation to know how the appointment will be  :)

Yup. Love at first sight. Miyuki was just that darn pretty. 

This is so sayamilky! I love it, I wonder if we can have a second part?

Don't you worry. This won't be the last you'll see of SayaMilky in Adventures in Art School.

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Re: AKB Adventures in Art School: OS Collection.
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I've re written this numerous times. I might add a few drabbles to fill in the spaces later in the future, I don't want these one shots ending up being too long.

I introduce a lot of minor characters in each fic, so I hope you guys keep an eye out when they appear in a future installment!

Hope you enjoy. FuuMiru is next!

3. Unconscious (Matsui Jurina + Matsui Rena)

Unconscious (WMatsui)

The 48Art Academy was the only school where a person with Matsui Jurina's study habits could get straight A's. Her grades usually soared because of her impressive artistic acumen. She was a natural at any medium whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting and even culinary arts.

However, Jurina's abilities had no relevance to the art history course. She had already failed this class last semester, and she was already on the road to failing it again.

The art history test was tomorrow, and Jurina desperately needed more time to study. She had the perfect plan to buy herself more time.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to push you down the stairs of the library?" Sakura was trying to make sense of Jurina's crazy plan.

"Yep. If I have an excused absence because I'm injured, Professor Kuramochi will let me make up the test when I recover." Jurina said confidently. "Also it'll give me time to start on the extra credit essay on Kenta Kobashi."

Sakura thought this idea was stupid, but Jurina didn't have any alternatives other than simply failing the test.

The two girls made their way to the library where the plan would soon commence. Sakura seemed more nervous of the two even though she wasn't even the one getting pushed down the stairs.


The dusty scent of old paper and wood met the two girls as they opened the doors to the library. The librarian sat behind the desk tapping away on a keyboard and stapling important papers.

"Hi Mariko." The two girls waved at the short haired woman behind the desk.

Mariko pushed her glasses up and smiled when she saw the two girls in front of her, "Ah, what brings you two here?"

"Sakura is gonna push me down the stairs."

"Sounds like fun. Just keep it quiet." Mariko grinned and resumed her librarian duties.

Jurina and Sakura quietly made their way past the labyrinth of bookshelves and tables. Once they reached the stairs, Jurina noticed Sakura was tugging on her arm and preventing her from climbing any higher on the steps.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Hey, don't worry. A sprained wrist ain't the end of the world." Jurina broke free from Sakura's grip and hurried up the stairs with the other girl following closely behind.

Once they were at the top of the stairs, Jurina took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Bracing herself for the impact that was about to come.

"I'm ready when you are Sakura."

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to do this." Sakura began to hesitate, trying to back out while Jurina's eyes were still shut.

Jurina knew this would happen, but luckily she had a plan if Sakura was unwilling.

"Hey Sakura."


"Remember the time I threw your new phone down the toilet in high school?"

Even though Jurina's eyes were closed, she could feel the heat of Sakura's rage as she thought about that moment. It had been years since the incident, but she never got Jurina back for it.

And before she knew it, the plan was in motion.


All Jurina could remember before waking up in the nurse's office was roughly 7 seconds of unbelievable pain before she fell unconscious.

Her eyes opened up to see a nurse sitting at the foot of her bed. Judging by looks, she seemed to have a princess quality to her. She was like an angel.

Wait. Angel? What if I'm dead? Holy crap, did Sakura kill me? The thoughts made Jurina shift uneasily in her bed.

"Ah. You're awake."

Jurina relaxed at the sound of the nurse's voice, she noticed her name tag which read Matsui Rena. Funny, they share surnames.

"I hope you're comfortable. Nurse Miyazawa is currently handling a patient with food poisoning. She might take a while." The nurse stood up and walked over to Jurina's bedside.

"I guess we should get to know each other then. I'm Jurina." Jurina tried to extend her right arm to give a handshake, but she ran into an issue. Her arm wouldn't move.

"Ah! Stay still! You shouldn't move a dislocated shoulder." Rena placed her hand over Jurina's to stop her from raising it.

Dislocated Shoulder? That's not good.

"You took a nasty fall down those stairs. Your friend said you tripped and busted your right shoulder."

"Yeah… tripped."

"Oh I'm Nurse Matsui by the way. Feel free to call me Rena." Jurina turned her head to the nurse and noticed she was still holding her hand. "Oops sorry." She let Jurina's hand free from her grasp quickly after realization.

"So Rena, you think I'm gonna make it to class tomorrow?"

"I think it's best if you rest that shoulder for a few days. Miyazawa has already sent emails to your teachers." 

Ah perfect. The plan worked.

The nurse sat down on Jurina's bed, "Well Jurina, do you have any ideas to pass the time?"

"Wanna help me study for my art history test?"


That must be a serious case of food poisoning, because Jurina had been studying with Rena for two hours and Nurse Miyazawa is still working on that patient.

"We went over that question 3 times already, how are you still getting it wrong?" Rena said in frustration.

"I don't know, maybe the dislocated shoulder is messing with my brain. Can we take a break?" Jurina pleaded.

Two straight hours of studying was unusual for Jurina. As a matter of fact, Jurina doesn't remember studying for anything for two hours straight.

"Ah, you're probably hungry too. You probably haven't eaten much today." Rena, put down the papers containing Jurina's study questions and made her way out of the room. "I'll go grab something for you to eat." Rena stood up and started making her way out the room.

Suddenly another nurse with messy short hair stampeded into the room, bumping into Rena and knocking her down.

"This one's got a dislocated shoulder eh?" The nurse threw a clipboard down onto the table next to Jurina's bed. "Well, let's pop that sucker back in!" The energetic nurse clicked her tongue and made her way over to a very scared Jurina.

Rena got up from the floor and dusted herself off. "Miyazawa! Do you need my assistance?"

"Just hold her down and keep her as still as possible." Nurse Miyazawa crouched down next to Jurina who was now cowering in the bed "I'm not gonna lie friend, this isn't gonna be fun. Bite down on this." The nurse took off her watch and placed the leather straps in Jurina's mouth.

Jurina watched Rena rush to her side as Nurse Miyazawa grabbed her injured arm and positioned it to go back into the socket. She was starting to wonder if ditching that test was worth it.

"Rena, what's going on?" Jurina said with the watch still in her mouth. Her breathing became labored, and her eyes darted across the room rapidly.

"Shhhh shh Jurina. Just look at me. Everythings gonna be okay." Rena cupped her hands around Jurina's face, forcing Jurina to face her. "I'm here." Rena smiled at her patient.

For a split second, Jurina believed her words. She found herself getting lost in her pale, coffee-colored eyes. The mere sight of Rena's smile comforted her. Jurina's breathing began to settle, and her erratic movements came to a halt. She found her eyes drifting down to Rena's lips…

"Here goes nothing!" The short haired nurse yelled, bringing Jurina out of her hypnotized state.

Jurina felt a small tug on her injured shoulder, before Nurse Miyazawa thrusted the joint back into its socket with all her might.


A lightning bolt of adrenaline filled Jurina's senses. The pain was so great, she briefly forgot her own name. Her brain was on overtime, trying to process the horrific sensations she was experiencing. Jurina's spirit drifted away from it's earthly tether and was transported into a dimension where only agony existed.

Much like a robot sitting in the electric chair, the momentary surge of energy was too much for her body to handle. Her eyes were transfixed on Rena, that being the last thing Jurina saw before she slipped out of consciousness.


Jurina woke up to the sounds of a violin. When she opened her eyes, she didn't recognize the dorm room she had awoken in. Her eyes scanned the bookshelves full of manga and stuffed animals sat on the desk. The room was tidy, the only thing out of place in that room was… Jurina really.

Jurina sat up carefully in bed, trying not to agitate her shoulder which was strapped up in a splint. She sat up against the headboard and winced at her injury. In the corner of the room, she saw Rena out of her nurse's uniform practicing scales on her violin.

"You've had quite a rough day today." Rena put her instrument back in its case and turned to Jurina.

"Yeah. thanks for everything, but I gotta head back to my room." Jurina clutched at her shoulder, got out of the bed and headed for the door.

"What a shame. I was hoping you'd stay for dinner."

Jurina paused for a moment, she hadn't eaten all day. But after everything she'd been through, dinner did sound nice.

"I guess it'd be a good opportunity to get to know each other too." Jurina chuckled.

Rena smiled before going to the kitchen. "It's not often I have guests, it does get lonely here sometimes."

Jurina tried to follow Rena into the kitchen, but Rena stopped her.

"Stay in bed, I'm taking care of you."


Rena prepared curry for the two of them. It was delicious, but Jurina wasn't prepared for the spice to be at a volcanic level. Any other day it would've been an issue, but Jurina had eaten so little today that the meal was a fiery paradise. Over dinner they got to know each other well. Aside from learning about Rena's partiality to the flavor of lava, she learned various other things about her as well.

Even after landing a job as a nurse, Rena wanted to pursue her own passions. She became a student of 48Art Academy to learn violin, but her bigger goal was to create musical compositions for anime. There was a glint in her eye when she got carried away and started talking about the things she loves. It was adorable.

Jurina already thought she was beautiful from the first glance, but she became more enamored as they got to know each other. Maybe it was because Jurina had been single for a long time.

"Other than playing the violin, what else do you do for fun?" Jurina asked as she put her plate in the sink.

"Around this time, I usually just watch anime until I fall asleep."

Jurina wasn't much of an anime fan. She only really watched it when she was hanging out with Sakura. Even though it'd be wise to go back to her dorm and start studying for her art history test, she didn't want her day with Rena to end.

"Anime huh? It's been a while since I've watched." said Jurina, trying to steer Rena into spending more time with her.

"Ah, maybe you'll watch an episode or two with me before you go!"

Perfect, the plan worked.

Rena prepared a series on a streaming service and sat down on the couch. She looked over at Jurina and patted a spot next to her in anticipation. When Jurina accepted her offer, Rena wrapped herself up in one side of a blanket and offered the other end to her guest.

The two girls were sharing a blanket and watching anime. Jurina didn't know how the day which started from falling down the stairs somehow ended up with her getting cuddly with the cute nurse, but she had no complaints. She was mostly pleased that Rena seemed happy to have her around.

Even though Jurina wasn't that enthusiastic about anime as her friends were, she was really getting into this series that Rena put on. Before she knew it, the aforementioned plan of watching one or two episodes was forgotten. This must have been the fourth episode in a row. Time slipped by quickly, afternoon turned to evening in the blink of an eye.

Rena got immersed in the show and wouldn't hold much of a conversation while an episode played. Any questions Jurina would have about the show would be answered in short phrases. Soon enough, Rena stopped answering any questions and stayed silent. Jurina didn't find that too unusual as she would stay silent whenever she was doing an art piece.

A particularly funny moment happened on screen which elicited a laugh from Jurina, but not the girl next to her. Suddenly, she felt a small weight on her injured shoulder causing her to grit her teeth momentarily.

"Rena?" Jurina looked at the girl next to her who was now fast asleep, laying her head on Jurina's shoulder.

In any other circumstance Jurina would have carried Rena to bed. But of course, Jurina's injury wouldn't allow that sort of strain.

Very slowly and carefully as to not wake the other girl, Jurina lifted her arm up and wrapped it around Rena who let out a small groan as her head was repositioned from Jurina's shoulder to her chest. Jurina reached for the remote on the sleeping girl's lap and turned the TV off, taking away the last source of light in the room leaving the two in the dark.

From dinner to watching two episodes of an anime to watching four, the plans changed once again. It's been long since Jurina has held someone in her arms, and she was happy that Rena was the one she was holding. In one last careful change of position, Jurina laid down on the couch pulling Rena down to lay next to her.

Jurina rested her head on top of Rena's and allowed her eyes to close. In her slumber, Rena reached her arms out and pulled Jurina closer into a tight embrace.

For the third time today, Jurina drifted off into unconsciousness. Both girls lay in each other's arms in the dark room, smiling in their sleep.
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