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Author Topic: aneramyre's OS collection | I Gotcha in Gacha [WMatsui] (11/24/20)  (Read 1221 times)

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Hi! I'm aneramyre and I'm a 48G fan. I write mostly for my own entertainment (especially since there's practically no audience to write for anymore :cry:) but if anyone stumbles upon my fics and gets a kick out of them, that would make me happy. I write mostly WMatsui.
If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them, but please be gentle >_<


OS List:
1. Unwanted Suitor - WMatsui (scroll down)
Company parties would be so much better if you get to spend it with your significant other and not an annoying co-worker who keeps trying to ask you out.

2. How to Care for your Pet Jurina - WMatsui
PET48s are the chibi versions of your favorite idols and you can keep them as pets! Now that you got yourself a Pet Jurina, how do you take care of her?

3. I Gotcha in Gacha - WMatsui
If Rena keeps minimizing the amount of time she spends with Jurina, Jurina will start wondering if her girlfriend still loves her. Rena, however, thinks she has a good reason for wanting to play this much.


Unwanted Suitor

Rena groaned inwardly. Company parties at bars have never been her thing. There's too much socializing expected of her when she'd rather just sit on a bar stool and drink a cocktail or two. She would be perfectly fine if it wasn't for…

"So, Matsui-san, is there already a special man in your life?"

…this male co-worker who won't leave her alone.

"No. Just my dad and my older brother."

"Oh, but maybe there is a person that you are eyeing to be your boyfriend?"

Rena took a deep breath to summon her patience. She wasn't dumb. This guy has been eyeing her since he got hired 2 months ago and has recently decided to make moves on her. And so her trials began.

"Not really."

"Then… will you consider me for the position?"

Ugh. He isn't her type, not at all. He is arrogant. He isn't very smart. He talks too much about things that no one asked him about. He is only nice to girls that he found cute. He creepily moves too close when he talks to her. He doesn't notice that he makes her uncomfortable - and if he did, he does nothing about it. His face isn't horrible but not her type either. He is homophobic, for god's sake. Besides that, Rena was happily taken and fully committed to a relationship with someone very special. If only she could tell him all the reasons why her answer is a resounding 'no'. Not that she thinks he understands what that word means.

"Sorry, she likes 'em young."

Rena choked on her drink and sent a mock glare to the person who answered for her.

"Hey! I'm Matsui Jurina from HR." A grinning Jurina suddenly appeared beside her, stretching her hand to the man for a handshake.

"Sato Daichi from accounting." Sato, for his part, looked surprised at first but recovered his confident smile.

"Your sister?" Sato asked, turning back to Rena after shaking Jurina's hand.

"Nah, we have the same last name by coincidence," Jurina quickly answered for her again.

"I see," he paused. Then, as if realizing that he could squeeze some information out of Jurina, he asked, "Would you happen to know what Matsui-san likes in a man? Aside from being young, as you said?"

"Heh, no." the younger Matsui shrugged. "I don't think she's looking for a man right now."

The bartender served Jurina her drink and she downed it in one go. "I'm gonna go dancing. You're staying here, Rena-chan?"

When Rena sent her a look, Jurina nodded. Rena had no choice - she can't go anywhere with Sato following her around like a horrible stench. Her patience wouldn't be able to handle it and she didn't plan on going to prison.

"Alright. See you later." With a smirk, she placed a kiss on Rena's cheek before walking away with her hips swaying.

Sato, meanwhile, enjoyed the girl-on-girl display of affection and was starting to form some unsavory ideas. He can see it now: Rena goes on a date with him, he dazzles her with his charm and brilliance, they get together, move in, get married, and he'll have a wonderful housewife to welcome him when he comes home from work every day. Maybe the other Matsui-san can even drop by sometimes and the three of them can…

He shook his head. The sooner he can get Rena to say yes, the sooner he can get to the more exciting part of his expected order of events.

"Hrrm!" He called her attention again by clearing his throat. "As I was saying, would you consider going out with me, Matsui-san?"

"Ara, Sato-kun. Pestering a co-worker?" They both turned to a voice that came from the other side of Rena's seat.

"Ah, Shinoda-buchou! I'm just providing Matsui-san with good company." Sato replied confidently. As his direct superior, he's probably optimistic that Mariko is going to bat for him in his wooing.

"Is that true, Rena?" Rena's tired smile was enough of an answer to Mariko. She patted her junior's shoulder and bought her another drink.

Sato couldn't help but notice how his boss called and interacted with his co-worker with such familiarity.

"You seem pretty close with Matsui-san, Buchou."

"Quite so. We've been working together for a long time and we have many mutual friends. Aside from that, we have a relationship similar to friendly in-laws."

How friends can have in-law-like relationships, Sato had no idea but he was quick to jump on the friendship train.

"Ah, then when Matsui-san goes out with me, maybe we'll be friendly in-laws too!"

"Ha. I wouldn't go that far." Mariko muttered under her breath so that only Rena could hear it, drawing a smile that she tried to hide by pulling her glass to her lips.


"Oh, nothing. You think you're up for the challenge of getting Rena's heart, huh?"

"Yes, Buchou! Any ideas on what Matsui-san's type is?"

"You know, she has pretty high standards- so high that I've only seen one person pique her interest. Someone who's sweet, hard-working, and unreasonably attractive." Mariko listed off while sending her female junior a discreet wink. Rena felt her cheeks warm up with a blush. She once got drunk in this very bar for yet another company party and ended up spilling her romantic woes to Mariko, using those exact same words to describe the object of her affections.

"And young." Mariko added. Rena had to stop herself from facepalming.

"So I've heard. Matsui-san does seem particularly fond of our younger coworkers."

Just the girls, Rena answered mentally. But that's beside the point. Jurina and Mariko were joking around that Rena wanted someone younger because they knew that she was dating someone younger. Sato was being told a joke that everybody but him knew the punchline to. It was kind of unfair but she can't find it in herself to take pity on the oblivious guy.

"Well… I'm a year older than Matsui-san but I can guarantee that I fit the bill on all her other criteria. And I still get called a child despite my age so I'm still technically young!"

"Yeah, I bet." Mariko muttered again. Does he think that being practically called a 'man-child' is a compliment?!

"I'm sorry?"

"I said I think I'll be going to the pool tables." She nodded in Sato's direction but he somehow felt that her eyes weren't quite on him. With a wave and a pat on Rena's back, she left them.

Alone with Rena again, Sato moved to stand closer to her seat. "Matsui-san, your friends don't seem to think that you're interested in dating men right now."

Oho, is he actually not as dense as she thought?

"But have you considered that maybe you just haven’t met the right man yet? Maybe your dream man is already right in front of you. Don't you want me to sweep you off your feet?"

Eww, more like sweep him away with her feet. Nevermind, he really is dense. Everything he said disgusted her.

"Go out with me, yeah?" he asked again.

"No way."

Again, it wasn't Rena who spoke after he asked her.

"Nakanishi-san," Sato smiled at their next visitor uneasily. He got along with Nakanishi well enough when he visits Rena's desk. But surely, as a man, Nakanishi knew better than to interrupt when a fellow man was having a one-to-one conversation with a woman. If he didn't know any better, he'd think Rena's friends were trying to butt in on them on purpose.

"You can't go out with Rena-san. Sato-san," Nakanishi dropped on one knee.

"Please go out with me instead."

And just like that, Sato's brain crashed.


"Go out with me, Sato-san."

"Ehh?! What?! Wait. No. What- No. Get up. I -I don't swing that way, dude!" Sato panicked when he noticed that several people were starting to look in their direction.

"Maybe you just haven't met the right man yet, Sato-san. I've liked you since you came into the office. Please give me a chance." Nakanishi took Sato's hand and stared with pleading eyes.

"U-Ummm… I need to go." Sato hurriedly pulled his hand away and ran to the exit.

"Wait! Sato-san!" Nishishi got up as well and followed.

Rena, finally alone, was left staring at where her co-workers stood. Sato thought Nishishi was a man? After two months of working in the same office? That goes to show that his attention is only towards his more 'conventionally womanly' co-workers.

Whatever the case, she owed Nishishi big time.

"Man, I thought he'd never leave. I was running out of tricks." Jurina returned to stand beside Rena and ordered a drink.

"Mm. Looks like we owe Nishishi. And I'm assuming Mariko-san too?"

"Mari-chan volunteered to go while I was still convincing Nishishi," Jurina grinned. "It's easy once you bribe Nishishi with drinks and appeal to the 'goodness of her heart'," she added while placing a hand on her chest.

"I can't complain. You think Nishishi's stunt will keep Sato-san away?"

"Unless she gets reassigned to a desk far from yours, yeah."

Rena hummed and nodded. She wrapped her arms around Jurina's waist in a hug. "Thanks for chasing him away."

"I'm just the planner. Nishishi did the heavy lifting," she answered and ran her fingers through the other's hair.

"Still, you noticed I was uncomfortable and came to check on me first."

"Of course! I could sense my sweetheart's discomfort from a mile away."

Rena chuckled and promised to pay for half of the drinks that they owe their friend.

"So. Now that you're free," Jurina offered a hand to her "Dance with me?"

Rena smiled, letting Jurina pull her into a kiss before following her young, sweet, hard-working, and unreasonably attractive girlfriend to the dance floor.


A/N: Gasp. My 48G fic debut?! lol. Is there an easier way to transfer formatting from Word (or OneNote) to here? Looking for italicized words and putting the tags on every instance manually was painstaking. I also don't understand what message icons mean lol.
I'm aware that there's not a lot of WMatsui in it. I notice that I suck at writing romance even if I have a lot of ideas for them :( I'll try to improve.  Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts!
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Re: aneramyre's OS collection | Unwanted Suitor [WMatsui] (Oct. 27, 2020)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 11:11:46 PM »
Super fun to read! I'm excited for the other pairings you may have in store.

As for the fic itself something tells me this is drawn from experience. Haha.

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Re: aneramyre's OS collection | Unwanted Suitor [WMatsui] (Oct. 27, 2020)
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It was so amazing! I love it my wmatsui heart it's complete thank you!! keep going. It feel like this a dairy in a women life in a office.

Just an observation in this part "Jurina and Mariko were joking around that Rena wanted someone younger because they knew that she was dating someone younger. " I believe that Rena is dating another girl...

Hope you can give us more stories.. with this pair or another

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Re: aneramyre's OS collection | Unwanted Suitor [WMatsui] (Oct. 27, 2020)
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2020, 09:35:47 AM »
This story did catch me from the beginning, I loved how jurina always avoiding rena going through bad times, it shows that she is always taking care of her.
Thanks for the wmatsui, it's a great story.

Regarding the audience, do not worry since there will always be a number of readers here that we will be waiting for more stories, I hope you keep writing and that we can see more pairings, please continue like this.


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@StrongStyle9Q: Yes! But I was the one organizing interventions when a friend is talking to someone they don't like lol. Arrogance is so painful to listen to :(

@Haruko: Ah yes, I initially planned that Jurina will only be revealed as Rena's girlfriend at the end but I ended up revealing it early in the story and by tagging it as WMatsui in the OS List lol

@Nozokime: Jurina irl really gives me the vibe that she's always keeping an eye on Rena even now that they don't talk anymore considering her behavior whenever she is brought up. That was probably one of the things that this fic stemmed from (aside from wanting to have Jurina say that Rena "likes 'em young" for fun).

I'm afraid when it comes to ships, my in-development oneshots are mostly WMatsui fics (7 of them at the very least) and 2 multiple-ship fics (which I'm having serious trouble with) >_< I'm currently throwing around ideas for KojiYuu, MayuYukirin, and SayaMilky fics but I'm not making any promises. Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you liked it.


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"Aww, thank you, Jurina." Pet Jurina blushed when she got a kiss on the top of her head.

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Pet Jurina drooled at the steaming food on her owner's plate. She looked at her owner whose back was turned, getting the second helpings that Pet Jurina requested. Pet Jurina was curious why her owner never lets her eat the same curry as her. So she decided to try it while said owner wasn't looking.
"Rena-chaaaan! Wah!"
Matsui Rena suddenly turned back to her Pet Jurina at the sudden cry.
"Jurina? What's wrong?"
"Rena-chan, my mouth hurts! Uuuuu…"
"Oh no, did you try my curry? This is lava-level spiciness!"

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"Mmngh… yes, Jurina?"
"I had a bad dream again. Can I sleep with you?"
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"Thank you, Rena-chan. Night."
"Good night, Jurina."
Pet Jurina had another nightmare later and Matsui Rena woke up to find her Pet snuggled against her neck.

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"Big me, does your Pet Rena not like me? She keeps pushing me and running away from me." Pet Jurina asked while her owner comforted Pet Rena who, just now, ran away from her.
"Look, little me. Little Rena-chan is shy and she isn't the type to like the brute force approach."
"What does that mean?"
"It means she prefers silence and conversations about things you both like and getting to know each other before kissing."
"Oh. How do I do that?"
"Go slowly. Maybe she'll panic less if you don't come running to kiss her everytime. She doesn’t like that."
Pet Jurina thought about that carefully. "Hmm. Okay. Do you think she'll like it if I give her flowers and cook for her next time? Then we can talk about Kingdom Hearts over dinner."
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"Un. I'll go play Rena-chan's Kingdom Hearts right now!"
Matsui Jurina smiled at her mini version. She decided not to tell her that her Pet Rena already likes her. If they do end up becoming a mated pair, she wants to make sure that Rena's Pet Jurina works for it. Besides, she was sure her Pet Rena would appreciate Pet Jurina's cute efforts to court her.
"Jurina, what are you teaching my Pet Jurina?"
"Just some tried-and-true tactics, my Renahyon." Matsui Jurina winked and kissed her.

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Pet Rena entered Matsui Rena's bedroom and found Pet Jurina crying on the computer table.
"Jurina? Are you okay?"
"Rena-chan… I can't make it work. I'm getting angry!"
Pet Rena looked at Pet Jurina's work. She has attached the webcam to the monitor but the monitor was showing an image that was zoomed in too much and was off to the side.
"Hey, it's okay. We can fix this. I'll help you."
"You will?"
"Thank you, Rena-chan!" Pet Jurina suddenly hugged her tightly, making her blush.
After a little fixing, they were able to chat with their owners with the webcam on. Pet Rena smiled seeing how happy Pet Jurina was.

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Have questions? Contact us!
Email: 48g@petidol .com
Toll-free phone number: 0120-PET-48G


A/N: The idea of this fic is heavily based on the concept of the Pet Rock by Gary Dahl and the fic 'Tips to Raise an Idolet' by ShinyCDriver.
The italicized narrative/dialogue parts aren’t meant to be part of the guide but just 'related' events. I don't think I was able to convey that properly. Yike.
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Nice one, don't worry we can wait whatever you give us :) I'm waiting for the kojiyuu one

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Re: aneramyre's OS collection | I Gotcha in Gacha [WMatsui] (11/24/20)
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I Gotcha in Gacha

It was a cold morning in February. This was one of those rare days when neither of them had to leave the house for two consecutive days. Usually, they'd make full use of this, focusing their attention on each other, but today is different. While both intended to spend the day snuggling, their attentions were held by something else: Gacha games.
"Ne, Rena-chan. Aren't you a little too engrossed in your phone lately?" Jurina sat on the couch and placed her girlfriend's legs on her lap.
Rena looked up from her phone to look at Jurina, who was also on her phone.
"So are you."
"Of course! I want to go to Hawaii as an ambassador by winning the event in Daifugo."
"Well, there's an event on IDOLiSH7 with Tamaki-kun in it. I can't not go all out for him!"
"Tch. Lucky Tamaki-kun. My girlfriend would rather play for him than for me." Jurina fake-grumbled.
"…Sorry. I really want Tamaki-kun's card."
Jurina sighed in resignation. "Yeah, yeah. It's okay. My mom and cousins are helping me out anyway."
She opened the Daifugo app on her phone.
"SKE48 no Daifugo wa Owaranai!"
Rena visibly jumped at the sudden sound of Jurina's recorded voice blaring from the phone speakers.
"Oops. Sorry. My earphones are in the bedroom." Jurina apologized and lowered the volume.
"Mm-mm." Rena shook her head. "It's okay. I like your voice."
Her reply got the result she wanted: a dusting of pink on the other's cheeks. She hid a snicker behind her phone at her success.
"Mou, that's not fair. You know I'm weak against complements from you."
She only got an amused giggle as her reply.
Several taps on her phone later, Jurina made a surprised gasp. "Ah! The rankings have changed."
"Mhmm. The oshis are ranked according to points they've made." Jurina turned her phone to Rena who leaned forward to see the screen better.
"See, nekomama has been first place since the beginning but they fell to 2nd place under phantomcheeze99 since last night." She pointed to the names helpfully.
Rena's eyebrows furrowed. Jurina wasn't sure if it was because she needed to squint or because she saw something unpleasant on the screen - like a crass username, maybe. She waited for the older girl to point something out but the latter simply leaned back afterwards.
"Hmm. Poor guy."
Jurina agreed and turned back to her phone.
"My fans are so dedicated. I hope there was some way I could thank them. They invested so much time and money. And I can't even mention them by name to show gratitude." She sighed sadly.
Rena changed her position to face the opposite way so her back rested against Jurina. "Hey, your fans know your limits as an idol. I'm sure what they want is for you to be happy."
Jurina nodded slowly and she smiled. "You're right. I'm gonna do my best."

They spent all day cuddling on the couch, playing on their phones.  They were occasionally visited by Rena's cats and Lips-kun every few hours. Jurina, the proud chef, whipped up a quick but delicious lunch for them.
That night, Rena put off bathing until after dinner, claiming to want to grind for the event. Jurina pouted at her, disappointed that they won't be bathing together - even less time to be with each other! - but relented. She herself couldn't push bathing to after dinner because of Daifugo's Bonus Time.
Come dinner, they put their phones down and talked. Jurina told Rena about some new recipes she was thinking of, and Rena told Jurina about a new bubble tea place that they can try. They exchanged stories and talked about other little things, surprised when they found that 2 hours have passed since they sat at the dining table. Jurina was visibly saddened by having their time together cut short, but got a comforting kiss before the older girl left her to take a bath.
Of course, that wasn't enough for Jurina. It was their day off but it didn't feel like they spent the day together at all. She wanted them to be closer. Much closer.
As soon as Rena got out of the bathroom, she was pushed into a wall and pulled into a hungry kiss. She could feel Jurina's hand cushion her head against the impact. Moans came out unbidden from her mouth and she felt her knees go weak. Only Jurina's arms were holding her up.
"I miss you." Jurina whispered when she pulled back, their lips still brushing.
Rena was speechless. Instead of trying to form words to reply, she clutched Jurina's head for another rough kiss, only breaking apart again for air.
"I want you. Is that okay?" Rena wondered how Jurina can even bear to ask that when they both knew where this was going.
"Are you seriously even asking that?" She breathed out.
"Just wanna make sure I'm not ruining any plans… like playing for Tamaki-kun."
Rena knew that Jurina wasn't asking out of jealousy (well, mostly). She would respect it if Rena chose to stop here and play her gacha game. Jurina knew that the current event was very important to her otaku girlfriend.
But with this mood, there was nothing else Rena could think of doing right now. She missed Jurina too after all.
"Let's go to the bedroom." She finally said.
She felt Jurina's arms slip under her in a princess carry and her lips were captured again.

When Rena woke up, it was still dark. The digital clock on her nightstand said it was 02:24 in the morning - not even an hour since they decided to stop for the night.
She still had several hours before Jurina woke up. She had to make use of this time and get going.
Jurina had bought a walking cane for each of them - one placed on each side of their bed - for them to use on particularly vigorous nights. It was initially a joke but they do find occasional use for them when they have to limp out in a hurry. Rena reached for the cane on her side of the bed and used it to stand.
It took her longer than expected to find her clothes and her underwear in the dark. On some nights - or days - Jurina somehow felt the need to throw all articles of clothing into the opposite end of the room instead of dropping them off the side of the bed. This was one of those nights.
After pulling her t-shirt on, Rena went back to crouch at the side of the bed. In the short span of time that she was gone, Jurina has rolled over to her side of the bed and was grabbing onto Rena's pillow. She didn't want to leave Jurina to sleep alone but…
She ran her hand through Jurina's hair.
"I love you." She whispered and planted a kiss on the sleeping girl's lips. "That's why I have to go."
Then she gathered her things and exited the room quietly.

Rena was able to sneak into the guest bedroom without waking Jurina and got into place.
The door was locked. Her earphones were plugged in. She was in a comfy position. Pillows, blankets, her credit card, snacks, drinks, everything was there. Even her sleeping cats were cuddling up to her. She stroked their little heads, relishing in the fluffiness of their fur.
If Jurina woke up at the usual time, Rena had about 7 hours.
She opened the app that she kept hidden in her phone; the same app that she grinds for only when Jurina wasn't around to discover her secret. She was welcomed by her girlfriend's sweet voice.
"SKE48 no Daifugo wa Owaranai!"
nekomama has work to do.
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Rena secretly being Jurina's #1 oshi is adorable.

Also the fact that they have walking canes for the nights they rock each other a little too hard is hilarious.

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OMG!!! is so flufly I love this wmatsui interaction. thank you for this fic! Hope you can write more!

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