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Risa love me
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Chapter 1

I just move to japan. My name is Alvin. i go into the house that I rent. The house have alot of dust. All the neighbar give me something as a present. All the present is some food or cleaning tool. I start to clean up.

After half day. I finish clean up. I take a walk in the night. In the park. I see a girl look really cute. i go over and say Hi.

I say" Hi, How are you?"

*She punched me on the face*

She say" you pervert." She ran away

I start nosebleed and i get some tissue try to stop the nosebleed. I think what did I do wrong. I really pissed off. Well. i go back to my house and go to sleep. I say to myself to work hard in school tomorrow.

In the morning 5:05. I wake up and get ready to go to school.

Today I get.

I get to school. My teacher Mrs.tsuji. I introducted myself and everyone clap. I sit on my table. I see a girl beside me. It is the girl that hit me yesterday.

I say" YYYOOOUUU!!!."

Risa say" I really sorry. I don't know you worry try to talk to me."

I say" It's okay." I smile at her.

After school. I walk in the hallway. But suddenly Risa grabbed me on to a side.

She ask "Will you hand out with me?" Risa put her hand on my face.

My face is all red and I say yes. We started a weird date

Chapter 2

After that. I start think why she ask me to date with her.

I ask "Why you want to date with me."

Risa say "you look really cute so i want to date with you."

I say "ummmm... okay. Where you want to eat?"

Risa say" I want to go fo sushi." I nobbed.

Then. We go into a sushi resturant. I start to see her use a phone try to take picture of me.

I ask "Why are you taking picture of me."

Risa say "I want to always see your cute little childish face." My face turn red

I say "You should putit down and start order."

We order some sushi and a egg reman. After ordering. i see her take out her phone again.

I say" you should stop."

Risa say" Come on. you say after I order the food I can take it out."

I say" This is not the right time. Please stop." Risa nobbed.

Suddenly! Risa licked my face. I was really susprised. my face turn so red. Then, She give me a killer wick.

I say" Please stop."

Risa say" Sorry! I just so in love with you."

later the food come and we start eat it. i think the food is tasty. After 35 minute later. We finish the food, I pay 20000 yen

Risa ask" Want to come to my house."

I Say" Sure."

In the way. I see Risa eye try to the girl to stay away from me.

I ask" What are you doing!?"

Risa say" you are too cute. I don't want you to get steal."

I say "I never cheat on other girl."

Risa say" I heard that you get two most popular girl as your girlfriend."

I say" how do u know? Is really hard to date them at first."

Risa say" you don't need to know."

After we arrive to the apartment. I enter in her house. I don't believe what I saw in her house. It is full of Disneyland dolls.

Chapter 3

I go into her house. It is full of disneyland stuff. I really susprise

I ask"You like disneyland stuff?"

Risa say "Sorry for suspirse you. I really like Disneyland stuff." I see her wear the mickey mouse ribbon.

Then. I sit on the mickey mouse seat. I start to look around. Suddenly! Risa say that she will give me a present. I start to wonder what is it.

2 miunte later. She come out with a full mickey mouse dress. She jump on me.

I say "What are you doing."

Risa say" Don't be shy." She give me a kiss.

I get up and run to the washroom. My face turn really red. I sit on the toilet start to think What should I do when I go out.

20 miunte later. She knock on the door. I start to think oh no. This is bad.

Risa say" Come on baby!!! I know you can't stand for sexyiness."

Then. She jump on me.Risa really have a warm body.I want to put her off. But her hand is on my shoulder already.

Risa say"Take off is now."

My face turn so red. I pushed her on to the side and run of to the washroom. I run to her washroom. I start to be really nervous. Suddenly!!! My 2 of ex-girlfriends Eri and Ai is infront of me.

Chapter 4

Suddenly! Eri and Ai is behide me

I ask "What are you doing here?"

Eri and Ai say" We come here to hunt you down."

I say" But I broke up with you girl already."

Eri say "Broke up by e-mail."

I say "I am sorry."

Risa say "what!? By e-mail you Jerk" Risa hit my head

I say "I really sorry."

Risa, Ai and Eri say" But we love you."

I think after that... I get 3 girlfriends!!!

I say "Let go eat."

Risa say" I will make the dinner. go take a bath first."

I go in to the washroom. start bathing!!! Suddenly. Eri and Ai come in with a nake body.

I say "What are you doing?"

Ai say "I want to take bath with you."

I say "Ummm... okay."After a hour. We come out. Risa make some ramen for us.

I say "This is yummy." Risa smile to me

After the dinner. we go to sleep

Chapter 5

Next day, We are going to shopping first. I buy some really cute Teddy bear and some music CD. that cost me 4500 yen. Risa buy a cell phone and a camera that cost me 85000 yen. Ai chan buy 3 ribbon, 3 book and DVD. She costed 6500 yen. Eri didn't buy anything

I ask: Why don't you buy anything?

Eri say: I don't feel like to buy anything today.

After that we go to watch movie. We watched Astro boy. It is pretty good and cute. Then, we go to eat. we order a "Plain ramen". I don't feel hungry so i eat really less.

After that we go to a park and we get on some ride. we go on two rollar coaster and we play a lot of mini game and win a lot of cool price. i win a giant teddy bear for Ai.

Ai say: Thanks you

I say: You are welcome

*Ai give me a kiss*

Then. we go to the beach and swim. we swim 2 hour and we play with the sand. It was really fun

Risa say: Let go home. i am tired.

I say: me too

When we get to home. we go to sleep

Chapter 6

Next day. We wake up. Our body feel so tired. So we decide to stay home. First we eat our breakfast. After the breakfast. We open a concert DVD and start watching it. The band on the concert is "Alice nine". We watch it for 3 hour. the concert is great.

I say: The concert it is really good

Ai say: I like the song "Rainbow"

Risa and Eri say: Me too

Then, they drag me into the room. I ask what do they want

I ask: what do you want?

Risa say: We wanna play with you

I say: No!!! thanks you!!!

*I start running away*

Eri say: If you don't like it! Fine

Ai say: Let play card

I say: okay!!!

I being out a pack of card and we start playing. we play big 2. for 2 hour. After 2 hour. we cook our dinner. we have beef, chicken and fish. Half hour later. The food are ready. we start eating the dinner. The dinner is pretty yummy. After that. I take a shower with Ai, Risa and Eri. After the shower. We clean the dishes and go to sleep

Chapter 7

After day. We wake up. we go eat breakfast first. The breakfast it is some sandwich and egg. After the breakfast. We go to shopping. We go in all sort of store. i buy a wooden guitar, clothes and book. Risa buy some cloth and some wooden stuff. Ai and Eri didn't buy anything.

I ask: Why didn't you buy anything?

Ai and Eri say: Nothing good.

We run to the beach and we are playing surfing. Surfing is really fun. we play around 4 hour. We drop to the water a lot. After the surfing. We change our cloth.

Ai ask: Is it fun?

I say: Yes is really fun

Risa say: let go eat

We find a sushi restaurant. we order some sushi. we start eating it. The cost is $45. After that we go back to the hotel. We take a shower and go to sleep. we having a lot of good dream

Chapter 8

3 week later. we go back to Japan. we go to the airport. we go on the plane. 1 hour later the plane take off. In the plane. I sleep the whole time. I eat a little bit.

8 hour later. we go back to Japan. we take the taxi to go back to home. 15 minute later. we go back to home. we take a shower and go to sleep

After 1 day. I go meet all my friend and give them present. Everyone say. we bought a lot of cool thing. they really happy about it and it is my birthday today. they buy a cake for me

I say: Thanks you

Risa say: you are welcome. I hope you like it

I say: i like it

*Ai give me a soft smile*

*They start singing*

After the singing. they start eat the cake. I really like the cake. the cake is make of Mango. It is really yummy. It is so full. After that. we take a shower and go to sleep

Chapter 9

Today. It is Risa's birthday. We all eat breakfast first. After breakfast. I tell her to close her eye. we start to count. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... We tell her to open her eye. Risa reaction is like.

Risa say: Ehhhhhh!!!!

I say: It is for you

*Risa kissed on my face*

*My face turn red*

*We start to sing the birthday song*

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to Risa
Happy birthday to you

*We start clapping hand*

*Ai start to give us cake*

*We eat the cake*

We really like the cake. After that. we go watch movie. We watch 2 movie. The movie is pretty normal. I guess is ok. After that.we go to eat dinner. we go in a chinese resturant. We start to order. After 10 minute the food come. we start to eating the food. After 40 minute. We finish the dinner. We go home, take shower and sleep

Chapter 10

Next day. I wake up and I start thinking. I should have with Ai, Risa and Eri. Start a new life. I don’t t want to date three girl in the same time. I tell Ai, Risa and Eri come to the room. They come in.

I say: I decide to break up with you three.

They say: Why?

I say: I don’t want to date three girls at the same time. I new a new life.

They say: ok. Let go for a final date.

After that. We go to shopping. I buy 3 teddy bear. 3 head bang and 3 book for them. They buy but me 1 book. One t-shirt and one pant. I cost 15000 yen. They cost 8000 yen.

After the shopping. We go to watch movie. We watch 4 movie. After that. We go to eat some food. We order the food. 15 minute later. The foods come. After the food. We pay the bill. It cost 20000 yen. After that. I go home start packing up. After I finish pack up.

I say: Thanks you for giving me a good time.

They say: The time go so fast. I guess is time to say good bye.

*My tear come out and hug them*

I walk to the door.

3 year later. I get married. My wife name is “Reina Tanaka”. We have one son and one daughter. One time. We are in the beach. I walk alone and I see Ai, Risa and Eri.

I ask: How are you this 3 year?

They say: We are fine. What about you?

I say: I get married and I get one son and one daughter.

They say: We still single

I say: Why?

They say: I like to be free.

*I give them a soft smile and walk away*

After that. We become really good friend and have a good life

To end
Story by: Mitsu
Made up story
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