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« on: January 09, 2007, 02:15:31 PM »
Introduction: This is like my 2nd Attempt to write any sort of fanfiction. (The 1st one i made was some gay Street Fighter/KOF shit). Anyways, i made this because i was bored, and needed to kill some time, but around 30mins into it, i really got into developing a story in my head, so, i'll continue this regularly, until, it ends (havent thought of an ending yet.)

This is not really a romantic (not yet) fic, not a pron/secks fic, not some gei, lesbo story involving H!P girls fic...or etc. I tried to make it like a comedy, but i think it will only work if you try to imagine everything in an exaggerated manner. lol.

lastly, i don't think you'll see it but im actually more used to and experinced in handling comics/manga scripts (did a few, both illustrations and scripts), so, again, it helps if you imagine it that way. Also, excuse the grammatical errors, writing style, and such. it's my 2nd time as i've said.

I believe i have something original. So read and enjoy if you can :)

ALSO, im trying to add my own twist using my 'true' skill, so, it will have half-assed illustrations on some high points in the story. as much as possible.

-A few Charaters are made up, obviosuly.
-and NO, that is not me in there. lol.
-Excuse the LONG INTRO, which may bore you, and make it seem unrealated to H!P. It's there for a reason. don't worry, once its over, and H!P pops out, it's gonna be full of H!P/MoMusu from there on. (succeeding chapters i mean),

Reading notes
Sorry, but i tried to be consistent. basically this is the format:

Main Character's Thoughts/Mumblings
Emphasized Lines
"Spoken Lines"
"Emphasized Spoken Lines"
//Location-Event Indication//

EDIT added Drawing for chap 1!
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The moment I got out the train, I knew from now on, things will be different. It's my first time in the city, the big city. Although i'm not totally terrified, being alone, away

from the familiar faces and places back home, you can't help but be intimidated living in a place like Tokyo.

"Look muzu-chan... it's Tokyo Tower!"

"..." Of course, she wouldn't be able to feel the gravity of such an experince.

As I walk around the busy streets, struggling to find the apartment I was assigned to, I can't stop this excitement inside me from growing. For each gigantic electronic screen I pass by,I see a bright future, for each bustling city noise, I can hear the sound of a happy life. No more bad memories from now on, just good ones.

Finally, I arrive at this shady but clean-looking building. Oddly enough it's kinda quite, hard to believe that it's actually part of the city.

"Ta--njun Su-i-to.."

And so I enter this place that i will soon call, home.

"Ahh.. you're late."

"Ehe... Sorry, I think i circled for a while... almost got lost.."

"Well, you'll get used to it... by the way, I'm Mr. Kojima,Im in charge of this building,you can call me Koji just like the others."
"Ahh, You'll be in room 3014... haha, in the 3rd floor... at least you'll exercise your knees!"
"You're Lucky your mother was persistent in getting you a room fit to be a studio... It was in demand you know.."

"Really? hrmm, i should be grateful then, thank you very much"

And so, he led me to my apartment. While walking, I can't help but notice the uniformity of every door, every window, every room. Back home, everyone tried their best to make their homes stand out. Kinda Funny.

"Here we go... 3-0-14. Here's your key, and a duplicate, Everything's in place thanks to your Mother. She even brought in a TV for you, well, take care. Good Night."
"You're next to Mr. Ogura, and the Shimatani's"
"The Shimatani's are always out, they only come here when they have city trips, and Ogura.. hrmm.. he actually never talks to anyone, and always comes in late. I think he's a banker of some sort... anyways.. i'll leave you to rest now.. School starts next week right?"

"Hehe, ya.. at least i have some time to explore the city this weekend... anywhoo.. Thanks for everything sir." *bows*

"Wait, is that a CAT? we don't allow pets around here..."

"B-But she's like f-fam.."

"Don't worry Since you're in the top floor, it won't really bother that much people, I'll allow it, but be sure to clean up when that thing makes a mess..."

"Ok, will do, thanks again sir, we're very grateful."


Hrmm.. he's.. talkative.. reminds me of mother. Oh well.
So this is my room, it's pretty big, bigger than the one i had back home. Wow! My table finally fits well. No more stressful arm strains.

"We might as well rest now, huh muzu? Tommorrow, I'll explore Tokyo!"

//The Next Day//

"Sorry, muzu, i'll hafta leave you here for today, keep watch of my things okay? later.."

Might as well grab a jacket, it's still chilly even in the city.

Walking in streets with so many people is something i'm not used to, It's not just the bumping and the tight spaces, I swear i've gotten a few ill looks already. Maybe I'm jsut

paranoid,maybe they're thinking "What's this country folk doing here..", Though I won't let that bother me, I have to enjoy myself before serious school cramming starts, hehehe.

WOW! GAMERS! I have to go here first!
Oh My God! I've never seen so much comics! Everything in mint condition!
As I browse through the aisles of works by the masters, once again, It seems that almost everyone in the store is looking at me. Do i have a boo-boo somewhere? Do I have holes in my pants? Who cares, im shopping for manga, we never get this much good stuff back home.

"I'll buy these, please"

"Of course, right away.... you there! wrap this immidiately"

Service here sure is good, why can't he stop bowing though...

"Here you go, Enjoy reading and please do shop here again, Ma'am"

Did he just call me "Ma'am"?

"Uhm, excuse me, but i'm a guy you see..."


What's with the wink?

Oh well, "Thank you..."

That was strange... why the big fuzz?.. and again, why were people staring at me? hrmm... the city sure has some weird people..
Where to next?... hrmm..

*walks a few more blocks, managing to grab a few more stares on the way*

Hey, it's one of those fancy 'coffee shops'. I don't have much left, but i guess, i deserve to splurge a bit.
As I enter, I notice there are only a few people, it must really be expensive here...

"AH! Welcome ma'am, we have a table ready for you. Please have a seat."

That was accommodating. but..

"Eh... uhm, excuse me but, Im not a g-"

"The usual ma'am? Were on it~,.."

"Uhm.. bbut..."

"Don't worry, it'll be done in... oh! here it is right now"
"If i do say so myself, your -look- is 'pure genius' this time.."

"uhm.. okay..."

Was that a complement? Im really confused now.
And what's this they served me? It looks like one of those fancy foreign cakes. and this coffee, why is it full of froth and cream?
I think they are mistaking me for someone else...Well, this never happend to me before, oh well, these perks only come once in a while... i'll enjoy myself for today, i'll pay

anyways. I guess, i'll read up on the manga's I just bought while eating.. this.

Brr... Sure is cold, why do they even have the air-conditioning on during winter?? *puts on the jacket with the hood on*

//A few minutes have passed//

A small girl sporting huge shades, wearing a stuffy coat enters, she is accompanied by a tall well built man.

"WHO IS THIS?!!" shouts the girl.

"But ma'am, you said if anyone of your fr-"

"I TOLD YOU THIS SEAT IS FOR ME ONLY! I CANNOT TOLERATE SUCH! Nobu! Get rid of that thing immidiately."

I was so engrossed in my readings, i didn't notice the small commotion, Suddenly, I felt big hands grabbing me by the arms which tossed me out of my small snack time. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor on my back.
The few people in the shop were all eyes on me. But i felt most afraid of the girl staring at me furiously through those chunky glasses.



Apparently,I do! She's..




REINA! Yes! I remember now! She's that girl from...

"OH MY GOD..." *Reina takes off her shades*

"Wah!!! *screams of excitement* This is just too good! Nobu help her up quickly!"
"The girls are gonna love this, especailly Ka-.... Oh ya! IM SO SORRY about that... I had a bad da-..."

"Uhm.. no problem I guess, im sorry if I took your tab-..."
Why is she staring at me so closely?

"Let me see... pull up your bangs" she said.

So i did..."Okay..."

"Oh my, you're a guy too! How fucked up is that!"

What did she say??!!
"Excuse me. b-b..."

"YOU HAVE TO COME WITH US, Nobu, call the car, And YOU, grab your stuff,"

And so I did. I did not hesistate though, like a soldier taking commands, I simply did what she said, i'm too shocked, confused and star-struck to think.

After a few moments, I find myself in a luxurious town car. With Reina Tanaka. Mother is gonna freak when she hears about this.

"So, tell me about yourself... wait, i haven't introduced myself yet... I'm Tana-"


"Yay! I guess we're still selling albums even in parts like Aomori.."

"Wait how did you know i was from..."

"Well, it says, I <3 AOMORI APPLES in your shirt... i kinda figured..."

"Hehe, damn, you caught me wearing my silly clothes...hey, WAIT A MINUTE, Where are you taking me anyways? I know one should be oh-so-happy that someone like Reina Tanaka has kidnapped me but, im not THAT KIND of person you know..."

"Amazing!, you're not even aware of it... okay, Look HERE."

She held a small compact mirror in front of me.

"Okay... what am i suppossed to be looking for?..."

"Oh come on stop playing dumb.... OH! We're Here!"

//At the H!P Compunds//

I'm still very much confused. Oh well. This makes a good story back home, might as well, go along with it.
We arrived at what seemed to be a buisiness complex, but we were then escorted into this big dance-hall type room, Just like the ones for ballet classes, you can even hear people

practicing some sort of dance routine... now don't tell me i'm gonna dance.. hehe.

"MIKI!!!" "AYA!" "SAYU!" "KOHARU!" Reina's sharp voice echoed through the room.

Oh my god, this day could not get any better, DAMN! I didn't bring my camera!, now nobody will ever believe a miracle like this!

*the music was stopped and everyone went on to greet Reina*

"Hey girls, look what I found.." was Reina referring to me? "Found"?! Im not an animal you know!

"ERIIIIIIII~!" I was suddenly choking to a clamp-like hug of a little girl...

"..." until I was violently let go after a few seconds.

exclaimed Sayumi, who quickly ran behind Koharu.

"Eri?" What?!!! Eri? IM A GUY DAMMIT, i said to myself.

"You see this girls..."

Again with the looks? Is there something on my face?!

"Hrmm..." said, Miki looking at me with skeptcism...

She then grabbed my chest with her raw sweaty hands.

"If only he had brea-.." *AYA SLAPPED MIKI's HAND*

"Stop that Miki!" yelled Aya.

"But to be honest, it is an uncanny resemblance, almost like clones!" Said Aya.

"Noooo~! That would be freaky!!" cried Sayumi.

"He looks a bit roughed up though,maybe if he got rid of those geeky clothes,and maybe if his hair gets fixed, and oh some make up...and, and.." said Koharu.

Miki interrupted "I agree... but what about those thighs?..."

*The room is then filled with laughter*

"Reina, What time is it?" asked Miki.


"Aww, she wont be out till 6:00pm.. no matter."

"Come on girls! Let's Experiment!"

Evil grins filled their faces.
I think I now have an idea what's going on..
"Wait, what's your name anyway?" Asked Aya.

"Oh, im Saitou Kagami"

"HAHAHA. How Ironic, your name I mean" laughed Reina.


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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2007, 07:51:33 PM »
Chapter 2

notes: i think nobody really got the first part, or found it too weird, but anywhoo, here's the next chapter, i did away with the italics and lessened the bold fonts as malciel suggested.

enjoy, and please comment if you have any cirts, complaints and what not


//City Streets//

So, here I am, barely my second day in Tokyo, and I am being tagged along forcefully by members of the ever popular Morning Musume, with Aya Matsuura too... how lucky could a bastard be? Not that i'm a fan or anything... But come on, who wouldn't kill for this?!... best not to dissapoint them... wait, what did Miki mean by Experiment?...

"So Kagami, is Morning Musume really popular in Aomori?"

"Uhm, sad to say, but not really, Reina..."

"Bah!, that's a bummer, we haven't been selling well lately.. GAM only works with the icky obsessive fanboys and even Miracle girl here isnt really on the top of the charts...

Tsunku's so stressed right now, hahaha"

"Don't be ridiculous Miki, The fact that there's a crowd following us proves that H!P is still significant!"

"Easy for you to say, you landed that Sukeban' gig, Miss Matsuura!"

"Oh come on! You hog all our lines in GAM performances.. and you..."

"Hey guys! Why do we even have to walk? don't we have cars?!" (sayu)

"Ya!, my legs hurt, and we just came from rehersals!" (koha)

"Eh! Stop whining!

Wow, they awfully seem rowdy,is this how idols act? I Mean, i know they're not princesses in real life, like in the TV shows, but it's kinda weird how they act so, normal,they

still are everyday people after all.

"There it is! Takeda-sama's studio."

"A-ha.. now we'll see how golden this boy really is."
"Kagami, you can always back-out now..." warned Miki.

"Why? What exactly are you guys leading me into?..."
I know what they will do, but i'm quite unsure, I WILL NEVER DO such things. It's too much, even for me.

"We can always leave you here, without security..."

"Ya, You see that small crowd behind us? Once Nobu leaves, they will ATTACK" added Reina

"We've led you too far already, there's no turning back..." said Miki

Easy. Of course I will go with them, it's better than being ravaged by those 30 year old men! EWW.

"Okay Miki-sama!, but a man has limits you know, there's 5 of you, and only 1 of me..."

Miki then grabs me by the collar, and lifted me.

"Don't Push it." Miki smiles sarcastically.

I was kidding of course, haha,but i never knew Miki really IS violent!

"Relax! I was kidding!...hehe"

"Haha, you better be glad you look so much like her, that we HAVE to do this. Even if it's just for kicks!"

"Miki... im not spending my money on this, nonsense"

"Don't worry Aya, that queer Takeda owes me big time. And I Don't think he could ever resist such an oppourtunity. Come on, let's go! Nobu, cover us."

And so, we enter this elite building, it looks well polished and you can see lots of fish tanks and fancy marble interiors, and also it smells a bit minty in here. It reminds me

of that tea Mother used to make.*sighs*
Tokyo is really such a fancy place, and today is such a dream! Maybe the gods are rewarding me, for all the things i've gone through back home... Ok, focus! no need for sappy memories here. I'm with Idols! and that's what matters for the time being!

//Takeda's Studio//

We rode the elevator up to the 11th Floor, this is probably the highest i've ever been to, there were no tall buildings back home.

"MIKI!! How are you! And you've bought the girls along with you!"

*A tall guy in colorful frill, with big hair hugs and cheeks Miki*

"Oi! Takeda, remeber that favor you owe me?"

"Why of course~! ehhehe"

"Well, do you job then..."

Miki then pushed me toward this Takeda person.

"Oh my~!" he squealed

He grabbed my hand, ouch!, that's a strong grip for such a queer.
I was then dragged helplessly, everyone else followed, passing by several rooms, all filled with busy people, working with cameras and what appears to be studio lights. We finally

stopped at this big room, it has a big white screen and a makeup desk area. It's obviously a photo studio.

"Now Ms. Kamei, go sit over there, i'll prepare my equipments."

"hahah, Takeda, look more closely at HER" said Miki

"huh? Ya, I get it, Kamei had a wild night, huhuhuhuuh! Honestly my dear you look like shit, don't worry,we'll get you..."

Reina then stood behind me. And She lifted my Shirt up!

"WAHHHHHHHH!!" yelled the Takeda fellow.

I forced myself out of Reina's antics.

"He gets it now." smiled Miki.

"Where did you find HIM??!!" cried Takeda

"I caught him eating my StawberryShortcake! Hahaha..."

Uhm, not exactly Reina...

"It tricked me too!, now i'm officially LESS CUTER because I touched a MAN!"

"Sayumi, stop being so childish..."

"Anyhoo~, it doesnt matter, WE MUST EXPERIMENT!" Yelled Miki.

I have never been this much touched by this many people, at the same time. They kept on flicking my head, looking at every contour of my chin, skimming through my eyes, playing around with my hair, twisting my posture, and so on. I kinda feel like a doll, I remember how Mother and I also did the same thing with Muzu-chan when we first got her.. that reminds me, I hope she's doing okay.

"WAIT! ONE THING is wrong!"

They all then stopped fondling me. finally.

"His teeth is reversed!" said Koharu.

"Oh yeah... but a Mirror image would make him EXACTLY like Eririn" Said Aya.

"That's no problem, maybe if he doesnt smile, haha" joked Miki.

Wow, they ARE SERIOUS. Do i really look like her? Mother never said anything, and she's like, the biggest... hrmm...

"Miki! I forgot to tell you, Tsunku expects us to attend one of his Mixers tonight."

"What time?"

"Hrmm, i guess we could go in as early as 7pm"

"Good! That means more drinks for us!"

"hmph, Miki...." *sighs Aya*

"Can we come too?" Asked Sayumi

"Of course not, you're not allowed to drink yet, besides, it's a boring adult party, and you have school tommorrow.." Explained Aya.

"Aww,,," (sayu)

"Aya, I have an idea! Kamei is Legal right?"

"I Think so..."

"Good enough!"

"Miki, I don't like the sound of this..."


As they talked, and I listened intensely, i didn't notice this Takeda fellow is brushing me up we lots of fancy make-up and unknown paints. I would have freaked out by now, but I was enjoying the sight of these pretty girls amidst their petty conversations. He then proceeded to do my hair, he washed it and trimmed it a little. Oddly though I barely noticed all these things being done to me. Especially since Reina, Sayu and Koharu, all talked to me about their first-time-in-Tokyo experiences,  while Miki and Aya sat by the couch, having their own discourses.

Hours Passed by, Then...

"Ah ha! There!, this was easier than I thought. Are you sure you're even a man?"

At that moment, I would have punched him so hard, that his balls would have fallen off... until Reina, turned my chair around into the mirror.


The room stood silently for quite a while, everyone had their eyes glued at the mirror, including me.

"Takeda, you're a genius"

"Oh Miki~, just doing my job"

"Wow, now, he REALLY looks like Eririn!" exclaimed Ayaya.

"I think he's even prettier than the real Kamei-chan.."

"KOHARU! Dont' say that" *Sayu frowns*

"Reina, what time is it"

"Miki? uhm... it's almost 6pm"

"Gah!! What should we wear Aya?!"

"Don't worry, I asked Nobu to fetch a couple of our dresses, we can change in the car as usual I guess..., wait, isn't HE coming along?!"

"haha, if he dares to peek at least ONCE, he's gonna get it!... right, Kagami?"

"eheh...okay Miki-sama"

Honestly, im excited, who cares if i NEED to dress up like girl for the night! I'm no fanboy or anything, but 2 girls, dressing up... AN OPPOURTUNITY I WILL NOT MISS!

"But what will he wear?" Said Koharu.

"He still has man clothes for godsakkes!" laughed Reina.

"Don't worry, we'll fix him up..." *Miki does an evil smile*

"OKAY! It's ON! Tonight! GAM w/ Kamei Eri will crash the party!

We all went to the lobby to wait. As we sat there, they all continued with their loud chatter. I on the other hand, was looking at the aquariums, not at the fishes though, but at the pretty girl from the reflection. At Eri Kamei. Suddenly.. I realized, it was ME.

Like waking up from a dream, I seemed to have come to my senses only now. What am I about to do?! But it was too late, the car was already there, waiting for us.

"Oi! Kagami, Let's Go.."

So I got in the Car, trembling with fear.

"Reina, i've sent for another car to pick you guys up, you don't mind waiting right?"

"Aw... Okay. but only This time, because Kame... err Kagami outcome interests me too"

"Don't Worry guys, we'll tell you all about it!" shouted Miki.

The three of us waved our goodbyes.

"Okay Nobu, let's get moving."

//On The Way to the Party//

It's colder than usual, it's probably due to the air-conditioning, or maybe because i'm just so nervous. Look, im shaking.

"Okay Kagami, DON'T PEEK! GOT IT!?" Said Aya,

"Ohh. come on Aya, after what we did to HIM, he deserves some sort of, reward.. hehe"

"Don't be silly, for all we know..."

I Simply Shut my eyes. I tried to compose myself, and think of a way to get out of this... mess..

"Okay, we're dressed now... you can open your eyes."

"Wow, you guys look great, even when prepping up in a place like this.." I said.

"We're used to it... hehe"

"So Aya, what shall we do to make him 100% Kamei..."

"Ma'am, Ms. Tanaka actually instructed me to snatch along Ms. Kamei's formal dresses as well" voiced Nobu from the driver's seat.

"Really?! Well that's good!"

So I really am going for this, am I? Mother would disown me if she ever found out..i was involved in such malicious behaviour.

"Okay Miki, i think this one fits the occasion."

"Good Choice Aya... now Kagami, get naked! and put this on."

Okay. now im done for. I hesistated.

"Fine then, as a fair exchange, we won't look as well, right Miki?"

*Miki jsut giggled*

So i took of my clothes and, and wore the expensive looking night gown.
As if it were magic, it fits like a glove.

"There." I said.

"WHOOOO! It's Kamei-chan!" shouted Miki.

"Okay, now wear these heels"

So I Did. And for the rest of the ride, they both perked me up even more, fixing my lips, my brows and adding clip-on jewelries.
As a guy who grew up watching sentai shows, drawing robots and playing soccer. This was not my thing at all.
But it's too late now.

"Ms. Fujimoto, Ms. Matsuura.. we're here." said Nobu.

As we got out the car. A Million thoughts came through my head.
Is this a dream? a nightmare? How did I end up here? Why Am I doing this? What will Happen? Is Muzu okay? Why do these shoes hurt? WHY DO I LOOK LIKE ERI KAMEI??"

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haha man i'm loving this!! cant wait to see the pictures!! man you i'm laughing so hard its hurting my cheeks, i really want see this guy now hahaha

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LMAO!! :lol: this is HILARIOUS! Kamei Eri look-alike XDXD I wanna see how the mixer goes XDXD

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Cross-dressing ftw! (Man, and I thought I loved Eric!)

This is some great stuff! Keep it up! ;)

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Wow, thanks for the comments guys, hehe, im actually more confident to continue fic this now :) I'll do my best to deliver something good >_

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Lol, ronin. You should give people time to read your first and second chapter!

More people will turn in and comment it.

I found it is quite amusing when a boy resembles eri, that remember me of Yakkun. XD

If I'm the boy, I'll make sure I'm in a win-win situation. :P

The first chapter art is funny too lol. Keep writing!.

Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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notes: If you didn't notice yet, Nobu is basically the girl's all around slave/bodyguard. You'll see him a lot actually.
-In this chapter, I took a lot of shorcuts, this is because, i assume you are already aware and are able to figure out about common incidents.

anyways, here it is.

Chapter 3

//Tsunku's House//

I remember when I said my goodbyes to the people back home, they gave me all sorts of going away presents, but the one which touched me the most was of course, from Mother, she gave me a CD. A Morning Musume CD, i think it was called 'Furusato', i havent listened to it yet though...

"Kagami, here's the drift.."

While walking through the garden, Miki and Aya then started to prompt me on how to act like Eri. From hand gestures and facial expressions, to how I walk and sit and so on. I wasn't really familiar with Kamei Eri to be honest, the only reason I actually know about Morning Musume, or Hello! Project for that matter, was because my Mother is probably the nuttiest fan from Aomori.

"Focus Kagami, we don't want to ruin this... we're actually doing YOU a favor here... Think of it as a Tokyo Initiation..."

As we appraoched the living room and pool area, I could see some well dressed and rich looking folks, all laughing and having drinks.

"Ahh, Miki, Aya, glad you could join us~!"

"Of course! I wouldn't give up free drinks!"

"Miki!, what he mean Tsunku-sama was, of course we wouldn't let you down."

"Ahahahha, i see... oh, and you've brought along Eririn~"

So, this is Tsunku. Man, he's awfully shorter in person, and his teeth look really funny, hahahha. I can't help but laugh inside while looks at me intensely.

"Okay, Miki,... what did you do again?!" Tsunku sounded a bit furious.

"Tsu-... eh he.."

"It looks like your stylist did supreme work this time! Eri never looked so beautiful~"

I blushed, even though I really wanted to puke. The only thing i could do was smile at him.
They continued chatting for a while, I stood silently beside them listening, and nodding. Trying to get along and look cheerful and such, like Aya instructed.

"Oh, yeah, I guess im keeping you girls from having your fun,  go on i'll hafta entertain the other guests... the bar is over there.."

"yay, later Tsunku! come'on girls~"

"Wow! you even tricked Tsunku!" whispered Miki

And so we headed towards the bar. Miki got us some cocktail drinks in sleek glasses. And we sat down at one of the leather couches nearby. In the continuing hours, we basically just layed there. Like a shy girl, all I could do was smile, while all sorts of people approached and greeted us. Every time somebody tried to start a conversation with me, Miki and Aya would always intervene and successfully direct attention towards them.

As I sat there, I observed these so called socialites, and I couldn't help myself from being impressed on how 'cool' these people seemed to be. How could someone like me, a humble farm boy, end up in such a place like this.

"Kagami, quit staring, they might get suspicious" hinted Aya

I nodded and smiled back.

"here! drink some more! It's a weekend, no need to be sober tonight!"

*Miki then forcefully handed the two another round*

Man, she sure is a bit wild, she reminds me a lot of mother... actually.

*2-3 Hours later*

I'm not actually used to drinking this much, maybe I should slow down.
but again, it was too late, I can't feel my face, I'm already half dead as far as i can tell. I was about to pass out, until..

"Come! Let's go home~ Me wants to go to bed now~!" Said Miki in a Drunken manner.

I think, Nobu helped us up, And I was being dragged into the car be Aya. Nobu was already carrying Miki.
Crap, now what? I thought to myself. Then I had a shutdown.

//Going Home//

I suddenly woke up for a bit, I think it was due to the humps along the ride. Everything was misty, almost dream-like. As I opened my eyes, I saw Miki poking Aya's cheeks, who was sound asleep. Miki noticed me and said: "Shhhh!, im counting her pores~"
I was too messed up to think straight, and once again, i passed out.

I was then alerted by the sting of somebody slapping my face.

"Hey, kid, where do you live again?"

Still half-asleep, I mumbled: "Ta-tanjun Su..."
Then i passed out again.

"Ei! kiddo, here are your things... get yourself freshened-up, i'll be back for Ms. Kamei's belongings tommorrow"

Still a bit doozy, I nodded.

I climbed up the stairs, I was very much wasted still, so, it felt like a huge struggle. I was about to fall down, until a man helped me up, he then asked me:

"What room are you in, miss?"

"3... hrmm. 3, 0, 1... 4"

"How lucky! We're practically neighbors."


I felt like shit, everything's a haze. and like a true junkie, I simply passed out again.

//Room 3015//

The sound of the TV woke me up. As I gained awareness, i was greeted by this middle-aged man with glasses. Who seemed to have been watching me sleep.

"Oh goody, you're awake~!"


Where am I? Who is this guy?
Anyhow, I noticed I was lying in this extra huge futon, and im still wearing Kamei's dress.

"Okay, relax there for a bit, i'll go prepare some tea..~"
He sounded excited.

So I got up, the green lights of a digital clock instantly caught my eye. It was  9:06am. Shit, where the hell am I?! As I sat there, still very much disoriented, i noticed the walls were full of pictures. Pictures of young girls, pretty girls, pictures, big pictures. The most notable one, was that of Morning Musume. Man, is this what i think it is?... such a typical scenario.. but why me??!! fuck. I soon then realized, was still in a woman's dress. Okay, Relax, i'll just sneak out and... Too Late.

"Here you go Ms. Kamei~!"

Crap, this tea is surely poison.

"Sir, you are very much mistaken.. i'm not really who you think I am..."

I tried the polite route.

"NO! This is destiny! I always knew this day would come~ WE ARE MEANT TO BE~!"

I knew it... crap indeed.

He started to get even more crazy eyed, and started to creep towards me.
I quickly got up and started to run towards the door, but i tripped. Dman these heels. He grabbed my leg and violently dragged me towards the futon. I grabbed the tea cup and flung it towards him, but I missed...

"Let go of me you fucking creep!" I shouted, now my male voice was more recognizable

"HIYAHAHAH! you cannot stop the WILL OF THE GODS, Ms. Kamei!"

Man this guy's fucked up.

I continued to struggle, but the alcohol really busted my energy... i felt helpless. Next thing I knew, he was grabbing my butt, while I tried to crawl towards the door.

In a stroke of luck, i could hear a familiar voice shouting next door...

"Mr. Kagami, we're here for Ms. Kamei's dress... open up!"

I didn't hesistate, I squealled like a girl.


Like something out of a movie, the door crashed open.
It was Reina, alongside Nobu.

"WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" screamed the perverted man.

everyone was in shock and stood silently for a split second.
Reina suddenly screamed and swfitly ran towards us.
I closed my eyes and curled up in a defensive manner.

*Reina, with brute force, punched the daylights out of the old man."

"It's okay now. I've knocked him out"

Thank God, it's over.
I sighed with relief, but at the same time, stood in awe. Man, Reina sure can punch....

"Great going! Ms. Tanaka, I see you've been practicing.."

"hihi! Thanks! A girl must learn how to protect herself you know..."
Reina brags at her accomplishment.

"So... Kagami, what an unfortunate second meeting"

"Seriosuly!, is this what you girls put up with?!"
I was furious first, before thankful.

"Oh of course not!  Unlike you, we have bodyguards to protect us.. you see"

"Ms. Tanaka, I've contacted them, more security and some police will arrive shortly... We've also been informed that no press/media will be noted about this incident."

"Okay Nobu... Kagami, you've-..."

I suddenly felt a sharp sting from behind. I grabbed a hold of it, it was a syringe. I quickly pulled it out with disgust.

"Ewww.. Kagami, What's that??!" Reina cried.


"I don't kn...."

I passed out again.

//Kagami's Room//

This feels nice, I havent had a sleep like this for months, now.
I wonder, was it all a dream? meeting popular Idols, almost being raped, okay, okay, maybe it was a nightmare.. haha.  Sure it is.   Oh well, i should get up soon, i have to get ready for..

"Ohh! He's waking up!"

What?! Was that... Reina?!
So it was real after all. Oh my god! The idols, the corssdressing! the party! The pervert! Reality.

*Kagami opens his eyes*

"Reina, get this mirror away from my face..." still half-asleep

So I tried to wave it off... but, wait, it's.. .. it's... lips?? hair? nose?


It spoke!

Apprarently Sayumi was also here.

"Now get off him before he gets a boner!, ahahha" said Miki.

Miki was there to.
Apparently, i was lying in bed, and Kamei was on top of me.

"Ms. Kamei I presume..." i said.

She frowned at me for a second, then finally got herself off the bed.

"You see Eri, I wasn't kidding."

Eri Kamei, looks at me sharply, she frowns. But she's kidna cute when she does. Everyone in the room anticipates Eri's reaction. until...


I am Saitou Kagami, 19 years old. Male. from Aomori, and now living in Tokyo. I look a lot like Kamei Eri. But apparently, She hates me.

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« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2007, 05:54:55 AM »
Oh gosh this is hella funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

I :heart: it :)

How did Kagami get away with being Eri for so long though. He must really talk like her and is her height too. Which means he's not very tall :p

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:lol: a new series of fics. And it contains Eri, i like :D

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"It looks like your stylist did supreme work this time! Eri never looked so beautiful~"

Tsunku knows his girls. Err......guys? :lol:

Damn, Kagami probably had a hard time walking after that night with the glass-equipped middle-aged dude! :lol:

"Now get off him before he gets a boner!, ahahha" said Miki.

And probably he'll have a "hard" time getting that too :lol:

Keep 'em comin' ronin :D

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hahaha man loving the new chaper, i really was laughing hard, when he was with that guy haha, but yeh, wonder what eri is going to do now....
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i take no new chapters yet uh....:(

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Quote from: tanakachi;297249
i take no new chapters yet uh....:(
my apologies. to be honest. im stuck at this.. told ya i wasnt really a writer... :P no good ideas are coming... and i would wanna ruin it with 'forced' efforts..

it will come :P promise. hehe

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not good at writing!!! :o what are you talking about, wot you wrote so far, is great! lol, i have looked at this story for like 20times now, cant stop reading itXD, anyways hope for new chapter!! :D good luck!

oh and i must say, your pictures are G...R...E..A...T...!!!!!!

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