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Author Topic: [Tour] ℃-ute Debut Tandoku Concert 2007 Spring ~Hajimatta Yo! Cutie Show~  (Read 13487 times)

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holy crap, c-ute rock. whens this out on dvd?! :)

April 18th.
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My first try on encoding flv to divx. Thanks to Ayabie for the link.
Thanks Ayabie and zig! <3

One of the best H!P b-sides ever.

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Hmmm no concert DVD reviews in this thread? T_____T

I thought this concert was great! C-ute dance decently, have good voices and chemistry, so it's lots of fun to watch them.

Highlights for me were:
+ JUMP as the opening song, great choice there
+ Erika shining on stage, she's such a good performer. She always has that special sparkle in her eyes and she's never "absent"
+ Chisato's singing, god I love her voice. If she keeps improving she'll be able to outshine several most of her senpais... Her voice seems to be able to have the same strength as Miki's, but it's less nasal
+ The choreographies at this concert in general were very nice, or should I say the girls are surprisingly good dancers. But to be honest I mostly look at Erika and Maimi dancing cuz they're the tallest XD
+ The VTR was absolutely HILARIOUS
+ Aenai nagai nichiyoubi, because Chisato is love
+ It was nice how the singles were saved last so that everyone could get all pumped up for them

Minus points:
- Sayonara no LOVE SONG was so boring. I know Airi's #1 popular, but her lack of charisma when she's on stage by herself (she's good in groups) + this song + no emotion in her singing = nooooo
- I still don't understand the choreography of Sakura chirari: why do they have to turn their backs to the audience all the time, even when they're singing ??? That's like the one thing performers are always told NOT to do. LOL

That was just my stuffs. All in all a great concert and I want to watch it again.
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I always get told to face the audience or cheat out. lol...

Anyways! Here's my review!

-JUMP as opening kicks ass
-Chisato kicks ass
-As ONE has CRAZY harmonies

Ok there are some other things I would like to point out.

-Airi gets WHORED OUT. Fucking Soku Dakishimete is basically all her now.
-Chisato barely gets any of Megumi's lines. They either went to Kanna, Maimai, or Erika. Come on! Chisato >>>> Megumi!!!
-Chisato also seems a bit nervous when on stage. Maimai looks like she's having fun, but Chisato looks stiff and awkward.
-Nakajima Saki uses this weird deep voice when she sings. It's like Risako when she sings live.

And they all cried at the end! So did Berryz at their first concert, but they were like.. T_T.. Water works!

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This reminds me that I've DL'd this concert but not watched yet! I'm excited to hear Chisato live  :D

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^SO you should be! She's amazing.  I still stand by my opinion of Chisato and Maimai(chisato being the top of the two though) being two of the best H!Pkids vocally.  I mean maimai just needs a little more control sometimes(and that's very rare) Chisato's voice is incredible as it is AND she's improving.
Airi sounds, to me in this concert, like she hasn't really improved at all
With JUMP opening, that meant that Chisato was the second voice heard so the concert was off to a great start.

unfortunately, this concert highlighted what my fears where a while back(but then where put aside at the yomiuri land show) that kanna and saki need a lot more control of their voices.  The thing is, I honestly worry about the amount of vocal training these girls get.

anyway a highlight for me was the H!P song medly bit(with mirakururun, chokotto and otome pasta)
i thought Airi's song was disappointing, as others have said it had no feeling.  you can't sing a ballad with no feeling.  it was boring and almost anyone could have sung it with the same amount of liking from me.
I also think Erika's stage presence was good and the only thing that let her down was loosing control of her voice every so often.

Overall a very good concert!! cyring at the end T__T so much emotion, it was amazing! you could hear the strain at the end, from putting 100% in throughout the concert, Maimi's voice sounds deeper and Airi's gets squeaky.

oh and trying to say this without upsetting too many people, but Airi in general was the biggest dissapointment of an otherwise amazing concert!

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Airi in general was the biggest dissapointment of an otherwise amazing concert!

i would totally agree.
rock the fuck on, chisato! tsunku better give her a solo~

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