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Author Topic: The Official Chuuch of Charmy IRC Chat! #ChuuchOfCharmy @  (Read 16073 times)

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The Official Chuuch of Charmy IRC Chat! #ChuuchOfCharmy @

Server Address is simply:

You can join the channel by typing /join #ChuuchOfCharmy

You can use our Java client from the forum

If you have Opera Browser you can join by using this address: irc://

Or you can get mirc client from here:

IRC guides for newbies:

On first join, an Op will need to voice you before you can chat.

Important steps everyone must do on first join to help us out.
1. /msg NickServ register yourpasswordhere youremailaddresshere

Please only register your OWN nick if you register as someone else then we'll find out and ban you or something I dunno, need some way of stopping people being stupid. >:|
For example:
/msg NickServ register crazypassword69
Please use your real email address.
There is no activation code so you will basically be registered straight away so it is important you only register YOUR nick.

Once you have registered your nick, you can be added to the autovoice list by an op.
For autovoice to work though you need to
2. /nickserv set autoop on

Now whenever you join the server, nickserv will ask you to identify to do this enter in:

/msg NickServ identify yourpasswordhere

for example:
/msg NickServ identify crazypassword69

You need to identify so you can be autovoiced, you can set this to happen automatically by adding it to the perform commands on connect section of your IRC client

For mirc simply go to mirc options and do this:

view or options --> options --> connect --> options --> click perform --> click "enable perform on connect" --> choose network( --> and add /msg NickServ identify yourpassword to Perform Commands box --> click OK

For Opera you can do it by expanding the bar on the left side, choose the Chat tab and rightclick on where it says (Online) now choose properties>Outgoing and add /msg NickServ identify yourpassword to the box under "perform commands on connect". Another handy tip is to choose utf8 as well so you can see Asian text

Chat Room Rules

No forum/IRC chat member personal attacks!

No use of racist or derogatory attacks. This includes excessive personal and derogatory comments, involving race, gender, nationality and sexual orientation. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for this behavior and will result in instant banning.

Personal attacks on other members or Crack Staff members will not be tolerated. This also leads to:

Random attacks of artists (H!P/Jpop/etc.)

Constructive criticism of artists and opinions of other members are fine, but only as long as you can do so respectfully and thoughtfully, without personal attack or insult. If you cannot be tolerant of other member's beliefs and opinions, then please avoid introducing, reading or participating in topics that lead to such discussions.

There are several forms of rude behaviour. We do not tolerate any of them.

We check all reports of rude behaviour. If you are being attacked by another forum member, do not attack back but go straight to a JPH!P Crack Staff member. If you attack back, you will see the consequences. Sometimes jokes can lead to misunderstanding and its best we draw the line somewhere.

Small children sometimes visit the channel. In order to protect their innocent eyes, please do not link directly to pornographic material. Instead, if you want to show something off, please post it in the appropriate section of The Perv and provide a link to that post.

Basic commands:

/nick <insert new nick> - to change your nick

<moob>/nick moob|farting
<moob|farting> that's tasty
* daigong <insert action> - to do random actions

<moob>/me farting
*moob farting

Many other ways to join IRC:

Opera - all the geeks are doing it. with funky emoticons.


/join #ChuuchOfCharmy


Right on the site:

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Re: The Official Chuuch of Charmy IRC Chat! #ChuuchOfCharmy @
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2010, 10:37:54 AM »


A place where we can plan our activities and have Listening Parties to the most happening Rika Radio Show in ALL THE LAND! "Chuuch of Charmy Show" :otomerika: :otomerika: and of course, IshiYoshi is Love Radio Show with TRU HARMONY!! It's like #Rika24 reborn  :lol:

see you Charmy fans there!

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