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Author Topic: Come closer please - chapter 9 (Kai x Acchan) 23/06/2016  (Read 14863 times)

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 6
« Reply #20 on: April 12, 2015, 01:15:27 PM »
oh no ray, don't punish paru...  :(
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan)
« Reply #21 on: July 21, 2015, 12:29:46 PM »
I like your fic  :), update soon  :bow:

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan)
« Reply #22 on: July 22, 2015, 10:32:47 AM »
To all reader.

I am sorry if I take a long time to finish my fanfic or to update it. Due to the other long fanfic I have written.
hope you will wait patiently. 

I won't abandon my fanfic unless you know, died maybe.. lols

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan)
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Is good to know you didn't foget the story  :twothumbs
Hope update soon  :bow:  :)

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Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 7
« Reply #24 on: August 20, 2015, 04:24:35 PM »
To all my reader, enjoy the next chapter. and thank you because you all still want to read my fanfic.

enjoy and sorry for the bad english

Chapter  7 : I think I love you

Atsuko POV

I am really scared. My body can’t stopped trembling even though I know that I am safe already. I am inside my room. And looks like there isn’t any different between my old school and new school. Why they love to bully me. what did I do wrong?! It is because I am close to Kai?!

And now I even can’t walk properly. I hurt my feet when they forcefully push me to go inside the room. I really are a problem. thinking about that, make my eyes teary again. I know that deep inside my heart I don’t want to become a burden. But I really need to face the harsh reality. I am a burden. I can’t see, so I will always live on people pity, and now I can’t walk properly. What will I become.

Sometimes, I really hoped that after I sleep, I will sleep forever. Don’t need to get up and face the harsh reality. I.. I hate myself.

End of POV

Kai is still at Yuu house, he refuse to go home first. Because he has something to discuss with Yuu, regarding Ray.

Yuu : how dare she hurt my cousin. I will really kill her.

Kai : calm down. I already give her warning. And hopefully she won’t make any problem.

Yuu : yeah.. easy for you to talk, you know the best that You and Ray still haven’t finish yet. She refuse to give up on you. what a scary woman.

Kai : sigh.. I know, but I really don’t feel like I love her anymore. More like I am too disgust of her. she really make my heart hurt.

Yuu : Kai…

Kai : and please promise me Yuu, don’t tell anything about me and Ray.

Yuu : well, what can I say Kai? Say to Acchan that You and Ray used to be a couple before she betray you and then she dumb you? I don’t think I will say that. That is your own story to tell. Don’t worry pal.

Kai : thanks Yuu. Let’s check on Atsuko. I hope she is okay.

When they want to go to Atsukon room, Oshima ma is standing in front of her door.  Her face looks very sad, and there is a stain of tears in her eyes.

Yuu : Oka san..?

Oshima ma : ah! Yuu chan, you want to look at Acchan? Looks like she is sleeping right now. why don’t you see her tomorrow. I am sure she need some rest. And Kai kun, I think you need to go home now. it is very late already.

Kai : but…

Yuu know that Kai is very worried, as he can see that Kai is starting to fall in love again. Yuu know that because of that incident, Kai didn’t trust anybody especially girl. He think that all girl is cunning, and will always try to take some advantage for him. So looking Kai action towards Acchan really make Yuu wonder if his friend really started to fall in love again.

Yuu : well, tomorrow is Sunday, why don’t you stay at my house, Kai? I still have your spare clothes and your toothbrush in here. and oka san is everything alright?

Oshima ma :  I am alright, don’t mind me Yuu chan. Great idea, it been a while since you sleepover Kai.

Yuu know the best, that his mom is sad because of Acchan condition.  He know that his mom really care about Acchan. So when she found out that Acchan and her parent got accident. And worst, Acchan got blind, it really make her mom condition become worse. She lost some of her weight. And sometimes been crying secretly. So when Acchan come to their house, Oshima ma really happy, because she think she can at least take care of Acchan. Seeing Acchan like this must be hurt her heart so much.

Kai : I will call Minami first. Saying that I will sleepover.

Yuu : oka san, why don’t you take some rest? I will take care of the rest.

Kai : un, aunty  please rest. I will help Yuu.

Oshima ma : thank you, Yuu chan, Kai Kun.


Atsuko wake up and find no one in the house. she called for everyone, but there is no answer. As she try to move her body, she fall down. she doesn’t know what have she bummed. Everything seems different. This is not her usually room. This is not Oshima household. As she try to move again, there is somebody who pinned her down. Atsuko try to resist, but there is no used. 

From his laugh, Atsuko know somebody that pinned her down is a man. And she become more afraid because she feel that man started to undress her. she try to resist again but there is no used. She began to cry asking for help.

Atsuko : hiks.. stop.. please.. hiks.. help me, papa.. mama..Kai…

Ray : that is what will you get, if you stay near Takahashi Kai again. Mark my word. He is mine. And don’t ever try to steal him away from me.

Atsuko : noo!!!


Atsuko wake up from her dream, her body is sweating so much, and there is some tears in her eyes. she checking her surround, as she make sure that she is still at Oshima house, she began to calm down a bit. She wonder, what make her have this night mare.  As she feel thirsty, she went outside to have a drink. Oshima ma always put the water container on the right of dining table. As she know that sometimes Acchan will wake up in the middle and want to drink some water.  Actually Oshima ma has put a glass of water near her table. But seems like Atsuko forget about it.

As she still hurt her feet, she walking slowly, and depend on her stick. She opened the door and went straight to the dining table. She search for a glass of water and fill it with water. As she drink the water, her heart is calm down a bit. As she startled by some voice. The voice that she love to hear, but also make her heart aches.

Kai : At.. Atsuko? You awake?

Atsuko : Kai?! is that you?

Kai : un.. I have sleepover in Yuu place. and I can’t sleep. and when I go outside the room, I see you in the dining room.

Atsuko : souka.. I am thirsty, so I went to get some water.

Kai : Atsuko, how is your feet? Did it still hurt? Let me check it.

Kai then directly touch Atsuko feet, without even waiting for Atsuko to anwer him. his action, make Atsuko yelp, and lost her balance, as Kai touch her joint that still hurt. Kai quickly held her in his embrace.

Kai : I am sorry. Let’s go back to your room first.

With that he lift her bridal style again and put Acchan in her bed.  this little action really make Acchan heart skip a beat.

Atsuko pov

I don’t know why, but everytime he is near me, I can’t help but feel my heart beat increase. And the way he take care of me, really make me feel like a princess, rather than a burden. He is really gentle and kind. Kai kun, I think I like you….

End of pov

They went to silent, as Kai checking Atsuko’s feet. Because of his father, he know how to cure at least a simple wound or a swollen leg like this. deep in Kai heart, he is happy that he can used what his father has taught him.  Atsuko then touch his face again, as she trace his face from head to eyes and then to his dimples and mouth. Kai let her touch his face.The way Atsuko touch him, really make his heart beat faster. He like her smooth skin make a contact on his face.

Atsuko : why are you smiling, Kai?

Kai : hm..? what do you mean?

Atsuko : I know you just smiling Kai, from your face I can tell that you are happy.

Kai : souka.. well, I am happy that I can treat your wound. At least, I can help you to ease the hurt you fell. By doing this. (massaging Atsuko leg)

Atsuko : you don’t need to be this kind to me Kai. (blushing)

Kai : why..? you don’t like it? should I become a bad guy instead? (teasing her)

Atsuko : no.. it is not like that, but… I don’t want people started to misunderstand us.

Kai : … no

Atsuko : eh?

Kai : I don’t want to. I can’t promise you that.  You are hurt because of me. so.. it is my responsibility to take care of you.

Atsuko : … I am okay, Kai. I can take care of myself. And I think I want to sleep already. Thank you Kai.

Kai pov

I hate it, when she tell me to stay away from her. she is hurt because of my issue. I will deal it with Ray later. I have enough of her nonsense. But, why she looks so upset? Did she hate me? she want me to stay away from her and now her face looks upset. I guess I can’t really force her to be my friend.

End of Pov

Kai : Atsuko, did you hate me? I mean… being my friend?

Atsuko :, I don’t hate you Kai. And I .. loved to be your friend. It is just, there are some people who didn’t like us to be a friend.

Kai : I don’t care about people. All I want to know that you want to be my friend. It is enough. well, I won’t distrube you anymore. Sleep well, Atsuko.

Kai then stand up and take Atsuko blanket and cover her body with blanket. Before he leave, he looked at her again. As he look at Atsuko, his eyes met with her eyes. Even though, she is blind somehow when she look at  him, he can feel his heart beat is increasing.  He really can’t resist her eyes. It is such a pity, that those brunette eyes, such a beautiful eyes can’t see anything. As he walk to the door, he look at her again. This time, Atsuko already close her eyes.

Kai : good night, Atsuko… i won't let anyone to hurt you again. I promise.

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 7. Update!!
« Reply #25 on: August 21, 2015, 04:55:34 PM »
Kai has to make Acchan believe that there's no one and nothing can disturb their relationship.

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 7. Update!!
« Reply #26 on: November 29, 2015, 12:46:04 PM »
author-san please update soon  :D
i'm curious about relationship between kai and atsuko  XD

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 7. Update!!
« Reply #27 on: December 01, 2015, 02:52:07 AM »
@minami24 : please be patient, I just updated one of my fanfic. So I think I will be update next week.  If can I will update the next chapter this sunday. I am happy somebody still want to read my fanfic.  :)

@Al712 : sure, but not so fast. This week or next week will do.

@kazuko : ha ha, but in my story this Kai is a bit stupid for relationship matter. It will be a long way for them.

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 7. Update!!
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Hi all,

This is the next chapter, enjoy and sorry for the bad english :)

Chapter 8 : Closer Bond

It been a while since the incident. And Kai has been visited Acchan every day. He always come bring the note, study material and sometimes some snacks. He make sure Acchan didn’t miss her lesson when she is absent. And sometimes he try to make a joke. It is a fail joke, everybody who hear it won’t laugh at his jokes. But different with Acchan, she always smile or laugh at Kai’s joke.

Kai and Acchan is study together. While Yuu is still at school. He has a club activity while Kai is belong to go home club. He help Acchan by spell the notes for Acchan, and help her with her material. Shinoda Sensei has made a special material for Acchan, so that she can keep up with her lesson.  And after study for a quiet a while, Kai feel tired.

Kai : Acchan, let’s take a break. I am tired already.

Acchan : okay, but let me finish this page first.

Kai : I don’t know that you love to study that much. you looks like my sister.

Acchan : well, you need a hard work to be able to achive something right? if I didn’t work hard with this situation,  how I can keep up with the lesson. I don’t want people to look down on me because of that.

Kai : if there are people like that, I will sure to kill them. No body can look down on you because of your blindness. No body can guarantee what will happened next day, maybe they will be the one who are blind, and Acchan, may be you will get your eyesight again.

Acchan : thank you Kai, I wish I can. That will be a greatest gift for me. But the chance is very small. I need a donor.

Kai : can’t surgery fix your eyes?

Acchan : the doctor said there are possibility, but it is very low. at first, I desperately deny my situation. I try to walk without stick, or refuse to learn braille. I even refuse to eat or go out from the house. until, Aunt Oshima come and advise me. so little by little I try to learn the fact that I am blind.

Kai : …

Acchan : gommene, to talk about this thing. don’t worry, I am over it. I am okay now.

Acchan try to smile to Kai, but Kai know that Acchan is still sad about the fact. There are silent after that, as suddenly Kai hug Acchan. At first Acchan is surprise by his embrace, but then she hug him back. As Acchan hug him back, Kai hug her tighter.

Kai : don’t say I am okay. I know you are not, please don’t give me that fake smile. I hate that. 

Acchan : Kai… thank you..

Acchan then break the hug, her hand reach Kai’s face and when she touch his cheek, slowly she move closer.  She want to know about his reaction. Will he pull him out, or  will Kai stay and let her kiss him.

Kai pov

I am a bit disappointed when she break the hug.  deep inside my heart I know that I still want to feel her warm in me.  When Acchan touch me, I heart feel very nervous, it skip really hard. I can feel her sweet scent when she come closer. It is very nice, those sweet fragrance that I can make me feel calm and nervous in the same time.  Will she kiss me?!  This close distance, and those alluring lip which asked to be kissed.

This is too much for me. as she move slowly toward me, I stand it anymore. It is a dream? I then closed my eyes, and feel a softness.  But to my surprise, those softness didn’t happened in my lip. But in my cheek. Acchan kissed me on my cheek.

What is this feeling, why I feel disappointed. What did me expect.

Ha ha, I must be stupid. We are still friend. it is not possible for us to kiss each other like a couple, right?

End of Pov

Acchan then move and kiss him on the cheek. Then she flashed him, her angelic smile.

Kai : Acc..

Acchan : that is my thanks, Thank you Kai, for helping me study, for cheer me up, and for being my friend.

Kai : I .. you are welcome.

As Acchan want to move back and get up, she stepped on Kai’s water bottle, as she want to fall down. Kai quickly pull her toward him and this action make him lost balance and fall down. Now Acchan is on his top.

Yuu : Kai,  Acchan. I bring some snack..

Yuu : I am sorry to distrub your time. I will be back later.

Both Kai and Acchan then moved away, as Kai and Acchan position is still very closed. They keep quiet until Acchan broke the silent with her giggle.

Acchan : I think he misunderstand something here.

Kai : ye.. yeah. I will go out and talk to him.


At Night in Takahashi Household

Tonight Kai make up his mind to go to his father room and talked to his father. Kai rarely talk to his father because his father is a strict man. He always want the best one from Kai and Minami. He hope one day they can be a great doctor.

Knock ! Knock!

Kaito : come in

Kai : Father, do you have a moment?

Kaito is supprise that Kai has something to talk about. Usually, it is him who ask Kai something. But he hide his shocked expression very well. He then tell Kai to sit in the chair beside him.

Kaito : what do you want to ask, Kai?

Kai : father, I wonder if it is possible for a blind people to be able to see again without any donor?

Kaito : it is depend on. What cause of his/her blindness. What’s wrong?

Kai : well, if it because of incident. Is there any surgery that can help?

Kaito : hm… I won’t say there isn’t any chance. We need to see his / her eyes first. with nowdays technology that I have researched, I think it is possible if it is cause by brain damage.

Kai : really?

Kaito : yeah, right now it is still on progress. But soon, I think I will find a method to retrieve the damaged retina. What wrong? You seem to interested in what I have been done. Usually when I talked about those things with Minami, you just stay silent or just look at your phone.

Kai : well, actually. I have a friend that is blind because of accident. I wonder if she really doesn’t have any chance to be able to see.

Kaito : if you want, I can look at her. bring her medical result to me, I will see if there is any possibility for it. So.. it is a girl, huh? Do you interest in her?

Kai : huh?! wh.. what did you said, father? We just.. friend.

Kaito : friend, huh? I wonder if these day you go home late because of visiting that you called friend? ha ha ha

Kai : we.. just study together, nothing else. Now, please excuse me, father.

Kaito : hai! Hai! Good night my son

Kai : good night, father.

Kaito is very happy. He never really have a chat with Kai, since his wife is died. He really in lost back then, a busy doctor who need to raise his two small child. And because of a lot of stress and busy schedule, slowly he become a complete stranger to his children, especially Kai.  Back then, Kai is a cry baby. And he always want attention from his father. But, Kaito never really give Kai, his attention since he is busy, and because Kai is not good with the study and always fighting with his friend back then. Kaito always punish him.

Now, slowly Kaito realize that his relationship with his son is like a stranger and he want to change it. but, his pride really didn’t give any help to mend his relationship with his son. Now that he has something to talk to Kai, may be little by little he will have a chance to repair his relationship with Kai.

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 8 Update!!
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Ah... it was sooo close.. but no worries Kai.. there will come more chances to get kisses from Atsuko..  :D
...just don't do something what could hurt her.. be hers knight!!  8)
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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 8 Update!!
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Where r u author san?

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 8 Update!!
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I am sorry if I looks like neglecting my fanfic.  :sweatdrop:

It been too much things to do. And with a lot of member graduated I been in too much trouble to continue. I try to make fanfic, but the result are not good.  There isn't any 'soul' in it.

I will try to continue it. 

Once more I am sorry, please be patient with me. :)

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 8 Update!!
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kojiyu!!!!!!! :mon beam:
give yuu her haruna so that he can have his skinship :mon crazyinlove:
where is kojiyuu!!!!! :pleeease:

come on author-san!!!! :tantrum: :scolding:

kai already have acchan
so why does yuu still do not have haruna :ptam-cry: :angry1: :badluck:

update it please :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :on hypto: :mon cry:
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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 9 Update!!
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Hi, all. I am back with my long OS. I hope I still didnt lose my 'touch' here  :nervous. Anyway enjoy and sorry for bad english.

@black_maa : Yes, Kai will protect her no matter what  XD

@Jsheep : I am back!! but I am sorry if I make this chapter shorter.  :bow:

@rightsaver143 : no promise, but I will try to make it  :cow:

Chapter 9 : Jealousy

Kai : Stay away from her this is my last warning for you Ray.

Ray : why Kai? I am so happy when you said you want to talk to me, please Kai, I am sorry for what I have done to you. I know that I am wrong, can’t we start over again?

Kai : I am sorry Ray, but we are done. 

Ray : it is because of her right?! You never talk coldly like this with me, even after that incident. Please Kai.. don’t leave me alone. I love you.

Kai : Ray, I forgive you, long after you cheat on me, even after you ashamed me in the class, I have long forgive you, but please don’t force me to love you again. because I know it is not possible. Atsuko didn’t have anything to do with it. If I know that you lay on a hand on her again, I will never forgive you.

With that Kai leave Ray alone in the roof top, Kai has called her today to meet alone, and after finish talking about what he want to say, Kai then leaving the angry Ray behind, she is desperate, angry, and sad.  She know that she have break Kai heart, and she also have cheat on him, toying him, but after breaking with Kai, she finally realize that she love him. And she is such a fool for taking Kai for granted. Now that everything is too late for her to win Kai heart.

Ray : I won’t give up on you Kai. If I can’t have you, then no other girl can have you, especially that blind girl!!! She doesn’t love you Kai. she just used your kindness.


Kai then joined his gang to eat, they always eat at back school near the old tree if the weather is nice.

Yuu : yo, Kai, where are you going?

Kai : ah, I just to toilet just now and I went to buy some food, but I think I am a little late. They are sold out.

Minami : where is your bento? I thought I have made it for you before I leave for a morning practice.

Kai : I wake up late, so… I forget about my bento.

Minami : sigh… I should have known. Here, eat my share.

Atsuko : you should eat my share too, Kai.

Atsuko then signaling him to take her food. And Kai does. When he eat her food. His eyes beam of happiness.

Kai : Atsuko, this is so delicious. Did Aunty take a different recipes? This is different from what she made, and it is really delicious.

Atsuko : thank you, actually I made the bento this morning, with the help of Aunty. (blushing)

Minami : I think you will be a great wife, Acchan. Kai is really love to eat, so if you have win his stomach, I am sure you will win his heart.

Kai : shu.. shut up (blush hard)

Yuu : aww.. Kai is blushing really hard right now.

Kai : Yuu!!

As everybody laugh and chatting, accidentally, Atsuko dropped a juice and it spilled at her uniform. Minami then accompany Atsuko to the restroom. And they have a small chat, together.

Minami : Acchan, thank you.

Atsuko : eh?

Minami : thank you for bringing back the old Kai. after you came here, he began to open himself more. he smile more, and because of you, he began to talk to father again.  Father also happy because he take an interest to become a doctor.

Atsuko : I didn’t do much. I think I am the one who should thank him. He help me a lot, and he save me when I am in danger. I am really glad to have him as a friend.

Minami smile at what Atsuko mention. Atsuko face seems a little bit sad when she refer him as a friend. it is oblivious for her that both of them are fall in love with each other, but her twin is just too stupid to realize that, or to say too scared.

Minami : say, Acchan. You love Kai right?

Atsuko : eh? why.. so sudden (blushing)

Minami : it is between me and you, come one, tell me.

Atsuko still blushing, as lately when she thinking of Kai, her heart started to beat faster and faster. She know that her face is very red right now as she close her face with her hand and give a nod to Minami question.

Minami : I know it! I know it!  don’t worry, I won’t Kai about this. I am with you and I think it is about the time for Kai to forget about past and fall in love again.

Atsuko : fall in love again? Takamina, what do you mean by that?

Minami : ah… I am sorry but I may be not a right person to tell you about this, and I don’t think Kai want you to hear it from another person other than him.

Atsuko : please tell me, Takamina! I actually curious, if it has anything to do with Ray?

Minami : sigh.. actually I don’t really know the detail since he didn’t want to tell me. But, I will tell you from what I know. To answer your question, yes. Kai and Ray used to dating each other back then. But, Ray cheat on him, and the worst she tell him that she just toying him and did that because it is interesting to dating a nerd guy like Kai.

Atsuko : nerd?

Minami : believe me, Kai used to be a nerd, but that  long time ago, before he change his appearance, with Tomo help. Well, Tomo is handsome and fashion leader anyway. Even I amaze that he can change the stubborn Kai.  well, Kai change his appearance to prove Ray that he is not just a nerd, it is part of his small revenge I think. But ever since that I feel like I have lost my brother. He easily get angry and didn’t talk much at home.

Atsuko : souka…

Looking at Atsuko who is a bit sad, make Takamina curse herself. She know that this topic will hurt both of them, especially Atsuko.
As she try to cheer Atsuko up.

Minami : but you really change him back. it is because of you, and I think he has move on already.

Atsuko : I don’t really do anything.

Minami : (giggle), well if you think so. Come on, let’s go back before Kai looking for us.

With that, they left the rest room, not known by them there is somebody that have been hiding a long the way in the rest room.

Noro : I must tell, Ray about this. That bitch is really fall in love with Kai.

end of chapter 9

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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 9 Update!!
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Welcome back.. :)
Everything was good until... there was two unnecessary ears..  :huhuh
New troubles already are behind the corner.. uh.. :wth .. I think.... maybe.  :D
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Re: Come closer please (Kai x Acchan) chapter 9 Update!!
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@black ma :  yes,  may be a lot of drama.   XD

@AI712 : I plan to finish this first,  after that I will finish my instant girlfriend and last one is an old story to tell.  Glad there is somebody who want to read "an old story to tell".  Thank you  :)

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