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Title: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1 ~ Aug 4
Post by: immortal_K on July 12, 2011, 12:13:10 AM
Decided to edit this message here since what was initially written here doesn't really apply anymore other then my english is still just a bad as ever.... I am thinking of going back to fix it all up... actually I'm going to see if i can get someone to go back and beta them for me since I obviously can't tell what's wrong.  :nervous

So here my First and still ongoing AKB fic, Majisuka inspired and based story running on my randomness. I basically write whatever comes to mind and I see this running for a long while but to make it easier to read I separate them. The whole story will revolve around the Rappapa members and unless mentioned all other girls mention will just be normal girls that our Rappapa members meet.

ex. Sae is not Gakuran  XD
     Jurina is not Center  XD

The first part Rappapa Supreme will follow after MG 1, and Undercover continues after the end of Supreme. Black IN White on the other hand goes back to before MG to explore what the drama never showed us. Black IN White is a prequel that follows Yuki before she enters MG and how she met the others. 

Hope it doesn't disappoint everyone. I also decided to add an index to make it easier to skip to the next reading. Thank you everyone.   :mon beam:

RAPPAPA: Supreme
 Part 1-1 (
 Part 1-2 (
 Part 1-3 (
 Part 1-4 (
 Part 1-5 (

RAPPAPA: Undercover
 Part 2-0 (
 Part 2-1 (
 Part 2-2 (
 Part 2-3 (
 Part 2, Side story 1 (Kojiyuu) + 2 (Atsumina) (
 Part 2-4 (
 Part 2, Side story 3 (Stalker Mayu) (
 Part 2-5 (
 Part 2, Side story 4 (Saeyuki) (
 Part 2-6 (
 Part 2-7 (
 Part 2, Side story 5 (Tomo2) (
 Part 2, Side story 6 (WMatsui) (

RAPPAPA: Black IN White (This is a prequel to Majisuka.)
Part 3-1 (
Part 3-2 (
Part 3-3 (
Part 3-4 (
Part 3-5 (
Part 3-6 (
Part 3, Side story 1 (BlackGeki) (

RAPPAPA: Lost and Find (The storyline follows after Undercover)
Part 4-1 (
Part 4-2 (
Part 4-3.1 (

Title: Re: Untitled Part 1
Post by: AAAice on July 12, 2011, 12:23:44 AM


Gee. Well detailed on describing each scene!

I couldn't give a title yet cause I don't know what sort of storyline you got in your hands. :]
Title: Re: Untitled Part 1
Post by: Flean on July 12, 2011, 06:15:48 AM
yeah!!!!!!! majisuka gakuen 3!!!!  :on woohoo:

I couldn't give a title yet cause I don't know what sort of storyline you got in your hands. :]

Like AAAice said, need to know ur story-line first...

Please update soon....  :bow:
Title: Re: Untitled Part 1
Post by: ShibuyaDokiDoki on July 12, 2011, 09:01:56 AM
What the....?!

You're writing the script for Majisuka Gakuen 3 right?

This is fantastic! The details are great! keep up the great work! 8D
Title: Re: Untitled Part 1
Post by: RenaChii on July 12, 2011, 10:10:16 AM
Yeah~ It's Majisuka 3~!!  XD

Please update soon~  :cow:
Title: Re: RAPPAPA: Supreme - 2
Post by: immortal_K on July 12, 2011, 10:41:48 PM
Thanks for reading, here is the next part, I'm almost done with the story once I finish it, I will update faster  :)  I wanted to make sure I can finish the story before posting it, so it doesn't die and stay hanging forever  XD

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 1

“I see it” said a girl with her hand on the head of one of the gang underlings.

“Which way?”

“In the basement to the left, the office is there.” she pointed in the proper direction before she felt a breeze brush by, the spot that was occupied now emptied.

“Wait for me” she whined as she dropped her pointing finger.

“Let's get this over with” a shorter girl with a pink jacket push pass her, heading towards the direction of the main office.

“Haha Haaahaaa hahaha.” the owner of the voice started walking ahead while holding her neck with her head slightly tilted to one side, laughing as she move down the hall. The bodies littered on the ground cannot stop from shivering as the sound ring through the halls.

“Thanks Torigoya, I’m glad Yuko-san was able to help you control her.” The tallest member of the group said before gracefully walking down the hall, making sure to step on as many bodies as she could with her heels. She was rewarded with painful shrieks all along the way.

Torigoya quickly ran to catch up to her comrades.


Black glared at the monitor waiting for the files to finish transferring, has no one ever told their boss his computer is a piece of junk that runs as fast as those slugs under the sun.

“Can’t you make it go faster? Here let me do it!”

“Shibuya, you'll just break it.” Torigoya stated with a smile while she played with her jacket sleeves.


“What are you laughing at” Shibuya glared at the girl standing in the corner biting her nails, with an eerie smile.

Sado just watch the drama unfolds while playing with her kendama. With a smooth motion she swings the ball up and catches the ball on the spike.

“Transfer complete, let's go.” Black stood up and the group head out of the underground lair of one of the local gang.

As they head down the path they came, they notice the absence of the bodies that were there moments ago. Cautiously they continue towards the exit where they found their path blocked by a mob all holding onto different sorts of weapons, from pipes, bats, wooden swords, toilet plungers and scratch sticks?

Sado raised her eyebrow after seeing the choice of weapon some of them were holding,   then shook her head after a quick scan through the crowd.

“Those are the ugliest color and cuts I’ve seen ever. Who would dye their hair rainbow...” Shibuya just can’t take the sight anymore, clenching her fist ready to make a move.

“Look what we have here, hey pretty why don’t you just come with us? We will show you a good time” one of the guy said as he stepped up in front of the rest of the mob, while gleaming at the girls with a lecherous smile.

“Oh we will show you a good time.” Sado said and with a flick of her hand, she gives the rest a signal and 3 bodies flew pass her heading for the mob.

“Haha.haahaaha hahaha” Gekikara started to laugh, while sending a punch into the face of the guy who spoke earlier. “hahahahahahaha, ne okotte iru?” she smiled as she continue to punch the guy in the face, not missing a beat. Her laugh getting louder as she sink another punch into the bloody face.

“Sado, take this to Yuko-san. We can take care of things here.” Black moved up beside Sado, handing her a memory stick before joining her the other 3 Queen’s in a contest to see who can take the most out.

Sado ran out into streets and disappeared into the dark, they have finally got the last piece of information they need, she must hurry to Yuko and Maeda.

*Back in the warehouse*

The mob is starting to get thinner and thinner as bodies start to drop like flies, Torigoya with her back to Shibuya while Black and Gekikara stood back to back, carefully watching the remaining gangsters surround them. The weaker of those has already been taken care of, they just need to finish off the left over.

“I’m surprise you chicks are able to do a number to my men, but you won’t live to step out of this place. When I’m done with you, you’ll wish you were dead.” One of the guy snared as he stood behind the rest of the men left standing.

Everyone become silent as Black started to recite her death sentence for the men’s, while reaching up to touch the cross she wears on her neck, her last word ring into the empty warehouse. As the wind picked up the last vibe, they girls jumped into action, punch after punch, their fist hit the hard flesh and bones of these good for nothing gangsters. If you listen carefully you can hear the crack of bones as they stomp on some of the fallen ones. Black side step to evade a flying punch coming at her while favoring her left side. One of them got lucky and landed a hit when she was distracted by her many opponents.

Gekikara continue to advance at her prey not even bother to dodge the punch, she just giggled then slam her fist into the guys face knocking him right out. Her face is splattered with blood but you can’t tell if those belong to her or those lying at her feet.

Siren’s can be hear getting louder as they finish off the last of the men, the stood up as straight as they can manage, footsteps can be heard getting closer and closer. The girls just stood in the middle back to back as they are too tired to move. They looked around at the 50+ bodies lying around them, they smile as they slowly descend to a sitting position leaning against each other for support.

At this time a team of police piled into the warehouse, pointing their firearms around before stopping at the girls in the middle. Quickly they formed a circle around the girls, before the made way for someone obvious of higher ranking.

“Who are you and what business do you have here? Who did this?” he asked made a motion to the bodies on the ground.

“They were weak.” was the only thing Shibuya said as Gekikara just giggled very quietly, Black looked up but didn’t say anything, while Torigoya just looked confused, and not paying any attention to what’s going on.

“Captain, we found 50 kilos of cocaine along with some crystal meth and Ketamine in the storage in the back.” a couple officers approach the captain.

“Call forensic here, I want this place checked. We will take those four into custody and I want everybody here identified with their files on my desk.”
Title: Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
Post by: AAAice on July 12, 2011, 11:00:28 PM
Yo! You have to send this to Aki-P! So he has a better thing to make for Majisuka Gakuen 3. xD

Seriously, I'm speechless again. I can totally imagine all the scenes.

Next please!  :pimp:
Title: Re: Untitled Part 1-2 (12/07)
Post by: immortal_K on July 12, 2011, 11:07:49 PM
@AAAice: I think Aki-P prefers story-lines where he can fill the cast with only his 48family girls  :lol:

I'm trying to finish the whole thing today, since I have to go back to work tomorrow  :banghead: no more vacation...sigh

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 2

Sado ran up the stairs to their hideout, all the way up to the top, she knocked on the door calling for someone to open the door. “Yuko-san! Maeda! open the door.”

The door open but not who she expected, in front of her is the short inspector, that they see quite often nowadays. “Takahashi-san, why are you here?”

“I was informed you girls went to gather the last of the evidence.” The captain said while she used her finger to pushed her glasses up slightly back into place.

“Sado, where are the others?” asked Yuko who was standing a few meter away, worry written all over her face.

“We got ambushed by a mob, they stayed behind while I came here as fast as I can” Sado said still a little winded from the run. She quickly handed the memory stick to  Takamina, who quickly booted the info into her laptop.

“With the info from before and this, we have all the evidence we need to put those guys behind bars for good. Those good for nothing trash, selling drugs and abducting kids and...” she started blabbing to no one in particular when she suddenly stopped. “Huhhhhh!”

“What?” Yuko and Sado asked at the same time.

“Seems there is a file for undercovers in the police force too, that guy must be stupid to keep a file of them.” she just shook her head as she smiled. “now we can take those out too.”

“Yuko! Takahashi-san!” Atsuko came running out from the room and straight to the T.V, she quickly flipped it on to the news. “Look”

“Earlier tonight, the police busted a gang hideout and seized 50 kilos of Cocaine along with large amount of crystal meth and Ketamine. They also found a few kids locked in the basement with signs of drug influence. Four suspect has been arrested on scene, members of the injured gang members have been shipped out to surrounding hospitals due to injuries from what appears to be a gang fight....” as the reporter continue to report the case, Atsuko turned to face the other members in the room.

“What should we do? We have to get them out of there!” Atsuko said with a stern look of serious in her eyes.

“I have a plan, but I will need your help. I need you to buy me time, so I can talk to the chief superintendent, we need to pick out all those traitors in the pack.” Takamina said as she signal for the three girls to get closer.


The four heavenly queens of Majisuka Gakuen each sat in one of those dark interrogating rooms, alone listening to the officer as question after question but made no efforts to answer, with the exception of occasional giggles from Gekikara. After few hours of interrogating and not a word from the girls they end up putting them into the same room with four chairs. Mainly due to the lack of available rooms to interrogate the rest of the gang members, slowly arriving from the hospitals after treatment.

Captain Nogami, frowned as he watch the interrogating session behind the glass, they haven’t done a single thing other then sit there. He begin to wonder if they can talk, but he clearly remember the one in pink speaking.

“Captain Nogami, we found the information on these girls.” Said one of the officers as he pass the folders over.

After carefully reading the information he enter the interrogating room.

“Itano Tomomi” Nogami said as he looked at the girl in pink jacket aka Shibuya, she just looked up slightly towards his direction.

“Kashiwagi Yuki” he turn to the girl in black and white jacket. Black looked up at him while her hand went towards her cross but said nothing.

“Matsui Rena” Gekikara’s hand just went to her neck as she stretch her head to the side and let out a quiet laugh. “hahahha”

“Kojima Haruna” his eyes landed on the girl with the red jacket half dropping off her shoulders. She just turned her head to look at him and smiled before she turned away again.

“You four went to Majisuka Gakuen, and are known as the four heavenly queen of Rappapa. No records of graduation, poor attendance, long standing fighting records. Matsui Rena, send to reform school for violent assault and a few near killing situations. I will definitely give it to you four to be able to take down all those men. Now tell me why are you there? What were you doing in that office room in the basement? Why did the gang go after you?”

Nogami continue to question the four girls over and over. Results from forensic haven’t found any trace of them from the drugs they confiscated, there were also no trace of them near the storage room where the kids were discovered. They only found trace of them down the hallways leading to the basement office where a broken computer lies along with a few other smashed decorations.


Next morning, bright and early Yuko and Sado are seen heading towards the local police station to release their friends, both sporting a smirk as they gracefully walk through the doors. Yuko was wearing a simple white t-shirt that has the words “Maji no imi wo oshiete yaru yo!” imprinted in the front, a black jacket with a eighth note design made with crystal beads on the back and black shorts with boots. Sado wore her usual fur jacket with black t-shirt and skirt with her favorite heels.
It is a wonder how they are able to walk into the station and straight to where captain Takahashi told them to find the girls. Is it really that easy to walk around a police station without getting questioned? They look ahead to the doors that lead them to their destination.

“Oh-Haa! Oh-Haa!” Yuko announced herself as she walked into the room while waving to the tired officers there. Sado trailed behind her with a smirk but didn’t do anything to stop their energetic leader.

Everyone present suddenly became alert of the two intruder.

“Who are you, why are you here?” one of the closer officer asked.

“I am here for my queen’s!” Yuko said as she glared at the officers in sight, causing some of them to stumble back a step. One of them pulled out his gun to point it at the two of them and like a chain reaction they became the target to every gun present in the room.

“I won’t do that if I were you.” Sado said calmly, she took out a small device from her pocket and held it up for everyone to see. “If you dare make a move, I will denote the bomb we planted around the station.”

“Drop your gun’s and slide them to the middle.” one by one all the guns end up in front of the girls, Yuko took them and drop them in one of the trash bins in the far corner of the room away from everyone. Once all firearm has been accounted for, Yuko stepped up again.

“Release my girls!” She demanded.

A door to one of the room opened and one by one they walked out. First was Shibuya with her hands in her pocket as she walked towards Yuko, you can see the corner of her mouth slowly coming up to a smile. Black followed with her arms crossed, she looked towards Yuko and Sado and gave a nod in their direction. Gekikara walked out with her hand on her neck, she started to giggle at first then it became laughs that got louder until the officers all shudder to the sound. Last was Torigoya, she had her jacket hanging loosely on her while she happily swing her arms to the side when she saw Yuko. “Yuko-san! I’m home.” Torigoya waved and ran to Yuko’s side.

The four queens, stood in their position beside Yuko, while Sado stood towering behind Yuko. They stood there watching Yuko stare intently at the officers before a smile creeped up on her face. They know that look, it means trouble but at least it isn’t directed at them. Sado sighed at the back, they have to buy time for Maeda and Takahashi-san but she hope Yuko don’t overdo it.

“Let's have some fun,” Yuko smiled before grabbing one of the officer that she recognize from the pictures in the files, she pushed him into a kneeling position then grabbed a black permanent marker from the desk and started doodling on his face.
After a few minute Yuko finally took a step back to admire her artwork.

“Ahh Tori, Tori” Torigoya pointed at the chicken Yuko drew on the cheeks, she pass the marker to Shibuya before stepping back to give her room to place her markings. After they were done with him, he had the word “baka” across his forehead, a cross on one side, moustache and a line that extends from the top of his forehead down to his chin and curves back up until it ended in his nose, with the marker sticking out from there?

Yuko lifted her leg to kick the guy on the chest causing him to skid back a few feet before falling face first on the ground. Suddenly a squad of armed officers rushed into the room with captain Takahashi following in the rear with another girl with glasses beside her.

“Captain Takahashi, be careful they have bombs planted around the station,” captain Nogami warned.

“Arrest them.” Takamina signed her team into action and immediately the officers rush by the girls and went to the traitors they were shown from the files.

“Hey, what’s going on? Let me go, you got the wrong person.” the injured officer struggled to break free.

“Takahashi! What is this?” Nogami shouted as he watched two of his men being restrained by the squad officers.

“They are spies from Kudo gang, we successfully infiltrated their system and obtained all necessary data”

“….” Nogami just stood there speechless, he was working with spies all along.

“Hey, are you girls ready to go? We have one more place to go.” Takamina smiled at the girls that are leaning against the desk.

“Let's GO!” Yuko said as she threw her fist into the air.

“Let’s go Maeda-san,” Takamina turned to the girl beside her and nodded, “Captain Nogami, bring the rest of your men” she said before heading out the door with the girls and her squad in tow.

“Where are we going?” Nogami asked as he signal the rest of his men to follow after they retrieved their guns from the trash.

“To finish what they started.”
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ehhh gangsterz!!!

man the 4 queens went to jail   :lol: just for a day o.o

they're out , officers scared of yuko  :rofl:

eh no more vacations :(
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Forget the others let him go with the Rappappa rebirth!

What?! That must be tough eh? Trying to finish the story. Screw work!  :angry:
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Wow action fics are very rare, let alone good ones.

This is awesome, thanks!
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I wish, have to work to be able to support my addiction  :lol:

Losing money to Aki-p....
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Here is the next part  :)

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 3

Sado and the four queens got into one van while, the two captains, Yuko and Atsuko entered another. They sped towards the last warehouse, to meet the boss once again.

“We have already sent out teams to each of Kudo’s hideouts and safe house, they should be arriving at their destination as we speak. When we arrive, make sure your men does not open fire. This warehouse has a large amount of combustible and explosive substances, any loose sparks can cause the place to blow up.” Takamina explained to captain Nogami as she brought out a map and some diagrams to show him the landscape and design of the warehouse.

“How are we going to contain those thugs if we can’t open fire?”

“Leave it to the girls, they can handle them, they have some favours they are waiting to return. It is because of them we finally obtain all these evidence that will keep them behind bars.”

“They will pay for what they did to Erena.” Atsuko whispered as she kept her head down with her fist clenched tight at her knees.

“Maeda, we will let them know why never to mess with Majijo and Rappapa.” Yuko said as she looked into Atsuko’s eyes, determined.


Kudo scrambled to shove the cash in is safe into a couple duffel bags, just 1 min ago he got a call from one of his lackey that their sites are being raided. Kudo tried to ask for more details but the line went dead. He knew something isn’t right and he need to leave immediately and hide. He ordered the rest of his men on site to be on look out while he came back to this office to destroy any important documents.

As he was zipping up his bags he heard the sound of cars pulling up outside the warehouse. He quickly stood up and ran out the doors hoping to be able to make it out before he is surrounded. As he near the back door he notice a few police cars stopped a few meters away with police officers starting to file out of the cars. Quickly he made a turn to head for the door on the opposite side. The open door that leads outside was suddenly slammed shut, and the garage doors from the side lifted up. Kudo was blinded by the sudden flood of light, he arms tried to block out the offending light. When his eyes adjusted he saw seven silhouettes standing there. He can tell they are female but can’t make out their faces as the sun shine brightly from behind them.

“…….. “

“Hey Kudo!”

“Haha haahaaahahahaha, I’ll kill you!”

“Come here, Kudo!”


“Hope you prepared your funeral.”


Kudo looked at the girls in front of him and grimaced. “I knew you girls were up to no good! All those reasons to join us were lies.”

“Take out these traitors!” he signalled for his men to take them down as he took a step back. The girls with the exception of Atsuko rushed forward to meet the mob head on. Captain Nogami and Takamina finished briefing their team on their situation before they turned to watch from behind Maeda.

The battle is obvious one sided, these girls are taking on full grown men like they are made of tofu. Black weaved through bodies and took down another two with a kick and a left hook, her speed so fast that it seem like an illusion if not for the fallen bodies. Torigoya and Shibuya worked together and slammed two thugs together head to head, and slowly their bodies slid down to the ground. Gekikara advance towards the thugs as they begin to back away from her, her laugh getting louder as she gets near, with quick steps she closed the distance and stomped on one of the guys chest throwing him a meter back flat on his back. She then slam anyone within arm reach to the ground then jumped on one started to hammer his head to the ground a few times before moving on.

Sado and Yuko are together at one end fighting back to back, Sado gracefully strikes at her enemies with perfect precision, from her you can feel the elegance emitting from her as she stood tall in her fur jacket. Yuko jump kicks at her opponent then follows with a right hook and left jab to the guys face, then turns to stomp on another immediately after. She held a smile on her face during the whole time, like a child that was rewarded with candy for being good. She comb her hand through her hair before looking up. “This is fun! HaHA”

Kudo watched his men drop like flies, one by one, knowing things aren’t turning out right, he try to make a run for it. He turned around ready to make a full dash to the doors but no matter how hard he pushed his legs he didn’t seem to be able to move from his spot. He looks behind to see Yuko holding the collar of his shirt, he finally clued in why he felt like he was choking.

Kudo was pulled back into the center, his eyes stopped and focus on the girl still standing by the garage entrance. Even before he had a chance to react he felt a kick to his rear, causing him to stumble forward.

Atsuko ran up to Kudo and kick him square in the chest, pushing him back to Yuko. Yuko grabbed him again and swing him towards Sado. Sado brutally slammed her knee into Kudo’s stomach before pushing him away back towards Atsuko. She grabbed his shirt collar and delivered punch after punch to his face. The rest of Kudo’s lackeys can only watch their boss beaten to a pulp by a few high school girls.

When she finally let go of her hold, Kudo’s body lost all its support and dropped to the ground, he thought it was over but, life had more planned for him. Atsuko walked up to his body to kick him a few times before she dropped down to start punching him again. She wound up to deliver the final hit but found her arms stuck. She looked up to see Yuko holding her wrist in place.

“That’s enough, you’ll kill him, let the police deal with him, he has to pay for what he did, dying is too beneficial for him.”

Takamina took that as her cue and signal for her squad to move in and secure the area. She looked over to captain Nogami and saw he was still frozen in place.

“You look like you just seen a ghost.” Takamina chuckled.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” he glanced at the amount of blood on scene in front of him and almost regurge his breakfast back up. Sure he has been to crime scenes and seen a lot of bloody action but these girls are insane. Not only did they take on a mob of full grown men, they were actually enjoying it… especially the black one with the creepy laugh.

“Weak, lets finish up here, still have a long day. Have to finish the reports for this undercover operation.” Takamina said before heading into the warehouse.
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Wow! He's been centered by Yuko, Sado and Maeda!  :pimp:

Yes, Gekikara is insanely real!

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i feel sorry for the Kudo dude  ^^"
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A quick update before I head to work, if time permits maybe I can try updating again later tonight during my break. Thanks everyone for liking the story.  :cow:

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 4

*Atsuko's POV*

After all that we were taken back to the station and placed into one of their holding cells, I don’t know how long we’ve been here but it seems like a long time. No one came to talk to us, or ask any questions, they just left us here.

I don’t mind, it gives me time to think but from the look of it Yuko is ready to die from boredom, I wonder how Sado and the others deal with their energetic leader. Either way, I am in debt to them, if not for them I won’t be able to clean up the streets, for Erena, I know you are disappointed in me Minami, I failed you again but I will work harder to live my life seriously.

It all started at the end of my first year at Majisuka, after Yuko appointed me as her successor, I never really gave it a thought, my goal was to become a nurse but as it seems life never goes the way you plan. Surprisingly Yuko started to get better after the ceremony, it was miracle as the doctors called it but seeing how she is back to her own self again I was really happy and ready to step back into the background.

I still remember the day our principal told Yuko the truth, they only present her with a graduation diploma because they know she was sick and it was her last wish. Since she is better now, she will have to repeat the year with the rest of them for being absent for most of her school year. Sado decided to stay by Yuko’s side and volunteered to retake the year along with Torigoya, Shibuya decided to join in the fun and stay in school to avoid working in IT like her mom has planned out. Gekikara didn’t have a choice since she missed out most of the year as well. No one really know why Black stayed back but we all know the strong bond of Rappapa can’t be taken lightly. For another year the great Rappapa will watch over Majijo.

Things were going smoothly until…

It was the first time I met Captain Takahashi, she looks so much like Minami, I found out later her name was also Minami. She came to the school and headed straight to the principal's office. Not long after, I was summoned to the principal’s office too along with Yuko and Sado.

They asked us a lot of questions, they all revolved around Erena, I couldn’t understand until they finally reveal to us that Erena was found unconscious in a back alley, beaten and violated. It was in the area where Kudo’s gang are active, at the hospital they ran tests and found a mixture of poor quality drugs in her. They tried to save her but she was too far gone it was because of the all the drugs. Those impure quality drugs with mixture of harmful substances in her blood damaged her brain and mentality; in the end it killed her. I was shocked, but when they hand me a letter they found in her room for me, I felt so weak, I didn’t even realize I was crying until my tears started to wet the piece of paper I was holding. [Sorry, I don’t hate you ~Erena]

It was all Kudo’s fault, if not for his drugs Erena won’t be gone, I swear he will pay for his crimes

I begin to skip class, to go hunting for any trace of Kudo, I went out to clean the streets, I took down any thugs that got in the way. Yuko and Sado eventually found me, they figured out what I was doing and decided to help.


Takahashi Minami, captain or inspector of the police squad with lieutenants, sergeants and officers under her command. She might be young and short, standing at a few head short of her squad, but that doesn’t make her lacking in any way. She climbed up the ladder quickly after joining the force; with her intelligence she was able to crack some difficult cases that they had just about deemed unsolvable. Still with all those solved cases under her belt there are officers out there that look down on her, in no way can a “little girl” be suitable for captain, she should just go home to her parents and go to school like kids her age, they don’t take her seriously.

Said captain has been in her office since returning from the warehouse, to finish up her report for the case. She has been rooted there for hours trying to get everything done.

“Let see here, I think I have everything in order, nothing is missing.. Okay all done.” She lean back into her chair, arched her back and stretch her arms high up to loosen some of her muscles.

She went to summit her report, then head back to her office to brainstorm up ways to reduce any possible charges placed on the girls for the assault and damage they have caused to those useless guys. They are really a good bunch of kids, just not your typical teenagers. They can be violent, aggressive, quick to throw in a punch and get into fights but really, you don’t see many with bonds as strong as these girls, even through rough times they still stand together.

*Takamina's POV*

I spend the next hour looking through files and documents, normally I won’t care so much but for some reason this time it’s different, I can’t bare to imagine Atsuko in jail.

“Wait when did she become Atsuko... but Acchan does have a nice roll to it…Nonononono I’m wasting time, got to figure this out before chief calls me into his office.’ I quickly slap myself on the cheeks before straighten my thoughts back to the documents.

“Argh this is so frustrating!!” I threw the files on the desk before dropping back into the chair.

“Why do I even care what happens to them? I should get back on track with my other cases.” I picked up one of the cases that have been asking for attention.

Okay pretty simple, witness asking for family protection, family of three, parents and kid in high school. Wow smart kid, so young and already in high school.

“This isn’t even a difficult case, why did they pass it on to me?” I continue to read the reports and realize this case has already been passed through every other squad. The officers have trouble keeping up with their young escort, she refuse to have bodyguards follow her around and has found and identified each and every undercover they placed around her.

“I wonder…”

*Knock* *Knock*

“Come in” I look up to see who broke me out of my train of thought.

“Captain Takahashi, the chief is looking for you.”

“Okay, I’ll head over now.” I stood up and straighten my clothes, then took another glance at the file I was just reading.

“I guess it’s worth the try. Nothing to lose right.” I smiled and picked up the file.

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 :cry: :cry: Erena died i see  :cry:

then that served Kudo right -.-

Don't think taka,just do it  :rofl:

That kid is really genius then   :shocked
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I wonder who is that person in the file.

Augh, how can you write so smooth?!  :banghead:
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THIS IS LIKE MAJISUKA 3 ... I LOVE EVERYTHING...I THINK U SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN THE 2nd season than AKI-P...since youre scenarios is way better than him...but it doesnt I hate it, actually like both seasons and w're lucky that he decided to make the sequel....    OK enought with that...... finally MAEDA IN ACTION, and shes like  IN BERSERKER MODE, THAT WAS SICK!!!!!!!!!!! SHE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THAT kudo dude.... PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND UPDATE SOON!!!!
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A quick thank you to everyone that left me thank you's: AAAice, Tejinashi, RenaChii, immo, jehovachiabi, yukofan, blughise, anoni2.
Alright here is the last section to part 1 as promised, before I head to sleep away my day.... just to got back to work tonight  :(
Who knows maybe being at work will suddenly give me ideas for more one-shots  :lol:

RAPPAPA: Supreme - 5

*Sado's POV*

I look up when I heard the gates open, an officer motioned for us to follow him. I stood up and shake the laziness out of my limbs before following Yuko-san and the rest out of the cell. We were led to a conference room and told to sit and wait.

Seems like we have been doing a lot of that lately, I wonder if they are going to press charge on us, I mean we did send a truck load of people into the hospital even if they deserve it.

“Sado, what is going to happen?” Torigoya asked. I can only shake my head to let her know my answer.

“Sorry to have you wait, it took a little longer then expected.” Takahashi-san said as she walked into the room with a file in hand. She quickly took a seat at the table beside Maeda.

“They are going to charge us for assault.” I spoke to break the silence.

“Yes, well no… I mean because of the damage done, we will charge you for assault but if you agree to assist us then we can compromise.” Takahashi-san looked up to make sure she has all of our attention.

“If the charges go through then all of you will hold criminal records with possible jail time or have to pay fines.” She paused.

“I spoke with our chief and was able to come to a compromise, if you can help us with another case in exchange you will be sentence to community service, no criminal records and no fines, in exchange you will receive a small living expense while you are active in the case.”

“Is that even possible?” Maeda asked in disbelieve

“You are saying if we agree to this, they will basically take back all charges.” I asked again just to confirm, I wasn’t hallucinating.

“Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.”

“Let’s hear it before we decide.” Yuko-san said, now paying full attention to what Takahashi-san has to say.

“Sorry, you will have to commit to it before I can disclose the details,” she apologies. “I’ll give you some time to think about it, I’ll be back with some drinks,” she got up and walked out of the room.

The room was quiet after she left, I looked around the table and everyone was deep in thought. To be honest this offer is like bait, too good to let go but knowing it’s a case it can’t be good. What should I do, if I end up in jail or even just a criminal record then that’s it, life is pretty much over. At least this way, we can have a chance to start over after everything is over, plus they provide living expenses. Most of us are already digging deep into our finances we are going to run out soon.

“What do you think, Sado?” I turned to look straight at Yuko-san.

“I will do it, we have nothing to lose really.”

“I will do it too.” Maeda said quietly, while holding her scrunchies in her palm.

“Okay then I’m in” Yuko-san smiled and looked around at the other members then reached beside her to hold Torigoya’s hand. Torigoya looked up and smiled “me too”, Black only nodded but didn’t say a word. Gekikara was half biting her nails, sporting her rare genuine smile, not one of those creepy ones she uses to scare everyone away. “In”

“Do I even have a choice?” Shibuya asked.

A few minutes later Takahashi-san came back with a handful of bags with drinks and food for us. I didn’t notice I was that hungry until I saw the food.

“Sado, you are drooling.”


“Just Yuko is fine, you girls have to stop calling me Yuko-san, makes me sound old.” She replied before digging into the bento boxes.

“Yuko-chan, Geki took all the melon pan!” Torigoya whine to Yuko as she watch Gekikara quickly devour them while guarding the bag full of melon pan in her arms.

“Here have some of mine,” Yuko pass over one of the many bento’s she grabbed.

“Yay, chicken teriyaki!” Torigoya happily biting into the chicken.

“Takahashi-san, we have decided, we will do the case.” I said before digging into my curry katsu bento box.

“Alright, I’ll start explaining while you eat. It’s like this…………


“SO why are we doing this again?”

“If we back out now, Takamina might get in trouble.”

“Oh, so it is Takamina now”

“There is no fashion at all in these uniforms; I wish I can alter mine”

“Come on lets go, we don’t have all day, the gates are going to close and if we don’t hurry, you will get locked out”

“OMG! You can talk!”

*giggles* “Lets go.”

“You actually sounded normal for once”

“That’s mean!”

They walked through the gates that reads "Zakura Shiori Gakuen "

As noted above, I think you can guess there will be a Part 2, which is partially completed, still need to work some parts into the story... I don't really write in order so I actually wrote the some scenes before I figured how to use them..... and will need to put together some side-stories to make it work  :P

I hope part 2 turns out well, since I didn't write it in order................. I wrote the middle before I started the beginning of the fic.........

Also if anyone would like to give the fic a title, feel free to make any suggestions anytime  :kekeke:
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I smell the love between Yuko and Torigoya. Gekikara munching the melon pan... all by herself. CUTE!!!

Seriously stop giving me this urge to find out moreeee about what the case is about.

So... Zakura Shiori Gakuen? More like they are...??? (If I say the next word I might spoil it.) starts with P though. :]]

Might give you a title soon!  :shakeit:
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K this is heaps better than season two

You should be the new scriptwriter lolol
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@AAAice: lol I'm curious about your spoiler  :lol:

@Arakawa: I would totally do it for free if I can get the chance to meet the girls...... *dreams*

Just finishing up a few extra side story to put some more details in the scenes since, it's lacking some character interactions LOL
side story OS's to make up for it  :onioncheer:
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YEAH!!! I agree with the other your fic is better that the season 2!!!
The rappappa infiltred in a school sound great
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Here is a little bit of the beginning, sorry I know its super short but I'm running a bit late and need to head to work, if I can get access to a proper computer later tonight I'll update more.

RAPPAPA: Undercover - Prologue:

”This is it? Look’s kind of small...” Yuko said as she stood outside a 2 story house with the others, luggage in hand.

“Let’s go inside, I’m dying from the sun.”

The piled into the living room, leaving their luggage at the door before exploring around the house. There are 2 floors to the house, with 4 bedrooms on the upper level, and a kitchen, dining room and living room on the main level, decent looking place if they didn’t have 7 of them crowding around trying to take in the place. As they look around they heard the front door open, so they went to investigate. They found Takamina at the front door trying to get her luggage through the pile of bags left at the front by the girls.

“Takahashi-san... What are you doing here?” Sado asked.

“You didn’t think we would just leave it to you girls? I will be moving in as well.” Takamina explained as she finally made it inside pass the pile of bags.

“There isn’t enough room for all of us here, do we have to share rooms?” Atsuko asked, a mild blush creeping up to her cheeks while her mind wondered a bit further away from their current situation.

“Oh the house next door is for us too, did you not see the backyard is connected?” Takamina stated out of obvious to the others.

“Really!” Shibuya and Torigoya quickly disappeared from the room and headed next door. “Sugoi! The backyard is so big!” Torigoya’s voice travelled back into the house.
Black and Gekikara looked at each other and with a nod they each grabbed their respective bags and headed next door as well. That settles the living arrangements, with the four queens in one and the leading figures in the other.
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YAY! Found time to sneak onto a computer to finish today's update before things go crazy here.
Here is a more decent length then that little blurb above.  :on lol:
Hopeful Part 2 lives up to expectation  :kneelbow:

A thank you to blughise and Tejinashi for leaving me a thank you for the above post.

*Note: Jurina in this story is NOT Center, the girls in this school are not from Majijo.*

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 1

“Jurina!” Good morning! Where are your bodyguards? I haven’t seen any around in a while?” Mayuyu greeted as she plopped into the desk in front of the said girl.

“Wasn’t there a new janitor and librarian recently? Could they be them?” Sae said as she came over to join the two.

“I heard there are new transfer students coming today, maybe they are undercovers to protect you,” Miichan joked.

“I would think they give up by now, I’ve been fine so far I don’t need any protection.” Jurina stated.

“I heard the trial is still going on and with your dad on the witness panel.... it’s better to be careful, I heard the daughter of that guy use to be the boss of Yabakune, and his son has some power with gangs.”

“Hmm class is about to start” Tomomi said as she headed back to her seat.
Jurina sat there bored, twirling her pen as she waited for class to start. It's been a while since the police tried to send another one of their officers to watch her not that she want to complain. She hated being followed and restricted to move around freely.

The morning bell finally signal the beginning of the day and the teacher walked in.

"Good morning class, we have a few transfer students with us," the teacher motioned to the door as four student walked into the room. Whispers can be heard among the students.

"Please introduce yourself." The teacher motioned the four standing in the front.

While the rest of the class eyed the new students with interest and excitement, Jurina continue to watch her pen spin as she tried to perfect her continue thumb around combo while supporting her head with the other hand. Almost, just almost a little tap on the pen and wait for it to make a full circle before following up with a spin and.... too much power the pen flew out of her hand. Just as Jurina move to pick up her pen that flew to the empty desk beside hers, she found her pen held up in front of her. Jurina followed the hand to her new desk mate, round eyes, long dark hair, her skin is a bit pale, a little skinny, Jurina continue to eye her take in the appearance of her desk mate until she realize she has been staring for a little too long.

“Erm, sorry......thanks,” Jurina quickly recovered her pen from the outstretched hand as she was about to thank her new desk mate, she realize she doesn’t know her name, so she gave an embarrassed smile.

“Matsui, Rena” Rena said while giving a slight smile, thinking so this is the one they have to watch over.

“Matsui, Jurina, hey we have the same last name. Let’s have lunch together” Jurina introduced herself with her 500w smile that is powerful enough to blind anyone within a 1km radius, but of course Rena isn’t anyone normal.

On other side of the room, Yuki looked over to the two and grinned ‘Oh good Geki...Rena is beside the girl, this doesn’t seem so bad’ she thought as she realize a piece of paper dropped onto her desk. She looked to the side to see a short hair girl give her a 2 finger wave with a chin nod.

[Hi Yuki, Nice to meet you. Do you want to have lunch together with me and my friends? ~Sae]

Yuki look back to the short hair girl next to her and nodded.

Takamina watched the interaction of the girls and is relief that they seem to be able to fit, she was initially afraid what would happen when these yankee girls meet normal school girls but I guess she was worried for nothing, they seem more competent then they appear. Quickly glancing a few desk away at Acchan who is already concentrating on the lesson, she can’t help but let of a smile seeing how determined she is to learn the lesson. Takamina took a glance at the subject and is already familiarized with the course material as she already completed them, but it is nice be in a setting with people her age. As Takamina sat there enjoying the lesson, she can’t help but feel a chill run down her spine, like someone is watching her, she unconsciously glanced around the room trying to find the source, but it disappeared before she can located the culprit.


When the lunch bell rang, Sae quickly dragged Yuki towards the cafeteria while Rena suffers the same fate as her team mate. Takamina stood up from her desk, reorganized her books when a light shadow loomed over her.

“Hi, my name is Kuramochi Asuka, nice to meet you” the towering girl said as she stuck her hand out for a handshake.

“Takahashi Minami,” Takamina said while she eye the girl with cautions, she isn’t sure why but something about the girl makes her senses stay on alert.

“You can call me Mocchi, or anything you want,” as Mocchi lean towards the short captain.

“Excuse me, I have something important to discuss with you.” Came a voice out of nowhere and a hand that pulled Takamina away, by the time Takamina recovered and realize what is going on, she is already halfway out the classroom doors dragged by none other than the quiet Acchan.

*In the cafeteria*

After grabbing their lunch they found a large table to sit, around the table sat, Jurina, Rena, Yuki, Sae, Miichan, Tomomi and Mayuyu. After introducing themself again they started to dig into their lunch, but Jurina notice Rena hasn’t really touched her food yet.

“What’s wrong Rena-chan? You don’t like burger patties?” Jurina looked down at her own plate of meat patty with some bean sprouts and veges on the side. Without a word, Yuki reached over to Rena’s plate and cut out a quarter of the patty and transferred it to her plate while moving the veges on hers to Rena’s. Everyone else just watch confused as to what this is all about, when a few other girls they have never seen appeared behind the two.

“Next time you disturb my sleep I will make sure we have an all meat dinner to starve you,”

“Tomo-chin,” Rena said quietly without turning around, she leaned slightly to one side as Tomochin reached to cut a quarter of her patty and traded it with her veges.

“I guess I should help too,” Haruna also took a quarter of the meat and gave her some veges. Out of nowhere Yuko came in with a fork and took the last of the meat before running off to the table beside them, sitting herself next to Tomochin as she look back at Rena and stuck out her tongue.

“Yah, Yuko don’t just take Rena-chan’s food, give her some vege too.” Haruna whined. Mariko just moved to put some of her vegetables into Rena’s dish as the girl look like she might snap in half if you aren’t gentle, but of course that is just from appearance. Just as Rena tried to reach for the spicy sauce, Mariko grabbed it off the table.

“You shouldn’t use so much spicy sauce, if you want it back, you will have to start eating your meat.” Mariko said as she went to sit beside Haruna, knowing the girl won’t go for the trade.

“You don’t eat meat?” Jurina asked surprised as she watched Rena pull out a bottle of spicy sauce out of nowhere and started to add them to her plate, until Yuki stopped her by placing her hand on Rena’s then pointed towards the girls in the next table. She saw Rena look over before quickly putting away the bottle, Jurina was sure she heard Rena giggled but she was too occupied in staring intensely on Yuki’s hand that is still on top of Rena’s. Jurina isn’t the only one who is watching that hand, Sae on the other side is also giving the two hands a bit too much attention.
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It's a VERY AMAZING fanfic~!!  :yossi:

LOL Rena~  :rofl:

Please update soon~  :bow:
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Post by: AAAice on July 16, 2011, 11:00:28 AM

Am I allowed to say my prediction now?! Haha.

Ohh BlackxGeki!!! But... WMatsui.

I love how the Rappappa being so caring to Rena.  :pimp:
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RenaChii: Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

HashirePomeranian: Can't help it Gekikara is too loveable  :lol:, totally love that character.

AAAice: ^.^ Rappapa is just awesome! I'm curious what your prediction will be? Tell me  XD

I feel like I'm lurking here so much while I'm at work... too much time, when things are slow.  :P

Thanks for leaving me comments, love reading and responding to them  :twothumbs
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I wanna tell you but it's still vague. I know they have to protect someone which turns out to be Jurina and... (there's still one) :]]]

Ehh. I worship you for being at work and still on computer.  :pimp: Sneaky.
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ROFL Gekikara!!!!
I wonder with who Mayuyu will be
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AAAice: LOL wondering what the other part is? It won't change the plot since its all done, I just need to connect them all. I'm just lucky that summer tends to be the slower months so less sick people in the hospital and, its night so tried to let them rest. Just wait till flu season  :banghead:

kahem: Mayuyu will get someone :lol: originally she wasn't in the story... but I just can't leave her out so she get a place in the story too  :D
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It's getting interesting. Hope to see more! :D
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yeah!!! go acchan!!!  XD

please update soon...  :thumbsup
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Ooops end up sleeping away most of the day, the down side of working graveyard hours  XD, its already getting dark by the time I wake up.
Must not waste time, here is the next update, it is a little short but I'm still missing a couple scene's for the next part so gotta work on that tonight, hopefully I get that done soon, so I can update after.  :on study:

immo: Thanks for liking my story, hope you like what is to come  :lol:

Flean: Thanks for your comment, here is the next part.

So onto the story......

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 2

“Ah it’s so dark outside,” Jurina and Mayuyu walked out of the school library, they have been working on their project and lost track of time, when they finally packed up to leave, the sun has already ended it’s day.

“So hungry,” Jurina complained.

“Me too! But at least the project is done now, no more long library hours.” Mayuyu smiled.

“Are you cold Jurina?” Mayuyu asked as Jurina suddenly started to hand on to her arm.

“No, I think there’s someone following us,” Jurina whispered back.

They quicken their pace as they cross the park, the only thing left is the dark tunnel before they get home, but the min they entered they found their path blocked by a couple guys, holding pipes. They tried to turn back but behind them is another group of them blocking their exit. They backed into the wall as the men start to close in on them. Mayuyu and Jurina huddled together, holding onto each other, shaking from fear.

“So you are the kid, they want us to take care of, and you have a friend too” one of the guys said before he started to laugh.

“Hahaha...hahahaa...hahahahahahhha” the men’s stopped their tracks as another laugh spread into the tunnel, but they can’t find where the source is as the tunnel serves to transmit and bounce the sound evenly.

“You will have no tomorrow.... your crimes will be paid fully in the name of my lord.”

“Who is it! Show yourself!” one of the guy screamed into the dark tunnel, the only light from the street lamps at either end of the tunnel.

“AH!” one of the guy scream as he fell to the ground.

“Haahahahahahaa! Ne okotte iru? Haahaahaa” Jurina and Mayuyu screamed as one of the guys smashed into the wall beside them. They tried to run but Mayuyu tripped over the body lying on the ground, she closed her eyes ready to face the hard cement but it never came. She felt herself fall into something soft, as arms reached out to prevent her from falling to the ground. ‘hmm smells nice’ was all she thought.

“Go,” was all she heard as she and Jurina felt a little push towards the end of the tunnel.

The two of them started running and they kept on going, until they took a right turn around the corner and slammed into someone.

“Sor...rry” Jurina said as she tried to catch her breath, with Mayuyu leaning against her doing the same, they looked up to see a hand stretched out to help them get off the ground.

“Are you two okay? It looks like you two have been running a marathon,” Mariko said.

“I think we are okay now,” Mayuyu said still a little unsecure as she glanced back the way they came from.

“Shinoda Mariko, we go to the same school, I remember you were sitting with Rena today during lunch.”

“Ah, I remember now, Matsui Jurina, nice to meet you.”

“Watanabe Mayu, you can call me Mayuyu.”

“Which way are you heading, my house is just up ahead in that direction.” Mariko pointed in the direction of Jurina’s house as they purposely choose a place close to hers.
“Oh we go the same way, lets walk together,” Mayuyu quickly suggested.


“How did it go?” Takamina asked when Mariko walked into the house.

“She is home safe now, they met some trouble on the way but the other two took care of it” she answered as she heard the front door open again.

In walked Yuki and a blood cover Rena, just as she was about to raise her to bite her nails, Acchan walks up and slaps her hand away.

“It’s dirty, go wash up, there is food in the kitchen, just reheat it.” she then left the living room and headed upstairs. 

“Oh remind Tomochin and Haruna they have community service tomorrow after school” Takamina yelled out to the two retreating queen’s as they head out the back door.
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In walked Yuki and a blood cover Rena, just as she was about to raise her to bite her nails, Acchan walks up and slaps her hand away.

“It’s dirty, go wash up, there is food in the kitchen, just reheat it.” she then left the living room and headed upstairs. 

This make me laugh~~  :lol:
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It's become more interesting~  :grin:

Please update soon~  :thumbsup
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YAY!!! Some MaYuki >.< :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:
Thanks you so much  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Yeah!!!! Gekikara + Black = best combo ever!!!!!
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Aww, haha prepare yourself for flue season then. Wait... you finished this fic already right? Then I'm glad cause that means you're just going to update if you have time. :P


Uff, i'm craving for Gekikara!!! How I love that girl.

LOL just what Flean said on her comment, that part made me giggle. Geki needs some food! :]]
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I'm seriously speechless. All I could say is.....

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe~  :w00t:

Rena is  :heart:

Good work! I love it! I'm looking forward to your next chapter! Gekikara's plain adorable I'm puking God damned rainbows. Seriously, she's too cute for my own good.  XD
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Flean: I had to write that because, the image keep appearing in my mind  :lol: Glad you like it.

RenaChii: I'll have the next part up soon  :thumbsup

Tejinashi: Thanks, if you are looking for more Mayuki action, I posted a one-shot of them a few days ago  :twothumbs

kahem: Geki and Black are my favorite from Maji  :inlove:

AAAice: Well the fic itself is pretty much finished, but I'm trying to add some details with side stories... and so far I'm not getting any images in my brain to write about   :lol: might just have to leave a I.O.U on those and make it up with one-shots later   :depressed:

BlackRockAnon: Thanks for leaving me a comment, and Yes I agree Rena is  :heart:

 :cool1: now back to writing
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Here is the next update, sorry it's also a little short :sweat:

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 3

For the next few weeks, the girls rotated watch duties after school to tail Jurina making sure to keep harm away from her. So far since that night, there hasn’t been any other big events. The eight undercovers are starting to get comfortable in school, started to make some friends, well more like grouped up with Jurina and her friends usually, but it is still nice to live a normal high school life. Of course there are times where they almost blow their cover, especially when Mariko glaring at a few girls that were making fun of Miichan for eating all the time, the few girls almost died from heart attack from the aura and glare Mariko gave off and from then on no one dares say anything when Mariko is present.

“Wow, so many people at the mall today!” Yuko looked around “Hmmm, lets meet up for lunch later, give me a call when you are ready,” she said before dragging Haruna with her in a random direction into the crowd.

“Where is Acchan and Takamina?” Miichan asked

“Oh they said they had something to do, so they can’t come,” Tomochin answered as she eyed one of the clothing stores up ahead.

“Let’s go over there,” Tomomi pointed after she caught Tomochin eyeing the store.

“Alright, come on lets goooo!” Sae, Jurina and Miichan half skipped, half bounced their way to the store, way too much energy as the rest shaked their heads and slowly made their way over.

The girls were in the dress section, trying on different sets as the Rappapa members watched, Mariko caught a couple guys in the corner checking the girls out so she signalled the rest. Yuki stepped up beside Mariko as Rena and Tomochin made their way towards the guys.

Rena walked right up to one of the guys and whispered in his ears “I’ll kill you” and let of a couple insane giggles before stepping back and glaring at the guy, while Tomochin just grabbed one of the guys collars and pulled him down to eye level and told him to get lost after kicking him in the shin. Of course the rest of the girls missed all of this as Mariko and Yuki perfectly shield the two from their view.

“Rena-chan how does this look?” Jurina asked as she stepped out from the changing room.



“Answer the question, and you are drooling,” Mariko whispered after nudging Rena,

“It looks very nice on you Jurina-chan” Rena stumbled a bit with trouble finishing her sentence as her brain doesn’t seem to be functioning properly.

“Thanks Rena-chan” Jurina ran over to give Rena a hug, Mariko just watched her team mate stand there so she lightly kicked her leg to restart her brain function.

“Hey, how do I look?” Sae asked as she walked out of the changing room

“KYAAAA” Yuki screams as she saw Sae come out in a biker leather jacket, leather pants and boots while sporting shades. Mariko, Rena and Tomochin looks over to Yuki, with eyes wide open and jaws painfully wide open as they never thought Black can give that kind of reaction.

“Kakkoi~!” Jurina said while Tomomi also screamed excited as she saw Sae come out from the changing room.

“We can do better than that,” Tomochin retorted after she saw Tomomi’s reaction to Sae’s danso.

“Eh? We?” Rena asked confused.

“Do it, do it, I wanna see too” Jurina said now all excited, while Tomomi just nodded anticipating the other’s danso. Tomochin dragged Mariko and Rena along with her as they disappeared into the men’s section, while Yuki continue to stare at Sae.

“Yuki, Yuki!” Sae said as she waves her hand in front of Yuki snapping her out of dreaming.

“Ahhh, Sae?” she took a step back as she didn’t expect the sudden invasion of her personal circle, but regretted doing so after she stepped back.

“Are you okay, you look a little flushed,” Sae asked as she put her hand on Yuki’s forehead.

“I’m fine, it’s just... just a bit hot in here hehehe”

“How do you think the others will look?” Miichan asked.

“I don’t know, but Rena doesn’t seem to fit the idea of danso, so I really anticipate what she will look like,” Jurina replied.

“Mariko should look pretty good since she is nice and tall” Miichan said as she tried to imagine Mariko in danso.

“hmm what about Tomochin?” Sae asked.

“I think Tomochin will turn out to be very cute, who know’s maybe we will be surprised” Tomomi answered as she glanced over to the direction they left in seeing if they are back yet.

“Sorry to keep you waiting” Mariko said as she walked into view, wearing a suit with glasses, with a short messy style wig on. The girls are just speechless, Miichan was definitely correct, Mariko looks stunning in the suit and glasses.

“Do I look okay?” Rena asked as she came out wearing a dress shirt half buttoned up with the first few buttons left open, t-shirt underneath with washed jeans and boots, she had a short black wig on, which made a sparking contrast with her pale skin. The girls went crazy over her appearance, a few of the female workers have also joined the girls after they first saw danso Sae, they never expected the others to come back so breath taking as well.

“How is this?” Tomochin asked as she stepped out wearing a male school uniform, shirt left loose out the first few buttons also left undone, with a silver chain on the side of her pants, with a short cut wig on as well. The girls and all of the female staff once again went wild after they saw Tomochin, dressed in the male school uniform while giving off that bad guy vibe with the shirt left undone and out loosely. Tomomi can’t help but continue to stare as she slowly take in the sight in front of her.
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Yeah! Danso!!!!!
Lol Yuki's reaction and Rena was drooling
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this is way better than majisuka 2...

 :bow: you're great!!!!!

Rena is so lovable!!!! she's like Rappappa's baby!  :D

yey!!! DANSO!!!!!

LOL @ Yuki's reaction!

too bad... haruna's not there...

no Jack Kojiro or Visual Kei!  :rofl:

update soon!!!!
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What happen to Acchan and Takamina...................don't tell me.......that they're ONTO SOMETHING :grin:
THANK YOU and UPDATE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow~ Danso~!!  XD

Yuki's reaction so big~ as expected from reaction queen~  :D

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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Now I want to watch all the Danso episode again. Ren!!!  8) Mariboy! Tomochin! Sae! Augh if only Yuko didn't drag Haruna somewhere. -.-

LOLLAGE at Yuki's reaction. The quiet Black become a Sae fangirl. :]] :smhid
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kahem: I love their danso so much I just had to add it in  :drool:

aoi_sora: Yea, curse Yuko for dragging Haruna away. :doh:

blughise: Well, there were too many of them to keep track of and keep together, since the group is too big so they went off somewhere....

RenaChii: Yup very out of character for Black, but very fitting for Yuki as she practically jumped out of her chair when she saw bartender Sae.  :inlove:

AAAice: I was rewatching the danso episodes when I was writing that section  :lol:

So here is the reason why I was stalling, the first of the side stories off of the original story. I had some trouble coming up with what I wanted to do and after trashing a good half of the ideas, I finally set in with the current versions, it didn't help that these two are actually the last that I wrote. I tried to make it different for each, since I didn't want all of them to end up the same, that would be too boring  :P
Hope you like them, but feel free to leave me feedback of what could be better, for future references.  :twothumbs

For those of you that wonder where the Kojiyuu and Atsumina pair went, here is your answer.

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 1 (Kojiyuu)

Haruna watched Yuko happily beat the crocodiles with the hammer, after breaking apart from the group they somehow ended up in at the arcade. They were walking along when a large squrriel plushy hanging out the store window caught her eyes. She pointed it out to Yuko saying it looked super kawaii, and since then they have been in the arcade going through as many games as they can. To Haruna's surprised Yuko hasn't attempted to latch, hug and grope her all day.

She walked up to Yuko and placed her hand on the girl's forehead, "Are you feeling alright Yuko?" she asked concerned.

"I'm okay, why?" Yuko replied, confused at the sudden question.

"It's just you aren't yourself today, you haven't tried anything all day..." Haruna trailed off, not wanting to sound like she missed those moments.

"Nyan Nyan, I want you to know I care about you, not just your body, I feel happy with you here by my side, anything else is just extra," Yuko said as she smiled, hands starting to itch closer and closer until they landing.

"Yah!" Haruna slapped Yuko's hands off of her as she felt two hands rub down her back until they landed on her ass.

She then pulled Yuko into a hug and placed her head against Yuko's, "Nyan Nyan, I..." Haruna silenced Yuko with a finger to her lips, "I know... mieta" She whispered to Yuko before pulling apart.

"I want my squirrel," Haruna demanded, "Right on it!" Yuko saluted to the taller girl, then turned around to pick up the hammer, ready for another round of smashing crocs. Just as the game was about to start Yuko felt to hands placed on her shoulder, spinning her around to face Haruna, "I want this one," she said a poked her finger on Yuko's forehead.

Even without reading Yuko's mind, Haruna already know how much the girl loves her, she doesn't need the words, she only need her. Even when she refuses and rejects the endless skinship, Haruna will always love her squirrel, that is just the way their relationship work.

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 2 (Atsumina)

Takamina stood there watching Acchan, clean the stone ahead, shifting a bit unease as they currently stood in the middle of the cemetery. Her focus shifted back to the taller girl as she watched her removed all the dirt and dust on plate. 'Minami' Takamina thought as she looked into the photo placed in the middle, this is the girl that saved Acchan with her life. Takamina had originally offered to help but Acchan insisted she do this alone, so Takamina stood there watching the girl fuss around to clean the area, a butterfly perched at the side caught her attention.

"Minami, it's been a while, let me introduce you to captain Takamina, she is also named Minami" Acchan chuckled as the shorter girl step forward a bit when her name was mentioned.

"We decided to help the police with another case, to protect a girl at school. Even though its only a mission, I have been studying hard, hoping that one day I can become a nurse, I won't play around anymore." Acchan said as she begin to remember the times she and Minami were together, scenes flashed by her eyes, until they came to a stop, images of the life leaving a heavily injured Minami continue to repeat in Acchan's mind. Involuntarily tears begin to make their way down following gravity.

"I hate you, I hate you for leaving me," Acchan whispered.

Watching the sobbing girl beside her, Takamina felt her heart twist and tug, she turn to glance at Minami's stone again before making up her mind. Acchan felt a pair of arms embrace them around her from behind, unconsciously she leaned back into the shorter girl. They stayed like that for a few minutes before Acchan heard the captain say softly into her ears.

"Acchan, in life I believe that there are different degrees of love. There is friends love, love out of respect, selfish love, parental love, selfless love, and.... I found that I have developed a love for you." said the short captain as she tighten her hug of her affection.

"I can imagine if I was with you ten years from now, I would still have a pure sincere love for you. That will never change." she continued, leaning her head on the shoulder of the girl.

"It will not change the fact that I have a love for the person you are, because I love all that makes you beautiful." Takamina felt Acchan's hands rest on hers as the taller girl continue to stare into the photo of Minami. 

"I...I love you." Takamina finally said it out with much courage, "You can take that as a present,
you can simply smile, or you can return... this love. I am willing to wait as long as it takes" finally the captain revealed the words in her heart, before her sight landed on the same photo Acchan had been facing.

Takamina, released her hold on Acchan, stepping back she bowed to pay her respect for the girl that shared the same name, before turning to leave.

To her surprise, she was held in place by the taller girl, who came up and hugged her from behind.

"Takamina, I promised Minami to live life seriously, and I tell you now, with all the serious in my body, I want you to stay with me forever. Please don't leave me." Acchan said as tears roll down her cheeks, she tighten her grip, afraid that if she let go the smaller girl will disappear.

Takamina turned around to embrace the crying girl, tears starting to soak through the frabic as she felt the warm moisture on her shoulders. She turned to look up into the eyes of Acchan, "I promise you, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part, I will never leave you, I pledge you my faithfulness."

Takamina pledged to Acchan, as she pulled on the collar of the taller girls shirt to bring her closer for a kiss to seal her vows. They felt a sudden breeze circling around them, causing the sakura pedals to fall from their place above. The beautiful rain of pedals surrounded the two, as if the wind has given them their approval and wishes. When they pulled apart, resting their forehead against each other, their eyes met and like eternity they stayed.

They left hand in hand, as they walk away Takamina turned around once more 'Minami, I promise you, I will treasure her, I will protect her with my life. Please give me a sign of blessing.' Takamina asked deep within, hoping it will be heard. A gentle breeze brushed by Takamina as she felt a tug from Acchan, taking that as a sign she turned and smiled to the girl beside her while they left the garden of remembrance.

The lone butterfly flew up into the skies, its duties are completed.

Sorry for the short Kojiyuu and weird Atsumina story  :kneelbow:, to be honest this wasn't planned, it wasn't until I finish the story I realize I'm lacking moments...... :cool2: 
Next update will be back into the story.  :hee:
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The Atsumina's side story is really nice and sweet :wub:
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I do wonder where the Kojiyuu and Atsumina pair went~~ XD

the AtsuMina part is really nice... :heart: :heart: :heart:

Thanks for the side story...  :twothumbs
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Haruna wants her Squirrel!  :inlove:

Aww Takamina fell inlove really quick huh? :]] That's so lovely for Acchan. To the both of them too! I just hope Takamina will keep her promise.
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weee that was like a marriage!  :inlove:
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kojiyuu and atsumina
 :on woohoo:

update soon!!!! :bow:

more action!!!!

 :on crazygran:
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Lol you live in Vancouver? Me too o:

Thanks for the updates.
You know I love the kojiyuu :)
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blughise: thanks, I was afraid the atsumina might come out a bit weird since the setting isn't where normal pairs would go and confess......  XD
Flean: Glad you like the side stories, I had to add those since I kinda neglected the pairs..... :sweat:
AAAice: had to speed it up or it will take many boring chapters  :kekeke:
anoni2: it was basically a marriage vow from takamina   :twothumbs
aoi_sora: LOL yes there will be more action in the story  :wahaha:
Arakawa: Yup I live in Vancouver    :lol:

Finally! Quality computer time YAY! I got called into work last night, it was a bit busy and forgot to bring my usb with me so wasn't able to update, until now. This update is a little longer then the previous ones. Hope you like it.  :) The next update might be a bit delayed as I have work tonight and the next few nights as well, if everything settles down, I might be able to update sooner.  :thumbsup

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 4

Yuko was strolling down the hall with Mariko and Haruna, when a poster caught her attention.

"Hey look at this, they are looking for a band to perform for their annual school festival" Yuko pointed at the poster. "Nyan nyan, let's do it! I haven't played in so long." she latched on the taller girl beside her.

"Yah! Keep your hands to yourself!" Haruna tried to push Yuko away but only to be attacked by the flying squirrel again, "Yuko we still need to get the others to agree." Haruna said, then glanced back at Mariko as she tried to free herself from the smaller girls grips. Yuko followed Haruna and turned to Mariko with a sad puppy face, asking the girl silently to agree.

"You know, all you have to do is go ask the others, they will agree to anything you say." Mariko smirked as she examine her nails.

"Sadist," Yuko pouted as she was hoping Mariko can go ask the others for her.

"I know, hehe" the pout on her face turned into a full range smile, removing herself from Haruna she hop forward on one leg twice then landed with her feet apart as she held her cell phone in front of her.

"Yah, don't pretend to be Nezumi" Haruna said as she lightly hit Yuko in the back of her head.

"Keke, I always wanted to try that." Yuko replied while rubbing the back of her head with a silly grin plaster over her face, which only happens when Haruna hit her, anyone else will be twitching on the ground.


Rena felt her phone vibe in her pocket, she saw a message from Yuko.

[Let's jam at the annual school festival ~Yuko]

Rena turned to look over at Yuki to see her phone out as well, clearly they all received the same message. Their eyes met, as if they understand the silent question, they nodded before turning back to reply the message.

From the corner of the room Sae caught the interaction between the two, she has seen them together before but she gets the feeling they are closer then they appear, and suddenly she get this unease feeling that she can't describe. Sae tried to shake off this feeling but it keep coming back, especially when she is around Yuki. Unconsciously she turns her head to Yuki's direction and once again her eyes lands on her source of trouble.


"When was the last time we played together?" Yuko asked.

"Right before you were admitted to the hospital..." Mariko trailed off

"So what are we going to perform?" Tomochin asked curious what their leader has planned.

"Well this is what I have in mind, but before I tell you, Acchan, Takamina can you play any instruments?" Yuko asked the two buddies sitting in the corner of the room.

"Ermmm, I use to play bass..." Atsuko whispered.

"I can play drums, but I haven't played in a long time." Takamina said

"Perfect!" Yuko quickly started passing papers around so they can discuss how they can pull off a perfect performance, to revive 'Rappapa' in a different method.

They spend the next few hours planning before they started to practice. Takamina and Acchan received some help from the others to get re-acquaint with their instruments, before looking through the music.


As the school festival creeps closer, the members spend more time practicing to make sure everything will be perfect. They already prepared their stage clothes and all the audio equipments that they will need. Even so they can't help but be a bit anxious about the performance, since it has been a while since they played together and definitely a long while since they last perform. Fighting they are confident but pulling a perfect performance, they still believe in more rehearsals and practice.

Even so they never forgot their original mission, each day one will stay behind to watch their charge to make sure she gets home safe.

"Finally, end of the day," Jurina got up from her seat and stretched out her arms "Rena-chan, are you free? Let's go grab something to eat." she turned to Rena with one of her famous smiles.

"errrm... Juri...Jurina-chan, sorry I can't I have something to do afterschool." Rena stumbled a bit with her words, and with one look at Jurina's sad puppy look she quickly added, "but I am free tomorrow, my treat?"

Jurina immediately closed their gap and hugged Rena, "I just know Rena-chan is always the best" Jurina tries to lean in to kiss her on the cheeks, as Rena struggles to avoid the younger girl, her cheeks glowing a light shade of pink... make that red.

*bang* The sound of a book hitting the ground broke Jurina's concentration, she turned towards the direction it came from to see Mariko bending down to pick up the book she dropped.

"Oops, did I interrupt you two? By all means go ahead and continue, I don't mind." Mariko indicated with a passive uninterested look.

"Sorry, Jurina I got to go," Rena quickly excused herself after she caught Mariko's signal.

Jurina just pouted as her victim made a haste exit out of the classroom with her books in hand. She turned over to Mariko and gave her a 'it's all your fault she got away look'

Mariko chuckled "Come on, I heard there is a new place that opened up nearby, let's go try it."

"You are paying." Jurina said as she head for the door.

"Won't have it any other way, it will be my return for interrupting you lovely birds." Mariko said.

"It's not like that!" Jurina quickly said then looked away, if you look carefully you can see her cheeks testing out shades of red as images went through her mind.

"Right, right come on little one lets go," Mariko signalled the younger girl, "Jurina, are you planning to go to the school festival?"

~~At the same time in one of the many hallways,~~

"Yuki, you want go watch a movie together? I remember you said you wanted to watch it last time." Sae asked as she leaned on the locker beside Yuki's watching her pack her books.

"Sorry Sae, I can't, I have something to do."
"Aw, what do you have to do? The movie is going to come down soon." Sae asked, just when she finally decided to ask, she gets rejected.

"I'm really sorry, maybe we can go next time, if not we can rent it and watch it together?"

"I guess, remember you said next time okay, I'll walk you to the gates" Sae said a little defeated and disappointed.

~~Elsewhere in the school,~~

"Tomochin~" the said girl paused mid step to turn to the caller, already knowing who it is, she waited till her caller closes the gap and just smiles.

"Tomochin, I heard there is a cosmetic sale at Shibuya, let's go there together?" Tomomi asked as she catches her breath from rushing to catch up to Tomochin.

"Ah... I can't I have something to do," Tomochin said a bit disappointed.

"Chiyuu..." Tomomi pouted.

"It's okay, how about we go next time, I'll treat you to dinner too," Tomochin said as she tried to cheer up Tomomi. She really want to go with the girl but she doesn’t want to face Yuko’s wrath if she doesn’t show up to practice.

Tomomi only nodded initially but decided to add in "but I get to choose where to eat" not that she don't trust Tomochin but her taste in food is a bit peculiar.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow at school."


For the next week, the girls has been seen holding sheets and reading over them whenever they can, but no one has been able to figure out what exactly they are looking over. Of course their mysterious disappearance didn't help the imagination of some of their lovely classmate. Hence the reason why these classmates have decided to meet up.

"Did you notice recently all of them have been disappearing after class?" Miichan asked.

Jurina nodded "Rena-chan is always reading something, I wasn't able to get a good look so don't know what it is."

"I haven't been able to talk with Yuki all week other then that time I asked if she is free for a movie. I even tried running to her locker right after class but she is already gone." Sae complained to the others.

"Same for Tomochin," Tomo~mi pouted.

"I've been trying to find Mariko to go try that new place with me too," Miichan said.

"I went there with her a few days ago, she did ask me if I am going to the school festival, said it sounded fun?" Jurina said as she thought back.

"But the school festival is so boring every year, last year the performances was so lame too." Sae reminded the others.

"Now that you mention, the poster looking for performers have been taken down already, last year they were still up till the day of..." Miichan pointed out.

"Let's go to the festival, maybe they will be there too?" Tomomi suggested.

“By the way has anyone seen Mayuyu? Haven’t seen her in a while too?” Jurina asked.

“Oh she’s busy, been stalking this girl in the other class”,” Miichan said as if it’s nothing new.

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oh i get it! a surprise !! :lol:

ahh mariko interrupted hahah  :rofl:

still stalking people  :shocked
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Mayuyu in nezumi stalking mode :grin:
I wonder who she's stalking? Yukirin won't do since she's paired up with Sae-chan already
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Haruna and squirrels lol
Takacchan is just awesome!!!!! I like the part with supernatual ^^
Who is stalked by Mayuyu? Love-tan?
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I WANT TO READ(Read?) THEIR PERFORMANCE!!! Woo.  :shakeit:

Mayu?! Too hard to predict who Mayu is stalking. -.-
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Rappapa band  :w00t:

mayuyu stalking a girl..who's that girl?

please update  :cow:
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Thanks for reading and leaving me comments, I'm still stuck at work so won't be able to update until I get home hopefully.

anoni2: Yep yep, a surprise  :yossi:

blughise: Mayuyu is pro at stalking, yea unfortunately yukirin is already taken.

kahem: all questions will be answered in the next update  :P

AAAice: There is just so many girls out there that Mayuyu can stalk  :twothumbs

RenaChii: Sorry to keep you waiting, work is not being kind  :banghead: oh well at least they pay me. I should be able to have it up in about 6hours.

yukofan: The answer will be revealed in 6hours   :lol:
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Rappappa is performing!!! :guitar:

mayuyu... a stalker!!!

who's the lucky girl?  :dunno:

not yuki!  :cry:

could it be a former Team B now in Team A, loves anime, member of Wota4, she's also in Majisuka Gakuen.....  :ding:


all I can think of is  Lovetan or Naachan!

or AKICHAN!!!  :whistle:

update soon!!!
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massive coupling with Majisuka as the main theme  XD XD XD

who wouldn't want to read this?  :twisted:
...definitely not me  :lol:

I love Rena/Geki here  :cathappy:
..also the jealous Sae. :twisted:

PS: I love the queens, moar  :twothumbs
(of course the KojiYuu as well :inlove:)
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HOME! that means update time!!!! YAY!!!  :cow: Time to take a look at what Mayuyu has been doing while Rappapa has been busy preparing for their performance. Sorry for the short update, the next one will definitely be longer  :twothumbs

aoi_sora: Well here is your answer  :twothumbs

dark-atrox: Thanks, I had fun writing up the story. I needed more Maji after Season2 ended.  :lol:

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 3 (Stalker Mayu)

“Hey what are you looking at?”

Startled by the sudden voice, Mayuyu turned around from where she was standing behind the wall to see Yuko, crouching behind her peeking out from the side, imitating what younger girl was doing just seconds ago.

“Nothing…” Mayuyu replied obviously guilty of the crime.

“Are you sure?” Yuko asked, as she look ahead to the group of girls sitting at their desk chatting.

“You know at this rate, you will never get the girl, you need to be more bold” Yuko explained.


“Here let me show you,” Yuko said before running into the classroom, while Mayuyu continue to watch from outside.

“Nyan Nyan!!!!!” Mayuyu watched Yuko launch herself at Haruna, latching onto the taller girl while her hands slipped down making a motion to grope the girl when a palm intercepted her and smacked her away.

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you, unless you have a thick and hard skull,” Mariko said as she passed by the younger girl, they watched Yuko get smacked in the head again for attempting another unsuccessful assault resulting in another trip to ground.

“Yuko, stop being a pervert,” Haruna told Yuko

“It’s skinship!” Yuko insist as she latched onto Haruna again, which the taller girl eventually gave up in trying to get free from the shorter flying squirrel.

As Mayuyu watch the interaction from outside the classroom, she heard another voice from behind her.

“Just go in and ask the girl, standing here won’t help,”

“But it’s so embarrassing,” Mayuyu told Tomochin, “and I’m scared… what if she doesn’t like me?”

“There is no ‘what if’s’ just do it and accept the results, you have to be serious in life.” Tomochin said as she walked into the classroom.

Just as Mayuyu stood there debating her choices, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking up she came face to face with the girl she has been stalking….. watching the past week.


“Yes? Lovetan”

“I was told that you are a fan of anime, I got these tickets to the Anime Convention this weekend, wondering if you would like to go with me?” Lovetan waited and didn’t get an answer so she added, “its okay if you don’t want to, I can find someone else…”

“I love you… I mean I would love to go with you,” Mayuyu quickly tried to cover up her mistake as she spoke out before her brain can process her first thoughts.

“That’s great, I’ll see you this weekend then,” Lovetan said as she walked back into the classroom, making a note to thank Mariko for the tickets later.

Mayuyu continue to stare at the retreating figure as her brain slowly processes what just happened. The girl she met once a few weeks ago when she bumped into her in the halls. Mayuyu was still thinking about the mysterious people that save her and Jurina the night before so she didn’t pay attention to where she was going and knocked over the girl when she made a sudden turn. After helping the girl pick up her books they introduced themselves, that’s when she learns of the girl’s name, Oota Aika. Since then Mayuyu couldn’t explain but she felt and attraction to the girl and can’t help wanting to see her all the time. So in the past week Mayuyu has be watching the girl from afar, always afraid to approach the girl incase she scares her away. While her brains sorts through all her thoughts they finally came to the fact that she was just invited on a date to anime con by the girl in her mind.

“YES!” she jumped up, holding her fist up before noticing she is still standing in the halls, she quickly straighten herself up and pretend nothing had happen as she walked back to her class, while students in the halls watched confused at the girl’s sudden actions.


“Wow that was so awesome! Did you see the performance by AKB48? WOW!!! I couldn't keep my eyes off of them, they are so cool!” Lovetan continue to rant on as Mayuyu watched the excited girl talk about what just happen earlier at Anime con. After a day of excitement the two decided it’s about time the sit down and get some food, as their stomach started to complain. They found a nice café in the area and decided to give it a try, the waitress decided to seat them at one of the more secluded tables in the corner. Their dinner went by smoothly, with both party occasionally stealing glances at each other and looking away to avoid any eye contact. This went on for a while as the two played hide and peek with each other.

“So what did you think of today?” Lovetan finally asked.

“Ah! Today? It was great, I had a good time,” Mayuyu replied glad to have a small conversation going.

“That’s great, we should do this more often,”

“Yes, we should…” Mayuyu nervously replied unsure what to say, looking around she notice only a few more tables are left in the café as it is getting late already.

“You don’t seem as pampered and CG as people keep saying” Lovetan said while looking at the restless girl in front of her. Mayuyu took a deep breath and decided it’s now or never.

“People used to say sometimes I’m like a CG, sometimes I am unexpectedly high tension, sometimes I am weak, sometimes pampered, or even a little ill-tempered…” Mayuyu paused to gather her words,

“They all are a different kind of Mayuyu, but the strange thing is they all have one thing in common and that is…” Mayuyu struggled a bit to get the words out as they seem to be stuck in her throat.

“That is… every one of me is currently in love with you,” Mayuyu finally said it as she turn to look out the window, unable to bring herself to look ahead, scared to see the reaction from the girl she just confess to. She waited and still no response from the girl, Mayuyu fought to keep the tears from falling, afraid of being rejected, slowly feeling the life drained from her heart she determined her fate, maybe it was better that she didn’t say anything, what happen if the girl never want to see her again… As Mayuyu thought of this tears slowly start to roll down her cheeks, it was then she felt a hand placed tenderly on top of hers, lightly caressing her hand. Mayuyu turned face the girl confused by the action.

“Mayuyu… I… I love you as well,” Lovetan said shyly as she reached over to dry the tears, the touch of skin to skin left a lasting shock to the CG girl, leaving her internal generator to force restart.

“Really!” Mayuyu finally call out when rebooting was completed.

“Really.” Lovetan repeated giggling at the reaction of the girl in front of her.

“Because you took so long to confess, it’s dark outside already, if you said it earlier, today would have been so much fun,” she said jokingly teasing the older girl.

“I…I…” Mayuyu keep repeating herself, seemingly stuck on repeat like a broken record.

“I was just joking, alright then, how about walking me home?” Lovetan asked as she wave for the bill.

After paying the two walked hand in hand out into the night, lit under a path of street lamps.


Can anyone guess where the inspiration for the last scene came from?  :kekeke:
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Ahhh, I don't know where your inspiration came from. LOL Sneaky!

Mayuyu is cute in her stalking ways!! Lovetan and Mayu! RARE! This is probably my first time to read a scene about them two together not as best friends but lovers. :]]
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he that really nice.... did you get the idea from some asian drama? anyways update soon
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sounded cute :lol: ,
but no idea where you get the idea but it's like from the PSP game where got to send one of the girls back home.. :D
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Love-tan and Mayuyu cute!!!!
I don't know where the last scene come from but it's great!
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Didn't expect it~  XD
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really RARE!!!!
but cute... as always!


i don't know where your inspiration came from...

but still this is a great side story!!!

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So the answer of where the whole inspiration came from is tumblr and their PSP game, the end is similar with some changes to their confession in the game if you get lucky and win their  :heart:

AAAice: Yea the idea of putting them together came from a bunch of photos of the 2 falling asleep on each other and a few kissing photos on tumblr.
blughise: nope not asian drama
luckymmsg: yup the PSP game  :thumbsup
kahem: glad you like it
RenaChii: Always expect the unexpected~! keke
aoi_sora: I wanted to try something different  XD

SO be prepared for the long waited school festival and Rappapa performance! Hope you have your collection of AKB48 music library ready to play the songs as you read, I was listening to those songs when I wrote this section. I did take out some parts of the lyrics so it doesn't seem as long, but left enough for you to figure out which songs they are singing. A reminder to all of the lovely reader/writers this fic is still untitled because I don't know what to name it :banghead: I hope it can adopt a name before it ends  XD

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 5

The night of the festival, Jurina, Miichan, Sae, Tomomi wondered around looking for their missing classmates. They already walked around many times, and raided the food tables, it's getting late but still no sign of the others. They did find a Mayuyu walking around arms linked with a girl from the other class, Oota Aika, or as she introduced herself as Lovetan. They seem quite close, at least Mayuyu isn’t stalking her from 50ft anymore.

"The performance is about to start, let's go take a look maybe this year will be better then last." Jurina suggested as her instincts seem to attract her to look at the stage direction.

So the girls went found seats at the front and sat down with Mayuyu and Lovetan as they decided to join the others as well. Most of the seats are still empty, no one really expected anything since the years before were disappointing. Even though for some reason this year more students decided to attend, rumors started spreading the last few days there will be a new band performing.

"Good evening students, welcome to our annual school festival, tonight we have a special performance for you." the student council president spoke as people slowly start to gather around the stage and filling the seats. "I am very excited and have been waiting for tonight's show, so without delay, let us welcome RAPPAPA!" she said then walked off the stage.

The lights to the stage dimmed out as small spotlights of blue, red, green and pink flashed towards the stage as the curtains opened up and music started to play.

The audience gasp as they look at their performers. The band is set up towards the back of the stage with Takamina sitting at the drums, Atsuko beside her on the bass, with Mariko and Yuko on the other side of the drums playing on their respective guitar. Behind them is a keyboard that appears to be unoccupied at this time.

'So that's why they keep disappearing, but where are the others?' Jurina and the girls thought at the same time.

"Wow, Mariko looks so cool!" Miichan exclaimed.

Just as the Intro started playing, four figures walked out to the front of the stage from the side holding onto a mic stand. Each wore a form fitting leather coat with fingerless leather gloves and long leather heeled boats. The coats may look the same at first but each sported their Majijo jacket design on the back with different color linings. Rena has green lining around her coat while Yuki has white, Haruna has red and Tomochin has pink. They high fived each other as they got ready to start the night. 

"doko ka de anata wo daita ki ga shiteta
sakotsu no katachi wo shitteru "
"shiroi SHIITSU de shounen no you ni
nani ka ni obie inotte
ai wo motometa"

Yuki sang the first line then Rena and Haruna sang the next together before they all joined in for the next part.

aoi BARA mitai na
itsuka no yoru
kiseki nara
ichido dake yo
Blue rose
kami no shiwaza ni
koi no ayamachi
boukyaku wa itoshisa no deguchi

Blue rose is love.
Blue rose is love.

Their aura's glowing on the dimmed stage as their performance reach the audience. More and more students started to gather around the stage, the high energy performance pushed the audiences to the edge of their chairs, cheers and screams can be heard from the girls below the stage.

'OMG, Rena looks so hot in leather,' Jurina thought as her eyes refuse to leave the said person.

'I didn't know dark Yuki can look so amazing... holy!!!!! her waist is so thin, I wonder what it feels like to have my arms around' Sae drooled as she watch Yuki undid the front of her coat as did the others showing their leather shorts and tops revealing their abs and waist.

'Tomochin... chiyuu' Tomomi is totally out of it with her eyes focus on one individual on stage.

'Wow, I never thought they have it in them, this performance is awesome, and look at mariko's finger move along the guitar' Miichan stare up the stage as Mariko started her guitar solo rifts in middle of the song between the verses.

wasurete yo
aoi BARA nante
yume ka maboroshi
kiseki nante
okitenai wa
Blue rose
wasurete yo
watashi no koto wo
aishita no wa
isshun no honnou no mayoi

Blue rose is cool.
Blue rose is cool.
Blue rose is cool.
Blue rose is cool.

As they sang the last lines to the song the four queen's each pulled out a blue rose from behind and threw it off stage, coincidently they landed in Jurina, Sae and Tomomi's lap or was it coincidence? Haruna held onto hers as they walked towards the back of the stage and gave the rose to Yuko as they switch spot for the next song. Tomochin moved to take over the drum's from Takamina as Haruna readjusted the guitar straps on her shoulder, Atsuko handed the bass over to Rena as Yuki went to stand in front of the keyboard. Tomochin lifted her sticks hitting them in the air to start the rhythm.

Takamina, Acchan and Yuko walked toward the front to the mics as the music begin. They unlike the other four wore short jean shorts with long black heel boots and a small sleeveless jean jacket as Takamina preferred no sleeves.

ore wa hitori de
hageshii ame no naka
yogoreta karada to
minikui kokoro wo
arainagasou to shitetanda

Takamina was the first to sing, Yuko sang the second line while Acchan sang the line after before their voices joined together for the next verse.

konna jidai ni
nani wo shinjite
ikite ittara ii no darou
kotae wa denai

kizutsuku koto wo
osorete wa inai
donna ni kitsui
michinori mo
chippokena chippokena ore wa
maenomeri ni
tatta ippiki no mushi ni naru

As like the previous song, Mariko once again stepped forward a bit as she started another guitar solo. The spotlight found her and together Mariko emitted a majestic aura out to the audience as they watch her finish her solo with perfection.

kizutsuku koto wo
osorete wa inai
donna ni kitsui
michinori mo
chippokena chippokena ore wa
maenomeri ni
tatta ippiki no mushi ni naru

As the music comes to an end, Takamina picked up a stand and moved it off the stage, leaving only three stand in the middle of the stage.

"Good evening everyone!" Yuko yelled into the mic as the rest of the members join her at the front, "Welcome to the festival, I hope you are enjoying yourself tonight." The audience replied with wild screams and shouts.

"In case you don't know I am Yuko!" Yuko said as she wave hyper energetically to the audience.

"Mariko" Mariko said calmly.

"Hi, I am Takamina! Hope you are having a good night." Takamina said with a gentle wave.

"I am Atsuko" Acchan bowed to the audience

"Shibuya" Tomochin said as she turned to the audience.

"Black" Yuki said as she caught on to what Tomochin was doing.

"Hehe Gekikara" Rena said with a soft giggle.

"Torigoya, oha~yo!" Haruna said as she tilt her head slightly to one side.

"We are Rappapa!" They finished together, and the audience broke into cheers again.

"Thank you and hope you enjoy the performance, now for our last song." Yuko said as Atsuko walked up to the stand in the middle. Music started to play from the speakers.

"You have to be serious or you can't win" Atsuko said into the mic.

"Let's go. Rock n' Roll!"

Tanoshii koto bakari ja nee
Sakete wa toore nee michi
Ippatsu koko de yaru shika nee jan
Puchin to nanika kireru oto ga shita
Kousha no ura yobidasarete gatagata itteru kara
Hanpa na yankii wo souji shinakya
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Dasee iki gatteru dake ja
Gan nanka tobashite tatte hajimara nee
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Chikara misetsuketai nara
Koko de taiman harouze! Shoo taimu

They all sang together while dancing to the song, the audience is going wild at the same time. This will probably be the best festival they have known since.
'They can sing and dance so well' thought the girls sitting in the front roll of the audience, completely fascinated by the performance.

Kenka joutou akekurete
Muimi na koto da to wakatta
Namaiki na yatsu wo bokoboko ni shite mo
Sarani tsuyoe yatsu ga iru
Puraido wa mune no oku no yuzure nee ikikata sa
Mureteru yankii soko de maketeruze!
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Motto honki de ikiyouze!
Shinda me wo shite sunete ita tte tsumara nee ze
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Ue ni tatte mitee nara
Ai wo shinjite goran yo saigo ni...
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Dasee iki gatteru dake ja
Gan nanka tobashite tatte hajimara nee
Majisuka rokkunrooru
Chikara misetsuketai nara
Koko de taiman harouze! Shoo taimu


So this is the result from a lot of youtubing video's, after watching the 4 queen perform 'Classmate' and then coming across 4-5 different versions of 'Blue rose' and a captain remix version of 'mushi no ballad'. So there you have it a live Rappapa perf!

I'm starting to look into possibilities to maybe a part 3 but so far no idea what else I can do with them, but another idea came up so might start something else, don't know if it will work....
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SO EPIC!!!!!  :w00t: XD
They're all awesome!!!!
I wish they actually did this in real life, like maybe on their future concerts.
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When I read the part with Takamina, Yuko and Acchan singing my phone swiched on mushi no ballad lol
I know the guy who made the mushi no ballad mix, I wonder how he will react if I told him he inspired someone for a fanfict xD
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Ahh yeah I've seen pictures too of Mayu kissing Lovetan. Damn, I would never guess it y'know. :/


Too bad I don't have Blue Rose on my AKB48 Playlist. I actually played Majisuka Rock n Roll xD

Goosebumps!!! I can totally imagine them doing the performance. I would want to see the AKB48 do this for real!  :banghead:

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I sang along Majisuka Rock n Roll!  You missed one important part by the way... Senkyuu! 8)

Epic chapter. I had goosebumps when I read them telling their Rappapa names and sing MRnR.  :twothumbs
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COOL chapter~!!  :cathappy:
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blughise: I wish they would do this performance as well, Team Rappapa!  :lol:

kahem: do tell him that I think his mix is totally EPIC and I love it, I put it in my ipod a couple months ago and it has reached 2,080 play times since.   :inlove: I hope one day they will have the 3 captains sing together, I really want to see that  :twothumbs

AAAice: I had the full scene running through my head when I wrote it because I really wanted to see them perform the songs as Rappapa   :thumbsup

BlackRockAnon: maybe I should add that part back in  :lol: it took me a while to pick and choose what songs to make them sing but these 3 seems fitting for them to perform, plus how can we have Rappapa without MRnR  :inlove:

RenaChii: Thanks, I still think it could be better but I didn't know how to fully write out what I thought, had to take out some parts since it seem to drag on too much if I put everything in.  :cow:

Hmmm anyone know how to add a index so people can click and direct them to the specific updates? It's getting long and I was thinking it would be nice to have that in the front so they can skip to the reading easier. I'm never active on forums before so... don't really know how to add things other then post and reply  XD
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what a performance!!! :mon lovelaff:


blue rose, mushi no ballad and majisuka rock n roll!!!

nice song choice!!!! yeah... you forgot the "Senkyuu" part! hehehe!

Team Rappappa sugoi!!!

^akb 1/48 psp game... good thing Lovetan didn't reject mayu, i don't to see a cyborg mayuyu! lol

update soon!   :D

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aoi_sora: I thought the rejected cyborg mayuyu is cute too, it was unexpected when I was playing the game (without knowing what they are staying  :lol:)

Sorry for the late update, didn't really have a good night at work so end up going straight to bed to sleep it off. End up having to scrap whatever I was trying to write because it was turning emo....  :imdead: At least I have the next few days off  :farofflook: So here is another short side story, Please enjoy.

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 4 (Saeyuki)

Sae waited nervously outside the theaters for Yuki, still thinking about yesterday’s performance, she can’t get the images out of her head. She yawned again as she checks the time, still early; she closed her eyes to rest them while leaning against the wall. Sae was too excited about the date she couldn’t fall asleep, of course images of Yuki in leather up close didn’t help.


Sae open her eyes to find Yuki standing there next to her, watching her with interest.

“Ah sorry, I didn’t hear you coming,” Sae lift one had to rub the back of her head while giving Yuki an embarrassed smile. “Oh, I already got the tickets, let’s go in” Sae suggested as they walked into the theater together.


As the movie started rolling, Sae tried hard to stay awake, the lack of sleep slowly creeping up on her. She tried to reposition herself to stay awake, leaning a bit to her right, where Yuki happen to sit. In her current position she can pick up Yuki’s scent over the smell of buttery popcorn and chips from the rows behind them. ‘Smells so nice…’ Sae thought as she drifted off.

Yuki was concentrated on the movie until she felt something fall on her shoulders, she look to her left to find Sae had fallen asleep, with her head resting on her shoulder. Yuki looked over and ran her eyes over Sae’s peaceful look, even though it is dark in the theater, Yuki has always had better night vision then most people. ‘She looks so cute up close,’ Yuki continue to watch Sae sleep, movie already forgotten a she reposition herself so that Sae can be more comfortable.  When the movie ended, Yuki couldn’t get herself to wake Sae up so she just sat there as everyone exit the theater, she glared at the employee that tried to disturb them but eventually gave in a woke the sleeping girl.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” Sae said embarrassed and a little disappointed in herself.

“It’s okay, you should’ve told me, we could reschedule… Do you want to head home?” Yuki asked not really wanting the night to end so soon.

“ NO!... I mean no, I’m good now, let’s go get something to eat” Sae seem to be in a row for embarrassing herself tonight now that she minded as she watch Yuki giggle at her.

“Where do you suggest we go?” Sae thought for a second before grabbing Yuki’s hand and dragged her in a random direction, “I know just the place, follow me,” Sae said happily as she held onto Yuki’s hand.

After dinner Sae insist she walk Yuki home, they started walking side by side but as time went by their distance decreased until Sae took the initiative to entwine her hands with Yuki’s as they peacefully walk along sidewalk of the neighbourhood. They didn’t really say anything but the silence was welcomed as they enjoyed each others company in the calm night. Sae noticed it was getting a bit chilly out as the night went on, so bring up the courage she close the space between the two, dropping their hold, she wrapped one arm around Yuki’s waist to pull her closer.

“It’s starting to get a bit chilly during the night,” Sae said as she looked away towards the side pretending something interesting has caught her attention. Yuki turned to watch Sae for a bit before leaning against the taller girl as they continue to walk towards their destination.

Once they reached Yuki’s house, they broke apart, Sae turned to Yuki and smiled.

“Thanks for going out with me, I really had a good day, hope you enjoyed it too,” she said.

“I had a good time, thanks for inviting me,” Yuki said still holding onto Sae’s hand not really wanting to let go but she know they will eventually have to part ways.

Yuki finally forced herself to turn around and head inside, it was getting late and they still have school the next morning.

“Yu.. Yuki?” Sae called after the girl. Just as Yuki stopped to turn around she felt soft lips on hers, as arms snaked themselves around her waist. She was shocked, and unable to react as this sudden closeness was unexpected.

Sae notice the girl tensed up, she broke apart and looked up with sadness filling her eyes, waiting for the rejection and slap she stood, waiting and waiting but it never came. She quickly looked up to see the girl still lost in her own thought, just as she turned around to leave, she felt a hand holding her back. Turning around she found a blushing Yuki with her hands holding her from moving any farther. Yuki looked up at Sae before putting her arms around the taller girl.

“Sorry, you just surprised me that’s all,” Yuki whispered, before leaning forward to capture those awaiting lips. Sae unconsciously tighten her hold around Yuki’s waist pulling the girl closer, she can feel the other girls heartbeat racing in sync with hers. In the silent night, under the street lights on the front doorstep, they fought a hard battle, lips against lips, Sae’s tongue nudged at Yuki’s lips asking for entrance, which the latter granted. With this new change, the two seem to regain loss energy and another vigourous battle began. Their body screamed at their owners to finally come out for air that they have been deprived of for the last little while. Sae and Yuki stood there staring into each others eyes, arms still around each other, tempted by each other to continue where they left off, slowly they start to close off the gap when…


The sound of a quick shutter and flash brought them back to reality, they look up to see Yuki’s house mates watching curiously while leaning out the windows of the house. Mariko was holding on to a camera while she smiled at the two, beside her was a cheering and whistling Yuko. Takamina and Acchan pretend to be looking up at the stars that were playing hide and seek behind the clouds, looking closely you can see the pink tinge on their cheeks. On the other side Tomochin and Haruna was clapping and giggling, like they just watched the best part of a long movie. To Yuki’s surprise Rena was also present watching them with gleaming eyes and a wide smile.

“Erm…. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow…” Sae said as she stumbled back a bit, caught off guard by their sudden audience.

“We don’t mind if you want to continue, just pretend we aren’t here,” Mariko said as if nothing happened just minutes ago.

“keke..keke,” Sae just stood there laughing nervously. Yuki turned to look at her house mates and gave them a 100% deadly black glare, daring them to say anything, with a promise of pain. The others caught on and quickly disappeared into the house not wanting to face the wrath of their friend. Only Rena lagged behind a bit with challenging eyes before walking away with the sound of her laugh trailing behind.

Yuki turned back towards Sae and smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she quickly gave Sae one last peck on the lips before entering the house, leaving Sae to stand there for another min with an astonished look and a plastered smile.
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Was reading this while listening to 風の行方,so sweet when the moment Yuki gave Sae a last peck on the lips, together with the moment I hear the song goes "I miss you" [/size] :inlove: :inlove: :twothumbs
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SaeYuki~!!  XD

Yukirin so cute~  :wub:
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Mariko-sama is being Mariko-sama... always capturing SaeYuki moments!!!  :cow:

Sleeping Sae-chan... kawaii!!  :D

SaeYuki always hot pairing!

update soon!

aoi_sora: I thought the rejected cyborg mayuyu is cute too, it was unexpected when I was playing the game (without knowing what they are staying  :lol: )

i wasn't expected that too... and i played it over and over again, the cyborg mayuyu voice is so cute. and i don't understand what they saying too!!! ahahahaha!
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You mean Sado being Sado right? Damn, Gekikara's a freaking moe ball! IT'S KILLING ME! :bleed eyes: XD

EXCELLENT job as always! I can't wait to see more Gekikara moeness! :twothumbs
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that was so EPIC!!!! I really love the part when the rappappa came in!!!!
Mariko= Sadists as always
Yuko= always a  pervert
Acchan and Takamina so cute
Gekikara - awesome!!!
Tomochin and Haruna - Oh God
please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a tease!!! Reading this and God of Rock(?) fic - my like for SaeYuki is growing.

Their scene is... purrrfect!

Only Rena lagged behind a bit with challenging eyes before walking away with the sound of her laugh trailing behind.

Gekikara. O0
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luckymmsg: Thanks for your comment, I am going to read it again myself while listending to 風の行方 to see how it feels  XD
RenaChii: I think I'm turning into a fan of Saeyuki,  :wub:
aoi_sora: agree, Saeyuki always somehow come out as a hot pair  :inlove: and mariko-sama is just so awesome to know when to have her camera out  :thumbsup
BlackRockAnon: Gekikara is the best character ever created! or is it created  :O (imagines Rena with a hidden Geki side always :twothumbs)
blughise: I thought Rappapa will make the ending more interesting then just the two of them standing there forever  :D
HashirePomeranian Hmmm never thought about that, but give that its Yuko she will probably make sure to wire the house, just so she doesn't miss out on anything.  :lol:
AAAice: *slowly watering your Saeyuki  :heart:* God of Rock has EPIC Saeyuki moments  :twothumbs

Oops forgot to update yesterday my bad, so here it is. Back to school after a lovely SaeYuki time. Enjoy  :lol:

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 6

The next few days everyone was still in high spirit, and our poor Rappapa members had to fight their way through a crowd of fans to get to their classroom.

“Hey Jurina, I heard the case with your dad has ended, and the guy is sentence to death roll,” Miichan started as she somehow always find the most recent news regardless if its school related, gossip or news.

“So it’s finally over, does that mean those police will finally leave your house?” Sae asked.

“I hope so, they are still going to be there for a few more days to make sure we don’t get attacked by any of the guys followers.” Jurina said as Rena and Yuki finally made it into the room with Takamina and Acchan right behind them.

“What are we talking about?” Takamina asked.

“Oh nothing much, just how Jurina finally regains freedom at home.” Miichan smiled.

The day went by smoothly, other then fending of a couple fan girls here and there, with Jurina clinging onto Rena and glaring at any girl that dares come close, same goes for Yuki as she seem to gain an extra shadow called Sae all day. Unfortunately for Tomomi, Tomochin isn’t in the same class so she can only go over to the other class during lunch time and after school. People didn’t even dare get close to Mariko and Yuko has obviously marked her territory early on by clinging onto Haruna whenever she can. Takamina and Acchan has been inseparable since the beginning and even hardcore fan Mocchi gave up after a few weeks of being ignored.

The group planned to go celebrate a successful performance together after school so Rena and Jurina are standing by the school gates waiting for the others to arrive. They were just standing there when a young guy approached them, holding a piece of paper seeming like he needed some directions, because Rena wasn’t familiar with the area, Jurina tried to help the poor guy while Rena waited. Rena just stood beside them waiting when she felt a reflection of light beamed her in the eye, quickly locating the source she moved to intercept the object.
Jurina didn’t understand what happen but all of a sudden Rena pushed her back and stepped in front of her, she saw Rena grab onto the guys shirt then started to laugh, but it’s not the normal one she hears from Rena, this one is chilling, brings up a shiver to the people that are around and it starts getting louder.

The guy shakes off Rena’s hands and start to run as Rena falls to the ground. Jurina runs up to Rena to see what is wrong when she felt a breeze of wind pass by, ignoring that she looked down to see blood seeping out from where Rena had her hand pressing onto her stomach, she had stopped laughing at this point, struggling to speak from the pain.

“RENA-CHAN!” Jurina lifts Rena to rest her in her own arms as she put her hand on top of Rena’s to proved more pressure hoping to stop the bleeding.

“GEKIKARA!” Tomochin stopped to look down at Rena before running out towards the direction the guy and the breeze of wind went. The rest of Rappapa came to a stop forming a small circle around the two. Mariko and Acchan quickly took off their scarf on their uniform to put over the wound before having Jurina reapply the pressure. Acchan felt so useless as there isn’t anything more she can do, even with her little bit of nursing knowledge she know it’s something out of her scope of practice, tears began to built up in her eyes. 

“Rena!, GEKI! Stay awake!, You promise me we will graduated together this year!” Yuko screamed.

“The ambulance will be here any min!” Takamina said as she caught up with the group, with Sae, Miichan, Tomomi, Mayuyu and Lovetan in tow.

“Rena! Stay with us, we’ve been through so much already!” Haruna said

Yuki and Tomochin came back dragging a half beaten to death guy that stabbed Rena, they dropped him off to the side as they checked on Rena.

“Geki, you have been avenged, but it’s up to you to deliver the finally judgement” Yuki said as she knelt down and pulled out her cross from her pocket, “Stay with us, god will watch over you”

“Gekikara...” Tomochin just looked at the weaken Rena, unable to stop her tears.

Rena start to feel weak as she continue to lose blood, she looks up to a frantic Jurina sobbing and calling for her. She lifted one of her hand to her cheeks trying to dry her tears, leaving a bit of blood trails from the blood in her hands.

“Jurina, don’t cry, I guess I won’t be able to keep my promise and graduate with everyone,” she chuckles a bit weakly,

“Rena! What are you saying! RENA! Don’t leave me!” Jurina sobs

“Jurina..... I...I love you” Rena said weakly before she passed out just as the ambulance pulled into the entrance. The paramedics quickly loaded her onto the stretcher and into the ambulance, Jurina went in with them still holding onto Rena’s hand. On route they quickly started two IV’s to start transfusing fluid and 2 units of unmatched O negative blood into Rena to keep her alive.

“You bastard,” Tomochin screamed as she kicked the guy a few times until Mariko stepped up to pull her away, “Shibuya control yourself!”

“Sado! He stabbed GEKI!” she shouted back.

“Both of you, break it up, Sado get the car, we are going to the hospital.” Yuko commanded as she turned to Haruna, “Torigoya, check him”

“Hai,” Haruna walked up to him and placed her hand on his head and closed her eyes, “I see it!”

“What is it?” Takamina asked,

“His father just got sentence to death row, because Jurina’s father testified in court against him, he came for revenge.” Torigoya said as she stood up, the rest of the girls are confused now as the Rappapa members are giving off a totally different aura then they are use to, and their names, they thought it was just for their performance?

“I’ll stay here and watch him and wait for the police, you girls go to the hospital, I’ll be there shortly,” Takamina said

“Can..can we come to?” asked Miichan quietly, still quite shock from the turn of event.

“Let’s go, we can explain while we wait there.” Mariko said after she got a nod fromYuko.


That night the girls stayed at the hospital until Rena passed critical state, Jurina stayed at her bedside and refused to leave her side until Rena wakes up, she held onto Rena’s hand and prayed to the moon to wake sleeping beauty from her sleep.

Mariko took the rest of the girls home after they know Rena will be okay, leaving only Yuki to stand guard in case anyone else decide to attack the vulnerable girls inside.


Yuki looked up to see Sae walk toward her with two can of drink in hand, she passed Yuki one of the warmed cans as she sat down on the bench beside Yuki.

“I thought you went home with the others,” Yuki said quietly, they sat there in silence, just to two of them, until Yuki broke the silence again, for the first time she didn’t like quiet atmosphere.


“What for?” Sae asked while looking at the wall across from them.

“For, lying to you, to everyone, we didn’t mean to hide but...” Yuki trailed off.

“You are still you, Yuki will always be Yuki, I don’t care if you are Black, your past doesn’t matter, you did what you have to, you saved those kids, you protected Jurina.”

“Sae...” Yuki turned her head towards Sae

“Yuki, how do you move so fast, one min you were beside me, next you were gone after you heard Rena laugh...”

“I.....” Yuki lower her head looking down while her hands rest on her knees.

“Yuki? Can you promise me one thing?” Sae asked, as Yuki looked up to face Sae,

“Promise me you won’t leave me behind,” Sae finished as she place her hand on top of Yuki’s.

“I promise,” Yuki said as she nodded, she turned her hand over to hold onto Sae’s “but you better start training, slowpoke,” they sat there for the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company.
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oh like the scene from maji 2! but this time a guy stabbed GEKI  :angry:

I don't feel sorry for that guy at all  :mon mad:

she's ok yohooo  :farofflook:

SaeYuki  sweet~  :ptam-cry:
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Rena will kill him for sure in ultra Gekikara mode! :angry:

OOO oooooo! I sense something fishy about Tomochin  :w00t: I wonder what hehehehe :inlove:
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NO!!!!!!!!!!!! :temper: SHe WAS STAB UIN MAJI2 and now she was stab again in here! :angry1:

I'll kill that dude, I swear!!!  :on voodoo:


PLEASE UPDATE SOON :onioncheer: :kneelbow:
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Going to get stuck in your story day by day.. all my fav OTP..
Geki got hurt again... that's hurt.
Yuko and Tori sure has mutual feelings..
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Rena don't die!!!!
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RENA~!! DON'T DIE~!! YOU MUST LIVE~!!  :cry:

SaeYuki moment is so cute~!!  :cathappy:

Please update soon~  :bow:
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WAAA WHAT'S WITH RENA ON OUR FICS NOWADAYS?! She's stabbed in here while she'd been shot on my fic. :[[[[ We're putting the Matsui's on a hard time.

Nooooo, my Gekikara. :[[

That bstrd!!! Augh!

SaeYuki again. :]] Ahh, I guess I can be a MaYuki and SaeYuki fan at the same time. -.-
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anoni2 I thought about letting the others kill the guy but then can`t really do that, so he gets beaten up close to death  XD

Spicy Sapphire Ultra Gekikara is scary but so cool at the same time  :twothumbs

blughise sigh, poor Rena but don`t worry this will be much better then her recovery in MG2

luckymmsg I don`t know why its always Rena..... didn`t even notice until AAAice mentioned it....

kahem If Aki-p didn`t kill Rena, there is no way I would let Rena die  XD

RenaChii Rena won`t die, can`t be taken down by just a stab  haahahahahhahahahahaha!

AAAice Now that you mention it, we do put Matsui`s thru hard times.....  :banghead: Don`t worry the bstrd got what he deserves. I don`t know I like both SaeYuki and MaYuki pairing so both works for me. I guess I`ll leave Mayuki`s for one-shots  :lol:
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hi unnie :D finally made an account lol.

sob sobbing. how is she going to recover this time lol, will she see another yuko or someone in her dream lmao~ poor jurina ):

hmmm i'm not a big fan of saeyuki, haha. i don't dislike it or anything, i just don't ship it i guess >__< anyways, waiting on the next update    :twothumbs

p.s. i can help you with creating an index~ still not too familiar with the forum here but it's probably not any different from ssf so just msg me somewhere lol
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apparently Lol I didn`t even have to ask what your username is and you already appeared  XD I guess my icon busted me even thou I used a different name this time haha. In my fics Gekikara never dies!!!!!  :twothumbs
Waiting for you to write us some fics  :thumbsup
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hmmm i'm not a big fan of saeyuki, haha. i don't dislike it or anything, i just don't ship it i guess >__< anyways, waiting on the next update    :twothumbs

T_T why must our pairings differ too in akb lol... sigh
and don't you dare make kira write anything else but saeyuki xP lol *holds kira hostage*
=D you joined~ welcome lol... just to let you know this place is A LOT more crazier than ssf... in a good way =)
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Epic chapter was epic though...  :thumbsup
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she got stabbed again!  :cry:

geki don't die!!!  :cry:

another SaeYuki scene... not that hot.... but CUTE!!!  :wub:

update soon!
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don't you dare make kira write anything else but saeyuki xP lol *holds kira hostage*

WinterAir: So I guess I'm hostage now? You and the little one should fight among yourself and leave me out of it haha, just like always  :lol:

BlackRockAnon: Don't worry I dealt with the father easily  :thumbsup

aoi_sora: Saeyuki is a must as you can see, I have scary buddies that like to threaten me *points above*  :lol:

RAPPAPA: Undercover - 7

Rena slowly open her eyes to immediately close them again as the flood of lights overwhelmed her sense, she tried again but this time she did it slowly, giving her eyes time to adjust to the brightness in the room. She tried to lift her hand to cover her eyes a bit but found that her hand is being held in place by a light weight. Turning to the side she sees Jurina sitting on a chair beside her bed, while holding onto her hands. Rena just stayed still and watched the girl sleep, even thought her eyes still look a bit puffy from sleeping she can’t help admire the cute little puppy next to her, the slight pouty lips are just so entraining, if only she was a bit closer and moving doesn’t hurt so much.

Her little movements and attempts to reposition herself, served to wake the little puppy, Jurina sat up while rubbing the sleep from her eyes with her hand, until she realized Rena is awake.

“Rena, you are awake! I was so scared you won’t wake up again” Jurina exclaimed tears starting to escape from her eyes, one can’t really tell if she is crying because she is afraid she will lose Rena or if she is happy Rena is finally awake.

“Don’t cry, I’m still here” Rena said as she wiped the tears from Jurina’s eyes, her hand paused on her cheeks, as they stared into each other.

“Did you mean it? What you said before?” Jurina asked, Rena turned to look away embarrassed as she just nodded, unable to look Jurina in the eye. Her hand dropped to hold Jurina’s hand as she tried to calm her flushing cheeks. Unnotice to her Jurina’s hand snaked their way over to under Rena’s chin to turn her head over.

“Here is my answer,” Jurina whispered as she move to close the gap with her hand still under Rena’s chin. Jurina paused, right before they touch, she can feel the girls breath on hers, her heart pounding against their jail asking to be set free. Just as Jurina was able to advance again, the room door slid open.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupted, you go ahead, I’ll just wait outside.” the invader quickly retreated back outside the room and closed the door. Jurina turned back to face the love of her life, and quickly sealed the deal before moving to sit beside Rena on the bed, while holding her hand in hers.

“Sado,” Rena called to the person waiting outside.

“It’s safe to come in?” Mariko asked as she poke her head into the room while wearing shades just incase the happiness from the couple gets too bright for her eyes to handle.

“You seem to have a trend for walking in on others, don’t you?” Rena joked.

“Ah, joking already, that means you are fine,” Mariko smiled, “plus it’s not my fault you people have to be all lovey everywhere, the first thing I saw when I walked in is Black and Sae,”

“Yuki?” Rena asked still finding it hard to believe the emotionless queen, can turn out to be a reaction queen when she is with a certain genking.

“Anyways, you get some rest Rena, and you too Jurina, I’ll be outside if you need me.” Mariko said as she walked back outside to give the two sometime alone.


It’s been two weeks since the stabbing incident, rumors have been flying across the fields about the girls, but they didn’t pay any attention to that. They went to school like normal, making sure to have at least two of them with Jurina at all times. They don’t want another repeat of what happened. Takamina had inform them to be on high alert as it seems the daughter, Hihara, is planning something and gathering people in secret. When Takamina present them with the information files, they saw a face they all recognize and know very well, the daughter is their long time rival, boss of Yabakune.

[Are we going to visit Rena today?~Mi] a piece of paper landed on Jurina’s desk breaking her out of thought as she has been staring out the window all day. She turned to Miichan and nodded, she can’t wait till end of class, it’s just been a day and she already miss Rena’s presence. Every day after school she would head to the hospital and stay till the nurses kick her out, only to return the next day.

“MATSUI JURINA!! SHOW YOURSELF!!” a loud shout from outside disturb the harmony of class in session. Jurina turned to look out the window to see what the commotion is about only to see a crowd of at least a hundred yankee, men and women standing at the entrance, some holding sticks and metal pipes as they waited. Standing in the front in the middle is a shorter girl with thick ugly make-up, thick eyeliners, long curly hair that really doesn’t fit the girl.


“Takamina, you watch Jurina,” Yuki said as she ran out the classroom joined by the rest of Rappapa as they headed out to the meet the mob head on. Students and teachers all crowded around the windows looking out to see what will happen.

“Just give up, you know you can’t win.” Yuko said as she stepped out of the front entrance with the others right behind her.

“Look what we have here, Rappapa,” Hihara said as she smirked, “for once I will put you all in your place, you can’t win against my people,” she motion the crowd behind her as they start to get rowdy.

“Yabakune, has always been known to be weak, always ganging up on people, never one to one, we will give you this advantage, but you will still lose.” Sado said.

“You will pay for what you did to Gekikara, I swear in the name of Rappapa, feel the wrath of the queens!” Shibuya shouted.

“You won’t see the sun of another tomorrow.” Black said as she took her cross out from her pocket and put it around her neck.

“You will regret ever crossing the queens of Rappapa, Ittekimasu....” Haruna said as she closed her eyes and next you know Torigoya is standing tall facing the crowd with her comrades.

“Majidayo! If I lose here Minami will laugh at me, I promised I will be serious in life and I finally found the meaning of living,” Atsuko said as she looked up to the 2nd floor window where Takamina, Jurina and the rest of the girls are watching.

Suddenly before either side can make a move, the sound of ambulance can be heard, the crowd at the entrance quickly dispersed to the side to let the lone vehicle through. It made a sudden stop at the side of the entrance, and the back doors slammed open. Everyone watched as Rena, walked out from the back of the ambulance, holding onto an IV pole. She was dressed in her school uniform with her greenish black jacket over top. Her symbol as the queen of Rappapa.

“Haahaa haahahahaha, ne okotteru! You can’t have a fight without me, fighting is the best medicine after all! HAAHAHAAAHAHA! You I KILL!” Gekikara said as she glared at the crowd.

“RENA!” Jurina shouted as she ran out the front entrance with Takamina and the girls in tow.

“Takamina, keep her safe for me, this is our battle.” Gekikara looked to Takamina, before she pulled out her IV and walked to stand in her position with Rappapa.

“You are crazy, how did you get out of the hospital?” Shibuya asked and followed Gekikara’s glaze to the ambulance as the driver came out carrying a few jackets.


“Shibuya-san,” Dance bowed to Shibuya as she pass them their respective jackets.

“Maeda-san, this one is yours” Dance walked up to Atsuko and passed her a no sleeve jean jacket with lone sleeping dragon in the back, with the words Majidayo under it. Dance walked to back where Takamina is standing guard as this isn’t her battle.

“Now this is more like it!” Yuko said after she put on her leather jacket, with one motion she comb through her hair with her hand before running ahead to face the mob head on. Sado, Atsuko and her queens following her as they met the mob of a hundred yankee.

“YaHOOO!” Yuko shouted as she made her way through the crowd, with Sado and Atsuko at her side.

“4” Shibuya shouted over the crowd as she watched the guy dropped like a brick after she send him a low kick.

“Mietaaaaaaaa! 4” Torigoya said she look towards Shibuya while she moved her hand out to intercept some guy trying to attack her from behind “5” she corrected.

“Haahaahahaaha!!!! 7,” Gekikara said as she punched another guy in the face, knocking him out with one hit. “Black?” she asked as turn to see the girl appear in the empty space just a second ago.

“10” Black smirked before she disappeared again.

“Hey no fair, you get speed advantage!” shibuya said as she continue to go through the mob like they were made of tofu, trying to keep up with her crazy comrades.

“Too SLOW!!! YAHA!! 15!! I win!!!” Yuko shouted over the crowd, she turned around to see a fist coming her way but it never made contact as Sado intercepted the guy by kicking him a few ft to the side where his body rolled to a stop under the cherry blossoms.

The school watched on as Rappapa took on the crowd, even at a disadvantage they can see it didn’t matter, in awe and disbelieve the watch the mob thin out one by one under the force of 7 girls.

“Itai! Jurina you are going to break my arm” Sae yelped out as Jurina squeezed her arms again when Gekikara took another hit from one of the thugs. They had wanted to run out every they see the girls take another hit but Takamina and Dance stopped them and held them back. They would only get in the way and distract them if they run out.

Tomomi held onto Miichan tightly with her head buried in the girls shoulder, unable to watch the fight after seeing Shibuya take a few hits. Mayuyu and Lovetan stood beside them holding on the each other as they pray for their friends.

Things aren’t looking good for Hihara, even thought she can tell Rappapa are getting tired, they are still standing and only a few of her men are left, she took out a knife and ran straight ahead for Jurina hoping to do some damage, it is her last chance there is no way out, she only have to get back that shorty in the front. Just as she was about to reach the group in the back, a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She looked up to see Gekikara glaring at her.

“Don’t you dare touch my girl!” she said in a deadly voice, Gekikara then proceed to beat the living lights out of Hihara. She grabbed onto the shorter girls shirt and punched her in the face again and again, then dropped her to the ground and slammed her to the ground while laughing all the way. As blood start to seep out from the girl under her, Gekikara stopped and stood up. The rest of Rappapa stood there shocked as this is the first time Gekikara willingly stopped an assault on her own. They watched Gekikara try to clean her hands a bit on the shirt of the fallen Hihara before standing up to look at the battlefield, littered with bodies from the mob.

Gekikara took a couple steps towards her team but then stumbled and fell to the ground.

“RENA!” Jurina screamed as she pushed pass Takamina to reach the kneeling Rena.

“Jurina?” Rena turn to the side to see Jurina beside her, “You aren’t afraid?” Rena asked quietly, insecured as her recent display of violent does tend to scary people off.

“I don't care, you are still Rena,” Jurina kissed the tired girl then hugged her.

“Jurina! I’m covered with blood,” Rena smiled, she sat down and leaned onto Jurina, too tired to hold herself up, since she still isn’t 100% from before.

Black slowly made her way towards Sae with her head down, unable to face the her, Black stopped in front of Sae but didn’t make any move to do anything else until she felt arms embraced her in a hug. She looked up to met Sae’s eye, then returned the hug with a smile.

“Tomochin” Tomomi said before she ran up to hug and cried on the other girls shoulders, “you got hurt” was all she said in between hiccups, trying to stop herself from crying.

“Silly girl,” Tomochin patted the girl lightly on her head before giving her a hug.

Miichan walked up to Sado, “Are you okay?” she asked unsure what she should do. “I’m hungry want to go out with me later? For some dinner?” Sado asked the shorter girl as Miichan helped support her walk back to the group. As they reached the group Acchan is already by Takamina’s side as the captain inspected the bruises on the latter girl’s face.

“Nyan Nyan! Ahhh!! Itai!” was heard from behind the group as they turned to see a Yuko on the ground rubbing her butt with one hand, while pouting at the taller girl beside her. Her pout didn’t last long as Haruna went to give Yuko a hug, given the chance Yuko quickly latched onto the taller girl again. Her hands slowly travelled down but never reached their target as Haruna catch the motion and slapped her hands before they got to their destination. “Nyan Nyan!!!” Yuko whined to the taller girl,

“No! Pervert!!!” Haruna said but then whispered into her ears “later.”


"Captain Takahashi, can we borrow your team for interrogation? We brought in a few that refuse to talk," Captain Nogami asked.

"I'm okay with it if they agree with you," pointed a finger toward her team, who is sitting around the table playing ... Uno?

"Errm, I was wondering if... if I can get your help?" Captain Nogami asked as polite as he can muster up without sluttering, from the glares he got for interrupting their game.

" Ne sounds like fun? Haahaahaahaaa!!!"

"I was getting bored sitting here, time to have some fun!"

Nogami stood there watching the four head towards the interrogating rooms, and shuttered feeling pity for the ones inside. Should've spoke when they had the chance. He turned to glance at the sitting Captain Takahashi, wondering how she convince the chief allow them to join the force without going through the academy. Shaking his head he headed back to the observations room, to monitor the interrogation.


I hope you enjoyed the story, please leave my any comment and any offer to name the fic? LOL  I tried to stall the update to see if I can come up with a decent title but I thought might as well just update and keep thinking after.  :sweat: I find it funny how I either have a story with no title or a title with not much of a story  :on cloudeye:
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That was so cool! I did change my song back to Majisuka Rock n' Roll. :]]

The actions. Ahh, dying from over awesomeness!

Torigoya/Haruna and Yuko.
“No! Pervert!!!” Haruna said but then whispered into her ears “later.”
Probably more than what Yuko is trying to do to Haruna. >:]]
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AHHHH too much osm in one chapter! my mind cannot be unblown!
lol at sado walking in on everyone, that's either good luck or bad haha.

and tbh i always find it funny when maeda says the stuff about living seriously, cause i never take her seriously when she says that xD guess i'm not living seriously enough ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ totally gasped at geki's entrance, just like in the finale haha~ waooo rappapa are bosses and it's no surprise they won :D

great fic! sad it's over ): now i have to settle for your saeyuki one... sigh .___. (LOL i'm just annoying yol~)
so, regarding the title, you could leave as is haha. i can't seem to find a significant enough title lol but idk how about The Rebirth of Rappapa. or something along those lines. Rappapa Undercover. Rappapa Supreme. or just Majisuka Gakuen Season 3 since that's what it felt like to me LOL.
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AAAice: I had to add in the long waited action that MG2 was missing at the end  :on woohoo:

apparently: Lol little one, notice I purposely left the end open for further possibilites haha, but I haven`t thought of anything else yet so will see what happens. Maybe I should just name part 1 Rappapa: Supreme (to indicate their great importance/ character) and part 2 Rappapa: Undercover (in reference to their mission) LOL XD
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hell yeah more fighting!!! :mon yeah:

no1 dares to hurt rena's girl in front of her!! :mon zoom:

aiz sweet  :mon inluv:
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Post by: kahem on July 27, 2011, 01:00:49 PM
The fight was awesome!!!!
Gekikara FTW!!!!!
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RENA SO COOL~!!  :wub:

Please update soon~  :grin:
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ACTION!!!!  :mon zoom:

no one can beat Rappappa!

Rappappa the best!!!  :onioncheer:

Gekikara!  :on BDay:

Dance!  :mon cheek: she's cute! ehehehehe!
she's not nose bleeding anymore! ahahahaha!

each couple...  :shy2:

is this the end... want more....  :pleeease:

feat: Team Hormone! XD

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Rappapa's Comeback - Title

Awesome! I can't wait for the second season! (Fourth as I consider yours canon) :twothumbs

When will I see Centre? Nezumi? Yokoyama Yui? Hormone? Youran?
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LOL at SADO who always interrupt the lovely dovey couples.....when will her turn be? :grin:

RENA still kicking ass, even though she's not fully recovered.....SHE IS DEFINITELY FREAKSOME

NOW what there next mission? Hey I agree with you aoi_sora I wanna see Team hormone too

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Post by: immortal_K on July 27, 2011, 07:39:35 PM
anoni2: Nope Rena will make them regret being alive if they hurt her girl.

kahem: Thanks, I try to make it as visual as I can, thought a competition between them might help  :thumbsup but no one beats Yuko    :mon zoom:

RenaChii: Rena is   :luvluv1:

aoi_sora: LOL I just had to throw Dance in there, its not the same without her following Shibuya, plus needed someone to get Geki to the scene  :twothumbs Sometimes I wonder if you can read minds, I did think about having some hormone action, but don`t have a proper plot developed yet, don`t want to start and write as I go without a full idea. I`m already pulling my hair out for Infinity   :on blackhole:

BlackRockAnon: Maybe at one point I`ll have enough stories to cover the full MG cast  :shock:

blughise: yes Sado is awesome but can`t have her just standing there admitting out her awesome aura, so I gave her something else to have fun with  :on woohoo:

The updates for this story was fast because I had the story written out by the time I posted the 3rd update, then added the side stories when I started to post part 2, so it went pretty quickly. If a next part does appear it might be a while.... unless some ideas suddenly hit me with a punch  :on kimbo: The title will be changed to `RAPPAPA` shortly.
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You're AWESOME immortal_K san  :twothumbs

Simply cant get enough of it  :thumbup
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D_Sphere: Thank you for leaving a comment, glad you enjoy the story.  :mon innocent:

So as some might notice I finally went back to give the story a title. With this last side story Part 2 is finally complete. Hope you enjoy this little moment for the Tomo's. You might want to pull up the song "Stay by my side" by Tomochin from her first single Dear J and listen to it while you read the story. I purposely took out the first verse and a few lines in the lyrics because those lines doesn't go with the idea and story.

So there you have it, Thank you for following the story  :kneelbow:

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 5 (Tomo2)

Tomomi dropped down in the chair after placing her bags down on the chair at the side of their table. She glanced over to her shopping buddy to see her mirroring her actions, before sinking herself in the chair giving her legs their long deserved rest. Tomomi looked around the restaurant the cozy restaurant they are currently seated in, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, most tables are currently occupied in couples with a vacant small stage noted up in the front for a small live band performance.

“Tomochin, have you been to this place before?” Tomomi asked, wondering as it doesn’t seem to suit the quick tempered girl.

“Nope, Dance recommended this place,” Tomochin answered missing the discontent in Tomomi when she mentioned Dance.

After the big fight, Tomochin spend a lot of her time with Dance, pulling disappearance acts every now and then, today is the first time they have been alone, just the two of them. Tomomi missed these days where they would just randomly walk around the malls, and districts looking at whatever catches their attention and talk about everything that comes to mind. She can’t even remember when she started to become fond of the stylish girl in front of her, but every time they are together she feels safe with an unknown comfort in her heart.

“Tomomi,” waiting for the girl to look up, she then continued, “I’m gonna be right back” Tomochin indicated pointing at the phone in her hand as she walked away from the table. Guessing it is Dance, Tomomi became a little depress as she watch the girl walk off on the phone. She took out her own phone, trying to keep her mind off her missing companion. After a while she notice Tomochin still hasn’t return, looking around the restaurant she can’t find any trace of the said girl, sadden by the absences Tomomi looked back down at her phone, her eyes fixed on the photo in the background, of the two of them, Tomochin had one arm slinged across her shoulders, sporting matching smiles. It’s been a while since they took another photo, she miss those moments.

As she stares down at her phone, she notices the lights dimming down and music started to play from the stage. Tomomi looked up to find herself staring at the lone person on stage. In the middle of the stage under the spot light is none other then Tomochin, mic in hand as she kept her eyes on Tomomi, reaching out with her voice to grasp the once she longed for.

Uh Yeah...
Stay by my side...

ano natsu no namioto ga doko kara kikoete kuru
konna mirai nado shiranakute
sunahama no ashiato ga sukoshi zutsu kiete yuku
denwa mo MEADO mo shokyo shita

juujou wa uragirenai yo
wakatte mo I'm never gonna give you up

namida ga afurete kuru
omoidasu ga go wo ou
KISU shita koto sae machigai datta
namida ga afurete kuru
akiramerutte kurushii koto ne
aishiteru no ni ima...
I can't forget you forever
I love you doko ni itemo (itsumade demo)
I love you ki ni naru deshou (kioku no naka)
I love you kimi no koto wo (zutto)
I can't forget you forever

During the whole time, Tomochin’s eyes never wander away from her girl, standing strong she poured all her heart into the song, every word replaying the ache in her heart, every symbol portraying the love she felt for the girl. She had to let the other girl know how she feels, about her, about them, she wants Tomomi to be with her forever. Tonight will be perfect as she and Dance planned out, because finally Tomochin has found the meaning to her life, she can’t let it go without giving it her best. She slowly started to step forwards towards her angel, she already decided regardless of the results, she will wait and stay by her side, the only question will she be willing to do the same.

totsuzen watashi wa kieru (kimi no mae kara)
nani mo tsutaenai mama de (sotto So long!)
dakedo sakebitaku narunda (kikiwake yokunai yo)
HONTO wa kimi to itakatta yo
kokoro ga harisake sou
kono mune ga kishimunda
dou ni mo naranai genjitsu dakara
kokoro ga harisake sou
unmeitte zankoku na mono
wasuretai no ni murinanda
I wish you stay by my side
namida ga afurete kuru
omoidasu ga go wo ou
KISU shita koto sae machigai datta
namida ga afurete kuru
akiramerutte kurushii koto ne
aishite iru no ni ima…

Making her way to their table, all eyes in the restaurant are already on her, watching the girl perform the most important show of her life. Never before had the queen been so attached to someone, never in her memories had she thought she will be willing to give up anything for anyone but here she is a goddess that fell into her life, one that she will sacrifice her life for.

I wish you stay by my side
I love you deaeta koto (kono sekai de)
I love you kui wa nai wa (kansha shiteru)
I love you kagayaita (hibi ni )
I can't forget you forever
I need you meguri ai ga
I need you ososu gita ne
I need you yume no naka de
I wish you stay by my side

By the end of the song, Tomochin had made her way to their table in front of Tomomi, she extended her hand out in front of her and repeated the words in her heart, “I wish you stay by my side, I love you”

Already touched by the song, Tomomi jumped up and wrapped her arms around Tomochin and cried, she received what every girl had once wish for, the unconditional love from the one you wish to walk the rest of your life with.

“I love you” Tomomi whispered back as she hugged onto the girl not wanting to ever let go.

Cheers, whistling and clapping can be heard from everyone in the restaurant, genuinely happy for the two girls, it is not everyday they see the bond and love so strong, that a couple female in the restaurant gave their boyfriends a glare, telling them they aren’t trying hard enough. Hidden in one corner of the restaurant Dance smiled, sipping on her drink she watching the scene play out as planned.

“Kumi, don’t they look amazing together? I’m so happy for them, I wish someone will do that for me too”

“Me too Anna, me too,” she replied as she glanced at the spazzing girl sitting across from her.

Unaware of what is going on around them, Tomochin and Tomomi just stared into each other as their forehead rested against each other, in their own world, no one else but them. Finally Tomochin lean in to capture the lips to the love of her life, started out slowly but deepened it once she felt her counterpart respond. Hot flashes and sparks ran through the two participants as they poured in all their love into each other, ignoring the cat calls and hollering from their audience, tonight there is only them.
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this side story is so sweet!

Kumi playing sax will make it more sweeter...


when kumi started talking to someone... i thought it was KANON!!!! kowai yo!

Kumi and Anna... next side story!  :shy2:

thanks for updating....



i can't read minds! XD

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waaaa so romantic-su   :mon lovelaff:

i bet te yang will like this too XD!!!
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Tomotomo!!!! I was waiting for them!!!
Tomochin can be so romantic <3 and Dance good job ;)
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Hehehehehehehehe. Cute side story! I'm gonna wait for Gekikara x Black now. Even if they have their own partners. Gekikara and black is still the cutest couple in MG.  :twothumbs
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Post by: blughise on July 29, 2011, 01:41:35 PM
Yah, that was so sweet and so romantic!!!
though I'm a bit surprise that the audience accept this kind of thing easily, since Japan isn't really comfortable with the homosexual relationships......anyways, this is just a fanfic so anything can HAPPEN XD....please update soon :)
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Post by: AAAice on July 29, 2011, 03:15:34 PM
Gawdddd!!! That is so sweet. I mean it is Shibuya we are talking about here. Damn.

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Been following this ,, and finally the title came Rappapa..
It's like reading the continuous of MG2.
TomoTomo's side story is just too sweet and loving... :wub:  (How I wish I have someone that will do this)
Wonderful,,, update soon.. would like to see more happenings for all the OTPs I like..  :twothumbs :lol:
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TomoTomo~  :D

Confessing with a song is so romantic~  :wub:

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omo tomotomo<3

cute and sweet~ loved the song (:

and omg kumi... :luvluv2:
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aoi_sora Are you sure? I'm starting to think you can read mines  :lol: I thought about putting Kumi on stage with a sax, but didn't wanna take the spotlight from Tomochin so I placed her in a corner at a table  :bingo:
anoni2 Thanks nonichan, I was obsess with Tomochin's song for a bit and had it playing on repeat when the scene appeared in my mind  :mon lovelaff:
kahem I couldn't leave them without a  :heart: scene, since they didn't even get a proper hug in the story  :sweat:
BlackRockAnon I don't know if I will get to a GekiBlack, but I really like the pair too. Apparently is going to write us one thou  :on GJ:
blughise Yes I thought about it Japan isn't as comfortable with it, but we are talking about TomoTomo, anything can happen for them  :mon XD:
AAAice I guess Shibuya now shows us a different side of her, I just had to throw in a line for Kumi. :mon fyeah:
luckymmsg Thanks for following my story, yea I decided its time to give it a title from the suggestions. Didn't want to have it stay Untitled forever  :on gay:
RenaChii When I heard the song, it was like must use this song for a confessing scene, then the idea came. Shibuya will sing only for Tomomi~Chiyuuuuuu   :mon blowhorn:
apparently Thanks Grace  :twothumbs I'm still kinda exploring with writing, this is the first story I ever finished haha. I went from not writing at all to suddenly wanna write more, now all I need are ideas :hee:
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Oh well.

I was hoping for your since you make Gekikara sound so moe. But well, I'm in no position to force you or anything so good luck with the next chapters!

I'll be looking forward to them!  :twothumbs
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Oh well.

I was hoping for your since you make Gekikara sound so moe. But well, I'm in no position to force you or anything so good luck with the next chapters!

I'll be looking forward to them!  :twothumbs

LOL in that case, I'll see what I can do. Who knows my inspiration and ideas usually appear randomly  :on lol:
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Post by: Kid_Alpha on August 03, 2011, 05:28:36 AM
Just dropping by to say I love your fic!

It's definitely what I want if there is ever another season of MJGK or movie whatever.

You definitely know how to blend the action and romance well without making it too mushy and boring or having it take away from plot, that's usually my turn off if a story starts rambling on useless things.

Ah I can't wait for an update.
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Soooo, decided to make a quick scribble side story while I slowly work on the updates for my other stuff. Here you go nice and short, hope you enjoy this random side  :lol:
I like to THANK everyone for liking the story and following it. :kneelbow:
Here Blughise, a quick update for your daily dosages of fanfic  :on woohoo:

RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side story 6 (WMatsui)

"So why are we here again?" The girls eyed the said to be deadly level 3 spicy shabu shabu.

"Hey Sado! Why are you and the Tomo's over there?" Yuko yelled at the girls that sat away from the group with a normal tonkotsu soup base.

"Unlike the two crazy ones over there, I prefer to taste my food," Tomochin said, while everyone gave her a blank stare, if only those words came from someone else it might have made sense.

“Tomochin...” Tomomi trailed off.

"Who are you kidding," Yuko said as she notice Haruna slowly making her way to the other table, but Yuko grabbed onto the other girl keeping her in place.

Sae and Jurina just continue to eye the pot, not moving a finger, how they wish they are seated at the other table. They watch their respective other, Yuki and Rena dig into the spicy shabu shabu happily, still hesitant to attempt the deadly challenge. They were told if they can finish the meat and vegetables that came in a set with the spicy soup base shabu shabu, it would be on the house.

"Ahhh, this is crazy!" Miichan yelled out while taking another bite of the shrimp she currently hold, not giving into the spicy taste.

Yuko took a bite of the meat and.. "KARAI!!!! hot! hot! hot!," in the speed of light she grab the ice water and chugged it down, then scooped up a couple spoon of rice to calm the sting in her tongue. She turned to start and the two crazy being happily eating from the pot, making a quick decision she dragged Haruna with her to the other table.

"Oh look who decides to join us," Mariko said with a 'I knew you couldn't handle it tone'. While Yuko just glared at the girl.

Sae finally picked up her chopsticks and picked up a piece of meat, holding it in front of her a she examined the specks of red lightly coating it, then turned back to glance at Yuki. She placed it in her mouth and started to chew, at first it didn’t seem to be as bad as the others make it seem but she was wrong, the fire comes rushing out, the burning sensation was almost unbearable. She quickly grabbed her cup of water and chugged it down, when that didn’t settle the fire, she grabbed the next closes cup of water. Yuki noticed her cup of water missing and turned to see Sae icing her lips with a piece of ice, she quickly scooted closer to the girl to checking to see if she is okay.

When Jurina saw this, she hesitated again, spicy food has never been her strength, but looking beside her as Rena clearly enjoyed every bite of the spicy vegetables made her think again. With new found courage she picked up a piece of shrimp and bit into it. Even before she can register the taste, her mouth exploded with heat. A painful sting attacked her tongue as the spicy flavour seeped into her taste buds. She can feel tears start to collect in her eyes and fall uncontrollable. Rena turned over to Jurina when she heard whimpering from the girl beside her, seeing the Jurina cry, Rena immediately dropped everything to give Jurina her full attention.

“Jurina, you okay, is it too spicy?” Rena asked as she handed the girl a cup of milk. Jurina quickly drank the cup of liquid down which help settled the burning a bit but still the sensation is still there.

“So spicy,” Jurina said weakly, while she tried to cool her lips with a cold glass filled with water.

“Here let me take a look,” Rena said as she removed the cup from Jurina’s hands, leaning forward to examine the slightly puffed and redden lips, “does it hurt,” Rena asked as she lightly rubbed across Jurina’s lips with her thumb. Jurina can only nod, her attention diverted by the sudden closeness of Rena.

“Don’t worry I will fix it for you,” Rena said with a sly grin, she leaned in and took the girls lips with her own. Jurina felt another explosion of sensation as she felt Rena’s lips on hers, the spice remains from the older girls mouth combined with her assault pushed it to the extreme. The fire in Jurina’s mouth felt like it increased by ten folds, already sensitive from the spice, it felt like a clash of heaven to hell back too heaven. Jurina’s brain tried to comprehend the situation, the spice and the lips... and the tongue that just entered and began to explore the little cavern. ‘If this is what eating spicy is like, then maybe it isn’t that bad’ Jurina thought, started to respond and push against those soft lips, her paralyzed tongue suddenly regain function to guide her visitor around.

“Hey Miichan, why are you over here? I thought you were enjoying your internal battle with the spicy pot.” Tomochin asked as she felt another body dropped into the seat beside her.

“Well I would be but I didn’t feel like getting in the way,” Miichan pointed behind her as she starts digging into the food on their table. The rest of the girl turned around only to see the food left untouched as their hunters seem to have found another prey worthy of being spiced.

“There they go again,” Tomochin said as she fed Tomomi another piece of vegetable.

“Nyan Nyan!” Yuko said trying to steal a kiss from the taller girl, only to be pushed away.

“I’m eating,” 

 Everyone else just chucked as Yuko pouted, they continue on with dinner like nothing happen, ignoring the other table all together.
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hahaha that was funny

KARAI really   :lol:
Title: Re: RAPPAPA: Undercover, Side Story 6 (updated 16/08)
Post by: blughise on August 16, 2011, 07:09:58 PM
 though its short I really enjoy reading it!!! XD

Rena and her love for spicy food!!! GEKIKARA is really a suited name for her!!!

I'LL be able to live for a bit more now  :P
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Post by: apparently on August 16, 2011, 09:32:18 PM

keke i enjoyed this side story, it was light, fun and a pleasure to read ^^. so jealous of jurina tbh LOL... rena... could you help the spiciness go away everytime i eat super spicy food? T^T lololol! poor yuko, nyan nyan being tsundere as always. where's atsumina though? haha, maybe acchan was too scared of even being near spicy food xD

nice update! can't else to see what else you have in store for this fic haha (:
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Post by: Shirokuma on August 16, 2011, 10:05:11 PM
Lol poor yuko

"I'm eating"

Kojipa is such a hard ass on Yuko, got to love that tsundere character

but it's just a funny sight to see her deny Yuko, like how Rena sometimes deny Jurina's kisses
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Yeah gekikara!!! And karai kiss!
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I LOVE the W Matsui part~!  XD That's the best medicine~  :wub:

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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LOOOL what a funny side story. It reminds me when I've watched the Gekikara Club in Shukan AKB. Damn, Rena was hardcore on that one. Eek, I don't mind eating spicy food as long as Rena is there to save me by kissing me. :]]]] LOL of course, Rena is only for Jurina. -.-

"I'm eating."

Another LOL! Nyan Nyan, you tsundere. -.- :]] Yuko, I'll kiss you instead.  :twisted:
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Post by: immortal_K on August 19, 2011, 01:16:03 PM
Kid_Alpha: Thanks for liking the story, I do wish they make another sequel to MG because I can't get enough of Gekikara.
Noni: Yea I had fun writing the last short side story, KARAIIIIII!!!! haha
Blu: Feels like I'm feeding your addiction with drugs..... haha  XD
Apparently: You will have to find someone else, Rena is for Jurina keke Acchan has been traumatized by the spicy wing so she didn't join them.  :lol:
Shirokuma: Kojipa's tsundere character is more like a love/ hate thing, sometimes I love it, sometimes I wish she wouldn't keep denying Yuko.
Kahem: Gekikara sure likes them spicy :twisted:
RenaChii: Never a better cure then a WMatsui kiss :wub:
AAAice: LOL I was rewatching Rena in gekikara club the other night and the way the other girls tried to cool down with ice cubes and water gave me the idea of what works even better then those  :lol:

 :bingo: :on gay: :mon inluv: :mon cigar: :mon fyeah:
So as many have asked and made request for a sequel to this ongoing Rappapa Saga, I'm asking for suggestions as what you want to see/read for the future missions.

-What Kind of Mission/ Case do you want them to do? (They already did an undercover bodyguard mission)
-What other pairings do you want to see? (I can try to see if I can add them without breaking up those I already paired)
-What other characters you want to see appear in the story?
-Anything else you can think of that didn't cross my mind.
-Anything changes you think goes well for the story?

Feel free to leave me your suggestions, if I can't use them here I will work them into my other works so don't hold back. Please leave me comments, I love to read them. 
Title: Re: RAPPAPA: Next Mission Suggestions (Aug 19 - TBA)
Post by: blughise on August 19, 2011, 01:49:15 PM
I want a spying and infiltrating a big syndicate mission next :grin:

I wanna see team hormone and Choukoku, if possible

I think thats it for now.....

Yes, you are feeding my addiction :P You're my top supplier and now you'll be away cuz you're camping...anyways I'll try to bear with it and be patient
Title: Re: RAPPAPA: Next Mission Suggestions (Aug 19 - TBA)
Post by: BlackRockAnon on August 20, 2011, 01:02:52 PM
Spies and undercover missions are done though... How about some old school delinquent bashing bad assery? Make em cross over with games like Kenka Bancho or manga like Crows or Worst. Typical Yankii's. I mean, Maeda went up against freaking Yakuza, why not male Yankii's for the Rappapa?

Maybe actually graduate and become a full time gang or have lulz jobs? I wouldn't mind seeing one of them being a female GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)/Kamen Teacher.

How about taking a darker turn if you wanna be original?

There's lots of possibilities!

For characters.... Center meets Jurina? Nezumi? If Yuka and her twin existed and got funny/cute reactions from the other cast, I wanna see how their alters react to their Yankii counterparts. Mainly BlackxYukirin, GekikaraxRena, NezumixMayuyu, GakuranxSae, and OMG SadoxMariko.  :panic:

Good luck!
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oh idea idea hmm

a competition? envolving other schools as well not just rappapa and yaba (non yankee schools+yankee schools in game)

grandma jyan suggested it (busy busy)


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Hum euh hum euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh ah! Why not somethink like the Rappappa's partner's parents don't accept the couples and the Rappappa have to find a way to fix it or something like that lol
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since rappappa were busy with their "love" thing!
they send team hormone to scout!

and from there.... Akicha and Mayuge meet!  :mon cweepy:
the end!

romeo and juliet!


ok you can kill me now!~

 :mon surr:

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So awhile ago I mention that I was working on something and here it is another part to this Rappapa Saga. Instead of getting right into the next mission that I'm still trying to figure out I decided to go back and explore other possibilities. Of course this means looking into the life of my favourites. Hope you like it, and please don't come hunting me down for certain events that happen in the story, it was meant to happen so it can lead to another.

I present you a Prequel to Majisuka Gakuen and the Rappapa Saga  :hehehe: So this is what happen before everything we know started  :lol:

I'm going to be gone for the weekend and probably won't be able to update again until late next week, but I thought I would leave you with something before I disappear. YAY for camping trip!!!!   :on gay:

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 1

Yuki covered her ears trying to mute out the offending sound of screaming and shouting coming from her parents. Occasionally there will be sounds of crashing items and breaking glasses as things get thrown around. Her parents are at it again, arguing and fighting over the smallest things, this is like a habit to them. Yuki is very familiar with times like this to know never to get in the middle of their battlefield. The last time she tried she almost end up with a vase to the head, so all she can do is hide in her room located in the basement and ride it out.

After what seem like hours Yuki couldn’t take it anymore and decided to sneak out for some fresh air, she needed some time alone to think in peace. To any outsider, her family is perfect, a lovely married couple with their polite princess-like daughter who goes to one of the top-rated schools in the district… but that is all a lie, it is only an illusion.

Yuki sat down at one of the benches at a nearby park, glazing up at the beautiful night where the moon illuminates the land and the stars play hide and seek with each other. They would hide then peak out from behind the dark sheets that covers father Zeus as he sleeps during this hour. Yuki stood up and slowly walked towards the fountain, she came face to face with her own reflection. Reaching out with the urge to take away the exhaustion on the girl’s features, her fingertips touched the water causing a ripple, disrupting the image that was clearly present just seconds ago.

"Hey Baby, what are you doing out here at this hour?" The sudden break of silence by a deep and hoarse voice, caused Yuki to jump. She turned around and came in view with a few drunk old men that just ended their happy hour at one of the local pubs. 

"Shut up you are scaring the girl," one of them said while hitting the first guy in the head, just as Yuki wanted to thank the guy she regret the thought immediately ,"come here, I'll make you feel better," the guy walked towards Yuki causing her to take a step back. Her leg hit the edge of the water fountain signaling a dead end.

"Don't worry we aren't going to hurt you," one reached out and grabbed her wrist, stopping her retreat not that she could move any further.

"AHHHHH" Yuki let out a high pitch scream while trying putting up as much resistance as she can.

"LET ME GO!" Yuki shouted trying to fling the guys rough hands off her wrist, she watched as the group surround her, lecherous grins plastered over their face, "NOO! DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!"

"Be quiet girl." said the last drunk with his coarse and rattling voice, definitely a smoker by the sound of it.

Yuki continue to struggle trying to make as much noise as she can, she lifted her hand and slapped the one within reach causing the guy to take a couple steps back. Surprised by her sudden strength she attempted to break the grip that is holding her in place, but this time they were prepared.

"Bitch!" the guy that got slapped stood up and return the favor leaving a red mark on Yuki's delicate skin, tears making their way down her face as she screamed out for help.

"HELP! someone HELP ME!" she was able to call out a few times until one of them came behind her and placed his dirty hands over her mouth muting her from attracting any unwanted attention.

"AHAHA! HAHA! Hahahaha…" a chilling laugh broke into the already tense atmosphere.

"Who is there?" ask one of the offenders.

“Haaahahahaaa haahaahaha, remove your dirty hands,” came a voice from behind the group. The men’s turned around trying to determine the location of the source but in there state and no matter how much they try they can’t find where it is from.

“I said remove your hands or I will removed them for you, this is your last warning!” the voice echoed through the park, and before the men’s have a chance to turn back to their victim they heard a painful scream.

“AHHHHH!” the one with his hold on Yuki dropped to the ground in pain holding his arm as it appears to be twisted and dislocated from his shoulder. Yuki heard a snap and the hand over her face was removed, the man was dropped into the fountain, screaming has he held his broken wrist while shriveled up like a shrimp, a foot print marked itself on the front of his shirt.

The black shadow quickly moved to her next victim and left a long lasting impression, his future generations suffered greatest from this impact. While the three lay twitching on the ground, their last companion looked left and right trying to find their attacker. He felt the hairs standing at the back of his neck when a voice whispered from behind him.

“Ne okotte iru?”

The guys legs started to shake, patches of dark stains begin to appear trailing down the front of his pants until it formed a small puddle under his feet on the dried cement. He quickly ran up to his fallen buddies and helped them up before they took off running and screaming in a random direction.

“Are you okay?” Yuki finally looked over to the person who saved her, expecting someone mighty she found a pale frail looking girl watching her with interest while she bit her nails.

“Thank you for saving me,” Yuki bowed after finally coming to her senses at what just happen minutes ago.

Yuki kept her head down looking into the ground until she heard soft giggles from the girl. She looked up only to find her savior had moved up beside her and staring up at the sky, barely taking notice of her gratitude. Yuki allowed her eyes to roam over to the girl, her long black hair flowing down her back making a perfect contrast with her pale skin, her deceiving frail body hides any hint of muscles and those large round eyes appears to hold the power to pierce through a living soul. Her appearance did not match with the series of action the girl has just performed.

As Yuki was deep in thought she was broken out of her trance by her mysterious savior who held out a spicy rice cracker for her. Yuki hesitated at first but the mysterious girl insisted by lifting the cracker closer, finally giving in Yuki thank the girl for the cracker before biting into it enjoying the spicy taste that not many can appreciate. She looked over to her savior to see her pull out another one for herself while watching the stars dance across the sky. The stood there side by side, no introduction, no words, just them and the night.

- Please leave me comments and let me know what you think, if it goes well maybe I'll look into don't one for the others too. Not sure too many ideas randomly floating around and not enough time in life  :depressed:

- I'm still taking suggestions for the next Mission so keep them coming :on GJ:
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 :inlove:  :inlove:

Please update soon~  XD

No, you must update soon~  :roll:
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Euh I'm a bit confused. It's about how the Rappappa met each other?
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Kira thanks for this!!!

how dare those filthy bastards touch Yukirin!!! Good thing Geki is there to say the day or night :

are there more coming up? Are you going to continue this prequel?

Have fun camping!!!  XD

I'll be waiting for your next update!!

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Let me get this straight. This Yuki is not BLACK, right? I'm a little bit confused but after reading it, what I have in mind is this Yuki is not BLACK, just ordinary Yuki.

But anyway, please continue. :kneelbow:
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Thanks for reading and all the comments. I'm still alive, even if I seem to have disappeared for a little while. I'm sure most of you didn't notice it right?  :lol:
To fulfil my end of the deal with Blughise, here is my update since she updated her's as well.

So after a nice camping trip, a burn on the wrist and an evil sun that stole all my brewing ideas, here is the next update. Sorry if it is a bit confusing but this part of the story is set before MG, when Black is still Yuki.

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 2

“Good morning Yuki,”

“Good morning,” Yuki greeted her classmates as she made her way to her desk.

“You seem later than usual today,” her classmates said striking up a conversation.

“I was up a little late last night,” Yuki replied as she took out her books and placed them on her desk preparing herself for the day.

Yuki's thoughts wonder back to last night where the two of them stood silently in the night, admiring the charming stars scattered throughout the skies. She never did learn of the girl’s name, nor did the girl spoke another word while they stayed at the park. They end up each walking their separate ways as the darkness faded when the sun woke up from its slumber. When she got home she inspected the damage from her parent's intense battle, broken glass left untouched on the ground, dirt smeared on a side of the wall from the impact of the poor flower pot and a fist size crack noted on one of the walls. Ignoring it all Yuki headed straight to her room to get ready for school.

“Yuki… Yuki!” Yuki was brought out of her thoughts by the intruding hand waving intently in front of her face.

“Were you listening to what I was saying?” her classmate sighed. Yuki was obviously not giving her any attention, "I was saying, I heard there is going to be a new student today, just moved here from Nagoya."

"Oh," Yuki replied not showing any ounce of interest regarding her soon to be classmate. Before anymore questions and gossip can be brought up the bell rang signaling the beginning of class.

"Good morning class, today we have a new student, please get along," Mr. Nomura said as he motion for the new student to enter the room.

The once quiet classroom became filled with chattering, the boys immediately directed their interest to the new girl standing in the front, while some of the girls feel envy and jealous of the beauty. Hearing all the commotion Yuki looked up and there stood the same yet different girl from last night. She had the same black hair, same attractive eyes and the same porcelain skin that one couldn’t stop their eyes from lingering over her. Everything about her is the same but her aura is different,  the disturbance held by the mysterious girl last night is now non existing. Yuki took time to examine the girl that stood in front of the class, her long hair left down to settle middle way down her back and her dark attire now replaced by the schools uniform. She sported a gentle and shy smile as she kindly tried to answer the questions thrown at her by her curious classmates. Is this really the same girl from last night, was the only thought running through Yuki's mind.

"Matsui Rena, nice to meet you," she said as she made a quick bow towards the class. Mr. Nomura quickly looked around the room and found the only available desk for Rena.

"Matsui-san, please take a seat beside Kashiwagi-san over there by the windows." Rena followed Mr. Nomura's motion and smiled. She quickly and gracefully made her way towards her desk, watching her new seat mate with interest.

"We meet again," Rena said after seating herself, "Matsui Rena," she said placing her hand out towards Yuki.

"Kashiwagi Yuki," Yuki said while taking Rena's hand in hers for a short hand shake.

Whispers can be heard flying around the classroom as everyone is distracted by the two beautiful princess in their class. It was hard enough for the guys to concentrate with just Yuki, now with the addition of Rena, the girls groan at their chances to make any advancement for the rest of their school life.


Yuki wasn't sure if it was coincidence or fate but since then, she and Rena would end up bumping into each other everywhere they go. One day when  Yuki was volunteering at the library as usual, helping the librarian return the pile of books back into their place when she accidently bumped into Rena. That is when she found out not only does Rena love spicy food, she also have a sweet tooth for melon pans. The girl was looking high and low on the shelves for the book of melon pan, after some convincing Yuki gave into the pouting puppy and decided to help the girl out.

Even Yuki can't find a reason to why she feels close to this new girl that suddenly appeared into her life. They don't talk much but there is this mutual understanding between them that no one seem to be able to explain. Their fast growing friendship became a hot topic at school, they moved up the ranks quickly within the student body. Whether it is the girl you want to date the most, the best looking , the most popular or every other polls the student's came up with Yuki and Rena are there right at the top. This cause a lot of jealousy within the top girls of the school but Yuki and Rena just brushed it off as they don't care for these ranks. This provided the students with another reason to widely accept the two princess as they  don't put up a superior attitude like some of the others.

Not only do the two have the looks they also have to smarts as they dominated the exam results, making top ten for every course they took. The two decided to celebrate their success in finishing their exams together and to avoid the annoying crowd that attempt to mob them with congratulations.

"What do you want to eat?" Yuki asked, "and no we aren't having melon pan, you already had that for lunch," Yuki added knowing what Rena would said if she didn't.

"Mouu.." a sound Rena like to make as she pouted, they continue to walk around until they stopped in front of a ramen restaurant.

They notice two girls sitting inside with one eating the noodles from her bowl like it was the best ramen she ever ate while the other one beside her haven't touched hers at all. Curious about the different presentation of the girls they decided to walk inside and give the ramen a try. They sat down at one of the far tables and ordered a miso ramen each, while they wait they observed the two sitting a few tables away.

"Isn't it a little hot to be wearing fur and jacket?" Yuki whispered over to Rena while pointing at the panther pattern fur boots and the pink jacket of the eating girl.

"Yuki it's not polite to point," Rena reminded her friend as she can't help but glance over at the other table, thinking how much of their uniform's skirt did they shorten.

When their food finally arrives they realize why one of the girl hasn't touched her food and only sat there listening to music on her headphones. What they don't understand is how the other girl can stand eating this stuff, the noodles are soggy, the soup taste like salt and water, the seaweed seems to have been sitting around too long and the meat in Yuki's bowl appears to be over cooked.

"This has to be the nastiest bowl of ramen I ever tasted," Yuki whispered over to Rena, not wanting to offend the owner that is standing behind the counter. Rena nod in agreement as both of them turned over to watch the crazy girl eat.

"Does she not have any taste buds? How can she eat this stuff?" Yuki asked no one in particular.

"SHIBUYA! You are going to pay for messing with us!" some girl screech from outside the restaurant.

"Shibuya-san" the girl in purple jacket said quietly only to meet with the fist of the one she was addressing.

"I'm eating," Shibuya said, the girl in purple only nodded before running outside to confront the group gathered. Yuki and Rena peered out to see the girl getting pushed around before thrown back into the restaurant. 

Shibuya sighed before putting down her chopsticks, quickly getting up she moved over to the fallen girl and helped her up before turning to face the group of girls that gathered.

"Dance you okay?" after seeing the girl nod, Shibuya dropped into action, grabbing one of the nearby girl and slamming her head first into the table, then kicking another one back out of the restaurant.

"Don't worry I'll pay for the damage," Shibuya yelled back to the owner who seems unfazed by the unfolding event as Dance walked over and pulled out her wallet while she calculated the damage.

Shibuya threw a girl back at the few trying to make their way into the restaurant causing them to fall like dominos then walking right over them she took the fight outside minimizing any more damage to her wallet. The fight didn't take long, it was really one sided once it started.

"Wow did you see that?" Yuki asked finally turning back around to face Rena, that is when she notice the change.

Rena sat there watching the fight with interest, a grin made its way to her lips as she started to bite on her nails, she started emitting her mysterious aura while the fight went on. When Shibuya stepped back into the restaurant the first thing she notice was the change in the air, quickly locating the source Shibuya was caught in a staring match with those challenging eyes of Rena's. Dance and Yuki watched the two test each other's hidden strength, it was a battle of minds, until Yuki intervened.

"Rena?" Yuki asked unsure if she should address the girl in front of her. Yuki placed her hand on Rena's arm, successfully snapping the girl back to her normal self.

Shibuya staggered back a step from the sudden disruption and surprise by abrupt change in the girl's behavior. Shibuya quickly straighten herself then walked over to Rena and Yuki's table.

"What is your name?" Shibuya asked directing the question to Rena.

"Matsui Rena, this is my friend,"

"Kashiwagi Yuki,"

"Join me and my circle," Shibuya offered, curious of the 180 personality change Rena just pulled off.

"Sorry, I'm not interested," Rena smile as she timidly answered, "I think its best that we go," she started getting up motioning for Yuki to do the same.

"Thank you for the meal," they both said after paying for their untouched food and headed out the door.

"If you ever come across any trouble, just tell them you know Shibuya," Shibuya told the two retreating figure, she then sat down at their table and dig into the untouched bowl of ramen. All the fighting made her hungry again and since it’s already paid for it would be a waste if they just dump it out. 

Rena end up bring Yuki to her favorite ramen restaurant and each ordered a bowl of spicy ramen that ranked ninth on the spicy charts. After a lot of sweating, random outburst of words and a lot of water downing by Yuki they finished their lovely celebration meal. The two sat there and laughed after looking at each other, it's the first time they found someone else who can handle this level of spice so from now on they don't have to eat alone when they crave for an extreme spicy meal. 

"Glad to know, I now have someone to eat spicy food with," Yuki joked as they walked around the district and somehow ended back at the park they first met.

"Look the stars are out tonight," Yuki said as they sat down on one of the benches, "just like the night we first met," Rena didn't say anything, she just looked up into the stars scattered throughout the night sky and smiled.

Just like the first time, they stay there with each other's company, no exchange in words needed, just the warm presence is enough for them.
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Ohh you know about how Tomochin clearly do not know how to taste a good food  :rofl:
So one by one, they'll meet future rappappa huh
say is this only Yukirin's POV??? Are you planning on writing the other's POV about their past too????

anyways , I enjoy reading this udate :)
Update as soon as you can!!! XD
I'll be waiting patiently
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Blu: This is a Yuki/ Black story, it just so happens that Rena appears in it since they seem to be closer bwahhahahahahaha
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black/yuki/rena  :cathappy:  :wub:
they are so cute..! :D
please update soon.. :rofl:
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Please update soon~  :bow:
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Sorry this update took a little longer, Thanks for being patient and waiting, please continue to follow my works. I hope you like where this is going and promise that you don't kill me after you finish reading this chapters. *prays for my safety*

Please forgive any grammer/ writing errors (just pretend you didn't see them  XD) On a side note after this update, I might not be available to make any further updates in the next couple weeks. There's some issues going on in the family and I don't know if I will have the time or heart to do any writing in the mean time. I will have to see what happens, I might still be able to finish updating this one here. Thanks for reading, don't worry I won't die because I'm immortal!  :cool1:

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 3

"I want you to get rid of them, do whatever you want but I don't want to see them at school again!" ordered the spoiled granddaughter of the headmaster. She took out a stack of bills and passed it over to Shinjiro, the local gangster, along with two photos of their target. 

"Don't disappoint me,"

"Yes, Nori-sama you won't have to see them again, we won't disappoint you." Shinjiro said before signaling his men's out.

It didn't take long for the men's to find the perfect opportunity to take action, they trailed Yuki to the local park late at night and once they cleared the area they moved in.

Yuki checked her watch again as she sat down on the same bench she and Rena usually sit at, today she left the house a bit earlier then their usual time so Rena wasn't there when she arrived. Although they come here almost every night, for some reason Yuki is having this unease feeling since she left the house, it feels like she is being watched. Sure enough before the thought is settled a group of thugs came out of the bushes, a few of them holding metal poles and chains to add to the intimidation.

Yuki quickly stood up trying to run out of the park only to be blocked by a few more men’s that blocked her escape. Shinjiro slowly looked her up and down before signaling the closer ones to grab onto Yuki and hold her down.

"My, my, this photo really doesn't do you any justice," he said as he took out the photo and placed it beside Yuki to make a comparison, while Yuki tried to break free of the strong hold of the thugs.

He then ran his hand down the side of Yuki's cheek, before coming to a stop to lift Yuki's chin up to face him. "It would be a waste if we just trashed her, might as well have some fun right boys!"

The gathered gangsters cheered after hearing the words from their leader, the night might not be as bad as they thought, and this will be some of their first experience with a beautiful school girl. The lead leaned in to claim the lips of a struggling Yuki only quickly take a step back, his lips bleeding from where Yuki bit down hard when he took advantage of her.

"Bitch!" Shinjiro slapped Yuki hard causing her to fall to the ground, blood seeping out of the cut at the corner of her lips.

"HELP!" Yuki screamed as the he grabbed hold of her pulling her up to the bench while he pins her down.

"You can scream but no one will come help you," he sneered, with his free hand he ripped her jacket open breaking the zipper in process. Yuki continue to struggle, trying to kick and punch the guy but he was too strong has he pinned her arms above her with one hand and her legs with his knee. His free hand started to roam around her body and stopping where her stomach is revealed. Tears made their way down Yuki's face as she felt the rough hand made its way under her shirt, this is it she thought, it's over. Just when Yuki felt the hand slowly trails up it suddenly disappeared along with the pressure placed on top of her. Yuki looked up to find the Shinjiro on the ground with another battered body on top of him.

"I”LL KILL YOU!" came an enraged voice behind all the gangsters, they turned around to find Rena standing there, blood covering one of her hands as she glared at all that is present.

"What are you going to do, little girl," laughed one of the thugs near her only to find himself introduced to the same bloody fist that knocked out the one lying on top of their leader. Grabbing onto the thugs shirt, Rena threw out fist after fist until the men dropped to the ground, hanging to life by only a thread.

"Don't just stand there get her!" Shinjiro shouted after freeing himself from under the battered body, he signaled a couple of his men to hold onto Yuki preventing her from running while he watched the rest of his men surround the new girl.

Shinjiro watched as a couple of his men get pushed around and taken down by a mere little girl, displeased with their display of force, he went over to grabbed one of the pipes on the ground and made his way over to Rena. He waited till Rena is tied up with punching one of his underlings before making his move, with all his strength he batted the pipe on Rena's back causing her to lose her footing.

"RENA!" Yuki screamed after she saw her take the hit and staggered a bit, but maintain standing.

"HAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! ne okotte iru!" Yuki can only watch as Rena transformed into the girl she first met, fist clenched as she feels powerless to help.

"Just give up girl you can't win, I'm known as the best fighte....." the thug never got a chance to finish his sentences as Rena kicked him below then slammed his ugly face on the cement.

"As if I care" she said after slamming his head to the ground a couple more times making sure his blood marks his downfall.

Rena took a glance over to see two thugs with their filthy hands on Yuki, her aura exploded giving off killing intents aimed at every man in sight, quickly picking herself up she stopped an incoming pipe with her bare hands before kicking the guy a few meters away, knocking him out immediately.  Her chilling laugh getting louder as she take them one on one, but it along the way she also took a couple more heavy hits.

Yuki can only watch as Rena took a couple hits to the face, bruises and cuts already forming on her face, her movements starting to slow after each hit she took. Shinjiro waited at the side until he see another chance for a clean hit, he sneaked up behind Rena and piped her again in the back causing Rena to fall to her knees. He then lifted the pipe up ready to deliver the finishing blow but it never connected to his target. A hand held his pipe in place just centimeters away from the girls head, looking up he came face to face with Yuki, he quickly turned back to see the two guys that held her in place down twitching on the ground. Turning back to face Yuki he froze after coming in contact with the girl's hollow orbs.

"Your blood will be used to wash away today's sin, the moon will be witness to your cleansing." Yuki spoke in monotone before lifting her leg to kick him away.

By this time Rena has already recovered and is standing back to back with Yuki, laughing as she started biting on her nails.

"Yuki," she said softly before jumping into action, taking on two thugs at the same time, slamming them head first into each other then kicking them away like soccer balls, their blood staining her clothes one by one as she counted them off.

Yuki on the other hand quickly made her way around the men’s taking them down before they even figured out what is happening. Surprised at her own speed and strength, Yuki started to test out the limit of her new found ability. Taking out the buildup anger and frustration, Yuki made sure to break as many bones as possible, making sure to kick them where it hurts most.

It didn't take long until the only one left standing was Shinjiro, shaking as he looked around to see every one of his men's beaten till they can't stand by two mere school girls. They have him surrounded, with nowhere left to run, his hands starting to sweat as he grip harder onto the pipe.

"You will pay for you sins!" Yuki shouted as she made the first move, running up to the guy she kicked him in the stomach, Rena grabbed one of the chains off the ground to wrap it around his neck holding him in place as Yuki took her revenge. The sound of fist on flesh was welcomed by the two girls as they watch the guy suffer hit after hit, kick after kick. When Yuki was finally too tired to throw any more punches, Rena dropped him to the ground and they continue to kick and stomp on the guy until they are sure almost every bone in his body is broken. Before they left, Rena made sure to search the guy for their photo's to remove any evidence of their involvement, but knowing that they are gangsters they wouldn't call the police and they wouldn't talk about this humiliation.

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YAY!! they kicked their butts GREAT FIGHT..! :shakeit:
rena and yuki..! :wub:
did i told you that i love the way you write? i'm the last person to correct anyone..! hehehe :nervous
i want to know what's next... :(
but i know you have some issues with your family! cry:
don't worry for my side take your time.. :D
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No one can defeat the awesome combination of Black and Geki!!!!! :twothumbs

Thanks for the update Kira!!!!
It's alright, don't worry about updating much....take a updates are not that late compare to some people :)

I'll be waiting patiently for your next update XD
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forgot to comment last night... but..
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YEAH~!! KILL HIM~!!  :cow:

Finally BLACK is here~  XD
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FATALITY. Awesome work! Sorry for the late reply! I'm pretty busy in school! I'm looking forward to your next update! I do hope we skip the rape scene..... I wouldn't wanna read that....  :bleed eyes:
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Since I don't have time to write, I'll just reply everyone slowly here on my phone.... its taking a long time to do.....

@BlackRockAnon: Don't worry, Rena (Gekikara) came and save the night, she will protect Yuki  :twothumbs

@RenaChii: I'm sure they didn't kill him, but made sure to break every bone in the body to make it worst then death.

@Shi-chan: Meep!!!

@Blu: Of course they KICK ASS!

@Cmze: I hope I will be able to get back to writing soon, I have a lot of things onhold....... sigh

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Black/Gekikara FTW!!!!!!
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Hi all, it's been a while... and a very long week for me and now with everything settled I suddenly feel relieved. What is left will be a slow process but I know everything will work out. So before I go get some well needed snooze, I decided to leave everyone a little something.  :) The next update of Black IN white, sorry for the long wait, it will probably still take a while before my life gets back on track but I will definitely continue to write because I already miss doing it.

As usually please forgive any mistakes you see (pretend you don't see them please  XD), I hope this doesn't disappoint your expectations   :twothumbs. Let me know if you come across anything that needs to be fixed.

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 4

Next morning Rena and Yuki met up as planned before heading to school, they decided to be extra precaution as the events of the previous night is still fresh in their minds. Those gangsters weren't there by chances, someone wants them gone, those photo's are proof itself.

They were able to cover up most of the bruises with makeup but the fresh cuts are still visible in addition to their slight limping it doesn't take a genius to figure out hidden picture. As they made their way into the school ground, some students already notice the difference and words began to spread. No one knew what happened and when they asked the girls politely avoided the questioning with a kind glare. Their day went by without much trouble, most of the students learned early enough to avoid the two since they scared off the first few noisy classmates that tried to approach them.

When the day finally came to an end, they slowly made their way out of the school. Yuki just wanted to go home for some well needed rest, her body still hurts from all the bruises she received last night and she is sure Rena feels exactly the same.

On their way out of the school ground they were stopped by a group led by Nori, the granddaughter of the school's headmaster, the rich spoil brat that likes to bully other students. Looking to her right they see a group of guys with Yasuo in front, they usually trails Nori like loyal dogs on leashes. To Nori’s right  her few ugly female followers  can be seen ready to kiss the ground she walks on.

“Oh, so you still decided to come to school, don’t you have any shame?” Nori said with a smirk.

“What are you talking about?” Rena questioned her eyes narrowed sensing evil intention from the girl in front of them.

“Still pretending are we, I’m sure the school is interested in what their princess Yuki do after school,”

“You!” Rena said in anger, her teeth clenched down and her fist turning white from her tight grip.

*Beep* *beep* *Beep* *beep*

The sound of message received can be heard throughout the school grounds, students can be seen checking their phones then looking up and whispering while pointing at Yuki. Yuki quickly checked her phone, clicking to open up the message she froze upon seeing the contents. Her phone fell from her now limp hands, then suddenly  she lift her hands to her ears  trying to block out the sound of whispering from the students. Her world  starts to spin and her visions becomes a blur, the sound becomes compressed, and distorted. Looking up she can only see the students pointing and whispering, their calculating eyes focused on her every movement. Her mind tries to fill in the missing pieces, the words that come out of those moving lips of the forming the crowd, Yuki begin to shatter.

“No, No….Noo” was the only thing Rena can hear Yuki whispering while she frantically tried to escape the given attention.

Rena quickly picked up Yuki’s phone to see a photo of Yuki being pinned down on the bench last night by the gang leader his hands on her bare stomach. Just seeing the photo makes Rena’s blood boil, she lifted her head and glared at the smirking Nori and her group of lackeys. The ones that caught her eyes took a step back from the change. Yasuo, who doesn’t know the smell of death, decided to impress his spoiled princess , he walked up to the distressed Yuki and placed his arm around her shoulders.

“You know if you are looking for a good time, there are many other ways,” Yasuo said to the now still Yuki. He couldn’t see her eyes but was curious why she suddenly stopped moving.

“YOU take your filthy hands off her!” Rena said calmly, while the aura around her begins to change. A shiver suddenly ran down the spines of those present.

Their commotion already causing a crowd to form, the students are curious about the photo with some wondering if it was real while others want to take a closer look at Yuki, pointing and whispering as the drama ran on.

“What are you going to do? Beg us?” Nori said as she laugh, causing the girls beside her to join in.

Rena caught Yuki’s hand slowly moves up towards the offending arm draped over her shoulder. Rena notice the change in Yuki’s stance and surrounding atmosphere, the feel of darkness is back. She know Yuki will be alright. So without a second thought Rena ran forward and grabbed Nori by her collar and slapped her.

“This one is for Yuki” *Slap*

“for bullying Yuki” *Slap*

“for being jealous” *Slap*

“for the smirk” *Slap*

“for being a bitch” *Slap*

“for being ugly” *Slap*

“for sending those men’s after us” *Slap*

“for sending the photo” *Slap*

“for hurting Yuki,” *Slap*

“This one is for laughing at YUKI” *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP*

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!” a fist came flying towards Rena but she made no attempts to dodge it, taking the hit Rena was forced to take a couple steps back dropping Nori to the ground.

“NORI-SAMA!” the girls screeched, running over to help the bruise and battered Nori, her cheeks swollen red with tints of purple already showing, her lips cut and battered with blood matted half dried on her face. If you look closely you might be able to recognize the face.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA! Ne Okotte iru?” Rena let loose her signature laugh sending chills to everyone present.

Rena’s wild eyes stare straight at the guy who threw the punch as she lifted her blood stained hands and with her thumb she smudged the bit of blood seeping from her cracked lips. Rena’s smile grew wider as she glanced at blood on her hand, she turned to the girls surrounding Nori.

"AHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHA!!!"  send out another set of insane laughter. Rena slowly advance towards the girls when she heard a blood curling scream from behind, her smile stretched side to side, already knowing the cause without turning around.

Everyone turned to find a screaming Yasuo, who is now kneeling beside Yuki. His loud scream becames a silent scream as the pain running down his raised arm becomes too great for him withstand. His once ideal arm now twisted and mingled into an obvious unnatural position, even those watching can't help but shudder like they can feel the pain. Yuki stood there in the exact same spot with one hand holding his arm high above its owners head, her hair covered her eyes blocking them from plain sight. Her now chilling voice spoke a sentence of judgment for those present.

“The seed of yesterday results in the fruit of today, for father you have witness the exposed rotten cores, today they will be removed under your watch”

Yuki toss the mingled arm aside and kicked Yasuo away to clear her path towards the rest of his followers. With lighting speed she disappeared from their sight only to reappear behind the group and proceed to take down these trashes that is waiting in line to be disposed of. The guys dropped like flies, they start to freak out from the turn of events. As preys they  are not only being hunted but they can’t even see their hunter.

Rena on the other hand made her way through the group of girls at the side of Nori, making sure to leave as much visible bruises and cuts on their hands and faces. Some begged to be spared, hoping their ‘precious’ face can be saved, while others hope to avoid the pain but Rena thought otherwise. These girls that hurt Yuki cannot be spared. If left unpunished for their crime they will just keep hurting others. Occasionally Rena would stop and crouch beside one of the fallen girls, after sending them a wicked smile Rena would using their blood to draw on their barely recognizable face.

Time seem to stop when Rena and Yuki’s eyes met after they took down their offenders, the gathered crowd held their breaths afraid that any slight movement will trigger the two to break loose into action again. They watched the two stand there meters apart, exchanging messages between them as they communicated to each other through eye contact.

Rena broke the silences with a light giggle, she turned around and walked towards the fallen Nori and crouched over her body, using her blood covered hands, she left a joker smile on Nori’s face with her blood then with a forceful motion she yanked off the girl’s necklace.

At the same time Yuki swiftly made her way to the still trembling Yasuo, using a kick to flip him on his back, she crouched down with her knee pushing down on his chest as she slapped him hard before reaching out to snatch the chain he had on his neck.

Everyone watched the two slowly make their ways towards each other, meeting there at the middle. A smile plastered over the normally shy Rena where as the usual bright smile on Yuki now hidden from sight and replaced by an impassive expression. Rena made the first move to lifted Yuki’s free hand and placed down the bloody cross she obtained just seconds ago from Nori. Rena stared up into Yuki’s eyes, searching for an answer before she spoke out.

“Black” Rena said with a chuckle, her now emptied hand made her way to her lips wanting to taste the dripping blood when she nibble on her nails.

Rena let out a disappointed grunt when her hand was stopped by Yuki’s, after Yuki retracted her hand Rena saw a necklace placed neatly on her palms. She lifted the clean object up with two fingers so she can take a good look, turning towards Yuki she gave her a nod in approval of her choice of reward.

“Gekikara” Yuki whispered into the wind that carried the word towards Rena and those around them.
“Haahahahahhahaha” Rena once again flared up her signature laugh as she secured the necklace around her neck with Yuki mirroring her actions.

Once the necklace are secured the two turned to walk out of the school yard leaving the bodies littered on the ground, the crowd quickly dispersed when the show came to an end. No one bother to take a second glanced at the fallen Nori and her followers, seems like most of them hold grudges against those poor crippled bodies. They had all once been a victim to her harassments and bullying.

OMG what have I done to Yuki!!!!!!!! AHHHHH *runs around in circles  :panic:*

edit: I added another reason for Rena to slap that girl "for being ugly" (Shi-chan gave me this reason why there should be another slap)
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My friend, you have done justice.


Totally love this! I'm looking forward to your next chapter as always! xD
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That was awesome.

Ahhh Geki and Black are a fearsome duo. D:
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The birth of renown BLACK GEKIKARA  :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom:
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KIRA!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :twothumbs

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i'll say this again...
I MISSED A LOT!!!!!!!  :frustrated:

i love this!!! BLACK and GEKIKARA combi is the best!!!!  :mon slapself:

that ugly girl needs to DIE!!!!!!  :mon zoom:




 :on voodoo:

update soon!
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Seriously in the drama it should have a scene like that
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i'm in love..!  :heart:
Rena x Yuki..!  :wub:
wow those two are really kick ass girls.! :D
the fight was great..THANK YOU VERY MUCH..! :cow:
please update soon..!  :bow:
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BlackRockAnon I just can't get enough of my favorite duo so had to dedicate a full prequel for them hahaha

Kid_Alpha Yup never get on their bad side or you rather wish you were dead bwahahahahab  :twisted:

ShibuyaDokiDoki MEEEP!!!!~~~ Doki! Doki!  :heart:

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blughise Thanks Blu, I HATE SPOILED RICH GIRLY GIRL Too!!!! thats why and some how I decided slaps to the face is better serving then being beaten up bwahahahahahah

aoi_sora Nooo that ugly girl can't die, she needs to live and suffer!!! with her UGLY face!!!

kahem Yes I wish the drama had a scene like this, it would be awesome!

cmze Totally KICK ASS combo! The birth of the cross and ROCK bwahahahahahahahah

Thank you everyone for reading my stories, I hope you all enjoy your stay and precious time has not been wasted  :thumbsup

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YAY another update! Sorry for the wait, I've been busy so my stories are taking longer and longer to update keke :P
As usually please forgive any mistakes you see (pretend you don't see them please  :lol:), I hope this doesn't disappoint your expectations  XD. Let me know if you come across anything that needs to be fixed. <--- this line feels familiar keke

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 5

That night Yuki stayed over at Rena’s.

When they first reached the front door of Yuki’s home, they heard her parent’s arguing through those thick hollow wooden doors.



Their screams and shouts resonance loudly towards Yuki, her once calmed heart began to pulsate again, her hands begin to shake while her visions start to blur as each and every single word left an impact in her heart. She didn’t realize she was crying until Rena hugged her from behind, she felt the girl spin her around and wiped away those pains gently with her thumbs. When Yuki finally calmed down she was already sitting in the living room of Rena’s apartment with a bowl of hearty spicy ramen in front of her. She looked around the living room looking for any trace of Rena but she is nowhere to be found.

Just as Yuki started to debate if she should look for Rena a growl from her stomach reminded her that she hasn’t eaten much all day. Quickly picking up the chopsticks, Yuki devour the delicious bowl of ramen. When she placed the empty bowl back on the table, Rena emerged from one of the rooms wearing a pair of shorts and a large loose t-shirt with a towel in her hands drying her still wet hair.

“Welcome back Yuki,” Rena joked, “I set out some clothes for you, go take a shower. You stink.” Rena said sniffing the air and pretending to be offended by a horrible smell.

Yuki looked at Rena slightly shocked by what Rena just did but at the same time she is glad Rena did it to lighten up the mood. “Thank you, Rena.” Yuki said as she found her way to the bathroom.

Rena proceed to clean the dishes when she heard the water running, once everything is cleaned she took out one of her precious melon pans to snack on while she waited for Yuki on the couch. When Yuki finally came out of the bathroom, Rena motioned her over. Directing Yuki to sit on the floor in front of her and she took the towel from Yuki and proceeded to help the girl dry her hair.

“You can stay here as long as you want,” Rena said breaking the silence.

“I don’t want to be a bother…” Yuki said softly with her head down.

“Yuki, you are never a bother.” Rena said using her hand to lift Yuki’s chin up and pulled the girl back slightly while she leaned over so she can look Yuki in the eyes to put her point across.

“What about your parents?” Yuki asked.

Rena dropped her hold on Yuki’s chin and sat back up, resuming her task of drying the girl’s wet hair, silence once again filled the room. “They left me,”

Yuki didn’t ask any more questions, she just sat there enjoying Rena’s company as Rena continue to dry her hair. Slowly Yuki leaned backwards until her back rested comfortably on the girls legs. Yuki sat there thinking about the events of the last two days.

“Rena,” she said softly, “what are we going to do now? The headmaster will suspend us… no he will kick us out after what we did to his granddaughter.” Yuki hugged her knees to her chest rocking herself a bit afraid of what awaits them tomorrow.

Rena placed the towel down on the couch as she knelt down behind Yuki and wrapped her arms around the rocking girl, pulling her into an embrace. "Everything will be okay," Rena told her.

Yuki allowed herself to melt into Rena's embrace, her head resting over Rena's chest listening to the soft lullaby of the gentle heartbeat. They stayed in that position for a while neither wanting to move away from the tender cuddle that washes away their troubles and anxiety.

When Rena noticed Yuki starting to fall asleep on her, she helped Yuki to the bedroom with plans to let the girl have her bed for the night. Rena sat at the edge of the bed watching over Yuki, until she is sure the girl is peacefully asleep, before moving to get up off the bed and head over to her awaiting couch. To her surprise a pair of arms snaked their way around her waist as she was getting up causing her to fall backwards onto the bed. She felt Yuki’s warm steady breath on her back causing her to shiver from the contact.

"Can you stay with me tonight? I'm scared..." Yuki whispered with her face still hidden from view.

Turning around Rena used her free hand to brush Yuki’s hair to a side so she can see the girl’s hidden face. Taking one glance at the delicate girl in front of her Rena can only nod agreeing to stay. Yuki waited until Rena got comfortable under the covers before snuggling up to the comforting warmth, satisfied with the protective arms around her, Yuki slowly drifted off to sleep.

When Rena finally opens her eyes to the intruding sunlight, she found herself alone in bed, her bedmate of the night now missing. She gradually sat herself up on the bed, lifting her arms up to stretch out her stiff muscles while letting out a tired yawn trying to rid her mind of the remaining sleepiness. Once awaken mind finally register the invading aroma that slowly filling the air informing her that breakfast will soon be served, she can easily guess the location of her missing guest.

Rena wondered if Yuki managed a decent sleep last night, seeing how her own sleep was disturbed by the thrashing Yuki, obviously bothered by nightmares, she heard Yuki repeatedly mumble words that she can’t precisely make out. Rena can accurately assume it is due to the traumatic events in the past couple days, being surrounded by a gang of grown men with dirty intentions and evil ugly spoil brats and her lackeys. This is one shadow that Yuki will have to step out of on her own, but that doesn’t mean Rena will just sit and watch.


After breakfast, the two leisurely head to school with their uniforms in hand, just moments ago they received a call from the schools secretary with some very informing information. They have officially been dropped by the school and they are to return their uniforms immediately.

Yuki borrowed from Rena a pair of black ripped jeans, then matched it with a black t-shirt that has the words ‘Terrified’ across the front. She added a few metal chains to the side of her jeans to add some extra touch to her choice of clothing. Rena notice a change in Yuki after the night, it appears that Yuki has start to adapt to their current situation. Yuki’s now calm exterior and impassive expressions calls on a terrifying shadow that looms the path she walks. Rena watchs Yuki place the cross over her neck letting it comfortably hang loose in the front for all to see, it symbolizes a new beginning the key to Yuki’s new life. 

Rena on the other hand wore a pair of washed ripped jeans with a purposely cut up white t-shirt over a black tank top. The white t-shirt had a hot red-orange flamed kanji “Kara” written in the back. She also had a few chains attached to the side of her jeans to add attitude to her overall appearance. Rena had her hair tied up on one side displaying the two small scars located at the upper left corner of her eyes, one above and one below her eye brows. Secured around her neck is the ‘Rock’ necklace Yuki had given her yesterday along with a name that she can certainly get use to.

Once they reached the school, they headed directly to the school's office, not bothering to knock. They kicked the door open and leisurely stroll to a stop in front of the headmaster.

"What do you to think you are doing?" He screamed at the two surprised by their sudden appearance.

"I know I was right to dispel you two from this school," He continued to ramble, "I should've done it long ago when Nori asked me to."

Yuki and Rena turned to look at each other before nodding and in sync they lifted their legs to kick the desk hard knocking it over and successfully trapping their headmaster under the desk. His mistake was mentioning his granddaughter in front of the now dangerous duo. They walked over and kicked at him a couple of times causing him to yell out in pain. From the outside a couple of the secretary glanced into the room to see what was going on but then went back to their desk pretending to see and hear nothing as they diligently continue their paperwork with a smile on their face.

When they finally got tired of stepping on the almost lifeless body the two finally walked out of the room and pass their uniforms to one of the secretary. As they retreat they heard a couple "Good luck" and "take care" from the secretaries, their voice half drowned out by the moaning and grunting headmaster asking for help.

Before leaving the two decided to pay their favorite classmate a last visit, they stopped outside the classroom making sure the girl is in there before executing their plan. Rena started her chilling laugh causing everyone inside to freeze, then Yuki forcefully kicked the door open.

"Kashiwagi! Matsui! What are you two doing here I was informed that....." the teacher froze in half sentence as Yuki walked in and gave him a deadly glare that promise pain if he spoke another word.

The students stopped what they are doing, afraid that any sudden movement will cause unwanted attention from the two girls standing in from of the class. The news has been spreading all morning of what happen yesterday but most of their friends and students refused to believe the two can cause that much damage, but now they might have to reconsider that thought. The deadly aura emitting from Yuki and the chaotic sensation from Rena is almost unimaginable, if anyone told them that these were their star students no one would ever believe them.

"Haahahaaahahahaha" Rena continue to laugh as she held her neck and half dragged her feet over to the sitting Nori, surrounded by her followers. Their faces still sporting the bruises, cuts and swollen cheeks from yesterday.
Stopping in front of the girl, Rena leaned over and asked, "Ne okotte iru?"

Seeing how Nori started to shiver, Rena smiled as she started to bite her nails while she watching Nori closely. Yuki suddenly appeared beside Rena and glared at Nori while she lifted her hand. The fear instated into the spoiled brat caused her to fall off her chair with her arms up to protect herself from what looks to be another slap. As Nori hit the ground her body appears to have lost a hold on her bladder function as a pool start to form under the girl.

Satisfy with the girls respond Yuki lowered her arm and turned to walk out of the classroom passing through the crowded hallways. Rena quickly followed Yuki out after smirking at the fallen girl, the curious students in the hallways immediately opened a path for the pair to leave the building.

Wow we are already at chapter 5 =O
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Why so short? ;3;

YukiRena duo for the win~!

I like how you mention Rena's scars, they were a rather attractive feature. /shrugs
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And they became badass.

I LOVE YOU KIRA! No homo. B-]

Absolutely an awesome chapter! By the way, I think I've seen a picture of Yukirin wearing almost the same thing. She was, of course, with Nezumi Mayuyu though.

What an excellent way to start my day!  :twothumbs
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Why so short? ;3;

YukiRena duo for the win~!

I like how you mention Rena's scars, they were a rather attractive feature. /shrugs

Yes those lovely scars, can't have her covering them all  :twothumbs Sorry for the short chapter  :P keke

And they became badass.

I LOVE YOU KIRA! No homo. B-]

Absolutely an awesome chapter! By the way, I think I've seen a picture of Yukirin wearing almost the same thing. She was, of course, with Nezumi Mayuyu though.

What an excellent way to start my day!  :twothumbs

Thanks BlackRockAnon, you are right on lol Yukirin did where that shirt for perf and was with Nezumi but this time she gets GEKI!!!!!!!! bwahahaha
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TOTALLY BADASSS!!!! Now I know where that Nori bitch got her bitchy attitude!!! That Principal totally deserve that!!! And that Nori bitch totally peed herself :twisted: GEKI AND BLACK COMBI ROCK :twothumbs
I'm sensing this is going to end soon

update soon Kira
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Rena's scars... *drools*


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LOVE it~  :wub:

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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Hello, Kira-san. After so long time I became a silent reader, I finally could give you my comment.
I like it when Black side of Yukirin appeared.
I read this story in my class. When I started grinning like crazy my friends are staring at me as if I'm a weird person.
That Nori will never be able to show herself off in front of Black and Geki again.
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So badass I like it!
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the embrace part melted my heart..! :heart
but i wanted more i guess i have to wait..! XD
take that spoil brat :shakeit:
rena x yuki..! :wub:
cool chapter! :thumbsup
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blughise: Thanks Blu for being here and commenting on all my updates, it really helps motivate me to continue. LOL as smart as always, you know whats coming up haha

ShibuyaDokiDoki: MEEP~ thanks for leaving a comment Pengu

RenaChii: Glad you like it and thanks for the comment

caghaunt: Thanks for the comment, I know what you mean, sometimes I read on my phone and start laughing while everyone around gives me weird looks. Nori will hide from now on haha.

kahem: Badass is the best! especially if it is Geki X Black! Thanks for leaving me a comment.

cmze: I just couldn't resist adding in Geki X Black/ Rena X Yuki moments bwahahahaha. Thank you for leaving me a comment.

Thanks everyone for reading the story and leaving thank you and comments, it really helps motivate me to continue to write. I've been very busy with trying to scramble to finish my assignments before I fail and managing work at the same time. I hope  to have the next chapter up shortly maybe tonight if not tomorrow for sure.

Sorry for being MIA but I anticipate that this will continue until I finish my final......
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Thank you for all your comments and support, here is the long waited update for Black in White. I hope you enjoyed your stay and your precious time didn't go wasted.

RAPPAPA: Black IN White - 6

After their stop at the school they decided to stop by at Rena's favorite ramen restaurant for lunch. Their peaceful stride was disturbed by the commotion and rattles coming from under the bridge. Curious to know the source of the noise they went to investigate only to find Shibuya and Dance surrounded by a big mob of armed girls. Bats and pipes glittered under the sun, reflecting beams of light in all directions. From afar they can see Shibuya standing there in the middle with her head held up high, not a single ounce of fear can be seen from the fashion queen. At her side Dance stood there with determination, she might not be a great fighter but she refuse to give in, she cannot show signs of weakness now, not when Shibuya is present.

Yuki and Rena stood there watching as the fight begin, even though they can see the skills of the pair, they are no match for the number of yankee girls that surround them, it is a fight between flesh and metal. Making up their mind, Yuki and Rena decided to grace these girls with their presence teaching them a lesson about respect. Only cowards would arm themselves with weapons and outnumber their opponent because they are afraid to lose. It is no difference from those low life gangsters who ambushed Yuki the other night.

“AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, what a bunch of cowards,” Rena said as she made herself known to the group of yankee girls in front of her.

“This is none of your business get lost!” One of the girls in grey school uniform said while waving the metal pipe she held in one of her hand.

“Our path is ours to determined, but your faith has been decided." Yuki spoke with a chilling voice from behind the group, the girls quickly turned around looking for the second intruder.

"Your coward display has anger the gods. Prepare yourself for the wrath of my shadow, as you will be judge in front of Hades.” Yuki's voice travelled to the girls again, and finally they found her standing beside a giggling Rena.

"Who are you?"

"How dare you interfere with us!" said the fat and ugly yankee girl's. Her uniform modified to show much unwanted skin. In most cases people will think more skin the better but in her case, she might as well cover herself head to toe and even the face to save people’s stomachs.

Yuki and Rena glanced around at the girls that surround them and tried very hard not to laugh at their ugly makeup and their fashion. Their hair are a mess, dye in all sorts of colors that only make one want to barf after looking at them. Their thick makeup did not help to cover up their ugly face, and for those that could've been consider average looks worst exponentially because of the thick layer of powder plastered on their face like coffee stains on a carpet.   

 Shibuya gathered herself and looked over surprise to see the two girls here during school hours, she looked them over and raised an eyebrow to their choice of clothing. She never thought the ones to come to her rescue will be these two prestige school girls but they seem different, much more deadly and intimidating.

"Don't let them get away!" one of the Yabakune girl shouted as the rest begin to attack again, swinging their pipes and rods at their four targets.

It didn't take long for the ground to be littered with bodies as Yuki, Rena and Shibuya quickly took down the girls, while Dance cheered them on at the side, occasionally kicking a girl or two that block her view of the fight.

"I'm hungry, you two up for some ramen? My treat," Shibuya said after taking care of the last one standing. She wanted to thank the two for helping her but pride prevented her from saying it directly so she chooses a different way to show her gratitude. She didn’t wait for the two to reply before turning and started to walk away from the scene.

"Thank you," Dance said with a bow before moving to follow Shibuya. Rena and Yuki glanced at each other before following the two departing figures, they were originally on their way to get some ramen before they got sidetracked.


The band of four end up taking Rena’s suggestion and are now seated at the same spicy ramen restaurant. Originally Shibuya had plans for a different place but after getting hidden signals from Dance and remembering the food quality of the restaurant their first met, Yuki and Rena decided to intervene. With some easy convincing Shibuya decided to go with Rena’s idea, although the laughing, giggling and nail biting played a big part in the overall decision.

Once seated Shibuya finally asked the question that has been bugging her since she saw the two girls, "shouldn't you two be in class right now?"

"We got kicked out of school," Rena answered calmly as if it didn't matter to her, while looking through the familiar menu in her hand.

Unexpected by the sudden answer Shibuya accidently knocked her cup of water off the table, but before she can even react Yuki already had the cup placed in the exact same spot, not spilling a single drop of water. Shibuya looked up at Yuki with disbelief, she didn't even see the girl move but sure enough her cup of water is back on the table like she never knocked if off in the first place. Even though she saw Yuki in action a little while ago she still can't believe someone can move so fast.

"How?" was all she can manage to say as she stared at the two mysterious girls seated across from her.

"The speed or being kicked out?" Yuki asked with a smirk that Shibuya would never expect to see from the same girl she met just weeks ago.

"Both," Shibuya now replied all serious.

Looking at the girls in front of them, Rena and Yuki took turn repeating the events that happened in the last couple days. Originally they had planned to not tell anyone of their story but for some reason they felt a connection to Shibuya, something that tells them they can be trusted.

"Haha!" Shibuya started laughing after she heard what they did to the spoiled brat at their previous school.

"I would never think it was you two that downed all those gang members, the police reported it as a gang brawl related to territorial issues, and that Nori brat too! I would love to see her face now," Shibuya said still laughing while Yuki and Rena just sat there confused.

"That Nori girl tried to throw money at Shibuya-san, to make her do all the dirty work and Shibuya refused. Since then Nori has been sending us trouble every once in a while, like the group of girl that came bursting into the ramen place." Dance explained.

When their orders finally came, Yuki and Rena dig into their noodles while Shibuya and Dance looked at them like they are crazy, their soup base is bright red screaming out deadly to anyone that dares try.

"So what are you two going to do now?"

"I don't know, but I doubt we can get into any decent school after what we did to the headmaster, he will for sure write bad recommendations on our school records." Yuki paused to answer.

"How about joining my school?" Shibuya asked.

"You go to school?" Rena asked surprised.

"I go to Majisuka Gakuen, the famous yankee school. Attendance is optional, violence is mandatory." Shibuya said with a grin.

"I don't know..." Yuki said with doubts.

"If you two can beat up those gang members then I'm sure you will do fine," Shibuya said.

"You think so?" Rena asked again uncertain.

"Positive, but first you need new names,"

"New names?" Yuki and Rena asked in unison.

"Of course, you didn't think our name is Shibuya and Dance right?"

"Well no, but what is your real name anyways?" Yuki asked curious.

"Itano Tomomi,"

"Yagami Kumi,"

"So what should we name you two?"

"Black" Rena said while pointing over to Yuki.

"Gekikara" Yuki replied while pointing back at Rena.

"I guess that is settled, let's go see the principle after we finish our food," Shibuya suggested, excited to have the two join her at Majisuka, she can feel their potential so strong that it might even surpass her own. Together they can definitely make history at Majijo.
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The birth of the four heavenly queens!!! HOORAY~! Totally love the plot! I mean! Awesome! Though... Can I make a request? It's alright if you can't write it. Can you please make Shibuya with Kasai and Yuki with Nezumi? Making it all much more unexpected? Plus Sae with Sayaka? That would totally be awesome!, it's your choice ^^ PLEASE UPDATE!
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karomuwi Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment, I was just reading your story on my phone when I saw your comment here. As for the request, this is a prequel to MG which is in the same series as the 2 sequel Supreme and Undercover, so the pairings are already decided. Shibuya will be with Kasai (not MG Kabuki sister) and Black is with Sae (not MG Gakuran)

I have other plans for eventually bringing in all of the MG characters into the stories bwahahahahahahahah.........

As for your pairing request, I could see if I can add it to my list of future projects for OS's or maybe even another MG story.....

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Yeah! Then I started to try to laugh like Gekikara. And it works, they stopped staring at me.
Shibuya is really surprised when she know Yuki and Rena ability, eh? As expected.
Yaa-hoo! So this story will be TomoTomo and SaeYuki! I'll request one, WMATSUI. Not Center. But Jurina.

P.s: I recently had been try an instant noodles named Gekikara Ramen. And it's not very spicy. I think it should be named Chuukara Ramen. Heheh.
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caghaunt: LOL this story is a prequel to MG1 and my Rappapa series Supreme and Undercover. The pairs are already decided  :lol: and Yes Gekikara does get Jurina (not MG Center) haha
Yea I went out for spicy Hotpot with friends and that wasn't spicy enough either...... definitely not Gekikara!

dream_catcher: Thanks for liking the story and leaving me a comment.
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U yeah! So.. After Black and Geki come to Majijo, they'll meet Torigoya and Yuko, yes?
I think Rena and Yuki's liking for spicy food has been rubbed on me. I'm not a big fans of spicy food before.
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U yeah! So.. After Black and Geki come to Majijo, they'll meet Torigoya and Yuko, yes?
I think Rena and Yuki's liking for spicy food has been rubbed on me. I'm not a big fans of spicy food before.

Yup, trying to think up a prequel for them and the rest too, so everyone gets a little bit of something that the original MG was missing. Haven't figured it out yet but I'm sure something will come.

I've always liked spicy food, and Rena and Yuki just made me love it even more!
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Yeah finally they will join Rappappa
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Finally they will join Rappappa~  :cow:

Please update soon~  XD
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AWESOME as always Kirachan!!!!! XD :heart: XD

Black and Geki combi are unbeatable!!!! XD

one last chapter and this awesome fic is done! since you only write chapters upto the 7th chapter, to give yourself a limit.......

I want Geki's past next Kira!!!

update when you can XD :heart: XD
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what?what? now black and gekikara...! :grin:
Omg! i'm so happy!  :D
i want to know what's next soooooooo baaaaaaaaad..!  :w00t:
please update soon!  :cow:
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Great way to start a morning I say! Hahahahahaha!

But damn, you reminded me this is a SaeYuki.... I'm not very into that couple to be honest. But well, anyway, we get WMatsui so... \o/

More please! :D
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awww please Kira i want MOREEEEEEEEEEE  :heart:

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I started today, caught up now, and now I'm a happy ducky :3

Update soon~ :heart:
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UPDATE SOON PLZ  :stunned:
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It's alive! After a long... long ... long wait the ice has now melted and Rappapa is officially revived!  :twothumbs
So to officially mark the return of this story, I started with a side story at the end of Black IN White... just a little playing around with my favorite characters in Majisuka  :wub: I am happy to announce that I will start writing the next part of the story shortly. Probable after I update Impulse first and for those of you that haven't notice I just started digging my own grave. I now have a few ongoing stories that I will need to update so don't be surprise if this joins Impulse for monthly updates  :twisted:

Special thanks to hard working BETA POMMIE! LOL It's really a hard task to beta my work.  :bow: :bow:
So to be nice, I decided I will start writing what you've been waiting for since agesssss ago, but I will need your help with naming the next part of the story  :twothumbs
"Look Pommie! my updates are now much longer compare to the short little ones I started with,"  :P

*Note = Black IN White is a Prequel to Majisuka and comes before Supreme and Undercover  XD*

RAPPAPA: Black IN White, Side story 1

“Gekikara, where are you? Please come home...” I prayed as I touched the cross hanging from my neck.

It’s been a few days since she ran off into the night. I thought she would be back by morning, but I was wrong. This is all my fault and now I can only sit here alone, regretting the choices that I made.

She took me in and gave me a place to stay. She comforted me when I needed someone the most. She was always there for me.

And before I knew it, my heart started to respond to those warm touches and gentle hugs that she only gives when we’re alone. No one would normally think to put Gekikara in the same sentence as gentle and kind, but I know better. The first time she disappeared at night, I woke up missing her warmth, so I went looking, and caught her politely greeting the elderly who visit the park for their morning walks.
The part of her she hides from everyone, the mysterious girl that suddenly appeared in my life, the one that I know nothing about... Rena.

“Rena... what happened to you in the past?” I checked out the window once again, a habit that I have developed since she left.

I feel so frustrated sitting here alone in this empty apartment. I just want her to come home. I haven’t been able to sleep. It isn’t the same without her here to hold me, to chase away those nightmares that visit me regularly. I finally understand that I want to be with her, but if I have to choose between friendship and love, I would rather just have her by my side.


I made a mistake...

A few days ago, in that half lit tunnel...

I knew I was starting to develop an attraction, a crush for Rena. I tried to hold myself back but I made a big mistake in letting my guard down. She was so irresistible at that moment, and that was all it took for me to surrender to my emotions.


It has been a few months since we transferred into Majisuka, but I’m still having trouble adjusting to the new environment. Is it still considered a school when books aren’t a part of the curriculum? I just can’t change my old habits of carrying a book in my bag. I was always the perfect student at the top of my class, a proper princess that volunteers at the library after school. Such delinquent acts was never a focus in my life. When I was told attendance is optional and class is just another time for eat, sleep and play, I find it hard to accept. I feel so vulnerable as I became one of the most sought out targets among my peers, my survival only thanks to Gekikara.

Shibuya wasn’t kidding when she said violence was mandatory, but Rena was able to adapt to the new circumstances without losing her step. It was almost like she was born ready and had been waiting for her these dummies to put her skills to the test. Just like the first time we met, and every time after, Gekikara was there to watch over me with those strong arms that shield me from harm, to protect me from those girls looking for trouble.


“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ne Okotteiru?”

The familiar laugh made it’s way through the air as Gekikara admired her handy work. The taste of iron stained her lips as she bit her nails, listening to the moans and grunts of the trash on the ground. Satisfied with her performance, Gekikara turned around to see me with my back against the wall, wearing an altered version of the school’s uniform. I saw her frown while trying to burn the long material with her glare. I remember she once mentioned that it’s a shame to hide my legs behind such boring material after comparing her uniform to mine. I’m not sure what she was thinking, but I definitely can’t complain about her slanted skirt, leaving her soft milky skin exposed for all to see. It’s a pity that Shibuya told her to match it with long boots that covered her legs, but I don’t mind. That luxury I have when we are behind the walls of our home.

“Are you okay?” Gekikara asked, “You seem to attract this sort of trash.” She added while walking towards me, kicking away a pair of hands that tried to reach out from under a pile of bodies as she closed the distance.

Embarrassed by the sudden invasion of my personal circle, I tried to look away, hoping to find something else to focus on. But I couldn’t stop myself from stealing quick glances at the beautiful sight in front of me. It didn’t matter that blood was splattered all over her uniform and covered her hands.
Angels can be just as beautiful in red.

I was trapped with the wall behind me, and no where to run. My heart started to pound heavily on my chest wall, while heat started to rise up my body. I could feel myself slowly turning red, even though it probably wasn’t all that visible from outside. I felt a set of eyes following my every movement, like a hunter watching their prey for the perfect time to strike. I finally looked up to find Gekikara watching me while biting her nails, a magnificent grin on her face andher head tilted at an angle. I believe that’s her thinking pose... Those curious eyes monitored my every movement, like a child wondering what is hidden behind the curtains.

“Th...anks,” I stuttered, the suddenly attention was making me nervous.

But to make it worse, Gekikara decided to lean closer, until I felt her warm breath on my already hot skin. If anyone else was around, they would’ve told me maybe Red was a better name for me instead of Black.

My first mistake was trying to look away. My second was choosing to look down. My eyes never wandered any lower after they discovered and focused on those inviting lips. When those exact lips formed the rare pout that I had begged during the nights for her to show me, I knew she was displeased with my silence and lack of response. I’m infected and the disease is far too advance to be saved. I have diagnosed myself with hopelessness.

And when that tongue of hers peeked out to lick the blood left on her lips, the last of my strings were snapped, overflowing with new emotions and urges. I want... no, I need to taste them.
My hunger took over.

Without any warning, my hands reached out, pulling her close and sealing her lips before she could protest. I let myself taste the iron as I licked the specks of blood from her soft lips.

But as suddenly as it started, Gekikara quickly pushed away, shocking me with the flash of panic and fear that flooded into her eyes. This is the first time I’ve seen these emotions on the fearless girl who just took out a mob of gangsters alone. Not even the flash of cold blades could cause her to blink an eye.

“Rena?” I asked softy, afraid to speak any louder. My hands reached out for her but never made contact as Gekikara turned and ran out of my sight. When my mind finally caught up to the situation, she was already gone.


"Zutto mae kara, kizukazu ni suki ni natta....."

I woke up to the ring of my phone, the light vibration in my palms reminded me that I have been waiting for this call.

“Did you find her?” I asked immediately, forgoing any greetings. I’m sure Shibuya will understand. If Dance ever disappeared, I’m sure she would be just as concerned.

“She’s at the park,”

“The park? Which one?” I asked, picking myself off the floor, I headed straight for the door, still waiting for a more define location but the answer never came.

‘Did she just hang up on me?’ I paused for a second to glare holes at my phone hoping that some of the negative energy would be transferred to the caller at the other end.

‘Park.... WHAT PARK?!?!?! STUPID SHIBUYA!’ My mind screamed, shouted and flipped as I ran out into the night to ‘The Park’.

“Wait... that’s it! Why didn’t I think of it sooner?” I did a 180º turn and ran in the opposite direction towards the park where I first met Gekikara. It slipped from my mind after I stopped visiting that location... I didn’t want to bring back unwanted memories.

Those words were still fresh wounds in my head.


*3rd person view*

As Yuki neared the water fountain, she could see a crowd of thugs in a very familiar attire. It’s the same group of gangsters from that time, but why are they here? She came here to find Rena, not a rendezvous of stupid mob heads. A slight shift in bodies standing in the circle, and she got a clear view of what attracted the crowd.

“Look at those eyes! Haha, let see how much longer you can keep it up!” Shinjiro smirked as he signaled for his men to lift the beaten girl closer. He lifted his leg to kick her square in the stomach, to get revenge for the humiliation they suffered that night. Gekikara flew back into the cement from the force of the kick, but she refused to satisfy them with a cry of pain.

“I told you to hold tight!” he shouted at the two who were supposed to be holding the girl, frustrated that he can’t even break her. She is suppose to be on her hands and knees, pleading with tears for them to let her go, so why isn’t she doing it?! He moved forward to kick her again while she wass still on the ground.


“AHHH!” Shouts of pain echoed among the crowd as bodies got thrown aside, opening a path for the grand entrance of the missing half of the pair.

“Oh, look who’s here. I really missed having your body under mine, your silky smooth skin.” Shinjiro laughed, sporting a perverted smirk.

He took a look around at the men he brought with him tonight, and felt confident that they could deal with the two girls, since one of them is already down.
“You won’t be able to get awa-” he stopped mid sentence as the girl disappeared from where she was just seconds ago.

“Gekikara, are you okay?” Yuki asked while crouching over the fallen girl, checking her to make sure she isn’t in any immediate danger.

“Black?” The word came out weakly, but the owner appeared to be quickly recovering from the earlier abuse at the presence of her shadow.

“Come on, let’s show them how it’s done properly.” Yuki stood up and held out her hand for Gekikara to take.

They stood back to back gauging their opponents, preparing themselves for what is to come. This battle will be more difficult seeing that they have a greater number of enemies, but soon all that would be swept away by darkness and chaos. After a quick stretch of her muscles, Gekikara graced the men with her voice.
But it wasn’t what Shinjiro had in mind.

“AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tasty.” Gekikara licked the blood off of her lips as she smirked at them.


It didn’t take us long to take down those bastards, but it wasn’t without a price as I rubbed my sore knuckles. I would be surprised if I didn’t develop any bruises tomorrow. I was so occupied with relieving the numbness that I didn’t notice you until your hands were on mine, stopping me from what I was doing. Your soft hands worked on mine with precise pressure, massaging them with delicate touches.

I was frozen on the spot, my nerves all jumbled up confused, lost and surprised but her actions. I didn’t know how to react.

“Reaction queen.” I heard you whisper in my ear, giggling at my priceless expression of shock and surprise magnified by 100%. I really missed your presence.

My brain visited the clouds as my memory failed to recall the blacked out gaps. Thinking back again and again, I couldn’t remember how we made it to the hills. Were we holding hands the whole way? I can’t remember if it was you or me that led us there, but the next memory for me was us lying on the grass glazing at the stars.

It was a lovely night, with the gentle breezes rustling leaves, and the clear skies covered with speckles of light. We laid there enjoying the moment of silence, no words were exchanged between us as you held onto my hand. I was afraid to move, afraid that it might scare you away. I was afraid you would let me go but I knew from the looks in your eyes. I already understand.

I turned over to admire you under the moonlight, so peaceful with one arm supporting your head as you laid on the grass with one leg propped up comfortably. With your eyes closed, I couldn’t tell if you had fallen asleep, but I guess you felt my shift because you lips curved into a smile.

Making up my mind, I sat up and leaned over until I hovered above you, our hands still connected when I reached over to support myself. I moved slowly, praying that you won’t push me away, before our lips connected once again. I immediately noticed a familiar copper taste, but this time it held a tinge of sweetness. And even though I felt the slight return of a kiss you put behind your lips, I already knew. The passion is there but the sparks are missing.

I kept my eyes closed when I broke the kiss, coming apart only for a second before leaning in until our foreheads touched. I felt your shallow breath on my skin as you waited in silence, giving me time to gather my thoughts.

“Sorry.” I heard you whisper after you knew I was ready.

I opened my eyes and slowly withdrew, our eyes sending messages between us. After seeing that we both understood, I sat up with a smile to match yours.
We have come to a conclusion.

“Let’s go home.” I said, sighing into the air. The weight on my chest has now been lifted as everything had been resolved.

We walked side by side.
At least, I know I will always hold a special spot in your heart just as you hold a piece of mine.

“Yuki, I want ramen... with melon pan,” You said casually when your stomach growled like a beast, disturbing the peace.

“..... we only have ramen at home...” I answered, still wondering about your taste for that odd combination. I don’t think I can ever get use to it.


The next morning, the two were greeted with a sight of bodies littered across the field. Looking closely, they were all students of Majisuka, beaten by a group of thirty unknown girls from one of their rival schools. It seems that they missed a lot after skipping school for a few days and now they are being raided?

“Hey look, isn’t that the famous princess bookworm and her pet?”

“I heard Maji was so desperate that they started accepting weaklings like her?”

“Why don’t you just go back to your goodie school and be the teacher’s slut.”

“You should join the rest of your classmates.”

Taunts were thrown at the two girls as they watched the group in grey uniforms think hard to come up with more provoking words. Sometimes they wondered, why these girls bothered trying to think, when in the end, they only result in using their fists anyways. It just makes them look like idiots pausing in between insults to think.

“Gekikara, I think I need to work out some of my stress.” Yuki spoke up only for Gekikara to hear. “I was rejected last night you know, for the first time ever.”

“It must’ve hurt.” Gekikara replied with a smile.

She watched Yuki reach into her bag to pull out her signature textbook and with the speed of light that book was whipped across the field into the face of the ugliest girl in grey. Pages scattered into the air as the binding broke under the intense pressure of it’s impact.

“May you rest well in the hands of the shadows, darkness has arrived and there is nowhere for you to run.” Yuki- no, Black lifted her hand to touch the cross hanging around her neck. “I am Black, remember that name.” 

“HAHAHAHAHAHAAA, Ne Okotteiru?” Gekikara asked from the side before joining Black in the field to avenge their fallen school mates.

“Hey don’t go and have fun without me!” Shibuya shouted, sporting a smile as she ran out from the school building. Dance had just told her that Black and Gekikara returned.


“Yuko-san.” Sado finally spoke up as she watched the scene play out below.

“Mieta.” Torigoya said playfully with her head slightly tilted to the side grinning, both hands tucked in the pockets of her signature jacket while her eyes focused on their leader.

“Let’s go.” Out of habit, Yuko’s hands went to comb through her hair. She has finally found their missing pieces of the puzzle. Rappapa will finally be complete.


Thanks for reading everyone!
Thanks again to HashirePomeranian for doing the beta and fixing my poor engrish.
And too all those that left me comments  :bow: :bow: you are my motivation to keep going.
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I've read this up from the start and I haven't commented, so now I'll do it. :peace:

I have to say, I am deeply interested with the flow of the story, I hope you continue the sequel, although Black IN White is really good because it gives us some background about Black and Gekikara, I want to know what they would do in the sequel which you have already written, I want the next story. :lol:

On the side story, I liked Black's POV, really interesting and was just detailed, not too much, not too little, just right. I never did expect Black to get rejected from the start, but at least we all know that Black did had a crush on Gekikara. At least they both have special places inside their hearts, just that, they aren't meant to be. Kinda sad but at the same time happy.

Hahaha, rejection hurts but Black actually took it well, I'm...shocked? XD

I'm slightly disappointed but at the same time happy though, disappointment because BlackGeki can never be anything more than friends, but happy because they have people they love now, SaeYuki and WMatsui~ :)

Thanks for the good read, immortal-san!
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I loved this. I'm happy that Rena rejected Yuki. Not because I don't like RenaYuki or something, but that makes the story more interesting and unique.

I'm so waiting for Yuko-sama's full appearance!!!

Waiting for more updates!  :thumbup
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Rappappa FTW!!!!
Too bad for Black but it will be Sae hehehe
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( ( (
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hell yer cant wait you hav no idea how long i hav wanted you to upadate this  thank you thank you !!!!!
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Pommie: Yea I can't have GekiBlack together in this one since I already matched them  :lol: I was going to make it kinda sad but then I remember they still stuck together as a team in Rappapa and on so can't have bad feelings between them  :P

Sieka: I guess Black understands that at least Gekikara will still be by her side even if they are not lovers. Sometimes you just have to let go  :) Yes the story keke, I will get to it soon. Trying to do weekly updates but then I still need to rotate through all the ones that I have hanging so I hope it doesn't take too long.

sakura_drop_: thanks, I was debating if it should be Black or Gekikara who confess, but going back to read my story it makes more sense if it was Yuki who starts to develop feelings for Rena. Given that Rena appeared and saved her and all  :wub: Maybe in another time, another place, another story GekiBlack can be together  XD

kahem: Yup Black gets Sae, in a way it's also good because their connection to Sae and Jurina and the other girls give them a chance back at normal lives.... sort of since we are talking about Rappapa, there is no way to avoid violence. Fighting is mandatory!

RenaChii: Thanks, glad you like it  :wub:  :cow:  :twothumbs

Roby: LOL didn't know you were waiting for this too  XD, I always thought it was just Pommie and a couple others that keep asking me to continue it haha Thanks, glad you like it, there will be more to come.... slowly  :twisted:

Thanks everyone for reading and leaving me comments and loving my randomness  :twothumbs
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sad..but your fic is great  :sashiko:

BlackGekikara  :heart:
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Sugeee!  :thumbsup

What a sad story Balck&Gekki hold.
Thank you for your update!
Can't wait for next!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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yukofan + Megumi: thanks for the comment, glad you like it. It is kind of sad that Black got rejected but they do eventually find their other half later on  :wub: SaeYuki and WMatsui  :twothumbs. To find love after missing out on their first one, I think would make them treasure their current love ones better.  :twothumbs Or I hope they do, I wonder what might happen if GekiBlack get's together in the future again.....  :twisted:
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another nice story on fanfic section... :on GJ:

yukofan + Megumi: thanks for the comment, glad you like it. It is kind of sad that Black got rejected but they do eventually find their other half later on  :wub: SaeYuki and WMatsui  :twothumbs. To find love after missing out on their first one, I think would make them treasure their current love ones better.  :twothumbs Or I hope they do, I wonder what might happen if GekiBlack get's together in the future again.....  :twisted:
there will be another new pairing SaeJuri :dunno:

anyway...i'll be waiting for the update :kneelbow:
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wooooooow   :cry: is sad the story about blackgekikara
but i love it!!!  i hope to write more of saeyuki!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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i miss this fic :cry:
*snif *wipe tears
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Rappapa: Black IN White

-Wow! It’s great fic! I love Majisuka 1 and 2!

-I hope you will update Rappapa: Black IN White!

-I love the pairing of Gekikara and Black!

-You have a good idea immoral_k-san!

-Thank You

-Looking forward for your update :D

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I like all this Rappapa series.... from the beginning until now...

it's like a crossover of all the MG without Yuko needed to die...

They are all helping the police with investigation, etc.

I like this Black in White... it's a story before MG... Good idea there...

Thank you for the wonderful series.

Can't wait to see your next update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
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Just a short announcement  :twothumbs

Doesn't it get you wondering why I suddenly bump this back to the front  :twisted: After being away from here for so long, I kind of miss it here. Looking back how I started this story back in 2011 and quickly finished the first 2 parts the reception from everyone was fairly good. It took me a bit of time before Black IN White came to light followed by the OS to tie the story together. Initially that was suppose to be a bridge my comeback for the next part of the story which suffered and was half abandoned for the longest time as I was K.O’d by life.

A full year later after many attempts to revive the idea from almost 2 years ago,before Black IN White was created, I have it going again but its not as successful as I wish it could be. After dropping writing for so long it feels a little foreign to me and the words just don't come as easy as it use to but I want to and hope that this can be a start for me to continue with everything I had planned out for this story. I don't know if this will turn out well or if it will die prematurely again but I have hopes that if I can finish this next part to Rappapa I will be ready to get back to most of my stories and write. I was reluctant to jump right back into impulse as where I left off is hard to just pick up and continue, I needed a bit of practice.

I hope Rappapa IV doesn't disappoint what everyone anticipates, because it might become the factor deciding whether this story should go on LOL.

While I am at this I also joined the Infinity Collab Project proposed by TTLuver497, together with TTLuver497, miyumi and crono1036 we create a story that follows after AKB Kagekidan: Infinity. Crono1036 and I are working together to lay out the path for SaeYuki’s Infinity: A tale of eternity - Blue World.

Here is the link to that Project if you are interested in taking a look.
 Infinity: A tale of eternity (

I hope to have the first Part up in the next few days, if I start drifting away you are welcome to send me friendly reminders  :P

bunny_rabbit: hi there, sorry that this reply to your comment came this late but I've been thinking and I do see opportunities where I can play a bit with some of the current pairings and GekiBlack will always be a possibility seeing how they are my respected favorites from AKB and SKE. It's as my reply to H.Pom when she asked once why Gekikara is always in my plans for every part of this story "because it's does not feel complete without her"

wsama: Thanks, I do have plans for some other possible stories for SaeYuki but in the mean time you can check out my collab with crono1036 at the link above. Together we write for SaeYuki's Blue world. Even though it is titled Infinity: a tale of eternity, this story is separate from my previous completed SaeYuki work also titled "Infinity"

Chichay12: Awwwww don't cry, I'll try to revive this for you  :) because tbh I really have a lot more for this story that just didn't survive a lot of the roadblocks and time limitations I have to deal with in life.

Wmatsui22: Thanks you, please continue to follow this fic with love and comments. Each comment left are very meaningful to me as a writer and it can also serve as a guidance to which path of the storyline I should take. It is rare that I only have one possibility set out for my stories, most change quite significantly from start to the finish.   XD. Although I'm not sure if Black IN White will have any more added parts, I assure you there is plans for more prequels to the story maybe something with a title like... 'Dancing at Shibuya'  :twisted:

cisda83: Thank you, I hope this next section of the story won't be a disappointment to your expectations. I purposely broke up the ongoing idea into sections so it won't become one long ongoing fic and readers can stop at the end of each and still feel somewhat complete then to have it left with an open end.
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Basically.... Go dude (girl or guy)
Ganbatte!! Even if you haven't written for a long time
it's ok since a lot of times the starting sucks a bit and then
it turns into a godly thing
I loved the first 3 arcs of the Rappappa series anyways
I'll be waiting
*lurks in dark places and waits
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So here you go, after a long wait I present you the forth arc to Rappapa!!!! Lost and Find (or I'll call it that for now). The original of this work at least for the first 2 chapter was beta by HashirePomeranian but then I went and made a bunch of changes when I picked up the story again sooooooooo beware of my many many many mistakes  XD
I know I should probably have this beta'd before I post but it's in the middle of the night and no one is awake to look it over....... so I post anyways hahahahahhaha. I'll fix it later if I see any problems.

Shinoki: Thank you and I hope this upcoming arc won't disappoint anyone. I can say this arc should end up a bit longer then the previous 3. I just hope it survives till the end. Still getting use to having the words flow like it use to  :banghead:

RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 1

“Congratulation Takamina,”

“Thanks captain Nogami, I'm sure the girl’s will be happy to know they have finally pass probation and officially a part of the force.” Takamina spoke with a content smile.

“Just Nogami is fine, you are not longer on probation captain. You are officially promoted when your girls solved the case, captain Takahashi.” Captain Nogami look proudly at the shorter girl, from back in the days when he use to mentor the girl till now. He watched her mature and now as a captain of her own team, proud is like an understatement.

“Your team is definitely a hidden gem,” Nogami said as they walked towards their respective department which happen to be next to each other. While Takamina leads team A or now known as team Rappapa, the more experienced captain Nogami leads team B and together they’ve solved many difficult cases earning praises and a few evil eye from the old farts in the other department and divisions.

“I heard they assigned you the supernote case, good luck Taka. I looked at the samples during the meeting those are some very high quality counterfeit bills,” Nogami said with a pat to Takamina’s head, “but don’t let the old farts push you around, just ignore them. They are just jelly that you are the rising star and are doing better than them in many ways.”

“I know but sometimes it’s just hard to ignore them when they are so obvious, and trying to mess with the girls. You know how they are.”

“Don’t worry about it, Team B will be your backup, it’s time to finish what your team started.” with that the two captains waved each other off as they turned to meet up with their team.
As Captain Nogami stroll through the hall towards his team he heard sounds of celebration coming from the other side, but what caught him off guard was what came after. He was sure he heard someone ask “Will there be lots of blood?” causing a sudden onset of silence.


In the late evening of a typical hot summer day, the sun slowly prepares himself to sign out after a long and intense shift. A tinge of orange and pink glow gently reminds all that are still outside that the night will fall shortly.

The once busy streets now left with only a few individuals leisurely walking down the roads to settle the satisfying dinner they packed into their stomachs. It’s getting late but still too early for the night crawlers to come out from hibernation. This peaceful atmosphere was then rudely interrupted by a group of girls trudging down the sidewalk.

“Ah, why do we have to get so much stuff. I can’t feel my hands anymore,”

“You aren’t even holding that much,” a second voice cut in to break the first from her continuous whining since they exited the grocery store.

“We are almost there,” the third person spoke trailing from behind them holding what seems to be double the amount of grocery to her companions.

The three of them can be seen wearing a green school gym uniform loosely over their customized shirts that read ‘Hormone’. They continue to lightly bicker with each other while slowly making their way down the nearly deserted streets. Of course with their concentration away from the road, they almost missed the sound of a speeding vehicle whipping past them. The sight of a white van flashing across their visions, the smell of burnt rubber and the screeching sound from the tires on asphalt attacked their senses.

“Hey! Watch OUT!”

“Yeah!” the other two shouted in complement to their leader thinking the words were directed to the reckless driver. Before they had a chance to even follow up with their comment they heard bags dropped to the ground.

“Sasshi! Where are you going?” Kitahara Rie yelled to their leader, when she notice the said person already missing from beside her.

“Rie, look!” Takajo Aki said while tapping the confused girl beside her.

Following in the direction Akicha is pointing at, they found their missing leader running ahead towards the now abandon van. What caught their attention is the group of men that surrounded a scared teenage girl. The girl wore a standard school uniform, looks about their age and appears to be in shock seeing how she is now surrounded by a group of shabby looking mens.

“Shit!” in the confusion it was lost as to who spoke the single word but the two remaining member of team hormone quickly dropped their bags to a side and ran to help their suddenly heroic leader.

As they ran they watched the girl slowly back away from the group of hoodlums but she didn’t get far before tripping to the ground, her arms up struggling to get out of reach from the strangers that appears to have jumped out of that white van.

“HEY! What do you think you are doing!” Sasshi shouted at the group as she finally made it to to the fallen girl after pushing away a couple bodies to stand in between as a barrier.

“Oh look, we got ourselves a couple other LG’s that want to play.” one of the guys spoke with hoarse voice followed by the sound of a dry hacking cough, most likely the result of chain smoking everyday.

“Just grab the girl and make it quick, boss don’t like to wait,” the head of the pack said with a boring tone, hands still in his pocket and not very interested or concern about the attention they are receiving from other pedestrians. He nod his head in the direction of the girl to cued the rest to make a move as he lit himself a cigarette to satisfy his nicotine cravings.

“Fine, fine,”

The gangster bunch started to advance on the girls while Sasshi, Rie and Aki prepared themselves to redeem their reputation as ‘Team Hormone’. They might not have been the best team back in Maji days but it doesn’t mean they are just a push. Regardless of team Hormone’s reputation, tonight these men will regret underestimating their abilities and looking down on females. Of course being team hormone they know when there is an opening they should always take advantage, especially when they are at such disadvantage in terms of power when facing a group of testosterones. So kicking below the belt became the favoured strategy and by force they each took downed a guy directly front of them leaving three figure standing.

“Bitch!” one of them was quick enough to grab a hold of Sasshi by the collar of her uniform but Sashihara isn’t named team leader because she won a round of janken. Her quick mind allow her to draw up a scheme to trick the brainless.

“Look the police is here!” she pointed to the left.

They watched the guys fall for the kiddy trick and turned to direction pointed. Without missing a beat Aki and Rie used all their strength delivered a fist to the face followed by a knee to the stomach and a kick to the next generation. Sasshi on the other hand played it more skillfully and used the guy’s weight against him to delivered a perfect judo throw causing the guy to fly straight into the bushes making a facial impact to the ground.

“Guys get in the car, we are leaving!” a voice shouted from inside the van, the designated driver notice the attention they are receiving from the pedestrians and curious individuals who are currently looking out the windows of the surrounding buildings.

Sasshi waited for them to crawl one by one back to where they came from and disappear from her sight before turning around to check on the fallen girl. In the meantime, Rie and Aki went back to grab their groceries bags looking through them to check for damage. Lucky for them Sashihara wasn’t holding onto anything that's fragile, only vegetables that survived their fall with maybe a couple bruises.

“Are you okay? My name is Sashihara Rino, you can call me Sasshi,” the leader of team Hormone introduced herself after slowly lowering the hands used to guard their frighten owner.

“It’s okay the mens are gone, they can’t hurt you, you are safe now,” Sasshi spoke softly in a tone that surprised the other members of Hormone.

“Yokoyama Yui,” the girl finally spoke her name in a shaky voice as she looked left and right checking for any hostile bodies then towards her three savior.

“Yokoyama-san, are you hurt? Can you stand?”

When Yui tried to stand up the instant pain that shot through her ankle caused her fall forward. Sashihara immediately caught the girl and with help from Rie they lowered Yui to the ground where they can inspecting for injuries. Sasshi found a swollen ankle to the size of a baseball, blotched with an angry color of redness and heated to touch. Using many years of injury experiences Sasshi quickly diagnosed it as a sprain ankle for the reason that nothing seems to be out of place.

“It’s a sprain, nothing appears broken but we should get it wrapped and iced it to get the swelling down,” Rie said from beside Sasshi as she watch her leader inspect the ankle with care.

“Our place is only a couple blocks from here, we should go there first,” Aki said while she tried to juggle the extra bags she now has to carry.

“Here climb on, I’ll carry you there. I don’t think it is wise to try walking on that,”

“Thank you,” Yui said to her kind hearted rescuer, unconsciously she tightened her hold around Sasshi when she thought about what could’ve happen if they weren’t there. Thinking back Yui can’t remember when was the last time she got a piggy back ride from anyone, not even from her father.


“What took you so long!”

It was the first thing Sasshi heard after she entered their restaurant ‘Maji-Mone’, and not surprised it was from their one and only silent yet surprising member, Komori or better known as Mukuchi.

“What happen?” Moeno asked coming out from the kitchen when she notice the extra person on their leader is back.

“Long story but can you get us some ice and bandage?” Sasshi asked giving out one of those rare order to her members.

Wasting no time Komorin and Moeno came back with both the ice packs and bandages. Normally first aid is left to Rie and Komorin but before either of them can even offer their specialty Sashihara took the supplies and got right to treating the angry ankle.

Seeing how they are of no use at this point the two retreated to the kitchen to help Moeno and Aki put away their grocery supplies.

*back outside*

“Here you go, make sure to keep it up,” Sasshi said admiring her handy work after placing Yui’s ankle on a vacant chair to keep it elevated with ice pack on either side.

“Thank you for helping me, I think I should get going home,” Yui said trying to get up only to be gently pushed back onto the chair.

“It’s getting late, and you are injured. You can stay the night and we take you home tomorrow morning,” Sasshi offered, half hoping the girl will accept and half confused with her own actions up to this point.

“Thank you,” Yui said again with a slight bow from her sitting position.

“I’ll have one of the other girl’s help you to one of the rooms,”
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I like it that both Rappapa and Minami are being rewards for their achievements up until now....

Sashi and others are so carefree....

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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wow a heroic sasshi...i'm impressed!

thanks for the update!  :)
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Im so glad!!! Yuihan~~~ Probably not Otabe, but hrm..... can't tell if there's that epic Kyotoish dialect~~~
well, I don't really care since it aint actually erm....... forgot the word, but listening stuff....
TEAM HORMONE! Yosha!! >.<
Funny how they address themselves with their real names.......
well, then again, that's how life is~~~~
Personally, I would find it nice if the story mashes together and Team Hormone transfer into that school...
Zakura Shiori I think.... but I think that Team Hormone would make the story complex....
well, yay!!! Keep up the good work, but no pressure here~~
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WHOA!! EPIC!! You don't know how happy I am seeing you updating your Rappappa series again :twothumbs :twothumbs

Finally Team Hormone made an appearance on your fic  XD

Now... I will wait patiently for your next update :P
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Yes!! Takamina was promoted!! Her team is the best!! I wonder, was that Gekikara who asked about the blood?  :nervous XD

Sasshi so cool~ Team Hormone, GO GO!!! SasshiYui GO GO!!!

I really love Yui as Otabe but in this story she seems just a daughter of some rich guy who needs to be given a lesson... Is Yui really just a silent innocent girl or is she secretly Otabe-like? Or maybe with Sasshi's 'training' she'll become Otabe?  :roll: :twisted:

Anyways, I'll be waiting for your next update. I'm so glad you're back!!

And I already mentioned yesterday to you, Kira-chan, but I will repeat again.

We all support you, so dun worry. People will come around eventually ;) I had the same experience as you and thought no one cares about my stories anymore but when 23 'thank yous' appeared... I was happy. So dun worry, I'm sure you'll get more readers  ;)

Well, if not, you have these 14 readers (so far) who support you and I believe there are also a lot of silent readers  ;)

And also, Kira-chan, you have me and Mia. We both luv you, so dun worry about anythin, we are your supporters  :deco:
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Thank you everyone for reading and supporting Rappapa, I'm happy to know people are enjoying the light reading. Please keep checking for updates, I am hoping to make it once a week or biweekly. I know its still a long time to wait but hang in there. Once I get the hang of it again it should come much easier and more frequently.

cisda83: Thanks for your comment, I really enjoy seeing all these motivation to continue to squeeze in writing time. As for Rappapa I wonder what might happen next  :twisted: They should appear soon.

DC2805: Yes for once Sasshi is being heroic, team hormone is stepping up to the plate when they are needed. Funny thing is I still remember why I decided Sasshi should be the one to save Yui haha.

Shinoki: hmmm Yui.. Otabe... Yui... I wonder. I don't really know how to write out the Kyotoish dialect so I doubt I can make her dialogue any more epic. I also tend to have them address each other by their real names unless situation requires them to get "Maji" then they can be scary. Well there isn't a point for team hormone to transfer to Zakura Shiori anymore because this takes after Rappapa has graduated and is now full time in the force. So Maji-Mone will be a new hangout bwahahaha. Complex I would guarantee you lol things might start getting messy.
Thank you

stv_wong: Thanks, I am happy to finally update Rappapa. I had the idea for a very very long time but just never got the chance to. I think its time I bring out team hormone and some of the other girls before more changes happen. Who knows maybe there will be another year of MG haha.

sakura_drop_: Weeeeee thanks for the nice and long comments, I'm happy to read each and every word of encouragement. These really help to motivate me to write more. I think back when I first started my updates they were much shorter so they were way more frequent but I found that I don't want to leave a short update anymore. There is just so much to mention and splitting a long chapter in half actually doesn't make sense.
Yes it was Gekikara that asked about the blood  :twisted: BLOOOD! Don't you just wonder if Yui has any secrets =) I hope I will continue to gain supporters, I don't remember ever getting 23 thank you's for an update. I think it's in my blood to worry. HAHA

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Noooowh~~ this is so cute *fangirls*

Just imaging it makes me happy :P

Takamina's team FTW! xDD

I bet the one asking if there is blood is Geki~ xD
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Finally I can comment..

Sashiko awesome!
Team Hormone :3
Taka's team yay!!!
I love the plot twist!

You surprised me Kiraaaaaa and Happy Birthday!!  :deco:
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You're finally back to writing awesome fanfics!!! XD XD
did you finally manage to squeeze some fanfic writing time on your busy sched? :P

Anyways I'm so excited to read again your awesome story!!!
Happy for the Rappapa girls, getting promoted and everything. Although I'm curious about what will Atsuko do, does she still want to become a nurse like she promise with her bestfriend Minami or will she become a police to be with Captain Takamina or both
Say will the story this time focus on the team hormone and Yui-han?
Is Yui-han a different character from Otabe?

I can't wait for more!!!
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finally finished reread the first 3 arc to refresh my memory (it has been a long time since last time I read it so I nearly forget the storyline)...I must tell you how happy I am when I saw an update...

to make it even better,you made my princess apppear on the show...

yes...I'm talking about Yui...My Kyoto Princess :luvluv1:

can't wait for the next part...take your time for the update and keep up the good work :on GJ:
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I appear! Sorry for the super long wait, I over estimated the amount of free time I have in the day  :banghead:
It took me awhile to get the next chapter written up just to constantly go back and make changes because the writing just didn't flow and some of the parts were a bit confusing...  :panic:
Sorry again for the long wait  :bow:

K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Thanks for your comment, yup you are right the one asking about the blood is Geki  :D. In my mind Takamina's team is like the best here, can't beat them no matter what.
miayaka: Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why you so busy, I never catch you online anymore *pouts* It's Sashiko time to appear this time. Team Hormone and Rappapa!!! kekeke  :lol:
blughise: Bluuuuuuu =) OMG didn't know you still lurk here but its so nice seeing your comment. I'm still trying to squeeze as much writing as I can but with the new comp/internet ban at work its so hard to write. Sigh. I'm guessing you are still busy with everything tooo, don't see you around to chat often =p
bunny_rabbit: Thank you for your support, yes it's been a long time since I first started this story. Thanks for the comment I hope you like what I have coming up in the story if you don't mind the long wait  :)

***Big THANKS to Kid_Alpha for taking the time to help me beta my work and help me smooth out some of my messy writing. THANK YOU!!!!  :bow: ***

RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 2

*Earlier morning*

“Thanks for helping me home, Kitahara-san.” Yui said, grateful for the piggyback ride from these nice people she met yesterday.

“You’re welcome, I’m sure Sasshi would’ve been more than willing to carry you home, but I don’t think she’s fully awake just yet.” Rie said, glancing back towards her sleepwalking leader.

From the dark circles under her eyes and constant yawning, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out said leader didn’t sleep well last night. Hence the reason why Rie was recruited into safely bringing Yui home while the zombie walker tagged along, refusing to stay in bed and insisting she follow along.

“Wow, you live in a pretty big house.” Rie was in awe when she finally spotted the mansion Yui had directed them to. She paused for a step to readjust the weight on her back, giving her sleep-deprived leader some time to catch up. 

As they got closer she started to feel uneasy, a thick atmosphere surrounded and pushed against her for every step they took towards the mansion. The girls noticed the gates were left opened, the security cameras were damaged and spots of crimson trailed up towards the front doors with occasional dragging marks.

“Sasshi, Sashihara... leader... WOTA!” Rie shouted out to the walking body beside her, causing the girl to almost trip and fall on her face.

“WHAT?” Sasshi shouted back.

“Something doesn’t feel right...” Rie expressed seriously, motioning towards the open gates.

The two of them kept their guards up, slowly creeping on towards the front gates, once past the metal bars, they stopped at the sight of a few suited bodies left scattered over the lawn. Sasshi quickly put her hands over Yui’s mouth to stop her from screaming and signalled for them to back away from the house, they had to be careful, assuming that the culprits may still be near.

“We should call the police.” Rie suggested once they have retreated to a safer distance.


*Minutes later*

Captain Takahashi arrived at the scene promptly after receiving the call from dispatch, normally a simple break and enter didn’’t require their team to investigate but coincidently this house belonged to one of the prime suspects on the Supernote Case. She made her way towards the secured area after stepping out from the patrol car, her partner Maeda Atsuko, Gekikara and Black followed along.

“Who made the report?”, she spoke with authority.

“Captain Takahashi, they’re over there.”, one of the rookies in blue pointed to the side where a few girls were huddle on a bench together, obviously out of place in the sea of police and forensic investigators.

“Can you tell us what happen?” the captain asked when she approached the distraught and distracted girls, one appeared to be on the verge of crying with the other two tried to alleviate her distress.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT! WE ALREADY TOLD-you...” Sasshi started shouting, ready to kill the next person who dared asked  them the same question for the millionth time; her voice however, immediately toned down along with her anger after seeing who stood in front of her.


Sashihara Rino went into shock once she heard soft giggles off to the side and took a quick glance to confirm her suspicions, and it was her worst nightmare. That unforgettable laugh from Gekikara when she played with pens! Within a blink of an eye, the poor girl flipped herself up over the bench, slamming onto the ground and slithering backwards until her back hit the wall behind them.

“Gekikara-san!” Rie shouted in surprise, but managed to stay composed in her seat next to the distressed Yui, the sound of someone clearing their throat could be heard from the last member of the group, who was a little annoyed at being ignored.

“Black-san.” Rie greeted, as she quickly bow her head to acknowledge the Queens of Majijo and Maeda, their unofficial pack leader that had brought them some light within the sea of yankee girls.

“Now can you tell us what happen?” Takamina asked once more, a small frown on her face and little twitches in her brow due to the lack of acknowledgement in comparison to the rest of her team. Her frustration was easily handled when a familiar hand made it’s way towards hers’, extinguishing any ill feelings.

After a long stretch of questions, Captain Takahashi decided to dismiss them so forensic and investigators can concentrate on finding any evidence and clues that could help them piece together what had happened; she sent Gekikara and Black with the three girls to make sure they got home safely.

Remembering back when Rappapa had first joined the force under Takamina’s command, the team decided to split their identities. At work they would continue to use their aliases as a member of Rappapa, but when they were in private or at home they will revert to their real identities; this gave them the advantage at work where their reputations were enough to intimidate some offenders during interrogation.

“Thanks for walking us back home, Gekikara-san and Black-san.” Yui thanked, breaking the silence during the trek back to Maji-Mone. 

Other than the thanks spoken by Yui, the trip itself was filled with silence, Sasshi had constantly turned back to check if Gekikara and Black were still following them and half hoped they would somehow wander off. She knew that even if she prayed to the gods her hopes will never be answered, because Captain Takahashi decided it was better for them to leave the scene accompanied by the two Queens. Their purpose was to serve as guardians to protect the only daughter of a man that they have been trying to locate for weeks.

During the initial search around the mansion, the police found no survivors, all the security personnel hired by Yokoyama Takeshi had been killed, the place had been searched and trashed with obvious signs resistance. Fortunately or unfortunately the owner himself, Yui’s father, was nowhere to be found among the corpses that were lined up outside on the yard; with the ongoing investigation happening, Yokoyama Yui had no place left to stay. The bad news just continued to pile up on the poor girl leaving her shocked, speechless, and lost but Sashihara Rino took this opportunity to prove herself, offering Yui a place to stay. Mentioning something about helping people in need but of course the long speech was ignored for the most part as usual.

After today’s event, Takahashi Minami deeply believes Yokoyama Yui will be their only hope in finding leads towards her father, his love for her will not let him abandon her if he was still alive.

~MAJI-MONE Yakiniku~

Gekikara looked up at the sign above them before casually asking Black, a very serious life or death question, “Who’s cooking tonight?”

“Shibuya,” that answer was all she needed to know.

She glanced over to Black and found a mirroring smirk from her partner in justice, after a quick eye to eye conversation they nodded and proceed to enter the restaurant.

“Welcome to Maji-Mo........”

“Please have a........”

“What’s wrong?” Moeno asked peeking out from the kitchen, when she noticed the sudden change in atmosphere along with the break in their usual customer greetings.


The sounds of pots & pans hitting the ground could be heard throughout the restaurant as Gekikara and Black sat down at a table on the opposite corners of the restaurant, once comfortable they occupied themselves by playing on their respective phones, disregarding the reactions from the rest of Team Hormone. Unbeknownst to the restaurant owners, Gekikara and Black were doing their best in keeping their cool and trying not laugh their hearts out of their chests from the expressions they were seeing. Out of the corner of their eye, they could see a confused Yui watching as the members of Team Hormone pushed and shoved each other to see who will bring out the tea. Gekikara and Black ignored all of what was going on and kept their focus on the screen of their phones.

[The girls will be here shortly, seems like they were in a hurry to get out of the house ~ Yuki]

[I’m sure they just wanted to avoid Tomochin’s cooking. It packs more of a punch than when she  goes as Shibuya ~Rena]

[It packs more of a punch then you and I! We should have some more fun while we can ~ Yuki]

[*shivers* I can feel the evilness escaping from you, your highness, but what do you suggest? ~ Rena]

[Do you still have your pen with you? *evil grins* Take it out and start giggling. ~ Yuki]

Doing exactly as suggested, Rena slowly reached into her jacket and pulled out her favorite pen then started to spin and inspected the item in her hand. Occasionally she would add random giggles and head tilts where it was appropriate, to give her acting the finishing touch. Yuki on the other hand secretly placed her phone on the table, so the camera could capture the priceless reactions from the members of Team Hormone.
It may come in handy for future uses, maybe just for laughs or maybe just more, maybe they could show it to Mariko, she will definitely think of a way to utilize this video.

While this was happening, Black couldn’t help but praise Gekikara’s acting, definitely a natural with skills. Sadly fun times never last. The door to the restaurant opened and couple of very familiar voices broke their perfectly plotted performance.

“Rena,” the super energetic Jurina made a beeline towards Gekikara who quickly put away her pen, turning over to accept a crushing hug from the younger girl.

“Thanks to you, we don’t have to eat at home tonight.” Sae said, coming up from behind Black and leaning over to plant a kiss on her cheek.

If Team Hormone was broken before then their minds must have just completed exploded, seeing the formerly emotionless and feared Queens show overly excessive affection right in front of their eyes; their heart and minds could only handle so much damage in a day and with the overload of sensations, they blacked out one by one.

“AH!” Yui accidentally let out a scream when five bodies crashed to the floor around her.

“Will they be okay?” a confused Jurina asked, only to receive a coupe of shrugs for an answer.


*Some nights later in the dark*

“Takamina, it’s getting late we should head back and continue this tomorrow.” Acchan suggested, trying to convince their fearless leader to call it a night.

For the past few days, they have been working late into the night trying to find any trace of evidence at the Yokoyama mansion, hoping to get a lead to the disappearance of Yokoyama Takeshi, former right wing man to Kudo. Shibuya and Torigoya were sent to monitor and observe their other suspect, Kurohara Ken-Yokoyama’s rival, former left wing man to Kudo. It was known that they had a falling out after Kudo was arrested, both wanting to gain more territory as well as take over the financial sectors of their organization, the sudden flood of counterfeit bills was a result of the uncontrolled production and distribution when both tried to push for an increase in profit within their own division.

Captain Takahashi concluded that the attack on Yokoyama was tied to the sudden disappearance of the metallic plates in the organization. Reliable sources told them the organization was currently on a hunt for those priceless plates, and there were direct orders to removed any obstacles without question. With this information, Team Rappapa was tight on time as it was important that they find these plates before they landed into the wrong hands.

“Just a little longer Acchan, I think...” Takamina started to say before turning around and shouted towards the direction where she sensed movement, “WHO’S THERE!”.

Both Takamina and Acchan ran to catch up to the two mysterious shadows that speeded away from the mansion, they were dressed in an all black attire with a mask covering their faces. Of course being the taller one, Acchan made it to the suspects first and blocked them from escaping while Takamina trapped them from the behind.

“You have nowhere to run, surrender now.” Takamina warned, Acchan just let out a sigh from her partner’s antics. From experience, no one would willingly surrender from just a warning, usually they would have a bit of fun roughing up their victims...errrr suspects before they could see the white flags of submission.

This time of course wouldn’t be any different.

Acchan stood there with a bored inattentive look, when she intercepted an incoming kick from one of the shadow.

“Torigoya can do better, and she’s doesn’t even like to get physical.” Acchan said in spite, a bit of anger will be enough to mess up his formation plus, it was always fun to play with their prey.

The towering shadow tried to throw a couple of sloppy punches towards Acchan, only to have her easily block them and push them away. From their size and body built, it was easy to identify their gender, unless they were females on a lot of steroids then that would be a new story all by itself. Even when facing the unknown, Acchan firmly controlled the flow of the fight and dominated her weak opponent, she glanced over to Takamina and found her love being bullied by the other unidentified person. That two seconds of distraction almost gave her opponent a chance to bruise her precious face, but being Maeda Atsuko, daughter of the best leader of Yabakune, she would never lose when she was serious.

“MAJIDAYO!” Acchan shouted, dodging the first punch then luring her opponent to close the distance between them. Taking this opportunity, she grabbed onto his outstretched arm, pulling him off balance then connecting a left hook to his temple; she then followed up with a couple more punches to the guys masked face and using her bodies momentum, she did a spin and backhand him in the face, finally completed the whole series with a perfect kick to the chest. The body flew a couple of meters into the wall before falling helplessly to the ground, his arms gave out when he tried to get up, putting him in perfect planking position on the ground.

Once confirmed that Mr. shadow will not get up anymore, Atsuko ran over to help her Minami. In slow motion, she could see Mr. Blackie throw a strong jab towards an opening in her Captain’s defense. Doing the only thing she could think of, Acchan quickly dropped to the ground and executed a perfect leg sweep on Takamina, causing the little one to lose her balance and fall backwards, barely escaping the incoming hit.

The sudden loss of a target caused Mr. Blackie to stumble with his footing, Takamina took this as an opportunity to replicate the same leg sweep and successfully taking down her opponent. Acchan delivered the finishing touch with a flying spin kick to the back, slamming Mr. Blackie face first onto the ground in another absolute planking position, if only someone was there to take their picture. 

“No one hurts my Takamina but me.” Acchan threatened, causing the little captain to sweat drop behind her.

“Ah! Mr. Shadow got away.” Acchan pointed to the missing body that was suppose to be lying beside the wall.

“Mr. Shadow? What?” asked the confused Captain

“Nevermind, I was just bored. Let’s just take Mr. Blackie in already.”

Captain Takahashi was a loss for words, but in the back of her mind she knew Acchan must have raided the sweets at home when no one was looking, it had to be the cause.. right?

*~Majisuka Rock n’ Roll, motto honki de ikiyo...~*

“Hello?” Takamina answered upon hearing a familiar ringtone coming from her pocket.

“WHAT! Stay there, we will be there when we finish up here.” She spoke into the phone before turning towards her partner, “Maji-mone was attacked, some guys went and trashed the place, scaring off a bunch of customers. Yuko and Sado are there right now. The rest of the crew is heading there too.”

“Let’s wrap it up quickly, I’m hungry I can use some nice Hormone yakiniku,” Acchan said, while dragging the unconscious Mr. Blackie towards their car with one hand.

Captain Takahashi could only watch with more sweat dripipng down her forehead.

“TakaMinaaaa~” the sweet and sugar-coated words travelled through the night towards the rooted captain, urging her to hurry before she was subjected to their consequences.

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Awesome fight scene for acchan...  :k-great: :mon thumb: :mon XD:
is takamina really that weak in fighting??  :nervous
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I would like to see team hormone's expression seeing geki giggling while playing with her favorite pen :on lol: that sure will bring their trauma back...espcially for sasshi :on lol:

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An update at last... Yeah...

Poor Yui... her mansion was being broken in and all the people there were massacred...

Where is her father...?

Poor Team Hormone, they were so scared of Black and Geki...

Black was so evil... asking Geki to act like her crazy self....

And they fainted due to over shocked... with the scariness of Geki's laughs... and the former Queens sweetness with their partners...

Ah... Maji-Mone was being attacked by the black mask people...

Were Yui and team Hormone okay?

Did Team Hormone able to protect Yui?

Ah... Atsuko was a stronger fighter than Takamina... Luckily she was also there with Takamina... so Atsuko able to protect Takamina...

Unfortunately the Mr.Shadow was able to escape while Atsuko was helping Takamina fighting Mr.Blackie...

Who are there mask men....?

What do they want...?

Why would they attacked Atsumina?

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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That was awesome as always :peace:
Atsuko still kick ass  XD!! and it's so cute that she had Takamina wrapped around her cute litte finger   :P
It's nice to see Geki and Black's trolling w/ Team Hormone :D
Say, the Kudo guy that you mention, he was the Kudo guy from the last fic right? I think I need to reread this whole thing again
And Yui-han is not Otabe right?

Anyways, yah I do still lurk around from time to time and now that it's summer I'll have quite a bit of time now to read some new and maybe some old fanfics. That's sucks though, the internet/comp ban, maybe it was bcuz of you that they implemented it. Maybe They somehow knew that you're using the internet to write fanfics at work, JOKES!!! Though seriously that really sucks. Although Im quite a bit  surprise that you're still available squeeze sometime to write some akb fanfics with how busy you are.

Don't overwork yourself and I'll be looking forward to your next update (whenever that will be  :P)!!!
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yay!!!!!!!!!!!! update!!!
once again, team rappappa got involved~
oh... so that's what's happening...
lol at sasshi's reaction to geki...
it was really funny when jurina and sae just randomly came in and then all of team hormone was like.... EH? faints...
the acchan fighting was interesting~ Mr. Shadow and Mr. Blackie, that's an interesting way to name them~
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I hope Akigori will make an appearance this time  O0
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So finally my bimonthly updates.... Yea sorry for the long wait I kind of got busy then got lazy then lost motivation to do anything for a little while..... That and I really don't know what I am doing sometimes, its like the story is still plotted out but I keep changing it every time I come back to it. It's already quite different from the initial idea I had but hopefully its decent enough.
I do want to at least finish the current projects I have going  :bow:

tfme3638: hi there, thanks for your comment. The answer is no Takamina isn't that weak in fighting and if given a bit more time she would've won but probably with some bruises. It's just compare with Acchan and Yuko then yea she's weaker  XD

bunny_rabbit: Thanks for the comment, sorry for the long wait.  :)

cisda83: Thanks you, we will have more information on the father on the chapters later keke, so far Yui and the girls are okay only a bit of trouble. So many things that even I don't know what to do with =O oops.

blughise: Bluuuuuuu wow i'm a good 2 months late in replying you haha, yup its the Kudo guy from the past. After they got him the girls will now clean up his underlings bwahaha. Yui... Otabe... Yui... Otabe hmmmmmm

Shinoki: Team rappapa will always be involved, cuz they can't just stand back and do nothing. As for Shadow and Blackie... I didn't know what else to name them  :P

pthtpn: Thanks for your comments.

DiVAGal2458: Thank you, I hope you are still following this story even if I am very slow in updating nowadays.

**Thank you KidAlpha for helping me beta this**

RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1

*At Maji-Mone*

“What happen here?” Captain Takahashi asked, stepping into the trashed Maji-Mone.

Broken glass, spilt fluid, half cooked hormone and garbage could be seen littered all over the floor. Tables and chairs had been pushed aside, some flipped over and battered with dents all over, the decorations that were once hanging neatly along the wall are now holding for dear life from a fall to death.

“A group of masked men came in with bags of garbage and threw them everywhere, after they left another group came with bats and pipes. Luckily no one got hurt, but they scared off all the customers.” Sashihara explained with her animated expression and actions, demonstrating the devastating event.

A moment of silence passed as everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Sasshi explain the situation, not quite sure what reaction they should give. At least most are trying hard to keep a straight face, not wanting to laugh in such critical situation.

“Takahashi.” a voice spoke out from behind the girls.

“Captain Nogami.” Takamina greeted her senior colleague formally.

“Just Nogami,” he reminded the shorter girl once again that they are now on equal in rank, the two moved to a more secluded corner to continue their talk. “My team has already finished stage one. We will handle the reports. No joke this time, I think you are right. They are targeting Yokoyama Yui.”

Nogami continued after pausing to make sure their conversation wasn’t being overheard by Team Hormone or Yokoyama Yui. “I am sure you heard this but Yokoyama’s disappearance isn’t that simple, rumor is he took the plates and hid them before he left. Their organization is out for blood, the hunt is on and they are set in getting those plates back.”, the two captains discussed the current case and updates.

“Yes, I’m aware of the situation, Acchan and I were just at Yokoyama’s mansion and we were attacked by a couple shadows. Too bad they got away.” Takamina revealed, still a bit frustrated about losing a possible lead.

“I’ll send my team to help monitor and investigate, we’ll send updates to you if we get any leads. This is proving to be much bigger than we initially imagine and if we can dig them up, Takahashi, you will finally get the recognition from higher ups and people will stop saying you got where you are because of connections.” Nogami said with a smile.

“I’m not even worried about that, those old farts can say whatever they want. I didn’t move up because of connections.” The young captain stated, confident about both her own abilities and her teammate’s capabilities.

“I know. The ones that have actually worked with you on the field understand, but those that just sit on their asses in an office don’t, they just talk like they know everything.”

“So, what’s the reason you came here?” Takamina finally asked, knowing Nogami won’t just stick around to watch them clean up for no reason, it’s a waste of precious investigation time. 

“Caught again,” *chuckles* “there is something your team needs to handle,” Nogami pulled out a file from his bag and hand it over to Takamina. “I believe it will be more appropriate for your team to be involved.”

Takamina flipped through the file, reading the details and related reports, “Thanks Captain, I know what we have to do.”

“Takahashi Minami.” Nogami pretend to be angry at the girl for calling her captain again.

“Sorry, uncle Nogi!” Takamina said before running off to help the girls.

*chuckles* Captain Nogami shaked his head at the childish actions. He can’t help but smile as he watch team Rappapa clean up Maji-Mone with the owners. He left through the front entrance, preparing himself for another long night in the office.

*Still inside Maji-Mone*

“YUKO!” someone shouted but was muffled by another shout.

“FOOD FIGHT!!!” Somewhere in the middle of cleaning, food began to fly across the room in a free for all battle.  Sasshi held up a handful of hormone ready to smash them in the face of the nearest person but when she realize who it is she froze in mid action.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA” Rena laughed from behind the frozen body. Seeing the perfect opportunity Rena reached out and grabbed a hold of Sasshi’s wrist and directed the hand full of hormone towards Yuki’s face before running away laughing. Taking the safe route Rena went and hid behind Sae, peeking out occasionally to watch the drama unfold. “HAHAHAHAHAHA”

“Sashihara.....” the words came out in a low whisper, a dark aura seeping out from the shaking Yuki.

“help …me...” Sasshi squeaked out the words as her body went into full body paralyzation due to the intensity of her fear. Before she can come to her senses her face became covered with all sorts of food particles found on the ground.

“Hey, all the food is cleaned up,” Aki pointed out to the others after feeling a slight breeze flow around her.

Everyone looked around and sure enough the food has magically disappeared from the ground and walls, leaving only broken bits of glass and wood. 

“Pfffffffff......hahahahahahahahahaha” Yuko started laughing, falling to her knees from laughing too hard and trying very hard to breath at the same time.

A confused Mariko quickly fallen victim to the laughing fit as she realized why or what Yuko is laughing at. Seeing how the others are still confused they pointed at the sad leader of team Hormone. Sashihara Rino stood in the middle like a statue covered from head to toe with food leaving only the eyes visible.

“HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA” everyone started laughing heartily enjoying the moment. They took turns to high five Yuki and congratulate her on another record feat, the strike back was epic. A lesson learned by Sasshi never to piss off a queen even though Rena is obviously the culprit.


After the night Takahashi Minami decided to leave few behind to watch over Maji-Mone while she lead the rest out to handle this special side case. She worries for the possibility of another attack towards Yui. With their limited staff Takamina will just have to trust Nogami with further investigation since they have a more personal matter on hand.

To balance the powers Minami decided that Atsuko and Yuko should be separated with Yuko, Haruna and Yuki staying behind guarding. Acchan, Rena, Mariko, Tomochin and herself will head out towards a very familiar vacant building. This very dated structure held memories of their past when they were still students of Majisuka Jogakuen.

The five member of team Rappapa and Kumi arrived outside the old building watching through a set of windows as students baring a familiar insignia filed into the building. Their heads held up high, proud without fear despite the difference in number against their opponents. Kumi had insist on joining the group when she bumped into them on route, her reasoning being unable to leave Tomochin’s side when there is the possibility of danger. Dance will never leave Shibuya, it is a bond that the others have yet to figure out.

Captain Takahashi had promptly brief them on the situation. It is a battle between powers among yankee school will take place involving Majisuka, Yabakune and Sutegoro. Their duty is to monitor and step in for damage control if things start to get out of hand. After understanding the situation they all agree that if they step in prematurely it might cause more harm than good.

“There are some battles that just have to be fought because they are students of Majijo” Itano Tomomi spoke for the team, deep inside they all hold true to those words. They each contributed to battles fought in the name of Rappapa for Majisuka. These situations always trigger some reminiscences of their past, distracting them from the boring wait as they anticipating for some action. Occasionally they would miss those days when they are free from the responsibility, wild to chase what they want. Things are now different, they have boundaries imposed on them when they step into society. In their mind the alumni’s are quite curious to the changes of the one school that made an impact on their life. If not for Majisuka, they would never be together like they are now as a team of Rappapa.

“Why do we have to watch this from outside?” Tomochin asked glancing through the windows, she really rather be inside to feel the energy.

“Jurina?” a bored Rena suddenly cut into the brewing conversation with attention focused on the two girls leading the group from Majisuka Jogakuen.

“But Juri was at Maji-Mone when we left,” the girls rubbed their eyes thinking maybe they are hallucinating from all the waiting.

“It can’t be her.... can it?” Rena asked again wanting someone to confirm her words.

“No I think I remember seeing her before at Majijo...” Kumi said deep in thought trying to remember exactly where she seen this girl. 

They watch the confident Jurina look-alike walk next to Nezumi. The little mouse wore her signature hoodie loosely zipped up with both hands in her pockets. She held the same smirk on her face displaying full confidences in her own intelligence. The two of them lead members from Majijo to face off with their rivals, Yabakune and Sutegoro.

“I guess some things just don’t change,” Mariko pointed towards Nezumi and her in control attitude.

Team Rappapa then looked towards Yabakune to find that Janken has stepped up as the leader with four member of Hadashi behind her.

“Copy cats,” Rappapa commented when they find a familiar formation in Yabakune’s to their own hierarchy, Majisuka’s four heavenly queens.

“It could’ve just been a coincid.......” Takamina tried to say but stopped mid sentence after noticing the glare she is getting from the girls. Times like this it’s just better to keep quiet and let them do the talking if they choose to.

What confuses them is how Sutegoro stood a bit further back away from the other two schools. Standing at the side like spectators but at the same time they look prepared, obviously hiding something but there isn’t enough clue for our detectives to cipher.

“Let’s just watch for now,” Takamina decided after weighing their options to possible outcomes. Knowing her team, they would probably appreciate some action and entertainment.


Thank you for reading, hopefully I will have the second part of chapter 3 out soon.
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I guess I should say~ Finally!!!
Lol, Sasshi~~~
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Well everything going good for Minami and Rapappa...

What's going on next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Ahhh poor Sashi, you just never learn :P
And I'm super excited to see who will be the new Yankee school in power.
I hope for some good action in the next chapter.

This chapter kinda left me hanging, like there should have been more but  ohh well Thanks for the update XD XD XD
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Oh god, I am squealing oredi in anticipation!!!!

I'll be waiting for your next update, and I hope I dun need to hunt you for it!!  XD
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sashiko never learned  :lol:
i like the fight scene!
I'm glad everything went well to minami.

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Rena is so sneaky... :twisted:
Are Jurina and Center long lost Twins or something...  :?
Poor Sasshi...  :lol:
I look forward to the next part!
Title: Re: RAPPAPA: Lost and Find - 3.1 ~ Aug 4
Post by: ttwm123 on February 17, 2016, 04:08:35 PM
update, please.... :cry: