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AKB48 Fanfics / Atsumina : All night nippon
« Last post by sadrilim on Today at 09:26:27 PM »
I know that I have promise not to make more story and continue my unfinish fanfic  :bow:. But really, I have extra draft that I want to share to you (better than just reading it myself). It was my old draft.  :sweatdrop:
Note : this is the first time I write Minami as real girl, no romance though.
I hope you all enjoy the story. :cow:

Atsumina : All Night Nippon

The only thing that Atsuko hate so much is being alone in the apartment. She hate it when a certain midget doesn’t go home yet, but this is so late already and being alone outside is far more dangerous than being alone at home. So she go inside and wait for the certain midget in the living room.
She know that certain midget might have some extra work, since she said that lately she was asked by her manager to be in All Night Nippon Radio Show. Atsuko pout of thinking that certain midget must have some fun there.

As she doesn’t have anything to do, she decided to listen to the radio, and she smile a little hearing the certain midget voice laughing at some lame joke that Minegishi Minami made. But her smile soon become frown as she hear other voice, that voice is Kuramochi Asuka voice.
From their voice, Atsuko really sure that the captain have a great time with her work, and even though from what she have heard, the certain midget is now being teased by Mocchi.

Takamina : Mocchi, what are you doing?! We are still at the show, Yamette!

Miichan : wow, the captain is having another affair.

Takamina : affair?! What? I don’t have one.

Miichan : he he, wait until Acchan hear this from me.

Takamina : yamette, both of you, and beside Acchan won’t listen to this, since she will have photo shot tomorrow, she will sleep earlier.

Miichan : Heee? You won’t be always lucky Takamina, even if I am not telling her anything, I am sure she will find out by herself.

Mocchi : then, ittadakimasu, right now I will devour Takamina’s ears. They looks delicate and beautiful.

Takamina : oiii!! Yamette!!Miichan save me!!!


That is! Acchan can’t stand anymore. She quickly phone her manager asking for something, and not long after that her manager give a good answer which make Acchan have a evil smirk.

Atsuko : just wait, Takamina. I won’t let you go just like that. How dare you have fun with Mocchi like that.


As the show is going on half way, they are having a little rest when it play the newest song of AKB48 First Rabbit. Somehow Takamina feel like something have been watching her, it give her a weird nervous vibe.

Miichan : Takamina, what’s wrong? You suddenly looks so pale.

Mocchi : yeah, what happened? Do you feel sick? (measure Takamina body temperature)

Takamina : no.. but somehow I feel like there is somebody is watching me with the intensity to kill just now. May be just my imagination. (cold sweat)

Miichan : That stupid Takamina, we are idol and who will want to kill the cute idol like us?

Mocchi : well, I can always give you a warm hug, so you can feel a lot better.

Takamina : well… no, It ok. I think I just thinking too much about it… OH MY GOD?!!!! ATSUKO???

Standing there is Atsuko, she is smiling but from her smile you can feel a dark aura that ready to kill anybody who is now clingy with Takamina.
Mocchi quickly release Takamina, and make her way and sit beside Micchan. Silent and awkward moment quickly fill the room, and since the song will be end soon. Micchan try to light up some mood.

Miichan : Acchan? Why are you here? I thought you are not at Tokyo?

Atsuko : well, actually I just arrive home, and I am listening to ANN, and because I am bored, I ask my manager if I can also join the radio tonight.

Miichan : are you not tired? You just got back from Okinawa for your photo shot right? And I hear that tomorrow you will have another photo shot. Why bother so much to join us?

Atsuko now is looking at Takamina who from just now is avert her gaze to the other place, she know she will be death tonight. As her six sense is right, she should have go out and run away for her dear life when she sense of the danger, now it is all too late for her, as much as Takamina fear, Mocchi also scared to death, she doesn’t except  Acchan is listening to the ANN tonight. As the staff signaled to started talking again, Acchan then sit beside Takamina and let Takamina introduce the special quest today.

Takamina : well, you all won’t believe this (so do I), but right now we have special quest.

Atsuko : Minna san, konbanwa. Maeda Atsuko desu

Miichan : Acchan have come. Says.. you rarely come to ANN right?

Atsuko : yes… I hope I can be invited often here. Since Takamina OFTEN got invited.

Takamina : a ha ha.. no.. I don’t think that I have been invite often. (look everywhere except Atsuko gaze)

Mocchi : that right.. Atsuko san. How is your photo shot today? It must be fun to go to Okinawa.

Atsuko : ah.. that right. I have so much fun, since I am able to see the beach and have some Okinawa soba and goya chanpuru, I also brought souvenir from there.  Tadaa!!

Atsuko bring a pair of shisa statues,Okinawa’s snack, and churadama. The churadama quickly catch the girls eyes. Since it is so beautiful and sparking.

Takamina : oahh!! It is so beautiful

Mocchi : yes, I hear every churadama is handmade so each of them are special, and different with each other.

Atsuko : hai, actually I want to give it to Miichan tomorrow. But I guess I can give it to you now personally. It is a pair with mine one.

Miichan : really?! Thank you waifu. I love you so much. (ready to hug Acchan but stop due to certain midget cold gaze).

And now it is Miichan turn that she feel a bloodlust, and she know that come from certain midget. Takamina really can be intimidating when she is angry.

Atsuko : hai, for Mocchi, shisa statues. I hear that it can protect you from evil. (dark aura)

Mocchi : ah.. thank you Atsuko san. I think I really need it protection right now.  (cold sweat)

Takamina : how about me? Acchan, what will you give to me? (try to give a smile to Acchan)

Atsuko : No present for Takamina.

Takamina : EH?? Acchan do you angry at me?

Atsuko : hmmpt!!

Takamina : Acchan? Why are you angry at me?

Miichan : eh?? Everybody, looks like our ace and captain are having a dispute right now. Will you help us ?

Mocchi : Wow! More emails are being send to us. Let’s me see. From Atsumina Shipper Forever, Takamina need to give Atsuko a kiss, so that she can forgive her.

Atsuko : eh?? Yadaa!! Rejected!

Mocchi : then, should I represent Acchan for that?

Takamina : EH? EH? No, I never say that I want to kiss anybody in the first place.

Atsuko then look at Takamina with her deadly glare, which make Takamina freeze for a moment, so does Mocchi.

Miichan : well, let me read one too (stupid Takamina, sigh.. this will be a long night).  From : Takamina Our Leader

Takamina : oh!! Arigatou

Miichan : Takamina san, you should treat her sushi, so she will forgive you.

Takamina : Acchan, dou?

Atsuko : hee? Yadaa!

Mocchi : jaa… (stopped talking since Atsuko give another dead glare)

Takamina : well, looks like there are a lot of emails now. Let me read one too. From : Acchan's shining knight. Takamina, how about you sing a love song and dance for Acchan. EH? Nani sore?! it is so weird...but Acchan, dou?

Atsuko : ...

Takamina : may be I should try.


One and another email come and make Takamina does a lot of stupid thing which Atsuko refuse or didn't any word.

Mocchi : looks like Atsuko san will not forgive Takamina easily.

Miichan : sou desu nee. Well, since it been two hours. We will end this, when will Atsuko forgive Takamina, I  Minegishi Minami shall update to you all on my twitter.
Atsuko : well, it is time, so we will end this with Iiwake Maybe, and Takamina. I never say that I am angry at you. You all just made the thing up. (evil smile)

Both Mocchi and Minegishi thought (no. you do angry at her. Poor Takamina)

Takamina : EH?? ATSUKO!!!

General Discussion / Don't eat food from any anonymous persons.
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A teenager has agreed to admit to three counts of disturbing the peace after anonymously sending semen-frosted brownies to a fellow student. The recipient shared the treat with two other teens, police said.Don't eat food from anonymous sources.
i just finished the trilogy up until here and i just wanna say YOU'RE GIVING ME LIFE IN THIS DROUGHT....i love your writing style and the emotions are there!!! and the time lapse is well constructed, you're really good! i have read almost all of your fanfic now and i hope to see more of your works in the future  :thumbup :thumbup
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Perfume
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Perfume grace the Nylon cover

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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In this interview, McCoy Saito differentiates the OG to thr New Gen, how things changed five years later, Aoi Tsukasa being a difference maker (and being a potential spark with Asuka Kirara), Mai Ishioka being "scary," and his sentiments regarding Tokyo ZEPP.
Akihabara / Re: What are you reading?
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I Am Pilgrim (Terry Hayes)

She announced graduating…… :cry:
Only two members are  in 3rd gen.  :bleed eyes:
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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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