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Music / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by muppet on Today at 03:27:00 AM »
Day 18 - a song from Heaven

Tommy heavenly6, that is...

Tommy heavenly6 - I♥XMAS
Graduate Plaza / Re: The Tsuji Nozomi Thread (辻希美)
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Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
« Last post by Sartarn on December 17, 2017, 09:17:46 PM »

in :heart: again for the nth time for this beautiful women
and every single one is more and more special than the previous one
Video Games / Re: Video game screenshots
« Last post by Tuffty on December 17, 2017, 06:10:37 PM »
In a year of good looking games, AC Origins is up there among the best.

Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
« Last post by jejumelons on December 17, 2017, 06:06:07 PM »

Taeng’s Cleavage :fap
Video Games / Re: 12 in 12 Video Game Challenge in 2017
« Last post by Tuffty on December 17, 2017, 03:44:09 PM »
Alright, time to play catch up (again) and throw out some reviews for games, let's gooooooo

Oct (8/12): Hue

Hue is a 2D puzzle platformer revolving around a young boy looking to find his mother after an experiment goes wrong. To do so, he explores the world around him, which is devoid of colour and then discovers a device which allows him to change the colour of the world around him, which his mother was working on. By changing colours, any object such as a box which is the same colour disappears into the background. Using the device you can switch between when objects should or shouldn't appear which allows you to progress to new areas. Early parts of the game are super easy like this but as more colours become introduced, new mechanics are introduced and the difficulty of the puzzles and platforming sections start to ramp up. Once you have 7 colours the game does test your platforming and puzzle skills. I prefered the puzzle sections rather than platforming in these instances as often the method of choosing which colour to switch to is often sensitive enough that I could choose the wrong colour by mistake, forcing me to repeat the section over again. As an example, jumping from a green platform and having to mid air switch to a blue platform could be trickier than you would like it to be. I do like the challenge of the platforming sections however and it was a nice balance of difficulty that never felt impossible. The game is also nice to look at and the original piano driven soundtrack adds atmosphere to a puzzle game. The narrative however falls flat. Not only is it fairly basic but it briefly touches on a lot of deeper topics (such as existence, regret and perception) that aren't really explored in a meaningful way. In the end, it is superfluous to the game but I felt like it could've been more than what they attempt. It's a 5 hour game, ideal for a blast through on a lazy Sunday and thankfully, you will want to do it.


Nov (9/12): Sky Force Anniversary

This is a top down bullet hell shooter. That's....all I can say about it, really. If you've played one before you'll know what to expect. It's a simple game, with no focus on a narrative but on an arcade experience and I think it's good at it. As you play each level you acquire stars from defeating enemies which can then be used to upgrade your health, main cannons and acquire new weapons like bombs or lasers. The game only has 8 levels which ramp up in difficulty with each one and having to play the next level requires you to obtain a certain amount of medals in addition to beating the previous level. The medals are the same for each level and they are to defeat 70% of enemies, 100% of enemies, to rescue all survivors and to not get hit. Because of all of this, you will be replaying the same levels over and over again in an effort to get as many medals as you can plus the experience necessary to level up your ship to such an extent that you can survive the next mission. Sky Force is not an easy game, you will fail a few times before clearing the later levels and while I enjoyed the game I eventually grew tired of the way they gated progression behind this system. I grew bored very quickly of a handful of levels which reuse a lot of the same environments and enemies just to level up. I liked the experience, but I just wish there was more of it.


Nov (10/12): Horizon Zero Dawn

This has been the biggest surprise of the year for me. Yes I'd seen the early reveal trailers at E3 and of course it looks gorgeous, but I wasn't really a fan of Killzone, the developers previous games, for the lack of an interesting setting or story so I had it in the back of my mind. After some glowing reviews I got to play it and I was really surprised by how I was gripped into the story almost immediately. There is a great premise to the game which is backed up by a fascinating setting. I really loved exploring the post post apocalyptic world and finding out about each tribe and the cultures they have. Aloy is a fantastic protaganist too. Her tone manages to play nicely between scepticism and wonder. Having grown up as an outcast from her tribe she carries none of their superstitions, none of their prejudices, but also none of their experience. The world you enter then is as new to her as it is to you. And her personality, while you can nudge it in certain directions from time to time, feels very defined as one of compassion, empathy and determination. Aloy won’t stand for condescension, she won’t suffer fools and she has no time for mysticism covering self-interest. However, she seems to respect the cultures and traditions of the people she meets even if she doesn’t hold to them. It’s a tough balancing act, but I loved what they did and she's brilliant for it. The story opens up a few interesting questions on the nature of the world, how it came to be this way and what is currently happening to it that gets expanded on over the course of the game and reaches a satisfying conclusion. There is a very deliberate sequel bait second ending after the credits roll which honestly I could have done without, I think the game stands on it's own merits to be seen as one game and never revisited, but I won't turn down a sequel if they can tell another story with Aloy.

The eye-catching element of Horizon’s design is thankfully also one of its best; the machines are a delight to test yourself against. The escalation of the threat through the game is very nicely done as you work your way from the small Watchers and their agile leaping attacks to the Thunderjaws and their lumbering, multi-faceted attack patterns. The game is always keeping you on your toes as each new machine is introduced and the fun is to identify weaknesses in each one that you can use your different combinations of weapons to exploit. It's a game that rewards experimentation of using all the tools at your disposal. Laying down explosive traps to lure a Thunderjaw to charge at you and then watch it trip and crash into the ground in front of you with dirt and debris flying everywhere is absolutely amazing to look at and as satisfying as it sounds. Horizon is an action game first and foremost, with RPG elements included and I typically favoured the stealth approach to most encounters. It's satisfying against machines but less so around human enemies. It lacks some elements from other games like being able to hide bodies or detection meters that it just means that eventually at some point enemies will be on high alert and spot you and there's not much you can do at that point other than to go all out. It's a lesson I just learned to accept early on but I still had a fun time trying to go stealthy as much as I could.

When I say the game is gorgeous I really do mean it. I think The Witcher 3 is the most gorgeous looking open world game ever made, but Horizon is so good that I would happily spend money on a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro just to see it in full detail. When you see a herd of machine animals in the forest as the sunlight breaks through the trees or seeing a Tallneck walking amongst an estate of ruined buildings from an age gone by, you appreciate just how much of an ambitious technological showcase the game is which is backed up by some fantastic art design.

There are a few criticisms that I have. The RPG elements seem a little undercooked, the inventory management can be a hassle sometimes and fighting human enemies isn't nearly as fun as the machines. But on the whole, it's a game I would recommend to just about anyone. Gorgeous to look at, fun to play, an engaging story and protagonist that makes you want to explore every nook and cranny of the world. Looking forward to when game releases slow down a bit so I can go back and revisit the world in the Frozen Wilds DLC.


Nov (11/12): Observer

An adventure/horror game with a cyberpunk setting, you play as Daniel Lazarski, the self titular Observer. Set in the future, you play as a detective which can help to investigate and solve crimes by delving into a chip implanted in people's brains, allowing you access to their memories. You are called to an apartment building after a call from your distant son who asks for help. While there you discover a series of murders and are on an investigation to find out what happened. There is not much to say gameplay wise about Observer, there is some puzzle solving as you go around from room to room, but the game is more similar to something like SOMA or Outlast, where you just walk around and investigate. The biggest standout about the game are those sections where you delve into the murder victims memories. The developers do an absolute fantastic job in showcasing some brilliant visuals to you as you find out more about the victim's past and the events that lead up to their deaths. It's so intense that often you come out of them just mentally tired at the sudden shifts you go through.

As impressive as these sections are, I have two major gripes which bring the experience down quite a bit. First of all, the story ultimately doesn't really go anywhere. As interesting as the premise is, the story doesn't touch on the lookout for Daniel's missing son until I would say about the last hour of the game. The shocking emotional punches it was aiming for don't land, because there's so little time to dwell on it as most of the game is spent on the hunt for this murderer that is somewhere within the apartment complex. Secondly, the PS4 port isn't that greatly optimised. There are the frequent framerate issues, long loading times and even experienced multiple crashes while playing it. Regularly, I approach a door I should go into and find that the game hasn't loaded the interior of the room yet and literally prevent me from opening the door until it loads everything it needs to first. Moments like this took me out of the experience quite regularly.

So a mixed bag at the end of the day. I would recommend it if you want a decent horror thrill ride, like I said the nightmare sequences are fantastic and really showcase one man's descent into madness. But if anything I would recommend the PC version above all else, it's clearly the way the game is meant to be played.

H!P News and Releases / Re: [2/21] Tsubaki Factory 3rd single [Teion Yakedo]
« Last post by oaxiac on December 17, 2017, 03:28:15 PM »

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: The Beat of Her Heart [Nogizaka46] [Part 12 || 17122017]
« Last post by four4four on December 17, 2017, 11:07:54 AM »
Wahhhhhh Reika is dead? And Maiyan was the cause? What did Maiyan do?  :cry:

Maiyan, don't give up on Wakatsuki!  :lol:
AKB48 Fanfics / The Beat of Her Heart [Nogizaka46] [Part 2 || 17122017]
« Last post by finiarel on December 17, 2017, 10:44:32 AM »
~ Part 2 ~

Wakatsuki Yumi.

She hadn’t even met her until last year, yet she was already familiar with the name for four years. From the time Fukagawa Mai helped her to disclose a classified hospital record, that name has claimed a permanent place in her brain. It wasn’t that hard for the latter to get her hands on the records considering the Fukagawa ownership of the hospital. Back then, just like how Shiraishi was, Fukagawa also believed that maybe knowing the names will help her to move on as losing her best friend was also giving her a difficult time.

Well, those names might really give Fukagawa a sense of closure, however, knowing the names didn’t work out that well for Shiraishi.

Most of the times, Shiraishi Mai ponders upon how ironic a fate is. How she was betrothed to another girl from she was young, not knowing what the future holds for the girl. How she would be the reason for the girl’s death a decade after that.

Some of her peers which also has been promised to another person since they were young are not even in love but somehow- they are still in a lasting relationship up until this point. Yet she- who had fallen head over heels with her fiancé lost her completely. Isn’t that unfair?

Scratch that. There are some parts of Sakurai Reika left in this world. Among the many pieces the girl so generously donated, the most important one is left in Wakatsuki Yumi.

Shiraishi looks up only to meet Wakatsuki’s face, her eyes are unreadable behind the snow google, her hand held out to Shiraishi as an offer to help. Shiraishi grasp the hand with both of hers, letting the smaller girl pull her up. As she stands up, she leaned as close as possible to the helper. That is her purpose, her goal for the day, to hear the heartbeat of her past lover.

To her dismay, Wakatsuki took a step back even though her fingers holding Shiraishi’s arm gently to make sure she doesn’t fall down again.

“Thanks,” Shiraishi said, purposely lifting her google so the other girl could recognise her.

“S- Shiraishi-san? It’s me- Wakatsuki Yumi,” the girl lifts her snow google as well. “I never thought I will see you here.”

Shiraishi raised her gloved hand to her mouth as if she’s not expecting to see the other girl as well, “What a surprise! It’s really nice to see you. Well, my friend is the owner of the Hashimoto ski-resort and she invites me to come over for a couple of nights. How about you?”

“My family has a lodge just right below the resort so I am staying there. I’m basically alone though, my sister will come to join me the day after tomorrow, but the rest of my family is basically busy. You are welcome to visit.”

“I would love to,” Shiraishi excitedly took the offer, grasping the girl’s hand with hers. “For you to come alone for a ski trip, you must really like the snow, don’t you?”

“Ah- that might be because I used to be too ill to play this kind of sports. But ever since I have gotten much better I tried a lot of things that I couldn’t do before, including the snowboard.”

Shiraishi smiled a little, seeing Wakatsuki happily talked about something have that effect on her. She’s glad that the donation lands on someone who deserves it. “How about ski? Do you know anything about this?”

“Well, I did take a ski lesson so I could give you a view pointer. The way you’re standing now it’s already perfect, just make sure to keep your legs from spreading apart when you’re sliding down and watch your speed. I think the main reason you fell is that you were too fast.”

“I admit I was really enjoying the speed rush before,” Shiraishi laughed, somehow that earned a dazed look from Wakatsuki. Shiraishi tilted her head a bit, “Wakatsuki-san?”

“Yes, uh- sorry, I was just out of it. By the way, no need to be so polite, calling me with the family name makes me feel like you are talking to my father instead of me.”

“Yumi-san then? Or would Yumi-chan works better?”

“E-either way is good,” she replied, looking bashful out of the sudden.

“Well, I will call you Yumi-chan, then. You also don’t need to use my family name to call me, just so we are even.”

Wakatsuki smiled, “Okay, Mai-chan, shall we finish the remaining of this track now? I will help you up if you ever fall again.”

Shiraishi was stunned, she didn’t realise that it’s been a long time since someone called her like that. Her friends call her ‘Maiyan’ and her parents always ditch any kind of honorific to call her. She hadn’t noticed it before but Sakurai Reika was the only one who calls her like that. Hearing those words coming out from another mouth that is not hers with a voice that is completely different is bittersweet.

She thought of asking the girl to call her something else instead, but somehow, she likes the sounds of Wakatsuki saying that.

“Let’s go,” Shiraishi said, snapping out of her train of thought and averted her focus to the ski track ahead of them.

About a few meters from where they had started to slide down the slope side by side, Shiraishi felt a bit of pain, she might have splintered her foot a little when she slipped. However, that should be fine, since Wakatsuki is moving in a decent and harmless speed.

“Is your foot okay?” She somehow guessed correctly.

“It’s fine. We are not going at full speed anyway,” Shiraishi assured her.

Wakatsuki nodded, “I sort of fell in a similar way last year. My foot was splintered badly, but that might be because of the ski lesson’s cheap ski boots.”

Shiraishi laughed, imagining the non-flexible boots that most of the ski rental offers, “I can imagine.”

The two girls move in silence for a moment. Calculating her next move, Shiraishi stole a quick glance at the girl beside her, contemplating whether she should try to achieve her main objective or not. Noticing a bit of a curve ahead of them, she realised that her second chance is coming.

She closes her eyes and let her footing shambles, making sure that she lands in the most comfortable way as she does so, letting out a little yelp when she finally hit the ground.

Wakatsuki stopped, holding out a hand to help her stand up just like how she did it before. However, this time instead of letting the girl pull her up, Shiraishi pulled down the girl that’s holding her. Furthermore, when the girl loses a little bit of her balance, Shiraishi’s foot plays their part to purposely tripped the girl down.

Just like that, Wakatsuki Yumi fell right on top of her.

Shiraishi lay still, trying to make out the beat of the girl’s heart, however, their thick jackets prevent that. Sighing, she realised that this petty trick won’t do. Shiraishi turns her head, her eyes meeting Wakatsuki that is looking at her with her eyes widened, totally wasn’t expecting the sudden turn of event.

Shiraishi smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry.”

It took Wakatsuki a couple of seconds to pull herself together and rolled off Shiraishi’s body, expression unreadable, “don’t mind it.”

This time, Shiraishi helped herself up instead of waiting for the girl, thinking that she had done enough to trouble her by falling. In response, Wakatsuki watches in silence as she readied herself back, only giving her a small nod before continuing the rest of their track. Shiraishi could feel the girl’s eyes checking up on her every now and then as if to make sure that she didn’t hurt herself even more by that second fall.

They already did more than half of the track and Shiraishi realised if she still wants to have a chat with the girl furthermore she might need to say something soon.  She remembered requesting a dinner to Hashimoto and took her chance, “Yumi-chan, would you like to join me for dinner tonight? My treat. Consider it my way to pay you back for your help.”

Wakatsuki’s movement slowed down, “no need to trouble yourself.”

“It’s totally fine, I insist.”

Wakatsuki looks at her for a moment, before averting her gaze back to the track. There’s something that bugs her mind for a while and she thinks that this is the right time to find out the truth, “Mai-chan, when you slipped right in front of me. Was it truly an accident?”

“What are you talking about? Y-you saw it happened,” Shiraishi tried to defend herself.

“From the time where we talked in our first meeting, a lot of people have warned me about you. I decided to brush it off, thinking that there is no way that nice girl who is willing to listen to my boring story instead meeting the other more important people in the gala would do that to me,” Wakatsuki sighed. “Still, I feel the need to make myself clear. Maybe you don’t care about your reputation for sleeping around with different person each night, but I do care. So, if the actual reason for that dinner is so that you can add me to your long list of ‘girl I’ve slept with’. I’m sorry but I can’t and I won’t.”

That wasn’t the first time she had been turned down by someone, she had gotten that response a lot especially since her name isn’t exactly untarnished when it comes to love affairs. Somehow, she had built a wall to protect her from hurting from rejection, reminding herself that there are plenty other fishes in the sea.

However, this time, for the first time in years, Shiraishi Mai felt like her heart was crushed.

“I was a fool to think that you would treat me differently because of the heart that’s beating in you. Well, it was still nice to hang out with you. Have a good day, Yumi-chan.”

~ To Be Continued ~

Hi again! This time, we talked a bit about what happened to Reika. Well, to tell the truth at the time where I plot this out I was thinking of either Reika or Nanase. Then I realise that since it's going to be Yumi who got the donation maybe Reika is a better choice  :nervous
Well I hope you're liking this update as well and I'll see you next wednesday  :deco:


:welcome , I'm really glad that you can take this pairing well, to be honest, I was a bit concerned upon the fact that this will be a multichaptered story on a pair that is not that popular but I'm taking my chance. About the other fic, I can really say when I will update, but probably at the end of the year if not next year. So in the meantime I hope you can enjoy this one as it will be updated every wednesday and sunday . Thanks for the reply :tama-lotsaluv:

:welcome Hi there, kudos for you for the correct guess on Reika  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup Now that it is pretty much confirmed in this chapter I hope you will continue reading the story  :deco:

 :welcome , Hi there  :cow: Reika's role is confirmed now andd the rest of the story will be more about her death affects Shiraishi and what she wants from Waka. I hope you are reading and liking this chapter as well :hip smile:
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Wada Sakurako Thread (和田桜子)
« Last post by muppet on December 17, 2017, 07:31:01 AM »
Sakurako chan as Work of Art

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