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Saya yes to Love!

Who will receive Saya's Valentine Kiss?

I almost missed it but there's yet another part of Tsunku's translated book by wotaintranslation up:

The previous parts are on that same site as well.

It's a very good read - Tsunku has a talent of making one think of life, I guess. :lol:
@phoenix0i, @yocelin17, @buciq, @black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Hello everyone, it is Valentine, so I got an idea for this OS. I hope every enjoy reading this

Happy Valentine!!!  :) :D

Perfect Valentine

10 years ago

In Takahashi’s resident

Little Minami happily rushes down the stairs from his room. He is very happy because today he can go out and play with his neighbor and best friend, Atsuko. Her mother will take them to the zoo.

“Mom, I'm done” he said

“Ok, just a moment.” His mother said

“Ok” he said

Then he rushes to the window and looks outside. He is very excited. His father looks at him and smiles happily

“Minami, you seem to be very excited” his father asks

“Yes, I'm very happy. Today I can go to the zoo and play with Atsuko” Minami answers happily

“But you two play together with each other everyday” his father said

“I'm still happy because I can play with her” Minami innocently said

He looks at him and laughs

“I'm done, Minami” his mother said

Then she wears his backpack on his shoulders, and puts his hat on his head.

“Ok, all done. Remember to be good ok” His mother said

"Yes" Minami answers

Then they come to the door

“Ok, I'll go now. Bye mom, dad” Minami happily said

“Ok, bye son, have fun” his parents said

Then he runs to the house next to his. His parents stand there and look at Minami waiting for him to get into Atsuko's house. When his father sees Atsuko's father in the yard, he calls

“Ken, thank you for taking him to the zoo”

“No problem, Kaito. Atsu is very happy when playing with him.”

“Good morning, uncle” Minami said

“Uh, good morning Takamina.” Ken smiles and said

“Go inside, auntie made for you your favorite breakfast” he continues

“Yes” Minami happily said and rushes into the house

Inside the house

“Hello Takamina.” Atsuko's mother smiles and said

“Good morning, auntie.” Minami said

Little Atsuko rushes down from her room

“Hi Minami” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

“Hi Atsuko” Minami smiles at her

“Atsu, Takamina, you two go to the kitchen and ask Yuko-neechan to bring the breakfast for you two, ok” her mother said

“Yes” the two said and rush to the kitchen

In the kitchen

When the two go into the kitchen, they see Yuko is cooking something. They come closer

“Onee-chan” Atsuko calls

“Hello, Yuko-neechan” Minami said

Yuko turns to them

“Hi Takamina. Today, you will go to the zoo with Acchan, right?” She asks

“Yes” Minami nods

“You two go play Valentine, huh.” Yuko teasingly said

“Valentine?” Atsuko and Minami look at her in confused

“You two will know what is it when you grow up.” She said and winks at them

They look at each other and shrugs. Suddenly, Atsuko smells something

“Chocolate.” Atsuko said

“Onee-chan, you are making chocolate?” she asks

“Uh” she nods

“Can we have some?” Atsuko innocently asks

“Sorry, but this chocolate is not for you two. This is my Valentine gift to my Riku” Yuko said

“Valentine gift?” They look at her with confused look

Yuko bends down in front of them

“Valentine gift is chocolate. It is given in Valentine day. In this day, girl will give chocolates to someone special to her.” Yuko explains

“What is special, oneechan?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“Uhm….” Yuko tries to think how to explain to her

“That person is very important to you. But It is different from family relation. You will want to see that person everyday. You will miss him if you don't see him. Something like that” She said

“Oh” Atsuko and Minami nod in confuse

“As I told you, you two will understand when you grow up” Yuko said

“Atsu, Takamina, are you two done with your breakfast?” Atsuko's mother asks

“Not yet Mama” Atsuko said

“Onee-chan, Mama told me to ask you our breakfast” Atsuko said

“Ok, you two come to the dining room first. I will bring the breakfast, right away” Yuko said

Then Atsuko and Minami go to the dining room. After eating breakfast, Atsuko's mother take them to the zoo.

In the zoo

They play until noon. Atsuko's mother take them to a family restaurant for lunch.

“Atsu, Takamina wait here. I will go and make a quick phone call” her mother said

“Yes” Atsuko and Minami said

Then her mother leaves. Atsuko and Minami sit and eat their food.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“Huh?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Do you still remember what Yuko-neechan said this morning?” Minami asks

“Things about Valentine?” Atsuko asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“I think that must be great to receive chocolate to eat” he said

“Then I will give chocolate to Minami on that day, too” the little girl innocently said

Minami looks at her happily

“Really Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh, because Minami is special to me” Atsuko said and smiles brightly at him

“That is great.” Minami happily said

“Let's make pinky promise, Atsuko” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods


In the morning

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

I'm happily preparing my things for school. Then I look at the calendar.

“Today is 14/2” I thought happily

Then I remember my childhood memories with my childhood friend,

“I will give chocolate to Minami on that day, too”

“Because Minami is special to me”

I smile happily about that memory. Every year, she will give me her chocolate. She even makes chocolate for me. Whenever I receive her chocolate, my heart jumps in joy. Yes, I have a crush on her since long time ago. However, I still haven't confessed to her yet. I spent whole night thinking about that and I decided to confess to her today when she giving me the chocolate.

“Do your best, Minami” I said with full confidence

Then I rush out of my room

“Bye mom, dad, I'll go to school now” I said

“Ok, have a nice day” they said to me

Then I rush out of my house to her house


In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is looking at the calendar and smiles by herself. Suddenly her expression changes. Her eyes turn sad

Atsuko's POV

Today is the day that I'm so looking forward in every year. This is the time which I can give the person who is very important to me chocolate. It is also my feeling for him. However, I don't know about his feeling.

“Maybe he just sees me as a childhood friend.”

“Maybe he receive it because of that promise”

“Maybe one day, he will tell me to stop giving him chocolate because he has someone to give him that”

Those thought keep repeating in my head. My heart hurts when thinking about that. Yes, I'm a coward. I don't have enough courage to confess my feeling for him whenever I give him chocolate even though I told myself every year that I have to confess. However, I'm scared. I'm afraid that my confession will ruin our relationship, right now.

“What if he reject me?”

“What if he puts distance between us because of my confession?”

Every year, in this day, my head is filled with a lot of different thought. Suddenly, I hear my sister calls me

“Acchan, Takamina is waiting for you”

“Ok, I will be there, right away” I said

Then I put his chocolate in my backpack and rush down the stair. When I'm about to go to the door, my sister pulls me back

“What is it, onee-chan?” I ask her

“Do you plan on confessing to him today?” She asks me

Her question makes me blush

“I...I….I...I don't know what are you talking about?” I said trying to hide my embarrassment

“Don't act like that. I knew what inside your heart, little sis” she said and smiles at me

“Do you best. I'm supporting with full power” my sister said and smiles at me

“Ok, thank you onee-chan.” I smile and nods

“By the way, onee-chan, where is Mama and Papa? And why are you here so early?” I turn and ask her.

“Mom and dad went to Osaka for business. They told me to come here and be your babysitter. I thought they told you about that” she said to me

“Osaka?” I thought

I close my eyes and recall about that.

“Atsu, tomorrow Mama and Papa have some business in Osaka. I told Yuko to come here and look after you. Be good ok, we will be back next week”

“Yes, that right. They told me that when I was making chocolate for Minami last night. However, that time my mind was full of Minami that is why I forger” I thought

“Ok, I will go to school now, see you” I said and walk to the door

I open the door and come out

“Good morning, Minami” I smile and greet him

“Good morning Atsuko” he greets me

“Let's go” he said and pulls me with him

Then we walk together to school. After walking for a while, we reach the school. We are now is standing at our lockers. When Minami opens his locker, there are a lot of letter fall out. I forgot to mention. He is very famous in school. Every girl from first year to third year is crazy about him. Every year, he receives a lot of love letter in this day.

“Again, when will they leave my locker alone” he mumbles while looking at those letter

“Why? These things show that you are loved by everyone.” I said

“I don't care. I don't even know who they are. I feel amazed that they can say they love someone even though they haven't interacted with that person once” he said to me

“Yes, he is right. Love is not like that” I thought

Then I hear he say something in small tone

“What did you say, Minami?” I ask him

“Ah, no nothing, nothing at all. Hahaha” He said and smiles reluctantly at me

He is lying. I knew that. I heard him said

“I wish that she will put a letter in my locker”

“Who? Did he love someone?” I thought

I feel pain in my heart

“Saki-senpai, Saki-senpai”

I hear someone said. When I look up, I see her. Koizumi Saki, she is in same year with us, third year student. She is the president of student council, smart and beauty. Everyone loves her and admire her. I turn to Minami to call him to go back to class. When I'm about to call him, I see him looking at her smiling.

“His smile” I thought

“Don't tell me…” I thought

I feel pain now. The real pain in my heart. I turn and walk to the classroom.

“Atsuko, where are you going?” He catches my hand and asks me

“Back to class” I said shortly

“Then wait for me. I'm almost done” he said to me

“Sorry, but I have to go now” I said and I walk away.

On my way, I keep thinking about that

“It can't help. She is smart and beauty. A lot of people will like her. Minami won't be an exception.” I thought

I feel like I don't have any energy left in me. I open the door and walk in

“Good morning, Acchan” my friend greets me

“Hi Miichan” I said shortly

Then I go back to my class.

“What's wrong? You seem not like yourself” she asks me

“And where is Takamina? You two usually stick together like glue” she asks me

“I don't know” I said and rest my forehead on the table

Then I hear the classroom door open

“Hey Takamina.” I hear Miichan greets him

“Hi” he greets

Then I hear his foot step coming closer to my table

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” he asks me

I shake my head.

“Why did you leave me and come to the classroom, first?” he asks me

“Nothing” I said

Then the bell ring. Suddenly, I feel his voice right at my ear

“I'm waiting for your chocolate, Atsuko” He whispers in my ear

I sit up in surprise. Then I quickly bend down again to hide my now I think red face. Why did he whisper to me like that? I can still feel his breath on my face.

After school

I gather my stuff and leave the class before Minami.

“Atsuko, wait for me” He calls me, but I ignore him

“What’s wrong with me?” I thought

I’m mad at him with no reason. He and I are not dating or anything. He has the right to have crush on anyone. What is my position to be jealous.

“Atsuko, you are an idiot” I hit my head and thought

While I’m deep in my thought, suddenly someone holds my hand and pulls me back.

“Atsuko” Minami calls me

His call snaps me out of my thought. I turn and look at him with confused look

“What is it, Minami?” I ask

“You asked me? Why did you space out while walking? Look, you nearly fall down the stair” he raises his tone a little

I turn and look back. I realize that if I step one more step, I will definitely fall.

“I’m sorry. Thank you, Minami” I turn back and said to him

“Don't spacing out like that again. It is dangerous.” he said to me gently

He is worry about me. I feel very happy about that.

“Uh” I nod

“Good.” he smiles at me and said

His smiles make my heart beats fast again. I made up my mind. I will give him the chocolate and confess to him this evening. Then he and I go back home together. When we walk to the schoolyard, I see her, Koizumi Saki walking toward us. She stands in front of us.

End Atsuko's POV

Minami's POV

While I'm walking out of the school building with Atsuko, I see a girl walking toward us. She stops in front of us.

“Takahashi-san, do you have a moment?” She asks me

“Who is she? How did she know my name?” I thought in confuse

“Yes, I guess” I said still haven't get a clue what she wants

Suddenly, Atsuko walks away without saying anything to me

“Wait Atsuko” I call her

“Takahashi-san” she catches my hand

“Just a moment.” She said to me

“Ok” I said in confuse

I turn back and look at her. I see she take out something from her bag. It is a box, and it was wrapped very careful

“What is it?” I thought

“ name is Koizumi Saki. I love you. Please accept my chocolate and my confession” she said to me

I widen my eyes in surprise

“She just confessed to me in the middle of the school” I thought in surprise

I hear a lot of screaming, shouting.

End Minami's POV

Atsuko's side

Atsuko's POV

I see her walking toward us. By looking at her, I knew what she want. I overheard her conversation with her friend this lunch. She planned on confess her feeling to Minami. She asked him if she can talk to him a little and he agreed. That is right. This morning he looked at her like that. He properly has feeling for her. I walked away. I heard Minam calling me, but I ignored that.

“I think I’m really a coward. However, what can I do? He likes her” I thought sadly

My heart is hurt. I speed up my speed and rush back home. I quickly open the door and rush to my room. I lock it.

“Acchan, what's wrong?” My sister knocks my door and asks

“Nothing. I don't feel well” I said trying to calm down

“Are you ok? Your voice seem weird” she asks me in worry tone

“I’m fine, onee-chan don't worry” I said


“Onee-chan, I’m tired. I want to sleep” cutting her word, I said

I can't hold any longer, and I don't want she to worry about me

“Ok, rest well” she said to me

End Atsuko's POV


Minami’s POV

I’m rushing back to find Atsuko. I don’t know why did she walks away all of sudden. After a while, I finally reach her house. I ring the bell. I see Yuko-neechan opens the door for me

“Hello Takamina.” She smiles and greets me

“Hi Yuko-neechan” I smile and greet her

“Is Atsuko home yet, Yuko-neechan?” I ask her

“Yes, she did. Moment ago” she said to me

Suddenly her expression changes. He looks at me seriously

“Did you do something to her?” she asks me

“What do you mean, Yuko-neechan?” I ask her in confuse

“She came back home with a weird attitude. Then she locks herself in her room. I asked her what’s wrong, but she answered nothing. I don't believe that.” she said to me

“Hey kid, what did you do to her?” he asks me seriously

“I didn't do anything. Really. We just come back home as always. Then a girl comes to us. She said that she wants to talk to me a little. I agreed. Then all of sudden she walked away” I tell her honestly

“Oh!!! I see” She said and smirks

“I knew what happened to her” she continues

“Really Yuko-neechan. Please tell me. Did I do something wrong?” I quickly ask her

Atsuko's expression is weird since this morning. I really want to know. I look at Yuko-neechan. Her expression changes again.

“Do you really want to know?” she asks me

“Yes.” I answer seriously

“Ok, answer me this” she said to me

I look at her

“So what did that girl talk to you?” she asks me

“Ah...uhm…” I scratch my head

This is hard to tell

“She confessed to you huh?” she asks me

I look up in surprise look.

“How did she know?” I thought in surprise

“How did you know?” I ask her

“Your expression clearly show me that” she said to me and chuckles

“So you accept her conf...” she said

“Of course not.” cutting her word, I said quickly

“I have someone I love” I mumble

Suddenly I hear a laughing sound. I look at her with confused look

“Why did you laugh?” I ask her

“Because you look so funny” she said and laughs again

“Put that aside. Please Yuko-neechan, tell me why did Atsuko act like that?” I said seriously

“Ok ok. Come here” she said and calls me to come closer

“Find out yourself Takamidget” she whispers in my ear and then laughs out loud

“Yuko-neechan” I whine

“Please, tell me” I said


“Acchan is in her room. Go there and ask her. I’m busy. I have to go out a little. Watch over Acchan for me. See ya” Yuko-neechan said to me and rushes out of the house before I can say anything

I sigh and walk into the house. I walk up to her room. I stand outside and look at the door. She is just on the other side of the door. I take a deep breath and knock the door.

“Atsuko” I call her

End Minami’s POV

Atsuko’s POV

I’m lying lazily on my bed. My head is about to explore with a lot of thoughts.

“Minami, I wonder what are you doing now” I mumble

“I guess you are very happy, right now. Your crush confessed to you” I thought

“Ahhh….I don't want to think about that anymore” I scream in my kind and bury my face on my pillow.

Suddenly, I hear a knocking sound. Maybe that is Onee-chan. When I’m about to answer, I hear Minami's voice

“Atsuko” he calls me

“Minami” I sit up and thought in surprise

I’m very happy to hear his voice.

“However, why did he come here?” I thought in confuse

Haven't received my response, he knocks the door again

“Atsuko, this is me, Minami” he said to me

I keep silent. Then he knocks stronger

“Atsuko, what's wrong?” he asks

“Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry” Minami said

I hear the panic in his voice. I quickly answer

“Minami. I’m fine. Don't worry” I said to him

“Really?” he asks me

“Yes” I answer

“Then open the door for me” Minami said to me

“No, I’m really fine. You can go back home.” I said

“Atsuko, open the door for me” he ignores my words and said

“I’m fine. You should go home. Also, today is Valentine, you should go out with your girlfriend” I said

“Girlfriend? What are you talking about, Atsuko?” he asks me

“Your crush, Koizumi Saki, confessed to you just now, right? You must be very happy, right now” I said to him while sitting at the door

End Atsuko’s POV

Minami's POV

I keep asking her to let me in, but she refused. I don't understand why did she act like this. Then suddenly she said that I have a girlfriend. I ask her what she meant because I have no girlfriend. Then she mentioned the name of the girl who confessed to me this evening. Then she keeps talking about how happy I’m right now.

“You must be very happy, right?” She still keeps talking about that.

Suddenly something flashes in my head. I smile.

“I hope my suspect is correct” I thought hopefully

“You two are very match with each other. She is smart, beauty, a lot of stu…”


Cutting her words, I call her

“What is it, Minami?” she asks me

“Are you….jealous?” I ask her

“...” I didn't hear any response from her

After a while

“O...of course, I’m not. What are you saying?” she said to me

I hear her panic. Being her friend since little, I knew her every behavior when she lie. She can’t lie. Her tone accuses her to me that she definitely lying.

“Really. But I just hear that your sound just like you are lying” I said in happy tone

“I...I...I’m not” She said

Still that stuttering.

“How cute” I thought

“You are” I said

“I’m not”

“You are”

“I’m not”

“You are” I said definitely

End Minami’s POV

Atsuko opens her door and said

“I said I’mmhmm…”

However, haven't finishing her words, Minami presses his lips on hers and kisses her roughly. Being taken by surprise, Atsuko tends to move back. However, Minami hugs her tighter and kisses her deeper. Atsuko keeps struggling. Suddenly, she trips on the edge of her bed. Then the two fall on Atsuko’s bed, and he is on top of her. Minami finally breaks the kiss. Atsuko's face is burning red. Minami looks at her and smiles gently

“Minammhm…” when she is about to call Minami, he kisses her lips again.

He kisses her gently and lovingly. Then Atsuko slowly close her eyes and replies his kisses. She rounds her arms around his neck and deepen their kiss. They kiss each other until they out of air. Then they break the kiss and look at each other. Atsuko’s face is red like tomatoes.

“So you are jealous, right?” he smiles at her and said

“, I’m not” she still denies

“You are really stubborn” he said

Before Atsuko can say anything, he seals her lips again.

“Now, jealous or not” Minami said

He looks at her and smiles widely. Atsuko looks at Minami. She afraid that if she denies once more time, he will do that again.

“Yes, I’m jealous.” Atsuko admits

Minami smiles his victory smiles

“Finally, you admitted, you are jealous” Minami smiles happily and said

Atsuko looks at him and thinks that he makes fun of her. Tear slowly build up in her beautiful eyes.

“Yes, I’m jealous. This morning, you smile when you see her, I don't like that. I don't like when she confess to you. I don't like when you look at other girl. Yes, I’m jealous, I'm jealous because I love you” Atsuko said while tear runs down on her cheeks

Minami widens his eyes in surprise.

“Are you happy now? Why did you make me say out loud my feeling? Are you making fun of me?” Atsuko continues saying in tear.

She pushes him out, and tends to step down from her bed. However, Minami calls her while catching her hand and quickly pulls her back.


Seeing Atsuko cries, Minami’s heart tightens.

“I’m sorry Atsuko. Please, don't cry. I didn't mean that” Minami said gently while wiping her tear.

Then he hugs her tightly

“Please don't cry, Atsuko. I'm sorry.” he said while patting her back

“Leave me alone. I don't need you” Atsuko said while pushing him out

Minami hugs her tighter and said

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I sorry. I'm an idiot.” Minami said.

“Please Atsuko, don’t cry. Seeing you cry, my heart hurt.” he continues

Atsuko keeps struggling from his embrace

“Let’s go off me. I hate you” Atsuko said while pushing him out

“Please, don’t hate me, Atsuko. What can I do if you hate me? You are everything to me, Atsuko.” Minami said while hugging her tightly

“I’m not making fun of you. I’m really happy when hearing that you are jealous. I’m happy about that because that mean you always concern about me. Look at me.” he continues

“Moreover, I'm extremely happy right now because you said that you love me” he said and tightens his hug

Atsuko stops struggling from Minami

“Atsuko” Minami calls her gently

“I love you” he whispers

Atsuko stuns with what she just heard.

“Minami loves me?” Atsuko thought

“I love you Atsuko” He said and buries his face on her neck

When Atsuko is about to raise her arms and hugs him back, she sudden remembers the incident at the locker. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath

“Minami, you don't need to comfort me like that” Atsuko said and slowly pushes him out

“I told you the truth.” Minami tightens his hugs and said seriously

“This morning, at the locker, I saw your smile when you saw her. I can feel a lot of love come from that smile. It's ok, Minami. I'll be fine.” Atsuko said

Tear just keeps rolling on her cheeks. Minami pulls out and looks at Atsuko with confused look.

“See who?” he asks

“Don't act like that Minami. I saw you smiling when Koizumi Saki walked by.” Atsuko said

“Koizumi Saki” Minami mumbles

“You mean the girl stopping us?” Minami asks

“Who else? Stop acting like that Minami. I’m serious.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I’m serious too” Minami gently said while wiping her tear

“I didn't know who she is until she introduce herself to me. And what do you mean by I’m smiling at her? When?” Minami asks in confusion

“Minami, why did you keep acting like that?” Atsuko said in confuse

“Atsuko, I’m serious. When did I smile at her?” Minami said in serious tone

“This morning. At the locker” Atsuko said

“This morning? At the locker?” Minami thought

He keeps mumbling the place to recall. Then something flashes on his head

“Ah…That must be it” he remembers the reason of his smile

“So you remembers now.” Atsuko said

“The truth is I didn't even realize that she was there, Atsuko.” Minami said

“Then why did you smile?” Atsuko asks

Minami blushes while scratching his head. Atsuko looks at him in confuse

“It is kinda embarrassed to say” he said

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“I can't say it. It is embarrassing” Minami said

“Then you really smile at her, It's ok, Minami really. I’m really happy that you concern about my feeling, but I wilmhm…”

Cutting her word, Minami pulls Atsuko closer to him and kisses her lips gently. Then he hugs her tightly.

“Atsuko, please listen to my heartbeat. It beats like this because of you and only you. You are the cause of that smile” Minami said

“I smile because of my fantasy about you. I imagined that I confessed to you and you accepted it. Then we spent our happy Valentine's day. I also imagined the time when you will become my bride, my wife. That is why I’m smiling” Minami said and tightens his hug on Atsuko.

Hearing his words, Atsuko blushes madly. She slowly raises her hands and hugs Minami.

“Really, Minami?” she asks Minami while tightening her hug

“Uh, everything I said is true. There is only one girl in my heart. That person is you, Atsuko” Minami whispers

“This evening, she stopped me and confessed to me. However, I already rejected her. I said that ‘I already have someone in my heart. A very cute, adorable, and lovely girl.  She is everything to me’.” Minami smiles gently at Atsuko and said

Atsuko looks at him happily

“You are very important to me, Atsuko. I love you more than anything. You are my heartbeat, Atsuko.” Minami sincerely said

“Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and buries her face on his chest

“I love you, Atsuko. I seriously do. I love you for a long time. I want to confess to you a lot of time but I don't have enough courage. Every Valentine, I always want to confess to you when you give me the chocolate, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that you will leave me if I confess. I’m afraid that you will put a distance between us when I confess to you” Minami said while hugging Atsuko tighter

“I love you, too Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I also have the same afraid as you, Minami. I’m afraid that you will reject me, you will distance yourself with me. I’m afraid that I will ruin our relationship.” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko looks up at Minami with her sincerely eyes

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said and kisses his lips

Minami replies her kiss passionately. He gently pushes her down on her bed still keeping their kiss. They kiss each other intensely until they out of breath. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other


Yuko comes back home.

“Acchan, I have to go to pick up Maki from her piano class. Riku is busy with his meeting.” She said while walking up to Atsuko’s room.

“Can you...Oops” she said then stop when seeing Minami is on top of Atsuko.

Hearing Yuko’s voice they quickly sit up

“Sorry for interrupting you two. However, I have to finish my responsibility as her babysitter” Yuko said and giggles at them

“Onee-chan, we didn't do anything” Atsuko said in embarrassing

Yuko chuckles. Atsuko's and Minami’s faces are completely red.

“Ok, I have to go and pickup Maki. Riku is busy. I planned on taking you out for dinner after picking Maki. However, since you have your Minami here with you, I guess I will take Maki to Riku’s company and eat dinner with him.” Yuko said


“Ok, Takamina, take care of her. Acchan, I will go now, see ya” Cutting Minami’s words Yuko said and leaves the house before the two can react

They sit silently because of embarrassed. Then Minami turns to Atsuko

“Atsuko, do you want to go out and play or stay at home?” he asks

“Let's stay at home. We can call something to eat” Atsuko said

“No, we don’t need to call food. Today I will cook as celebration because I finally confess my feeling to you” Minami said

“You knew how to cook?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Of course”  Minami answers confidentiality

Atsuko looks at him and smiles brightly

“Ok, then let's go shopping first” Atsuko said and stands up

“Wait Atsuko” Minami said and pulls her back again.

“What is it, Minami? I’m hungry” Atsuko said and pouts

He looks at her and smiles

“I only have one question. After this, we will go shopping, and I will cook for you your favorite” Minami said

“You know how to cook that food?” Atsuko said

“Of course. I asked mom before. I have to know how to cook what my Atsuko likes” Minami said lovingly

Atsuko smiles and pecks on his lips

“Then what is your question, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Atsuko, Where is my chocolate?” he asks her

“Didn't make it” she said in teasing tone

“Really?” Minami asks

“Uh.” Atsuko nods

Minami looks at her and smiles evilly

“She want to tease me huh?" I thought

"You did make it, huh? What should I take as the replacement for that chocolate from you, At-su-ko?” Minami bends closer to Atsuko’s ear and whispers

Atsuko blushes by his voice.

“Wait Minami, I put it in my bag.” Atsuko said quickly

Minami looks at her and giggles. Atsuko comes to her bag and takes out the box. She walks toward Minami and give him the box

“Minami, happy Valentine. Let's celebrate our first Valentine's as a couple” Atsuko said shyly

Minami takes her hand and pulls her into his embrace

“Uh. This is a very special valentine because you finally become my girlfriend.” He said

Then he takes the box and opens it. Inside is a heart shaped chocolate with a sentence on the top

“Minami, I love you”

“I planned on confessing to you today. So I wrote those words. Then the incident at the locker made me hesitant. I’m scamhm….” Cutting Atsuko's words, Minami bends and kisses her lips lovingly

“Thank you, Atsuko. I love it” Minami said

“Atsuko, I have one more request” He continues

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Feed me, this chocolate” he said

“O...o..ok” she said shyly

Then she take a piece of chocolate and give it to Minami. However, Minami doesn't open his mouth

“Minami?” Atsuko calls in confuse

“I want you to feed me…” Minami said

“I'm feeding you, right now” Atsuko said

“...By your mouth” Minami said I whisper tone

Atsuko blushes madly with his statement.

“Now Atsuko” Minami leans closer to her and said

Atsuko shyly puts the chocolate into her mouth. Then she leans closer to Minami and feed him the chocolate. He hugs her waist and pulls her closer to him. The chocolate melts in their kiss. After a while, Minami breaks the kiss. He looks at Atsuko and smiles brightly

“This is the sweetest chocolate I have ever eaten. Thank you, Atsuko” he said and pecks her lips

“I'm happy, Minami. I've dreamed about this moment for a long time” Atsuko shyly said

Minami pulls Atsuko into his embrace and hugs her tightly. He buries his face on her neck.

“This is my perfect valentine, Minami.” Atsuko whispers

“Uh, our perfect Valentine. Our heart finally complete” Minami happily said

They stay like this for a while. Then they happily go shopping together. That is a beginning for their love. Their first perfect Valentine 

10 years later

At the shore

There is a couple sitting next to each other lovingly by the shore. They entwine their hand, and the girl is resting her head on the man’s shoulder. They are watching the sunrise. The sun slowly rises up in the sky and spread its sunlight to the ground.

“I love seeing sunrise like this Minami. It is so beautiful. It makes my mind refresh as a day starts” the girl said happily

“Thank you for choosing this place to be our house.” She said and gently

Then she leans up and pecks on Minami's lips. Minami looks at her and smiles happily

“Everything for my wonderful wife” Minami said

“Atsuko, I’m glad that I can make you smile happily everyday. Your smile is the most precious thing to me, Atsuko.” he said lovingly

Atsuko smiles happily. She hugs his neck and kiss his lips lovingly.

“You are the best, Minami” she said

“You too, Atsuko” He said

Minami replies her kiss passionately. He pushes her on the white sand and kisses her intensely. Atsuko tightens her hug on his neck to make their kiss more deeper. He slips his tongue inside her mouth and explores. They kiss each other until they out of air. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other.

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“And you are so handsome, Minami” Atsuko said

Minami smiles at Atsuko

“How about we stay like this and complement each other for whole day” Minami said jokingly

Atsuko looks at him and laughs softly

“I’d to do this. However, let's head back home to check on our little love” Atsuko said

“Uh, let's go. I think she is still sleeping soundly on her bassinet” Minami said while standing up

He helps Atsuko to stand up. Suddenly, he lifts her up on his arms

“What are you doing, Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Carry my wife back to our house” he said

“It is embarrassing Minami. Everyone will look at us” Atsuko said shyly

“There is no one here. Even if here is a lot of people, let's them look.” Minami said and starts walking back to their house which is a villa located near the shore.

“By the way Atsuko” Minami calls his wife softly

Atsuko looks up at her husband

“Happy Valentine, Mrs.Takahashi. I love you more and more everyday, Atsuko. Minami said

Atsuko smiles sweetly at Minami

“Happy Valentine, Mr. Takahashi. I love you too, Minami. Love you a lot” Atsuko said while hugging him tightly

The End

I hope you guys enjoy reading this OS

Happy Valentine to everyone!!   :D
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