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i guess anna's using her ps4  :D

EDIT: anna was playing trials evolution (with oz performing in the background lol) but now nodoka's playing assassin's creed 4
OMG!!! I love it all
Continue soon
I hate sad mayu and jurina
But in a way Rena deserves that
But Mayu what she will do whit yuki?
And Bakamina whats going on whith her and acchan?...

Chapter 2 is long which is great because it didn't feel tiring to read, but wth happened to chapter 3?! Ahahaha

Few minor typos but still a good update.

With Jurina avoiding her, Rena still hasn't told jurina that she and Airin broke up.
I wonder what jurina would do when she learns about it

~ thanks for commenting guys, it really gave us motivation to write  :roll:
actually after some chapters, after chapter 6 or 7 i guess... the first paring that will be focused on is wmatsui... so what do you  think will happen?  :lol:

as for the other pairs... they will have a chapters but their conflict is on different time...

-actually chapter 3 is really intended for kojiyuu,  :w00t: its just happened that chapter 2 was sooo long so chapter 3 if you will compare is really short but anyways that's the plot in chap3  :lol: hey guys, can guess how will haruna know that yuu-chan was yuko  :D  :P2

The story is getting more and more interesting...

Erm... Rena at last acknowledge the feeling that she felt for Jurina all this time

Mayuyu... is so cute... and demanding when she was drunk...

Would Yuki ackowledge the feeling she had for Mayu...?

Sae way of thinking was wrong... because she was trying to avoid hurting anyone, she hurt Yuki even more....

Even made Sayaka insecure about her relationship with Sae...

Yuko was a boy??? or she was dressed like a boy when she was younger?

Would Haruna accept that her Yuu-chan is a girl not a boy?

What was this destiny that Yuko trying to fight against?

What about Atsumina relationship?

Would Atsuko's parents okay with Minami?

How did Atsuko and Minami become official...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
-thanks for commenting...  :)
-we're really glad that there are readers like you who noticed about yuko's mystery in this story  :cathappy:
- don't worry we'll answer your questions as we update our story...

-so currently, the prologue and the first 3 chapters happened between march - april :3

chapter 4 & 5 (and if we can finish 6) will happen between april 3rd week - may... haha anyways we'll post it nxt week thursday i guess... coz where finalizing the series of event and conflicts in the story... might took long   :cry:

as a spoiler for the next chapters...
--> Chapter 4: Bestfriends
--> Chapter 5: Jealousy
--> Chapter 6: Trapped

 :grin: :grin: :grin:


- to our dear readers really thanks...  :twothumbs
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Cheeky Parade
« Last post by john_hung on Today at 05:45:19 AM »
【iD#13】Fly Higher/Cheeky Parade【生歌】

i'm starting to like mariya's hair that color - at first i wasn't too sure but now  :thumbup

also i am looking forward to that dvd - it seems like it captured their 'a' game if you get me - they really are pretty damn awesome
Graduated Members / Re: [TEAM S] KUUMIN ~ The Yagami Kumi Thread
« Last post by boonfaya on Today at 05:29:40 AM »
came across a few pics of Kumi, so I wanted to share a wallpaper I made for all her fans!

*hyperlink will load hi-res version*
The Official KPop Artist Threads / Re: The Korean Music Thread
« Last post by storyboard on Today at 05:23:45 AM »
"Brave Sidekick Tiger" (Jung Hyungdon and Defconn) produced a track for a project group called BigByung which consists of members from various idol groups.

Make sure to have those captions on. Makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch :)
[MV] Big Byung(빅병) _ Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!)
【不要蛋黄酱字幕组】140815 朝日新聞 AKB的人生論 向井地美音
Japanese / Re: Saki Aibu
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 04:51:01 AM »

Probably won't last too long but good to have the Saki's at the top of page :yep:.... looking :thumbsup from Weekly Ascii #992.
Japanese / Re: Saki Fukuda
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 04:32:19 AM »
Unfortunately need to slow down on the Saki :inlove: posts as there's not an infinite amount of pics for her. :sweatdrop:

 :doh:"That's okay as I'd like to remind all that what a postman
enjoys doing more than anything else is delivering b-day cards!"


The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Passpo☆
« Last post by mixedmedia on Today at 04:14:41 AM »
Full version of the PV for Himawari will be on YouTube today only to commemorate the release!

Japanese / Re: Tao Tsuchiya 土屋太鳳
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 04:11:32 AM »
Tao from the July 31st Arashi VS show. :O

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