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AKB48 Fanfics / Your One Part 2 Your Only One [Wmatsui]
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Hello NS here!
there is a saying that says second parts are always bad... in some cases, not all of them are bad, so I really hope this one is a good one...
I really tried to give a happy ending honestly! but I must say it was hard... sorry  :(

Your Only One

It's been a month since the last time I saw Rena. That day when she hold my hand after we stepped out of the elevator, once again I felt my heart race and  to hear her say my name made me believe that maybe this is not the end, but what should I do? Did I missed my chance when she walked away again?? . 
I thought that I had a happy life. But that day I realized it's all a lie. I'm not only fooling myself I'm also hurting someone else. I was just looking for someone to fill the space, so maybe that way I will feel complete. But I miss you even more.
How long have we been apart? a year or two? I still remember the day we broke up, and is stupid really. To lose everything for our stupid pride.

After so long I find my self next to you in this elevator that hold so many memories of us, I want to speak and say that my heart hurts since you are gone but how?, I don't have the courage. As we go to through each floor more and more people is around us.
Unexpectedly our hands touch and although our hands are barely touching I can feel my heart asking fore more…Suddenly you hold my hand, I’m surprised but I do nothing. You say nothing you just look away. is this a sign? Is this enough for you?? The elevator stops, we reach our destination and the place starts to get empty. You let go of my hand and walk away.
As I walk the streets to my work I start to wonder What about our promises? What about the days I'm missing? What about us?
am I still waiting for you?
——— At night
I’m tired and want to sleep, will I see you again? I walk inside the elevator, seconds after me you are here…
“I know is my stupid imagination again” You said and hold my hand again, I say nothing, I will let it be.
When we get to our floor you let go. We do this for days… I’m not your imagination, I'm really here, but I’m a coward that cannot speak. Still my pride is holding me back.

Rena POV

I wake up with a warm body by my side. Is it you? Am I dreaming? If I open my eyes will I see you?
Will I be with you??
"J-Jurina-" I hold her closer but soon I get pushed away... I fully open my eyes to see.. You are not there.. Another face, beautiful I may say, but not as beautiful as yours.
" Will you ever forget that brat??"  "Will you ever look fully at me???" I'm getting tired of this Rena" she said angry I can almost see tears ready to leave her eyes.
I can't stand this, I try every day, I wake up saying ‘it's just one more day… you are not here’ but there you are hunting me, something here doesn't feel right, what am I doing... Trying to fill this empty space... Maybe this is just another bad decision.
"I'm sorry Yuki..." I fully know that I’m hurting you, I really don't want that, I do love you, but I think I just Love Jurina even more that my heart can even hold it in. I can’t pretend  to keep it forgotten in my heart any more.
"Maybe we need space"
I don't need space, because it's all In my head and I just can't keep it there. This is frustrating. Since that day I reached to her and I touched her hand things got out of control
"Sorry is just my mind playing games"
"I have to change and go to work…”
“I might not comeback… are you ok with that?”
Am I ok with that? I don’t know, I'm afraid if I let you go this hole in my heart will eat me, it might kill me, but should I keep you by mi side even If I can’t love you the way you want, the way you need me to? only to fill the space inside…it’s not fair for any of us.
“Do as you want…”
Yuki left and I just stayed there looking at the ceiling, Im afraid that if I look else where.. you’ll be there as always waiting patiently in my mind.

I have to go to work, I finally made up my mind even if you are there I’ll just pretend… I get out of my home… ahhh there you are, beautiful as always, my mind never fail. I step into the elevator, as we go trough the building floors people start to push you by my side, My imagination has become really good at making it looks that you really are here, that you are real. Then I feel the brush of our hands, I’m surprised… I’m I really going crazy? now I can even feel you? Then I will take this chance and hold your hand even if is only my heart playing with my mind. Maybe this is enough…
I let go of your hand and step outside…..

At night when I comeback home, I see you again in the empty elevator…is it my mind again?
“I know is mi stupid imagination again “  well if is my imagination I will hold your hand again…

Jurina POV

Days have passed and we repeat the same game every day, I get out of my home as fast as I can just to meet you again, just to hold your hand. I step in the elevator, here we are, pretending is an illusion again,  Holding hands and saying nothing. But today I made a decision, I will tell you that I'm not an illusion and that I miss you, I love you.
Night comes and I'm back from work there you are, but when I get inside of the elevator you are with someone else, a beautiful girl. I go to my place and then my girlfriend also get inside. Agh what a fate...
Here we are standing next to each other and with other lovers... Our hands touch. Are you sure you want to play this game again??? Aghh… I don’t care, this time I hold your hand... I feel my heart skips.... Maybe you think is your imagination again. That girl kiss you, I can't stand it. But to make it worse my girlfriend kiss me too. So here we are holding hands and kissing another girl, I don’t like it,  I don’t want this… I don’t want you to kiss another girl, I don’t want you to belong to someone else… and I realize that I also don't want to kiss and belong to anyone but you. Rena, I’ll  always belong to you. 
We reach our floor I let go of your hand and I go out as fast as my legs let me. When I’m stopped … 
“Jurina….” I… why?…Rena…Don’t look me with those eyes…full of hope, full of despair …I stay there looking at you. I can feel my tears trying to leave my eyes…I avert your gaze…Rena, It hurts!
“I…” What am I trying to say anyway?
“ Jurina!” My girlfriend grabs my hand and take me away… I can not lie to her anymore I guess… I’m being pulled away when I hear Slap! I barely can look back and I see that girl hitting you… I want to go back.. but my strength, where are you when I need you? I hear the door open and I'm inside my house….
“What were you doing!?” She close the door “Why were you holding her hand?” “Why didn't you kissed me back?”  “Who is she?” She started to attack me with questions. I don't have an answer, at least not one that you may like.
“I’m sorry” that’s all I can say…
“She is the reason you’ve change … am I wrong?”
“Ohh please Jurina, Before you tried to avoid this girl and now you do everything you can to met her!, do you thought that I wouldn't notice?”  “Is she the girl you were before I met you?…She is Your only one… right?”
“So I’m not good enough to take her place, I wasn’t enough to fill the space”
“I do care about you…”
“Yea, I know… but you will never love me. Not the way you love her, not even close”
“I’m sorry…”
“I already knew your heart was still with her, but still I wanted to try.. I thought that after 1 year together maybe I would become your one, but every night in your sleep you always called her name.  It hurts to know that even if you are here in my arms  you completely belong to her”
I say nothing, I just stay there I can move, I didn’t mean to hurt you…
“….I’ll take my stuff and leave”
I really don’t know what to say… she really is a nice girl, even knowing all that she still stayed by my side, I’m an horrible person…
I watch in silence, she pick all her things, this is the right thing to do I guess, but once again the decision was made by someone else, I only I had spoken earlier, I wouldn't have hurt you this much.
“Goodbye Jurina”

Rena POV

My Imagination has become quite good at tricking me, I think I getting crazy… now I also can feel the warmth of your hand…I don’t know how long my mind will play this trick to me but I’ll enjoy it as much as I can. every day my mind repeat the same game and here I am holding this imaginary hand…every day in an elevator full of people mi mind recreates your presence to a point of perfection…I love you that much I suppose that every detail is engraved in my heart.

Night comes again and I step in this elevator but this time I’m with someone else, She decided to give me another chance, but do I really want another chance?… I think this time I won’t see you, suddenly there you are, my imagination never fails.. thats what I think until I see your girlfriend going inside… so this time is the real you… It hurts.

Somehow you end next to me, like all those times in my imagination you are in the same place, our hands slightly touch… this is torture, I heard her calling your name, I see her holding your hand… damn! unexpectedly you hold my hand… I'm surprised.. is this real? I’m about to look at you when the girl with me suddenly kiss me…No I don't want this… I don't want her to see.. she will let go! I feel how your grip tighten, you don’t let go, is this a sign? I can tell you hate it. I separate from her and look at you. your girlfriend is kissing you…. we reach our floor.. you separate from her abruptly I can tell you didn't want it.
You run out of the elevator and I know I have to reach you this time… I won’t let go
“Jurina….” I miss you, I love you,  All this time I thought mi mind played games with me but it was really you!!
“I…” I see your eyes… I recognize that look, I know you love me too.
“Jurina!” besides me your girlfriend grabs your hand and take you away from me, I won’t let that happen… I’m about to follow when I’m stopped, I turn around and Slap! the girl that is with me hits me.. It hurts! but not as much as your expression and your tears…
“I don’t have time for this!”
“If you go with her it’s over between us!”
“ I’m sorry, but it never was an us” I get free of her grip..
I try to go to you but the door is closed…
I think you also have things to explain..
I go to my apartment.. and then decide to go to the store… How will I approach you, What should I say?
I’m walking back when I met you girlfriend… she look at me with hate
“I can believe this”  she said. I see a suitcase in her hand… did she leave?
“….” I said nothing at all
“No matter what I do… Jurina will always look at you, she will always belong to you”
what did she say? she always look at me?? she belongs to me? does that mean she still love me?
“I’m sorry” I’m happy I run back as fast as I can.

I knock at you  door like crazy but no answer where are you???? Damn my phone is at home. I want to find you.. I run back home and when I get there….. you are there sitting in the floor with your knees touching your chest… I don't see your face but I can hear… you are crying..
“Jurina…” I get on my knees, and you rise your head..
“Rena…”  I caress your cheek … and you suddenly jump into my arms… “I’m sorry. I was stubborn… I’m sorry my stupid pride… I’m sorry” you cry on my shoulder
“No, it was my fault. I’m sorry, I should never walk away that day. My stupid pride as well  I’m sorry“
I also start to cry.. I hope this is not my mind playing with me again.. “I miss you” “I love you” “I only belong to you” I don't remember if I say it or just think it… I don't care anymore. I don care if I look weak in front of you.  I need you.
“I love you too Rena, I can’t live without you, sorry it took me long time to realize it.” I hear you say and I can’t take it any more.. I start to kiss you desperately, we get inside this place that was our home.. and we let our story to begin again…All our feelings stored in our hearts will overflow tonight.
It’s morning and I feel a little bit cold… well is obvious if you don’t have any clothes on… I can feel a warm body next to mine… the sweet scent of your skin… If I open my eyes, it turn out to be a lie?..
“Jurina” I call your name but this time I feel my body being pulled close, I feel your lips…I open my eyes.. Here you are in my arms…I hold you tighter this time I’ll never let you go.
“ Good morning… Rena….”
Hey all! As promise, I'm updating to you chapter 3 of Precious One :D To be honest, I was pretty busy since Thursday so I've finished writing this chapter at 3am Zzz Nah, it's not cuz of you guys! I really couldn't sleep hahahah! Anyways, this chapter is slightly longer (3456 words) than chapter 1 (3000 words) and chapter 2 (close to 3000 words). I don't think I'm able to write as long as 40 pages, but I'm really hoping to give a longer chapter in the future :lol: :lol: :lol:


CHAPTER 3: Friends

Hello! I’m Takahashi Minami! Ah, I mean… Yo! 23 years old Kai here! I’m an idol from Persona along with two other members. Actually, it may seem obvious now, I’m a girl but a lot of things happened and that’s why I’m disguised as a guy. It’s been 5 years since Persona debuted and yea, being an ikemen idol is tough. Not only do I have to prevent my identity from being exposed to the public, I have to maintain it whenever I’m having my private time with Ray, my girlfriend and one of the top diva in Japan. Well, she can’t know my secret too. Despite being busy, there’s one thing that I can never forget. The promise I made with my best friend 6 years ago is broken. I suddenly “disappeared” after moving to Osaka and trained there to become a male idol. Afterwards, I went back to Tokyo and debuted as Persona. Till now, my best friend doesn’t know about my whereabouts which made me feel guilty until I met her one day…

My name is Maeda Atsuko, 23. I’ve graduated from AKB College and have become an actress. Since young, I’ve wanted to become an actress. I knew that with the support from my family and peers, I’ll be able to achieve that dream of mine. Talking about friends, I’ve always been thinking about the promise my best friend made when I was in my 2nd year of high school. It really bothered me. She was leaving to Osaka and promised that she’ll come back to Tokyo once vacation starts so that we can spend time together. However, she didn’t come. The last time we texted was when I told her how excited I was when vacation was coming. I waited and waited for every vacation but I failed to see her. She seemed to change her number and that was when we lost contact. Of course this upsets me. I felt betrayed until that day came. I saw her at a family restaurant in Tokyo and without any thoughts in my mind, I approached her table…

Monday, 14 April 20xx


[Minami’s POV]


Uhhhhh… What time is it???

All I knew was that today is Persona’s rest day.

I sat up from my sleeping position and looked around. Meh, no one’s around. Maybe I should sleep back.

“Oi! Takamina, get up already! What time do you think it is huh?”

“Miichan, today’s the only time I can get some sleep!!” Yup that’s kinda true. Ever since I debuted 5 years ago, I’ve been depriving for sleep. We always wake up pretty early to get dressed from women to men and we only get back in the evening. Sometimes, our work ends late till midnight!

Moreover, I have no idea how I got into this situation but, ever since I made Ray my girlfriend, things became more and more tiring! Most of my rest days turn into dates with that songstress diva.

Miichan seemed like she wanted to scold me more but was disturbed by a voice on the door.

“Takamina! Miichan! Maririn wants to see us.”

(A/N: This is for those who didn’t watch Mendol Ikemen (you should watch it though since I’m not gonna put the entire plot here. So basically, Persona is made up of this 3 girls who dress up as men: Takahashi Minami(Kai), Minegishi Minami(Kuu) & Kojima Haruna(Riku). The President who created this is Saeko & her secretary is Maririn. Anyways, Kai & Kuu are called Takamina & Miichan respectively when they are girls and when they are together cuz I don’t wanna confuse ppl. Other than that, Takamina will be referred as Minami.

Haruna: Author-san, you’re so rude for interrupting me!

Ahhhh…. So sorry Kojiharu!!)

I was so sleepy, I felt like I had to be dragged downstairs. Obviously, I wouldn’t really want to be dragged so I sloppily moved my feet and brought myself to the living room. Maririn was there.

“You girls! The president and I decided to give you all a treat tonight~”

"Wow! A treat! Yoshaaaaaa!!!!!"

The three of us were 'yay-ing' and shouting like mad girls. After many years in Persona, this is actually the first time that L president is treating us. Finally, we're able to experience this!!!

"But you know.. The two of us won't be able to join you three tonight. So here's the money and go buy whatever food you want okay?" Miichan gladly took the money.

"Ehhh? Why aren't you two joining?" Miichan asked out of curiosity when receiving the money.

"Don't ask Miichan... They're definitely making use of the night to be L-ing..." Before Maririn answered, Haruna explained something which seems to be true.

"Hehe, that's not for you girls to know~ ok, I need to leave now so have fun~!"

Maririn sprinted off towards the door and afterwards left us alone in the house.

"Yoshaaaaaa! No Ls for the night!!!!!!"

"Ne ne~ We don't even need to wear our male clothes tonight as well!!!!" Haruna was overjoyed.

Yes! Finally, we're able to have a good rest outside of this house while wearing legit female clothes. Haruna was probably the most excited since she really prefers female clothing over male. Everyone could tell by her elated expression on her face.

"Look! They left us with THIS much money!" Miichan shouted, like as if it's her first time holding cash.

"Wanna go to that family restaurant that we saw yesterday?? I mean, they have good reviews about their cleanliness and quality of food!" Miichan continued. This time round, she's the one who's the most excited. Probably because she just finished counting the amount of money we're given.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chit chatting, watching some movies while eating a whole lot of junk food and thinking about what we're going to do during the next off day.

It's been 5 years since we three got together. Honestly, I wouldn't want to tell you how we actually became like this so I'm just leaving the author to tell you more.

We got closer each year till the fact that we feel lonely when one of us is not around due to solo work or something. It's sad that we have to not leave with our families anymore but it's more upsetting and painful to be separated from those two. That's how bonded we've become.



"Wow! This place looks awesome!" Without knowing, I left my mouth open, totally amazed by the beautiful interior of the family restaurant. It's one of a kind.

"You two, look outside!" Haruna kept pointing to the window.

No words can describe how fascinating the view we got to see. This is a family restaurant we're talking about, people!

After getting over with the scenery, both Miichan and I quickly took our orders. Of course, after that Haruna joined us as well as we picked a lot of dishes and desserts.



Time flies when we were eating. Before we knew it, the bill came and for a period of time, I had to keep blinking and rubbing my eyes whenever I looked at the price.

Didn't knew we ordered THAT much!

"Phew! So glad that this is a treat!"

"Ahhh, need the toilet!" Miichan ran like a person who's about to miss their train.

"I guess I'll go too." Haruna also stood up and walked towards the same direction Miichan went.

Well, I didn't felt like going. So here I am, waiting for those two to be out.

To kill sometime, I just took out my phone and start playing some games. I was too engrossed into the game because I jumped out a little from my seat when I felt a tap on my shoulder suddenly.

I had to turn. Who the hell just scare the hell out of me?!

She was there standing, looking pretty shocked as I do. That innocent looking face, it's really her...


[End of Minami's POV]

[Atsuko's POV]

A shooting of a drama just ended. It really drained out my energy! It's my first time given the lead actress role so I wasn't used to the long period of shooting.

It's also my first action drama and seriously, it's so fun! I get to do some cool stuff like kicking people's asses (not literally, duh.).

Ahhh I'm hungry~ Maybe I should bing some food home. I would love to cook for myself but I'm just too lazy by the fact that I got to buy ingredients.

I took my time driving around the area near where the shooting earlier took place, hoping to get some good food.

I kept wandering and wandering until I don't know where I went. However, right in front of me was a family restaurant. It was crowded for such a peaceful place like here.

Hmmmm... I guess I might get something nice here.

I was greeted by nice employees here and straightaway, I went towards the take away section. When I queued up, something really caught my eyes, causing me to get away from to get a closer view.

Wow!! I'm amazed by the scenery here! I didn't expect to see a lake nearby. It was full of trees and colourful flowers that I can't take my eyes off the view.

Atsuko! You're here to get food! Aren't you tired?? My mind started talking to me.

I just had to sigh. Certainly, I wish to stay here longer but I've been outside the whole day without drinking any blood. No one will know when I will suddenly go berserk and attack anyone of the humans here.

I was about to approach the take away section once again when a familiar small figure was caught from my right eye. The person had her phone glued to her hand. That homemade phone strap that’s similar to mine…. It’s definitely her.

Should I approach her? What if I got the wrong person??? I would then just embarrass myself... But I don't think I'm wrong at all. They phone strap is can't belong to anyone else except for the two of us.

As nervous as I can be, I gave her a light tap on the shoulder. Her reaction to that gave me a big shock.

When she turned around, she had a startled face. Not sure whether it's because I'm here or the fact that she got shocked by the tap.

"Minami..." I called out her name.

It's been far too long since I last saw that face. It felt like a dream being able to see her again.

I'm waiting, waiting for her to call my name back. All I could do was to smile, hoping that she still remembers me.

My heart was beating like as if it's giving a tempo to a fast and upbeat song! A lot of questions kept popping in my mind, leaving me no choice but worried by the fact that she might forget me. How negative I am!

She stood up, still having the same expression as earlier. It was like as if she was loss at word. Does this mean????


She remembers me!

Almost immediately after Minami called out my name, I pulled her to an embrace. It was something I really longed for.

Before I knew it, my vision became cloudy as tears formed.

"Minami, I miss you..."

In this situation, without any doubt, Minami wailed like a small kid, attracting people's attention. However, we both couldn't care less about those minor things.

"I-I miss you t-toooooooo!!!" In between her sobs, Minami managed to say a sentence.

I have no other words to say. I just wanted to be in her embrace. We kept crying, of course Minami the crybaby was crying loud while
I kept mine silent.

Tears just kept falling. My best friend who I haven't seen for 6 years is finally in my arms, wetting my sweater.

It was long before we got interrupted by a voice.

"Takamina, what are you doing??"

"M-Miichan, Atsuko... H-here..."

"Hello, are you two Minami's friends?" I wiped off the remaining tears left and decided to greet the two strangers since Minami isn't going to say much.

"Yea, I'm Kojima Haruna and this is Minegishi Minami."

"I see. I'm Maeda Atsuko, Minami's long lost friend."

"Ahhhh, you're the person who Takamina's always talking about eh? Nice to meet ya~ and Oi Takamina! How long are you gonna cry?!"

"B-but... A-Atsuko... See... H-her..."

Minami's cry is just so funny I can't help but gave a little giggle.

"How about this Maeda-san? I know Takamina wouldn't want to let go of you right now, so do you mind if we leave her to you? I'm sure the two of you need some catch up."

"Hmmm okay sure. Thank you Kojima-san."

"No problem. Takamina, Miichan and I will leave first. See you later."

"Yea, see ya!"

Minami didn't say anything to her friends and continued crying on me. Well, this will be long!

"Relax Minami... Stop crying already~"

(A/N: #nowplaying No3b - Relax

Atsuko: .... Author-san....

What? Did I do anything wrong?!)



I brought Minami to the lake nearby the family restaurant earlier to calm her down.

Now that she has stopped sobbing and ready to do some talking, I needed her to answer my questions.

"Minami... When you were in Osaka, why did you suddenly change your contact number??? Why didn't you tell me? I was really upset you know??"

"I'm really really sorry Atsuko... I... I'm not ready to tell you yet."

"Why???" I was so persistent. For 6 years, we didn't meet. So I really want to know.

"Please, I can't say it right now. Just give me more time, I'll answer to you."

I get it. She must be a little awkward with me after 6 years of not talking. I mean, we both are adults now and we were teens when we were super close.

"Ok then... When did you get back to Tokyo??"

"A year after that.... My family wasn't too comfortable there."

"Then why didn't you tell me???! Minami! I miss you okay?!! Why?! Were you trying to stay away from me?"

"Atsuko, it's not what you think..."

Suddenly I felt burning hot. The anger got into me and I also shed a year out of frustration.

"Minami, why???? Is it because I'm a blood sucking monster to your eyes? Is that it?!"

"Atsuko! Enough! It's not about that. I accept the way you are. It's not about you. It's just me... And I really can't explain to you yet. I'm sorry, this isn't getting us anywhere."

When Minami said that, her eyes were serious. I calmed down shortly after that and respected her decision.

"Atsuko, I really miss you.. I'm really sorry for leaving you behind... Please... Forgive me.. I... I've always been thinking about you! Trust me!"

"Minami..." I wanted to cry again so I just went to hug her. Of course I forgive her. I just didn't want to lose her again.

"So, urmmmm, what have you been doing? Did you get accepted to that college?"

"Yea, I did! And I managed to graduate well! Finally Minami! My dream has come true! I'm an actress now!"

"Woah! Atsuko, congrats!!! I'm so proud of ya!"

Our conversation kept going and going until we didn't keep track of time.

[End of Atsuko's POV]


"sanbyou mitsumeru dake de
otoshite miseyou ka"

Minami's ringtone broke the best friends' conversation.

"Isn't that the popular boy band, Persona? Minami, you're into them??" The cheerful vampire asked a question regarding her friend's ringtone.

Startled at what to reply, Minami had to lie, "Eh??? Ah, yea.. Hold on, let me answer this."


"Hello? Hello my ass! Takamina, where are you?!" Her group mate, Miichan was on the other line.

"Woah woah! Chill.. I'm with Atsuko."

"You're still what?! You need to get your ass back here right now because the Ls are coming back!!!!"

"What??!! Shit shit shit! Ok bye!" And she hung up.

"Atsuko, I really needa leave now. I'm so sorry, we'll chat some other time okay???" Minami was rushing through her words, hoping that the other girl was able to catch what she said.

"Ah, okay then..."

"Bye bye!" With those last words, Minami was about to run away from the place when her arm was grabbed, causing her to stop whatever she wanted to do.

"Minami, I've wanted to say this to you since high school. Can I say it now?" Atsuko held Minami back, like as if she didn't want the latter to go.

"Eh? Ah go ahead!"

"Minami, you know, actually.... Actually..."

In Minami's thoughts, she really wanted her friend here to hurry up and say her words because every time wasted means every step closer to punishment.

"Minami... I li- Ah never mind! It's not important! Sorry, you can go now!"

"Ahhhh, alright... Bye bye!"

Atsuko felt that she should just say it another since Minami looked like she really need to rush.


Minami was lucky enough to reach the house earlier than the president. Even though it's their off day, the Persona members have a curfew at 11pm. Despite being adults, they have no choice but to follow that curfew or a punishment will be given.

After a long sprint, Minami managed to land herself on her bed. Sweaty as hell, she panted hard while staring at the ceiling.

"Geez Takamina! You're so lucky that the Ls are still on their way!"

Minami couldn't afford to reply to Haruna. She exhausts herself from the run and was still having a hard time catching her breath.

After cooling down for 15 minutes, Minami was still staring at the ceiling except that she was no longer panting.

She remembered that Atsuko was about to say something to her.

"Ahhh, I feel bad for not making her complete her sentence. She looked really eager to tell me something!"

Minami tried recalling that scene in her head.

What Minami could only remember was that the vampire she was with earlier on had a slight blush on her cheeks.

To her, there was only one thing to describe that: cute.

Minami honestly couldn't remember any word Atsuko said earlier so guilt came running to her.

She only knew the best thing to do is to give that girl a text.

To: Atsuko~

Hey, Atsuko! So sorry for earlier.. What is it that you want to say to me?

She tried her best not to sound too formal in that text. Well indeed they are best friends since high school but since it's been 6 years, there's a little awkwardness between them. The small lady could only wish that could disappear!

While waiting for a reply from her dear best friend, Minami placed her phone on her stomach as she slowly closed her eyes....

"Takamina!!!! Go and take a shower! You stink..."

"URGHHH! Miichan, that comment is totally not needed!"

Meanwhile, Atsuko was driving her way home. After that exhausting day, she just wanted to lie down on her bed but another thing was bothering her a lot. Her long talk with Minami made her forget to buy her dinner! That vampire was not only hungry for food but she was in need for some blood.

Putting that aside, her night was awesome. To be able to meet Minami again was something that Atsuko wished for for a very long time.

Without her knowing, a smile was plastered on her face when she thought about Minami. Coincidently, her phone started vibrating, indicating that she received a message from... Minami.

She quickly pulled over her car to the side, wanting to read the message as soon as possible.

"Hehe..." Atsuko slightly laughed to herself when she read the message from her beloved best friend.

Redness started to form on her cheeks, implying that she's obviously quite embarrassed to reply.

Her heart then started beating fast again, this time not out of nervousness but out of embarrassment.

To: Minami <3

It's okay~! I don't think I'm able to say it here.. I'll just wait for another opportunity to say it~ And once I got the chance, you should also tell me your reasons for your disappearance for 6 years okay? I'm really glad I met you today! Good night~

It was definitely a great night for both the cheerful vampire and midget human. Though they got together again, both have something to say to each other. Will they be able to say it or not?? Or will they just end up breaking each other's trust?

The friendship of Atsuko and Minami has a very long journey that awaits them...


Now that I've finally finished all 3 intro chapters, it's time for some extra info that may or may not be useful to know. (cuz y not)

Vampire is a species that feed on human blood for survival. Their appearance is very similar to humans, expect that they have fangs. Vampires possess a strong fighting ability and they are close to being called immortal. Although they can get injured by normal weapons like a knife or gun, they can heal their wounds 50 times faster than humans. They will only heal slowly if they get attacked by vampire weapons that are sold by anti-vampire association. The association are like vampire hunters, but they don't hunt often due to low crime rate of vampire attacks. A vampire's body will stop growing at the age of 21, so they'll look as young as 21 until they die. Some stronger families have abilities of an element, eg. Fire, Water, etc. Weaker vampires can die by incidents that human can die, eg. Car accidents, terminal disease. When vampires die, they'll turn into dust and only their clothes, accessories and any other stuff they have with them remains. To sum it up, being a vampire is cool!

Matsui Rena
Japanese teacher in AKB High School
Loves Melon bread
Hates physical activities

Matsui Jurina
Student in AKB High School
Loves Rena
Hates being called a kid

Kashiwagi Yuki
Vice-President of Kashiwagi Company
Loves darkness
Hates Maeda clan

Watanabe Mayu
Cashier in AniMie and "Waiter" in Midnight Danso Cafe
Loves Anime
Hates vegetables

Takahashi Minami
Male idol
Loves male clothes
Hates her height

Maeda Atsuko
Loves acting
Hates lies

Furukawa Airi
Art Teacher in AKB High School
Loves Anime
Hates anyone who hurt(or attempt to hurt) Rena

Takayanagi Akane
73 (and this is NOT a mistake)
Home Economics Teacher in AKB High School
Loves birds
Hates being called old

Yagami Kumi
Retained Student in AKB High School
Loves Heavy Metal
Hates Maeda clan

Kimoto Kanon
Student AKB High School
Loves Kumi
Hates people who mess around with Kumi

Miyazawa Sae
Secretary in Kashiwagi Company
Loves money
Hates Yuki's current behavior

Well, the term "love" doesn't really mean like literally love that person or thing romantically. It's something that comes into their mind first I guess (it's all in my imagination~)
Anyways, this is the end of Chapter 3, I hope you like this Atsumina chapter~~ Honestly speaking, this is a difficult pairing to work on because I've always been reading mainly wmatsui, mayuki & kojiyuu fics hehehe~ Nevertheless, I put my best in this~
Next chapter: Party
I'll be waiting for comments~~~~~
Till then, bye bye~~~~

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well... here's the 14th entry!



Entry #14

Cultural Festival…

The students were all around the campus. The different clubs had organized either a booth or an event.

The culture club was the main organizer of the event.

There’s a lot of food stalls, mini games, booths, etc.

The Music Club organized a maid café which presents performances from the members of the Music Club.

“Welcome, everyone! For this day, we’ll be presenting to you the members of the Music Club – Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki!”

The two went up the stage. Sayanee had brought her guitar; Milky will do the main vocals.

“You ready?” – Sayanee

Milky nodded.

The small crowd cheered.

Our last kiss
Had a flavour like tobacco
It tasted bitter and sad

Where will you be
This time tomorrow?
Who will you be thinking of?

You are always gonna be my love
Even if I fall in love with someone else someday
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
I’ll keep singing my sad love song
Until I can sing a new song

Time had stood still
But it’s starting to move again
All these things I don’t want to forget

This time tomorrow
I’ll surely be crying
Thinking of you

You will always be inside my heart
There’ll always be a place just for you
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one
I’ll keep singing my sad love song
Until I can sing a new song

You are always gonna be my love
Even if I fall in love with someone else someday
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
I’ll keep singing my sad love song

Now and forever

“Wooooo~” The students clapped their hands and the two bowed and went down the stage just as Shinoda-sensei was entering the café.

She was with Principal Noro and Dr. Ohori.

“Next performance is from a new member of our club. 3rd year student – Kojima Haruna!”

This is Haruna’s first time to sing in front of many people. She was nervous but at the same time excited.

It was really weird – what she’s feeling. Yuko’s not here to support her because she’s busy with the Drama Club’s booth.

The song started playing when she saw Shinoda-sensei at the corner of the room. She blushed at the thought that she’s watching her.

Don't look at me like that.
Something's starting, isn't it?
It's cunning to tempt without speaking definitely.

Why have you been so quiet?
Folding your arms like that
You must be worried about
How I handle you.

Hey, let's casually
Think about the two of us.
Hey, in this world there's nothing but men, women and gays.
I'll soon understand
That simple answer too.

Kiss me BABY!
Kiss me BABY!
Embrace my fragile self.
Won't you teach me
Better than a textbook can?
Kiss me BABY!
Kiss me BABY!
Anyway, soon I'll experience it.
My first partner will be
Dear dear my teacher!

Why are you hesitating?
You're tied down to your morals, right?
Human emotions
Won’t stop for any reason.

Maybe this is different to love,
But is that really so bad?
I have a mission.
There are things you want to try, aren't there?
Hey, I definitely
Definitely won't tell anyone.
It'll just be us, I won't even tell my parents.
Things happen everywhere
That is soon forgotten.

Do it BABY!
Do it BABY!
Won't you teach me a lesson?
I just want to have
Some secret private lessons.
Do it BABY!
Do it BABY!
If you just turn the key in the door
I'll be a good girl.
Dear dear my teacher!

Shake it BABY!
Shake it BABY!
So where shall we start?
If you won't say it with words,
I'll close my eyes.
Shake it BABY!
Shake it BABY!
Lessons are your specialty, aren't they?
Teach me now,
Dear dear my teacher!

“Was Kojima looking at me? Or am I mistaken?”, Mariko thought. She herself blushed as that idea came to her mind.

Haruna’s performance was done. Mariko clapped her hands along with the audience. Haruna caught sight of Mariko’s actions and she was very pleased.

“That one’s for you, Shinoda-sensei.” Haruna murmured as she left the stage.

The Sports Club organized swimming, marathon, and tennis events.

Sayaka was a participant of the swimming event. Sae didn’t join any competition but she was there to support Sayaka.

Sae thought, “The participants were still preparing. I guess I’ll roam around for a while before the event starts.”

She started walking and then she passed by the Math Club booth where a challenge was held.

“Beat her, and you’ll be crowned champion!” was written in huge letters in front of the booth.

Sae entered the booth.


Participants must beat Atsuko in a Math Quiz for them to win.

A sophomore accepted the challenge, but after three questions, she got eliminated from the game.

“Waaaa! Atsuko’s so cool!” Sae said. She glanced at her watch. “Oh, the swimming event’s got to start soon! I must go!”

She decided to leave but a bunch of her fans club members spotted her.

“Saekyuuuuun!” The girls ran towards her. “Let’s have fun, Saekyun!” They dragged her to the horror booth of the drama club.

“Yadaaaa! The swimming event will soon start!!” But the girls will take no as an answer.

Sayaka’s eyes roamed around the pool area searching for Sae, but she’s not around.

“Maybe she went to the comfort room…”, Sayaka thought.

Minegishi-sensei announced the official start of the event. The participants went to their respective positions.

“Focus, Sayaka! Focus!” Sayaka thought to herself.

“On your mark, get set, go!” Minegishi-sensei blew on the whistle which triggered the girls to jump down the pool.

Sayaka was disheartened because Sae’s not cheering for her. She’s not even there to support her.

To add to her despair, she finished second place on the race.

“Waaaaaa!” The girls screamed in chorus because of the little white lady.

Sae was starting to get bored when…

“Oh no… What’s that?” She looked behind her and her face turned pale. “Va—vampire!”

She saw a pale vampire – blood stained. It was devouring the blood of a beautiful lady.

Sae was so moved – horrified by the scene. She screamed and ran out of the horror booth.

She noticed that the girls were all so freaked out inside the horror booth. It was the perfect opportunity to escape them. She ran back to the pool area, but when she arrived everyone was already leaving.

She looked for Sayaka inside the shower room, but found her nowhere. “Well, maybe I can talk to her tomorrow. I hope she’s not mad at me.” Sae thought and she sighed.

“Okay. You two can take a break. But be back here after an hour, okay?”

Milky linked her arms over Sayanee’s. Sayanee kept on removing it. But in the end, she just gave into Milky’s repeated action.

They began walking around the school.

“Ah, let’s eat cotton candy!” Sayaka agreed on Milky’s invitation.

The two ate sweet cotton candy while talking.

They continued their tour. Sayanee saw the horror booth.

“Let’s go there!” Sayanee said with a smirk.

“Eh?” Milky’s eyes brightened.

At first, both were unafraid. But then, Sayanee started to feel goosebumps.

“Aren’t you afraid?” – Sayanee

“I don’t think so…” – Milky

She was enjoying it very much, though.

“Le—let’s get out of here! I’m getting bo—bored.” Sayanee tried to keep her composure but really she was starting to freak out.

“Eh, you’re scared!” Milky grinned.

“Eh! I’m not!”


A cold hand touched Sayanee’s shoulder.

“Waaaaa!” Sayanee screamed and ran out of the horror booth.

“Not scared, eh? Oh, I see…” Milky laughed as she made her way to the exit.

The Drama Club organized a horror booth. Lots of students went to check out their booth.

“Umechan!” Yuko was calling out to Ayaka but she didn’t hear her because she was talking to a sophomore – who is named Nonaka Misato also known as Micha.

Yuko sighed. It seems like she won’t even have the chance to talk to Ayaka.

Another bunch of students entered the horror booth. Yuko was playing the white lady character. The students screamed and ran away.

They must pass by Ayaka’s lane before the exit. Ayaka was dressed as a vampiress and Micha was her bloody victim.

She heard murmurs around the room.
   “She really is a good actress.”
   “Yeah, just like what Yuko-senpai said…”

She looked at them and gave them a thumb up.

“Maybe I’ll have the chance to talk to her after this.” Yuko thought to herself.

Oshima-sensei was also inside the booth – she was hidden somewhere where she can observe everything.

“It looks like my hunch’s correct.” She smiled.

“This thing’s starting to get more interesting…”

The day’s finally over…

The students started cleaning and packing their things up.

It has been a busy day for President Takahashi. She monitored every booth and helped in the preparation in the maid café.

She didn’t have a chance to enjoy the culture fest.

She still needs to check if the other students are done cleaning.

Well, almost everyone had gone home.

“Yo! TakaMina!” – Yuko

“What a tiring day.”  TakaMina let out a sigh.

“Yeah! I thought we are the last to leave the school… but there you are.”

“I still need to check on the other booths.”

“Oh, okay TakaMina. We’ll be leaving now. Bye!” Yuko and Ayaka waved their hands and left.

After she checked everything, TakaMina went to the principal’s office to report.

She was easily dismissed by Principal Noro.

She was walking down the hallway when she saw Atsuko went out of the clinic.

“Atsuko!” She walked towards her. “You okay?”

“Yeah, quite better.”

“Why? What happened to you?”

“Just a mild headache. Today’s a tiring day.”

TakaMina felt a lift of her spirits.

The two girls walked home together.

“You haven’t enjoyed the culture fest?”

Atsuko nodded.

“I was on our booth all day.”

“Yeah, I saw you there… Ano… Atsuko… That’s my house.”

Atsuko looked at where TakaMina is pointing at.

“Would you like to come in and have a tea?” TakaMina said as she pressed the doorbell.

Her mother opened the gate and smiled when she saw the two girls.

“She looks familiar… I know I’ve seen her before.” Atsuko thought to herself.

“Mom, she’s Maeda Atsuko, my classmate.”

Atsuko suddenly remembered a summer almost a decade ago. Yes, she knew her.

“Hello Atsuko. I’m Minami’s mother. Come in… Dinner’s almost ready.”

Atsuko accepted the invitation. They entered Minami’s house.

“Make yourself comfortable…”

Atsuko sat on the sofa. Her eyes roamed around the room.

She found what she’d been searching for – young Minami’s picture.

Yes, she had met Minami before… and her mother, too…

She can clearly remember what happened before.



Atsuko smiled at Minami. The latter returned the smile but she was wondering why Atsuko did that.

The three had a wonderful dinner.

After some time, Atsuko said good bye and left.

When she arrived at home, she hurriedly went to her room and pulled out her diary from her desk.

“The search is over, I already found her – my M.”

She tightly held her necklace with the pendant shaped “M”.


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AKB48 Fanfics / ~ame's OS domain~ Adieu: Part 2 (WMatsui) 20/12/2014
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well... minna-sama. here's part two of Adieu...



(Part 2)

Matsui Rena & Matsui Jurina

She was all alone, locked up in a white-walled and windowless room. Her senses were heightened.

Rena has been here for almost a month. Inside her room, she felt that time passed slowly. She was more than bored. But her loneliness beats her boredom.

“I wonder… what she’s doing now…” She murmured. The thought of Jurina makes her feel sadder.

Then, she heard the door click open. A nurse entered the room and put the medicine tray on the table.

“Matsui-san, it’s time to drink your medicine.”

She drank the pills and gulped plenty of water.

“By the way, you have a visitor, Matsui-san.”

Her eyes widened. Visitor? But who could that be? She doesn’t have a sibling and her parents were already dead.

She stood up and followed the nurse to the visiting area.

The nurse opened the door and she saw her visitor. Her eyes widened in disbelief, she was the last person she would think of as a visitor.

Rena slowly walked towards her and sat at the seat in front of her. She can’t look at her.

They were both speechless.

“Why are you here?” Rena asked.

Jurina didn’t answer.

“Haven’t you read the letter?” Rena kept on asking but Jurina’s not answering. She was forced to look at Jurina. Her jaw slightly dropped.

Jurina was crying, but she was more beautiful than ever. Tears started to build up on Rena’s eyes.

“Rena… I miss you.”

She was holding her tears back but when she heard Jurina’s voice, she started crying.

“Jurina… Why? You’re just making things hard for you—“

“YADA! You’re so stupid, Rena!”

Rena stopped talking. She was shocked because of Jurina’s words.

“I’m sorry… But… I think that if we continue seeing each other… things will be more difficult… I—I don’t want to hurt you… Jurina…” – Rena

“It’s no good, Rena.” – Jurina

“Bu—but why? I don’t want you to suffer because of me.”

“I didn’t know that you’re so stupid.” Jurina sighed.

“I’m so sorry… but may I ask something? How did you know that I’m here?” Rena asked Jurina.


After Jurina read the letter, she was awfully depressed for a month. Then, Churi visited her.

“Stop this nonsense, Jurina!” – Churi

“I hate Rena!”

“Rena… won’t do this without a reason…”

“She told me her reason… but she didn’t realize one thing…”

“You know… You’re quite a moron Jurina. If you hate her because she left you… Then… why don’t you just look for her then?”

“You know Churi… You’ve got a point there!” Jurina regained her normal composure and prepared herself in searching for Rena.

“But… I don’t even know where she lives!” Jurina looked at Churi.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find out soon. I have an idea.”

Churi discussed her plan with Jurina.

“Maybe we should look into her school profile… I’ll ask Airi to help us in this matter.”

They did what they have planned and they succeeded in obtaining Rena’s home address.

After that, they went to Rena’s residence. It was an apartment unit. They found nobody there.

“But… where could she be?”

An old woman approached them.

“You’re looking for an apartment unit? That one’s available…”

“Can we enter? We want to see the inside.” – Churi

“Sure!” The woman rummaged her pocket in search of the key of the room. “The former tenant there was a really nice lady. She’s a little bit weird sometimes because she doesn’t lock her door.”

“Do you know where she is?” Jurina asked the woman.

“I don’t have an idea. She just paid her rent and told me she’ll be leaving.” At last, the woman found the key.

She inserted it and the door was soon opened.

“Ah, yes! I heard her talking to someone on the phone. I think was about… uhm… what was that… Ah! It was about an institution… Well, I’ve heard something of that kind.”

The room was empty, except for a few pieces of trash on the floor.

“I’ll be back girls, I’ll just check on something.” The old woman excused herself.

They went round the room.

“Nee…” Jurina was standing near the table. She found a flyer on the table.

   Takarano Mental Institution
   Sakae, Nagoya

It was what’s written on it plus their contact number.

“Found you.”


“Well… I didn’t know you’d put yourself in that much inconvenience… just to find me.” Rena said coldly.

“I’m disappointed of you, Rena.”

Rena didn’t speak.

“I—I don’t love you anymore…” Rena looked away as she says this.

Jurina stood up and walked towards Rena…

“You’re really not a good liar, Rena…” Rena was shocked because Jurina embraced her. “If your other self’s a sadist… Then, I’ll create my other self, too… and be a masochist for you…”

Rena’s heart raced. Jurina’s was the sweetest voice she’d ever heard.

“Besides… You didn’t realize one important thing!”


“That… When you left me… you gave me the deepest pain ever… I’ll choose to be an object for your sadistic mania… rather than not seeing you anymore… Because the moment you left me, you gave me a thing that is way beyond pain… and that is EMPTINESS.”

Rena returned Jurina’s embrace.

“You owe me a thing, my lady… So, I want you to promise that you will never ever leave me again! Understood?” Jurina said with a tone of superiority.

Rena nodded. She was too happy that words can’t express her feelings.

Rena cupped Jurina’s cheeks.

“I love you so much, Jurina… I promise that when I’m out of here… I’ll be the best girlfriend ever!”

“Do you really need to stay here?”

“Yes… but for the mean time only. You can always visit me here. In that way, I think I’ll be cured easily.”

“Really? Yay! Then, I’ll visit you every day! I love you, my Rena!”

“I love you, too, my Jurina!”

Rena kissed Jurina’s forehead… and the two looked at each other for what seemed like forever.


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Aww... YuiParu is so destined to be. Such an adorable story.
The 19 year old actress, Mayu Matsuoka, got a big push
in her career when she appeared in the NHK morning drama
'Amachan'... But she has actually appeared in many projects.

Riho was so cute when she was sneaking in for
the surprise, with many kawaii facial expressions!

Mayu chan is pretty cute herself, as in this CM

いいなCM グリコ乳業 アワリッチ 松岡茉優 「泡ラ手マシン」篇
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: The Other Side of Me (MaYuki) [Chap. 4] 05/21/14
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Shiruba_rein-san.. please update this fanfic :(

I'm so curious what mayu do to yuki...

I beg you.. pleaseee~ i like this fanfic  :cry:

Update soon  :bow:
Konnichiwa author-san!
Silent reader here ^^
I like ur fanfic but sorry for never giving u comment.
Blame my stupid connection for that  :smhid

First,thank for ur update.
I enjoy it a lot.
Acchan who so jealous to mariko is so cute!!!
But please dont make minami leave acchan too long.
I need my atsumina back :on cloudeye:

Second,please update ur story.
I'll be waiting for ur update.
Yoroshiku author-san  :kneelbow:
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