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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 04:31:48 AM »
Hello! A fast update again!
In this chapter, we will have the first fight scene ever in this Season 3. It will be Kashiwagi Yuki versus Oguri Yui and her friends. And of course, I don't need to tell you who's going to win the fight.  :lol:

I’m also planning to make a debut for Ogino Yuka and other NGT48 girls, but that will have to wait until few chapters more.



     It had been five months since Watanabe Mayu began to work in this law firm, and it was a five months of hellish hell for the young lawyer. She spent one full month studying hard for the bar exam, which she managed to pass successfully. And then she spent the rest of the months handling a lot of tasks, cases, lawsuits and clients that were assigned to her by the firm. Her daily rhythm only revolved around her apartment, her office, her clients’ offices, and the courts. She barely had time for leisure or to do anything else. She barely had time for Yuki. She barely even had time for herself. But of course, Mayu had already expected this before, even long before she entered this law firm.

     ‘Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu’ was known to be one of the Big Four law firms in Japan. It has almost 800 employees and 400 attorneys working from their offices in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore. Just like any other big firms, its major practice area was general practice. They handled everything from criminal law, civil law, tax law, human rights law, corporate law, international law, etc.

     Everyone in the law firm worked in a very long hours, almost around the clock. And Mayu found herself competing with other apprentices and junior associates in delivering their jobs and giving their best performance. She arrived early at the office, and only reached home late at night. She even spent some Saturday at the office. And whenever she had free time at home she would spend it for reading news, studying legal cases, and watching footages of trials in courts. She had no time to rest.

     Mayu did fall sick several times during this period, but fortunately nothing was serious. All she needed to get back to her feet was a full day of sleeping and procrastinating in her bed. Yuki was always worried about this, but there's nothing she can do or change about Mayu’s working habit. Being a very understanding person, she didn't ask a lot of Mayu’s time for her. Mayu was busy and Yuki knew that.

     There were several occasions when Mayu and Yuki went out for a date, either to a cinema or a concert. And then Yuki would find Mayu sleeping on her seat during the whole times, instead of watching the performance. And then Yuki would have to piggyback Mayu home. After that, Yuki never asked Mayu to go out for a date anymore. Instead she just let the younger girl decide on what they’re going to do on the weekend. And most of the times, they would just spend their weekend procrastinating and cuddling in their bed for the whole day.

     Yuki had asked Mayu once, whether she was planning to spend the rest of her life working so hard like this. Eventhough the firm paid very well, Yuki could not imagine Mayu to continue working like this till they get old. She was worried that Mayu would burn herself out by the time she retired.

     The answer from Mayu was quite reassuring though. Mayu said she didn't plan to work in the big firm for a long time. She wasn't interested in the money anymore. Now she was more interested in building her own firm although it meant she would have to do it from scratch. Mayu planned to quit the firm after saving enough money, probably after a couple years, and then started her own small firm. That was what Mayu wanted to do in the future.

     But for now, Mayu knew she needed to gain a lot of experiences first by working in this big firm, and to save a lot of money to secure their financial. And working in this big firm was proven to be very advantageous for Mayu. She made a lot of new friends, colleagues and clients, handling a lot of interesting cases and lawsuits, and getting a lot of new experiences.

     Everyone in the office was very interesting. And after working together with them for several months, Mayu had started to learn something more about them. Sakai Masato, the international cross-border lawyer, was a family man with a beautiful wife and two children. While Sakurai Sho, the tax lawyer, also had a side job as a celebrity and media personality. He was the only one in his generation who graduate with a double degree: an economic degree from Keio University, and a law degree from Meiji University. His good look and bright personality had made him become very popular in the country. He even had his own television proram which aired weekly during primetime, the “TAX SHO: Talk Tax with Sho”, a program which people can ask and consult about tax law with the lawyer.

     Sakai and Sakurai were the two interviewers who had interviewed Mayu earlier. The other being Sawajiri Erika, the civil and human right lawyer. Mayu didn't have anything to say about Sawajiri, other than recognizing her as the most demanding and intimidating person in the office. Sawajiri was a very good lawyer who put integrity, work-ethics, and professionalism above anything else. But there was also a rumour about Sawajiri and her tendency to have the hots for her younger colleagues, mostly females. Whether the rumour was true or not, Mayu had never taken it seriously and she still held an utmost respect for Sawajiri.

     There were several occasions when Mayu was assigned as a member of Sawajiri’s team, and she had to work together with her. And then some of Mayu’s colleagues told her that Sawajiri seemed to have an eyes on her. At that time Mayu decided to just brush it off, and pretend to be oblivious of it. She didn't want to get any trouble from Sawajiri, and she already had a very loyal girlfriend too. There’s no reason for Watanabe Mayu to play with fire now and thus risk her relationship with her girlfriend.

     While the most intimate relationship Mayu had in the office was probably with Takenaka Naoto, her mentor and supervisor. For all junior associates that was newly recruited in this firm, each of them was provided a mentor/supervisor. And Mayu’s mentor was Takenaka Naoto, an eccentric fifty-years-old man who has been working as a prosecutor for 12 years, and a criminal defense lawyer for another 15 years.

     Takenaka was a very interesting person. He had a taste for swing jazz and classical music. He has married two times, and divorced two times. From each marriage he had one child, a boy and a girl. Mayu spent her time a lot with Takenaka, working together in several cases and criminal lawsuits. And from there, Mayu learned that Takenaka was also quite a pervert, which made Mayu become easily related with him because he reminded her to her Oshiro Sister. When they were having lunch together, Mayu noticed how Takenaka would steal a glance from time to time, and stare secretly at a random pretty girl or beautiful woman who happened to walk past them. It was quite amusing for Mayu to witness that. While Takenaka also quickly grew fond of Mayu because Mayu never showed any sign of disapproval against his pervertness.

     Takenaka was assigned to be Mayu’s mentor because his field of expertise was criminal law. Although it seemed at first that Takenaka was a bit sceptical about Mayu’s preference for criminal law. Just like Sakai said, most of female lawyers didn't favor criminal law to be their first choice. It needed a lot of courage and patience to deal with the worst of people: criminals, drunk people, drugs dealer, gangster, and yakuza. However, over the course of time, Mayu proved herself to be very competent and she slowly gained Takenaka’s trust and favor in her.


     One day Mayu and Takenaka were attending a trial and representing their client at the court. At lunch break, Mayu and Takenaka went to have a lunch in a nearby restaurant.
     Takenaka then spoke while they were eating dessert. “Mayu-chan. I’m gonna tell you something.”
     “You choose criminal law because you think it’s intriguing to work as a criminal lawyer right? Don't you think it’s dangerous?”
     “Hm. Maybe. But not as a dangerous as a cop, I think.” Mayu said shrugging as she took a spoonful of ice cream and put it into her mouth.
     “That's right, Mayu. But even so, most people still think being a prosecutor or a criminal lawyer is dangerous, because they have to deal with criminals. They mostly think a convicted person will hold a grudge against their prosecutors or lawyers, and will attack them as a revenge. It’s reasonable to think like that. But from my experience, that's not actually true. There's something that is contrary to those belief, and not many people know that.”
     “Really? What is it?”
     Takenaka leaned forward, putting his elbows on the table and placing his hands under his chin. He then squinted his eyes and stared at Mayu.
     “Let me ask you a question first, Mayu-chan. Assume you are a prosecutor or a judge who had just sentenced someone to a prison. Which one do you think will most likely to hold a grudge on you? An ordinary felon? Or an elite member of yakuza and mafia? Which one you do fear the most, Mayu?”
     “Yakuza and mafia, of course.” Mayu answered without thinking.
     “You see Mayu, contrary to what you believe, yakuza and mafia rarely attack law officers and law-enforcement officers. The reason is, they have a consensus for it.”
     “A consensus?”
     “Yeah. Killing law officers will violate a long-standing rule amongst the yakuza and mafia. If they do it, the backlash from the rival yakuza clans or other mafia families will be severe. Not to mention, the law enforcement will take more drastic approach towards them if they dare to mess with the law officers.”
     “Oh, I see. How about the ordinary felons? What will they think of their prosecutor?”
     Takenaka let out a smirk. “Well, let’s imagine I am a felon. After I finish serving my sentence, what do you think I will do? Taking my revenge on my prosecutor? And then get punished more severely later? Come on! I must be very stupid to do that! If I’m going to take my revenge, I will prefer to do that to the witness or the families or friends of my victim, because they were the ones who testified against me. I may hold a personal grudge towards them, but not to my prosecutor or judge.”
     “Hm, that's right. But you were only talking about prosecutors. How about the lawyers?”
     “Well,” Takenaka paused for a moment. “Being a lawyer is a bit more vulnerable than a prosecutor.”
     “Really? But they defend the criminals, right? They’re doing the opposite job of prosecutors. The lawyers jobs should be safer than prosecutors, I think.”
     “You think?” Takenaka chuckled. “Mayu-chan, what I really meant to say is this. Convicted felons rarely hold a grudge against their prosecutors or judges even though they’re the one who sentenced them. They usually will think those people were just doing their jobs. However, there is a higher probability for a felon to hold a grudge against their defense lawyer if they think their lawyer messing up with them and not doing a good job in defending them. You should watch Robert De Niro’s movie, Cape Fear, then you’ll understand what I mean.”
     “Hm. You meant to say that being a prosecutor is safer than a lawyer?”
     Takenaka let out another smirk. “Actually, both profession are equally safe, unless…”
     “Unless, you mess with your clients by not doing your best to defend them, or you cross the border and do what you aren't supposed to do as a lawyer.”
     “And what am I not supposed to do?”
     “Playing a cop and taking their jobs.”
     “Oh yeah, sure. I wouldn't do that.”
     “Mayu, do you know the difference between the lawyer or prosecutor and the police officer?”
     “Of course. Police officers work to find the evidences and catch the criminals. Lawyers and prosecutors work to analyze those evidences and decide the punishment for the criminals if they are proven guilty.”
     “Yes, that’s the difference. Before the police officers finish their job, I can say we are not exist. So all we have to do is, let the cops do their job, and let’s do ours. Don't mess up with our work and their work. As long as you don't go messing up with anyone, or playing cops and taking their jobs, you’re safe.”
     Staring at the old man, Mayu furrowed her brows. “And why are you telling me this, old man? It’s like a basic lecture for a first-year law student.”
     Takenaka let out a chuckle. “Well, it's because I have a feeling you’re going to do something like that in the future.”
     Mayu shrugged. “Naaah, I won't do that! I’ll get beaten up by my partner if I dare playing cops and taking their jobs. Haha!”
     The old man just stared at Mayu and leaned back to his seat.
     “I have a close friend before. He was my roommate during our staying the dormitory, and we always attended our classes together in college. But he died young. He died 20 years ago. ” Takenaka said with a rather dreamy eyes. The seriousness in his tone caused Mayu to stop eating and listened to him instead.
     Takenaka continued his words. “He was handling a case for a client, a young woman who is convicted for a murder. He believed his client was innocent, and then he went too far to help his client. He tried to find the evidence himself, and he succeeded. However, his action enraged the real culprit who then came and attacked him, injuring him badly. His client was then cleared from the charge, but unfortunately he couldn’t survive and died from his injury. He was playing cops and taking their jobs, and he paid it with his life.”
     “Oh, I’m…. I’m sorry to hear that.” Mayu didn't know what to say.
     “It's okay. I just want to share the story with you.” Takenaka said. “So, my advice is, just do your job, don't play cops, and don't get too personally or emotionally attached with your clients.”
     Mayu nodded.
     “Have you ever been attacked by someone, Takenaka-san?” she then asked.
     The old man shook his head. “Fortunately, no. Either as a prosecutor or a lawyer, I have never been attacked by anyone. One day I encountered someone whom I have given a sentence a long time ago. He had finished serving his sentence and got out from jail. And do you know what I did when I met him? I smiled at him, and then I greeted him and shook his hands. I could see how he was feeling a little awkward upon seeing me, which was understable because I was the one who sentenced him to prison. At first I thought he was going to attack me. However, he just greeted me back and accepted my handshake. Then I asked him how he’s been doing after getting out of jail. He replied that he had got a new job as a truck driver and now he’s living a clean life. And after that we ate ramen together in a food stall. And we had a friendly talk for an hour, as if we were long lost friend. He didn't seem to have a grudge on me. He probably thought I was just doing my job.” Takenaka finished his story.
     And Mayu was left stunned upon hearing that. “Wow. What a story, Takenaka-san.”
     “Yeah.” Takenaka glanced at his watch. “Ah, lunch break is almost over. Let's go, little girl.”
     “Yeah, let's go, old man.”
     The two then quickly headed back to the court.


In another corner of the city.

     “Otsukaresama deshita!”
     “Otsukaresama deshita!”
     Yuki said bowing a little to her manager and her workmates before leaving the convenience store. She had just finished her shift that day and was planning to go to the fish market and the grocery store that was located three stations away from the convenience store.
     It was still an hour before sunset, and Yuki wasn't in a hurry so she decided to not take the subway and just go by foot instead in order to kill time and enjoy the city view. Mayu would probably come home late at night again today, and therefore Yuki didn't feel the urge to go home early either.
     Yuki then walked slowly while trying to enjoy the city view. Passing by a highschool building complex, she found herself being swarmed by a large crowd of high school students who had just finished their activities and were exiting from the school gates, some of them riding bicycle.
     And just then, Yuki caught a familiar face staring at her from a distance while standing inside the school gate. Yuki was about to call out to that girl, but she already ran and disappeared from her sight.
     Upon seeing the girl runaway, Yuki then just shrugged it off and continued her trip to the fish market.
     After spending some time on the fish market and the grocery store, Yuki then walked home taking another route.

     The sun was almost set. Yuki stopped at a park to enjoy the view of the sunset. There were a lot of kindergarten kids playing around in that park. A ball rolled over and stopped near Yuki’s feet. She caught it and threw it back to those kids, and they said, “Arigatou, Neechan!”
     Yuki smiled at them and sat herself on a bench.
     A moment later, her phone rang and she quickly dug it out. She glanced at the caller ID, it was from her close friend, Sashihara Rino.
     “Moshi moshi!”
     [‘ Moshi moshi! Hey, Yuki! How are you? You know, I saw Mayu on the news today. She’s defending one of the Johnny boys in the trial! Man, your girlfriend has really made a name for herself now! She’s going to be a famous person in the future! ‘]
     Sasshi continued blabbering on the other side of the line, while Yuki just laughed upon hearing her words.
     “Yeah, she is! And she’s very busy too! She doesn't even have time to go out with me anymore!” Yuki chuckled.
     [‘ Awww! Yuki, are you saying you are lonely now? ‘]
     “I am actually. Everyday, she will leave when I’m still sleeping in bed, and will arrive home when I’m already asleep. And I don't have a lot things to do during the day, so it's pretty boring here. How are you and Rabutan?”
     [‘ Hm? Oh, we are fine here! Totally fine! Rabutan had been helping me a lot, handling the auto-shop. We also had bought a ship and we’re all having fun with it. We use the ship to catch fishes from the sea. ‘]
     “What? Are you a fisherman now? That’s cool, Sasshi!” Yuki laughed.
     [‘ Haha! Yeah! But we’re only doing it for fun! Sakura and Haruppi often come with me too, catching fishes! It’s really fun! ‘]
     “Hm, yeah, I can imagine that.” Yuki said smiling.
     [‘ Hey, if you feel bored there, just can come and visit me! You’ll be having fun here! There’s so many loli girls, not to mention, the beaches are wonderful with all those girls in bikinis and stuff! It’s really fun!! ‘‘]
     “Haha!! Of course it’s fun for you, Sasshi!! I’m not doubting that!! And yeah, I will come and visit you later!”
     [‘ Anyway, are you still hunting vampire there? ‘]
     “Emm… Not really. There’s not much of them here. Only thugs, gangsters, and yankii.”
     [‘ Ah, same here too! But there’s a lot of shapeshifter here! Sometimes they caused trouble in town, but fortunately we have Sakura and Haruppi to help putting them back in their place. ‘]
    “Oh that’s good! Sakura must have been doing very well there, right? Tell her I miss her!”
     [‘ Okay! Ah, it’s Rabutan! I gotta go! Talk to you again later! Bye, Yuki! ‘]
     “Bye, Sasshi!”
     Yuki then hang up the call.

     The sun had already set a few minutes ago. The children had stopped playing and began to leave the park one by one. And finally, Yuki was left alone in the park. After a moment, she got up and was about to leave as well, when suddenly a bunch of schoolgirls appeared out of nowhere. They were still in their seifuku, and most of them had a baseball bat and chains in their hands.
     “Hey, what is this?”
     Yuki squinted her eyes and stared at them. Her eyes then landed upon a girl whose face was hidden beneath a baseball cap.
     “Oguri Yui, is that you!? Show me your face!”
     Yuki could see the girl was smirking as she removed her cap.
     “Yes, it’s me,” the girl spoke. “And I’m glad we can meet again, Kashiwagi Yuki san.”
     Yuki was silent for a moment. She then put her grocery bags on the bench while kept her eyes on those school girls. There were more than a dozen of them, and they were all making their steps closer towards Yuki.
     “So you’re mad after I took you to the police the other day, and now you want to get me, huh? You even bring your friends here. What are you? Bullies?” Yuki spoke out, feeling more like amused than annoyed.
     “Shut up! Do you who we are? We’re going to tear you apart and teach you a lesson for sending our friend to the police!” said one of those girls.
     “Yeah! You shouldn't have done that! You dead meat!”
     “No one messes with us and goes without getting their ass kicked!”
     The taunting continued while Yuki just stared at them.
     There was a girl who were standing in front of Yuki, she swung her chain a bit too hard and accidentally hit her own leg. The girl shrieked in pain and Yuki couldn't help but smile upon seeing that. How clumsy. These girls were just a bunch of school kids who tried to act tough in front of everyone. And judging by how they acted, they're certainly not yankii. They’re just bullies, with bats and chains.
     “Oh, so you want to kick my ass? Do you think you can do that!? How old are you, kids? Fifteen? Sixteen?” she asked in a mocking tone.
     “Yeah, I am sixteen! And how old are you? Thirty? Pfffft!! Obaa~chan!” Oguri Yui said while sticking out her tongue.
     “Oh, look at that! You have a lot of wrinkles there! Baa~chan! Hahaha!”
     Yuki squinted her eyes, feeling a bit annoyed upon receiving the backlash. Do I really look that old? She thought while pouting.
     Biting her lips and taking a deep breath, Yuki then spoke.
     “Mmm…. Look, I don't want to fight you. How about we… talk? I mean, you can talk, and I will listen. Now put those things down, and let’s talk. Who knows maybe we can be friends?” she said while smiling as sweetly as she could.
    “Tck! Friends my ass!” Oguri retorted with a sneer.
     “We don't want to make friends with someone like you!”
     “A friend won't turn their friends in to a police officer! That’s uragirimono!”
     Yuki frowned again upon hearing those. And she wondered why she always failed when trying to persuade and negotiate with people. Mayu obviously could do better than her in this department.
     Yuki then changed her strategy. If a sweet smile didn't work, then bluffed and threatened them.
     “Look, girls, I have a black belt in karate, aikido, judo, and taekwondo. I can send you altogether to the hospital, if you keep insisting to attack me.”
     “Tck! You don't scare us, Baa~chan!”
     Yuki couldn't help but pouting upon hearing that. And she wondered again, why she always failed when trying to bluff and threaten people. Sasshi obviously could do better in this department.
     Oguri then gestured her friends to move closer and began their assault.
     They swung their bats and chains at Yuki. The sound of wood and metal slashing through the air and clashing against the ground were echoing loudly. But of course, Yuki managed to dodge all those strikes effortlessly.
     “Girls, stop this! I don't want to hurt you!” Yuki spoke while maneuvering and dodging their attack.
     Upon seeing their hits missed, the girls get more annoyed and they began to attack Yuki more fiercely.
     Yuki then looked around to search for an escape. And after grabbing her grocery bags, she then made a run into an alley.
     “Hey, don't run!!” Oguri shouted.
     The school girls chased after Yuki, while kept shouting and making noise all along the way.
     Yuki ran fast along the alleys and made several turns in order to confuse and escape her pursuers. However, not long after she found herself being trapped from the two directions, forcing her to stop running.
     As Yuki turned, she saw those school girls were already swarming around her and blocking her way, in front and behind her. Now Yuki had no choice other than to fight them.
     Although Yuki thought it was kinda silly for a grown-up woman like her to fight against a bunch of school girls. But then again, this might ease her boredom for a bit.
     “Hehe! Now you can’t run anywhere!” Oguri said mockingly.
     “Girls, I’m warning you for the last time. Back off. Or you will regret this.”
     Yuki was ignored, however, and those school girls started attacking her again, more furiously than before. They swung their bats and chains again and again, forcing Yuki to take a few steps back every time she dodged them. Not only swinging their weapons, they also began punching and kicking Yuki. One of them managed to land a hit on Yuki’s back, causing Yuki to flinch a bit. At this point Yuki realized she was a bit overwhelmed and she needed to fight back. She then put her grocery bags on the ground and prepared herself to face her attackers.
     “Okay, kids. Let's settle this. And don't say I didn't warn you.” She said while cracking her knuckles.

     Few minutes later.
     “Now, don’t speak so tough like you own everyone!! You’re still too early ten years before you can come and beat me down!” Yuki shouted while standing with her arms akimbo and her brows furrowed.
     Everyone except her was either lying on the ground bleeding from their wounds, or hiding behind a tree or a wall in another alley.
     Yuki then looked down at Oguri Yui as she parted her lips to speak again.
     “Oguri Yui, you have something to say now?”
     The said girl just looked up to her while  still lying on the ground.
     “N-no!” Oguri said shivering.  Her lips was bleeding and she had a few cuts and scratches on her arms.
     Yuki then reached out her hand and helped the girl up.
     After that, she ordered, “Turn around, Yui!”
     Oguri was confused. “What?”
     “Turn around, and bent over so that I can see your butt!” Yuki repeated her order.
     Oguri was still confused but she complied anyway, because she feared Yuki would beat her up again. She then turned her back at Yuki and bent over. Her buttocks were practically facing Yuki.
     Yuki walked up to her. And then, surprisingly to everyone, Yuki raised her hand and brought it down upon Oguri’s butt, and began to spank the girl hard on her butt.
     “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Oguri winced in pain upon receiving those spanks. All her friends were also wincing upon seeing the scene and hearing those loud spanks.
     Yuki then stopped and made the girl turned around and stood upright again.
     Oguri was rubbing her butt in pain while staring at Yuki. Her lips quivered and her face looked as if she wanted to cry.
     “Now listen everyone, if I happen to see any of you stealing again, I will give each of you fifty spanks on your butt! Do I make myself clear?”
     Oguri and her friends all gave a nod while cowering in fear. And from the look on their faces, Yuki could tell these girl were really vexed after being beaten by the older girl.
     “Good! Now we’ve finished here. Goodbye, and catch you later, girls!” Yuki said as she grabbed her grocery bags and walked away from the place.




This fight scene between Yuki and the school girls was a homage/reference to a scene in Undercover! fic by AKB48couples. I hope he/she won't mind I’m copying a couple of sentences here. Click here if you want to read the fic. And why do I keep making a homage/reference like this? Well, because I like those fics and I want to make a homage to them. But of course, a lot of other parts/sentences is written by myself and I'm not copying from anyone.

And don’t worry, just like Mayu in the past, Oguri Yui here will change and be a good girl too.

- Cape Fear is a Robert De Niro’s movie about a convicted rapist who had been released from prison after serving a fourteen-year sentence and then stalked the family of the lawyer who originally defended him.


Rikako tries out her new
“You can’t Smile” spell on Moe

Rikako could not get the
spell to work with Mizuki
Cookies to the rescue  :cow:

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^Mama Miki is soo adorable. She has this frumpiness now that's endearing lol You wouldn't think she was the same girl who was the bad ass groper of her younger days.

I don't know how I stumbled upon it and it has been mentioned in this thread years ago but I saw 2ch's speculation of Miki being part Korean and the more I look at Miki the more I can kinda see it. For one, I am married to a Korean man so I've been around a lot of Koreans. Also, when you compare her with Koreans with similar facial features such as Yenny Park of Wonder Girls fame, you can see some similarities. But I think 2ch's reaction to it is not positive is what I'm getting. As for me, if this is true then it's no wonder Miki's my 2nd favorite MM member of all time. She's absolutely still gorgeous pureblood or not.
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Lieutenant-Commander Takagi Sayuki looking resplendant in her dress blues during her Vocal Diva combat medal award ceremony in her native Chiba ken.

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