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Movies / Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
« Last post by Japanium on Today at 12:18:50 AM »
great casting!!! now I'm courios to watch the movie...
every years new Superheroes, Marvel, DC, etc. and more special effects  8)2
Japanese / Re: Yuumi Shida 志田友美
« Last post by muppet on Today at 12:15:08 AM »

More photos from her PB, and PopTeen's Yuumi
has definitely entered the Sexy Zone!

Yet she retains the innocent Kawaiiocity!

Watch out! Yuumi chan never misses!

Yuumi be schoolin'

Lovely smile our Yuumi does have!

Sun shiny days!

Credit, all photos: modelpress
Japanese / Re: Rena Nounen 能年玲奈
« Last post by muppet on September 23, 2014, 11:55:29 PM »
Yoshino san posted above about Rena's
film "Princess Jellyfish", which will be released in

Credit modelpress

Now it has been announced that the band 'Sekaowa' aka 'Sekai no Owari'
will perform the theme song!

Credit modelpress

Added bonus- the film co-stars the ever wonderful Tomoe Shinohara!
this chapter title really gets to me..
Yeah, the chapter title really shows how R7 is like a family. :hee:
I'm sure the group would still meet again in the near future, even if they were to separate. :mon determined:
“Sou ne… I’ve already had too many injuries and deaths,” Yuki said
Definitely Yuki, you have faced death way too many times now :sweat:
I think Mayu won't be able to handle Yuki getting seriously injured like last time :mon sweat:
Can't wait to read part 2 :tama-heart:
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Going My Way Chapter 19 9/23/2014
« Last post by Kairi65 on September 23, 2014, 11:38:06 PM »
eh..? miyuki's father is dead..?

what does it mean her mother was being transferred?
this chapter title really gets to me..

this chapter is so, but hey, better than no update! :thumbsup

cant wait for the next one! :w00t:
Chapter 48 Part 1: Life won't Be The Same Without The Rest of You....

Jun’s POV

“R7 is disbanding?”

“I’m afraid so my friends, but no need to fret.”

“What are we going to do if something like this happens again?” Yuisuke pondered, whilst holding hands with Haruka.

“I thought-”

“That was what I was going on to, Yuki.”

I saw Yuki behind Mayu, clutching on to her shoulders.


I sighed. “Anyway, as Yuki was about to mention, I was confronted by Kai and an old friend of mine, Nakanishi Yuka-kun about something. Both Yuki and I were asked to lead an army, and were asked to distribute roles throughout the old rebellion.”

“And what are we going to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I said as I sat down on the table. “We need to move on in our lives.”


“Face it. Yuki and Mayu are married, me and Rena have kids… it’s time we all moved on.”


“We can’t afford anymore injuries or deaths… Now that everyone’s together...”

“Sou ne… I’ve already had too many injuries and deaths,” Yuki said. “I don’t want to have anymore. I wanna live my life now, with Mayu.”

“Oh, Yuki...”

“So, this is really it? The end of an era...”


“Uh, will we go our separate ways then?”

“Of course not! I’ve become too close to you lot to let go…”


“We’ll just have to live our new lives.”

All of us kept quiet for a moment, remembering the tough times we’ve shared together. From me meeting Mayu, Miyuki and Yuki to me and Rena hitching up… Everything seemed fine….
Part 2 Won't be a separate chapter btw~
Girls' Generation / Re: Sexiest Underarm
« Last post by Zorro17 on September 23, 2014, 11:21:23 PM »
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Going My Way Chapter 19 9/23/2014
« Last post by kuro_808 on September 23, 2014, 11:09:10 PM »
“The condition improved but we are taking the psych evaluation when he awakes fully from his nap.”  The nurse informed him before he followed the police to the car.

is miyuki's father dead..? if not, then the 'he' is him?

sai's rather calm after all that stuff.. :nervous

No he is under meds but the nurse was trying to say that the psychological evaluation has to be done when he is fully awake.  Other than that they can't prove that he was mentally unstable at the time of the incident.

Sai knows what he did and no sense make it difficult for everyone else although Miyuki's non-appearance really says something.

Chapter 19

Miyuki returned to the dorms as Kei sat in here staring at her before she opened her arms to let her roommate run to her.  Despite everything, she had heard the charges against Sai and ran back to the dorms fearing that seeing her would only bring the anger again and her uncle had confirmed to her that the past was going to come out regardless if she disagreed in keeping it a secret.  Miyuki kept close to Kei’s body as her roommate brushed her hair back as the door opened to the coordinator.

“There is an urgent message for Miyuki.”  Nana announced as she handed the paper over to Kei.

Miyuki wiped her eyes as she open the folded paper.  Her mouth was left ajar as she saw the message and grabbed her phone as there was no text message given to her.  She didn’t want to get her mother involved into everything but the one thing that she feared was her mother confronting the man again.

“How long ago was this?”  Miyuki asked, wiping her eyes again as she placed it onto the table.

“It was yesterday…  The office only forwarded to me just now.”  Nana explained as Miyuki grabbed her jacket from the closet.

“Where are you going?”  Kei asked as she grabbed her roommate’s shoulder.

“I got to head back to the hospital.  It is an emergency.”  She said before walking out of the room before jogging to the elevator.

Kei glanced at the coordinator as they followed her to the elevator before realizing they couldn’t catch her in time and ran down the stairs to the lobby.  Kei began to think about Miyuki for that brief moment and the one time she had visited them in the dorms.  She had the pink scrubs on as she had given Miyuki her birthday present.  Kei had remembered it because it was the necklace that was made of silver and how it sparkled made both of them surprised by the cost.

“Do you mind telling me the message?”  Kei breathed arriving at the lobby as Miyuki was heading toward the door.

“Her mother was being transferred.”  Nana exhaled.

“I see…”  Kei thought as it finally clicked.  “Damn it!  We need to get there quick.”

Miyuki jumped onto the shuttle to take her down to the hospital.  Sundays were more for personal transportation and given her situation, she said her destination before the bus pulled out of the terminal.  She sat there thinking about her mother and if she would see him in his state.  Miyuki thought that she probably didn’t hear of the situation and walking into the live minefield of emotions couldn’t help her with the anxiety of the actions against her father.  She began to wonder what would happen if she did see him.  It wasn’t anything new to her but she kept a good front about the situation when it came to the job and would do the same.

“Hospital!  Next stop!”  The bus driver called as she looked outside to see the flux of nurses going in and out of the hospital.

Miyuki got off the bus stop and saw the woman walking out with a wide smile.  She stood across the street as the woman walked away from the hospital as she tracked her to the crosswalk.  Miyuki crossed as she caught the glimpse of her daughter walking towards her.  She saw the hazel eyes and curled her lips as her mother grabbed her wrist and walked away from the building.

“He should be dead by now.”  She said as her teeth showed to her daughter as Miyuki felt the silence in the statement.

“What did you do?  Please don’t tell me…”  Miyuki fell into her mother’s arms letting out the frustrations when she lifted her head up.

“I… saw the opportunity.  However, it wasn’t done by me.”  She sighed.  “I would have but somehow the nurses were confused on the shift change that I heard a code red when it was him.  The doctors ran in as I watched from the outside.  I knew it was a mistake by the nurse but I didn’t correct her because the doctor said so and I had walked away when I heard the flat line.”

“So… that means…”  Miyuki wiped her sore eyes.  “He may be released?”


“My friend had saved me from him by disarming and injuring him.”  Miyuki explained.

“I see…  That’s how he got into the hospital.”  She thought as Miyuki ran toward the police station before her mother grabbed her again.  “Let the police take care this.”

Miyuki took a seat on the bench with her mother as the brisk breeze blew by them.  Since the incident, Miyuki wasn’t as social to her mother as she would be with others.  She felt pity over the situation as her mother blamed herself for not being there when she went through the trouble of selling her body.  Her mother knew she had a gift to entertain people but she knew about the situation as she had the friend who was a hostess take her in when she was hiding from her husband.  The friend saw how she could talk to men and make her swoon over her but being the naïve child, Miyuki was taken advantage.

The men ranged from their 40’s to the early 60’s as the alcohol came while she would take coke and a bit of whiskey to tickle her senses.  The policy stood strict as the guards had made their way around the tables.  She was never in any harm but the men had asked for her by name.  Milky became the moniker as she was sweet and her voice was soothing like milk.  Milky hadn’t asked for the sex but she had thought it would be a good way to make conversation and the first was a politician.

He was polite and questioned everything about her when they were together.  Milky felt the myriad of emotions as she had her cherry popped.  The heaviness of the moment made it hard to enjoy her freedom as it was quick.  The politician wasn’t suited for her lack of experience as gave out early but the next few were more resistant to her body.  After everything, she had gain notoriety as the best hostess but with the asterisk because the sex was outlawed.

The owners didn’t know she was taking them back until she was caught with her lips around the man’s junk.  She was immediately booted and her friend had reported to her mother.  She didn’t have the talk until a few days later when she finally made the opportunity to open up about how she was treated as school because of her experience.  Then, her mother had given her the lecture about that as she wasn’t as popular but she was still attractive to her father.  Miyuki understood her mother and didn’t allow going through the pain until his drunken-filled rage had opened up the worst moment in her life.

“Miyuki… I want you to know that… it is alright to be true to him.”  She whispered as the girl nodded.

“I know… Thanks mom.”
H!P Crapola / Re: The Sayumi Michishige Memory Lane
« Last post by etranger01 on September 23, 2014, 10:33:07 PM »
cause it's sayus thread.
and sayu, listen noob:
"real beauty never ages. it might get fat cause it never managed the horizontal bar, sitting on the couch 24/7 getting brain-freezed by strawberry slurpee, but...real beauty never ages!

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