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I love this song and video SO SO SO much!!!

I think it's a really good send-off for Momo (hopefully the other song is the same), esp. considering she was the playing manager and training the girls? I like that it features her, but the other girls get plenty of time to shine as well? Like it really shows how far they've come as a group with her.
Movies / Re: The OFFICIAL Star Wars Thread
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Groups and IVs / Re: [Group] @crepe
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Title: [@crepe] NO.094 Honoka Ayukawa
Size: 8.24mb
Files: 33pics
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Movies / Re: The OFFICIAL Star Wars Thread
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It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. This December.

Groups and IVs / Re: [Group] @crepe
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Title: [@crepe] NO.093 Miku Takaoka
Size: 20.5mb
Files: 80pics
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The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Passpo☆
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some vids of Passspo @ last week's Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

PASSPO☆ 「少女飛行 」「PlayGround」「WANTED! 」 東京オートサロン 2017

PASSPO☆ 「Pretty Lie」「Material Girl」 東京オートサロン 2017 TOKYO AUTO SALON

PASSPO☆ 2017.1.15 東京オートサロン AUTO SALON LIVE 幕張メッセ イベントホール

Yes. Very cute. :heart: This was Momo's last single? It seems so fitting it would be called something like Peanut Butter Jelly Love. :lol: (Yes I know it's not the only song)
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 8 (23/01/2017)
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They got married and had a baby?!?!?!?!

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 8 (23/01/2017)
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Rena didn’t know what to make of Jurina’s behavior when they made their way to the office. Since the moment they woke up, Rena could tell something was off with her assistant. Not only she spoke very few words, it was evident she was a little stressed. The CEO immediately questioned her in concern when she witnessed those signs, the latter brushing it off with a slight nervous look. Nothing serious, she assured her. This morning, she had a lot on her mind because of the monthly meeting regarding the advancement of the time machine.

Rena chose not to insist – remembering indeed the important meeting was supposed to happen this morning - even though she couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t telling her the entire truth. To add to her skepticism, she recalled vividly the short but strange conversation that occurred between Jurina and her robot just as they were leaving the house. Rena was waiting patiently a few feet away for the other girl to finish her talk with him, and the very last words they shared brought a frown to her face. Even though she was too far to catch the whole exchange she still managed to catch snatches of it, and heard Jurina asking Alfred to wish her luck.

Wish her luck? But for what?

Rena’s first thought was to assume it was related to the time machine. Had Jurina managed to make significant advancements lately? An incredible breakthrough she wished to announce later at the office? Rena couldn’t fathom what else it could possibly be. At some point, she almost broached the subject but refrained herself at the last minute, guessing that Jurina probably had a good reason for not telling her yet. Maybe she wished to make it a surprise? If that was the case, then she was going to act completely clueless, and let the other girl announce it when she deemed the time was right.

This morning, the sky was cloudy and dark, and Rena was more than grateful for her mini-collapsible umbrella when droplets of water started to fall in the streets in Tokyo. It wasn’t much and she didn’t believe things would escalate further than that, but she placed nevertheless the umbrella above their heads as soon as it started to rain a little. Of course, Jurina had all-forgotten about the mixed weather when they left home. Not that she expected any less.

Jurina was a very reliable person, whether in the workplace or in her personal life. However, if there was one item Rena knew she couldn’t dispose of, it was her faithful mini-collapsible umbrella. After eight months of living together, one thing became more than obvious: she absolutely couldn’t trust her when it came to the weather forecast. Didn’t she pay attention, or didn’t she really care? Up to that day, she unfortunately still didn’t have an explanation.

When, a while later, they entered one of the elevators at Matsui corporation, Rena was starting to seriously doubt the credibility of her theory regarding her girlfriend’s peculiar behavior. They had a morning routine: each time they found themselves alone in the elevator – which was now the case as many people had descended at the fifth floor - Jurina wouldn’t wait to engage in a conversation, and often share a few affectionate kisses. Not this time. In fact, Jurina was keeping her distance and looking anywhere but at her - visibly finding the change of floors numbers very interesting – and appeared increasingly more restless, her fingertips tapping frequently against the handrail of the elevator.

The more Rena studied her, the more she was convinced it couldn’t be related to the time machine. Not once since the younger girl joined the company, she had seen her acting so nervous because of work-related matters. In the professional field, Jurina was a very competent and confident person. Now fearing something serious may have happened to her on a personal level, Rena couldn’t help but get really worried. Somehow, she could sense it was an important matter… But why would the younger girl hide something from her? At the very early stages of their relationship, they had promised to always be honest with each other.

Rena was at an impasse. Stealing a brief glance at the numbers, she realized they were halfway their destination. Until now, she had chosen to keep her thoughts to herself believing it was probably an innocent matter, but now she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. If Jurina was in trouble, then she needed to know. And now.

Just as her mind was finally made up, she let out a gasp in surprise when Jurina suddenly detached herself from the wall to press a button on the control panel. The elevator obeyed to the command and stopped at once, Rena’s heart pounding fast inside her chest at the unexpected action. Immediately, she stared back at Jurina in search of answers, wondering in a mix of shock and bewilderment what prompted her to do such a thing. 

No, Jurina was definitely not herself this morning. “Jurina, what are you-”

“I have something important to tell you,” Jurina interrupted her hastily before she even had time to formulate her question.

The moment after Rena felt a pair of lips brushing her cheek, and a hand lacing their fingers together. Saying that she was very confused by the whole situation would be the understatement of the year. No, she had absolutely no idea what was going on with her girlfriend. However, as she noticed the shy smile directed at her, she progressively got the feeling that – whatever Jurina was planning on telling her – it couldn’t be as bad as she was fearing earlier on.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Jurina murmured, pulling her gently into her arms.

The gesture and the affectionate words put an end to her last shred of doubt and she instantly relaxed, placing a soft kiss against her lips. “Of course, I do. I love you too, Jurina.”

The answer seemed to satisfy the younger girl as her mouth tugged into a broad smile, but Rena guessed easily that there was more to it than her wish to simply renew her affection for her. Indeed, her expression grew serious when she put a little distance between them, and her tone was solemn when she spoke again.

“Eight months ago, I arrived in Tokyo in search of an exciting new job opportunity. My goal was clear and simple: put all my abilities at the service of an incredible project, then continue on my way as soon as I would have succeeded. That’s what I’ve been doing all these years. The idea of being free from any constraints, and having no strings attached was terribly appealing to me.”

Jurina leaned her back against the elevator panel behind her, and Rena could tell by her hesitant look that she was somehow searching the right words to continue. The CEO studied her carefully, taking advantage of the interruption to process her words. Nothing she had previously uttered really came as a surprise. Rena knew about Jurina’s past, as well as her expectations. Moreover, she was aware that her current life philosophy was triggered by a certain event that occurred during her college life.

After a two-year relationship with a girl, she got her heart broken when she the least expected it. That unforeseen event not only affected her deeply, it also changed her vision of life. From that day, her ambitions changed altogether. Gone was the girl who was madly in love with her girlfriend, up to the point of seriously considering following her abroad. Rena knew that Jurina had long ago put her past behind and forgiven her ex-lover for betraying her, but it didn’t stop the fact that something had changed within her after that day.

Yes, Rena was well aware of Jurina’s entire devotion to her work. She witnessed it on a daily basis, and welcomed it wholeheartedly. However, as the months went by and she enjoyed her presence by her side – as a hardworking co-worker and passionate lover – the idea that the younger girl would leave once the project would be over never crossed her mind. They were happy together; at least that’s what she always thought. So why were Jurina’s last words suddenly making her question their future together?

“You make me happy, Jurina,” Rena broke the silence that had settled between them. Maybe she was reading too much into Jurina’s words and nervous look. Maybe what she wanted to tell her had nothing to do with any of that. Still, she was unable to keep the concern completely out of her voice when she continued. “However, I will never stop you from doing what you truly desire. If you want to leave the company once the time machine is built, then I won’t stop you and will support your career choices. I will even help you, if it’s in my capacity.”

“What?” Jurina’s startled eyes fell on her instantly. “No, that’s not what I meant. It’s the opposite. That’s one of the things I wanted to tell you today. Lately, I came to an important realization. Even when the time machine is finished, I don’t want to leave Tokyo. Because now, I believe I have a reason to stay. Am I wrong?”

Rena held her breath in anticipation when she felt Jurina’s fingers brushing her cheek tenderly, finding herself once again enchanted by the somewhat shy but still very charming smile directed at her. That precise smile that made it impossible for her to refuse, when the younger girl asked her on a date for the very first time. “I’m not 19 anymore. I know ‘forever’ is just a myth and doesn’t exist. But I know what I want, and what I want is you. Not for six more months, or the duration of the project. No, for much longer than that.”

Warmth spread through Rena’s chest at the touching words, her eyes following in curiosity Jurina’s actions as she suddenly slipped her hand inside her left pocket, pulling out a small, black square box. When its content was revealed to her the moment after, the CEO’s heart started to race.

That’s when everything started to make sense. Why Jurina was acting so nervous this morning. Why she had exchanged those enigmatic words with Alfred in front of the house. Why she had chosen to hold this important conversation in that place in particular. Jurina’s current nervousness was palpable, and Rena suddenly wished her girlfriend didn’t find herself so hesitant. When she kissed her for the first time, she had also given her the same apprehensive look.

“Will you marry me, Rena?”

Rena didn’t think twice before claiming Jurina’s lips. She could tell the other girl was slightly startled by her impulsive action as she didn’t respond to the kiss at first, until Jurina’s lips started moving slowly against hers. Rena’s heart was now beating inside her chest uncontrollably, and she knew she was acting far from the composed person she always praised to be.

It didn’t matter, and she didn’t care in the least. Never did she expect this question to fall from Jurina’s lips. Getting married had never been one of her utmost dreams or goals in life. Oh yes, a few suitors had definitely popped the question in the past, but she had always refused as politely and gently as possible to not hurt their feelings. 

Rena Matsui never planned on getting married. Until a few months ago, she was completely satisfied with her bachelor existence and the routine of her work. She was a successful business woman, envied by many. What else could she possibly need more? But life was not a succession of events you could plan and control; it was unpredictable. And if there was one thing the CEO of Matsui corporation surely didn’t expect in her perfectly ordered life, it was to fall in love.

When Rena pulled away from the kiss and noticed the expectation in Jurina’s eyes, she knew she couldn’t delay her answer any longer. Of course, it was an important question not to take lightly, but she didn’t feel a shred a doubt within her when she replied. Spending her life with the girl who had captured her heart on a rainy day of March was all she desired. “Yes, I will.”


A year and a few months later…

There was an undeniable apprehension at the pit of Rena’s stomach when she stepped out of the taxi and crossed the front doors of the hospital this afternoon of mid-February. As soon as she had received on her phone the alarming message from Alfred she had excused herself from the meeting she was attending, and left the office instantly. All the way to the hospital she couldn’t help re-reading the worrying text a few times, praying nothing terrible had happened to Jurina.

Mustering her best smile, she addressed the woman at the front desk politely, her racing heart simply refusing to slow down despite her best attempts to calm her nerves. Her optimistic side was refusing to assume the worst – after all, Jurina looked completely fine when she left her at the house this morning - but Alfred’s alarming message was playing tricks on her mind, telling her she absolutely needed to see Jurina to assess that everything was indeed alright.

“Matsui-san,” the woman welcomed her with a smile and, after briefly checking the screen in front of her, gave her the information she desperately needed. “Your wife is in room 222. It’s on the second floor. Please take the elevators on your left.”

Rena thanked her before turning on her heels and moving towards the corridor on her left, pressing the button of the elevator as soon as it was within reach. As she waited patiently for the elevator to arrive, she tried to reassure herself that Jurina was in good hands. This was the best hospital in Tokyo, and the staff was nothing but very competent. Albeit those facts, she couldn’t get rid of her anxiety at the unforeseen turn of events.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not today. Not this week. Not even this month!

It only took a few minutes’ walk for the CEO to reach the designated room, a reassured smile moving to her lips when she slid the door open and was greeted with the view of a napping - but visibly in good health - Jurina on the hospital bed. Concern made way to relief as she moved silently towards the center of the room, observing more carefully the resting girl once she found herself by the side of her bed.

Jurina’s features were tired but peaceful, and Rena relaxed when she realized her previous fears were unfounded. Her wife was completely fine. Deciding not to wake her up she took a seat in the nearby chair, before reaching over to take Jurina’s hand gently inside hers. Her thoughts went briefly towards the humanoid robot that shared their daily life, making a mental note to tell him to be more careful with his choice of words next time he sent her a message about Jurina’s health. He had scared her to death!

Rena jolted out of her thoughts when she felt fingers squeezing hers lightly, and saw a pair of sleepy eyes landing on her the moment after in a mix of surprise and confusion. “Rena… w-what are you doing here?”

“You’re awake,” Rena’s mouth tugged into a pleased smile, and she immediately stood up to kiss her. “I came as fast as possible when Alfred warned me you were not feeling well and needed to go to the hospital.”

“He sent you a message?” Jurina frowned at the revelation. “I was not aware of that. When I told him about the pain he became unusually restless and decided to take care of everything, starting from urging me to take a seat then calling an ambulance. He was acting so frantically, it almost looked like he was the one in pain, not me.”

An amused smile fell on Rena’s lips at Jurina’s joking tone, discovering she had definitely not lost her sense of humor despite the circumstances. Of course, a part of her wished she had been by Jurina’s side during that time, but fate had unfortunately decided otherwise. Thankfully, you could always count on Jurina’s devoted servant to take care of his precious mistress.

“Wait…” Jurina grew concerned as she came to a sudden realization. “Weren’t you supposed to meet the executive committee this afternoon? Don’t tell me you left right in the middle of it because of me?”

“Of course I did!” Rena exclaimed. “I didn’t know your condition. I had to see you and attest it myself.”

“Alfred…” Jurina winced, feeling a bit guilty her robot’s actions had led the CEO out of such an important meeting. “I’m really sorry about that. I’m fine. We are both fine. I don’t know why he did that. I-”

“He did the right thing,” Rena stopped her from continuing by pressing a finger against her lips. “You’re my wife. Nothing is more important than you and your wellbeing. Besides, today is a very special day…”

The moment after, the CEO leaned forward to capture her lips in a tender kiss, Jurina immediately responding to the affectionate gesture. Alfred’s unexpected behavior fell at the back of her head, admitting how happy she felt deep inside to have Rena by her side right now. When she started feeling the pain at home she didn’t draw hasty conclusions and stayed calm, persuaded nothing was going to happen considering how early it was.

In the end, it appeared the calendar wasn’t going to be respected at all.

A tentative knock on the door interrupted the reunion and Rena took a step back, glancing in the direction of the young nurse who had just arrived in the room. Rena’s eyes lit up when she noticed the small baby sleeping peacefully inside the nurse’s arms, emotion starting to take hold of her when she guessed the identity of this tiny human being.

Without her consent her heart started beating a little faster inside her chest, and she simply couldn’t detach her eyes from the quiet baby when the nurse approached her with a smile. “Congratulations, Matsui-san. You have a beautiful and healthy little girl.”

Rena was caught off guard when the nurse manifested her intention to place the child inside her arms, immediately diverting her attention to Jurina with a questioning gaze. This didn’t feel right. Shouldn’t she be the one to hold the child in her arms first?

“I already held her before your arrival,” Jurina reassured her as if she could read her mind. “Come on, take her.”

This time, Rena didn’t oppose any resistance when the nurse placed the child inside her arms, listening attentively as the woman explained her the best way to hold the baby. When the nurse deemed her presence not necessary anymore she left the room, leaving a certain CEO completely mesmerized by the child resting against her chest.

“It appeared someone was a little impatient to arrive in this world,” Jurina declared amusingly, not missing out the touching interaction between her wife and their first child. 

Rena who was tentatively making acquaintance with the sleeping little girl tried to reply, before realizing she couldn’t find the right words to express the extent of her current happiness. For a little while, her eyes stayed glued on the baby barely born, thinking how precious it already looked. Without even her noticing, tears started to form in her eyes.

This baby was not only the result of the unconditional love between she and Jurina; she had also received her genes from each of them. Would she inherit Jurina’s outgoing personality or be more composed as herself? There was no way to tell what kind of person this baby would become. However, Rena already knew one thing; she was going to cherish her with all her heart.

“I have the strong feeling our Natsuki is going to be as breathtakingly beautiful as her mommy,” Jurina’s playful tone distracted her.

A smile plastered Rena’s face and she glanced back at her, soon reducing the distance between them. Carefully, she leaned forward to place the baby between Jurina’s arms, kissing the mother’s forehead in the process. “And I can’t wait to see her disarming smile,” she answered on the same light tone. “I just hope it won’t turn all the girls’ heads as her mama’s.”

“I don’t do that,” Jurina rolled her eyes, a smile nevertheless falling on her lips at the sound of Rena’s small laugh. “Come next to me.”

Rena accepted Jurina’s request and laid carefully by her side when she scooted a little further away to give her enough space. Resting her head against Jurina’s shoulder she gazed at the baby’s sleeping form at length, a smile forming on her lips when Jurina whispered a few affectionate words to her, and kissed the top of her head. A comfortable silence enveloped them after that, Rena tentatively reaching for the baby’s small fingers.

From the moment she crossed path with the girl who would later become her assistant, her life had never been the same anymore. She was happy; happier than she ever thought she could be. After marrying the girl she loved so deeply, she was now going to have a family. Rena didn’t believe her life could possibly be more complete.

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