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@MYJR: ChinParu? Hmmmm, let me see.  :twisted:
The Big Rock Salt with Chief Satan :twisted:

ugh! exactly whats wrong with yui?! :angry:
:smhid :angry:

“You know what, I’ll become a great doctor,” Haruka said, “And you know what the best part is?” she asked. “You can watch me become a great doctor, while you just stay the jerk you really are.”
Yeah Paru... show to Yui who you are :twisted:

update soon~ kahineechan!! :whistle:
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Passpo☆
« Last post by tsutomo on Today at 10:06:41 AM »
well, maybe becuz I`m already used to some really not very talented groups (trying to be polite), I don't have so much problem with her poor dancing. it makes me feel closer to her since I'm a poor dancer too.  :lol:

about blogging, only a few weeks ago (when I entered and left some comments there) I discovered that you had a blog too. rofl never payed attention that your sign had a link. when I have some free time I'll start trolling on the comments of your blogs, guys. stay aware  :P
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: The Bomber Squad/Suberizu
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 09:33:00 AM »
(DVD Magazine Vol 61) Ayumin vs Eripon (eng sub)
This spot is saved for the comment XD XD XD
yep, you definitely added another reason for me to hate you..

ugh! exactly whats wrong with yui?! :angry:

she hates haruka to the point of shouting whatsoever at the roof, but softened when she watch haruka at the chief room.. :mon ko:

so, yui went to US after their divorce? :?

and haruka took shorter time than the others too, whos the genius now? :shifty:

now, both are fighting to be the top.. :mon lol:

SO GONNA ROCK!! :tama-apeshit:

update soon!! :mon beam:
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: Riho x Masaki Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 09:16:40 AM »
川* ^_〉^)<やっさんやっさんやっさん!

Video Games / Re: Puzzle & Dragons
« Last post by winner on Today at 09:11:11 AM »
US: Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, 2x stuff I fed, and Durga:
Mermaid - Its a new account, so healer girls are great, only missing Angel for the set. :heart:
Sleeping Beauty - after evo should be an ok sub for the Ronia team I'm starting, I'm still using an Ogre... :sweatdrop:
Durga - Strong, and I'd like playing color matching. But it just feels too easy to get orb-trolled. Don't think I'll start using her. pity.

JP: Andromeda:
- rolling DB collab too much. end of story. :P

Just Uvo'd Athena.
+1 cute waifu leader. :oops:

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Engagement-11-update-30/09/2014
« Last post by kmkpc22 on Today at 09:07:35 AM »
Jurina so cute [emoji38]
It really fun. I love them all.
Waiting for next chapter,Thank [emoji1]
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Going My Way Extended Story
« Last post by kuro_808 on Today at 08:32:59 AM »
I had a request to make an extension to the story...

If you have access, go here

If you don't have it, PM me :hip smile:
Girls' Generation / Re: The SNSD General Discussion Thread
« Last post by sykophantom on Today at 08:28:50 AM »
from what i've read [every single article posted]
Seems that its partially Jung Soo Yeon's fault as well.
You start as 9, you end as 9.
Other members also have their own plans, its just that they prioritize SNSD as their main focus, their own personal plans come second.

Sadly, SooYeon didnt do it that way.
She's SOOOOOO into the damn basket Tyler 'dick-of-a-fella' Kwon and prioritize her own stuff rather than putting SNSD as her top priority which what made her famous in the first place.
Honestly, without SNSD, i bet NOBODY even knows who the hell Jessica Jung Soo Yeon is.

So, when the members actually asked "which do you prioritize more, your own dreams or SNSD?"
She SHOULD have chosen SNSD. Every other thing comes second.
Good example is Seohyun and MiYoung. BOTH have other dreams and plans to do besides SNSD.
But do they come out of the closet and say "I want to get married and start my own business"?

HELLNAW! They still can manage to do their own business and STILL be active as a SNSD member.
I dont see why not Jessica cant do the same =.="

all in all, i seriously REALLY hope that Jessica would think twice [maybe more than that] and rejoin SNSD until all members decide to call it quits.
You start out as 9, you end as 9.
Without 9, SNSD is nothing.

and that Tyler *beep* Kwon "hopefully" can convince her to rejoin back SNSD [which i seriously doubt he would]
But if he does, ITS A MIRACLE!!!!


sry for my long rant but thats what i think of Jessica JungSooYeon right now.
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