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Hey all, I am back. At least I will try to update one of my fanfic.

Thank you for you all who still patiently wait for the update.

Hope you enjoy my lame story, and sorry for the bad english.

WMatsui Chapter 14
Chapter 14 : Good bye my loved one.

Back to 8 hours ago…

“ head to the old tree”

Mayu received a massage, and the content of the massage is about just ‘old tree’. He sigh. Mayu feel frustrated, because when he want to track the car. Turn out it was a stolen car, and there is no other clue which will bring them to the culprit. But one thing he sure is, the culprit must really know the Matsui house area very well. And regarding the security system, they can hack it quite easy. Even if it was Mayu, he will need some times before the hacking system work out.   The only clue is ‘head to the old tree’. What the meaning of this?!

The more he think, the more he got pissed off. Never did he feel this kind of felling. No more clue, too perfect to track, and now old tree? There are a lot of old tree in this whole Nagoya, or even worse this whole Japan or world. What on earth is Old Tree?????
But then, there is a call from Rena.

Rena : Mayu kun…

Mayu : Yes, Rena chan?

Rena : can we talk? I believe I get some info about Otou sama and Jun kidnapper.  Yokoyama san has given me some clue regarding the day when they are missing. He took photo of the kidnapper. And there is our clan marks.

Mayu : hm..  Rena chan, can you send the picture right away?

Rena : yes.. We can send it.

Mayu then receive the picture from Rena. And when he look at the picture, he smirked. There is some playfull smile plastered on his face. 

Mayu : Otou sama, Saito sama.. I know where the kidnapper take Jun kun and Matsui sama.


Matsui Jun Pov

I run and run, but no matter how hard I try, I really didn’t have any energy to run anymore. Everything seems blurry. This is really bad. My heart really hurt, I think the side effect of strange medicine that Fool give me will appear. I really scare. What if they caught us. Will we get killed? I don’t know what to do. Right now my only focus is be free from this hell. 

End of pov

While Jun keep running but he then stopped because of too much pain in his heart. He know that he need to stand up now and keep walking. And when he try to stand up, he fall down. With Kenzou behind his back, it bring more impact to him.

Jun : argh!!!!!

Kenzou : ?!.. son.. are you okay?

Jun : … yeah. Sorry otou sama….

Kenzou : Jun… just leave me alone. I .. I will held them down while you run away from here.

Jun : no.. never…  I can’t leave you alone. I won’t be able to face Rena after this.  Please otou sama. Don’t say things like that. You are our precious father.

Kenzou : Jun…

Jun : now let’s go. We really need to run from this place.

As Jun want to run again, he heard a loud sound, it looks like a firework. And when he looks at the sky, he can see a phoenix mark in the sky and also a tiger in the sky.

Kenzou : that! That is Watanabe clan’s and Yamamoto clan’s. They come for us. Follow those.

Jun : but, otou sama. Why those firework are at different place? one is in the hill where we run away,.. don’t tell me… they have secure those place.

5 hour before Jun run away at other place.

Saito : Mayu.. you really know where they are? Where they are?!

Yuuma : geez, please calm down Saito, panic won’t bring us to anywhere.

Mayu : otou sama, uncle Saito, Rena chan, and Yokoyama san, I believe that they are kidnapped in the Main island.

Yui : Main island?

Rena : there is an old legend from our ancestor. In the old time, there is a king with a four son. As he want to retire, he give his sons his own legacy. The first son will get the courage, for a great king. The second will get knowledge to help his people. The third son will get sincerity to lead his people. And lastly the forth son will he give him a kindness to be loved by his people.  But out of their know the king have another son. An illegitimate son. The king hide it so well, so not many people know about it. Even his four son didn’t know it. The King didn’t give anything to his last son just like what he did to his four son. So the fifth son really hate the King and his other brothers. As the hate in his heart grew bigger and bigger. He set a plan to make each other son to fight. After the King died, the fifth son began his plan. And his plan worked, he know that knowledge without kindness will bring misfortune to this country, he know that sincerity without courage won’t do anything. He know how each son need each other to keep the balance. As they fight each other. There are a great war. And for each other sake, the four king’s son agree to keep the balance again by leaving the island.  And rule their own country. So there is a peace again.

Mayu : well, to tell the truth, the story not end just like that. After a long time, both parties get tired of the war, and one of them, the first son realize that they had been tricked by this illegal son. So he try to make peace with the other.  It is not an easy task, as three of them not really believe of the first son stories. In the end they agree to leave the main island by making a patch. And just come back for important things. As the illegal son, the first son capture him, but in the end he killed himself when he is trying to run away from his jail.

Yui : okay, so I don’t get it. what the connection with the main island and the other things?

Mayu : the main island has an on old building, we believe there is our ancestor original. And in there, there is an old tree. The biggest one in that island. Those marks are our ancestor dark past. They change it after they make the patch.  Matsui as Dragon,  Watanabe as Phoenix, Yamamoto as Tiger, and last Furukawa as Turtle. Because the old one make them remember the war, so they agree to change it.

Yui : the old one?

Rena : the old symbol represent Pride, Rage, Fool, and last one Sloth. That is the symbol that the four kingdom used to represent each other.

Mayu : so old tree and the old symbol. The only place refer to those two is the main island.

Saito :  we need to go there. I will prepare the ship and helicopter, ASAP.

End of flashback.

Back to Jun

Kenzou : let’s follow one of the symbol,  the tiger one. It is a bit far, but I believe we will met them again if we are back to the phoenix symbol.

Jun : yes, otou sama. Let’s  go!

And Jun started to run again, he really used all of his strength as he also carried Kenzou in his back. Finally he can see the shore, as  he see a ship. He is very happy . As he want to go there, there is a loud bang.




Fool : ha ha ha!!! Target secure. Good bye Matsui.

From Up-Front Link's Twitter:
[EN] On October #tsubaki_factory will take part of their 1st musical, remake of "Thank you Very Berry" in Ikebukuro!
^ pretty cool advertisement for the school ^
When you have Hikaru chan and Little Glee Monster!

And now.....

Double Posted!

Miyu chan and Aoi Morikawa both have parts in
『表参道高校合唱部!』Omotesando Koko Gasshoubu /
Omotesando High School Chorus....

Miyu Yoshimoto

Aoi Morikawa

Theme song will be sung by none other than
Little Glee Monster!

All photos credit oricondotcodotjp
Great performance.

I hope Shizu sings too in the next song.
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Eternity - chapter 2 (Wmatsui)
« Last post by Ruka Kikuchi on Today at 04:45:45 PM »
Aw~ Rena had to make Jurina forget her~ T^T

But, maybe in future, they will meet again and can be together, hopefully. :cry:

Update soon! :bow:
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