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I'm so wondering what the heck arthor is... Well, let's put that aside first...

Is Jurina really Rena's soulmate?? I'm starting to wonder about this after what Takamina said regarding Rena's past and such.. :bigdeal:

And... Mayu's a hunter? If so, I think there must be a relation between Mayu and this 'arthor', or maybe I'm wrong? I'm hoping to see how Mayu died. I can't just accept a plain fact that she's dead... :cry:  :cry: :cry:

And I believe there's something with Yui. She seems mysterious. And this new girl. I mean Paru. There's something with her too, I think. Is she bad? Or is she just merely trying to have fun? I'll look forward to Paru's action. Go Paru!  :yossi:

Well, after reading this fic, it loks like arthor is a place where any various creatures live together.   So....  :dunno:

Anyway. LOVE this  :heart: :heart: . NICE!!!  :jphip: :jphip:
Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Forgotten Memories [SakuRuppi] - Chapter 5: Answers
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"Answers"? hell no! this is more like "Questions" lol
Aaaaahhhhh what'd you do to kojiyuu :OMG: :fainted: :err: :scolding: :temper: :mon mad:

Kojiyuu feels :frustrated: :on hypto: :mon cry: :mon scare: :mon whine:

Update it please :bow: :bow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
The AKBar48 / Re: [Discuss] AKB48 x Hello!Project
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Grad idol cabaret girls! ..... tv series. :P

Mocchi (ex-AKB), Rika (ex-MM), Okunaka (ex-Passpo)
Girls' Generation / Re: The Jessica Thread
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I agree..  8)2
Chibi Mai

very convincing words there jurina & sayanee
“Working hard is important,” Jurina spoke.

“But feeling good is important, too,” Sayanee continued. “You just gotta know when to balance.”

it reminds me with steven ^_^ like steven universe. thats nice

That's where I got it from. :3
Happy birthday!!!
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