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JPHiP NEWS REBOOT IS HERE!! here's a sneak peak:

THANK YOU Slack for his hard work! He is currently doing some last minute tweaking! We ALWAYS BE IMPROVING! THANK YOU PomPom for the LAYOUT!!! UNNGH SO PINK!! :hipheart:

THANK YOU TO THE OVERRRRRWHELMING RESPONSE in this thread :hip smile: we hired some familiar faces! Slack and JTRIUMF been brainstorming shit with me all summer! Charles is down! Estrea quit her job just to write for us! :P aisasami got a great blog and is down! Antoine H. from a few blocks down! Of course our lovely CRAAACK STAFF! shirenu! Yuuyami! Amp! I'll even force boykun and tenkei and Ping to do some shit! XD

If you wanna help out with content and other creative SHIT!  Drop us a line today MJGALUV!! :jphip:
Nice group of songs, especially happy to see Captain getting her propers!

Also shout out to Yuriya Inoue - great to see her in the single!

AKB48 Show performance!

Hana, Sakura, Haruka, and Yuriya

HKT48 / 最高かよ
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Story Time (WMatsui) — First Meetings
« Last post by Soysaucee on Today at 06:35:58 AM »
First Meetings

        Autumn. Rena was walking in the park, the leaves crunching every time she took a step, irritating her slightly. Her backpack was draped off one shoulder and her phone rested snugly in her hands, afraid that the local hoodlums might snatch it. She looked around carefully, behind her and at all sides, and walked warily forward, just hoping to get home quickly.
   That paranoia came from her high school, where fighting ensued everyday and bullying was a daily occurrence. At that time, she just kept her head low, not attracting attention, and carried on working like normal high school girl. But of course, if it came down to it, she knew what had to be done. Every time they messed with her, her eyes would turn red with fury and she basically mauled them into submission. But the weird thing is, she wouldn't remember the experience, smiling innocently at the people she beat up, and worked diligently on like she always did. That's what made her so scary.
   But right now, she was walking home from the most prestigious university in the country, where scholars honed their artistry and academic skills to the maximum level. It would be absurd if some hoodlums were on the college campus, ready to make one's day a mess.
   But if it could happen, it will happen. Too bad it did happened to her.
   The strange thing is; does one feel bad for Rena or the other person?
   Adrenaline pumping. Hearts racing. Minds twirling. Rena pressed the gun onto the cheek of the girl who just tried to mug her, her eyes, like in high school, were a crimson red, ready to press the trigger. The girl's lips quivered in fear, her hands in the air in defeat, and tears streamed out steadily out of her eyes. She didn't expect to be disarmed in a flash by an innocent-looking girl walking in the park. Who would've thought?
   "Please don't hurt me.",the girl said, her voice trembling, looking up at the figure above her, trying to appeal to her.

   Rena just looked silently at the girl, judging her like the Romans did, and pressed the gun harder into the cheek. The girl panicked, thinking she was about to get shot, and collapsed on the ground, resigning herself to death, ready to accept it at any second. She didn't expect it, though. She didn't expect the gun thrown onto her lap, giving her mercy and sparing her life. The girl thought Rena was stupid, but she didn't try to mug her a second time. She knew how that would work out. So she just stashed the gun into her coat pocket, stood up, and ran out of the Rena's sight, but not before Rena called to the girl and gave her a thumbs down.


   Winter. Rena closed her jacket, hugged herself, and walked, as usual, through the park coming home from her classes. She couldn't enjoy the view of the park, considering there were mounds of snow piled up at the side of the pathway, blocking her sight.
   Rena sometimes sat on a bench, by a lamppost, whenever she walked home, just to see people pass by. She was planning to do that today even though it was freezing outside, but of course, Rena wasn't really normal was she? But when she arrived at the bench, someone already occupied it. It was that girl, although Rena had no recollection of her. So Rena just sat on the other side of the bench, clueless of their relationship, and just minded her own business.
   Rena didn't notice the look of horror on the other girl's face. She just continued to watch people pass by the bench and relaxed peacefully with no cares at all. She then glanced at the girl beside her and smiled naively, unknowing of the circumstance that bound them together. She then proceeded to do her own thing; the girl still staring in awe.
   The stare was making Rena uncomfortable. She could feel the two orbs piercing her very existence, shuffling in her own seat in anxiety, she then turned towards the horrified girl.

   "Do I...know you?",Rena asked, her posture and behavior far different from what the other girl experience back in autumn.

   The girl kept mum and looked away from Rena. She patted her coat pocket, wondering if the gun was still there, just in case Rena went berserk again. She was a bit surprised Rena didn't remember her, but thankful nonetheless, since she didn't want to make a bad impression again. So instead of running away, the girl straightened herself up and introduced herself, albeit with a weak voice.
   "My name is Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you.",the girl said, holding her hand out, waiting for a handshake.


   Summer. Rena didn't know why her school would let delinquents out on a school trip but she was excited at the prospect of the adventure. She was getting on the bus, alone, since everyone was so scared of her, and sat on a seat, alone, stashing her backpack under her seat. She looked around, not noticing that everyone was avoiding her stare, and spotted a lone figure in the front of the bus, not knowing where to sit. She waved at the girl, gesturing her to come sit with her, but the girl froze up, scared at sitting next to the infamous Matsui Rena. But since the bus's capacity was suited for exactly how many students their class had, the scared girl had no other choice but to sit next to Rena.
   The girl slowly walked towards the seat at the back of the bus where Rena was, who was smiling kindly at the girl, but to the girl, the smile looked malevolent, like Rena was about to murder her. She trembled at the thought, her body shaking in fear, and tried to turn around to run away but a big woman, who was looking menacingly at her, blocked her path, forcing her to go forward towards Rena.
   She sat at the edge of her seat, almost falling off. Rena was still smiling, even though it was a bit creepy, and invited her to sit closer to her to avoid an accident. The girl looked at Rena with a confused look, wondering why the demon was smiling. She was about to just blow off this whole trip,considering her heart's health for beating too fast, but Rena's next action caught her off guard.
   A hand was stretched out, inviting the girl to take it.

   "My name is Matsui Rena. Nice to meet you.",Rena said, politely, before the girl took her hand.


   Spring. It was the start of a new school year in her high school. Rena looked around at the familiar faces and the unknown ones. She scoffed.

    A weak class huh? I'd rule over them like all the other ones! But...will I be able to control them?

   The teacher came in, although none of the students paid attention to him. But strangely today, he seemed to hold an air of authority unlike the other days. He bellowed to the class to shut up and almost immediately, everyone stopped, surprised at the actions of their usual timid teacher. He cleared his throat before speaking.

   "We've got a new student here. Treat her well.",he said before he gestured to the door, where most likely the new student was waiting. The door slid open, revealing a girl, as tall as Rena but her features were sharper, which sort of irritated Rena. She made her way towards the podium, faced the class, and bowed.

   "Introduce yourself.",the teacher said sternly.

   She surveyed the classroom before clearing her throat. Her voice was a bit hoarse but understandable, and she seemed to have caught a cold, most likely due to the change in seasons.

   "My name is Matsui Jurina.",she said and nothing else, confusing all the other students and the teacher. Usually, most people would say what their interests and hobbies, but not for Matsui Jurina.

   "Take that seat.",the teacher said, pointing to the seat next to Rena. Jurina made her way towards Rena, not knowing who she really was.

   Rena took a quick glance at the girl next to her, wondering how tough she was, but what caught her eye was that Jurina was already looking at her, scrutinizing and judging. Jurina didn't know of Rena, but of course, that didn't stop her from taking an interest at the girl.

   "That's how we first met.",Rena said, still on the couch with the coffee on her hands, telling the story to her children.

   "B-But. You told it four times!",Sakura argued, confused with the story,"And they're all different!"

   Rena smiled at the child's innocence,"That's what Jurina told me. She met me four times, all of them in a different way.",she explained, hoping that the children would understand. Although Haruka, being the way that she was, kept questioning what that meant, but Rena didn't know how to explain it without making them more confused.

   "Haruka, Sakura. Look at it this way. Spring is Chukara. Summer is Amakuchi. Autumn is Gekikara. And Winter is the regular me, Rena. That's what she called me.",she tried to explain and thankfully earned understanding nods.

   "But then, why did mama try to mug you?", Sakura asked, tilting her head adorably.

   Rena smiled,"Well that's the next part of the story."
Japanese / Re: Erika Karata 唐田えりか
« Last post by muppet on Today at 05:37:39 AM »

Erika san making a splash lately...Good Job!

Let's watch her working
hard at making the Sony Sompo CM

公式:ソニー損保 CMメイキング:『唐田えりかのはじめの一歩』
Japanese / Re: Anna Hongo 本郷杏奈
« Last post by muppet on Today at 04:55:27 AM »
Anna san,

Always be


AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 1 (20/09/2016)
« Last post by Guacamoolee on Today at 04:37:06 AM »
I did state Rena found Jurina attractive in the prologue, even when she was soaked from head to toe  :lol: And Rena was definitely being annoyed by Jurina's flirty attitude with the other women  XD

Annoyed or jealous?????   :hiakhiakhiak:
Japanese / Re: Random Japanese Ladies
« Last post by muppet on Today at 04:34:02 AM »
^Great clip with a dramatic ending!

Michiko Nishiwaki san

YouTuber Dan Chup created
this tribute

Michiko Nishiwaki Tribute MV
Someone leaked
Your grad plans!

Who could it be?
Japanese / Re: Random Japanese Ladies
« Last post by vlinorman on Today at 04:09:43 AM »
Nishiwaki Michiko, muscle idol of the 80s

Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
« Last post by ProjectR4 on Today at 03:27:59 AM »
まるごと篠崎愛スペシャル 100 min (Part 1)
Todo sobre Ai Shinozaki - Especial de 100 min (Parte 1)
All about Ai Shinozaki - Special 100 min (Part 1)

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