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in nogibingo!2 ep6, her shyness with nanamin was cute >3<

Korean Shibal / Re: (Artist) Lee Yeon-hee (이연희)
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 04:44:39 AM »

Lee looking super duper :yep: at a fan signing event for SK-II on July 12th.

I think I just got shot by one Meru's bullets here.. *points to my chest*

Huaa~ I wonder if Yui's gonna go hard on them.. They're still kids!!!

Thank you for the update, nee~

Haha, Meru got your heart, huh? Zukkyun! :heart: Are you a Meru oshi?

And don't worry. Yui-han is very kind; she wouldn't be harsh to them. Although, I also plan for her Kansai blood to have fire. You'll see~ :twisted:

Nah, I'm in for Ryoha's  :D

Anyway, where is my darling kitsunee??

Ah, Ryouha-tan. She's so cute, nee~

As for Umechan, I'll make sure she appears in the next chapter, so keep yourself tuned in. :heart:
Korean Shibal / Re: (Artist) Lee Yeon-hee (이연희)
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 04:38:14 AM »

Lee really needed a bump.... promo pics for Hite beer, hope she can spare one. :cheers

Japanese / Re: Miori Takimoto 瀧本美織
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 03:47:39 AM »
More recent pics from Miori's blog.... promoting some Fuji-TV exhibition in Odaiba that started on the 19th....

.... these pics are in a league of their own, Miori at a photo shoot for an upcoming Mina spread, looks like a sleepless night is coming up. :oops:

Chuuch of Charmy / Re: The Official Rika Thread
« Last post by youjok on Today at 03:39:56 AM »
Japanese / Re: Saki Aibu
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 03:29:45 AM »
The Last Doctors drama started on July 11th, only 1 episode has been subbed yet but it looks like it could be the best Summer series, big role for Saki who has the co-lead on the show. :O

Japanese / Re: Masami Nagasawa
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 03:17:56 AM »
The good news: Episodes 3 through 8 of the Chocolat drama have now been subbed. 8)
The bad news: With Masami there never is any bad news! :hee:

Japanese / Re: Manami Higa 比嘉愛未
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 03:10:46 AM »
Real old Manami pics here, still had longish hair then :roll:.... from the September 2004 issue of Felissimo.
Japanese / Re: Satomi Ishihara
« Last post by Yoshino on Today at 03:06:55 AM »

Satomi from Weekly Ascii #989. :shocked:
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