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Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: The Hello!Project Girlbonding Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 08:08:50 PM »
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [Drabble] Of Jealousy and Drunkenness [NagiUha]
« Last post by MaYukiIsLife on Today at 08:02:35 PM »
This is so cute! >w<

Ha ha, thanks~  :cathappy:
Gotta be cautious to not die from cuteness overload whenever I write these two....  :farofflook:

Can I just say, I ALWAYS die when you write about UhaNagi. They're part of the reason why I started liking Tentoumu Chu in the first place.
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [Drabble] Of Jealousy and Drunkenness [NagiUha]
« Last post by jubethehare on Today at 07:58:44 PM »
This is so cute! >w<

Ha ha, thanks~  :cathappy:
Gotta be cautious to not die from cuteness overload whenever I write these two....  :farofflook:
Video Games / Re: KINGDOM HEARTS
« Last post by winner on Today at 07:51:13 PM »

H!P Fanfics / Re: The Party Pirates! Part 2 - An Act of Kindness
« Last post by resop2 on Today at 07:24:50 PM »
The Party Pirates - Part 2 - An Act of Kindness

Rina and Karin make their way down a crowded vendor clogged village street.

Rina looks annoyed.  "Are we there yet?"

"Just up ahead.  The Great Unmatched clothes store.  My favorite place to go in every country I go to."

Rina looks surprised.  "Amazing!  To operate in four different countries?  I can't even imagine the logistics."

"Here we are!"  Karin and Rina enter the store which has a large "GU" on a sign over the door.  Karin pulls Rina to the left.  "We'll get most of our stuff from the men's department."

"Makes sense."

"You did bring the information?"

"Yes, but you don't know how hard it was to get the rest of the crew to give me their measurements.  You would think that rough macho pirates wouldn't be so demure?"

Karin laughs.  "I think that Akari-senpai will look good in a waist-coat.  Don't you think?"

"If it was in your story, then what I think doesn't matter."

"What am I to do?  You're putting all the pressure on me."

"You can ask one of the fashion consultants."

"Great!"  Karin talks to a fashion consultant, giving her a list if items, colors, and measurements.

Karin and Rina sit down.  Karin smiles.  "She says it will take twenty minutes."

Rina yawns.  "Good, I am anxious to get back to the ship."

"Rina, can I ask you some questions?"

"Sure, but I might beat you up if you ask the wrong thing."

Karin cringes.  "Well, if I may ask, why were you never mentioned in the police reports on the Party Pirates?"

Rina laughs.  "That's easy.  I have never been a pirate."

Karin face plants.  "So why are you with them?"

"It's a long story ..."


Honey Quinn sits in the Captain's chair.  She hears a noise from one of the tubes, the tube leading to the crow's nest of the ship.  She grabs the tube.  "What is it, Oden?"

"A ship off the port bow.  About half a mile."

"An opportunity for treasure?"

"Captain, you might want to look for yourself.  I have a bad feeling about this.  This ship doesn't look right."

Honey puts the tube down and picks up a spyglass.  She looks out of a window.  "Whoa.  This looks bad.  Crew!  We're going to intercept!"

Yaji takes out her sword and starts practicing.

"Yaji, I don't know if anyone is even alive on this ship."

Yaji looks concerned.

The pirate ship pulls alongside the derelict ship.  People are lying listlessly about.

Honey (wearing face paint with large circles), Yagi (wearing a scarf over her face) and Rose Quartz (wearing a party mask over her face) board.

Honey looks over the scene of devastation.  "Umm, hello, is anyone alive?"

Out of the captain's quarters Rina emerges.  "Thank god!  Can you help us?"

Honey looks around again.  "What happened?"

"The Cutthroat Pirates attacked us.  They looted our cargo, trashed our ship, and left us to drift out of the commerce lanes and into still waters to die."

Honey nods.  "So, you need help getting to shore?"

"Yes!  My crew will starve within a week."

Honey loudly laughs.  "Of course!  After all, all law abiding mariners who help their fellow seafarers out of a bad pinch wear masks to hide their identities."

Rina looks disappointed.  "So, you guys are pirates as well."

Honey raises an eyebrow.  "Well, duh!"

"Crap.  I guess my crew and I will die."

"I suppose so."

Rina grabs the sleeve of Honey's open jacket.  "Wait, if you talk to me in my quarters, I might be able to tell you something of interest."

Honey shrugs her shoulders.  "Well, I have come this far.  Okay."

Honey and Rina go into the Captain's quarters.  Rina offers Honey her chair.

"So, what it is?"

"Well, miss Pirate, ..."

"Please call me Honey, Honey Quinn the Party Pirate."

"Well Honey, I was just wondering how much you guys make a year as pirates."

Honey makes a face thinking, then mentions a rough estimate.

Rina smiles.  "I make three times as much with my operation.  Our regular cargo is a front for a smuggling and fencing operation.  If you save us and join my crew then you'll triple your income."

"What about kicking ass?  I am a pirate, after all."

"If other pirates attack us then there would be plenty of opportunity to kick ass."

"But, joining your crew?  I am a captain."

Rina laughs.  "I would be captain in name only.  My expertise is business.  In port, you guys can booze and wench and live it up while I would run around and arrange the deals.  On the ship I would answer to you.  I think I am offering you a pretty sweet deal."

"It had better be.  If I turn it down, you guys will die."

"It is as you say."

"Let me talk to my crew."

"Oh, one more thing.  The other pirates totally missed what we were smuggling, a haul worth much more than our legitimate cargo."

"Are you stupid?  Now I am going to rob you."

"If you do, you get a haul similar to what you make in three months.  Are you willing to give up a much, much larger haul just to say 'yo ho ho' and feel like a pirate?"

"Well, that's a point."

"Besides, you would not be able to find it, either."

"Arrgh!!  You're talking me into doing a good deed!  It's making me feel 'disgusting'!"

"Sorry, but if you don't save us, a lucrative business will go down with us."



"... and so, they towed us to shore and I got some very lively additions to my crew to run my secret smuggling operation.  For the last two years we have outperformed my estimates to Honey and now we have a lot of treasure, none of which we have to hide in some pirate chest on some pirate island."

The fashion consultant walks up.  "Your order is ready."

Karin smiles.  "Could you hold it by check out?  We still have to get some stuff."

"Okay."  The fashion consultant walks off.

Rina looks annoyed.  "More stuff?"

"I will be making custom accessories."

Rina shakes her head.  "I cannot imagine how hard Honey is going to kick your ass when she hears that."

"Let me worry about that.  Let's go to the accessory department!"

To be continued
Graduate Plaza / Re: The Kago Ai Thread (加護亜依)
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The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Kudo Haruka Thread (工藤遥)
« Last post by kuro_808 on Today at 06:35:24 PM »
Happy Birthday!!!
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Kudo Haruka Thread (工藤遥)
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 06:24:05 PM »
Happy Birthday Duu!
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