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Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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juren88, why u always use the resizer at reverse?small to bigger and not the reverse ... it is intencional?

Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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The AKBar48 / Re: The AKBar48 Postwhoring Thread
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AKB48 Theater 11th Anniversary!

AKB48 Fanfics / Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 5
« Last post by ミサキ on Today at 01:29:08 PM »
@wakasama__ : thank you for your support^^ (about that person.. yeah. let's make it a secret between us ne~)
@aergia : yeah.. that's why she always has Karaage to accompany her :)
for everyone, thank you for reading my fic. since jphip is down yesterday, so i update it now. douzo~^^


06 : 30 am

The sun had rose and brighten the room through the window as the chirping sound of birds was heard from outside. A messy, short brown haired girl was the first to wake up, rubbing her sleepy eyes before looking at her surrounding that seems different from her own room, and she remembered that she had a sleepover together at her friends’ house. After she was fully-awake, she tiptoed to the bathroom to wash her face, and went out of the room to the kitchen to search for anything that can be served as her breakfast of the day. Finding only a loaf of bread, she made some toasted bread out of it. She ate her breakfast, enjoying the silence of the house. Right after she finished eating her slice of bread, her childhood friend came into the kitchen while stretching her arms.

   “Ohayou, Mona...” A certain long brown haired girl yawns.
   “Hm? Ohayou, Akane. Here, I make some toasted bread for breakfast, you can have some. I’ll go back to grab my phone and wake everyone up.”

Shida walked to Ozeki’s room and found that the room was still dim, so she turned on the light and pulled Ozeki and Oda-ni’s sheet, making the two woke up immediately.

   “Ohayou, Dani, Riichan. Can you help me with this sleepyhead?” Shida points to Suzumon who was sleeping on the bed.
   “Ohayou!” Ozeki said energetically.
   “Ohayou, Mona. Sure, let me give you a hand.” Oda-ni replied then got near the bed.

Shida pulled the sheet while Ozeki shook Suzumon’s arms violently. But the girl was still sleeping and doesn’t seem to wake up... until Oda-ni  jump at the side of bed, making the sleepy girl thrown from the bed and fell on the floor. Sitting herself up, she then looked around to find their friends laughing at her. Still, being only half-awake, she just scrunched her face in drowsiness and ignore them. After they were fully awake, they tidied the futon and washed their face, except Shida who waited for them while tapping on her phone. The three exited from the bathroom, then together with Shida went to kitchen and found Akanen who’s munching her bread.

   “Ohayou, Akanen!” Said the three in unison then took each slice of bread that was left.
   “Ohayou, minna!” Akanen responded them while sipping her milk which found in the host’s refrigerator.

After finishing their breakfast quietly, they helped Ozeki to clean up the mess that they’ve made yesterday. Feeling that it’s still early to go home, they decided to study together since there’s a test tomorrow. They finished the study session at 4 in the evening.

They thanked Ozeki for letting them sleepover at her house, then walked home separately since their house was on opposite side and far from each other, except Akanen and Shida who lived together. Yes, Shida lived with Akanen’s family who was her parents’s best friend in Tokyo. Since she was accepted in Keyakizaka Private Academy, 2 years ago, Shida had moved from her hometown in Niigata to study in Tokyo.

On the way home, Shida was walking side by side with Akanen while listening to her favourite song through her headphone. 20 minutes passed for them to reach Akanen’s house. After they went inside, they greeted Akanen’s parents and went to each room. Akanen put her bag then got her tennis equipment to play with her dad at the court near her house. While Shida just threw her bag, went straight to her bed to take a nap and woke at 8 pm for dinner.

10 : 45 pm

She was supposed to be asleep at this time, but Shida found herself must going to the 24 hour convenience store to buy some milk. It was Akanen who said that they run out milk after she looked in refrigerator and wanted to go to buy it at 24 hour convenience store. Before she got ready, Shida volunteered herself to buy it since she couldn’t sleep and thought that it was dangerous for `a real girl’ to go outside at night. She brought her spare-key with her then told Akanen to lock the door and sleep first. Akanen knew how stubborn Shida can be, so she just let Shida do what she want.

Inside the convenience store she spotted her own classmate, Berika who seems to be checking her item before paying it at the cashier and exited. Shida remembered her objective then searched and sighed after she found out that the milk she was looking for was out of stock. With a long face, she exited from convenience store and saw two big drunken men were following Berika. Knowing what will happen, she dialed the police and picked one big stone from ground. Shida saw they dragged the girl to the empty alley and decided to follow them. Standing at the end of the narrow street, she can hear Berika’s scream.

   “It’s your turn, just be a nice girl `cause no one will hear you now~”

The taller of the two man said.

I must save her...

Shida threw the stone to the short guy’s head, making him unconscious. The tall one stopped what he was doing to look at his friend then at her.

    “I heard it anyway, so I came here to search for the voice. Oh, and i’ve called a police too, just wait for them okay.” Shida said while composing herself.
    “What? So you dare to die huh?”
    “Bring it on, old man.” Shida smirks.

The tall man released his grip on Berika’s wrist and approached Shida, ready to fight. She did the same too, walking towards the man, taking a short glance at Berika who looked at her, disbelieved. Before Shida could attack, the man already released a punch right on her cheek, so hard that it made a cut inside her mouth. The unpleasant metalic taste of blood comes along right after. But she endured it and strike the man on his belly making him groan. Right at that time, the police arrived and caught them. Shida thanked the police then turn to her back, picking up a dog puppet on the ground and approached Berika. She examined Berika and she can hear soft sobs coming from her. Shida took Berika by her wrist and lead them out from the narrow street. She decided to take Berika at the nearby bench to soothe her then walked Berika home after that.

In front of Berika’s house, Shida just walked away right after saying goodbye. Not far from Berika’s house, Shida checked the time from her phone to find that it’s already midnight. She ran to her house and opened the door slowly, managing not to make a sound. She looked around and found that the light is off showing that everyone was already asleep. Before she could take another step, the light turned on startling her, and she saw Akanen standing there ready to bombarded her with questions.

Tch.. Today is my bad luck. First got hit and now Akanen.

   “Yo, nen! Sorry, I ended up not buying anything. The milk was out of stock.” Shida said while scratching the back of her head.
   “Don’t yo-ing me like nothing happen, Shida Manaka. What happened to your cheek? Did you got in a fight? Are you alright?” Akanen take a look and touched the bruise on Shida’s cheek.
   “Don’t touch, it hurt you know. Anyway, I’m fine, I’ve just meet some yankee that blocked my way home, so yes, I got into a fight. Don’t worry too much will you.” Shida tried to reassure Akanen.
   “No. Let me treat your wound.”

Akanen dragged Shida to the couch then grabbed the first aid box at the drawer and treat the wound. Too tired to stop her, Shida just let Akanen do what she want, until she fall asleep on Akanen’s lap. Akanen who finished her work then fall asleep too on the couch.
Movies / Re: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
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