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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Unnatural High:New character bio
« Last post by starmonst3r on Today at 07:56:52 AM »
                                                                                                  Miyawaki Sakura 

                                                                                                  SPECIES: Nine Tailed Fox

                                                                                                     TYPE   : Protector

     She grew up in a 9 tailed fox village along with Nana's parents and her best friend Haruka. She looks 18, as a result of her mission that she carried since she was that age along with Haruka. She helped Haruka with her mission because she was weak-hearted then and because of what Nana's mother did, she and Haruka ended up raising Nana and ran to Mariko's village. One day, when they were celebrating Nana's birthday, who turned one years old that day, she and Haruka had a fight about how they should raise Nana, heartbroken, Haruka ran into the woods. Suddenly, the village was suddenly surrounded by The Shadows, she decided to run away but, she couldn't find Haruka anywhere and was forced to flee without her. A few years later, she still remembered the incident, still hoping to find Haruka and even though she couldn't find her, she decided to protect Nana since she couldn't protect Haruka. To this day, she never gave up on Haruka.

                                                                                                   Shinoda Mariko


                                                                                                  SPECIES: Human/Hunter/Prophecy Keeper
                                                                                                     TYPE   : Sadistic Teacher

     She came from a long line of family hunters. Her family are special hunters, they help making the prophecy come true. A few years ago, when she was younger, her village was attacked by The Shadows, causing the village to plunge into darkness. She was saved by other hunters, being the only one from her family to survive, she promised to make the prophecy come true, avenging her village. She was then raised by the hunters who saved her, she grew up with training with other hunters including Matsui Rena, her childhood friend. She then went on to be a teacher, where The Shadows were imprisoned in, hoping to find the five teens in the prophecy.

                                                                                                         Matsui Rena

                                                                                                             SPECIES: Human/Hunter

                                                                                                                TYPE   : Student-Teacher

     She grew up with Mariko, respecting her skills and promised to be a skilled hunter like her. When she was 18, she wandered off into the woods, wanting to enjoy the fresh air. Suddenly, she saw a dog with a broken leg, she pitied the dog and tended it. She would then often went to the woods to visit the dog who she became attached to and so does the dog to her, until one day, she saw a girl with the same cloth she wrapped the dog in. Confused, she asked her who she is, the girl said that she was a shapeshifter and she transformed into the dog that she founded and fond of. And that was how they became important to each other and promised to protect the one another

                                                                                                       Matsui Jurina/Jun

                                                                                                              SPECIES: Shapeshifter

                                                                                                                 TYPE   : Rena's Pet

     She grew up with no family and lived as a smart thief with her best friend Mayu, who was then never to be found. One day, she was caught by someone, using her agility, she ran into an alleyway. She ended up at a dead end, thinking that the man was almost close to her, she wished that she was a rat hoping to be small enough to escape. Her wish was granted and it was later on that she realized that she was a shapeshifter. She learned how to shapeshift on her own with no one to help her and is now an expert. As she was being chased, she decided to transform into a dog, but, she was accidentally hit by a car that hit her, resulting broken leg, barely escaping her death, she dragged herself into the woods, unable to shift back into human form. She thought that she would never turn into her original form again, she became devastated, until she met Rena, the only person who treated with love other than Mayu and soon she fell in love. Knowing that she can shift back, she decided to come clean with Rena and want to be with her. Now, she and Rena became inseparable and she would sometimes transform into a boy form of herself and go on a date with Rena. 
Groups and IVs / [All That MAGAZINE] Thread01
« Last post by kawarake on Today at 07:50:42 AM »

Title[ReleaseDate]: [Young Jump] 2016 No.29 (指原莉乃 井上由莉耶 込山榛香)
Size&Files: 10.1mb, 29pics
Format: jpg
Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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The Official KPop Artist Threads / Re: (Group) APRIL (에이프릴)
« Last post by storyboard on Today at 05:51:48 AM »
Lol this was good
Girls' Generation / Re: THE Legs Thread!!
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Girls' Generation / Re: The Tiffany Thread
« Last post by sykophantom on Today at 04:15:42 AM »

Wow.. a full chapter of WMatsui! It's such a treat!  :on gay: I swear I stopped several times reading this chapter because I contemplated their moments.  :shy1: And oh, have I told you that I love the playful side of both characters? I mean..Rena did trick Jurina before and now Jurina decided to pay back haha! My favourite scene was when Rena mistakenly sliding the keycard wrong way. That composed and calm girl was "VERY distracted" by the younger Matsui. I think that's cute! Thanks for the update, Author-san!
The AKBar48 / Re: The AKB48 Youtube Thread
« Last post by winner on Today at 03:41:01 AM »
and the last one :)

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Little Glee Monster
« Last post by muppet on Today at 03:02:40 AM »
Little Glee Monster appearing on yet another variety/ talk show,
A Cappella performance

メレンゲの気持ち リトグリの生歌 Little Glee Monster 応援ソングメドレー
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