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Japanese / Re: Yuna Taira 平祐奈
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:26:26 PM »
Yuna san will turn 20 this fall - time flies!

Here she represents Pandora Jewelry and accessories

It's been a while since I updated this! I invoke the power of the fanfiction Gods to raise this fanfiction from obscurity!



Chapter 3 - Inventory

“Very well. How about… the Akihabara division first?” Yuuka suggested.

Including me, there was six of us from the Akihabara division. Jurina was the oldest, and Yui-yui was the youngest.

“Well, us four are all classmates,” Mion said. “That’s how we know each other.”

“Yui-chan is our kouhai, and Jurina-san over there is our senpai.”

“You should’ve seen Jurina earlier! She was so amazing!”

“We saw from the roof,” Hoshino Minami said. “She defeated that Remnant all by herself!”

“You just GOTTA teach us how to fight like that! It was so badass!”


Jurina-san is a veteran player… I didn’t think she was the type who likes RPGs.

“Hey, Hirate-san, why don’t you come and join the conversation?” Miona called out to the girl, who was looking out at the Remnants below with a disgusted expression.

“I’ll pass,” she said, her hand gripping the fence.

“Ooooookay~ suit yourself.”

“So, Jurina-san,” I spoke up.


“Do you remember what happened before you got here?”

“Yes. I was on the train going home, when all the sudden, the lights started flickering and it went into a blackout. In all the panic, I heard a notification sound on my phone, but the moment I pulled it out, I suddenly lost consciousness and woke up on the roof here.”

“That’s the same as me,” I said. “I was about to play the game with Mion and the others, but I suddenly blacked out and woke up here on the roof.”

“It’s the same for all of us.”

“We all started to play, but then…”

“Actually, for me, it was a bit different,” Mako said. “I was already fighting some monsters in the game, but then suddenly, I felt like I was being sucked into my phone. Then, a monster like one of those from before charged at me, and I passed out.”

Miona frowned, “Something similar happened to me.”


“Me and Asuka were texting each other, then I saw I got a message from an unknown number. I thought it was a spam, so I ignored it, but then, my phone started going crazy, and--”

“It made a weird noise…” Asuka grew pale with uneasiness.

“Yeah! Same for Berika!”

“After hearing that sound, the world around me grew dark…”

“Now that I think about it, I think I heard the same noise,” Mion said. I and the others nodded in agreement.

Yes, now I clearly remember. It was a glitched, screeching sound, almost like white noise.

“When I regained consciousness, I felt like I had woken up from a nightmare…”

“Yeah. I remember feeling disoriented and uneasy.”

“Berisa puked,” Berika pointed at the other girl.

“Hey! Don’t tell them that!”

“Well, considering that we likely all felt the same way, it’d only be natural.”

“So I guess we can all agree we all had the same experience before coming to this digital world?” Asuka asked, and we all gave our word of confirmation.

Yes… we all got here the exact same way.

From that game.

“Honestly… this makes no sense,” Yuuka said. “We need to find a way out of this place!”

“How do we do that?”

She looked at the band on her wrist, tapping it to pull up the map. We could see dots where we were all gathered on the roof.

“There must be somewhere…” she searched through the map, extremely focused on it.

“...Hungry…” the quiet girl who hadn’t spoke a word suddenly said.

“Eh? Neru-chan hungry?”

Neru nodded at Berika’s remark.

“Who has food?”

“It looks like our inventories are the same as the ones in game,” Nana said. “When you first create your avatar, you are given two bags of berries to heal your HP.”

Hearing that, the girl named Neru tapped her band, opened her inventory, and selected one of the two bags. The menu disappeared and a bag of red berries materialized in her hand.

“Berika wants cookies!” Berika pulled out her menu and selected two biscuits from her inventory. When they appeared, she started munching on the cookie biscuits happily.

“We should check and see if this place has any food stored somewhere,” Jurina said.

“The cafeteria!”

“Wait!” Yui-yui raised her hand, pulling up her map. “There are monsters down that path! What if something happens?”

“Let’s have just a few of us go,” Risa suggested. “Who will go?”

“I’ll go,” Yurina immediately said, glaring at us. “But I’ll go alone.”

“No way! It’s too dangerous!”

“We’ll go with her!” Three girls raised their hands; Ito Marika, Hoshino Minami, and Kitano Hinako.

“Are you sure?” Miona asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, senpai! We’ll protect Hirai-san!”

“It’s Hirate!” the girl said angrily.

“Ah! Sorry!”

“You three just be careful, okay?” Asuka said. “We still don’t know what will happen if--”

“It’ll be okay! We’re pretty strong!”

“Well, alright… We’ll be waiting for you girls!”


“Uwaa, these hallways really are creepy when it’s empty like this…” Marika commented. Their footsteps echoed off the empty walls.

“It’s like a haunted house.”

“Keep walking, you three.”

The three Nogizaka girls caught up to Yurina, who was far ahead of them. As they hurried, the group then heard a growling sound from far down the hall.

Yurina looked out and saw a Remnant clawing at the wall.

Immediately, Yurina transformed into her avatar’s armor. It was a black outfit with silver armor plates on her shoulder, arms, and chest, and black wings on her back.

She pulled out a black sword and walked toward the monster. When the Remnant saw her, it roared and charged at her.

“Look out!”

Yurina yelled out and slashed her sword through the monster’s head, slashing its body two more times in one swift motion.

The three were amazed as the monster vanished into dust, leaving behind a small red crystal.

Yurina took it in her hand, staring at the crystal before placing it in her mouth. With a loud gulp, she swallowed the red item.

“Eh? She ate it?”

The three approached Yurina, still awestruck from what just happened. Yurina’s armor and sword vanished, and she turned to look at them.

“So, uh… what did you just eat?”

“It was a seed.”


“Let’s go,” she said, advancing forward.

“H-hey, hold on! At least tell us what a seed is, Hirate-san!”


As we were all waiting, I saw Miona pull out a small red crystal. She stared at it, raising an eyebrow as she held it between her fingers.

“What’s that, Hori-san?”

“I don’t know. But I found it on the ground after Jurina-san killed that monster.”

“Let me see,” Jurina immediately took it from her hands, examining it. “I thought so…”

“What is it?”

“A seed. If we don’t dispose of it, the monster could revive.”

“For real?!”

“At least this one’s small…” Jurina summoned a dagger from her inventory, threw the crystal in the air, and slashed it as it came down, shattering it.

“So all the Remnants have those things?”

“Not all of them. But if a seed grows within them, they can become more powerful and deadly.”

It was then we felt the ground below us vibrate slightly.

“What was that?!”

“They must’ve fought another monster.”

“Mou~ I wanna go home…” Mion said, hugging her knees.

“We have to find a way out of this place!” Asuka then yelled.

Miona looked at her worriedly, “But how? That thing said this is a simulation--”

“How do you know we can trust it?!”



“Foooooood!!!” Marika cheered as they reached the cafeteria. They found all kinds of food and snacks stored in different areas. “So much food~ this is heaven~”

“How exactly did it all get here, though?” Hinako asked.

Minami then found a pink sheet of paper with something written on it.

“This is a gift from me. -Iku-chan!”

“That digital God lady must’ve left all of this here for us.”

“Let’s hope it’s real food we can eat then, and not digital! Hahahaha!” The girls (aside from Yurina) laughed as they grabbed some snacks and placed them into their inventory.

“Yuria-san~ we’re ready to go!” Minami said.

“It’s Yurina,” she corrected.

“Ah! Right! Sorry.”

“Still, I wonder why only the cafeteria isn’t surrounded by those monster-thingies…”

“It’s a safe area,” Yurina said. “...Most likely.”

“Cool~ That should come in handy if we get a nasty monster infestation!”

“Let’s hurry and go!” Marika started to run down the hall, oblivious to a black shadow targeting her with red eyes.

“Ito, watch out!” Yurina suddenly cried out.



...To Be Continued...
Japanese / Re: Anna Konno
« Last post by Snowy696 on Today at 11:53:47 AM »
As always Anna and Asuka look fine together.

This is not as good as that stuff they made together years ago but here you go

Japanese / Re: Asuka Kawazu 川津明日香
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I graduated from high school.

Japanese / Re: Nagi Nemoto 根本凪
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Korean Shibal / Re: (Actress) Shin Sekyung (신세경)
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She is bcome hoter and hoter everyday
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ladybaby
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I'll keep following them.
Western / Re: Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato - The Fighter - InStyle (March 2018)

35.29 MB | 2:17 | 1920 x 1080 | .avi
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Little Glee Monster
« Last post by muppet on Today at 04:43:13 AM »
The talk portion from a couple of the recent music shows

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