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The Official KPop Artist Threads / Re: (Group) I.O.I (아이오아이)
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M!Countdown teaser... Thursday, May 5th. The only other Music Show scheduled for now is The Show on the 10th. No matter, there's tons of variety stuff at least, and that's actually way more important for exposure.

The girls will have a showcase on the same day as well... Thursday, May 5th, 4pm KST. It'll be broadcasted live on 1theK youtube channel. \o/


IOI also now has an official Twitter account.
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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Here is the CM

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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In case you miss it...

Akino appears in the new TVC

Goto24: :D I'm glad to see you are enjoying the Fics. Thank you for reading. YEE makes me happy!  :heart:
ANd Yes, if I get them together too easily then there will be no drama ! lol! Keep reading though, maybe I make it all happy at the end.  ;)
jurenatsumina: Eeeee! Don't hate me for this chapter  :oops:

Okay, first of all! If you don't want to read this that is okay, im just complaining like I always doThank you so much for enjoying the Fics/Au's, This one and the other ones I have written. It has been a bit of a challenge keeping up with them, but overall there has been so many of you letting me know you guys are enjoying it and it keeps me writing them although this brings me to my,Second of all! I've been having trouble continuing this Fic...  :banghead: This next chapter is going to seem rushed, and somewhat like.. "What did she just write? I don't see how this happened." type thing I feel like I have been dragging it on and I kind of want to get to where everything is revealed, Although I may have fucked it up in the end of this... But I Will still continue and do my best. I am working on The YP_SM family, Also the newest YP-SM genderbender ( I want a title for this one but I can't seem to come up with one...), Also, What other one ? is there more? lol I need to keep with just one AU... Yeah so I do apologize to you who read this. :nervous


The night was cool, the streets empty, and the city lights lit the lonely street Haruka walked in. It was peaceful, freely enjoying the night on her own with no one in sight bombarding her with questions and snapping pictures. Such calmness caused her to think and feel that this was too good. She took a look around her finding tall buildings, a cobble road, and lamp post that lit the road, it looked as if she was in Paris in a lonely area, unsure as to how she got there. Suddenly, she felt a breeze kick up and she looked towards the direction it was coming from, catching a figure at the end of the lit road. Darkness could swallow up this figure from behind it.

Haruka felt terrified, not wanting to go near him but the minute he took one step towards her from afar, Haruka's heart raced. She turned to run only to be caught by someone else. It made Haruka jump away but this person took a hold of her, throwing their arms around her and tightly holding her. Haruka had that sense of peace again like before when she was alone. She wanted to look up, catch who made her feel so protected, and when she pushed away to find the person she desired most to see, she awoke.

Haruka, still dazed, looked at the pillow beside her finding it empty, reaching to feel the cool white sheet. She wished the dream was real, wishing she never woke up. Although the shadow man did scare her the person who held her, protecting her, made that scary figure disappear and all her fears. With her just holding her, looking down at her it was all perfect again and she wished to have stayed asleep forever. Sadly, reality kicked in.

"Haruka, breakfast is ready."

She dragged herself to the dining table to find Miyuki serving a plate of breakfast for Haruu who sat at the table eagerly waiting for Haruka and Miyuki to sit so she can begin eating. Miyuki was placing another plate on the table catching Haruka's expression as she was dragging her feet to the table. Miyuki approached her asking if she was alright. Haruka was shaken from her thoughts, glancing up at her friend.

"I'm alright." She weakly smiled, taking a step to the side to go around Miyuki to get to the table.

Miyuki took the same side step, blocking her from her path. "I know that look, Haruka. Was it another nightmare?" She worried.

Haruka shook her head, looking up at her with round eyes filled with sadness. "Actually," She looked over her friends shoulder to Haruu, making sure she wouldn't hear her. moving closer she whispering to her friend. "It was a dream, a nice one..." Her mind flashing to the person.

Miyuki, caught a small tug upwards at the end of her lips. "So, no more nightmares?"

Haruka's smile went away and she shrugged, "I don't know. This is the first time in a long time I didn't have a nightmare. You would think I would have them the most with this week coming up."

Miyuki placed a hand over her friends arm, "Maybe, it's a good sign."

"I hope." Haruka sighed.

"Can I eat?" The two turned to Haruu who had been patiently waiting on the two. She had her fork in one hand ready to eat. Haruka smiled, she found her very cute like this.

Miyuki told her to go ahead and eat, also telling Haruka to sit for her breakfast. "I have to go." She said after seating Haruka. "Fashion week is starting tomorrow and the office has been going crazy." Miyuki didn't take a bite of any food, instead she took her purse ready to head head out to work when Haruka stopped her.

"Wait, you didn't even eat." She took her hand.  This past week they have been staying in Miyuki's, her friend seemed to be a little distant from her and Haruka really hoped she didn't do anything wrong, unless it had to do with what she had planned this week.

"I'll grab a yogurt to go." Miyuki assured her. "I'll see you later."

The two staying at the apartment watched her go, Haruka a little sad her friend left just like that. She turned back in her seat to find Haruu enjoying the meal as she smiled up at her. "Eat up, I think we can sneak out for awhile today."

Haruka smiled at the idea of some freedom for the day. Although it was a risk with so much media in Paris that was covering the event coming up, yet Haruka gave no care to it now, a little time out would be good, she thought.

Miyuki rushed to the office, she didn't want to be late and yet she didn't want to go in for work, afraid to bump into Sayaka. She felt bad for the almost kiss; leading Sayaka on after telling her she wanted to take things slow. The whole week she tried to avoid her, however in their line of work they were always around each other. Lucky for her though it was always with their boss and a group of people where discussing that day was not possible. Sayaka had asked her over to her hotel room but Miyuki denied using Haruka as an excuse; babysitting her. Sayaka would have invited herself to Miyuki's apartment but with Haruka there, with Haruu, she knew it was a bad idea.

Miyuki pretty much ran to her office, already late, finding her secretary getting up to give her any messages or news or remind her she was late.
"You are late."

"Only by ten minutes." Miyuki sighed, she didn't know why she was rushing when she was the boss here.

"Mr.Shimazaki is in there along with Sayaka." The man working for her grinned, raising his brows at her. The young man could even see something between the two and he always called her out for it.

Miyuki rolled her eyes at him, ordered him to get back to his desk and pick up the phone that was ringing, and she made her way into her office to find the two she had been told were in. "Sorry, I am late."

"That's alright." The owner of this fashion enterprise said, standing up from Miyuki's seat. "We were going over all the papers and I realized," He placed one piece of paper down, "We have hired a new model. Well, she is someone we have worked with although since when are you hiring models, Miyuki?"

Miyuki frowned, was she in trouble for doing so? She took the paper and found it was Haruna's profile picture with her information. "Well, she will be working here under me. And she has worked for you before, I don't see why it's a problem." She placed it back down.

The man sighed, focused on the picture. Miyuki and Sayaka caught this and both glanced at each other but quickly Miyuki looked down, then back up at the man.

"If it's a problem I can talk to her, but she really wants to come back."

The man hummed, looking back up at Miyuki. "No, it's alright." he seemed genuinely upset and Miyuki didn't really know why. "Moving on," He continued, "Sayaka, did Rie finish setting up the clothes?"

"Yeah," she spoke up, "She has them prepared downstairs."

"Okay, tell everyone to pack up and we will have a run through for the week." He said, taking his binder ready to leave the office and head downstairs. Miyuki
followed, but before she made it out the door Sayaka caught her arm.

"Miyuki," she sadly frowned up at her, "I want to talk."

"Not now." Miyuki softly replied.

"I'm sorry!" she blurted. She was tired of her avoiding her the whole week she only wanted to spend time with her and what she tried to do only made her plans go down the drain. "I'm sorry for almost kissing you, It was stupid of me. I know you want to take things slow and I ruined that, I didn't mean to." She took her hand, holding it into hers. "I promise you I won't do that again, until you want me to."

"That is the thing..." Miyuki spoke up, "I did want you to, but..." She looked down at her hand between both of hers, holding it gently.

"But?" Sayaka leaned down to catch her eyes, wanting her to look at her when she continued.

"I'm afraid."

"Of what?"

"I am afraid you are still in love with Haruka." Miyuki confessed. It felt like a weight off her shoulders.
Sayaka furrowed, slightly taking a step back."Miyuki, I-" Before finishing what she wanted to say, Miyuki's assistant came in announcing that Mr.Shimazaki was waiting of the two and he didn't seem happy. Miyuki retracted her hand from Sayaka's, turning to leave and not seeing Sayaka reach out for her before she left.

"Come on, I'm going to take you to a different part of the city. No one will catch us." Haruu told Haruka. The two snuck their way out the building they were staying at and made their way out, hailing a taxi. Quickly the two jumped in.

Haruka was nervous to be out, now that she actually thought about it. If whoever was following her, then they would post it all over the media and her father would find out she was in Paris, stopping her from doing anything crazy; like show up to the runway show unannounced and announce she was taking over the company. Though terrified, Haruu convinced her, telling her she was going to show her a calm, media free area. somewhere private for her to enjoy a walk and know she would not be recognized.

As soon as they arrived the two hopped out the taxi. Haruka caught a small road, similar to the one in her dream. She felt calm, like she could enjoy her day there. "See, isn't it nice?" Haruu asked.

Haruka glanced around finding it to look similar to a small town out of the city. It was beautiful.

"Come," Haruu said, taking Haruka's hand. Haruka quickly felt the warmth of her hand and glanced down at it. Haruu caught her, ready to apologize and retract her hand, however, Haruka tightly gripped onto it as she stared at it, interlacing her fingers. Her dream flashed before her eyes and she looked up, her heart racing, as if she was going to find the person from that dream.

Haruu smiled at her, "Let's go."

Haruka stared. it was almost like her dream. She felt Haruu give a small tug to get her walking and Haruka smiled up at her, her feet moving as an excited Haruu lead her to a small shop. This was the same feeling she had in her dream; a Peaceful one. Maybe, the one in her dream was only representing Haruu and she was the one Haruka was suppose to be with. Afterall, Haruu made her happy.


Fashion week has begun and everyone was there to see it, from fashion designers, celebrities from all over the world, and people who were fans of the fashion scene. It was all amazing and the three girls who have worked so hard to witness such an incredible week, watched people in awe as they walked the carpet. What they enjoyed the most was watching the runway shows with top designers they look up to sitting behind them, in front of them, or even off to the side yet they got excited.

While Miyuki sat with her assistant watching the runway shows, Sayaka sat on the other side with Rie, from time to time glancing over to Miyuki. It was like this for the next two days, until finally, she was able to get Miyuki alone at one of the after parties they were invited to.

"Miyuki," Sayaka approached her once she was alone, handing her a drink. "How... are you?"

"I'm good." Miyuki smiled at her.

Sayaka didn't like it, it wasn't a real smile, the ones she use to get. "I wanted to tell you-"

"Don't, Sayaka. I don't want to know. Not now. I just want to enjoy the rest of this week." Miyuki admitted. She did want to enjoy fashion week, she was waiting a long time for it. If Sayaka were to say what she was thinking then the whole week would be spoiled.

"Alright," Sayaka smiled at her, shaking away all the tension the two were building. If Miyuki wanted to enjoy this she was going to make sure she did. Anything to make her happy. "Hi, I'm Sayanee, I will be your helper for this evening. Anything you ask, I will do." Sayaka stuck a hand out as if she was greeting herself to her for the first time.

Miyuki couldn't help but laugh, trying to hide it by covering her mouth. It only warmed Sayaka's heart to watch her smile, laugh, and finally see the Miyuki she has been wanting to see. Miyuki did feel the tension dissipate between the two, letting her thoughts from before stay locked up for the moment, or for the rest of the event, just as long as she got to enjoy the last two days with Sayaka just as she wanted to.

"Come, I will get you those free goodie bags they are giving out." Sayaka stuck an arm out.

Miyuki hesitated to take it, but as soon as she did it made her happy. The same went for Sayaka and the two just enjoyed their whole night together, not caring if they had more to do the next day. They partied all night together, glad to finally spend it together.

Haruna had prepared herself for the last day of Fashion week. She stayed at home doing her usual routine; eat properly, walk (in high heels), take care of her skin, Anything she needed to do to go back to looking like she use to when she modeled. She didn't have to do much she still had a model figure.
All while she prepared herself for her return to modeling, Yuko watched her, praying Haruna would back out. She didn't want to hurt her by keeping a huge secret from her. But, she didn't want her to find out about her past. Yuko had thought about telling her everything, It kept her up at night, however the thought of losing her ran over and over in her mind knowing that will be what hurts Yuko the most, losing the love of her life.

That night, Yuko walked up from behind, wrapping her arms around the taller woman, feeling her cool wet skin hit her cheek. Haruna had finished bathing and she came out naked looking for some pajamas. "Yuko, what are you doing?" She smiled.
Yuko, only planted her lips on her back, trailing kisses up to her shoulder having to stand on her tippy toes. "Nothing," She planted another kiss. "I wanted to kiss you."

Haruna turned to face her, catching a toothy grin. "You have been acting weird these past few days."

Yuko ignored her, returning to hugging her naked body and kissing her collarbone up to her cheek. Haruna only laughed, she was ticklish when Yuko trailed kisses up her neck. Yuko loved her laugh.

"Can I change?" Haruna asked, smiling down at Yuko. Yuko shook her head, reaching for a kiss on the lips, only Haruna backed away denying her from any kisses. "Let me change."

Yuko was not going to give up. She pressed her up against her, lifting her off the ground, and carrying her to their bed. For a small woman she was strong and in all honesty Haruna loved how strong she was. Once she was dropped on the bed, Yuko captured her lips and Haruna didn't resist tasting her partners lips, she loved her kisses as well, though in public she shy's away from kisses it is too embarrassing for her. The kiss began lovingly then roughly between the two, unable to keep their hands off each other.

"Yuko," Haruna gasped, "We have been doing this everyday."

"So?" Yuko asked, capturing her wife's lips again.

"So," Haruna spoke in between kisses, "I. am. worried."

"About?" Yuko asked again,breathless between kisses as well.

Haruna tried to speak again but the kissing wasn't stopping, and she enjoyed it. However, with her wife being strange she really wanted to know what was wrong even if she had agreed before she wouldn't ask anymore questions. Haruna pushed her away, "Yuko!"

Yuko, looked down at her, panting. "What?"

Haruna was going to reach up and ask again what was wrong, and this time Yuko knew she would crack and spill everything, except Haruna only said, "I'm tired. I want to change and go to sleep."

Yuko, with a sad look forced a smile and said, "Okay." Jumping right off of her and out of bed, heading to the bathroom. Haruna sat up watching the shorter woman wishing she would just tell her what was bothering her. All Haruna wanted was her to be happy and she did not know how to do that without pushing her for answers.

The day went really well for Haruka and Haruu. No one followed them, no one stared at them, no one seemed to know who the two were. They freely enjoyed their day in Paris, shopping and having some delicious food in some small restaurant where the waitress believed the two were a couple and gave them a small dessert with one spoon to share. Haruu was about to ask for another spoon when Haruka reached across the table with a spoon full of the dessert for her to eat. Haruu looked at it then back up at Haruka finding her opening her mouth for her to take. Happily Haruu took the bite finding it very delicious. She watched how Haruka took a bite as well from the same spoon, causing Haruu to blush, something that rarely happens to her.

They continued to enjoy their day with a nice stroll around. Then by the time the sun was beginning to set the pair headed back home, sneaking their way back into the hotel. Haruka took a fine grasp onto Haruu's arm who happily lead the way to the elevators. While, it took them to their floor, Haruka leaned her head against Haruu's shoulder. Haruu swore the girl could hear her heart beating strongly against her chest.

"D-did you have fun?" Haruu stuttered.

She heard Haruka sigh, "It was one of the best day's I've had in so long."

Haruu glanced to catch a smile on Haruka's face and she felt like celebrating for making the girl very happy. "I'm glad. Hopefully soon we finally get to actually go out together without worrying." Suddenly she felt Haruka leave her shoulder and she turned to catch the smile gone and her eyes looking up at her. "I mean hang out." Haruu worried she said the wrong thing.

Haruka's eyes dropped, facing the ground in the quiet elevator. "I want to try..."

Haruu heard her softly speak and she leaned closer to her to hear her. "What?"

Glancing back up, Haruka said, "I want to try dating again... I want to try going out on a date with you."

Haruu was taken back. "Are you sure?"

"Today was fun, every moment with you has been great." She smiled, "I don't see why we shouldn't. You've made me forget all the bad and you've gone out your way to help me and today I realized you only bring peace to my life after all the chaos."

Though, Haruu watched a smile on her face, she caught tears at the brimm of her eyes.
"Haruu, I know it's sudden but let's do it. Let's tell our parents we will date and not just for their publicity stunt."

"But..." Haruu wanted to say something but had no idea how. It was sudden and she was happy to hear this from her, but she herself wasn't sure if this was the best idea. Haruka watched her, waiting for her to reply, taking her hand into her's. "Haruka, I-"

Just then the elevator doors open the two not turning to see if someone was standing there, they only stared into one anothers eyes. Haruu did fall for Haruka, since they were kids, but this was all too fast, not to mention it felt like it was the wrong timing.

"What's going on?"

The two turned, finding Sayaka standing in front of them, outside the elevator, glaring at the two. Haruka saw the anger in her eyes and she quickly let Haruu's hand go. "Sayaka." she said.
Sayaka looked away shaking her head, "Nevermind." She turned to leave and the elevator doors began to close. Haruka stuck an arm out for them to open again and chased after Sayaka while Haruu tried to follow but stopped in her tracks, watching Haruka chase after Sayaka.

"Sayaka," She called out. The other woman only ignored her as she rushed to the emergency stairway. Launching the door open and rushing down each step. Haruka tried to keep up, looking down at each step she took so she wouldn't miss one. But she missed one.
Sayaka heard her scream and she turned at the last step, catching her from falling to the ground. Haruka had shut her eyes, waiting on the impact. Instead she felt a soft one and gripped onto it, thankful it saved her. Opening her eyes she found Sayaka with ehr soft gaze, and small voice asking if she was okay. Haruka nodded, only staring into her eyes.

"Haruka," Sayaka said her name softly, "I-"
She was cut off when Haruka kissed her. It was an urge Haruka felt the need to do, although it was a bad idea. Sayaka pulled away. "What are you doing?"

Haruka opened her eyes, not looking up at Sayaka anymore, "I'm sorry." She pushed away from her and straightened herself up, turning to leave back upstairs when Sayaka caught her by the arm and pulled her back into her arms and kissed her.
Translation of Milky's interview with modelpress regarding her graduation:

Excerpt from that interview:

- Will you continue the activities you are doing now in the future?

Miyuki: At the moment, I don’t have such plans…

- Oh I see. In the future, have you thought of going down the path of being a model or an actress?

Miyuki: Nope…not really. I don’t think I’m such an amazing person, and it’s not like I have a very special talent, and so that’s why from now on, I would like to build up on my talents and skills. For five and a half years, I have carried out various activities, but I knew nothing apart from NMB48, so my world view was very narrow. There’s just way too many things that I have not done before. For example, I have never even gone on a holiday in private before, and I’ve also never really delved into music or acting before. Right now, there aren’t any things I can do. If I can’t do these things, I won’t be able to enjoy them, and so that’s why I want to increase the number of things that I can do. Like for me now, I love things like fashion, maintaining my skin using skincare products, watching DVDs at my home, and going to the cinema. I began thinking it was sufficient to just have enjoyment in those things. It’s the same for music and acting; it’s part of many different worlds, and so first of all, I want to build that confidence of being able to enjoy myself.

The 2nd part has also been translated
Chapter 9

Akane looked out of the window and saw that the sun was setting. She felt oddly worried, there was uneasy feeling, but she couldn’t pinpoint out what it is.

“Akane,” She heard a voice coming from the door, she looked and it was Airi.

“Airi… W-What are you doing here…?”

“I just wanted to talk…”


“Your condition…”

“What about it?”

“It’s just that… you have symptoms that are uncommon in vampires…”

“I don’t understand.”

“Were you dreaming of something lately?”

“Y-Yes….” The first thing that popped-up into her mind was about how Airi held her in his arms, it felt like a weird dream afterall.

“Should I tell her the truth?” Airi talked to himself.

That was the only thing in my mind.

“But if I tell her, what would her reaction be? Will she react the same way as Rena?”

Imagined the taste of a kick from Rena and a look of disapproval in Yuki’s eyes. Airi wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Airi… Is anything the matter?”

Akane’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Umm… Actually….”

“Chu-chan!!” Rena barged into Akane’s chamber, her face looked panicked.

“Rena-nee? What’s wrong?”

“Things! Now, come on!”

Rena dragged Akane walked out of her chamber, leaving Airi in the room, by himself. Airi pondered on whether he should come along, but his guts were saying something bad has happened.

“R-Rena-nee…Calm down…! What’s going on…?” Akane tried to talk to her sister.

“It’s about Father… I-I don’t know…. I-It’s just… He’s acting strangely…”

“Oh my God! Where is Yuki-nee?”

“Yuki-chan already went to him…I-I’m scared...What if...” Rena stopped, trying to not choke on her tears.

“Sshhhh..Everything’s going to be okay, Rena-nee...” There was a false sense of security between the two of them.

Two of them heard someone’s voice coming from the other side, it was the heiress.

“Churi, Rena-chan, Father...He…”

Rena and Akane rushed to their parent’s chamber, leaving the heiress alone. They found their father lying unconscious in his bed, but he’s not alone, there was their mother beside him. They inspected him closely until they had found something strange on his chest.

“Werewolf claw marks…?” Rena asked.

“What could’ve caused it…?”

“Your father was out in the woods… he encountered a group of werewolves who were travelling as well… and he was caught in a fight…”

Their mother finally broke the tense atmosphere, Rena noticed eye-bags under her eyes, apparently their mother cried her eyes out.

“How did you find out… Mother?” Akane asked her

“Lucky there was a young man who found him, he brought him back here..”

“Who is he…?” Rena asked, resisting the urge to cry.

“He is from the Watanabe clan, Rena-chan.”

Yuki finally showed up, Airi was next to her.

“Are we thinking about the same Watanabe now, Yuki-chan?” Rena’s eyes grew wide

“Yes.. we are…”

The Watanabe clan is another high-rank family among the vampires, one of the sons is showing interest in Rena or Yuki. But too bad the twins had no eyes for him, they felt that something missing from him, although his face was handsome However, after the last banquet there was talk between the head of the Kashiwagi’s which is their father and the head of Watanabe clan to unite their strength together by marriage, and the first candidate was Rena.

“Umm…” Their father’s body was moving, from what they could see.

Yuki rushed to the side of their father’s bed, joined her sisters who already sat there.

“Father… what’s going on?” Akane was the first one to spoke up.

“A-Akane… a..are you… okay…?” His voice was weak, he struggled to breathing normally.

Akane held his hand, “I’m okay, Father.. How could you ask that, when you’re in a worse shape than I am?!” Akane’s voice began to crack

“Ha..ha.. I..i’m..fine.. Where..are.. your.... Sisters..?”

“We are here, Father..” Yuki and Rena said at the same time.

“Y-Yuki…” Their father tried to reach Yuki’s face

“Y-Yes...Father…” Yuki tried hold in her tears.

“You.. have to… lead… the kingdom… now…”

“We still have you… right?”

“Silly…*cough*…… leading… and Rena….”

“Yes, Father. I’m here….”

“Lucky...that...Watanabe’ else… I would… be… dead….”

“......” Rena knew where this conversation was going to go.


“Father… please… I know we’ve had this conversation but I don’t want to.”

Because Yuki is the heiress, so she’ll pick her future husband by herself. But it’s different with Rena, since she is the 2nd daughter, it’s her duty to accept her fate by marrying someone just for because political issues, it happened to their ancestors before. Nevertheless, Rena wished to marry someone that she loves with all of her heart, not for someone that use her as an object to increase the clan’s strength.

The silence surrounding them had suddenly become a bit heavy, you could hear a pin drop. None of the princesses dare to speak, until.

“Let me do it, Father..” Yuki said, putting herself forward.

“No! Yuki-chan!” Rena held her twin’s figure, trying to stop her.

“It’s fine, Rena. I’m sure he’s nice. Afterall, if it’s to help us win this war… I’m up for it.” Yuki looked into Rena’s eyes, smiling but Rena knew Yuki was forcing herself.

“But you have your privilege to choose your husband, right?”


Yuki closed her eyes, there was a certain man in her mind now. His face was vivid in her mind and his personality was the complete opposite to her’s. She clutched the ruby ring necklace around her neck, with every second making her remember.

“Sae… Help me…”

“I am choosing him now, Rena-chan..” 


Yuki took a deep breath, because after she said this there is no turning back “Yes.. I’m sure.. Father..”

“Very..good..” He smiled

Rena’s hand clutched onto Yuki’s dress, Yuki felt something and turned her eyes. She found her twin looked down, bit her lips.

“Yuki-chan…..” Yuki could tell that Rena feeling guilty about this matter.

“Sshhh...” Yuki took Rena’s hand, stroke it in soothing way and leaned forward to whisper “We’ll talk about this later, okay?” Yuki ended with a smile.

Rena wanted to talk more about this, but Yuki’s hand stopped her. She turned her eyes to her twin’s, Yuki plead with her eyes. Rena released a soft sighed, complied with her twin request and changed the topic.

“Tell me, Father. Who did this to you?” Rena asked him, there was an angered tone to her voice.

“” Their father smiled weakly at Rena, “I… couldn’t tell… what... clan they… were in… but I know…. they were…. werewolves…”

“Right… Wait… What?!” Rena threw her death glare to the only werewolf in that chamber.


“What did you do… Furukawa?” Rena raised from her seat, walking towards him.

“I-I.. was here the entire time…” Airi was fidgety and anxious, as he was unaware of any planned attack by Jurina, Sae or Nao.

“Rena-chan! Don’t!”

“Don’t try to stop me, Yuki-chan.”

“R-Rena-nee… please…” Akane also tried to plead with Rena.

“Speak the truth or I will….” Rena’s mental state started to crack, “I will do unspeakable, painful things to you, Furukawa Airi.”

She laughed in creepy way, it gave shivers to Airi’s spine

“I-I swear Rena, Yuki, Akane! I don’t know anything!” Airi tried to defend himself, “If I knew, then I would’ve had word from my brothers, or the major-general of my family’s army!”


Rena took one of her hairpin from her hair, she pierced into her lower arm. Made a long cut, then her blood was dripping from it. Magically her blood was slowly transforming into a rapier, a thin and long type of sword, but strong enough to cut someone’s head.

“W-What are you doing?”  Airi was taken aback with the current state of the middle princess, “I-Is it…?”

“Yes… It’s my special gift… Blood Manipulation, I could easily draw any weapons from my own blood or others.” Rena played with the rapier with her hand.

Airi was surprised, he knew that every royal family in each clan has their own special gift. But he never saw this particular ability. Somehow he believed this ability suited Rena, but on the other hand it made her look creepier when she’s on the anger mode.

“R-Rena… Calm down.. Will you?” Airi halted her movement toward him

“Shut up!”

Rena thrusted the rapier, aiming at the middle of Airi’s torso. Airi swiftly evaded the rapier, but still he got a cut on his right shoulder.

“Look, I don’t want to fight with women, especially one of your status,” Airi took a look at his wound.


Rena snorted hearing Airi’s line, too bad Rena is one of those women who couldn’t stand  men who try to look down on women.

“Of course, we are much stronger than you are,” Airi obliviously said, causing Rena’s temper to go off the roof, “It’s better, if you just give up now.”

“Enough! You filthy wolf!” Rena slashed continuously at him, this time she was aiming at the neck

Airi tried to resist turning into his wolf form, which he usually reserved for worst case scenarios, this is one he thought was one of them. Airi began to clench his fist and teeth, he was making a growling sound, he released a copious amount of energy from his body. He screamed in pain, since every time he transformed, he needed to break each bone of his body. Since his human form wasn’t strong enough to stand against Rena’s blood manipulation, but he knew the consequences if he released his werewolf form, he will lose his humanity. His clothes began to tear off since,the transformation nearly finish, suddenly fur grow all over his body, his fangs, his claws, and finally he’s done.

“Oho~ Look what we’ve got,” Rena smirked

Airi growled, rushed to where Rena’s stand. He ran with four legs, surely the werewolf form made him more swift and fast. Rena didn’t expect that werewolves were actually that fast. Rena tried to move to the other side, but too late as in a blink of an eye, Airi already got there.


Airi took step by step closing their gap. Rena completely surprise with the true power of werewolves, for the first time she actually didn’t know what to do. In the middle of fighting, Rena back into her normal state.

“H-Huh? Why am I holding on this rapier?”


Yuki knew that when Rena is no longer in anger mode, she was not more than a typical princess like in every fairy tale. She could help Rena, but to release her power in this chamber is not smart move, not in front of her father condition. Then she remembered something

“Churi, could you do that?”

“Eh? That as in ?

“Yeah, Rena-chan need you, no they both need you, please..”

“B-But… I’m not sure I could handle it…” Akane looked anywhere but Yuki’s eyes.

Yuki held Akane’s shoulder, forced her to look Yuki in the eyes “I know you can do it, Churi. I believe in you.”

Although Akane doubt that Yuki’s plan will be succeed, but Akane need to trust her, not to mention Yuki was right, Airi and Rena need her.

“Okay, I’ll try Yuki-nee…”

Akane began to close her eyes, focusing to accumulate enough energy. After she thought the energy had enough, she released the energy into the air. Suddenly she saw the flashback of the current situation. Then she could see in the next minute, Airi will hurt Rena’s leg with his claw. Before it could happen, Akane once again closing her eyes, and playback the image in her head. When it play the certain part, she opened it and voila, the time freeze. None of them were moving, Airi’s claw was a centimetres away from Rena’s leg. Akane sure, if that claws were going to hit Rena’s leg, her sister probably will never walk normally again for the rest of her lives.  Akane walked closer to them, she hit the back of Airi’s neck, pulled away Rena to the certain distance. When she thought she had done enough, she snapped her fingers again.

“Errr…….” Airi lost balance, dropped on his knees. He felt that his body can’t move at all, his eyes were so heavy. The last thing he saw was Akane who tried to reach his face.
After Airi completely lost his consciousness, Yuki heading toward her twin who already turned white.

“Rena. calm down, it’s okay...” Yuki tried to touch her

“Y-Yuki-chan?? What happened??” Rena still didn’t fully grasp the situation.

“Nothing….” Yuki simply answered, then she look at Akane “Are you okay, Churi?”

“I-I’m a bit dizzy, Yuki-nee. But, I’m fine,” Akane reassured her eldest sister.

“Rena…..” The princesses turned to see source of the voice, it was their father.

“F-Father…” Rena once again back to herself, realizing what she did. “I-I’m sorry..”

“That’ll.. Do… Rena…” Father breathed out. “That’ll do…”

Rena can’t stand anymore, she knew that she shouldn’t be act reckless, not in front of her father who lying weak. She made her way out of the chamber, trying to calm herself and she didn’t want to make her father worry about her even more.

“Rena-nee…” Akane looked at her sister, worried.

“…” He paused, and took a deep breath before continued “Rena is.. Kind.. her heart’s in the right place.. She just.. Can’t…” His words were interrupted by severe cough

“Father!” Yuki and Akane ran up to him in panic.

“Don’t leave me, Father..!” Yuki held his hand, a couple of beads started fall down from her orbs.

“Yuki….don’t cry…” He wipe the tears that escape from her eyes

“Just don’t leave me, Father. I still need you, not only me….Mother….Rena, and Akane too” Her last attempt to not cry has failed.

“I-I will... be... a good…. Girl.. just please….” Akane sobbed between each words

Their father just smiled, slowly the grasp from his hand loosing.

FATHER!!” Akane screamed.

“C-Churi, Wait here. I’ll call our physician”

Not long after, Yuki arrived with both the physician and Rena whom she met at the corner of the hall in the west wing of the Kashiwagi’s mansion. The queen and the princesses were stood beside the unconscious King. Yuki as the oldest princess tried to calm her sisters, although inside her heart there were mixed feelings, but the more important is her father condition. The royal physician carefully examined the King’s condition. There was no sound, as if they could heard their own heartbeat. After a quiet long time, he finished.

“How is he?”

Rena was the first one to asked, since she feel guilty about how she lost herself in anger again, to make it worst, she lost it in front of her father the one she love the most.

“Forgive me, Rena-sama. But….”

“But what? Just tell us !” Akane retorted.

“His condition is not good, he could survive because he is a pure-blooded vampire. He was inflicted with poison from werewolves claw..”

“C-could you heal him?” Yuki asked, although she tried to maintain her composure, but uneasiness from her voice was shown.

“Well, that is the thing, Yuki-sama.”

“What do you mean?”

“I cannot heal it with the potions I have on hand, you see,” he explained, “Since it’s from the werewolves, the only thing that I could do is to slow down the poison from getting to his heart…”

“A-are you saying that his condition is incurable?” Rena widened her eyes.

“No… But I’ve heard this rumor….”

“What rumor, mister?” Akane asked him

“The only thing that could prevent him from dying is a pure-blooded werewolf heart.”

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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [G - Trans] Filling Up Memories {Atsumina}
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Great. This fic was just so great. I really like this kind of story!!  :wub:

How can I missed this fic after years??

Someone bring this up again you for the author and the translator :')
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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Basically I have to admit outside Tsukasa Aoi I wouldn't have much interest in this group.

And for no reason I'll post an old Tsukasa video because she's so cute

This is for the MAXIM South Korea. Aoi's name was a big one as if Sola in China.


Here is, the MV of "Sexy Beach Honeymoon" , thanks to the people that post the video  :D

Enjoy (maybe it's not the best quality, but works for me) 8)

GREATNESS!!!! Can't Wait for their performance tomorrow!

Thankies so much!!!

Now waiting for their single

Time to scour the web!

I'm not sure if this was already posted but this is a live version of Banana Mango Highschool, being sung by The Margarines!! I know they're a separate unit but since Akino, Miku, Aika Usui and Mai are part of it I thought it would be OK to share this video here. Some familiar faces from Ebisu Muscats are featured too: Aino, KONAN, Kaho, Mui, Airi Kijima and Aika Ando. I captured the video from the Margarines' First Live DVD. Hope you people like it :)

Nice! I am so happy that the girls of EbiMasu pave The Margarines' way....even if the latter had a short was worth it!
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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Here is, the MV of "Sexy Beach Honeymoon" , thanks to the people that post the video  :D

Enjoy (maybe it's not the best quality, but works for me) 8)

I like it much better than the last one :)

Basically I have to admit outside Tsukasa Aoi I wouldn't have much interest in this group.

And for no reason I'll post an old Tsukasa video because she's so cute

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