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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 104408 times)

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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Thank you for writing the part on how Shaku changed her mind

And how she got together with Sado

Great story there...

Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the main story

Thank you...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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Poor Shaku, Sado is such a teaser lol

"As long as you’re not banging her in public places"

Yuko is refined as usual xD

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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DAMN STRAIGHT THIS ANSWERS MY QUESTIONS!!!  :twothumbs ha ha ha totally happy to see you finally post this dam sado being all no I don't want to be with her then BAM!! goes and follows her heart and yuko's advice and apparently gives shaku a chance!!  :inlove: thanks a lot couldn't be anymore happier than this you truly made my day!  :bow: :D :twothumbs dude and yuko knew all along about sado's feelings for her dam shes really smart then  :w00t:
Spanish original name es mary es mi amor por leo dan:
Mari(mariko)es mi amor, solo con ella
vivo la felicidad yo se que nunca a nadie
mas podria amar, por que la quiero de
verdad por eso mary por favor dame tu
mano continuemos siempre asi
despues de todo que mas te puedo
pedir si soy feliz...muy feliz.
Si un dia me faltas tu que
Dios me ayude a morir ya que
no volvera a hacer en esta vida feliz
sin ti mari...sin ti estoy
viviendo por ti... 
English ver dow originally name mary is my love by leo dan :
My love is Mari, just with her
I live in happiness
I know I will never again
fall in love with nobody, because I
feel a true love Because of that,
Mari, give me your hand we'll
forever continue this way After all,
what can I ask you more if I am happy...
very happy If one day I will miss you,
God help me to die ,
without you Mari...
If i live my life for you...  -----------<@

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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Poor Shaku, Sado is such a teaser lol

"As long as you’re not banging her in public places"

Yuko is refined as usual xD

Jajaja yeah!

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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Omg double S(sadoshaku) kissu XD
Poor shaku she get sadist sado...
Oh well they are perfect to each other :twisted:

Im still waiting for more wtomo smexy time :sweatdrop:
Thank u for the update :on gay:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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MariMii moment!!! :luvluv2:
shaku is, as you said, a little ooc...  :on lol:
thanks for writing this!!! :shy1: :shy2: :whistle: :nya:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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great story
completely understand Shaku's reasoning now :)
Sado really is a sadist...
but who knew she had this side to her
totally sweet kiss
Thanks for the update!!

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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T^To F-Finally!!!
X is mark of Silent
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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story
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Prologue before Chapter 30 :P

*In the morning on the second days of the tournament.

“What is it, Nezumi?” One girl who was leaning to the fences on Majijo’s rooftop, facing the ground below, asked the other girl who was standing beside her. Unlike her though, this girl, Nezumi, were looking at the rooftop’s door.

Nezumi slowly chewed her bubblegum and popped it before answering, “Just go easy for today, Center….”

Center could gaped at the other girl in response before choked out a “What?!”

“As I said, go easy for today,” Nezumi sighed, “Let Rappappa wins. Or… pick two of the Team Hormone as your opponent. They will be an easy fight for you.”

Center furrowed her eyebrow together and tried to read what the other girl was thinking, “Why? What are you planning, Nezumi?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out later.” Nezumi answered with an aloof and mysterious smile, “Just do as I said.”

“You know that is against my principle.”

“Didn’t you say you want to be teppen? With me?” Nezumi asked coyly, exactly knew the other girl’s feeling for her. To her surprise, Center grabbed her shoulder harshly to force the eye-contact to her.

“You are my dear friend, and will always be.” Center growled in frustration, “But why don’t you trust me too when I said I’ll defeat them? Trust in me.”

“Center…,” Nezumi softly mumbled out, for the first time in her life she’s at loss at what to do. And her eyes widen when Center leaned forward until their foreheads met with a soft thunk.

“I want to win over them, fair and square, no tricks, no plans, no strategies. I’ll win it. Just you see…,” Center stated before she left the rooftop and started to going to the stadium where the tournament located.

After Center had left, Nezumi let out a ‘tsk’ and glared at the door direction, “baka…, you can’t win without my strategies.” She pulled out her phone and started to send a message to someone.


*About the same time.

“Ne… Ne…, Kumi….” Kanon cutely asked while the two of them was walking down the road together hand-in-hand. Dance came shortly after breakfast to escorting Kanon back home, because she had promised so.


“Um…, when will we do ‘that’?” Kanon asked in all her innocent glory, made Dance stumbled on her walk and yelled at her with a red face.

“WHAT?! W-Why are you asking me that?”

“You don’t want to?” Kanon instantly sulking because the older girl’s reaction, “I know I’m younger than you, but I’m not a kid anymore, you know.”

“N-no… that’s not it! Just… just… isn’t it too soon? I-I think we better wait.” Dance stutteringly answered, in her mind she was wondering why Kanon suddenly talked about that kind of things and she decided to ask her, “Why did you suddenly asked me that?”

“I can’t help but wondering… after…,” Kanon’s voice trailed off as her mind reminded her of last night incident and she blushed completely. She managed to acts like usual when her step-sister was in the same room with her during breakfast. But when Shibuya was in the shower and she was just alone with Ookabuki, her mind constantly reminded her of last night and made her mute. She couldn’t even started a conversation with her… would-be-sister in law without her mind reminded her of what had happened the night before.

Dance got her eyebrows furrowed together by the sight of the other girl blushing furiously and decided to snap the younger girl out from her own mind, “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Kanon was finally snapped out from her reverie and gave an awkward laugh while she was scratching the side of her head, “Eheheh… Um… Nothing.” All of a sudden she grabbed Dance’s hand tighter and dragged her to walk faster with her, “Come on, let’s go.”

*Kanon’s flashback, last night incident.

I was half-running across the living room to reach the toilet that located beside the bathroom. As I had said before to Tomo-nee, I wanted to go to sleep after bath, but my bladder told otherwise. I had only one thing in mind, which was to go to the said toilet fast. And shortly after I relieved myself and walked out from the toilet, the door slowly and softly closing behind me, my mind, which was previously focused to go to the toilet and control my bladder, started to registered other things. A sound, to be more accurate. A sound that clearly sounded like a muffled moan that came from the bathroom.

With each passing seconds, the sound getting louder and more often. Then I tip-toe-ed to the bathroom door to satisfy my own curiosity. And what I heard… surprised me.

“Dammit! Stop that!”

“Why? I thought you like it when I do…. This….”

Another gasp and followed by a grunt could be heard.


“What a foul mouth… And you’re always scolding me whenever I curse.”

“Sh-shut it! J-… A-Ahhh! Just do me! Now!”

 “You really are a horny drunk,” and Tomo-nee’s chuckle could be heard.

“Shut it!” Another moans and then I heard Ookabuki-san sultrily moaned, “Take me.”

“Mm… sure things…. You like it… slow…. Right?”

“Yeah… I like it…,” then I heard a low-sexy-scream, “But for now… faster…”

I could felt myself blushed completely at what I had heard and immediately ran to the guest bedroom. After I closed the bedroom’s door, I collapsed on the floor, my energy left me due to shocked. I covered my red-face with my hands and tried to calm myself. Based on the fact that they are living together, I knew they must have been on… that level of relationship already. But what I didn’t predicted was that I would overhead them doing the deed. Mou! I don’t need to hear that! If only I could erase it from my memory. Sigh….


*In a secluded area near the stadium

A hooded girl was standing under the trees, talking to her phone, “Change of plan, can you all come sooner? That baka picked two of the Shitennou instead. She can wins against one, but I don’t think she can wins against two Shitennou… No, you don’t see them everyday like I do, the current Shitennou are almost at the same level with the graduated one now. They’re getting better each day and we’ve only got Center in here…. The other girl? She’s not good. So, tell your girls to come sooner, okay?”


*Inside the stadium

“Oshima-san, sorry we’re late,” Takahashi said right after she was near enough to Yuko and went to sit beside Maeda on the podium, with their Queens scattered on the podium or near the ring.

Team Hormone were in one corner of the podium, grilling… hormones as usual. Shibuya and Gekikara were flanking behind Yuko, and Maeda sat beside Yuko, with one empty spot on Yuko’s other side for Sado. The said girls was standing near the rings with Torigoya and the current Shitennou, with her hand on Shaku’s shoulder in a protective gesture, the gesture that didn’t went unnoticed by their friends, but no one dare do say a thing. The three rings from yesterday were already been replaces by one bigger ring that stood in the middle of the stadium.

Captain Takahashi’s Shitennou (or three of them to be exact) were sitting near her at first, but them one of them, Ohori, spotted her favorite girl near the ring and after sending a teasing look to Shibuya, she went to the ring area. Much to Shibuya’s dismay, because she was bind to Yuko for the moment and could only growled in irritation when she saw Ohori put her hand in Ookabuki’s back.

Yuko who’s heard the growl elbowed Shibuya’s stomach in a playful manner to earn her attention and she reprimanded her, “Stop growling already. You’re not a dog.”


“And you damn well now there’s nothing between them.” Yuko said with a roll of her eyes.

“I know that!” Shibuya growled again, “But I don’t like it when other skin-shipping my girl. And I know you’re the same too.”

Yuko scratched her head sheepishly while mumbled, “Yeaaaaah…. Weeeelll……”

“You two know that they’re not the type who would cheat, right?” Gekikara butted in their little conversation and received a glare from her two friends as an answer.

“Knowing it won’t change the fact that I don’t like it whenever others skin-shipping my Nyan-Nyan,” Yuko grumbled, “And you can say that because Black won’t even let anyone touch her.”

"Yep," Shibuya answered with a nod.


@Shinoki, @olive29: hehehe... glad you like it :lol:

@BbSis: your OTP was pretty fun to write :P Yep, you did. Kanon part in this update is totally from you. :lol:

@cisda83: please wait a little bit more for the story

@kahem, @haruko: well, Shaku is a masochist. And, Yuko won't be Yuko without... being like that... :lol:

@theblueknight: Yuko is pretty sensitive you know  :lol:

@chichay12: :lol: for the smexy time.... well, i hope this is good enough  XD

@tfme3638: yeah... I just hope she's not that OOC.

@KojiYuu44: thanks for liking it.

@xsilentreader: sorry for the wait  :(

As I said, this is the prologue before the next chapter. Sorry that it is very short. :banghead:
I'll try to update as soon as I can. :bow:
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This was quite funny too! Kuminon quite and funny :p poor kanon xD

Ahaha I'm glad you liked to write my OTP :)

I'm kinda flustered to know that about kanon part :p

Thank you for the update o/

I'll be waiting for the next one :)

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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hey just spent all night reading this fic and this is one of my favorite anyways wondering how many more chapters your going to make? update soon  :twothumbs

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Ah... Who are the girls that suppose to come to help centre?

What Mayu planning to do?

Yeah... Going to more action in the next chapter...

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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yeah!! oh.. yuuchan is jealous a little?

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totally looking forward to the next chapter :)

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I don't know if non is lucky or unlucky for hearing tomotomo moment xD

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Prologue for the next chap
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First of all..., wow, I didn't realized it before but this thread had been read for more than 20k times! Wuah... thank you for all of you. XD
And second... UPDATE! Yey!  :lol: Sorry for the long wait. :nervous

Chapter 30 - Part 1

*some random time during the match

As what Rappappa’s meeting has decided, we’ll take our own position as a precaution if something goes wrong. And because of that, I’ve been tailing Yuko-san ever since we arrived at Majijo, and with Geki. Why me and Geki? Because Geki is crazily strong and a little insane so she’s fitting for protecting our leader. And I was appointed as well because if something went wrong with Geki, I can snap her out from her killing instinct. And besides, I know her moves well, we’re fighting buddies since Junior High. The only bad side was Torigoya has given me an earful of warning and all, because I was appointed in protecting Yuko-san. Especially about how her Yuu-chan couldn’t fight yet, so whatever happen I should prevent her from it. And how I should protect myself as well because it won’t do us any good if I was injured and stuffs.

The match has been going on for about thirty minutes or so. At first Kokabuki and Youran vs Center and… I guess they called the juniors… Kuroi? Well, whatever, maybe she’s Black’s wannabe or so. Anyway, at first it looked like a well-balanced fight but as the time went by, you can see the difference between people with Yankee Soul inside them and not.

I never thought Youran and Kokabuki could work together that good. I yawned out of boredom and decided to glance at my girlfriend’s direction who’s teamed up with… Ohori. I knew Yuko-san teamed us up based on how well we know each other, which also the reason why I was with Geki, Torigoya with Sado-san, Shaku (and Team Under) with Team Hormone, Maeda with the Captain, and the other Oshima was with Noro, while Black, due to her incredible speed, Yuko-san let her to do whatever she wants and help whoever needs help.

After a few more minutes of watching, I felt Gekikara nudged me and she whined, “Ne~ this is boring. Why can’t some interesting stuffs happen?”

“Don’t jinx it.” Yuko-san sighed her answer.

After a few more minutes and countless of yawns from Geki, as if answering Geki’s wish, there was a loud voice coming from outside the stadium. And the Rappappa members who were scattered all around the Stadium for protection matter, shared a look with each other and simultaneously nods. I shared one last look with Tomo who was smilling slightly at me then turned to look at Yuko-san who has this unreadable expression on her face.

“So… my prediction is right.” She said flatly.


*Third person POV*

“So… my prediction is right.”

With that being said, the Stadium’s door was opened with a loud bang, showing the horde of yankee outside. Yabakune, local thugs, Sutegorou and all other Majijo’s rivals. It seems like they’re trying to destroy Majijo all together.

“Tch… looks like they know they won’t win against us on their own, “Yuko sneered. By which the two Queens behind her responded with a deathly scowls. “Welcome to Majijo,” Yuko sarcastically said to the visitiors, despite her small stature, she could say it loud and clear for everyone to hear, made all eyes turned to her, “What do you want?”

As their answer, they were rushing inside and started to punch everyone in front of them. And… Hell started.

Despite the hell, one girl was able to jump off the ring and rushed to one corner of the Stadium towards one certain hooded girl who’s smirking at the sight in front of her. The girl grabbed the hooded girl to take a good look at her and when she saw the satisfaction on the other girl’s face, she could only shook her head in disbelieve.

“Nezumi…, why?” she muttered.

“It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right? Center?” Nezumi calmly answered, “You can finish Rappappa easily after they destroyed Majijo’s rival, and after this Majijo wouldn’t have any rival left because they are being annihilated by them at the moment.” She then points out at their surrounding where the Rappappa and other’s Majijo’s loyalist fight with all their might to defend their honor and pride. Their school.

“Nezumi…,” Center groaned in disbelieve, “you might destroy OUR school with this!”

“No…. I know my strategies will work well.” Nezumi said while still not looking at her ‘bestfriend’ “and you will get your teppen position.”

“But….they… you….”

Then Center growled in frustration and left her friend, off to fight, to help her fellow Majijo, to defend… her school.


*Nearly at the same time*

After she saw how the younger girl moved and beat the hell out of their opponents fluidly while she herself was dealing with some of them as well, Ohori drawled sexily, “Tomo-chan~, you’re getting better, aren’t you?” And despite their surrounding, she was successful in making the young girl blushed and stumbled at her double meaning words, especially after she added that smirk of her which let all the people who were surrounding them knew that she actually meant the hidden message more than the actual meaning of her sentence.

Luckily Ookabuki was able to recover fastly and while sent her palm to a random Yabakune’s girl, she yelled, “Of course! To both meaning! I’m not a kid anymore,” and turned her body to avoid another attack from another Yabakune and stepped back. Ohori met her halfway and they stood back to back with each other. “And don’t say it that way when Shibuya’s around or she’ll start to think… some weird things about you and me.” She hissed at Ohori before she stormed off to beat out another Yabakune and rolled her eyes when she heard her Onee-san chuckled in response of her words.

“You do getting better~, in bed I hope,” Ohori drawled again as she palmed the thug in front of her with similar style as Ookabuki’s, “Or else that Shibuya won’t be head over heels for you.”

Ookabuki flushed crimson when she heard that, which made her hit her opponent way stronger than what she intended to do because of the surprise, sent the poor girl flying a few meters and bumped a few Yabakune and thugs behind her and collapsed afterwards. She turned back to look at the older girl and while still blushing, she hissed, “Don’t say things like that here! And in this kind of situation too…”

“So, it’s true….” Ohori chuckled, much to the younger girl dismay then she suddenly reached out to kick at whoever it was who was trying to attack her favorite girl from behind.

Despite she was still dealing with a few yankees on her own, Ookabuki managed to looked at Ohori to gave her a pout and slightly whined, “Nee-san, stop it. Please…”

Ohori found herself paused in the middle of a fight after she saw that and blinked and blinked again, then she giggled before off to fight again, “I should’ve record that for Shibuya to see~~ She might get a cuteness overload from that~~.”


*Meanwhile at the center of the stadium*

“Kokabuki, now!” Youran shouted while she was rushing to the said girl in full speed.

Kokabuki linked her hands together and put it upwards in front her body. “Ready!” She shouted back.

Youran ran towards her and used Kokabuki’s hands as stepping place. She jumped and twisted her body to face a thug and sent her trade-marks flying punch at him as she landed and followed by a series of hook. After she finished with him, she rushed back to help Kokabuki who had her opponent locked in a fatal choke-hold.


Maeda was busy fighting off a combination of Yabakune and some other schools’ yankee with the Captain. Protecting each other’s back as they used to when the Captain was in an undercover mission. Two of Takahashi’s shitennou were fighting a few meters away from them. Random shout and chatters could be heard coming from the two older women, things such as “Yeah! Come at me!” or “This is really a nice way to vent, don’t you think?” or “Hope the Baba can keep up her pace.” or like the sentence that made their Sachou blushed, “Ooooh~ Sachou seems to have fuuuuun with her girlfriend over there~~.” By which Takahashi responded with a shout at them while she was fighting with three persons at once, “Stop talking about thing like that here! This is not the time! Jeeez….”

And when she glanced at Maeda, the other girl had her hands full by fighting off more than ten persons by herself. It seemed that their opponent knew how strong Maeda is and the only way to defeat her is by ganging up on her. She decided to help and delivered a strong back-hand punch at the back of the skull of the person nearest to her. And after she did, some of them turned their eyes at her and started to attack her instead. She could handle them all by herself when she was still Rappappa’s Sachou, but now, her age and lack of action for the past few years started to get to her after a few minutes. One of her opponents managed to hit her hard on the head and made her staggered back. She knew this would end badly because she has lost her focus. Some managed to hit her again but then, nothing.

When she finally get her focus back, she saw an angel, a dark angel, stood in the middle of human bodies that were scattered on the floor, who (to her) seemed to glow and all she could comprehend at that time was only on how beautifully-scary the other girl are.

“Don’t you even dare to lay a hand on Minami!” Maeda hissed to the bodies near her.

At this, the Captain came out of her daze and rushing towards her. “Atsuko…,” she whispered while caressing the bruise that slowly formed on the other girl’s cheek and smiled when she held her hand, “you’re hurt.”

 “So are you…,” Maeda mumbled softly.

“OY! Love-birds! Stop flirting and give us a hand here!” Noro yelled while punching and busy avoiding attack at the same times, destroying the romantic atmosphere surrounding the Captain and Maeda, who were sharing one last look and smile before rushing to help their allies.


“Shaku-sama, behind you!”

“Shaku-sama, be carefull!”


“Urusai!” Wota shouted in annoyance at how the Team Under more became like Shaku’s personal commentator more than actually helping them to fight.

“You think I like it?” Shaku asked sarcastically when she was kicking someone from unknown school. “I like screen time, but they are too much.” She then sighed and glanced at Torigoya and Sado who were fighting some thugs from their position near the podium as the last wall of defense from Yuko and the Shibuya-Geki combination. “I hope I could be with them…” She sighed.

“Stop day dreaming! There is one behind you!” Unagi yelled loudly, made Shaku instantly turned with a punch ready to be delivered.


Meanwhile a flash of dark blur was flying from one place to another, leaving Majijo’s enemy laying on the ground, writhing in pain or already fainted, as the dark blur flew past them.


“Sado…,” Torigoya whined while punching and at the same time avoiding attacks lazily, “I’m getting tired.”

Sado sighed but keep on fighting gracefully, “So do I. But remember, if they get pass us then Shibuya and Geki got more of them to handle while at the same time they also have to protect your Yuu-chan.” And she smiled when the light came back to Torigoya’s eyes with a harrumph. It’s seemed like her choice of words of mentioning ‘Yuu-chan’ instead her usual calling for Yuko works wonder in bring back the energy to Torigoya. She glanced worriedly at the podium and saw how Shibuya and Geki were troubled, not because they got too much opponent to handle all at once, but because they have to fight while protecting Yuko at the same time, but what worried her the most was how Yuko’s hands were twitching while she was watching her family, friends and fellow Majijo fighting. And she knew, they have to finish it. Fast. Before Yuko lose control of the yankee’s soul that was screaming inside her.

With that in her mind, Sado, like Torigoya, also get her extra energy to face the incoming opponent that come in her way.


“So… you think you’re save, huh?” One of the yankee laughed rudely at the hooded girl who was surrounded by Yabakune’s girls.

“H-huh?” Nezumi asked innocently while faking a calm expression, “well, we’re friends, right? We shouldn’t fight each other.”

“Heh! You asked us to attacking Majijo, your own school! Why should we trust you? You’re not our friends.” Another one barked.

“No one will trust a rat.” Said the other one.


From her position, Center took a rest for a while after cleared up her surrounding and looked around. She sighed in relieve when she saw that Majijo almost got the control of the situation. Almost. Because in her mind, she is the only one who can defeat Rappappa and nobody else can besides her.

But when she glanced at Nezumi’s direction, she was surprised on how the rat was fighting lots of Yabakune at the same time, and fighting was never been her forte. She clenched her fists and ran, as fast as she could, to reach her best friend, while shouted, “Neeeezuuuumiiiiiii….” No matter what happen, no matter how coy the rat is, no matter how bad she had hurt her, the rat will always be her best friend, and she will always protect her.


After almost an hour passed, Geki’s giggle becoming more often and creepier so that even the hair on Shibuya’s and their ferocious Sachou’s nape stood because of it. It was pretty amazing how people still come rushing at them after hearing Geki’s crazy giggle and saw how nearly everyone who dares to came at them was beaten to a bloody mess (or fainted with less blood on them, courtesy by Shibuya who, if she could choose, would rather punch them all out without messing her outside appearance, which also mean less pool of blood).

Things were, slowly but surely, started to get better with most of the attacker ran away or had been beaten, especially ever since Sutegoro’s girls ran away when some of Takahashi’s men who were on undercover on another schools made a surprise ambush at the attackers and followed by the gang of gals, that used to be Shibuya’s followers, led by Dance came as well. So did a few of Sado-san’s friends from her past school before she was sent to a reform school.

Shibuya took a short glance at their surrounding and smiled when she saw the decreasing number of their opponents. Her smile got wider when she saw how much bodies scattered in the floor surrounding the three of them. But it shortly vanished when she saw how hard Yuko had to control herself. Both of her Sachou’s hands clenched tightly into fists and she had a scowl plastered on her face with her lips forming a tight line. She sighed and for the first time in her life, she felt sorry for her Sachou. It must be really hard for her to just watch and couldn’t do anything when they all were fighting for their life.

Shibuya looked around her and saw some low-life started to make their way at them and she rushed to finish them. After a few punches and kicks (which she received a few as well), she turned back again at Yuko to go to her, maybe entertain her a little. When she was just a few meter away from Yuko she saw a flash of light in someone’s hand who was making her way to Yuko (and Gekikara who was fighting right in front of Yuko) as well from another side. Her eyes widen when she registered what that thing is.

“YUKO-SAN! On your right!”


*Back to Shibuya's POV

I was running as fast as I can to stop that jerk from getting closer to Yuko-san, but Geki beats me to it. She had sent a fatal right-hook at the jerk, made blood sputtering in the air, while giggling madly all the way. So I stop by Yuko-san’s side to check on her. I was about to open my mouth to ask Yuko-san when Geki’s giggle got louder and louder, made Yuko-san and I turned to look at her. The jerk with the knife were writhing in pain on the floor and… blood dripping on the floor from… Geki’s body. We immediately rushing towards Geki and just right before she falls on the floor, we caught her.

To our horror, Geki got stabbed right in her stomach. I let out a low growl and winced when Yuko-san pulled the knife out from Geki’s body. I immediately pressed my hand to Geki’s wound to slowing down the river of blood while praying that she wouldn’t get an infection. This time, I wouldn’t even care if my gloves were ruined from all the blood, Geki is more important. When I was panicking inside, I heard a heavy breathing coming from Yuko-san. She was standing beside me while glaring and growling while breathing heavily. The growl turned into a war cry as she went to the stabber’s body and beat the hell out of her.  And to add my horror even more, she rushed to kick some other’s asses. I knew I have to stop her, but I was stuck with Geki.

“Go stop Yuko-san,” Black whispered to me, all of a sudden she was already squatting down next to me, “I’ll be here for Geki. You go to Yuko-san.”

I gulped and without another word being said, I ran to Yuko-san, to snap her out of her killing instinct. “Yuko-san, snap out of it!” I pleaded to her while clutching at her body from the back. But in her rage, she only needed to swing one arm to brush me off and sent me away and… the next thing I knew, I was laying on the floor and my back was hurt. So, instead trying to calm her down, I did the things I know the best. Fighting. Not fighting her though, I’m not that stupid, I helped her to fight the Yabakune’s trash so that she had less ‘things’ to deal with and hopefully not getting too tired.

Somehow after a few minutes, I found myself dealing with more people to kick and my mind registered the lack of action from my side. Then I took a quick glance at Yuko-san and… Somehow, Torigoya has made her way to Yuko-san and hugging her tightly to calm her from her rage though Yuko-san’s eyes were still wild and she was still trying to move away and fight some more. And not just Torigoya, Sado-san and Captain Takahashi had made their way at us to. The Captain was talking on her phone while she was dealing with a few low-lives on her way.

Sado-san immediately helped me to give some painful lessons for those low-lives, while the Captain went to Yuko-san while saying, “I’ve called the ambulance. They’ll come as fast as they can,” and she was off to see Gekikara.

“Who’s the idiot that stabbing Geki and made Yuko-san goes berserk like that?” Sado-san asked me while we’re fighting side by side.

“Don’t know,” I answered, I paused for a bit to blocking the incoming punch and twisted my body to get a better position to deliver a right hook, “I don’t recognized the girl. I hope Geki will be alright.”

“Knowing Geki she will, but she has lost quite amount of blood now.” Sado-san muttered while punching a bit harder. “We need to clean the area first before the ambulance came or we can’t take Geki out from here. You clean up here, I gotta go see Geki.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just kept on fighting and still craving for more. I didn’t even realize that I had left the podium after it was cleaned up during the fight until someone touched my shoulder. Strangely I didn’t feel like I wanted to beat the hell out from that person, I just simply turned to look at that person.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be on the podium? Why Yuko-san let out a war-dry back then?” Well, looks like I knew why I didn’t want to fight her, maybe my body knew it was her even before my mind recognize her. “You’re okay? Your eyes are really scary right now. You don’t get hit somewhere fatal, right?”

I felt tired all of a sudden and felt my strength left me. Thankfully she was able to catch me before my ass hit the floor. Again.

“What’s wrong?” She asked worriedly while put her arm on my waist to keep me steady, which I could only responded by clutching at her clothes and snuggling her neck. I was in desperate need for her to comfort me. Other people be damned.

I heard a low whistled and Ohori’s voice said, “Wow… nice power you got… Were you just went berserk till a few seconds ago, cause you just left a pile of human bodies on your way from the podium to here,” and she chuckled, “Yuko-san’s Shitennou are really something else… I’m starting to wondering if you and your friends are human or not.” And lucky for her, I was really tired so I had no other choice but to just listening to them while trying to rest a bit, and hopefully get my energy back.

“What are you talking about?”

“… You haven’t looked at that?”

“Eh?” Then I heard Tomo gasped and tightening her hold on me, “Oh… wow… Well at least we have about twenty…? opponents less to worry about.”

“I’d say more than twenty. And you just noticed this now? When she came, you only set your eyes on her and not at anything else, aren’t you? Hhh… No wonder they split you up for this event.”

“Onee-san, I think I have enough teasing for today,” I heard Tomo whined a little, though I like it when she goes all cute and childish like this, I don’t like it when she shown this side of her to anybody else.

“Well, it’s true…. And besides-”

“… How’s the condition now?” I asked when I get a little energy after my ‘rest’, still buried my head on my girl’s neck.

“Hm? Well, we didn’t get attack while we’re chatting now, aren’t we? Those trashes are either KO-ed or flee-ing now. There’s just a few left and they’re getting taken care of as we speak.” She answered while tightening her hold on me, “Is there something wrong?”

“… Geki’s down…,” I whispered to answer her. Then I let go of her and turned, preparing myself for another round of kicking asses, “We gotta clear the area fast so that we could take Geki to the hospital.”

She pulled my hand and forced me to look at her, I could see how panic started to shown in her eyes, “What do you means by Geki’s down? Who? How?”

“I don’t know who, as of how, a shithead stabbed her. Come on then, get back fighting, we have to clear the area.” I turned back again and proceed to leave, afraid that, if I was staying with her, I might broke down sobbing in public. My eyes scanned the place while I was kicking asses, trying to find Dance. Why? Because I need her to do something for me. And there she was, fighting (badly, in my opinion, but at least she was still standing because most of our enemies are worst than her) with my ex underlings.

She hopped off towards me after she saw me with her usual smile (despite the bruise on her cheek and a cut on her lower lip) plastered on her face. “Shibuya-san, looks like we survive this.”

I grabbed her upper arm and whispered to her, didn’t want anyone else to know or else it might dropping their fighting spirit, “Geki’s down, bring the others outside to clear the path from the front gate to here. When you see the ambulance, direct them here. And fast. Understand?”

Her eyes widen when I said things about Geki and she stuttered, “Wh-why? H-how? Ge-gekikara-san…”

I shook her body a little and growled at her, “Stop panicking and do as I said. Don’t tell others about Geki though; just said a student is injured. But don’t mention Geki’s name. You got me!?”


“Good, now go!” I ordered her, and soon after, she led my ex-gang to go outside and finished it all for good measure. By now, inside the Stadium was almost clean, just a very few opponents left. Deciding that the students could take control of the situation, I headed back to the podium to see Geki.


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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 30 - 1
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FINALLY !!!! AN UPDATE !!!  :bow:


Even though the Yabakune girls team up with other yankees to fight against Majijo, they still can't win against Rappappa..

But, Geki was stabbed..  :cry:

I hope she's okay..

Can't wait for the next chapter..

Update soon, please..  :bow:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 30 - 1
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Omg! If I didn't live alone on weekdays my parents would think I got crazy with all the squeaking I made when I saw you updated xD

What an update! Full of adrenaline! Geki! I hope she recover fast ><
Lots of fighting and lots of moments :p

You know that your fic is one of my favourites? I'll always he waiting for updates even if it takes years ;)

Thank you for the update o/ I'll be waiting for the next one o/

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 30 - 1
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Hooray you updated!!!

Geki did a very noble thing protecting Yuko from that yankee by using her own body as a shield. Every bone from that Yankee's body should be broken. It can be done by Geki herself, or Yuko, or Black, or the entirety of Rappapa. In any case, did Geki just get stabbed because she got stabbed in the drama? Are we going to get a Geki-Black hospital scene but much more romantic and fluffier with hugs and kisses in your version? Please let us see something like that. Because Shibuya is the one narrating, we can't have her narrate that entire scene because that will make her a perv so maybe you can put it in 3rd person view or something? Or maybe another special chapter?

Again, thank you for updating.

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 30 - 1
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Yuko-sama...she wanted to fight badly and she did...but well...after Geki was stabbed!!!!!  :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

She has to survive!!!

Ah, that sly rat....

AtsuMina and wTomo moments~  :wub:

Babas teasing the couples  :rofl:

Geki, you have to be fine!!!!  :tantrum: :tantrum:
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