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Author Topic: The promise (WMatsui) Chapter 16 - Can I still meet you? 18/06/2015  (Read 55741 times)

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
« Reply #40 on: March 01, 2014, 02:25:09 PM »
Finally Rena has know the truth

I hope she don't think that Jurina betrayed her

Update soon~

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
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Now she know the truth ad
Hope she will accept her!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
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Lol  XD Rena didn't figure it out, until now.
Please Rena don't be mad at Jurina  :bow: She had good intentions  :nervous

Please Update Soon!  :inlove: :wub: Really Love this fic!!  :heart:

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
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Even jurina not told the truth she confess her feeling to rena

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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gilangfajri: HAHA~ YA~ :P She a bad friend isn't she? XD SORRY FOR LETTING YOU WAIT.  :mon sweat: Hope you enjoyed this chapter. XD
gek geki : OMG you commented on my fic.  :mon lovelaff: I'm so happy. Because I read a lot of fanfic here and I see your comment a lot. I was wondering when are you going to comment mine, Maybe Mine was bad that's why. Butttttttt YOU COMMENTED make me so happy.  :mon fyeah:  :deco: THANKS FOR READING AND COMMENTING. YOU DON"T KNOW HOW HAPPY I WAS.  :shy2:
Yuri Machenkov: HAHA sorry, for making you disappointed.   :mon trudge:
River1721: YA! RENA! Don't be mad at Jurina. OH, Wait. I am writing the story  :mon lol: HAHA~  :nervous Let's hope she forgive her soon.  :P THANKS FOR LOVING THIS FIC! IT MAKES ME HAPPY!  :mon love: for loving this fic~  XD
Terragen: Yap~ she thought Rena has forgotten about her.

I'm very grateful to those that read my fic and support it.  :) Thanks a lot~
And I am very sorry for the late update. Hope you forgive me.  :depressed:
I don't think I will be updating very soon, because my sem going to end soon and tons of Final assignment to do.  :cry: sorry~ :(
ONCE AGAIN! I would like to thanks Kawaiiidolworld for helping me to do proof checking.  :kneelbow: SHE is AWESOME~  :)
THANKS ALOT for reading and I'll be very appreciate if you comment too. 
And here is Chapter 10~ :onioncheer: 
(ps. If you haven't read Chapter 1 to 9. Stop reading this. Go page 1 now and read chapter 1 to 9.  :P I'll wait for you here.  :mon taichi: )


Chapter 10 - Breakdown

Once I am back home, I close the door and lean my back against it. “Ah-h” I place my hand on my chest and clench my shirt tightly.
What am I feeling? A slow kind of pain appears in my chest. I don’t feel like breathing, as if my world was completely crushed.
Ah, that’s the feeling of a broken heart. I have been rejected.
Something flowing down along on my cheek.
What is it?
I move my hand and wipe it. Tears. I’m crying.
The pain I thought I could handle, burst out.
I slowly sit on the floor my back still leaning against the door. I begin to sob. I scream in silent.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
“Ag-h. A-HHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WHY! ” I punch my fist on the floor hard and scream while my tears roll down my cheek.
I’m tired.
I want to clear off my mind. I stand up and walk to my bathroom. I take my clothes off and turn on the shower. I rain myself with cold water together with my tears.
“Why Rena?” I whisper softly even though she isn't in front of me. “Don’t you love me anymore? Or have you forgotten completely about me? Rena-chan, I’m tired of these. What am I going to do with you? TELL ME RENA!”
Once again, my fist slam against the wall hard. My fist starts dripping with red liquid. Blood.
But this pain is nothing compared to my broken heart.
I walk out from my shower my hand is still bleeding. I take out a first aid box and fix my hand.
After fixing it, I slowly go to bed and curl myself up. I fall asleep while crying silently in my blanket.
The bitter pain in me didn’t go away even the next day.
Even so I told myself, I will breath again. I will make her fall for me once again. I don’t care if she doesn't remember the old me anymore.
I will make her fall for the current Matsui Jurina.
 I should mail and tell her not to worry about the confession. Now, I wait till Monday, and begin my plan.

Finally Monday is here.
I woke up in the morning and got ready to go to school with Rena-chan. I arrived at her house and waited for her, I sent her a mail telling her I was waiting outside.
But I got no reply from her.
Her house door opened, a figure appeared. It was her mother.
“Oh. Jurina. You are here to pick up Rena-chan?” She asked.
“Em. Yeah.”
“Rena-chan has already left for school. Didn’t she tell you?”  She asked.
What? Rena-chan left school without telling me? That doesn’t seems like her. Normally she will at least text me and tell me about it.
That’s weird. Maybe she forgot.
“Um. Maybe she forgot. It's okay. I’ll go to school now then. Have a good day Ms Matsui.” I bow to her and bid my good bye. I went to my class and find for Rena-chan. But she is not there.
Where is she?
Luckily I reach school early. I went around and find her, but she is nowhere could be found.
Rena-chan, Where are you? You are making me worry.
Ring! That’s the school ball. I went back to class, find her sitting at her place reading a book. I walk toward her place.
“Rena-chan, where were you just now? Why didn’t you rep-“
“Class, please sit back to your place and settle down," our teacher said as she walked in the class.
I have no choice but to sit in my place while my eyes are still looking at Rena-chan. She didn’t even look at me when I talked to her.
What happened, Rena-chan? I will talk to her again later during break.
Break time has come, I saw Rena rush out of the classroom.
Where is she going? I rushed out of the classroom to follow her. But once I’m at the corridor she has disappeared once more.
I’m so confused.
Why is she acting so weird? I called her phone, but no one picks up. Is she avoiding me?
I ran around the school and try to find her. Suddenly a figure caught my eye. Rena-chan?
Why is she under the tree reading a book while I’m here worrying about her? I walked towards her direction and sat beside her.
“Rena-chan, are you okay?” I asked.
“I’m fine.” she answered coldly.
“Why didn’t you answer your phone?” I asked again.
“I forgot to bring my phone.” Once again she answers me coldly as her eyes never left the book. Why is she acting cold towards me? I don’t understand.
“Rena-chan? Why are you so cold to me? You didn’t even tell me you coming to school early. Tell me what happen.”
“Nothing.” She replied me with cold tone again.
It hurts when she treats me that way. It really really hurts.
I felt as if someone grabbing my heart from inside and tearing it apart.  I felt a wave bitter sourness in me. I was confused. Rena never treated me like this before. I must have done something wrong, but I don’t remember what I did that made her act so cold towards me.
She stood up and walks away. She didn’t talk to me at all for the rest of the day. She didn't even look at me.

Rena POV
Today I didn't walked to school together with Jurina. I didn’t want to see her after knowing that she lied to me about her being Jun. I saw her message, but I didn’t bother to reply it. I just want her to be out of my mind for a while.
Class is going to start soon, I went back to class even though I didn’t felt like it. I didn’t see her in class. Maybe she is looking for me since I didn’t reply her message. I decided to read a book at my place.
At the corner of my eyes, I could see a figure approached toward my direction. It's her.
“Rena-chan, where were you just now? Why didn’t you rep-“
Ah, there she goes. Worrying about me. As if she cares.
I don’t want to see her or talk to her now.
Not today. I’m hurt by her lies.
Break time came. I rushed out of class knowing she will for sure find me and ask me a bunch of questions that I don’t feel like answering.
Bzzz… Bzzz.. My phone is ringing now. Jurina must be calling me. I sigh.
I’m just going to ignore it for today, I’m just going to find a peaceful place to rest and read my book.
Out of the window as I walked along the corridor I saw a shady big tree. It’s a perfect place for me to rest and clear my mind. 
I must have looked like a fool to her. She played with my feelings and lied to me so easily.
Why didn’t she tell me at the first place that she is Jun?
I’m deeply hurt.
If Yuki never told me about it, Jurina would you have told me the truth?
How could I fall for you? I can’t believe that I have been in love with a girl.
Well I’m not against it, but knowing the fact that I have been in love with a girl since I was young just shocked me. I always thought that Jun is a guy and that I had a crush on a guy.
But I was wrong.
Tell me! How dumb am I for not realizing that you are Jun?
Jurina are you treating me like a fool and toying with me? I trusted you.
The pain you bring me are unbearable.
It hurts to know that the ones you love are treating you like a fool.  I’m feel betrayed, but I can’t bring myself angry at you because I have fall for you deeply. I am more angry at my feelings.
“I hate you.” I whispered to myself. Then I saw a figure walk toward me again.
She found me.
Jurina is seriously like a puppy, following me all around and not leaving me alone.
She sat beside me and looked at me with a worried face. She asked me some questions, but I answered them in a cold tone.
I just can’t forgive her yet, I need more time.
Sorry Jurina. I feel that I don’t know which one is you anymore. Jun or Jurina? Or are they are just someone that you acted like to fool me?
After the conversation, I stood up and walked away.
Break time is almost over. As I was about to stepped into class someone grabbed my hand and pull me away.
I turned around and saw the back of the person. It’s her. “Ju-jurina.” I could hear the bell rang, the class starting soon. Where is she taking me?
“Wh-where are you taking me to?”
“Awh.” The grip of her hand is hurting me as she pull me with force.
“....Sorry” She said and her grip on me loosens a bit.
“Where are you taking me? The class is starting soon.” I reminded her.
“.....” No answer from her.

I looked around and realized that she brought me to the rooftop that normally not much people hangout at.
When we reached the rooftop she let go of my hand.
“Rena-chan, what happened to you? Why are you treating me so coldly?” she asked with sad eyes.
“.....” I remained silent.
“Rena-chan.” She said my name softly.
“I don’t feel like talking to you.” I turned around and walked away.

She quickly grab my hand and in a short moment I found myself pinned against the door by her.
"Ju-Jurina what ar-" she suddenly cut off my words as I felt her soft lips clashed against mine.
My brain stopped working for a while, as my eyes widen. I’m gasping in shocked. My heart started to beat very fast all by itself.
Jurina is kissing me, her soft lips is pressing hard against mine.
I had mixed emotions in me.
A part of me are happy that she is kissing me, another part of me are still angry at her for lying at me.
She released her right hand and traveled down to my neck, pull me even closer for a rougher kiss.
"Pf-St-op" I said between our kiss. As my left hand is free, I try to push her away from me but she is too strong.
A single tear burnt a wet trail along my cheek and reaches down our kiss, saltiness could be tasted between the kiss.
Jurina noticed the tear of mine, she quickly let go of her grip and broke the kiss between us. I looked into her eyes.
I could see a slight of tears formed in her eyes too. Why is she crying when she is the one that forced a kiss on me?
Tears started to flow along my cheek. I begin cry.
It hurts so much that I cry in front of her even though it's the last thing I wanted to do.
“Wh-y, Jurina. Why?” I shout at her.
“I’m so-sorry. I can’t control myself anymore. Rena! It hurt me when you didn’t talk to me, avoided me for a whole day and acted cold towards me. It frustrating not knowing the reason why. It hurts me a lot, as if I can’t breathe. Can't you see? I’m breathless for you. Rena.” She answered in a low tone.
“It hurts you uh? JURINA, you want to know the reason? Jurina or should I call you Jun? You lied to me. Why didn’t you tell me that you were JUN when we first met? Knowing the truth from someone else HURTS me even MORE! Do you understand that?! ” Tears start flowing uncontrollably.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep it as a secret, Rena please listen to me.” She said as she held my hand.
“Let go! I don’t want to hear any words from you. I hate you.” I shoved her hand away and said it with a loud tone.
I tried to wipe my tears off but a large amount of them continue flowing non-stop.
It hurts, it really hurts.
I turned around and walked away. I didn’t feel like going back to class. I just wanted to hide myself and be alone awhile.

Jurina Pov

“Rena-chan.” I whispered.
My sight went blur as tears started flowing from my eyes. I cried once again.
I lean my forehead against the wall, and cried silently.
 “You don’t understand.”
My thoughts now are just full of Rena. The harsh words that she said echo in my head the non-stop "I hate you".  What am I going to do now? I don’t know anymore.

I took my phone out, dialed a number and called.
“M-mayu…. *hic*”
“Ju-jurina??? What happen? Why are you crying?” She sounded worried.
“M-mayu… Re-ena.. I don’t k-kn*hic*ow what to do *hic* an-ymore.”
“What happened?”
“Ma-ayu *hic* I want to go *hic* back”
“You want to come back to New York? Are you sure? Do you really want to give up on her?”
“I th-ink so. M-aayu *hic* I’m tired.*hic*”
“Okay, if that’s what you want. I will help you to buy plane ticket.”

I’m lost, I’m tired, I’m breaking.
I think both of us need some time.

(To be continue)
Thanks for reading again.

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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Mou~ RENA!!! :OMG:  :on blackhole: Please find out that Jurina was trying to protect you  :pleeease:

Jurina!! :ding: GET your ACT straight!  :angry: :twisted:

Author-san! :mon worklate: :mon cry: :mon waterworks:   Arigatou! :twothumbs :thumbsup :mon sweat: :mon love: :gmon fry:

Please Update soon~ :luvluv1: :mon thumb: :sashiko:

Mayuyu please save these two lovebirds!  :on freeze:
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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Nooo Jurina don't go back yet

Rena let Jurina explaint

Update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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 :on blackhole: :pleeease:
:on voodoo: RENA what are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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Please update this

Why is so sad my my...

How could rena think jurina toying her?iant her confession is nothing to rena?

Please this is awesome

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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No!!! Don't give us a bad ending!!!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 10- Breakdown
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 11 - Letting Go
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River1721 : HAHA. You are so cute~  :mon cheek: Sorry for the late update.  :bow: I was pretty busy with my final assignment. Here~ an update.  :P Hope u like it. Thanks for commenting.  :heart: It makes me happy.   :D
Kirozoro: HAHA. Sorry it didn't come out as you expected. wakaka.  :kekeke: But hope you still looking forward to it.  :on lol: Thanks for commenting and reading  :heart:
Terragen: Drama is always the best ne~ Thats why is sad.  :mon lol: That's what Rena think. Hope u enjoy this chapter too.  :mon sweat: Thanks for commenting and reading  :heart:
Yuri Machenkov: i'll have to see about that.  :mon lol:
gek geki: Yap. The problem is Rena doesn't know Jurina full name. And Jurina thought Rena know about her name and she forgotten about her.   :glasses: HAHAH. THANKS FOR LOVING THIS FIC.  :on lol: Thanks for commenting and reading.

I was busy with my final assignment. Hope you guys forgive me.  :kneelbow:
And here's An update! It a bit boring so pls bear with it .  :on cloudeye: Still Enjoy  :on gay:
THANKS ALOT for reading and I'll be very appreciate if you comment too

Chapter 11 - Letting Go

Jurina Pov

Time will heal the pain. Is that true? If is it, why the past 7 years have never once I felt relieve? The pain in me never once fade?

Now I’m standing here with my suitcase but something pull me back. Maybe it just my illusion. I step on the plane, even I cover my face now I can’t hide my pain. The truth is I am a liar, even I say I’m okay, I’m not.

“Welcome on board Flight AK480 to New york. Our aircraft is under the command of Captain David. He has informed me that our flying time will be approximately 13 hours.”

I just wish one phone call, one message from you. I know this is impossible………

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign.”

I put on my seat belt. I’m ready to let go, right?

“At this time, we request that all mobile phones, pagers, radios and remote controlled toys be turned off for the full duration of the flight, as these items might interfere with the navigational and communication equipment on this aircraft.”

I pull out my phone and ready to switch it off, but there was an unread message. I swipe my phone screen and check the message.

Title: Are you sure?

To: Knightjurinaxxxx

Are you really sure you want this?
Do you really want to forget about her?


No. I never wanted any of this happen. Not once. Is not fair for me. But what can I do? She needed space and time to accept it. At the same time I’m in a mess.
I send out a message before I turn it off.

“Rena, You will be the only one that I will ever love.” I whisper.

For now just let me fake a smile, lie and saying I’m better then ever………

Rena Pov.

I been crying non stop alone in the music class room. Music class room has always been empty and no one goes in. I been sitting in the room and crying my heart out. School ended, so as my tears. No tears left. Jurina is this how much you hurt me. Are you happy now?
You played with my feelings, not once but twice. If I have known you were this kind of person I wish I never have met you at all. I will never have my heart broken for twice for the same person. Why am I so dumb? Why didn’t I notice?

Staring blankly ahead and making my way back to my class. I glimpse over Jurina seat and it is empty. I guess she have gone home. I took my bag and walk home.

If I have never met you, What will I be like now?

Thoughts be going a lot in my head as I walk home. Shortly, I reach my house but I notice someone in front of it. Standing and looking up to my room window. It’s Jurina. Great. I don’t want to see her anymore. Why is she here? Now I just want to go into my house. She turn around and saw me standing few step away from her.


“........” I stare at her coldly.


I walk pass her and gave her a cold shoulder. Hearing her calling my name makes me sad. I ignore her. Before I go into my house I heard she say.

“I’m not here to ask for forgiveness but just want to tell you I’m really sorry and I will leave you alone now. Good bye, Rena-chan.” I swear I could her sadness in her voice and it fading as she say good bye.

I just close the door and lean on it. “Good bye uh.”


The next day I went to school as always but the different thing is not with Jurina. I walk into the classroom and sat at my place, took out a book and read. That’s weird, something is different. Ah. Maybe I’m still not use to being quiet and alone, Jurina will always come up to me and talk. And now? I’m back to the life when I haven’t met Jurina. My peaceful life.

School bell rang and everyone sat back it’s own place. Jurina didn’t enter class. Maybe she is skipping class. Why do I still cares about her? She is the one that break my heart twice. Rena, get over it. 

“Class, before our lesson starts I need to tell you something unfortunate .”

“What it is?” One of the girl asked.

“You guys may have not hear it from her, But Jurina has gone back to New York.”

“W-hat????? When did she go back?” Few girls said with a shocked face.

“Why didn’t she told us about it?” another classmate shouted.

“U serious teacher? How could she leave us without saying goodbye?” I saw teacher nods.

“Her flight is leaving now.” Teacher said sadly.

My face change pale after I hearing the news, I couldn’t understand. Maybe I never had once understand her. Now she is leaving. I don’t know how to react. Too much things happen. I like her, she lies, she breaks my heart and now she leaving.

My thoughts snaps away when my phone vibrated.

Bzz….bzz…..  I swipe it and check who is the one that send message. It was Her. I quickly open the message.

Title: Goodbye

To: Renamatsuixxxx

I’m Sorry and Thank you for loving me.


That’s what she means by leave me alone now and good bye. Once again she walks out of my life without telling me.

Bzz…...bzzzz…… I swipe open the message and see. It yuki.

Title: Did something happen?

To: Renamatsuixxxx

What happen between you and Jurina?
Mayu told me Jurina going back to New york?
Did you guys fight?
Are you okay?


Title: Nothing

To: Kashiwagiyukixxxx

We fought.
I just got the news too.
I’m fine.


I’m fine. Am I really fine? Why does my heart hurt so much?
I don’t know anymore. What is love? Isn’t something happy? Why only I felt sadness?

Title: You sure?

To: Renamatsuixxxx

Rena. You don’t need to act strong in front of me.
We are friends aren’t we?
Call me if you want to met up k?
I’ll be around for sometime.


I didn’t reply her. I don’t know what to say.

Is that alright with you? To let her go? Do you really want her to let her go once again? I ask myself.
Let’s give each other sometimes.

2 months later.

I’m getting used to the days where Jurina not by my side now. I haven’t been keeping in touch with yuki even though I know yuki is still around at Japan. I saw her google plus news, she has been busy with work a lot. I kinda miss her, Maybe I should give her a call after so long.

“Hello?” A familiar voice was heard through the phone call.

“Hey, Yuki. It me Rena.”

“Heyyy, Rena! How are you? It’s been quite some time.” Yuki said.

“Ya. It’s been quite sometime. I’m fine. How about you?”

“You know the same. Work has been increasing lately. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. Let’s meet up?”

“That’s sound great! What about tomorrow? Oh, Mayu is here in Japan too. Can she join? You remember her rite?”

“Of course I remember your girlfriend. Who couldn’t remember when your friend keep showing off her girlfriend to you every single day during school days. Is like a nightmare. Keep telling me about what you guys did. All those lovely dovey stuff and such.” I tease her.

“Haha. I did? I couldn’t remember that~ Teehee. Anyway, Tomorrow lunch at chocolate cafe okay?”

“Okay~ see you then. bye~”



Jurina Pov.

Knock* Knock*

“Come in.”

“President J, This are the document that you wanted.”

“Thank you, Churi. you know I don’t like it when you call me that.” Her name is Takayanagi Akane, She is my secretary, but I prefer to call her Churi though.

“You are welcome, Jurina.” She smiles.

“Much better. Later I will have meeting with the shared holders at 4. please write it down on my schedule.”

“I have already did”

“.... Did I tell you, you are too good in your job?” I sigh as defeated.

“Well, I just want to do my best with my job. Oh, Don’t forget to sign the checks later.”

“Yes, you are doing it very good. Okay, I’ll sign it. Do I appointment at night?”

“No, You are free.”

“Then are you free tonight?”

“.... Are you asking me out?”

“Yes. I am. It’s been awhile since we had dinner together.”

“You are right. I’m free tonight.” she smile again.

“Okay. Let’s go to the ramen shop”

“Okay. For now, I still have work to do. I’ll leave first.”

“un, you may go back to work.”

After I left Japan. My life only has been work and more work. Churi is a Japanese girl that i met here during the high school days. She moved here because her mother’s work. She knew about Rena, and also my background. She can consider as one of my close friend I guess. 2 months ago, she heard I moved back here to New York. At that time, she just freshly graduated from college and she was finding for a job. I told her I needed a secretary. She immediately accept the offer I gave her. And now you could see she is my secretary and my friend.

“Hey, Working time is over.” I said as I saw her still busy with her laptop. She took her gaze off the laptop and turns to me.

“Oh. It time already?” She look at her watch.
“Yes, Churi. Is already past 6. Now. Keep your things and get ready. You promise me to have dinner with me remember?”

“Yes. President J.” She tease me as I just glance at her.

“Mou Churi.”

“Haha. Alright. Is just so fun to tease you when your working mood is off.” I just pouted at her.

“Hurry up. I’m hungry.” I whine like a kid.

“Hai, hai. Just a second.” She said. “Alright I’m done. Let’s go~”

“Finally. It takes forever!” I said.

“Hey, It’s only takes a few minutes.” She hit me softly.

“Ouch! you hit your boss. How could you?”

“...... I’M SORRY. PRESIDENT J! Should I kneel down and beg for forgiveness?” She was about to kneel down, I start panicking and stop her from kneeling down.

“I-it okay. I’m hungry now. I’ll just forgive you. Let’s go now.” I turn my back and walk out of the office.

“Haha. Jurina. you never change.” she says in a low voice.

At the ramen shop.

New York ramen shop is run by a japanese, and the Raman is tasty too. Because of that the place is always full, luckily Churi is smart, she booked before we came. So we get to have table.

“Did you have reservation?” A waiter asked.

“Yes we did. Under the name of Matsui” Churi says.

“Please follow me.” The waiter guide us to our table. “Hope you enjoy your night.”

The place is not like Japan ramen shop where is noisy and you could hear uncle’s singing when they are drunk and such. Here is different, outside of the restaurant is shimmering with golden lights, It gives out the aura of elegance and beauty. At both the side of the entrance was piled up with stones as fences to trap the soil that were supporting the lives of those bamboo that stood high up as a part of decoration. Unlike any restaurant, there were no waiter or waitress can be seen at the entrance door. A sense of harmony and mysterious while no one was here to disturb us during our meal time, only with music accompany. We ordered our food and enjoyed.

“It’s been awhile since I came here, nothing has change. Even the food here, is delicious as ever.” I said.

“True. It was 2 months ago I guess?” she smile as she wipe her mouth with a tissue.

“Ya. The last time we came was we celebrated your graduation.” I smile as I remember that day we had fun.

“Good times.” She smile.

A song was played as we were chatting.

Lyin' here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile
I've never opened up to anyone

Bitter smile slowly form on my face as I heard the song lyric.

“Still can’t forget about her?” Churi says.

How could I?” I swear my voice cracked as I remember her.

Rena Pov

Next day at chocolate cafe. Never thought I would see them together hand in hand and doing lovely dovely action in the public, It so bright.


“Mou~ Rena stop teasing us.” Yuki hit me softly.

“But you guys are still very lovely dovely after sooooo long. It ju-stt t-oo Bri-ght! Where is my sun glasses?” I pretend to search of it.

“Mou~ Alright, fine” Yuki let go our mayu’s hand.

“Hey,Rena.” Mayu say.

“Hey, long time so see uh. Since you moved to New york? I think.”

“I guess so, You become prettier.”

“Hey! Don’t flirt with Rena.” Yuki hit mayu softly and pouted.

“Rena is pretty but you are gorgeous Yuki. You are the most beautiful one in my eyes okay?” Mayu said as she use her hand and caress yuki’s cheek.

“Please. Not here. If you guys continue doing that. I’m leaving.” I said.

“Alrite, we are sorry. Is a habit.” She smirk. God. They need some help. This is too much!

“....... You better be. It bad for my eyes.”

“ Well you will understand once you are in love.” she smirks.

“.... “ I went silent as I remember Jurina.

“Opps. Sorry Rena. I didn’t mean it.” Yuki apologized to me as she noticed I became quiet.

“Hey. I didn’t mean to be rude or so. Rena, can I want to ask you a question.” Mayu asked. I just nod, as I agree to answer her.

Do you still love Jurina?”
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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I have a question! :huhuh Will one of them die? :P jk jk~

Idk if i shud feel pity or angry with Jurina hereee...  :angry: but Rena's at fault too...
She should have listen to her heart, not her pride :smhid

I want update tomorrow! Don't care! :P XD
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Hope they will meet again the 3rd time and go with their hearts.
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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What Rena is going to answer Mayu question

Will Hurina cane back to Japan!?!

Update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Uwaaaah great story!!
Let's hope Rena say YES! and it's happy ever after~ *throws confetti*:cathappy:
Update soon please~

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Rena!! Please say YES! :depressed:

Hm~ What is this Churi and Juri ? :err: ( I am panicking too much :nervous )

Jurina you have to comeback to Japan! For Rena's sake~ :on cloudeye:

I really can't blame Jurina for leaving though. Although it was Jurina's fault for lying to Rena about her being Jun. :pig madder:

Let us all just hope that Rena still loves Jurina and forgives her! :fainted:
Let us all hope Jurina will come back to her beloved Rena! :farofflook:
And lastly! Let us all hope it will be happy ever after~  :on freeze: :gyaaah:

Thanks for the Update! Can't wait to see the next chapter and Rena's answer to Mayu's question~ :byebye: :gmon hi:

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Really she leaves...I mean why don't she's not the end of the world, she could talk to Rena about why she's not her fault, I mean is Rena who don't remember

Gracias y continúa pronto!!!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Finally ! An update,yay !
We know that Rena still have feeling for J,it's just the matter of time.
So stop being tsundere,Rena xD

Look forward for your update,author-san (*^^*)

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 11- Letting go. (updated)
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Jurina!!! Please come back!!!
You know that Rena still love you right???
Update soon!

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