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Author Topic: Different Chapter 16 - LAST CHAPTER UPDATE  (Read 40732 times)

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Re: Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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"Aishiteru"!!!! "AISHITERU"!!!!!! It's been the power of love, all along!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're right!  :on GJ:

:cry: Mayu WHY do you have to hide it.... Yuki's goddamn worried about you sometimes....


I'mma hide and cry...

it because mayu doesn't want to made yuki worried about her, but it just made yuki worried more  :nervous

give thanks to Kai~~  :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah:


hehe, thanks for read and comment about it guys~~

and last, let's pray for AirAsia QZ8501  :farofflook:

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Re: Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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yeaay~ MaYuki formed!  :on gay:

yuki~ please say "aishiteru" to me... (EH!) no i mean to mayu :hiakhiakhiak:

hmm~ mayu already remember  :w00t: mayu! please tell yuki!  :hee: don't hide it from him  :gyaaah:

so, yuki now and past was different. but he still make your heart beats, right mayu?  :kekeke:

“No ‘see you tomorrow’ kisses?” Yuki said while grinning. Mayu smiled then walked again to Yuki, she stand on her tiptoes so she can reach Yuki’s lips and then peck him softly.
“Now, satisfied already?”

Yuki smiled  then he pat her head softly,

hahaha  :on lol: i like this scene!

chocholate-san please update soon  :bow: i'll waiting for another sweet moments~~  :on drink:

and last, let's pray for AirAsia QZ8501  :farofflook:

yeah.. pray for AirAsia QZ8501  :fainted:
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Re: Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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yuki~ please say "aishiteru" to me... (EH!) no i mean to mayu

Aishiteiruu~~ *eh?!  :on lol:

I'll update soon if it's possible for me to write more since there's something important in this month, i had less time to write , i'm sorryyy  :pen_cry:

I'll try to update and make a longer one! :3

And thank you for your coment fath107-san~~  :mon lovelaff:

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Re: Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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wah serious if not careful yuki mayu can forget yuki again :shocked:
thank's for update, update soon author-san  :thumbsup

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Re: Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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"Aishiteru"!!!! "AISHITERU"!!!!!! It's been the power of love, all along!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait for the update.....

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(Update!) Different Chapter 14
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wah serious if not careful yuki mayu can forget yuki again :shocked:
thank's for update, update soon author-san  :thumbsup

well, let see.. and thanks for read it :3

Cant wait for the update.....

thankyou, and sorry for the late update  :nervous


hello again  :cow:
it's been a while since my last update, i'm sorry  :nervous so many things to do in last month and  until now, maybe i can't update too much from now on. but i'll try as fast as i could!

and i think, this fanfic will end soon. maybe in 3-4 chapters more until the last chapter. wahaha  XD

so, here it is, douzo~



I entered my house after I can’t saw his back again. It sure felt so familiar. I wonder why... That man on my dream, he looks really resemble to Yuki. Is he Yuki’s siblings? His twin? I don't know, all these things confused me more. The things about that teddy bear is already confuse me, and this thing about the dreams is confusing me more.

“Nee-chan? Why are you just stand there? Come onnn, make some food, I’ve starving~~” Kaoru approached me while rubbed his stomatch.
“Huh? Ah, nothing. Where’s Mama? I thought she said that she will go back to Japan today and maybe will arrived at 10.” I said to him. Ah, it’s been a long time since the last time Mama being here. She always going with Papa since last year, it’s because an overseas bussiness.
“Aunty is going somewhere just now. Come onn, make some food~~” he said while shaking my arm.
“Okay okay, wait a minute, I must change my uniform first.” I said to him, then I went to my room, changed my uniform, and go to the kitchen.

I start to cook for me and Kaoru. Hmm, what should I make? A yakisoba? Yosh! I think it’s good.

5 minutes later

“Uwahh~~ Mayu Nee-chan’s yakisoba is best!!”  Kaoru said while smiled happily. I just replied him with a smile. I really don't had appetite to eat. I don't know, my mind is filled with many thoughts. What if it’s really Yuki? Or... maybe we’re together in our past and then we’re reincarnated, and all of my dream is just my past life?

“Nee-chan? Why are you not eating your yakisoba?” Kaoru said while looked at me, I can’t help but smile because of his attitude. Even know he’s just a little kid, he’s really care to me.
“A-Ah, I’m just not hungry right now. I will go to my room.”
“Souka, just go sleep if you feeling ill.”

I nooded, then I went to my room, I took my manga and read it. The same routine when I got bored. But then, my phone ringed. Hmm, where did I put it?

As I tried to find my phone under my bed, I think I got something. I pulled it and realized that it was a picture frame.

So, everything I dreamed is true?


“I love you, Mayu..”

Y-Yuki? You’re here? Y-Yuki, save me, please! W-Where am I? Why is it dark?! Yuki!! Where are you?! Yuki, d-don’t leave me!

“Mayu?! Where are you ?!”

Yuki!! I-I‘m right here!! W-Where are you, Yuki?!! I can’t find you anywhere!


D-Don’t leave me! Y-Yuki, p-please, d-don’t go!



Mayu awoked with sweat all over her body. Her body trembled, her eyes reddened and filled with tears.

“Oh my god. Another bad dream..?” Mayu said to herself. She can feel her tears flowed to her cheeks. She immediately wiped it and went to bathroom.

“What should I do now...?”


The clock already showed 04.15 PM, all students already went to their prespective home. Except these two young boy and girl.

Mayu have told Yuki to stay for a couple minutes in the class. And as always, Yuki would say yes. But it seems like there’s none of them want to start a conversation. Even know that it was Mayu who told Yuki to stay, she looked like she was hesistated  to say it to Yuki. And Yuki can’t do anything except to wait.

“A-Ano, Yuki... T-There’s something that I want to ask to you.” Mayu said hesistantly.
“I-It’s about you.” Mayu continued her words. It looks like it already answered Yuki’s question in his mind.

“B-But, whatever I said to you, you will never leave me, right?” Mayu’s question to Yuki is really make him angry in his mind. It sounded like his love for her is not enough to make her believe he will never leave her.

“Of course I won’t! I’ll never leave you. And I’ll love you forever, until my last breath! If I died before you, I would be reincarnated and I’ll fall in love with you again.” Yuki said then peck her cheek and hold it. He didn’t realized that he used the same word that Mayu ever said to him.

“If it’s not now or someday before I die, I would be reincarnated and I’ll fall in love with you again.”

“Y-Yuki, y-you’re not from m-my – “

“Oi, Yuki?! God, I’ve run to entire school just to find you, and then it turns out that you’re here, with her?! Man, you hurt my heart.”

Suddenly, a guy in black suit entered the room. Yup, it’s Rino. Mayu looked confused since she doesn’t know anything about Rino. And the way Rino talked with Yuki is just like a lovers.

“Y-You? Why are you here? And stop it, you sounded like a gay.”

“Because you must go back to H-Home! Yeah, h-home. So come on! And, I’m sorry I must take him now. Sorry for interupting your private time, because it’s an urgent, and we need him immediately.”

“O-Oi, wait a second, at least let me drive her home first!”

“No you can’t! This is a serious thing, Yu... ki?”

Unconciously, Yuki pushed away Mayu’s bag as he pulled back his hand from Rino’s grip. A picture frame pushed out from Mayu’s bag. The same one like what she got from under her bed. A picture frame with Yuki, Mayu, and a teddy bear. Yuki smiled softly, and Mayu smiled widely while holding the teddy bear with both of her hand.

“Is it...?”


“Yuki, let’s take a picture of us!!” Mayu shook Yuki’s arm with smile plastered on her face. It was their first date. Mayu doesn’t know why, she could be this freely with Yuki. Since Yuki is the most feared by the whole school.

She just realized that Yuki is not that creepy like what her friends and people around school said to her. She can talked freely to him, laughing together, and even she can be childish around him, and he doesn’t mad at all like everyone said to her. He never mad or snap her. He always smiled and even sometimes laughing eventhough it’s not really often.

“Okay-okay. Let’s find someone who want to take our picture.” Yuki said to her then walked to a man. He talked a while with him and that man nooded. He gave his camera to him,

“Prepare yourself kid, okay, one, two, three.”



“U-Uh..” Mayu suddenly kneeled with her knees and holding her head. It seems like her memories start to come back to her one by one. Yuki immediately run to her and hold her,

“Mayu, are you okay?” Yuki asked Mayu,

“I-I’m just, a little bit dizzy.”

“I’ll drive you home.” Yuki helped Mayu to stood and then signaling to Rino to prepare the car for them.


After Yuki drove her home, he put Mayu down to her bed. And then, her mother take care of her since he must go now because Rino is already wait for him outside the house.

“Y-Yuki, please don’t go anywhere...” Yuki was already stood up from his chair, but then Mayu took his hand and hold it tightly,
“I’ll be by your side, but now I’ve to go. I’ll see you later, okay?” he released Mayu’s grip on his hand slowly,
“Don’t think too much, take care of yourself.” He cupped Mayu’s forhead, then went back to his car. Rino already waited for him on the car since he must going back to his house to meet his parents.

“She’s okay?” Rino asked while Yuki entered the car,
“She’s fine, maybe she’s just tired.” Yuki answered him, rino just nodded while hearing Yuki’s word.
“About what I want to talk to you in your school. It should be your father who told you about it. But, since there’s an accident, I think I must tell you now.”

“The Killer Demons start to make their attack to human. The last thing I heard about them is they already hunted for a couple weeks now and their victims already reached more than 200 people. If they keep doing this, humans will start to suspicious us and then the goverments will took of our contract and never let us to be here anymore. The Killer Demons will took over the world. We can’t let that. They will hunt humans, and the balance of the world will disturbed, and it will bring us to the end of the world.” Rino explain the problems to Yuki. It seems like Yuki already know it before everyone. The rebels already attack Mayu since a few months ago.

“There’s maybe a bigger attack to earth on the next week.”
“I know.”

“Is there any meeting about this?”
“The meeting already started since a half an hour ago.”
“Bring me there, Rino.”
“My pleasure, Yuki.”


it's short XD
how is it?  :nervous

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Re: (Update!) Different Chapter 14
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 :( it's short but i'm happy that you finally update this  :roll: :D :D

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Re: (Update!) Different Chapter 14
« Reply #67 on: February 16, 2015, 03:26:30 PM »
crosteks : yeah, i'm sorry  :nervous
               school and many things make me can't work for this fic, i'll try to update longer and faster  :D

               and thank you for your comment! i really appreciate it  :byebye:

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Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
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hello again everyone~
another late update,
i'm so sorry, please forgive mee  :cry:

tests are coming,

sorry for my bad english,
please enjoy~


“Yuki! You finally came!” The God of The Death; my father rushed to me when I entered the meeting room. When he approached me like this, it means this is a really important matter, and it’s something that need me in the matter. I walked to the meeting table. There’s many leader of the country side of Hell. And, I think I saw Yuu between them. Ah, it’s really him. He approached me.

“It’s good to see you again, Yuki. But unfortunately in this condition.” Yuu said to me,
“Good to see you too, Yuu.”

“Well, since Yuki just arrived now, and I think Rino already told him everything about the problem, so let’s just continued our meeting. The big attack will be on the next week from now. But we all know that Koichi can’t lead our troops again since our last big attack on the day Yuki was born.” One of the kingdoms king start the meeting again. My father; as the leader of all the kingdoms in Hell actually barely can’t do all his job anymore. The time when I was born, there’s a big attack like the one that will happen in the next week. He lost all of his power and almost died as the result of his victory.

“I’ll take the part, I’ll be the one who killed that leader of the rebels. I’m his successor, so I feel that it’s my turn to took my father’s position.” I said. I’ve thought about it before I reached here. As the next successor of my father, I must do it. For myself, for my family, and for Mayu.
“I’m glad you want to take my job, Yuki.” My father said then pat my shoulder.
“It’s okay, father. For our family, I’ll do everything to save our family.” I said firmly. Nothing will change my decision. I know what should I do and it’s a final.


“Mayu, you looked down lately. Are you feeling ill?” Jurina approached me with her concern look.
“It’s okay. I’m fine, maybe I just a little bit tired.” I answered her while smiled.
“You should stop your habit to reading manga and watch anime at midnight, you know. That’s a bad habit.” Jurina said while then sat down to a seat beside me. It’s Yuki’s seat, but since a couple days ago, he never came to school again. Maybe it’s because the family business that the guy who fetch him said to me.
“You sounded like my mom. She always angry at me when she know that I’m watching anime at night.” I said to Jurina.
“It’s because she’s care for you and that’s bad for your health.” Jurina said,

Well, talking about Yuki, I miss him a lot. He went away like that without telling me where he is now and when he will come back to Tokyo. And his phone is off too! Just, is it that important so he doesn’t has any time to just told me that if he’s fine and else. Maybe I looked like a possesive girlfriend or acting childlish, but seriously, at least he could tell me how’s he now.

It’s always made me thought that maybe Yuki is hiding something from me. I really don’t understand him now. And, the way he looked at the picture frame when he unconciously pushed away my bag and the picture frame flowed out, it seems like he know about and he’s someone from my past.

“Mayu, oi Mayu! You’re spacing out again...” Jurina pouted while put her head to the desk after called me a couple times and I didn’t responded her call.
“Ehehe, I’m sorry. It just, I’m worried about Yuki right now.” I put my head on the desk, following what Jurina just now done.
“He love you, right? Then don’t worried too much about him. At least you know that he hide it from you because he doesn’t want to make you thinking about him all the time like this. And you can always talk to me when something bothering you. Don't keep it by yourself. Come on~ Mayu-chann let’s go to the canteen. I’m hungry~” Jurina said. Huh, she’s sometimes can be really mature, but then she can become a real kid. What a different side of her.
“you sounded like Kaoru.” I said to her.
“I don’t care~ let’s go, Mayu-chan~” she shaked my body,
“Okay-okay stop it! I’ll go.” I stood up from my chair, then walked to the door,

I’m sorry Jurina. I, can’t tell this to you. I’ve become a burden to you. This time, I will fight it alone.


After shool ended, Jurina offered me to let her and Ren-senpai to walked me home. Uhh, I mean Ren nii-san. He always angry at me when I called him Ren-senpai, saying that he’s not my senpai at school anymore and he already consider me as her sister. So he told me to just call him Ren nii-san. Back to the topic, I said that it’s fine. I can’t always bothering them to do something for me. However Jurina looked hesistated to let me going home alone. The last time I walked alone, some guy attacked me, but fortunately Yuki saved me.

After a long argument, finally I can walk home. Well, still with them. I really can’t arguing with Jurina. She’s really a child, what she want is what she got. They just accompanied me a half way since Jurina’s house is not in the same direction as mine. I bid farewell to them and then start to walk again.


Ugh, is that my stomatch? I forgot that I haven’t ate anything since this morning. When Jurina asked me to accompanied her to the canteen, I just follow her wherever she want. I just, not in mood to eat something or doing anything right now. And my body not feeling well since a few days ago, but I think I’m in a good health. I’m not sick or anything since I know I don’t have cold or even getting paler.

I decided to go to a near cafe, just to have a lunch and then continue my walk. I entered the cafe, and then took a seat beside the window. Just like what I always do whenever I go here.

“Wanna order someting?”
“Just like usual, Rabu-tan.” I answered the waitress; Rabu-tan. I’ve become a regular customer here, so I kinda know the staff here. Maybe you can say that they’re one of my friend.
“Thinking about something, huh? You look like disturbed by something lately, Mayu.” Rabu-tan said then walking back to her post.


I sighed for the nth time. Well, it looks like everyone can looked at my face now and tell me that I looked troubled.

I turned my face to the window. I can see my reflection on the glass. Now I know that I really looked like a frustated person. I don't know why, but I can’t sleep at night, and I keep space out in the class. Man, I am really troubled.

and why my eyes looked red. Red?

Eh, am I imaging things?

I rubbed my eyes a few times then looked back to the window.

Okay, It’s really just my imagination. How can my eyes suddenly turned red, right? That’s impossible!

Maybe Jurina is right, I should stop watching anime at midnight and go to sleep earlier.


“Mayuyu, pleasee~ I don't want to go home alonee~” Jurina keep shaking my body. Argh, why it should be now?! And why Ren Nii-san going to Nagoya right now?!

“Grr, Jurina it’s your own fault that you have a bad mark on the mid-semester test and you must join the extra class. And stop calling me like that!” I said to her.

“Mayu-chan, pleeaassee~” Jurina showed me her famous attack, that puppy eyes.

“Stop. It.”


“I will not...”


“Argh! Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you in the library.”
“Yay! Mayu-chan I love you!” then she kissed me on my cheek and then run away.

That puppy, I suggest if you ever meet her, never look at her puppy eyes!

I’ll say it once again, NEVER!


So here I am now, searching for good book to be read in the library. As you know, library is actually a boring place to wait someone. There’s just books, and couples that making out somewhere here. But actually I kinda like this place. Maybe because I loved to read something?

At first I actually want to read some biology book. But somehow my legs bring me to the History shelf. Since I’ve reach here, I decided to just search for some book that interesting to be read. I think I’ve got a good one,

“The Myth of Angel, Demon, and Human”

Sounds interesting, right?

I took a seat near the shelf and start reading the book,

Our world, Angel’s, and Demon’s have made a contract that all of Angels and Demons will become the guard of world, save the balance of this galaxy. However as the payment, human world; earth, will be the world where Angels, Demons, and Humans can lived together.

the wind moved the page. I’m wondering where did the wind came from?

In their true form, demons have red eyes, and when it needs,a pair of wings.

Red eyes? That time... But, how?

The strongest and the family who ruled Demons world are Kashiwagi Family. The title ‘God of The Death’ is also hold by one of them. It become their tradition, to give the title from father to his son for generations.

Kashiwagi... Family?

“no one would do something to her..”

“Mayu… I’m the son of the God of Death.”

I – I remember it. Yuki, all these time, he’s...


W-What?! Who’s holding me now?! N-No! W-What’s happen?! Somebody, please! Y-Yuki, save me!

“Mayu-sama, it’s your time.”

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
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who holds mayu? whether the mother yuki? :O
update soon author-san  :thumbsup

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
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who holds mayu? whether the mother yuki? :O
update soon author-san  :thumbsup

well, let's see it in the next chapter~
and i'll try to update soon as fast as i can!  :D

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
« Reply #71 on: March 15, 2015, 11:15:28 PM »
Ehh why did mayu's eyes turn red? Just imagination or she is demon too or something ?? :grr:
Thanks for your update  :nya:

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
« Reply #72 on: March 16, 2015, 11:57:38 PM »
Ehh why did mayu's eyes turn red? Just imagination or she is demon too or something ?? :grr:
Thanks for your update  :nya:
I can't just tell it now, it will be not fun anymore :nervous
just wait for the next update, okay ? *even if it will took a long time, please be patient! :3

And thanks for commenting!

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
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I felt different yeah different

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
« Reply #74 on: April 07, 2015, 10:48:35 AM »
gek geki : eh  XD i'm sorry i dont understand it  XD



well, if you think i have another update here, you all wrong  XD
it's near the national exam and i must prepare myself, i'm so sorryyy

but after the national exam finished, and so on the high school test, i'll continue it!!
it may be around a month from now on, but please be patient  :kneelbow:

the next chapter may be the end of this fic, i'm not that sure but this fic will definitely finished!

and i'll continue my other fic, Unknown and give it a proper title too after i finished Different XD


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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
« Reply #75 on: April 26, 2015, 04:17:47 AM »
well I realy want you update this fic as soon as possible
but yeah, you had national exam and other high school tests.
so, good luck for all those test, ganbare!  :D
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

Oshi: Shinoda Mariko,
Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Different Chapter 15 | UPDATE
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sastio13 : thank you for understanding me :'3 this is the update please enjoy it  :D :D


hello ~
it's been a while since my last update, so sorry for that  :kneelbow:
i need to think twice about the ending and make some choice about it so i really need some time to decided a good one  XD
and finally it's here~~

this part is the last chapter of Different!!!  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

TBH i know the story is not match with the prologue XD the story kinda change in the middle of it XD

i may be will make the epilogue, may be not, may be just a special chapter, or may be both  XD
and thank you for anyone who support me from the first time this story being published until now I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

please enjoy it, and sorry if there's a lot of typing and grammar errors



“You’ve prepared yourself well, Yuki. Don’t be too nervous or something.” Rino said while laughing a bit.
“Aarrgghh, I don't know how can I say such a thing? Will we win, Rino? The future of our world, will we save it?” I said then messing up my hair.

“Come on, of course we will win! You’re the next leader of us, Kashiwagi Yuki, the son of The God of Death, Kashiwagi Koichi. You can kill the most dangerous monster in hell when you’re 10. We will win.”

“I hope so.”

 “Talking about it, I remember about the time when you were angry to your father, talking that you don't want to be a demon.” Rino took a sit beside me,
“Ah, that time?” I answered him. I don't know that he still remembered that stupid thing I’ve done when I’m just a kid. I think if he doesn’t talk about it just now, I’ll just forget it forever.

“Yeah, I still can’t believe that you’re talking like that to your father. You said to him that you don’t want to be a demon, then you just runaway to earth. I feel grateful that there’s Kora-san that patiently accompanied you even until now. And that little girl, it’s her, right?”
“The girl that open my eyes, yeah, it’s her. She’s the reason why I still being here.”


“I don't want to go back.” Little Yuki pouted. It made the girl beside him smiled softly.
“Why? I believe that your parents are waiting for you now. They’re worried about you.” The girl replied Yuki’s word.
“I... I don’t want to learn how to fight again. I don't want to come to the class anymore. It’s boring. I want to live here. This world is really beautiful.” He took a deep breath, and then smiled.

“Well, it’s not like this world is perfect, you know. Everything had their badness. That’s what my grandmother said to me.” Yuki stood silent,

“And I think it’s not bored at all, it’s cool. At least if you don't like it, do it for the one you love.”


“And then when you’re back you suddenly really energetic to practicing with sensei. The entire palace is really shocked because of your sudden changed behaviour. After that, you said to your father to let you stay earth for studying. But actually you just want to meet her again, right?”

“S-Shut up.”

“But the whole school thought that you’re a Yankee and part of yakuza. So they start to avoid you, except for that girl.”
“It just because I sleep so late at night and I woke up late in the morning, so my appearance looked like a bad guy or something like that. The school delinquents think that I’m one of them. Because I had no choice then I just took their offer. They kind of challenged me to fight with them if I don't become one of them. You know that was my first time in Earth, I can’t controlled my powers and they can die easily in a few seconds. And how can people in school said that my gaze is chilling them!?”

“Easy man, easy. Don’t burn out this room. We have a war to win this time.”

Rino is right. We will have a fight in just a few hours from now.

Somebody suddenly opened my room’s door.

“A-Ah, father.” I immediately stood up and bowed to him,

“I’m sorry to interrupting your time. I just want to say something. The man you will faced now, is not as great as his old self now. Same like me, he already lost his power after our last war when you born, Yuki. So he must have some tactic to fight us. Use your brain, and don’t be panic. Remember, someone already waited for you, so you must win this war and keep alive.”


“I must go again now. I hope you can do it, you too, Rino.”

“Hai! Arigatou, your highness.”

My father went to my side then ruffled my hair softly, like he used to when I was a kid back there. It felt so nostalgic. When he always did it because I did something good, and he will praise me. It made me remember that since I don't know when, I always rebelled against him.

“I’m sorry that I always bothering you all these time, Father. This time, I’ll bring the troops to win this war.” I said to him while he pulled back his hand from my hair.
“I believe in you, Yuki.” He walked to the door,

“Remember, she’s waiting for you now.” My father exited the room after telling me that again.

Huh, I know, she must be worrying about me because I haven’t contact her for a couple days now.

I miss her, so much. I wonder if I had a time, just a little time to at least let Mayu know about me now. I really want to meet her. I want to know how is she doing now, is she alright? But this war, I have a responsibility to bring our troops to win this war. It will be the last war, and we must win. There’s no way to go back again. At least I must finish it first. 

After this war, I will immediately go to earth and meet Mayu. I promise.


“You will immediately hate it after you know how to do it.” Little Yuki walked through the flowers garden to the big tree in the middle of the park. The little girl walked behind him, following each step that Yuki made.

“I don't think so; I think I will love it.” They both sat under the tree. The little girl looked at Yuki,

“Watanabe Mayu.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki.”


This is it.


There’s no way I can run now.


I keep running to the end of these groups of people that are fighting each other. There’s just one goal now, facing the leader of these rebels. Only one thing that can end this long time war, kill the leader.
Even if I got killed, I don’t have anything to worry about. Mayu is safe on earth, with Jurina and Ren. Kora-san will be with her too if I died in this war. I believe there’s a good man will marry her someday. A good man that better than me, more handsome, and he even chose to lose his life than losing her. I believe the man will love her deeply. She will have a cute child with her husband, and live happily until the death separated them.

“When we meet again someday, I’ll definitely fall in love with you again. If it’s not now or someday before I die, I would be reincarnated and I’ll fall in love with you again.”

I remembered the words she ever said to me. No way. I will not let her with other man beside me. How can I thought about that but Mayu herself never think about letting me go so easily like that.

“Oi Yuki, in front of you!!”

I snapped from my thought and took my sword from its scabbard and slashed him. Not wanting to waste any time. Another man approached me again and I thrust my sword right to his chest. Then a man attacked me from my side, I immediately blocked his sword and slashed his neck.

“G-Go ahead!! I’ll take care of it from now!” Rino said while fight against the rebels. I smirked,

“I trust it to you, Rino!”

I leave the battle field and dashed to their headquarters. I keep running without looking at back, I’m not worried about Rino, because I believed in him. And that’s what I need to do with Mayu, and myself. I believe Mayu will wait for me patiently now, and I believe I can fulfil my promise to her. I will come back.

Right in front of the headquarters, I saw a man in a black coat that I believe is the leader of these rebels. He was wearing a hood to cover his face. 

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Black-sama.” The man took of his hood and faced me.
“Let’s just end this.” I hold my sword tight.

“If you insist. We can start it now. Let me introduce you my new pet.”  He clapped his hand twice. And just like in any movies I ever saw, someone appeared from somewhere. I can’t say who is it but should I say he? Well, he covered his head with a hood, and a silver jacket wrapped around him. I really don't know who he is, it just I feel so familiar.

“Meet her, Nezumi.”

Wait, what? A girl?

She raised her head. No, no way. It’s not her!

“Mayu?” I walked closer to her. I raised my hand to touch her face, but


She throws me away with shockwave from her hand. No way. How can she do that? Her eyes turned in to red, same thing go to her hair. It can’t be! She – She turned in to a Demon?! B-But how?!

“Well then, enjoy your time.” He smirked and went away. Mayu keep walking to me with that cold face. No, I won’t hurt her! And he can’t run away!


Rino appeared from behind him and tried to slash his neck but just cut through his arm instead.

“You can’t go anywhere, and don't forget that he’s not alone.” Rino said. He raised his sword to that man face. He smirked,
“Well, well, I should not underestimate you, young man.” He took his sword then raised it to Rino.

“Yuki! Go save Mayu! I’ll handle this!”

“B-But, Rino – !”

“I know you’re the leader, but the one who can save her is you! Please trust me!”

Ugh..! Mayu never stop to hit me with shockwaves from her hand. Right, I must trust him. And I can’t let Mayu in this condition.


The sound of two swords clashing with each other can be heard around him. Yuki still laying down on the ground after the nth time Mayu has thrown him, smashed, and shocked him with powers that he doesn’t know where did she get that. He doesn’t know what he should do now. He will not fight her, for sure.

“I-I don't know what to do, Rino. If Mayu will save when I died, then maybe I’ll choose to die, instead.” Yuki said while showing a painful smile. He can’t think of anything that can save Mayu right now. He felt hopeless.

He tried to stand back. His body felt numb. He can see Mayu was looking at him with that expressionless face. He pushes himself to walk towards Mayu. And somehow Mayu doesn’t walked to him either hit him with her powers, she just stand right there, looking at Yuki.

While grimacing in pain, he raised his hand to Mayu’s hood and he pulled it down slowly. Now he can see Mayu’s face clearly without her hood bothering.

“I really don't know what to do anymore, Mayu. I’m hopeless. And I can’t fight you. I won’t hurt you anymore.” He took Mayu’s hand and brings her hand to his chest,
“There, you can feel it, right? It’s beating so fast, just for you. But, if the only thing to save you is killing me, then you can kill me now. He wants me to die, right? Just do it.” Yuki’s hand that holding on Mayu’s shaking while he tried to hold his tears.

“I know you’re in there, Mayu. I know you’re somewhere trapped in that body of yours, deep there, you’re still there. If I died, Kora-san will take care of you. And I love you.”

He loosened his hold on Mayu’s hand and smile softly,

“You can do it now.”

He closed his eyes and he can feel Mayu had lowered her hand from his hand. After a few seconds he still not feels anything.


He opened his eyes and found that Mayu was kneeling while holding her head in pain. Mayu was trying to fight someone that possessed her body. She suddenly screams while tears start to fall down to her cheeks.  Yuki could feel that his heart ached when he sees Mayu in such condition and he can’t help her at all. He was eager to help Mayu ever if it will cost his life, but he doesn’t know how. He started to kneel in front of Mayu and hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry, Mayu. I’m so sorry. I can’t do anything. I’m sorry.” he still held her close despite Mayu keep trying to let go of his arms on her.
“Y-Yuki... G-Go a-away.” Mayu said between her cries.
“No, I’ll never let you go again. I’ll never leave you alone again. Because you are my life, and when you’re not right beside me, I’m nothing but a lifeless body. I prefer to die than to life without you.”  He holds her tight,

Right after Yuki said those words, he can feels that Mayu’s hold on her head loosened and those hands wrapped around him tightly.

“If the one who lost their memory saying Aishiteiru to the person he/she loves with all of their heart before the spell was pronounced, then he/she will get back their memory slowly.”

Suddenly there’s a ‘ting’ inside Yuki’s mind.

Love! There’s nothing that can beat love! If that spell will broke after she say Aishiteiru. Then maybe,

Yuki loosened his arms around Mayu and suddenly kissed her deeply. Mayu was too shocked and she can’t reply his kiss until his hand hold on her waist tightly. She closed her eyes and she can feel all the things that hold her just now already gone somehow. She put her hands around his neck, pulling him down to deepen their kiss. Until both of them feel that they may die because the lack of oxygen and pulled off their kiss.


“I love you, Mayu.”



A bullet ran trough Mayu’s body. Everything happens so fast that Yuki’s mind can’t think properly. Until he realize, right now, Mayu is dying, right on his hand.

“Useless human.”

“I-I’m sorry, Yuki. I-I can’t beat him.”

“M-Mayu, h-hey! Wake up!!” he called her name continuously but still no answer, until he put her body to the ground slowly and then stood still right in front of Mayu.

“What do you want to do now? Crying for her? Well, it may be your last time seeing her so... URK!”

Yuki was right in front of that man. His hair along with his eyes turns in to red, while his hand holding a sword that thrust in to that man chest.

“U-Ugh, welcome Black. S-So that’s your flash speed. I-I’m impressed.”

“Just die.”

Yuki pulled out his sword and let his lifeless body fall to the ground. He turn back his focus to Mayu and immediately run to her side,

“M-Mayu, can you hear me?! Anyone!! H-Hey, Mayu!! Wake up, please!! MAYU!!!”


“... U-Ugh,”

I blink my eyes to adjust to the light in the room. All I can see was just white, and this room smells like medicines. I realize that I’m in a hospital after my eyes can look better. I turn my face to my right side to look at someone that I thought was the nurse since her uniform was like one of them. She has a short hair and maybe her age was just a year younger than me or more. After she looks at me, her eyes bulge like it will fall out soon. What a weird expression, just like Yuki.

“W-Wh... Where’s – “

I tried to talk to that girl and all I can was just making that hoarse voice. She immediately running to the table and give me a glass of water. I drank the water until there’s no droplet left. I’m thankful she knows that I’m really thirsty now. She then took the glass and put it back to table beside my bed. Ugh, why I feel hurt at my abdomen. And Yuki, where’s him? Is he okay? That girl realizes my pained face and then holds my body to not moving too much,

“D-Don't moving too much, Mayu-san. Your wound still hurt a bit. Yuki Nii-chan will come in a few minutes. He’s going out to eat some food. He need to eat because he doesn’t want to let his attention ruined from you even if just for a second. I must promise him that I’ll look after you. He’s really reckless sometimes.”

Right after that girl explain those things to me, the door opened,

“Sakura, is she – Mayu?! You’re awake! Why won’t you call me or something like that, Sakura?! I need to call Haruna now.”

Yuki suddenly closed the door and running back to call someone he call Haruna just now. I and the short-haired-girl he call Sakura can’t help but laugh after looking at his stupidity. Seriously, he doesn’t need to be that shocked. But, he looks so much skinnier than before. And, how long I’ve been here?

“A-Ano, how long I’ve been in here?” I asked to her, and then she smiled,
“You’ve been in coma state for a month. Haruna-san said that you may not last, but Yuki Nii-chan always believes that you’ll awake someday. And I’m happy that he’s true.”

The door opened once again then a tall woman with white coat entered the room. Maybe she’s Haruna. Wow, she should be a model or something like that. With that appearance, I believe she will be a success woman in a short time. Well, but it seems like she’s the doctor. Right after her, Yuki entered the room.

It seems like my guess was true.

“Hey, Mayu, right? I’m Haruna and I’m your personal doctor here since Yuki told me to observe you regularly these past few weeks and until you recover back to your usual self. So, may I?” she smiled to me then start to take a few cross check to my body   especially to the wound at my abdomen.

“Well, I think you’re fine now. The wound may take some times to heal, but don’t worry about it. I’ll come here again later to take a full check-up of your body. You may rest now.”  Haruna smiled

“Ah, aside from that, first I want to say sorry to you. If you can’t remember what happens that made you can be here, the rebels took your body and turn you in to a demon to become the bait for Yuki. But unfortunately, we can’t remove the demon inside your body. So your body now was like, half human and half demon. I’m really sorry.” She bowed to me,

“You may need some time to adjust it. But when Yuki beside you, I believe you will be fine.”

“Please excuse me.” Haruna said then exit the room, followed by Sakura. So, yeah, there’s just me and Yuki inside the room now.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked me while took a sit on a chair beside me and hold on my hand tightly. He was holding it like I’ll going to leave him. I think what just Sakura said to me is true. He looks terrible. His pale skin and that black eye bags below his beautiful eyes can’t lie. A month with lack of sleeps and eats, just for me.

“... Because you are my life.”

“I-I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Haruna-san has told us that I’m fine, right? You should take a rest now. Sakura said to me that you – “

“I can’t stop to worry about you! T-That time, when you just arrived here, Haruna said that you can’t survive because you’ve lost a lot of blood after the shoot to your abdomen. But I tried to keep believe in you! People around me keep saying that what I did was just a waste of time. Even Rino, Sakura, Yuu, everyone, they told me to let you go. But I can’t! I know you’ll wake up someday with your smile plastered on your face.”

“After a few weeks, I start to doubt myself. Are you going to wake up? Is it the end of all? I-I can’t sleep at night; I can’t stop to think that you’ll die soon. I love you too much that make me prefer to die with you if you can’t survive. I can’t live without you...”

His holds on my hands tighten while he keeps his face low while saying those words. I don’t know that he suffered a lot because of me. I extend my hand to reach his face and he looked at me.

“I-I’m sorry to mad at you like that, it’s just, I’m afraid to losing you again.”

He put his hand above mine that was on his cheek and closed his eyes,

“Even until now, I still thought, is it just a dream? That you’re here, talking with me, and hold my face like this.”

He laugh bitterly and then opened his eyes. He let go my hand and then he put my hair behind my ears,

“I’m sorry that we can’t remove the demon inside you. If just I was faster back there, you can fully become a human; you don’t need to suffer again. But I was slow, and I can’t do it. I really – “

“No, it’s okay, really. If becoming a half demon means I can always be with you, then I’ll be fine. Whatever happens next, if you’re with me, I know I can survive.” I said to him,

“I’m glad that I love you, Mayu.”

“Well, if you were in love with Jurina, I think you’re going to die. You never saw Ren Nii-chan angry.”

“Don’t be silly, I’ll never in love with her. The only person I love in this universe is you.” Yuki pinched my cheeks and then we laugh together.

From the start, the differences never bothered us. Because I believe, God makes so many differences to test us, to deepen our love to each other, to make us know that nothing can separate us if we keep fighting for it.

And hey, we’ve promise to each other that we’ll never stop to love each other. Someday, we will die. But I’ll wait for the time when we will be reincarnated, I’ll wait for you to come to me again, and I’ll fall in love with you again.

You’re going to stuck with me forever, Kashiwagi Yuki.

... And I’m glad that I love you too.

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I caught up!! Omg the story ending is beautiful!!!!

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I caught up!! Omg the story ending is beautiful!!!!

Thank you for the amazing story

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