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Author Topic: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui + Multiple Pairings) - The Questionnaire (lol)  (Read 47958 times)

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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Jurina jumps in the middle of the road, not minding the awkward stares and scrutinizing eyes people are giving her. She doesn’t have to be ashamed of anything at all right now. Not when there’s her ninja walking beside her clad in casual clothes that is not the usual dull black school uniform. Jurina is all excited and merry and full of spirit. She wants to have all the fun she could have and share them with Rena. The girl should know the ways of how normal 17 years old teenage girls have fun!

“Now, Rena…”

“Yes, Jurina-sama?”

“I want you to stay calm and reserved when you step inside the shopping mall. You know there are a lot of cute, girlish and brand new things being showcase around and you don’t want to get caught up in too much hype or you’ll lose energy before the real deal comes or worse, you’re not even halfway from your shopping spree.”

“Of course, Jurina-sama.”

“Are you sure you understand me, Rena? I know that face… you’re just playing along with everything I’m saying, aren’t you?”

“No. I certainly get what you are saying, Jurina-sama.”

“No, no… that won’t do. The most effective way of teaching is to show, not explain with word-… OH GOSH!!! LOOK AT THAT SHOES THEY’RE SOOO CUTE!!! COME ON, RENA!”

The already hyper Jurina drags the unresponsive Rena inside the stores. She wonders how the collected and cool Jurina can be so talkative and full of conversations once they step inside the mall. And now, she doesn’t have to think far as every Jurina’s action had purposely answers all of Rena’s questions inside her head. She wears a bright smile from seeing her master going fro and back through the racks and shelves of shoes being showcased in the store with fascination and joy shown all over her face.

“I thought we must keep calm to preserve our energy, Jurina-sama?”

“Geez… that was all talk. I never meant any of that… this is the real, true, genuine way to shop like a teenage girl, you know?”


“Oh! There’s a new shop open over there! LET’S GO, RENA!”


Jurina pulls Rena’s hand with a strong unbelievable force that could break the ninja’s shoulder bone. In her mind, she keeps thinking that perhaps this is the true power of an enthusiastic girl that would always make guys groans and depleted without any energy left in courtesy of accompanying their girlfriends shopping. Seriously, women’s powers are freakingly scary, men shouldn’t mess with them too much. Rena’s eyes fall on their intertwine hands as her mouth forms a small subtle smile.

“Oh! This is cute, right Rena?”

Rena could only nod her head. She still can’t understand these fashion thing everyone been talking about. Of course, Rena does wear casual clothes. But her way of fashion is pretty simple. If you feel comfy with your clothes, then you’ll feel confident with your choice! Wait… does that make sense?

“Nee, Rena… I want to try this blouse. Can you hold my bag?”

“Very well, Jurina-sama.”


Jurina got in the fitting room but before she close the curtain, she gives a warning glare to her ninja…

“No peeking!”

Rena stands straight outside the room like a trained bodyguard of a British soldier. Everyone can feel the frightening aura from close proximity, making the store almost completely empty with Rena’s intimidating presence. Even the salesperson is cowering in the corner, biting her nails in trembles. However, a pair of girls is unaffected with Rena’s terrifying intent. They casually walk in the store, looking at the clothes on the rack innocently like others customer. As usual, Rena pays no attention to them. This is a public place, why would she be alarmed of anyone’s presence? They just want to shop, for Kami-sama’s sake…

But, suddenly…



Rena immediately push through the curtain into the fitting room… only to get her eyes widen in fascination. In front of her is Jurina with her back bare, showing most of her skin and the slick curves of her body with the same piece of clothes she had once seen before covering her assets. Rena gulps…

Jurina is startled with Rena who had just barge into the fitting room. Her eyes also widen as big as giant saucers from Rena’s unwanted presence. She didn’t ask for any help nor is she in any danger at this moment. Well… she did scream just now but that was because her long silky hair got stuck in the zipper of the blouse. She could see from the mirror that the ninja is eyeing her bare back with those creepy pervert eyes. Jurina’s face turns red not from embarrassment, well… part of it, but also from rage…

“Jurina-sama, are yo-“




The ninja and her master is sitting on one of the bench in a park just outside the shopping a mall. Jurina is pouting with scrunched brows, her arms crossed defensively in front of her. Rena just had to ruin her mood on shopping together today. She even had other plans to spend time with Rena like how friends do. Rena on the other hand is crouching in front of her master, trying to pacify the angered Jurina with a swollen face resulted by the strong punch she gained from the kid.


“What?” Jurina grumbles…

“Excuse me for doing this…”


Without warning, Rena pinches Jurina’s cheek as she squishes and plays with the soft, cheeky pair of flesh. The action managed to make the angry Jurina laugh.

“Haha! What are you doi- Hahahaha!”

Rena stops her action as she sees Jurina about to topples over the bench resulted by her uncontrollable laughter. She smiles with the way her master is grinning and giggling like a small child.

“I like this side of you more, Jurina-sama.”

Jurina’s laughter automatically died down with Rena’s comment. She blinks her eyes a few times as she stare at the ninja crouching in front of her like a gentleman.

“You look cute and pretty when you laugh, Jurina-sama.”

Trying to hide her red face, Jurina turns her head sideways with both hands on her cheeks...

Eeeep! My heart! It’s going to burst! No waaaay… ahhh why must my ninja be this gentleman and prince-like at this time? Just look at the way she sits…

Jurina takes a glance on her cool ninja who wears a dumb innocent face… before snapping her head sideways again.

HYAAAAH! I can’t!!! Hold on… the bench, the park, two girls together … This is… it’s like A DATE! If only Rena could hold my hand when we walk home… IT WOULD BE PERFECT! AAAAH~



Rena backs away a few steps from the sparkling and dazed looking Jurina. She felt a brief horror with the view but not wanting to gain anymore bruises from her already furious master, she clears her throat before acting normally.

“Jurina-sama, are you hungry?”

“Ah! No I’m-“


Jurina ducks her face from embarrassment. Stupid stomach. You just had to ruin my time…

“It looks like your body is saying otherwise, Jurina-sama. How about I buy you ice cream? As compensation for what happened in the fitting room...”

“Oh, oh! I want chocolates and chips and cherry on top!” Jurina screams enthusiastically like a small kid. Rena smiles from the cute childish act of her master.

“Very well. I’ll be back soon, Jurina-sama!”

As Jurina waits for Rena to buy them ice creams, a few thug-like guys confront her like some conceited goofballs. Jurina’s cute smile quickly turns into a raging frown. The one with messy hairy stubbles that looks like he is too poor to buy a shave unashamedly greets Jurina with his friends snickering behind him.

“Hey, cute girl… are you alone?”

Jurina tries to feign ignorance of their irritating presence. She scoots a little to gain some distance from the idiots but they just had to misunderstand her action.

“Ah! You want me to sit here? How kind of you~”

All of his friends whistled and barked like some wild dogs. The hideous guy is about to take a seat when suddenly he felt like he just sat on a sticky substance of some sort.


“What the?!” Before the guy could get up from the bench, Rena holds him down with an arm as she appears behind him with an ice cream in her free hand.

“Oh my! What is this smell… You… did you have a diarrhea?” the ninja pinch her nose, acting like he just poo poo in his pants.


“Oh. Then you must have a bowel disorder for suddenly… defecate right here. How old are you, anyway? 50? 70? Cause you do look like one.”

The retarded guy blinks his eyes in awkwardness while his so-called-friends are laughing their ass off from his epic fail in front of two gorgeous girls… even to get punk’d by one of them who just wear an innocent face all the time. Meanwhile, Jurina’s face is full of amazement from the scene. She never knew Rena could do something as daring as trolling one of those thugs-looking-retards.

“You… how dare you! Do you know who I am?”

“I do. The old geezer who shamelessly poop in his pants in front of people.”

Rena bravely stands in front of him with an ice cream and a naïve child-like look, pushing the guy’s anger to his limits.

“Grrr… take this!”

The guy sends out a punch directly to Rena’s face but the girl doesn’t even budge from her place. She merely dodged the hit by moving her head to the opposite direction. Not wanting to waste any more time and more ice cream, Rena grabs the idiot’s hand with her free hand before she gave a slight low kick to the man’s middle. Rena made sure the swing of her kick is as low as when she’s kicking a small pebble that can go as far as a block’s distance.


The goofball crouched on the ground, holding his probably cracked balls with both hands. He writhes and groans in pain from the low kick. Rena acts like she was shocked with what she had done.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to crash your… ummm thing. Sorry again!”

Rena quickly bows to them before taking Jurina’s hand to get out of the place. But his crews are faster. They run ahead of Rena before blocking her from getting away. Rena can run faster than that but she didn’t want to hurt her master with her fast running. Besides, she might gain unwanted attention from her unusual speed. The thugs surrounded Rena and Jurina with fury.

“No one messes with us. You’ll pay for hurting one of our guys.”

“But it’s his fault, to be exact. Look, I don’t want to hurt anyone right now so why don’t we-“

“Shut up!”

“No! Wait! I’m not-“


All eyes turn to the voice. Two girls appear from behind a huge tree with winds suddenly blowing their long hair in high speed and some lights of the sun shining from above, giving a dramatic entrance to their heroic appearance. One of the girls is tall, but not as tall as the tree. She wears a long, pony-tailed hair with black long coat weirdly worn on this sunny day. The other is quite short but not too short to be called a midget. The girl too wears a white lab coat of some sort… with a cyborg-like expression and twin-tails hair tied in low height… the girl however turns to her partner while jumping in joy.

“YATTA! This is really cool, isn’t it? But it would be more awesome if there’s background music…”


The taller girl could only face palm from the sudden epic fail of her short partner.

“Let’s just… go with the plan.”

“Oh! I forgot!”


“Hear ye, o lowly peasants-“


“OWW!!! What was that for?!”

“Just say it normally like a normal person, will you?!”

“Sheesh… why so gwumpy…”

The thugs who had enough of their theater play decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Just ignore them. Let’s settle these two cute girls over here… hehehe.”

They were about to attack puppy Jurina and innocent Rena when a dark shadow looms all over them.


The voice was hellishly gruesome, the guys shivered through their bones. The tall girl readies her stance before vanishing from normal person’s vision. But Rena however, can share us what she see with the ninja eyes of her.


“Oh. Of course! Very well, everyone… As you can see, the tall person wasn’t actually vanished into thin air. She is actually moving with the speed of lightning of 3,700 miles per second that the brain of a normal person can’t process the image being seen from naked eyes. However, with trained eyes like mine, it is possible to distinguish every single second of frame being seen from the eyes. It takes years of training and harsh torment to have this special skill but it’s worth your own life for every ninja in this world~”

Thank you very much for the thorough and deep explanations, Rena… although I don’t think anyone pays any attention to whatever you’re saying. But, thank you very much! Now, now… keep that shuriken for some other time, Rena. It’s a dangerous play thing…

Back to the fighting scene… oh! It’s already finished…

In just seconds, the tall girl managed to defeat the thugs bare handedly. All of them were unconscious on the hard ground with their eyes turning white and foams coming out of their mouth. What had actually happened can only be witness by Rena and the tall girl for their own entertainment. Such a horror sight to bear…

“Ah… I’m getting tired from all this. Let’s go back…”

“You only watch from the side...”

“Hey! That is the most tiring thing you ever had to do!”

“Sure, sure… whatever you say.”

“Nee… I’m hungry. Let’s eat ice cream!”

Rena and Jurina could only watch in silence as the girls who had just saved them from the stupid thugs walk away from the park into the crowds of people. Jurina wanted to thank them for beating the crap of those guys but they were walking in their own world, she could only watch from the sides. The same goes for Rena, too. But somewhere in the back of her mind, there was a slight excitement from meeting the bunch. Especially with the way the tall girl fights… She definitely hopes to meet them again.

“Ah! Jurina-sama!”


“The ice cream…”

“Huh? AAAAHHH!!! Rena what are you doing?!”

“I-I’m sorry, Jurina-sama… it got melt when those guys are harassing you.”

“What? I’m not worried about that!”


“Your hands! They are sticky now… how are we gonna hold hands on the way back now…”


Jurina’s face turns bright red from her accidently slipped intention turned into words.

“It-… it’s nothing! I mean, how are you gonna hold these bags with those sticky hands? Geez, seriously Rena… go wash your hands or something.”

Rena quickly runs to a water tap to wash her hands from the melted ice cream. After completely confirm her hands are clean, she runs back to her master’s side and fetch the shopping bags from Jurina’s hand.

“Jurina-sama, do you have anywhere else you want to go?”

“No… let’s just go back home.”

Rena notices the slight frown and gloom on her master’s face. She admits that Jurina’s face is cute with the pout and slight frown but she surely favors Jurina’s cute dimpled smile more. Rena closes their distance by walking beside the silent Jurina. Without warning, she caught Jurina’s soft hand before linking their fingers together. The gloom Jurina was a bit startled from the act. She raises her head with a questioning look directed on the ninja.

“It’s pretty dangerous here, Jurina-sama. It’s better for you to stay close to me.”

Rena said it seriously without turning her head to her master. She keeps her eyes locked to the front, trying to hide the smile about to form on her already tighten face. Jurina on the other hand, duck her head down as she tries to hide her heated face. Her heart is beating unknown rhythm; she thought she surely had a heart disease all this while. But as their clammy hands link together, both of them began to wonder how their hands can match perfectly well with each other like some missing piece of a puzzle.

“This is fun, isn’t it?”

Jurina ask Rena as they both reminisces back the whole day they were together. However, a slight blush appears on Rena’s face with a small creepy smile forming slowly…

“Of course, Jurina-sama!”

“Wait… don’t tell me you were thinking about…”


Jurina covers herself with both arms as she stare at Rena with a scowl and a wide open mouth.

“I don’t understand what you are imply-“



“Wait! Jurina-sama!”

Jurina walks away in rush steps as Rena stumbles her way to catch up with her furious master with a red forehead visible from the punch. Unbeknownst to them, a cute black cat was watching them from one of the branches on top of a tall tree. The cat jumps down from the height, landing perfectly on the ground as it scratches its head with its cute paw…


A/N: Ok who can guess the new pairing? It's obvious, isn't it~  :w00t: More dramas coming next chapter~ :grin: I just realized the titles are somewhat kinda lame... :doh: Oh well.... THANK YOU FOR READING NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU ARE HIDING~  :ph43r: Comments are deeply appreciated~ 8) see you guys on Monday! :yossi:


@River1721: You'll have to wait in the upcoming chapters~ :roll:

@yabamoe: NEW READER!!! :w00t: Thank you for liking this~ :cathappy:

@Zita: Your intuition is very good, young padawan :batman:

@Kirozoro: I think your questions will be answered if you read this chapter~ XD

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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Yay~ an Update  :cow:  :onioncheer:

Yes! Rena show that old geezer not to mess with Jurina   :kekeke:
Hm~ Cyborg = Mayuyu, Tall Girl = Yukirin ( Just Guessing )  Mayuki couple ? :dunno:
Rena did the same mistake she did before!  :mon sweat:
Rena should stop panicking too much! :mon suspect:
Yah~ Jurina's intention to hold hands with Rena failed because of that melted ice-cream! :mon duh:
The part where Rena pinches Jurina's cheek is just cute when you imagine it! :mon lovelaff:  :mon crazyinlove:
That black cat appeared again~  :mon dance:
Thanks for the update! You never fail to surprise us readers with an amazing story and fast update~  :gmon love2:
Can't wait for the next chapter! :mon XD:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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mayuki into action~

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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Actually, I like the titles... ^^
I like this fic more and more. It's easy to read and always funny.

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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This is my first time putting down a comment.. Like ever.. I LOVE THIS STORY!! Yaa~~ its so fun to read~~

Anyway i think those two girls are Mayuki.. I guess? Lol will just wait till you update next time~~  :twothumbs

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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That is ninja cat.
The most dangerous creature in the world. :D

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 5 (WMatsui) [140404]
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It seem to be Mayu, Yuko? And hmm...Yuki

Update soon

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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It’s a very wonderful morning and a bright wonderful day for everyone and of course, me included! I really love going to school. There’s always something new to learn about and friends to talk and play with. I never want to miss a day of attending my beloved high school. I don’t want to waste time doing nothing at home. So, it’s a wonder to me why most students don’t like going to school… aren’t they like too old to be thinking about anything else except studying? We are teenagers, aren’t we? We’ll have to learn as many things we can so that later we can survive the after-school life. That’s what my mom always told me!

Okay, stop. I’ll be taking over the narrating at this second before more readers give out glares and groans at your enthusiastic teenage-life-is-full-of-fun-and-great-studying speech, Jurina…

It is indeed a very wonderful morning for the two girls who are walking together towards their school. They walk in comfortable silence while sometimes greeting their friends who had the same destination as they are. But a certain ninja is deep in her thoughts. She is wondering about something that she had been missing since a few days before. It seems like her life seems incomplete with the loss… After all, that thing is the main purpose she wants to be by her master side. She puts a hand under her chin with a serious scowling face in a pondering manner. Jurina caught sight of the ninja’s expression and decided to ask her about it.

“Rena? Is something wrong?”

“There is.”

“What? Did you forget to do your homework?”


“Hmm… you left your lunch?”

“That was you.”

“Ahh… then, what is it?”

Rena is contemplating whether she should ask or not. This might be a trivial one for her master but it is a grave matter by her great amateur ninja judgment. She’s afraid if this matter would continue, then her life as a ninja would be in vain. She must know what the cause that that certain thing is missing. It’s a mind boggling mystery, people…

“Jurina-sama, may I ask something?”

“You’re already asking…”

“Very well… it seems to me that your clumsiness is missing from your daily lives lately.”


“It has become somewhat as a loss for me to not be met with any misfortune to save you from, Jurina-sama…”

“A-are you trying to imply I’m always at luck’s end?!”

“Your bloodline said so.”


“According to my great-great-great grandfather, one of his friends from your family had always had mishaps and bad luck running in his misadventure. There was a time he jumped from a tree thinking he is a bird but the branch broke before he could fly. Wait… was it a tree or a house? Ah it was definitely a tree because he can see apples everywhere... Hold on. Was it an apple tree? How can he fly from such height…?”

Jurina rolled her eyes from Rena’s unconvincing stories. That’s what happened when you passed down stories from generations far orally without any written proof or anything.

“Well, now that you mention it… I think it’s because you’re always sticking beside me, Rena.”

“Is it?”

“Yeah, I guess… Your presence had chased away all the misfortunes I’ve been suffering all my life. That is a good thing, right Rena…?”

Jurina turns to her side only to found the ninja is missing.


As in cue, someone who is riding a bicycle with a high unnatural speed zooms past Jurina, making her startled with the unexpected presence. Involuntarily, her feet do wonders of doing some dancing on the spot to stabilize her footing but everything went wrong… her feet tripped on one another, making her lose balance and swaying to her left side. Jurina’s eyes widen as the view of the flower beds along the pathway becomes clearer and nearer with her face…


Then, the view stayed still like someone had pressed the pause button on a remote control. She blinks her eyes a couple of times before she felt her body being pulled away from the beautiful neatly arranged flower bed. She lets out the breath she hadn’t realized she had held before due to shock.

“It’s a success!”


“I was hiding in a place to rule out if your conclusion is true or not. And from my own ninja analysis, it’s a success!”

“Is that so? Waaa that’s great!!!”

Jurina cheered as Rena smiled proudly from her genius findings… but her master’s face suddenly turns into a fearsome puppy with eyes of killing intent.


Rena gulps as she nods her head timidly. Jurina’s face turns back to her cheery smiley face as she walks ahead with Rena following in a slight cowering state.



Jurina lets out an exasperated sigh. She is annoyed and irritated right now. The class is being noisy early in the morning and everyone is doing all those kindergarten kids always do. Playing tags, chattering about tv shows and animes, talking about the great lunch they had yesterday, and camwhoring with a duck pouty face that can make her puke anytime… but that’s not all. A pair of eyes is watching her from a tree. But this time it wasn’t a birdie. It’s a squirrel…

“Squeak squeak. Squeaky squeak.”

“What? That’s not a squirrel…”

Don’t ask me. I’m no zoologist. Jurina face palm from the failed sound of a squirrel Rena tries to make. Maybe she should have been a monkey instead. That would be easier…

“Unagi-sensei is here!”

Everyone scuttles and leaps to her or his own designated seat as the homeroom teacher steps into the class with heavy clacking high heels. She wears a happy smiling face with pretty glossy lips as her main attraction.

“Alright, class. Settle down… It’s a wonderful day today, isn’t it? I have good news for everyone today~”

Silence with hideous loud yawn sound at the back.

“Tch. Fine! Let’s get straight to the point.”

The teacher’s expression turns into a yankee face as she slams the poor table, startling everyone and popping a bubble gum being blown by a student in the process. Unagi-sensei kicks the class door open fiercely with a strong force.

“Hey, new kid! What are you doing standing there like an idiot? Get your ass in here!”

Every eye turns to the door as a new girl steps inside. The first thing they see was the cyborg smile on the bearers face. Her round eyes and pointed nose with pretty smile makes her face a perfection made out of a cyborg, literally. She has twin-tailed hair with an average height of a high schooler. Every boy swoons while every girl melts with her pretty innocent appearance. Even the teacher who is in a bad mood turned please with the new girl.

“Thank you, sensei~” The girls beams with sparkles and glitters.

“Hello, everyone! My name is Watanabe Mayu. Please take care of me!”

The girl bows in front of everyone before shining her wonderful smile. Jurina at the moment is stunned with the girl’s cuteness but then the cogs in her brain starts working. Her face scrunches with squinted eyes when out of nowhere, her brain plays a replay live HD movie of the girl with a white lab coat that appeared that day under the tree… Her eyes widen in realization.


In another class…

“We have a new student today, class. Please pay attention and behave!” The teacher warns before a girl walks in uninvited.

“W-wait! I haven’t call you yet-”

“I don’t need to be call by anyone… Especially by the likes of you.”

Everyone including the teacher backs away from the girl as a dark black cloudy ambience surrounded the new tall girl. She turns to the class with closed eyes but still the glares behind her eyelids were so powerful and strong, the others immediately turns their gaze elsewhere except the new girl.

“The name’s Kashiwagi Yuki. And I’m here only with one purpose…”

She points to a seat situated at the very back of the class beside an unusually open window before turning her pointing hand into a thumb down gesture.




The girl opens her eyes only to find the seat… vacant.

“What the…?”

“Oh, she left earlier…”

A student kindly answers the new girl’s question that had popped in her mind… She grits her teeth as she grips her hands tightly. Taking a deep breath, the girl walks to the seat beside Rena. She glares at the boy as he whimpers from those black killing eyes.


She shoves the boy’s ass off his seat before sitting on her new place like a boss. The boy scampers out of the class with a loud cry, perhaps about to complain to his mother about being bullied by a newcomer.

“Ah… well. I guess that settled it. Let’s continue our class, shall we?”

Only the sounds of gulps echo in the class.



For the first time ever happen in the history of the school,one of the senior classes was silent all morning. Even when the lunch bell sounded, no one dares to move from their seat. All heads are focusing on the black board with eyes subsequently glancing to the back of the class, waiting for any movement from the new girl. For once the black hole of a board had proudly caught their full attention all day. Even the teachers are delighted with the class, thinking maybe their method of teaching is finally working with wonders on these lazy students. Accidently, a student drops her eraser due to uncontrolled prolong trembling of her hands. Everyone stops their breath as every eye follows every single movement of the eraser before it plummets down to the floor with a thud…


A screech of chair being pushed sounded. Every step taken was like a stride filled with sorrow and darkness void of any lights or joy. As the girl walks out of the classroom, everyone lets out the breath they’ve been holding all this while. Then the class begins to fill with noise just like normal…

The girl, let’s call her Yuki, walks along the hallway without a direction. She is directionally challenged, if you know what I mean. Yuki would always lose her way even in the comfort of her own home. She is not familiar with landmarks and signboards but she has a great sense of detecting people from far away. But there are some flaws for that skill, though… Right now, there’s only one thing that has been lingering in her mind. She must find this Matsui Rena…


Yuki turns her head to the loud cheery voice. The cyborg girl, Mayu, is jumping at the far end of the hallway. Yuki walks slowly to the girl before being caught in a headlock by the short girl.

“ACK! I’m going to suffer from terrible backache if you don’t release me now…”

“Opps! Sorry~ Hey, you lost?”

“I guess…”

“Hahaha! I knew it! But don’t worry~ Your Mayuyu is here to be your personal tour guide!”

Mayu salutes with overload cuteness that could make Yuki cringes and crawls her fingers.

“Tch. Said the girl who just got transferred today…”

“Heh… it seems you don’t know me that well yet. Of course I bring a useful tool~”

Yuki raise a brow as Mayu smirks at her. She points above her shoulder with a thumb, showing a puppy girl with a middle parted hair grinning with a peace sign behind Mayu.

“Matsui Jurina at your service!”


“Thank you for the tour, Jurina. It’s a really great help for us.”

“This is nothing! Just think of this as repayment for saving us the other day.”

Mayu lets out a bright grin with a nod whereas Yuki just shrugs her shoulder, not giving a damn with their conversation. Jurina actually wants to search for a certain ninja right now but she feels deep in her heart that somehow the girl is somewhere close by… Well, she’ll appear sooner or later.

“So… what do you want to do now?”

“To annihilate someone…” Yuki mutters indifferently with a small voice and a scowl on her facebut Jurina caught her albeit not too clear.


“A-Ahahaha… Yuki is just hungry right now. You know, a hungry woman is an angry woman~”

Mayu said in a strained voice before she gave a quick glare at her partner. Yuki just rolls her eyes, unaffected by the adorable glare she had grown accustomed to.

“Then let’s go to the cafeteria-“

Before Jurina could finish her sentence, a student absentmindedly crash onto her. Unable to control her footing, the klutzy Jurina brace herself for the sudden fall…


“Are you okay, Jurina-sama?”

Jurina opens her eyes as she stands on both feet, in courtesy of Rena who appears just in time to capture her into the ninja’s strong arms.

“Rena! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you...”

“The usual place, Jurina-sama.”

“Wait… the bush or the tree?”

“The walls.”


Sensing there are other people behind her, Rena turns around to face them. She looks at the short girl before her eyes falls on the tall girl. Her heart suddenly beats abnormally from a sudden rush of excitement and anticipation.

“Ah! You are the one that saved us the other day on the park! I haven’t expressed my gratitude before…”

Rena quickly bows a perfect 90 degree in front of Yuki as the latter wears a stunned face from the sudden action.

“Thank you very much for saving the both of us the other day!”

Feeling awkward with the shogun thanking way of her ninja, Jurina quickly pulls Rena to her side.

“Ahahaha! You don’t have to do that, Rena… a NORMAL thank you is enough.”


“Excuse me for interrupting… but may I know your name?”

Yuki impatiently interrupts as she had been hearing this girl being called Rena by Jurina in their conversations.

“Pardon my manners! I’m Matsui Rena, a third year student of this school.”

As soon as Rena said her full name, a conniving smirk grew on Yuki’s beautiful face… Mayu could only face palm as she can predict the dreadful occurrence that is going to take place soon while Jurina and Rena looked at each other in confusion with the eerie black air suddenly enveloping the new girl…

“Finally… I’ve found you.”

Introducing.... the MaYuki pairing~  :cow: Nothing much going on in this's boring. :sweatdrop: SORRY! Let's hope there will be some actions in the next chapter. THANK YOU FOR WAITING AND READING~ :cathappy:

@River1721: I see u change ur guess there~ nothing can escape my keen senses! :ding: LOL thank you~ :D

@mo-chan: But there's not much action... yet! :grin:

@Kiri-el: I'm flattered with your comments! :cry: Always giving more spirit to keep on writing. ARIGATOU! :bow:

@NewFans_48: OMG I'm overjoyed here! More new readers stopping for my fic :farofflook: THANK YOU SO MUCH :bow: but please do read others' story too! They're more awesome than my weird story ahahaha :sweatdrop:

@Zita: LOL random one! I like you already hahaha  :rofl:

@Kirozoro: You got it quite right there~ :roll: btw, love ur new pic and sig :w00t:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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Yay yay yay mayuki~~ i wonder what will happen to them especially since mayuki got transfered to Wmatsui school. Hmm~~ thanks for the update~~

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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You chose the perfect characters for this fic (not to mention that they're my favourites). Yuki's black aura is always the funniest thing and now the target is Rena. It's just... perfect! Thank you for writing this!

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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Please don't end it like this anymore.                                         
 “Finally… I’ve found you.”..............  :mon cweepy:
Now I have so many questions ( I will not be able to sleep,.............. just kidding  :P)


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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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Omg!!! Please tell me that you will continue this... .。・゚゚・(>_<)・゚゚・。.

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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OMG The suspense is killing me! :farofflook:

Hm~ does Yuki have a grudge on Rena or is she just mistaking her for someone else ? :pig huh:

Yay I am so happy it is Mayuki! :mon squee: :mon XD: :mon lovelaff:

Mayuyu sounds so playful here. Yet Yukirin is funny when it comes to her getting mad :mon noprob:

Update soon~ :byebye:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 6 (WMatsui) [140407]
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xD thx for ur compliment

Oho is this going to YukiRena and JuriMayu?!?

I wonder Yuki is doing to Rena

Update soon

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 7 (WMatsui) [140409]
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“You’re late.”

“An apology for my lateness, but I was at the appointed location the entire time.”

“What? Are you trying to mock me?!”

Yuki was about to smash that innocent face on the rusty rooftop door but Mayu react faster by holding the tall girl’s shoulder. Mayu scratches her head timidly with what she was about to say…

“Actually, Yukirin… you’re the one that was late.”


“You did say the rooftop at the west wing building…”

“I did! So?”

“We’re on the east building right now…?”

“… we are?”

Everyone nods their head in agreement while Jurina points at the big katakana characters of the other building showing WEST BUILDING painted clearly for everyone to see.


“Well… that’s why they are late, Yukirin.”

“Excuses… but, whatever. Let’s get down to business, Matsui!”

Jurina and Rena look at each other in confusion before they turn away in a huddle to discuss in whispers of the grave matter between themselves.

“Jurina-sama, what does she mean by ‘Matsui’? Is it you or me?”

“How should I know?! I’ve never met her before so it must be you!”

“But I don’t even know her…”

“Not my problem, Rena.”

“But you are my master. You should care for your ninja’s well being.”

“What? I thought it’s only the other way?”

“No. That was what written in the pact.”

“Pact? What pact?! Wait… I didn’t agree with anything in the first place!”


The ninja and her master quickly turn around with awkward laugh and not-so-honest smile.

“W-well… I guess I’ll just-“

“Jurina said if you have matters with me, then you’ll have to go through her first.”

Jurina gulps with wide eyes.

“I-I…I did?”

She glares at the yeah-you-did-I'm-innocent Rena before mouthing YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS with gritted teeth.

“Is that so…”

Yuki snickers as she gets closer to the cowering puppy in a painfully deliberate slow movement.

“Are you sure you can handle me…?”

A cracking sound of fingers sounded loudly.

Eeeep! Damn it, Rena! Why must I suffer this damnation of torture just because I’m your master??? I swear I’m gonna give all the melon pans you hide in the house to the ants and cats and the entire starving animals in the world!!!

“Wait a moment! Before you send me into the world of nothingness and silent torture, care to tell me why you want to… ummm h-hurt Rena?”

“Why… you ask why?!”

“Oh no… they didn’t just ask that question…”

Mayu slams her hand on her forehead in a DUH expression before letting out an exasperated sigh. She sits on the ground trying to get herself comfy with the long story that is about to be told by none other than the beautiful Yukirin.

With the music of a sad traditional Okinawa folklore song called Minyo (no don’t try to google that) played by Mayu with the assistance of her phone, Yuki gets into a melancholic state as she stares into the vast sky with solemn, somber face. Her eyes twinkle as she reminisces back the harsh past she had gone through to become who she is now… a bloodcurdling beautiful skilled fighter.

“It started when I just started training ten years ago…”


Tree. Tree. And more trees. Everywhere is tree. Where the heck should I go right now? Sensei said I should just follow the direction of the sun but these damn trees are blocking the sunlight, its dark pitch in here. How am I supposed to find my way back? Grrrr… stupid trees!

Meet the young Yukirin, also known as Black. She is 8 years old at the moment. With no supply of food or water or even a map to guide her back home, Yuki wanders into the thick forest of darkness, also known as the Black Forest. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the chocolate bar with cherry flavored jellies in it that makes you crave for more with only a bite. And no. Not because Yuki was called as Black once upon a time ago. The forest automatically named itself like that. Cliché, I know…

The young innocent Yuki who has the kindest of heart at that time, walks along the trees and thick shrubs that had made her body full of scratches and cuts from their thorn. She knows she shouldn’t be fussing and complaining with her current state. This is all a test by her sensei to strengthen her endurance and survival instinct to become the greatest skillful fighter one day. But this is the first training Yuki had ever had all her life. She wonders if her sensei is really a great master or just a great tormentor of new student. Not enough with being lost in the wood, her stomach suddenly grumbles loudly.

No waaay…

Feeling at lost and lack of energy, Yuki sat under one of the million trees in the forest. She limply lets all her limbs splayed on the wet full of dirt ground before she laid her head on one of the soft-looking stump.

At least it’s cool and calm here…

She was about to take a short nap when her already dozing eyes caught sight of a red thing hanging on one of the short branches above her head. She opens her eyes wider to make out if that thing is really what she seems it is…

“An apple!”

Yuki quickly stands on both feet with her founding. A wide smile happily etched on her face as she stares at the beautifully ripe red lone apple. But it’s a bit high even with her height. Yuki looked around for something that can help her to get that fruit down.

“Aha! This will do...”

She grabbed some pebbles on the ground. Trying to make a catapult out of those stones, Yuki aimed with her untrained eyes before throwing the stone towards the apple’s direction. She missed. But that doesn’t mean she had lost hope.  Kashiwagi Yuki never gives up. Not in this dark deserted with nothing useful of a forest. She made a second attempt… only to have the projectile bounced back onto her forehead as it hit the branch.

“OWW! Damn it… you are one stubborn apple. I’m gonna get you, you round for nothing fruit!”

Yuki throws all the pebbles in her hand out of frustration. She was about to turn around to look for something more promising than those small little stones, but something fall hard on the ground.


The apple had fallen from the branch onto the green ground. Yuki’s eyes sparkle in delight as she eyed the vulnerable ready-to-eat apple with wonders and joy.


She stepped dramatically towards the apple like a small girl who had just found her favorite lovely doll that had been lost for days… She carefully grabbed the red apple, attending to it with care as she twirls the fruit in her hand. Perfect. It is a perfect apple without any bruising, any wrinkled skin or any discoloration. Just perfect to be eaten straight from the tree… However, before Yuki could bring it closer to her mouth, a presence of someone stopped her action.

Yuki stared at the frail looking girl who’s eyeing the apple she is holding on her hand. Trying to hide the apple behind her, Yuki stood straight mightily with an air of arrogance to intimidate the intruder.

“What are you doing here?”

“Me? I’m just training… What are you doing here?”

“Oh… nothing. Just… walking around, enjoying the nature of mother earth. You know…”

Yuki tried to feign ignorance with her desperate state at the moment as the girl is still eyeing the apple but a small smirk appearing on the girl’s face made Yuki stunned.

“You’re lost, aren’t you?”

“W-what?! Psshh! Nonsense… I know my way back just fine.”

“Then care tell me where the sun is right now?”

“Why should I?”

“To survive in the woods, one must know the bearing of the sun or stars to get his way back safely.”

That was exactly what her sensei had told her earlier and she truly loathes her for that. It seemed like this girl is familiar with the trees as there was no sense of tiredness or being at lost from her expression at the moment.

“It’s… ummm… t-there…”


The girl giggled as Yuki scratch her cheek in embarrassment.

“Let’s make a trade!”


“How about I show you where the sun is right now while you hand me that apple you’re holding? It’s a great trade, isn’t it?”

Yuki gulps as she thinks of what so great about the trade is. She is too damn hungry right now and there’s no way she would hand the precious apple just for the sake of where the sun is!

But Yuki… you’re in training right now. You must listen to your sensei!

Don’t worry I’ll drag that old hag to hell with me… Just do what you want, girl! Life is short~

Yuki, what if you got lost forever inside the forest even after you ate the apple?

Psssh... This is not some Adam's forbidden apple story! Don’t listen to that oh-I’m-so-pure-cause-I’m-an-angel spoof, Yuki.

One mustn’t be greedy in her life, Yuki…

Oh so you’re gonna let her starve to death, O wise one?

No one dies from not eating a day, stupid…

WTF! Just shut up!

No! You shut up, dumbass!

Oh now you want to play dirty, huh?

GRRRR… Just stop it, you two!

Oops! She’s angry… save yourself!

This is all your fault…I’ll get you later!


After contemplating with the pros and cons, Yuki had finally decided.

“Fine. I’ll give you the apple… But! I want to know your name first, just in case if you lied to me… I can hunt you until the hole of hell.”

“Hmm… Names, huh? Very well! The name’s Matsui Rena. Now, may I have the apple?”

The girl said without any fear even as Yuki had threatened her earlier. With a reluctant heart, Yuki let go of her treasure to the innocent girl. The latter received the apple happily before putting it inside her sling bag.

“Thank you! Now, the sun is actually directly above our head cause it’s noon right now.”

“Ah… is that so. Wait… How do I know the east and west if it’s right on top of my head?”

“Just wait for a few hours to pass… I gotta go now! Good luck!”

“Eh? H-hold on! I’ll starve by then!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t! I’ve been in a worse condition than you… See you later!”

“J-just a second! How do you know where the sun is?”

“Just climb the trees.”

“But if it rains?”

“Blame the frog, then!”

Yuki was left dumbfounded as the girl leapt from one trees to another, disappearing from her view in just seconds. How easy it is for her to say that…

Just climb the tree… If I can jump like you, I would have gotten out of this forest already! Tch…

Yuki kicked on one of the trees, causing a deep dent on the bark. As if Mother Nature was watching her all the time, thunders started rumbling in the sky…

“Kami-sama… You’re not trolling me, are you?”

Droplets of water started falling down the leaves from the taller trees. Yuki could only stand in despair with her unfortunate luck before she started running in all directions. She was definitely lost right now resulted from her own frustration and agitation. After wandering the Black Forest for several hours, Yuki collapsed from fatigue and dehydration. She almost fainted when out of nowhere the face of her disappointed master appeared in her blurry vision. She gave out a weak relieved smile before passing out in her sensei’s arms as she carried her new weak student home on her broad strong shoulder…

End of Flashback…

“That’s what happened…”

A lone tear escape from Yuki’s glistening eyes as the memories replayed clearly in her mind like it was just yesterday she just underwent the training… She wipes her tear with the sleeve of her uniform when a sobbing sound caught her attention.


“That…t-that was heartbreaking!!! UWAAAAAH!”

“You are truly a great warrior, Kashiwagi-san!”

The duo cries their heart out while the already dozing Mayu got startled as her phone falls down from her lap. She wipes the invisible drool probably flowed out from her mouth when she slept.

“Ah, it’s over already? That’s fast…”

“T-this is all because of you, Matsui!”

Yuki points her dainty finger to Rena’s direction in an angry manner as the ninja wipes the snots about to come out of her nose.

“Hold on! I didn’t remember meeting you at the Black Forest before!”

“But it was you!”

“No! I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else…”

“Don’t play tricks on me, Matsui… I’m going to have my revenge on you!”

“Wait! You’ll have to go through Jurina first!”

“Oh! You can have her... She deserves this.”

Jurina said in a nonchalant way just to pay back for when Rena sold her name to spare her life earlier…


“That’s more like it… Very well. Prepare yourself, Matsui!”

“I guess it can’t be help, then…”

Rena advances in front of Yuki with a serious face. They both stood in front of each other, one filled with revenge in her heart while the other is full of anticipation and guilt. Rena was the first to ready her stance, a hand positioned in front of her face while the other is on the side of her waist where her shuriken is hidden. Yuki on the other hand, only stand straight without a fighting stance. She just merely stands there with both hands on her side. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to calm her nerves and concentrate all her strength into her muscles…

This is it. The fight she had been waiting all these years. She had endured all the grueling training from her heartless sensei for almost 10 years just to achieve the goal she had aimed for the promise with someone she cared. Yuki thought she could not have come this far but with the promise she held dearly, the harsh trainings soon became the joy she thought she never could think of. As a result, Yuki started to like fighting until now. Truthfully, the hatred and revenge in heart is the main source of motivation and force for Yuki to be who she is right now. A full-fledged master of hand-to-hand combat… As she opens her eyes, so does the door of the rooftop.


“Chotto chotto MATTE!!!”

A/N: Okaaaay another character appearance... :roll: I hope you guys enjoy this lame boring one too ahahaha :sweatdrop: THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE~!!! :bow: :D


@NewFans_48: Glad you like it! Thank you :grin:

@Kiri-el: I'M HAPPY I DIDN'T DISAPPOINT YOU!!! :farofflook: ARIGATOUU~~!!! :kneelbow:

@Zita: I can't I like cliffhangers~ :twisted: HAHAHA! XD :P

@Archer1992: Of course I will! XD Oh! Welcome to my humble abode of weird ninja story~ :welcome :cathappy:

@River1721: No don't die yet!!! :cry: LOL I think Yuki mistook Rena or something but who was it really then? :roll: Just wait for more~!!! XD

@Kirozoro: :grin: Nooo it WMatsui!!! But I guess there will be some YukiRena & JuriMayu moments~ :roll: NO PROMISES THO~ XD

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 7 (WMatsui) [140409]
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YAY Update!! :mon XD: :mon beam:

Yuki's story........ was so.... :mon spit: :mon fu: :hiakhiakhiak: :on lol: :pig laugh: :mon lmao:

But really was that the only reason Yuki wants revenge on Rena?!  :mon geek: :mon noprob:

Rena~ trying to make Jurina face Yuki's wrath! :onioncheer: :bigdeal:  But Jurina got her payback! :kekeke: :ding:

LOL Yuki embarrasses herself in front of the others  :sweat:

What happened to the fight?! Did Yuki just go hit by the door?! :grr: :hehehe:

Please Update soon~  :onioncheer: :hee:
This was an awesome chapter by the way! :on drink: :stuffed:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 7 (WMatsui) [140409]
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 :cool2: another cliffhanger.
But that story was hilarious.  :grin:
Let me guess  :glasses: that person who just came is........................... :sashiko: someone awesome ( I really don't know :sweatdrop: )

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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“Chotto chotto MATTE!”

A beautiful but normal, average looking girl with a shoulder-length hair and a yellow tag on her left sleeve burst in from the almost broken rusty door. There’s a huge fan made of pure white paper on her hand without any idea what it is used for. She angrily points her paper fan onto the bunch that were about to start their ordeal of the past. But everyone had forgotten the person hunching behind the door trying to compose herself from the sudden powerful blow of the door…

“Augh… my head… Darn it! Who was it?!”

But Yuki was ignored…

“You! Including the one hiding behind the door! Don’t think I can’t see you… All of you have done an offense of violating the school’s regulations and rules!”


“What do you mean?”

“Oh great… and she thought I was hiding… just great.”

Everyone wears a dumb innocent face except Yuki who is pretty annoyed right now with the girl’s sudden disruption and alleged accusation.

“First of all… I need my student notebook, Minami!”


“Ummm… there’s no one with that name here.”

“There is… matte kudasai.”

The girl walks back to the door before pulling a short midget girl out of the dark spot behind the door. She drags the midget all the way to the front of the confused bunch.

“What are you doing? You’re exposing my cover! This is dangerous-”


“Oooh that looks painful… now I know what that fan is for.”

Mayu comments as all of them turned their head in a defensive way as a reaction from the painful hit. The girl smacked the midget on her head while the expressionless midget could only stand still like a sergeant albeit the red mark starting to turn visible from the powerful blow of a single paper fan.

“Stop acting like a military freak, Bakamina!”


The girl let out a tired sigh before holding out her hand to receive the student notebook. She opens the page with the rules and regulations before speaking out loud.

“Rule #9: Student’s are forbidden to enter the rooftop without the permission of a teacher or any representatives of the student council.”

The girl slams the book shut before throwing the book back to the static Takamina at her side. She writes something on a piece of paper inside her small notebook before announcing the dreadful news.

“The four of you are going for detention after school today. No objection needed.”


“Hey! Hold on a second… That’s not fair!”

“No, it’s not! There’s no justice here… I need my lawyer!”

“Besides, we just got transferred today!”

“Yeah, whatever she said!”

“Wait, I’m not including you Jurina…”

“Let’s just act like you are.”

Mayu and Jurina discuss with each other while Yuki and Rena could only look at each other with confusion and bafflement written all over their faces. The unknown girl could only grit her jaw in annoyance from their quarrels until…


Everyone stop what they were doing as all attention turned at the midget who’s holding a small gun with smoke still visible from the holster on her right hand. She puts down her gun that she just aimed at the sky with an emotionless face… Everyone was scared to do anything as they stared at the gun wondering if it is a real thing or not.

“It’s too noisy.”




“You’re acting a little bit too far with that gun…”

Takamina gulps with worried face as a pulse appeared on the girl’s forehead. She quickly hides the gun behind her back with a worried face, afraid if the fan would meet her head one more time...

“I-I’m sorry!”

The girl only lets out a sigh before turning back her attention on the stupefied girls.

“Don’t worry… it’s just rubber bullets.”

Everyone finally loosen up their guards with the revelation but boy if they see the bird that had been shot in midair is trying to hold on its dear life from too much bleeding on the ground, then perhaps they’ll know that this military freak is not one they should mess with. 

“Now… where was I?”

“We were telling you we just got transferred…”

“Ah, that’s right… so you guys are new here?”

Seeing an opportunity of getting an escape from detention, Jurina immediately pushed Mayu aside before pulling out the most adorable heart-melting full-of-guilt puppy face she had never done before…

“Yes… ~”

Realizing Jurina’s plan of trying to gain pity from the girl who is most probably one of the representatives of the student council, Mayu too joins Jurina making her guilty-but-still-cute-and-cyborg-like face in front of the girl.

“We are…~”

The innocent Rena is confused with the girls’ out of the ordinary acting. She bravely nudged the bored-looking Yuki on her arm…

“Nee,nee… what are they doing?”

“Saving our butts from detention, obviously…”

The student council rep stared stoically at the shameless two girls trying to bribe her with their cuteness and adorableness.

“I see… Well, not changing anything. I need your names, please…”

“EH?! Are you serious?”

“What in the name of justice does this rule exist from?”

“From the one who will drop you out of school if you don’t comply with me.”

“Tch. I swear I’ll sue him or her or whatever it is that created these rules!”

“Whatever… I need names, not some trash talking.”

“Nuh-uh! Not giving any~”

Jurina and Mayu feigned ignorance to the girl while crossing their arm like some stuck up spoiled brats. Having enough with their antics, the girl slams her book shut before shooting daggers on the two stubborn and annoying rascals.

“Whether you give me your name or I’ll extend your detention for a week length.”

Jurina and Mayu gulp anxiously with cold feet.

“Or better yet… let’s put them in the torture chamber.”

Takamina said with a serious sergeant face of hers while holding a huge scary looking plier on her hand that appeared out of nowhere. She snaps the plier in a slow excruciating way to intimidate the girls…


The girls hugged each other while trembling in fear from the agonizing threat of the military freak.

“Hurry up! 2 more minutes before the lunchtime ends.”

Jurina and Mayu are contemplating whether they should listen to the threat or just jump away from the five storey building to save their butts from these bullies with the help of Rena and Yuki.

“Hold it.”

Just as their name were mention in Jurina's and Mayu's mind, Yuki and Rena step up to the front in a calm but cool way as they pushed the two idiots aside to face the student council rep and her weird partner of a sergeant. Thinking they were about to kick the bullies’ assess, Jurina and Mayu high five each other before jumping silently at the back in triumph… However, they celebrated the victory too soon.

“Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“I’m Matsui Rena.”


“What about those two brats over there?”

“Watanabe Mayu and Matsui Jurina.”

The girl wrote their name on her small notebook while the other two had their mouth open wide in shock and disbelief from their partner’s action. They never knew Rena and Yuki could betray them like this…

“Is that all… ummm…”

Rena tries to be friendly with the girl as she asked in a polite way for her name.

“Atsuko… Maeda Atsuko. And yes that is all… Just show this paper to Unagi-sensei and you’re good to go.”

“Very well, Maeda-san. Thank you.”

“No, thank you for your cooperation. You should teach these second years more manners…”

“Of course I will…”

Yuki mutters in a fearful way before she sends a smirk casted directly at the already shrinking and trembling Mayu with her dark trademark glare while Rena gave a bow to both of them as they leave the girls for their own classes.

“They are quite a troublesome bunch…”

“But I sense more danger from the taller girls.”

“You mean… the ones that gave their names?”

Takamina nods with a grim face as they walk down the staircase towards their respective class.

“Well… perhaps they had been abducted by aliens before.”

“Or they had escaped from a terrible human experiment…”

“That might happen too…”

They walk silently as their heads are full of mysteries of alien abductions and secret government experiments of a superhuman while thinking of a way to watch out for these guys from causing any more headaches for them.



“Cause you’re always unlucky. Isn’t that right, Rena-chan?”

“Of course, Mayu! Let’s just pretend this as an arm-strengthening training, Jurina-sama!”

“You mean… like that Karate Kid movie?”

“Of course!”

The trio chit chat together in the girls’ toilet like how friends used to. They even started calling each other’s name normally after getting an understanding between the three of them as Yuki stayed at a corner, brushing the floor silently while sneaking a peek at their conversation once in a while… she stopped her chores as she heard Rena’s words.

“Arm-strengthening training, huh…”

Yuki flexes her arms a few times to see if her muscles are getting stronger or not. But after feeling self-conscious and paranoid with her weird movement, Yuki looks around to see if the bunch saw her embarrassing action before resuming brushing the floor with an increase level of determination and willpower.

“Nee, nee… how come none of you were like shocked about Rena being a ninja?”

Jurina asked with her curious face towards the newcomers but only Mayu was responding as Yuki diligently do her work with full spirit.

“Have you heard of unicorns?”

“Ummm sure?”

“Your first reaction of seeing them?”

“They’re cute, obviously…”

“Then that answers your question, Jurina! The way you see those unicorns is the way me and Yuki reacted knowing Rena is a ninja~”

Mayu said proudly with her genius way of answering the question while Rena and Jurina could only nod their head slowly, trying to make sense of the mind-blowing logic behind Mayu’s answer…

“Ahhhh… I see.”

“You do…?” Jurina whispers at Rena.

“No. Just go with it…” Jurina nods in understanding…

“By the way… why do we have to wash the cleanest toilet I’ve ever seen in this school?”

“That’s how the torture runs here. It is somewhat a reverse psychology going on…”


“It’s like even if there is not a speck of dirt in here, you just have to clean it until the teacher said so.”

“Gosh… that’s just cruel.”

“If you guys could stop chattering nonsense, we would have been in our own home right now…”

Everyone stop to turn at the still brushing the sparkle white floor Yuki… shivers start to run in their bones as they see some of the dark ambience starting to envelope the girl slowly. But sensing no danger or killing intent coming yet from the girl, they ignore her.

“Hey, I have an idea!”

“What is it, Jurina-sama?”

“How about if you do those clone techniques, Rena?”

“You mean the shadow replication techniques?”

“Ah! That’s a great idea! With multiple Renas, we can finish cleaning up in no time!”

“Well… I don’t know about that.” Rena scratches her head in worry.

“Come on, Rena! I know you can do it!”

Hearing the heartwarming support from her master, Rena decided to try it even if she is still in training…

“Alright. Here it goes!”

Rena stands straight, exhaling some breaths to ease some nerves before closing her eyes. Concentrating the chakra inside her body, Rena performs the hand seals with accurate and fast precision like a well trained ninja always do before smoke engulf Rena’s being.


Jurina exclaims in amazement as they (Yuki included) awaits the dozens of Renas about to come out from the smoke… but it seems like it’s not as easy as it looks like.

A trumpet sound played in the background accompanied by drums and piano in a flirtatious beat. What appear from the smoke weren’t the clones of Renas. Instead, well… it was Rena in a smoking-hot-and-too-much-skin-revealing bikini with a lewd, provocative pose. The sexy ninja leans on the walls, walking in a slow but sexy manner as she get closer to her master before whispering into Jurina’s already red ears in a husky, sensual voice…

“How was it… MASTER?”

Jurina gulps as her face becomes red all through out with smokes literally coming out of her ears from the seductive ninja. She thought she was about to passed out from too much steam and hotness but it looks like someone else already beat her to that…


Everyone turns their attention to the sound of something falling hard on the floor. It was Yuki… with blood pooling underneath her. Perhaps she was very much affected by SexyRena too that the sight had caught Yuki in a major nosebleed and fainted from too much blood loss.


Mayu immediately rush to her side as she tries to wake up the already dreaming in lala land Yuki. Then an innocent voice sounded from the ninja…

“What happened?”

Rena asked dumbly as she returns back from SexyRena to normal. Jurina looks incredulously at Rena. It’s like everything that had happened hadn’t registered into Rena’s brain as part of her memory. Jurina then stare at the pool of blood forming on the used-to-be sparkle floor before her brain brings back the image of SexyRena trying to seduce her earlier. Again, Jurina turns red from embarrassment and anger. Gritting her teeth for the nth time, Jurina reach for the conveniently placed mop-of-doom at her side…



“Eh? It was indeed your idea, Jurina-sama. So, shouldn’t you be the one to take care of the mess?”

“Why you…”




Somewhere near…

On the toilet’s windows, there is a black cat leisurely sitting while licking its paw… It doesn’t matter to her if it’s clean or dirty. It’s her own body anyway… There’s nothing not to love when she’s being… well, her. But then the sight of the ninja girl appeared from the smoke had made the cat turned on. Her mouth and green eyes become wide agape from the sexy scene… She wants to mewl, purr, scratch, anything a cat always do when its feeling horny. She was about to jump inside to pounce on the hot, sexy being but the sight of balloon suddenly floating beside her made her fall on the hard ground from fright and panic….


The cat hissed at the blameless balloon before running away from the scene…

“HA! Take that, you pervy cat!”

Another figure hiding behind the walls smirk as she puts out a tongue just for the fun of getting to ridicule the cat… Looking at the watch, the figure quickly vanishes into thin air.



“She did?”


“I will.”


The lady sips her sweet tea, the way she likes it as the cat rolls around the cold wooden floor trying to act cute as they awaits the girl-look-like-guy appearance…

“I’m back!”


“Aaaah! It’s hot outside, I'm worn out! By the way, they have already met…”


The only thing coming out of her mouth. Indeed, the lady is a woman of not much vocabulary… except when she recites the poem. It’s like all the words vomit smoothly out of her mouth like diarrhea.

“So… what now?”

“The scroll?”

“Ah! I forgot!”

The boy-like girl almost spurts out her already cold tea as she remembers the main purpose she was wandering in the hot, sunny day while stalking around those girls.

“Find it… soon.”

“O-of course! Ahahah…”

She stuttered as her lady said those words in a calm but slightly threatening way of her. Suddenly, the cat who acted cutely just now dropped itself on the boy-like girl’s lap. She raises a brow from the unusual intimate gesture of this cat…

“Another thing…”

The girl turns her head slowly as the voice of her lady became serious with an exaggerating low pitch. She glanced at the cat before she gulps at the menacing voice of her lady.


“The cat… is angry.”

The lady puts her cup on the table and reaches for something inside the long sleeve of her yukata.


“So am I.”

E-EH?! N-noo… not tha- HIYAAAAAAARGH!!!!

The whole neighborhood reverberates with the scream. No one knows what happen and no one wants to know the cause of it… It’s a normal occurrence for them. Only a few things they can rule out… Do not mess with the lady and the cat.

A/N: Here it goes~ AtsuMina, ladies and gentlemen~ I dont know if they'll have a major role or just cameo... what do you guys think? Oh yeah! I MAY not be updating next week coz I'll be having a worktrip so it's like impossible to write while travelling and working at the same time unless you're superman... :doh:



@River1721: Hahaha I love your comments the most! Full of emotions, IDK which one is real HAHA! :lol: Oh, I used ur idea of Yuki getting hit  XD THNAK YOU VERY MUCH! :cathappy:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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SexyRena is fatal...even Yuki was knocked out instantly, much better than any other ninja fighting techniques!

The black cat is pervy and scared of balloon...i can only think of 1 person who fits that 2 criteria. lol!
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Yatta! Atsumina! :mon XD: :hee:
Acchan and Takamina sound scary! Yet I love it~ :glasses: :mon sweat:
Yuki and Rena betrayed Jurina and Mayuyu! :mon exhaust: But I am sure that Mayuyu and Jurina's way would lead them to more trouble! :mon determined: :mon suspect:
Why does Minami have a gun with her? :mon huh:
Is Acchan the student council prez or a school monitor ? ( She sure sounds like the Prez ) :hehehe:
Poor Takamina getting hit with the fan :mon cry: :mon ouch:
Lol~ Rena made a huge mistake doing the clone technique when she was still training it! :mon fyeah: :mon noprob:
I am sure Jurina loved seeing sexy Rena~ :mon bleed2: :mon misch: :mon crazyinlove: :on bleed:
Hm~ that black cat sounds like someone I know. (Name starts with a "Y" and is sometimes called a squirrel!)

Thanks for the Update~ :onioncheer:
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