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Japanese / Re: Yuka Ogura 小倉優香
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 03:28:28 PM »
【Young Magazine】2018 No.42 ~ Not the same color version

« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 01:12:00 PM »
@ Ruka Kikuchi:
I think Jurina will anger everyone, including Yuki, Kumi (Takumi), Sayanee,  and Nagisa. :lol:

I already made a hint of JuriRyouha in Chapter 9 Part 4.
A small hint of JuriYuria was given in Chapter 9 Part 7 and Chapter 10 Part 3.
A hint of JuriMilky was given in the “Character Biography for Season 2”. There I described Milky as “a schemer and will make a conspiracy with Jurina against Nishishi.”

On a side note, Milky and Yuria here are vampires. They’re both Takumi’s cousins. While Ryouha here is a human. She will be paired with Nagisa (a shapeshifter), but I think we can let Jurina flirts with Ryouha for a while.

We see Jurina has a lot of possible pairings, thanks to her image as the crown prince in the group.

I also see there are fanfic for JuriSaku around here. But please don't ask a JuriSaku from me, because Sakura is only for Haruppi. And Sakura is kinda like MaYuki’s daughter here in this fic. Better go for JuriMayu than JuriSaku, right? :lol:

As for JuriMayu, I have mentioned it very clearly in HvsV Season 3 (The Street Lawyer Watanabe), that Mayu indeed had let Jurina kissed her a few times in this Season 2. They had kissed behind Yuki’s back, and that makes Yuki become jealous and angry.

Now this will be the very last update from me in this thread. Just like I said, I will be discharged from the hospital within 2-3 weeks. And I still want to write 1 or 2 chapters for Street Lawyer Watanabe, before I go to a long hiatus again.



     In one fine evening, Sasshi was driving her car in a suburban area in Shizuoka with her fellow Team Butt members.
     “Ah, that’s the building! Slow it down, Sasshi.” Yuki said as they passed near a building on the side of the road.
     Sasshi then hit the brake and stopped her car in from the of the building. As it revealed to them, the building was surrounded by a tall gate and tall brick walls. Graffitis and other evidence of vandalism were found on the walls and on the ground.
     “It doesn't look like a fight club at all.” A voice was heard from behind them, coming from a certain little Cyborg in the passenger seat.
     “Yeah. That’s probably why they chose this place to hold an illegal events. Nobody would suspect it is actually an underground fight club.” Sasshi made a remark before shifting her gear and continued driving again. “I need to park my car somewhere else. People will get suspicious if I park here.”
     Sasshi then drove around for a while, until they found a perfect parking spot, hidden behind a large dump truck, several blocks away from the building.

     And what are these girls doing exactly, you ask, in this unfitting place and unseemly hour like this?
     Well, it turned out that Yuki, Sasshi, and Mayu had decided to come and attend the illegal street-fighting event again. For what? To have Yuki join the competition again, of course. After seeing how Yuki managed to beat Acchan in their friendly match last week, Mayu then decided it won’t be a bad idea to make Yuki join the street fighting again, in order to make more money. Mayu figured that if Yuki could beat Acchan, then she could beat basically anyone else.
     When Mayu told her two comrades about her idea, she got different reactions from them. Sasshi, who always gets super excited to see Yuki fights, agreed almost immediately. While Yuki was hesitating at first, due to her traumatic experience after being caught and arrested in a police raid. She only agreed after Mayu assured her that there won't be any problem this time. Mayu said this time Yuki won't be working alone as she will have Mayu and Sasshi to help her. They’re going to plan out everything carefully so that Yuki won't get caught by the police again. And the one who come up with the plan was none other than the geek slash the mechanic slash the tool-guy, Sashihara Rino.

     “Sasshi, please explain to me again, what's our plan now?” Yuki asked Sasshi.
     They already discussed this before, back in the apartment, but Yuki needed Sasshi to explain it one more time before they burst into action tonight.
     Letting out a cough, Sasshi then began her explanation while Yuki and Mayu leaned in forward to listen.
     “Okay, first, you have to install this hidden cameras on the main gate, the front door and the back door, the ceiling, the walls, and other hidden spots. You’re the only one with a ninja skill here and you already know the inside of this building. Just make sure nobody sees you while you’re installing these cameras.”
     “Okay.” Yuki nodded.
     “I will check and access the cameras from my laptop here. If everything is good  then you can proceed to the main event. Here’s your earpieces.” Sasshi gave Yuki and Mayu each a wireless earpiece and a small communication device.
     “I will watch everything from here. Make sure you two always keep an eye on each other, and don't ever reveal your name to a stranger. In case a police raid is coming, I will warn you immediately through this. And you Mayu, your job is to make sure Yuki gets my warning if I give her one. During commotion, I will guide you with the escape route until you manage to get back to this car. So please keep your eyes and ears open at all time.”
     “Alright. Understood.” Yuki said getting ready to leave. The raven girl and the Cyborg girl then got out from the car.
     “Good luck, girls!” Sasshi said with a smile, waving her hands at them.

     Yuki and Mayu stood in front of the main gate. They saw two men who looked like a guard, standing between the gate and the front door.
     “Wait, Yuki, I’m going to distract them first.” Mayu said and then walked toward the guards.
     Yuki saw Mayu talking to those guards in a friendly manner. It seemed they were easily captivated by Mayu’s cute, angelic face and her wide croissant smile. They probably thought Mayu was an idol or something. Mayu and the guards were then indulged in a conversation that only they knew what they were talking about.
     Upon seeing those guards get distracted, Yuki then started climbing up the tall gate and within a few seconds she was already on top of the gate. She quickly placed and installed the camera on the spot. The camera was very small and camouflaged so nobody would notice it there. It can be activated and controlled remotely. And it also had a 1-year battery life which means they wouldn't have to replace it for a long time.
     “Sasshi, I’ve installed the camera on the main gate.” Yuki clicked her earpiece and whispered.
     [‘ Okay, give me a minute, I’ll check on it. ’]
     Yuki waited for a moment until Sasshi responded again.
     [‘ Great, I can access it. Good job, Yuki. Now proceed with the next installation. ’]
     Letting out a sigh of relief, Yuki clicked off her earpiece and then started climbing back down. And she did it very gracefully and quietly without making a single sound. Her level of dexterity and nimbleness seemed to match those of acrobatic dancers in a circus club.
     Yuki and Mayu then proceed with their operation, installing the cameras on the front door, back door, ceiling, and other  hidden places. And while Yuki was busy  doing the climbing and the installation, Mayu guarded their surrounding to make sure there was nobody around them. And if there was anyone, Mayu would come and talk to them or do something to distract them.
     After the installation was done, Yuki and Mayu then went inside the building.
     “Yuki, wear this first.” Mayu said as she took out a mask and gave it to the older girl. “Better not expose your face while you're fighting up there.”
     “Good idea, Mayu. Thanks.” Yuki took the mask and put it on her face.
     The raven girl herself was cladded in a black leather outfit with red streak on the side, a white belt around her waist, and a red fingerless gloves on her hands. Her jet-black hair was done quite neatly and fell nicely upon her shoulder. Her face was partially covered by her mask and her bang, causing her to look more mysterious and appealing. She really looked like a superhero in a leather suit. Add a winged helmet and an emblem, and voila, you got Black Yukirin as a female version of The Flash.

Black Yukirin with a mask

     Yuki and Mayu then stepped into the main hall. The main event was about to start and the hall had become more crowded now that more people, either fighters or spectators, were arriving to that place. Some of them seemed to be recognizing Yuki, even with that mask on her face.
     “Hey look, is that Black?”
     “Oh yeah, that must be Black! Why she has a mask now?”
     “Eh!? Black has come back!? Really!?”
     “I heard she went in a hiatus after she was caught in the police raid last time.”
     “Black? Who is that? What a weird name.”
     “You don't know her? She’s the one who almost beat Tornado!”
     “This is great! The fights are going to be much more interesting with her!”
     “Right! I’m putting my money on her!”
     “Me too!”
     The chatterings and murmurs continued as people stole glances and stared at Yuki.

     Mayu frowned. “Wow, I didn't know you’re quite popular here, Yuki.”
     “Well, now you know.” Yuki said shrugging.

     “Hey, Yuki-san!” someone called and waved at them from a distance.
     They saw Akira the yankii came at them. He was accompanied by his right hand man, Toru.
     “Yuki-san, you’re back! What a surprise! I thought you won’t be coming here ever again!” exclaimed the yankii leader with a smile. He seemed to be very happy upon seeing Yuki.
     While Yuki just bit her lips and let out a vague smile. “Well, yeah, I guess I’m… back now?”
     Yuki was actually feeling a bit ashamed for having to make a come back to this fight club. It only proved just how much she was desperate for money. In fact, if it weren't for Mayu and Sasshi encouraging her, Yuki wouldn't have come back to this place again.
     “Yuki-san, I’m sorry I couldn't help you escape from the police raid last time.” Akira said resentfully.
     “It’s okay, Akira. It's not your fault. It was my own fault, indeed.” Yuki replied with a nod.
     “But, still, I should've been able to-” Akira’s eyes landed upon a certain Cyborg girl. “Wait, Yuki-san, you bring your little girl here?”
     The Cyborg got offended right away. “Yes, she brings her little girl here. And do you have a problem with that, Akira-kun?” she said menacingly.
     “N-No! Of course not!” the yanki boy recoiled.
     Mayu and Akira then exchanged glare for a moment as they recalled how bad  their interaction was in the past. Back in their old days, Mayu used to be in a constant dispute with these yankis. She used to cheat and trick them and steal their money from them, and Akira used to chase Mayu around and beat her up as a return. That was of course before Yuki came to this town, when Mayu was still a bad girl and a delinquent.
     Upon seeing the tension between Mayu and Akira, Yuki then let out a fake cough and spoke to the yanki.
     “So, Akira, do I need to meet your boss again and register myself here?”
     Akira took his eyes away from Mayu, and his facial expression changed suddenly into a pleasant one as he turned and spoke to Yuki.
     “Just leave it to me, Yuki-san, I’ll register for you. Your stage name is Black, right? Do you want to be a regular or a guest?” Akira asked.
     “Guest.” Mayu replied even before Yuki finished thinking.
     “Guest? Are you sure? You can make more money if you become regular here.” Akira spoke and eyed Mayu.
     “No. Guest.” Mayu repeated, only to receive a more questioning look from Akira.
     “Well, she’s busy.” Mayu then said with a shrug.
     “Okay, wait here. I’ll be back soon.”
     Akira then disappeared into a room.

     After a moment, the yankii leader came back with a piece of paper containing a schedule and a list of contestants for the upcoming fights.
     “Yuki-san, I mean Black-san, your fight will come third. And your opponent tonight will be Daruma. She’s a girl, and also a yankii like me.” Akira said.
     “Okay.” Yuki nodded. “And, what should I do? Should I beat her or not?”
     Asking those questions caused Yuki to earn a frown from Mayu. It’s not like Yuki needs a permission to beat someone, right?
     “Hm, let’s see.” Toru the yankii leader’s right hand man spoke and opened his notes. “Based on my calculation, you have to lose this fight, because-”
     “Wait, wait, wait!” Mayu interrupted.  “What do you mean Yuki has to lose!?” she asked glaringly at Toru.
    “Well, uhh, it’s because, uhh…”
     The boy stuttered, and Akira quickly stepped in to help him. “You see, Mayu-chan, we actually have made an agreement with Yuki-san about this before.”
     “Agreement? About what?” Mayu asked in a more demanding tone.
     “Well, Yuki-san agreed to work together with us. She agreed to let us  draw a strategy and decide whether she should win or lose in her matches. We make all the calculation for her. You see, although Yuki-san here is very strong, we cannot make her win all the matches. Because then it will raise suspicion from everyone here.”
     Mayu squinted her eyes, thinking. “Yeah, that actually makes sense. But right now I don't give a damn about it. I want Yuki to win her fight tonight.”
     “No, she can’t. She has to lose this match tonight. Or else people will think she’s-”
     “I don't care what people think! Yuki must win tonight!” Mayu said with a glare.
     “No! She can't!” Akira glared back.
     “Yes, she can! And she will!”
    The Cyborg girl and the yankii boy continued arguing. While Yuki just stood there silently watching them, and somehow feeling quite amused by their silly confrontation. Even with Yuki being there with them, those two were always at loggerheads on each other.

    “Mmm... Guys, don’t I even have a say in this? I mean, this is my fight, right? Maybe you should let me decide it for myself. Right?”
     The raven girl voiced out behind them.
     Mayu and Akira both snapped their heads at Yuki and spoke glaringly. “No!”
     Yuki was taken aback.
     “Okay then, go ahead and just let me know if you have come up with something that you both can agree on.” She let out a smirk and walked away.
     Yuki thought it was kinda funny actually, to see her girlfriend and her yankii friend arguing like that while the one who’s doing all the heavy lifting was her.

    After Yuki walked away, Mayu then stepped closer to Akira and spoke in a low voice.
     “Listen, dumbass. I want to see Yuki win tonight. Make her win. Or else, I’m going to kick your ass.”
     The yankii boy snickered. “Tck!!! You, Mayu? You’ll kick my ass? Do you think you can do that?” Akira retorted.
     “No, but I can make Yuki kick your ass, dumbass!” Mayu went into a full Nezumi-mode. And wearing her signature pink hoodies, Mayu seems to be in her element a lot tonight. Cute face, sly grin, menacing stare, all of it just gave off the aura of a cold-blooded, manipulative little schemer. She's the epitome of a real Machiavellian, indeed.
     Mayu’s threat successfully made Akira shuddered and shrank. The yankii boy knew better than making this little mouse angry. After living together for more than a year, Mayu had become the closest acquaintance for Yuki now. And Akira knew how far Yuki would go to protect Mayu. Yuki would do basically anything for Mayu. And she would do anything Mayu asked her to. Anything, including kicking Akira’s ass.
     Akira gulped hard upon imagining himself getting beaten up by Yuki. He had no choice other than to budge and compromise with Mayu.
     “Okay. Fine. We’ll make her win this time.”
     “Great! Yaaay~~” Mayu’s face was lit up with a smile as she switched back to her cute-happy-little-kid mode.
     “Tck… Who needs your permission anyway? Yuki doesn't need permission from anyone to win her fight. This is stupid.” Mayu then murmured.
     Without saying anything, Akira then went to Yuki to inform her about their decision.

     Yuki and Mayu spent the next minutes watching the fights of the other contestants. The first fight ended up with one of them getting a knockout. While the second fight was a very long one where both fighters seemed to be capable to hold their own. After many punches had been thrown and a lot of blood had been spilled, the fight then ended up with a draw. And the arena now had become tainted by the bloodshed from those previous fights.
     “And the next match is, Daruma versus Black!!!” Someone announced loudly, and the rowdy cheers and claps from the audiences followed after.
     As the two fighters stepped into the arena, the audiences began to cheer louder. Some of them cheered for Black, some others cheered for Daruma.
     Yuki/Black clicked on her earpiece and began to observe her opponent. Daruma’s appearance looked pretty tough and intimidating. Everything about her was big. Her big and tall frame easily occupies the air. And when she enters a room, there’s no way one cannot feel her presence. It’s as if her existence is meant to be noticed all the time.
     A voice was heard coming out from Yuki’s earpiece.
     [‘Oh my god, Yuki, your opponent looks really tough!’]
     “Sasshi?” Yuki asked in a whisper. “You can see me?”
     [‘Yes, of course, I can see you very clearly from here. I have two cameras capturing you from nice angles.’]
     Yuki then turned and squinted her eyes at the cameras she had placed earlier, on the four corners in this hall. She didn't expect the cameras to capture her from such a distance. Those walls were quite far from where she's standing right now.
     She then glanced back to the audiences and saw Mayu standing in the front line, shouting and cheering for her.
     “Go Yukiiiii, goooo!!! Kick her ass, Yukiiiii!!!!”
     Many pair of eyes were immediately landed upon the hoodie girl, sending her a questioning look.
    Huh!? What did I do? Oh crap, I forgot!!
     Mayu suddenly realized she just called the wrong name.
     Grinning upon realizing her stupid mistake, Mayu then cheered again, this time using Yuki’s alternate name. “Gooo Black, goooo!!! Kick her ass, Blaaaack!!!!”
     Yuki couldn't help but smiled upon seeing Mayu’s antic. Having Mayu here to see her fight has really lightened up her mood. As long as she has Mayu, she doesn't need anyone else to cheer for her.
     Yuki then focused herself to her opponent again. Earlier, Akira had filled Yuki in with all the necessary information about this female yankii. He said that Daruma was very strong as a yankii. When she was still a sophomore in her high school, she already defeated almost all of her seniors. She was also famous for single-handedly defeated all the yankiis from their rival schools. Her signature winning moves was a headbutt. And everyone said Daruma’s headbutt really wasn't a joke. Rumours has it that she had come to Tokyo and defeated all the gals’ leader in Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku, etc., using her infamous headbutts. And the impact of her headbutts was so severe it put one of the gals’ leader into coma for six months. Poor gal, she never recovered again after getting that headbutt from Daruma. Daruma was tough and dangerous, indeed. She probably could kill her opponent with a single blast. And why does Akira have so much information about this yankii girl anyway? It’s really not important.
     Yuki then stared at Daruma, and Daruma stared back at her. And she was a little surprised when she saw Daruma making a threatening gesture to her. The yankii girl pointed at her own forehead and then slid her index finger on her own throat, sending out two messages: ‘I’mma headbutt you’, and ‘I’mma behead you’. Yuki could only frown upon receiving such a death threat.
     Daruma then closed her eyes and took  her fighting stance. She took a deep breath and puffed her chest, putting her arms beside her with elbows turned outwards. It was her signature pose. She was inviting Yuki to attack first.
     So then Yuki went in and swung her fist at Daruma. Daruma caught the fist and  made a counter attack. She pulled her head back and was about to give Yuki a headbutt, which Yuki dodged at the last moment. Yuki then sprung her leg and kicked Daruma’s stomach. But it lacks power so it only made Daruma staggered a bit. Upon recovering, Daruma retaliated with another headbutt as a counter-attack. Which Yuki dodged again by shifting herself to the side. However this time Daruma already had a counter-counter-attack. She swung her punch and managed to knock Yuki on the head. Yuki fell down but quickly stood up again. The fight between them continued, alternating between attacks and counter-attacks on each other. Both party managed to land a few hits on each other, but failed to inflict serious damage. As the fight become more intense, the audiences cheered louder, chanting their champion’s names.
     And while Yuki was busy fighting, a voice was then heard from Yuki’s earpiece.
     [‘ Yuki, what are you doing? ‘]
     It was Mayu's voice.
     “Sorry?” Yuki whispered back.
     [‘ You’re pulling your punches and your speed’s decreasing a lot. You're not planning to lose this fight, are you? ‘]
     “What? No, of course not. I’m going to win this. Don't worry.” Yuki said while dodging another headbutt from Daruma.
     [‘  And why you keep playing around with her? You even let her hit you. ‘] Mayu’s voice seemed annoyed.
     “Well, Akira said I need to take some blows before knocking them down, you know, to make the fight look more interesting.” Yuki replied while still busy dodging and blocking Daruma’s attack.
     [‘ Tck! Since when you started listening to a yankii, Yuki? ‘]
     “He’s helping me.”
     [‘ No, he’s just taking advantage of you. You shouldn't listen to him. ‘]
     Yuki frowned. “Oh, don't tell me, you’re jealous?”
     [‘ #sneered# Me? Jealous? Over a yankii boy? Haha! No way! ‘]
     Another voice came entering their conversation.
     [‘ What are you guys talking about? ‘]
     [‘ Eh, Sasshi, you’re listening? ‘]
     [‘ Of course, Mayu, I’m listening. Do you forget already that I’m the one who gave you the earpieces? Of course I can listen to you! ‘]
     [‘ Oh, yeah, right! Crap! ‘]
     [‘ Hey, Mayu, tell me again, what’s happening between Yuki and Akira? And why she said you're jealous of him? ‘]
     [‘ Well, it’s a long story, Sasshi, but to make it short-- ‘]
     “Shut up, you two.” Mayu’s words were immediately cut by Yuki. “Shut up and be quiet so I can concentrate to my fight here.” Yuki said raising her voice a bit.
     [‘ Alright, alright, go ahead, Yuki, I mean, Black. Hehe~ #munch#munch# ‘]
     It seemed Sasshi was enjoying herself too much there, sitting in the car, watching Yuki fighting from the camera, while munching on some chips and takoyaki.
     Yuki then focused herself back to her fight. This time, she decided to finish it quickly.
     As Daruma came towards her again, Yuki moved fast and countered her attacks. And she began to land powerful punches and kicks on Daruma’s body. Her speed and strength increased drastically than before, as if she had been recharged by some unknown force.
     Enraged, Daruma then decided to charge at Yuki with a full speed, like a raging bull. Yuki shifted out of the way causing Daruma to miss and slipped. Yuki didn't waste the opportunity as she then spun around fast and swung her leg, delivering a spinning roundhouse kick right onto Daruma’s head. A loud thwack was heard as the kick landed on the back of Daruma’s head. A second later, Daruma stumbled and fell gracefully to the floor, giving out another loud thud when she fell. The big, fat woman now was lying flat with her face on the ground, barely conscious.
     The audiences were then sent to a frozen state. They were shocked because Yuki had just brought Daruma down with a single kick, and Daruma was almost twice her size! A loud cheers and applauses filled the air while Yuki stood and bowed politely to the audiences. Glancing around, Yuki then let out a flashing smile at the Cyborg girl who was currently staring in awe at her.
     [‘ Damn, that was awesome!! ‘] Sasshi’s voice was heard through the earpiece.
     “Yeah, awesome fight. Did you record it, Sasshi?” Mayu muttered.
     [‘ Oh no. But I will record it next time hehe~ ‘]
     Mayu and Sasshi were pretty much stunned upon seeing this, although they already knew that Yuki is going to win the fight. But what made them more surprised was actually the way how Yuki carried the fight and win it. It was… err, what to say, entertaining?
     And now after watching this fight, Mayu finally figured out the reason why Yuki become popular amongst the audience there. The way she carries her fight, the way she plays around with her opponents, the way she tricks them and fools them into thinking they’re going to win the fight, and the way she delivers the finishing blow, all of them just made the fights become very interesting to see. Not only is Yuki a good fighter, she is also a good performer, a stage fighter, and an entertainer. Mayu and Sasshi had never learned about this side of Yuki before.

     After receiving the money, our three lovely Team Butt members then went home with a pocketful of sunshine in their hearts, and a large amount of cash in their wallet. It seemed things had turned out so much better lately, for the three of them. And hopefully in the future, things will keep on getting better for them.
     And most importantly, after seeing how Yuki fought in the club that night, Mayu decided that she would never, ever give up on her dream. Whatever she’s going to do in the future, she will always work hard and do her best. From this day on, she will always fight for her future, and will not let anything crush her dream. She will go for it and nothing can slow her down. That was a promise Mayu made to herself that night.
     As for Yuki, well, she already had made that promise since a long time ago, that she will always be there for Mayu and support her. Yuki knew she still has so many enemies around her, waiting for the right moment to come and crush her. And Yuki promised to herself, that  she would never let them destroy her. Her enemies can do what they want to her, but they’re never gonna break her. And stick and stones are never gonna shake her.
     Mayu and Yuki now have got a pocketful of sunshine. They got love, and they know that it's all theirs. Yes they will face so many obstacles and so many enemies in the future. But as long as they’re together, everything will be fine.
     The sun is on their side, it takes them for a ride. And as they smile up to the sky, they know they’ll be all right.

     And later that night, on their way driving home.
     “Errmm…. Guys…”
     “Can I ask you a favor, please?”
     “Yeah, what is it, Sasshi?”
     Sasshi scolded as she stared at the two passengers who were busy making out in the passenger seat behind her.
     “Oh yeah, sorry, Sasshi, hehe~ But we’re not making out, really. We’re just kissing.” Mayu explained with a grin. Her hands were on Yuki’s body though, roaming underneath Yuki’s black leather shirt.
     “Just kissing, huh? But still, you’re distracting me! I almost run into a red light, you know! Can’t you wait until we get home? Geeeezz!!! And this is my car, for god sake!!”
     “Well, I think maybe next time you should bring Rabutan along, Sasshi.” Yuki said with a smirk as she pulled Mayu closer and continued kissing the girl.
     “Yeah! Whatever!” Sasshu continued grumbling.


Next day in the morning.

     Yokoyama Yui was currently busy working on one of her experiments inside of her working room. The room was very big and it had a lot of large working desks. Each desks was full with electrical and mechanical devices. On one desk, there were a collection of modified weapons and artillery. On the next desk, there were microscopes, beakers, flasks, glasses and tubes, pipettes, forceps and spatulas, thermometers, burners, and all those stuffs you usually find in a laboratory. On another desk, there were computers, gadgets, and other electrical devices. While on the other desk which was located near a bookshelf, there were papers scattered all over.
     Yui herself was cladded in a white lab coat, a pair of hand gloves and a safety goggles. Her eyes were locked on the burner as she was carefully burning something on it. She then examined the small, burned object under her microscope. Wrinkles were seen on her forehead, indicating that her mind was in a deep concentration state.
     After a moment, she pulled away from her microscope and took off her goggles and her gloves. Bead of sweats were running down the side of her face, and  she wiped it with a handkerchief. She then lowered the seat level of her wheelchair, and drove the chair towards the window.
     Taking out a deep breath, she then stared at the view outside the building. There she saw Sayanee and her friends were practicing in the yard. It seemed they’re enjoying their training a lot. And upon watching them, Yui couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. It was a sunny day and she would’ve loved to go outside and spend her day with them, walking and playing under the bright sun, were it not for her being a vampire. However, instead of going outside, Yui found herself locked inside her laboratory, working on her experiments and projects, developing weapons and devices for her army.
     Yui smiled to herself as she repeated that word silently in her mind. Yes, she has an army now. Or even better, friends. Yui never had a close friend before, except Togasaki and Fukumoto Aina. Those two were the only friends Yui had, before she met Sayanee and Haruppi. There’s also Yamada Nana who had been working as a medical and research scientist for Yui. But now, Yamada is currently spending her time abroad in a pursuit to gain knowledge of biomedical and cybernetic engineering. Yamada wanted to make a bionic legs for Yui, but building one for a vampire turned out to be much more complicated than for a human.
     While Fukumoto still lived in Kyoto with Yui, but she stayed in a house near Yui’s breeding farm. In that farm, Yui raised a hundreds of cattles, cows, horses, pigs, goats, lambs, rabbits, chickens, and such. And Fukumoto managed thar farm for Yui. Yui had been loving animal since she was a kid. And being a vampire, it was actually very advantageous for her to have a breeding farm like that. Yui didn't need to go out hunting animals to supply her need of fresh blood. Every week, Fukumoto will pay a visit to her mansion and bring blood supply for Yui. That was how Yui managed to keep survive until now. She doesn't drink human’s blood anymore, and only relies to animal’s blood, which comes from her own breeding farm.
     Yui was grateful for having those three people in her life. Yes, they were good friends for her. They were loyal to Yui just as Yui was loyal to them. But she never thought of them more than that. She never shared or revealed her deepest feeling to them. And thus, despite having them, Yui still felt lacking of something. A soulmate? A true friend? Or a romance, maybe? Yui didn't know what she’s looking for, but after meeting Sayanee, she did feel a bit of attraction towards the werewolf girl. Although she had told Sayanee earlier, that she herself didn't know whether they could trust each other or not, and that they only helped each other out because they had a common enemy. However, deep inside her heart, Yui was secretly hoping Sayanee could trust her and willing  to be her friend.

     Letting out another sigh, Yui then stared into the courtyard again, watching the girl practicing. At that time, the girls were taking their turns, transforming themselves and shapeshifting into werewolves and other creatures.
     Sayanee and her Osaka-based friends were werewolves. While Haruppi and her Hakata-based friends were shapeshifters. And now, down in the courtyard, the girls were demonstrating their abilities in their true form.
     Haruppi took the first turn. She stepped to the middle of the courtyard and slowly took off her clothes. A second later, she already transformed herself into an eagle, and flew high above the mansion and then disappeared into the wood. After a few minutes, she came back with a snake in her mouth and she landed herself on the courtyard again. Haruppi then transformed back into a human form, and quickly put on her clothes again. After that, others followed suit, transforming themselves into their true forms and demonstrating their abilities. Some of Haruppi’s friends were eagles just like her, some others were tanuki (raccoon dog), kitsune (fox), and neko (cat).
     After Haruppi and her friends finished, it’s become Sayanee’s turns. Sayanee stepped to the middle, and just like  Haruppi, she also removed her clothes  and left them on the ground before getting into her transformation phase.
     Actually there’s nothing unusual with that scene. When a werewolf or a shapeshifter intentionally transforms themselves, they will remove their clothes first so that it can stay intact and they can wear it again after they transform back into a human form.
     However, upon seeing Sayanee’s transformation, Yui felt her heart skipped a beat and her cheeks felt kinda hot. She was blushing. And she ask herself why. Why is she blushing upon seeing Sayanee transforming? Or maybe, it’s not because of the transformation. Yui realized she was blushing because of Sayanee’s nakedness. Oh my god. Yui quickly brushed the thought off her mind and scolded herself.
    Focus, Yui, focus!
     You’re not supposed to think of her in that way!

     She then forced herself to calm and to take a look once again at their training. The view of Sayanee as a black-furred werewolf was magnificent and delightful to see. Sayanee already had a quite athletic body in a human form. And she must be much stronger and more powerful in that werewolf form. Yui couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement upon thinking about it. She did have a very powerful army here.
     Yui continued watching until Sayanee transformed back into a human form. And this time, she managed to grab hold of herself and not spazzing over Sayanee’s nakedness. Instead, she just stared and observed as Sayanee put on her clothes again. After that, Sayanee’s friends took their turns. One by one, they transformed themselves into werewolves and then back into a human form.
     Upon watching them, an idea suddenly came crossing into Yui’s mind. A special clothes. Designed and built for a werewolf, in order to help them dealing with their nakedness during the transformation. Maybe she could make that clothes using a certain material that can shrink and spread easily to cover their bodies. Something like that.
     Yui then smiled and quickly pulled out her notebook and wrote down her idea. She made a note to explore this idea more, later on. And then, after finishing her notes, she removed her lab coat and drove her wheelchair to the elevator.

     Downstair, Yui saw Sayanee, Haruppi and their friends entered the house. It was time for lunch.
     “Aaah! I’m so hungry!” Sayanee’s little sister who goes by the name of Kimoto Kanon, said loudly while throwing her arms open wide as she skipped her way into the house.
     Sayanee smiled at her little sister.
     “We all are! A werewolf transformation takes a lot of energy, really.”
     “But Kanon-chan eats a lot, more than any of us!” spoke Jonishi Kei, one of Sayanee’s best friend.
     “Hey, it’s because I’m still in the growing phase! I’m fifteen, remember!” Kanon retorted.
     “Yeah right.” Sayanee sneered. “Fifteen, and you still often forget the date of your own period. Pfffffft….” She let out a stifled laugh.
     “Hey, don't say that aloud, Neechan!” Kanon whined. But too late. Her friends already heard it.
     “What!? Hahahaha! Non-chan, how could you forget your own period date! Hahaha!” Shiroma Miri burst out in a laughter.
     “Non-chan, you should just make a note!” Yagira Fuko spoke.
     “Ah, Non-chan is still so pure and innocent. She hasn't really reached her puberty.” Ogasawara Mayu wondered.
     Kodama Haruka, or Haruppi, then entered their conversation, “Is Kanon-chan the youngest here?”
     Sayanee turned at Haruppi and replied. “Yes, she’s the youngest. She had her fifteen birthday last month. I’m eighteen, turning nineteen in three months. Most of us are around eighteen to twenty.”
     “Oh, I’m also the same with Kanon-chan. I’m fifteen. All my friends here are around fifteen. The oldest one is Nagisa-chan, she’s sixteen.” Haruppi said as she poked at her friend, Shibuya Nagisa, who was standing beside her.
     Nagisa nodded. “Yes, I’m sixteen.”
     “Hm, you and your friends are still so young, compared to us.” Sayanee said to Haruppi.
     “But you and your friends are apparently much stronger than us.” Haruppi said.
     “Yes.” Sayanee nodded. “But it’s because we’re werewolves. You, on the other hand, are very unique. I have never met a shapeshifter who could transform themselves into many kinds of animals. Your ability is very interesting.”
     “Yeah, thank you.”

     “Lunch is ready. Come on everyone.” Yui then come and led them to the dining room.
     It was a very large dining room, with a long, large tables and a lot of chairs. Everyone then took their plates and filled them with meals and dishes from the buffet. And soon the room was filled with the sound of spoon and fork clashing against the plate as everyone indulged in their meals. It was almost like a feast for them.
     And everytime they have meal, three times a day, Yui will have to ask her servants to slaughter a cow or a pig in order to serve the meal. Indeed, serving a meal for a pack of werewolves and shapeshifters is not an easy task. They surely eats a lot. And with a lot, they meant A LOT. But of course, Yui doesn't mind about it because she has a breeding farm on her own, which will suffice their need for a very long time.

     Later after their lunch, Yui gathered everyone in the meeting room.
     “Now we're going to discuss our next step, to bring Akimoto Yasushi down.” Yui spoke in a serious tone. “And my strategy here is to use a guerilla war.”
   Everyone let out a frown. “A guerilla war?”
     “Because,” Yui explained, “Akimoto has a very huge army. He is protected by a special group of guards. And they're very tough. He also has several layers for his security. It is impossible to attack him directly. We have to spread and find his weak points.”
     The room went silent as everyone listening.
     “We need to spy on them and gather all information about them. We know  despite being a vampire, Akimoto and his troops can walk on a broad daylight. And why is that? We need to find their secret in that. Akimoto is not a pure blood like me. He doesn't have the ability to walk under the sunlight without getting burned. So there must be something else that makes him able to do that. And we need to find out what it is.”
     Yui then opened her laptop and showed some pictures on the large display.
     “These are his family. He has three sons. Nakanishi, Yagami, and Yamauchi. Nakanishi is his right hand man. He’s probably the one we must fear the most. My informant said he is very strong in combat, and is also very strategic and tactical not only in a combat but also in managing their company. Yagami and Yamaguchi, on the other hand, are still young and inexperience. They attend a private high school in Nagoya, and I want someone to come there and spy on them.”
     “Spy on them? How? By infiltrating into their troop and be a member?” asked Sayanee.
     “No.” Yui shook her head. “They only accept you as a member after they sire you. And I suppose no one here is willing to get sired by them, right?”
     Everyone nodded.
     “I suggest we use another way. A more subtle way. Send someone to attend the high school where Yagami and Yamaguchi attends. From there, she will have to approach them and befriend with them. And that’s how we spy on them.”
     “Good plan.” Sayanee nodded.
     “So who is going to go there for this mission?” asked Yui.
     Everyone was still silent.
     “Well, I suggest Kanon-chan is a good candidate for this?” Sayanee proposed. She then turned at her little sister. “Kanon-chan, what do you think?”
     “Huh!?” the cute little werewolf was  seen to be daydreaming at the moment, staring at the Yagami and Yamauchi’s pictures on the display.
     “Kanon-chan, can you take this mission and be a spy on Yagami and Yamaguchi? You will attend their school and befriend with them.” Sayanee explained.
     Yui also stared at Kanon. “And you will report to us, everything that you find about them.”
     Kanon was seemed to be in daze for a moment, thinking. She glances at Yagami’s and Yamauchi’s pictures again, mostly Yagami, before finally accepting the offer.
     “Okay, I’ll take this mission,” she said with a nod. And once again, she stared at Yagami’s picture on the display.
     “Great. Thank you, Kanon-chan.” Yui said. “But we still need two more to come with her. We can't let her stay alone in Nagoya without protection. I need one werewolf and one shapeshifter. So who’s going to come with Kanon-chan?”
     “I’ll go.” Ogasawara Mayu offered herself.
     “Okay, thank you, Maachun. Now for the shapeshifter….”
     “Should I go?” Haruppi asked, raising her arm.
     “No, you can't, Haruppi. You’re the leader of your pack here, as well as Sayanee. So you have much more important task to do than being a spy. Anyone?” asked Yui.
     “I’ll go then.” Shibuya Nagisa raised her arm.
     “Great. Now it’s decided. Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa, we’re going to discuss more about this, after this meeting. And Sayanee and Haruppi should come too.”
     Sayanee and Haruppi nodded.
     “Now into the next stuff. I have made a new weapon for you…..blablabla… blablabla...”

     And so the meeting goes with Yui continues with her explanation about the weapon and stuff.

     After they finished their meeting, Yui then gathered five people (Sayanee, Haruppi, Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa) in her room in order to discuss further about their espionage plan.
     It was decided that the three girls would be heading to Nagoya next week and enrolled themselves in Sakae High School. Maachun would attend the same class with Yagami. While Kanon and Nagisa would attend the same class as Yamauchi. Their job is to make friends with Yagami and Yamauchi, and to find anything they need to know about them. Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa were seemed to be very excited upon being given this intriguing task. They couldn't wait to go to Nagoya to meet with those vampire family.


     Meanwhile in Nagoya.

     Eguchi were having a meeting with the members of her research teams. They were discussing the progress of their researches.
     “Fujisawa-san, how many articles are we going to publish next month?” Eguchi asked one of her assistants.
     “We have eight articles. Here are the titles.” Fujisawa answered as he clicked a slide on the large display.
     On the display, some texts were shown.

1. The effect of dental surgery on vampire teeth.
2. A comparative study of psychological behavior of the newly born vampires.
3. Experimental study on the creation of artificial vampire using genetic engineering: study case on Salt Project.
4. Study of hybrids: where they are hiding and what are their natures.
5. The design and implementation of bionic arms for vampire.
6. Finding equilibrium state of human and vampire in the new world order: A simulation for the next millennium.
7. Improvement of sunlight antidote using bacterial enzymes.
8. Study of the effect of sunlight antidote on a vampire with a case of congenital insensitivity to pain: A study case on Matsui Rena.

     All those papers/articles will be published in a journal. And of course, it’s not an ordinary journal. It’s a top secret journal that was only published amongst their secret society. The journal was titled “Journal of Vampirology”, and it was issued quarterly. All researchers around the world who are working is invited to write and publish their papers there. And their results had been making a big influence in the research and development related to the vampires and supernatural creatures all around the world.

     Eguchi studied all the eight titles on the display before making a remark.
     “Mmm… Looks good. But I still have my doubts with the last title.” Eguchi said. “As you know still have not much progress with Matsui Rena. And yesterday, Nakanishi come and discussed this matter with me. He gave us another three more months to work on Rena. And if we still can't come out of with a solution for Rena’s case, then we will have to discharge her from this facility. We need to find something for her. And we need it fast. So, any idea?”
     Everyone in the room started talking and chattering amongst themselves, as each of them has different opinion on how they’re going to deal with Rena’s case. Their goal was to create a  variance of the sunlight antidote for Rena in order to make her able to walk under the sunlight without getting burned. Unfortunately, all their attempts so far had failed.
     “Quiet!” Eguchi spoke.
     The room fell silent immediately.
     “Now I need to hear your opinions.”
     One of the researchers raised her arm and spoke. “Mmm… How about making her a super vampire?”
     “Super vampire?”
     “Yes, super vampire. I don't know the exact term. Maybe like, alpha vampire? Cybernetic vampire? Cyborg vampire? You know, a vampire with an enhanced strength, speed, and other abilities. We know that she has a symptom of insensitivity to pain. We can put it into advantage and make her become much more powerful. Like a super soldier.”
     Eguchi frowned. “That’s a good idea. I’ll make a note of it. Anything else?”
     Another researcher raised his arm. “I think we should work on her memories. We know Matsui Rena had lost all her previous memories from before she was sired by Shinoda Mario. I don’t know if this is a case of Alzheimer's or not. I think we should investigate this and try to retrieve her long lost memories.”
     “Great. Interesting idea.” Eguchi nodded as she took a note of that.
     “Okay, enough about Matsui. Now onto the issue. Project number 48: Salt Project. Matsuyama san, please explain her latest condition.”
     The researcher named Matsuyama then stood up and walked around the table to give out a printed slide containing a detailed explanation about the said project.
     Salt Project is currently on the top of their priority list. It is a project to create a vampire without using the conventional method (which is, having a vampire to sire a human). These researches wanted to create an artificial vampire using genetical engineering approach instead. The research on this area has become a very hot topic for years, amongst the researchers in their secret society. And no other researcher in this world has ever come up with a success in this area. May experiments had been done with many different subjects, but all the subjects died and perished at one point somewhere during the experiments. Shimazaki Haruka is the first subject that had managed to  keep the highest record of survival, being able to stay alive for this longest time, almost four months ever since she was abducted and sent to this facility. And due to the gravity of this project, Akimoto Yasushi had invested a lot of money for Eguchi to continue this research on Salt. Eguchi also had several sources of fund from other research grants regarding Salt. And everybody was very interested to learn about the progress of this research.
     Matsuyama then showed the slides and spoke to the audience.
     “Shimazaki Haruka, or Salt, has passed the fourth stage and now she needs to pass the fifth stage, or the final stage to become a fully-fledged vampire. Her body is currently adapting to the change. Her cellular regeneration has reached the same level with vampires in general. Her cellular growth has been almost stopped, meaning she’s aging very slowly. She also had developed a symptom of allergy to holy water, garlic, and silver weapon, just like any ordinary vampire.”
     “How about her bloodlust? Any sign of her craving for human blood?” one of the researchers asked.
     Matsuyama paused and bit his lips, thinking for a moment. “About that, we actually still don't know if she has developed a sign of bloodlust or not. We can only wait until she wakes up from her tube, in order to check her bloodlust.”
     “And how much longer do you think she can make for the final stage?”
     Matsuyama answered while clicking on the next slides. “Well, she’s now in a dormant state, and stabilized. It may take one or two more months before she wakes up in a new state, and then we can get her out from the tube.”
     Eguchi clapped her hand and nodded. “Good job, Matsuyama san. We will continue working on this. Now I’m concern about her bloodlust. And I have several more ideas to talk about this. Meet me in my room after this meeting.”
     “Haik!” Matsuyama said and then continued with his presentation.
     After he finished, another researcher went and explained their researches. Everyone in that room had their own research and they all were more than eager to present the progress of their research in front of their colleagues.
     Most of these researchers were human, including Eguchi, Fujisawa, and Matsuyama. And the reason why they decided to work for vampires, no one knows. Maybe they had an ulterior motive. Maybe they were doing it for the money, and the high salary that was offered to them. Maybe they were doing merely for an academic interest. Maybe they were doing it for fame. Or maybe, they were just plain evil. No one really knows.



     Takamina was walking near the cemetery, heading towards her apartment. She had just finished her work in her office that day, and she felt a bit tired and wanted to go home immediately.
     However, when she passed by the cemetery she noticed something unfamiliar happened. There, in front of the cemetery, she saw a large crane knocking down the sections of the wall of Shinoda’s   mansion.
    Oh my god, they’re destroying Shinoda’s mansion! Who are they?
     Takamina approached the mansion and took a closer look. She then read a sign board placed on the gate in front of the mansion. The text on the board spelled, ‘Property of Akimoto Yasushi.’
     The midget frowned. She felt as if she had heard that name before, but she failed to recall where she had heard it from. She then approached one of the construction workers.
     “Excuse me, can I ask you something?”
     “Do you know this man? And do you know what he’s going to build here, to replace the old building?”
     The worker turned to Takamina and replied. “Oh. Akimoto Yasushi? He’s a rich man from Tokyo. I heard he’s going to build a huge retail store here, probably the biggest in this town. They will hold an official meeting and an open house with the citizen, next week. You should come to the event if you feel interested.” The worker said as he gave Takamina a brochure containing the detail of the date and the venue of the said events. It was written that Nakanishi Yutaka, Akimoto’s son, will be the one who holds the even and speaks to the public. Takamina couldn't help but feel curious about this.
     The midget then pulled out her phone and dialed a number, and then spoke to her phone.
     “Acchan, you need to come now and see this. Someone’s destroying Shinoda’s mansion.”




Now that is my last update.
And let's see if I can update the other fic with the remaining time I have.
I hope I can write at least 2 chapters for that fic.

See you again later.
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