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Murotan seems to be disappointed that she didnt get to go out with her bestie Aarii as the J=J member had work. I didnt even know they're both THAT CLOSE!

So Murotan took a photo of her good friend:

The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: The random Idol postwhore thread
« Last post by Rezar on Today at 03:50:50 PM »
Pretty enjoyable - it's that digital currency group right?
Japanese / Re: Ikumi Hisamatsu 久松郁実
« Last post by fjroev on Today at 03:28:15 PM »
Wow! The view's so pretty from here!

Aw, geez! Just what are you gaping at?!

Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
« Last post by macadam-cowboy on Today at 02:44:25 PM »
Maiyan are you sure you aren't lying about your sister causing the mess? :P
You probably knew that Reika lives in the same building. :)

I'm happy that they got together in the end. :heart:

Might read the NSFW version now. :wub:
Noooooooo, Yuuka! :cry:

Manaka should have just ended him right there. :angry:
He was out numbered. No chance they wouldn't win.
Akanen, now it's your chance to finish him while he's asleep. 8)

PeNaako arc? Would love to see the plot of that. :lol:
Japanese / Re: Nana Asakawa / 浅川梨奈
« Last post by muppet on Today at 12:18:53 PM »
^ You can tell it's America from the background ladies' girth..  :bleed eyes:

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I did notice those ladies..... :D
Japanese / Re: Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀
« Last post by macadam-cowboy on Today at 11:08:50 AM »

Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
« Last post by sykophantom on Today at 10:45:22 AM »
5. Will Cut still be able to live after seeing Paruru's first on-screen kiss with a guy?
want me to post that pic cut-san? ive also watch the first episode of the drama and I was laughing on that scene 😂😂 just tell me if you want me to post that scene 😁, nice chapter by the way 💏✌✌
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