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AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
« Last post by muppet on May 25, 2018, 12:59:31 AM »
AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
« Last post by muppet on May 25, 2018, 12:48:42 AM »
Their Third Autumn

Their third autumn is when she knelt-down on one knee.

At that time, Nishino had started to work a more permanent job, drawing the frames for a well-known anime production house instead of making her own manga. The good point of this is that her income is regular, there's no need to worry about what she would do if her job ends, and there's no need to worry about how much she would need to ask the publisher to pay her. However, the disadvantage if this is she is busy most of the times, she would also need to commute the workplace every weekday which means she couldn't regular in her girlfriend's lovely café everyday anymore nor that she could see her that often.

Shiraishi herself has been busy too, not a week after they officially become a couple Shiraishi has expanded her business by turning the cafe into a nice Italian restaurant at night. All thanks to her amazing cooking skill, the restaurant has gotten a lot of attention to the public, making it into one of those that will need a reservation at least two days before to be able to secure a table. A lot of times people from all over the country will come, it's also a not rare occasion for international food critics to sits on one of the tables.

Within a year, Shiraishi had turn into one of the big names in the world of culinary and Nishino couldn't be prouder of her girlfriend.

Of course, all Shiraishi hard work pay her back in a form of a large sum of penny. The beautiful girl easily purchased one of the luxurious apartment which located only 15 minutes walk from where her businesses located.

On that day, Shiraishi had invited her to come over for dinner in her new place and Nishino couldn't be more excited as it's going to be her first time visiting the girl's new place. Which is why after she finishes her work for the day, with a bucket of flowers on her hands, she came straight to the white building's 17th floor.

Shiraishi opened the door before she could rang the bell the second time. Her serious expression melted into a happy one as soon as their eyes met.

"You are early," she noted, taking the bucket of flowers from Nishino's hands after stealing a quick peck on the lips, "come on in."

Nishino observes the apartment, it's still not fully furnished yet. The living room was still looking really plain, no decoration, no television, not even a sofa in sight. The kitchen, however, is already complete, oven, microwave, and a splendid looking coffee grinding machine that Nishino wouldn't be able to operate. From the way the dinner ingredients and the brand new looking pot on the stove, she could tell that this particular part of the apartment already has everything it should have or maybe even more considering Shiraishi's passion in culinary arts.

"Ah, it's not furnished yet if you're wondering." Shiraishi admitted, moving the flowers onto a porcelain vase. "You see, you often came with a bucket of flowers and it always amazes me every single time. I love every single arrangement it has. So I really have to ask, which florist do you go to?"

Nishino chuckled, "Sakurai Blooming Flowers, they're just at the other end of Nogizaka actually, not so far from here."

Shiraishi raised her eyebrows, "Sakurai as in your ex's girlfriend Sakurai?"

Shiraishi who has grown to be really good at remembering the cafe regular customer, of course, will notice the name straight away.

"Umm... yea.." she hesitantly confirmed.

"I didn't know that you're friends. But she's really good, I was actually asking because I am thinking of having her supplying the flowers for the restaurant." Shiraishi praised, intently observing the arrangement of a reds, yellows, oranges, and purples. It's very autumn like, vibrant, warm, and elegant without going too overboard.

Nishino smiled, wondering around the apartment for a moment, noting how it has 3 bedrooms and two bathroom, with the main bedroom having its own bathroom. The bedrooms are not yet furnished, even in the main bedroom it only has a futon instead of a king-sized bed that will totally fit perfectly.

After she's sure she has checked every inch of the place, Nishino walked back to the kitchen, finding Shiraishi standing in front of the stove, grilling some meats as she softly sings along to one of her favourite song that is being played from the portable speaker placed on the counter. Noticing that Nishino has decided to join her once more, she gave her a smile.

"I'm sorry it will take about 10 or 15 more minutes to be ready. I hope you're not hungry yet."

"It's fine, really. Take your time," Nishino said as she approaches the girl from the back, placing her chin on Shiraishi's shoulder as she inspects the dishes that she's cooking. "Hmm... this looks serious, what are we having?"

"For starters, it's scallops with a cauliflower puree and because you mentioned wanting to have tofu I am also making that complete with the daikon and herbs." Shiraishi started to explain.

"Yum, and steak for mains?" Nishino circle her arm around Shiraishi's waist, the sweet fragrance of the meat being grilled touches her nose.

"Yes, as you can see yourself, it's a grilled kobe beef with mushroom sauce. Medium rare just like how you like it the most," Shiraishi smiled, averting her eyes to the girlfriend that has been clinging on her, giving the the girl a kiss on the cheek.

"Have I told you that you look beautiful today?"

Nishino blushed, pressing her lips towards the taller girls as her way to answer the flattery. Shiraishi chuckled after they finally parted, finding Nishino reaction really cute.

She checks on the meat that is being grilled, they still have a few more minutes before she needs to prepare to serve it. Keeping this in mind, Shiraishi spun around gently, not breaking the circle that Nishino has created around her waist and put each of her hands on her shoulder.

Nishino raised her eyebrows in confusion, thinking that Shiraishi is about to say something to her. However, instead of that, Shiraishi started to sway her body left and right.

"Dance with me?"

One thing that took Nishino by surprise during the time they had just started dating is that Shiraishi turns out to be a competent dancer, Nishino herself did compete in numerous dance competition in junior high school so her skills are not to be doubt for, but Shiraishi is a natural.

So, there they were, inside the luxurious yet unfurnished apartment, lips curled into a smile, bare feet moving along the soft tunes of melody. Every once in a while, Shiraishi will hum the melody of the song into her ear. Despite their movement, the taller girl stood ever so close to her, fingers drawing circles on the back of the red hoodie that Nanase wore over the baby blue dress, mix of fruity and flowery fragrance from the Shiraishi's white shirt is mixed with the sweet smell of food coming from the apron that she wore on top of it.

At that time, Nishino Nanase feels like her life is complete and there's no way she could be happier.

Of course, even though there's nothing Nishino wanted more than spending the night like that, Shiraishi retracted her hands, "okay, let's get those food served, shall we?"

Nishino nodded, letting the girl go to and grab several set of plates from the cupboard. She observes as Shiraishi has started to neatly put the dishes onto the plate, "do you need my help in anything?"

"No, tonight, let me do all the stuff," she said as she beautifully arranges the puree on the top of the scallops, moving to the next plate as soon as she finishes.

"At least, let me help you put this on the dining table?"

"Allright fine," Shiraishi surrendered, earning a smile on Nishino lips as she grab the plates and walked to where the dining table is.

After putting the plates down, she stopped, looking out from the huge window next to the table, admiring the beautiful city view it shows, the colourful lights, simple ambient from the car's light moving on the street. She was so immersed on it that she didn't notice Shiraishi approaching her, placing a bottle of white wine along with two wine glasses.

She popped the bottle open, pouring some considerable amount onto the glasses before hugging Nishino from behind, "liking the view?"

Nishino nodded, "yes, it's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it," she said, "however, I would love it if you chose to enjoy it as we eat the dinner. You know, before it goes cold."

Nishino's lips curled into a smile, letting Shiraishi pull back the chair for her before taking her seat. The girl swiftly sits across of her. Clasping her hands in front of her face as she mutters "itadakimasu-"

Despite the somewhat more special dishes than usual, they enjoy their dinner as if it's just a normal day. Starting from Shiraishi recounting her days, the irritating customer in the café that she really wants to kick out if not for worrying for the place reputation, then continues to Nishino explaining about the project that she's currently taking, a pretty messy anime based on a popular novel.

For Nishino, Shiraishi's company is what she enjoys the most, the amazing dishes the girl cooks are just like a mere decoration, something that will make their moments more beautiful yet not the main part of the moment itself. And it's not a rare for her to find herself too immersed in admiring her girlfriend, her mind has somehow moved from processing the story Shiraishi would tell into noting her gesture, the way she arranges her hair, the way her facial expression changes because of the excitement, the way her eyes seem to reflect the light beautifully when she's happy.

Well, Nishino had thought that the reason between the fancy dishes and the expensive chardonnay on the glasses that day was because it's the first time she comes over. She had thought that Shiraishi probably, just like her, was really excited hence she went a bit overboard.

Every single dishes itself is really fantastic and somehow taste even better than the ¥ 5000 course meal that Shiraishi had treat her to on their anniversary a month ago. However, when she thought they have eaten the last of it, Shiraishi gulped down the remaining wine on her glass nervously.

"I still have desert..." She mumbled as she grab the now empty plates on the table, "umm.... Just wait here, I'll bring it out."

Nishino nodded and smiled, thinking that maybe Shiraishi had drink a bit too much that it starting to take a toll on her. She watches intently as her girlfriend grab two plates of the desert from the huge fridge, she seems to be re-arranging it a bit before finally walks back to the dining table.

"Um... Nanase."

Nishino raised her eyebrows, couldn't understand the other girl sudden nervous antics. But before she could ask Shiraishi what's wrong, Shiraishi placed the long squared deserts plate down. Revealing a beautifully plated vanilla panna cotta, 3 sticks of cinnamon next to it, a fair amount of fruits circling around the soft and silky pudding. The mix of apples, apricots, prunes, and cranberries, with the maple coloured sauce, creating a warm autumn colour. Making the dish looking more like a piece of art rather than something to eat.

However, what attracts her attention the most, is the plate is decorated with words elegantly written with the delicious smelling sauce.

I am in love with you

Shiraishi kneels down next to where Nanase sit, giving her a nervous smile as she hesitantly grabs Nanase's right hand gently.

"A few days ago, I find myself thinking. Right now, I have everything I have ever dream of. My own restaurant with people loving the dishes I created, an amazing apartment to live in, all the money to buy everything I want. Then I realise that the everything that I am currently have is not enough."

Nishino realises where her statement goes and feel Shiraishi squeezing her hand.

"I want you to be here with me, discussing on which furniture to buy, how are we going to decorate the place. I want to call this place ours instead of mine. I want to take an oath, claim you as mine in sickness and health, in every ups and downs life might have planned for me. Because I love you so much that having you as my girlfriend is not enough for me anymore, I want to make sure not just you, but everyone too knows that I'm here to spend the rest of my life with you.

Nanase, there's not a day goes by where I don't think about our future together."

Shiraishi let go of Nishino's hand to fetch something from her pocket.

A ring.

A beautifully made one with a single diamond crowning it, a delicate pattern adorning the circle in a rose gold colour. It is simply the most beautiful piece of ring she has ever seen.

"Nishino Nanase, will you marry me?"

There was no hesitation, her words were calm and collected. There was no persuasion, only a genuine question full of hope. Her eyes looking back into hers with anticipation, her lips curled into a little smile, a warm and inviting one. One that seems like promising Nishino more than just a future, but happiness.

Nishino stand up from where she sat, thinking that their position before it's a bit too awkward, she needs to be able to face the person properly.


Shiraishi's nervousness slowly melted, her left hand slowly reaches to take Nishino's left, her right hand moves to put the ring on it.

She flexed her fingers, inspecting the ring that fits comfortably on her finger, it's not heavy yet not too light that Nishino would ever forgot that it's there. Her other hand gently traced the texture of the jewel, her eyebrows raised when she realised there are some strokes in the bottom part of it, she bring her hand closer to her eyes in order to look at it closer.

Love is as warm as the colour of Autumn maple leaves

"It's perfect," Nishino smiled happily, taking Shiraishi's hand to pull her close before clashing their lips together.

And when they finally separated, Shiraishi traced Nishino's lips slowly with her thumbs before it goes up to wipe away the tears that somehow had found its way to run down the shorter girl's cheek. She raised her eyebrows, looking at the now fiancé with a bit of confusion.

"Why are you crying?"

Nishino smiled, kissing the girl's lips once more before answering the question.

"Because you make me the happiest girl in the earth."

~ FIN ~

Happy birthday Nanase !!! :gmon sing:
Nanase despite being a crybaby always try to stand up strong, I love that Nanase. I am also proud of her so muchhhh. So here's hoping that today she can be as happy as she could be  :deco:
and for you who's reading this fic I would also thank you for reading it. I hope even though it's short, it still somehow able to touch that one part of your heart  :cathappy: I'd be happier if you let me know what you think though  :D :D :D
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ladybaby
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Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
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Cute, sexy and perfect magician!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: The Meaning of Love [Mayuki]
« Last post by Kyuartz on May 24, 2018, 08:05:44 PM »
You really should continue this
This fic is so nice and I really loved it
I want to see the date between Mayuki
And how they ended up together as I feel like that this story hasn’t completed yet like it ended up in a cliffhanger
AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
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AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
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Graduate Plaza / Re: The Suzuki Airi Thread (鈴木愛理)
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That has got to be one of the most difficult anthems to sing live....

Well done Airi san!
Graduate Plaza / Re: The Suzuki Airi Thread (鈴木愛理)
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