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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 106756 times)

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - announcement
« Reply #220 on: December 18, 2012, 06:09:55 PM »
Yuko-sama, please be alright~!!!!

stv-wong-san, I'll be patiently waiting for you to update~
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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - announcement
« Reply #221 on: December 23, 2012, 12:48:26 PM »
Why don't you continute your fic, it realy great :D

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - announcement
« Reply #222 on: December 23, 2012, 05:34:08 PM »
I really understand you..
still looking forward on your comeback  :jphip:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - announcement
« Reply #223 on: December 25, 2012, 02:52:34 PM »
I have to read your fic, it realy great. Can I translation your fic?

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - announcement
« Reply #224 on: December 28, 2012, 01:54:38 PM »
^Thanks a lot for your understanding, guys  :cry: Anyway, here's the next Chapter that I had wrote before the graduation announcement. I think I'll continue to write after new year. So... please be patient with me.  :bow: :bow:

Chapter 26 - Part 1

*At a classroom.

Currently I was on my class, listening to the lectures, and daaaaammmn…. It was hella boring. I shifted my gaze from the teacher to the clear blue skies outside. I hoped I could be outside just sitting on the green grass, enjoying the up-coming summer, or better in Majijo with the other, or much better in my apartment with my girlfriend. Sigh…. Wonder what they’re doing right now. Or how’s Yuko-san condition today.

*Flashback, at the hospital, near the Doctor’s Room.

I sat on the benches outside the Doctor’s room, bored out of my mind, while waiting for the check-up to finish. And when I was about to close my eyes, the sounds of foot-steps reached my ears. When I looked to the direction of the sound I saw a tense looking Sado-san.

“What’s happened?” She asked me immediately as she sat next to me.

“We were ambushed by Yabakune.” I said with a scowl. “And you know that Yuko-san weren’t allowed to fight yet, so Black told us to flee while they took them out.”

Sado-san frowned even more and then the door opened and the doctor went out with Yuko-san.

“Hello, ladies,” the doctor said to me and Sado-san, and she looked towards me, “Did she just run or fight or something?” She asked me while pointed at Yuko-san with her finger.

“No for the run. As for the fight…,” I shifted my gaze to Yuko-san.

She rolled her eyes, “I just punched her once, you can’t say that as a fight.”

The doctor frowned, and she asked Yuko-san, “did you stress yourself out lately?”

Yuko-san sighed, “just the usual,” and sat down next to Sado-san.

A loud “Yuu-chan” made us turned our head towards the direction of the sound, and a frantic looking Torigoya ran in the hallway towards us, with… the rest of the Rappappa behind her.

“Shit!” Yuko-san cursed silently, and she hissed to Sado-san in a low tone, “I’ve told you don’t tell the others!”

“And I told you, they deserved to know, especially Torigoya.” Sado-san as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Torigoya immediately attached herself to Yuko-san, while the other Rappappa asking Sado-san and the doctor about Yuko-san`s condition. The doctor seemed to be overwhelmed by the horde of yankee high-schoolers surrounding her. All she could’ve said was only that Yuko-san’s okay. After a while, I could tell that Yuko-san pitied her, she snickered softy and said, “Girls, I’m okay, let the poor doctor go.”

After that, they moved away from the doctor, and the doctor took a deep breath and started explaining. She basically said that Yuko-san was alright, just a bit exhausted. After that she started her Q&A session with the others while my girlfriend turned to look at me. She sighed and slowly, tenderly, touched the bump on my forehead.

“It feels like déjà-vu isn’t it? What hit you this time?” She asked me as she smiled grimly.

I moved away from her touch, it’s quite hurt. “Crowbar.” I held her wrist and bring her hand to my lips, and I kissed her hand softly. I heard a low “snrk…” sound and from the corner of my eyes I saw Yuko-san smirked evilly towards me from Torigoya`s embrace. ‘Damn, I thought she weren’t looking at us. She’ll definitely use that as a blackmail material.’

Tomo frowned and said in a low volume, “go see a doctor, it looks really bad.”

“I’m okay,” I whispered back to her and sighed, “and beside… I need a bath more for now.”

“I’m sure I can help you with that.” She said with an evil smirk towards me that made my blood boil.

*End of flashback.


It’s been almost two weeks since the clash with Yabakune. After we got back from the hospital, we went our separate ways home and went for a dinner together in a fast-food restaurant. Of course, before we left, Yuko-san`s doctor practically threaten her that she will tie Yuko-san in the bed if she can’t take care of her own body. At that time, Sado-san told us that there’s a quite amount of drug in Bungee`s blood. It was quite a lot that the ER doctors didn’t have to sedate Bungee anymore for her operation. She said, when the doctor told her this, she immediately called Captain Takahashi, and Captain Takahashi told her to take some of Bungee`s blood for the test at the Police`s Lab, which she did and the Police`s Courier came to fetched the blood sample when Yuko-san called her.

And at that time, Captain Takahashi said it may take a few days for the result to come out, and that one of the people in the Lab, who butted in the phone conversation between the Captain and Sado-san suggested us to watch over Bungee closely. Because maybe, just maybe, she got the after-effect of the drug. It has been more than a week, but she still looked fine, well, as fine as someone who’s just got hit by a car.

Damn, that Yabakune. It seemed like they had joined forces with ex-Higa Gang, that jerk`s gang. He must’ve known that Yabakune IS our nemesis. And now, our nemesis and the police`s fugitives were in the same gang. Yuko-san said when we catch them, it’ll be like killing two birds with one stone. But, for that we need more evidences and proper timing. As for now, Yuko-san and Sado-san has been checking the documents out with Captain Takahashi whose swore that she won’t let the information of my past out. And to my irritancies, they won’t allow me to help. Saying that I already graduated, saying that I had classes to attend. Bah!!

And… I miss… my girlfriend…. I haven’t seen her again after last weekend.


*Flashback, last weekend, at an entry line in Odaiba.

“So… why did you suddenly asked me out?” Tomo asked me when we’re waiting for our turn to ride the Ferris Wheel.

I frowned in response, I knew I was kinda fail as a girlfriend, but… not that… fail…, right? I knew full well that during these months that we’re started to… er… dating, actually we only went out for a date twice, counting this one. Yeah, I know, I’m a jerk, I should’ve took her for a date more. But what can I do? We have to be careful to not get ambushed by our enemies. And that’s why, I had always picked a location that’s quite far from Majijo`s territory, like Shibuya, or just like at that time, Odaiba.

“Why? Can I?” I asked her back in exasperation at my own self.

“Just… surprised. That’s all.” She smiled grimly, and shook her head. “By the way, why do we have to wait so long for our turn? Other peoples have already got their turn.”

I grinned, “because I asked for a whole cabin for us.” She instantly turned her head to look at me in surprise. “I don’t like getting locked up in a small space with strangers.” I explained to her. And of course, aside from the reason that I told her, I also had other reason. But, that’s for later story.

After a few more minutes of waiting, we finally had our turn to ride the Ferris Wheel. I took a seat beside her and in a flash, she already snuggled me, got me on a tight hug. I smiled and wrapped my arm around her waist. And the wheel started to moved, very slowly, towards the top.

“Ah… I forgot to tell you something.” She said while she was still snuggling me. I mumbled a “hrmmm..?” as a sign for her to continue. “Captain Takahashi came yesterday.”

“Oh.” Huh? Wait… Captain Takahashi? Why the hell that… “Why there’s no one told me anything?!” I burst out.

She sighed and kissed me fully on the lip, after a few seconds she pulled back and said, “because you had classes all day yesterday , AND you already graduate.”

“Yeah, but…” My words died out because she put her finger on my lip to shut me out.

“We can’t keep on relying on the graduate Rappappa, and you know that. We won’t be able to move forward if we kept on doing that. That’s why Yuko-san didn’t call any of you. She didn’t even call Torigoya-san. And after all, she knew that Gekikara would tell Black-san and I would tell you later.” She whined as she was slightly pouting at me.

I sighed in exasperation, she’s right off course. But, I won’t tell her that. “Alright then…,” I said in mock annoyance, “so, what did she said? The lab`s result?”

“Hem… She said, the drug in Bungee`s blood is basically the same with the ones you had. It has different effects based on how much they use though; while yours, the smaller dose, was more for having ‘fun’ thing, the one in Bungee was enough to incapacitate a person. But basically it’s still the same. And the stupid thing for our enemy is, the police already got the fugitive’s name from his fingerprints on the syringe.” She shook her head again, in amusement this time. “I’m not that smart either, but that… is just plainly stupid.”

“If they are not stupid, you think that they would be doing this?”

“Touché.” She sighed and embraced me again.

I patted her head and glanced at my watch without her knowing. ‘Strange, it must’ve started by now.’ I could literally felt anxiety started to built up on me. The main reason why I picked Odaiba and to ride the Ferris Wheel was because of ‘this’. And when I had started to fidgeted nervously waiting for ‘that’ to started, a whizzing sound could be heard, followed by a blast and a bright, colorful, light, and lucky for us, we were almost at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

She immediately let go off me and looked behind her. “Uwaaaa…. Kirei~~” She said as she looked through the window. “It’s so romantic.”

Yes, it was. We had the best view of the fireworks display from near the port and the light from the Rainbow Bridge was also visible. Odaiba truly have the most beautiful night view, in my opinion. I hugged her from the back and I dropped my head on her shoulder. “I thought I missed the timing. Thank God, I’m not.”

She momentarily turned her attention from the fireworks display to me. “Timing? You’ve planned this out?”


She gave me a scrutinizing glare and smiled teasingly, “Okay, tell me what you’ve done. What kind of mistake that you had done that you bribed me with this?”

“Nice faith you’ve got in me.” I dryly said.

She giggled and pecked me on the cheek. “Sorry, it’s just that… this isn’t like you, the date and fireworks and all. You’re not… a… romantic person.”

“I can’t be romantic?”

“You can. It’s just… kinda… weird….” And she laughed. AGAIN. AT ME!! Grrr… if she’s not my girlfriend, and if she’s not the one that I cherished the most… I would’ve punched her by now.

I scowled at her while she kept on laughing, even after she turned back to looked at the fireworks display outside the cabin. ‘Hrrrhhh… nice way to ruin the mood. Now, how can I say it when the mood already gone?’ I looked outside the window and noticed that we’re started to descend slowly. I heard her mumbled another “kirei~~” and took a deep breath. ‘Well, it’s now or never.’

“Tomo….” She turned her head to look at me after I called her. For a few second, my mouth locked, I could only stared at her, made her looked at me questioningly. My heart beat faster inside my ribcages. I glanced to the window for a while, tried to collecting my guts, and looked at her again. Straight in the eyes. “I…,” I licked my lip nervously and took a deep breath, “I….” I closed my eyes. ‘Dammit, just say it, baka!!’ I opened my eyes again and saw the worry in her eyes. Well, I didn’t want her to be worried, so, I just said, “I… I love you,” in, what I hoped, a clear voice, hoping that she couldn’t she just how nervous I was.

She beamed at me and leaned towards me, “I love you too, you already know that,” she said as she caressed my cheek with her hand and kissed me. Not the I-want-to eat-you-up kind of kiss, but it’s kinda similar with our first kiss, slow and tender.

And then, I noticed the cabin was almost half-way down, signaling that our time was almost over. I moved out from her embrace and rearranged my clothes and hair. She gave me another mega-watts smile and pecked me on the check just seconds before the cabin`s door opened.


I smiled as I remembered our date, and when my mind registered where I currently was, I cover my mouth with my hand, but it seemed like, I was too late.

“Itano-san, mind to tell us what amuse you?” The teacher said with unimpressed expression to me.

I just stared at him and with a slight bow of my head, I said a simple, “nothing.” He glared at me for a few more seconds and went back to his preach. Here and there, I could hear the other students whispered to each other. About how I sneaked out of punishment by being ‘cute’, about how cold and unfriendly I was, and some of the guys even tried to make a bet of who’ll be able to ‘tame’ me. HAH!! They’re all stupid. Not my fault if I didn’t found them good enough to be friend with.

All of a sudden the door opened abruptly, all eyes in the class immediately turned to the door, with… a frail looking girl who wore a modified seifuku and black-green jacket and a paper bag on her hand, stood behind the door. Gekikara. She was looking around absent-mindedly while the other occupants of the room whispered “who’s she?”, “the jacket she’s wearing…”, “Q-queen Gekikara”, or “Majijo`s Shitennou?”, etc., but when her gaze met mine, she has this intense look in her eyes. ‘Damn… This is… not good.’

“H-hey… why are you here?!” the teacher said, finally out of his stupor. “G-get out!”

Geki shifted her attention to him and stared at him blankly. Her free hand slowly ascended to the side of her neck, and she tilted her head slightly to the side, stared at him for a few seconds more. The classroom filled with a heavy and tense silence. No one dared to move, afraid to irritate her, the Crazy Queen of Majijo. Geki smiled slightly and she started to bit her nails, looked down, and her trade-mark giggles soon followed. I looked around me and saw fear spreading in the classroom. After a while, Geki looked up again and stopped giggling, instead she said, “Ne… Okkoteiru?” And she was giggling maniacally again. I could saw some most of the students shivering in fear. ‘Heh… chicken… They all act big and mighty, but that’s what they all are… Chickens…’ With that thought in my, I snickered and got Geki`s attention (and the others as well) back to me.

“Shibuya…” Geki said, and she walked towards my seat on the far corner of the room. Aaaand…, the others was whispering scandalously again. This time, it was about me. It was consisted of “What does she mean?”, “Shibuya?”, “Isn’t that one of the ex-Shitennou?”, “Is it… Itano-san?”, “Eh? She’s a yankee?”, “How come we didn’t know that?”. All of this whispers irked me, and I know Geki too. Cause she was frowning and all, but she didn’t said a word. When she was only a step away from me, she put her hand on the paper bag and pulled out a cloth, a pink jacket to be exact. A pink-BLOODY-jacket that she put on my desk. The jacket, that I had given to Tomo. My heart beat faster and faster as fear and rage built in me.

“What. The Hell. Happened?” I said as I stood up, gritted my teeth and glared at her. She avoided my gaze with a guilty expression on her face. “Geki! What happened? WHERE IS SHE?!”


I instantly fell down on my seat again, my strength left me. ‘No… who…’ “Who did this?” I asked again as my hand balled to a fist. “I’ll kill them… Who did THIS!?” Seeing her refused to look back at me and not giving the answer I needed, I hit the table, hard, making almost all of the other occupants of the room jumped in surprise. “MATSUI! ANSWER ME!!”

“No… Yuko-san ordered you to come with me.” Geki said while she patted my shoulder, and her phone rang. She answered it and within seconds, gave her phone to me.

I snatched her phone and said to the person on the line, “Yeah, Yuko-san?”, without even looking at the caller`s ID. I knew it must’ve been Yuko-san.

“Shibuya?” I knew it`s Yuko-san. “Get going. NOW. And don’t you dare seek for revenge. At least not now.”

“I have to revenge her!” I said through my gritted teeth.

“I said, not now! Get going. Now! This is an ORDER, Shibuya.”

I pursed my lip in rage, then spat a “Fine!”, cut the line and gave the phone back to its owner, grabbed the jacket and walked out of the classroom with Geki. Slammed the door behind me.


I sent the Kabuki Sisters to the hospital. Sorry  :bow: :bow: :bow:

@Bbsis: Shibuya's alright, just got a massive headache for a few days  :nervous
            Just hoping the best for her future career (and life in general), but...  :cry:

@Kojiyuu44: here's your answer :)

@kahem: more fight scenes later  XD

@haruko: well, just wait for the atsumina mini-chap  :lol:
               more like... wait for the inspiration to come to me. :(

@AkemiHomura: Hello.. :) Ah, well, it was easier for me to name them the three idiots rather than create a name for them  :nervous
                         *me being lazy  XD

@minami_chan: they're both alright... as for the Kabuki Sisters....
                       three 2nd gen members... in the same months... thank God Tomo~mi last day haven't been announce yet.

@miayaka: thank you for liking my story  :)
                 I truly respect you as a fellow author, so I'm really glad you like mine. XD
@songbac: here's the update... sorry I put our Oshi in hospital.  :cry:
                btw, when you had the english translation for Watashi no Hikari, please send the link to me   :grin:

@vPANDAv: thank you.. :) I'll do my best

@sakura_drop_: she's alright... I'll feel bad if I put her in the hospital again.

@noel nguyen: he? well, if you want to, it's fine by me.
                      If I may ask, where are you from?

Thanks for reading, commenting, and the 'thank you's, guys. As always, sorry for the grammar-errors and miss-spelling.

Sorry again for the cliff-hanger, I haven't write again...  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
« Reply #225 on: December 28, 2012, 04:19:07 PM »
 :cry: mimimimimimimi why?! Why you sent Kabuki sisters to hospital? ;.; okay.... You must have a reason for that ><

This chapter was so good*.* thank you o/

Shibuya was so cute trying to say "I love you" *.*

And it was so hilarious Shibuya's classmates reactions huahauhauhauhauahu I wonder what they are going to do after that xD

And, well, I wish the best for her too, but I'll miss her in AKB ><'

Can't wait next chapter o/

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
« Reply #226 on: December 28, 2012, 05:36:53 PM »

I dunno why but when u said she was in hospital i had tears and aswell as that i wanted revange aswell


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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
« Reply #227 on: December 29, 2012, 12:19:36 AM »
omg ! omg !
So interesting!
I'm so glad you decided post this part!

Do you buy Chiyuu´s single? I buy it! i can´t wait that these arrive me home!

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
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yay! your back, glad to know that your better now ( at least I assume)  :cathappy:

chiyuu! ~ hopefully you'll be fine  :(

go tomochin beat up whoever did that!!  :catglare: :rock:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
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No!!!! My Chiyuu!!!! Who is tbat bastard who dared hurt her?!!!!

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
« Reply #230 on: December 29, 2012, 04:32:21 AM »
No!!!! My Chiyuu!!!! Who is tbat bastard who dared hurt her?!!!!

WElcome!!!! NOOOOOOOO tomo... T_T.. OMG I seriously love your fic.. is like my ideal majisuka continuation..

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
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Oh yes an update!!!!!  :twothumbs
The kabuki sisters are in the hospital :(
Tomochin go get revenge for your beloved

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
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hehe, thank for your update  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

the date is so romantic, i love it so much  :oops: :oops: :oops:, I surprise when Shibuya becomes romantic person and say these words ( I love you  :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:)

and....hichichic you put our oshimen to hopital  :smhid :smhid :smhid i wonder what shibuya do in next part  :? :? :?

Of course, If i have a english lyric of Watashi no hikari, i'll send to you  :) :) :)

I hope you will update soon  :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-1
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Here's Chapter 26 - Part 2. Hooray for new year's vacation.  XD

“What happened, Geki?” I asked her as we rushed to the hospital.

Geki sighed and rubbed her neck, “based on Dance`s report, we knew that there would be some ‘illegal transaction’ going on under the river bridge near the park. So because it was best to do it in pair, they volunteered to check on it, with me and Youran with some of Captain Takahashi’s subordinates waiting nearby. They would speed dial one of us if there’s something wrong. But…” She shook her head. “We’re too late… I’m sorry….”

“H-how-How is she?”

“… All I know, based on how she looked like, I’d say a broken nose and perhaps a few broken ribs as well, and… a slash on her stomach. Kokabuki isn’t any better, though she was still up and trying to fend off the enemies from hurting her ‘already unconscious aneki’ when we came.”

 ‘Unconsious…’ I automatically put my hand on my chest, trying to control my raging heart. “W-who did she fight with?”

“…” She just walked faster and left me behind.

“Geki. Answer me!”

“Yuko-san will answer you later.”


*Hospital, near the ICU.

I ran towards the ICU after I knew where she was. In the hallway just outside the ICU, the whole Rappappa, graduated and current, were present. Even Bungee whose still hospitalize in one of the room here.

“H-how is she?” I asked to no one in particular.

Yuko-san sighed and combed her hair back with her hand. “We don’t know yet.” She said as she glanced at the ICU sign.

“Kokabuki?” I asked again.

“They already moved her to the ward.” Yuko-san said as she pointed to the door beside the ICU. “She has fractured arm, a big bump on her head, a cut on her arm, broken ribs and several bruises on her body.” She said with a scowl. She was silent for a while, letting it all sink inside my head. Then she scoffed, “She surely will have a massive headache later. And coughing, laughing, and sneezing will be a pain in the ass for weeks. Not to mention the fatigue from the blood loss.”

“Blood loss?” I asked her again, my vocabulary was limited because of my anxiety and worry.

“They use katana. That’s why she got a cut on her arm, a quite deep one at that.” Yuko-san said.

“The katana-user perhaps already dead by now.” Youran added from her position near the window. “We already gave him a nice round of beating when we came. And several guys and girls that were still around.”

“W-who…” I asked while my body started to shake in rage. ‘Katana… God… Let her be alright…’ I tried to stop my shaking hands by balled them to fists. “Who did this? I’ll kill them.” I said through my clenched teeth.

“Shibuya-san,” I heard Dance`s voice slowly called me and I raised my head to looked at her. She gulped nervously, “I’m sorry… I should’ve known that they already anticipated our ambush.” She bowed down at me. “I’m so sorry.” She stood up again and walked to me. “Please punch me if it could calm you down.” She said as she closed her eyes.

I raised my fist up, from the corner of my eyes I could saw Yuko-san shook her head at me, signaling to me to not do it, that it wasn’t her fault, while the others sighed or shook their head as well. I sent my fist to Dance`s direction and hit the wall behind her with a loud “bang!!”. She opened her eyes in surprise and looked at me.

 “You know, I could kill you by now…” I growled as I glared at her. “If only you’re not my follower, I would surely kill you.”

She gulped nervously and slowly said my name, “Shi-Shibuya-san….” I could saw the fear and guilt mixing in her eyes.

I grabbed her collar and pulled her to my eye-level. “If you don’t want me to kill you, find whoever did this to MY GIRL and bring them to me,” I growled to her, “I’ll teach them to not messing around with what’s mine!”

“There’s no need for that.” A deep but clearly feminine voice could be heard from the other end of the hallway. I glanced at the direction of the voice and saw Captain Takahashi walked towards us. “They,” she pointed at Geki and Youran with her head, “already defeated some and we have the bad guys in our hand. In the police’s hospital actually. And some of my subordinates already interrogate some of them as we speak. Don’t worry, I won’t let them get away with this.”

I let Dance go and glared at the Captain instead. “It’s not enough!” I said through my gritted teeth. “Being in jail is not enough. I won’t be satisfied until I kill them with my own hand! Who did they fight with? Why won’t anyone answer me!!?” I hit the wall after my rant.

“Some Yabakune.” Yuko-san morosely said. “And… the ex-Higa gang.”

“That ‘guy’ was also there.” Geki added from her position near the window. I immediately turned to looked at her.

“What!? I’ll kill him.” I said as I started to run out to find him, with Yuko-san calling me. When I was near the stairs, Black caught my hand, stopping me. I glared and growled at her.

“Stop. Control your rage.” She calmly said. “Your order is to stay here and wait for your successors to wake up. And besides, he has brutally beaten down to a pulp.” I blinked at her, at loss for words.

“Yeah.” Geki said as she walked to us. “He was already down when I came, with lots of palm marks on his body.” Geki tilted her head slightly to the side in an asking manner. “Does she know about him?”

“I’ve told her about him, but she shouldn’t know what he is looked like. I haven’t told her that.” I said with a frown.

“Strange. His condition is worse than the rest of the guys that were already down because of the Kabuki Sisters’ beating.” Geki said slowly as they ushered me back to the front of the ICU. “I thought it was because she knew him.”

“Perhaps he said something that made her know who he is. He must’ve noticed the pink jacket she wore. ” Black said. “Your jacket.” She added while she looked at me.

“H-how many people that she fought with actually?” I asked Geki.

“Mm… about thirty to forty. We suspect that half of them were the reinforcement team that arrived later.” Geki said slowly. “Based on the fact that almost half of them were already been defeated by the Kabuki Sisters by the time we came. And so, we defeated the rest, but about three persons ran away. After that, I called Yuko-san while Youran called for the ambulance, and the cops dealt with those jerks.” Geki sighed. “I’m sorry, I should’ve come sooner.”

Black touched Geki’s hand and she softly said, “It’s not your fault. We never knew that it might happen too. So stop blaming yourself for what has happened to them.” And she held Geki`s hand.

Then we walked back to where Yuko-san and the others were in silence, with thought, anxiety, and fear ran in my head. When the others came into view, they immediately let each other hands go. At least the only positive thing that’s happened was their relationship`s progress. 

A young nurse was talking with Yuko-san and Captain Takahashi, with Maeda and Sado-san standing nearby. As we came closer, Sado-san glanced at our direction and said to the nurse, “Ayame-san, I think she might be willing to do the transfusion.” And she pointed at me with her hand.

“Ah, great… she is in dire need of blood transfusion.” The nurse said as she clasped her hand.

“Wh-WHAT!? S-she’s going to be fine, right?” I asked the nurse with dread all over me.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Sado-san face-palmed herself as she said, “Ayame-san, you have to re-phrase your sentences the next time you say something like that to the patient`s lover or family. We as a nurse have to be able to calm them down.” And Maeda nodded at her words.

“Ah, you’re right, Shinoda-san.” The nurse said to Sado-san and she turned her attention to me again. “We’ll do our best to fix her.”

“FIX!?” I cut the nurse, “WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE IS!?”

Sado-san sighed, and said, “Shibuya, just cut it out, just do it if you have the same blood-type. They ran out of type A blood. This is not the time for that.”

“… Her type is… same as mine.” My right hand moved to touch the ring on my left hand pinky finger, the matching ring that we had bought during our date in Odaiba. “Alright, just take as much as she needs.” And the nurse ushered me to the other room. Before we left, I heard Sado-san said, “Dear God, Ayame-san is in dire need of talking skills, especially when talking with someone who has short-temper like Shibuya.”


The nurse took me to an empty ward room and asked me to lie down and relax, so that it would be easier for her to take my blood. All the white thing and the distinctive sterile scent in the air made me nervous, and not to mention the silence. I asked her about Tomo`s condition during the transfusion. She was only looking at me with an unreadable expression, and said that they will do their best, that I should help her and supports her for her recovery. All of that made me worried even more. After she got the blood bag, she gave me some cotton ball and a band-aid to stop the bleeding and immediately left me in the room, rushing to the ICU. I stood up to follow her, and sat back down instantly, slightly dizzy because of the blood loss.

“Damn it!” I cursed softly, my hand hit the bed, and in the confinement and privacy of the ward, I let my suppressed emotion ran out. My rage, anxiety, sadness, and most of all, fear. Fear of losing her, of won’t be able to see her smile again, hear her laugh, touch her soft skin, to lay in the bed beside her as she sleeps and feel her heart beats next to mine. ‘How is she actually? Is she going to be alright?’ that’s the kind of thought that has been running in my head ever since Geki came to my class and told me that she was in the hospital.

The fear has wrapped my heart like a cage, alongside with it, self-loathe also came into me. I hate myself. ‘Why couldn’t I be there for her when she needed me the most? Black was right, it’s not Geki`s fault, it’s my fault. All mine. I should be there for her, I should train her more, I should protect her more. All of this perhaps wouldn’t have to happen if I could do better. If only I could do better, she won’t get hurt. What if she… NO!! She’ll be alright… She has to be alright. I don’t want to lose her again. I can’t live without her in my life again… ’ My tears ran along my face like a river as my mind filled with thoughts, memories of her to be exact.


“Hey, you came back.” A four years old came running to a five years old me and hugged me tightly. She moved away and grinned to me with dazzling sparkles in her eyes. “You okay? Hurt anywhere? The others are not being mean to you again, right?” She checked me out if there’s any injuries for a few seconds more and then held my hand and dragged me to the swing sets as she said, “Come on. Let’s play.”


“What!? You Tomomi too?” She pouted cutely at me and then she smiled brightly, as bright as the summer sun. “Alright then… call me Tomo and I call you Tomo.” She flung her arm around my neck in a friendly manner, made me blushed in response because no one had even been that close to me. “And we’ll be TomoTomo.” She chirped happily with that unique voice pitch of her.


“Eh? Fight? Un… the kind onee-chan who lives in the house next to mine teach me.” She hopped off the swing and took my hand, smiling brightly all the while. “Why don’t Tomo teach you? Maybe after that the other kids won’t be mean at you anymore.”


“You too silent.” She said to me as she poked my arm. “You should talk more and smile more.”

I looked away and said, “I can do what I want, it’s not your problem.” I huffed in irritancies. ‘Who does she think she is? I’m older than her.’ I thought at that time. “Go and play with other kids if you don’t like me.” I said off-handedly. ‘Yeah, just go. Like the other kids. Don’t bother me anymore. In the end you’ll leave me too. In the end you wouldn’t want to be friend with me too.’ I was a lone kid when I was a child, I had no friends. They don’t like me because I was too silent, too dark, too gloomy, kinda similar to Black now was. Well, that’s what happened when you lived in a family where your parents were so busy they never had the time for you. We had a house maid who’s cleaned up the house, cooked for us and picked me up after school. But, that’s it. I didn’t have someone to talk to. That’s why I was lacked in social skill.

“Eeeeh~~~ b-but I think we’re good friend…” she whined as tears started to fill her eyes and she sniffled softly.

Seeing her tears, I started to panic, I didn’t know how to deal with other kid who’s crying, so I did the only thing that I knew. I patted her head and said, “D-don’t cry, I-I buy you candies, o-okay?”

“I don’t want candies.” She pouted. “I just want to be your friend.” And she sniffled again and covered her face with her hands.

“Alright… alright… we’re friends.” I said immediately, I just wanted her to stop crying.

“Really?” She asked me as she was peeking from behind her hand to look at me. And after I nodded, she immediately hugged me tight and all happy and smiles again.


“Tomo~~~,” I heard her voice and as I turned back, she came rushing towards me and engulfed me in a tight hug as usual. “How’s elementary school? I heard the teachers are scareeee… Is it true?”


I was running to the park, with a small box in my hand. A gift for her. When I didn’t saw her in the usual swings set, I rushed to our secret place, a small field of grass behind the bushes at the back of the park. And there she was, laying on the ground, wrapped with a puffy jacket since winter was about to come. I walked towards a slightly taller and slightly less chubbier her and sat on the ground beside her. She peeled her eyes open slowly. When she saw me, she immediately hugged me tight.

“You’re late.” She said with an accusing tone.

I patted her head softly. “Sorry. I had to wrapped this first.” I said as I waved the box in front of her face. “Happy birthday.” I smiled at her and gave the box to her.

“Thank you!!” she chirped happily and then, she did something that would always imprint on my mind. She kissed me.

“E-eh? U-um, w-why did you do that for?” I stutteringly asked her after she pulled away.

She looked at me inquiringly and said, “The teacher said a kiss is a way to show your love for your special person. And Tomo love you. A lot!” She hugged me again brashly, made both of us fall to the ground. “You’re special to me.” Then she kissed me again, this time, I tried to kiss her back, softly, slowly, tenderly, imitating the kisses that I had saw on movies. And when we let go of each others, she smiled so radiantly at me.


It was summer night during my second years of Junior High School, I was just got back to Tokyo after years and years in Yokohama City. At that time, I hoped that I could be-friend her once more, so I walked towards her home while my eyes were looking at the scenery surrounding me, I was trying to found the change or something that was still the same as I remembered. As I walked, I prayed to every God up there that she still live in the same house. When I walked out of the corner of the road, I saw her and her family, they were just got back from somewhere, and they were talking and smiling, like any normal families would do. Unlike mine. At that time, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and at the same time, jealousy and fear. I feared that she wouldn’t remember me, and even if she remembered would she still want to be my friend again? I looked down on my clothes, or rather on what I’ve become. ‘She’s just like a normal teenage-girl, as for me… I’m a yankee. I’m a bad person. Why should she still want to be my friend? And not to mention, I had left her without a word.’ And after that, after I was gazing at her house, at the direction of her room from afar for almost an hour, I walked back to the penthouse that I was lived in with my mom in the coldest summer night that I’ve had experienced.


“Hey, girls, some of the first-years are fighting down there. Some of them are pretty good.” Yuko-san said while she was peeking from the curtain of Rappappa`s Room windows that were facing the school ground. I stood up and peeking from the curtain too, only because I was bored out of my mind and I had nothing else to do. And when I saw that all too familiar movements, that too familiar grin, and that too familiar smirk, I found myself gasped in surprise. And after that, I often found myself following her around with my eyes whenever and wherever I could discreetly. And whenever I found out that someone able to defeat her, I would went to that person and gave her a proper beating, not like there’s much people who’s able to did it though.


“Can I ask you something?” She asked me as she tried to sit up on the bed, slowly, carefully, because her injuries after the fight with Geki was still fresh. “Why you didn’t tell me that you moved out? No letter, no phone-call…”

I walked to the window, trying to hide my guilty feeling from her. I had to reminded myself each time I was with her, that I had to control myself, my emotion, that I had to made sure my mask was intact. That we’re belonged to the different fraction. “It was happened in an instant. My father had a chance to… be more successful, and he grabbed it. And the next day, we were on the Shinkansen to Yokohama.” I sighed and turned to looked at her. “As for letters and phone-call… I still remember where you live, but I didn’t know your address or your phone numbers. That’s why….”

“Right… we’re just kids back then. There’s no way you knew my address.” She sighed too and smiled sadly. “Do you know that I waited for you at the park, at the same time, same place, for months? I thought something bad happened to you. Or… you… don’t want to be my friend anymore.”

I winced at the pain in her voice. “I’m sorry.”

She sighed and said, “come here.” I just looked at her questioningly as a response, and she added, “it’s cold.”

“Eh, really? I’ll call the nurse to raise the room`s temperature then.” I said as I walked to the door, but she stopped me by calling my name before I was out of the room.

“Baka…,” she said as she rubbed her forehead in exasperation, “you are just as dense as a boy.”

“Hey! What do you mean by that?!” I asked, felt annoyed by her insult.

“What I meant earlier is… come here and make me warm with your body-heat, you dense-Queen.” She said slowly with even more exasperation coming out from her, and then within seconds, she pouted at me. “Tomo, hug me…”

“O-oh…” I stuttered out, at lost for words at her boldness.


“Tomo, what kind of life you want in the future?” she asked me when we were laying on my bed, waiting for sleep to come.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” I asked her while I pulled her to my arms.

“Um… well, what kind of house will you live in and such…”

“Isn’t it too soon for us to think about that? I mean, you’re still in high school.”

“So? Even though we’re still too young for that, I already know I want to be with you. So? Have you think abput it?”

“Hm… I haven’t thought about it yet. Well, it’s up to you then. What do you want?”

She nuzzled against my neck and dreamily said, “I want a house on the hill, with a big yard for our dogs and cats to play. And if we could, of course I want to have children with you.”

I chuckled at her wish, it’s good, I want similar things too, but… “A house on the hill? With a big yard? Isn’t it expensive though?”

“Well, you’ll be a fashion designer and I’ll be a chef. Those are well-paid job, I think we can afford it.”

I laughed at her again, if there’s one thing that didn’t change from her after all these years, that was her naivety.


The ward`s door suddenly opened behind me, I jumped a little in surprise and hastily grabbed my bag to find a tissue to wipe my tears. And as I wipe my tears carefully to not smear my make-up, I heard familiar foot-steps walked closer to me.

“You know, if you want to cry, just cry.” I heard Torigoya said from behind me. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Yuu-chan and Sado.” I heard her came toward me and felt the bed moved because she was now sitting behind me. “I had cried rivers when Yuu-chan was in the hospital too. It’s normal if you want to cry now. Don’t bottled it up, just let it all go.”

“I’m not crying.” I lied to cover my pride. “Why are you here?” I immediately asked when I heard she took a breath to retort back at me.

“I’m checking you up.” She said as she leaned back, her back hitting mine softly. “You know… that… we are… family, right? And I do know you don’t agree with that.” She added with a sigh while I kept my silence, because what she said… was the truth. After a while, she sighed again and she said, “I know you think Yuu-chan as a leader, as someone you admire, someone you can trust, someone… whose words you actually listen. While Geki is your fighting buddy. She is the first person you called whenever you want to crush some gang, or whenever you need help in a fight. And the rest of us… just your fellow Rappappa, just friends… mere friends.”

I opened my mouth to say… I didn’t know… just anything but, she already spoke again.

“I don’t know what happen in your past that made you hesitant to open up and get closer to someone. But… How could you… After all this time…. After all of these years…. Still think of us just as mere friends. We’re family now, Shibuya. We’ve been through thick and thin together. I was your classmate for three years. So for you to still insist that we're bonds only because we're Rappappa, is an insult!! We're family now.” Her voice quivered slightly with emotion. As for me, I was on a daze. Never in my mind, I imagined that I would be talking about thing like this with Torigoya. Torigoya!!

“You’ve always around whenever I need someone to company me. Perhaps you didn’t know it, but, there are times when I needed someone to distract me, to make me forget my problems, even just for a while, and you were often around to help me.” She said again.

I was confused at her words. Well, what she had said was true. I didn’t know it. At all. “I did?”

“Yes, you did. Remember our shopping sprees? Or our culinary travels? Or whenever you gave false information to Yuu-chan about my whereabouts whenever I wanted to be alone?” She said with a giggle at her last sentence.

I smiled at the memories. “Ah, yes, she was always looked like a kicked puppy whenever she couldn’t find you. No one would’ve even guessed that she is the ferocious leader of Rappappa if they saw her at that time.” I chuckled lightly, temporarily forgot about the situation I was in. “It was mostly happen during our first year, right?”

“Yes…” She giggled some more. “In the end, I can’t resist that squirrel.”

“God…. Please spare me the details… I don’t need to know that…” I drawled slowly, half-teasing her.

She chuckled some more and after that, for a while we were surrounded by a comfortable silence. During that, I started to think that… maybe she was right. We’re a family now. They’re my family.

“You know… at first, our shopping sprees were more because we had similar background in wealth, right? That’s why we often went for shopping together. Yuu-chan, Black and Geki are not too… fond of fashion. As for Sado… even though she shared our love for fashion, at first she didn’t like us because we’re the so-called ‘rich-brat’. And then, I got to know you better…. You’re a good person, Shibuya.” She said as she leaned back more, shoved me forward to put an emphasis on her words. “You have a short-temper and hot-headed and sometimes you let your rage blinded you, sure, but to me, you are a good person. That’s why it’s kinda saddening for me to see you made a dividing line between yourself and the rest of the world, hiding behind the tough-girl and bad-ass attitude. And that is also why… when I know about you and Ookabuki, and how she cares a lot about you, I was happy. At least you’re not so alone anymore. My lonely sister finally has someone.”

My eyes felt like burning with tears again. I didn’t know whether it was because her concern towards me or because she talked about Tomo. And all my suppressed emotion came back. “But… what if… what if she…” I was unable to continue my words, choked with emotion.

“She’ll be fine. The Gods… they’re not that cruel to take her away from you. At least not now, not in… I don’t know… seventy years?”

“Seventy years?” I chuckled lightly at that. “That was hella long. But… yeah… if I could… I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“I want to spend the rest of my life with Yuu-chan too.” She said dreamily. And she leaned back for a few seconds, shoved me again. “You should be more honest with your feeling more, Tsundere Queen. Just throw your damn mask off in front of us. Just like now.”

“I’ll do that and they might be worried at me. They might think I’m sick or something.” I said in irritancies, made her giggled and I soon followed her. “But, seriously though,” I said after a while, “don’t say anything about all of this to them.”

“Deal. I don’t want Yuu-chan to know what we were just talking about too.” She said. “She will fly to the seventh heaven if she heard what we’re talking about.” I didn’t know why, but I knew she was smirking when she said that.

“Ah… speaking of Yuko-san, when will you move in to her place?” I asked her because I knew Yuko-san has been asking that since she was out from hospital.

“Actually… we’ve been living together since… two weeks ago.” She said slowly, hesistantly.

“EH!? Really?”

“Yes… I was worried that she might overstress herself again and that’s why…”

“Ah… I see.” I slowly said as understanding dawn on me. “Do the others know?”

“Sado knows.” She answered shortly. Then, she jumped down from the bed and walked to sit beside me. “And, by the way, I got a call from someone in… your dad`s office. They read my resume and… want me to work for them as a model.”

I immediately turned my head to look at her. “Well? That’s good news, right? You always want to be a model, and Yuko-san never like your job as an erotic massager. I don’t even know why you work there. You, for sure, don’t need the money.”

“But… this is your dad…” she said with a guilty expression on her face.

“Take it.”


@Bbsis: I do have my reason  :D, I guess you might know it after this part.
            Shibuya`s classmates were... the usual young-adults, kinda similar to my classmates during high-school actually.  :smhid

@XxRoByNxX78: revenge coming before the end of this fic.  :nervous

@Minami-chan: I'm glad you found it interesting.  XD
                      Of course I do. I already received my type B. Just waiting for the type A now.   XD

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@KojiYuu44: revenge will be coming before the end.  :nervous

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                Ah... I like that song so much, more than her main song actually.  :D
                And... here's the update.

I like nyantomo, they really looks like sisters (maritomo too). And since I can't put Atsutomo here (Shibuya doesn't even like Maeda  :banghead:), So it became Nyantomo.  XD

And, btw, the grammar errors in Ookabuki's speeches in Shibuya's flashback are intentional. She was a kid back then, there's no way she knew grammar. :nervous

Thank you for reading, commenting and the 'thank you's, guys. Till next update.  :)

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-2
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OMG! i say it but i need to day it again.. I LOVE YOU FIC..... but Im waitina my atsumina part :D... thanx for not give up about this fic (for the graduation), I appreciate more because of that..

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-2
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It´s very sentimental chapter! (i like it)
mmm torigoya like model! It´s good!

(I keep hoping they get my two versions (a and b) even of the single, -damn package system that collapses by Christmas!-)

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-2
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My poor Chiyuu T_T
The flashbacks were cute~

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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-2
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hichichic.... this chap's so cute  :cry: :cry: :cry:, Shibuya's memories that you described by timeline made me want to cry when i read it  :wub: :wub: :wub:, this is great and really creative  :oops: :oops:
Ookabuki and Shibuya's love story is so cute and beautiful, it touchs my heart. Their love is deep since they were child, that is innocent love.
When I sank in their love's feeling and timeline, Torigoya made me laughed so much
“You know, if you want to cry, just cry.” I heard Torigoya said from behind me. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Yuu-chan and Sado.”
and same comment like before: I hope you'll update soon  :oops: :oops:
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Re: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Chap 26-2
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Ownn! What a cute chapter *>*

I think I got your reasons now^^ Kabuki sister fought so many people >< And I really hope she will get well soon.

I wonder how she discovered that that guy was 'the guy' ><

Will you make a flashback for that fight, you will make Ookabuki ou Kokabuki tell 'us'?

I love this! I can't wait for the next part o/

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aarghhhh i wished i didn't follow the updates of the chapters until it's finished. you left us with a very heartbreaking situation now, wong-san. :banghead: :banghead:  i missed for like 10 pages and now stop at a very bad time? i pity tomochin, and myself. :cry:  hoping for tomomi to be in a good condition, SOON.

gahhhh don't worry, i'm not mad or anything. just please update soon! seriously can't wait to hear news about tomomi.
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