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Author Topic: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)  (Read 60297 times)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Hidden Memory [11/1/14]
« Reply #40 on: November 01, 2014, 06:05:50 PM »
But wait, does that mean KojiYuu started earlier? :roll:

Ara~ :)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Hidden Memory [11/1/14]
« Reply #41 on: November 02, 2014, 05:05:21 AM »

Little KojiYuu so sweet~ :heart: :heart:

slap is not enough... how about slay :twisted:
and become Oshiri-Slayer

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #42 on: November 17, 2014, 02:41:46 PM »
I'm sorry if I suck. I'm not really that good when it comes to Third Person or whatsoever POV, so, gomen if you're expecting or what.

PS: The colored parts are their thoughts, so don't worry if you're confused or what.

PSS: Some parts are from my useless brain and some parts are from my cousin. :mon XD: (Like the poem, for example. :mon sweat: )


Takahashi Minami - A 16 year old girl who's not ready to say something about her feelings because she's too scared, people around her are judgmental. But Takamima believes that she will find a way to confess. She loves this girl, a girl who believes that her life is a wreck. A girl who thinks that she's not special or something. But the midget didn't know, that the girl she loves is not only special, but Takamina calls her as the Goddess of her life.

Maeda Atsuko - 16 years old. One of the best students. She's a smart kid, but at the same time, she's broken and fragile. Atsuko is a type of girl who's always there to stay out from trouble. She believed that there's nothing special inside her, but she was wrong. She didn't dare to know herself more deeper. Atsuko is the girl who's the problematic one, she will always tell the people around her that the world hates her, until something miracle happened.

Oshima Yuko - 22 years old. After the struggles with her brother, she decided to take care of her niece, Takamina. Yuko loves Takamina when her niece was a baby, when the midget girl grew up, Yuko knew that her niece is experiencing this thing called love. Yuko is currently experiencing this thing too. She was just too dumb, she noticed that her unrequited love is not one sided. Instead talking to Maeda Atsuko's aunt, Kojima Haruna, Yuko didn't have the guts to ask her out.

Kojima Haruna - 23 years old She decided to take care of her niece when she found out that Atsuko wants to be a nurse. Haruna is a careless girl, but she knows her limitations, not to mention, she can't stop her eyes. Every time Takamina's aunt, Oshima Yuko, will go to their school for the issuance of their report card, Yuko will always be there to pick-up Takamina's card. Kojima Haruna didn't encouraged herself to talk to Oshima Yuko 'cause she's too scared to get rejected.


Once upon a time, this author will not begin with that line....

Okay, okay. Once, there's a girl named Takahashi Minami, she's now living with her aunt named, Oshima Yuko. Well, Takahashi Minami calls Oshima Yuko Yuko, Korin, Korisu, Baba, and other disturbing nicknames. On the other hand, Oshima Yuko calls Takahashi Minami Takamina, Bakamina, Midget, Baka, 148cm and other insulting nicknames They understand each other very well. Yuko's only 22, while Takamina is only 16. All things are good, they help each other and they share their deepest secrets. But Yuko didn't know this thing about Takamina. Takamima likes girls, the midget girl didn't know that her aunt likes girls too.

The faint rain that started to fall,
Just like
A silver curtain coming down,
Wrapped around me
That was my first brush with love

While the 22 year old girl is cleaning their house along with the earphone plugged in her ears, she's singing a song. Yuko didn't bother about the vacuum creating a noise. It's Saturday morning and the Midget girl stayed up all night, fighting with her mind. She doesn't know what to do. Well, why? She's a wimp! Ha! Wimp! Inside the 16 year old girl's room, she was laying down on her bed, while her laptop is beside her.

I waited patiently
In the second hallway
While unable to speak
If I looked down,
The hydrangea were crying as well

On the other hand, Takamina's aunt is getting out of control. She kept singing Temodemo no Namida, without any valid reason. She's now dancing while the vacuum is sucking the dust around the second floor of their house.

Even though I wanted to meet you like this,
Even if I like you like this,
You pass by before my eyes
Even so, like this,
I'm looking at you
From this place
Even though I wanted to meet you like this,
Even if I like you like this,
You won't even look back to me
Even though I'm raising my umbrella
My cheeks get wet
I can't do anything
About these careless tears

"ARGH!" The midget girl groaned. She opened her eyes and heard her aunt singing, along with the noise of the vacuum. What a great morning to start with. Takamina got up from her bed and threw a pillow on her aunt. The pillow targeted Yuko's head, when Yuko turned around..."Bullseye!" The midget girl shouted, while the 22 year old girl picked up the pillow and looked at Takamina. The teenager was dancing while her eyes are closed. Bakamina.... Takamina completely forgot about her aunt being number one when it comes to sports. Yuko took off the earphones from her ears and threw the pillow straight into Takamina's face. The aunt just left her niece laying down on the shiny clean floor. The 152 cm girl plugged out the plug of the vacuum and told the 148 cm girl to go donwstairs. Her aunt maybe a person who's full of pranks, but Takamina knows that her aunt is a kind person.

When Takamina arrived the dining area, she saw Yuko drinking a white coffee and reading today's newspaper. The midget girl sat beside her aunt and started to eat the ham, eggs, bacon, and rice, she also noticed the freshly brewed hot cocoa that her aunt made. Yuko's a rich person, but she wants to be simple as long as she wants too.

"Hey kid, I see that your eyes are tired." Yuko said as Takamina smiled at her aunt. "What are you doing these couple of days?" The 22 year old girl asked and the midget just kept eating the food. Before Yuko could blink she saw the food, vanished.

Takamina burped and her aunt smacked her head using the newspaper. "Ittai!" The midget touched her head and pouted. "Why? Nande?" Takamina kept blabbering and Yuko covered the midget girl's mouth for her to shut up. The girl who can't breath licked her aunt's hand, which left the aunt very disgusted by her niece's action. Yuko wiped off the saliva, a big ball of air escaped from her mouth and then she smiled. "That does it, I'm going to talk that woman." The 16 year old girl said as she walked out from the table and lifted her feet on her way to her room.

Takamina left Yuko very speechless. Talk?! Who?! Woman?! Ehh?! The aunt want to shout at Takamina and asked her niece about what the midget just said. But Yuko didn't bother Takamina.

Yuko started to grab the plates and she was about to get the rag but their maid stopped her."Anou, Yuko-sama, let me clean it." Their maid said and Yuko nodded and bowed to show her respect to the maid.

The 16 year old girl opened the door to her room, as she got in, she gently closed the door and grabbed her laptop. Sighing in defeat, she doesn't know what to do. What should I do now? I really need Yuko-bachan, but what if the way she looks at me, it will never be the same? The midget thought as she started to type. She sat down on her bed and grabbed her laptop.

Here goes nothing... Takamina thought, but she did something really stupid. She forgot to lock her door.

Her aunt opened the door, Takamina was panicking. "What are you doing?" Her aunt asked her.

"Watching porn." Takamina said, her heart was pounding because she doesn't what to do if her aunt will buy her lie or not.

"Oh. Okay." The 22 year old girl said as she closed the door. While smiling, she was thinking about something. It's a good thing that she's watching porn. But the smile on her face became a face that's full of question. But wait, she's not watching a porn! She told me once that porn is something that the society should remove. Yuko gasped. Don't tell me, Takamina is... Yuko didn't finish her thoughts about her niece and she started to open the door of her niece's room. "LIAR!" Yuko shouted as she grabbed Takamina's laptop from her.

"IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, OBACHAN!" Takamina shouted, she kept fighting with her aunt until the 22 year old girl  started to tickle her niece's, Takamina stopped, Yuko as well.

"Explain." Takamina's aunt said as a big ball of air escaped from the midget's mouth.

"You see..." Shit, what am I going to do? Tell the truth or what?! "..there's this girl on my class."

I knew it. Maybe she's talking about Kojima Haruna's niece. Maeda Atsuko is the name of her niece. Yuko thought as she patted her niece's head. "You know, Takamina. Why don't you ask her out?" Yuko asked Takamina, but the midget girl refused because she's afraid.

Ask her out? Maybe that's the right choice. "But, what am I going to say?!" Takamina panicked and her aunt chuckled.

"Give me that." The aunt grabbed Takamina's laptop from her lap. Yuko grabbed a pillow and landed the pillow on her lap while the laptop is laid down on the pillow. "I'm good at this, child. Now sit back and learn." Yuko smirked, while Takamina's sweat are rolling down on her face.

(A/N: Yuko's pretending that she's Takamina, she's using the midget's account :stoned:)

Takahashi Minami:
She's beautiful, like a flower that's planted along the sidewalk.
But people don't take their time to get to know her, and see the beauty that she has within.
If someone took their time to get to know her, they'll be mesmerized by her existence.

I really want to tell you how much I love you, but I know you don't have enough time to notice me.

You're beautiful, yet you're sad.
Always saying no one will ever love you.

But let me tell you something, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Reminds me of my high school days. Yuko thought as Takamina started to panic because of Yuko's message.

"WHAT THE HELL?! Takamina shouted as she looked at her aunt's message. "ARGH! How am I going to face her?

"Oh look! She replied!" Yuko said while smiling at her niece. "I told you, I'm good at this~"

Maeda Atsuko:

In the crook of my heart
Is a flower
A tiny flower has blossomed
On that day I wished
For it to blossom in the sun
Little by little

A flower cannot blossom
With only the power of one person
Because you
Stayed by my side
My wish came true

The most beautiful
Of all flowers
Is the one that has grown
In the sunshine of your smile
As for this this flower
It's made entirely of love...

Let me tell you something too, I love you too.
But I don't know if it will work between the two of us.
You're a good girl and I'm a girl who's good for nothing.

I didn't know that my niece likes a girl who's self-esteem are low. Yuko thought as she saw Takamina, shocked and smiling at the same time.

Wow. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. That message left Takamina feeling something inside her heart.

Takahashi Minami:

Maeda, Maeda, Maeda. I'm only asking one thing from you.

When we first met,
even our eyes didn't meet
I kept misunderstanding you
till I realized your shyness
This was a love starting from minus

You're me
I know you're by my side
Like everyone else,
we're unable to live skillfully
You're me
Looking like a strange place
Truth is, I like the way
you keep smiling without change,
even if you're worried,
and even if you lose awkwardly

I'm asking you out. Will you go on a date with me?

"You'll thank me later Takamina! You will!" Yuko said while Takamina was just their, observing the chat conversation Mehehehe, this is interesting~

This is getting out of hand.... The 16-year old girl thought as she kept gulping.

"LOOK TAKAMINA!" Yuko shouted and Takamina was just there, left in an awe moment.

Part 1 End

To Be Continued

I was about to add this last week, but I got lazy, please forgive me! :depressed: I know it's too short but I just got excited to see your reactions about this MS. :mon bye: Please comment and suggest me what's going to happen for the next shot. Thank you~ :nya:

I like Yuko and Haruna! :mon XD:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #43 on: November 17, 2014, 03:44:30 PM »
Damn! What did Acchan say?! YES?! or NO?! Oh god... Why cliffhanger?!?!  :angry:  D:

*cough* lol xD and I am curious with Yuko's high school days...  :O

So awesome!!!! Update please!! XD I'll be waiting for it~~

[Ps: this fanfic is so good that I cant even make a proper comment xD sorry :mon sweat:]
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #44 on: November 17, 2014, 07:22:21 PM »
Please tell me Atsuko gonna say yes~! XD XD

Woah Yuko-sama you really good at this... Using song lyrics to confess fufufufufu

Great as always ne~ my dear daughter :D
Update soon~~ (if you have free time between school thingy) hhehehe

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #45 on: November 18, 2014, 02:53:41 AM »
Senpaiiii ...  :otomerika:

just wanted to say hello ...  :roll:

bye ...  :P

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #46 on: November 18, 2014, 03:30:16 AM »
Is that atsuko's song? Flower and kimi wa boku da?
This is realy interestingggggg please update :*

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #47 on: November 18, 2014, 09:39:11 AM »

Part 2 waifu ! Part 2 !  :mon XD:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
« Reply #48 on: November 18, 2014, 10:53:38 AM »
please continue~!! :deco:

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Good Couple Day [11/24/14]
« Reply #50 on: November 24, 2014, 03:06:20 PM »
I know I should update Sukisugite, but I was lurking around Tumblr and I saw this picture and translation of Yuko's Diary. :mon determined:

Special thanks to, ulectrifymylife-san for the English translation and the update. :mon innocent:

Good Couple Day

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

Yuuchan~ I know it's been a while since we've been together. I was just wondering if you can date me. I know I'm being spoiled again, but please, I miss you. I need an Oshima Yuko right here, hugging me and kissing me, I miss you Yuuchan. I hope we will see each other when we're not busy with our schedule. Today is my day off though. ._.

I love you Yuuchan.

Your Haruna.

It's been a while Nyannyan. How I wish we can see each other right here, right now. I will try my best and finish all my works just for you, my dear princess.

To: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

I will date you my dear Nyannyan. Don't worry, I will try my best just for you. I will always dedicate my actress life for you.  \ (* u *\)

I love you too.

Your Yuko.

Well yeah, Haruna and I will always say I love you. But it's rare for me to see her saying that she loves me. It's Haruna that we're talking and always talking about. She's been like this ever since I graduated from the group. If only I could reset 2014, if only I didn't announced it, maybe I'm with her right now.

As I felt my hand vibrating, I unlocked my phone and I couldn't help but to smile.

Today is Good Couples Day, I hope I can take her there.

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

You'll date me?! Maji de?! OuO Yuuchan, I already called your manager. I told him to cancel all your schedules because today is our day, right? I'm sorry if I didn't informed you about it, I got excited because of your message. >////>

To: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

That's good hime-sama! Meet me at the venue of the Rooster Festival. I'll be looking forward to hug you and kiss you again! Or do you want me to call somebody to pick you up? I sound excited right now Nyannyan! I kept jumping here because of you! You really know how to calm me when it comes to work. I don't even know what I'm saying right now. Hahaha! I love you Haruna! \(//∇//)\

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

Baka, you don't need somebody to pick me up. Besides, I'm already here.

As I shifted my glances, I saw my dear Nyannyan, sitting on the chair, reading my latest Photo Book, Nugiyagare! I carried my feet to hug her and I'm really embarrassed because she's reading my PB. As I seated next to her, I gently kissed her cheeks and she just smiled at me. She continued to read my photo book and I swear I can feel the heat crossing down on my face.

"Meh." She said and she rested the photo book on the coffee table. "So does that mean I'm special because I'm the only one who's allowed to see your whole body...naked?" She asked me with her innocent facial expression.

My mouth slightly opened and I just nodded. I got shocked about her question. She seated on my lap, she rested her head on my chest and I just smiled while caressing her hair and head. I kissed her head and she titled her head to face me, showing off that cheeky smile of hers. "I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too~" She whispered back, as I kissed her forehead, she kissed my nose. "Yuuchan, I missed you. You should know that." She whispered on my ears, with that sexy tone voice of hers.

As I held her face and caressed it, my lips and her lips met. I missed her, so much. She hugged my body as I started to brush her hair. We just stayed like this for a while, it's been a while since the last time we did this, as we broke off from our kiss, I pinched her cheeks and we both smiled.

"I texted you because it's Good Couples Day. I want to spend and celebrate this day with you." She said as she titled her head down, but I saw her adorable pout. "I'm being spoiled again, Yuuchan. Gomen ne."

I started to chuckle and I kept caressing her back, "Daijobou, Nyannyan. It's been a long time since we went out, remember?" I said and she tilted her face and she gave me that sweetest smile of hers.

As I kissed her again, she keeps answering back, as I accidentally removed her dress, well intentionally, she lightly slapped my hand. Wanting for my revenge, I squeezed her bosoms and she moaned, oh the joy~

As we stopped wanting for some air, we both smiled and we fixed ourselves.

As she stood up from my lap, she grabbed my left hands and she held it like she never want to let it go. "Let's go?" I asked her and she nodded. As I grabbed my bag from my manager, Nyannyan and I decided to go to the Roosters Festival.

"Yuuchan~" Haruna called me.

"Hmmm~?" I hummed and I looked at her. I swing our hands back and forth as we're acting like little kids who are looking forward to go to the park.

"I'm hungry..." She said and I let out a hearty laugh.

"I will buy you a food then~" I said and she smiled.

"You really love me that much don't you, Yuko?"

"Of course Haruna, I really love you."

We arrived to this restaurant, and what a surprise, we saw Miichan.

"Nyannyan~ Yuuchan~ konbanwa~" Miichan said and we greeted her.

"Miichan, belated happy birthday!" I greeted her and I bowed at her.

"Thank you Yuuchan~ Nyannyan gave me that cute t-shirt you bought for me, Mariko told me that I should wear it occasionally because I look cute." The Gachapin girl said as I patted her head, Miichan went straight into her table.

I reached for Nyannyan's ears. "Thank you for giving that shirt Nyannyan." I said and she smiled at me.

"Of course. Your gift matters right? I would do anything for the sake of my dear Yuuchan." She said as she kissed my forehead.

As we walked on our way to Miichan's table, I couldn't help but to thank Kami-sama for giving me the most wonderful gift to me. Without Haruna, I wouldn't be happy anyway.

"I'm so glad you guys stopped over here, Mariko told me that she's on her way." Miichan said while Haruna and I just nodded. "You guys order, it's my treat anyway." Miichan added and Haruna and I, we're both sure that we're hungry.

"We'll take the Good Couples meal." Haruna and I said at the same time, boy if you Haruna could just see the smile on Miichan's face.

As the waiter arrived with our foods, Haruna and I secretly ordered a cake for Miichan. So yeah, we took some pictures and we ate our foods. We're still here to accompany Miichan.

I saw Mariko carrying a box of cake. "Heyya Gaychapin~ happy birthday." Mariko said as she winked at the birthday girl. Well finally, she's here.

"BAKA!" The Gachapin girl said as Mariko gently dropped down the cake on the table she covered Miichan's ears. The tall girl whispered something on the cheeky girls ears which made her blush.

"What are you doing here?" Mariko asked me and Nyannyan.

"We decided to eat here and Miichan saw us." Haruna answered as I sipped on my mango shake.

"This is our date." Mariko said as she smirked.

"Mou Marichan~ they accompanied me when you were not here."

As Haruna and I sneakily grabbed our bags, we slowly went out to the restaurant and he laughed as hell. Looking back to our memories, we did the same thing while we're staying at New York, it was Acchan's birthday that time and we fooled Takamina about Acchan telling us that her little girlfriend will treat us.

Haruna and I finally arrived to the Roosters festival.

"Wow, there are lots of stalls here~ Uwaaaaa~" Nyannyan said as she saw the colorful booths. "Yuuchan, I want to buy an apricot candy." As Nyannyan pulled me to a stalls where they sell all kinds of foods, Nyannyan couldn't control her inner child personality. "Apricot candy please." Nyannyan said to the obachan.

"Gomen ne, but the number of candies is decided through a game."

"Ehhhh?!" I asked and I looked at Nyannyan who's listening to the obachan.

The obachan explained and Nyannyan pouted and she just nodded.

"Let me do it for you." I butted in and Nyannyan smiled like her parents will give her a new box of shoes.

I kept attempting to win this game, every time I will lose, I will just imagine Nyannyan's smiling face.

The obachan from the food stall was engaged in a talk with us. She told us about her marriage life and other good things.

So in the end, I was only able to get one piece of candy.

"Sorry Nyannyan." I said and I pouted, we walked away from the stall. As Haruna dragged me to a dark place, I felt a muscle on my lips. I felt the stickiness because of the lollipop that she just ate, she slowly removed her lips on my lips and she hugged me tightly.

We stayed like this for at least 10 minutes.

"Let's have wonderful things to happen next year too, Yuuchan. You may not win the candies that I'm expecting but at least you won my heart. Always remember that." She whispered on my ears and she kept kissing my forehead and head.

I nodded and  we broke off from our hug. I grabbed her hand and I kissed her on her lips, "Your place or mine?" I asked her and she smirked.

"I thought you will never ask me that question."

"Of course, I want to spend this night....." I paused. "...with my wife." I added and she pulled my hands and she quickly called a taxi driver.


This is a trash! I know! :mon cry:

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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Good Couple Day [11/24/14]
« Reply #51 on: November 24, 2014, 03:42:56 PM »
Reading now and edit later~ XD


Wait. Since when KojiYuu fic is a trash? NEVER! Moreover it's Rine-chan who wrote it! :D

SQUEALING LIKE HELL. Damn Yuko-sama spoiling KojiYuu shipper with her post on that diary (≧▽≦)づ♥

Actually I was waiting for a fic with idea of Yuko's Diary..

Thankyou Rine-chan~!
You saved my little kokoro :lol:
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Good Couple Day [11/24/14]
« Reply #52 on: November 24, 2014, 04:35:23 PM »
Reading now and edit later~ XD

lols...and it kept spreading to more people~ XD :lol:

waa..haruna even called yuko's manager..  :shocked

its sweet...innocent love story~ :wub:

maa....except fot the last few sentences.. 8)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Good Couple Day [11/24/14]
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Everyone knows I am not a KojiYuu fan, but I was one in the past. I couldn't resist reading this after I read Yuuko-sama's blog post... GAH, I wanted to write something like this and this bitch  XD I mean this lady Rine (who happens to be my friend in Adorks place in Facebook :D ) just managed to do this faster than me... Well then...

I read this three times...and...

*insert WTF Rena-sama meme* (look at attachment)


 :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on voodoo:


 :nya: :wriggly: :imdead:

I shall go back to my hiding spot then...

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (RikuYuko) Forever [12/04/14]
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I grabbed my notes and putted it inside my bag, today is going to be my biggest day. Well, maybe? But Tohto TV just called me and their going to let me audition for their new drama. Ah I need to memorize some lines though.

When I saw Riku going out from our room I quickly held the door knob. "Where are you going, Yuuchan?" He asked me, I turned around to give him a you-don't-care-about-it look. But, I was the one who got surprised. He was shirtless, he was only wearing his boxer. He smirked and I dragged my feet to walk towards him. He seated on the couch and he smiled at me. "Yuuchan?" He called my old nickname. "Yuko."

"Of course I'm going to school. What else?" I said as I looked down at his abs. I gulped and I don't know what to say. I guess he got me twisted again. "So, you're talking to me now. Who's the new girl?" I asked him and he smirked again. He patted his legs telling me to sit there. "No way Josè."

He scoffed and he laughed. "Who's José?" He asked me and I punched his left arm, after hitting his muscular arm, he held right arm and he pulled me. I landed on his body, he rested his chin on my shoulder.

I sighed. "Riku, I need to go to my class." I excused myself and he laughed.

"Lame excuses Yuuchan." He said as he sniffed my neck. "You know, I'm really glad that you're cute." He added and I couldn't help but to blush. Beads of sweat have formed on my face as I pace my breath. "You're my roommate for almost 4 years. We're going to graduate, when are you going to answer me?" He asked me and I gulped. "I love you Yuko."

But you played with my feelings.

"I answered you, once. But you were only persuaded because you lose to a fucking bet." Tears are starting to form on my eyes. Yuko, you can't cry. Not here, not now. "You only played with my feelings Riku. You told me that you will take care of me but, for fucksakes after saying yes, you told me, "I'm sorry but, it was just a bet. I started to hit his arms and I felt his arms on my waist. "LET ME GO RIKU! LET ME GO HOW YOU HURTED ME SO BAD! DO YOU EVEN THINK THAT IT'S EASY LIVING WITH SOMEONE WHO BROKE YOUR HEART BECAUSE HE LOST TO A FREAKING BET?!" I finally said it, my heart is pumping. I can feel my heart shouting for more.

"But why didn't you moved out?" He asked me, his voice is getting weak. I gritted my teeth because the anger that's been buried here in my heart is still here. But at the same time, I still love him. "I was just being honest that time Yuuchan!" Yuuchan, my old nickname. "Please Yuko, don't make this hard for the both us." I felt a tear on my shoulders, his breath that's making my back sweaty.

"Why didn't I moved out, you wanna know the answer?" I asked him as I rotated my body to face him. I saw his eyes, that's mixed with loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and anger. "After weeks of that incident, I couldn't move on. But seeing you not focused with your class, I couldn't leave you, because I still love you." I said as I can feel his breath on my face, it only took me a second or two, and I claimed his lips. He caressed my face as I rested my arms on his neck. He pulled me closer, he bitted my lips asking for an entrance and I welcomed his tongue, our tongues fought and danced at the same time, I'm losing to Riku. I gently pushed him and I blushed. We both needed for air, but I pulled him again, this time I gently kissed him. He answered my kiss in a torrid way, we just proceeded with the flow. We both stopped and panted as well. I rested my head on his chest, realizing that this was our first real kiss. Well the first time we kissed he's drunk and we accidentally kissed.

"Yuko, can you hear my heart? It's screaming your name." He said as he kissed my forehead. "But this time, please trust me, that the heaviness in my heart from when I say those words to you, is an indication that loving you will never be something I take lightly." He touched my butt and he smiled. He kissed me again, I felt his hands travelling around my waist, he licked my neck he and he sucked it. I moaned his name out loud, I gently held his face and pinched his cheeks. "How about skipping class and let's just go to the mall. Just the two of us." I refused his offer and he smirked. He held my back and my legs, he carried my body on our way to our room. "Or we can just do something." He added afterwards and he winked at me. I lightly slapped his face.

"Mouuu~ Riku. Just because I kissed you, that doesn't mean that you own me again."

"I'm willing to do anything Oshima Yuko." He said as he landed me on our bed. He rested his body beside me. "We could just rest you know." He sighed with a disappointed look on his face.

"Ne, Rikunyan." I got shocked when I called him that nickname again. "Gomen ne, I will never ca-"

"It's fine. In fact, I already missed your voice that's been calling me that kind of nickname since forever."

"I'm still into you." I mumbled and he sighed. Luckily he didn't heard me saying that. He started brushing my hair and hummed a song, from what I've remembered this used to be our song. "3 seconds." I looked at him and he smiled at me. "Can you sing that song for me?"

"I look at you for just 3 seconds,
And I seem to fall for you
You're love
Is my pleasure." Our favorite line.

"But Riku, I was the one who seem to fall for you."

"I can wait forever Yuko, I can make you say yes."



"Yuko, will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her, my heart is pounding out so loud, I don't know what to. Should I come clean to Yuko? What happens if I will tell her about the betting incident? Is she going to hate me? Thoughts are starting to drive on my mind, the splashes of the water returned me from my airheaded world.

"Yes Rikunyan." She answered while tears are starting to drop on her face. She smiled and she pounced at me, I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Yuko but, it was just a bet." I said and I looked at her straight into the eyes. I my heart started to fall into pieces. She slapped me and she ran away. Mario and Kai saw the whole thing. "There, are you happy now?!" I asked them, they dumbly looked down on their own feet. I stormed off and went to my car, I searched, called, reported the police about Yuko. But, no sign of her. I'm such an asshole!

Weeks later, I saw Yuko arranging her things. She went back to her home after breaking her heart. "Yuuchan." I called her. She bumped my arm and pretended that I don't exist. I have no choice but to let her cool down her mind.

Weeks later after avoiding Yuko, I went home to our dorm, drunk. I grabbed my keys from my pockets, but Yuko got home as well. She was carrying a paperbag. "Acchan called me, she told me that you're drunk." I saw a paper bag maybe she will eat with somebody. I clenched my fist and she sighed. "Here." She handed me the paper bag. She grabbed her keys from her bag and opened our dorm. "You go first." She mumbled and I obeyed her command. I went inside to our dorm and rested on a chair. Yuko closed the door and grabbed the paper bag from my hands. She went to the kitchen and I can smell something, I stood up and peeked at her. She was cooking, I can smell the beautiful aroma of the ramen. She looked at me and I looked at her, straight into the eye. She smirked, she handed me a cup of coffee. "It'll make you lose your hangover. Trust me." I grabbed the mug from her and took a light sip of it.

"Arigatou." I mumbled she just nodded.

"Go to the living room. I'm going to serve this." She commanded me again, I don't know why my heart is pounding. Does this mean I'm inlove with Yuko? But, I thought I my job is to play with her feelings? I shook my head lightly and made myself comfortable. Yuko served the ramen and she handed me the chopsticks. "What? You want me to feed you like a little baby?" She asked me, I was about to answer her question but I sneezed. "Fine, just for tonight. You're drunk and I haven't moved on but I will do anything because I love you Riku." She mumbled, I'm not sure about what she said. I opened my mouth and slurped the noodles. I looked at Yuko with my cheeky smile.

"I will take care of myself. Thanks, Yuuchan." I said as I kissed her forehead. Ever since I met this girl I can't get her out of my head. Maybe because I couldn't release my one-sided love, well I released it alright. But I told her about the betting incident. If only I can take back the time. Yuko turned on the television and she turned on my PS4.

"I will play Just Dance." She mumbled and I just nodded, I bitted my lips and smirked. I finished my ramen and putted the bowl in the sink. I went in to our room to change my clothes, I saw Yuko sweating because of the dance choreography. I hope she will forgive if I'm going to do this but, I will just pretend that I'm still drunk. I rested my body on our bed. After 20 minutes, the music is finally gone. I saw Yuko coming in our room panting because of the game.

"Yuko." I called her name and she looked at me. I patted the other side of the bed. Before going to the bed she rolled her eyes. I rolled my eyes as well.

"What do you want Kojima?" She asked me.

"You." I said as I kissed her lips as gently as I can, at first she was resisting my kiss, not until I found the hidden spots of her body. She rested her arms around my neck, I caressed her face and I removed the ponytail from her hair. My body is now on the top of Yuko's body, I kissed her cheeks as I started to kiss her neck. The way she moans, the way my satisfaction needs more. I stopped and I just sighed. I pretended that I was sleeping.

"Good thing you stopped Riku." She sighed. "You look so handsome while sleeping." She mumbled, Yuko kissed my head, my cheeks and my lips. She hugged my body like she's claiming that I'm only for her. My lips curved into a smile. She went downhill, she arranged my position, she gently pushed me and stood up from the bed. Yuko pulled the blanket from the bed to cover me. She went outside from our room and mumbled. "Good night Rikunyan. Sweet dreams, I love you. So much." She closed the door and I opened my eyes. YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE RIKU! My egoistic side screamed at me. No Riku, you love Yuko! My conscious told me.

I love Yuko.

End of Flashback


When I woke up, I saw Riku's sleeping face, again. I was about to go to the bathroom because I need to practice for my audition, but I felt Riku's arms on my body. "Riku, I need to fix myself." I said as I pinched his cheeks to wake him up.

"Where are you going?" The tall guy asked me as he nuzzled on my neck.

"I'm going to Tohto TV." I said as I forced myself to get out from his arm.

"Now?" His arms loosened up a little bit causing me to escape from his arms.

I arranged my hair and pinched my cheeks with a little force. "Yup, I'm going to audition." I said with a smile on my face. "You idiot, I am not able to memorize my lines because of you. Baka." I said and he just smiled.

He opened his eyes and he bitted his lips. Which is really sexy. "Want me to drive you there?" He asked me and I refused it. 'Cause I don't want people to know this thing between me and Riku.

"I'm really sorry if I cursed you earlier." I said then I tilted my head down. He got up from the bed and he looks like a total idiot and he chuckled.

I felt his lips on my head, I felt his arms on my waist. "It's okay. I'm a jerk. I should've told you my real feelings. That's a lesson for me, Yuko."

He called me using my name, he's always serious every time he will call me using my name. "Then you're my inspiration right now, Kojima Riku. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be the happiest person alive." I said and I reached for his face. "I love you." I whispered and I saw the way his face blushed.

"I know." He sighed and I pouted. "I love you too, I love you very much." He said as I smiled again, he pulled my right hands and he kissed it. "Let me take it to top, ne?" He said, but I'm confused though.

"...okay..." I mumbled.

"Oshima Yuko, I know that I'm a jerk for playing with your feelings..." He coughed. "But I would like to ask you.....will you be my girlfriend? 'Cause I love you very much. This is not a bet, this is not dare. This is a pure confession coming out from my mouth that's inspired by my heart because of y-mmmphht"

He wasn't able to finish his declare because I kissed his lips, it was full of passion with a mix of love and tenderness. As he answered my kiss, our bodies gently rested on the bed as I felt his masculine body on the top of my poor innocent small body. I can feel that my heart is flustering. I folded my arms on his neck, his hands started to find my hidden spots as I accidentally moaned, he smirked. He inserted his hands inside my loose shirt, and his hands roamed around to tease me. Our tongues danced with the beat of our heart. We broke off from our kiss and we panted, trying to catch our breath he smiled at me. "I have to go, Rikunyan." I said as I gently stood up from the bed, but his long arms caught my waist. So I ended up laying on the top of him, I felt his six pack abs close to my tummy. As our foreheads and nose touched, I observed his innocent eyes.

"You're going to be a great actress, Yuuchan. I'm going to call Tohto TV just for you."

"Shut up." I said as my cheeks fluttered because of his heartwarming words.

"Are you blushing?"

"I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"I'm not."

"Yes~ are~ you~"

"If you're not going to stop I'm going to do something that you'll regret."

He smirked. "Try me then." He said as he bitted his lips and followed with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and I just pouted, as I saw him smiling I left a peck on his lips.

"Mmmhm~ Yuuchan's lips are so adorable and so soft~"


"Love youuuuuu~"

You may be the most annoying guy, you broke my heart, but yet I still love you.

"I know and I love you too." I said as I nuzzled on his neck.

I intentionally forgot the audition, but I felt his gentle arms on my back. I feel safe every time I'm with him, I feel so easy every time he's there right by my side. I'm trying so hard not to let it show that he got me feeling like I'm the happiest person alive, but I can't stop myself. He's serious about our relationship.

Riku is not that kind of guy, he will do anything even if it will risk something that's valuable for him.

"You build me up, Yuko."

"You make me strong, Riku."

"I love you." The two of us said at the same time. We laughed and we always stole a peck from each other.

I wish this will last forever.

'Cause I believe that my dearest Kojima Riku will be my forever and ever. People told me that forever doesn't exist, but Riku and I will try to prove those people that forever does exist.


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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (RikuYuko) Forever [12/04/14]
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My spot!!!! Gonna edit this later after my works done :yep:

Aaaaand it's done! Phew 4.30am already.

WHY SO FLUFF?????!!!!

All lovey-dovey like that! Omg (>̯┌┐<)
Kinda complicated... But they're so cute!

Rine-chan can make an overly sweet OS like this~ wow! Goodjob XD :twothumbs
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (RikuYuko) Forever [12/04/14]
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Un, it's so fluffy~

But...beautiful scent of ramen...? Now that's just weird :huhuh

Can't wait for the next!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (RikuYuko) Forever [12/04/14]
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I cant wait to comment this OS. I said that i will comment after come back from campus. Lucky, i have free time before going to campus to read this OS

I think you need to make smut part next chapter :*

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: Meeting Her [12/05/14]
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Don't forget to vote~ :depressed:

Yes! New pair! :mon XD: If you want more pairs just vote or, if your favorite pair is not around just leave a comment for the pair then. :mon sweat:

One lucky reader will be chosen every  week if we're going to talk about Crack Ships. :mon zoom:

So yeah, WMatsui because this plot suits WMatsui better. :mon determined:

The Adventures of Matsui Rena: Meeting Her

As I opened my eyes, I can't stop myself thinking about that beautiful face of hers, I've been trying not to think about it because I've been daydreaming about her. I got up from my bed and looked at myself in the morning. "This is good, Rena." Luckily the window is near from the mirror, I checked the window and it's still dark. My phone alarmed and I sighed. "Waking up 5:30 in the morning is really good." I added as I sat on a chair and checked my laptop.

My name is Matsui Rena, 16 years old. I'm an introvert person, not gonna lie. I have one brother who's currently somewhere. I live in Nagoya. I'm different from other girls, their heart will beat because of a boy. But my heart will beat because of a girl. Yeah, it's weird right? Falling in love who's someone has the same gender with you. It's weird but I will always keep this as my secret. I don't want people to judge me, specially her. Matsui Jurina.

I'm scared, I don't want them to know that I'm a girl who likes my fellow girl.

I opened my Google + account, I saw Jurina's post from a party. Matsui Jurina, 15 years old. An extrovert person, indeed. She likes to hug and kiss girls. I heard some girls are whispering about her kissing them. The girls will just squeal and hit each other using their hands because they couldn't control theirselves when it comes to Jurina.

Ever since I heard them talking about her soft lips and her warm hugs, I ended up staring all day, wondering if Matsui Jurina will do the same thing with me.

How to love Matsui Jurina?

That's weird, I know that I love her. But, the feelings? Are they mutual or not? It's just a stupid thing for me to do these things. Stalking her using my Google +, thinking about her kissing me, daydreaming about her hugging my body, and what's worst, the way Jurina and I will end up laying on the bed....naked.

I swear, I have to slap myself every time I will view that shit.

It took me 10 minutes to stalk Jurina, I sighed and as usual....I will just sleep again, since our classes will start around 8:30 AM. The school bus will arrive here around 7:50-ish. I stood up from the chair and rested my laptop on the top of my study table. I grabbed my phone and set my alarm clock around 7:30 AM. It's only 5:40 in the morning, I will have enough sleep.

As I saw her wearing a bathrobe, her soft skin touched my pale skin. Her hair touching my face, it hides the flustering blush of my face. I felt her right hand, searching for my ticklish spots. Her left hands fixed her hair away from my face, as I felt her left hand, touching my face. She caressed my face as I felt her breathe on my face. Our foreheads and nose touched, she breath on my face, teasing me to want for more. I closed my eyes.

She chuckled, "Wake up, Rena."

Well, my life is totally fucked up because of her. I opened my eyes and I saw my clock, it's already 7:10. I lazily carried my feet on my way to the bathroom.

30 minutes later....

I got out from the bathroom and wore my seifuku. I also wore my glasses, I don't have contact lens or something because I'm scared and I would end up being blind or something.

"RENA! COME DOWN! IT'S ALREADY 7:40!" My brother shouted, I just sighed. I pulled the charger from the socket and putted it inside my bag, grabbed my school bag. I grabbed the doorknob OH SHOOT, I almost forgot my camera bag. I'm also the school's photographer, talk about multi-tasking though.

As I bid good bye to my brother, I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. I pulled my headphones from my bag and grabbed my phone. I'm a music lover too, so I wore my headphones and started to shuffle the songs.

On the school bus
It was kinda miraculous
You're cool until you
Live normally

The school bus finally arrived.

I thought the beginning created an illusion

As I stepped inside the bus, it's not crowded. Looks like I'm the first one who gets the ride for this day.....

My constant misunderstandings
Ah, even so...

I found a comfortable seat, as I seated there I decided to increase the volume of the music. I scooted a little to see the nice view here. But my eyes are getting tired.

Maybe a little nap won't hurt.

5 minutes later....

I woke up and I felt a warm but soft muscle on my cheeks, it's a lips. I can feel my face, flustering because of my current situation. A stranger kissed my cheeks, this is just so fucking weird. I felt the lips off from my face and I sighed because of the relief. I wore off my headphones and putted it inside my bag.

As I saw the person who kissed me, I got speechless. Seriously.

"Hi! I'm sorry if I startled you earlier." She said then she lightly scratched her head. I just nodded and I smiled at her. "May I sit next to you? It's very rare to see this school bus with one student in it." I nodded again and she smiled at me. She seated next to me and I prayed to Kami-sama that this moment will not stop, forever. "My name is Matsui Jurina." She added and she offered me her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Jurina."

"May I know your name?" She asked me and I smiled at her.

"If I will tell you, but then I have to kill you."

She smirked, "Wow. You're too different from those girls. I like you." She said as she grabbed her blue bag, she grabbed this big box of Macadamia chocolates and she grabbed my bag and she putted the whole box inside of my bag.

"Pfft." I rolled my eyes.

"No seriously! You're different and you're interesting! I like you, who knows maybe I LOVE YOU!" She said as she showed off her big smile. Jurina grabbed a small canister from her bag and she started to rip off this little plastic. "Itadakkimasu~" She opened the canister and it's a freshly made pancakes, it's already added with syrup and butter. I felt my stomach growl. She offered me her fork, I refused her though. "Open your mouth." She commanded me. I opened my mouth and she gave me a big portion of pancakes, she even assisted me to drink a water. "It's our dodgeball game later you should come and it's support me~"

Well she's a smooth and sweet talker, at the same time a fast talker.

"I don't know." I said as I turned my head to face the window and watch the scenery again.

"May I at least know your section?"

"Hmmeh~" I said and I chuckled. She pouted and I swear to God, that's the most adorable pout I've ever seen. "Fine, it's section 3-A." I said and she smiled.

I felt her lips on my cheeks again.

For the love of Krustry Krabs, she's a clingy one alright. No wonder why those girls like her.

When we reached the school, she told me that she will follow me after lunch. That's really weird.

Your crush following you.....


I calmly went to my class and sighed.

This is going to be a long day....

Part 1 End

DUN :mon XD:

@atsukojiyuu_C: It's a rushed OS though. :mon sweat:

@Kairi65: Lol, after reading it....I realized that it's weird too! But meh. :mon XD:

@mgxx: Smut part? Hmm, maybe next time! :hehehe:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: Meeting Her [12/05/14]
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eekk~!!!! this is good! :drool:

more soon, please! :deco:

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