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Author Topic: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)  (Read 60295 times)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
« Reply #100 on: December 31, 2014, 10:22:23 AM »
Mayu is such a tease, and Yukirin's reaction when she saw Mayu is just like a kid that is shown candy...  :lol:

And Mayu's last sentence XD

Wanting to read more! :twothumbs

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
« Reply #101 on: December 31, 2014, 11:19:33 AM »
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ <3
MaYuki!!!!!!!  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:
 :twothumbs i love it! hihi 

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
« Reply #102 on: December 31, 2014, 05:32:28 PM »
hahahaha mayu~ you're such a teaser.. it's not good you know  :lol:

yuki... she has a fever right? hmm if mayu start to do ... yuki body will be more hot~ *you know what i mean*  :w00t: :D

i like this os... no... i love it! hahahaha  XD MaYuki was so cute!

hmm~ i hope you can make another MaYuki OS~  :bow:

Thank you so much ChibiRine-san!   :D
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
« Reply #103 on: January 01, 2015, 06:25:35 AM »
MaYuki :luvluv1:

to bad their moment was ruin but I like it :heart: :heart:

the tease... I love it :deco: :deco: :deco:

Thanks~ :cathappy:

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #104 on: January 02, 2015, 04:07:07 AM »
HAPPY NEW YEAR~! :on gay:

Hey guys! I was about to post this yesterday but internet was being a crap. (Will date this as 1/1/15 mehehehe :hehehe: )

Yeah, belated Happy Anniversary to all Yuko oshis out there! :mon thumb:

Sorry if this OS is a little bit trashy because I didn't edit it and so-so. :mon sweat:

YES! 1st KojiYuu OS for this year~! :on gay:

Too much information again, urgh. :mon zoom:

The Truth

December 31, 2013

She's been having second thoughts if she's going to do it, or not. She realized that her love isn't a fanservice anymore. It's pure and true, this is the only chance to prove herself that she's Oshima Yuko. Resting half of her body on the wall, closed her eyes and held the red velvet box. She turned off the lights and opened her eyes. No matter what's going to happen, you'll still love her, but not the same anymore. She thought as she bit her lips. As her vision got clear, she saw a tall brunette girl, who happens to be her partner when it comes to fanservice.

She started to stare at the chandelier that's shining before her very own eyes.

She sighed.

This is it. No backing out. Time to face reality and accept the result. She thought as she took a deep breathe and smiled. "Ne Nyannyan~" She called the tall girl.

Yuko can see that Haruna was busy putting on a light powder on her face and a light dark red lipstick on her lips. "Yes, Yuuchan?" Haruna answered as she faced Yuko. The small dimpled girl can feel her heart beating, she thought that her heart was racing with a car that's over the speed limit.

"Can I talk to you?" The ponytailed girl asked the long haired girl. " private?" Yuko added which made Haruna stood up from her chair, as Yuko pulled Haruna's hand gently, they decided to go somewhere, where someone will not see them.

As Yuko realized that they're too far, they stopped. "Yuko, what do you want to talk about?" Kojima asked with a cold yet sexy husky voice.

"Can I...hug you?" The short girl asked the taller girl.

Haruna gasped, she didn't know what to answer. Usually, Yuko will just pounce at her. The taller girl wants to confess her feelings, her one-sided feelings for the short girl. But looks like these two girls were both wrong.

Confused because of the question, the tall girl gently pulled the short girl, which left their body bumping each other. Haruna rested her arms on Yuko's back. The short girl was silently crying, confused if she's going to confess it.

"Why ask me to hug you?" Haruna asked Yuko, Yuko, didn't bother to answer Haruna's question.

Instead answering the question, the tall girl felt Yuko's arms on her waist, tightening it's grip, Haruna wished, "I wish we will last like this, forever." The tall girl whispered, Yuko didn't heard it.

"Why the sudden, Yuuchan?" Haruna asked Yuko, the short girl and the tall girl got apart from the hug.

The dimpled girl looked at the air-headed girl straight into the eye.

Haruna is now worried because of Yuko's eyes.

"Are you cryin-" The short girl putted her index finger on Haruna's lips which caused the tall girl to stop asking her questions.

Yuko can feel her hands are shaking, she gulped and took a deep breathe. "Haruna, it's been the same routine ever since I joined AKB. I've met so many girls, but you, you're the type of girl who's hard to get. I don't understand what's between you and your girly thoughts and features. But let me tell you something, my feelings for you, aren't somewhere between fanservice and force. I love you Kojima Haruna......" Yuko kneeled as she grabbed Haruna's right hand. She took the red velvet out from her dress pocket and she opened it. "...will you be my girlfriend?" Yuko asked as Haruna just looked at Yuko.

The tall girl sighed. "I'm sorry but, I don't want the same situation with Acchan and Takamina. I love you too Yuko, as my comrade." Haruna said as Yuko stood up and let go of Haruna's hand. I'm an idiot Yuuchan, please forgive me. I love you, not as my comrade....I love you with my whole heart. But I don't want to struggle like how Takamina's facing right now. I'm sorry Yuuchan, I love you, I love you, I love you. Please forgive me, I'm just afraid to lose you. I don't want to lose you, I love you, forever and ever. But, I'm sorry. The tall girl thought, tears are starting to form on her eyes.

Yuko was frustrated, she doesn't know what to do. No matter what's going to happen, you'll still love her, but not the same anymore. Remember?! Yuko thought as she smiled. "Thank you." She mumbled as she left Haruna, standing somewhere in a dark place. Yuko wiped her tears, but the tears kept flowing down on her cheek. What a good fucking way to start my New Year's Eve. Just great. Yuko thought as she sat on the floor, she grabbed the headphone on a chair, she pulled her bag on the table and grabbed her phone. She was so frustrated alright, she couldn't think, she couldn't speak, she couldn't remember the dance steps, she couldn't remember the song lyrics. Is this the right time? Yuko asked herself as she played a song on her phone.

Baby! Baby!
Are you ready?
We're crazy

Yuko couldn't control the tears that are streaming down on her cheeks. Her head keeps hitting the wall, how could Haruna not return the favor to Yuko? The hugs? The kisses? The holding hands? The sweet talks? That was all nothing for Haruna? How could that happen?

Yuko didn't noticed that it's time for their performance. She sighed and she looked up, "Gomen ne, Acchan. But I guess I have to pass Takamina, Miichan, Mayu, Sasshi, and Nya- Haruna the burden." The short girl mumbled to herself, she stood up and she fixed her hair.

"Ah Yuko~ our time is about to start. Ikou yo?" AKB48's General Manager asked AKB48's New Ace.

The New Ace nodded, "Hai."

Yuko sighed, Takamina noticed that Yuko's being out of her game these days. The General Manager putted her hands on the New Ace's shoulder. "Something bothering you?" Takamina asked Yuko.

"I'm going to announce it..." Yuko mumbled, Takamina however, she dropped her mic. "Please tell them to prepare Heavy Rotation."

"Demo Yuko, what ab-"

"Minami...onegai?" Another round of tears are streaming down on her face.

Takamina wiped Yuko's tears with the use of her thumbs.

Somewhere part of the room, where Yuko and Takamina didn't noticed about some members gathering around. The air-headed girl was there too.

"Is it true?" Kashiwagi Yuki asked and the others nodded.

"But...does that mean AKB48 will never be the same without the great Oshima Yuko?" Watanabe Mayu asked and the girls nodded again.

"Kojima-san...." Matsui Rena called Kojiharu. Haruna hummed and Rena just sighed. "Wish you the luck." She mumbled and Haruna just bitted her lips.

No Haruna, you will not cry. But she was too late, beads of tears are now formed. She wanted to wipe down her tears, but immediately, every wipe, there will always be a replacement for her tears.

"48G MEMBERS! PLEASE PROCEED TO THE STAGE NOW!" The stage manager shouted, the girls professionally formed their position. Haruna saw the two midget girl, Takamina was comforting Yuko. While Yuko, she just keep on crying.

Yuko wiped the tears away and she smiled, she saw Haruna staring at her. Their eyes met, they wanted to tell each other their feelings but, no use.

Moments later after Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Finally, they finished their song. Yuko sighed and she smiled.

"There is one thing that I really want to tell everyone here..."

She looked up and she smiled along with a sigh.

The crowd goes wild because they're predicting it, predicting that she will announce it.

"I, Oshima Yuko," She paused for a while, and praying to Kami-sama that this is only a dream. "Will graduate from AKB48...."

Takamina can be seen, crying because another Ace will leave the group.

Haruna and Mayu looked at each other, as they glanced at Yuko, the present Ace is trying her best not to cry. Trying her best that she's strong, she's not weak.

This is all my fault. Haruna thought as tears started to stream down again.

"...and this is going to be my last stage at Kouhaku. I'll sing with gratitude for all the supports I've received."

Then yeah, Heavy Rotation played.

Yuko shined like a star.

Brightest star that no one has ever seen.

 (бвб)♡(-∀-`) - (бвб)♡(-∀-`)

─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ

─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ

"Otsukaresama deshita~!" The present Ace shouted as the staffs and some members clapped for her.

"Yuko, we are so proud of you!" The staffs shouted and Yuko just bowed at them.

Yuko walked on her way to the dressing room, just to find some time alone for herself. That's what she thought. She caught Haruna, resting her body on the couch, her palms are covering her face. The newly-announced member wanted to approach Haruna, but her own pride swallowed her.

Haruna was crying, trying to catch her breath. Yuko wanted to approach the the tall girl but, pride...doesn't want to let her go.

Yuko was about to go outside of their room, until the tall girl was acting like a spoiled brat. She's throwing all the things that she can see. "I should've told Yuuchan, the way I feel about her..." The tall girl said. "I should've kissed her! I should've told her that I love her! Why?! Why?! Why?!"

Yuko gasped, she was really confused about Haruna. But at the same time, she's crying. Crying because she's regretting it.

"Did she announce her graduation because of me?! Why am I so dumb not to notice it?!" The taller girl asked herself.

The short girl wasn't moving, she's just there, watching her beloved Haruna, crying and shouting.

The tall girl stopped but tears won't stop, Haruna sighed and whispered, "I love you, Yuuchan. Why am I so dumb not to tell you the way I feel? Maybe because of insecurity?" Haruna sighed. "I love you too, Oshima Yuko. And I will be glad to label myself as your girlfriend."

Yuko heard it, she heard it, all of it. She gently walked on her way to the couch and she saw Haruna's eyes. The younger girl sighed, she pounced at the crying girl. Which caused Haruna to get shocked. "Stop crying." The younger girl said. "Did I make you cry?" She asked the older girl. And a nod answered her. "I'm sorry." Yuko mumbled.

"No. Don't be." Haruna answered, she felt that every beat of her heart started to sound so loud.

"I can hear your heart." Yuko said, she looked at Haruna straight into the eye.

"Is my heartbeat really that loud?" The tall girl lifted her arms, fingers slid down on Yuko's head, combing every strands of her hair.

"Yup, it's stopping me to graduate." Yuko joked which made the older girl pushed Yuko away from her and the couch. To Yuko's surprise, she fell from the couch, what's more surprising Haruna's push wasn't a joke. "Okay. Okay~ I'm just joking." Yuko said, while the older girl arranged her position, folded her legs and she rested her head there.

"I hate you..." The tall girl mumbled. Yuko just sighed, she looked at Haruna again. The tall girl was trying to hide her tears away from Yuko.

"Show me your tears." Yuko commanded Haruna, but no. Haruna didn't obey Yuko's command. The younger girl sighed, "You broke my heart earlier...." Yuko whispered, but Haruna heard it, Haruna looked at Yuko straight in to the eye, wanting to say something.

The two girls heard the booming and loud sounds of fireworks. They glanced at the clock and it's exactly 12:00 AM. January 1, 2014.

"Happy New Year, Yuuchan." Haruna greeted Yuko, she gently held the younger girl's hand and she gently squeezed it.

"Happy New Year, Nyannyan." Yuko replied back, she stole a kiss from Haruna's cheeks.

The taller girl grinned, "You don't greet someone you love like that." Haruna mumbled which left the short girl smile.

"Does that mean we're offi-mmph" Yuko wasn't able to finish because Haruna pulled her face which led them to kiss. Feeling each others breath, the tall girl bitted the younger girl's lips, Yuko accepted it, their tongues fought, their heartbeat is getting out of control.

Haruna pulled back, "Why don't we continue this to our hotel room later, roommate?" The tall girl asked and a wink came along

Yuko totally forgot about it, she's roommate with Haruna. "H-hai." Yuko smiled like she won a prize. "Does that mean we're official?!" Oshima asked and Kojima just sighed.

"Yes, Yuko. We're offcial." Yuko know that Haruna's serious when it comes to calling the squirrel type girl 'Yuko.'

"YES!" Yuko shouted and she hugged Haruna, the taller girl chuckled and she patted Yuko's head. "I swear, you'll never get hurt and I will love you until the world ends. Only death can do us apart." Yuko proudly said.

January 1, 2014

News about Yuko's Announcement went viral, it was a shock to the whole Japan. Knowing that the Present Ace will graduate sooner or later, though the Cat-like girl, or should we say, Yuko's girlfriend, Kojima Haruna, wants to spend all her time with the remaining days of Yuko as an AKB48 member.

"Morning, Princess." The younger girl greeted Haruna, both of them were naked. Feeling the cold air passing by, Haruna squinted and rubbed her eyes. While Yuko massaged her forehead.

"Remind me not to drink with Takamima and others during New Years Eve." The tall girl said.

"Yeah..." Yuko replied back, still massaging her temples.

"Ne." Haruna called Yuko with her cute but sexy voice. "Arigatou, for trusting me." Haruna said with a smile on her face.

"No, Nyannyan. I know that it's only 10 hours since we committed about our relationship but, thank you. Thank you for trusting me." Yuko said and Haruna just sighed and smiled at Yuko.

"Promise me that you'll always be here, right by my side...after graduation?"

"Yes, I will. Forever." Yuko said and Haruna sighed again.

Haruna hugged at Yuko, they pulled the blanket so that the cold air will not bother them. They have work but they don't care about it.

The two of them wants to rest from work and of course their midnight exercise earlier.

"I love you, Yuko."

The tall girl tightened her hugged and Yuko just smiled, showing off her squirrel-like smile with that adorable dimples of hers. She rested her head on Haruna's chest and she rubbed her head. "I love you too, Haruna." Yuko replied.

And of course, because of Oshima Yuko's perverted moves, they continued the part 2 of their exercise.

It was an accomplish for the two of them, they finally released their one-sided love. Haruna may broke her heart hours ago, but finally, she encouraged herself to kiss Yuko. Yuko may announce her graduation, at least, she won Haruna's heart.


Should I make an OS for Yuko's anniversary? Or not? LOL :mon XD:

Replies for the Christmas OS:

My Dear Yuuchan and My Shining Star:

@Korisu29: What's that my dear kouhai? :dunno:

@arache079: Hehe, because it's too cute when Haruna's asking for forgiveness~ :hehehe:

@MisakiShishido: Thank you for the drawing btw~ :gmon bang:

P.S: Both were trash OTL

@MaYukiIsLife: Will post it ASAP :mon thumb:

@Kairi65: :glasses:

@ametakarano: -sama? :mon zoom:

All I Want For Christmas:

@cisda83: Hahaha! Thank you! :gmon bang:

@Kairi65: Yup~ :mon inluv:

@chiqinna: Dear Bra, nice reply. :mon zoom:

Sick Day:

@Kairi65: I was too lazy, so yeah, Mayu's last sentence. :mon XD:

@yurin23mayuki: Hahahaha! Thank you Yurin~ :mon thumb:

@fath107: I will try to write more MaYuki then :glasses:

@MYJR: I know right~?! :on gay:

And of course for the silent readers, sankyuuuuuu~! :mon bye:

This is how Haruna pulled Yuko. :hee:
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For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #105 on: January 02, 2015, 04:21:43 AM »
Ah... is it 'The Truth'?

If it is... good for Yuko for getting her Haruna...

Was worried that it would be a sad New Year for Yuko but I guess she just got a big surprise...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to read more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Happy New Year and Happy Holiday

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #106 on: January 02, 2015, 08:01:38 AM »
Aww my kojiyuu feelings ~

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #107 on: January 02, 2015, 08:54:19 AM »
haha nice.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #108 on: January 02, 2015, 09:29:27 AM »
Great new year for KojiYuu~ :tama-excite:

more.... :twothumbs

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #109 on: January 02, 2015, 09:08:14 PM »
I was nervous when Yuko wanted to propose, happy when Haruna was actually in love with Yuko as well, cried when Haruna rejects and also her reason for it, cried again when reading Yuko announced her graduation and Haruna's regret, hope when Yuko heard it, happy when they became official, laughed when they agreed not to drink again, fluffy at their lovey dovey...

Too much teaser to the heart!!!  :inlove:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #110 on: January 03, 2015, 12:19:21 AM »
awwwww sooo cuttee continue please!!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #111 on: January 04, 2015, 01:00:06 PM »
Kojiyuu ... kojiyuu ... kojiyuu ...  :gmon flowers:

can't wait to more kojiyuu os ...  :mon XD:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #112 on: January 04, 2015, 01:17:33 PM »
Kojiyuu ... kojiyuu ... kojiyuu ...  :gmon flowers:

can't wait to more kojiyuu os ...  :mon XD:

kojiyuu kojiyuu kojiyuu!!
can't wait for your update too korisu-san :lol: :bow:

Silent reader for now

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
« Reply #113 on: January 05, 2015, 10:34:55 AM »

You I must be very lucky!!! I have little work today soI decided to read what I wanted to fora long time already. Aside from Divine-san's fic, or a few of newbies works, I was mostly interested in reading ur wMatsui OSs. I endedup reading ALL of ur OSs, not only wMatsui ones tho. I have a few things to say and sorry if I forget smth and make another comment later. It cuz I am on my phone, so can't really go back to each of OSs without losing this wall of text... oTL

KojiYuu ones... I am not a KojiYuu fan but they were really good, especially the one based on Yuuko-sama's post that I already commented on.

AtsuMina ones... lemme slowly die... they are my guilty pleasure so... HFZVJFAQTOPKVDEYJCSFJJRSCJKGEHVDROPMVDWAVGUKGJOK

*huff huff*

wMatsui, or to put it here properly, TAMR, is fkn adorable and Rena-sama's POV is just.... LOLOL

MaYuki OS was so sweet...I think I got cavities... that last sentence of Mayu tho xDDDD

Can I request YuukoRena?.. I know ur ships,'s better than asking for an AtsuYuu, right? xDD you can make it angsty, if you want to make mecry, like Imade you with that certain KojiYuukoRena ^~^

Other than some typos due to rushing, your writing style is easy to read so :thumbsup
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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #114 on: January 17, 2015, 09:56:08 PM »
ChibiRine is back~ :on gay: Truth is, I was about to post this last Friday.  :ptam-cry: But the electricity played with my mind so yeah, to make the long story short, I had to restart the OS again.  :mon ref: I promised yurin23mayuki, MisakiShishido and BbSis about this OS last week.  :mon ehh: To BbSis, Misaki, and Yurin, I'm so sorry if it's too boring!  :mon headbang: Special shout out to, Korisu29, Tam_atsu, yanki-kun, and arawche079, here's the OS! I hope all of you will enjoy it!  :angry1: I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to update this thread or my other fics last week, I was so busy because of the examination. Yeeeeesh, ChibiRine is a good student.  :tantrum: I'm giving too much information again, am I? :dunno:

Oh well, I will give you some heads up before reading this OS. This OS is based from Densen Uta, yeah the horror movie that's filled with AKB48 members.  :mon speechless:

Anzu - Yuko
Kiriko - Haruna
Kana - Acchan
Riku - Japanese Actor and he's not Riku from Mendol

Speaking of Mendol... :twisted: BWAHAHAHA, for all those readers who will get why I'm being paranoid will get an OS request from me.  :mon huh2: I hope all of you will enjoy this crappy OS from yours truly.  :mon waterworks: Oh wait, before reading this OS, please make sure that you will vote what fic that I should always update.  :mon heh: And give me a reason why I should update this fic.  I'm being random these days and I don't know why.  :mon surr: I have my own reasons why I don't update though. Maybe because my eyes will always burn every time I will see th-*stops* Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm giving too much information again.  :mon slapself:

There are some lines and scenes that I added, and some of it is not part of the movie XD Sorry if the flashbacks are too short.  :roll:

The Wanted Kiss

 Your name was Wakamatsu Kiriko. You are the best of my friends; well you are my only friend though. You died because of the curse that hit everyone that time. You died because I didn’t give you the wanted kiss. Yes, we both know that we really wanted that kiss so badly. I know, call me everything that is related to cursing. It was all my fault, if only I kissed you, I bet you will be here right by my side.

Winds blows gently beneath my body, sighing because of the wonderful stars and lights here. I remember you, walking along with me, dragging your bicycle while I'm just walking and talking about life with you. I mean sure, that’s what best friends will just talk about right? Of course, you're perfect. I mean, who wouldn't be speechless because of your beauty, fashion sense, and of course, you're such tease. But I wasn't able to notice it. You asked me if you can kiss you. At first I thought you were just joking or something, but boy I was wrong. You were seriously asking me if you can kiss me, am I really that dumb not to notice that you need that kiss. My heart skipped a lot because of you, but we just laughed it out.

Your hair will always swing slowly. I was too selfish not to notice it. Behind that lovely smile of yours, there's a secret that I discovered. But I was too late; I guess only our memories will always remind me of you. I called you my best friend but, you died because of me. If only I gave you that kiss...will you be here, right by my side? Working with me? Laughing our ass off because we will just judge those funny looking guys? I was so scared that time. I mean, we're both girls, right? I wasn't expecting from a pretty girl like you to ask my permission to kiss me.

Usually, we will just hug and hold each other’s hand. But asking a kiss from me? Really different, I remembered your touch when I was crying every night. You know when I'm sad and when I'm not. You know me all too well, Kiriko. I'm still hoping that you will always remember me even though you're already with Kami-sama up there. It was my entire fault, I was too selfish. I only cared about myself, my mother’s death, my questions, and I cared about you. But I was too late. I saw you and our homeroom teacher wet because of the gas. He lighted up his lighter and you asked him the same question you asked me the night before that incident.

"Can I kiss you?"

Funny isn't it? I mean, I can still remember your face, your lovely voice and your appearance when you pounced at me. I was texting that time. I was so frustrated that time because the Police are being shit. They kept telling me that they will help me but no, Police are useless and bullshits. But I felt you hand on my waist, as I felt your breathe on my ears, I felt heart skipping a lot. What has gotten to you that time? I was so confused with your sudden movements that time. But what if’s and why not’s are starting to hit my mind again. We were so miserable for Kana’s death, but that doesn’t mean you will follow her right? If I was able to kiss you that night, will you be here?
I was so frustrated not giving you my lips that night. Am I that stupid not to notice it? Will you give me a sign? A sign of forgiveness; please? I think I’m that kind of person who’s desperate because I’m still looking for some signs. Signs and presence of you, Kiriko. That night, the last time we talked about our feelings for someone. The same night you also asked me if you can kiss me. I really want your lips that time, I was so curious to know what it feels like. But after we solved the mystery of the song, your death is still a question for me. I was so confused.

Thoughts and memories of you; will always be here, inside my heart and my mind. I didn't even get the chance to say that I love you. Am I that dumb for not noticing that you have feelings for me? I can still remember the way you asked me that time, you were hesitating. I thought you were just joking, you were serious that time! But, I wasn’t able to notice it. To notice everything, your one-sided love, your gestures, and you were asking me if I like someone.

Truth is I’m not really interested when it comes to love, because all I want is vengeance for my mother. You know the reason why I hate men. It was all because of my father who killed my mother because we were so poor that time. I hated the Police for not taking some action. I mean they should’ve arrested my father. But I was wrong. The ghost rescued me; she saved me from my father who was holding a gun, searching for me because he will kill me like he did to my mom few years ago.

After your death, we started to search for some signs.

But no sign of your death.

Times passed and I got the chance to see that ghost, at first I thought it was you. Maybe I thought it was you because same height, same hair, and same style. I sang with her that time, when I heard her singing with me, I thought I heard your voice.

Truly, oh truly this design has become regrettable Truly, oh truly it resembles somebody Why am I living In this corner?

I can still remember your voice, singing that song. I should've stopped you and the weird war freak guy....but I was too late. Your scent, your presence, your face, your body, your lovely voice, and, your angelic soft skin…. I can still remember it. I'm too late, years late. I hope you can see me up there....regretting because of everything I've done. I'm an idiot; I'm an idiot for not taking your question seriously. At least give me some signs, Kiriko. I tried everything to forget about your question, our conversation, and mostly...your death.

"I can't imagine life without Kiriko...I'm alone again...At least...I could have let her kiss me."

Why Kiriko? Will you be here if my lips touched your lips? Will you be still the same clingy best friend that I have? Or, we will always be forever. Forever best friends, forever lovers and we will always cherish moments that we have, thanks to that stupid forever.
I sighed and I felt the wind, I felt my poor small body, shivering. It’s been years, I mean I should move on right? But I can’t, I just can’t. You’re like a curse and a drug. A curse because I can’t stop thinking about you and your presence is still here. A drug, because you’re getting me too addicted to you. Addicting me and I can’t stop thinking about you.

Memories of us are still playing here, inside my heart and my mind. What should I do, Kiriko? You’re always there to distract me, how dare you do that to me?

But I’m always guilty, guilt will always creep up. Yes. I’m guilty for everything. I want to scream and shout and let my feelings. I want the whole universe to know, that I Anzu, regrets about everything! But Kiriko, I guess you're waiting for me up there, ne? As I sat down on a bench, I sighed and I smiled. "This is our old spot, Kiriko. Can you still remember it?" I mumbled to myself as I felt the cold air again. "I thought so." I smirked to myself. I don't care if people will look at me with their weird looking face with their eyebrows that are currently reached their forehead because they might think I'm crazy. Well, crazy or not, at least Kiriko will catch me every time I feel humiliated about myself.

I looked up to see the stars and I saw this big star and it was too bright. It was shimmering, I smiled to myself and I closed my eyes. Luckily there's no one who's walking around to this corner because it's too dark, I'm also waiting for my oba-san who's currently at work, she told me that I should wait for her and we will grab something to eat. "Kiriko..." I mumbled.


While Kana is too busy showing off her boyfriend Koji, I got annoyed that time. Seriously? Talking about a guy will not help you with your studies and our team. I was flipping some pages of Kana's mini notebook. I just sighed I handed Kiriko the mini notebook and I left the table along with my book. I sat on the other side and I started to read the book. But then, I heard a noise from my left side, I saw Kiriko looking at me and my book and she smiled and I awkwardly smiled back.

"Anzu, I guess you're not interested in boys." She said and I just sighed, I saw her eyes and as usual with my drama life with my best friend, her eyes are full of questions and I guess she's pretty worried about me. "Is that about your dad?" She asked me.

My guard got down, she knows my biggest weakness. She doesn't know the whole story but she knows that I hate my dad. "No!" I said, I can still feel her that she's still staring at me.

She sighed. "Speaking of that, you never talk about your parents. What do they do?" She asked me and I can feel my heart, breaking because of her question.

I gulped and I smiled at her, "Weren't we talking about boys?" I changed the topic so that I could forget my miserable past. "Kiriko, do you have someone?" I added. Kiriko looked down and she smiled.

"I have someone I like now." Kiriko said and she looked at me again. I was about to add something, but I saw Kana. Leaving the cafeteria, and that's how the crazy mayhem started.


I'm too dumb, Kiriko. If only you told me your real feelings, maybe we can hang out here. But Kiriko, you left the world. You left me. Kiriko, will you give me the light? Remember when we observed the school's lake? The sun was too bright and hot. I opened my eyes and I saw a light. I smiled to myself. "You never fail to impress me, Kiriko." I mumbled and I checked my watch. It's already 8:20 PM. My aunt will be finished around 9 or 10. I better order something or I should just wait for her. "Kiriko, I will just wait for my aunt so that I can spend more time with you." I said and I felt the cold wind again. I giggled and I observed the light. "The only thing that's missing are the ducks and the water, Kiriko."


Kiriko and I was sitting down on the bleachers, the sun was too hot. But we have no choice but to sit there because it's our class break or should I saw our class extended break. Kiriko and I will usually cut the boring classes, well yeah. Kiriko and I will always do this, so I guess we're pretty used to it. Not to mention, our noisy classmates that will annoy the two of us.

"There're no ducks today." Kiriko mumbled and I looked at the water.

"Were there some the other day?" I asked Kiriko but still, her eyes are still locked to that water.

"Un." She nodded and I just sighed. But I got curious because of this person that she likes; maybe I should ask her about it. "Somebody touched my boobs while somebody was glaring at them." She said and then sighed afterwards.

"What?" I asked Kiriko and she sighed again.

 "Are they really that big, Anzu?" She asked me and I stared at her boobs. And if I'm going to be honest, yes. It’s big.

"Well yeah, Kiriko. But that's a gift so don't disgrace it." I said and then she laughed. "Why? I'm telling you the truth~"

"That's why I like you..." She said, I don't know if this is a confession or what, she looked at me and she smiled. " my best friend." She said and I sighed and I giggled.

"I thought you like me because of my sexy body~" I joked and she playfully slapped my arms. "All right, all right. I will stop~ let's go?" I asked and she nodded. "We have team meeting." I added and we both stood up from the bench. I saw her sighing again; I'm really worried for Kiriko. Maybe the person that she likes rejected her. "Ne, Kiriko." I called her while walking. She hummed at me and I sighed. "Why were you sighing? It's been hours you know? Did the person you like rejected you?" I asked her and pouted and shook her head.

"I'm just feeling the clouds with Kana~" She teased me, I gasped and she giggled. "What? I'm just kidding you~" I sighed because of her jokes.

“Mou~ stop saying such things!” We both stopped from walking and we looked at each other. She laughed and smiled at me, I felt Kiriko’s hand on my cheeks and she pinched it. “You know the secret about me, and my parents’ right?” I asked her and she nodded. “You’re the only one that I have now. So please, if you’re going to commit suicide, don’t.”

She nodded her head and we continued to walk. “I will not die, remember why I told you? I will never leave you.” Kiriko said and I looked up to the sky.

“I’m thankful to have you, Kiriko.” I mumbled and I can feel my heart, beating every second. It’s getting loud, my heartbeat is getting loud ad it’s getting fast. What the hell is happening to me?

“Me too, Anzu. I’m thankful to have you here, right by my side.”


That was the last time when we cut classes; I can still remember it crystal and clear. Why am I so obsessed to you, Kiriko? Is it because your boobs are too big or what? I mean, it’s normal for gifted girls to have that kind of chest, right? Call me a pervert right now but, it’s the truth, Kiriko. I can imagine you flicking my head and screaming that I’m an idiot and pervert for telling you those kinds of words. I’m saying these words to you because I never lie, Kiriko. Well…maybe a little but, lying to you? Never in my life have I lied to you. I felt my phone vibrating from my pockets, as I grabbed the phone from my hand; I saw our picture. I smiled for a while but I saw my aunt, calling me. I answered the phone and she told me that she will be here around 30 minutes later. I nodded and I ended the call, but something is different. Not really different, more like déjà vu. 8 years ago after my phone call with aunt, I can still remember the way you held my waist; I can still remember the way you called my name after that phone call. Your body was on my back and I felt your warm hug that night. But I guess, that’s the last time we talked to each other. Not to mention, the night you asked me if you can kiss me, the night that I will always cherish.


“You know that I’m waiting for my aunt, right?” I asked Kiriko and she nodded. “Then, what are you doing here?” I asked again and she just pouted.

“Coz’ I know that Anzu needs someone to accompany her~” She said with a sing-song tone.

“But you pounced at me earlier, I almost dropped my phone, you know?” I asked again and she just chuckled.

“Gomen~ gomen~” She said and I just nodded to show that I forgive. Kiriko and I were seated down on the bench and we started to talk about lot of things, her phone received a message and she looked at the message. “So far no one has committed suicide.” Kiriko said and she started to type a message on her phone, I looked down on my feet. “We decided to exchange emails every hour.” Kiriko added and I looked at her. “Even if we do something like it most likely won’t be any good.”

“Kiriko, did something happen at home?” I asked Kiriko and she just looked down on her feet and she was pouting. She looked up and a big ball of air escaped from her mouth, literally.

“Why was a person like me born into family of doctors?” Kiriko asked.

“Another relatives meeting?” I asked back and I looked down on my feet again. The truth is I was switching some glances just to make myself comfortable.

“They all pull up in their Mercedes and ask me if I was part of the bullying.” She looked down again, “It makes me want to sing that song.” Kiriko said, my heart is beating too fast, I don’t know what to say. She sound so depressed. A curve of smile came out from my mouth, and I chuckled just to cheer her up. It’s too depressing to see my best friend being depressed.

“Don’t die!” I half-shouted and the pout is still there. “You promised that you would become a designer and give me clothes as gifts.” She shifted her glances to me and she smiled.

“That’s right.” Kiriko said, why is my heart beating like this? Is this love of just tease? Ah, whatever. She tilted her head again. “You have someone you like too.” I said, not letting go the smile off my face. I looked at her and she’s just sighing. “Don’t you have a lot of things you want to do?”

She slowly looked at me, her face it looks like that she’s too serious. “Can I kiss you?” Kiriko asked me and she smiled. I was speechless, I can’t say, utter, blabber a word. I was frozen, my heart keeps beating like there’s no tomorrow. What the heck is wrong with me? My body wants to do something, like it’s pushing me to get nearer to Kiriko’s body. “I’m just kidding!” Kiriko said and she laughed out really loud.

“What are you saying?!” I asked her, and I laughed along with her. “What the hell?!” I added and I smiled even more. But, I was really confused though. I should’ve given it to her.

“Yeah, what the hell?!” She said, trying to catch her breath because of too much laughing. The two of us caught our breaths back and we looked at each other. Kiriko stood up from the bench and she played with her arms. “I’m going home.” She said, and then she posed like Conan, “Once I get home, I’ll face my family. Sorry to keep you this late.” Kiriko added and she walked on her way to the other side of the bench to get her bicycle. She smiled at me and I smiled at her back. “Bye bye!”

I smiled back, “Bye bye.”

I don’t know what’s happening right now, my heart is dancing so crazily. But one this is for sure, I think I love her.


That was the last time the two of us talked. Yes, the last time we laughed together. I have lots of regrets that night, I should’ve kissed you that night, Kiriko. I was so afraid that night. I didn’t mean to do such things. If only, if only I could take back the time. If only, I saved you from that horrible curse. If only, I listened to my heart. Well, I’m too late, right? Too late for everything? I sighed and I saw the star, it was so bright. It reminds me of Kiriko’s eyes. I sighed and I grabbed my phone. I really want to feel Kiriko’s presence right now, I should go to the cemetery and clean her grave. I wasn’t able to visit her yesterday because I was too busy with work and studies. Plus, I’m studying again. I’m studying as a designer because I know that Kiriko wants to be a designer. And I will continue her dreams. Coz’ I’m a good best friend; and a good lover of her. I know, I may be too late for expressing my love for her right now. But persuading myself to continue her dreams? Why not? I’m the reason of her death anyway, so I must continue what’s right and just. I will do anything, just for Kiriko. Only Kiriko.

I guess I have no choice but to message my aunt that I will go at Kiriko’s grave to clean her grave and just to spend some time with her, watching the bright stars. I sighed and I grabbed my bag, my feet helped me to stand up and I sighed again. I grabbed my phone from my bag and I started to search for my aunt’s number.

To: Baba

Subject: Will Visit Kiriko

Date: 1/17/15

I will visit Kiriko. It’s been a day since the last time I cleaned her grave and she needs someone to clean it up for her. I will just wait you at the cemetary.

From: Baba

Subject: Will Visit Kiriko
Date: 1/17/15
Okay. Just remember to be safe.

I started to walk on my way to the cemetery. Luckily the cemetery is just few minutes away from my aunt’s office. While walking, I saw some teenagers playing with fire. I shrugged, I remember the way you died that day. You were soaking wet because of the gasoline. Fire will always freak me out, luckily the psychiatrist will always remind me that it’s all over. But still, your death will always be here in my head. Call me being a delusional lover, Kiriko. But I don’t care. I’m too late, I know. But I know that you know that I still care for you, so much.


As I saw the window along with the principal, I saw Kiriko; soaking wet because of the gasoline. Why are doing such things, Kiriko? Why is she doing this? Last night we talked about that she will not die, but....what is she doing?! I thought she will not die because of our future together? Is it because of the kiss that we talked about last night?! Before commiting suicide, the two of them took a picture, after taking some pictures. I saw the him, lighting up his lighter, I observed the two of them, my feet got stuck. I don’t know what should do, fuck. He was smiling and Kiriko’s lips, it was pouting. But I saw Kiriko mouthed him the same question she asked me last night. ’Can I kiss you?’ After asking him that question the two of them were on fire already.

I ran outside the office, carrying my feet to save Kiriko from the fire. Why didn’t I do this in the first place?! Am I really that stupid or what?!

KIRIKO!” I screamed while running, the principal caught me, trying his best to stop me. “KIRIKO!” I’m trying my best to fight with his force, but he’s too goddamn strong.

One of the teachers came, “Bring a fire extinguisher and a blanket!” I got off from his force and I tried to run again but he caught me again.

“What the hell?! Why are you stopping me?! I’m her best friend! She needs me there!” I said, tears started to form in my eyes again. Damn you, Kiriko. Damn you.

“Anzu!” Someone called me, the principal is still busy, pulling me away from the incident.

“Stay here!” The principal shouted at me.

I’m being a stubborn hard headed student, I kept fighting. “Kiriko!”

Riku touched my arms and he pulled me away from the principal. “Do you know her?” The principal asked Riku, the tall guy nodded. “Please keep her here!”

“Kiriko!” I shouted once again. Tears couldn’t stop falling from my eyes. I’m acting like a kid right now.

“Taichi-san died.” Riku said and she sighed.

“So did Kiriko! WHY?!” I saw Kiriko’s body, it was toasted from the fire. I can’t breath, I can’t do this.

Riku hugged my body and his voice is also broken. “At any rate, let’s gather those that are still alive!” He said and I nodded.

If I didn’t have the chance to save Kiriko, I must save my kouhais, so that I can break the curse. That’s what Riku told me earlier, I went to the location where Kiriko’s body got burned out, tears are rolling down on my face again. I sighed and I felt the cold wind. I looked up to the sky.

“Kiriko...I love you. But I was too late to save you. I’m so sorry.” I mumbled, and everything went black.


Damn, I didn’t realized that I already reached the cemetery, to be honest, I’m the only one who will visit Kiriko almost every day. Her families too busy with hospitals and stuffs, her family knows that I’m Kiriko’s best friend. They were sorry for me because I lost my best friend. I feel sorry for them because they lost their precious princess. I reached Kiriko’s tombstone, it was so cold. I grabbed a roll of tissue and bottle of alcohol to clean her tombstone. “The must air must’ve left you very dusty eh?” I mumbled. After wiping off the dust from her cold tombstone, I sat down for a while and I observed the starry night. It reminds me of your shining eyes. Your beautiful eyes, I sighed and I closed my eyes. I felt the cold wind again. “Mou~ Kiriko. Stop teasing me.” I mumbled and the wind stopped. “Thank you Kami-sama and Kiriko.” I said and I opened my eyes along with a curve on my face.


After running from the tunnel I was panting. I tried to catch my breath and keep my composure, I tantrum like a little kid who lost her candy. I saw Riku, panting and walking weakly because of the running that we did.

“I should have let her kiss me.” I said and I took a deep breath. I lightly hit my upper leg and I arranged my jacket from its arrangement earlier. “When I was told to become the team captain, I was crying saying that it was all impossible.” Tears are falling down again. “She said she would be behind me. I can’t imagine life without Kiriko.” I faced Riku and he was just frowning. “I’m alone again.” I looked down. “At least...I could have let her kiss me.

“What kiss?” Riku asked me and I looked at him.

“Kiss is a kiss!” I half-shouted at him. “Don’t you know?” I asked him and I can feel that he shrugged.

“So that’s how it is.” He said and he faced his body to the right side of the view outside the tunnel. “Kiriko liked you.” Kiriko….liked….me? “She wanted to kiss you and do more, but she couldn’t. So she reluctantly got together with the homeroom teacher.” I made some face that showed him that I’m very annoyed.

I walked away from him. “Fool! You are the worst!” I shouted while walking away from him. “If I didn’t have to worry about my underclassmen, I wouldn’t…”

I’m finding the right words but Riku butted in. “Kissing doesn’t matter.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“It matters!” I screamed at him while pouting.

“That was her problem.” He said and he followed me.

Her problem?! Well that problem just caused her to commit suicide alright. Plus, it was all my fault. If only I kissed her that night, she would be here; praying for us. I felt the cold air beneath my skin, I felt a finger on my back and I gasped. I thought it was Riku, but nobody was behind my back.

“What the heck are you doing here?” Riku asked me and shrugged.

“Nothing…nothing.” I mumbled and I ran away from him.

Who the hell tapped my back? Don’t tell me it was Kiriko….?


I felt the cold air again, it looks like Kiriko really likes to tease me. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m getting crazy because of her. Maybe because I couldn’t get her out of my head? What should I do? The wind is getting powerful, maybe I should just pray to Kami-sama to make it stop. I closed my eyes and I felt the wind stopped, the noises of the people can’t be heard anymore. I felt a warm body on my back, I opened my eyes and I faced the person that suddenly hugged me.

“Impossible.” I said softly she was still the same girl. Same features, same body, and same smile.

“Hey, Anzu.” She said and she caressed my cheeks. “No time, no see.”

“Kiriko?!” I said and she nodded along with her chuckle. I was so shocked and I got speechless. I don’t know what to say right now.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” She asked me and I nodded.

I blinked and I rubbed my eyes.

She laughed, “No matter how many time you will blink or rub your eyes, this is all real.”

“No way…” I said and I finally smiled.

“This is all real, look at the people, they stopped. I stopped the time, and I know that it’s a forbidden rule but I tried my best to fight with the evil spirits up there just to get this prize.” Kiriko added and I felt her lips on my forehead.

“What prize?” I asked her and she smirked. “Nice wings, by the way.” I added and she laughed.

“You’re still the same Anzu.” She said and held my hands.

“Not as bad as you are, Kiriko.” I said and I held her cheeks, I felt her warm hands on my cheeks.

Slowly, our face is getting nearer. Feeling each other’s breath while smiling, our foreheads touched along with our nose that also touched, she’s the first one to move her head forward. I felt her soft, pinking, puckering lips on mine. That’s it, that’s the wanted kiss that we both want 8 years ago. 8 years of bitterness, 8 years of sufferings, 8 years of waiting, it’s finally over.

We both pulled back and I can feel that I am blushing right now, I saw cheeks and she was blushing as well. “I didn’t know that an angel can blush.” I said and Kiriko lightly slapped my arm. “Ouch!” I said and she laughed.

She gave me peck on both of cheeks, my forehead, my nose and my lips. “I have to go now.” She said and she stood up from her tombstone. “Thank you for everything. Thank you for the memories, thank you for loving me. But I think, it’s time for you to meet another person.”

“Meet another person?!” I asked and she nodded while smiling. “Can you just stay here, with me?” I asked again and she placed her index finger at my lips.

“Don’t worry..” She breathed out. “This person is amazing, and I know her since I was a kid.” She said while tears are falling down on her face, I wiped her tears and she ruffled my hair.

“When will I see you again?” I asked her and she spreaded out her wonderful wings.

“You never know.” She mumbled.

“But, will you always be there for me?” I asked her and she nodded.

She kissed my lips again, we were both crying. I wiped her tears and she did the same thing. “Always and forever.” Kiriko said and I saw the portal, it was so beautiful and bright. “After all, the two of us gave our wanted kiss anyway.” Kiriko added and fled away from me, before entering the portal, she gave me a flying, she’s so beautiful. She finally entered the portal and everything went back to normal. Everyone was moving and I saw a shining piece of metal, laid down on the grass. I picked it up and it was a pendant.

Anzu and Kiriko
will always be forever
and ever.

Someone must’ve written it eh? I cried and I realized that this was from Kiriko’s flying kiss. It was shining, just like Kiriko earlier.

I was so busy observing the pendant and someone tapped my shoulders.

“Uhm, excuse me but, who are you?” Someone asked me and I thought that voice was familiar. “And what are you doing here?” The person added, she can be a little impatient alright?

I turned around to face this person and to my surprise, she looks exactly like Kiriko. “Uhm....I’m Natsuno Anzu.” I said and I offered her my hands. “I’m the best friend of Wakamatsu Kiriko.” I said and I smiled at her.

She took my hands and she shook it. “I’m Wakamatsu Asahi, sister...well twin sister of Wakamatsu Kiriko.” Kirik- I mean Asahi said and she’s really like Kiriko.

“I didn’t know that Kiriko had a twin sister.” I said and she blushed.

“Let’s just say that, our parents separated the two of us.” Asahi said and she looked down on her sister’s tombstone and she touched it. “Its been a while, nee-chan.” Asahi said and she smiled.

I remembered what Kiriko told me. “I have to go now.” She said and she stood up from her tombstone. “Thank you for everything. Thank you for the memories, thank you for loving me. But I think, it’s time for you to meet another person.”

“Meet another person?!” I asked and she nodded while smiling. “Can you just stay here, with me?” I asked again and she placed her index finger at my lips.

Asahi stood up from the tombstone and she looked at me. “I know this is so weird to ask but may I have your number?” I asked her and she gave me her calling card.

“You know, my sister was right about you.” Asahi said and I just looked at her. “You’re very cute.”

“Really?” I asked her and she nodded. “Then I guess I will be seeing you a lot then, Wakamatsu-san.” I said and she just winked at me.

“Please, call me Asahi.”

“Okay then, Asahi. Dinner, tonight...with me...sounds good?” I asked her and she blushed. But I felt her arms clunged on my left arm.

“Okay then, as long as it’s your treat!” She said and I nodded.

I looked at the tombstone and I smiled. “See you again next time, Kiriko.” I said and I felt the wind again.

I guess this is your plan for me, Kiriko? Don’t worry, I will try my best to win your sister’s heart. And I will never do the same mistake, I promise my dear.


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@Korisu29: I'm waiting for your update though  :mon kungfu:

@Tam_atsu: Here's the OS~~~  :mon blowhorn:

@sakura_drop_: Oh, thanks for reading my OSs then. I will try my best to write one for you, lemme just finish what I can finish right now.  :mon butt3:

And for the silent readers, thank you as always~!  :mon rush: :mon bye:

(It's almost 5 AM, please let me sleep.)  :panic:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #115 on: January 17, 2015, 10:20:54 PM »
This was based on that 2007 move right? The Suicide Song?

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #116 on: January 17, 2015, 11:33:03 PM »
OMG!! My kojiyuu feeling!!... 2x1 nyanyans... love it!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #117 on: January 18, 2015, 07:41:52 AM »
from densen uta, huh ...  :mon determined:
good job senpai ...  :mon thumb:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #118 on: January 18, 2015, 12:06:51 PM »
I watched Densen Uta last month

There was some KojiYuu  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

There was a part when Kiriko asked a kiss from Anzu and they kept replying "EH?!?"  :lol: :lol:

 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
« Reply #119 on: January 18, 2015, 12:17:11 PM »
Haha nice one rhine....

Ah i like it!!! :deco:

You told me to watch the movie yesterday so i can catch up with the story. :lol:

i enjoy both movie and your os

Good job it seems like you take down notes while watching the film....hehe

I want to read MORE rhine-chan's  kojiyuu stories!!!haha :bow:

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