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Author Topic: IamNot_Glad's OS Collection (KojiYuu & AtsuMina)  (Read 8689 times)

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IamNot_Glad's OS Collection (KojiYuu & AtsuMina)
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:04:18 PM »

Three words, Eight letters

Someone's POV

There is no perfect life, it is not always happy, you don't get what you always want. Sadness always come after happiness, but after the rain, rainbow is there. How ironic...

Yeah, I've experienced such things. I thought all the things that happen to me is perfect, a loving mom, comfortable life, loving girlfriend, supportive bestfriend, fun friends. I'm happy. I wish for nothing.

And yet... I'm only just experiencing happiness. And sadness is yet to come. But I believed if I overcome the storm, there is always a rainbow to welcome me, right?

Happiness is being with someone who'll stick up with you no matter what, being with friends that understand and support you, no matter what situation you face. Happiness… it is not something you wished, you don't wait for it. We, we have the ability to do our own happiness. It is our decision if we choose to be happy or not. Right?

Who'll give me happiness then? Love has something to do with happiness right? They say… love has it ups and downs, it's twist and turns. Love leaves us pain, teaches us until we  learn something and even if it takes us so long, it will always takes us to where we belong. But, how could you know where you belong if you have two choices? Two choices that hard to choose cause there are positive and negative reasons in both side.

Relationships are like traffic signs, 1-way, 2-way, do not enter, no U-turn, no left turn, but the best so far is give way and keep right. You drive your own life, right? Are you gonna follow the traffic sign or you drive your own life roughly? Will you turn to the left or will you turn to the right?

Who are you going to choose, the one you love or the one who loves you? If she/he left you, will you just be stupid to wait for him/her? Or let go of him/her and start again? But what if I did that, will he/she still wait for me? What if I loved someone else?

Loved or be loved?

Atsuko's POV


I followed her.

I don't know but when she walks away from me, I feel hurt. There's a big part of me can be missing. It's not like when Takeru left me… because I know in myself what's gonna be missing to me. But… But… Now, I don't know. Blank. All I just know is. I don't want Minami left me. No. Not her.

She stop her pace and stare at me. What's the problem? Is she mad at me?

"When will I be, Atsuko? When?"

When she will be what? Is she mad because I choose Takeru that morning?

That's the reason?



He hold my hand while Minami is holding my other hand.

"I'm sorry. I know that you might not forgive me. I know you. What I've done is wrong. I'm really sorry. Even if I sacrifice the last of my life I will, just forgive me to the stupidity I done."

Takeru… Why? Why are you saying those things? Why? Why are you making me so confused?

"Don't leave me. Don't… Don't… Just. Not now. Please don't leave me."

I just stare at him. What he's saying? Of course, I won't leave him. I'm not going anywhere.

"Atsuko, let's go."

In my left… there's Minami. I look at her. She still holding my hand. But Takeru grip his hand to my right hand. I look at him.

No! He's crying. No! Takeru is such a crybaby. He's crying. And when he's crying there's no one who can stop her. He just punch anybody. He change to a crazy man.

"Don't leave me now. Please Atsuko…"

His voice is shaking. I look again to Minami. She's just staring at me. I know Minami will be mad at me if I choose Takeru. But I can't let him down.

I'm sorry. But… I'm choosing...

Minami's POV

She said that she don't want to cry again. She said that she's tired of crying. But… everything is ruined. It ended... Who will she choose? Me or Takeru? Left or right? I know that she choose Takeru. But... in my heart. I hope... She doubt and choose me.

But... But... But...

"I'm sorry Minami. You can go first. Let's meet later, okay?"

I want to shout at her and said... 'Choose me. I won't hurt you.' I want to say what Takeru said. 'Please don't go.' I want to hold her and keep to my side. Don't give her to Takeru. But... I just nod and say...



That's what I felt. I'm hurt. Why did she... I was hoping that she might choose me. I know that whatever happens, it's still Sato Takeru. I'm weak. I'm hurt. I've done anything for you... because he left you, but... now he's back and you choose him. Gahd, I hate you Atsuko. I hate that I love you so much.

Atsuko's POV

Is my decision right? That I choose Takeru? For sure, Minami is mad at me.

"Thank you Atsuko. For not leaving."

I just smiled at him

Flashback end.

Atsuko's POV

"Minami what's wrong? Are you mad at me? Because of what happen earlier? I'm sorry. I have to pick Takeru because when he's crying, he just punch anybody and I can't let that happen. I'm real—"


She— she shout at me. She always shout but this time... it's different.

"I'm so– sorry"

"Sorry? You're just good at saying sorry. You're always say sorry to me. You always choose them first. WHY?!? Because you're confident that I'm not gonna leave you. I won't let go of you. And for that you have the confidence to leave me. ARE YOU HAPPY?!? ON WHAT HE SAID?!? You have a chance to be with him again. But what can I do? I don't have the right to stop you. WHAT?!? There's nothing, right? And when he left you again? You come to me and say sorry again? I hate it. Because... me... I accept your sorry. Why? Who am I not to accept that."

'No. I can't... I can't leave you. I don't want. Now that... Now that I know I can't be happy again if you'll leave me.'

I want to say that. But... I don't have the guts. I won't... I just keep it.


She shout at me. Me. I'm crying. Why? It really hurts! What is this? I don't want her to shout at me. I don't want her to be like this. I don't want her to he mad at me.

I remember when Takeru left me. Minami is always by my side. She is my hero. She save me from pain. I don't want her experienced this.

"I hate this! You and what have you done. I hate myself because... when you say sorry—"

She looked down and clench her fist.

"What is it when I said so—"



 [A/N: That's Acchan when Takamina said that! Sorry for ruining the mood. HEHE :P]

"Always... Just one sorry and I can forgive you. It's nothing to me again. I can't be mad at you. Just one smile and my anger is gone. When I see you, I feel weak. I can't resist you."

She stop. And... and. HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN?!? She's crying. But... but... MINAMI?!? MINAMI'S CRYING?!?




Her voice is low now. And she is sad.

"... I was hoping. Earlier. That even if there is no miracle, you might choose me. You said that you're tired of crying. YOU SAID THAT YOU DON'T WANT IT!?! But... you. You choose to be hurt again. I just want you to be happy. I won't hurt you. You know that.  I CAN PROTECT YOU!!! But, why you didn't want me to do it? Because you want Takeru to protect you. That it's always be him. I separate you from him. But you always go for him. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want you to be hurt. Because that's the last thing I do in my life. To hurt you."

Minami. Don't cry. I'm also hurt. And this is different from the hurt that I experienced when Takeru left me. This hurt feelings when I know that there is someone who is hurt because of me. I know that you don't want to be hurt. I feel it. I know it. When I'm with you, I feel that there is no one who can hurt me because you are there to save me.

"Atsuko... Why?? Why is it always Takeru? I want to help you. Cry at my shoulder, beat me, slap me, anything. I don't care. But why you didn't let me to take care of you? To protect you? I CAN AND I WANT!!! I'm always here. Wherever you go, I will accompany you. It's ok for me if you shout at me. Just let me be by your side. I don't want that guy to do that. Why is it... you don't let me to—"


"... to hold and guard you heart?"



"I want to take care of you, make you happy if you are sad, accompany you if you are alone, help you in your script, drive you back and forth, hold your things after you go shopping, cook your favorite food, sing you a lullaby if you can't sleep, dance to make you amuse, scratch the itchy part of your body, click the remote and change to Cartoon Network, Nick and Disney Channel, and most of all..."

She stop crying. Is she not angry anymore? But the sadness in her eyes is slowly disappearing.

"Maeda Atsuko"

Minami come close and hold my cheeks. She's staring at me.

"...I'm ready to love you. I want to love you."

What? She wants to love me? W-Why?

"Atsuko, I want to be with you. Share everything with you. Spend my life with you. Anything related to you."

" O____O "

" (-'  ' , -) "


"HEY ATSUKO! I'm serious here. I confessed my feelings for you but your just spacing out."

Here she come's again. Shouting!

"Excuse me... If you keep shouting at me, I just leave her—"

[A/N: Ara~ Acchan such a tsundere. Hehe, sorry for ruining the mood again. I can't help it :P]

"Try it. Try to leave."


"Nothing. *smile, more likely grin... KAWAII..!* Because... wherever you go. I will follow you. *smile* Wherever Atsuko. "

Awwww... she's so sweet.

"I can be and I will be the 'girl' who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who will call you back when you hung up the phone, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch your sleep. You should love a 'girl' who kiss your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hands in front of her friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without make-up on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much she cares and lucky to have you... The one who turn to her friends and says, 'THAT'S HER'."

"You should love that kind of girl. Fortunately, I can be that girl, so... LOVE ME."

I remembered Takeru. He's a 'YOURMAN'. Hmm... but Minami. Whenever I cry, she would always make me feel like she would change the world if she could so it couldn't hurt me anymore.

"Atsuko... don't doubt my feelings for you. Because it's the only thing I'm sure of."

I decided to tease her.

"Why? What's your feeling for me? That you seems so sure. And that I can't doubt about it?"

She looked down and blush. Aww... she looks like a baby. KAWAII!!!

"Atsuko. Three words, eight letters. That's what I feel for you. That's what I feel that it makes me hurt whenever you think Takeru."

When she said that, she push me to the tree. She looks like she gonna push the tree. I stuck in the middle. I was like O____O

"Three words? Eight letters? What? What are you saying?"


What's that? Three words? There's so many words. And wait... how come three words and eight letters become feelings? I only know that it is a noun. And what is the meaning of that? I HATE YOU?!? NO! I know that she mad at me. I - H - A - T - E - Y - O - U?!? NOO!!! But it can also be I want you. I need you. I like you. I... I LOVE YOU?!? UGH!! I hate guessing! So I said...

"Then say it! SAY THAT THING!! Say what you feel for me."


"What's 38??"

"My feelings for you!!"

"Minami. I'm hella serious here, 38 is a number. What I ask is your feelings! GAHD!! SAY IT!! Say what you feel for me..."

"What is it to you if I say that? Nothing will change. I'll still be Minami and you'll still be Atsuko. Nothing will change even if I say it or not."

She look down.

"There's gonna be a change. Three words, eight letters. Say it, Minami. Say it and I'm yours."

When I said, 'say it and I'm yours', I hold her cheeks. I don't know but... I want hold it. I... I just want to tell her that I give up. I'm falling for her. No, I'm fallen for her. I'm inlove with this girl. That even if she keep shouting at me. I know that she won't hurt me and always protect me. And I'm safe with her...


Her face come closer.

" I "


" LOVE "


" YOU "


"Can I kiss you? *blush then look down*"

I stunned for a second and smiled at her.

Then our lips met.

And I know that this is L.O.V.E

And... Hell yeah... I'm a girlinlove.


How was it??   :dunno: :dunno:
I think this deserves a part two??
Yeah, I guess!

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Three words, Eight letters [5/24/14]
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2014, 02:31:56 PM »
 :luvluv1: :nya: :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly:
kyaaaa atsumina in love  :mon inluv:

more please! :on gay:

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Three words, Eight letters [5/24/14]
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2014, 03:14:07 PM »
Eh... Atsuko just choose Takeru

Now kissing Minami...?!

What's going to happen to Takeru?

Or to Atsumina relationship?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Three words, Eight letters [6/1/14] POLLS
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2014, 01:06:01 PM »
Eh... Atsuko just choose Takeru

Now kissing Minami...?!

What's going to happen to Takeru?

Or to Atsumina relationship?

Acchan choose Takreu because she felt obliged. I hope that I clear you thought about this
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Re: AtsuMina OS: Three words, Eight letters [6/1/14] POLLS
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2014, 02:38:40 PM »
This fic so touching  :cry:

But yeah the ending is atsumina Sweet moment :grin:

Thanks for your OS author-san, please make a story again later :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Three words, Eight letters [6/1/14] POLLS
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2014, 02:59:27 PM »
TakaMina is so adorable  :wub: :wub: :wub:

She should beat Takeru for hurting Aachan. . .

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never [10/8/14]
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2014, 03:09:55 PM »
I know Takamina is different from Kai but when I was writing this, I actually feel that the character does not fit from Takamina.   :sweat: :sweat:

So yeah, please bear with this...  :hee: :hee: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :wahaha: :wahaha:


“Now or Never”

I'll be going."  when he said that, he actually meant it.


5yrs I go, I missed the bus and I met a guy...


"Oh gosh, I'll be late for my bus." I was running like it was a matter of life and death situation when infact, I was only running for the bus. It was already 4:48pm and my bus was to arrive 2minutes after, at 4:50pm. I knew I wouldn't make it but I tried and run for my life, I mean bus.

"Huff! Huff!" when I arrived the bus stop I was already running out of breath and I had my hands on my knees.

"It just left." I was a bit surprised when someone talked, I raised my head and saw a guy sitting on the bench of the shed, he was reading a book.

"Ah." I was a bit disappointed, I went to the same bench and sat at the other end, "Did you missed the bus too?"

He raised his head and smiled at me, "Sort of."

After that, he continued reading and I kept silent. I think the silence lasted for about 5minutes or so, if you think I was the one who broke the silence then you're wrong, it was him...

"I guess we'll need to wait for another half hour, right? It's really boring to wait for the bus." the bus always comes every 30minutes.


"Ah, yeah... right. It's really boring." I kicked the floor and some scattered rocks on it, "What are you reading?"

"This?" he raised the book, "It's Now or Never by Iamnot_glad."

"Huh? What's that about? And what a weird screen name for an author." I felt that the atmosphere was a bit becoming friendly. The guy seemed nice and he was really nice.

"The author's actually weird but the story is really cool. It's a love story but still a guy like me is enjoying reading such story. I can feel through it." he brushed his hair with complexed expression.

"Really? What is it about?"

"It's about a guy who fell inlove with a girl from afar and he never had the courage to confess it to her. The title is Now and Never because there is a part wherein the guy has to decide if he should confess it or not in that day because if he does not confess that day, there wouldn't be any chance for his feelings to be heard."

"Uhh... Why so?" suddenly I became curious with the story's plot and I had the urge to actually borrow it from him because I'm actually a fan of lovestories.

"Who knows..."


"I've not reached the ending yet so I don't know... haha!"

"Ahh... But you said before that you can feel through it, is it because you're the same with the guy protagonist?"

He looked at me as if I hit the jackpot and then he looked away, "Yeah... I actually like a girl but she doesn't know what I feel."

"Oh, but why don't you confess it?"

"I don't have the guts."

"Oh c'mon."

"Really," he sounded troubled, "I'm really afraid."

"Of what?"

"That she might reject me... She doesn't even know me & I don't even know if she's got a boyfriend..."

"If you like someone you'll have the courage to take the risks. If I were you, I'll confess right away."

"D'you think she will like me too? Do I look awful or what? Am I ugly? Or am I too stereotypical? If you approve of me, I'll confess my feelings to that girl right away."

I don't even know why we had such topic, we were merely strangers but I felt like I wanted to help him so I patted his shoulder,

"What are you saying! You're goodlooking and I'm pretty sure that that girl will accept you! Just have courage! If you don't confess your feelings, she'll never know and are you contented with that? You'll live your life with 'what ifs' if you don't let her know."

He looked convinced with my words that he nodded, "You're right, I'll confess right away."

He searched something in his pocket and pulled out his phone and dialed a number. I waited in silence as he waited for the other line to respond, he kept on tapping his fingers on the bench. The only thing I was unsure of was he kept on looking at me all the time he was waiting for the other line to respond.


After some minutes, he placed back the phone inside his pocket.

"So?" I asked, a bit worried.

"I don't know, no one answered the phone."

"Are you sure you dialled her number?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure. I asked a friend of hers for her number."

"Maybe she's busy right now, why don't you try it later?"

"I will."

Another 5minutes of silenced followed after that.

"How about you, d'you like someone?"

"Hmm... Nah..." I actually did not have someone to like before.


"I dunno, maybe I've not found a guy to like yet. Well, I'm not really in a hurry so I'm not troubled with it."

"Oh, but what is your ideal guy?"

"Someone... uhh..." I tried thinking for a minute, "Umm... A guy who has black hair with blonde highlights... umm..."

"Isn't that a bit foreign-ish?"

"Haha! But I think it's cute! I also like guys who have a piercing in the ear! Then, then! I also like a guy with blue eyes! It's so hot! Oh, please add hot figure!"

"You're ideal guy is non existent." he had this weird expression after he commented and because of that I actually laughed hard.

"Don't be so mean! I mean.. atleast the guy should be sincere and loving, I'm fine with it."

"Ah, it's hard."

"What is?"

"Ah nothing," he shook his head, "It's arriving."

"What is?" I saw him looked at his wristwatch.

"The bus."

I stood up and looked if the bus was actually arriving but I saw the other bus which goes another way.

"Huh? Are you gonna take this bus and not the other one?"

"Nope. I'm taking this one."

"Oh, I thought we'll be riding the same bus."

"We always do." he said something that I did not hear because the sound of the arriving bus was too loud.

"Well," he stood up, "I'll be going."

"Oh, and I thought we could still talk some more, I was actually enjoying. Anyway, you always wait in this shed right? I guess, we'll be seeing each other tomorrow."

"I don't think so." before I could ask him, he already entered the bus and waved goodbye to me. From the windows of the bus, I saw him crying... The bus left and I stood there for some minutes confused of what just happened.

"I don't think so."  when he said that and I saw him crying, I did not have a single idea why.

But when I sat back on the bench, I saw the book he was reading.

"Oh, he forgot." I took it and placed it on my bag, "Maybe I can give it back to him tomorrow."

After some minutes, my bus arrived. I went home, changed my clothes, had my dinner and did some stuff.

It was 8pm when I decided to check my phone.


"Oh, where is it?" I had already undone my bag, I've already scattered all the things in it on my bed but I still wasn't able to find it. I went to my check my drawers and I found it inside my studytable's drawer. That day, I forgot my phone in my house.

When I checked it, I had 5missed calls... All from the same anonymous number, the first call was 4:53 and I already had the feeling that it was the call from the shed...

I checked my messages after, I ignored all messages except a message from that anonymous number.

From: +63************

Message: I never had the courage, I love you. Thank you for today, goodbye.

Out of shock, I cried. I sat down in my bed and saw the book he was reading, I took it and opened it.  But I was again surprised by the thing I saw in the book...

It was a handwritten book and I had my picture pasted on the first page with the caption,

"And this is all about my feelings for her."

I started reading it, I could not believe everything that was written there.

"I don't even know if she had ever noticed me or if she knows that I go with the same bus with her. I never seat and wait in the waiting shed because I was afraid to get near her or she might hear my  noisy heartbeat. I always make sure I seat at the back of her so I can smell her fragrance and hear her voice everytime she speaks with her friend or with her family on the phone. I felt a bit of a stalker myself but that was the only thing I can do, to just watch her. I don't have the courage but I do really like her."

The book wasn't finished, out of 200pages, it only reached 157.

"I don't even know how things will be... Today, I'll be going to California and study there. My flight's at 7pm. This is the last day and I've decided to wait at the shed for the first time, I do hope she'll take the bus today. If she does, I might confess my feelings to her... But I don't really know if I could confess, in the end I'm a big coward. Maybe if I fail to confess to her, atleast I'll try to have a small chitchat with her... I want to have a memory with her even for a second. Argh, I'm really troubled. It's now or never..."

After finishing the book, I looked at the clock... 8:57pm.

His flight was 7pm, he already left.



Even 5yrs had already passed, I still can't forget that guy whom I don't even know the name. Everytime I wait for the bus, the memory I first&last talked to him plays. It must be weird to say, but that day I actually fell inlove... love for me went in fast and the one I love went away fast.

 I'm now working as a writer in a publishing company, he had been my inspiration with my love stories. I even made him as one of my characters and a lot of my readers actually liked his character. I always hoped that one day I'll see him again waiting for the bus in that same bench.

"Oh gosh! I'll be late for my bus!" I am running for my life, nah kidding, I am running for the bus. I only have 2minutes until the bus arrives. Like always, I knew it's impossible to catch up for the bus having only 2minutes but I always have my hopes in me so I'm trying my best to run.

"Huff! Huff!" as soon as I reached the bus stop, I have sweats falling and I'm running out of breath. I placed my hands on my knees and trying to inhale and exhale properly.

"It just left." Hearing the same voice and remembering the same scene, I felt like I am having a dejavu. I lifted my head to see who it is but I felt disappointment as soon as I saw his hair and ear. I can't see his face 'coz it is covered with a book. But I'm 100% sure that it's not him, as far as I remember he's not as muscular as this guy in front of me and he doesn't have blonde highlights and a double piercing on the right ear.

"Ah, okay." I said disappointed and sat at the other end of the bench.



"I like your book." I am surprised when he spoke but he still has the book covered in his face. Just then, I saw what he's reading... it's my story, "Now and Never".

"Ah, really? Thanks. How did you know I'm the author?"

"'Coz you're famous. Your work was even made into a film." right, it was actually filmed and was even adopted into a japanese & american film. That book is a great hit, I think it's because I wrote it with my heart.

"But you're not original." I am taken aback when he said that.

"Excuse me?"

"I thought Now & Never was written by Iamnot_glad?"

"Copycat." he takes off the book away from his face and I think I am imagining...

It's not him, he doesn't even have blue eyes... but it looks like him....

"You said your ideal guy is someone who has hot body and a blonde-highlighted hair with piercings on the ear and also with blue eyes. I did it all though I had to put contacts for the eyes, I'm not foreign." he scratches the back of his neck as he smiles awkwardly, "I have the courage now."

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never [10/8/14]
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2014, 10:02:57 AM »
superb.i want the continuation of now and never !!!!!!haha
*i was doing calculation then i stop by viviting this site* i dun get my answer right and other things kinda depressed DX
MAKE ME HAPPY! haha btw imma birthday coming, 26th oct XD

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never [10/8/14]
« Reply #8 on: October 09, 2014, 01:47:18 PM »
ah... so nice story there...

Hope you are making the next chapter for this...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never (Birthday Request) [11/1/14]
« Reply #9 on: November 01, 2014, 12:13:47 PM »
This is a birthday request for noah minami.   :lol: :lol:

Belated happy birthday~  :twothumbs :twothumbs :D :D

Uwaah~ sorry if it's late birthday gift.    :nervous :nervous :nervous

Now or never (Atsumina version)

I always see this girl whenever I jog at this park. She was always at that bench, reading a book, that it was look like the most interesting thing in the world. I never saw her look away from that thing. But today was different...


I was half-running when I notice this girl again. As usual she was into her book, again. I always wonder what it's in that thing that she didn't notice the people around her. She didn't notice me.

I was ready to walk away when I gave a last glance to her only to find her staring at me. My heart skips a beat when she smile at me and look down again. I stunned.

Did she just smile at me?

I was just standing there, smiling like a fool. I late when I hear a bell ringing next to me. The next thing I knew, my butt is on the floor.

"Ittai~" I said as I rubbing my back. Thinking that it could ease the pain.

"Are you okay?"


A hand was extended to help me. I can't look at her because the sun is behind her. When I get up, I was shock that it was the girl. It was the girl who I always see. Maybe she noticed that I was speechless so,

"Are you sure you okay?" she ask

I was really speechless. Too busy to examine her beautiful face. Dark brown eyes that staring at me, concern evident on those two orbs. Cute nose. Perfect lips. Oh, she also have two moles in her cheeks.


I breathed out, not realizing that I had spoken out my thoughts.

She was confused at first then red tint appeared on the girl's cheeks.

I gasped out when I finally back to the real world.

'Did I just say it loud? What I'm gonna do? Maybe she thinks I'm weird? Or a pervert? Or an old man who trapped in a girl's body. Okay, Minami, get ready for the slap'

I instantly closed my eyes and get ready to be slap. Only to hear a giggle from her. She was smiling to me.

"You're cute." she said

It was my turn to blush. Before I can say another word, she has already bent down to clean my knees without so much as a mutter. I blush harder. She stood right back up and gave me a soapy smile.

"There, you're all clean now."

"Sankyuu~" I said still not looking at her.

"So, " I finally look at her. She was staring at me with those beautiful orbs. "I'm Maeda Atsuko. And you?" She gave that smile that always captivated me.

"T-Takahashi Minami. N-Nice to meet you."

I extended my hand for a handshake and she took it without hesistation and smiled at me again. I blushed and smiled when her hand tightened against mine.


Life's really unpredictable. You don't know what's gonna happen next. Yesterday, I was only dreaming to be able to meet this girl. Today, she was here beside me, laughing.

I stop and look up to the sky. I was thinking that maybe if I've stop looking at her that day, do I have a chance again to met this wonderful girl again?

Albert Bandura, a famous psychologist, said that there really wasn't a destiny. You only meet people by chance.

"Minami, you okay?" Atsuko noticed that I stopped. "What are you doing, looking up to the sky?"

"Just reminiscing..." I said before I ran to catch up to her. "Let's go?" I offered my hand to her. And she was gladly accepted it.


But for me, destiny brought her to me. If I don't grab it now, when? This was now or never.


It was short, I know.   XD XD

Gomen :nervous :nervous :nervous :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never (Birthday Request) [11/1/14]
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Yo. Haha thanks for the gift btw xD. Tho it was short still it consider as a present.  I like it a lot. Wish next update was little longer yup xD . Ganbatte author san!

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Re: AtsuMina OS: Now or Never (Birthday Request) [11/1/14]
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destiny or fate....

Whatever it was... they are together...

Nice simple OS there

Thank you for the Atsumina OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
« Reply #12 on: January 11, 2015, 12:17:31 PM »
Here's the deal I made with ChibiRine~. Sorry if it take's so long  XD XD XD Enjoy~ just don't kill me, ok?  :nervous :nervous :nervous

An opportunity to Forever (KojiYuu)

I want to tell her that I really love her. But how? She thinks that I was only playing with her feelings. Skinship with other members makes her to conclude that. When in fact, I only do that to make her jealous. But I guess, she misunderstood it. She always misunderstood it.

Watching her from behind makes me think. What makes me love her so much that it tore me up inside? What does she have to make me crazy like this? But answering this questions is like an open book. Simply because I just love her. All about her.


"Nyan-nyan~ let's go on a date~" I said.

I was currently tightly wrapped around Haruna.

She turned and looked down at me emotionlessly.


My eyes suddenly swelled up with tears, my lips pouted and I began pressing my face deeper in-between Haruna’s breasts.

“But Nyan Nyan I love you and and I love to eat with you~”

Her hand came down and slapped my forehead.

“Stop being a pervert and get your head out of my cleavage!!!”

I slowly turned my head up to look at my Nyan-nyan. She looked down and was taken aback by my intense puppy eyes.

“ergh! Fine I’ll go to eat with you but it doesn't count a date!”

I gently blushed and continued to hold onto my Nyan-nyan. As long as she went there with me that was all that mattered…


I remembered some proverb said “when you trying to forget someone you love, is like trying to remember someone you never knew”.

What if I accidentally forget Nyan-nyan, if I leave her behind... will she come and follow me? Is she willing to pause her time and wait for me? What if she stopped and get tired of coming after me? Then maybe... just maybe...

Waahhh, I don't wanna think anymore.
The way I thought that... it suddenly makes my heart really ache.  Why do I always think of complicated things? I just have to trust in her.

"Yuuchan, daijobu?"  Nyan-nyan asked me.

I suddenly lost at my train of thoughts.

She squint her beautiful eyes at me.

Oh, crap~

"You're not thinking anything perverted things, don't you?"

I gulped. "Of course not, Nyan-nyan. How mean~." I pout. "It doesn't mean I just thinking something, it was perverted you know~"

"Can't help it~"

Silence enveloped around us.

"Ne, nyan-nyan~"

"Hmm…" she said but she doesn't look up from her food.

"What if… Just if… I won't remember you and…"

She finally looks up, waiting for me to finish...

"And... I'm not the same Yuko anymore… and… I won't ever come back to you… will you follow me?"

Her eyes got a little teary because of what I said. Oh, no... I don't want to make her cry.

"If you won't come back, then I'll hunt you down! I swear to find you wherever you are!" she warned me.

"I don't know if that sounds romantic or creepy..." I said. "Don't worry Nyan-nyan that won't happen. Not even in a million years. Because Oshima Yuko is born to love Kojima Haruna."

She blushed and finally smiled.


Next day?!? XD

I suddenly appeared clinging onto Nyan-nyan’s arm.

“ARGH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!” She screamed trying to fling me off her arm.

I was holding on tightly still turned towards Nyan-nyan and quickly kissed her. She stood frozen staring at me.

I was blushing furiously…. Nyan-nyan's lip is so sweet.

Before I can get another kiss, she slapped me nonstop at my forehead.

Hehe, I will take this oppurtunity.

I wrapped my hands around Nyan-nyan's waist holding her close.

"You pervert!!! Get out of me!!" she pushed me harshly.

I landed on my butt.

"Ittai~ nyan-nyan so mean..."

I look up to her. Oh, crap~ she was really furious. Her whole face and even her cat ears are red.

"What do you think you're doing Yuko? We're in public. Don't just jump on me like a maniac."

"But Nyan-nyan..."

"Stop Nyan-nyan-ing me!! For God sake Yuko, can you please stop."

She seems really pissed off

"Nyan-nyan, I just missed you and I ..."

"Just leave me alone Yuko." She starts walking away.

"You got her really pissed of Yuko" Acchan said

I suddenly noticed Acchan, Takamina and Micchan.

"You never learned, Yuko..." Takamina chuckled

I ignore them and start to follow my cat.

Amazingly, I finally managed to catch up with her.

“Nyan-nyan please don't leave. I'm sorry, okay?”

writer's pov:

'Looking down at her squirrel a soft complexion appeared on Haruna’s face. She had never seen Yuko so serious. She was blushing, her heart was pounding, and for the first time it was not due to embarrassment or anger. '

end of writer's pov


I got onto my tippy toes and placed a kiss gently on her lips. She startled stepped back and turned her face.

I was kinda hoping that for once, Haruna may respond to my heart-felt feelings. As I  stared her eyes, I finally smiled and broke the silence. Looking down and moving away I said softly.

“I know that you may not feel the same way towards me…and I use to think that it wouldn’t hurt to try to confess again…but right now it does really hurt…”

Looking to the side I sighed deeply before I looked back up at my Nyan Nyan smiling.

“I’ve already placed my heart in your hands, I know you just needed time to think it over and I am willing to wait forever for you to decide because I know I could never love anyone else but you....”

“You can keep it or give it back to me, please just don’t throw it away.”

I turned around and started to run. Not minding everyone around me. Tears started to block my eyes but I never wiped them.

Uwah~ why does it hurt so much? I feel like I'm dying. God please take this. Take this pain away. Or just take me so I could never feel this again.

And as if God was listening. Suddenly she heard a loud voice near her. Something soft enveloped her. She heard many people screaming. Calling for help.  And the world spind around and everything turn black...

On the other side (After Yuko started to run)
Haruna's POV

As Yuko began to run away,  leaving me frozen and staring silently at her back which is slowly getting farther away from me.  Miichan on the other hand became frustrated and pushed me who quickly turned around.

“What are you doing Miichan!”

“What am I doing? What are you doing! You love her don’t you? Why are you letting her get away!” Miichan yelled

I turned my head to the side in uncertainty, confused about how I felt.

“Stop pretending you don’t care about Yuko as much as she cares for you! You’re just hurting the both of you!”

I look up at Miichan and I quickly turned and ran after Yuko.

Running down the path and around the corner I caught sight of my squirrel.


I slow down, however continuing to walk towards the other girl who had never stopped from running.

She was crossing at the pedestrian. I look at the stoplight, it was still green. And there was a car. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest.

'Oh God, please give me strength.'

I managed to catch up with her.


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Re: Just Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
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Lemme kill you. >.>

Just let me kill you. :mon zoom:

Just you wait, I will kill you. :depressed:

I see, Haruna was hiding her real feelings eh? :dunno:

While Yuko well, one-sided really sucks eh?

But that's what Yuko thought, she thought it was one-sided.

Dayum, if only Haruna told her real feelings in the first place, our little squirrel will not be sad. :mon cry:

This is a nice OS IAmNot_Glad-san~! I'm looking forward for more OS~ :mon bye:


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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
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nooooooooooooooooo yuuchaaaaaan

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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
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last night before bed I read this OS, and then I had a nightmare  :err:

why ... why ..?? Yuuuchaaaaaaaaannn   :mon cry:

nice OS author-san ... I'll wait for the next OS .....  :mon geek:
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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
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what happend?YUUCHAN NO!!!!!

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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever (KojiYuu) [01/11/15]
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I think the one who will get hit by the car will be Nyan Nyan...

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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever Part II (KojiYuu) [01/15/15]
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ChibiRine: I know you won't kill me, you love me too much  :lol: :lol:

Korisu29: I'm feeling that it's mt fault for your bad dream  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

Haruko & arawche079: Everything's gonna be alright XD XD

Abcari: So that's your guess ha  :roll: :roll: But I have a plan  XD XD


Part II

Yuko's POV

I'm feeling light. Am I flying?
It was all light. Am I in heaven?
The smell feels different. It was like... medicine? Tsk can't be... I' m dead after all.

Being dead is not so bad. But wait, Nyan-nyan will kill me if I left her. Wait, where's Nyan-nyan? Am I really dead?

I tried to open my eyes. Slowly, carefully...

Haruna's POV

My whole body feels so hurt. It was like, I fell at the sky and I'm still alive. I tried to open my eyes and I successfully did it. It was all white and...

 "Oh, Kojiharu~ you're awake... Guys, Kojiharu is awake." that was Acchan

I look up from them. They burst in from the door. It was only 5 of them. Micchan, Mariko,  Acchan, Takamina, and Tomochin.

"Are you okay?" Micchan said "Do you remember your name?!? How old are you!?!? Do you remember us?!? What date is now?!? Tell me!!!!"

Mariko came and slaps the back of Micchan's head.

"Seriously Gachapin~" Mariko said with her poker face.

Micchan pouted and rub the back of her head.

"But seriously Kojiharu, are you really okay?" Takamina ask

I just rolled my eyes. Takamina and her captain acts. But I smiled and tried to speak but my throat feels dry.

"W... wat... water..."

"What?" Acchan asked

"W... wat... water..."

"Ah, water. Here"

I drink it slowly.

"Thanks Acchan..."

Acchan just nod.

"I'm okay guys. It just my whole body is hurt but nothing to worry about."

They all sighed. Feeling relieved that I'm okay. They were mumbling something. I look around. There is something wrong. Something feels missing... or rather someone. Yuuchan... Where's Yuuchan?

"Yuuchan... Where's Yuuchan?"

They all became quiet. No one seems like to answer. I turned to Takamina who is next to me.

"Takamina, where's Yuko?"

She looks away. I get up and hold both of her shoulders.

"Takamina, where's Yuko?!?!?!"

Tears started to form at my eyes. I keep shaking her.

"Kojiharu~ gomen ne…" she finally said with a sympathy look.

"Ha? What do you mean sorry? Where's Yuuchan?"

Then it struck me. Yuko's confession... running... pedestrian.... green stoplight... car....

"No... No..." I shake my head. "Yuko... she's alive, right? I saved her."

Takamina still quiet.


I'm shaking Takamina with all my might.

"Kojiharu~ stop that. You're hurting her..." Acchan said.

I released my hands at her. I turn my attention to Acchan.

"Acchan, where's Yuuchan?"

Acchan hesistate to answer. It really makes me mad.


Is she really dead? No, I saved her... I know it... Or... is it just me... But...

I keep shaking my head.

"No... No... NO!!!" I shouted and cried with all my might. "Can't be... Yuuchan.... I didn't tell her that I love her, too. I love her so much~"

I cried with all my heart. Thinking that it could ease the pain.

Just then, the door suddenly opens. Revealing a panting squirrel.

"Nyan-nyan~ you're awake now~ I as fast as I can when I heard you're awake now." Yuko said slowly approaching me.

"Wait... what? You're alive?" I'm confused. But..."

There's a confused expression in her face and she pouted. Kawaii~

"Eh~ Nyan-nyan, what do you mean? I know you still mad at me but saying that things are so mean..." still pouting

"Eh?!? But they said..." and then it struck me. I sent a deadly glare to all the first gen.

"Her plan~" the four all said in unison pointing to Mariko, except for Yuko...

As expected. I rolled my eyes in frustation."And I even called you friends. Also..." I turned to Takamina. "Great acting, ha~" I glared at her.

"Ha ha ha. Thanks" she said in

"But thanks to my plan, you finally know your real feelings ne?" Mariko said. "Oh, I forgot I have a photoshoot today~" she said and winked at me. "Let's go Gachapin~"

And then she dragged Micchan.

"But I want to be here so I—"

"You're coming with me, whether you like it or not." Ue Kara Mariko mode.

Micchan gulped and she let Mariko just dragged her away...

"Tomomi is waiting for me too so I gotta go now. Get well soon~ Kojiharu" she said and left.

And now the Atsumina...

"I and Takamina have a date so we're leaving also"

"Eh? We have??"

"Yes, you don't like?" Acchan said with a pout

"I... okay" Takamina said and turned at me. "Get well soon~ and good luck" she thumbs up and leave with Acchan.

Now there's only the two of us and it was really awkward.

"Yuuchan..." I said to break the silence. "Thanks for coming here."

"No prob." she said and gives me thumbs up with her dimpled smile. "I'm happy to take care of Nyan-nyan. And besides, I'm the one who thankful for."

"About the accident... what really happen?"

I didn't know what happen next after that. The last thing I remember is I run to saved Yuuchan and everything turned black.

“I don't remember it clearly but all I know is something warm and soft enveloped me and..." she paused to think. "I wake up in the hospital"

"Before that, how long I've been sleep?"

"Just one day..."

"ONE DAY?!?" I shout. "Did my family know of this? And how the members and my fans—"

Yuko laughed and I stop my ranting.

"Calm down, will you? Your family was worried to death when they heard the accident but when the doctor said that it was a minor injuries they were relieved. For the members, they also concerned about you, so I bet you have a hundred messages now." she said and smile "As for the fans of course they were also worried about you."

I just sigh and returned that smile.

"Did Mariko troll you again? What happened?" she asked

And then I turned pink when I remember that scene.

"About that... it just... they helped me about my feelings now."

Uwaah~ I can't stop blushing. Yuko tilt her head and I can't look at her. My eyes wandered in the room.

I can't wait for the perfect moment; I just do the moment and make it perfect...

"Ah... your feelings ha~"

Okay, this is it.

"Yuuchan... I want to tell you something..."

"What is it?" she said and come closer to me.

She tucked the hair behind my ears. And I accidentally examined her face. Her eyes that full of love. After that she holds my hand, so warm.

"This... may be the perfect moment... and I know... this sounds too late... but I  want to tell you that..."

I look at her eyes.

"I love you..." and I look away again

And there, I finally said it. It may not be sound romantic but at least I said it.

Yuko takes time to answer so I look at her again.

End of Haruna's POV

The other girl had a tears streaming down her cheeks when she heard her Nyan Nyan’s confession. Looking at the taller girl, she wiped the tears away with the sleeves of her white hoodie. Smiling, she began to speak.

But she couldn’t speak anymore. Her wide red eyes were slowly closing. Her heart wasn’t aching like it was seconds ago. Instead it was beating steadily. Her body was warm and her cheeks were red. Her lips…were perfect. Opening her eyes and slowly pulling away from the taller girl she looked up.

“Nyan Nyan…” The other girl smiled back at her before grabbing her hand and pulled her for hug.

 “If you ever hurt me I won’t talk to you ever again.” the cat girl said and tighten her hug. "I'm giving you my heart, so please don't break it..."

“I could never hurt you I love you too much!” She said whilst smiling brightly at her Nyan Nyan.


Wahh~ I'm really bad at ending  :panic: :panic:  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Should I write about the accident??
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Re: An Ordinary OS: An Opportunity To Forever Part II (KojiYuu) [01/15/15]
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2015, 01:12:39 PM »
Of course, I will not kill you. :hehehe:

I love you too much? Ohmygosh, can you repeat that?! :mon XD:


Yuko is alive, Haruna is alive, they may now kiss. :on gay:

Just kidding~ I really loved this~! :mon inluv:

You will right the accident scene? :dunno:

SURE! :mon thumb:

Thank you for the great OS~ :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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