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Author Topic: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]  (Read 59112 times)

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Hello..  :)
This time I am back with new update.. Well, this chapter is in two parts, cuz all things what I wanted in this chapter went too long and I didn't wants  to readers wait any longer..
Also, apologizes about plenty of mistakes.. mostly grammar..  :sweatdrop:

I am glad to know, that you also waited for update to this story.  :)

Enjoy reading!  8)

                                                                            CHAPTER 5.1.

It’s already two weeks, since in weekends I come here to Minami house. With each time what we spent together, it feels like I know her already so long. Already I know so much about her and she about me. I feels like we are in different world and time. Where are only me and her. Laughs and smiles. I won’t mind to spend the rest of my life like this, when she is around to me and so close. So close, that I can feel her breath on my cheek… feel her presence, her touch.. and my heart never stop racing faster and faster. She can change my world… my life.


I could watch her all day. About how funny and clumsy she is. Hers failing joks, where in the end I laughing about not the joke, but about her reaction how she is telling them.


With her I can forget about my problems. About my mom, who wants to control my life. With her I can be just different person. A happy person. I know, that she can change me.


And when she is calling me by my name, I want to jump on her.. hug her tight and give her plenty of kisses all around her face.

„Hey, Atsuko!”

Ah… even know in my mind I can hear her how she is calling my name. How can she make me so in love with her? It’s like a never ending dream..

„ATSUKO!! Are you okay?”

Her lips are so kissable.. The way how she is looking at me with those two eyes.. I think I could melt in there. They never won’t be enough for me.. and only for me.

„AAH!” Did she just hit me?
„Stop dreaming.” Why she did that?
„Eh? What are you talking about?” I looked at her while pouting.
„You were in your dream world.. again.” She looked at me with strange grin in her face.

„I don’t know what are you talking about.” When she hit on my arm… its even hurt little bit.. how could she do that? Mou..

„Don’t know? Hehe.. your hand what was on table were holding your head, while you are looking at me.. smiling and even biting in your lip. I even called your name five times.. but you were still smiling. In one moment I thought you would jump on me. So, for stopping you.. only way how to get back down to earth was to hit you.” ……O///O …. Thank God, that I didn’t jump on her.. then the explanation and denying would be… embarrassing.

„No.. I am not. It’s only your imagination.”   Ah.. my heart is racing so fast.. Please stop it.. Stupid heart.

„Hehe… you are funny.. But I think we should continue our Project.” Ah.. that was soooo close. „By the way.. can you give me your school notes? I want to check something, if I had written right in class and maybe we can found some new idea.”

„Yeah.. sure.” I gave her all my notes and books, what I had taken with me to her house just in case.

„Thank you.” At first she started to look thru to all my notes. She looks so smart, when she reading something and trying to find something, or understand my handwriting.. I could watch her all day like this.

„You start to dreaming again, while watching at me. It really start to get creepy.” Shoot..
„Oh.. hehe.. sorry..” What the heck I am doing.?!

After 5 hours…..

„I CAN’T ANYMORE!!! My brain soon will blow up from thinking about this Project.!” I don’t want to think about it, cuz I want to think only about Minami…. And sleep with her.. in one bed.. *smirk*…. Maybe I can, if I pretending to fall a sleep in her bed.. hehe.. need to try.
„Hmm.. you complaining about how hurt your brain, but your face is telling something else. Atsuko, I think something is wrong with you.” Oh, Minami, you how no idea, how much wrong with me is.. and it’s only because of you. You are driving me insane with your presence.
„I am just tired..” I stand up from my places, where we write our school Project and went to her bed. Lying down on my stomach, and my face in her pillow, I could smell and feel her presence. It’s so calming. „Oh!! It’s so good in here. I think I could sleep here too.” ..and my plan can start.
„I think, for you it won’t be a problem.” She stand up from her sit too and joined to me in her large bed. But she lay down on her back. I think I am dreaming.

After some while of silence.
„..Atsuko?” She start to speak.
„How come, in school we had never talked, but now in here… you are so talkative and it feel like we know each other so long.?” She speaking without looking at me. In her voice, I could hear, that something is bothering her.
„Hmm.. what do you mean? Also you never had came to me and talk. Even for me  looked like you only by yourself want to write it this Project.” I pretended to pout.
„Oh, yeah.. sorry about that. Well, probably, because, I can’t aprroach you in school.” Her voice sounded so sad. My heart start hurt again.
„Why not?” However I know the answer, but still, I want to hear it from her.
„Amm.. I would just say, more like you already know, that I am nerd, but you opposite to me.. So, I don’t want to ruin your popularity.” Even this unswer hurt, cuz it’s also true and why I am scared from others.
„A-and there is…. someone.” Why she looks so nervous?
„Someone?” My view was on her.
„Yeah.. more like.. there is someone, who is in love with me.. well, I think, cuz there happened some… things.” I-is she talking about me?
„What… things and who is this.. someone?” Oh my! But I want to know her feelings.
„Well, different kind of things, and about this person… I don’t know anything, cuz these some ‘things’ happened when I was injured and unconscious. I think, this someone don’t want me to know the true.” Ah, Minami.. if you would know..
„Maybe she is afraid from something?” Why she is looking  at me like that? „What?”
„I didn’t said, that this someone is  a girl… and now sounds like you know something.” Her eyes looks so suspicious.
„What? No, you said it.” Stupid head, stupid mouth.. Aaah!!!
„No, I didn’t.” Think Atsuko, think.!!
„Yes, you did.” Minami, don’t do that.!!!
„You know something?” O///O „ Yes, you do. Tell me, what you know!!” Stop asking me this!!
„I d-don’t know what are you talking a-about.” I think I just dig my grave..
„If you don’t know, then why are you blushing and stuttering?” AAAH!!! I just ruined everything!!!

„GIRLS, Come down! Dinner are ready!” OH MY GOD!!
„YES, MOM!!” It was her mother.. And she just saved my life.. In one moment I thought my heart would stop to beating.
„Okay, we better going, before my mom comes up.” She stand up from bed and started to walk away. „Atsuko, are you not coming?” She stopped in doors and looked at me.
„Eh? Yeah.. I am coming..” I need to be more careful, cuz I almost screw up everything… It was too close.. My heart still can’t to calm down. I hope she would forget it after dinner.. And this time I can’t make my plan.. mast try to next time.. after dinner I better go home, while I don’t screw up it more.

In kitchen.

I went to sit besides to Minami, who was already sitting in her places to the table and waiting her food.
„Here you go, girls.” Minami mom gave us some food. Its looksvery delicious, like always. Her mom from first day is so nice to me. Somehow I am jealouse to Minami for having such a good and caring mother. I wish mine could be the same.
„Thank you, mom.” Minami always gave her big smile, like thanking for what she gave. She looks so cute.
„Thank you, Takash-”
„Oh, just call me mom and welcome you girls. Good appetite.” Now I know from where Minami have so beautiful smile.
„T-thank you…. Mom.” For me it was little bit strange to call her like that.. but somehow, I felt happy about it. While we eat our meal she went out from kitchen.

She looks good and nice girl. Since them have this school Project, my Minami somehow start to smile more often. And she is happy, then I am too. I hope they could be good friends for long time.
When I see how Atsuko looks at her, while Minami don’t look at her back, then I can see in her eyes like a sparkle. I don’t know why, but I have feeling, that she is this mysterious girl, who sent this note to my daughter. But I am not sure about it. I better don’t say nothing to Minami.
I am little bit curious about, what my daughter think about it.. does she found something? Does she know the true?
But I am worried about one thing. Is she stronger about her mother.? Atsuko, do your heart is much more stronger, not like was your mothers? Who you will choose to follow?


After finishing our dinner, we went back to her room. Also it was already time for me to go home. However I really want to stay here, but I need to go, cuz… she can still ask me about how I know about that ‘girl’.. yeah..
„Minami, I will go home.” I start to packing my things, books and notes.
„Yeah, sure. Next week we will continue it. And don’t forget all your books, cuz you will need it.” After taking all my things I went down to stairs and put on my jacket. She followed me.
„Thank you, Minami.” I gave her my smile, but inside I felt sad, cuz I need to go.
„By the way, I can walk you home.” I really wish that, but not this time.
„No, thank you. With me will be okay.” Going out from her house, I waved my hand to her and start to my slowly walk to home.
„Just take care about yourself and bye.” She waved me back.
„Bye..” Ah, Minami. How I wish, we could be together and each other arms. But this things still stay in my thoughs and dreams. Like always they had.

Still in Takahashi house.

„Minami? Does Atsuko already went home?” Hers mom called her, while sitting in living room couch.
„Yes, she did. But next week we will continue it.” she called her back, while going up to stairs and to her room.
„Oh, okay.” She continue to sit in her place. Minami entered back in her room.
„Ah, what a mess.” After writing their Project, in all room was a lot of paper sheets and some clothes. Slowly taking one by one, she found one of Atsuko book. While in one hand she had some clothes, what need to wash, she carried book to put in on the table. But she didn’t notice, that something dropped out from it on the floor. She didn’t noticed this white paper sheet, where one of corner were wrote ‘Bill of hospital’. While looking at her book, she put down her clothes on the floor. To the place, where also dropped this bill. „At least, this book we don’t need for our classes.” Putting down it on the table, she was ready to go sleep.
In her sleep, she remembered this mysterious girl and thoughts who she really is. While in her thoughs, she didn’t know, that the answer what she is looking for is so close on the floor.


New week. In school. Lunch time.

„Oi, Acchan! How are going your school Project?” Me and my friends were siting in cafeteria. While we are eating, Miichan asked me.

„Hm? It’s good. Me and my partner already had done very much.” I answered her.
„Speaking about partner.. Who really is your partner?” She asked me again.. in  teasing mode.
„No telling it.” I can’t tell them, coz.. well, you know..
„Oh, come on! You know ours, so, tell me your.” This time it was Yuko, who asked me this.
„Sorry girls, but no chances.” I can’t let them know.
„You are mean, Acchan.” Yuko and Miichan pouted for negative answer from me.
„Hehe.. I know. Okay, girls, I will little bit go to library.. I need to take some books.” I stand up from my place and start to walk away.
„Okay, see you in class.” They answered me.

While going thru the corridors, where also has some students, I was thinking about Minami. But, speaking about Minami, where is she?

BAAM..!! *sound of steel*

„Itaiiii!!!” From nowhere in front of me was Minami.. on the floor and looked like she is in pain. After realizing what just happened, I wanted to help her, but…
„Get up, you migdet!!” It was them.. again.. Sato with his asshol friends. When I looked back at Minami, our eyes met. I didn’t know what to do or say.. I was frozen.
„Ah…” She slowly tried to get up, but her arm was injured.
„What the heck, midget? I think I already told you not to look at Maeda..” With angry voice and look he came closer to her like wanting to punch her. Looking back at Minami, she already waited for getting some punches from him.
„You are-” When he was also close to her.. I don’t know what just happened, but my mouth just talked by it self.
„Will you stop it!” He stopped his hand for grabbing her and looked at me. Confused. Like everyone, whose attentions was already to us.
„What?” It was only sound from he.
„Just stop it already. She is human to and already suffered too much from you and your so called ‘friends’. How would you feel, if everyone doing this things to you-” From no where, he grabbed my hand.
„Atsuko? I think you lately had study too much and you don’t know what are you talking about.” His hold was tight.
„Let go of me and stop calling me like that.” I tried to get free my hands, but his hold was too strong.
„Why I wouldn’t to call my girlfriend in her name?” I looked at him with shocked look. „So, everyone, I want you to know, that me and Atsuko already dating..” He told it with big smile in his face. Everyone whispered something between them self. Some of them congregated us. When I looked at Minami, she looked… shocked, too. Minami.. I… I…
At this moment I wanted to disappear from this place, from this world. But I couldn’t. I don’t want him, I don’t love him. I want Minami. I love her.


There is something wrong with Acchan. I have feeling, that she is hiding something from us. However, her smile is last few weeks are just growing, but something is still off.
When she went to the library, not long after that, was heard sounds, like someones are fitting. Everyone went to look what is going on. When I was in corridor, I saw Acchan, Takahashi and Sato with his friends. Takahashi was on the floor in pain, Acchan near to her and she looked…. sad? Why she have this strange look in her eyes.. I could see that hers and Takahashi eyes met and it was strange. This look wasn’t hate or shame, but something other.. I couldn’t really tell what.
When Sato told, that he and Acchan are dating, everyone was a shocked. Cuz even I think, he isn’t deserved her.. Acchan eyes showed pain, broken heart and sadness. When she looked at Takahashi, there was again this look.. like it have a meaning… like between those two are something. But speaking about that.. I remembered how Acchann carried Takahashi after that drinking party..
What you two really are hiding?


After what happened in school and Sato confession, nothing was anymore like the same. There was hatters and supporters for those relationship. In one heart was happiness and pride about what had done, in other heart was sadness and pain, but there was also this one heart, who felt sad and didn’t even know why?


When I heard, that Sato and Atsuko are dating, in me was this strange feeling. I couldn’t tell what kind of, cuz something like that I felt first time. Somehow it scared me, but in the same way, like something was missing.
At least I had a chance to see and talk with Atsuko and stay in one room all day. We have still one last weekend, when we need to finish our school Project. And somehow I hope everything would be the same, when she was in here. I like her smile, what she is giving to me.. those two brown eyes, where I can see only me.. When she is in her dreamland while watching me, I always think, what she is thinking, what is in her mind.? Sometime I have strange and stupid imagionate, like this mysterious girl is her.
„AAAH!! What the heck I am thinking?! It’s note even possible in million years. AaH! Stupid me!.” I was in kitchen, while searching for something to drink. Finnaly something getting I went back to my room. There was my mom, who, like always, were taking my unclean clothes for washing. When I entered in my room, she was holding something in her hand.
„Minami, honey? Why in your room  and more like on the floor is a hospital bill.?” She looked at me with question mark in face.
„What? How I know. It’s must dropped some of Atsuko books. Don’t tell me, that you looked in?” I went closer to her.
„Of course no.” She passed me this bill.
„Then don’t, cuz it’s not our business. When she later come here, I will give it back.” Taking it, I put it on the table. „Okay, mom. I think I will read some manga. Can you go?” I look at her, and hoped, that she would leave me alone.
„Okay, okay. You and your manga. Never to disturb.” And with that, she went out. At least, she understand, that I don’t want me to be disturbed by someone, when I am in my manga world.. yeah..” I still had time, until Atsuko comes.

„Three hours.. but she still isn’t here. That is strange. She usually texts me, if she will be late or something need to do.” While sitting in my chair and reading my manga, I found myself to watching this hospital bill. I didn’t know why, but my inside mind all the time is telling me to look in it.

There was more three hours. But no signes from her. Its start to get boring.
 „Aaah.. where is she.?” Now doing nothing, but only watching thru the window.. my inside mind start to get unpatience.. it wants to open that bill. My eyes was on it. My hand started to move by itself.
 „No one would know, that I watched in. Right?” White letter was in my hands. Somehow I still fighted with me to open it or not. In the end my inside mind and curiosity won. Opening it and slowly reading it..

„Hmm.. it’s the same hospital when I was.. Hehe.. even the same date.. So.. reason are…”
„Minami, honey!!? Can you come little bit down?! I need your help.!” It was my mom from first floor.
„OKAY!!” I called her back. Putting this bill on the table and lefting it open I run out from my room. Maybe later I will read it.. cuz my inside mind still don’t want to be calm. I could tell, that I have strange inside mind.. scary.


The same time in Maeda house.

Why I am even here? Right now I should be with Minami, not in home. But of course, there is my mom, who insisted me to stay home today, cuz there will be visitors. I don’t know why, but my inside mind telling, that these visitors aren’t not others but Sato family. Grrr.. never thought, that in this world be someone, whos I hate so much. But unfortunately, there is my mom, and I am hers daughter. With out her I am nothing, this is how she always tells me. And that’s why I am here.. in my dress and waiting them. I hope they won’t be long in here, cuz Minami is waiting me.. I even can’t send her text message, cuz I forgot my phone in my room, and my mom don’t let me to go after it. Pff..

DING DONG *the sound of door bell*

And there they are..

Dinner time went peaceful, like usually. But I could felt, that he all the time was watching me with his stupid smile. Creepy. There was moments, when I wanted stab him with fork. His parents was so loud, when they spoke with mine. I think my ears after this dinner will hurt.

Right now, I am not worried about what happens in here, but about things, what happens in Minami house. She probably will be angry or upset because I still haven’t give her a call. I hope, they won’t take it long in here.

I excused myself and went to bathroom, what was near to outside doors. After refreshing my face and checking my make up I went out. I was only takes few steps outside when I felt a hand on mine. Turning around I saw him… but he didn’t smile.
„Could you please let go my hand?” At first I asked him nicely.
„Why are you avoiding me?” He looked straight in my eyes.
„Let.Go. My.Hand.” The second time my voice wasn’t so nice anymore. Instead for letting it go.. he hold in more tighter and came closer to me. I takes few steps back, until behind me was a wall.
„I won’t. You are mine.” Somehow in his eyes I could see a anger. Its started to scary me.
„I am not yours. I never will be.” In my voice was hear a anger „And why didn’t you even told something this stupid in school about things like we are dating, if it’s not true at all?” He just laughed about it. He pressed his body against mine. He holds both my hands against the wall, what also was near to my head.
„You are mine. If you want it or not. And right now, I want what is mine.” His words made me more scared. He started to kiss my neck.
„Stop it.” I begged him. It felt so disgusting. He moved his lips to my ear.. my jaw.. cheek..
„No. You taste too good.” He whispered back in my ear. Kisses were so rough. In one moment he stopped and looked at my lips. From his look, I could tell, what he wants to do. His face start to get closer and closer to mine. I didn’t have enougth strenght to push him away. There also wasn’t no use to scream for help.

I don’t want to feel his lips against mine. I don’t want to feel his touches. I don’t want to feel his body against mine. I hate it all.



Next update - no idea! :panic:
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Minami!! Hurry up!! Your lovely need your help~ :v

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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„No.. until you won’t go to your girlfriend and apologies her.” …and she continue to hit me.
„I already told you, she is not my girlfriend!!” I tried to avoid that bag.
„Go to her. Now!” this old lady is insane.
„What, now?! But she probably already is sleeping.”
„Go to her.. or I won’t stop to hit you.” Damn that hag.
„Okay, okay, I will go.. Now! Just stop already.” I slowly start to go to Acchans apartment doors, but at the same time I didn’t let my eyes down from that old lady. I knocked two times on doors, when I heard answer from Acchan to come in.
„Get lost old lady.” Tomorrow there will be bruisis.

Hehehe thank you old lady!!  :wub:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Ugh, that guy is just... :angry:

Minami, Acchan needs you! :cry:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Omg, Acchan  :cry:

Pls update soon!!!

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Really... Sato is going to rape Atsuko

would anyone stop Sato from crossing the line?

Would Atsuko be able to save herself?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.1. [6.07.15]
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Omg Takeru is such a jerk, I actually hate him :on voodoo:

I love this story so please update soon!

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Hey! Finally new update from me. Sorry for making that long to wait it (again).. but at leaste it's done. So, I hope my readers still want to read it..
 @Kakeru15 - Hehe.. Thank you for you comment and yeah.. Minami, hurry up! XD
 @takagil - At first I got confused where I had written something like that, but then.. Oh yeah! XD And TnQ about your comments.
 @AI712 - Yeah.. everyone hate him.. Acchan have hard time in there.. and it's only begining.. Ah.. Thank you for leaving comment..
 @Kairi65 - Fully agree with you.. Minami, where are you? XD TnQ
 @cisda83 - Hmm.. your questions will be somehow answered in this part.. and who knows, what happens next.. O.o TnQ..
 @Bakamina_Oshi - No one likes him.. that's for sure.. TnQ
 And big THANK YOU for my silence readers!

 Also sorry about a lot of mistake.. I start to get lazy to checking them.. XD
 Enjoy reading..

                                                                              CHAPTER 5.2

Time went so slow. No one could stop him from what he wants to do. No matter how much I tried to avoid it, cuz sooner or later it could happen. My heart was in pain..

I felt his lips on mine. Rough kisses. He pressed his own body so close to mine, that I even couldn’t make a single move. He asked for deeper kiss, for permission to get into my mouth. But I don’t let it. I wanted to bite in his tongue, but I couldn’t, cuz then I have to give him this unwanted permission. Tears were dripping from my eyes..

Please. Stop it.

He let go my left arm and with his own he started to touch my body. Every single his touch made me more disccussed by him. Kisses stopped only few seconds only for getting air. With my free hand I tried to push him away.. but I was too weak for him.

Rough kisses by him continued…

Well, this is what would happen, if before his lips could even touch mine wouldn’t be this sound –

DIIING DOOONG *sound of door bell*

He stopped for trying to kiss me. Door bell made him stop, but he still hold me.  I don’t know who is other side of the doors, but I feel really thankful.

„Honey, could you please open the doors?” It was my mom.
„O-Okay!” I answered her. He looked mad, cuz was disturbed. He stepped aside of me and went to open the doors instead of me. Opening doors, my eyes widened in shock. He looked more angrier. Like ready to kill this person. Not only for disturbing, but also for who was it.

„M-” I couldn’t finish saying this person name, when he said it. Angry.
„What the hell you are lost in here?!”


My mom always doing so much for everyone in this family, that I can’t ask for more. After doing what she asked, I went back to my room and already felt so tired. After taking good and relaxing shower, I sat back in my chair.
„Ah.. shower always can help to feel so fresh. But looks like Atsuko won’t be today.” Looking in my phone, what showed zero messages and calls, but in my mind was still her. Why? It was already late and time to go sleep. Changing my clothes in to sleep ones and fixing my bed, last thing what to do was to switch off the lights. There was one left on the table, where previously I sat. Making my steps closer and reaching the buttom, my view last time was on bill. I saw there something familiar.
„T-Takahashi.? Why in this bill has my name.?” Taking it my arms and looking carefully, my eyes widen open. O.O
„Maeda Atsuko? This is mine bill, what disappeared. And… Atsuko was the payer?” Looking at her name, I still couldn’t believe it.
„All this time. Those kisses. Touches. That note. It was from hers. She was who did it all.” I didn’t know how to feel. Do I need to be angry, mad? Or I need to be happy and answer to her.? I was confused about my own feelings. Confused about things, what I myself feel about her.
„Note. Where I put that note.?” I tried to search it and found it in box, where I put all my life important things. I know only one thing  - I can’t let it be like that. I need to do something and now. Changing back my clothes and run out from house.. I tried to run as fast as I could.



„I-I am s-sorry for disturbing and-” She tried to catch her breath..
„Takahashi, you really want to die?” He went closer to her and tried to take her by clothes and was ready to punch her.
„Takeru, stop!” I tried to stop him. He looked at me with pissed look. „Just-just let her at least tell a reason, why she is here.” I don’t know why, but my heart beating so fast. I couldn’t move from my spot.
„I hope you have good reason to be in here?” He still holding her.
„I-I just bring her a book, what she forget in… in library.. and… and this is very important book what we need already in Mo-Monday.” She showed us this book. It looked  like one of those book, what I left in her home, but.. we don’t needed for our classes.
„You are be kidding?” he pushed her on the ground. Slowly standing up, she tried to give me this book. My feet moved by itself and takes me in front of her. Takeru looked so angry.
„H-here you are.” Giving this book to me, I looked in her eyes. Why do I see in there other reason why she really is here?
„T-thank you.” Taking it from her hand, our fingers touched. Again this feeling, my heart is beating so fast. Looking again at her, she gave me a smile.
„Okay, it’s enough. Now lost from my sight, Takahashi. Before I punch you. This time you were in luck, but next time.. I swear, Takahashi.. you would wish, that you never been born.”
„S-sorry. I leave now.” She bowed us and went away.

„That Takahashi.” Takeru was still angry, because she disturbed his chance to kiss me. He went back in in house to were was others. But I, with book in my hand, went to my room. Dropping it in my bed and myself laying besides on my back, I closed my eyes. I could see her.
After few minutes opening my eyes and turning my view on the book, I saw, that something was in there. Turning around on my stomach, I take it. Looking in it, I saw a white paper. Taking it out and opening, I couldn’t believe it, what I read it in there.

                                                                                         „You are the secret of my heart.”
„I am glad to know it. Thank you, Atsuko.”
In my eyes were tears. Putting my hand in front of my mouth, I tried to not make some crying sounds.
„Mi-Minami…” She knows. She knows the true. Did she rejected me or accepted? This thing for not knowing is destroying inside of me. Pressing this note closer to my heart, what was beating like crazy, I cried. Right now I wanted to run away from here. To the place, where no one could find me. And crying loud all my pains out.

Without wearing something warmer, but only my boots, I run out from home. I tried to be fast and noone noticed. I couldn’t see where I was running. I just run. My view was blurt. I could feel, that my boots starts to get wet from slow rain, what right now were falling from the sky. This rain is like my tears. What just drooping by itself.
My feet takes me to the park, where almost no one came due to mess and big trees. It was like lost park near to this city. I found one spot under tree, where rain couldn’t get thru. It was almost dark outside. Burying my face into my knees and still crying, I heard foot steps. I didn’t care who they belonged. In one moment I wanted to yell to leaving me alone, but I couldn’t. Maybe this someone will just go away. Instead of going away, the sound of steps came closer and closer. My head was still into my knees, what I hugged with both my hands.
This someone stood near to me and after some seconds, it sat beside to me and very close, that I could feel even this person warmness from shoulder. I still didn’t care. I continue to cry with silence. This warmness besides to me, still didn’t disappear. I couldn’t take it anymore and slowly lifted my head. Somehow I was afraid even look at this someone. Maybe this person is some old creep or killer, who just waited the best chance to kill me or use me. Somehow I was afraid. Slowly making my view to this person I saw a girl. This girl looked straight into skies.
„Looks like rain just stopped and soon stars will be seen.” Did my eyes showed right view or I just dreaming? I didn’t know it, but my heart started to beat faster from what was in front of my eyes.
She looked at me. „..Atsuko.” I could see a smile in her face. And at this moment I wanted cry again and more louder.
„…*sobs*.. Mi…Mina-mi…. *sobs*..?” She hugged me. „…Minami…” She hold me in her arms like never wanting to let go. „Minami!” I was holding her by her clothes.
„Shh… Just let it out. I am right here….” I cried even louder.
„Minami. I am scared.” I buried my head in her cheest.
„I won’t go no were.” In her arms I felt so safe. She stroked my hairs, what felt so good.

I don’t know how long we were like that, but I didn’t cry anymore. I just wanted to stay in her arms. Without stopping stroking my hairs, what really make me calm, it was time. Getting up my head I looked at her. She again gave me this beautiful smile.
„Minami.. How?” In my head was so much questions, but only what came out of my mouth was one word.
„How come I am here or how come that I know?” She looked at me with those beautiful eyes. But I couldn’t say anything. „I will take it like both. So.. I am here, cuz I followed you after you run out from home.. and then you probably want to know, why I was still there? Well, cuz I waited you, Atsuko. More like, hoped that you would come out…” I still couldn’t say anything, I just listened in her words.. „..and I know about it, cuz you accidentally left one book in my home and in there was my losted hospital bill.”
„I.. I..” How could I can forget something like that… in book.?
„and you know.. somehow, I even hoped, that this mysterious girl is you. So, thank you, Atsuko.” In my eyes again were tears. Happy tears.
„I.. I am sorry, Minami.” She hugged me again so tight.

I don’t know how long we were in this place, but I also didn’t care it. Holding my head on her shoulder, it felt so good. Our hands were intertwined. Rain was fully stopped. We could see a beautiful stars. It was so calm.
„Look, Atsuko, falling star. Make a wish.” She pointed to the places, where we just seen it.
„Me? Why you also don’t do that?” Squeezing our intertwined hands we made a wish.
„Hm.. Okey.”
„Falling star, I wish, that no one could take away from me Minami Takahashi.” I made a wish.
„Falling star, wettnes my love for this girl, who right now is beside to me and what I never would let go.” We looked in to each other eyes I saw there a love. True love. In my head I said the rest of my wish, cuz I didn’t wanted her to hear it - ..until death will separete us-.

„Atsuko, I think it’s time to go home.. but this time.. to my home.” She looked me with serious look.
„A-are you sure about it? Cuz you parents-” I still couldn’t believe, that this all is happening.
„Don’t worry about them, cuz I think they would be happy to see you.. However, I will be in big trouble.” She looks worried.
„W-why that?” I don’t want her to be trouble because of me.
„Well.. when we got there, you will understand.” She helped me to stand up from ground with our hands never separating.

Takahashi house.

„So, we are here. Are you ready?” She looked me and gave me her beautiful smile, but somehow she still looks worried. With nod, I agreed her.

„WHERE WERE YOU, TAKAHASHI MINAMI!?” Now I understand why she was so worried.
„Mom, I am sorry.. its just.. I-” We both looked on the floor. Even I was scared.
„Do you know how much is a clock!!?” Her mom sometimes can be scary.
„I.. I am s-sorry, mom.” Minami’s voice started to crack.
„Do you know how much I was worried!!?” Her mom really worried about her.
„I-I know, mom. It won’t happen again.” And all this is because of me.. What I had done?
„Minami… just please tell me, if you are planning to go to somewhere. I don’t want to something bad happens with you. And-” when I lifted my view on hers mom, I saw, that she were looking at our intertwinded hand. Somehow, I wanted to get our hands free, but instead, I felt, that she were holding it more tighter. „-and just don’t  make me worry so much again, okay? Now, better you both go to Minami’s room, cuz looks like you both need to change.” She gave us a smile, what made me really surprised. I couldn’t believe, that at first she was yelling at Minami, but in the end, she just let go us like that.. Ah.. I wish, that my mom would be like hers.
„Okay, mom, Goodnight. Love you.” We both bowed to her and went to Minami’s room.
„Goodnight, girls.”

That night I spent in her house, in her room. Sleeping in one bed with intertwined hands, it felt so good. We barely talked in that night, cuz from so much crying my eyelids feel so heavy and with Minami present besides to me and gentle kiss on my forehead from her made me fall a sleep very fast.
Next morning was the best feeling in all my life, waking up with Minami beside to me. It just made my day more compliter and full with energy. I didn’t wanted to go, by I had to, cuz probably my mom would be angry for running away like that and with out words to saying.


There was only one week left for school Project. However, we already managed to do it even in school time, that now, we can spend this day together and with out thinking about studying. Also this week was last, when I can make excuses to my mom for going to someone house do my school Project.

In school we both couldn’t talk to each other, cuz we don’t want to others to know it, so we better to hide our relationship as long as possible.
I was back in Minami’s house. It was dinner time, when all family gathering together. She and her mom invited me to stay longer and eat with them. Of course I agreed.

After good and delicious dinner we all, even hers two brothers sitting in living rooms couches. At first I couldn’t sit besides to Minami, cuz each side of me were sitting her brothers.

„Hey, you two, don’t plan to do something stupid or pervert to her?” Minami sounded jealous. Cute.
„Oi, oi.. don’t need to be jelouse. Let us too enjoy her presence in here.” With mischievous smile said Kuu.
„Yeah.. and all this school time Project you two were together, now are our time.” While Mario laughing continue and putting around his hand to me. I think I even little blushed from this kind of acction from him. When I made my view to Minami, she looked very angry.
„At least get off your filthy hands from her!” She is so protective person.

Minami’s  brother, her and her dad played a cards on the table while me and her mom watched them and laughed, when Minami lost almost in every party and her reactions was too funny. For making more interesting game, her brother went to bring some kind of drink. While those two went after that, Minami used a chance to sit besides to me. Finally.

This drink was a alcohol. Not very strong, but still alcohol. We both were enough old to drink it, but I refused, because it would be embarrassing to get drunk in front of her family. And I don’t want this kind of shame. I need to make good impression to them.

„So, short one. Are you ready?” Kuu and Mario smirked while showing her a bottle.
„What? Not again. I always lose, cuz you cheating all the time.And stop calling me short.” Looks like it’s not first time, when they are playing in this way a cards.
„Don’t be chicken.. only few game. Shorty.” Mario still tried to get her in to game.
„Aah! Stop that! Okay.. but if I lose three games, I will stop it.” Looks like she is very easy to get in this kind of things.
„By the way, Acchan, did you know, if she takes alcohol pretty much, then only after fifteen minutes she is log off, but till then.. no emotions.” Oh.. no wonder, when was that party she could go away so normal.
„Oh.” It was only sound what I could make, when Minami speaked.
„Hey! You don’t need to tell her this kind of things.” Did she just blushed?
„Hehe.. why not? She need to know. Oh, and one more thing. If she drink little by little, then start to be funny and too much protective person.” Mario teased her.
„It’s not fanny.. it’s embarressing.” Last few words she didn’t said loud, but was enough to me to hear it. 
„Okay, okay, shorty. Bring a cards. Let’s play.” Kuu started to mix them and give to everyone, who played.

„Haaaa!! You lost. That was fast.!” Everyone laughed, cuz Minami already lost in first game.
„Yeah.. cuz you cheat.” She takes glass with drink and drink it.

In next game, she lost, again and looks like alcohol is already taking her mind. That was pretty fast. My back was pressed at the couch and she laid her top body on my lap and with her arm touching my leg, sliding it up and down. At first it surprised me, cuz I was afraid from reaction what her family could say. My cheek felt hot.
„Haha.!! Look who now is touching her like a pervert.” Her brother Kuu instead laughed about it.
„Shut up! And I am allowed to do that.” Okaaaay.. I hope they won’t misunderstand this situation and what she just said. With out saying anything, I waited others reaction. At first it was silence, but then..
„Pff.. Ahahahaha!!! What a pervert.” Kuu and Marion started to laugh more harder. „..And you say, that we are one her who are perverts, just look at you..” Kuu pointed at her, while holding his stomach.
„Just say what you want, I won’t move, cuz it’s too comfortable and I am protecting her from yours hands.” Ah, Minami.. you really can make my heart beats.
„Okay, okay.. just do us you want, but you know… you got really good catch.” With what Mario wanted to say that? Does this mean, that everyone in her family already know about mine and Minami relationships? I feel so embarrassed.
„Hehe *weak laughs*.. Amm.. can you please stop to talk about this kind of things?” I tried to say something until it goes too fare.
„Oi, oi.. we just teasing her.” Mario between laughs tried to speak.
„I-I know, but can you just please to continue to play that game, cuz I am little tired and want to go sleep.” Right know, I really want to hide from them. But more surprised I am about their parents, cuz they didn’t said anything, but only laughed.
„You can go..” Mario said to me.
„Oh, wait.. you can’t sleep with out your pillow, right?” This really made me be more embarrassed.
„Wh-what? I-I didn’t mean it like that.” I start to worry. Minami, help me.
„……Ahahahaha..!! I think I never will be enough to tease them.” Ah, Mario.. you really are annoying with  you teasing things.
„Hey! Stop it already! Just play, cuz I also start to get sleepy.” Minami, thank you.
„Ooo… look who talks.. a knight.” After Kuu talked, Minami looked at him with deadly look.
„Okay, okay.. we better continue it, cuz shorty ones behaviors start to get creepy.” Mario finally give up and continue the game.


After losing three games of cards we went to her room. Finally two alone. She layed in her bed with her back facing bed while I laid besides, but on my stomach. Looking at each other she made a move. Turning me around on my back and putting on of her arm around my stomach and pressing her body little bit closer, she start to speak.
„Do you know what I missed all this week?” Her eyes never leave mine.
„Hmm.. my touches?” With gentle voice I tried to guess it.
„No. Your lips. Soft and tasty lips.” At this moment my heart beated even faster.
„Prove it.” With challenging voice I answered.
„Love to.” She moved her body half on top of me. Her lips touched mine. Oh.. it felt so good. Even myself missed it. Taste of alcohol was barely feel it. Our kisses become more deeper and passionate. Her hands started to own way all around my body. Every her touches was like  a fire, what burning and made it more hotter. Her hands was on my buttons of blouse. Slowly she starter to open it one by one.
Her slowly, gentle and hot touches on my skin was like electricity what was going thru all my body.

After some while of sharing passionate kisses my blouse was still open, but bra on me. We both were lying in her bed, while she was on top of me. My arms was still around her neck and my body was between her legs. I tried to keep our bodies very close and I didn’t plan to let her go.
Our eyes were watching each other. We didn’t speak. Only sound was our heart beats. She takes off my hands from her neck and put it each side of my body, while intertwiting our fingers. Giving fast kiss on my lips, she start to nuzle her nose in my cheek and giving gentle kisses. Nuzzle in my neck and make little blow in there. Kiss on my collarbone and slowly they start to get lower. My body start to get hot.. With just simple kisses, she can make me go crazy. What would happen, if we really do… that. Her kisses stopped and her eyes was on my cheest. What she is up to?
„I bet those things under this little peace of cloth are so soft.” Her smile was devilish.
„W-what a-are you s-saying?” It’s so embarrassing. I could feel, that my face start to get hot.
„Hehe.. you look so cute, when you are blushing.” She teasing me.
„Mou..” I want to hide my face right now, but I can’t cuz she still holding my arms. She came back to my face what I turned to other way. She leaned closer to my ear and whispered in it something.
„But I am more sure, that down there you are more softer.”
„O/////////O” WHAAAT!?!?
„..and with your amazing moans it’s probably make it more tastier.” I think my face just boiled.
„B-ba-aak-ka…” How could she say something like that.. she don’t have shame? Not even little bit? Cuz I have!!!!

We didn’t do nothing more in that night, but was enough to love her even more. She is a person, who is worth of my heart and worth to keep it with her.

 ..probably only in next month.. sorry readers..
.. I think in this part I rushed with few things.. cuz I don't wanted to take too long with this story.. Sorry..
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Woah... It was cute at the start then

It became... that  :on bleed:

Good job author san  :on GJ:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Thank you author-san!!! :on woohoo:

They are very cute :on bleed:
Especially if you write more about them together would be more cute :frustrated: :dunno:

Good job ehehe :on GJ:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Thank you anthor-san for your update!!  :wub:
That is great  :inlove:  :thumbsup
Hope to see them together more  :D
Can't wait for your next update  :)

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Oh Oh...

Would Takamina be able to be with Atsuko?

Would Atsuko be able to rid of Takeru?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 5.2. [3.08.15]
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Atsumina  :wub:
Kick out Takeru, hahaha

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
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Hi.. somehow this chapter was little bit stuck.. however.. this was only chapter whom half already was written in april.. but I just couldn’t bring myself continue to write it.. Lazy.. tired… and plenty other excuses.. xD But…. In the end I wrote it and here you goes.. ;)

Enjoy reading…


Maeda house

„Atsuko, darling, can you come please?” I was called by my parents in living room.
„What is it, mum?” When I went in there, they already were sitting in couch.
„Honey, we only wanted to tell you, that me and your dad will go to business trip.” I was sitting in opposite side of them in couch.
„Oh..” it was only sound what I could bring out from my mouth.
„..and it will take about one week. After that we hope your relationship with Takeru Sato will be better.” Ah.. yeah.. right. I think they would be more strained. But speaking about Minami.. hmm..
„I see… And when are you two planning to go?” I asked them. In my head I was already planning how to get Minami in here.
„After two days, honey.” My mom said to me.
„Oh.. that’s very soon. Then… nice trip.” In that day they was last words what I spoken with them.

Those two days went very fast. Their bags was already done and ready to go. They went with airplane, what was in the same time, when I had to be in school. I knew that, when I go home, there won’t be no one, cuz in next two days all house personnel was off from house too. So, my plan how to get Minami in here, can start.

After two more days in school

It was already lunch break and like usually me and my friends gathered to the one table. We talked different kind of topics, until..
„I think something is wrong with Acchan.” Yuko started to speak. I looked at her and didn’t understand what she mean it.
„What do you mean, Yuko? For me she looks fine.” It was Miichan, who didn’t understand it either.
„Just look at her. She isn’t daydreaming, like usually, when we all four gathered together.” Yuko looked at me with mischievous smile. Why she is looking at me like that?
„Hmm.. she is even smiling often. Probably it’s something to relate with their parents, who went to business trip.” Said Kojima. What? Haruna, you too?
„Oh, right. I bet something had happened, or still happening, while she is alone in her home. Or is she was even alone in there?” Miichan with her mischievous smile continued. Why I have feeling that I know what they are talking about.
„I am more curious about what ‘they’ are doing there, alone?” in Yuko face everyone could see a strange grin. Geez, Yuko, don’t look at me like that.
„Girls.?” I tried to speak too, but…
„Yuko! You and your perverted mind.” Miichan looked at her with disbelief look.
„What? I am just guessing.. who knows… maybe she just hiding that side of her too?” Yuko still continued.
„Khmm.. Girls?” .. hellooo.. I am here too…
„Hmm..” everyone looked at me „..maybe… maybe their is something more?” Kojima was in her thinking mode.
„Hey, girls! I am still here and I can hear you!” I tried to speak more louder. But still no use… ah..
„Oh, Haruna, these kind of words I could never expected from you…. But from other view.. who knows..” Miichan, seriously?
„Okay! Enough of this! Stop saying something silly… it’s not like that.. not at all.” … coz it was much better… hihi…
„So, will you tell us, what happening with you?” Yuko.. No!
„Stop fantazier.” Coz if I tell you, you could lost too much blood from your nouse..
„Mou, Acchan.. you are unfair..” Sorry Miichan.. maybe someday.. maybe not..


Week, day by day come to the end. My precious time with Minami also won’t be anymore so often.. At least, some of memories I typed in my camera. Just need to remember to hide memory card from it, coz there are moments who are… khm.. very personally. And no one.. I said NO ONE can know about them. These memories are my biggest secret of my heart. It was time when I finally felt what is true love and be loved by someone whom you means everything, like the same this person to me.
Time what I spent with her, was time, what I would never forget. But the best thing was to wake up in the morning and see besides a person, who captured my heart. To see a beautiful smile and adorable yawning.. only thing what I can do, was just look at her with smile and understand how happy I am. Those sneaky kisses what I gave her, when she was still a sleep and those moments, when she caught me what I am doing and then... mmmm..  yeah… memories..

After one week.

Someone POV

„Honey? Are you home? We are back from trip.” I opened hers rooms door, but there was no one. „Honey?” Room like usually looked nice and clean. Every were was hers pictures about her childhood. She grow up so fast and now is time her to release her wings. Looking around I saw one of hers video cam, what was put on shelves between some pictures and other little things.
„Hmm.. she usually liked to play a paparazzi…” Taking it in my hands I turn it on. „Hmm.. does in here is still those old video?” When I looked thru all videos, I could see a video, what was dated a few days ago.
„Oh.. what is that?” Pressing ‘play button, I started to watch it..

„Acchan, what are you doing?” There was seen a some kind of person… in Atsuko bed?
„Hmm.. how it looks? I just want to video type this moment.” There also was my daughter. What are they doing? Why that girl is in her bed?
„What for?” She asked her.
„Hmm.. coz who knows, what happens in future. I just want to some memories from you. And you know… It will be my best memories.” What she is talking about? Atsuko, what’s mean all of it?
„Oh.. if you promise to me, that you won’t show it to others, then I could make this moment more special and more unforgettable.” What that girl is thinking? How dare she?
„Of course, no. It will be only for me, for my eyes and my heart, what you stolen from me.” I can’t believe it what I just heard. What she had done with my daughter? She is turned her into ‘L’.. No…


My daughter isn’t like that.
„ Oh.. did I.? Then come here and put that camera to somewhere where it can do its job and I can do mine.” No.. this isn’t happening..
„Hmmm… is that so?” What are she thinking?
„Come her and let me taste it again your pinky and soft lips.” O.O
„With love to.” She putted a side it and crawled in bed. There was seen, that she was half top of that unknown girl. She gave it, that stranger some pecks on lips. I don’t even remember, when she last time smiled like that. In next moment they changed positions and now she was under her. They started to kiss each other more deeper. Atsuko putted around her arms to that girls neck..
„Minami, can you please take of your bracelet from your hand? Its ticklish, when it touches my skin.” So, that girl is some kind of ‘Minami’.. I could see  that she taken it off and put it aside.. hmm..

OH MY GOD!! What that girl is doing?! Why her hand is under my daughters shirt?


No.. NO!! I won’t let it like that..

I will do everything to stop those relationship..

I don’t care how much it will cost me..

My house! My rules!

Betrayals have to pay…..


When I returned home, my parents was already back from trip. Of course, like usually they bring me some souvenirs. From a fare they looked tired. That’s why I didn’t asked nothing much. Just let them rest.

Next few days I didn’ talked very much with them, coz I was busy with my school.. and unfortunately, I even hadn’t so much time what to spend with Minami.


After one week

Everyone was already in their classes and in their sits. Everything was peaceful. No one was yelling or doing something to other. Those boys with Takeru didn’t came in the morning, like they usually did it. No one were bullied.


I and Minami were sitting each of our sits. Sometimes exchanged with glances. I felt so happy, that finally we are together and nothing… nothing could change this fact or separate us. My heart finally can be free from this secret and be with person, who I love.

But… really?

Our teacher talked about something in front of us. My mind was in clouds nine. I just couldn’t wait, when classes would end. Ah.. everything felt so perfect and-

BAMP! *loud sound of doors opening*

„POLICE! PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SITS!” In class came in many policemen with guns… What’s going on?
„Policemen, what’s happening?” Our teacher asked them
„We have suspected, that one of your students in last night had killed Sato Takeru.” Policeman explained her. But.. Sato is dead? Who did it?
„What?! Who could do something like that?” Teacher was shocked, like everyone of us. My eyes was on Minami. She looked shocked too.
„We are looking for…….. Takahashi Minami.” O.O What!? It’s a joke? Please.. it have to be a joke. Coz I don’t like it. Minami? Everyone eyes was on her.
„Wha-at? I-I didn’t do that.” She stand up from her sit. At that moment behind of her came few man. They with force laid her on the table and put her arms behind hers back. They put handcuffs on her hands.
„Is this your?” Policeman asked her. It was her bracelet what she carrying around her arm, but why policemen have it?
„What? Yes.. it’s mine… But I lost it.” She answered to them..
„Everything what you say, you can tell it to judge.”  She looked confused..

No…. ‘DEG  *loud sound of the heart beating in my head*

They start to drag her out from class. Everyone whispered something.

No… ‘DEG

She looked at me with apologizing look.

No… ‘DEG

Everyone start to go after them.. shocked. My breathing start to get heavy.
Someone start to speak in my mind – „Atsuko, how long do you plan to be a coward? You finally got her. But now you just let them take a way her from you?” – No – „Do something.” –

No! I. Won’t. Be. A Coward. Anymore.

Next thing what I remembered was, that I tried to get thru to everyone by pushing them. In front of me was one of policemen. My hand moves by itself….

„STOOP!!!!” I screamed. In my eyes were tears. I was trembling. In my hand was… a gun. I tried to point it at everyone. No one moved. They looked shocked.

„I WON’T LET YOU TAKE A WAY HER FROM ME!” I again screamed. More tears in my eyes. My view was unclear from tears.

„GIVE HER BACK TO ME!” At that moment, policeman who holded Minami let her go and she start  to come to me, but her hands was still on her back with handcuffs on it.
She was almost near to me. I immediately put my right arm around her neck and pressed closer to me. My back was at the wall. Each of my side were policeman. 
„Minami, I won’t let you take them. I won’t be a coward anymore.” I could feel hers body temperature. She was so warm. But in the same time, she was trembling too. I had went thru too much pain and won’t give up so easily.. Not anymore. I won’t let anymore to someone to control my life.
„Atsuko, please. Put down the gun.” In calm voice she asked me to do it. Her head was buried in my neck. I was so scared. Scared from losing her. Scared from.. result.
„No! They will take you.” Around no one were speaking. They were afraid. No one could imagine something like this.
„Atsuko, please.” She still tried to calm me down... But this time, there isn’t a way to turn back. I am sorry.
„No, until you say, that it wasn’t you!” I didn’t let down my eyes from others. I could see, that some policman speaking something thru their police radio. My heart is suffered already too much and go thru too much pain.. it won’t make it one more time.
„You know, that I didn’t do it.” She raised her head up and looked in to my eyes. „Atsuko, I love you too much. I don’t want to loose you. So, please, put down the gun.” While looking into hers eyes, I didn’t notice, that gun, what I was holding in my arms, was now pointed at the floor. In my eyes was only her. I really want to stop it all, but… it’s already too late.
„Minami, I-”

BAM!!!!! *sound of gun, and follen glass shields*

Shock. No one could understand what just happened. No one was moving.

„Minami…” I felt strong pain in my  left shoulder. It’s start  to get harder to breathe.

Is this really happening?


„Atsuko..” Her eyes changed. Please don’t tell me, that… Her hold around my neck got weaken. Its start to slide down from me. Gun what she hold in her hand dropped on the floor with sound.. Her back were pressed to the wall.. I noticed the blood in her left shoulder.
„No…” she slowly start to slide down to the wall. After her I could see the dark red stripe on it.. blood.

„NOOOO!!” incredible pain in my heart…

Time stopped.

No one moved…

Shock and disbelief in everyone eyes…

What just happened?

Some moves started to go into very…
movements.. Felt like someone is trying to slow down everything and making all more painful..

Hard heart beats in my head. I wanted to scream.. I didn’t want to believe it…

I couldn’t hear not even a single sound. I dropped on my knees. Tears were dripping from my eyes like a river. I wanted to hold her in my arms, but I couldn’t, those handcuffs didn’t let me. Those stupid handcuffs didn’t let me to hold her. I tried to get rid of them, but I couldn’t, it’s just made my hands in more pain. Trying desperately to get rid of them, I could see a pain in her eyes.. they looked so lost.

„ATSUKOO!” I tried to scream and call after her. She didn’t said anything. Her mouth were open for trying to get the air..

Policeman finally was near to us. Some of them takes me a way from her with force. I tried to resist it. I somehow could get out from their hold, but then…. I felt high pain in my back and in next moment I was on the floor. They tried to hold me still, but I only screamed after her.

„Atsukoo!!”  Many others policeman was near to her. I somehow still could see her. Hers eyes was on me. Some of hers tears were still sliding down to her cheeks…

„Atsuko…..” Her eyes slowly closed.

„No…” I couldn’t do anything. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine like it was a bad dream and all of this isn’t even happening. Once again opening them, I understand that.. it was true.. It was very hurtful true.

„I am so sorry..” They take me away from her and out from school. My legs felt so heavy. Going thru the school doors, my legs went like a jelly and I fall on my knees. Some of policeman tried to get up me again.. But my legs refused listen to me.

I lost her…

Around were sirens of police cars and ambulance.. there were running doctors and nurses with medical things in school. And again, It felt like time start to get slower with each heavy step…by me.
Around were so many people and students, who wants to know, what really happened. One of policeman said something about my rights, but I couldn’t really understand it. My look was on the ground. In front of me I could see her.. Her beautiful smile. All our good memories, what we spent together. In my head I could still hear her voice and laughs.. Our time together wasn’t enough..

But now.. I am in the police car and who knows, what will happen now.. But she… got hurt because of me.. I couldn’t think anymore properly. In my mind was mess, chaos… with thousand questions in there -

For what?........
Why me?
Why her?
How much tears are still necessary?
How much blood still need to lost?
How much pain there will be?
How much need to sacrifice?
What is the true price of all of it?

I want to know…



It was late night. On streets was only few people, who in fast steps tried to walk to somewhere. Some of them to home, where their family was waiting  for them, but some of them, just somewhere. In one of the street, what was near to basketball court, was walking some stranger. Dressed in black with hat and hood on head. This person face in dark time was hard to see.

In that basketball court, where was still some light, was trained some kind of boy. Person in black clothes approached him. At first he didn’t even noticed this stranger, until the ball what he threw to the basket hit back and dropped behind him. When he turned around, he saw this someone.

„Oh, who are you? What you want?” Lifting up his ball, he asked to a stranger. But it didn’t answered, just standing in one place and with hands in pockets.
„Hey! I am talking with you!” He made few steps closer to this person.

„You are weak.” Finally stranger started to talk.
„What? Who are you?” he was confused. From voice, he couldn’t really understand who is it.
„You call yourself a men?” Stranger voice sounded angry.
„Take of your hat, that I can see you.. or I will do it myself.” He slowly approached this someone. When he was almost near to this person and ready to lift up this someone hat… in next moment he felt hard pain in his stomach.
„W-what are y-you doing?” In that moment stranger stabs a knife in him.
„You, Sato Takeru, are coward. You got beaten by a girl.” Stranger talked and stab that knife more deeper.
„AH!! Y-you… I… I kno-know… y-you… You.. are…M…” His knees get weaker and weaker. He could feel a blood, what slowly started to drip from his stomach. It was even hard to breath.
„You are not needed anymore.” Knife was stabbed third time in him. This time he couldn’t take it anymore and dropped on his knees. Ones more time looking at stranger was last thing what he saw it. And then, everything was already dark.
„Don’t worry.. soon you will have a visitors.. in that side…”

Before leaving, this stranger something dropped on the floor, near to this boy.. it was something small.. With that.. stranger also disappeared..


Lately I wrote it mostly funny stories, so I changed this chapter into ‘not so funny’, or more like opposite.. with hurtful moments and so on… cuz nothing doesn’t comes easy in life.. unfortunately..

                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
« Reply #114 on: December 12, 2015, 01:15:46 PM »
This chapter was just... woah.
I mean, Takamina was accused of murdering Sato (which he kinda deserves) and then Acchan got shot?! 
My feelings were all over the place...
And I'm guessing that it was Acchan's mum who killed Sato...

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
« Reply #115 on: December 12, 2015, 10:26:14 PM »
Well that's lots of troubles blowing in

The one that put minami's blaclet in the crime scene is atsuko's mother?

So the killer is atsuko's mother, she wanted minami to be gone from atsuko's life

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
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Shit!!!! Acchan don't die!!!
Her mom is crazy!

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
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Please don't drop it T.T

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
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Please don't drop it T.T
I won't... no worries, cuz only one chapter left.  :roll: 
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
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Where are you author-san?

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