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Author Topic: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]  (Read 60162 times)

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
« on: November 21, 2014, 05:51:46 PM »
Hi, every one..  :roll: This my first fanfic. well, ut list I try something to write.. Maybe you already had read something like this.. what is big possibility, because I had read so much of them, that I  don't know, what was written and what hasn't.. So.. at first, there will be Prologue.. I if some of you like it, then I will post the chapter one also..
Enjoy reading! And I am sorry about my bad english, because it's not my current language. :roll:  and please don't judge me too much about what I write there.

                                                                                             "PAINFUL MISTAKE"


Hi, my name is Takahashi Minami, but they call me Takamina. I am 20 years old girl and very short. I am student. In school everybody hate me, even the teachers and also my friends, you ask me why, well.. after that incident..I don’t blame them, because I did the biggest mistake in my life.
 But before that incident I was very popular and everybody loves me. I had date-up some girls and boys from my school. But this relationships never went long, because I like try something new and usually, persons who I was date-up, use me to get popularity. After dating one of our prettiest schoolgirl, who used me to much, but I was to blind to see that, even my friends told me that, but I don’t listen them, I think I was in love. Until I saw her kissing with some men from our school. After that, I promise to myself, that, I will nevar fell in love again.. but maybe use them just for some fun..
  Unfortunately, you can’t tell your hurt what to do.. until the new transfer student come in our school, in my class.. my heart start beating fast, but I try to ignor it..because I made a promise to myself. When our eyes meet each other, she smile to me.. DEG..DEG..DEG..
            „Miss, can you please introduce yourself to your new class?” teacher ask her.
 „Yes, ofcourse, my names is … …”
  …DEG, DEG, DEG… no, stopit, I can’t do the same mistake, I can’t.. why now? It’s painfull.. please!

I hope some of you want to read the rest of the story..First chapter is almost writted..  :roll:
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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 12:32:04 AM »
Awwww, u didn't tell me what the pair is..... :cool2:
i hope it's atsumina, :kekeke:
but if it has takamina in it then i'm all for it!  :ding:
so update soon  :wriggly:

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« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2014, 10:44:46 AM »

Thank you, who readed the prologue and there it is, the first chapter and of course - the pair..  :)


  „Hey, you.. Takahashi.. what the hell are you doing?” ask girl, who are only a bit taller than her.
 „What you want Oshima? Can’t you seen, that I am busy” Takamina answered a little bit angry
  „Yes I see, but what are you doing, Takamina?”
 Oshima Yuko is very good friend with Takamina a very long time. They are partners in crime, but no one before had catch them about what they are doing, for example, like now.
  „Hey, I am talking with you.” Yuko come closer to look carefully what she is doing.
 „Oh, crap, where it go?” ignoring the little taller girl, she start searching something.
  „Is it what I am thinking? You will do it again.. ah, Takamina”..
 „What? Do you want to tell about this to our teacher?” Takamina stopped what she is doing and looked at Yuko.
  „Hmm.. let me think.. Of course, I will.. not to tell.. Can I join you?”
 Takamina looking at here and start lough.
  „So.. How I can help you?” she start to look at Takamina masterpeace.
About what they are doing, well, Takamina found old girls clothes and skeleton, what was one of drama club properties. They put old clothes to this skeleton, put a mask to his eyes and hat to his head. Only from skeleton what you can see was his hands and half face. While in school were lectures, they both put this skeleton to the girls restroom one of the cab, with sitting position and with toilet paper in hand. They letting bit open the cab door.
  You ask why they are doing this, well, because in school has a rumor about girl who disappeared in restroom. And once in 5 years she appeared there.
 When lectures ended, usually many girls go to the restroom..
  „3..2..1.. and ..”
 „Kyaaa…” in all school you can hear big screams and some of the girls even faint.
 Two short people hide them self not very fare from there and start lough. Schools teachers and director was running there. When they found what is happening, they were in shock. All blame was put to the boys, who always scare girls with that rumor.
 In next day in school every start talking about new transfer student. That she is more prettiest among all girls in school.
  „Pff.. she is not even here and already so popular” … „I don’t believe that she is so pretty” the shorter person talking while sleeping on the table.
 „What’s wrong Takamina. You afraid that you can in love again”
  „Shut up Yuko. I will nevar fall in love again”.. „ But.. maybe just little bit use her to make some fun”
 „Oh, Takamina, get up.. teacher is coming” Takamina with yawning wake up and start to look out said to the window. What was easy for here, because she is sitting near one of them.
  While Yuko and Takamina talking to each other, there was a person, who listening everything. In her face you see the anger..
 „Well, well.. we will see, who is the prettiest in this school.. and Takamina.. I will get you back.. You will see, cause no one can comper with me andthan make you suffer more” with devilish smile this girl thought in her mind.
  „Okay class, please sit on your places, and I something to tell you. We have new student in this class” Everyone already was so excited. „Miss, please come in”
 In class come a girl, her black hair was a bit longer than shoulders. She has a very prety smile with those pink lips and I think everyone in class already were in love with her. Exept few persons.
  I still looking outside to the window, until some one call me
 „Hey, Takamina, look, it’s her” in low voice Yuko tell me, she is sitting behind me. Because sets was individual to each student.
  When I look at her, I admit that, yes, she is very pretty. While I looking at her, she look at me too and smile. „This smile..” DEG, DEG, DEG.. „..What was that?”
„Miss, can you please introduce yourself to your new class?” teacher ask her.
 „Yes, of course, my names is Maeda Atsuko, but you can call me Acchan. Nice to meet you and take care about me” that smile never live her.
I sill can’t get away my eyes from here. „What is this filling? I need to remember my promise to myself. I won’t fall in love again” my mind was confused.
  „Miss, you can sit there, near to Takahashi” teacher tell her and show the table
 My eyes still can’t live her and when she is coming closer, she smile to me and greeted
  „Hi, Takahashi-san..” that smile.. those eyes… DEG, DEG, DEG
 „H..hai Ma..Maeda-san..” what the heck, it’s first time that I can’t to reply properly to someone.
  „You stupid mind, stop thinking  and stupid heart, stop beating like that” I pulling my hairs, I think I look very fanny, because, when Yuko tap me to the shoulders, I look around and everybody was looking at me.
 „Takahashi, are you okey?” the teacher ask me, but I only smile and nodded, not looking around, but I can fill that, she is looking at me..
  „Okay class, we will continue…”
  When class ended Yuko come to me
 „Takamina, are you okay? Back than you look very silly, and I don’t know way, but what you did, it's looks like you like that Maeda girl.” With big grin she ask me
  „What the heck, of course no.. Do you forget about my promise to myself.” I was pissed off.
 „Well, well.. Takamina.. you can’t tell to your heart what to do”
  „Shut up Yuko. Live me alone, I want to sleep” After she live, I lay down to my table, until some voice disturbed me.
 „Hi, Takahashi-san, can I talk with you?” that voice.. DEG, DEG, DEG..
  When I look up, it’s her.. I only can nod and with awkward smile in to my face.
„W..well what is it? „ I ask her again, cause she doesnt’s spoke
  „T…Takahashi.. c…can you be friend?” she is blushing.. I don’t know what to answer..
 „W..well. first of all, could you please stop calling me Takahashi..” she just look at me with painfull eyes. I can’t refuse those eyes..
  „..cause I prefare better if you call me Takamina and yes, we can be friends.”.. When I said that, she smiled. That smile, my heart is beating so fast.. „Stop it my heart, we can only be friends” I can’t stop thinking and looking at her. Until she get up and make my heart rice more faster.. She is huging me..
 „Thank you Takamina and please call me Acchan too”..
  I just stay froze and let her to hug me more tighter.

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« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2014, 09:25:03 AM »
I will post the second chapter too, becouse the next won't be so fast, however it's already in midle, but I am student too, so I need to study ..

  It’s is already a one week, since this new transfer student is here. She is so friendly to everyone, because, that smile, what she is showing to other can melt every heart. And somehow that smile always appear in my mind..
 „Damn, that girl, why is she so friendly to everyone? Doesn’t she said, that she want to be my friend.. from this point it’s look like she asked this question to everyone.” This question don’t want to live my mind, when I look at her..
  „Hey, Takamina, whats up? What are you looking at..” behind me came Yuko and sit in her spot..
 I don’t bother to even answer to her, because, she already understand it.
  „..Oh..You still thinking about her.. And it’s look like some one is jealous.” After that sentence I turn around with big open eyes and look at Yuko..
„What are you talking about? You need to cool your head, Yuko.” Well maybe little bit I admit, that I am jealous, but I can’t be like that.. we are only friends.. but that doesn’t meant, that I can’t get some fun..  and I can’t forget my promise to myself.. just can’t.
 „Takamina, why are you smiling like that?” that smile in Yuko face.. yes, she know me too well.
  „Oh, hi, Takamina.. Yuko.. Why you both smiling like that? Do I missed something?” there she is, Acchan with her beautiful smile.. She is sitting in her sit, what is near to us.
 „Hihi, hey Acchan.. No.. everything is okey, Takamina just tell some of her fail jokes”, Yuko still smiling while answeroing to her.
  „Oh, okay, I hope you later tell me too, Takamina.” Acchan smiled to me, until teacher came in to our class.
  „Okay class, don’t forget about you homework in holiday.. You can go now.” With this sentence from teacher, everyone quickly take their belongings and went out from class.
 „Oh, not again, I hate this kind of homework, they are too hard for me.” I said it in low voice to myself.
„Whats wrong Takamina?” .. „Why I think, that you are not very happy about homework.”..
„Yes, Acchan, that is true!!” I screamed in my head. After few minutes, that I still haven’t answered to her, she star speaking again.
  „Don’t worry Takamina. I will help you with this homework.”
 „What? Are you sure? To make me understand something that, I don’t know, it’s hopples.” When I look at her, she is still smiling.
  „It’s okay. I will make you to understand, with my method.”
„Acchan.. What do you mean, with your method?” Why is she smiling like that.. Damn, and why my heart start beating like that..
 „Hihi, can’t tell, than you will see. Just come  me my house tomorrow. Faster we will star, than more time we can spend to do something else.” She just smile to me and went out form the class.
After that, I just stay there like frozen, and my head start spinning..
  „Oy, Takamina, why are you standing there?”.. „Hey, I am talking with you.”
 „Eh?.. Oh.. Yuko.. Amm.. Yeah..” I still can’t get out of my head Acchan last sentence.
  „Okey Takamina, stop dreaming and come back to the earth. We have to go.. I want to eat  something.”
After school, I and Yuko went to the cafe to eat something, and what was quit far from our school.
„Yuko, why we always come here to eat?” .. „I like the food here, but there are cafe, that are closer to our school, even to our houses.” It’s look like Yuko did not listening what I am saying, she just looking around, like trying to search something.
  „Yuko, what are you looking for?” I still trying to talk with her.
 „Oh, she is here, yee..” Yuko start smiling from ear to ear.
  „Yuko, you look weird”, Now I know, how I look, when I am not listening to other and I am on my own world..
„Hello, I would take yours orders, so..are you already choose what you want to eat?” tall girl, with long hair and voice in some words sounds like cat, came to our table and asking to our orders.
  When I look at Yuko, she still starring at girl with big grin on her face..
 „Nyan.. nyan…”
  „Umm.. excuse me, but there isn’t food like that with this kind of name.” The waitress looking at Yuko with little confused glance.
 „Yukoo.. wake up, and order something.” It’s look like she is still in her trance.
  „Well, for me, like always, katsudon.. and for that squirrel, pizza with cheese and bacon.” Take that you, Yuko..
After some while waitress came with our orders..
  „Yuko, who is Nyan Nyan?” I ask her, while eating my katsudon.
 „What? Nyan Nyan… she is a goddess. The beautiful person what I had ever seen.” And again that smile from ear to ear. .
  „Yuko, you are drooling.” I keep teasing her while we are eating. Even while we are going home, she still keeping talking about her goddess. „Ah, poor girl”, I am thinking in my mind, while listening what Yuko is telling to me.
 But one thing I can’t get out from my mind when I left school, „What Acchan meant.. with her method?” „Ah, stop thinking unnessesary things, tomorrow you will find out.”
  „Okay, bye Takamina, seen you after holidays, and I can’t await the time, when I will go to sleep and of course holidays.” With big grin said Yuko.
 „What do you meant, you can’t await, and why you are saying like we won’t meet each other in next few days?” with question mark in my face I asked to Yuko.
  „Hihi.. cause, I can’t await the time, when I can dream about my Nyan Nyan and try to ask her out, in some how” ..
 „What? Yuko.. I think you are hit your head to some where and prety hard” It’s so funny.
  „Hey, don’t say that.. And by the way, you are busy in holidays too.. with Acchan..” Ah, that grin..
 „What do you meant.. busy?”
  „Don’t deny Takamina, I heard your conversation in school with her.”
 „Pff.. it’s just a stupid homework and nothing more.” I was pissed off.
  „Yeah, right.. From Acchan view it doesn’t look like that.” Yuko is smiling like old pervert.
 She continue „I didn’t know that you call it like that.. But be prepare for tomorrow.”
  „Shut up, Yuko, before I kill you.” That squirrel will make me insane.
 „Okay, okay, Takamina, relax.” She star running away, when she was bit further away, she turn around and say something „Oh, by the way, Takamina, nice and hot dream tonight, with Acchan in there.”
  „What the.. you squirrel!!”
 „Bye-bye.. blee.” While running, Yuko showed me her  tongue..
  „Ah, has someone so young can be so pervert..” After Yuko live me, I star to go my home too.
 „Well, tomorrow will be interesting day.. Ah.. that Yuko and her pervert mind!!” I start screaming in my mind.. I even don’t bother the thing like some of the people looking at me like weirdo..
  „Acchan, what is.. in your mind?” …

Next day…
   „Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to come to my house?”
 „Acchan, ah.. I am so sorry, I wake up late.” I try to smile to her. But in the true.. I don’t even want to come..
  „Well,  I thought that we would start these homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.”.. „But..okay, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan was smiling, and this smile was very creepy.
 „O..Okay.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”
 o_o  …..  0_0  …  O_O  …

Enyoy the reading..  :roll:

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                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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„O..Okey.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”

EH~?!! :w00t: :drool:

cant wait, update soon!! :bow:

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Painful Mistake, Chapter 3
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2014, 05:13:45 PM »
I know, that I am very bad with grammar, but if you understand the story, then it's okay! So enjoy the reading!


  „Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to come to my house?”
 „Acchan, ah.. I am sorry, I wake up late.” I try to smile to her. But in the true.. I don’t even want to come.. While she let me in the house, she start speaking again.
  „Well,  I thought that we would start these homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.”.. „But..okay, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan was smiling, and this smile was very creepy.
 „O..Okay.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”
 ‘What!? K..Kiss you!? W..Why? M…Maybe something e…else?” My heart start beating very fast.
  „What..? Don’t you love me, like I do?” with seducing voice she is looking deep in to my eyes and start coming closer to me.
 „Acchan, wait!” She continue coming closer to me, while I was trying going backwards, until behind me was wall. „Oooh, craaap..” My mind was in chaos..
  I was in trap, behind me, was wall, but in front of me was Acchan.. My hands just staying each side of my body like frozen.. She put her hands to each said of my head..
…Leaning closer to my ear and whispering something, and the same time blowing in it, „Don’t tell me, that.. you never wanted to do this too.” When she start to pull back her head from me, I thought that she is teasing me, until she stop in middle way and looking at my lips.. She slide down her right hand to the wall, until its stop to my waist. Pulling me closer to her.. until her right hand slide already behind my back.. her knee between my legs and still trying to get our bodies closer, until there no space.. Her left hand was on my cheek..
..She start to leaning closer to my lips.. Her eyes were almost closed.. ‘I can’t believe what is happening.. should I do this..’ I was thinking in my mind. Our lips were so close.. I can feel her breath to my lips.. I slowly start closing my eyes too.. Her nose touches mine..

  „I… can…. almost… feel it..”

 Brrr…Brrr… Brrr…. „WHAT THE HECK!!!” It’s my alarm clock.. That thing was only a dream. „Damn Yuko!!! Why you tell me to dream about her.. Aaahhh!!!”
  I can still feel my heart.. it’s beating very fast..
 „Ah, it’ is only eight o’clock in the morning. I need  ti take a shower. Maybe this will help me to forget that dream.”
  After shower I eated breakfast. It was almost twelve o’clock and the time, when I must to be already in Acchan house. I couldn’t still forget that dream. In me was big doubt if I should go there. Unfurtuanly, I doesn’t have a chance.
I was ready to go, and when I think about that dream, my heart start beat fast again. „Stop it you heart, its was only a dream. Something like this nevar will happen.” At least, I thought so.

  „Well, there goes nothing..” I already was front of Acchan door. I ring the door bell and waiting. After few seconds she open. When she saw me, she start smiling with here beautiful smile. „Ah, that smile, and… aahhh.. why that dream come back in to my mind.” .. „I want to kiss her, for real”… „What? No.. what the hell I am thinking”.. „Stop thinking these thinks and greet her, before she think you are some weirdo!” While I was argue in my mind, Acchan start speaking with me.
„Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to came to my house?” She is looking at me while leting me in in the house.
 „Amm.. I…” oh no.. that sentence.. the same like in my dream.. just say something you stupid mouth.
  „Ah, w..well.. I owerslept, sorry.” Yeah, right.. and you want to think that she will believe you..
„Oh, okay.” .. „Well,  I wanted that we would start thouse homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.” .
What the heck.. please tell me that I am still dreaming, this can’t be happening..
„..and okey, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan is smiling at Takamina, while said that.
 „W..What!? What I ..  have to do?” My heart is beating very fast.
„Kiss me..”
  I think, I just had a heart attack..
„C..Can you re..repeat it?” I was staying there like frozen. She is staring at me with her brown eyes, that she really mean it. Until…
  „Pfff… ha, ha, ha.. You should see your face, when I told you that.” While Acchan laughed very hard, I was just staying there like I was shooted three times in head.
„She was joking… she was just.. joking.. hihi.. I need to sit down, before I collapse to the ground.” I was in shock in my head..
 While Acchan still laugh with tears in her eyes, I went to the couch and sit..
  „Takamina, are you okey? Don’t tell me that you take it seriously?” She asked me, still wiping her tears from eyes and geting back her normal breathing.
 „What if I take it?” - awkward silence – after few minutes they bouth start blushing –
  „Amm.. hihi.. I was just joking like you.” I try to take lower this very awkward situation and start to laughing, she was looking at me and after little while she start lough too.
 „I..I think we should need to start that homework.” I try to speak normal again, before its not went to far.
  „Okay.. I agree.. after that we can do something else.”
 „Amm.. Acchan, what do you meant with.. ‘something else’?” I start to feel nervous, again.
„Hihi.. Don’t wory Takamina.. and we need to do homerwork first.” She start searching our homework task.
  „Oh..! There it is..! So, Takamina, what part you really don’t understand here?”
 „Everything!” In my mind I’m already crying.

  They homework task is  - Some company boss has found, that his secretary is not enough qualified to do the job, also with inappropriate clothing in the workplace and fired her. For this reason, you need to recruit new. Describe the situations, how you doing the interview, about clothes, how need to look and what questions you will ask.
  So, Takamina, imagine, that I am here to the interview. What will you ask me?”
 „Well.. do you have a boyfriend?” I think I said it loud..
  „What? Takamina, questions about personal life you can’t ask..”
„Oh.. sorry.” I smiled to her and put my hand awkwardly behind my neck.
„..and no, I don’t.”
 „How so beautiful girl can’t have a boyfriend?” and this question I think I said loud.. again, crap..
  „Takamina, you would be worst boss.. but.. thank you.” Wow.. she is blushing, lovely.
 „Okay, we will try another question. So, what I have to wear, if I get a job here?”
  „Amm.. I would prefer you without clo…I meant, blouse, skirts.. it would be fine.. hihi.” Ah..  again I’m thinking and speaking the same time..
 „Takamina, you wouldn’t only be a worst boss, but also pervert boss.”
  „Hihi.. Thats way, I am not suitable for this kind of job.” I think she is mad at me..
  This homework take from as about four hours and now I am hungry.. I need get away from here.
 „Acchan, I think I will go home.”
  „What? Who said, that I let you  go?” She just looking to me with strange smile in her face.
 „Amm.. me.” I just get up from couch and start walk away.. but she stoped me..
  „Wait.. Than..Before you go home.. Can we.. go somewhere to eat?” ..And I thought that I am already in safe.. guess.. I’m not.
 „Are you sure?” .. „because I don’t like to eat outside.” To the true, right now, I really don’t want to eat somewhere outside, especially with you, because there is Yuko.. she is somewhere out there too with Nyan Nyan and I don’t want them to see me with you. Yuko will tease me rest of my life, after that..
  „You are bad liar.. I have seen you with Yuko one of the cafe and so.. we are going there.”
 „WHAT!? NO!” .. „I..I don’t really like there..” I need to find refuse.
  „Than we can go somewhere else and I know very good place.. We can go there and you don’t have choise.”  Why she is smiling all the time..
 „Well.. okay.. we can go.” At least I hope there won’t be Yuko.
  But luck wasn’t in my side..
  „Hey, Takamina.. Acchan.!” .. „You too are on date, like me and Nyan Nyan?” There it goes..
 „Hey, Yuko and.. Nyan Nyan?” Acchan was first who greeting her.
  „Yeah,.. hey.” I wasn’t really happy about this..
 „Oh, Acchan, I would introduce you both, but she is speaking to phone.. again..
  „So, what you two are doing?” Yuko ask to us
 „We just came to eat something and Acchan wanted to show me a good place.” I try to speak peaceful..
  „That’s mean.. you really are on date..  It was already in time.” Yuko was shouting with pervert smile in face. While we both were blushing.
 „Yuko, shut up!” Before it’s goes too far.. I just turn around and walked away with Acchan folowing me.
  We found that places, what Acchan mentioned before and while we are eating, no one of as try to speak.. until..
 „Amm.. Takamina, can we after this go to some shops, maybe buy some clothe?”
  „NO!”.. „I hate to go and doing something like that, it’s is annoying. So never try to ask me that again.” I think I answer her to sharply.. But it was true.. I never liked to do things like that.. because I need to wear many clothes and than I need to change them again and again.. exhausting..
 „Oh.. Okay!” When I said it we continue eat our meals in silence..
 After that, I walk her to her home.. and I was ready do go, until she called me.
  „Hey, Takamina..wait.. I forgot something.” I just stopped in my walk and turned around, when.. Chuu.. 
 „She ki..kiss me! Why?!”  I was speaking in my mind.. however it was only on cheek, but enough to me to start blush..
„Bye, Takamina, and see you tomorrow, good night.” After that she went in her house, while I still standing there like frozen.
  „I.. I.. yeah.. g..good night you… too.”

...TBC... :roll:
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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KISSSSSSS!!!!! :ding:
lol been away for a while and 3 chapter :dizzy:
so it is atsumina  :luvluv1:
i'm happyyy  :on lol:
but who was that person that was saying she will get takamina back??  :shock:
becareful takaminaaaaa  :pleeease:
if something happens to my otp I will make u suffer  :scolding:
JKJK, thx for the updateSSSSSS  :on GJ: :stuffed:

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Lols takamina need to stop thinking out loud :lol:

Cant wait for the next one! :cathappy:

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@jumpcx: Thank you for reading and for leaving comment. Well, yes, it's Atsumina and about that person - you need to wait chapter 5, sorry. First three chapters was so soon, because, back than I had time to write.
@Kairi65: Thank you too, for reading and comment. About Takamina, this will be bad habit for her.

Okay, there is next chapter. So enjoy the reading and I hope you will like it..and of coures, sorry about my bad english. :)


  After that kiss, what was only on cheek, was enough to me to sleep only few hours, because I just can’t forget it.  However, I also try think about my promise to myself, I just can’t.. Sorry Acchan..
  It was already new week and time when I have to go school, and the place, where I will see her.. „Ah.. I just need to pretend like I didn’t feel anything.”
 When I entered in the class, she was already sitting there and talking with Yuko. I hoped that squirrel, won’t tell her something unnecessary. With smile I went closer to them, when they saw me, Yuko was smiling creepy like always, but Acchan.. she were blushing.. „Eh..?”
  „Hey, Takamina, where you take so long?” Yuko was looking to me, with big grin.
 „Yeah.. Hey.. I just overslept, like usually, sorry.” I was sitting in my place and try not to make eye contact with Acchan.
  „Oh, by the way, how was you date back than?” And I just hoped that she won’t ask.. again I was wrong..
 „Yuko, It’s not your business. So, just shut up, and it wasn’t date.” When I look at Acchan, she just looking to the floor and I think I can see that, she is.. blusing..
  We were disturbed by teacher who just came in.. At least I was in save.. for a while.
  After class, there was break and I went to the restroom to wash my face, because I think I will may sleep in next classes. While I wash my face, I heard that someone also came in. When I look back in mirror I saw her.
 „Oh, Acchan, you okay? I just asking you, because your face look little red, do you have a fever?” I try to teasing her.
  „Eh?.. Oh.. everything is okay, don’t worry..” In mirror, I can see blush in her face, cute.
 „By the way, Acchan, Do you know that, in here is ghost.. in this restroom?”
  „What are you talking about? What ghost?” she was looking to me, and her blush turn in to pale. Hihi.. that’s funny.
 „Well, there is story, that one girl, died her, because of hurtful love. She is appearing here once in five years and this year it will happen. When people see her, they can’t move.. they are like paralyse.. And this ghost will take you with her. So, Acchan, be careful.”
  „EEEH?! TAKAMINA, STOP TELLING ME THINGS LIKE THAT, THEY ARE SCARY!” she was shouting at me.. it’s look, that someone is afraid from this.
 „Don’t worry Acchan, this ghost take only those, who are in love, so you don’t need to be worry about that.” It’s so funny, I hope after this story, she will leave me alone.
  „Mou, Takamina, you doing this with purpose.” She little  bit hit to my arm
 „Hey, It’s not a joke.. it’s true.”
  „Yeah, right.. I have feeling, that incident, what happen before, with that skeleton, it was your idea.”
 „What, no! Why would I do that?” Oh, crap, I think I said to much.
  „Takamina, you are hopeless. Okay, before you start tell me other ghost story, we need to go back to our class.” She was smiling and after that we went out from restroom, but we didn’t know, that we weren’t alone. When they leave, some girl just came out one of cab.
 „Hmm.. looks like both of you already so close to each other.. that was fast, but also perfect for me.. To get you Takamina, and than take away from you everything what you have.. So be careful.. But you, Acchan, I will make you suffer more.” With big, evil smile she went out from restroom and went back to class.
  When classes ended..
„Aaah.. this day was so long and boring, however, teacher let as go little sooner.” I start to slowly packing my things, until Yuko tap to my shoulder.
 „Hey, Takamina, can we talk?” Yuko asked me
  „Yes, of course.” After that we went to school rooftop.
 „Takamina, you know what.. we haven’t done some ‘good’ things and I have idea.”
  „Oh, Yuko, you are perfect in time. So, what are we doing?” I already can imagine in my mind other students reaction after that.
 We have some balloons and make them full with water, after that we waited, when most of students will come out from school and than we will throw to them.
Classes ended and many students try to get faster away from school. In front of school doors gathered many students and it was our chance to do it.. we just throw balloons and..
„KYAAA.. WHO DID IT?” Many girls screaming and try to look up to see, who did it..
 „Okey, Yuko, we need to get out from here, before they found us.” We just take our things and ready to run, when..
  „BUSTED!” In front of rooftop doors was standing Acchan, with angry look in face.
 „Amm.. Acchan, What are you doing here?” I try to get out from this situation.
 „I can ask the same question.?” Damn, we need to get out from here, I need to think something.
  „Well, Acchan, we would love to talk with you, but we are in rush, right, Takamina?” at least Yuko start to speak.
 „Yeah, so.. bye..” when we start to walk  and already passing Acchan, she grab each of our ear and went away. While we both cried, because of pain what Acchan is doing to us. She found empty class and let us in there. I and Yuko was sitting in chairs with red ears, while Acchan was standing in front of us.
  „So.. you two are in big trouble. Especially, all this time, it was you two, who was doing all this things.” She was still angry and the same time scary.
 „Sorry, Acchan, we just wanted some fun. We promise, we won’t do it again.” I and Yuko were bowing to her with puppy eyes.
  „Things like that, won’t do it. I have to tell the director about this.” Oh no, we need to think some thing, what will make change her mind.
 „What? Please don’t do it. We will do anything what you want, well, I meant, Takamina will do it.” What the hell Yuko, and you call yourself a good friend.
 „Yeah, Takamina will do, because I have a date with my Nyan Nyan very soon.”
„Hey, I am here too and I won’t agree to this.” Now I was angry
 „Sorry, Takamina, we don’t have chance, and only you can change Acchan mind.” You stupid squirrel, why you smiling like that..
„Okay, you can go Yuko, but you Takamina..” I don’t like things like this.
  „Bye, bye Takamina and you too, Acchan.. be gentle to each other.” Yuko just run out from class. When she was out, Acchan start to speak.
 „Well, well Takamina..” She was smiling, and I somehow don’t like this smile.
  „W..What?” Right now I feel nervous.
 „You will come with me and help me with shopping and you don’t have choise.”
 I am died.
 „Acchan, please stop, I can’t anymore, my legs are in hurt, I feel tired and I want home.” I was crying, while walking behind to Acchan.
   „Stop complaining Takamina.. Oh, we will go there.” She just rushed in the dress store, were was very beautiful dresses.
 „Hey, Takamina, I will try on this.”
  „Eh? Yeah..” I just went to sit of the couch what was there. Right now I feel like her boyfriend. While I was in my fantasy world, Acchan came out with dress on her.
„Takamina, what you think?”. Acchan was standing in front of me, with blush on cheeks.
„Eh? Wha… OMG!„ My jaw just dropped. She wear white dress with big decollete and when she turn around, her back was naked till waist.. only thing what make dress stay up to her body was strap, what went behid her neck and back to front..  dress looks perfect for her body.
 „Takamina, you are drooling.” She start laughing. I couldn’t speak. When she went back to change again, I start feel, that something is dripping from my nose.. blood..
  „Stop, stop you stupid mind, don’t think things like that.. AAAh..” I was screaming in my mind.
 When she came out, we start to go home. When I walk her home, we both blushing, after what happened in store.
  „Well.. it’s look like we are already arrived, sooo… bye..” I was ready to go away, when she grab my hand and turn around..
  „Thank you for the day Takamina.” She let go my hand and went inside the house.
 „She.. She.. just kiss me.. on the.. lips.” With red blush in my face and right hand to my lips I standing like frozen.. again.. until something disturb me.. bzzz…bzzz..
With left hand I try to find my phone.. While still standing in front of Acchan house, I try to answer.
 „Takamina.. hic… where are you.. hic..?!” Someone screaming in my phone.
  „Eh? Yuko.. Why you talk so strange? Are you drunk?” After this I came back to earth from my thoughs.
 „Well.. yeah.. hic.. So.. hic.. where are you? ..Hic.. Can you come? .Hic..I am in bar.. Hic…what is near from that cafe..hic..”
 „Oh.. okay.. I am coming. Wait for me.” I went to the bar..
 „So, Yuko, why are you drunk and.. still drinking?” I try to ask her.
  „Takamina.. hic.. Nyan, nyan.. hic.. she.. hic.. have a boyfriend.. hic.” After that she start drinking again.
 „Oh.!” It was only thing I can answer to her. In this time I also remeber about Acchan kiss.
 „Wait, Yuko.. stop drinking.. Give me too.” I just take away from her bottle with vodka and start drink too..
  „Wow.. Hic… Takamina.. you and drinking alcohol.. hic.. That’s new.. What happen to you.. hic..?” Yuko tried to ask me.
 „Don’t ask.. Just let me drink.” I was already drinking fourth glass with vodka.
  We were there very long time, because it was already dark outside.. Yuko couldn’t even walk, so I call some taxi, what would ride her home. For me.. well.. I could still walk, somehow.. In my walk, I thought, that I need to sit on near bench.. While sitting there I was thinking about Acchan.
 „Aaah.. Acchan.. why you doing this to me!?” I was screaming in my mind.. until I feel, that someone is behind me..
  „Who is there.?” I try to turn around and look behind.. but something stopped me and was already holding my head.
 „Shhh.. Takamina..” It was girl.. she try to speak something in to my ear with low voice.
  „Wha…” I wasn’t so good position to try fight..
 „Do you like Acchan?” this voice asking me
  „Why you ask me this? Waith.. I know you.. you are…” But her hand cover my lips from speaking.
 „Do you like Acchan?” She try to ask me again, this time I just answer wath my  mind wanted.
  „I think.. I do..” I was just looking straight and answering her questions.
 „Do you.. want to kiss her again?”
  „What? How you..”
 „Shhh.. Do you want?”
  „I … I do.” Now  my mind was controlled by alcohol.
 „Then why you sitting here and don’t go to take what you want?”
  „I .. can’t do that. I made a promise to myself.”
 „Didn’t you tell, that you will use her for some fun?”
  „Yeah, but still.. she is my friend.”
 „Forget this thing about friendship. She is beautiful girl, with nice body and many fans, who wants her.. and won’t waste a chance to get her. Do you want this to happen?”
  „What.? No.. I.. don’t know.”
 „Just imagine her body.. without nothing.. lying on bed.” After this I remembered the dress, what she was trying. „She wants you too. Doesn’t you see how she act towards you.”
  „I.. I..don’t know what to do.”
 „Just go now to her house and take what you want.. her body.” I was still sitting there, after awhile I turn around, but there was no one. I get up and start to walk.. I just didn’t know where.
  Next thing what I remember, I was standing in front of Acchan door.. It was already midnight. I can’t get out from my head all this. I rang the bell about fourth time, when she open them.
 „Minami, what are you doing here?” She was standing in doors with question mark. She was wearing jeans and pink t-shirt.
  „Amm.. I came to visit you.” Without her permission I already went in to her house.
 „Yeah, I can see it, but why so late?” She close the door and came after me, while I was searching for her room.
  „Takamina, why do you smell like alcohol.?” I found her room and start to look around.. there were some pictures, with some young mens.
 „Yeah, I know..” I don’t like those mens. She was already sitting in her bed.
  „Why you drunk?” She was looking to me.
 „Well.. I have my reasons. Amm.. Acchan.. who are those mens in pictures?” I still standing while asking to her.
  „They are friends from my previous schooll. I had fun time with them and..”
 „Oh.. do you slept with them too?” I just straight ask her
  „What? No.. Why you asking something like this?” I can see a blush in her face
 „Than why are you blushing? Does it mean, that you had slept with them?” I slowly walk close to her.
  „Takamina, please stop it.”
 „Why? I just asking you.. Can’t you answer?” I was already standing in front of her.
  „I.. I.. never slept with them.. I had never slept with.. someone..” She just looking to the floor.
 „Oh..” I was leaning closer to her and put both of my hand to each side of her shoulder and whisper in her ear.
„Do you want to know how it feels.. To feel pleasure in side of your body, right.. now.!?”
 „What are you talking about..?” she get up from her bed.. „Minami, you need to go home, you are to drunk and don’t know what are you saying.” She try to get out from her room, but I stop her, with grapping her hand and push her back in bed.
  „What are you..” I stop her words with my mouth.. I start to kissing her, while holding her hand to above her head. She try to resist, but I lay my whole body on top of her.
 At first I kiss her slowly… than, possionate.. I can feel that she is trembling, but after while she didn’t resist anymore, but answer to my kisses. I let go her hands and start travel my hands to her body. Between kisses she try to speak..
  „Minami, please, stop it, you are drunk..” 
 „I can’t.. I want you.. You driving me insane. When you call me by my name, I can’t stop. ” We continue kissing. She wrap her hands around my neck, to try get me closer.
  I start travel my hand under her t-shirt.. to her stomach… she is moaning.. With each  of her moan I want her more and more. While we kissing I put my left knee between her legs and try to push it closer between them. She start to breath harder. My left hand never left her smooth skin, what was under her t-shirt. I travel it all possible places. Moans.. more moans.. I start to kiss her neck.. while my hand travel lover, to her belt.. her hand stopped me.
„Minami, please.. I am not ready.”
 „Sshh.. just feel the pleasure.. I will be gentle, I promise.  I start to kiss her lips more roughly, she take away her hand and put it back to my neck. My hand slowly try to open hers belt.. zipper.. and while we are kissing,  I slide my hand in  her pants.


                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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you need to stop this minami!!! dont do this

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I like it so much! please update

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you need to stop this minami!!! dont do this

thats right, you're gonna regret this! please be sober! :angry: :cry:

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Would that be classify as rape?

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Would Atsuko forgive Minami for this?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Would that be classify as rape?
It’s not like that, please don’t misunderstand, in next chapter I will inlcude Acchan Pov, than you will understand the real reason. But you need to wait..

                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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There is next chapter. Sorry about my bad english and of course enjoy the reading.


 It was already morning, when I open little bit my eyes, I can see the sun through the window. My head was little bit in hurt from yesterday drinking. When I try to move, I felt that my left side is very warm. I open my eyes more and start to understand, that it’s not my room.
  I start to think in my mind „Where am I? ” I was afraide to look to the person, who is sleeping beside to me. I slowly move my head to look, when I saw who is this person, I start remember everything about what happened yesterday.
 My mind was in panic, „What I had done?” After I realize, what is happening, I need to think something, that she won’t hate me. I start to feel, that she is waking up, so I try to pretend that I am still sleeping, I hope it work.

  When I wake-up, I saw, that Minami is still sleeping. I try not to move, but instead I try to feel her body heat little bit more, because we both were still naked, well.. she was half naked, not like me. It was time to wake up and make some breakfast for us. Before I get up, I leaned closer to Minamis face and kiss her on the lips.
 I get up from bed, found new clothes and walk to the kitchen. While I was cooking I try to remember  what happened yesterday. I admit, that I really wanted to do it with her and I love her from first time when I saw her in class. It’s feel like I just yesterday met her and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. First time I felt nervous when I try to speak with her, but when she agreed to by my friend, I felt so happy, my heart was beating very fast. And now, she is sleeping half naked in my bed, it’s like a dream.
  But now to think about that, I am afraid, that she won’t remember anything, because she was drunk. That was also the reason, this is why in first place I didn’t want to do it, because alcohol was controlling hers mind and..
 …maybe, she didn’t even want to do it with me.. and…
… maybe, I am only one who is in love…
 …maybe, she just using me, for fun..

  „Aaah.. what the hell I am thinking.. she never using me for fun, she just can’t be so cruel, she is just so nice person.”.. I was argue in my mind, I didn’t even notice when Minami came in, until she greeted me..
  When Acchan wake up and kissed me on the lips, I was in shock.. Maybe, she like it what happened and she don’t hate me. No, I still can’t do that, I promised myself. When she went out from room, I stayed in bed little bit more.
 It’s was time to me wake up. I found my clothes and went to find her. I heard, that someone is in kitchen, when I walk in, I saw, that she is thinking and very hard, because from my spot it looks very funny. I try to greeting her.. and it’s look like I scare her..
  „Good morning, Acchan.” I went to sit near to her.
„Oh.. Minami.. you are wake up, good morning you too.” She was smiling. Cute.
„I want to see that smile every morning.. What?!.. No!.. I can’t.” I was observing things in my mind.
 „Amm.. Acchan.?
  „Hm, yes, Minami?” She is calling me by my name, my heart start beating little faster.
 „How..” I have no choice, but to tell it like that.. „, I ended up here?” I can sworn, that she just froze in spot and I try to continue. „..And, what happened yesterday, because, when I wake up, I was almost naked?” I just waiting her answer.
  „….Well…” she try to think, but I can see, it’s very hard for her. „…Yesterday you were very drunk and…” I can her, that her voice is changing.. she is… crying… „…and when you came in, you just go to my bedroom.. start to take off your clothes and went in to my bed. Yeah.. something like that.” She wasn’t looking at me, but I can see, that she try to clean her eyes from tears.
 „Oh.. I see.. Well, I am really sorry about that and if I done something to you, than my apologies, because I really didn’t meant to do it to you.”
  „It’s okay, you didn’t do anything.”  Sorry, Acchan, it will be better for both of us.
  After breakfast I went to my house.. School will be only tomorrow, so it’s better if I stay away from her. She need time to think and I hope she will understand it. In that night, what happened, will stay in that night, we need to accept it.
 I was lying in my bed and still couldn’t forget about that. Did I really wanted it? Did I made a mistake when I lied to her? Every time when I close my eyes.. I see her.. how she is lying in bed.. I even can hear the sounds what she made. Why deep inside it feels so wrong? 
  „Aaaah… stop… please stop it.. it was just a mistake!!! If I weren’t  drunk, than it never couldn’t happened.. At least not like that!”
In that day I stayed home, I even didn’t made phone call to Yuko, ask her about how she is feeling. But I think she is okay.. she always can get through to everything. She is strong, not like me.
  It was already school. While going in, I try to think, what Acchan will do…. What I will do? I am not sure how to react to her, maybe, I just need to pretend like nothing had happened and I believed what she say.
 When I walk in class, she wasn’t there, but at least Yuko was. I went to my place and sit. I turn around to see Yuko.
  „Hey, Yuko, you okay?”
 „Hi you too. Well, sort of. If not include things like Nyan Nyan boyfriend, my broken heart, still my big headache and thing like I don’t remember how I got to my house.”.. „But I will leave.”
  „Yeah, I can see that.”
 „What about you, where did you went after our little party? If there is possibilities that you went to Acchans house and by the way, where is she?” How you can still think about something like that..
  „Well, I think I am in similar position, because I didn’t really remember what happened after that, and about Acchan, well..” I try to lie, when Acchan came in.
 „Oh, hi, Acchan. Where you was? I just asked about you to Takamina.”
  „Hi, you two. Sorry, I just overslept.” Acchan try to answer with smile, but I can see, that smile is not the same like before.
 „Oh, I see. But.. Acchan, it’s look like something is bothering you. Are you okay?” Yuko was asking to Acchan
  „Yes, I am okay, don’t worry. I still try to get my breath from running.” I can see, that she is laying. Does she still thinking about what happen back then.
 „Well, for me, it doesn’t look like. If something bothering you, just tell me. And if there is person, who try to hurt you, just tell me and I will make that person suffer, because it take away your smile.” Yuko, if you know.. will you say the same?
„Don’t worry, Yuko, everything is okay.” She try to smile. It was little better, but still, not that what we know.
  It was break between classes and I was reading some school news, what was written one of the corridors wall. While I was reading someone approached me.
 „Hello, Takamina.”
  „Oh, hi.” I still try to read news
 „Takamina, can I talk with you?” I turn my head and nod.
  We went to the place, where usually wasn’t so many students.
 „So, what you want Ray?” I try to speak like little bit angry.
  „Takamina, do I have a chance to get you back?” Ray was asking with sad eyes.
 „What!? Of course no! You had a chance and you waste it. You already broke my heart and because of you, I made a promise, that I will nevar fall in love again.”
„Please, Takamina, I promise, something like that never will happen again.”
  „Ray, stop it. I won’t give you a chance.”
 „Then it’s true. You really use other girls only for fun.” She was look at to with strange smile.
  „What? What are you talking about?” Does there is possibility, that she know about me and Acchan.
 „I know about you and Acchan. How you use her. Don’t deny.” How can she know.
  „It’s not your business what I am doing.” I was angry, but the same time I was scear.
 „Hmm.. than it’s true.”.. „Than, I have no choice.” After what she say, I turn my look to her. She just kiss me on the lips.  I push her away.
„What are you doing?” I was standing there untill someone from behinde spoke my name.
„M-Minami….” When I turn around, I saw Acchan standing there. In her eyes I saw tears.
  „A-Acchan..” When I turn my look back to Ray, she was smiling. She kissed me with purpose, because she know.. Acchan was standing there.
 „Minami, is it true? That you just using me for fun.?”.. „Minami, please, say it’s not true, PLEASE!” She came closer to me, grab me by shoulders and squeezing them. I never thought, that she will found it like that.
  „I..” I don’t know what to answer her.
  -Promise, Takamina. Just remember your promise. It’s already to late, to change something. You need to stop it. You need to stop things with Acchan. You will just make yourself suffer more. You will make the same mistake.-
„Yes, its’ true!” She let go my shoulders and make some steps back. Tears was dripping from her eyes even more.
  „Why?” in low voice. „Why you did that.? In that night you take something from me.. something very important..”
 „I know. I remember everything.” She just looking to me with big eyes.. she was in shock.
  „What!? But you said..” I disturbe her
 „I know what I said! I just pretend like I don’t remember. I had no choise.” I answer her with no feelings.
  „What choice? What is so important to you, that you did something like that!?”
 „I just don’t need broken heart anymore and I made a promise, that I will never fell again in love. Besides it was you, who start all this, you made me do that. It won’t be miracle, if you do this kind of things with others too.  So what you want from me?!”
 After what I said, she slapped me very hard on left cheek.
  „Minami.. I.. I really thought you are good person and not like others, who only use others body. And you know that, you was my first. I really, really fall in love in you from the first time, when I saw you… When you came to me drunk and after what happen back than..after that night, I really hoped, that you will remember it, if not, I would confess to you and wished that you answer me with the same…”I was still standing there like frozen. „..but I never thought, that you are such a moron.” With tears in eyes she try to speak.
 „Pff! Just look at you. You can get everyone under your spell! And back than, I some how don’t remember that you would resist, it’s more like, you wanted it.”
  In low voice. „Yes, I admit, I wanted, but only with you..” 
 „So, now you get what you wanted, and it seems for me, that you use me too.” After that I turn my head to left and saw that, there was standing many students, teachers and Yuko. All of face I can saw shock and anger, especially, I saw it in Yuko face.
  „I have nothing more to talk with you. So.. bye.” I turn to the right and went away. I can hear, that she fell on her knees while still crying. Others students approach her.
I went to the rooftop to be alone, but Yuko came in with very pissed look.
  „What the hell, Takamina!? Why are you doing this!? Are you out of your mind!?” Yuko just yelling at me.
 „What you want from me?! I just don’t want make the same mistake, like I did with Ray. Also do you forget about my promise!?” I try to speak little bit anger too.
  „You still think about that stupid promise!? Who are you.!? Acchan is not Ray.!”
 „Pff.. all of them are the same, just want my popularity.”
  „What the heck, Takamina!? How she can do that, if she didn’t even know who are you back than.?! She was already popular from first day, with out your help. Do you even listen what she just said to you?!”In lower voice „Takamina, she’s Acchan. You break Acchans heart.”.. „ Also, after this, I don’t think you are still popular.”
 „Yeah, sure.. But don’t worry about her. After few days, she will smile again.”
  „About that, I don’t think so. If she smile again, than it won’t be the same, like before. There still be seen a pain.” .. „You just made mistake again, Takamina.”
 „Well.. I don’t think so!”
  „Yes you do. You just show everyone, that you are wors than Ray. Person, who break others hearts, just by using them. I hope you will understand your mistake? When you do, it will be already too late, Acchan will be gone.”
 „Yeah.” After that Yuko went away and I stayed there. I wasn’t in mood to go back.

  Did I really made a mistake?

.TBC..  :kneelbow:
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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please~~ :panic:

just update the next chapter~!! :w00t: :drool:

i wanna know what happen next~!!! :bow:

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OMG... Minami is such a moron...

That's very cold of her... Atsuko just confessed that Minami was her 1st...

Would you give your 1st just for anyone...?

Crazy... somemore... Minami was the one that forced herself to Atsuko

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Ah.. Lately I was little busy with my studies and I didn't had a time to write.. But in the end, I found the time.. So there is next chapter and enjoy the reading!  :)

When was the quarel between Atsuko and Minami, everyone who saw it and hear it, were thinking, how that possible, they look so good together. No one think that something like that will happen, so.. why? But there was one person who like it the most.
 „Well, well.. It’s look like everything is much better than I wanted.”.. „With one shoot, two rabbits. Ha, ha!” .. „This is what you get, Takamina, for not accepting me back.. but you, Acchan, finally I get away your beautiful, everyone loving smile. Acchan, you have no idea how much time it takes to me, to make you suffer, to make you feel the pain.” Ray was standing near from them. However, she looks like, she is in shock, but in reality, she just enjoy the scene.
     When class ended, Minami went away. I stayed little bit longer and talked with Yuko. After that, I went to the restroom. I saw Minami, standing and reading something, until someone approach her. They both went somewhere. I follow them.
I was standing not very far from them, I just wanted to hear what they are talking about. I know it’s rude to do that, but I want to hear only little bit. This won’t hurt anyone.
They are talking about relationship what was between them before.
  „Takamina, do I have a chance to get you back?” I heard that girl to say to Minami.
 Please, Minami, say no. I try to hear more.
„What!? Of course no! You had a chance and you waste it. You already broke my heart and because of you, I made a promise, that I’ll never fall in love again.”
At least she not accepting her back. But what did she meant with not fall in love again? I want to hear more.
„Please, Takamina, I promise, something like that never will happen again.”
  „Ray, stop it. I won’t give you a chance.”
 „Then it’s true. You really use other girls only for fun.”
  What she meant with it? Why in some way those words hurt?
„What? What are you talking about?”
 „I know about you and Acchan. How you use her. Don’t deny.”
  How can she know something about me and Minami, how can she say like that?
 „It’s not your business what I am doing.”
„Hmm.. than it’s true.”.. „Than, I have no choice.”
  What? Why she look at me? I don’t like it.
 She.. She just kiss Minami, on the lips. What’s happening? Why she kissing her and does it mean that is true, she just using me.? I can feel tears in my eyes.
  „M-Minami….” I just call her name. I want to know the true.
 I fell on my knees.
  After when I know the true, I thought, the world just stopped and its show me, how cruel it can be.  I felt.. that my heart… just… break into million pieces. First time I fall in love and already my heart is in hurt.
„How can she do that to me? How can she say something like that? I just gave her everything. What did I do wrong?” My tears just dripping like a river. „Why its hurt? Why its hurt so much?! Please! Someone, tell me, WHY?!” tears.. more tears.. „MINAMI, WHY!?”
After some while, one of teachers ride me home. I just don’t know what to do any more.
„Maybe.. maybe I should leave this school?” I just ask myself, because I know, it will be more painful, when I see her.
 „Maybe.. maybe this is only a bad dream and I need to wake up?”.. „Yes.. it’s only a  bad dream. I need to go sleep and when I wake up, nothing like that never happened.” I walk to my room and lay on bed. I try to sleep, but when I close my eyes.. I see her.
 „Please.. be just a dream.”
 After that incident, I went to my house. Lay in bed and looking in to space. In some way it’s felt right to do this, but from other side.. I am not so sure anymore. Did I really made a mistake, like Yuko told me? Did Acchan really fall in love with me?
No.. she can’t be in love with me. It’s not feels right. She even don’t know me. If she loved me, than she should just told me. But.. would I accepted her? Then it won’t be so painful for her. But.. what I would feel than?
   Even if I apologise to her, it won’t be the same like before.
„What the heck I am thinking…aaah?!”
She will smile again and probably, very soon, like nothing has happen. She is just too friendly to everyone. She will get thru it very soon and forget about me.
When I close my eyes.. I can see her.. Her beautiful smile.. loughts.. eyes.. sence..
..DEG, DEG..
  What was that? Why it feel so strange inside? What is this feeling inside?
„Aaaah.. stop it.. I will going insane with this!” I need to rest. But I am not sure, if going to school tomorrow is good idea. I think I will just stay home.
  After two days when I went to school, everyone just ignored me, also said some bad words. Yuko sometime said something, but also not very much. But she said, that Acchan yesterday hasn’t came to school too. Teachers all the time ask me hard questions and make me resolve very hard tasks. At first  I though I will die, but than I understand, it’s my punishment for what I had done to Acchan.
 About Acchan smile, Yuko was right. It was already two weeks, when that happened, but no one still couldn’t make Acchan smile again. I admit, that I miss that part about her.
I saw her, sitting one of the bench, what was outside. When someone try to speak with her, she just looking to the book, what was in her hands. I went out too. When I try to approach her, to say my apologies, other students stop me.
  „What the hell, Takamina? Where are you going?” Someone of student said to me.
 „It’s not your business.” I try to walk past. But they stop me by grabbing my hand.
  „Don’t even try to speak with her. You are asshole. Never thought that you can do something so horrible and especially to Acchan.”.. they let my arm go and said something very hurtful. „And one more think.. Because of you, Acchan want to transfer again. I hope you are happy about that?” I just stay there and couldn’t believe what I heard.
 „She… She will changing schools?” I really am bad person. I just went back to class.
 In class I din’t pay much attention to teacher. In my mind all the time was running those words about Acchan leaving. When I try to turn my head to look at her, but I couldn’t see her, because teacher let her change the spot.
  „TAKAHASHI! Pay attention to class!” Teacher saw me, that I am looking around.
 „Yes, sorry.” I try to apologies
  „I had enough yours apologizes. After classes you will clean the class. But now pay attention.” Teacher was angry and of course mad, because everyone know about that incident.
  When class ended, I start to clean. While cleaning, what I do very slow, I all the time thinking about her.   
 „Sorry, Acchan.. I am really sorry.” I speak with myself, because I am only one in there. While cleaning, someone came in class. It was Ray.
  „Oh, Takamina, good luck in cleaning. Maybe in this kind of thing you are good.” In Rays face I can see the smile. Its look like, she is happy about what happened. If Ray hasn’t kissed me back than… Than something like that never had happened..
 „Ray, why you kissed me back than?” I ask her.
  „Why you ask? Can’t I kiss you? Before that, we had done that.”
 „I don’t mean that.. You saw, that Acchan was standing behind to me.”
  „Probably. Why do you care?”
 „I do care, because… if you hasn’t kissed me, then probably… probably, she won’t hate me now.” I can feel tears on my eyes.
  „Pff.. said someone, who wanted her only for fun. Takamina, you are pathetic.” She take her bag and try to leave.
 „It was you.” I just remember something.
  „What?” She turn around and look at me.
 „Back than.. When I was drunk.. It was you.. who told me to go to Acchan house and because of you.. I hurt her.”
  „So what? It’s already past and you shouldn’t listen to me.. so don’t blame me now.”
 „You just manipulate with my mind. Because of you I had done something horrible. IT WAS YOU! Why you doing this?” I was angry.
  „Why? You ask me, why? Hi.. because I wanted you feel the pain, when someone hurt you.”
 „Than why you hurt Acchan too?”
  „With Acchan I have my one plans and it’s not your business. I hate her from the first time, when she came to our school. She is just to perfect.” Ray was little angry.
 „What plans, why you are so cruel? Because of this, I hurt someone, who is very special to me.”
  „Takamina, you sound like someone who is in love. I want to lough. Ha, Ha.” She just laughing.
 „Maybe I am. Maybe I do love her.” Tears came back to my eyes.
  I continue „Yuko was right. And now it’s too late, Acchan is leaving.” Tears start dripping more. „I was such a fool to make this stupid promise. Because of you I made this STUPID THING…. Back than, I though I know, what is love, but I was wrong. You just show me how cruel people can be and you just use me.”
 „Stop kidding yourself, Takamina. You can’t do anything. You are someone, who let to use yourself.”
  „I know, but when I met Acchan, everything changed.”… „From first time, when I saw her, my heart was beating like crazy, but I try to ignore it. When she first time kiss me, however, it was only on cheek, it was enough to my heart to start beating more faster. From that time, when I saw her, hers beautiful eyes.. that loving smile.. it just make my heart to melt.” … „But still, I try to ignore it. Now, when I hurt her, I understand what is love.”  .. „Because of my stupid mistake, I hurt not only Acchan, but myself too and now… I can’t do nothing.” .. „I loved her from the start and I still love her, but now it’s hurt.. it hurt so much. Every  time when I close my eyes, I see her.” Tears dripping from my eyes like river.
 „If you love her back then, than why didn’t you try to confess to her?” Ray was asking to me. 
  „Because… Back than, I was afraid to admit something like that. I wanted to run away from love.” I was looking at her.
 „Pff.. such a fool.” Ray was laughing about what I said.
  „I want to apologies to her, but… unfortunately… she will never accept someone, who hurt her so much, to the person, who just played with hers heart.” … „But the worst thing, was that, I made her to believe me. That’s why.. I hate myself more than anything.” I fall to my knees while crying. Ray was looking at me little bit more and went out from class.
 „WHAT I HAD DONE, ACCHAN, WHAT I HAD DONE TO YOU.!? I AM SO SORRY.. ACCHAN, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVERYTHING, ACCHAN!!! I am so sorry!” I was screaming in class, because I know I am only one in this place and no one can hear me.. utlest I thought so.. But when Ray went out, she didn’t saw, that someone was there too and had heard everything.
  „Acchan… I want to turn back the time and change part, where I made the biggest mistake – to hurt you.” 

Next chapter will be probably the last one.. if my imagination won't think something..  :roll:
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Oh... Takamina is in such a pity state... even if she was the one that put herself there...

I can see that she would want to avoid love... avoid getting hurt because of that

Who is the one that was listening on Takamina confession?

Is is going to be Atsuko or others?

Would Takamina be able to be brave enough to confess her feeling and her deep apologize to Atsuko?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

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 XD Thank you for the update.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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