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Author Topic: [eel_96's fanfic] ANNOUNCEMENT!!  (Read 18280 times)

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 7]
« Reply #40 on: February 14, 2014, 05:03:15 PM »
Everything begins to complicate :on gay:
Poor Jurina :mon waterworks: Has to tolerate with all kind of bad things Nezumi did :mon ghost:
Just because Nezumi had Rena :on speedy:
At the same time, I feel sad for Mayuki couple :gyaaah:
Wonder when'll everything gets better :mon speechless:
Update ASAP, please :mon runcry:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 7]
« Reply #41 on: February 15, 2014, 12:31:10 AM »
Why u make everything is o complicated

Poor Jurina...she finally found Rena but she lost her memorie

Hope Yuki not think thst Mayu is not betrayter

Please update soon

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Prologue]
« Reply #42 on: June 25, 2014, 02:49:12 PM »
Although mw previous fanfic is still far from finish but this story suddenly came to my mind and i really want to writ this one sooo....
I will update this fanfic more frequently and i will make this one a short one maybe not more than 10 chapters..
I hope you can enjoy and like my story..
Please tell me anything you want about this fanfic so i can make it better..  :kneelbow:
Thank you and enjoy!!! :D

"Oh no it's raining again... Fotunately i remember to bring my umbrella."
A girl who seem had just finished her works walk out from the building.
"Good afternoon sensei. I'm going first. Be careful on your way." A boy greeted her.
"Ah yes thank you.. You too be careful." She smiled kindly.
Yes she is a teacher in a well known high school in that area.
She loves teaching since she was just a kid so in the end she chose it as her job.

"Although this road is a little bit scary but i think it's okay if i walk fast." She said to herself.
This road in front of her is narrow and empty but it will make her arrives faster to her home. Since she is already tired and want to sleep so she decide to walked past the road. But something weird makes her stopped on her way.

"Eeh? What is in that box? It's moving.." She went closer and surprised by what inside the box.
"What are you doing here little kid?"
He looked like really startled and scared. He just looked at her shocked.
"How can you alone in this cold weather? What's your name?"
"Ma-matsui Jun"
"You look so young. How old are you?"
'He still so young. How can he is alone here?'
"Hmm.. Okay Jun-kun where is your home?"
"....." He looked down sad not answering.
"Ehmm.. I think you want to be alone. Then.."
"Wait! Please help me.. I don't have anywhere to go. Please let me live with you."
'What must i do? It's impossible if i bring him home. What will others say if they know i live with a boy and he is 6 years younger than me! But i can't reject him bluntly. That's too mean. Ah! I have an idea. It's a little crazy but maybe i can make him discouraged to live with me. Sometimes i hate myself who can't talk bluntly.'
"Okay Jun if you want to live with me i have one condition for you.."
"What is it? I'll do anything. I can't stay here." Jun said desperately.
"Okay... You must become my pet."
Jun looked surprised hear that crazy idea from her. "Are you serious?"
"Of course i am. I never take back my words. If you don't want then i'll go now. Bye." She smiled inside since she knows he won't want to do that and she can get out from this situation.
"Okay! I accept that! It's okay as long i'm with y... Eh i mean i have a place to live."
She surprised by the boy statement. She didn't think he would accept that crazy idea.
"I'll be your pet. So i really can live with you right? You said you never take back your words."
'This boy is crazy. I can't take my word back again.'
#sigh "Ah right. I lose. Come with me." She said and then walked away.
"Okay master!" He said while ran toward her.
"You really into this don't you?"
"Of course since it's my promise. Or you want me to be your boyfriend instead?" Jun said teasingly.
"Of course no!! Remember your status in my house!" Rena blushed by his words and then walked ahead to hide her red cheeks.
"Master wait.." Jun ran.
"By the way what's your name master?" He walked happily.
"Matsui Rena."

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Prologue]
« Reply #43 on: June 25, 2014, 07:39:05 PM »
Jun aways crazy xD

Update soon

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Prologue]
« Reply #44 on: June 25, 2014, 08:35:21 PM »

This is interesting  :deco:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Prologue]
« Reply #45 on: June 25, 2014, 10:15:58 PM »
Wow! Jun as Rena's pet! :wahaha: :mon beam:
Haha~ Rena tried to trick Jun, but apparently it went the other way around :mon noprob: :mon evillaff:
This sounds interesting ~ :mon XD: :on GJ:
"Okay! I accept that! It's okay as long i'm with y... Eh i mean i have a place to live."
Hehe~ I see what your doing Jun, you were about to say something else :whistle: :on lol: :mon mischief:
Why is Jun all alone ?:pig huh: :mon huh: :tama-uhh:
Update soon ~  :byebye:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Prologue]
« Reply #46 on: June 26, 2014, 02:02:26 AM »
Its sounds like the dorama "kimi wa petto"... I prefer that Jun gonna be jurina.. could be interesting... and maybe more older..

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #47 on: June 27, 2014, 04:23:25 AM »
Thanks for the reply...
Anyway i'm really inspired by kimi wa petto to write this.. I don't know the storyline but i hope it's different..
And here's chapter 1....

"Woahh.. Your house is amazing."
"Don't exaggerate it. This is just a normal house. Just clean your body first. I'll find you something to wear now."
"Thank you master!" Jun hugged Rena tightly. Rena shocked with the action, her face was as hot as boiled water. After came back to her sense she quickly pushed Jun.
"Hmm yeah yeah.." Rena smiled awkwardly and patted his head.
"Just call me Rena no need to call me master Jun."
"No.. Since i'm your pet so you're my master." Jun said happily. Again.
"Why are you really happy to be a pet? Weird kid." Rena shook her head. "Now go clean yourself."
"Haaiii~" Jun answered with his cutest smile.

Days past since the day Rena found Jun on the way to her home. They live together and luckly no one know about it until now.

"Hahahaha... Wow!!! Yeayy!!" Jun shouted happily while running around the house non stop.
"Jun are you not tired? You have been running and screaming like a crazy kid since morning.. It's been hours you know.. Beside you are 16 but you are still playing like a 5 years old kid." Rena asked frustratedly as she is annoyed but she can't stop him.
"Why i must be tired? It's fun! Age is just numbers. You can join me too if you want." Jun smiled cutely and started running again.
"No thanks.. Oh god i can't take it anymore. I must make him stop." Rena face palmed herself.
"Hahahaha this is amazing!" No response from the boy.
Still no response from him.
"Jun!!" In the end Rena shouted.
"Ah yes master?" Finally Jun stopped.
"Please take a rest and just be quiet for now. I need peace." Rena calmed herself.
"But master... I will be bored if i just sit down quietly." Jun pouted cutely. "Let me play for a little more okay?" Jun was about to move again but Rena grasped his hand.
"Jun you always consider yourself as my pet right? Then as your master i want you to stop. You have had fun since morning so now is my turn okay?"
#sigh "Hai hai.." Jun looked down dissapointed and sat beside Rena then laid his head on her lap.
"Okay.. Now what are you doing?" Rena asked.
"What? I'm your pet.. Puppies like to sleep on their master embrace. So am i.." Jun said proudly and continued snuggling to Rena.
"So now you claim yourself as my puppy. So weird of you. Ah but whatever. At least i have my quiet time watching TV."
In the end Rena let Jun slept on her lap and just watched her show.
Once in a while Jun tighten his hug to Rena's waist.

After a while Rena took a look at Jun. 'He is pretty cute too if he is sleeping like this.. And actually he really looks like a real puppy too. What a coincidence...' Rena patted Jun's head gently made him snuggled to Rena more tightly.

Didn't know when but Rena finally fell asleep too. In the end they sleep like that till morning.

Next morning..
Jun woke up from his long slumber and found Rena was not there.
"Where is she? Hmm.. Maybe she is in her room. I'll just take a bath first then."

Jun had just finished taking a bath but he still hasn't seen Rena anywhere.
"Master what are you doing?" Jun came into Rena's room and found her sitting down on her bed in front of her laptop.
"Ah Jun you're awake. I'm working. What's wrong Jun?" She said still her eyes glued on her laptop.
"Nothing i just want to see my master." Jun stayed obediently beside Rena watching her working.
"Nee master let's play something."
"I'm working Jun. Just find something else to do."
"Oh come on master. Pleasee..." Jun put her head in front of the laptop facing Rena really close to her face showed his puppy eyes.
Rena shocked and in the end she hit her own head accidentally to the wall behind her.
"Ah are you okay master?" Jun came closer to check if Rena is okay.
"You! Wear your cloth first! Are you crazy walk around a girl house topless?" Rena hit his head.
"I've just finished taking a bath." Jun said while rubbing his head.
"Ahh it's hurt. Get out from here.."
"Get out from here!!"
Jun ran out quickly from the room.
After that Rena continued her work again while still annoyed by Jun behavior. "Hah.. That kid.."

Few hours later...
"Ah it's already dark outside and it's raining again. I wonder what is Jun doing. I shouted a little to much to him before."
But when she went out from her room she couldn't find Jun anywhere. She had checked every rooms in her house but he was no where to be found.
"Can it be.. He thinks i told him to get out from this house when i shouted to him to get out before? That stupid kid. I just told him to get out from my room."
Rena quickly getting ready to go out searched for Jun.
When she opened her front door she found Jun was there shivering drenched by the rain. "Jun! What are you doing here? You can be sick."
"You told me to get out but i don't know where to go so i stay here."
"Baka! I told you to get out from my room not my house. Let's go inside."

As soon as they were inside Jun hugged Rena tightly. "I thought you have dumped me. I'm so scared."
"Of course no you stupid kid. I'm not that cold hearted. Look at you drenched by rain like this. Go dry yourself before you get a cold i will cook you something to warm your body."

"Thanks for the meal.." Jun finished his food really fast.
"Hmm Jun.."
"Yeah? What's up master?"
"How about we go tomorrow? You know.. You still need more clothes and i must buy some food since you eat so many."
"Of course i want to!! A date just for the two of us!" Jun shouted happily.
"It's not a date!" Rena shouted too. Her face was redden.
"Wohoo!!! I can't wait for tomorrow.." After that Jun dashed out to his own room.
"Ah God.. That kid really likes to make his own conclusion." Rena shook her head.

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #48 on: June 27, 2014, 04:59:05 AM »
Yay!! :onioncheer: Date! Date! :mon XD: :mon crazyinlove:
Kyah~ Just imagining Jun snuggling with Rena makes me start blushing! :mon lovelaff:
Haha~ Jun got scolded by Rena for being too loud and noisy  :mon evillaff:
Can't wait for the next chapter!  :mon mischief:
Update soon ~ :k-thrilled:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #49 on: June 27, 2014, 11:44:50 AM »
Thanks For This~  :heart:  I Have New FanFic To Read~  :cow:   :cow:   :cow:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #50 on: June 27, 2014, 09:05:44 PM »
Awwww Jun is so cute...Rena is so cute when she embarrassment

Update soon...cant wait to see their 'date'

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #51 on: June 28, 2014, 01:38:52 AM »
T-t-topless Jun O///O
Well, Jun really looks like a 5 than 16, I wonder about his real background :/
Next ! (∩_∩)

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 1]
« Reply #52 on: June 28, 2014, 06:07:41 AM »
I love this! i love this! i love this! XD
Jun was very cute~ :wub:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 2]
« Reply #53 on: July 01, 2014, 08:12:03 AM »
Sorry for the late update..  :kneelbow:
I'm just go back from a trip.. Hehehe
Actually i'm also pretty troubled by 'date' part.. So it took me pretty long time to finish this chapter too  :wahaha:
But finally it's finish so here's chapter 2...
Please enjoy and comment...  :on woohoo:

"Come on master.. Let's go! Quickly!!" Jun pulled Rena.
"Alright alright.. Be patient Jun.. I must lock the door first."
"Okay finish let's go master.." Jun pulled Rena again.
"Ah wait Jun.."
"Don't be too hyper active okay? Behave yourself."
"Haii.." Jun nodded his head like a little kid.
"Good.." Rena patted Jun's head.

"Look look.. This is cute.." Jun brought Rena to see a cute hoddie with bunny ears on the head.
"Are you serious Jun? It doesn't match with your age. Just look for another one.. I'll search there.." Rena walked away and searched at other side of the shop.
"But it's really cute.." Jun answered sadly.

"Good morning kid.." Suddenly a middle age woman come approach Jun.
"Oh hi good morning too." Jun bowed to her.
"Hmm.. I see you're with Matsui Rena. Are you living with her? I saw you two go out together this morning."
"Ah you're right.. I live with her now.."
"Oh really.. Are you her brother?" The middle age woman looks like she is interrogating Jun.
"No... I'm not her brother."
"Then you are... her boyfriend?"
Being so childish Jun doesn't realize it at all.
"Oh no no no.. I'm not her boyfriend.. I'm her pe.."
Before Jun finish his words Rena butts in. "He is my relative.. His parents need to work outside Japan so they asked me to take care of him.."
"Oh really?" Seemed like the middle age woman still can't believe at Rena statement.
"Yes.. Even our surename are same. Have you introduce yourself properly Jun?" Rena said a little bit nervous.
"Ah right i'm forget.. I'm sorry.. My name is Matsui Jun. Nice to meet you." Jun bowed again to her.
"Hmm.. I see.. Then i'll go first.. Bye" After that she walked away.

"Aahhh.. So frustrating.." Rena sighed. "Jun.. Don't be too honest when people ask you. You were about to make me jailed."
"Eehh?? Why? I never want you to be jailed."
"Sssttt.. Don't be too loud."
"Sorry.. So why you can be jailed?"
"Of course because i look like manipulated you little kid.. You are about to said you are my pet. And if you didn't say about pet things they might think you are my boyfriend and you are still underage. It's against rule you know.."
"Ehh?? I don't know that.. I'm sorry master.."
"Right right.. It's okay just remember to be more careful." Rena patted his head which made him over excited.
"Okay!!" Jun hugged Rena thightly.
"Ah.. By the way to make the mood up again why don't we go to maybe amusement park.. We can buy ice cream, cotton candy, riding exciting ride and many other things awaiting us." Jun suggested jumping excitedly.
"Ehmm.. I don't think that's a good idea. Let's just go home okay?" Rena said hesitantly.
"Oh come on.. It will be fun.. Pleasee...." Jun asked cutely. Still no answer from Rena.
"Pweasee.." Jun gave his best puppy eyes which no one can resist.
And that's work. "Alright alright.. You win. Let's go now or never."
"Yatta!!!" Jun ran dragging Rena along.
"Calm down Jun. No running!"

"Finally!! It's been like years the last time i went here." Jun said.
"Really? Where have you been?" Rena said amused.
"Long story.. Look look... That's an ice cream parlor." Jun dragged Rena again.

"Welcome.. Which flavor do you want? We have many sweet flavors here.. Even sweeter than you." The man wearing uniform talked to Rena flirtly.
Jun felt disgusted by the man's word and so by reflect he circled his hand around Rena's arm.
"A-ahh.. Thanks." Rena said awkward but Jun coule see a little blush on her face.
After few seconds blushing she then looked to Jun.
"Which one do you want Jun?" Rena asked to Jun.
"Hhmmm... Wait." Jun put his hand under his chin so he looked like he was thinking hard. Just for ice cream?
Still not finished choosing.
"Don't think too long Jun." Rena said annoyed.
"It's okay.. No need to rush." The man said.
"By the way are you two... A couple?" The man asked.
"Ah no no we're not." Rena answered made Jun disapointed.
"Then how about going out with me?" The man touched Rena's face which made Jun angry.
"Eh?" Is all Rena could say.
Without anyone knew the man had already fallen to the ground cause of Jun's deadly punch.
"Eat that sucker! Don't you ever dare to go near Rena again.." Jun shouted angrily.
"You!!" The man was about to punch Jun too but after he saw his face closely he stoped.
"Ma-matsui Jun.. You are.."
Before the man could finish his words Jun punched him again till he knocked down.
"Let's go from here Rena.." Jun grabbed Rena's hand and dragged her out from the shop.

Outside the shop Rena stopped Jun and yanked her arm from Jun's grip.
"You know him? He looked like he know you." Rena asked.
"Hmm no.. I don't know him."
"Really.." Rena still thinking about the moment before.
"Anyway let's go play for now. I don't want to eat anything right now." Jun dragged Rena again.
Today Rena felt like she was being dragged all the time by Jun.

"Seriously Jun.. You want to ride this?" Rena tried to hide her nervous face.
"Why? Are you scared?" Jun teased her.
"Wha-What? Of c-course not. It just i'm not in the mood." Rena didn't dare to look at Jun's eyes.
"My master is a coward.. I can't believe it. Poor me.." Jun shook his head.
"What did you say? Coward?? Let's go." Being mocked like that Rena dragged Jun to the ride. Without her knowing Jun smiled cunningly behind her.

Few minutes later...
"Are you okay?" Jun patted Rena's back who looked like she's about to throw up.
"Can't you see yourself. It's your faul.. Ughh.." Rena stopped, she really wanted to throw up now.
"I'm sorry.. Let's just go home."
In reply Rena just could nod her head.
She really always not the type who could do things with adrenalin.

Next morning...
"Morning master.." Jun greeted Rena who is busy with her laptop.
"Hey morning Jun. Here is your breakfast." Rena gave Jun a sandwich still focusing on ger laptop.
"What are you doing master? Is that really important?"
"Hmmm right.. It's your school application."
"Owh my school application..." Jun said while munching his sandwich.
"What?!? My school application?? I will be going to school? Seriously?" Jun shouting almost choked by the sandwich in his mouth.
"Of course it's yours Jun.. I don't need to go to school anymore.. I've graduated few years ago." Rena shrugged.
"But why?" Jun still can't accepted it.
"Just for hiding who you are Jun.. You're still in student age and if you're not go to school it just makes other people think there is something wrong with us living together.. And that's dangerous." Rena explained.
"Okay.. So when i will start?" Jun asked still shock.
"Next Monday.." Jun looked like he's in troubles.
"Relax Jun i'm teacher there so just find me if you have any trouble.. Okay?" Jun nodded.
"Believe me you will be okay.." Rena patted Jun's head. "Beside you won't be bored anymore and maybe you will find some good friends there."

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 2]
« Reply #54 on: July 01, 2014, 09:49:57 PM »
Yay~ Update  :onioncheer:
"Look look.. This is cute.." Jun brought Rena to see a cute hoddie with bunny ears on the head.
Aw~ Come on Rena couldn't you have let Jun buy it  :depressed:
Jun is acting like a little kid, so hyper :on lol:
Without anyone knew the man had already fallen to the ground cause of Jun's deadly punch.
Yes! :mon XD: I was so happy when Jun punched that man! He deserved that! :mon squee:
But, Jun was really jealous after seeing Rena blush :mon sweat:
"Ma-matsui Jun.. You are.."
Eh ~ Does the man know Jun? What was he going to say? :mon huh:
It's your school application."
Woo! Jun's going to school!  :tama-apeshit:
But for some reason I feel like he will be popular :mon noprob: or he can cause some trouble for Rena :kekeke:
Can't wait for the next chapter ~ :tama-bye:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 2]
« Reply #55 on: July 01, 2014, 11:24:41 PM »

Jun is go to school~
E- eh... how can the man know Jun?
Does Jun in danger? OuO

I hope no UwU

Please update it quickly~

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 2]
« Reply #56 on: July 02, 2014, 03:46:36 AM »
Jun going to school next monday

Cant wait to see

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 3]
« Reply #57 on: July 07, 2014, 06:10:57 AM »
Here's the third chapter... :)
Hope you like it..
Feel free to give your opinion about this story.. :)

Monday morning...
"Yosh!! I can do this.. This uniform suits me pretty well." Jun talked to himself in front of the mirror.
"Junn!! Come on we will be late.. You won't want to be late on your first day.." Rena shouted from outside.
"I'll be there in a minute master!!" Jun shouted back. "Okay! Let's do this!"

"Let's go master.. I'm ready.."
When Jun is about to walk out from the house Rena grab him. "Wait.."
"Hmm? What is it master?"
"Jun.. Don't call me master when we are outside.. Remember that.."
"Ehh? Why? I like calling you master..."
'Although i've had called you Rena once and i like it.'Jun smiled secretly.
"Look.. It really strange if you call me like that.. People will ask us about that and you will put us especially me in trouble.. So.. Just call me anything but don't call me master. Understand?" Rena told Jun again.
"Alright.. Alright.. I'll keep that in my mind."
"Good.. Now let's go!!"

At school...
"Why i'm not in your class master?" Jun whispered to Rena after they met the principal.
"Of course they won't do that since you are my relative. I told them that. Believe me your homeroom teacher is really nice. She is my bestfriend. So no need to worry.. I must go now. Just go to your class now okay? Remember don't call me master Jun.."
"Oh right.. Hai hai..."

"Morning everyone... Today we have new transfered student here." The teacher said to the class.
"Huh? It's so rare." One of the student said.
"Why so sudden?" Other student asked.
"Please come in Matsui san.." The teacher let Jun to come in.
"Errm... Hi everyone.. My name is Matsui Jun.. I'm from Nagoya and from now on i will study here. So please take care of me." Jun scratched his head nervously.

"Aahhh!!! Kawaii!! He is so cute!" One of the girls shouted which got agree scream for the rest of the girls.
"Please become my boyfriend!"
"No he's mine!!"
And so the girls are fighting for Jun..
On the other side..
"Why did you come here?"
"Just return to your hometown! We don't need you!"
The boys were shooing Jun.
On the front of the class Jun just could laugh bitterly after saw the amazing sight.

"Class! Calm down please! Okay Matsui san.. You can sit there on the empty seat at the back.."
"A-ahh.. Hai.." Jun walked to the pointed place.

"Hello new friend.. Nice to meet you. Calm down i'm not like the others. Of course i don't mind you are here. Ah by the way i'm Watanabe Mayu." He extended his hand.
Jun hold his hand. "Nice to meet you too. Matsui Jun. Just call me Jun."
"Okay then Jun. You can call me just Mayu too."

"Matsui san can you sit down now? And Watanabe san don't you dare to make any troubles or make Matsui san got into troubles with you."
"Hai hai sensei.. I always listen to you remember? How can i don't listen to you? I love you so much Yukirin.." Mayu said teasingly and then smirked at Yuki make everyone in the class laughing.
"Ugh that kid.. Silence class!! Now continue our lesson." Yuki continued writing on the board again.

"Aahhh.. Yukirin is sooo beautiful... Even when she is angry. She is the goddess. I'm so lucky to be in her class." Mayu said out of sudden.
"Hmphh.. You really can make that sensei can do nothing.." Jun talked to Mayu.
"Of course.. I know everything about her. She will never win against me." Mayu said confidently.
"Owh you have that much confindent in you.."

"Watanabe san, Matsui san. Can you two please be quiet and focus to my lesson?"
"I'm sorry sensei.." Jun said to her.
"Here comes another troubles.." Yuki said to herself.

Lunch break..
Jun was walking around trying to find his master but it seemed pretty hard since this place is new for him.
On the back the girls were following him, squealing excitedly and giggling saw how cute and handsome the transfered student was. This made all the boys envied him.
Not really minded being followed Jun just kept walking liked nothing happened.
'I'm hungry.. Where is she? I think i'll go to canteen first. But where is it? Let's just ask the girls.'
"Uhm excuse me. Can you tell me where is the canteen? I'm kinda lost now." Jun asked to the girls.
"We will lead you there!" All of the girls pushed him down to the canteen.

In canteen...
"What is that commotion? So noisy out there.." Rena asked to Yuki.
Then the door opened made a really loud sound.
"We're here Matsui sama!" Amazingly they all said in unison.
"Thank you everyone! Let's walk and talk together again some other times.." Jun shouted cutely which got squeals from the girls.

'Huh? Isn't that master? She is eating with Kashiwagi sensei.. No doubt i can't find her anywhere..'

"Rena chaannn~" Jun shouted from a far calling for his master.
The girls' squel now changed by curious whisper everywhere.
"Re-rena chan??" Rena asked confused.
"Hmphh.. You two seems really close huh?" Yuki commented then continued to eat again.
"I have been searching for you. This school really is big~" Jun said all excited while hugging and snuggling to Rena.
"Since when i let you call me Rena chan?" Rena finally came to her sense.
"You told me to call you whatever i want remember?" Jun answered and then looked at Rena's hand.
"You eat melonpan again? Not just at home but in school too.. You need to eat proper food Rena chan.." Jun lectured Rena cutely.
"Hah you said that like you really live with her Jun." Suddenly another person butt in.
"Mayu! Since when you sit beside me?" Yuki jumped surprised by Mayu presence.
"Yukirin!!" Mayu hug Yuki made her couldn't eat her lunch. "I miss you so much..."
"Oh god Mayu!! This is in school! You will got me troubles plus i can't eat now.."
"I don't care.. Nothing can go against my love for you.. Beside look at them we are no different." Mayu pointed at Jun who was still hugging Rena.
"Ahh just do anything you like but please let me eat.." Yuki surrendered made Mayu smiled in victory and loosen his grip a bit still didn't bother to let her go.
"So are you two really live together?" Mayu asked again.
"Just for your information Mayu this two really live together.." Yuki told Mayu and Rena just nodded agreeing.
"What?!? You really live with you teacher? You have an affair with your student Matsui sensei?? Wow!! I never think you would be like that sensei.." Mayu said non stop looking at the two continuously.
Rena who is eating her melonpan choked hearing all Mayu said.
"Then Yukirin we can become a couple too. They even live together but still haven't kicked out from this school. Please be my girlfri... Ouchh itai!!"
"Baka.. He is just her relative. Since his parents need to go abroad they asked Rena to take care of him. Right Rena?" Yuki said after chopped Mayu's head.
"Ye-Yes! O-Of course it is like that. He is my relative Watanabe san." Rena said nervously.
Jun just laughing on the side.
"Aahhh it's not interesting.. I thought you really is her boyfriend. It will be a big scandal here if it happened. We still can't become couple then Yukirin." Mayu said sadly. "But i won't give up!! Just wait for me. I'll get you no matter what. Hahahha!!" After that Mayu run and lost from their sight.
"That crazy kid.." Yuki talked to herself.

"Mayu really is funny.. Kashiwagi sensei never wins against him.." Jun said laughing on the way home with Rena.
"Don't get to close to him Jun. He is completely a troublemaker. Yuki really has a hard time dealing with him." Rena gave Jun an advice.
"But they seem really close though."
"They have been friends since they were a kid although Yuki much older than Mayu. They always together even after Yuki has become a teacher Mayu begged his parents to live alone here in Tokyo so he can still with Yuki. They originally not from Tokyo." Rena told Jun a little about her bestfriend.
"Wow.. Mayu must like Kashiwagi sensei very much then."

"Oh right Jun.. There's something bothering me since i first saw you.." Rena opened up conversation again.
"Hmm?? What is it?"
"Actually where are you from? And why were you there on that day?" Rena asked.
Jun stopped after he heard Rena questions. His inner was debating if he had to tell Rena now or not.
Rena stopped too and looked at Jun, see if Jun will answer her or not.
For some seconds the two of them didn't talk. Rena waited for the answer which she thought she wouldn't get and Jun seemed deep in her thought didn't bother to answer Rena's question.
Feeling awkward Rena decided to start talking again. "It's okay if you haven't ready to tell me Jun."
"Sorry..." Jun looked down.
"Just tell me when you ready. I will wait." Rena patted Jun's head.
"Un.. I promise i will tell you when the time is right."
"Ah look! Ice cream.. Do you want some? Last time we wanted to get some you knocked that man down." Rena teased.
"But he flirted with you. It's not my fault." Jun looked away.
"Oh someone was jealous..." Rena teased again.
"Shut up!" Jun grabbed Rena's wrist and dragged her to the ice cream shop.

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 3]
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They are so cuuutttteeeeeee  :on lol:
i need moooreeee :on study:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfic] My puppy is a WHAATT?? (Wmatsui) [Chapter 3]
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Jun's real identity is still a mystery, is he some kind of yakuza? Royal family? What? Щ(ºДºщ)

Update soon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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