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Author Topic: My Short Fanfictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Epilogue! 04.24.16  (Read 79819 times)

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Re: 4 SHOTS|| TARGET (Wmatsui)|| CHAPTER 1
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Eh~ who is the girl in the ending? Airin?? :? :?
Ah~ Jurina is stubborn sometimes! I feel bad for what Jurina had to experience when she saw her family getting killed. :cry:
Mari-chan saves Jurina! As expected from Mariko-sama! :w00t:
Eh! What did Rena's parents ever do to Mariko? :?
Jurina so ikemen by carrying Rena to the infirmary! :wub:
"Take off your shirt and blazer then"
Hehe! Jurina! Such a bold statement! :inlove:
Mou~ all Jurina wants to do is kill Rena quickly!  :angry:
Wmatsui! Skinship already! XD
Is Jurina somehow developing feelings for Rena? Or is it the other way around :?
Update soon ~  :twothumbs

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Re: 4 SHOTS|| TARGET (Wmatsui)|| CHAPTER 1
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Hello minna-san this is chapter 3! XD I'm forgot to tell that this fic was based on my favorite manga :oops: thanks to soraheartAKB48 for reminding me :D


“Rose Queen, I’ve been waiting a long time for the rise of you,”

Jurina...what did you mean?

   As my body lie backyard, I looked up at her. “Ju..Jurina.., you mean? Ju..ri—!“ My word cutted as she strangled my neck stronger made me gasped. I was out of oxygens! “Don’t act pretending that we are close, you monster!” I gasped once again. Her power was very strong. My lips became trembling. “ Wha...t do” I held firmly her hand thus that it wasn’t strangle my neck tightly, but it was useless after all.
“Pity you if you die without know anything. Okay I tell you. You’re not a human, you’re vampire who sucks human’s blood. Rose Queen is the leader of all vampires who was so beautiful like rose, she is your ancestor. Right now your trueself is still remain but this is just about the time. Not longer, The Queen’s soul will rule yourself fully. And I, is vampire hunter who came to kill you. From two years ago I had always monitoring you so, I could kill you fast after your soul rose,”

“ lied! Jurina that I knew promised me she will always beside me!” I throwbacked my moments with her. Her smile, her laugh, also her was impossible if she wanted to kill me. No it was unacceptable! “Yeah I’m beside you, make sure of your death,” She smiled, the different smile she usually shows me. Lie...she lied! Now she adjust her gun and pointed it at my forehead.

“Good bye, Rena,”


This must be lie!

   I closed my eyes didn’t ready to face my death. Suddenly an explosion happened at a building near Jurina’s back, the pieces of the building spread around. One of the pieces was about hit Jurina but she quickly moved to avoid. As long as she was inattentive, I stood up and ran. She shooted me however luckily none of her bullets hit me. I jumped so high until I reach the top of  a tower, turned my head to look at her once again afterwards, make sure if she was truly Jurina or not. Jurina looked at me while make such a clicking voice of tongue. Some girls came after that and approached her, same like her they wore black suit and coat. Half of them checking the boy that fainted and half of them started to chase me. I started to run away. Was the explosion...made by me? And also...I could fly?! Before arrive in my house, I hid behind an electric pole immediately as I saw two foreign girls in front of my house. I was sure they were Jurina’s underlings. My scar became hurter...I held it. Two citizens surprised me with their action screaming over my bleeding scar behind me. I ran again. I’m afraid, someone please help me!
   Only school which came to my mind from many places to hide. I broke one of the window and got in. My’s hurt and bleeding badly, my concsious seems fade. I walked to my class, entered it, closed the door, and sat while my back on the door. My mind remembering my moment with Jurina in this class. One of the moment was when I scolded by the teacher because glancing at her too long makes me didn’t give attention to the lesson. Jurina giggled at me from her seat while me blushed and covered my red face with book. Jurina...your smile, your care to me...are these lie? Jurina tell me this is just a dream right? I cried while my hand upon my neck. There I realized that the necklace was missing, started from I get hitted. I should not go back to that place again for just a necklace. Moreover Jurina that I knew.....changed. Out of sudden I remembered the time she gave me the necklace, that piece of my memory makes my foot unconsciously bring me go back to that place, my body couldn’t stop the urge to find it.
Normal POV
“How was the victim’s condition?”

“He is fine,”

“Like the rumour said, The Queen is truly pretty don’t you think so?”

“Yeah...I was spellbound once,”

   From their back, Jurina came in anger. She called them while crossed her arms. “Hey! Do you want me to use you as bait?!”
They immediately faced her and apologized. “Note for you, she is a dangerous enemy we must vanish!” Her underlings nodded then lowered their heads. Another underling suddenly shouted The Queen had emerge at the last place they met. Jurina and her underlings quickly headed to there, one by one the underlings competing to find her after arrived there. Rena who already knew the situation hiding under bushes. After few minutes they were nowhere to be seen near the bushes, she continued exploring the land. When she just wanted to walk, someone held her head and pushed it. The person tied her hand and made Rena’s face sticked to the ground. Rena recognized the person is Jurina when she tried hard to turn her head. “What do you think which bring you back here huh?!”

Jurina tied Rena’s hands with her hand and pulled her face stronger to the ground, caused Rena gasps. “But this save the time for searching you,”

Rena kept silence, she breathing hardly and closed her eyes. “So, you totally want to die huh?” Jurina nearing her face to hers but stopped as she finds something on Rena’s hand. She took it, loosened the grip to tied Rena’s hands. It was the necklace she gave to Rena.

“Give it back!” Rena cried while held firmly Jurina’s hand and get up. “It was was.. so precious for me!” Jurina widened her eyes. “You go back here just for—“ She couldn’t resume her words because Rena suddenly fell to her shoulder, fainted. Jurina hid Rena’s body under bushes again after her underlings came back without find her. She then just ordered them to find in other areas. After they gone Jurina stared back at the necklace. Save it.
   Jurina stared at the necklace on the rooftop of her base. She turned back the time when her family was still complete. Her mother asked her what taste of cake she wants for her 10th birthday. Jurina replied no matter what taste, she just wanted the cake made by her mom. That time was the last time she meet her mom and dad. After school ended, she ran to her house cheerfully, couldn’t wait to see the cake. But what she saw were her parents die with their blood around and roses. Rena’s face suddenly appear into her mind when she said the necklace is her precious thing. Jurina closed her eyes, she entered the base after that.

Rena POV
Where am I?
I am looking around while got up from an old sofa in a dark room. My hand was cuffed, I couldn’t go far from the sofa.

“You had awake, Queen,”

   I returned my head, it was Jurina’s voice. She grabbed my arm tightly and whispered on my ear. “Vampire is great. Your scar healed just in one night,” Finally I remember, I catched by Jurina last night when I searching the necklace. She puts a plate of rice and side dishes on a table in front of the sofa, commanded me to eat because I haven’t eat anything from yesterday. Before she leaves the room she added. “Don’t set aside the food,”


Why she acted like that?

   If I know this would end up like this, it was better if I die at that time! My eyes started teary. “I don’t need it. I don’t want to see your face again!” Jurina turned her head. “Don’t worry we will separate soon, and don’t forget to eat the tomato,” I gripped my skirt. The moment when Jurina and I had lunch together at school, I always left the tomato and gave it to her because I don’t like it. Her reply always same, she couldn’t eat the tomato for me all time. She was Jurina that I knew! It was better if you make me hate you, Jurina! So the death that nearly come didn’t matter for me. So I don’t have to worry to free you from my heart...

Jurina POV
“Jurina-sama!” My underling ran towards me. “How was The Queen?”

I kept walking. “Safe. Tonight I guard against her,”

“Jurina-sama! Why don’t you kill her fast?! Don’t tell me Jurina-sama—“

“I decide when I kill her!” My underling couldn’t reply. I continued walking to the shoot practice room, doing shooting exercise. Like usual I hitted the target greatly but soon I get bored. I unplaced the headphone from my ear. “Now is not the time to feel doubtful!”

Rena POV
   It was late of night already but I couldn’t sleep. My throat dried up, I was thirsty. Water...NO! this thirsty is not thirst of water. I closed my eyes hardly. Please don’t come!


   I opened my eyes again. bad dreaming? She was breathing hardly while said dad and mom. I wake her up and caressed her shoulder. “Jurina what’s happening? Are you okay?!” She seems shocked and then pushed me. She took out her gun, pointed it to me. “Don’t touch me!”

“Jurina...did you dreamt about your family? You said your dad and mom in your sleep,” She didn’t reply for seconds away. “ killed by vampire!”
I widened my eyes while Jurina was not finished. “Just me whom left. That time I swear, I would get revenge of my parents’ death with my ownhand! Kill all vampires is aim of my life!”

That’s why Jurina wanted to kill me, because I was a vampire.

I took her hand which holding the gun to my heart while crying. If so...”Jurina kill me now. If I die you could live peacefully after right? I’m sorry...I you..all this time. I am grateful had falling in love with you. Someday if I reborn, I want to be with you again, Jurina...”

Good bye...


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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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RENA DON'T DIE  :panic:

Tell me it's just a troll...
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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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nooooooooooooooooooooo :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:


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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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Omg Nooooooo


The last part made me cry

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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No!!!! :shocked
Rena just confessed to Jurina that she loves her! :w00t:
Jurina you better not pull that trigger!!!! :angry: :angry:
Is there a possibility that Jurina likes Rena?! :? :nervous

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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a HaPPy Is A MUST!!!

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 3 UPDATE!
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Rena, don't die!!! :OMG: :fainted:

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Re: 4 SHOTS||TARGET (wmatsui)||Chapter 2 Update!
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Hello minna-san thank you so much for your comments  :) I'll post the chapter 4 and 5 of the Rose and Bullet after this  :oops: hope you don't mind it, since I need a little warm up hehehe. In this shots I guess wmatsui characters are out of character  :panic: once again I hope you don't mind it :D actually Jurina's character is like usual if she didn't experienced such incident. And Rena well this time I made her character more aggresive(?) XD
ENJOY and sorry for gramar errors and typos :theking see ya soon, minna-san :peace:

Chapter 2

Jurina POV 
   That girl held Rena's hand and looked to her whole body, examine it. Rena only smiled to that girl when me pouting while crossed my arm. I couldn't keep my promise. The last prey I killed took 15 hours after Shinoda gave me the task, how if this princess girl took longer time to kill? I knew I shouldn't negative thinking but this problem makes me afraid. My goal was to make Shinoda proud of me and also this princess' girl parents have annoying Shinoda, to make Shinoda anxious and wait long are not good. I must make a fast plan for this girl. Without permission I left the infirmary but Rena shouted at me, ordered to stop. She approached me and after she did, she took out her phone from her bag. Lowering her head while bite her lip, this princess girl's cheeks flushed. I waited for her slow action, literally this girl is troublesome I thought. "If you don't mind...can we exchange number, Matsui-san?" I raised a brow, what a surprise this girl wanted my number. I took out my phone. "Well if you wanted it so badly then..."

"Mou...I don't want it so badly! I just...wanna say something.." That girl sulking with red cheeks, how cute. What?! Again my mind?! Urgh! "Why don't say it here?" This girl paused. Her cheeks became redder as I said that. Am I did something wrong? "Uhm...I can't say it here," because I had no choice, I give her my number so did her to me. Before we separated, Rena introduced me the foreign girl. The truth was that girl is her personal maid and bodyguard at the same time named Furukawa Airi. She said Airin's dad was a butler in her house, the most trusted butler by his pure dedication to her family. Like I care of that, this girl was really take time and annoying. Just humming as reply, hurriedly I waved my hand and leave otherwise this girl could make me late for the first lesson.
Break Time
   I walked toward the back of the school to be alone, hiding myself from the crowd of people. Under a not-so big tree, I lean my body against it with my back on its branch and closed my eyes. My mind kept thinking about the plan to kill that princess girl fast. What disturbing my mind was I am not a talkative one and not good at socializing, how could I get close with her? Since me and her were still students, I couldn't kill her frontally in the school. Moreover she was guarded, she couldn't and won't allowed to go to a quiet place with stranger like me. My only chance to kill her was when all students in school have went back to home, the school became quiet just me and her, then bam! But the posibility almost none since she always go back to home immediately after the bell rang to do extra lessons. If I convinced her to stay she will get curious and then calls her bodyguard.

   I just wanted to give up when a poke on shoulder stopped me. My eyes opened, saw a girl in front of me. That princess girl, my prey came herself to me. What a lucky. She smiled gently and sat next to me while holding two boxes of bento, placed one on my lap. "Why are you be alone here? And didn't eat?" She opened her box. I stayed silent and didn't even look at her. She out of expect gripped my sleeve. "Why are you so cold, Matsui-san?" I sighed as I annoyed by her action keep heeding at me. I faced her. "None of your business. Are you an interviewer? Stop asking me!" I was about want to stand up but that girl gripped my sleeve tighter. I glared at her and it seems makes her scared, she lowered her head.

"I want to be your friend, Matsui-san. Please...don't be cold like that.." Her face showed like she wants to cry. I sighed once more.

"This is my personality so what? No one can't change it." I paused for a while. "Why did you want to be my friend huh? I am not a good person! And why do you know my name?!"

She looked straight to my eyes. "Because...there is something interesting from you that makes me interested of you. Of course all students in school know your name. You're the smartest student in here! You got number one at the exam's results."

Oh right I'm almost forgot that I am smart because this kill thing makes me crazy. "You are interested in me? I AM NOT A THING!" As I emphasized the last word, I glared at her again. But suddenly she giggled with the same tone I heard in the infirmary. Ugh what happened with my mind?! "Matsui-san, you're cute."

   Were my ears misheard it? She said I am cute?! Immediately I stood up from there, feeling my mood literally broken whereas I wanted to sleep in here. Tsk this girl was such a disturber! Accidentally the bento box fell from my lap because I didn't realize that thing is still there. The bento inside spread out and scattered on the ground. Apparently I felt guilty of it, she had prepare it for me though. When I looked at her, at first she seems shocked but then forced a smile and said it's okay, her maid would clean it. Why suddenly my heart hurt? Unconsciously my hand cleaning it. Without long time, I finished and after throw it to the dust bin, my mouth said an unexpected word. " Sorry...uhm..I will buy the new one for you or do anything to pay it." She was surprised of my words so did I am after few minutes finally realized my words. If I take it back, She would think I am a person without my words. I was in trouble now, crap! "Ah you don't need to buy the new one because it was made by our chef requested by me for you.

But...your second words..are you serious?"

Unlucky me. "Well..." I scratched my head. "Probably."

"If so I want you to let me be your friends. Are you okay with it Matsui-san? Ah! One more thing, can I call you by just your name? And so did you to me okay?" Her eyes were sparkling and she looked excited. For the third time, I sighed.

"Do whatever you like."
Normal POV
   Everyday, Rena and Jurina would be seen together but it looks like Rena who took the initiative first. She makes an effort to be brave for just talk and be friend with Jurina, although she was shy. Rena's admirers were so confused and jealous with Jurina but they trying to accept that their princess wants to be friend with her. And Airin was okay with what happened lately too whereas Jurina is arrogant towards her. Secretly she has one opinion about Jurina, that she was a savior for Rena. She could bring back the laughs and happiness of Rena though she accepted Rena's offer half-heartedly. For two months, time to time Rena could make Jurina not so cold again. While Jurina actually was pissed and disappointed of herself because she couldn't kill that girl fast, what important was that girl is her longest prey to kill. She did all what Rena told her just to make Rena believe in her and the chance to kill her would be wider. The past one week, Jurina has been ignored by Shinoda also. Usually she cares and texts or calls her twice a week if she needs something but not a week ago. Might be Shinoda disappointed of her, is what bothering Jurina's mind.

   Now in the lunch break, Jurina who walking toward rooftop was stopped by Rena who chasing while yelled at her to wait for her. She bringing a melonpan and a box of bento. Jurina sighed as she thinks Rena was really a stone-head, she had prevent her to bring bento for her everyday but she still do it. It makes Jurina uneasy when eaten it, she didn't want to but she must. As they arrived at the rooftop, they searching for good spot to sit and Rena suggest to sit on the top of warehouse in there. They climbing the stairs, Jurina first thence followed by Rena. They immediately opened their lunch after finished climbing. For some minutes they just busy with their foods, tasting it, munching it, and chewing it. Rena suddenly get closer to Jurina who sat a bit far from her, until their shoulders met. Her action made Jurina confused. "Ne, Jurina, is it delicious?" Rena pointed at the bento.

"Well...not bad."

Rena frowned. "You don't like it?"

Jurina sighed. "I didn't said it."

They became silent after that while Rena still frowning. 'Tsk, what this girl want me to answer?! Really she is irritating' Jurina thought. "Jurina, do you know who cooked this?" Rena asked with sad face broke the silence.

"Your chef?" 

"It was me this time. I was trying to make one until 11p.m of last night. I suppose...I need to practice more then..." She looked away. Somehow Jurina felt guilty about saying an hurting words. "This is the most delicious food I've ever taste to be honest."

That statement makes Rena turned her head in hopeful eyes. "Are you serious?"

  Jurina nodded as reply. Rena's face slowly change to happy and she immediately hugs Jurina. "Kyaaa I love you, Jurina!"
That statement of Rena caused Jurina widen her eyes when Rena immediately released the hug and looked away with red cheeks as Jurina could see. Heavy air and awkward situation made them quiet. 'Why my heart throbbing?! I feel hot too. Tsk, heart please calm down! It feels like it want to explode. What happened with me anyway?!" Jurina screamed in her mind. Her curiosity became larger, she wants to know the meaning of Rena's statement. The curiosity kills her fear and she calmly asked Rena. "Do you love me?"
Rena didn't react for a while but she tried to be brave and facing her afterwards. "Ano..." She stopped for seconds, calming her heart. "I'm not used to lie. Yes...I love you..Jurina.." She lowered her head as she confessed her feeling. Jurina suddenly froze.

"Oh I see..."She replied it stutter.

"Uhm...please be my girlfriend! I will try my best to make you happy, Jurina!" 

Silence. The time seems stopped. When Jurina finally realized what Rena said, she clenched her fists. 'The one that could make me happy only you die quickly in my hand!' She thinking again. 'But Shinoda always tells me, don't waste the chance that comes to you,' she smirked. "Well, well. Okay then. Your feeling is accepted."
TBC :)

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Re: 4SHOTS||TARGET (Wmatsui)|| Chapter 2 Update!
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but, how sad Rena is Jurina's prey ( •̅_,•̅)

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Re: 4SHOTS||TARGET (Wmatsui)|| Chapter 2 Update!
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KYA!! Rena is so brave here! :mon XD: :mon inluv:
Yatta! Rena finally confessed!!! :mon lovelaff: :mon squee:
Yay~ Jurina is starting to be less cold! :on gay:
For some reason I have a feeling that Jurina accepted Rena's confession just to get a chance to kill Rena :mon duh: :depressed:
But there is also the reason that Jurina is starting to hold feelings for Rena! :mon mischief: :mon misch: :mon fyeah:
Hm~ Who knows maybe Jurina will start to love Rena during the process?  :mon whimper: :luvluv1:
Update soon ~  :byebye:

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Re: 4SHOTS||TARGET (Wmatsui)|| Chapter 2 Update!
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Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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Sorry minna-san instead continue my fanfics, I made this OS  :bow: hope you like it and sorry for grammar errors :hip smile:
Ps: I have finished writing Rose and Bullet. I will post it soon minna-san~ :oops:

Friendzone to

   This was a story about two girls who attending the same high school as promised to each other. They were unique, why we could considering like that? Because they shared same surnames. People will thought they are sisters at first meet but the truth they are not, it’s more to couple. Although they look like a couple, their personalities, interests, and hobbies were definetely different. The older girl, Matsui Rena was a shy, pretty, and has this princess like attitude, also tidy personality. She was in the 3rd year of high school. A type of girl who liked to spend her time alone more than hang around with people. Her hobbies were read some novels and eat melonpan; spicy food too. Quiet popular because of her pretty face in school but she never care about that fact. Joined archery club, usually a lot of students watching her doing the club activity. Ojou-sama was her nickname, since she is from a rich family and has that personalities.

   The younger girl, Matsui Jurina was a easy going, and has this handsome & pretty face at the same time. She was in the 1st year of high school. Liked to hang around with people while the other side hate to be alone. Her hobbies were doing sports, stole kiss from cute or cool people (Rena was in her list), and dating different girls each time. Known as player in the school, but these girls who being cheated by her accepted the truth and still chase or flirt her. Joined atlethic club, like Rena, usually some students especially Jurina’s fans watching and supporting her when she doing the club activity. Her nickname? It was just Jurina or sometimes Juritan. About her family she was from a well-known family in Japan, her family and Rena’s family had a good relation. That’s why they became friends since their families like to gather, as the time passed and unconcsiously that family routine activity made them close.

   Actually Jurina had feeling for Rena from the-time-she-doesn’t-know-exactly. The feeling came so sudden in her first year of high school. That time was spring season, many students came to school for join the entry test include Jurina. The school big and large building caused Jurina lost. She panicked as she afraid being late to join the entry test, but her smart brain popped an idea immediately. Grabbed her phone, Jurina texting Rena to help her. They agreed to meet under the sakura tree at the back of the school. Jurina’s fast foot brought her there without take long time. Suddenly her body motionless as she seeing Rena under the tree, so bright and pretty in amazement. The sakura petals fell to Rena’s face, hand and body. She lifted her head while smiled happily. Few seconds later, Rena noticed Jurina has arrived and waved her hand as sign Jurina to approach her. Finally they just few centimetres away, Rena hugged Jurina which makes her heart pounding so fast. Jurina quickly released the hug, her heart could get out her body otherwise. 

For change, Jurina showed her warm smile to Rena. “You keep our promise, Jurina! You don’t know how happy I am.” Rena spoke out.

“Err…I don’t join the test yet, Rena.” 

“Ah you’re right! Let’s head there or else you’ll late. But seriously I believe you could pass the test, you’re smart though.” Rena reassured her. Jurina only smiled as reply. They headed to the test place and fortunately Jurina doesn’t late. 
Many weeks later, Matsui Residence received a letter from the school that tell Matsui Jurina has passed the test. Her family were so proud of her. After that Jurina immediately told Rena she succeded pass the test. Like her family, Rena was so proud of her too. Not long after Jurina entered high school life she became popular of her player habit, but actually that was only for make Rena jealous. Rena liked to be alone and didn’t care about her around now, so different with them still middle schoolers. Rena and Jurina who were from different middle school only be able to meet at family gather aback then, Rena in the past was not that cold like now. Based on that Jurina changed to be player but still she doesn’t stop trying to get Rena’s attention. Jurina always approaching Rena while tried to steal a kiss. Their differences catched students’ attention as these two seen to be together like a couple even though their personalities opposite each other.

   About Jurina’s feelings, she still unsure about it because she thought Rena was just like a sister but in the long run, everytime they close or their gazes met, these small things could make Jurina’s heart races. She found some words in the internet that said “Love is come when you don’t realize it, like you are being pushed from behind by someone you didn’t notice the presence.” That words lighten her heart and eyes, finally she realized that feeling was Love. 

   One day, the day Jurina’s heart broken to pieces, like usual at break time Jurina approached Rena in the library but this time with her popular friends. She hugged Rena from behind after arrived and Rena like usual only smiled while keep reading. Jurina continued with stealing a kiss, this time she could do it as she did it quickly. Her friends who saw it sighed because they know well Jurina’s habit. One of them blurted out. “Jurina, you seems so close and serious with Rena-senpai, different with these girls who just for fun. Why don’t you two dating?”

Surprisingly the girl got Rena’s attention. She closed her book and cleared her throat. “Jurina and me are just friends.” She smiled then stood up. “See you later girls, I want to go back to my class.” Rena’s sudden action made all of them confused. Unusually Rena left the library that fast. From all of these confuse faces, one of them rubbed her chin and nodded for nothing while closed her eyes. She patted Jurina’s shoulder out of sudden. “That means you are in Friendzone, Jurina.”

They immediately surrounded Jurina and Mayu, the one who spoke, gave questioning look. So did Jurina to Mayu. “I bet you all don’t know what it means.”

They nodded, Mayu sighed. “Friendzone means when someone you like just consider you as friend.”

“So, Jurina like Rena-senpai?! What a shock!” Their noise voices captured the librarian’s attention makes them kicked out from there. Outside the library they just wanted to go somewhere but Jurina raised a brow, stopped them. “How come you know my feeling, Mayu?” All of them paused. Mayu turned her head followed by others then they grinned. “So that’s right you like Rena-senpai~”

“Well,” Jurina rubbed her head. “I guess so…about the meaning of friendzone I’m still not understand. Mayu, can you repeat again?”

Mayu showed her straighten face while the others kept whisper about Jurina’s shocked statement. They were glad finally their friend not being a player again. As Mayu got closer to her, the others stopped whispering and looked at Mayu, gave their full attention of what will happened. “That means Rena-senpai doesn’t love you, baka Jurina. She just consider you as her friend, no more.” Mayu’s words made Jurina frozen on her place, she felt like there is a thunder grumbling so loud across her head, her heart felt like stabbed by thousands knife, and her soul was like wants to leave from her body. The other friends of Jurina immediately covered Mayu’s mouth. One of them gave her a how-can-you-said-that-so-easily-without-thinking-her-feeling looks. Jurina lowered her head. “Rena doesn’t love me? what should I do? Move on? I can’t but she doesn’t love me. Argh God help me why this is so frustrating?!” She mumbled with sad face.

   Mayu struggled to loose of her covered mouth. “You’re a player aren’t you? I don’t expect you are so stupid with love things.” Their friends glared at her but it didn’t stop her at all, instead she smirked. “Jurina that I know could get girl’s heart easily. In this case you must get her heart of course. Don’t runaway!”

Jurina slowly lifted her head to look at Mayu. Her lips from a O- shape form a smirk afterwards. “That’s preferable.”


   With Mayu commanded Jurina to get Rena’s heart, Jurina did it seriously. All students in school were confused of Jurina’s alteration especially those girls who have dated her. Jurina changed to be cool, not childish, and talkless. Her ‘steal a kiss’ and ‘dating different girls each time’ hobby never be did by her again. Before exams started Rena and Jurina met in Rena’s house to study together. Jurina was not talk much there as it was her new personality and because of that their time became awkward, moreover both of them are quiet person now. Nor Jurina or Rena started a conversation, what they doing from the beginning was just writing. Rena seems couldn’t stand it anymore so she took a glance at Jurina. She putted her pencil down. “Are you mad because I said we are just friends?” She looked curiously at Jurina that makes her putted her pencil and stopped writing too. Jurina didn’t reply, she looked at her with a hard-to read looks.

“Answer me, Jurina!” Rena whinned while shook Jurina’s hand. Jurina took seconds away before answer, she sighed for opening. “I’m not mad just….you know what brokenheart means?” That statement made their time became more awkward. Rena widen her eyes while Jurina looked at her deeply but none of them resume the conversation. Heavy rotation happened between them as they felt the clock ticking so slow. “I…thought you aren’t consider I’m special. All these threats, cheesy words, kisses, and hugs…I guess these just because you love me as friend or sister. I guess you did it the same you did with other girls but your friend’s question always spinning in my head after that. Why Jurina? And when it comes?” Rena broke the silence.

“I don’t know exactly when it comes, I don’t know why I can fall in love with you too.” Rena’s cheeks turning red as Jurina said that. She lowered her head felt so nervous, she could feel the sensation of her pounding heart. Jurina suddenly held Rena’s hand. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship but…I can’t stop this feeling.” Jurina sighed once more. They looked to each other’s eyes, no words after, just looking, enjoyed the moment. Without they realized, Jurina slowly approached Rena to her lips. That irresistible lips attracted her, she wanted to kiss it but this time not for hobby. This time to express her feelings toward the person she loves. Their gap became small time to time and finally Jurina could kiss Rena’s lips. Shockingly Rena didn’t reject the kiss instead accept it. The kiss not a fast kiss like Jurina always did but long passionate kiss. Jurina’s hands wander around Rena’s body while Rena gripped Jurina’s t-shirt. 
Jurina sucked gently Rena’s lower lip thus she could give access of her mouth. Infiltrate Rena's mouth, Jurina heard Rena let out a soft moan, their tongue fight for who would be the dominant also exchanging their salivas. The kiss started wild as Jurina push her body against Rena too excited that caused both of them fell to the ground. Jurina’s hand unconsciously started taking off Rena’s blouse as she is on the top of her. Her hand touched Rena’s breasts as her body half exposed, caused Rena moaned louder. Rena’s milky neck attracted Jurina after that. She kissed, sucked, bite it, and leave some marks. As Jurina did so, Rena started panting. “Ah…Ju..rina..sst..op..” 
Rena tried to push Jurina but that was useless because her power is not strong enough. Jurina kissed back Rena’s lips, deepened the kiss to shut her but Rena was already lack of oxygens of what Jurina did before plus now, she didn’t let her to breath. Jurina’s action became wilder as Rena couldn’t stop her and moaned unstoppably, gives Jurina spirit to do more. And when Jurina wanted to unclasped Rena’s bra….


   Rena with all her might slapped Jurina hard on her cheek, makes her snapped back to reality. Rena could feel tears had rolled down her cheeks, she cried in silence. “I…I am sorry Rena, I…please forgive me. This happened……” Jurina immediately got up, sitting up Rena, and looked deeply into Rena’s eyes. Because there was no words came out from Rena’s mouth, Jurina added. “It…was..because you didn’t reject my kiss!”

“You blamed me?!” Rena shouted while crying harder. “I told you to stop but you didn’t!”

   Both of them remained silent, only sob and tick of clock are the voices in the room. They tried to remember what happened and who was start it. Rena wore back her blouse while diverted her head, not wanting to see Jurina. Suddenly Jurina held Rena’s hand. “Why you didn’t reject my kiss, Rena?”

1 minute

2 minutes


“I…can’t figure it out, Jurina….”

“Do you love me? Or not?” Jurina grabbed Rena’s chin to turned her head and see her. Waiting for Rena’s answer was like years, she kept avoiding eye contact while bitting her lower lip. Jurina waited patiently. “Do you love me, Jurina?”

Jurina fell to the ground again, facepalmed. “Of course I do, Rena! What that kiss mean then? And I told you before.”

“I…thought you just wanted to tease or whatever it is but not for real…”
Jurina held Rena’s hand again and looked straight to her eyes. “Kiss is used to express your love if you can’t say it, Rena. You can prove it real because you’re the first I kiss so long and…passionate!”

Rena held back Jurina’s hand and looked to her eyes. “I know kiss is used to change love words, I read some sentences said in romance novel, that’s why when you kissed me I’m so confused. Honestly…I love you too Jurina, but afraid to confess. You are so popular among girls, I bet you like one of them so it would no use if I confess—!” Jurina out of sudden hugged Rena very tight with happy face. “Enough explaination! I love you Matsui Rena! You don’t have to worry because I am fully yours!”
Jurina’s face changed to sad when she didn’t hear Rena answer or reply. “Rena?” She asked while turned her head to the side. Rena poked Jurina’s arm repeatedly. "Jurina……too….tight…I..can’t..breath..” Immediately Jurina released the hug then showed apologize looks. They laughed afterwards as they find their moment changed from awkward, heavy, to happy and funny. Most of all they laughed as they happy their feelings are same. Love towards each other.


“What’s with that happy smile that is not good to see?” Mayu who sat while crossed her arms on her seat asked Jurina who couldn’t stop smiling and daydreaming the whole day. Jurina turned her head. “Hehe I was already out of friendzone, Mayu.” Her smile formed to grin. Mayu raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“You’re the smartest student among our generation right? I don’t expect you don’t get my words~”Jurina showed her mischievous smile while Mayu frowned. “Don’t copy my word, Jurina!” Jurina’s smile widen. “Well, I was out of friendzone means, I am moved to a new zone. That zone was Loverzone~”

  Mayu disoriented of Jurina’s words. Her mind was full with questions but not long, the most question she wanted the answer has answered with her eyes. Rena came to their class with smile and Jurina immediately approached her, bring her to Mayu. She saw Rena clinging over Jurina’s arm on their way. She flinched. “Nah Mayu this is what I mean. Rena is my girlfriend now.”

   All students inside the class include Mayu turned their attention to them with shock expressions, some of them widened their eyes, and some of them widened their eyes while make an O-shape of mouth so wide. What came after that probably could make ears deaf. “MAJI?!”

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
« Reply #34 on: July 25, 2014, 07:45:57 AM »
Welcome back ~ :k-hello:
I love how in the end, everyone was so shocked to find out Wmatsui was dating each other :wahaha:
It's nice how Mayu told Jurina not to give up on Rena :hee:
About Jurina’s feelings, she still unsure about it because she thought Rena was just like a sister but in the long run, everytime they close or their gazes met, these small things could make Jurina’s heart races. She found some words in the internet that said “Love is come when you don’t realize it, like you are being pushed from behind by someone you didn’t notice the presence.” That words lighten her heart and eyes, finally she realized that feeling was Love.
It sure did take Jurina some time for her to realize her feelings for Rena :mon sweat:
You are so popular among girls, I bet you like one of them so it would no use if I confess—!” Jurina out of sudden hugged Rena very tight with happy face.
Eh~ Jurina's intention in the beginning worked! :hehehe: She made Rena jealous  :kekeke:
Great OS by the way! :mon thumb:

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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Yay  °\(^▼^)/° loverzone!
If only this is real ....
Thanks for this cute OS ^_^

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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Good job Jurina crom friendzone to loverzone

Lol i love at the end how the student was shock

Please continue the target

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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 :ding: YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job author-sama  :)

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Re: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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Hello minna-san it's been a while! XD here is chapter 4! I should have posted this at Friday last week but school works were piling me up :bleed eyes: also, my USB got error and caused this story that already finished is erased :cry: I wrote this again, so, if you find any errors and typos please forgive me :bow:


“Jurina..... why....?” I shocked when know Jurina shifted her gun so I don’t get hit. I widened my eyes as fell with Jurina on the top of me, looking straight to my eyes.

              “I also don’t want you rose. All this time....I love you too..Rena!” She said it while blushed a bit. I could feel my eyes become teary again and my cheeks reddened. She helped me to sit up. “You don’t lie, didn’t you?” She didn’t reply me but for change she placed something on my neck. “This...”

   “Your important thing right?” She smiled to me, the smile she usually shows me. This is Jurina that I knew! I cried on her embrace while she patted my head. Minutes after she held my chin to makes my face lift up. We just staring to each other eyes after I felt her lips against my lips.

Once again, I love you Jurina. Even though I knew this love is forbidden love. Suddenly someone or maybe Jurina’s underlings knocked the door. He called Jurina’s name while knocking hardly. Jurina and I spontaneously looked at the door. His underling said he heard a shock voice inside. Immediately Jurina stood up and got out. His underlings showed worried expressions. “Jurina-sama, have you killed Queen?”

Normal POV
   She didn’t reply but pointed her gun on her underling’s forehead. The other underling gasped and showed shock expression. Jurina with serious face, looked straight to them. “Get out of my way!” While bring Rena to the door. The underlings still shocked of her, they just standing there and let them fled. When Jurina and Rena finally disappeared from their sight, they realized how stupid they are. Immediately they told another underlings via speakers that Jurina has fled with The Queen and ordered them to find them. They expected Jurina has knew how dangerous The Queen, probably she got spelled.

   Meanwhile with Jurina and Rena, they have arrived in a forest while still running. Jurina who held Rena’s hand, tried hard to shove some bushes which blocked their way. Out of sudden Rena loosened the grip of Jurina’s hand and fell. Jurina gasped “Rena, are you alright?!” She approached Rena.

   “I am alright. I just.... a little bit dizzy...” She sweating a lot and breathing hardly because lack of oxygens caused by running. Jurina stared at her. “You..... want blood right?” Rena’s heart skipped a beat. “What did you mean?! How could I?!”

“Don’t lied! Accept it that you’re vampire.”
“WHAT—?” Rena’s word cutted by Jurina’s action which are took a knife and slashed her hand makes it bleeding.

    “Jurina! What are you doing?!” Jurina came closer to Rena’s face “Suck my blood!” Rena widened her eyes of Jurina’s statement but she couldn’t hold the urge to drink it. When she almost drink it, she turned away her face. “I don’t want to!”

   “Eh?” Jurina mad of it while twitched her eyebrows. “No, I don’t want to get you in trouble, I prefer die.” Jurina suddenly licked her own blood and kissed Rena. Finally she swallowed the blood, Rena looked at Jurina while blushing terribly and Jurina ended the kiss while cupped Rena’s cheeks “Don’t be fussy. If you gonna die, I won’t forgive myself, baka. Come on, suck as many as you want!”

   Rena’s eyes became teary of Jurina’s words. She gets closer to Jurina’s hand. “From now, live by drinking my blood, Rena.”

Forgive me....
And thank you.....

   Rena then drinking Jurina’s blood. But after few minutes, suddenly Jurina interrupted. “By the way, it looks like you drinking too much....” Rena widened her eyes after heard it and immediately stop, she apologized to her because she couldn’t stop as her blood was tasty. The sun was stanted to set.

   “You were being selfish, just thinking about yourself.” Jurina smirked. “Now is my turn!” She grabbed Rena’s waist so Rena’s body touched with her and after that she kissed her. Her fast action made Rena blushing and mad at the same time while Jurina only chuckled. They started to continue walking but someone got out from bushes behind them. Jurina noticed the person was her underling and the underling pointed her gun to Rena, immediately Jurina use her body to protect her by hugging Rena. Rena who late noticed it gasped as Jurina’s shoulder bleeding. They ran from there to avoid the possibility more bullets will come to them. The underling made such a clicking voice of tongue while chased them. Unfortunately, Rena and Jurina found the end of the path because there is a cliff in front of them. They’re blocked. More underlings came were already pointed their guns toward them. Jurina was in front of Rena.

“Jurina-sama, why do you protecting Queen?!” She started panting. “Why? It was natural to protect the girl I love.”

“But... she is a vampire, Jurina-sama!” Rena realized Jurina’s wound became worse. “Jurina your wound!” Jurina turned her head. “Yeah, it feels so hurt. You must cure my wound later, okay Rena?”

   As Jurina said that, her underlings shot them. Rena didn’t want these bullets to hit Jurina again so this time she protected her. Jurina was shocked at her action and immediately pulled Rena’s shirt, jump to the sea under the cliff. Her underlings didn’t expect she will do that. They hurriedly go to the edge of the cliff, shocked.

“Should we chase them to there?”

“No need to do. Fell from a cliff this high, they won’t safe.”
“Look! There is Red Cross car. Do you want to join donate your blood?”
“ No, I’m scared...”
“Hey, do you remember, about 2 years ago a guy was attacked by vampire?”
“Yes, it is indeed that vampire really exist?”

A girl passed these two girls who were talking. “Rena!” She startled when knows someone called her. She knew exactly who is the person. “You came here because you sniffed blood hmm? In home you could drink as much as you want, be patient! Let’s go!” The person who called her gave her hand to her. She was so happy at that time and approached that girl, holding her hand afterwards.

Jurina will you always by my side?

Don’t ask a question that you know exactly the answer! Of course I’ll always be with you.


I'm not trolling you, this fic end in this chapter :lol: the chapter 5 is just about Jurina's side story. Should I write it or not? Please give me your comment! :D

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« Reply #39 on: October 06, 2014, 09:12:50 AM »
i've read it and ...sniffles.. :cry:

glad they survived!! :deco:

do write it the side story..! :twothumbs

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