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Japanese / Re: Mio Kudo 工藤美桜
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Twitter January 2018

Twitter February 2018 


Japanese / Re: Ikumi Hisamatsu 久松郁実
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~Road to Eden~

Japanese / Re: Kyoko Fukada
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when the refined Nogi Nee san finally come... all they see is chaos and something about their sister group members eyes get a lil bit crazier


#14 hehehe coz no one writes the  fanfic bout my imagination of sakura might killed someone out of jealousy yet 
#final day
 yup, the untold tale full of darkness(?)
hey maybe I would, lets see


thanks all for come, comments and read. this is fun :D
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: H!P Girls in the shade of Nomura Minami's chin
« Last post by muppet on Today at 06:11:47 AM »

^ A netizen comment
“Nomura san’s chin has a beautiful line, therefore it has become
a charm point”


kinda... forgot *run away*

#the final day

Sugai : dance??

Neru  : check!

Yuihan : costume??

Sakura : check!

AKanen : personality swap??

Yuichanzu : check! check!

Sashi : finally guys! We all ready for the single!!

Akanen : lets go!!

Sakura : wait, look!

*black Mercedes suddenly appear, a not so cute Oji san get out from it*

everyone : AKI P???

aki p : seems like you all ready

Akanen : yes Sir!

Sugai : wait why you salute him

Yuihan : we never been more ready sir!

Sayanee : wait why you salute him too ?? is this a new code??

Aki P : good good but the thing is, the project is canceled

Yuihan : that’s right sir we are very ready- um wait what

Aki P : the project is canceled

Sugai : ahahha that’s funny, coz I think I heard he say the project is canceled

Aki P : yeah the project is canceled

Sashi : you kidding right

Aki P : nope, this morning I eat some chocolate parfait then I tough … switching concept? Its so yesterday so yeah I cancelled it hahahha

Yuihan : *psst psst* can we kill him?

Aki P : um Yui.. I hear you

Neru : yeah I have this rope here that I always bring with me- don’t ask why

Aki P : err girls

Akanen : we can put his body in the locker

Manaka : like Tokuyama sensei- no one will notice

Jurina : he is fat it wont fit. thou we can mutilate him first

Sakura : oh nice I happen to have this giant knife in my bag

Oda : ill take his legs

Yuihan : come on girls

Aki P : g-girls??

Due to his wise consideration (totally not driven by his survival instinct and afraid of death). The project is canceled, but Aki P acknowledge the girls effort, thus a new sub unit is born.

This is a tale how a subunit known today as  SakamichiAKB  was formed

Or so ~ ;p

---- the end ------

@Shinoki: Yay for cute RisaNeru! You will have to wait until the next part to find out more about YuukaNen. :(

@Minami-chan: Glad to hear you like it. I will continue it when I have the time. :( I don't know about Neru's state of fatigue. Maybe it's normal for her or maybe it's not. Even I don't know. :lol:
@Miniju: Super cute. :) But unfortunately you will have to wait longer for the next update. :(

A/N: Hello everyone!
Unfortunately, I will be busy for the next 2 or so weeks, so I won't be able to update the RisaNeru multi parter I just started, but I can still write shorts. :)
So this time I am back with an OdaPon short.
I am not sure if I will make this into a mini trilogy or not, but there are plans.
Hopefully, someone will notice what this is based on.
Special thank you to the person who gave me the idea of writing this. :)
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

I Am Not A Stalker I Swear [OdaPon]

Kobayashi Yui, also known as Yuipon, is just so cute. I could just stare at her all class if I wanted to. She is the perfect human being. It was as if an angel had descended down from the heavens. She blesses us with her mere presence. There are no flaws in this girl.

Ah! I should probably introduce myself. My name is Oda Nana, but everyone just calls me ‘Dani’. It was a nickname given to me by my parents: Shida Manaka and Watanabe Risa. I cannot really say that my parents are exactly normal. After all, the way they met was not exactly ordinary.

When I was 11 years old, my mother told me about how my parents met. It turns out that my mother happened to have met my father on the subway and basically became a stalker after that. My father, being as observant as ever, quickly picked up on my mother’s stalker tendencies. Much to my surprise, it was my father who made the first move and not my mother. It kind of made sense now that I am 17 years old and have observed my parents’ interactions for the past 6 years.

I was disinterested in the story when I was 11 years old. The main reason being that my parents put in way too much extra information that my 11-year-old ears did not want to hear. However, I became obsessed with the story a few years later. I even let my parents tell me about all the intimate things they did together.

It was embarrassing at first to hear my parent explain everything in explicit detail, but I got used to hearing my parents talk about it. Honestly, that story is probably what corrupted me. People have called me a stalker in the past. I think I get it from my mother, and I get my rashness from my father.

Anyways, back to the main story. I run a personal blog called ‘Pon Inspection’. My blog posts are of pictures of Yuipon that I take in secret with a caption attached to them. I made this blog to show my admiration for Yuipon and as a joke. But it garnered massive support, and I have continued posting to the blog with passion.

I think some of my other classmates have caught on to my blog. Yonetani Minami came up to me one day and asked me about the blog. I shooed her away, but I think she knows. It does not matter though. So long as Yuipon does not find out about the blog, I will be fine.

Although, Yuipon has been very cautious around me recently. Every time we make eye contact in the hallway, as of late, she looks down and scurries away before I get the chance to say anything. It is as if she has been avoiding me recently every chance that she gets. I hope no one has tipped her off about my blog.

The only chance that I get to look at her recently has been during class. She cannot run away from me in the middle of class. I have been able to sneak in a few pictures for my blog, but they are not anything spectacular. Maybe I should just try to confront her. Hmm… But that might be a bad idea.

Oh crap! Yuipon looked behind her and caught me staring at her. What should I do now? If I just act natural she will not notice anything unusual. I give her a smile, but she turned around in response. How sad, but I swear I saw her blush right before she turned around. I must be imagining things, but if I am not, it was so cute. I should consider writing a blog post on it.

Ahhh! Yuipon just dropped her pencil. Oh my god! The way she picks up her pencil is just so perfect. I need to take a picture of this. Maybe I should caption it with ‘Yuipon majestically picking up her pencil’. It has a nice ring to it.

Oh yeah! I guess I should probably explain where this story all began. The day it all started is etched into my brain. Not only because it was the first time I ever saw Yuipon, but it is also because it was the day my innate stalker spirit came to full light. I still blame my mother for that.

Anyways, it was the first day of my high school career. All the first years, myself included, sat in the gymnasium like most first years would. I was not really interested in the ceremony, but then the first-year representative stepped up to the podium. Oh-my-god! It was like an angel had descended on that gymnasium.

Yuipon was standing in front of the podium in all her perfectness. I just could not believe my eyes. How could such a perfect person exist? Oddly enough, my cell phone was already in my hand. Fortunately for me, I was sitting in the back of the gymnasium because I unconsciously took a picture of Yuipon. That picture was used for my first blog post.

Wait a minute… Where did everyone go? Why am I sitting in the classroom alone? Oh crap! Class ended while I was explaining the origins of this story. I need to hurry up and catch up to Yuipon!

Ever since I first laid my eyes on Yuipon, I have been following her home almost every single day. And before you ask, I only do it, so I can protect her from harm. This world is very dangerous you know.

There have been a few times in the past where some boys tried to pick up Yuipon. Oh boy was I furious. It was obvious that Yuipon was not interested. Why would she be? Anyways, the first time, those boys were so persistent that I had to take matters into my own hands.

At that time, I walked up to the boy grabbing Yuipon’s wrist and punched him in the stomach. I am not naturally a strong person, but I guess my strength increased when I saw those boys bother Yuipon. The boy I punch quickly got on to his feet and fled after seeing me about to punch him again.

That was the first time I ever interacted with Yuipon. She thanked me in a quiet voice and quickly ran off. I made sure to take a picture as she left. My second blog post.

Fortunately, today's walk home was very tranquil. No one bothered Yuipon, and I did not have to beat up any boys. It was a perfect day, I would say. Just another day of Yuipon not knowing that I am protecting her from the shadows.

Literally, I followed her home in the shadows. I was currently standing behind a light post near Yuipon’s house. It was my duty to make sure that she entered her house safely. Only then could I leave.

“I guess I will go home and update my blog,” I said aloud as I turned around to walk home. Obviously, I left after Yuipon walked into her house.

Unbeknownst to me, a figure appeared from behind the light post adjacent to the one that I was hiding behind after I left.


A/N: Just in case some people don't know, it was @Shinoki who suggested this a while back. Thanks again @Shinoki. :)
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) SUPER☆GiRLS
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Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: H!P Girls in the shade of Nomura Minami's chin
« Last post by resop2 on Today at 03:14:35 AM »
Three out five Country Girls agree!

2018/3/22 Hello! Q&A

Country Girls

Q: If you could make a bride out of a Hello Pro member, who would it be?

Ozeki Mai

Kobushi Factory's Nomura Minami-san!
Nomura-san is generally just good at cooking!! Being able to eat delicious food everyday would be happiness…♡

Yanagawa Nanami

Though it's hard to decide... Nomura Minami-san!
I'd want to have delicious bread and food together with her ♡

Funaki Musubu

Kobushi Factory's Nomura Minami-san!
Since she has an image of being a good cook, I'd want to be treated to her homemade cooking!
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