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Author Topic: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017  (Read 46684 times)

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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Read in a whirlwind and gotta say WOW, I am HOOKED!
Seriously agree with Airi, it's been super obvious that Rena is falling for Jurina.. Poor Rena isn't sure how to deal with all these newfound feelings and that denial is seriously hurting her more than anything...
One thing I'm more shocked about is that Daichi hasn't said anything about Rena continuously dodging him kissing her. Like out of all the things he was jealous about, he wasn't jealous of his girlfriend being able to hug someone she's recently been aquianted to and yet she still can't kiss her boyfriend of a few months (whom she's known for years)?
I wonder if Jurina is now thinking she misread the signals Rena was giving off... that's why she's trying to spend less time with her now... She thinks she's burdening her...

I hope there's an update soon!

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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update soon please..

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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Author-san updatess pleaseee ,,,

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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Please give an end to Backwards Drama

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.6 Update
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Ch.6 Also known as the day I lost my best friend

(Note: I am aware it's been a year, but I do intend to finish this.)

It’s been four days. Four days since Jurina decided to start avoiding me. At first I was upset. Then I was irritated. I didn't do anything for her to avoid me. We weren't that close. I know that. I understand that we've only known each other for a mere week, but that didn't stop me from being annoyed. I huffed as I watched Airi and Jurina leave to have lunch in the drama room. They were laughing about something.

"Rena are you okay?" Daichi questioned giving me a wary look.

I glared at him. Ever since the incident I have found it ever harder to talk to Daichi. I knew he meant well, but most of the time he was overbearing. Not to mention I got the feeling he didn’t really care about what was bothering me. I think he just wanted me to stop being angry, so he could go back to talking about his favorite subject. Him.

"I am fine," I snapped without meaning to. Daichi raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure? You been in a foul mood for the past four days. What gives?" Daichi pointed out.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. As if I was going to tell him what was going on. He would probably throw another fit when he finds out my foul mood was Jurina related. I pulled out my lunch.

"It's nothing. Just having a bad day," I answered sharply. Daichi sighed.

"If you say so..."

The classroom was noisy. Suddenly I wished I could go eat in the drama room with Airi and Jurina. But Jurina was upset at me for no reason and Daichi would be angry. Somehow it seemed no matter what I did someone was upset at me. It was overwhelming.

It was Thursday. Thursday was our drama meeting days. Jurina couldn't avoid me there. I am not sure if that made me feel better or worst though. What would I even tell her? Why are you avoiding me? Talk to me? None of those seem appropriate. I would feel like an idiot saying them. I sighed. Suddenly I didn't want to go to the drama meeting. When reached the drama club room, I found Airi looking through the play script. Without Jurina.

Thank god. Lately not only was Jurina avoiding me, but she's been attached to the hip to Airi. That made it hard to talk to Airi. Maybe I was a little jealous. Jurina was spending way more time with my best friend than I was. All because my annoying boyfriend wanted to be attached to the hip all the time.
That's the primary reason why Jurina's avoidance went on for so long without me saying anything. There were so little opportunities for me to talk to her without Daichi around. Although it has always been like this I was starting to feel his presence a lot more. It was suffocating. An awful thing to think about your boyfriend. But it was what I thought. It wasn’t like this when we were friends. I found myself wishing we could go back. Daichi and I were perfect until we started dating. Then everything changed. Funny how I didn’t notice until now.

"You look like crap," was the first thing Airi said to me when she saw me standing there.

I sighed and took a seat next to her. I set my bag down and put my head down. I knew I looked like crap. I was just so tired. I seriously considered skipping practice and taking a nap, but I needed to talk to Jurina. Not to mention the play is right around the corner.

"I know. I haven't slept very well," I answered rubbing my eyes. Jurina not talking to me combined with Daichi’s overbearing behavior had been making me lose sleep. Airi gave me a concerned look.

"Rena what's wrong?" Airi questioned. I took a deep breath.

"Jurina is avoiding me. I don't know why. All of a sudden, she doesn't walk to school with me nor eat lunch with me. When I ask her to hang out she is always saying she is busy or tired even though I can see she is home," I answered my voice sad.

At that moment, I didn't feel irritated. I just felt sad. I thought Jurina and I really hit off. I thought we were going to be close, but now we didn't even talk. I felt betrayed. It was stupid. We barely knew each other, but I felt it all the same.

"Oh, that explains why she's been walking to school with me," Airi noted with a wistful look in her face. I nodded.

"Yeah, I am not sure what I did wrong. Every time try to talk to her she says she is busy," I explained staring at my hands.

"Well I mean she can't avoid you today. You are going to have to run lines together. You can talk to her then," Airi pointed out.

"I don't even know what to tell her. Maybe I should just leave things like this. Maybe I am overreacting," I answered. Airi frowned.

"I still think you should talk to her. If it's bothering you this much..." Airi's voice trailed off. She was right. I couldn't leave things like they were, but it be so much easier if I could.

"It’s not the only thing that been bothering me. Then there is Daichi. I can’t figure out why everything has changed. I don’t know what is wrong with me." I told her running my fingers through my hair.

“Rena, I think your problems are more related than you think. Think about what I told you the day you Daichi and Jurina fought,” Airi said.

I froze. There it was. The one thing I been trying not to think about. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I thought about it, but I discarded it. It wasn’t like that. I would know it if I liked girls. But I never have. It made no sense that I would start now.

“I have and I don’t think it is the case. I just wished I knew what I did. That’s all,” I said. Airi gave me a sympathetic look.

“Like I said she has to come to practice, so try talking to her today okay?” Airi replied giving me a pat my head. It wasn’t much, but the gesture made me feel slightly better.

Members slowly began to file in, but no Jurina in sight. I frown. Would she miss practice to avoid me? The thought was upsetting. Airi must have noticed my glance was fixated to the door because she whispered, "Don't worry she'll show."

I gave her a weak nod. I wasn't so sure anymore. I wasn't even sure why I cared so much. Still right before I was about to start the meeting she walked in. Her cheeks were bright red. She was panting. Had she ran all the way over here? She looked relieved when she saw the meeting hadn't started. I tore my eyes away from her and cleared my throat.

"So, about the play..."


Pairs. We were practicing in pairs. Airi's idea. Probably wanted to give me a chance to talk to Jurina. I couldn't say I wasn't grateful, but Jurina seemed to be avoiding my gaze. We been practicing for ten minutes and all I got was a simple hey. It was driving me mad. I sighed.

"Why are you avoiding me?" I questioned.

I didn't want to say it straight up, but I didn't know how else to word it. After all that was what she was doing. Jurina's gaze shot up finally looking at me. She looked bewildered for a second, but the expression was gone as soon as it came.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Besides can we talk about this later? We need to practice," Jurina pointed out. I resisted the urge to groan.

"See this is exactly what I am talking about! I don't understand. Did I do something?" I answered back irritated. Jurina sighed running her fingers through her hair.

"Look it doesn't even matter can we go back to practicing? Please?" Jurina replied desperately. My eyes darken. How could she even say it didn't matter? It was all I could think about day and night. I gave her a cold look.

“Sure, whatever,” I replied.

“Rena… Don’t be like that,” Jurina pleaded. I almost melted under her gaze. Almost, but I was too upset.

“You said it didn’t matter if we didn’t talk. Fine let’s just practice and get the over with, so I can go hang out with my boyfriend.” I snapped. I instantly regretted it when I saw how hurt Jurina looked. Why on earth did I say that? I wasn’t even hanging out with Daichi today nor did I want to.

“Wow… Just wow. Okay then let’s just practice,” Jurina answered clearly irritated. I wanted to say I was lying. I wanted to apologize. But I didn’t. Instead I just ran the lines and when practice was over I bolted out of there.

The next day was worse than the rest. Because now I had something to be guilty about. I had said something to deliberately upset Jurina. I know there are worst things to do, but I knew how Jurina felt about me. I knew she was jealous of Daichi and I purposely said it to hurt her. The look she gave me when I said that. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I wanted to talk to Airi about it, but I knew she would be with Jurina.

I essentially used Jurina’s feelings to mess with her. I had slept even worse last night than the last four days. I felt like a bus just ran over me. But more importantly I felt so lonely and confused. That’s why when Daichi greeted me that morning rather than being annoyed I felt reassured that not everyone hated me. Because even though Airi didn’t know what I did I was sure she would find out. And like Jurina she would hate me.

“Hey!” Daichi greeted me putting his arm around me. I didn’t bother pushing it away this time like I had been doing the last four days.

“Morning,” was all I said.

He seemed pleased I wasn’t pushing him away this morning because he chatted away about his baseball team and how they were going to finals. He never noticed how upset I was. I couldn’t help, but wondered if Jurina would notice. Class was a drag. Paying attention in class was difficult in my best of days. Today it was torture. The teacher called me out twice for falling sleeping during class. I couldn’t help it. I was so tired.

 When lunch time came it was a relief. I put my head down on my desk hoping sleep would take me. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. I felt a tap in my head. I looked up to find Daichi holding up his lunch. I sighed.

“Hey Rena, it’s lunchtime sleepyhead.” Daichi asked. I nodded and pulled out my lunch. I struggled to stay awake as Daichi talked. He told me once more how awesome his team was and how they might go to finals. He went on about how he was going to get me a jersey since I was his girlfriend, so I could go watch them and cheer for him.

As I looked at him, I had an epiphany. Why was I with Daichi? Here I was having the worst day ever and he didn’t even notice. Heck there were a lot of things he didn’t notice about me. Now that I think about it did I ever really like Daichi? Or did I start dating him because he asked me to? We were so close before, but now I think that all dating did was tore us apart. Before we used to talk. Now I am just constantly trying to avoid doing couple things which is all he is interested in.

“I want to break up,” I stated softly. Daichi looked at me in disbelief then his face harden.

“What?” he snapped. I took a deep breath.

“I said I want to break up. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to date you anymore,” I said my voice raising. Daichi looked enraged. I never seen him this upset before. Not since we were children. The room was suddenly quiet and tense.

“What you mean you don’t want to date? What were you just toying with me all this time? Huh? Was this just a game to you? I love you!” he yelled taking me aback.

He loved me??? I didn’t know that. All this time I didn’t know he felt something as strong as love. I never felt that way. At all. Maybe I should have done this a long time ago. Maybe I was toying with his feelings. Because I never felt the way he did. I am not even sure why I accepted to date him. Maybe I just didn’t want to be alone.

“Daichi, I am so sorry. But I don’t feel the same way. I thought I did. I really did, but I don’t. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I hope we could still be friends,” I told him. Daichi scoffed at that.

“Friends? You broke my heart, Rena. I don’t ever want to see you again,” Daichi hissed.

 I looked at him completely crushed. He never wanted to see me again? How could he say that after all this time? Sure, our relationship had been rocky for a while, but we were best friends. I’ve known him longer than Airi. He was there for everything. My first day of school, my first school play. We went to the beach and spend hours looking at the fishes and making up names for them. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“How could you even say that? I know we are not dating. I know you are hurt, but we are best friends. We have done everything together. Everything. Are you saying that all ceases to matter just because we are not dating?” I demanded trying to keep my voice steady.

“Of course, we did! Because I loved you. I went everywhere with you because I loved you. I thought you loved me, but were too shy say it. But none of it matters if you don’t feel the same. Do you think I liked watching your school plays? Or being dragged on shopping trips? Oh, and let’s not forget watching your favorite anime. I don’t even like anime! I did all that because I wanted you to like me. But now I know you never did,” he spat back his voice filled of venom.

I took three steps back not believing what I was hearing. “So, then our entire friendship was been a lie? All of it? Did you seriously only do things because you liked me?” I asked.

“Why else would you think I did those things?” he questioned.

“I thought you did them because you liked them. Because you were my friend and you enjoyed being with me,” I replied tears running down my face now.

“Of course, I enjoyed spending time with you. I liked you,” Daichi said exasperated. I looked at him completely horrified with his honestly.

“That’s not the same thing. You were never my friend,” I told him before getting out of there.

 I heard him shouting something else, but I kept running. I wasn’t upset because I broke up with Daichi. That wasn’t why I had tears streaming down my face. It was because I lost my oldest friend whom was never interested in being my friend in the first place. I felt like such an idiot for not realizing it sooner. I was running when I suddenly bumped into someone landing on the floor. I looked up to find myself face to face with Jurina.

“Rena? Are you okay?” She asked her voice laced with concerned. Before I knew it, I was hugging her and sobbing into her shoulder.

“Rena! Hey what’s wrong?” Jurina insisted sounding even more worried.

“Daichi and I broke up,” I cried trying to stop myself of crying, but I couldn’t. The tears kept coming.


“It’s not what you are thinking. I broke up with him. I realized I didn’t really like him at all and that I only dated him because he asked me out, but then h-h-he said that he couldn’t be my friend. That he only was around me because he liked me and if I wouldn’t date him that our friendship of 10 years didn’t matter,” I explained between sobs.

“Rena. Rena. You need to calm done. You are a mess. C’mon. Let’s get you home. I don’t think you should go back to class. I’ll have Airi tell the teacher I helped you get home because you had a fever,” Jurina said. I shook my head.

“You really shouldn’t miss anymore class,” I told her.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s only two days. I missed way more class when I was in Tokyo. Are you parents home?” Jurina questioned helping me up.

“No, they don’t get home till 6,” I answered.

“Okay then we can just hang out there and watch a movie or something,” Jurina said.

With that we began walking home. It was cloudy. Lately we been getting a lot of rain and storms. Right now, it seemed the weather was matching the way I felt. I felt sad about Daichi. I never thought our friendship would end like this. I felt guilty about what I told Jurina. And I was nervous about the upcoming play which I have not been rehearsing for at all. But even though I felt my world was falling apart and even though I was l to her yesterday somehow Jurina was here.

“Jurina why are you being so nice to me? I was awful you yesterday,” I pointed out staring at the ground. Jurina stopped giving me a confused look.

“What do you mean why I am being so nice to you? We’re friends,” Jurina stated simply.

But after the whole thing with Daichi I wasn’t sure. What if Jurina was like him? What is she was only hanging out with me because she thought it would get me to date her? I don’t think I could stand going through that again.

“Are you sure it’s not because you like me?” I questioned. I instantly regretted that when I saw the hurt look on Jurina’s face.

“Rena, is that what you think? I mean I do like you still, but no. That’s not why I am doing this. I like you, but you are also my friend. You can be friends with someone and still like that regardless of what Daichi told you. And about yesterday it’s fine. I was being a stubborn jerk too so it doesn’t matter. All is forgiven,” Jurina reassured me.

I felt myself relax. Jurina wasn’t like Daichi. She wasn’t just going to hang out with her because she had a crush on me. She was my friend. I could trust her. I think deep down I already knew that, but I needed to make sure. Because I don’t want to get attached to someone who will walk away the moment I decide not to date them.

“I am glad. I already have Daichi cross with me. I don’t you to be mad at me either. I am so happy we are talking again,” I told her with a smile. Jurina returned it and then looked serious.

“Listen Rena about the past few days… I didn’t mean to ignore you. I was just trying to give you and Daichi some space. I didn’t want to create a problem between you and your boyfriend. I thought… For some reason, I thought that would be for the best. But now I realize I really hurt you. I am sorry,” Jurina explained.

That did make sense now that I think about it. She went a little overboard with not hanging out even when he wasn’t around and all, but it made sense. Especially after all the things that had occurred since she moved here.

“It’s okay. I mean I think it might have done some good. If you haven’t been distant I don’t think I would have realize how much I didn’t want to be with Daichi. You know maybe I am a little like Daichi. I thought that just because we were childhood friends it was only natural we should date. But I never wanted to kiss him. I hated holding hands with him and hugging him. It wasn’t fun to be with him anymore because he wanted to do all those things. I wonder if there is something wrong with me for not wanting to do those things,” I told her.

“Rena there is nothing wrong with you. He was just the wrong person,” Jurina reassured me.

We continued walking and I tried to ignore the nagging voice in my head that said I enjoyed those things with Jurina.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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Thank you very much for continuing
I have felt very bad about what Daichi has told Rena. I can not believe he says that for ten years he faked friendship.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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I'm so happy you continue it. I've been waiting patiently, and will keep looking foward for the next chapters as well :hee:

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.7 Update
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Ch.7 Who I Used to Be

It was so strange living out of the city. Before it was hard to listen to rain without hearing cars outside my window, but here when it was raining that was all you could hear. I sat with my legs cross on Rena’s bed waiting for her to bring me some hot chocolate. I offered to go with her, but she insisted I stay up here saying I was her guest. I looked down the window and smiled when I saw my window right across it. It was reassuring to know Rena was right across my room. I was the type of person that got lonely easily, but know I had a friend so close by.

Friend… The word hurt, but not as much as the word stranger. I rather be Rena’s friend than a complete stranger. I proved that in the last five days. I thought it be for the best that I distance herself from Rena. I didn’t want to come between her relationship. I had done it before, but that was with girls that I wanted to have fun with. Rena meant something to me.  And in spite the fact that I’ve only known Rena for such a short period of time, I missed her so much when we stopped talking. I scoffed. Leave it to me to develop a massive crush on the first girl that has ever been nice to me.

It was more than that though. When I was with Rena I felt at home. Safe. I wanted to be better. I never told anyone, but the reason we moved her was not just because my parents got divorced. It was a part of it yeah, but because I was out of control. Staying out late and partying. Shop lifting. Name a thing and I had probably done it. Other than drugs. Drinking was one thing, but drugs? I drew the line there. I thought it would be the same thing when I got here, but then I met Rena. And Airi of course.

She was such a nice girl I didn’t want to show her my bad side. It was funny how Rena had no idea how I was able to get out through my window so easily. With her I wasn’t wild crazy Jurina. I was just me. I was the person I was before my parent’s fighting. Before I met all the fucked-up people in my life. I didn’t even feel the urge to party anymore. It seemed so pointless. Then I stopped talking to her. I felt depressed. I started feeling like my old self again. Empty. I wanted to go drinking again and just forget everything.

Especially after our confrontation in the drama room. Losing her… It scared me. That’s why today I decided I needed to talk to Rena and clear up the air. I wanted to explain why I had stopped talking to her. I wanted to tell her about my past. I didn’t want there to be any secrets between us. I had told Airi about it these past few days, but the person I wanted to tell the most was Rena.

 Then I found her sobbing over that asshole, Daichi. Daichi… Since the first time I met him I knew exactly what type of guy he was. A entitled and whiny. I met several guys like that before. He didn’t disappoint. He only saw Rena as a thing he owned. I tried to be nice for Rena’s sake, but failed miserably.
I felt so bad so Rena. It’s one thing to break up with someone, but find out your best friend doesn’t care about you? I couldn’t imagine what that was like. After all the closest person, I’ve ever been to is Miyuki. And even with her I’ve always known she only cares about having a good time. I’ve never had a friend that I trust except for Rena and to some extend Airi.

“Hey sorry I took so long. I couldn’t remember where the hot chocolate was,” Rena explained with an awkward smile. I shook my head as she passed me my cup.

“It’s alright. I didn’t wait long,” I replied. I took a sip of the warm sweet liquid and felt my body warm up. It was a cold day. The weather here was a lot cooler than Tokyo and I was still adjusting. Rena’s hot chocolate hit the spot.

“So sorry about earlier. About crying all over your shoulder and all,” Rena apologized awkwardly. I smiled. For not the first time I couldn’t help, but to think about how cute she was sometimes.

“It’s really no problem,” I answered.

We drank our hot chocolate in silence. It was the kind of silence that isn’t awkward, but soothing. Like we know each other forever. Before I had always scoffed at the idea of soulmates, but now I wasn’t so sure it was such a stretch. With Rena, everything felt different. Sure, I dated and slept with several girls, but with Rena it felt as if she was my first everything as corny as it sounds. And despite what she said, I know she felt it too. I wouldn’t pressure her though. It was something she needed to realize on her own.

“Hey Rena. I have actually been meaning to talk to you about something,” I told her. Rena looked surprised.

“Really?” she questioned. She was sitting right across me. She looked more relaxed than she did earlier although her eyes were still red. I wonder if this would be the right time to tell her about my past, but I decide it would be for the best. I didn’t want there to be misunderstandings between us.

“Yeah well I mean I wanted to apologize for ignoring again. I really didn’t mean to upset you. The thing is you don’t really know me. I mean well you do, but you don’t know who I was before I met you and all the things I did,” I explained. Rena seemed to notice I was serious because she sat up.

“Tell me about it,” she said. I took a deep breath bracing myself for the conversation we were about to have. If it were anyone else I wouldn’t want to be this vulnerable, but it was Rena.

“I well you know how I told you that we moved here because my parents got divorced. That was not entirely true,” I began. Rena looked at me with curious eyes.

“Then why else did you move here?” she asked.

“Well because of me. Back in Tokyo I was completely different than I am now. I used to party a lot. I skipped school most of the time and would cause trouble with my friends. If you could even call them that. I slept with more girls than I care to admit and often times didn’t know how I got home. There was this girl, Miyuki. We were friends with benefits I suppose you could say. She was my best friend. When I was with her I was my worst. I was the most destructive and manipulative. My mother decided to move her after the divorce to get me away from her,” I told her. Rena looked surprised at all of this.

“Wow I had no idea. But what changed then? I mean this wasn’t so long ago,” Rena pointed out.

“Well I got here and I was determined to be so bad that my mom had to move back to Tokyo. I wanted to go back to my “friends” and Miyuki. But then in that first day I met you and Airi. I don’t know why, but in that moment, something shifted. I think I only acted out because I was lonely. I don’t think any of the people I talked was ever as nice as you guys were to me. In that first day, I was determined to sneak out and get wasted in the first bar I saw. But then I saw your light on. And I went to you room instead,” I remember this with fondness. It had been my first sleepover. I mean I stay at other girls’ house before, but that was in a less innocent context.

“Wait I thought you used to be in drama club? Did you make that up? I am not judging or anything. I just want to understand,” Rena assured. I gave her a sad smile.

“No, it wasn’t a lie. I was in drama, but then I got caught sleeping with some girl behind the stage and got kicked out,” I replied clinging at the memory.

“Wow you really were different. I am so shocked. You know when you asked me out that first day I thought maybe everyone in Tokyo was that forward, but you are used to flirting with girls like that aren’t you?” Rena pointed out.

“Yeah I was. That’s why I am really really glad you rejected me that day. I would have messed everything up. When you rejected me, I think you actually saved our friendship. That’s also the reason why I back off when I notice you and Daichi were having problems because of me. Before I ruined relationship back and forth just for fun. But you were my friend. I couldn’t do that to you. So, I back away hoping you would work out your problems with your boyfriend, but it didn’t happen…” I told her.

I gave her a guilty look as I thought about my original intentions with Rena. When I confessed to Rena that day I had every intention of sleeping with her and then tossing her to the side. But instead she rejected me and befriended me. For the first time, I found someone who was interested in me not in a good time. It was then I realized I really did like her. I was unsure how she would feel about me now though. She seemed to sense it though.

“I am really happy you told me this, Jurina. Listen you are not the person you used to be. At least I don’t think so. I can’t imagine it would be an easy thing to admit to. But seriously if you ever feel like spiraling out of control tell me. You are not alone. I don’t know why you felt the urge to self-destruct before, but if you ever need to talk to someone. I am here. Right across the window. You got it?” Rena said. I smiled.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied.

For the rest of the night we rehearse for the play. We both really needed the practice. As leads we couldn’t disappoint. Especially after all the hard work Airi put in. This had to be perfect. I am not sure at what time we fell asleep, but when we woke up we were tangled together. I smiled as I saw Rena’s cute sleeping face. Last time I stay over we ended up like this as well. I pretended I didn’t notice so things wouldn’t get awkward, but I did.

Part of me didn’t what to rush Rena. However, I bigger part of me wanted to. I don’t think I ever been this attracted to someone. Both physically and spiritually. I think it’s more than attraction, but I am scared to admit to myself. I sat up gently pushing Rena aside. Also instantly she woke up.

“J-Jurina??? What time is it?” she yawned cutely. I was pleasantly surprised her alarm didn’t go off. It was probably because it was Saturday. 

“Who knows? I just woke up too,” I admitted with a sheepish smile. She laughed.

“I see. Good to know you weren’t sitting here all bored for too long,” Rena replied sounding relieved. As if I couldn’t ever be bored with her in the room. I was going to add something else when I saw someone in the corner of my window. No… It couldn’t be. I turned to see if Rena had noticed, but she was distracted with her phone.

“Hey Rena, I have to go. My mom doesn’t know I am here. I kind of forgot to tell her. Old habits die hard,” I said. I gestured at her window.

“Do you mind?” I asked. Rena sighed.

“I really rather you use the front door, but whatever,” Rena answered sounding defeated. I laughed.

“I know. I will next time. Text me later,” I replied making my way out through my window. I watch her wave at her, but I was too preoccupied with the person in my room. I opened my window to find her sitting in my bed with her legs crossed. I sighed.

“It’s been a while, Miyuki.”

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.5 Update
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MIYUKI CAME!?  :shocked:

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.6 Update
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Lol of course. Haha Miyuki is known to appear in my fics as soon as someone mentions her haha.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.7 Update
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yeeessss jurimilky  :heart: :heart:
i actually really like jurimilky, even though they are not the main pairing  :cry:
but still miyukiiiii  :heart:
time for jealous rena   :twisted:

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.7 Update
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I like Jurimilky too even though I haven't wrote about them much. But yeah look forward to jealous Rena.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.7 Update
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Wah!!! Milky is here, so there is a possibility that Sayaka might come out too. hehehe.. Thanks Author-san for coming back and updating this wonderful fic.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.7 Update
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That if that is going to be a surprise Miyuki!

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.8 Update
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Ch.8 Who I am now and Who I was then

A/N: Guys I know these chapters are short and badly edited, but I am busy with school. I rather post short chapters than try to write long ones are get frustrated. Anyhow thanks for still reading after such a long time :D

“How did you get in here? Did you pick my lock or go in through my window?” I questioned with a demanding tone.

For Miyuki to be here now out of all times. Part of me felt excited, but I mostly felt dread. What would Rena think of me if she met Miyuki? Sure, I came clean to her, but one thing was to hear it from me and a whole another was for her to meet someone from my past. Of course, there were no guarantee she would even meet Miyuki, but I couldn’t be too sure. Perhaps my biggest fear was falling back to my old habits.

“How cold! After I come all this way to visit you! Why are you still here? I thought you said you would be back home by the new term! I want someone to mess around with,” Miyuki whined with her infamous cute pout. I couldn’t help, but smile. Some things never changed.

“I am sorry you are right. I am just surprised that is all. Why are you here Milky? Surely you must have found someone to play with by now,” I told her with a fond look. Miyuki looked out the window. Rena was watching us.

“I think the person who found someone new to play with is you. This would mean you are winning,” Miyuki grumbled.
Miyuki and I had this thing where we used to try and see if we could sleep with straight girls. It was a bet of sorts that we had going on until Christmas. We were tied when we left, but if I had slept with Rena I would be winning. When I met Rena was I hoping she would be another point, but now I am glad she wasn’t.

“She is just a friend,” I answered. Miyuki scoffed.

“So, you are telling me you stayed over and didn’t sleep with her?” Miyuki told me with a raised eyebrow.
Technically I should have been insulted, but I understood why she was skeptical. It wasn’t like me to just sleep over at a girl’s house just because. It made me think about how much I had changed in so little time. I haven’t noticed it before, but now that I was in front of Milky it was clear as day.

“No, I am serious. I haven’t found anyone I am interested in since I got here,” I answered. Miyuki laughed.

“Seriously? Since when is Matsui Jurina picky?” Miyuki taunted. I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up Milky. Not everyone is as open-minded as in Tokyo here,” I hissed more annoyed at her comment than anything else. I could try explaining that I wasn’t like that anymore. That I wasn’t trying to just mess around anymore, but I knew she wouldn’t understand. This is Miyuki after all. Miyuki giggled.

“Since when was that a problem for you? We both know that it’s the pure traditional types that are the most fun. I don’t believe you at all. Prove it to me right here right now,” Miyuki demanded. I sighed.

“How do you suppose I do that?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Kiss me,” she said simply standing up and walking toward me.

“You want me to kiss me just to prove I am not sleeping with someone? Since when did something like that bothered you?” I questioned. It was true. Miyuki and I had always been sleeping with other people and neither of us cared. We aren’t excusive nor did we want to me. We just wanted a good time. Miyuki chuckled.

“Fine you caught me. You know I don’t care you sleep with. I just thought jealous sex would be more fun than plain old sex,” Miyuki admitted not looking embarrassed. I tried to hide the distaste in my face.

 I didn’t want to kiss Miyuki. I didn’t want to mess around with her. I wanted to be with Rena. I looked out the window again. But… Rena was never going to like me the way I liked her though. I might as well have fun with Miyuki while she was here. It had been a while since I been with anyone and I had to admit it was taking its toll.

“Fine have it your way,” I answered throwing her one of my infamous grins. The grin I only used when I was trying to get with a girl.
 I put my hands in her shoulders and kissed her. Hard. From the corner of my eye I watched Rena close her curtains.

I collapsed in my bed shell shocked. My palms felt cold and my heart heavy. I tried to digest what I just saw. Jurina was kissing a girl in her bedroom. I didn’t know Jurina was even seeing someone. My mind went back to the conversation we had last night. About Jurina’s past. Was this some random girl she picked up? I don’t understand. She said she was over with messing around with girls. I didn’t know what to think.

I felt… Sad? Disappointed? I couldn’t pinpoint the exact feeling. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way. Jurina was free to kiss whoever she wanted. She wasn’t affecting me. I rejected her. She didn’t owe me an explanation. I couldn’t get the scene out of my head. Jurina passionately kissing that girl in her bedroom. I wondered how it would feel.

My hands unconsciously drifted to my lips. Did Jurina taste like the hot chocolate we drank last night? I felt my cheek heat up at the thought. I buried my head in my pillow. What am I doing? I had closed my curtains to give them more privacy, but I couldn’t deny I was curious. Were they just kissing or??? I bit my lip. I needed to get out of her. I began dialing Airi’s number.

“Rena? What’s up? It’s like 9,” Airi mumbled. I instantly felt bad. I probably woke her up. Airi and I weren’t that types to wake up early on weekends. But I needed to see her.

“Can we meet somewhere? I need to talk to someone,” I said.

“Sure, meet me at the usual spot in an hour.”

“So, Jurina finally told you about her past, huh?” Airi said as she took a sip of coffee.

Our usual spot was a small café by the park. To be honest one of the few places we could hang out in town. Everywhere was infested with our classmates. Airi was the one that found it and it’s been our place ever since. It was where we went to whenever something like this happened. I had to remember to bring Jurina here someday. I bit my lip as I once more remembered the scene from this morning. I stared at my coffee cup trying to find the right words to say. It was difficult. I wasn’t sure how to feel or think.

“I am not sure what to think. I said her past didn’t matter to me, but now I am not so sure…” my voice trailed off towards the end reflecting my uncertainty.

“So you don’t want to be friends with her anymore? Because of her past?” Airi questioned with a serious expression.

“No! No! It’s not like that,” I instantly objected. I mean it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be her friend, but somehow, I was uneasy.

“Then what is it like?” Airi asked. I sighed.

“I am just wary I guess. Jurina told me she changed and yet this morning I saw her making out with some random girl. I know she was given me no reason to distrust her, but I can’t help it,” I answered. Airi took a deep breath and set down her coffee.

“Rena whether Jurina kisses another girl is quite frankly none of your business,” Airi pointed out.

“What do you mean it isn’t? She is my friend! I think I deserve to know whether she is making out with half the school!” I countered childishly.

“Why should that affect your friendship? To be honest I think you are just jealous,” Air stated. I grew annoyed.

“Really Airi? This again? I come to you for yet another problem and instead of helping you bring this up again,” I snapped.

“Yes, Rena! This again. And I am going to keep bringing it up until you stop being a coward and face your feelings!” Airi insisted. I grabbed my bag and stood up.

“You know? Screw you,” I hissed.

“Rena! Wait!” Airi called out as I stormed off. I walked out to find Jurina with the girl she was with this morning. Her arm was wrapped around her shoulder. Jurina looked surprised to see me. I felt my blood boil.

“Wow. I guess something don’t ever change, huh?” I spat before walking away. I heard Jurina calling my name, but I kept walking. It wasn’t until I was out of sight that I began to cry. What the hell was wrong with me? Why would I say that? I was starting to think Airi might be right…

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.8 Update
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Airin is definitely right.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.8 Update
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I love drama~
I hope rena can recognise her own feelings

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.9 Update
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Ch.9 Conflicted Feelings

A/N: This is a longer chapter than I expected. Prepare for the feels.

I stared at the ceiling my room dimmed. After I got home from the café, I just cried. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I felt numb. Empty. Everything was falling apart. I thought about Airi and Jurina. My head hurt. I was such a jerk. Jurina trusted me. She trusted me not to judge her about her past. I told her the past didn’t matter to me, yet I used it against her the first chance I got. The worst part is that it’s not even the first time. Back at then when I was mad at her in the theater room I did the exact same thing.

And Airi? Airi was just only trying to help. Instead of thanking her all I ever did was push her away. Airi got up early in the morning to help me with my problems. I repaid her by screaming at her. I lashed out because she was right. I did like Jurina. In fact, I am beginning to think it might surpass like because as time goes by what I feel for her grow. That doesn’t matter though because I do nothing, but hurt her. Maybe Daichi was right. Maybe all I ever do is use and hurt people.
“I am a horrible person,” I whispered to myself. I hugged my pillow as I curled up in a small ball. I wanted the earth to shallow me alive. It’s funny how I thought breaking up with Daichi was as bad as it got. Clearly the universe had other plans.
The worse part was that even though I knew I was wrong I couldn’t bring myself to grab the phone and apologize. I was just so angry. I was angry at Jurina for kissing that girl. I was mad at Airi for pointing out my true feelings, and I was angry at myself. For being such a damn coward. Even though I liked Jurina… Even though I liked girls… I couldn’t say a thing. I was terrified. I remember when it got out Airi liked girls. It wasn’t pretty.

Everyone who ever talked to her suddenly avoided her as if she had the plague. I was never a friendly person. I didn’t really talk to anyone in my class. But I was still part of the group. I fit in. I was the nice quiet girl who sat by the window. I was the girl who would probably do something with her life and marry a nice guy. I wanted to be that girl. It was safe. It was comfortable. On the other hand Rena, the girl who was in love with a girl. I didn’t know who she was. It was new and strange. I was scared of that Rena.

It was so much easier when I was just the friend of the school lesbian. Especially when I had a boyfriend. People just assumed I was friends with Airi because I was too nice. No one give me a hard time. I didn’t have to deal with all the things Airi did. I don’t think I could. I am not like Airi. I couldn’t just smile like nothing happened when people wrote horrible things in my desk and put pins in my shoes. When girls found out Airi was a lesbian they treated her as if she was the gum in the bottom of their shoes. I wonder if they would treat me like that too. Would they think I was disgusting? How would my mother react? I thought about my mom’s face when she found out I wouldn’t be giving her a grandchild. I couldn’t deal with any of this. I would break. I can’t do it.

 But… At the same time… I bit my lip. Every time I thought about Jurina and that girl kissing I couldn’t help thinking that should have been me. I didn’t just want to be Jurina’s friend. I began to sob, but nothing came out after crying so much. Instead my chest rose and deflated rapidly as I thought about Jurina. Suddenly the feelings I been desperately trying to shove down since the moment I met her began to break free. I wanted her. In the way a man wants a woman. I wanted her so badly it hurt. I thought about all the couple things Daichi wanted us to do together. Hugging, dates, kissing… The images filled my head. I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to do all those things with Jurina and more… I wanted everything and had nothing to give. Because I am a coward. I didn’t quite dare to throw myself in the open fire like that.

In the fictional world doing what makes you happy is always the answer, but in the real world it was not that easy. I was both terrified of being Rena, the school lesbian, and of being Rena, the girl who would find a good husband. I didn’t deserve Jurina. She deserved better than a spineless fool like me. I stared at my phone. I didn’t want to face any of it, but Airi and Jurina deserved an explanation. So, I gathered my courage and checked my messages. I had exactly two messages in my inbox. One from Jurina and one from Airi. I checked Airi’s first.

Airi: Are you okay?

I should have expected Airi to be worried about me despite what I yelled at her. That was just the kind of person she was. I took a deep breath trying to figure out how to word my apology.

Rena: Airi, I am sorry. For what I said earlier. You were only trying to help and… You were right about me. I do like Jurina, but I am scared. I am just so scared. I am not like you. I can’t just pretend everything will be okay if I date her. I know how things will be at school. At home. I don’t think I can do it. I am a coward.

I sighed and opened Jurina’s message.

Jurina: We need to talk. Can you meet me at the café?

I was surprised. I thought Jurina would be more angry. Why wasn’t she? If I were her I would be extremely pissed. It was odd, but I shrugged it off. Maybe what Jurina had to say to me had to be said face to face. I was afraid, but I needed to hear whatever she had to say. Not to mention I needed to talk to her face to face too. I needed to apologize.

Rena: Okay give me ten minutes.

I didn’t even get to put my phone down before Airi’s reply came in. I quickly checked it.

Airi: I understand. I am not as brave as you think though. This whole thing is scary. But it is worth it.

I tossed my phone aside because what was I supposed to say to that? Airi was right. I wondered how Jurina would feel if she knew I was considering hiding my feelings for her over shame. Would she be sad or relieved? How did Matsui Jurina feel about me? I was so worried about everything else I never stopped to even think about how Jurina felt about me. Did Jurina think about me as a friend or something else? Before I was so sure she liked me, but after this morning I wasn’t so sure. After all, Jurina’s first confession was just her messing around. She told me herself. Jurina told me I was her first true friend along with Airi. What if that was all I was to her? A good friend? Would the risk be worth it? I mustered all my strength and got up. I wasn’t done. I still needed to meet Jurina and see what she had to say to me.

The day was cloudy. It seemed since Jurina came there had not been a sunny day. I wondered if Jurina somehow attracted clouds? Or maybe I was the one bringing the gloomy weather with my constant insecurity. Or maybe just maybe I finally lost it. I mean I was blaming my feeling for the weather as if that were logical. When I got to the café I was surprised not to find Jurina, but the girl she was with earlier this morning. I instantly felt irritated. She was the last person I wanted to see.

“Oh! You are here. I almost thought you weren’t coming. I am Miyuki by the way,” Miyuki greeted with a bright smile. She extended her hand towards me, but I just glared at it. She rolled her eyes and retracted it her smile quickly fading away.

“Rude. Here I am trying to be nice and all. Are all country folk like this?” Miyuki huffed crossing her arms. Country folk??? I gave her a confused look. Was this girl not from here? Miyuki… Why did that name sound so familiar? Then it hit me. Jurina told me she had a friend with benefits by that name. It seems she is standing right in front of me. My disdain, if possible, for the girl grew. I was instantly on guard.

“Where is Jurina? She asked me to meet her here,” I told her with a sharp tone. The girl pulled Jurina’s phone out of her bag and waved it around.

“Actually, that was me. Jurina is currently in my hotel room, so it was easy to take her phone. We need to talk,” Miyuki explained. I scoffed and started to walk away.

“I have no interest in talking to you,” I told her. I didn’t get very far before Miyuki grasped my arm firmly.

“Well too bad because I am very interested in talking to you. I also happen to be the only one who knows where Jurina is. So  if you want to see Jurina anytime soon I suggest you take a seat and have coffee with me,” Miyuki stated in a serious matter. I was taken aback. Her aura had completely change from bubby and cute to serious. I weighted my options and decided it be best to listen to what the girl had to say. So, I followed her inside to the furthest table in the back of the café. Once seated a waitress quickly came to our table.

“What would you like to order?” the waitress asked. I looked at Miyuki. This was her idea after all.

“Just water. We won’t be taking very long…” Miyuki paused looking at the waitress' nametag. “Sayaka. That’s a pretty name.” Miyuki complimented with a smile.

The girl looked flustered. I quickly realized Miyuki was good with people in the same way Jurina was. They knew the right things to say and how to charm people. I wonder if this was how the two girls could get people to sleep with them so easily. I didn’t like the implications of those thoughts.

“Thanks, but I am afraid I can’t let you stay unless you buy something,” the girl explained with an apologetic look. Miyuki grinned.

“No problem. I’ll have a small coffee in a to go cup please. Again we aren’t staying very long.” Miyuki the girl over up and down and smirked. “Unfortunately. I like talking to cute waitresses,” Miyuki added with a wink.

“I-I’ll be right back,” Sayaka stuttered her cheeks rosy red. I watched as the poor girl tripped on her way back to the kitchen. Miyuki watched her amused. I gaped at her boldness.

“Cute. What time do you think she gets off?” She asked me.

“I-! am not sure,” I answered still surprised at what I just witnessed. She shrugged.

“Whatever I’ll ask her before we leave. I still have a day to burn after all,” Miyuki said. I looked at her surprised. I assumed she be staying longer.

“Surprised? Don’t be. I know when I am an unwelcome guest,” Miyuki told me. I know that comment was meant to make me feel bad, but it didn’t. The sooner she left the better.

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked her remembering the purpose of our visit. Miyuki studied me and sighed.

“Do you like Jurina?” She finally asked. I was taken aback by the sudden question. I wondered if I would ever get used to the girl’s boldness.

“I-I’m sorry?” I stuttered. Miyuki looked annoyed.

“I asked if you liked Jurina. And don’t bother lying. I can see right through it,” Miyuki warned.

“W-Well she is a good friend and-“

“You’re lying,” Miyuki interrupted. I sighed. I didn’t feel comfortable admitting my feelings, but as I felt Miyuki’s sharp eyes I realize she was going to let me off the hook until I did.

“Fine. I like her. A lot. Happy?” I replied annoyed. It felt strange. This was the first time I admitted my feelings out loud. It was scary, but it also made me feel lighter. Miyuki groaned at my reply.

“Ugh this is so annoying. Listen I want to like you. I do because Jurina really likes you. She has never liked someone like this you know. Like ever. But you are keeping playing with my best friend’s feelings and that is not cool. If you like her you need to say it and be clear. None of this wish-washy crap. I hate people like that. Also, you best friend is a fucking jerk,” Miyuki huffed. She said this so quickly I nearly missed half of it.

“Airi? You met Airi?” I asked surprised. This is not how I expected this conversation to go. I was honestly ready for the girl to try to push me away from Jurina. I was still confused as to why she thought Airi was a jerk though.

“Yes! Thanks to you two Jurina is in my hotel room getting wasted. Mind you I would normally join her, but it’s like 10 in the morning. Plus she pissed and that no fun,” Miyuki pointed out massaging her temples.

“Wait a minute I can see how she is mad at me. But Airi? What did Airi do?” I asked. Miyuki sighed.


-An hour and half earlier-

“What was that about? I thought you weren’t sleeping with her?” Miyuki questioned.

“I- “

Jurina didn’t get to finish before Airi walked out of the café.

“Shit,” Airi groaned running her fingers though her hair.

“Airi! I am guessing Rena was here with you before she snapped at me for no reason?” Jurina asked.

“I am going to take a wild guess and say that is your friend Miyuki,” Airi said. Jurina nodded.

“Cute girls can call me Milky,” Miyuki stated not helping the situation. Jurina almost cried right there and then. Airi raised an eyebrow.

“I have a girlfriend,” she answered giving Miyuki a wary look. Miyuki grinned.

“That’s never stopped me,” Miyuki replied with a smirk.

“Okay I am going to pray that you didn’t introduce her,” Airi told her. She turned to Miyuki, “No offense.” “None taken. I get that a lot,” Miyuki replied.

“Can we skip the pleasantries? What the hell is going on?” Jurina demanded. Airi gave me a sad look.

“Jurina I think it should be rather obvious. C’mon you can’t possibly be that dense. I mean you have that as your best friend,” Airi said gesturing towards Miyuki. Jurina closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm herself.

“Enlighten me,” Jurina said through gritted teeth.

“Rena likes you. I thought was obvious,” Airi pointed out. Jurina sighed.

“I know that. God, I think even Daichi knows that,” Jurina answered.

“Well then how do you think she feels seeing you making out with a girl and then taking her off to coffee?” Airi questioned. Oh… Of course, Rena was
jealous. Jurina knew she shouldn’t be happy about it, but she was.

“Oh, wipe that grin off your face. Listen Rena isn’t the type that likes to be lied to and she thinks you lied about not sleeping with other girls,” Airi told her.

“But I haven’t slept with other girls!” Jurina shot back.

“Umm I am standing right here,” Miyuki waved.

“I meant like other than you,” Jurina answered.

“Wait you slept with her? I thought you just kissed,” Airi said. Miyuki laughed.

“Jurina and me? Just kiss? Have you meet Jurina?” Miyuki asked. Airi ignored her.

“God dammit Jurina! You should have kept it in your pants! Now Rena is never going to trust you again,” Airi hissed.

“Are you serious? I mean I get it she is jealous, but it’s not like we are dating,” Jurina shot back.

“Well you’ll never be if you keep acting like a slut,” Airi scoffed. Jurina looked at her in shock. Airi must have she realized what she said because her eyes grew wide.

“Wow… Just wow… You know what maybe it is better this way. I’ve never known how to keep it in my pants anyways. I am clearly not good enough for you guys. C’mon Miyuki. Let’s go,” Jurina told Miyuki.

“Wait Jurina I didn’t mean that…” Airi said.

“Whatever… I can’t believe I ever wanted to stay here,” Jurina scoffed. Jurina grabbed Miyuki’s hand and started guiding her towards her house. Then she remembered Rena lived right next door. Jurina stopped.

“Where are you staying at?” Jurina asked her.

“At a hotel in the center of town,” Miyuki replied.

“Good. We’ll go there,” Jurina answered curtly.

“Jurina? Do you want to talk about it?” Miyuki asked concerned.

“No, I just want to get drunk.”

I smacked my face with the palm of my hand in frustration. I loved Airi. I did, but she had a habit of always saying what was on her mind without considering how she might hurt people. Jurina was trying so hard to be good and fit in. She was trying so hard to get past her old image. And we repay her by insulting her the first setback she has. Not to mention Jurina was right. She had no obligation to be loyal to me. She could sleep with whoever she liked. We weren’t dating. Airi said this herself. This was such a mess.

“I… I need to talk to her,” I told her my voice desperate. Miyuki smiled and pulled out a card.

“This is the card to my hotel room. The room number is written on there. Now go get your girl,” Miyuki said with a smile. I got up and just as I was about to leave Miyuki stopped me.

“Oh, and Rena? Jurina and I have done some pretty shitty things, but she is still my friend. Screw her over and you deal with me. Got it?” Miyuki threaten all while wearing a smile. I felt shivers going down my spine, but was equally touched. Jurina might have underestimated her friendship with Miyuki.

“I will. Also, I think you need to talk to her too,” I told her. Miyuki looked at me confused.

“I think Jurina is under the impression you won’t be her friend unless she is messing around with you. But I think you care about her a lot. You should tell her that,” I explained. Miyuki sighed.

“Yeah I know. Truthfully that why I am here. I screamed some pretty shitty things before she left and I wanted to clear the air. But that can wait. Now go,” Miyuki waved her hand shooing me away. I quickly realized the girl didn’t like talking about her feelings. I smiled. Suddenly all my previous distaste for the girl had faded. I realized she wasn’t that bad of a person. Just lost. 

“You are not that bad Miyuki,” I told her with a grin. The girl blushed and rolled her eyes.

“Even if I am about to sleep with our waitress the first chance I get?” Miyuki questioned with a raised eyebrow. I laughed at this.

“I am pretty sure she is straight and has a boyfriend. It’s a small town,” I told her. Miyuki chuckled.

“Oh, you clearly haven’t seen me  try,” Miyuki stated watching the girl like a cat watches a canary. I sigh and took this as my cue to leave.

“Bye Miyuki,” I waved as I left, but the girl was too preoccupied to notice.

Suddenly I felt bad for our waitress. The feeling didn’t last long. I had other things to worry about. Like what would I say to Jurina. The walk to the hotel wasn’t long, but it gave me time to think. I wasn’t ready for a relationship with Jurina right now, but I think the girl should know. About my feelings. It was scary. When I thought about telling her upfront about how I felt, I wanted to turn back and lock myself in my room. However, it needed to be said. If Jurina didn’t want to be my friend afterwards so be it, but if our friendship was going to work I needed to be honest. I needed to apologize and be honest about the reason I got mad at her. I took a deep breath as I stood in front of the hotel. Here comes nothing.

I looked at the card. Room 402. Okay Rena. You can do this. I walked inside and made my way towards the elevators. I briefly wondered what kind of parents gave their child the money to go on a vacation like this. This hotel was a luxury hotel. Most people stay here while they visited the nearby hot spring resort. It was crazy expensive.  Who was Miyuki? I didn’t dwell not it too much, however because before I knew it the elevator door open. I was almost there and I did not feel ready. I walked searching for the number until I finally found it. I felt my heart racing in my chest. It was now or never. I made this far I couldn’t run away. Not anymore.

I walked inside only to find Jurina making out with a girl I figured was a staff of the hotel judging by her uniform. I wanted to get angry, but I couldn’t. This was partly my fault and again I had no right. I cleared my throat. The two girls broke away and Jurina giggled.

“I-It’s Rena,” Jurina slurred. Oh god she was drunk. I mean I shouldn’t be that surprised, but it had only been an hour since everything had gone down. That was fast. The other girl just looked annoyed at being interrupted. I sighed. Normally I would have been embarrassed, but it has been a long day.
“Okay you need to leave now,” I stated scratching the back of my neck. This was so awkward. The girl glared at me.

“No, you need to leave we were in the middle of something,” the girl huffed. I closed my eyes trying not to lose my patience. The girl sounded drunk as well. Jurina didn't say anything. She just watched us dumbfounded.

“Look I need to talk to her alone. Now will you go or am I going to have to call your boss?” I asked the girl. I wouldn’t do it seeing all the alcohol in the room considering we were all underage. Hopefully the girl couldn’t see I was buffing. She frowned.

“Fine!” she snapped getting off the bed. She kissed Jurina’s forehead to which Jurina replied with a goofy smile.

“Call me when she leaves,” the girl told her. Finally, I lost my patience.

“Get out before I drag you out myself,” I yelled. With that the girl hurried out struggling to put her shoes on. Finally, it was just me and a very drunk Jurina. It was going to be impossible to talk to her now. We were both quiet until I notice something bright pink on Jurina’s forehead. I tried no to laugh, but lost it. Jurina gave me the cutest confused look ever. I almost wanted to pull out my phone and take a picture.

“What?” Jurina asked confused.

“Eww, she got her lipstick on you. You look funny,” I pointed out while giggling. Jurina pouted.

“I do not! I was having fun until you came. You were mean and you are being mean again,” Jurina huffed. I smiled. Drunk Jurina was like an oversized puppy. It was not what I expected at all.

“Right right stay there,” I told the girl heading towards the restroom. I grabbed a wet paper towel. I came back to the room to find Jurina drinking out of a bottle again. I took it away. Jurina tried to cling to it, but I was way stronger than at the moment.

“No more drinks for you. You had enough,” I told her. Jurina sulked.

“Rena is no fun!” she exclaimed. I laughed at this.

“Believe me you will thank me later,” I replied as picked up the scattered bottle and put them in the trash. Finally, I sat next to her. She was ignoring me. I was so cute I wanted to pitch her cheeks.

“Turn around,” I told her. Jurina turned to face me a pout on her face.

“What? Came to insult me some more? Call me a slut?” Jurina snapped. My heart dropped as I remembered why I was there in the first place. Jurina might not be sober right now, but she still remembered what happened. She was still mad. I sighed and placed my hand on her cheek. She looked surprised. I pulled her hair back and began wiping the lipstick off her face. The hotel girl hadn’t just gotten her forehead. It was on her cheeks, my lips and her neck. I swallowed as I cleaned her face. I don’t think Jurina’s face had ever been so close to mine before.

She was so beautiful. Her skin was so soft too. I gently wiped her forehead, checks, and even her lips my hands shaking. This was affecting me more than it should. I should stop, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I got to her neck that I briefly paused before pressing down the wet towel against it. Jurina let out a soft moan that surprised us both. I jumped back surprised. I bit my lip when I saw the way she was looking at me. Her eyes half lidded and her shirt unbuttoned. I haven’t noticed it before, but her lacey black bra was visible. There was a moment of silence. The air somewhat charged around us. And then she pounced. Before I knew it was pressed between the bed and her warm body. I gasped as I saw her towering over me.
“J-Jurina…” I squeaked. I should have pushed her away, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to move. I was stuck in my spot as she hovered above me.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she muttered her voice low and seductive.

And then with no hesitation her lips captured mine.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.9 Update
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It seems that Rena is going to discover how good Jurina is.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (Wmatsui) Ch.9 Update
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I'm curious of how Rena and jurina relationship will turn out    :roll:
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