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Author Topic: THROUGH TIME (WMATSUI) COMPLETE  (Read 31272 times)

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« on: February 28, 2016, 09:19:49 PM »
                                                                        THROUGH TIME INDEX (COMPLETE)

- CHAPTER 01    - CHAPTER 02    - CHAPTER 03   - CHAPTER 04   - CHAPTER 05   - CHAPTER 06   - CHAPTER 07   - CHAPTER 08   - CHAPTER 09   - CHAPTER 10
- CHAPTER 11   - CHAPTER 12   - CHAPTER 13   - CHAPTER 14   - CHAPTER 15  - CHAPTER 16   - CHAPTER 17   - CHAPTER 18   - CHAPTER 19   - CHAPTER 20   - CHAPTER 21   
- CHAPTER 22   - CHAPTER 23   - CHAPTER 24   - CHAPTER 25   - CHAPTER 26   - CHAPTER 27   - CHAPTER 28   - CHAPTER 29   - CHAPTER 30   - CHAPTER 31   - CHAPTER 32

The life of Matsui Rena is what you can define as perfect, her father was the owner of one of the biggest companies un japan. She was beautiful like those princess in Disney stories, with a long and black hair, lips naturally pink, a slender and tall figure, and with a white and perfect skin, any man or woman would fall for her at first sight . She even was one of the most intelligent students in her collage.
With money, intelligence, beauty and of course a lovely family that adore her perfect doughter, Rena should be the happiest person in the world, then why does she felt so lonely, knowing that she can have any person to her feets, then why wasn’t it enought for her?
At the age of 21 she already had given up in love, the only person she had ever had an interest were with her just because she was Matsui Rena, the most desire and rich girl in collage.
But one thing that only appear in Sci-fic books and movies happend to her, in her 22 birthday, Rena asked for the only wish she could have asked in her perfect life, a wish that will make her know what true, pure and intense love really was for the first time in her life, a wish that would take her to XV century traviling in time just to meet with Matsui Jurina, the princes of Sakae Kingdom in 1483
So this is the prologue, this is my first time writing a story, i don’t know how often i would update, but definitly i would finish it.
Some things may not be so logic like jurina being a prince and that the relationdhip between woman in XV century be normal, but well like this is more fun.
The last thing is that my first lenguage is not english, so sorry if i have a lot of gramar mistakes

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2016, 10:07:49 PM »

At the age of 21 she already had given up in love, the only person she had ever had an interest were with her just because she was Matsui Rena, the most desire

interresting idea but do you proofread? (sorry for my mistakes but im no writer so i make them)  :)

just a questin but I tried reading this sentence like 5 times and still dont get the meaning of it. what did you want to say with it?

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2016, 10:21:10 PM »
Yes sorry, i missed a comma. At the age of 21 she already had given up in love, the only person she had ever had an interest, were with her just because she was Matsui Rena. Maybe now you can undestand it

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2016, 10:46:19 PM »
Nice prologue..
Woah a time travel..
What kind of world is it? Is it a fantasy world with magic and sword or just the world from the past?
Can't wait to read further~ hehe..

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July 27th 8:00 am fifteen hours left

I woke up in my big bed the day of my 22 birthday, I really don’t see why I should be happy and celebrate that I lost one more year of my youth, for my that just doesn’t make sense. But to my parents and my best friend looks like it is an important event that explains why they were staring at me with those ridiculous hats and singing out loud the typical birthday song.
“Come on Rena, don’t be sour, you should be happy, throw away that arrogant personality of yours at least for today”

“How can I be happy if i have poetry class in the morning, and even more I had to wake up with those noisy sounds” I reply to Furukawa Airin my best and childhood friend.

“You know what she mean, I have never understood why is it that you don’t have any interest for your birthday, you should celebrate that you are alive for one more year, we even give you anything that you ask for today, so don’t be silly and enjoy this day” My father told me while I was choosing my clothes for today.

“I don’t see a reason to celebrate such a thing, I didn’t do anything special to celebrate, living is just an instinct, if I do what you are saying, then I should do a party for every hour that I am alive, and I already get everything that I want even if it is not my birthday. So please just go out from my room I have to go to collage”

The only thing that my parents and Airin did was sight and go out from the room, every year was the same, and it looks like this year anything would change.

Since I was a child, I have been a lonely girl, I don’t give anybody the chance to know me, that is because I know what intention they have, the only thing that people see in my is my parents money and prestigious name, if have a partner or people see you around me, instantly your status would go up. I have learn this by the wrong way, a lot of friends and even lovers have betrayed me because of selfish reasons, people can only think in themselves, and when they have the chance to get what they want, they would not think it twice, even if they hurt someone, and for some reason that someone was always me. The only three persons that I really trust are my parents and Airin, she has been my friend for sixteen years. She has seen every single heartbroken that I had, she never left my side and always support my.

Airin has a girlfriend, Takayanagi Akane, the first time that I met her I wasn’t really sure about her,  I didn’t want anyone hurt my best and only friend, but with time she won my respect and trust to take care of Airin.

10:00 am fourteen hours left

In the way to my classroom everybody turn their sight towards me, and even made a path, like if I was celebrity or something, I was tired to see the same behavior in people when I pass by, I can listen them whisper, they said things like “look that bitch who she think she is” this one is really common, with time I just get used to it.

I really appreciate time more than I should, and poetry class was the perfect definition of losing it, my teacher was talking about the concept of love in XV century and how pure it was, the fact that in those times a love would make the wonderful prince give the life to bring happiness to the princess, a love that would go through fire water and time beating everything that comes, I really was starting to get angry at those words, that kind of things only happen in Sci-Fi movies and books, the only true love that I know have gone through all kind of bad and good times is the one between my parents, that is because my family not always was successful, at the beginning of their company they had to starve because anybody believed that they would succeed, and even though, any of her parents leave the others side.

That is why I thought that love is an illusion and only those selected people like my parents are one in a million that can experience true love like in the imaginary and not possible prince and princess stories.

1:00 pm eleven hours left

After those three hours that felt like an eternity to me, I was heading to the cafeteria toward Airin and Akane, from afar they looked just like a perfect couple, hugging and teasing each other, looking at them I was feeling kind of jealous, deep inside my I had a little hope to find that special person, but after so many tries I just gave up, at least in this life that person doesn’t exist.

“Here she is, the birthday girl, how has been your day?” Asked me Akane with a big grin.

“As boring as it was yesterday and would be tomorrow, you know that I don’t see any difference in my birthday”

“You know what they say, you never know”

“But I do know, there is nothing mystical or different in your birthday, you just are alive one more year like know I’m alive one more minute, hey if you talk to me at least can you stop kissing and listen, I would get diabetes by all the honey around”

“God Rena, if I weren’t used to that annoying personality of yours, I had already punch you in the face, why are you such a witch lately, I really hope that one day you find someone that make you see that human being can really love, and that make you change to a person that you would not even recognize yourself, you just wait” Airin said with a tired tone, she more than anyone know what Rena had been through, but what her friend had become is not even the shadow of what she was in the past, she really miss the cheerful and happy girl that Rena was before society made her like this, but she still had the hope that the girl would find that person that would fix her heart.

“Yeah I’ve been waiting 22 years; I think that is enough time to just give up, I would keep on going by my one, after all is not like I didn’t tried”

“Mmmm what about that girl from your class, the one that is really cute, I listened that she likes you, why don’t you try?”

“Do you mean Shibata Aya?, she already confessed to my, but I heard that her family is going through hard times, and guess what, after all begin she just realize that she love me, what a coincidence how lucky I am”

“Ok I got it, you don’t really like anyone? There are a lot of people around”

“Not really, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore”

And with that little discussion and more talk about stupid things I finished my lunch and went to my last class in the day, as expected everything was the same like a normal day, I do believed that something different would happen, I just had a strange feeling that something would happen at any time, but after all that should be just my mind playing with me.

6:00 pm six hours left

When I arrived at home, my mom and dad were waiting with excitement showing all over their faces, they were really happy celebrating my birthday, maybe the meaning of a birthday is to celebrate the time with the person that you love with all your strength, I wonder if someone is waiting for me to celebrate their birthday with me. After having dinner I just went to my bedroom, like always

10:00 pm two hours left

After doing homework and have some reading, I was ready to go to bed, after all my birthday was a normal day, but suddenly the door opened and my parents in with a cake and some candles on it.

“You forget this Rena, is time that you ask for your wish” my mother said to me while the cake was approaching to my face to turn off the candles.

I sight, this was the only different thing in the day. I was having a hard time thinking about the wish, any material thing that I wanted I already have it, at the end something came to my mind

Even if it was a crazy thing, and I knew that this was impossible, but remembering what I talked to Airin and in my poetry class I though in something, I don’t lose anything by wishing this.

And the wish came

“ I wish I fall in love like in poetry stories does, a pure, intense and true love that make me forget about my loneliness and pain, I wish a can meet a person that make me forget about time, I wish I could have my love story”.

Then I blow the candles, I went to sleep, yes like always, but maybe my wake up may not be like always.

      12:01 am You should think better what you wish, 0 minutes left, it already                           start


The first chapter is kind of boring and short but it’s because it is like the introduction, the good thing start in the next chapter

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For some reason my bed wasn’t as comfortable as I remember it, it even felt like if it was wet, I couldn’t find my blanket and it was cold but we are in summer it makes no sense, at the end I resigned to open my eyes just to realize the reason for my discomfort. I woke up in a forest and I was lying on a mud puddle, awesome this time Airin went too far with her jokes. I stand up, I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt as pijamas, and it looked like 6 am that explains why it was freezing.
“Ok Airin, you got me, now get out from where you are hiding, this is not fun anymore” I was screaming while looking for my friend, but after walking for a while I started to panic, this doesn’t look like a joke, now my paranoiac mind began to think that maybe this was a kidnapping, which is logic if you think about the fortune that her parents had, and that they for sure would give any amount of money to save her daughter.

The fear was controlling my body, so I started to run like I never did in my life, I couldn’t recognize the place, everywhere I saw there were only trees and more trees, I was getting desperate, I didn’t know what to do, suddenly from a bush came up a really big animal, it looked like a pig, but those eyes, skin and fangs told me that the animal was a wild pig, knowing how aggressive it was I stopped my steps and just stare at those scaring eyes.

“Just breath Rena, just don’t move, take small steps, you are going to get out of this, just keep calm” I told to myself, but   when I saw the big animal running towards me I knew that everything was over.

Because of the fear, cold, being starving and had running for so much time, my body was giving up to the tiredness, but before my eyes closed and I felt to the ground, I saw an arrow going through the wild pig’s head, I heard someone said “watch out” and before my body touched the ground, some arms caught me, after this everything is black


If there was something that could relax me it was the hunting, and keeping in mind how good I am with the bow, it was a normal thing that in early morning hours i went to get some preys.

Yesterday I had a hard day, I had to attend two meeting with the dukes and marquises on behalf of my big sister Shinoda Mriko, or like people usually call her, Queen of Sakae. That is why me, Matsui Jurina prince of Sakae and second in command had to attend to any kind of important situations that my sister cannot.

But the real fact that I wanted to forget is the order that Shinoda gave me yesterday in the night when we both arrived, it doesn’t matter how much I tried to convince her to forget that decision, soon I would turn 18 and become an adult, is inevitable that decisions like this one be made, and I know that when the time comes it would be much worse, the next 12 months would be a decisive time to my life.

After killing some birds, I was starting to resign to the fact that this morning wasn’t normal, the normal thing is to find some deer, but this specific day there weren’t any animal that I could claim be a good hunting, is like if the forest wasn’t the same as always.

“Then I guess I would just back to the castle now” after I took my decision I was heading my steps to the big castle, but with the corner of my eye I saw a big wild pig, and not any wild pig, this one had declared me war one week ago when it managed to escape, this one had to be destiny definitely

“This time I would get it, you would make my day better”

But when I gave a better look, I realized that there were a girl with all her body full of mud, but nevertheless of this and the fact that she was kind of far, I could see that she was really beautiful, with long and black hair, maybe a little tangled but that made look kind of cute, and with a tall and slim figure. But there was something that caught even more my attention, and it was the strange clothes that she was wearing

“I wonder who ripped her clothes, he or she should be a savage for do that kind of stuffs to that lady, or maybe she is one of those girls that you can find in a cabaret” that is what I thought to myself, backing my sigh to the wild pig I knew that this one was going to attack the girl, that is why immediately I throw and arrow just in the middle of the head. At the same time the girl started to vanish, she was going straight to the floor, but before that happened I ran to catch her. Having a look to her face from close know, I could confirm what I though at a beginning, she was really beautiful.


Now I had regained some consciousness, I was in the state where I didn’t know if I was dreaming, I felt a slight roll and a soft wind in my face, I was moving, but obviously not because of my own steps, I could smell a sweet scent, just like cherries, it wasn’t cold any more, besides it was warm and comfortable, I could felt protected too, is like if where ever I were it was the place I have been looking all my life. After gain more consciousness I realized that I was being taken in someone’s shoulders and I had a little blanket in over me, at the same time I was thinking that maybe the person who is carrying me could be the same one who took me to this forest, I panicked and with some abrupt movements I let go the grip and felt to the ground making that my possible kidnapper stopped her steps and turn to face me.

I didn’t knew who was the person in front of me, but when I saw her I could felt my heart running in my chest. She was a girl I think of 18 or 20 years old, she was wearing the kind of clothes that people used centuries ago, with boots, tight pants and a white shirt a little bit loose.

Her features from each corner of her face were perfectly delineated, there was no place for any imperfection, and with black hair shoulder-length made  her features even more perfect. But what  left me without air and made me forget about my name were those shocking and deep black eyes that didn’t show any expression, I could fill how she see through me, suddenly everything around me disappear and the only thing that I cared was decipher what and who was behind that gaze.

“Are you ok?” The girl’s voice took me out from my trance and brings me back to reality, where she could be my kidnapper.

“Stay away, I don’t know who you are but you won’t get what you want”

Then the person in front of me knelt to be at my height and with a soft and smooth tone reply

“I won’t hurt you, I don’t know what are you doing in in my land, I have found you, a wild pig was going to attack you, now tell my your name”

Despite the situation and knowing that I shouldn’t trust her, I just could’t explain why I felt secure around her, and remembering the wild pig, then it has to be her who killed the animal and saved me.

“Rena”  my parents always taught me that it doesn’t matter the situation, I shouldn’t tell my surname to anyone that I don’t know, it is something that I learned since I was a child.

“Ok, Rena, my name is Matsui Jurina it is a pleasure” Then she took my hand and kissed it, that left me static, my mind couldn’t work well after she did that.

“Can you please tell me what and how did you get here and with that kind of clothes”

What does she mean, the girl that I know is Jurina and that have my same surname was saying, first of all it can’t be possible that all this forest belong to her, and second the one who is wearing strange clothes is she,  haven’t she saw a girl in shorts in her life or what.

“I don’t know, I just woke up here” after I answer she stood up and just started to walk, after a couple of steps she looked behind where I was

“Come on; follow me I would take you to the castle where we can talk in better conditions”

Castle, what kind of crazy Jurina Is?, now she even have a castle, but if I wanted to back home, I first needed to find a telephone so I didn’t say anything to her and just follow her steps.

In the way to the “castle” I was two steps behind her, it was incredible the way she walked, every step was sleeker than the previous, now that we both are standing up; I could tell that Jurina was taller than me. When we got out from the forest I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, Jurina wasn’t lying, in front of me were a huge castle, thinking that she was the owner was ridiculous. 

Everything that was happening couldn’t be stranger, everyone around were wearing the same kind of clothes that Jurina was, and every time that someone passed by did a reverence while saying “Good morning Jurina-sama” exactly what kind of person Jurina is.

The castle’s entrance was a huge lounge just like in the five stars hotels with big paintings in the wall of people that I didn’t know but looked important, Jurina took me through a hallway in the second floor, in the way I could see expensive porcelain, and everything was fancy but with that touch of old.

“You can wait here, I would send someone to bring you some clothes, meanwhile you can have a bath, I will be waiting for you in the dining room, the maid would tell you how to get there”

The whole room was made of wood, there weren’t any telephone, tv, or at least a radio, it was like if the whole castle including people were a time capsule stuck in XV century.

The bathroom only had a small bathtub, which by the way was made of wood too. It was only when I in to the water that I could realize how full of mud my body was, when I finished the whole water was brown.

In the room was waiting a women of about 50 or 55 years old with a white dress for me, definitely when I get out of this I would have a good story to tell Airin.

“I will be waiting outside, please use this, I will take you to the dining room, Jurina-sama is waiting for you”

“Wait, can I used a telephone first”

“I am sorry, do you need what?”

“A telephone”

“I am really sorry madam I don’t know what you are talking about, please change your clothes”

Judging the expression that the maid had I could tell that she wasn’t lying, she really didn’t know what a telephone was, definitely something was wrong with this place.

In the dining room were a huge table, Jurina was sit there looking at me without any expression in her face, it was like if nothing could disturb her, I couldn’t avoid hypnotize with the look, again, a mysterious and intense aura was surrounding her, never before I felt so intimidated with someone’s presence. I could feel her gaze on me while I was walking to the chair. I started to eat not daring to look at her; the dining went in silence until Jurina talked

“Could you remember something?”

“No, I’m sorry, I just woke up there, ah but don’t worry, I just need a telephone to call a taxi, I am really thankful with your help and hospitality”

For the first time I could see an expression in Jurina’s face, she was as confuse as the maid was

“Do you need what to call what?” 

It is not possible that they really don’t know what a telephone or even a taxi was, what kind of people doesn’t know the basic of technology.

“Forget it, can you please tell me what place is this?”

“You are in Sakae Kingdom, specifically in the kingdom’s castle”

At this point I was already angry; how far they would go with all this, if it continues to long it wouldn’t take me to anything.

“Look Jurina, I don’t know what kind of game is this, but I really need to make a call to get out of here, so can you please come back to XXI century from XV just for a moment”

Jurina and everyone in the dining room were standing in their positions with a horror expression, I know that my tone was very disrespectful, but they looked like if I had made a big crime

“Listen, Rena, I will ask you to watch your tone and the way you talk to me, and second I don’t know where are you from or what kind of person you are, but we do are in XV century specifically, today is july 28 of 1483”

And that was the last straw that spilled the glass; I would not take this any longer.

“Ok, thank you very much for your help. I would make sure to reward you for this”

After saying this I stoop up from the table ready to get out from that place.

“Wait, where are you going you definitely don’t know the place” Jurina tried to stop me, but I would not take this joke any longer.

“I just need to get to the city, again thanks for your help”

Even if she wasn’t saying anything I could feel her following me, it was becoming uncomfortable so I turned around to face her.

“Can you please stop following me?”

“That is what I want, but something is telling me that you would get in trouble if you go alone, please let me walk you home”

I couldn’t felt more culpability with her reply, she was being really kind and I was just being impolite and arrogant.

“Yes, I really sorry the way I’ve been behaving, a lot of strange thing are happening to me and I didn’t react in the best way”

Anyone of us said anymore and we just started to walk to the town, everything went worst when we arrived there, carts and horses instead of cars or motorcycle, the streets were made of stone, and everyone around were wearing clothes like in Victorian age, and knight were standing in the streets instead of police. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and what Jurina told me was running in my head, with fear I approached to a man

“I am sorry can you please tell me what year is this”

“1483 miss”

My head was spinning and I couldn`t felt my knees, I was in XV century, I was trying to think in a logic reason, but there is nothing logic with this situation, the only thing that came to my mind was the wish I made the night before everything started, “I wish I fall in love like in poetry stories does” but I didn’t mean this when I did it, maybe if I do it again I can back to XXI century. I closed my eyes wishing with all my might to go back to my era, when I opened my eyes everything was the same, the only thing that was different is the fact that I did it in my birthday, that was the only different fact, if I want to go back to XXI century I would have to wait to my birthday.

Now everything made sense, the way they dress, talk, and even walking, the way people treat Jurina and why she lived in a castle, I only had to look around to confirm my hunch, everyone was greeting her with a smile in their faces.

I was stuck in XV and I had met a real prince, and she was just in front of me

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Since I found her in the woods I couldn’t take her off my mind, I was helping her more than I should, moreover, the fact that she was in my lands without any reason and the disrespectful way she talked to me before were enough reasons for her to spend some days in a prison cell. But whenI talked to her and saw straight to her eyes a feeling of wanted to protect here was born in me, I couldn’t help but to be curious about her, her carefree attitude in the way she talks and walk, only my sister calls me only by my name, it was like she was free in a way and hasn’t any problem with her life, i kind of envy her in that way. When I saw her going out from the castle my body moved by itself, I knew that Rena was not from here and without doubt she will get lost and who knows where would she end, ´ I would just be sure that she would arrive to her place` was what I though, I couldn’t recognize my actions, I had never been so worry for a person, and without doubt, Rena wasn’t someone normal, appearing from nowhere in a forest with strange clothes and ways to behave.

I could see how Rena started to get paler if that was even possible, she did not move from the place she were and was staring at a blank space, her face had an horror expression like if she had just saw dead himself, I approached to her to ask if she was ok.

“Rena, are you ok?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything anymore, I don’t know where I am nor where to go, I just don’t know”

After her answer she started to cry frenetically from nowhere. I didn’t understand what was happening to her, but she was calling too much attention and I have to keep my image in front of the citizens, so without saying anymore I took her hand and dragged her to the castle again.

I didn’t dare to ask her anymore on the way back, and Rena didn’t stopped crying uncontrollably either, I stopped in the  front door, I needed she to calm down a little bit.

“Calm down please, I don’t know what is happening to you but we sure can fix it, so please stop crying” with this she even started to cry with more passion, I have no idea what to do in these cases.

“Look, listen to me, you said that you don’t have a place to go, you can stay here until you can contact with someone” Apparently that was what she needed to hear because she stopped crying and now she was a little bit more calm

“Why are you doing this for someone that you don’t know?”

I didn’t know how to answer her question, not even I knew why I was doing that, all my life the only thing that I cared was my position  as prince, at least it was since the only person that I loved wasn’t any more with me. Since then I stepped away every single person around and just focused in work.

“I don’t know I just feel the need to do it” I knew that my answer didn’t have any logic, but was the best I could say in the moment.

“Come on lets go inside, you have to take a rest” that was the only thing I said before entered to the castle.

There I took her again to the room she was before, I told her where my office was if she needed something, after this I just left the room, I would have time to think about what to do with her, now I had to meet the Queen, my old sister, I knew I couldn’t avoid the topic anymore and it was time to face her decision.

I knocked Shinoda’s office door and after hearing her saying ´You can in` I entered to the room

“You call me, Shinoda”

“I heard you found a girl in the woods” was the first thing she told me with her smooth and maternal tone that always use when she talk to me.

“That’s right, but don’t worry about her I would take care of that”

“Sometimes you are too kind for your own good Jurina, don’t let a pretty face fool you”

“That would not happen, sister”

“Ok if you say it I would trust you, let’s move to the real talk, you know why I called you here don’t you”

Of course that I knew why I was there, but I could not help but to get nervous, I couldn’t keep running from this

“Yes, I know”

A silent took place in the room, none of us said anything, and it wasn’t need we both knew what we were talking.

“You know that I don’t like this decision either, you haven’t get over her dead yet, but the best to do for the Kingdom follows logic and not emotions, I will leave the throne in a year I you know why, you have to fulfill your duty as prince”

I understood everything that Shinoda was saying, but I couldn’t avoid the effect that it is having in me, every time I remembered her my heart die a little more, actually I wonder if it is normal to feel so dead and empty inside me, but my sister was right and I have to do the best for the kingdom not the best for me.

“I already took my decision” I said

“Let me listen it”

“I will accept what you said to me”

“I knew you will do the right thing, you can leave now”

No one said anymore, the decision was already made since a beginning, there was not even another path to take, I will have to bury my feelings again, but after all it was the best for me too, without feeling I don’t need to suffer for anyone, not anymore.

I was going now to Rena’s room; I hoped I could find her in a state where I could talk to her and know what will happen from now on.

I knocked the door without had any answer from the inside so I came in, the I realize that she was completely sleep, I was going to leave the room but I couldn’t help to approached at the edge of the bed and contemplate her sleeping face. Some of her hair was on her face and my hand reacted by itself and took it off from her face, now I could have a better look to her face. She had angelic face with pale skin that I never thought that a normal person can have, she had the longest eyelashes that I ever have saw, then my gaze fell to her lips, naturally pink I wonder how soft they would be.

I noticed the path that the tears left in her checks; I wonder what kind of horrible stuffs happened to her to not remember anything and to get in that kind of desperate state.  I don’t know how much time I looked at her sleeping, but when I came back to earth Rena was already awake.

“Good morning” Was the first thing that she said sleepily.

“In fact it is a good night, I am sorry if I wake you up”

“Don’t worry, I really appreciate everything that you are doing for me, I don’t even know how to pay for this.

“It’s ok, for the moment dinner would be serving in more or less two hours, I have to go now, we will talk there”


After Jurina left and I was alone again all my worries came back to my mind, since I discovered the situation where I was, I panicked, what would I do in this world without money, family nor at least a past, my wish throw me in this era without any prevention. I was thinking in my parents and Airin, they should be really worry about me and everything because of my stupid wish. The only comfort that I found was in Jurina’s kindness, but I knew that it won’t last forever. Even so it has to be something or someone that can help me, if I could travel in time it has to be witches and that kind of stuffs too. So I took my decision, I will stay here the time I need to gather information and know where to go and find the way to go back to XXI century as fast as I can, I can’t wait one year here.

The time that I spent thinking of all the situation and what should I do went to fast, and then I heard someone knocking my door telling me that dinner was ready.

Unlike the first time, Jurina wasn’t in the dining room yet, her image came back to my mind, her serious gaze and expression that never leaves her, like if she hasn’t any emotion inside is something that is now burn in my mind.

I sat at the table and when I was about to have my first bite, one of the maids stopped me and with a scolding tone said to me

“You have to wait Jurina-sama before start eating miss”

Immediately I left the silverware in the table again, I will have to remember all manners of the time, and of course, I didn’t accept many of these, the punishments sometimes went far away of heartless and social status was something that define every single thing in your life, and for the first time in my life I wasn’t in the top of this one.

After five minutes waiting for Jurina, she came in focus on some papers that she had on her hand, before sitting on the table she gave those papers to a servant that was following her, the she  said something in his ear, he left  and then she faced me.

“I am sorry my delay, I had to finish some issues”

“Don’t worry I didn’t wait too much”

“I see that you are better now, I was very surprised when you started to cry frenetically”

When she said that, I could feel how my face was getting redder and redder, when I remembered the scene I could only feel shame, and the waves that I felt when Jurina hold my hand came back with more intensity tickling my hand.

“Y-yes I am very embarrassed about that, I did a big scene in the middle of the street”

“It is ok but I would like to know what made you react like that”

I didn’t know how to answer her, I couldn’t tell her that I realized that I traveled in time from XXI century and just because a stupid birthday wish, she would take me like crazy and that would be my end, I had to think in a lie.

“I remembered why I was in the woods; I was traveling with my family and from nowhere some hire murders appear, they were after my father because he didn’t pay a money that he lent, I was told to run leaving them behind, it was dark and I couldn’t see anything that is why I think I didn’t realize that I was near the castle’s forest. Now my parents must be dead and I can’t go back to my house those murders must be waiting for me”

I had never said such stupid lie in my life, not even to a person as important as a prince is, I was really nervous hopping that she can believe me.

“Mmm I see, and you don’t have any family member that you can contact?”

“I do have an aunt but I don’t talk to her to many years ago because our family didn’t get along, that is why I don’t know where she is or how to contact her”

Jurina didn’t said any more, I couldn’t tell what was she thinking, and I was only prying, if she realize that I was lying I would not have where to go, she was my only hope in this moment.

“I will allow you to stay here until we find the way to contact them”

I let out all the air accumulated in my lungs for the worry I had, she really believed that, and even offered her help, she was just to kind and I was feeling bad, I was taking advantage of her kindness.

“But with one condition”

Jurina said and I freeze. I knew it couldn’t be so perfect.

“What is it?”

“You would have to be my personal servant 24 hours 7 days in the period of time that you find your family, that way you will to pay your stay here”

I didn’t know how to react to that, no once in my life I washed a dish or do something related to that kind of duties, I couldn’t imagine being the servant of prince; but there was no other way, this is the only path that I can take if I want to survive in this era, after all I didn’t plan to stay here a lot of time, just the need to know where start to search for help, after that I would just leave.

“I accept”

“Ok then you will start tomorrow, Aiko is the name of the person that would teach you the basic things, and she is the same person that you met in the morning, that is it, Good night, Rena”

After saying that Jurina left, tomorrow my new life will start, I just could only repeat to myself that it will only be for a short period of time, that I will definitely find a way to go back with my family and friends in XXI century, but for some reason I just couldn’t believe my own words, and had the feeling that I would be here more than I thought. 

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
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Wow nice story I like the plot, can't wait next chapter :twothumbs

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
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This is so good!!! :heart:

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
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Wondering who was Jurina's past lover and what condition Jurina need to do to take Mariko-sama's throne :theking

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The next morning I had to wake up really early in the morning, the same woman that if I remember Jurina said is Aiko woke me up.

“Take a shower; I would teach you the basic things of the place, I will wait you in the kitchen”

That was the only thing she said and then she left, this was going to by my first day being Jurina’s personal servant, I had no idea what I would have to do, all my life, since I was a child I have had people doing the chores and that kind of stuffs for me, I couldn’t do even a simple egg, my knowledge about being a servant was cero. Reluctantly I woke up from my bed, every minute I missed more and more the comforts of my room, I never stopped to value the softness of my bed nor my blankets, and it was in this moment that I really missed that little things.
After taking a shower, I went to the kitchen where Aiko was waiting for me with a plate of scrambled eggs, an apple and a glass of milk.

“Have a breakfast first dear, I don’t know too much about your situation, but I know that you are going through a hard time since I saw you yesterday crying”

Her maternal tone made me feel a little bit nostalgic, because it made me remember my mom and how far I was from my family, the women in front of me was waiting an answer with a concerned look on her face because I didn’t move from my place neither said anything.

“Thank you very much for everything that you all have done for me, I gave you all a lot of troubles”

“Don’t you worry dear, is a good thing to have new faces around”

I just smiled at her as a reply, Aiko had that aura that reminds a grandmother, which would always give you candies and would hug you when you are crying till you calm down, I felt really comfortable around her.

“It’s been a while since I saw Jurina   being so worry about someone; I was very surprised when she went after you”

I understood what Aiko was saying because I thought the same, I couldn’t get an answer for what she did, the fact that she picked me up from the woods and everything she have done for me didn’t have any sense knowing that I am a completely stranger.
I realize that Aiko refers to Jurina without honorifics, this was kind of strange because everyone around called her Jurina-sama.

“Have you know Jurina for a long time” I asked her

“Yes I do, I’ve been working for the royal family more than 25 years, and I took care of her sister too”

“She has a sister?”

“Dear you really don’t know anything about this kingdom; Shinoda Mariko, Queen of Sakae is Jurina’s older sister”

“And her parents”

Apparently my question was a sensitive subject, because I could see how her smile vanished and was replace with a sad expression

“I am sorry that I did that question, you don’t have to answer”

“No, it’s ok, they died 3 years ago, the were killed and it was never discovered who was the murder, but we always had the hunch that was the King’s brother,  since they didn’t had a good relationship, it was suppose that he was going to be the King, but at the end Jurina’s father got the throne”

Our conversation was interrupt by the sound of the open door, and it was Jurina who in, like if our conversation called her. My heart skip a beat when I saw the way Jurina looked, her clothes were a little bit disorganize, her cheeks a little bit pink and her tousled hair giving her a wild appearance, she had just wake up. When she felt my gaze on her, she faced my, and the moment where our eyes met I could feel how my face turn red, I couldn’t hold the shame so I turned down my face to avoid her gaze.

“Good morning” Her voice was a little husky.

“Good morning” It was the only thing I could say, I didn’t even know if she listened, because my voice was too week.

“Jurina, did you worked all night again don’t you, I told you to stop overworking, it is not good for your health” Aiko scold her.

“I know Aiko, but I cannot help it, I had to finish those papers for today and it was really important” Jurina reply
Then Jurina sat in the same table that I was, in front of me. This table was a smallest that the one in the dining room, she was so close that our knees almost touch. She was focused on her breakfast and I couldn’t helped to see every single part of her face from this close, but one thing called my attention, her shirt was a little unbuttoned, and I could see under her collarbone a little scar.

“Do you know that stare someone for too long is impolite” Jurina’s voice took me out of my trance.

“I-I am sorry” I didn’t have any excuse for what I was doing; my eyes move by themselves when she was around and just her presence made me nervous.

“When you finish your breakfast go to my office, I need you to help me with some papers, don’t be late please”

Then she went out of the kitchen leaving me and Aiko alone again.

“Don’t mind her, since what happened 3 years ago she haven’t been the same, so if she behaves bad with you I apologize in advance”

I wanted to ask more about the accident and especially about the scar that Jurina had, but I knew that it was going too far with my curiosity, so I just nodded and finished my breakfast, I had to go to her office and I didn’t want to late too much.

When I was in front of the door I knocked it and after she answer that I could come in, I opened the door.

I had never seen an office as big as this one, not even in big companies and believe me; I have been in too much because of my father. The walls were full with books, some of them in languages that I even didn’t know that exist, in the middle there are two couches and a little tea table, everything in the place looked like a picture, and I am sure that in XXI century the place would be a museum. I couldn’t help to feel like a child again, my body moved for the entire place fascinated for everything that I saw.

“You are really curious don’t you” Jurina told me, she was in the middle of the office, sit in her desk that was full of papers.

“I have never seen a place like this, I am very fascinated”

Jurina didn’t say anything, but I think that I saw a little smile in the corner of her lips, but it vanished as fast as it came, she had again her serious expression.

“I am glad that you liked it, because you are going to spend a lot of time here from now on, bring a chair I would tell you what you have to do”
I did what she told me, and then she started to explain me what I had to do with some bills and request, to my luck, I already knew everything that I had to do, that is because I was studying economy to continue with my parent’s company, and sometimes I helped them.

“Did you understand?”

“Yes, that’s it?”

“Yes… that is it” Jurina answered with a touch of insecurity in her voice
After that, I started to do what she told me, the room was filled with silence, the only thing that was making any sound were our pens, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, besides is was a warm and peaceful silence.
Two weeks have passed since Rena started to help me, and I have to say that I was very surprise with the results, it looked like if she had manage a Kingdom all her life, actually she even corrected me in some things that I missed, thanks to her, work reduced a little bit, but every day a new problem came, and I could feel how my body gave to the fatigue.
It was 12:00 o’clock, I worked all night again, my head was in pain and my sight was getting a little blurry, I tried to lower the pain massaging my temple, but it wasn’t working, it was getting worst.

“Jurina, are you ok?” Rena, that was in front of my asked

“It is nothing, don’t worry” But the pain intensifies with every word and it didn’t look like it was going to stop

“But you don’t look really well, you should take a rest, I will finish this”

Although I had got used to the carefree way Rena talked to me, it still isn’t really normal for me.

“I am telling you, I am fi-“

“Come on, you can lay in my lap if you want, my mom always did that with me when I was sick”

I couldn’t believe what Rena was saying to me, one thing is talk to me the way she does, but this goes far from that, the way she behaves is something that amaze me since I met her.
Rena, seeing that I didn’t answer nor move, got up from her chair and approached to me to drag me from my wrist, It looked like she would not accept a no like an answer, and now the idea didn’t sound so bad, my body was begging for a rest. She sat down in the sofa and made me a signal to sit down too, hesitating I sat down and then I lay my head on her lap.
Is been a while since I felt so relax around someone, but with Rena around I was feeling warm and peaceful, it was like if all my worries go away just by having her close, my body started to relax and my eyes to close.

“Can I ask you something?” With a low and smooth tone Rena asked me.


“Why do you put so much effort overworking till the point that your body is in pain?”

“Mmmm, do you know Prometheus myth?”


“Well, Prometheus had a big love for humanity, and because of this he stole the fire from Zeus and gave it to humans, even knowing that he would be painful punish. My family have always loved and gave everything since a beginning for Sakae, my grandparents, my parents and my sister have been striving a lot to keep the peace in the Kingdome that they love, and I can’t disappoint them, I have to give everything too” I hoped that with my answer, she could understand that I would give everything regardless of the consequences to protect what I love.

I didn’t listen to her answer, because I felt asleep straight away.
I didn’t expect that kind of answer, I could feel the pressure that Jurina had in her shoulders, I never took to serious inherit my parent’s company, but with Jurina’s answer I realize how important it was to appreciate their effort.
Jurina felt asleep, and I don’t know why offered my lap, but seeing her working so hard these two weeks without taking a rest, I just felt that I had to do something.

I was hypnotic with the view of her face, she had a calm expression, and her berthing was slow, I couldn’t contain my hands to touch her black hair, and just as I thought it was very soft, I didn’t want that this moment get to an end, the weather was perfect, the wind slightly blow and there weren’t a single cloud, the room was completely quiet. I don’t know how much time past while I looked Jurina sleep and playing with her hair, but when she opened her eyes and did what she did my heart went crazy.

Jurina opened a little bit her eyes, and then she raised her hand and put it on my check and slightly moved her thumb in circles.

“Please don’t leave my again… Mayu” and then she wnt back to sleep.

The place where her hand was is still hot because of her contact, and my heart was running wild, but at the same time my chest was hurting.

“Who is Mayu?” 

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« Reply #11 on: March 03, 2016, 05:39:57 AM »
Hello, its good to see you finally merged all of your chapter into one  ;)

So far I enjoy reading it, it has nice flow~
but wait Jurina is a female right in here? doesnt she become princess instead prince?
and why does mariko-sama will step down  from throne?

Mayu? is that the Jurina ex? What happened?

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Mayu, what is her role in this story? I hope there will be Mayuki in your story, because i love Mayuki and Wmatsui.
Thanks for your story
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« Reply #13 on: March 03, 2016, 03:44:14 PM »
Mayu was dead?? Why??? :cry: why not make mayuki as a side character?? Why Mayu has to be dead??? :cry:

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« Reply #14 on: March 03, 2016, 04:08:57 PM »
Mayu was dead?? Why??? :cry: why not make mayuki as a side character?? Why Mayu has to be dead??? :cry:

its okay, its more intresting this way  :yep:

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« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2016, 01:18:01 AM »
Jurina's girl? Why she's prince?
Oh rena-chan jealous . .

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« Reply #16 on: March 07, 2016, 01:07:41 AM »
Hi, thanks for reading, i know there are a lot of questions, and with this chapter you may have even more, but please be patient everything will be answer with time. And yes, jurina is a girl yet a prince it makes no sense i know, but drop logic there are a lot of thing that make no sense in this fanfic. Hope you like this chapter   :) :) 


After that afternoon, I couldn’t take off the scene from my mind, since that, the place where Jurina placed her hand felt like something was missing, but what really was disturbing my mind, was what Jurina said, obviously she was in the middle of day dreaming when she said it, that’s why when she got up, none of us said a thing, like if nothing happened.

Mayu, after being here for two weeks I already know every person here, and I am sure that there is not anyone with that name nor I listened someone saying it, that is why I always came back to the same question, who is the person in Jurina’s dream, but one thing is sure, she must be a really important person for her. I had raised the idea to ask her, but something in the back of my mind said me that it was something that I should not ask, but the name of Mayu follows me since then.

In this moment I was washing the dishes, I discovered that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, it was simple, you wet the plate, soap it, and finally wet it again, now it looked really stupid for me to pay someone to do this simple task for me.
Aiko woke up sick, that’s why I was the only person in the kitchen in the morning, till I heard someone’s voice in my back.

“Good morning”

It wasn’t necessary to turn around to know who it was, I recognized perfectly her husky voice in morning, Jurina always came here to take breakfast with my and Aiko, I always wonder why she didn’t do it in the big table at the dining room, and when I asked her, she answered me that she preferred to eat here in the small table with Aiko and I, than in the huge at the dining room alone.

“Where is Aiko?” She asked me while sitting in the table watching my back.

“She is sick”

“Mmmm” I had learned that Jurina wasn’t a person that talks too much; when she talked she always went straight to the point.

Then an awkward silence found place in the kitchen, the only moment where we were alone, was when we were at her office and the only thing that we talked was about work. I could felt her gaze on me; she followed every single movement that I was doing.

“Is the first time that I see you doing this kind of chore”

Jurina was saying the truth, I always tried with all my might to avoid doing this, I always had an excuse, something like my head was hurting, or that I had work to do, at the end another person had to do it for me.

“I am not use to do it neither”

“Yes that is what I am seeing, you are doing it wrong”

“That’s not true, it is clean”

“Of course it is not, look” and then she got up from the table and approached where I was, then she took a plate that I had already wash and showed me that in fact it had a stain.

“Oh come on, is just a little stain”

“It is still a stain”

In the middle of our discussion, I didn’t realize that a knife that I had was slowly sliding in my hand because of the water, I only realize when it had already cut my finger.

“You are to careless Rena”

And the she took my finger in her hand and took of the blood with her lips, it was like if time stopped, I couldn’t feel pain any more, the only thing that matter were my gaze in her deep and black eyes, I was trying to look for an answer in her eyes for what I was feeling, but I could not find any answer because her gaze was as confuse as mine.

“Go to disinfect you finger better, I will finish with this” Jurina bring me back from my day dream.

Without saying anything I went out of the room, and not because I needed to disinfect my finger, I couldn’t care less in this moment; I was running away from Jurina, and everything that she made me feel with a simple touch of our fingers, I was running from her eyes that made my heart race, but I couldn’t stop losing in them, I was running from all the things that I had never felt before.

On my way back to my bedroom, I had my gaze in the floor and I was lost in my thoughts, that is why I didn’t see that there was a person in front of me, I only realized it when I had already crush with her.

“I am sorry I didn’t see you”

I had never seen the women in front of me, and I am sure that she is not a servant more, her aura had to be of person from royalty, she had a perfect and tall figure, with a long and black hair, although she had a strong look and aura, she had a friendly smile and a smooth gaze.

“Don’t worry; I should have paid more attention too, what is your name?”

“I am Rena”

“It is a pleasure Rena, My nam-”

“!Get away from her!”

Jurina’s voice was heard through the entire hallway, and at the same time she took my wrist and dragged me to her side, to then stand in front of me like in a protective way.

“Don’t you dare to put a finger on her, Kashiwagi Yuki”
My morning couldn’t have started better, I had sleep perfectly and my body was like new, I had already done with all the work I had, so I could sleep without thinking on something that I had to finish and wake up without had to work.

When I went to the kitchen was only Rena, lately I really enjoy being around her, I feel like if I don’t have to hide something from her, I can forget for a moment my status like prince and just be myself. In some occasions I even found myself smiling from nowhere and without any reason, I didn’t know what did Rena on me, or what is so special in her, but I like it and I didn’t want this feeling to stop. In the kitchen I couldn’t stop watching her, I followed every single one of her movements, her long and black hair moving with her clumsy way of washing dishes, and that can’t be more adorable.

But when I saw that women, Kashiwagi Yuki around her, I couldn’t control my body, I didn’t want she to be around Rena, nor touch her, or even say her name.
There was no other person in the world that made my angry as Yuki does, she is the person that took away everything that I wanted, because of her is that I am what I am, she once had the only thing that I loved, and I will not allow her to take Rena away from me, not her.

“It’s been a long time Jurina”

All my rage was flowing through my eyes, I only wanted she to go away, what I most hate is that she never changed her gaze, she always had that silly and friendly way to see everyone, it doesn’t matter how bad the moment is, she never show any other expression, nor even when she died, she is like a monster without feelings.

“Why don’t you get out from here?”

She cut the fight that our eyes were having, and with a little grin in her lips turn around and started to walk away.

“You haven’t change Jurina”

And when she said that she disappear from my sight

What looked like a perfect morning had just ruin with the simple fact of listen to her voice, all the memories of 3 years ago came back to my mind when I saw her face.
Because of the rage I had, I didn’t remembered that Rena was behind me, until I felt a little pull at the edge of my shirt, I turn to face her, and when I saw her face all the bad feelings were replace with calmness in a blink, now what bothers me is her confuse expression.

“I am sorry if that scared you”.

I place my hand on her cheek, I always wonder how soft her white skin feels under my touch, and just as it seems, it was completely soft, and I felt a little tickling on my palm, it’s been some days that my desire to approach her has been increasing, my body is always looking to touch her, at least a little touch of our fingers, and that is exactly what happened in the kitchen, it was de desire that moved my body.

“Who is she?” it’s obvious that she will ask me that, even more after the way I reacted.

“She is Kashiwagi Yuki, Shinoda’s counselor”

I didn’t want to go deep in her presentation; after all it is a history that I want to forget.

“And that is it?”

“Yes, that’s it”

I knew the answer that she wanted, after all I’ve learned that she is really curious, but now is not the time to talk about it.
Rena was going to say something more, but before a word got out from her mouth, our conversation was interrupt by a servant.

“Jurina-sama, the Queen is asking for your presence in her office”

Why was Shinoda in the castle? She had gone on a trip three days ago, and supposes to come back in 2 more days.

“We will talk later Rena”

Then I turn my steps to Shinoda’s office, wondering and making any kind of hypothesis of why she came back 2 days before, and for some reason, something inside me, tell me that Kashiwagi Yuki is the reason.

When I entered to her office, Shinoda was looking outside the window and I could only see her back.

“When did you arrive? You should back in 2 more days”

“Good to see you too Jurina, I just arrived, and I came back before because the person that I was looking for came back from her trip already”

“You never told me who that person was”

I didn’t need her to tell me, because the person that I was wishing with all my might not to see entered to the room, now I understood why she was in the castle, and it was logic, after all Kashiwagi Yuki is Shinoda’s counselor and right hand, although I do not like it.

I didn’t want to be in the same room with Yuki, so I started to walk away without saying anything; Shinoda knew perfectly that I don’t like her.

“Stop there Jurina,” Shinoda raise her voice before I got out, it was strange in her to raise the voice when she talk to me, that’s why I couldn’t help but to freeze in my place.

“It is time for you to move on”

Of course that I knew that I had to move on, believe me that is one of my wishes, but a part of my just refused to do it, every time that I remember that night 3 years ago where I lost everything, the impotency that I felt came back and the guilt invades me. It doesn’t matter how much I hate Kashiwagi Yuki, the truth is that I hate me, and when I saw her all those feeling came back, I can’t see her because she reminds me all the thing that I can’t forgive myself .

“Why do you call me?” I wanted to end the conversation as fast as I can.

Yuki just stay there without saying a word; she only stood there watching the conversation.

“I will go to the point, Yuki will live here from today, now that she ended her research trip, I need her working for me full time, so I hope that you stop your attitude toward her, please by professional, and get along with her, you haven’t talk to her to know the real truth.”

I refused to accept that, and I don’t need to talk to her to know what really happened, I saw it with my own eyes, but I knew that Shinoda’s decision would not change, and I understood that she needs Yuki’s help.

“Just stay away from me”

And then I could get out of the room.
I was going in circle around my bed, I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t see Jurina in the rest of the day, what happened  made me make a lot of questions, Kashiwagi Yuki, the only person that I saw Jurina raise her voice, or at least disturb her a little, the rage that was in Jurina’s eyes made my goosebumps, while Yuki never changed her calm and friendly look.

Giving up to the idea of sleep I got out of my room, I loved the silence that night had, is like if everything can be exposed when the sun goes down. In the middle of the silence I heard a soft melody, it was a piano, the music was a slow ballad, and it reminds me the feeling of nostalgia and sadness.
Following the music, I arrived to a room that I had never entered, and when I opened the door it was Jurina the one who was playing the piano, she had a melancholic expression while her fingers went through the piano keys.

When she saw me she didn’t stop playing, instead she made a signal with her head for me to approach her, I walked a little insecure and then sit on a nearby chair.

“Once I heard someone said that art express your true self, all the feelings that you suppress are expose through painting, sing, sculpt, or any kind of art. That is what I love piano, there is nothing I can hide from him, piano will always know my true self”

Jurina never stopped playing while she talked, and I had this feeling of knowing who the culprit of her sadness was, I couldn’t hold anymore wanting to know what happened between the girl called Mayu and Jurina, and something told me that Kashiwagi Yuki was involved. That is why, without holding it anymore, I dare to ask what I wanted to know since I heard her name.

“Who is Mayu?”

With my question Jurina stopped playing, and silence took place in the room, my hand were sweating because of my nervousness, I knew that I shouldn’t have asked that, but I could not take it off from my head if didn’t know the answer.

And just when I thought Jurina will not answer, her voice rumbled across the room.

“She was my fiancée, I loved her… but I wasn’t the one she love”
She had a little grin in her lips, and in fact it was the first time that I saw her smiling, and I wish I didn’t, because her smile was completely empty, but at the same time full of sadness.       

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I feel bad so for Jurina :gyaaah:
Please don't let Yuki take Rena away from Jurina :kneelbow:
I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up he good work :byebye:

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So Mayu was Jurina's fiance. Jurina loves Mayu but Mayu loved Yuki. Love triangle? :? But Mayu is dead. Does Mayu's death have something to do with Jurina's hatred for Yuki?
Rena started to have feeling for Jurina. What'll happen when Rena have to come back to her real time?

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I love this fic. And Mayu is dead, but liked Yuki. Drama.

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