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Author Topic: THROUGH TIME (WMATSUI) COMPLETE  (Read 30886 times)

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Re: Through Time Wmatsui
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Yes sorry, i missed a comma. At the age of 21 she already had given up in love, the only person she had ever had an interest, were with her just because she was Matsui Rena. Maybe now you can undestand it

yes! thanks you!

intresting story! i follow it

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*re edit later
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Matsui Jurina with 14 years old had more worries than a normal person at that age should have, but the fact is that she is not a normal person, she is Sakae’s prince. Since she was a child she was told to show an impeccable image whoever she talks and wherever she is, she had to take any language or economy class that she could, and of course with the best teachers that money can pay. Her parents always talk and treat her like an adult; she was seen by them like the person who is going to succeed the throne, not like a daughter. The only person that gave her some kind of family affect were her older sister, Shinoda Mariko, but she couldn’t spend too much time with her, because as her parents, Shinoda had to travel with them constantly, because if something happened with them, Shinoda would take the throne till Jurina turns most of age.

And that was the way Jurina was raise, without anyone to love or be love, she only had her loneliness, but she thought that it was the normal way to live, that there was no other world more than her books and orders from her parents. But everything changed when the kings came back from a trip, they didn’t come back alone, with them was a girl that Jurina had never seen.

“Jurina she is Watanabe Mayu, she is Viscount’s daughter and would be living here starting today”

The girl called Mayu slowly walked to Jurina, she stood in front of her, she was shorter although she was 3 years older than Jurina, and without prior notice she embrace her, Jurina who had never felt any kind displays of affection, felt like something was blooming in her chest, her checks turn bright red and her heart was racing, the warmness that she found in the shorter girl was something that Jurina didn’t want to go away.

“Nice to meet you Jurina, I hope we can get along”

Mayu in the other side was 17 years old, and all her life looked for the others happiness, her father was an old man that always taught her that regardless of the situation, she should always give warm and bright smile to others, and to look for the happiness for the persons that she loves. That’s why when Mayu saw Jurina for the first time; she could feel her sadness just by looking those empty eyes, and following her instincts she could helped but to embrace her, and she aim to full Jurina’s loneliness.

And that is how days passed, Mayu followed Jurina wherever she went, even when she was studying, Mayu would always be sit near her, and it doesn’t matter how much Jurina asked her to leave her so she could concentrate, she never did.

Although Jurina didn’t accept it, she loved Mayu’s presence, and when she was not around, Jurina could feel like something was missing, after all Mayu accomplished what she proposed, she full Jurina’s loneliness with her sudden displays of affection that made Jurina’s heart go wild in her chest, and it was a feeling that the younger had never felt, any time that she saw Mayu’s smile her checks become red, the time stopped and she couldn’t help but smile back.

“Aiko, what is being in love?”

Aiko couldn’t have been more surprised with Jurina’s question, she was always focused in her studies and never had had any interest in love, but since the other girl came to the house, there was a kind of sparkle in Jurina’s eyes, she even smile without realizing it, so she could imagine why the girl made that question.

“Mmm, is when you can’t stop thinking about that person, and your heart race with that thought, her smile looks like the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen, look Jurina, love is not something that you can easily define, you would know it when you feel it”

´I will know when I feel it`, that was the only thing that Jurina needed to realize her feelings, there was not doubt, she was in love with Mayu.

Spring had already arrived, and there was no other season that she like the most like the flowers season, Mayu loved flowers, since last summer that she came to the castle, she was looking for to see the huge garden with all its splendor, and in this moment she was in her way to see that beautiful view, she asked Jurina to came with her, but she refused saying that she didn’t want to get sick with all the pollen around, so she went alone, and she couldn’t be more happy watering the flowers.

“Do you like flowers?”

She didn’t recognize the voice that talked behind her, and when she turned around her body was paralyzed, the watering can felt to the floor, she had never seen someone as beautiful as the girl that was in front of her.

“Don’t be scare, I am Kashiwagi Yuki, and I am Shinoda’s best friend, I got lost in the castle and I end up here”

Mayu saw the girl’s lips moving, but she couldn’t hear what she was saying, her body didn’t move, the friendly and warm look in the taller girl was the only thing that she cared.

“Are you ok?”

Yuki took Mayu’s hand worry that something was really happening to her, that made that Mayu felt strong electric waves through all her body with that simple touch.

“I am Watanabe Mayu”

And with the dazzling smile that Yuki replied, she couldn’t help but to fall in love at first sight.

Jurina was willing to confess her love to Mayu a week ago, but the occasions that both see each other had decreased from one day to another, the shorter girl wasn’t around her anymore like she used to, besides she was always in the garden, Jurina knew that she loved flowers, that’s why she never really asked why she always went there, she never imagined that actually Kashiwagi Yuki was the one who took Mayu’s attention and not the flowers.

Mayu went every day to the garden hoping to find the beautiful girl, and then she spend her evenings listening to the histories or whatever Yuki said, Mayu didn’t care if it was boring, she was happy just by listening Yuki’s melodious voice and enjoying her presence.

The weeks passed, Jurina could feel that something was different in Mayu; the few occasions that they were together the oldest was always daydreaming or sighing. Jurina couldn’t find the right moment to tell her that she loved her, something was holding her back, Mayu’s strange behavior was stopping her.

“Are you ok Mayu? I see you a little different lately”

“Let’s say that I am so happy that I can’t holding it back”

Mayu answered with her bright and warm smile that always made Jurina’s heart stop and took away all of her worries, it doesn’t matter how much times she saw it, it always had the same effect, and was the only thing that Jurina needed to reaffirm her love.

“I love you”

The words just came out from Jurina’s mouth, those words that she have been wanting to say since a month ago, she couldn’t bear to see Mayu’s smile and didn’t scream to the world that she loved her and embrace her with all her might.

The room was full with silence after her confession, Mayu didn’t say anything, her bright smile had vanish for complete, her face become all white, and without prior notice she just got out from the room running as fast as she could.

“Mayu wait”

But Mayu was already far away, Jurina didn’t need another answer, she knew by the way Mayu reacted that she didn’t feel the same for her, her heart was hurting in her cheats when she realized that her only happiness had leave her side. She felt on her knees to the ground, she could only feel how her tears felt on her check and she couldn’t make them stop, there was no word that could describe her broken heart, and Jurina could feel her loneliness come back and there was no anyone that would take it away again.

Mayu didn’t knew other way to react; she knew how weak Jurina’s heart was, after 14 year of solitude she wanted to be by her side, but she didn’t have the same feelings for her, she loved a warm eyes and a friendly smile that doesn’t belong to Jurina. She couldn’t lie to Jurina nor herself, but she knew that she would have to face the prince and make her understand that even if she didn’t feel the same way, she would be always by her side.

Some days passed and Mayu couldn’t find a moment to talk to Jurina, mainly because the younger girl avoids her with all her might, she didn’t have even eye contact with Mayu. And everything continues that way until Jurina’s 15 birthday, she and Jurina were called by the kings to their office.

Being in the room, Jurina ignored Mayu’s presence, basically she become the person she was before they met, it was Jurina’s way to protect herself, she didn’t feel anything, she didn’t care about anything, and she buried her feelings with the fear to be hurt again.

“Good evening, I will go straight to the main point” Said the king catching both attentions.

“I don’t know if you have wondered the reason of why Mayu have been living here the past 10 months”

“My father told me it was because he would go on a trip” Said Mayu sure about her answer, at a beginning she didn’t like the idea, she could live alone in that period of time, but she didn’t have another choice, and it wasn’t that bad, it would only be a year.

“Well… that is a lie”

Mayu couldn’t believe him, she trust her father’s word, and there was no other logic reason, is not like she had a bad relationship with her father, he would not want to get rid of her, she was trying to think another possibilities but nothing came to her mind

“Can you please tell me the reason then?” even so she didn’t want to be disrespectful, after all was the king the one who she was talking to.

“Jurina turns 15 like you know, she is now in the age to get marriage and being the throne heiress is a need that she marriage someone who can take the throne with her, you have been being her fiancée all the time, you were bring here so you both could know each other, so please prepare tonight you will be presented as her fiancée in tonight’s ball”

Jurina had no idea of what was going on, for the first time in a week she looked straight to her unrequited love, shock was what her face showed and fear at the same time, Jurina knew that Mayu doesn’t love her, and she didn’t want to force her to marry her if she doesn’t feel that way for her.

“Father I refuse”

For the first time in all her life, Jurina refused an order from her father, meanwhile Mayu was on the same position without saying a word nor a single reaction.

“This is not something that you can decide Jurina, Viscount have already accept too, you both have to fulfill your duties as part of a Royal family, you can go now”

Jurina, seeing that Mayu didn’t react at all, took her hand and dragged her out from the room, she wanted to talk with her and let her know that she didn’t knew it either, and despite that she loved her, she would never do something like that to her.
Both arrived to Jurina’s room, they sat at the edge of the bed, the younger one tried that Mayu reacted.

“Mayu, please say something”

Mayu with her pale face and shaking hands said the words that Jurina never thought that would came out from her mouth.

“I accept, I will marry you”

After saying this she only stood up from the bed and got out from the room, leaving behind a completely confuse Jurina
Mayu knew she didn’t had another choice than do it, she couldn’t go against the King’s and her father’s orders, and she didn’t wanted to see Jurina sad gaze again, she definitely didn’t want her to be alone again, so she would abandon her true love and accept her destiny.

Mayu was in her way to her room, her gaze was on the floor, and she was to focus on what had just happened and how her life would change.

“Good evening Mayu”

Suddenly the voice that always made her heart race but at the same time was the only thing that could calm her down, and that she always wished to hear rumbled in her ears, and then she couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore, she run to Yuki’s arms and started to cry letting out all her feelings, her only comfort were the warmness of Yuki’s embrace. Yuki didn’t asked anything, she knew exactly what was happening, Shinoda had already told her after Yuki told her that she had fallen in love for a beautiful girl that always talk with her in the garden, the only thing that both could do was comfort each other with no words, only and embrace that said everything that words can’t           

A ball where every important person from the kingdom gather, Counts, Dukes, Marquis, and any kind of noble were there. All there kingdom were in the expectation of what would be announce in the awaited 15 birthday of the prince. The only thing that they didn’t expect was the most tragedy in Sakae’s history. 3 deaths, 2 survivors and none suspect.

Jurina was wearing her white suit, made by the best dressmakers from the kingdom, and it was adorned with brilliant gold buttons, it was a suit that can only be used by someone of royalty.

She had never been so nervous like she was in that moment, she was in the waiting room waiting for Mayu to make their entrance in the big hall where everybody were waiting. But Mayu was nowhere see, all the servants were looking for her like crazy. They gave Jurina the order to just wait because she can get lost too, they weren’t in the castle, they were in a near ball house that was really big, Jurina couldn’t hold her impotence, maybe something had happened to Mayu, so she forgot about the orders again just because of Mayu and went out from the room to look for her fiancée.

She knew that the servants had already search in every single room, so she run to the only place that Mayu could be.

When she arrived to the garden, Jurina finally found the girl that she was looking for, but she wasn’t alone, she had seen the other girl in the castle, she was Shinoda’s best friend, but Jurina had never talked to her.

When she saw the way that Mayu looked at the other girl, her eyes were sparkle like she was seeing the most wonderful thing in earth, she then knew that she was the person that took away Mayu’s heart, and she could confirm it when she saw both kissing right in front of her, she didn’t knew how to react, her heart sink even more with the scene, she didn’t had the right to complain to Mayu, their engagement was only because of politic ends, that is why she only return her steps, accepting that she would never have Mayu’s love.

The ball ended pretty well, they were presented in front of everyone, and people only said how good it was to see them both together, Mayu and Jurina only could reply with fake smiles to everyone hiding their true feelings.

They were now in their way back to the castle, and it couldn’t be more awkward, in the carriage were the Queen and the King, Jurina, Mayu and Yuki, Shinoda supposed to come with them, but she had to leave first because something came up.

Anybody said a word, Jurina couldn’t help but analyze each part from Yuki, she was staring at her all the time and the other one just smile at her back. Mayu only saw the scene wondering why Jurina was doing that, she hadn’t told her about Yuki.

Suddenly the carriage made an abrupt movement that made it fall from a precipice.

Jurina slowly opened her eyes, her head and her body was in pain, when she could back to all her sense and remembered what happened, she looked around her just to find her parents all covered in blood, drops of blood came out from their heads, Jurina approached them just to confirm that they were dead. Fear and panic took over her body, the only thing she was thinking is where Mayu is and if she is ok, and at the thought that maybe something happen to her made her get even more scared.

She saw Mayu a little steps away, she got closer to her, she was unconscious, but she had several wounds and was losing too much blood, if someone didn’t heal her, she would bleed to dead. Jurina then started to drag her and screaming with all her might for help.

“Mayu please don’t leave me, I don’t care if you don’t love me, I don’t care take the throne, you said that you would be by my side, please don’t die, please” tears of desperation came out from Jurina’s eyes

“Prince” that was Yuki’s voice

“Yuki, help me taking her out o-” All of a sudden Jurina felt a stabbing pain under her collar bone, she touched the place and her hand got full of blood, her blood, her expensive withe suit was now cove with her blood, someone from nowhere see had shoot her, Jurina felt to the ground, her sight became blurry and the only thing that she could see was Yuki ear Mayu body.

Then when a little bit of her sense came back someone was dragging her, it was Yuki.

“What are you doing, let go, don’t worry about me save Mayu, save Mayu…”

Jurina couldn’t say anything more, she faint and the last thing she saw was Mayu’s body getting farther and farther.
Jurina woke up after being unconscious two weeks, they never found the culprit, Mayu and her parents had die. She never talked to Yuki or see her again after Mayu’s funeral, Yuki just stood there not a single tear was seen in her face, she was with a melancholic smile that never left her face. Since then Jurina never forget herself the fact that she couldn’t save Mayu, nor Yuki by saving her and not Mayu, after all Jurina thinks that she was the one that should have die there, the people that did it were after the Royal family.
Shinoda took the throne as the Queen, at least until Jurina turn 18 and marriage, because those were requirement for Jurina to take the throne.

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Can't I just use emojis to share my feelings about this chapter?? I'm too sad to be using words
 :cry: :cry: :cry: :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:

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First of all, thank you for updating this story  :hee: :hee:

But after reading this, now i can finally understand the situation..  :kekeke: :kekeke:

Jurina hate Yuki not because of Mayu loved her, but bcz Yuki didn't save mayu like literally leave her dead,

this chapter is really.......  :err: :err: :err: :err: :err: :err:

But we dont know for sure from Yuki's POV tho :D
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Exactly, and the next chapter everything will be know

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Its so saaad :(
I cant wait for the next chapter :)

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I didn’t know what to say, how is it possible that some one can hold so much pain being so young, and even so be so kind, through all the history Jurina didn’t shed any tears, but every time that she said Mayu’s name I could feel all her pain in her voice.
I was looking straight into her eyes, all the sadness and pain could be see, and I was feeling how my own heart was suffering too, I could only wish be by her side and take away that look from her eyes.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I am telling you this, I just feel like I could be myself with you”

Jurina then broke the connection between our eyes and turn her gaze to her hands, I wanted to embrace her, and I wanted to share her pain. All my life I had been selfish, I had everything that I wanted, and I could only care my well-being, but I can’t understand what I happening with me in this moment, for the first time in my life I feel someone’s pain like mine.

My body was moving by itself, the only thing that I wanted was comfort her and be by her side, but before I could put my arm around her another voice echoed in the room, her voice made Jurina changed her expressions to and anger own, and then she stood up to face Kashiwagi Yuki

“I see, so that’s why you hate me”

“What else did you expect?”

The melancholic voice that Jurina had was replaced with one full of hate, I didn’t knew what to do in this situation, it was the same scene that happened in the afternoon, but I had the feeling that this one is not going to end well.

Jurina and Yuki were facing each other.

“You should listen to my version of the story Jurina”

“There is no need for me to listen to you, I saw how you leaved Mayu died, you don’t deserve her lov-“

Before Jurina could end what she was saying Yuki’s fist hit Jurina’s face, I was completely I in shock, Jurina felt to the ground with the impact, and Yuki’s expression changed for the first time, anger and pain was everything that her expression said.

“She was the most precious thing that I had” Her voice tone had change too, there was no sign of the friendly and calm tone she had before.

Jurina stood up from the floor, in the edge of her lips was a scratch that was bleeding. Jurina then approached to Yuki and hit her too, the most surprising thing is that Yuki didn’t tried to dodge the punch.

“Then why you left her die, why didn’t you saved her”

Shouted Jurina know with tears falling from her eyes, At the same time Yuki hit again Jurina’s check, neither her tried to dodge it.

“Of course I prefer to save her instead of a little brat like you, but Mayu didn’t think the same”

When I saw the last punch that Jurina received I thought that it went too far, I had to stop them, I was going to do it, but when I started to walk a hand took me from my shoulder stopping my steps, I turned my face to see who it was, the queen Shinoda was behind me, this was the second time I saw her, she was a completely mystery for me. She always was in her office or in a trip, the only time I saw her was from afar, I had never talked to her before. Her aura was completely intimidating, plus her tall figure piercing eyes, she had the perfect image of the queen that I read in history books.

“Do not stop them yet, this is something that both need” Was what she said.

Jurina and Yuki didn’t stop shouting things and punching each other, it was like if they let out through the pain all the feeling that they had repressed. Each time that Jurina was punch I couldn’t help but closing my eyes, I didn’t wanted to see how her face was in pain.

After a couple of minutes that felt like hours, finally Shinoda intervened.

“Ok that’s enough”

With Shinoda’s words, Yuki and Jurina stopped their fight and turned to face her, both had scratches in their lips, and in the morning their sure will have bruises.

“It’s time that you both let go the past, none of you is guilt of what happened and you” saying to Jurina “You need to listen Yuki’s version, believe me she have been suffering to much for what happened that night too”

Jurina didn’t say a thing, she was facing the floor, Yuki, like Shinoda and I were looking at Jurina waiting for her answer.

“I will listen”

“Ok, let me start then”


I have always loved flowers, I felt comfortable around them, it doesn’t matter how hard it rains o how burning the sun was, they will always look beautiful. That’s why the only place where I went when I wanted to relax was the garden, but since I found a gorgeous girl that have those dreamy eyes that I always love to lose in, flowers took another meaning, every time I saw a flower it wasn’t pace what I felt anymore, it was her face and her smile what comes to my mind.

The first time I saw Mayu in the castle I couldn’t believe that a human being could be so perfect, her skin looks like porcelain, and I even thought that if I touched her she would break.

I loved spend my evenings with her, although we didn’t agree to meet each other in the garden, because for some reason it wasn’t necessary to say it. I always told her about my boring stories, and I knew that she was boring, even so, every time I ended one she asked me to tell her another, I couldn’t be more happy at those moments knowing that she loved to spend time with me as much as I do, even if I just talk about boring things. With the passing of spring and our chats in the garden, it happened the inevitable, I fall in love with her.

But our happy moments didn’t last long, in the Prince’s 15 birthday Mayu’s engagement was announce, I already knew I month before, I knew that the best for both was stop seeing her, like that our separation wouldn’t be more painful, I always repeat myself “Just one last time”, but I couldn’t hold on my wish to see her, although my brain gave the orders to my body, my heart had all control over me.

The ball was being held in a huge house ball out from the castle, I was in the garden it wasn’t as beautiful like the castle’s one, but it’s better than nothing, I was here hoping that flowers could took away my worries as they used to, but the only thing that brings me is nostalgia and melancholic, this place reminds me what I used to have and love, and that tonight I am going to lose.

With the corners of my eyes I saw how a small figure was approaching me, it wasn’t any figure, she was owner of my thoughts and the one who would take away a part of me tonight.

“What are you doing here Mayu?, they must be looking for you”

“I was looking for you, Yuki” her voice was a little husky and her eyes a little red, she have been crying.

“You know that we can’t see each other anymore”

My own words made my heart sink, but I had to be strong for Mayu’s sake, she wasn’t someone that could hurt people on the contrary, she would always sacrifice her own happiness, that’s why I had to be strong for both.

“I know, but I just wanted to see you one more time… I have to tell you something”

“Mayu this is not the mom-“

My words were cut be Mayu’s lips over mine, it took me a moment to realize what was happening, and my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t believe it was possible. I was kissing Mayu, her lips were completely soft and sweet, and without realizing I found myself closing my eyes and placing my hand in her neck to make the kiss deeper, I didn’t wanted to let her go, I wanted to run away with her to a place where we could be together and live happy ever after, I didn’t want that someone else could taste her lips.

The lack of air was the only excuse to make our kiss stop, even though our foreheads were softly touching each other, and for the first time in the night I felt happiness by being this close with her.

“I love you Yuki, I always did and I always will”

Mayu said it with a smile in her face, but there were tear in her eyes, it was our first and last kiss, it wasn’t necessary to say that this was a goodbye, I wouldn’t be see her this close again, I will not be caressing her silky skin like I was in this moment. When I was about to give my reply, Mayu interrupt me.

“I don’t want to listen your answer, it would be more painful and there would not be anything that make me leave your side”

Mayu buried her head in my chest and started to cry, my instincts made me embrace her right away.

“Just promise me that when you remember me and the time we spent together you will smile, because I was really happy when I was with you, and I am going to remember it with a smile”

“I promise”

Then she just left, the warmness that I felt had already gone with Mayu, and a part of my heart too.

Through all the ball party my gaze never leaved Mayu, although I wanted avoid it, my eyes always fallowed her everywhere. I had never cared about social status, even if I was born in one of the most prestigious families in kingdom I never give it to much importance, but for the first time in this night my only wish was stand in the prince’s place and could take Mayu’s hand and let everyone know that she is mine.

The way back to the castle couldn’t have been more uncomfortable and awkward, I even shouldn’t be here, it was support for me to go on a different carriage, but since Shinoda left before, the kings offered me her place, and of course I couldn’t reject them. But I wasn’t expected that Mayu and the prince were there to. The prince for some reason was staring at me the whole time, I was really uncomfortable with that, but I didn’t wanted to argue so I just smiled at her. Suddenly the carriage made some abrupt movements and felt from a precipices. When I opened my eyes I was some meters away from the carriage, I heard someone screaming for help, I walked there as soon as I could waiting the worst.

I found that the person who was screaming was the prince, and when I saw her my heart stopped, Jurina was dragging Mayu who was unconscious and drops of blood were falling from her head, I was frozen in my place I didn’t knew how to react seeing the love of my life in that state.

“Yuki, help me taking her out o-” A bang that made me come back to reality echoed, someone had shoot the prince, she felt to the ground, the situation become worst, Mayu and the prince were injured and I could see the kings anywhere. I had to take a decision, I couldn’t follow the logic, my decision was selfish but there was no way that I let Mayu die.

I approached her, I was going to carry her, but suddenly she opened her eyes a little bit, the relief that I felt made my knees week and I felt to the ground, with my shaking hand I took her face in my hand and tried to wipe the blood.

“You will be alright Mayu, I will take you out of here” My voice was shaking to because of my tears and the fear to lose her was too much.

She looked around with confuse gaze, but when she saw Jurina’s body it changed to shock one.

“What happened to Jurina?” I barely could hear what she said, her body was weak because of the blood she was losing, she needed help immediately.

“She was shoot, but I think she is still alive”

With my answer Mayu’s eyes widen in shock, she tried to approach Jurina’s body but she felt because of the weakness.

“Don’t you move too much I will take you out of here”


Mayu released from my grip.

“Save Jurina, if the prince dies is the end of the Sakae”

I couldn’t accept what she was asking me, there was no way that I let her die and save other person, not matter who it is

“No, I will save Mayu”

“Yuki please”

She started to close her eyes, I could see how her life was ending.

“No no no, I love you Mayu, don’t die please, I will save you” I couldn’t hold my tears any more, but Mayu was smiling

“I am happy, after all I did wanted to hear you saying it, now leave please and save Jurina that is my wish, who did this should be around, I love you Yuki, I will always will”

And then she just faint, I will never forgive myself for what I did next, but I had to fulfil Mayu’s wish, after kissing her lips that now were cold and lifeless for the last time, I took the prince’s body, and I started to walk leaving behind Mayu, I could heard that Jurina was saying something, but I couldn’t hear anything, if I looked back I would be more painful.

Mayu had died, and the king’s body was found too, and there was not any suspect or at least a clue from the guilty.
Since then there is always an emptiness in me, it was where Mayu was, during all her funeral I kept a smile in my face, after all I promise her that I will always smile with her memories, and that was the only thing that I had, her memories.


I only could see the scene from afar, the simple fact of hearing Yuki’s story between tears, made me feel all the pain that both have been through. Unlike Yuki, Jurina didn’t say a word. She was standing there with an empty gaze and looking a blank space in the room. Shinoda approached to both and said them

“You both have been suffering too much, none of you is guilty for what happened, she always looked for the happiness of both, and it’s time to move on, that I s what she wants”

Then she faced me and say

“Rena treat Jurina’s wounds, I will take care of Yuki”

“Ok” How is that she knows me name, is the first time that we talk. Seeing that Jurina still didn’t move, I took her hand and dragged her out of the room, she was like an empty body.

When we arrived to the room where all the medicines were, I told her to sit while I searched for some cotton and alcohol. Then I sit in front of her and started to clean the little cuts.

I thought that she was going at least react to the alcohol in her wounds, but there was not a single movement, until I started to clean a scratch in her check, I little tear was rolling down, and when I turn my gaze to her eyes, they were full of tears. She then lay down her forehead in my shoulder, my heart was racing because of the proximity, and I could smell the sweet smell from the first time we met.

“Let me stay like this for a moment, let me be weak just in front of you, is just for a moment”

Her body was trembling because of the sobbing, and my shoulder was getting a little wet. I couldn’t hold it anymore and wrapped my hands around her shoulders in embrace and she started to cry harder, for the first time in 3 years she finally let out all the sorrow that she’s been holding.
My heart was hurting in my chest, looking at her so weak and broken made me wish stay by her side and take her sadness away. 
Hi, with this chapter all Mayu's thing and Jurina's past is over and the sad thing too, this is like the first arch of the history i hope that you've been liking it, thanks for reading  :) :)

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I'm sorry for thinking Yuki was the 'bad guy' :kneelbow:
Such a good story. Yet it's a sad one :on speedy: Now Jurina had learnt the truth

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told you that Yuki isnt bad guy at all

what will jurina do after this? hmmm...
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Yiki must be very sad right? What will be happened with Yuki? Will she be single until the end? Jurina really trust Rena right? She can cry in front of her.
Thank you For update
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Yuki must be very sad right? What will be happened with Yuki? Will she be single until the end? Jurina really trust Rena right? She can cry in front of her.
Thank you For update
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Some days have passed since I knew the truth from what happened 3 years ago, and I don’t know if it was a good thing or not to know, I still had regret because I couldn’t do anything to save Mayu, but after all Mayu gave her life to saved me, what Shinoda said was completely truth, it is time to move one and accept
Mayu’s death and continue with my life that was stuck in the past.

When I entered in the kitchen, the first thing that I saw was Rena’s back, she was cooking, since what she saw the last night I noticed that Rena was trying to cheer me up, some moments she did silly jokes, but it were kind of fun because of that silliness, she even looked kind of cute doing it and that do cheered me up a little bit. In other occasions I found my office completely clean and some work already done, I think that she believes that I don’t realize the thing that she do, and even she tried to hide it.

“What are you cooking today?” I asked her while a sit in my favorite place where I could see her clumsy movements while cooking

“It’s a surprise”

Another thing that Rena did for me to “cheer me up” was that she cooked my breakfast every morning, usually I ate a simple thing like an apple or something small, but since Rena noticed it she took that like an excuse to cook for me every morning. What she cooked were all kind of combinations of thing and flavors that I had never seen that made me have some kind of expectations every morning.

“Here you go” Said Rena while she placed a plateful of spaghettis but with a reddish touch, it looked kind of suspicions, that color is not normal and Rena’s ability to cook is not really good

“Why is it red?” I was kind of mistrustful, is not normal for spaghettis to be red.

“Just try it and don’t ask”

After taking a breath I get ready to eat from those reddish spaghettis, I had a feeling that when I ate this I definitely will get sick. I hold my breath and chewed the food, at a beginning I thought that I had dodge another bullet with today’s food because it taste pretty normal, but after 10 seconds my tongue was burning, the temperature of my body went up and I could feel how my face was becoming completely red, those spaghettis were spicy as hell. Even so I keep my modals and I limited myself to just frown.

“And? How is it?” Rena asked my with expectation in her face and with sparkle in her eyes, I didn’t wanted that she felt bad, every morning was the same, she cooked something strange that taste kind of bad, but my answer was always the same too.

“It’s delicious” Rena smiled like she always do when I gave her my answer, I wait every morning not for the food but for her smile, that was the real thing that cheer me up every day, her smile was the only thing that I really needed. The door was heard and Kashiwagi Yuki was the person who in

“Ahh my wonderful morning have just ruined” Was the first thing day I said with touch of annoyance in my voice

The atmosphere between she and me was kind of tense, but not like it was before, I can’t tell that we get along nor that we hate, something has definitely change.

“I don’t like have to see you all morning little brat” She reply smiling and with that calm tone that I really hate.

“Then why you just don’t stop coming here”

“Because I love irritate you”

I could hear Rena’s giggle, at a beginning she tried to stop us from arguing, but I guess that at some point she just gave up and realized that it was the relationship between Yuki and I.

A second person entered to the kitchen, this time I was surprise to Aiko, she was the most close to a mother that I have, but lately she been getting sick. Aiko always tried her best with her duties in the castle, but is just too big and Aiko refuse to accept help.

“Aiko I told you that you should rest today, you haven recover yet” I told her sighing because I knew that she will refuse

“Someone has to take care of the Castle” I knew it and I sight again

“I can do it Aiko” Said Rena

“I can help too” I said joining to Rena

“Ok, if you both want to help, then go to the town and buy the groceries, lately there are arriving many people”

I didn’t expected that request, I thought that I would only have to wash some dishes and do my bed or something easy like that, but have to do all the trip to the town, search for the things and then carriage them back is something that I really don’t want to do

“Yeah I remember that I have someth-“

“Ok we will do it, let’s go Jurina” Rena cut my words and started to walk, so we are really going   

“Wait” I started to follow her when she was kind of far

“Rena listen to me” Suddenly she stopped and turned around, I was walking kind of fast that is why I hadn’t enough time to stop and when I realized it our faces and out bodies were so close that I could feel her hot breathing in my face. The time froze and I even forget what I was going to say, the only thing that I had in mind was her perfect features that I could she perfectly because of our closeness, I tried to memorized every edge of her face, her small nose, her smooth skin, her long eyelashes, I was sure that angels must look like her, without realizing it my hand placed behind her ear a loose strand of hair and then rest on her check 

“You are so gorgeous” I couldn’t contain the words in my mouth, I could see how her checks were blushing and that was what made me got out from my trance and realized of what I was doing, I gave a step back feeling how me face was turning red.

“H-horses, is faster if we go in horses”

I couldn’t help but to avoid her gaze and looked to another directing trying to hide my embarrassment face.

She only nodded and started to follow me, I tried to calm down my heart that was racing wildly in my chest, but I didn’t help to much the fact that we had to go in the same horse because Rena didn’t knew how ride one, all the way to the castle I felt her breast pushing in my back and I wonder if it was healthy for my heart to by pounding for so much time, when we finally arrived I could rest and my pulse came back to normality.

While we were walking there were an awkward silence between the two of us, none of us tried to say something, and I always kept my gaze in the front but sometimes I gave a peck with the corner of my eyes, to try to cut silence I tried with a safe question

“Do you feel comfortable in the castle?”

“Yes I do, everyone is really kind and I am having fun” Rena answered with a little grin in her lips

“If you need something you can always tell me ok?”

“Got it, thank you”

“Wait for me here I will buy the things it wouldn’t take too much”

I told her while I entered to the store, it would be faster if I do it alone. After taking everything that was in the list, simple thing like carrots, tomatoes, milk and that kind of stuffs I paid, she lady insisted on give it to my for free being the prince, but I didn’t like to use my position for this kind of stuffs, so in the end I paid her for the food

When I got our Rena was in some benches not far away, but a man was talking to her, and seeing Rena’s expression it didn’t look like a friendly chat, lately the cases of missing women is increasing, Felling a wave of protectiveness towards her I speed up my steps and approached them. I took Rena’s hand and placed her behind me and then I faced the men with rage in my gaze.

“Is there any problem” I asked him with a monotonous tone trying to control my anger.

“P-prince, n-no I was just talking yes talking, well bye” He disappeared immediately from the place, without saying nothing I started to walk to where we leaved the horses but without release the grip from Rena’s hand, her hand was cold and really small, and I could feel a little tickling in my stomach with that simple touch.

When we arrived I turn around to face her and making sure that she was ok, I took her other hand and I couldn’t help but started to gently brushed them with my thumbs trying to calm her.

“Are you ok?” She just nodded       

“I am sorry I shouldn’t have left you alone, lately is becoming dangerous to coming alone here” I admitted facing the ground

“Don’t mind it, and you came just in time” I didn’t said anything more but still I was feeling guilty.

In our way to the castle I was a little bit calmer, and that is because what we bought were in the middle of Rena and I, but even though it looks like my day wouldn’t end happily yet, and that is because suddenly it started to rain really hard and we were half way to the castle, I knew and abandoned house in a divert road, so without having any other option I speed up to the house. Even so we couldn’t avoid get completely wet, I tie the horse making sure that it didn’t wet and then we entered to the house.

Since I was a child and I passed in front of the house it always were empty, and it had an scary aura, when we in it didn’t had any source of light and was really dirty, it was an abandoned house and it made me feel uneasy. Rena and I were completely soak because of the rain, exploring the place surprisingly I found some clothes, it wasn’t too much but if we continue using our clothes we will get sick for sure.

“Take this, is just while we wait till the rain stops” I told Rena giving her the clothes, she stood there staring at me like trying to say something, until she cleared her throat I understood what she was trying to tell me.

“Oh I am sorry I will turn around so you can change” my brain is not working well today.

I could listen the movements of her clothes being removed and for some reason my heart was pounding, and I was having thoughts that I shouldn’t, in what moment do I become a pervert, even if I was trying with all my might not to look back, I couldn’t help but to take a peek.

My heart started to beat even harder if that was possible and my throat was drying, and my feet become weaker, all that and even more is what Rena’s bare back provoked in me, her skin looked completely smooth without any imperfection, every inch of her skin were more than perfect and I could just wonder how it would feel in under my fingertips.

I turn around my head when I realize what I was doing, Matsui Jurina prince of Sakae FOCUS! I what I told myself, but the imagen of her smooth back was burn in my mind.

A couple of hours passed and the rain didn’t seemed signs to stop, and it was probably 5 or 6 pm because it was getting dark, if the rain didn’t stopped we will have to spend the night here since is dangerous going out so late in the night, the house didn’t have a decent place to lay down that’s why we were sitting in the floor. Rena were a some inches away from me and I could see how she was shivering, and its logic since we are halfway through fall and there is not a blanket or something we can use. So I did the most logic thing to do in these situations

“Rena” I called her attention and when she faced me I made a gesture with my head to make her approached me, Rena hesitating a little bit sit beside me, then I moved my body behind her with my legs around her body and then I slithered my hands around her waist embracing her.

“You are frozen aren’t you? Like this we can get a little warm” From behind I could see how her ears were becoming red and I was getting intoxicated with her sweet smell I could get addicted to it. Her slim waist fit perfectly in my arms and even if it was really cold all that I could feel was how I my body was getting warm

“Thank you very much for trying to cheer my up” I could feel her body tensing up when I whispered in her ear.

“So you realize it…”She indeed was trying to hide it, I giggle a little bit she was really cute.

“Actually it was pretty obvious”

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you”

“In fact I really like it, including your bad cooking abilities”

“I knew that you didn’t like it, why did your ate it then” She said with a pout, how could she be so adorable

“How is that you knew it?” I said trying to control my laughs by Rena’s expressions.

“You never finished all the food even if you said it was delicious that’s why I started to suspect, and I confirm it today with those spaghettis, I made them really spicy, there was no way that you could like it” I was surprise Rena was really intelligent.

“Well, it was indeed really spicy, even now my tongue hurt a little bit” she giggle a little bit and I thought that there was not better sound.

“I am sorry, I will stop doing it then” She said with a little regret in her tone

“No, please continue cooking for me” I said while a tight a little bit my grip in her waist

“But it taste bad” Her tone was confuse now

“Even so keep doing it” I couldn’t said her that I what I wanted was to see her smile it would be really embarrassing.

“Ok, I will try my best” I just nodded 

After another hours the rain didn’t stopped and I accept the idea that we will have to spend the night here, Rena had already fall asleep, and my eyes were closing too, even if the situation or place wasn’t really good, it wasn’t so bad if I was with Rena.

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Oohh Wmatsui alone time. Alone. In an empty house. Wet. Cold.  :shy2: :shy2:

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Little by little opened my eyes getting use to the sun light, which is unusual because in my room doesn’t filter to much light, but then I realized that I wasn’t in my room and I could smell a cherry essence a slightly breathing was hitting against my cheek and someone was embracing me around my wrist from behind, then the memories from what had happened came back to my mind, and I realized that the sweet essence and the slim but strong arms around me belong to Jurina and I couldn’t helped but smile at that fact. She was still sleeping and my gaze were on her hands, these were bigger than mine and her fingers were long and elegant.
At some point I found myself playing with her fingers and then I couldn’t help but to intertwine our fingers, even if it was really cold I could feel how my heart was warming with that simple act.

Everything that had been happing since I came to this era looks like a movie, I had met a prince so gentle and kind, but at the same time she was empty and lonely, that every time I saw her eyes and her piercing gaze met my eyes my heart race wildly in my chest. I felt protective and secure around her, I felt that if I need anyone or if I was in danger she would always will came to save me, just like happened yesterday.


The last time that I were in the town, I couldn’t appreciate the beauty that the era has because of the shock that I had in that moment. The architecture, the way that people dress, talk and how elegant they are, is completely different from XXI century, and is really beautiful, even the houses or buildings were colorful and with that vintage touch, plus the expensive clothes that people wear, the horses and carriage for all the place were something that really amused me.

My eyes were looking all over the place while I waited for Jurina, I was really enjoying just by standing there until a man approached me, he clearly hadn’t take a bath and I could smell the alcohol that he sure has been drinking.

“Hi there wonderful lady” He told me while he started to invade my personal space

“Good morning” I limit to said just that while I tried to step away a little bit

“Are you lost? I know a place where we can go” and the he smiled at me and I almost vomit, his breath stinks and some teeth were missing, it was really disgusting, and I was starting to get scared, after all everything in this era is not so beautiful.

“No, I’m waiting for someone”

“Who would leave a beautiful lady waiting, come with me we can have a good time” he was approaching more and more, I was in panic but then a hand took mine and pull me, it was a sensation that I already knew, the security in Jurina’s presence and the warmness of her hand was the only thing I needed, all the fear that I had before were gone when Jurina was by my side.

After the man ran away after he saw Jurina, we started to walk in silence where the horses were, I thought that Jurina maybe was mad, after all I didn’t do anything, the only thing that I had to do was run away, but the fear took my body and I couldn’t move my feet

“Are you ok?” Jurina’s voice took me out from my thoughts, and without realizing it we already arrived, I just nodded, I was incapable to look at her eyes.

“I am sorry I shouldn’t have left you alone, lately is becoming dangerous to coming alone here” I was really surprise with Jurina’s words. She wasn’t mad with me, on the contrary, she was feeling guilty.

“Don’t mind it, and you came just in time” She just nodded, but I could see in her eyes that she was still feeling guilty.


I felt that if I was in danger or if I needed something or someone I could count on Jurina, even if I came all alone to this world, I didn’t feel lonely, because I had Jurina with me, and it was something that even in my era I hadn’t.

Jurina started to wake up, in a rush I tried to let go of her hand, but to my surprise she thigh the grip in our hands, the she stretched a little bit and gave a little yawn and with her free hand she rub a little bit her eyes, the image of a puppy came to my mind, and it was a really unusual image of her, that usually looks serious.

“Hey” her voice echoed really close in my ears, for this moment I thought that I was already used to her husky voice in the mornings, but listened to it from this closed made my heart skip a beat.

“Good morning” She then smiled at my with her cat like smile, some gestures and expressions that Jurina sometimes did, doesn’t match with the image that I had of her, she even made some puns, or the fact that she really love sweet things.

“Jurina we have to go back, they must be worry” I said when I felt that her body was starting to relax, she was falling asleep again.

“Yes I’m sorry, I’m not good with mornings” And then we started to stand up and made our way to the horse, but in any moment Jurina let go of my hand neither did I, and it just felt so natural, but at the same time I did my heart jump of joy, and every second that I spend with Jurina I feel the same, I couldn’t stop wondering what does this mean, but one thing is for sure, I didn’t want it to stop.

The way back to the castle was not too long, and when the works saw us, I could see relief in their faces, and is something normal and logic to conclude, after all the prince didn’t come back in one night, and if you think about what happened 3 years ago, clearly someone tried to killed her. It were in that kind of situations that I really wished to have a cellphone.

“Jurina Rena where have you’ve been, you can’t imagine how worry we all were” Aiko said running to us and looking us from head to toesearching some injured.

“We are really sorry if we worry you too much, the storm took us in the middle of the road, we took shelter in the abandoned house from the drift, and when the rain finally stopped it was dangerous to come back” Explain Jurina while we were walking and Aiko was behind us

“That explain those clothes” Said Aiko in a whisper and looking at us with a mischievous glare, like if she know all our sins, then she lay the gaze in our still intertwine hands and that was what made me realized why she was looking at us like that. With my face red like a tomato I let go Jurina’s hand.

“I… I will go to my room, see you later” I could hear how Aiko giggled and Jurina had a confused expression in her face.

I get out from there as fast as I could run, feeling my heart beating faster and faster in my chest. How is it that I didn’t realize it until now?, Aiko’s gaze like accomplice gave me all the answers that I was looking for, the because my heart went wild every time Jurina was near, why I look her happiness with so much might, why with just one look from her everything around me disappear and the only thing that matter where her piercing eyes. I liked Jurina, I was falling for her, and probably I have been falling for her since the first time that I saw her.

I stood there watching how Rena ran out like a bullet to her room, I wonder I something had happened to her, her face was really red, maybe she did get sick after all.

“Aiko, can you check on Rena, I think that she could have got sick” I said with concern in my voice

“Don’t you worry she is not sick” She answered with a grin in her face

“How can you know that” Her smile didn’t feel well, it was like if she knows something that I don’t, and that made me anxious

“Mmmm intuition” I was going to ask her for a logic answer, I wasn’t satisfy with that kind of answer, but before I could say something more Aiko cut my words

“By the way, Haruka have already arrived” When I heard her good news I let pass what I had in mind before, those were a really good news, I wouldn’t have more preoccupations with Paruru (like I call her) around.

“Really? Where is she I want to see her” I couldn’t hide my emotion that could be seen clearly in my voice

“I don’t know. You know her, she disappears in one second, but don’t worry, she told me that she would talk to you in your office in the afternoon” I should have imagine it, her behavior reminds me a cat.

“Alright, does Shinoda know that she is here?”

“I think so, at least Yuki already talk to her, so I think that she told Shinoda”

“Fine, I will take a bath then and… I am sorry if I made you worry too much” Since the incident of years ago the security around me increased considerably, moreover, I wasn’t able to go to the town by my own until 5 months ago, I had to beg to Shinoda for her permission.

“It’s ok, I understand what happened, but please take care of yourself” I just nodded to what Aiko told me, then she left me alone in my room, remembering everything that happened in that morning I could tell that this is going to be a good day.

I walked as fast as I could to get to my room, the simple thought that I like someone for the first time in my life were enough for me to have a bright smile. So it’s like this how it feels like, Airin was right when she said that I wouldn’t recognize myself, I can’t believe what I am feeling in this moment is just what I swore to myself that didn’t exist, but it didn’t bother me, on the contrary I was happy, I could find love, the only thought made me feel tickling in my stomach, I wanted to see Jurina, I wanted to be with her, and I already know why.

In my way to my room someone was in the middle of the hallway, she was looking through the window, and she was so beautiful that the scene looked something out of a movie, I stopped my tracks instinctive, her presences was to overwhelming, she had small features and piercing eyes that resembles a cat, and her aura was mysterious. She then faced me, her glare scanned from head to toe, and when our eyes met she smile at me, but that smile send chills to my body, I had a bad feeling about her

Wanted to run away from her intimidating look I turn back to my tracks, greeting her with a simple bow and she did the same, when I thought that I had already escape a hand took mine and pull me back, the last thing that I knew was that the girl was inches away from my faces, her expression was completely serious and terrify, and what she told me let me frightened.

“I don’t know who you are or what are you doing her, but I can tell that you are hiding something, I’ll keep an eye on you”

Then she walked away with the same calm expression that she had, leaving me completely dumbfounded. I just stood there, I was sure that my face was even more pale if that is possible, my feet lose the straight and I felt to the ground, fear took place all over me, what had just happened bring me back to reality where

I was in XV century and not in XXI, I wasn’t falling for a normal person, I was falling for a prince, and I didn’t belong to this place. And finally what most was shocking me was that mysterious girl, she knows something, but that is not possible, is impossible for her to know that I traveled in time, but what if she knows it, would she tell Jurina that I’ve been lying since the beginning.

Just one moment ago I was feeling so happy with the thought of seeing Jurina, but now it terrifies me, what if she thinks that I am a witch or something and hates me because I lie to her, the only thing that I could feel in that moment was panic and fear.

“And? What do you think about her?” Asked Shinoda with curiosity and a little bit of expectation in her tone

“I don’t like her” Answered almost immediately Shimazaki Haruka with her typical salty tone

“What so fast!?” Said Shinoda with exaltation and surprise in her face

“She is hiding something, and I don’t like it” Explain Haruka now with a thoughtful mien

“Are you sure of that”

“You know that I am never wrong, I don’t know why you chose her. You don’t even know a lot about her”

Shinoda giggle a little bit, anyone can’t get to know what she is thinking nor understand a lot of her decisions or orders, but at the end everything makes sense, that is why everyone trust her.

“You just wait and you’ll see” Reply Shinoda now with a calm and relax tone, typical and necessary in Queens and Kings, the kind of tone and gaze that make you feel that everything would be ok                                 

“If you say so…” Was the last thing Haruka said after sigh audibly and getting out from the room.

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I really really really love it
Its sooo romantic .. Asap asap pleasee i cant wait

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That clueless prince :nervous :nervous
Rena knows that she can't be with Jurina since she herself was not a person from the XV century  :on speedy: :on speedy:
Paru knows somethings is not right about Rena's presence  :shock: :shock:

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Amazing story i ever see
Updates pleasee.. I cant wait . ,

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updaete sooon!

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Hi, thanks for your comments, it really encourage me to write more, i hope you like the chapter  :twothumbs :twothumbs


After make up my mind while I had a shower and calm down, I thought on the situation and what should I do, I had to think everything, my main problem in a first moment was that girl, thinking it better, there is no way for her to know who really I am, a normal person wouldn’t think or believe that someone came from the future without a logical explanation. Having that in mind, the only thing that I have to do is ac naturally, anyway I don’t know who is she either or how could she affect me, maybe can be a simple passing through, because people use to came here one or two nights for business or political issues.

And my second problem that doesn’t torment my mind but do in some place in my heart, Jurina, even if I am calm and thinking it once and once again, I can’t find an answer to what should I do. I know that I should stay away as soon as possible, but that is the last thing I want, moreover, I want to be more with her, the simple thought of her liking me back occupy all my fantasies, but then again reality hit me, I was lying to her and taking advantage of her kindness and that make me feel guilty, still I just can’t tell her the truth.

For the moment I would lay aside the bad thoughts, finally I like someone, and I haven’t enjoy enough this feeling that tickle my stomach. With that positive thinking and creating hundreds of situation kind of cheesy that only happens in manga, I was heading to Jurina’s office, even if I know that what I am going to do is boring, this was the only moment in the day where I spent most time with Jurina, and without realizing it this was the moment that I most expected the day.

When I was already in front of the door, I could hear strange sounds coming from the inside, it was like if someone was chasing another person, like n the typical game where you run after your friends, but that game require of two or more persons as minimum and I can’t imagine Yuki or Aiko playing with Jurina to catch me, I even couldn’t imagine Jurina playing it, so what was those sounds?
After an internal debate that I had, wondering if I should in or not, hesitating I opened the door.

My heart ached with the scene that I saw, Jurina had trapped the mysterious girl by the neck, while the other girl had her hand in Jurina’s face trying to distance her face from Jurina’s, because from what I could see, Jurina was trying to kiss her. My mind was looking for an explanation to where it wasn’t what it looks like, maybe it’s a way of communication, but Jurina never behave like that, and what I can deduce from what I saw in the other girl, she neither acts like that, then it can only be an explanation, and I don’t like it.

“Ah Rena you are here” Jurina then let go from her grip to the other girl after realized my presence, the other girl had a poker face, but I knew that she was analyzing my reactions and movements, I had to stay calm. Using my acting skills, I buried the desire that I had of running away from the room and I answered calmly

“Yes, I am sorry if I interrupted something I will leave now” I felt how my vice trembled at the end of the sentence, I was really thankful for those expensive acting lessons that my parents made me took when I was a child.

“No wait, you didn’t interrupt something” Jurina stopped me when I was going out from the room

“Let me introduce you, she is Shimazaki Haruka, she would be my counselor when I take the throne, she was in a personal travel, some kind of vacations, she arrived just today” I could sense excitement on Jurina’s tone and that made that my desire to run away increase.

“Paruru, she is Rena, she’s been helping me some time ago” She even had a nickname for her

The mysterious girl that now that now I know is call Haruka approached me, I thought that she was going to say something like the last time, but she just stretched her hand to me, waiting for me to take it.

“It’s a pleasure… Rena” Suspiciously I took her hand too

“Pleasure is mine… Haruka” I knew if Jurina wasn’t there, our conversation wouldn’t over in just a greet, I could tell that because our stare wasn’t too friendly, it was the kind of stare that you have with your rival, at least that was how I felt it.

Since then the only time that I had alone with Jurina become a time for three people, I couldn’t find a moment to be alone with her because somehow Haruka was always there, like if she was Jurina’s bodyguard, and the worst is that it looks like Jurina didn’t bother it. Sometimes I wish I could just take Jurina’s hand and run away with her, but I couldn’t do any suspicious, Haruka followed every single one of my movements. Even in this moment where we were on Jurina’s office I could feel her gaze on my.

“I will go for some drinks” Jurina said while heading to the door and I started to feel the nervousness coming to my body, I knew that Jurina’s presence was the only thing that I some way protected me from Haruka, without realizing it, I developed some kind of fear for Haruka, her eyes didn’t expressed anything, but any time that I saw them I felt like if she could read my mind.

“No wait, I will go” And then I got out from the room, but in the corner of my eyes I saw Haruka smiling mischievously 


I stood there watching Rena’s back going out from the room, every time that she was not around me her image in my mind did, and the anxiety for see her again take control of all my wishes

“You’ve been looking at the door too much you now” Paruru took me out from my thoughts that lately were only for a person

“Really I didn’t notice it” I was pretty sure that I was blushing, the truth is that I was waiting for the moment where Rena came back for that door.

“Besides, you have that creepy smile all over your face, wait a minute, are you blushing?” I covered my blushing face with my hands to avoid that Paruru continue embarrassing me more.

“Stop looking at me, you should be working”

“You should too but you are looking at the door like a dumb”

Touché I couldn’t reply to that and a lot less telling her why I was distracted, not even I could understand my desire to by with Rena, so I just stay in silence, I knew that Paruru hadn’t finish speaking, and I was ready to reply her to let it be and forget the topic, but what she said leaved me speechless

“Do you like her?”

My eyes wide opened with her question which sounds more like an affirmation than a question, I hadn’t consider that possibility. I was just enjoying being around Rena, to see her gestures and funny faces that she does when she is too focus, to how she wrinkled her nose a little bit when she laugh and how she slightly bit her lip when something bother her. I didn’t want to define what I was feeling maybe because I didn’t wanted to limit it, or maybe because inside of me I was scared of what it could be, fear to get hurt again.

Paruru looked at me with half-closed eyes and with a thinking expression because of my silence, she was reading me, she always does and is something that I don’t like, no one can lie to her, and there was nothing that she couldn’t notice.

“Do you know who is she? How was her life before you met her? Who were her parents? What is what she want to do in a short term?” She kept bombarding me with questions about Rena, one after another I realized that in fact I don’t know anything about Rena, and it’s not that I think that she was a bad person or that she had bad intentions, is just that I was becoming anxious not knowing nothing about her.

“You should know her better Jurina, you have to learn that you can’t trust in a pretty face” I really hate when Paruru was right, and the problem is that she ever is right.

“How’s Yui?” I knew that with that name Paruru would leave a side the topic, after all she is her weakness                   

And just as I said with the mention of that name Paruru’s expression changed completely. Her factions relaxed and I almost can tell that a little smile was appearing in her lips, it was pretty magic the effect that Yui had in Paruru

“She is fine, she will arrive tomorrow. She said that she wanted to stay some time with her parents” Her salty tone were replaced with excitement, this was the kind of behavior that made Paruru adorable, but that is something that just that person can make.

“Mmmmm I see that you miss her too much don’t you, and it’s been just a few days” It was time for teasing her, a victorious smile formed in my lips when I saw how her cheeks were blushing.

“Shut up!!” I let out my laugh, Paruru can get to be kind of tsundere too.

What should I do, I twirled my long black hair anxiously, my mind was full with one million of ideas and thoughts. For one side some of them beg me to run away from here, to escape and forget about everything, the emotional pressure was too much and everything started since Haruka came, I felt threat by her. But in the other side, my thoughts didn’t wanted to give up, that was the part of my that didn’t wanted to let go the feeling that made my heart go crazy, that was the part of my that didn’t wanted to let go Jurina, because she has been my only  support since I came to this era.

It was in this kind of moments that I really wished Airin were here with me, I needed someone who I could tell all my problems and get advice, but I was all alone in the situation and that was driving me crazy.

“It looks like you have a lot of thing in your mind” Yuki sat down beside me in a bench in the garden, but like it was late autumn there was not a single flower to be seen, which make the place look a little gloomy. Even though I always saw Yuki in the garden, and there was no need to ask why she always came here.

“Well, I am having an internal battle with me”

“Some people have told me that I give really good advices” Her tone was kind of funny, like if it was meant to be a joke, but that made that I gain a kind of confidence to talk to her.

“Let’s say that I realized some feelings and now I don’t know what to do with them” Yet I didn’t gave her a lot of details, her gaze was in a lost point, I guess she was thinking what to say.

“So you already realized that you like Jurina” Her gaze came back to me with a little grin in her lips.  I couldn’t helped but blush

“H-how did you know?”

“Only a fool wouldn’t see it, when Jurina look at you, you blush immediately. You stare at her too much you know, and you have those sparkles in your eyes every time she is around, so yes it is pretty obvious” Was I really that obvious?, my embarrass grow and grow more, wait a minute, if I am that obvious it means that Jurina realized it.

“Don’t you worry Jurina is a fool so she haven’t realize I yet” Yuki said like if she could read my mind, it looks like when it is about Jurina, my acting skill couldn’t help me.

“You got me” I sight giving up, there was no way I could deny it.

“Then what is the problem?” Yuki became a little more serious, at this point I didn’t mind telling her my problem.

“Is that girl Haruka, I think that she doesn’t like me, and I feel like she is looking at me all the time” I omit the part of my secret for obvious reasons.

“That is her job after all you don’t have to worry about that Paruru must doubt in everyone around Jurina, and I think you know why” Even if she say that, it didn’t solve my problem, but I guess I can’t tell Yuki that Haruka knows that I hide something and that I’ve been lying since I came here. But there is this question that have been in my mind since the scene that I saw the other day. I wasn’t really sure ask it, at least Yuki should be able to help me with that.

“Mmm, how to say it, mmm well… do you know if there is something between Jurina and Haruka” I barely could tell it in a whisper. I couldn’t believe that I was doing such embarrassing question.

Yuki opened her in shock and then she started to laugh like really hard, and my embarrassment grow to indescribable levels, I was already regretting for have done that silly question.

“Why don’t you ask Jurina by yourself?” She said after have calmed down the laugh, I can’t believe that even if I went through shame I couldn’t get an answer.

“I have to go now, I am the best at giving advices right?” Asked Yuki while standing up from the bench, she really dare to ask that, I think that even her know that she sucks in that, she didn’t give me any advice at all.

“You are the best” Even if my tone was sarcastic, there was truth in what I said, even if I didn’t get any answer, this little chat helped me to relax and calm my mind.

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