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Author Topic: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection - Infinity II (Final Part) 170513  (Read 14786 times)

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New thread for me and Michael(MayukiIsLife)'s collabo fics!

(Note: Some of these works will be future projects that may or may not become official in the future. The fanfiction versions will be all AKB versions and may have slight differences from the official versions. Please support these fanfic versions and the official releases. ;) )

Table of contents
Bloody Rose
The Raging Waters *In progress*
Infinity II: Fiction (Completed)
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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection
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ganbatte ruka-san and michael-san
we will wait for you two :deco:
Matsui Rena <3
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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection
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Here's a summary of one of our upcoming projects! ;)


In the world, supernatural beings live in the shadows. Some monsters choose to take human form and try to coexist among us, but some of these creatures commit dastardly crimes. Protecting humans from these rebellious demons are the hunters of the Bloody Rose, whose soul purpose is to keep the balance between the human world and the demon world maintained. Now they face a new enemy who plans to let the demons of the Underworld wreck havoc in our world...


Look forward to it. :)

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - Bloody Rose) 151228
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woah  :w00t: :w00t: new story to wait   :) :) :)

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - Bloody Rose) 151228
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Can I add some summaries? Maybe the one that me, Mai-chan (EMPRE33) and you were working on?

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - Bloody Rose) 151228
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Can I add some summaries? Maybe the one that me, Mai-chan (EMPRE33) and you were working on?

Sure. ;)

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - Bloody Rose) 151228
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Can I add some summaries? Maybe the one that me, Mai-chan (EMPRE33) and you were working on?

Sure. ;)

Welp, since Ruka said so, here's a summary to an SKE Naval fanfic.

The Sakae Naval Fleet. One of the largest, and best within Japanese waters. With regiments that are tough to beat, the shores of Aichi prefecture are always safely protected. However, when a large scale event took place and took the life of a monumental member, causing the fleet to shake emotionally and physically. Once the fleet was shaken, a new, strong and technologically advanced rival appears, ready for a fight when they see it.

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - The Raging Waters) 151228
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fleets as like in KanColle ? .-.

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Summary - The Raging Waters) 151228
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fleets as like in KanColle ? .-.

Yeah, I guess~

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In the dark of night, a young college student was running in a panic through the streets.

“Acchan?! Acchan, where are you?! Acchan!”

Late at night while she was studying, nearly dozing off, she received a call from her best friend’s mother, crying as she told her that she had gone missing. Now she was out on the search to find her.

“Come on, pick up!” she tried calling the girl’s cell phone for the fifth time, trying to reach her. “Acchan, please be okay..!”

As she was waiting for an answer, she then saw a small light from the distance. She got closer and saw her friend collapsed on the ground, lying in a puddle of what she soon realized was her own blood.

“Acchan!” She quickly ran to her side, picking her up. “What happened?! Who did this to you?!”

“..Minami..?” Acchan weakly spoke, “... It’s so good… to see you…”

“Don’t worry, Acchan, you’ll be okay. I’m going to take you to a hospital.”

Acchan weakly held the girl’s hand. She saw her best friend was still wearing the bracelet she made her, now covered in her own blood.

“..You.. keep our promise.. okay..? I’m not.. going to be able to…”

“What?! No, Acchan, don’t say that!”

“Gomen.. Minami… I’m a bad friend.. for breaking our promise…”

“No! You’re my best friend, you can still keep our promise! Please, just don’t leave me!”

“Mina..mi…” Minami looked down and saw tears streaming down Acchan’s eyes. The girl gave a weak smile to her best friend. “Daisuki….”

As her eyes closed, tears falling down her face, the hand that was holding Minami’s weakly dropped.

“No…” Minami shook her head, crying. “No.. this can’t happen..! Please, I don’t wanna be alone! ACCHAN!!!”

She sobbed loudly in the darkness, letting out all her sorrow as she cried over her friend’s lifeless body. She then screamed to the sky.

“God, why did you do this to me?! I want my Acchan back!!!”

In the dark, as she kept crying, she didn’t notice a figure in the shadows, watching the whole scene.


After Acchan’s death, Minami secluded herself in her room, drowning in depression. She couldn’t go to school and her eyes were sore from crying, but every night, tears always overflowed her eyes over the thought of Acchan.

“Acchan…” She held in her hand Acchan’s bracelet, the blood now cleaned off. It was her only memento left of their friendship. “Why..? Why did you leave me alone…? Come back, please…”

Minami cried at her bedside, whispering Acchan’s name repeatedly.

Eventually, she fell asleep, her body exhausted. It had been a long time since she had gotten sleep since that night.

As she was sleeping, she then felt a warm hand was stroking her hair, a soft lullaby humming in her ear. It made her feel at peace and she didn’t seem sad anymore. It felt familiar and made her heart feel light.

“Acchan… it’s like she’s right here.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she saw she was indeed being hummed a lullaby by someone. She was lying her head on this person’s lap and their hand was stroking her hair gently.

“Ohayou, Minami.”

She looked up and saw a familiar smile. At first, she was shocked, but then, she felt happy and tears filled her eyes once again.


She rubbed her eyes, blinking several times just to make sure what she was seeing was real.

“No, this… this has to be a dream..! She’s really here..?!”

“Acchan… I…”

Acchan opened her arms. “Come here.”

Minami smiled, tears still running down her cheeks.

“I missed you!” She moved forward to hug the girl, however, she was surprised to have ended up passing right through her and fell face first onto her bed.


“Oh…” She turned around and saw Atsuko now floating over her. “I guess I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. Sorry. Next time, I’ll initiate it.”

Minami nearly screamed. “A-a-a-Acchan, y-y-you’re a…!”

“Ufufu, yeah. Looks like it.”

“But.. how? Why?! I thought you… You..!”

“Hmm… To be honest, I’m not sure myself. I thought i felt my soul going to Heaven, but then I heard you scream ‘I want my Acchan back!’ and then I was back on Earth, only as a spirit.”

Minami then blushed. “Y-you heard that..?”

“Un. You’re very sweet, Minami.”

“O-Of course… I wanted you back by my side…”

“Well, it looks like I can keep our promise after all,” Acchan said as she wiped off the tears on the shorter girl’s cheeks. “You’re such a crybaby, it’s so cute.”

She kissed Minami’s cheek and made her blush even more.

“A-Acchan, stop! We aren’t like that!”

Acchan simply chuckled. “I know. But I still love you, Minami.”

“I-I…” Minami got even more flustered, her voice getting softer. “I… Iloveyoutoo.”


“Mou~ I love you too, Acchan!”

“Good. Now, come here,” Acchan walked over and wrapped her arms around her best friend.

The two stood there hugging for a while before Minami remembered she had studying to do. She’s also going to have to get used to her best friend now as a ghost with her by her side.

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Prologue) 160102
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Interesting story. Looking forward to the update author-san :)

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Prologue) 160102
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Chapter 1


Several years after the incident, Minami had successfully graduated college. Throughout it all, Acchan was there as a ghost, helping her with studying and keeping her company.

Now Minami is officially part of society and is currently looking for a job.

“Hmm… hey, how bout this?” Acchan held up one of the applications the two were looking through.

“What? A bakery?”

“Yeah. I hear it’s really good.”

“I’ll take it to consideration… Oh, how bout this?”

“..Really? You wanna be an OL? It seems a little boring...”

“It’ll make good money~”

“Oh come on~” Acchan held up another application. “Wouldn’t you rather wanna do something like this?”

Minami looked at the application. “Florist?”

“Yeah, it’s caring for the environment, isn’t it not?”

“You really think I should go for it?”

“Un! It’d be nice, having a flower shop with you.”

Minami then grinned. “Well, okay~.”

Minami got changed into some comfortable, yet professional attire, and she and Acchan started making their way to the flower shop.

“By the way,” Acchan giggled. “Your sleeping face was cute.”


“Hehehe, I was watching you sleep last night.”

Minami blushed. “I… I did feel like I was being watched over by an angel.”

“You looked like you were having a good dream. What were you dreaming about?”

“Dream? Eto…” Minami tried to think, but she couldn’t exactly remember. “I dunno… But all my dreams are weird, y’know that, right?”

“All dreams are weird, Minami,” Acchan said.

“No, my dreams are weeeeeeeeeird.”

Acchan chuckled again. “Oh, come on, Minami. I’m sure there’s meaning behind it all.”

“If you say so…”

The two finally arrived at the flower shop and entered the building.

“Good morning,” Minami said as she came in.

She didn’t see the manager around, so she decided to walk around the shop and look at all the flowers.

“Hello? Anybody in here?”

“Minami, where do you think everyone is..?” Atsuko said, worried.

Just then, a young woman walked out.

“Ah, a customer,” she smiled at Minami. “How can I help you?”

“Oh, I was here about the job application. My name’s Takahashi Minami.”

“I’m Hana. Come with me. I’m gonna make some tea.”

As Minami was about to go, however, Atsuko clung to her arm, sending a chill up the girl’s spine a moment.

“Minami…” Atsuko spoke in a scared voice. “Something feels off about that woman… it’s scaring me…”

“Atsuko, don’t be so worried. It’s okay,” Minami spoke softly.

“No, she feels familiar…”


“Takahashi-san~” Hana called out.

“Coming~” she said, then turned back to her friend. “Just stay out here if it makes you feel better.”


Minami then walked to the back room and saw Hana pouring out tea and setting out a plate of cookies.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry, I just, uh.. saw a pretty flower. Hehe…”

“Well, sit down,” Hana gestured to an open chair.


Minami sat down as Hana slid a cup of tea her way.

“So, what made you want to apply?”

“Uh…” Minami picked up her cup as she thought.

“It’s caring for the environment, right?”

“No need to be tense. Just relax,” Hana said.

“O-oh, yes…” Minami took a sip of tea and set her cup down. “Um, I really love flowers.. and caring for the environment.”

“What are some skills you’re good at?”

“Um.. I like baking, so maybe I could make cakes to serve the guests,” she suggested while taking a bite from a cookie. “I also sing as a hobby…”

“Ooh~ you can sing? Lemme hear.”

“E-eh?!” Minami immediately blushed. “Really?!”


“Um… okay,” Minami said before clearing her throat a bit. She took a deep breath and started singing.

Omoidasu yo, ima mo
Koi to kizuita natsu wo
Tokei sou no hana ga
Hinata ni afureta michi

Harewattatta sora ni
Nyuudougumo ga mokumoku
Atto iu ma ni fuete
Naze daka fuan ni natta no
Ima iru basho to mirai

Anata no migikata
Watashi no atama wo katamukete
Chokonto nosetara
Sore dake de anshin shita
Shiawase yo

After that, Minami looked at Hana and blushed as the girl applauded.

“You’re very good, Takahashi-san.”

“Thank you, Hana-san.”

“What was that song? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.”

“It was a song written by my friend, Acchan. She always used to sing it with me, so after I learned it myself, we sang together. She.. got in an accident and passed away several years ago… I sing it whenever I think about her.. it makes me feel a little better and less lonely.”

“You two must’ve been close…”


“So, tell me…” Hana then stood up, flashing a grin. But no ordinary grin…

It looked.. sinister to Minami.

“How much are you willing to give me?” Hana grabbed the girl’s neck, starting to strangle her. “Your flesh and blood? Your beating heart?”

“Ah… H-Hana..-san!” Minami tried to breathe.

“Or how bout I just take your soul?”

“N-no..! Argh.. AAAAAAH!!!” Minami screamed as she felt her soul become sucked out of her body.


A loud gunshot was heard, stopping Hana from her soulsucking procedure. Minami sharply breathed in as her soul reunited with her. She sat up and saw a woman holding a gun, pointed at Hana.

“Wh-what..?” She slowly backed away.

“Minami!” Acchan ran in and saw the situation, hugging Minami as the two watched the scene unfold.

Hana grinned. “Nyan nyan~ I thought you’d show up!”

“Again with these antics, Yuko? I swear, if you’re doing this, just to get my attention, well, you’re failing at it badly.”

“Mou~ why you always gotta be so mean? Just accept my love and become my bride!”

“No flipping way I’m doing that!”

“Come on, Nyan Nyan, you’re going to have to face the music some day!”

“Again, Yuko… NO! FLIPPING! WAY!”

Yuko then frowned. “Mou~ fine! If you wanna be like that…”

Yuko then transformed in front of Minami’s eyes. The girl was now dressed in all black and red, her eyes becoming yellow glowing irises, and a small pair of devil wings on her back.

“You really shouldn’t make me angry, Nyan nyan,” Yuko snarled, revealing a small fanged canine.

“Don’t even start. You’re the one who’s got me ticked off.”

She fired another shot, but Yuko disappeared. She reappeared and prepared to throw a punch from behind, but the girl blocked her fist and kicked her back.

She then looked over at Takamina.

“Get outta here!” she said before Yuko ran back in and tackled the woman.

Minami simply obeyed and she and Atsuko left the room. Minami was pacing around in a panic as she heard the fight going on. Atsuko sat down and covered her ears, trying to block it out.

“This… this isn’t happening… This can’t be real...” Minami said, starting to laugh, awkwardly. Then her laughter grew, almost sounding insane.


“It’s a dream..! Hahahaha… A bad dream.. I-I.. I’m gonna wake up and none of this will have happened!” She held her head.

Atsuko heard Minami’s laughter turn to crying as the girl broke down.

“Minami…” She hugged the small girl.

“I don’t understand… hic… why..? Why is this happening..?”

Not too far, the woman who previously saved Minami, Haruna, was pushed back to the wall, Yuko approaching her. Haruna looked and saw Minami embracing something, but she had no idea what.

Yuko created a ball of fire in her hands and threw it, but Haruna dodged. She fired a few more shots, one scratching the demon girl’s cheek.

“Ow~ Nyan nyan, why you hurt me?”

Instead of answering, Haruna pushed Yuko back and ended up the two of them were back, in front of Minami.

Yuko smirked and grabbed Takamina.

“Nyan nyan, if you kill me, this girl loses her life!”

“What?!” Minami’s eyes bulged out in shock.

“No!” Haruna stood up, reaching for her dagger, but couldn’t find it.

“Looking for this?” Yuko took out the dagger she stole and twirled it in her palm a bit before aiming the blade at Minami’s neck. “Last chance, Nyan nyan~”


Tears flowed down the girl’s eyes.

“No… this can’t happen.. no..!”

“Yuko… you demon! You monster!” Haruna cocked her gun. “I will never love you!”


“NOOOOOO!!!!” Minami screamed and her eyes suddenly glowed blue. She pushed Yuko away, the bullet just missing her by a hair and hitting the window.

“What the..?”

Yuko stood up, pissed. She charged towards Minami, but she held her hand out and pushed her back with an unseen force.

She grabbed the dagger and started slashing it at Yuko, the demon dodging each time.

Haruna watched in awe. “This girl… is she..?”

Minami knocked Yuko down and was about to stab her, until Atsuko’s hand grabbed Minami’s wrists.

“Minami, stop!”

With that, Minami suddenly froze, tears staining her cheeks as they ran down her still intensely glowing blue eyes. Yuko saw her chance to escape and disappeared.

Even though Haruna was disappointed Yuko escaped again, she was very pleased to have found something else…

She walked towards Minami as the girl lowered her hands. She turned around and looked at Haruna. The glow in her eyes was growing weak; she looked like she was going to pass out.

“Who would’ve thought… a nephilim, just like me,” Haruna smiled. “I guess more of us still exist in this world.”

Minami tried to speak, but then her eyes closed and she passed out onto the ground.

“Minami!” She heard Atsuko call out to her before her world turned black...


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 1) 160109
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oohhh..demons and nephilims..quite an interesting story you have here author-san..  :ding:
I wonder tho, is it still possible for atsumina to end up together if acchan is already dead?..and will nyan-nyan ever accept yuko's proposal?..and why is the demon hunter organization called Bloody Rose?..  :dunno:
so excited for more of your updates.. :3
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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 1) 160109
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^Thank you, Ren-kun.

I took lots of this story's inspiration from the Mortal Instruments series. It's one of my favorite fantasy/supernatural series of all time, and if Bloody Rose ever becomes real, I hope it gets as big of a success and popularity. x3

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 1) 160109
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 :shocked :roll: :twothumbs wow wow wow supernatural fic, i wonder why two of us always end up writing supernatural fic, we have same taste,

beside you always works with partner i work alone  :cry: :cry: i need partner too HWEEEEEE

can't wait for more update fast, and woah you guys become close too teach me how you do that making friend fast.

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 1) 160109
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Chapter 2


Minami woke up with a bad headache. She blinked and stared at the ceiling, sighing as she thought she was right about everything being a bad dream…

Until she realized she was not in her room… or on her bed. She tried to sit up, but the pain in her head overwhelmed her, making her lay back down on the bed.

“Minami,” she looked over and saw her ghost friend hovered over her. “Thank goodness you’re finally awake.”

“Acchan..? What happened?”

“You fainted back at the flower shop. You were about to…”

“About to wha-?” Minami suddenly stopped talking when she remembered what had happened. Her eyes widened. “I nearly… killed someone..! Oh God, oh dear God..!”

Minami held her head and started crying again. Atsuko hugged her friend.

“I can’t believe this…”

“Minami… that girl, I think…” Atsuko broke the hug and looked at her friend’s teary eyes. “Yuko was the one who killed me.”

“E-Eh..? What do you mean?”

“That night, when I was killed years ago… I think it was Yuko who did it.”

“No… that’s..! I..!”

“Minami… I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”

“Atsuko… It was never your fault…”

“But.. because I died.. and now because I took you to that place where my killer was…!”

“No, Atsuko,” Minami tried to hold her friend’s hand, but it slipped through. “Ah… oh, r-right…”

Atsuko held both of Minami’s hands.

“You really don’t blame me for any of this?”

“No, of course not. I could never blame you.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Minami said.

The person who came in wasn’t Haruna, but a girl she had never seen before. A girl with short brown hair tied in a ponytail.

“Hey! You’re finally up,” the girl smiled. Somehow, it reminded Minami of a Gachapin. “That’s great.”

“I-I… Who are you?”

“The name’s Minami. Minegishi Minami. Just call me Miichan to avoid confusion. Right, Acchan?”

“Eh?!” Minami’s face changed to a shocked expression.

Atsuko chuckled. “Yup. Calling you both ‘Minami’ would be confusing.”

“Wait! You can see her?!”

“Well, yeah.”

“Miichan has psychic powers and is able to see spirits,” Atsuko explained.


“Seriously!” Miichan grinned as she sat on the bedside. “So, what do you think? Pretty comfy bed, huh? Haruna wanted you to be well rested.”


“The woman who saved us,” Atsuko said.

“Acchan, how do you know all this?”

“They explained everything to me while you were asleep.”

“Minami, er.. Takahashi Minami. How bout calling you Takamina?”

“Uh, okay.”

“Takamina… you were probably wondering just what exactly happened to you back at the shop. You don’t remember it clearly, do you?”

Takamina shook her head.

“She told me that your angel powers were activated. You finally awoken.”


“Takamina… you’re a nephilim.”

“A what?”

“A nephilim. A half human, half angel. You’re one of only a very few in this area. Haruna is also a nephilim, so she was very happy she found you.”

“So I’m… not human?” Takamina gripped the blankets covering her.

“Please, don’t be upset. There’s a reason Haruna brought you here actually. She asked me to tell you.”

“What is that?”

“We want you to join Bloody Rose.”

“Bloody Rose?”

“That’s what this place is. We’re Hunters. We fight demons and other supernatural beings who go rogue and disrupt peace between the human world and supernatural world.”

“And.. you want me to become a Hunter? Why?”

“Haruna saw you fight off Yuko. She said you were very strong. With some practice, you’ll be able to fully develop your powers.”

“Minami,” Atsuko held her friend’s shoulder. “This is a really big decision. But I’m always gonna be with you, no matter what choice you make.”


“Miichan~” A voice called out as three girls opened up the door. “There you are!”

One of the girls, her hair tied up in pigtails, hugged Miichan’s neck. “Tag! You’re it!”

“Mou~ I told you girls to wait on me.”

“Is that the new girl?”

“We don’t know if she’s going to join yet. Now, you girls get back with the others.”


“We’ll be waiting for you!” The girls waved goodbye and exited the room.

“Who were they?”

“Trainee Hunters. I’m their counselor. Their names were Mako-chan, Miki-chan, and Nana-chan. They may seem like little kids, but their really nice and also really strong. They’ve gotten a lot better at training since they first started.”

“Mou, you sound like a mom, Miichan,” Acchan chuckled.

“Anyways, Takamina, you should probably go and talk to the others. Get to know everyone so it’ll be easier to make a decision.”

“Well, if you say so…” Takamina slowly sat up.

“Can you walk? You may still be tired from your recent awakening.”

“I think…” Takamina slowly placed her feet on the ground. She wobbled a bit and staggered, placing her hand on the wall.

She slowly started walking again and felt feeling come back in her legs. Miichan helped her walk as they left the room and made their way down the hall.

“How long exactly am I going to be like this?”

“Only for a while. You let out a lot of your power at once during your awakening. When Haruna first awakened, it took her about an hour to get herself readjusted.”

“And just how strong is she?”

“Well, I can tell you one thing, she may be strong, but you.. you seem special.”

“Wha-? Why?”

“Haruna said she saw this marking on your back when you awoken. She said it was a symbol of royal blood or something.”


“Yup. Let’s see…” Miichan pulled the back of Takamina’s collar. “Mm-hm… yup. I’ve not seen that symbol before.”

“What is it? What does it look like?” Takamina asked, as she could not see the symbol.

“It looks like a crown, sort of.. with angel wings.”

“So you’re like a princess, huh?” Acchan said. “How cute.”

“Ah, there’s Yukirin!” Miichan then said, taking notice of two people who were sitting out in the hallway. One of them was reading a book while the other laid asleep on her lap.

The girl looked up from her book and stared at Minami. Her cold, black orbs sent chills down her back. However, she did look very beautiful despite the cold eyes.

“Yo, Yukirin,” Miichan said casually, unfazed by the cold stare. “This is Takamina.”

“Um, h-hi…”

The girl called Yukirin just bowed her head silently.

“And the girl sleeping on her lap is Mayuyu~”

Takamina wanted to get a better look at her face, but then she saw Yuki was staring at her and backed away a bit.

“She’s so scary!”
“Takamina, don’t worry. Yukirin’s not as scary as you think,” Miichan said, as if she read her mind. “She’s just protective of Mayuyu.”

“..erm…” Mayuyu stirred in her sleep, turning her head as her eyes fluttered open. “Mamarin, I sense a spirit…”

Takamina blushed. Mayuyu looked very cute, almost like a porcelain doll.

“Oh, you must be sensing Acchan,” Miichan said. “Don’t worry, though. She’s a good spirit.”

“They can see her, too?”

“No, but they feel her. They’re Fae.”


“Y’know, like fairies, elves, unicorns; all those supernatural beings under the ‘Mystic’ category. They’re both elves.”

Mayuyu rubbed her eyes as she got up sleepily. “Morning… Miichan, is that the new recruit?”

“She’s still deciding.”

“Um, Mayuyu, right? Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” Mayuyu smiled, then turned back to Yukirin. “Mamarin, I’m hungry. I want something sweet.”

Yuki then smiled. It was a sweet motherly smile that contrasted with her dark, piercing gaze. But, even now, her gaze towards Mayuyu looked warm.

“OK. Let’s go.”


The two walked off, Mayuyu still clinging to Yukirin’s arm.

Takamina then remembered something she heard Mayuyu say.

“Is Yukirin, Mayuyu’s mother?”

“Ummm…. No, but Yukirin does act like a motherly figure. Besides, Mayu is a Light elf and Yuki is a Dark elf.”

“W-What’s the difference?”

“Light magic and Dark magic. Also, Yuki’s clan was very against their Dark Fae interacting with the Light side. So Yuki rebelled.”

“Oh, really..?”

“Mm-hm. Also, you may not want to get on Yuki’s bad side. When she gets mad, she becomes Black, and you DON’T wanna see Black.”

Takamina just nodded.

The two continued walking until they came up to a door. Miichan knocked on it, and when it opened, a girl covered in black soot and oil appeared.

“Sasshi, what the heck?! Did you take a bath in engine oil?!”

“No! I was working on the engine on the van. There was just a… little leak.”


“Ugh, fine. It blew up in my face. But I ordered a new one.”

“You hetare, you’re such a good mechanic, but still, something has to blow up in your face once a day?!”

“D-don’t call me hetare!”

Miichan sighed. “Takamina, this is Sasshi. She’s a mechanic here.”

“Nice to meet cha,” Sasshi held her hand out. Even though it was dirty, Takamina politely shook it.

“She’s really good with the mechanics and weapons here.”

“If you need anything, ask me,” Sasshi saluted.

“Will do.”

Sasshi then bowed and closed the door, returning to her work.

“Why did you have to call her a hetare?” Acchan asked.

“Because… she’s a bit clutzy at times… and also a bit of a scaredy cat.”

“Well, that’s kinda mean. You could be nicer to her,” Atsuko said.

“Well, I will, if she decides to stand up for herself.” Miichan sighed out. “Now, let’s go.”

The three kept going and made it to a new room at the end of the hall. It was a training room, where they saw some of the younger trainee Hunters, like the ones she met earlier, practicing in combat or weapon usage.

“Looks like Haruna’s still at the shooting range,” Miichan said.

“What’s she doing in there?”

“Probably just working on her accuracy. She’s really good with a gun.”

“Should we go find her?”

“Alright, but I suggest you don’t break her concentration.”

“Got it.”

“You just go down the hallway to the right. Once you hear the gunshots, you’re there.”


Takamina and Atsuko started walking down the hall the way Miichan told them. They started hearing gunshots, which made the two cover their ears as it got louder.

When they got into the room, they saw Haruna with headphones on her head as she was shooting at the target. Every bullet hit the bullseye perfectly.

The two of them kept silent as they saw Haruna’s sharpshooter accuracy.

“That’s amazing,” Acchan said.

After Haruna had stopped and removed her headphones, she looked up and saw Takamina. Facial expression unchanged, she walked towards the short girl.

“So… have you decided yet?”

“Well.. I’m still not too sure…”

“Please, you could be a very useful ally to us,” Haruna said. “There’s a power deep inside you that’s been slumbering since you were a baby. Now you can use that power to shine a light to dispel the darkness.”

“Dispel darkness..?”

“There is so much evil in this world. One that is continuously growing every single day and you can stop it. We need powerful nephilim like me and you to stop this growing force.”

“I really have the power to do that?”

“Yes, and with the other hunters here, we can eradicate it easier.”

“Minami,” Acchan spoke. “This sounds like some really big destiny stuff… Maybe.. this is what you were meant to do.”

“What do you say?” Haruna said again. “Will you fight with us?”

Minami thought on the matter long and hard. With this decision, she could either leave her normal life and step into a whole new world, risking everything…


“Maybe this is what you were meant to do.”

Acchan’s words were stuck in the back of her mind. That was when she knew her answer…

“Okay… I’ll do it! I’ll become a Hunter!”

“That’s what I wanted to hear, Minami,” Acchan said, whilst tapping her partner’s shoulder.

“Yosh! Then, we’ll get started with your training. Here,” Haruna handed Takamina the gun she previously used.

She saw a rose symbol engraved on the side, which looked identical to the emblem on Haruna’s jacket.

“This rose symbol…”

“It’s the mark of the Bloody Rose.”

“So, am I gonna get a cool uniform like that?” Takamina’s eyes sparkled.

“Yup!” Haruna smiled.


“Haha, hey, remember, this is serious work. We don’t just wear cool clothes, we fight demons.”

“Oh, right!” Takamina then straightened up, clearing her throat. “So, what’s my first order of business?”

“Training.” Haruna then pointed at the target. “Shoot that.”

“Uh, o-okay…”

Haruna then handed Takamina the headphones to place over her ears. Once she did, she aimed at the target.

She took a deep breath before concentrating on the target. And…


“Wow!” Haruna said, pointing at the target. “You were really close!”

“Eh?! Seriously?!”

“Yeah! Just a little more, and it would’ve hit the bullseye!”

“Woah! Awesome!”

“Get your muscles ready now,” Haruna patted her arm. “Next up, battle training.”


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 2) 160116
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Chapter 3


Combat training had started after Takamina stretched and got her muscles prepared for some sparring with Miichan.

Having changed into a black tank top and a pair of grey sweat pants, Takamina stretched out her arms one last time as she faced the Hunter.

“Just so you know, I won’t go too easy on you, kay?”


Miichan was wearing a sweat jacket that was unzipped and revealed some of her black sports bra, and similar black sweat pants.

“Ready?” Miichan asked as she readied herself.

Takamina nodded.

Miichan was the first to throw a punch, Takamina panicking and moving back to dodge it.

“Ooh~ good dodge. Now try this!” Miichan then swung her leg and nearly kicked the short girl. In response, Takamina ducked, just barely avoiding the other Minami’s kick.

She saw another punch come, and by reflex, grabbed it with her hand. She decided to throw a punch herself, but Miichan blocked it and pushed her back.

“You gotta be a bit faster than that,” she gave a grin before running to tackle the girl.

Takamina rolled on the ground and avoided her attack, crawling to the other side before getting back on her feet.

Haruna watched from the other side of the room as the two kept sparring.

“Takahashi’s really got something going for her…” She thought as she continued watching.

Takamina ran for another punch, but was surprised when Miichan suddenly grabbed her waist and picked her up from the ground, carrying the short girl on her shoulder.


Miichan laughed and started to carry her out of the room.

“Someone save me! Haruna!” Takamina yelled desperately.

“No can do, Miichan’s gonna explain some things to you.”


Miichan put the girl down. “Don’t let your guard down, kay?”

“Hai… Um, what exactly are you going to-?”

“Come with me.”

“Oh, okay.”

Takamina and Acchan followed the hunter as they were lead down the hall. Haruna also started walking their way.

“Are the others waiting?” asked Haruna.


“Others? You mean Mayu, Yuki, and Sasshi?”

“Yup. We’re all dealing with something big, so we need all the help we can get.”

“Takamina, you remember when I said there was a powerful darkness invading this world?”

“Y-Yeah, I guess…”

“Well, that darkness is an organization called Cross. They’re a powerful society of demons.”

“B-But, what does that have to do with us?”

“Everything. They’ve been causing all sorts of havoc in Japan. Haven’t you read it? Unexplained disappearances, demonic murders… All of it, it’s the work of Cross.”

“S-So you mean… Acchan got killed.. by them?!”

“No… the one who killed Acchan was a demon who doesn’t work for Cross.”

“Even though Cross is dangerous, there are other rogues who aren’t associated with them.”


“Bad demons. They create all kinds of trouble that threaten to disrupt peace between our worlds.”

“This demon in particular is in line to become the next Maou,” Haruna looked at Takamina. “You should know how powerful she is. She nearly killed you.”

Takamina’s eyes widened. “Y-Yuko..?!”

“Yup. Yuko’s the daughter of the Devil himself.”

“It’s said that in order to become the next Maou, she must collect 1000 human souls.”

“So.. she’s been killing humans to become the next demon king?!”

“Yes, and for a long time now. She’s nearly done by now, too…” Haruna gripped her fist. “We were lucky she didn’t get her hands on yours or your friend’s soul.”

They entered a new room and Takamina saw Sasshi, Mayu, and Yuki were already there.

“You guys sure the newbie can handle this?” Yuki said coldly.


“Don’t worry, Yuki,” Haruna reassured. “Takamina is a strong ally.”

“Alright, let’s show our new teammate what we’re dealing with,” Sasshi started up the computer and pulled out various files.

On lots of these files were pictures of people who were murdered and messages written in blood, along with various other pictures that had crosses somewhere in them.

“Cross… does all this?!” Takamina asked horrified.

“Yes, and it’s not just humans they hunt.”


“You see it’s not just humans and demons who live on this earth. There are many other beings. Werewolves, fae, vampires, witches and warlocks, angels, and most rare of all, us nephilim.”

“This isn’t just a war between us and them. It’s them against the entire supernatural world.”

“With them around, both of our worlds, as we know it, are in danger.”

“That’s why we need to do whatever we can to stop them.”

Takamina looked at Acchan, who was covering her eyes from the horrific images. Honestly, she couldn’t blame her.

“We’re going on a night search tonight. Some of their men will come out to do some dirty work, so we do our best to catch them in the act before they can cause any further harm.”

“The ones going tonight will be Haruna, Yuki, Mayu, and Takamina.”

“What do we do if we see some other supernatural beings out there? Y’know, like rogues.”

“You can tell when they’re rouges. Attack them, otherwise, if they seem vulnerable, protect them.”

“Got it.”

“You ready, Takamina?” Haruna asked.

The short girl nodded. “Yeah… I’m ready.”


As night fell, the four started to walk through the night streets looking for any Cross associates. Everything looked pretty peaceful so far, but they still kept a good watch.

As they were looking around, Takamina couldn’t help but steal a glance or two at Yuki. Not only was she intimidating and scary, but she also had Mayu close with her. She was quite curious about their past, and their contrasting personalities intrigued her.

While Yuki was dressed in all dark clothing and gave a dark, chilling glare and aura, Mayu was her exact opposite, dressed in white and light pastel color clothing, and looked as innocent as an angel.

“I know you’re looking at me,” Yuki said without turning her gaze, making Takamina looking away.


Haruna chuckled. “You’re curious, aren’t you?”


“You just wanna know more about them. That’s why you were staring. Right?”

“Uh, yeah.. I guess I kinda am.”

“Well, that’s a story for another time,” Mayu said with a wink.

Just then, Yuki stopped walking. Everyone else did the same as Yuki’s eyes turned dark.

“They’re close. I can sense them near.”

The girls readied their weapons and started looking around. Takamina was already feeling tense, as everything remained silent.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a figure clothed in black. He had a scar shaped like a cross on his hand, and demonic pitch black eyes.

She saw the figure starting to get close, and while she was shaking, Haruna noticed the figure as well, alerting Yuki and Mayu. As the dark figure came closer and closer, Takamina felt her heart pounding become louder.

The figure gave a sinister grin, making Takamina almost scream if Yuki didn’t cover her mouth. A chill ran down her spine when she felt her cold fingers.

“On my signal,” Haruna said softly.

After a few seconds of silence, a cold breeze blew through the now empty streets.

In one swift movement, the black clothed figure started running towards the hunters.


Immediately, Takamina’s reflexes kicked in and she shot the figure. It hit his shoulder, but he still kept running. Takamina shot two more bullets, but he still wasn’t knocked down.

Haruna held her arm out to protect the short girl and pulled out her dagger, slicing the man’s cheek. She prepared to stab him again, but he grabbed Haruna’s wrist and threw her to the side.

He looked at the three. “Fools… it is useless to fight. The Cross shall rule this world.”

Mayu and Yuki stepped forward.

“Takamina-san, stay back,” Mayu warned. “This man is dangerous.”

“Go see if Haruna is okay,” Yuki advised as well. “We’ll take care of this one.”

“R-right!” Takamina immediately ran to Haruna’s side. She helped the much taller woman stand back on her feet as the two still faced the man.

“What power do you think you have to defeat me?” the man asked.

Just then, Takamina saw the pair now had an aura surrounding them. Yuki’s was black and Mayu’s was white.

“I’d stand back if I were you,” Haruna grinned. “When they’re in this state, they’re quite powerful.”

The figure was about to attack them again, but in an instant, Yuki was able to dodge at sonic speed. Without him realizing, he punched his stomach and ended up facing his back, making him turn around.

At that cue, Mayu created a bow and arrow completely out of light and shot it at the man. He screamed out in pain as he fell to the ground.

Yuki grabbed his hair and pulled his head up to face her. “Is there anyone else out tonight?”

“I won’t tell!”

Mayu placed her hand on his head. His eyes suddenly glowed white.

“You will tell us the truth. Are there any others?”

“Two more.. in the forest…”

When she removed her hand, the man got back up angrily and prepared to punch Mayu, but Yuki got in front and grabbed his wrist, twisting it and making him fall again.

“Hot blood in a frail body,” she spoke in a dark tone, placing her hand on his chest. “For you, there is no tomorrow.”

The man suddenly screamed out and coughed up blood, instantly dying at the spot.

Takamina stood wide eyes, amazed by the two.

“See? Told you they were strong.”

The auras died down around the two and they walked back to their teammates.

“Two more of them are somewhere in the forest. We need to go now before they can cause any harm.”

“Right. You two lead the way.”


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 3) 160122
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how muxh chapters you plan?

i like it  :thumbsup

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 3) 160122
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how muxh chapters you plan?

Hmm... I dunno, really. XD

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 3) 160122
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Ooooohhhh..... Very highly interesting... Another supernatural fic that I want to read... XD XD

Waiting for your next update... :) :)
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