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Author Topic: What's Mine is Mine [Chap 4] [9/27]  (Read 27988 times)

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What's Mine is Mine [Chap 4] [9/27]
« on: July 26, 2011, 01:55:40 PM »
There's a tiny bit of fun at the end. Probably not for the kiddies.

What's Mine is Mine

“That woman! Who does she think she is with the ear touching and the cuddling and ear touching… have I mentioned the cuddling? She was standing way to close!”

The scandalized girl paced the dressing room while her counterpart looked on in slight amusement.

“In a normal world girls who rub and try to nibble other girl’s ears  while doing filmed react with more than a cute laugh and more ear rubbing!”

Atsuko turned a second before she hit the wall just to start walking back in the other direction.

Unable to count the number of times the girl had made the turn, Miichan knew one thing and one thing only, that night it seemed Atsuko was resigned to take pacing to a whole new level.

“Ugh! Who does she think she is?”

Atsuko paused and frowned in frustration.

“Doesn’t she know that… you know… about Takamina? And… you know… me?”

“With all due respect wifey, wouldn’t that be easier if you and our great leader midget were actually officially official and not just officially ‘may possibly be dating… maybe’ maybe?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying that maybe you should be clearer about your feelings.”

“I proposed!”

“Online. Like a million years ago. I don’t even think she got it really.”

“What you suggest I do it in person? I can you know, don’t think I can’t Miichan I’ll do it right now, in person and with a ring!”
Miichan was about to suggest that Atsuko sit down as she had very clearly crossed over into the world of delusional when a smirk friendly moment suddenly happened upon her.

“Come on Acchan there’s no need to pretend. It’s clear you’re still not really that sure about your feelings.”

“How can you even say that?,” Atsuko asked as annoyance immediately washed over her.

Of course she was sure about her feelings. If she wasn’t then why the heck would she be so pissed off?

The girl stopped her pacing only to let out a frustrated growl.

She knew why she was pissed off. It was because of that undeniably perverted Mocchi, that undeniably polite and accommodating Takamina and the many moments of skinship that had been passing between them lately.

Miichan took the moment of pause to add a little more fuel to the fire.

“I mean… Mocchi has outwardly confessed. Onstage no less and Takamina didn’t react too badly to that did she? Plus with all that ear touching and hugging you could even say that Mocchi gets more skinship with the captain than… hmm… I guess even… you.”

The younger girl stared at the Ace as her words sank slowly into Atsuko’s psyche. Miichan had to fight the urge to back away as Atsuko became very much not amused.

Deciding to risk her life that tiny bit more Miichan bit back her fear and continued…

“What more of a sign do you need you know? I guess some people find the whole stalking thing romantic. Maybe Mocchi is actually growing on Takamina. She’s on top of her often enough.”

As Atsuko listened to Miichan’s scary and seemingly accurate words she found the frown on her pretty face deepening even further.

“And maybe Takamina is getting close to accepting her. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Maybe after a tiny bit more of a push.”

Before Atsuko could launch into a very vocal denial or just loud growling in general, a nonchalant Kojiharu walked into the dressing room, tossed her bag on the desk and herself next to Miichan.

“Hey did you guys hear? They’ve just announced another danso filming for AKBingo. Takamina and I are gonna play guys again but get this, her partner is Mocchi!,” the pretty girl announced.

“Oh that is IT! If this “stalking” business is what it’s going to take then there’s no way I’m gonna lose. Where’s Yuko?!”

Seconds after Atsuko left the room rather quickly, Haruna and Miichan laughed softly.

“Nice timing!,” Miichan praised as Haruna smirked back at her.

“I heard what you said about that ‘push’ and decided why not. What are friends for you know? If not to confuse other friends enough to make them want to confess their feelings of love to other friends.”

“I take it there’s no new danso segment?”

“Not unless Atsuko and Takamina want to play some games in private,” Haruna replied with another laugh.

“You hide this part of you way too much,” Miichan said as she joined in.

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘part of me’ just yet. Probably just Yuko’s perversion rubbing off on me.”


The squirrel in question was just about to set off on another kitten hunt when a glowering lioness stopped her in her tracks.

“Uh Acchan, could you get out of the way please? I’m trying to instinctively find Nyan nyan right now and your angry aura is messing with that.”

“I need to talk to you Yuko,” the Ace replied in a rather intense fashion, complete with making a grab for the shorter girl’s hand.

The squirrel frowned as she looked her friend up and down.

“Acchan I really like you and everything but I don’t think it would work between us, your boobs just aren’t big enough.”

Only a second after that Yuko found herself standing in front of some vending machines with a cold can of something attached to her recently hit head. She waited until Acchan opened her drink before carefully choosing the next words to come out of her mouth.

“So you’re… not here to seduce me?”

Just one look from the Ace silenced the outspoken thought and brought Yuko back into normal mode.

She stood and flashed a dimpled smile at her counterpart.

“Well now that’s settled I’m gonna go back to finding Nyan nyan.”

“Sit Yuko we’re not done.”

“What?! But she might be missing my skinship! Let me go to her Acchan! Let me go to her! Our skinship cannot be stopped!”


“Ok. You can be very commanding at times, has anyone ever told you that? I wonder if Nyan nyan would like ‘that’ kind of skinship. Do you think she would? She would probably be the commanding one though. Well… she could do both. I’m sure she’s flexible enough…”

“Sit and stop talking,” Atsuko said as she massaged her temples for umpteenth time.

Yuko pursed her lips and looked at Atsuko.

“Whatever we’re here to talk about must be pretty serious,” the squirrel mused.

“I need to know how you managed to seduce Haruna through the use of skinship.”

“Or not,” Yuko said aloud and immediately regretted it the moment she found Atsuko on top of her, hands on her shoulders and shaking with rather a lot of frustration.

“What do you mean ‘or not’? You don’t have a choice Yuko! Share the power of skinship with me!”

“Alright alright as long as you promise never to use it on Harunyan, I’ll help you.”


Soon after her training session with Yuko, Atsuko found herself walking towards the training room.

For some reason she felt herself being guided in that particular direction and wondered if a little of Yuko’s skinship powered instincts had rubbed off on her already, especially since the first person she saw was her precious Minami as soon as she entered the room.

“Takamina!,” Atsuko shouted as soon as she sighted the girl.

Unfortunately the captain in question was at that point a little too busy to actually hear her.

To Atsuko’s frustration, just a little to the right of her girl stood the tall and attractive Mocchi about to make another move on the captain’s ears.

“Ah this person,” the Ace heard Takamina say to no one in particular. “Everyday, always the same! She loves my ears way too much.”

Miichan’s words echoed in the Atsuko’s ears as the scene before her made her pause in her tracks.

“It can’t be… she can’t be enjoying that right?,” Atsuko mumbled to herself as she watch the captain smile and mock push the taller girl away.  “There’s no freaking way… Is that kind of outward stalking actually considered romantic?!”

Atsuko looked around at the other girls who were resting around the area.

She saw a happy Yuko, recently released from their training session who was currently telling a group of younger girls how she managed to finally win over ‘her Nyan nyan.’ Atsuko frowned as she imagined Mocchi telling a similar story. Except the other heroine wouldn’t be Yuko’s Nyan nyan but… Mocchi’s ‘aka-chan.’

Needing no other motivation Atsuko’s legs seemed to bring her over to the Captain in record time.

She threw a glare at Mocchi, immediately making her pause her ministrations though this only set to anger Atsuko further. Mocchi’s lips were millimeters away from Takamina’s ears just a tiny bit further and…

Atsuko’s jaw immediately tightened as her widened eyes saw a miniscule smirk on Mocchi’s lips make contact.

“Oops Atsuko-san caught us,” Mocchi all but whispered right into Takamina’s ears.

“Get off her,” Atsuko retorted, her eyes shining with icy seriousness, her chilly voice silencing everyone watching.

 Before Mocchi even had the time to reply Atsuko offered no explanation and instead silently walked their captain out of the room.
Inaba-san looked up from his clipboard and blinked at the scene.

“Umm… does anyone know if they’re coming back?,” he asked sheepishly.

Miichan and Haruna appeared on either side of him and flashed happy smiles.

“Yes… and no,” they answered together.


“Atsuko are you alright? What’s this about?,” Minami asked when Atsuko had finally stopped pulling her by the arm.

Looking around she found herself in one of the unused dressing rooms.

Though they were completely alone, Atsuko still didn’t let go of her arm. In fact Minami could even swear that the girl’s grip grew slightly stronger… slightly more possessive.

“Do you… have feelings for her?,” Atsuko asked, her eyes almost mesmerizing.

“What are you talking about? Feelings?,” Minami replied. She shifted uncomfortably as Atsuko seemed to be coming closer. She could feel the taller girl’s body heat on her own so much that she even wondered whether Atsuko’s presence was making her all hot inside.

“You know what I mean. Because of all that ‘romantic’ stalking. Did she make you have feelings for her?,” the Ace continued to question, not wanting to give up.

“For who?,” Takamina managed to ask even as Atsuko was advancing on her. She stumbled a little and expected to fall to the ground but instead felt her back hit the wall.

Atsuko ran her hand gently up and down her arm while Minami was bombarded with a million questions in her head.

“I don’t want that,” Atsuko said gently. She wished she’d planned some sort of a speech but knew that even if she did she probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off anyway.

So many intense feelings were shooting through her being at the time. All that talk of stalking and skinship and whatever else didn’t seem so important anymore.

Not when all she could see was Minami.

All she wanted to feel was Minami.


“I don’t want that at all. I don’t want her anywhere near you. I don’t want her running her eyes all over your body or confessing to you or touching you whenever she feels like.”

“Atsuko I really don’t know what you mean. Who are you talking about?”

“How can you still be denying it? You must know I’m talking about Mocchi! We’re talking about Mocchi!”

“Why are you so angry?,” Takamina asked gently. “I’m sorry I didn’t follow the conversation very well but how am I supposed to know we’re talking about Mocchi when all I can think about now is you.”

The captain frowned as Atsuko looked up behind her slightly dampened bangs.

“I don’t like to see you upset Acchan if there’s something bothering you just tell me about it ok?”

“Will you make it better Minami?”

Takamina blinked a few times as she tried to formulate her answer. Both her head and her heart immediately provided her with yes replies but the husky tone Atsuko used to ask the question made the captain paused for reasons unknown to her.

“If that’s what you want. You know I’d do my best for you,” she finally said.

The Ace replied by nuzzling Takamina’s neck. Breathing in the girl’s scent, Atsuko moved both her hands onto Takamina’s waist.

She leaned in even closer and pressed herself against the shocked captain.

“It’s what I want,” Atsuko said. “I want my Minami to make it all better.”

Moving her lips to Minami’s ears Atsuko pulled an earlobe into her mouth and sucked gently.

A surprised moan interrupted her and she released her prize to run her tongue gently along Minami’s sensitive ear.

“Acchan… Atsuko I really think we should um… ahhh… talk first,” Minami said as she tried to suppress the surprised yelp that was threatening to turn into a moan.

“I don’t want to talk,” Atsuko whispered back and moved her hands a little higher, feeling the skin in between Minami’s skirt and shirt.

Unable to resist she pushed the girl’s shirt up further and felt the warm skin of Minami’s back while the other touched her stomach.

“Ahh Atsuko…,” Minami moaned gently. Despite her surprise the girl couldn’t deny that what she was feeling now was different from any other time she was in a compromising position with any of the other girls.

“Atsuko hold on… we should…”

“Don’t stop me Minami,” Atsuko pleaded, her husky voice still stroking Minami’s ear as a hand strayed up higher to undo her bra strap.

Minami was shocked to feel her assets be released only to have that turn into shock as Atsuko gently massaged her through the thin fabric of her shirt.

The captain’s arms wrapped around Atsuko’s neck, her hand moving naturally behind the pretty girl’s head as Atsuko began to tongue her collar bone.

The Ace placed soft kisses allover Minami’s chest and smiled as she felt her hair being gently messed by her captain’s wandering hand.

“I just want to touch you,” Atsuko breathed. “You want it too right? You want it with me too… skinship.”

Takamina’s eyes fluttered. She bit down on her lip as she felt Atsuko roll her nipples between her fingers.

Though she was still wearing her shirt Minami felt that Atsuko was very pleased to have the hardened nubs pressing against her palm.

 She found that her guess was correct as she felt the Ace tugging on the soft material and pulling it over her head so she could stare directly at Minami’s bare chest.

“I think what we’re doing right now is a little more than skinship Atsuko,” the blushing girl said, her sentence turning into a mangled moan at the end when she felt gentle licks and kisses on her chest.”

“You’re right,” Atsuko said as she alternated between rough bites and teasing kisses. “I don’t want just skinship. I want all of you Minami.”

“Like… a relationship?,” the flushed captain asked cutely.

“And everything that comes with it,” Atsuko replied. “I want you to be mine Minami. I want everyone to know you belong to me.”
Atsuko looked deep into Takamina’s eyes.

“I’m so in love with you Minami,” she whispered.

Takamina held Atsuko’s cheeks gently in her hands and smiled shyly at the girl before leaning in for a soft kiss. Feeling elated and emboldened by Atsuko’s honest confession she kissed the girl with all the emotion she was feeling.

Atsuko felt tears of happiness threaten to stream down her cheeks as Minami claimed her.

Her mouth automatically opened to suckle on the warm, wet tongue Takamina slid gently between her lips.

Minami felt Atsuko undo the buttons and zipper on her skirt all too late as she suddenly heard the material hit the floor with a thud.

Atsuko’s hand slid down her stomach and slowly between her legs. She felt the unbelievably soft warmth of Takamina’s panties as she rubbed the girl gently noticing that though the captain acted like a shy innocent, she was pleasantly smooth… and wet.
Takamina felt the rush of heat and thought she must look as red as a tomato. A bead of sweat rolled down from her forehead and she blushed even more when she felt Acchan’s lips kiss it away.

“You always look so hot sweating after our dance routines. You make me want to lick it right off you with everyone watching. I love it when you’re all wet … just like right now. Ne Minami, let me lick you here too. I’ll lick you all dry and clean just so I can make your pussy wet again.”

“Acchan! You’re so embarrassing!”

“But you like it, you just got wetter didn’t you Minami? You’re such a dirty girl.”

“Acchan… be quiet,” Minami moaned out as Atsuko continued rubbing her.

“I want to be inside you Minami.”

“Wait Acchan we shouldn’t. Not here.”

“But you’re so wet baby. Are you sure you don’t want it? You want it right?” Atsuko asked as her fingers continued to stroke Minami’s soaked panties.

“It feels good right?,” Atsuko teased.

“Ah… yes. It feels really good Acchan.”

“How about this, does this feel good too baby?,” the Ace asked as she rubbed her finger against Takamina’s most sensitive area, the material of her panties just adding more friction.

“Mmm… yeah. Feels really really good.”

“Then can I? I want you so bad Minami. Let me feel how tight you are wrapped around my finger.”

“It’s my first time… and we’re in a public practice room…,” Minami replied trying her hardest to keep herself in check in case hormones led to further rushed decisions.

Atsuko smiled down at the girl, her hand retreating from her prize. She turned away from Minami to pick up the girl’s clothes from the floor.

“You’re not mad are you Acchan?,” Takamina asked with a soft shy voice.

“I’m definitely not mad,” Atsuko replied as she helped the captain redress. “But I might just go crazy if we don’t hurry up and get out of here.”

“Where are we going?”

“To your house of course. To continue this right after you introduce your girlfriend to your parents.”


 “Right sorry… you’re a good girl so you probably won’t give in that easily. It’s ok we can continue this at your house right after you introduce your fiancée to your parents. That works out, right?"


“Let’s swing by the common room one more time. I need to say thanks to Yuko.”



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Gah!!!! Acchan!!!!  :mon star: :mon star:

the dressing room scene!!!  :on bleed: :on bleed: :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2:

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 :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

gaaaaah  hot scene hot scene!!!! cliffhanger  :tantrum:

this made me say WOW  :mon XD:
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: What's Mine is Mine
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Acchan being pervert right after her training lesson with Yuko. XD

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Re: What's Mine is Mine
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The dressing room scene was just WOW!!
Acchan seeking for Yuko help was funny
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Re: What's Mine is Mine
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can you continue writing more please :wub:.........Ohh, GOd, that was EPIC............ it's always Acchan who take the initiatives, man, Takamina be a man and the initiative for once.................... :grin:

Yuko and her skinships, :rofl:

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 :on bleed:

The power of skinship!!  :lol:

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 :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2:

I demand moar!!  :bow: :bow:

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Re: What's Mine is Mine
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JAjaj I love that acchan... jelousy... the perfect mood for begin a relationship.. Haruna and miichan..gorgeous..

ANd yuko and hers lesson.. I want that lessons too!!

Part 2 pleaseeeeeee

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I'd like that training lesson....

wait. So does this mean... Yuko does this to Harunyan on a daily basis? That's a must see! Thank you for this awesome fic! WOOT! xD
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That was... :drool: and  :on bleed: at the same time, that was definitely some hot stuff right there XDD

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Re: What's Mine is Mine
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You're a big teaser lol I'm so blushing right now!!!
Acchan won!!! The student surpassed the master rofl!!!

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Re: What's Mine is Mine unexpected part 2! [28/7]
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Since this was kind of fun to write another part was born!



Part 2

The captain could hardly believe what was happening to her at that very moment.

Scratch that, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her at all.

As promised Acchan had led her to Yuko just so she could have a short exchange with the resident skinship expert.

Minami had no idea what was said between them but felt a little uneasy when the squirrel at first looked disbelieving, then shocked and then mainly just … perverted.

The captain sighed and wondered how many flames she’d have to put out with Yuko spreading the skinship disease like wildfire.

One look at her Ace however and Minami felt secure in the knowledge that she’d have to look after herself first… or let Acchan do that for her.

Just as Acchan was on her way back from the talk with Yuko, Takamina suddenly felt disturbingly familiar arms snake around her waist.

“Where did you go Takamina-san? I missed you,” Mocchi cooed directly into her ear.

Takamina sighed as she saw Acchan pause a little way away and narrow her eyes. Others can say what they will about Mocchi but the captain felt that she was a very brave… and stupid girl.

“What do you think you’re doing?,” Acchan said without moving from her angry posing spot.

“Holding Takamina-san,” Mocchi replied.

‘Scratch the brave, this girl is mostly just stupid,’ Takamina thought guiltily as she tried to disengage herself from the tight hold to save lives everywhere. She knew that if Acchan was to blow up then more casualties were to be had than just Mocchi.

“Ah Mocchi, please let go of me, Acchan is very… this is not a good idea.”

“Atsuko-san is very what? She seems lonely over there all on her own.”

Yuko, being the only ‘ultra high level’ AKB member in the room other than Takamina and Acchan felt unprepared to directly engage the smoldering Ace while she was in pissed off possessive mode.

 Instead she decided to do her best to shoo the younger members out of the room. (By order of hotness of course, she was Yuko after all).

Luckily for all involved reinforcements arrived in the form of the No3b comedy duo when it came to Takamina’s manliness and her love life by extension.

“Wifey why do you look so pissed?,” Miichan began as she followed Atsuko’s gaze. “Oh Takamina is over there and attached to Mocchi. That’s dangerous for us all.”

“But it feels so comfortable. Right Takamina-san?,” Mocchi asked.

Haruna and Micchan looked towards their captain for any orders to come as they too were reluctant to put themselves in the way of Atsuko’s volcano of anger that was sure to erupt at any moment.

“Nyannyan we should go,” Yuko said once she’d finished with the kenkyuusei exodus. “I don’t want to watch the yelling and ripping off of limbs. We’ll just come back later to watch the make up sex.”

“Yuko,” Kojiharu began with an automatic facepalm.

“Meanwhile, let’s go have some fun on our own ok? I know my Nyannyan missed me last night.”

“Idiot I had a very restful night’s rest thank you very much!”

“I’m glad. Nyannyan will be nice and recharged for what I have planned for us right now.”

While the KojiYuu couple continued their increasingly perverted conversation, Miichan was taking the opportunity to sneak closer to Acchan.

She probably couldn’t save Mocchi’s life but she possibly had a chance at saving Takamina’s if she held Acchan back a few seconds for a midget getaway.

Sparing another look at the Ace, Micchan wondered why it was taking so long for her to actually explode.

There was Takamina… and there was Mocchi… and then there was the serious lack of space in between them.

From all accounts the moment of rival destruction should already have come but to Miichan’s surprise Acchan wasn’t actually doing anything. She was just staring… staring at Takamina wriggle around uncomfortably in the smirking Mocchi’s grasp.

‘What a strange form of suicide,’ Micchan thought. ‘There are high places to jump from that would hurt less. Doesn’t she know that?’

But apparently Mocchi did not.

 Instead she wrapped her arms even more comfortably around Takamina and clasped her hands together in front of the girl. Then, in celebration of dangerous moves in general, she even started to stroke the girl’s stomach through her shirt.

“Have you been working out Takamina-san? I love how cute your ears are but lately you’ve become so… sexy. You’re so good with that sword too.”

“Woman do you want to die?,” Miichan tried to ask except it came out as more of a strangled “Youuuuu idddiiiiiooooottttt!”

“Won’t you teach me how to use it? I’ll even let you use it on me. I’m free tonight and I’m a very fast learner.”

“Ok that’s it. We’re all gonna die,” Miichan said. “Sorry Takamina, can’t save you, probably gonna take this opportunity to run away and save myself.”

To everyone’s apparent surprise all Atsuko did was walk straight up to her captain, pause to glare at Mocchi and then held out her open palm.

The flames in the Ace’s eyes all but receded to a slight glow of love when she felt Minami’s hand enter hers almost immediately.

The motion caused Mocchi’s arms to loosen around the girl and allowed the small captain to be embraced by Atsuko.

Minami felt comforted by the fact that once more she realized just how different, and so right being in Atsuko’s arms actually was compared to being with anyone else.

Feeling that the ball was in her court, Atsuko took the initiative to launch her expectedly brutal counter attack.

In plain view of the very disappointed Mocchi, Atsuko cupped Takamina’s face in her own and slowly lowered her mouth down onto Takamina’s slightly gasping lips.

Sliding her tongue ever so slowly into her girl’s mouth, Atsuko savoured the moment knowing that Mocchi had just seen the object of her affection be claimed by her love rival.

Her moment was made all the sweeter when she retracted her soft tongue back into her mouth and felt it be followed by Minami’s.

The captain’s eyes were closed and the trust and affection Minami was showing towards her even in public view made Atsuko’s heart soar.

Just to ensure that Mocchi didn’t have confusion or misunderstandings as excuses, Atsuko deepened the kiss even further.

She suckled gently on her captain’s tongue making Minami moan out in pleasure.

The Ace continued her ministrations to the point that she felt warm wetness dribbling down the corner of her mouth and down her collar bone.

“Yuko really shouldn’t have left,” Miichan mumbled as she looked on in amusement. “This is getting hot. She’s gonna be angry tomorrow. Unless she’s getting some now of course…”

As the moment heated up, the girls were surprised to see their emboldened captain break the kiss only to lift up Atsuko’s chin with the tip of her finger and gently lick up and down her throat to clean up their messy kiss.

It was almost as if the small girl had no idea that there were still people watching them. Or that those two people happened to be one of her best friends who was more than likely taking notes for teasing later while the other was becoming an increasingly angry girl with a very serious crush.

All Minami was aware of was Atsuko’s scent, the comfort and warmth she felt when she was with her and the soft mewling noises she was starting to make as the captain began fluttering teasing kisses all over neck.

“M-minami…,” Atsuko said as she held the captain gently by the back of her head.

She was answered by Takamina’s kisses turning into small bites that left tell tale red marks on her otherwise impeccably creamy skin.

“I always love how soft you are Acchan,” Minami said between her bites.

“Mmm Minami is soft too,” Acchan moaned out. “But you can bite harder… I want you mark me baby.”

“Such a bad girl Atsuko-chan.”

“Ahh… Minami…”

Miichan almost felt sorry for the girl looking on as she watched Mocchi’s look turn from still slightly defiant into plain disappointment through and through.

She walked over to the taller girl and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You put up a good fight there Mocchi-Mocchi but there’s some you can win and then there are moments like this.”

Mocchi just nodded with sadness as she not only watched her captain claimed by their undisputed number one but also as her captain show just as much passion and want for Atsuko.

“Let’s get out of here,” Miichan said as she led the taller girl out of the studio. “You can treat me to some ‘give up on Takamina’ gyoza or something.”

Just as they were about to leave and Takamina’s nibbling was leading to undressing the top part of their Ace, Miichan decided to do the girl a favour before the second round of practice began.

“By the way lovebirds, you better make it a quickie or get out of here yourselves. You’re about to officially become exhibitionists.”

The sound of Miichan’s loud warning finally broke Takamina out of her trance as she found herself with one hand grasping Atsuko’s heaving chest while her tongue was licking in between.

Moments before the girls started wearily filing back into the ‘empty’ room, Atsuko pulled her captain behind one of the darkened curtains.

“See Nyan nyan, I told you you were nice and recharged,” Yuko said as she walked back in with her Kojiharu in tow.

“Be quiet Yuko I’m tired now,” Haruna replied before she looked at the suddenly meerkat looking squirrel. “What? What is it Yuko?”

“We were too late! My eyes missed something very nice to see!”

“Yuko what the heck are you talking about?

“I sense something Harunyan! It smells like something in here…I’m sure something happened!”

“Smells like what?”

“Like love! Like girl love!”

“Oh my god don’t say things like that out loud!,” Haruna said with a slight blush.

That of course didn’t rival that of a certain still hiding behind the curtains.

“Is that true Minami?,” Atsuko asked with a smirk as she nuzzled Takamina’s neck. “Is my Minami wet for me?”

“Be quiet Acchan,” the captain replied though she affectionately kissed the Ace on her forehead.

“Ne Minami,” Acchan whispered into her ear. “Shall I tell you a secret?,” she asked as she took Minami’s hand and brought it between her legs. “I’m wet for you too.”

“Acchan!,” the tomato captain hissed again in embarrassment. Though she didn’t make any moves to remove her hand. In fact the captain quite enjoyed how warm and comfortable it felt to shyly stroke the insides of Atsuko’s thighs, the back of her hand gently rubbing against the girl’s dampened panties.

“Don’t be shy Minami. I only want to prove how much I want you,” Atsuko said as she tried to rub herself against Minami’s hand.

“Don’t you like knowing what you do to me?”

“What do I do to you?,” Takamina whispered back, her face still growing hotter as she turned her hand to cup Atsuko’s wet lips gently through the thin material.

“Shall I tell you again?,” Atsuko replied, her voice so husky it was almost dangerous.

“Tell me again Atsuko,” Minami all but commanded.

“You make me so wet Minami,” Acchan replied.

Atsuko’s warm tongue slipped into Minami’s mouth once more as her wandering hands once again rubbed the girl’s bra covered breasts.

Before Minami even knew what Atsuko was planning she felt the girl pull her panties to side and her fingers touch unbelievably soft, smooth and warm, wet skin.

“Feel me,” Atsuko whispered as Minami’s fingertips grazed her wet lips.

“There’s something more that I want too Minami. Do you know what that is?”

“What is it Atsuko?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“I want to know.”

“Even if it’s naughty?”

“I want to know.”

“Even if it makes me a really bad girl?”

Minami looked into Atsuko’s mischieviously lit eyes and smiled shyly at her, giving her a peck on the lips as her fingertips continued to glide over the Ace.

“I want to know.”

“I want Minami to lick me slowly.”

“Mm-hm what else does my Acchan want?”

“I want my Minami to run her tongue on my slit.”

““Mmm Acchan. I bet you taste so good… tell me what else you want.”

“I want Minami’s lips to wrap around my clit. And Minami’s tongue to slide in and out so deep inside my…”

Before she could finish her taunting sentence, Atsuko was interrupted by an oddly booming squirrel voice.

“I am Oshima Yuko! As if they think I won’t be able to know where they are! So IF they’re still here then they should be not here because certain people are underaged and if I don’t get to watch I don’t want it happening so close!”

Before the Ace could plan several hundred ways to cook squirrel, Yuko continued her apparently useful tirade.

“And also a notable fact could be that Akimoto-sensei is meant to be gracing this particular practice so if our CAPTAIN and our ACE could kindly show up OUT OF NOWHERE that would be great thank you!”


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LOL. Yuko is so hilarious! I would like more smutty Atsumina ! :P


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I might bleeding to death!!!!  :mon blood: :mon blood:

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OHH MY FLIPPING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! :on gay: :luvluv1: :imdead: :on bleed:....THAT WAS SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WRITE MORE>>>>>AND UPDATE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it was going to the good part also   :tantrum:

me want more  :mon love:
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By the way thanks for updating
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ROFL  :mon lmao:

Yuko!  :wahaha:

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