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Author Topic: ツ [short stories] MY ONLY STAR [PART 2] 10/25/2013 update~ [AtsuMina]  (Read 9259 times)

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Everyday I’m praying that one day I’ll be free from these dark rooms and regain happiness once more, where I can see the flowers in the garden, the wind breathing in my hair and the sun kissing my skin.. Kame sama I’m begging.. I can’t hold it anymore I’m suffering too much you know I didn’t do anything, is it wrong to born with this family? Am I being cursed? If yes then take my life instead and spare me.. If only I could break these walls I will jump immediately to the ocean for my freedom..

“Your highness wake up” a soft voice calling to her
“Wake up please..we don’t have much enough time..” another voice called her
“Sayaka? Sae? What do you want?” she place her eyes in a small hole on the steel door while making her voice in a low volume making sure that no one would hear them

“We will help you princess..It’s about time..” Sayaka her father’s trusted general, slowly rotating the key on the door’s lock to open it.   TICK “gotcha” she instantly unlock the girl’s wrist from the shackles.

“Where are you taking me? The guards what about them? What if they caught us?” she worriedly ask

“We already made a plan princess, at last your free we will let you escape here no matter what at all cost” Sae the royal butler, looking at her with sympathy for being a prisoner for almost 10 years wearing a worn out clothes, in spite of being dirty and dull her face was still beautiful as before like an angel even more attractive and become more prettier.

“You have grown your highness..You had your father’s brown eyes and your mother’s smile..” Sayaka said while combing the girl’s hair in her hand.

“Saya We have to go.. ” sae tapping the general. Slowly they walk in the hall looking in every angle carefully if it’s safe to cross on the other side. Heading down in the tower the three of them successfully exited the hell prison ward and headed directly to the back gate of the palace where a medium size ship is waiting for them. But before they could fully leave the castle the guards were already noticed them and headed running towards to stop what they’re doing.
“I shall take of these men.. Sae take the princess to the ship and sail quickly!” sayaka

“What about you? I can’t leave you here they would kill you!” sae
“They won’t do that now go! Take the princess with you sae I’m giving you orders now obey me!” sayaka half shouted the words
“Sayaka no! Don’t do this! Come with us onegai!!!” The princess shouted while crying
“Princess I shall meet you there that’s a promise trust me as your father trusted me before!” sayaka bowed preparing her sword to fight the guards whose nearly close to get them

“SAYAKAAAAAA” is all she could say, sae lifted her on the boat and sail away from the scene crying.

“Please don’t cry no more your highness, you’ve done enough suffering..Everything will be alright I know sayaka will come back for us.. I know..” Sae pulling a blanket and made her lied in the cabin
“Sae..Thank you..But I’m afraid I know the emperor will find me..” she sobbed as she hid her body on the blanket

“We are prepared princess, you’ll soon find out when we arrive to our destination..Now rest assured..” Sae

After 4 days of sailing in the wide ocean, she fixes herself as a normal person. She cut her hair into length and wears some neat clothes. The ship was indeed literally ready from clothing to food. On the fifth day of sailing towards their destination sae was alarmed by the strong typhoon coming creating tremendous waves that made the ship sway, the butler not letting go of the princess decided to tie a rope in their waist between them so that they won’t be separated in case when the ship will sunk down. This plan truly works but when the ship wrecked and down cast in the water the rope got loose in the water which made the two of them detached from each other.

“Princess!!! Where are you!!” sae shouting in the midst of the night while floating in the water “Princess atsuko!!! Where are you!!” she continuously shouts while the waves are mashing on her

“Sae!!!!”  The princess is shouting too, but they can’t hear each other due to thunder’s loud groan in the night. She can’t barely know how to swim good thing she grabs a floating log and ride her half body on it her head up while her feet was soaked down on the water.

TBC  :nervous

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Re: ツ MY ONLY STAR [prologue] 7/17/2012
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Interesting story continue!

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Re: ツ MY ONLY STAR [prologue] 7/17/2012
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hmm a prisoner princess.. Interesting.. continue please :twothumbs
I love Acchan48     maji ni naranakya katenee yo

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Re: ツ MY ONLY STAR [prologue] 7/17/2012
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Oh no Sayaka! You will be missed soldier!   :fainted:

It sounds really good! Keep going!  :on GJ:

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Re: ツ MY ONLY STAR [prologue] 7/17/2012
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Princess Atsuko Is freed. Please continue.

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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [prologue] 7/17/2012
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 :tntrm: Super interesting!

Sayaka!!!! Saeee!!! princess Atsuko!!!!  :gyaaah:

Can't wait for next chapter!

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: ツ [short stories] --MY ONLY STAR [Part 1] 7/18/2012
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“Omedatou to the both of you minami chan yuko chan..” their mother kisses them both
“Mom this is embarrassing were already teenagers” the girl with a ribbon on her hair spoke
“Oh my! My minami chan is really grown, you’re not sweet to mama anymore” her mother making a drama reaction
“Mom! I’m sweet than takamina you can kiss me all you want..” a squirrel teeth girl happily hugs their mother
“Arigatou yuko chan, at least one of you is sweet and not shy to show her feelings towards her poor mama..If only you’re father was here..She’d be happy seeing the both of you grown so much” Their mother half teary eye

“My mother is on her script again,” takamina
“Mom takamina sais something!” yuko
“What is that minami chan?” mother
“ah nothing!! Ano I said.. why do we always celebrate our birthdays here in the sea side? You know we can do it simply in our house or maybe in the restaurant..” takamina
“hmm It’s simply because me and your dad met at the ocean too so I want to spend every celebration here with him.. ” Mother
“Sou desu.. Past again..” takamina

“Takamina let’s go over there and find some cute shells to make necklaces” yuko
“Oi you two don’t go too far.. Mr. ocean is going to eat you alive..” mother
“Mom seriously were not kids anymore, were going and were staying on the shore promise” takamina rolling her eyes, their mother is always treating them like kids being so sweet all the time, she likes it but sometimes she don’t specially when it’s too much treating them like babies.

“Takamina come here lend me the plastic cups so that I can put the shells” yuko busy picking some sea crust
“Alright alright..Let’s go over there I think there were more beautiful shells there because the sand is shining” takamina

“Wait up!” yuko running towards her until she saw something behind in the large bark of tree floating in the seaside.
“TAKAMINA!!! Come here!!! Quickly!!!!!!!!” she panickly shouts

“What is it?” takamina busy collecting some shells
“I saw something! Come here now!” yuko taking more steps to what she saw “TAKAHASHI MINAMI! A GIRL!” she screamed out her lungs
“So? You’re a girl too baka! Haven’t you seen any girls around here? And you really shouts huh” takamina shakes head not looking at her sister
“SHE’S DEAD!!!!” yuko gasped

“Oh yeah a dead girl.. wha whaaaatt??  A DEAD GIRL??” she quickly stands and run towards the sight, the girl lying behind her face buried on the sand. Takamina move her body to face them, checking her pulse and heart beat.
“Is she alright?” yuko trembling kneeling down to check the girl’s identity by cleaning her sandbur face
“Yuko she’s alive.. good thing I’ve learned CPR” takamina pumping the girls chest and doing her the mouth breathing after a few more pumps the girl cough and spit some water from her mouth.
“haaahhh..You’ve made it takamina! Are you ok? Of course you’re not ok.. What’s your name? ” yuko looking at the girl, the girl just look the two of them for a while and lost her consciousness again. Takamina lifted her heading to their house cottage with their mother.

“Mom mom!! Come here hurry! We need help” takamina panting
“What can I do my babies.. Oh my god!  What happen to her? What did you do to her?” their mother gasping
“Mom we found her on the shore, takamina revives her but she collapsed..” yuko
“Mom let’s help her..” takamina
“Of course we will.. Go get the car keys yuko chan let’s take her home..” as their mother decided to take the girl home the two daughters agree with. When they got home their mother clean her body and cure some wounds on her, she replace the wet clothes and made her rest on the bed and cook some delicious food to the cast away girl. While yuko and minami is guarding her waiting to open her eyes.

“takamina look at her..Maybe she’s a mermaid because of her beauty..but still my nyan nyan still beautiful in my eyes..” yuko
“unn she’s pretty..Maybe she’s an angel drop from heavens” takamina giggles, when she notices the girl’s necklace it has a letter A embark on it. When she’s about to touch it the girl suddenly moves and slowly open her eyes.
“Is she awake?” yuko whispered

“… are you feeling?” takamina looks at her
“Where am I?” she asked
“ah you’re in our house, our mothers room to be exact..” yuko smiled
“How did I get here?”
“We found you in shore near our place..Your worn out, my mom..I mean we decided to keep you until you recover your consciousness” as takamina explaine the girl slowly remembered what happened to her, from the palace as prisoner, escaping and then the typhoon.
“Our ship was cast by a typhoon..Maybe that’s why you found me in the shore..Arigatou  gozaimasu..” she bowed but deep inside she’s thinking about sae
“am I only the one in the shore?”

“Yeah you’re alone..” yuko
“May we know your name?” takamina finally asked her identity
“ano..” before she could answer she deeply thought of an option to hide her identity just to be safe “just call me acchan..” she gave her nick name instead
“Nice to meet you acchan! I’m Takahashi yuko..Call me yuko! And this is my twin sister takahashi minami..I call her takamina because it suits her..” yuko explaining the whole name thing
“seriously yuko..May introduce my name? gome for such rude action of my what she had said were twins not on the face because were fraternal..Call me takamina.. yoroshiku acchan..” the ribbon girl shows off her smile along with her dimples. She assists her going downstairs to eat and meet their mother.

“Mom she’s awake..her name is acchan!” yuko blurting out
“That’s good to know.. come over her darling and have something to eat..I cooked a nutritious meal for you..minami look good together..” their mother teasing her
“Mom stop that! I wish dad was here to have an ally, no wonder yuko’s attitude came from haist..” takamina helping acchan to her seat
“acchan darling..Where did you came from?” mother
GULP“..I came from the north side of the country..We were sailing for a sea vacation until a huge storm came..” acchan lied again
“You mean we? You have someone with you? Where is that person?” takamina being so intelligent to observe her words
“Ahh my partner..I hope she’s alright..I should find her immediately..She might be there somewhere too..” acchan

“No you stay..We shall be the one to find her..We’re going to report this to the coast guards they can help” takamina
“Thank you..really..I’m  really thankful for your kindness..” the princess stands and bowed to them politely.
“I bet you’re in a bad timing sailing in the ocean, maybe next time you should check the weather first” yuko
“Yeah I guess so..We just plan it right away” acchan knew that’s these lies would result trouble

After eating acchan persist on going back to the bed to rest more because her body state was not fully recovered. While takamina and yuko reported the ship wrecked happening on the coast guards and tell them the details of the said incident. Day passes by and it’s been almost a month since acchan stayed at the takahashi residence waiting for the information about Sae, without the royal butler she’s completely nowhere to go. The longer she stays at the takahashi household the more they were getting closer especially to takamina who’s always taking care of her. Yuko her sister notices their closeness because her twin sister would go home right after classes, before they usually do some town hopping with their friends but now she would choose to go home as early as possible to spend more time with acchan, which yuko likes it  in her advantage to date more her beloved haruna without a chaperon.

“Mom I’m home!” takamina stepped in to their door and remove her shoes placing them on the side
“Minami..You’re home..You mom is not here she’s on the market buying some ingredients for the meal tonight” acchan “By the way where’s yuko?” she asked
“Ah that squirrel has a date as usual with her lover haruna..” takamina frowns

“Sou..How about you? You don’t have like that? I mean like yuko to that girl haruna..” acchan innocently ask
“nnngg….” The small girl didn’t answer.. She just look down to hide her face and change the topic “Ano I bought some strawberry shortcakes..Here.. Let’s eat it..But I must change my clothes first wait me in the kitchen..” she quickly run upstairs not looking on acchan, she felt like she’s going to burst for a sudden heat in her face.
“Yattaa arigatou..Hurry minami..I like this very much if you won’t hurry I’ll be eating this alone..” acchan giggling on the cake.

“I’m done changing..” the small girl headed to the kitchen
“ look great on that shirt, it fits you well..” acchan praising takamina
“Yuko gave this to me on our birthday” takamina scratching her head and feeling shy towards her
“Itadakimasu!” they both said as they plump the short cakes, while acchan eating her part with joy she didn’t noticed that takamina was just too busy looking at her amused by her action while chewing, until a small cream slid on the side of her mouth.

“Acchan..You had a cream there..” she point on her face, the princess not listening exactly to what she says just continue eating,  when she just feel takamina’s hand wiping the white foam near her cheeks. The princess just gulp and stared at her, stunned by the abrupt action this is the first time that someone do that to her even before in the palace before she became a prisoner. She cough pretending in need of water to excuse the scene, she can’t hide her bashful face slightly turning like the cake toppings strawberries.

“Are you alright?” takamina worriedly asked, she answers a nod and headed to kitchen to drink some water to ease her emotion. In her deep mind she wants to tell the truth of who she is, but half of it was struggling not to tell yet because of the current situation however she grip her hand deciding to tell takamina the truth because she already trusted her.

“Minami..I need to tell you something about me..” she begun
“What is it? I’m listening acchan..” takamina responded until out of the blue someone shrugged  to the door panting

“Acchan!! Mom!! The coast guards have info!” yuko breathing weighty
“Mom’s not here.. What’s the news?” takamina
“Someone claims that she’s with acchan!” yuko
“You don’t have to shout yuko..You’re voice is so sharp..” takamina
“Really? Who is it yuko?” acchan hope increase

“I don’t know the name..But we could go there if you want the person is there waiting..” yuko
“Onegai bring me there..I want to see who’s that person is..” the princess doubly think that maybe it was sae or maybe it was the emperor’s men, but she wants to see it for herself even though feeling anxious of who it was.

“Hey hey hey the three of you where are you going?” their mother has just arrived
“Mom we need to go to the coast guards, they found someone related to acchan!” yuko waving
“Yeah mom bye see you later!” takamina and acchan bowed to her
“Be careful! These kids deciding on their own they didn’t even consulted me..” Mrs. Takahashi just shook her head

At the coast guard

“nyan nyan~~~ I’ve missed you..” yuko hugging the tall cat like girl
“Baka we just had out time a while ago yuuchan..My father is here do some skinships..” Haruna
“Haruna..This is acchan..the one we’ve been talking about with you..” takamina
“Nice to meet you me haruna or nyan nyan..” haruna greeted her
“Yoroshiku..Acchan desu..” acchan bowed
“Call her haruna..nyan nyan is only for” yuko
“Acchan, haruna’s father is one of the coast guards, she’s the one who informed yuko if I’m not mistaken..” takamina
“Hai..she is.. my beloved girlfriend..” yuko

“So where’s that person?” takamina moving her eyes to fins the person
“ my father’s office..Come with me..” haruna lead the way.
“Are you ok?” takamina hold the acchan’s hand and walk along with them, the princess indeed felt relieve when takamina hold her hand that’s what she needs right now.

Upon opening the door there they all saw a tall person standing facing back on them, when the person notices their presence she immediately face towards them seeing the girl in front she clasped her mouth half tears where shown in the person’s eyes.

“Sae...You’re alive….” Acchan hugs her and started to cry “I thought you were dead, I’ve been waiting for you..” she continuously sobbed
“Your highness..I was drift off too..But someone helped me and when I recover this is the first thing I do..To find you princess..” Sae cupping her cheeks
“We better go..You’re brother is waiting for you..I know he’d be happy seeing you..I must bring you to him..”

“Chotto matte! Acchan? Did we hear that right? You’re a princess?” takamina
“Ahh takamina..That’s the other thing I want to tell you actually..” Yuko interrupts her
“Yuko? You know it?” takamina looked at her sister in frustration
“Well..umm..nyan nyan told me and actually it was a secret she just slip so told me..Sorry..” yuko bowed

“minami.. I was going to tell you about this earlier before yuko arrived..” acchan trembling, she knew takamina would get mad for not being honest.
“You lied..” Takamina wiping her own tears when she notice it rolling in her cheeks
“I have to..I have no choice..” acchan

“Yes you have..Don’t you trust me? Us?” takamina
“I do..I really do minami and I’m so thankful that you found me, I’m in good care..But as much as possible I don’t want you to get involve in my situation..” acchan

“Princess..Sorry to disrupt you conversation but we really have to go.. Maybe you can meet some other time..I’m afraid they might locate us and it will be a big trouble..” Sae

“Minami..I have to go..I will meet you again..That’s a promise..” acchan holding sae’s hand and ready to go
“Don’t say that words if it’s only a lie..” takamina

“The next time we meet, I will tell you everything..You’re so precious to me even if we spend such a short time..Please don’t get mad at me..It’s just between life and death..I have to go..” the princess kisses her on the cheek but takamina didn’t response at all, being null at that moment soaking the truth behind that girl that she like the most that revealed to be a princess.


minna questions? comments? violent reactions?  :nervous
Just leave it below thanks..
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aww princess acchan you lied to  takaboy...
now you need to fight for her

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So, Acchan is princess?
Poor Sayaka  :cry: you did your job great
Lucky that Yuko found Acchan  :D and Takamina gives her CPR?!  :inlove: You're the hero, Takamina
Somehow I like Mrs. Takahashi  :lol: how she acts and teas Takamina
Yuko is clinging to Haruna as always~  :D
Sae comes to bring Acchan to her brother? I wonder who is it?  :huhuh
Poor Acchan got blamed by Takamina for not telling her the truth   :( Come, on Takamina, be understanding  :yep:

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I hope they will see each other again

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this is cool a trilogy part series!
acchan's a prisoner  :cry: i bet she really suffered there for 10 yrs! that's cruel
pls update soon
I love Acchan48     maji ni naranakya katenee yo

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 :panic: waiting for part 2!

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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [PART 1] 7/18/2012 updetto~
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miaaaaaaaaaaa    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [PART 1] 7/18/2012 updetto~
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"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [PART 1] 7/18/2012 updetto~
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miaaaaaaaaaaa    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Agree!mia update this please! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [PART 1] 7/18/2012 updetto~
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Miaaaaaa =p

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Re: ツ My trilogy series collection --MY ONLY STAR [PART 1] 7/18/2012 updetto~
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Nice fic with acchan as a princess & minami as a ordinary person  XD
Minami please forgive acchan & acchan keep your promise 
Thank you for the story, please update soon ^^

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miayaka san, can you update this?  :cry:
i really want to know the next part  :cry:
onegai  :cry:

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Just came across this fic...

Oh... I want to know the continuous of this story...

Please update

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ツ [short stories] MY ONLY STAR [PART 2] 10/25/2013 update~
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Happy Birthday Chichay12!  :heart:
I know you always asked this so here it is :3

Chapter 2

Arriving at the private manor where their allies are waiting.

“Princess Atsuko? Is that you?” Sashiko the castle’s informant greeted her with a bow and shook her hands.
“Where is he?” Sae asking
“He’s upstairs waiting” Sashiko
“Let’s go Princess..” Sae

They hear full steps going near “No need..” Shinoda shows off opening his arms “Atsuko..” His eyes gone red and wet.
“Niichan..” acchan runs toward where her brother is and hug him tight. “I’m so happy you’re alive..I thought im all alone..I thought the emperor got you too..”
“Faith it is princess..I manage to escape..But I left you that’s the most painful decision I’ve ever done..I’m sorry..”
“No..It’s not your fault at all..It’s worth the doesn’t matter at least were together now again both alive..”
“As long as we heard the emperors plan marrying you at the right age, me and the others immediately make an out plan, we’ll have to take you out there no matter what..Sae thank you for making this possible and I’m hoping Sayaka was still there..”
“That monster! So cruel! Shinoda This is the perfect time, the princess is here our long wait is over..”Sae
“I know..I’ll take back what is ours..” Shinoda

“Princess you’ve grown so much..After 10 years this is the first time seeing you again..” Umeda one of the council spoke to her.
“Arigatou..” She bows down, as she touch her chest something is missing “My necklace..”
“Atsuko did you lost it?” Shinoda
“No..I left in Minami’s house..” Acchan
“I’ll take care of it..” Sae
“Can I go with you?” Acchan
“Too dangerous your highness” Sashiko
“Niichan onegai? I promise I’ll be cautious.. I need to thank them..personally..” She begs.
“Alright..But Sae will go with you..” Shinoda
Acchan felt relieve as she heard her brother’s word.

“Taidama!” Yuko shouted when she opens the door.
“Okaeri! I’m here in the kitchen preparing for dinner I’m sure Acchan will like it this is my specially” Their mother proudly say.
“You’re just wasting it mom..” Takamina said it in a sad voice.
“Eh? Nani? What happen to her?” Their mother quickly leaves the kitchen and wipes her hand on her apron.
“She found her family mom!” Yuko happily announce it.
“Oh yokatta!” Their mother felt relax.
“And she’s a princess….” Takamina adds.
“Yes she’s really like a princess” Mother
“Mom she’s really a real princess like she has a kingdom and a crown” Yuko blurting out.
“Yuko! That’s supposed to be a secret right?” Takamina narrows her eyes.
“But mom can keep a secret right mom?” Yuko
“ she’s home..I’m happy for her and I’m glad we’d help in our own little way..I’m so proud of you girls..”

“My sister is sad because she already miss Acchan!” Yuko teases her.
“I’m not!” Takamina
“Don’t deny it darling it’s obvious you’re flushing”
“Mom! Seriously you and Yuko were so alike” The ribbon girl pouted.
“And you and your father were so alike too” Their mother’s mood changes when she mention her husband when the girls notice it they immediately cheer her up and help her in the kitchen.

The Takahashi household was back to normal again after the day of the revealing incident Takamina tries to be normal again although she’s not used to it because she’ll always remember how Acchan waves at her before going to school.

“Takamina hayaku!!!! We’re gonna be late!” Yuko shouts outside the house stretching her arms.
“Hai! Chotto! Mom ittekimasu!!” She hurried up and catches her sister starting to run.
“This is the first time I shouted at you like that because I’m always the one who’s late” Yuko curiously talk to her.
“I was just tired and I woke up late” she reasoned out.
“Yosh iku yo! Lets hurry up or else we will end up cutting our classes because were late” Yuko laughs.


Panting, the siblings run towards the corridor to their classroom, they notice that many elder guys were there wearing a formal tuxedo like a bodyguard.

“Nyan nyan!!” Yuko jumps out to hug her beloved.
“Yuuchan! Baka! Not now!” Haruna grip her off.
“What’s happening?” Takamina asks.
“That’s what I’m about to tell you midgets..Why are you late?” Haruna lower down her voice.
“Kojima san you didn’t answer my question..” Takamina wonders.
“Their looking for someone..” The cat ear girl whispers.
“Nyan Nyan Nani?”
“Those guys were looking for someone.. Listen carefully..Guess what?”
“What?” The two refrains.
“They’re looking for the princess!” Haruna lowered down her voice as much as she can.
“Oooh a princess..” The midgets chorally answered.
“Baka!! They’re looking for Acchan!” She hit their heads.
“Ittaiii nyan nyan..”Yuko
“Acchan? Why?” Takamina
“They’re claiming that the princess had escaped, but father won’t believe it because they’ve consulted him first, father says their words were not concrete when finding the princess as if they were hiding something..”
“Well that’s not our problem anymore..” Takamina in a cold tone.
“Seriously midget? You don’t care?” Yuko raises her right eyebrow. The ribbon girl stays silent and listens to those men who were talking in front of them.

-“For those of you who recognize this girl we were describing please let us know immediately and we will give a prize to those who could bring the princess to us”
-“Don’t you have any present pictures?”
-“Unfortunately this is the only picture we have and you would recognize her quickly because she wears a necklace with a letter A pendant on it and it has a unique royalty carve, let us know if you still have follow up questions”

The students were murmuring about the topic after the men leaves the school building.

“So it’s really her..” Takamina tilt her head.
“I think we should keep this as a secret for the mean time” Yuko was worried.
“Uhn..I agree until we meet her again..” Haruna.

On their way back home as the squirrel clings to her beloved she noticed the silent mood of her sister.

“Takamina!” Yuko patted the girl seriously walking.
Upon her surprised with the sudden tap she bump her right foot on a small rock “ittaaii..”
“Takamina Daijoubu?” Haruna
“Gomene” Yuko wore a straight face.
“Ah I…I’m fine..I’m just sleepy..I should be heading home first see at the house Yuko and don’t go home late you know mom easily gets worried..” Takamina
“Hai…Neh nyan nyan let’s go to the nearest park and spend some time together this is my chance! My chaperon is sleepy” Yuko excitedly grabbed Haruna’s right wrist.
“Takamina we’ll go ahead!” Haruna half shouted as she waves her left hand.
“Hayaku nyan nyan!!” Yuko
“Yuuchan Chotto..” Haruna.
“..Lovers..” That’s all the ribbon girl could say as she lets out a deep sigh.

Minami lie down to bed and soak her face on the pillow half of her is sleepy and half of her is worried. Thinking silently as questions were popping in her mind one by one. “Why are they looking for her? What do they want from her? Is there something more? Why they’re telling she just escaped? Why she’s hiding her identity?

She dips her face more on the pillow and grip her bed sheets tightly “Acchan what did you do to me!” she let out a groan inside the pillow. A strong breeze of wind blow from her window that made the wind chimes creates a sound but not just a second something fell on the top of their cabinet that made her shift her head out of curiosity. The reflection was shining a thin gold chain with a pendant on it that made Minami stand up right away and pick the fallen object from the cabinet.

“This was..her..necklace..” She touches it checking the details of the pendant. She flips it back and saw the trademark of the creator. When she saw it, she seems recognize the mark something familiar that made her think where she saw it.

“Nami chan? Can you help me down here?” Her mom’s voice obstructs her.
“H..hai…I’m coming down mom!”
“Ohh there you are my darling..please lend me a hand here.. can you bring the meals here in the table?” Her mother was busy dressing the salad.
“Sure mom no prob!”

While her mother was busy garnishing the meals her eyes were wandering around while she’s holding a bouquet of basils, until her eyes pauses on a certain wall where she saw the wedding picture of her parents, she smiled as she find it a sweet moment way back before. Keening more the details of the picture she almost drops what she’s holding as she saw something related on Acchan’s pendant.

“Mom wait!”
“What now?”
“Who made that ?” Minami points out the picture.
“The photographer of course”
“No I mean the signature below”
“Ah that, your father made that same engraves in our wedding ring” Her mom shows her finger with the ring.
“Mom seriously!?” her eyes widened, too many questions were popping out on her mind she wants to say it all at the same time.
“Nami are you ok? Can you calm down and tell me what’s going on?”

“Mom you know I always asked before why does Dad always go overseas then you just answered me that’s part of his job, I want to know what country he’s in before..” She begs an answer looking to through her mother’s eyes.
“Why do you suddenly asked that now again darling?”

Minami doubts but she knows she can trust her mom.
“Because of this” she showed Acchan’s pendant.
“What about this?”
“Look at the back mom it has the same carve mark in your wedding picture and in your ring”
“Is this..” before her mother could ask Minami spoke the name “Acchan’s pendant..”

Her mother seated and let out a deep sigh before she could talk again while her daughter was waiting for the answer. “I’ll tell you everything since you’re old enough to understand it, Kazu works as a royal adviser in Maeda kingdom, an abundant country with a humble king I’ve been there once because your father bring me and introduced me to the King before we got married..They just had a child, a prince which made the people there very happy because a new heir was born..When we finally got back here and decided to get married and settled things I asked your father to quit the job there so he can with me always..But he refused to gave me that favor because of some important reasons, all I know at that time there’s a rivalry growing between the king and his brother..His brother made a kingdom itself nearby Akiba and calls himself as emperor, his brothers rage grew more when the prince was born..”

“Then 6 more years when you girls were born, I just had this heart breaking message from one of his colleagues, a war has been declared and many people died and unfortunately your father died as well as the king and queen..”
“As far as I remembered I didn’t saw father’s dead body”
“Because as the informer said your father died in a massive explosion”
“So you mean the Emperor was ruling now the kingdom? and..”
“and what Minami?” Her mother curiously asks.

“and Acchan..thats why those men wants her..” She explained briefly what happened to their school earlier.
“Wait so it means Acchan was from that kingdom?” Her mom’s face enlightened.
“Exactly mom..and I just manage to connect the scenes especially about her pendant, now it makes sense father made this..I need to talk to her maybe she knows something about father’s death..”

Just about she mentioned it an unexpected visitor came up.

“Acchan darling you came back” Minami’s mother hugs her tightly like a long lost child.
“Gomene for not properly taking my leave here” The black haired girl bows down.
“No worries we understand the situation and besides you are always welcome here, are you alone? Is it safe for you to go here?”
“She’s fine mom, someone is with her” Minami looking at Sae outside the house.

“Minami..can we talk?” Acchan pleads.
“I’ll leave you two for a while” Minami’s mother excusing herself.

“Can I sit beside you?” Acchan

“mm sure..” Minami was a bit nervous she didn’t expect this.

“I’m sorry” they said at the same time not looking at each other.

“How are you?” their words were in synch again tilting both of their heads for such an awkward convo.

“Actually I wanna ask you something” they laugh as this is the third time they’re saying it in unison.

“Okay you first” Minami|Acchan

Just in a blink Acchan stole a kiss from her, Minami can feel the heat spreading through her face “Why did you..”

“For us to deliver our words separately one must be distracted so I kiss your cheeks and see it went fine” Acchan was smiling.

“Acchan I’m sorry really.. for what I acted last time”

“I understand..It’s my fault I lied but It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you here it’s just I need to..but now I’m willing to tell the truth and answer all your questions as long as I can”

“I think I know almost half of the story and by the way your pendant you left it” Minami gave back the pendant.

“Thank you Minami this is one of the reason why I came here too this pendant is very important to me..”

“Acchan you know who made that?” Doubting but the smaller girl need to ask that directly because she knows the princess won’t stay longer and she don’t know when will they meet again.

“ was one of father’s adviser who made this, His name is Kazu..He’s very artistic he loves to draw symbols and signs..”
“Do you know what happened to him?”

Acchan’s eyes went sad as she recalls the scene “Before Sae and the others freed me I saw him, Kazu san on the other room cage but instead of begging us to help him, he smiled at me and showed me a happy face. I regret for not helping the others back there but we have no choice it seems the happenings were too fast”

“You mean he is alive???” Minami faces her holding her hands.

“Yes he is alive when I got escaped, do you happened to know him Minami?”

“He’s..he is my father Acchan..”

They both gasps as it was not a coincident meeting each other, there was really a reason behind everything.

Knock Knock

“Your highness I’m sorry to interrupt but we must leave now immediately, They are here..” Sae without any second thoughts hurried to take Acchan away.

TBC <- i know you hate this part chi :v
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