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Author Topic: Tekishu Soretomo Koibito~Enemy or Lover~(Atsumina & MariHaru) Chap. 12 [2/24/14]  (Read 33732 times)

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Well I'm in the posting a new fan fiction mood today...and imma in a good mood (well I'm actually in a good mood most of the time) too so yea~  :whistle:
My second fan fiction!  :farofflook: (well kind of I had posted a second fiction a few weeks after the Meeting You's now gone so this my officially second fan fiction) hahaha... anyways.....yeah...for the MariHaru pairing well usually I would go for the Kojiyuu but this pairing was requested by an awesome friend of mine well not really I'm jk! ur awesome <_< :on lol: ahahaha
Ly-chan! <_<umaasa gusto mo 'to!  :depressed: or else it would be for nothing <_< lololol
Moving on....well this story is well...umm....well...i dunno how to explain... o.o well I hope it's not too cheesy  :err:
Oh yeah as for the title well...I just wanted something japanese so I just asked another friend of mine to translate it...I'm hoping it's right...if it's wrong blame her! lol JK  :on lol: ....It's supposed to be "Enemy or Lover"
Well I'm just going to say this at every starting of a new story...umm...if some sentences aren't making sense...  :err: well try to make sense of it...just like some peeps English ain't my first language so yeah~  :on gay:
It may be not that good <.< beginner writer only DX

~I would really like to thank you yanouchi for creating the LOVELY  :mon yeah: AWESOME  :mon yeah: COOL :mon yeah: poster :mon thumb: hehehehe....

      Chapter 1: Encounter

The tall woman fired her gun at her target, cursing as she missed. Her target returned fire, the bullet barely hitting her on the shoulder. She hissed at the pain but didn't do anything about it and instead started moving to pursue her target. Her target started running, pissed on how long the chase was taking, she pushed herself and got closer and closer to the target. However the smaller woman suddenly disappeared when she turned into a corner. "Damn!" cursed the tall woman, her hands on her knees while breathing heavily with all the running. She touched her earpiece and said, "Mariko the target disappeared." On the other end the older woman said, "huh? how'd she disappear?  Well, that's ok, we got the other person here. You can come back to headquarters."
"Copy that."

Atsuko cursed again and kicked a small stone, pissed for letting her target get away. As she walked out of the alley, a pair of hands grabbed her from behind, a gun pointing at her  head. The person whispered, "move an inch and I'll blow your head off." Atsuko was trained for this kind of situation and didn't move a single muscle. As soon as the enemy let her guard down, Atsuko grabbed her attacker from behind and tried to slam her on the ground but suddenly lost her balance and both woman fell on the ground. Atsuko was under, while the other woman was on top of her. As for the small woman, she tried to get back up quickly on her foot but she stopped when she saw  the woman  under her.
"Woah." mumbled the small woman, mesmerized by the woman in front of her, 'she's beautiful.'

Atsuko looked at the woman on top of her, she knew that she was supposed to seize the other woman but somehow her body didn't allow her to move at all. Also, she was too caught up staring at the woman on top of her. Her heart was racing, beating faster and faster. She could feel her face heat up, blushing. They stared at each other for only a few seconds but to them it was like...eternity. Suddenly the small woman leaned closer and closer. The tall woman ordered herself to move but her body didn't obey and stayed down.Their nose touched, their eyes still gazing at each other then the next thing, they were...kissing. It only lasted for a few seconds. Atsuko blushed furiously,  her face became red,  pushed the smaller woman away and lastly, slapped her on the face. Producing  a loud echo.
"Ouch!" yelped the short woman, touching her left cheek. Atsuko stood up abruptly, still blushing deeply and yelled, "what do you think you're!"
"'s natural if you want to touch a beautiful creature." smirked the woman
"Hah, you think you can de-" before she could finish her face flushed again, "...wait...did you say beautiful?"
"What did you think I said?" answered the other woman, already standing next to Atsuko and touched Atsuko's arm where the bullet scratch it off. Atsuko shivered at the touch.  She was surprised with the sudden movement, she didn't even notice the small woman move when she did. "Sorry about the...scratch, if I would've know I was facing such a...beautiful lady then I wouldn't have fired back." smiled the small woman as she walk around the tall woman. Atsuko watched and followed every movement the other woman made. She knew the woman was dangerous and probably stronger than her. When the small woman turned her back on her, Atsuko immediately took her gun and pointed it at her, "turn around slowly and put your hands up where I can see them."  The small woman was calm and removed her hands slowly out of her pocket. She turned around slowly and grinned,"gomen ne hime...but I can't let you capture me yet." She suddenly dropped off the smoke bomb that she was holding and fled. Atsuko covered her eyes with her left and tried to look for the woman. As the smoke slowly disappeared, she was the only one standing there. Atsuko cursed again and again, she had her second chance but she let her target...get away again.

As Atsuko entered their headquarters, she was suddenly greeted by her partner.
"Oi, Acchan why is your face all red?" asked the older woman. Atsuko covered her face as she remembered what just happened, making her blush more.
"N-nothing happened." answered the blushing woman and walked away quickly.
"Matte." called Mariko and hurried quickly  to Atsuko.
"...What's this?" asked Mariko, pulling out a piece of paper that was sticking out of Atsuko's pocket. Atsuko stopped and looked at her partner, Mariko unfolded the paper and read the writing aloud, "Maybe we will meet again...Maeda Atsuko. I would love to see you again." Atsuko's eyes widened as she heard what Mariko read out and mumbled, "How the hell does she know my name." "Eh? That's it?" said Mariko disappointed and inspected every inch of the paper to see if there were more writings. Couldn't find anything else, she looked towards Atsuko and raised her eyebrows, "...who's this?"
Atsuko ignored the question and switched it to another  topic, " Did you check the other one that you captured yet?" Mariko put the paper in her pocket and replied, "Nope, not yet...we should probably go now." Atsuko nodded and the duo headed to the room where they confined the other woman.
"Can I have it back." said Atsuko while they walk on the wide hallway. Mariko pulled it out of her pocket, the note between her index and middle finger. Atsuko reached for it but Mariko moved her hands higher, "Seriously, what is this all about?" The younger woman sighed,"oh, it's just a prank that my friend plays on me all the time."
"Hontou." said Mariko still doubting it but handed the paper back to her partner.

Arriving at their destination, Mariko punched in the code and stepped in the room. Suddenly she froze in place as she saw the woman in front of her. The older woman stared at the other woman who just sat there. The stranger noticed Mariko staring at her thus she also looked at the lady. Atsuko bumped into her and asked, "hey! what was that for!?" Mariko still didn't answer, sighing Atsuko pushed her partner away to see what was happening. She went in the middle of the room and observed the two of them. The younger lady watched them for a while, having fun watching the situation. After a few minutes, she cleared her throat, 'ahem', both women broke their eye contact and looked at Atsuko in unison. Atsuko just smiled and approached the stranger, "so, what's your name?" The stranger looked one last time at Mariko before turning her attention to the Atsuko, "Kojima Haruna." she answered cooly, "say, can you let me go? I don't even know why I'm here." Atsuko ignored Haruna and picked up a file folder from the table, flipping the pages she said, "Kojima Haruna, born April 19, 1988 in Saitama Prefecture. You work with the enemy of ours. Your organization... 'The Empire' is responsible for the recent deaths of p-" Before she could finish the confuse woman interrupted, "matte! I seriously don't know what you're talking about. Agent? The Empire? What the hell...I'm only an office lady."
"You can't fool us, you were there when the explosion happened and you also started running when our agents started to approached you. Aren't I correct Mariko?" said Atsuko looking at her partner for confirmation. Mariko wasn't even listening so she just said, "oh...yeah...yeah." She could only stare at the stranger, she never felt like this before. 'Is this the so called love at first sight?' she asked herself. Atsuko face palm herself and sighed. Usually her partner is always composed, calm and cautious look like a teenager who fell in love for the first time. Suddenly the room went dark, Atsuko and Mariko grabbed their gun and looked around even though they couldn't see anything.

Meanwhile, the small woman sneaked in the room, poked her partner whispering, "Hey! what's up? Had fun here?" and gave Haruna the night vision goggles.
"Minami! finally! took you long enough!" whispered back her partner and put the goggles on. Seeing the two good agents alert, Minami approached them quietly and knocked them both out,
"Sorry again...hime."
Minami started to run, "Haruna! We should go, we only have two minutes before the lights go back on." Haruna nodded and followed the short woman. While they were running she asked,"was it necessary to knock them out?" Minami turned to the left and sped up,"Pretty much." Haruna who was running behind Minami picked up her pace and were now beside the small girl, she sighed, "'pretty much'? Do we have to knock out all of the agents that we'll see?"
Minami thought about it and finally answered, "Hmmm...I'm not really sure...but...why not."

Minami looked at her wrist watch, "45 seconds left."
"Ah, look there's the exit." said Haruna pointing at the exit, "race you there? Whoever loses has to treat the winner."
"Are you sure, you want to do this." grinned the smaller woman, confident about her ability.
"Yup!" answered Haruna and ran faster leaving behind Minami. Minami smiled, "I'll give you a head start." Giving the other woman the start that she needed. After a good distance  Minami  quickened her pace and finally caught up to the taller woman. Haruna  just sighed, knowing  that she already lost. She could just never win against Minami with races. The tall woman felt confident that she could've beat up her partner but it didn't happen. "See ya outside!" grinned Minami and dashed to the exit leaving Haruna.
"I should probably need to learn my lesson now." sighed Haruna frustrated, "I should've challenged her on how many people we can knock out."

Minami waited for her partner, suddenly her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and decided not to take it. The small woman pressed the decline button and just shoved her phone in her pocket. "You should pick every calls that you get." said Haruna emerging out from the building.
"Meh, you know me." said the small girl aloofly and started walking towards her car.
"Oh well, none of my business but phew* I'm glad we're out safely." sighed Haruna following closely behind Minami.
"Who's fault was it that we're here."
"Sorry, sorry...I didn't expect her to be so fast in capturing me."
"Riiight...I got something out of it...c'mon we should go, I'm hungry from all of that and it's your treat anyways." said the small woman and went in her car.
"Fine." grumbled Haruna, entering in the passenger seat. Minami started the engine making the car roar back to life. The small woman looked at her partner, "You have your seatbelt on right?"
Haruna looked at the girl, "yeah...why? ...wait no, no, no! Don't!" It was already too late as  Minami grinned, releasing the clutch and pushed the gas. Leaving a skid mark on the road and sped off into the distance while Haruna shouted, "MINAMI! You're crazy!"

Mariko woke up groggily and looked around the place. At fist she was confuse but after a few seconds she remembered what happened. She looked around and found that the other woman wasn't there anymore. Seeing her partner on the floor, she shook the girl wildly.
Atsuko groaned and slowly woke up. She stood up slowly, holding the chair for support.
"Huh, what happened?" asked the confused woman, trying to think of what occurred earlier.
"Uhh...the lights suddenly went out and I guess someone knock us out." answered the older woman, grabbing the guns that was on the floor and gave Atsuko her gun.
"Is it the work of Haruna?"
"Hmmm...not possible...she couldn't have done it...probably an accomplice of hers."
"Make sense, that woman probably was the one."
"The girl that I was chasing earlier, probably her."
"We should probably report  Tomochin about this."
"Agreed." nodded Atsuko, walking out of the room. Mariko looked around the room one last time before following Atsuko, hoping to find something but she saw nothing.

Atsuko knocked on the door, waiting for Tomochin to allow them in.
"Come in." commanded the woman.
Atsuko and Mariko looked at each other and went in the room. As they entered the room, they were greeted by Tomochin  and the  assistant Tomo who stood up beside the leader.
 Atsuko hesitated before speaking, "Ah, Tomochin...eto...the woman escaped." Atsuko and Mariko expected something angry from the girl but they were surprise she didn't.
"Oh, is that so?" said Tomochin leaning back on her chair, "don't worry about it."
Atsuko and Mariko became more confuse and decided to question it further, "what do you mean...don't worry about it?"
"Like I said, don't worry too much." Both agents were speechless, usually their boss always tell them to go find them again if the enemy escapes but now she's just telling them not to worry.
"You may go." ordered Tomochin, nodding at them. Atsuko and Mariko nodded and headed outside quietly, still amazed.
"Why didn't you tell them?" asked the other woman.
"Tomo, they'll find out soon enough." grinned Tomochin.

Once they were outside the room, Atsuko looked at Mariko, "what the hell was that?" Mariko shrugged, "Don't ask me."

Arriving at their destination, Minami parked her car way on the back in the parking lot. Getting out of the car Haruna asked, "why do you like parking so for from the restaurants." Minami thought about it before answering, "it's a habit besides... I like to walk." Haruna just rolled her eyes and sighed. As they entered the restaurant, both were greeted by a waitress. Minami smiled at the waitress, Haruna beside her just sighed again. The waitress led them to a table. Minami and Haruna took their seats, the waitress gave them the menu and asked for drinks.
Telling her what kind of drinks they wanted, the waitress bowed and excused herself.
"What are you getting?" asked the taller woman.
"Katsudon." answered the small woman quickly.
"Ehhh? Seriously we go here and you just order katsudon...seriously."
"Well the katsudon here is delicious."
 Few minutes later the waitress came back and asked, "what would you like to order?"
"You?" answered the small woman boldly making the waitress blush. Haruna who watched, kicked Minami on the foot hard making the small girl yelped in pain, "ouch!" and glared at the taller girl. Minami read the name tag of the girl, "Rin-chan eh? A cute name for a cute lady. Say, are you busy after work?" The waitress blushed. Haruna apologized at the waitress for the behaviour of her partner and gave her their order. The tall woman looked at Minami, "do you have to do that every time?"
"I can't help it." smiled Minami sheepishly.
While they stayed in the restaurant Minami kept flirting with the waitress. Haruna just let it be knowing she couldn't do anything about it. She just couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor waitress since Rin already became a prey for Minami. To make it worse, it'll be only a one night stand. Haruna sighed again, feeling really sorry for the waitress. Well, she's used to it, but she does hope her best-friend will find the one. They've been best friends ever since they were kids, both had been through a lot considering their situations and lastly, both have each other's back no matter what. 

Atsuko and Mariko chatted and entered the restaurant. As Atsuko and Mariko headed to their table they fatefully passed by Minami and Haruna. Atsuko back track and looked at Minami, Minami saw we too and both yelled, "ah!"
Atsuko pointed at the small girl, "you!" Minami grinned, "must be fate eh?" Mariko look at the small woman then at the other woman with her.
"Yabai!" said Haruna as soon as she saw the two women. She grabbed Minami by the arm, left their payment on the table and ran for it. Atsuko and Mariko were still surprise on encountering the two and just watched, "shouldn't we chase after them?" said Mariko sprinting after the two. Atsuko snapped out of it and started running too, "ah, wait!"

"This is why you should park closer every time." frowned Haruna. Minami just laughed, "this is more of a challenge." Arriving at the car, Minami and Haruna quickly got in. The small woman fumbled in her pocket for the keys.
"Hurry they'll be here in a few seconds." said Haruna nervously.
"Ah, got it!" grinned Minami and started the engine. She pressed the gas and sped out of parking lot.
"Stop!" yelled Atsuko and Mariko, grabbing their guns and started shooting at the moving vehicle. As they drove, the bullets shot the car's rear window, shattering the glass. "Oh crap!" yelled Haruna, ducking in her seat. Minami look at her rear view mirror to check if they were still being followed. As the distance kept widening, she doesn't seem to see them anymore.
"Ah, I wasn't expecting to meet her so quickly." giggled Minami to herself as she drove.
Haruna looked at her partner but didn't say anything about that and instead, "your car is full of bullets though."
"Ah! My car!" cried the young woman.

"That was unexpected." said Mariko while looking at the distance. Atsuko stood there, not saying anything and also didn't knew what her partner said since she was too busy thinking about the small woman. Mariko looked at her partner, "hey, you think we need to report this?"
Atsuko snapped out of it and said aloofly, "It's not really important."

To be continued... was that?  :on cloudeye: it's short but heh....I wanted to end it there... @_@
 see ya~ :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:

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Re: Tekishu Soretomo Koibito (Atsumina & MariHaru) Chapter 1 [4/30/13]
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 12:33:33 AM »
O: this is interesting!  :glasses: damn...that moments were...  :nya: hahahaha.... can't wait to see the next chapter!  :twothumbs

P.S. INSAN......HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!  :on lol:

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Re: Tekishu Soretomo Koibito (Atsumina & MariHaru) Chapter 1 [4/30/13]
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Whoa MariHaru and AtsuMina? crime theme...thats interesting...

So Mariko having love at first sight...while Haruna doesn't feeling anything right now as she wanna escape from them...

Atsumina's first kiss? Minami such a playgirl...i think she doesn't feel anything love towards Atsuko right now...more in playgirl mode...XD

Nice work Flame-san...keep it up!!...

p.s: what the meaning "Tekishu Soretomo Koibito"?

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Re: Tekishu Soretomo Koibito (Atsumina & MariHaru) Chapter 1 [4/30/13]
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woah such a cool concept :D Loving it already ^^
lol wow Minam is quite bold but can still see a hint of sweetness in her. Her and Haruna are funny & awesome partners in crime so far :P

Great first chapter. I look forward to your next update!

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Minami is a player here... like to have one night stand...

Haruna is Minami's best friend, crime partner...

Mariko and Atsuko are police agents...

But it seems that Minami and Haruna are not a normal criminal...

What is it that WTomo hiding about... regarding Minami and Haruna?

What's going to happen with their loves in the 1st sight between Minami to Atsuko and Mariko to Haruna?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the lovely fic....

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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A god start please continue this fic I loved your fic meeting you

I am agog what will happen next

please update soon
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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I swore I thought I did comment on this but I read it  :lol:

Incredible start to the fic and Nyannyan and Takamina partners in crime
Random Thought:


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Hohoho this looks like it's going to be a good story
Enemies or lovers... Can't wait to see how this turns out
Please update soon

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  • I give thanks to all great writers! <3
Oh Gosh!! Its a fantastic story!! Love action! :D haha moreover.. Atsumina and MariHaru!! Love this couples!

Can't wait for the next update!! ;)
Please update soon! Hehe
I'm so curious... Its gonna be so amazing! ㅅ.ㅅ
Kanon is so cute, but she's only mine! 0.o I mean my sister! ;)
I love SaeYuki, AtsuMina, JuriMayu, and MariHaru :P

You can read my first and only fanfic: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) -

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Yo, update xD I had time to do this since...I kind of missed my bus by like 5 SECONDS....  five freakin seconds  :on voodoo: so I had to wait for 40 minutes... :err:  :depressed: was so quiet... o.o so weird... so yeah..I had time to finish this chapter....  :whistle: I didn't know how to start this chapter put that...   :cool2: and lol I see that some peeps thinks of Atsuko and Mariko as a police officers? well...naw...well I didn't really explain during the first chapter so don't blame ya... but you'll find out more as you read..  :mon thumb: hmmm...what else...well hope this chapter is pretty good..... o.o" hahahaha

Chapter 2: Introductions
Awww...c'mon At-su-ko-chan let me k-i-s-s you." said Minami as she tackled the other woman on the bed.
"Yada!" said Atsuko as she tried to push the small woman away but the other woman was stronger than her.
Atsuko struggled but it was no use, sighing in defeat, she gave up and let the girl kiss her....all over.

*beep* *beep* *beep*
Atsuko suddenly woke up breathing heavily and looked around. She sighed, "oh only a dream." but blushed, "I can't believe I dreamed something like  that." She sighed and looked at the clock, she had another hour before going to work. Deciding to go to the headquarters early, the woman got herself ready.

As Atsuko arrived at the place, she went to the firing range first and killed her time there. Firing her gun at the target, she continually hit the critical spots. Finished with all her bullet, she looked at her shots and nodded to herself with satisfaction. Suddenly Atsuko heard someone clapping, the tall woman turned around quickly since she knew she was supposedly be the only one in the place. Leaning on the wall clapping is the one and only...Minami, a lollipop in her mouth. Atsuko's instinct kicked in and grabbed the gun and pointed it at the small woman. Minami stayed at her position, "You know pointing guns at others are quite dangerous." and started walking towards Atsuko. The tall woman said,  "don't move." but the other woman didn't listen and instead kept approaching her. Atsuko kept warning her to back away but it wasn't working, having no choice she...pulled the trigger.

Haruna walked around the headquarters looking for her partner, "Sheesh, where did that midget go." She scratched her head and sighed, "Always making trouble and we're supposed to be introducing ourselves today, it'll be trouble if she'll make...that kind of trouble." Turning into a corner she suddenly bumped into someone. "ah sorry!" said both woman as they both backed up to see each other.
"It's you!" said both woman in unison.
"What are you doing here?" asked Mariko, cautious.
"'ll see later but right now will you please help me?"
"You're our enemy, why should I trust you."
"...because you know something is up and you also didn't try to kill me when you saw me a second ago."
Mariko thought about it for a moment, "yeah you have a point there."
"Ok, good, right now we have to find my partner because she may be making trouble if she saw anyone."
"The woman that was with you last night?"
"Yeah, so are you hoping to help me since I don't really know my way through this place...yet." Mariko thought to herself, 'hmm...she's right, if they wanted to kill us they could've done it already...I'll agree but I still need to be cautious.'
"Ok, but I'm still going to watch you." answered Mariko.
"Fair enough". said Haruna and smiled sweetly at the other woman.  Mariko suddenly felt all fuzzy inside. Seeing the woman's smile suddenly made her heart beat faster.
"Uhhh...w-we probably  should g-go." stuttered Mariko, 'Ugh, what's wrong with me!?!"

After looking around, they couldn't find Minami anywhere. The two women stopped for a moment to think where she could possibly be. Couldn't think of anywhere else Mariko asked, "Is there something that she always like to do? If she's in the headquarters or something." The very first thought that came up to Haruna's  mind was 'Minami likes chasing after women'. She smirked and thought about it more seriously. After a few seconds of thinking she got it. "Where's the shooting range?"
 "It's not far from here but the shooting range?"
"Yeah, that woman likes to spend her time practicing shooting even though she's already good at it." sighed Haruna.
"Oh, ummm...ok, let's go." said Mariko then ran off to where the shooting range is located. Arriving at their destination, Haruna opened the door and saw someone pointing a gun at Minami. She was about to go and do something but Mariko grabbed her hands to stop her from going over there. Haruna looked at the older woman, confused she asked, "What the hell are you doing? ...My partner has a gun pointed at her. Let me go."
Mariko sighed and said, "It's better to not get involve."
"I can't let my partner be killed in front of my eyes."
"Trust me, just watch." grinned the older woman.  The younger woman subsided and sighed. Mariko smiled and watched Atsuko and Minami. One thing both woman didn't notice was that Mariko is still... holding Haruna's hands.

Acchan pulled the trigger but nothing happened, suddenly she remembered she just finished all her bullets firing at the targets earlier. "Dammit!' she hissed. Minami grinned and still moved towards her. No choice, Atsuko dropped her gun and took her fighting stance. The smaller woman stop in her tracks and raised her eyebrows. The taller woman charged towards her and attacked the other woman. As Atsuko charged towards Minami she shouted, "eh!?" and dodged the first punch. Atsuko continued striking but the smaller woman just smiled while dodging them easily...seems that she's enjoying it.  Atsuko  was surprised at the quickness of the short woman, 'Who the hell is she? Why can she dodge my attacks so easily!?' Atsuko continued her attacks but didn't land a single punch. Frustrated she just stopped and gave up. The short woman grinned mischievously, she took out the lollipop in her mouth and licked it, then put it back in her mouth chewing the candy in small pieces. Each time she took a step forward, the taller woman did the same but stepped backwards. They continued this process until Atsuko couldn't back up anymore.  The tall woman looked around, thinking of a possible escape but there was none. She was trapped. Minami put her left hand to the wall. Atsuko looked at Minami's eyes and once again she got petrified, like her strength is all disappearing and gotten lost in the shorter woman's gaze. Minami fixed the hair of Atsuko that fell out of place and covered the taller girl's face. "You're so beautiful." whispered Minami as she tiptoed to attempt to kiss Atsuko.

Mariko and Haruna who were watching got really surprise. Watching those two, Haruna suddenly noticed that Mariko is still holding her hand. She blushed and said, "Ano... Can you let go of my hands now?" Mariko looked at their hands and quickly released the other woman's hand, embarrassed she apologized, "S-s-sorry!"
"N-no, it's ok, but ummm...should we interrupt them?"
"Why should we? This is so fun to watch." grinned Mariko, her sudden embarrassment disappearing as sparkles appeared  in her eyes.
"B-but we need to, one will just get hurt."
"What do you mean?"
"Err...well Minami is kind of umm... p-" she got interrupted when one of the agents came barging in and said, "Itano-san is calling for all of you." After delivering the message the agent left quickly.

Atsuko watched helplessly as the other girl's face came closer to hers.
Minami had a grin on her face, she was only a cm away when she heard a familiar voice called after her. "Hey! Minami! We have to go!" The short woman Minami looked at Haruna  then at the woman who's beside her then looked back at Haruna. "Eh... Why? It was just getting better." Haruna shook her head. "Fine." said Minami walking towards Haruna and Mariko leaving Atsuko agape.  Mariko rushed towards her partner who suddenly collapse on the ground. Minami and Haruna waited for the other two patiently at the door. "Do you seriously need to do that every time." asked Haruna.
"This again? You know what my answer is." grinned Minami. Haruna just sighed and shook her head.
 "Are you ok?" asked Mariko. Atsuko stood up and said, "I'm fine." Mariko not believing it still nodded and the two joined Minami and Haruna who were waiting.

The four women entered the room. Tomochin sat on her chair while Tomo as usual, stood up beside her boss. Tomochin greeted the four women as they entered. Minami suddenly went over and hugged Tomochin much to everyone's surprise. "Still beautiful as always." grinned Minami as she  held Tomochin's hands and kissed it. Everyone's  (except for Haruna) jaw drop. The workers usually respected their leader and wouldn't dare to do anything so... bold. Tomo who watched what just happened, felt flare of jealousy, she clenched her fist and grind her teeth, 'get your hands off her you midget! Who the hell do you think you are!' As for the other woman, Atsuko felt a pang of sadness. She ask herself, 'What is their relationship!? >_<' Mariko who watched, whsipered to no in particular, "hmmm...wonder what's their relationship is?" Haruna who is beside her, heard the older woman's whisper and thus answered, "They had quite a pass together."
"Oh~ that is quite interesting." grinned the older woman.
Minami noticing the other woman standing beside Tomochin smiled   and greeted the woman, "I'm Takahashi Minami, nice to meet you."
"I'm Kasai Tomomi." said Tomo, not showing any interest on the short woman.
"Ah, same name as Tomochin huh? Quit a coincidence."
"Long time no see... Minami." said Tomochin coldly, gaining back the attention of the short woman.
"Aww, c'mon To~mo~chin~ don't be so cold. Are you still mad at me?" said the short woman. To be precise Minami is talking about what she did to Tomochin's cousin. The short woman dated Tomochin's cousin but at the same time she was also dating  another woman. So in short...two-timing. Eventually the two women that Minami dated found out about each other however they... didn't mind.
"C'mon after they found out, those two actually 'clicked' and went out together!" then she mumbled,"...That was a big loss for me. They were really...something." Tomochin glared at Minami when she heard what the short woman mumbled.
"Well, You know me...from...experience." smirked the short woman.
"Argh! Fine! Will you stop talking already!" half-yelled Tomochin not wanting Minami to spill out their history together in front of the others especially Tomo. Minami just grinned while Haruna just sighed.
"Ahem* anyways Atsuko, Mariko meet the new agents Minami and Haruna." introduced Tomochin.
"Huh? Agents!?" asked Atsuko then added, "...b-but they were there during the explosion and ran...why didn't they just say so and showed their proof." While Mariko just hit her left palm with her right hand said, "oh that's why!"
"Actually, that was my fault I didn't inform them enough about the situation." said Tomochin.
"But how can we trust them." said Atsuko  glaring at Minami who just winked at her and Haruna who just shrugged. She still didn't trust them.
"We just need to." said Tomochin simply.
"Just trust them."
"No buts, they are part of our agency and I want you two to take them around and show Minami and Haruna everything." ordered Tomochin and gestured them to leave.  After the four woman left the room, Tomo looked at her girlfriend. Tomochin just shrugged knowing what the look is all about but didn't say anything.

As soon as they were out of the room Atsuko turned to Minami and Haruna. "I still don't trust you two." Mariko just sighed and apologized on behalf of her partner, "Sorry about that...anyways I'm Shinoda Mariko and this is Maeda Atsuko. Welcome to the Phoenix Organization." and extended her arm. Haruna shook the older woman's hand. As soon as the two shook hands (this time)  they suddenly felt a connection. Haruna felt strange inside but just ignore the feeling, "I'm Kojima Haruna, nice to meet you." Minami took Mariko's hand and kissed it then smiled, "Nice to meet you Mariko, my name is Takahashi Minami. I hope we get along well." Mariko chuckled finding the woman interesting, "Same." Haruna just rolled her eyes. The short woman then looked at Atsuko who is still not looking at them. Minami just smiled. "Well, shall we take you two for a tour." said Mariko. Haruna and Minami nodded, "That would be great." The two woman showed the newcomers around the headquarters, Mariko mostly did the talking, amused with her own partner since she was acting different than usual. She thought to herself, 'Atsuko usually doesn't show her feelings that much and doesn't act like this. Hmmm...I wonder what change. Maybe it's Minami. Well this would be entertaining.'

Once they finished the tour Atsuko and Mariko excused themselves. While the two walk around Mariko took the opportunity to ask, "Hey, why don't you like the two new members?" Atsuko didn't answer and kept walking. Mariko smiled, "They're pretty interesting." The younger woman still didn't talk.
Mariko smirked, "Is it because of Minami?" Atsuko blushed remembering what just happened and  looked away so that Mariko wouldn't see her face. Atsuko knows that once Mariko knew about it, the older woman would just tease her about it.
"Bull's eye!" grinned the older woman.
"Chigau!" said the younger woman quickly.
"Ah, it is! well she is certainly charming. That much I can say just for meeting her for the first time." grinned Mariko.
"I have no interest in her or so whatever!" pouted Atsuko.
"I didn't say anything about that." smirked Mariko knowing already what is going on inside Atsuko's mind, "...busted!"
"W-well, w-what about you with...Kojima-san!" said Atsuko, " know the starting yesterday." Mariko lost her cool about mentioning about yesterday's event and said, "I-it's not what you think, I thought I recognize her from somewhere and besides I don't believe in love at first sight." said Mariko, 'but why do I feel different just by seeing her?'
"Say, What were you thinking earlier." grinned Mariko gaining back her confident about interrogating her partner.
"I don't know what your talking about."
"You know back when you two were in the shooting range."
"Argh! I'm going back home! We don't have any mission anyways, I don't have anything to do here."
 Mariko just smiled knowing this is the starting of something really amusing...for her that is.

Minami and Haruna walked around the headquarters, taking a second look at everything.
"I can't wait to work with those two." smiled the short woman.
"They are our co-workers, can you at least refrain your...inner self." sighed Haruna.
"Eh? But I'm SERIOUSLY interested in Atsuko." pouted the short woman.
"Right, 'seriously' I've heard that somewhere before."
"That wasn't my fault! I thought she was 'the one' but I guess not."
"Ex-cu-ses! It's when you saw that foreigner chick that your 'I'm serious' quickly changed."
"Well wasn't she hot!?"
"Errr...I agree she was h- ...wait! that was close!" said Haruna realizing what Minami was up to.
"Ah, so close!" mumbled Minami. Haruna continued, "...this is about your 'personal relationship' I know I shouldn't meddle but I'm seriously worried."
"Awww that's sweet but you really don't have to worry and you're not my mother." joked the younger woman.
"I wouldn't want a kid like you anyways, I'm just saying this as your best friend."
"Promise me you wouldn't make a move towards those two."
"I can't promise that." said Minami quickly.
"Ok fine! Just try at least!"
"I'll see that I can do."
"That's good enough." sighed Haruna.
"I have a question."
"Oh never mind."
"Gah! What just ask me! You got me all curious."
"Just spill it."
"No, it's really ok."
"I'll treat you to your favorite food later."
"Oh, really? Ok deal."
"Ok, so what is it?"
"You think Atsuko will fall for me?"
"Argh! I got tricked." grumbled Haruna as she leaned against the stone wall and pounded her hands against it.
"I should use this often." grinned Minami. 
"...And there I thought it would be a serious know someday I'm the one who will end up killing you." said Haruna as she tried to grab the short woman but failed since Minami saw it coming and side stepped. The short woman laughed, "someday...someday."  Haruna started to chase after the younger woman. Some of the people looked at the two woman with 'what is happening' look, since it's unusual to see two matured women running around. The tall woman still chased the short woman and eventually they saw Atsuko who was surprised. As soon as Minami saw her she waved and yelled, "Hey Atsuko~!" but Atsuko didn't do anything in response and instead 'hmphed'. As they got closer  Minami almost bumped into her but because she had a good reflex, she avoided it. They continued and after a while she saw Mariko up ahead. Minami grinned and went behind the older woman as a shield against Haruna. Mariko was startled when the short woman suddenly went behind her and asked, "Ummm...what are you doing?"
Haruna stopped in front of Mariko, Minami is behind Mariko but she's slightly showing her right half of herself. Haruna grinned and reached out for Minami's arm but the small girl moved Mariko to the right and Haruna grabbed Mariko's...boobs instead. The short woman laughed as both of her friends blushed. Haruna, embarrassed at her action removed her hands and immediately apologized to the older woman then glared at her partner. Minami started running again, Haruna bowed in apology again and ran after her partner, leaving Mariko agape and speechless while she watched the two women disappear from her sight as they went in a room.

Minami hid behind the door knowing it would be the best option...for her. Her partner came rushing in after her and looked around for the small woman. The younger woman stealthily walked behind Haruna and restrained the taller woman. She struggled but Minami didn't let her partner get the better of the situation. "If I let you go, promise me that you will NOT do anything."  Haruna sighed, "I can't promise you that."
"I have all day."
"Argh, fine, I promise." said Haruna giving up. Minami smiled widely then released her grip. Haruna touched her risk where Minami grabbed it and said, "You didn't have to hold me that tight. It hurts." Minami rolled her eyes, "If I didn't then I'm sure you would've escaped, besides that wasn't the worst pain that you got."
Haruna was about to say something but her cell phone, ringing interrupted her. The woman picked it up. Minami watched her partner as the woman nodded and just answered, "yeah." She instantly knew it was an  assignment. When the tall woman finished talking, she looked at her partner. "It's the boss." The short woman sighed, "Thought so... I knew he was going to give us something as soon as we come back from vacation... anyways what's on the agenda this time?" Haruna looked at her watch, "The boss really didn't explain but it's you...know the usual...rendezvous things. We have to be there in an hour though."
"Hmmm...probably something do with some new weapons." said Minami as she put her hands on her chin thinking about it.
"Well, we better's quite a drive from here to there." sighed the older woman.
"Don't worry about it, with my driving skills we'll be there in no time." grinned the short woman. Haruna just rolled her eyes.

When the two got in their car, Atsuko just about to leave suddenly caught a sight of the two. Curious she got in her car and followed them since she still have her suspicion on those two.
Minami noticing that the same car has been following them adjust her rear view mirror to double check if it really is the car that have been following them. Seeing it is she smirked, "Seems that someone is following us." Haruna nodded agreeing since she also started to notice the  car a while ago, "It'll be bad if we're followed." Minami laughed, "Do you think whoever that is can keep up with my driving skills."
Haruna smirked, "Shall we see then?"
"I bet we shall." grinned the driver and sped up on the road passing cars. Surprisingly the car followed closely behind them.
Minami looked at her mirror and still saw the car, "Hmmm...I guess not bad." Her partner said flatly, "Catching up." The short woman answered back, "Not for long!" stepping on the gas as she made some crazy turns since they finally reach a busy streets. For a while the car kept up and followed Minami and Haruna, earning a compliment from the short woman, "whoever is driving...I gotta say she or he is pretty damn good to keep up with me."
"Will you stop complimenting and playing and just go, we need to be at the meeting place soon."
"Fiiiine." grumbled Minami and thought of a solution. The driver waited for the right timing while looking at all the street lights. She knew when they will change and so she just kept going around to kill a few seconds of time. Haruna just sat there,  her right hand supporting her head as she leaned against the window. Minami looked at her watch, twenty five seconds passed, she grinned while counting in her head, 'twenty six...twenty seven...twenty eight...twenty nine....thrifty' As soon as she got to thirty the green light turned yellow she stopped, her pursuer did the same.
'Three  more seconds before it turns red.!' She pushed the gas as the lights... turned red.

Atsuko is still behind their tail. She grinned, "you won't lose me that easily."  then mumbled to herself, "Minami is pretty good at driving, I'm glad that I at least took the opportunity to learn some...driving skills."
She was curious to what her new co-workers are up to and just followed them. She got more confused as the car in front of her just kept going in circles around a building but she just followed them. As she saw the car stop in front of her because of the lights, she said to no one in particular, "Hmm...I thought she was going to do something crazy like they do in movies." however that statement was true since the black porsche  did indeed went ahead as soon as the lights turned red. Her jaw drop, "I-is she crazy!" She tapped  the steering wheel as she waited for the lights to change. She chanted, "C'mon! C'mon!" but even  then  she could only watch as the black porsche disappear from her sight.

To be continued...

well...yeah...that's it for today...!  :mon sweat: oh yeah...I'll TRY to update next we just started doing novel study in English so I would need my time reading my book...but I'm a fast reader so I don't think it'll get in my way....well maybe...but if I like the book I may be glued to it all the yeah...depends...  :mon whimper:
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haha minami the player fell in love

tomochins cousin got two-timed haha

boss?? it is getting interesting I cant wait to know what their truth intentions are

cant wait to know more pleasee update
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That was a fun chapter to read.

Minami and Atsuko will be a great dynamic to play out while Mariko and Haruna will play it behind the scenes

Tomochin's cousin two timed :X
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thanks for the update!! Pretty interesting that those 4 are working for the same agency. But curious about Minami and Haruna's job since it seemed to have been assigned from a different person and not Tomochin.

Aw, Haruna and Mariko seem interested in one another so far. & lol, seems like Minami and Atsuko are going to have quite the interesting relationship :p

Haruna and Minami must really have a good friendship, they're so funny and sweet,and Haruna can actually put up with Minami lol. Wonder how they met..hmm...

& the last scene was great with the driving! Both are talanted at driving but Minami got the upperhand this time :)

Thanks again for the update! I look forward to the next chapter!

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Wah... Atsuko having a nearly wet dream about Minami...

Ah.. Minami is so charming and such a predator... like to trap her prey... in this case is Atsuko...  :lol:

Eh.. Minami is such a player... she did go around lots even Tomochin might be one of her conquest.

Minami is such a player... always flirt and always promise she is the one... every time...  :twisted:

Minami and Haruna so childish...chasing each other in the HQ... even making Haruna accidentally grope Mariko's boobs...   :w00t:

Minami and Haruna become so 'SERIOUS' in the face of assignment... and very quick to analyze everything that they supposed to do.

Minami is so tricky... able to trick Atsuko even though Atsuko already predicted that... but she still unable to follow Minami.

What is this assignment that Minami and Haruna need to do?

What's going to happen to Atsuko.. would she be able to follow?

What about their relationship... Atsumina and MariHaru?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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If only in real life Takamina could be 1/10th this flirty toward other girls, Acchan would have a hard time XD

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Thanks for the update Flame-san....

On chapter 1 i thought Takamina is like in Jane Doe PV a thief...and now aaahhh naruhodo.....XD

Takamina with the tiptoeing wants to kiss Aachan looks so cute...XD and Mariko really enjoy watching it... XD

and Mariko with that stuttering seeing Haruna's smile...MariHaru start to feel something when they shake their hand...and Haruna grope Mariko's boobs...hmm interesting... :hehehe:

can't wait for Mariko's turn make her moves towards Haruna.... XD

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hahaha that was a great chapter
so fun to read
the interaction between Atsuko and Minami  :)
MariHaru already have feelings for each other
Takamina is one hell of a driver  :twothumbs
Thank you for the update!

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Wow its updated ^^
Thanks for the update.. Its getting more interesting :)
Acchan's dream is so asdfghjkl lol
But I see Minami as a bad girl -__-
and I'm laughin when Harunyan touched Mariko's boobs hehe
very nice story!!
wondering what will happen next.. Wanna know theirs next missions.. Please update soon! I love MariHaru and AtsuMina ;)
Kanon is so cute, but she's only mine! 0.o I mean my sister! ;)
I love SaeYuki, AtsuMina, JuriMayu, and MariHaru :P

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Well...finished that thick book in three days... :on drink: lol....anyone read Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick? it's good...sad it was the last book though...
Anyways~ I did all of this writing today! three days earlier than planned...  :mon fyeah: just did it when we were....out....  :nervous
Well...all I could say is more mysteries ~  :mon evillaff:
OH YES! AAAAANNNNNDDDD!!!!!! THE POSTER OF THIS IS DONE! :mon star: It's on the very fist page! better check it out! or else... :mon woo: lol no i would  :mon cry: if you peeps won't check it out... cuz  yanouchi worked for it... AND of course I would really like to thank you yanouchi for creating the LOVELY  :mon yeah: AWESOME  :mon yeah: COOL :mon yeah: poster :mon thumb: hehehehe....

      Chapter 3: The Main Mission

Atsuko pulled in at the side of the road and answered her cell phone, "Hello?"
"Hey! It's me, I just want to inform you that we suddenly got a mission."
"Really? What's the job?"
"The Empire is having a transaction in the city, in the parking lot of Alias building."
"Eh!?" shouted Atsuko, 'that's near where I lost sight of Minami and Haruna...hmmm....'
"Huh, what? Why so surprised?"
"Oh...uhh nothing! Anyway do you want me to go ahead since I'm close."
"Yeah, I don't know when the transaction will take place but I'm going to try to come there as soon as possible. Good luck and don't do anything crazy!" warned Mariko as she ended the call. Atsuko grinned, "I'll try." She turned her car around and went back to the place.
Atsuko looked at the building one more time to confirm it was the right building. Seeing that it was she went in the underground parking lot. She parked her car near the entrance to see the cars that will be coming in and...out.

Minami and Haruna leaned at the car  while they waited for the person that they need to meet to arrive. The short woman kept sighing, bored with all the waiting. Haruna rolled her eyes and said to her partner, "Stop sighing."
"But it's getting so boring."
"Waiting is part of the job."
"Hai, hai." said Minami and heaved a sigh.
The two women waited for a few more minutes but there were no cars that is coming to their designated area. After a while Haruna's phone started ringing. "Your phone is ringing." said Minami and went back inside the car to seat down. "I can hear it." said Haruna and answered the call, "Hello?"
"Agent, we've changed locations, meeting place will be just in the next building." informed the boss then hanged up. Haruna sighed and put her cell phone in her pocket. She went back in the car and said, "Change of places, it'll be in the next building."
"Seriously...why did they change and lastly why the next building, why not just come here." groused Minami as she started the engine.
"Don't ask me." shrugged Haruna.

Atsuko still waited but only a few cars have exited out and there weren't any suspicious cars among them. She leaned on her seat and stared at the entrance. After a few minutes of waiting, she decided to listen to music and so she looked through her cd's in the dashboard. Finding a good cd she opened the case up and took the cd out of it's case however it slipped and fell in the floor. At the same time that Atsuko drop the cd and leaned down to pick it up  Minami passed by, exiting the building and made her way to the other building. Atsuko finally got a hold of the cd and sat back up. She looked around since she thought she heard a car but there was no one. She sighed and just put the cd in the CD player.

Minami and Haruna arrive at the destined building but there were still no one around. After a few seconds a black Dodge Viper ACR car pulled in and parked beside their car.  Minami and Haruna waited for the messenger to get out of his car before moving.
 "Gah, Finally!" sighed Minami as she saw the guy get out of his car with a suitcase in hand.
"You aren't followed are you?" asked Haruna as she approached the guy while Minami followed behind her. He shook his head and said, "I don't think so." Haruna nodded and looked at the silver suitcase, "Is that the item?"
"Yes ma'am." he answered and handed the silver suitcase over to Haruna. The tall woman took it and thanked the guy giving him a smile. The guy blushed, all done with his assigned job he owed to them and left.
"Well that was disappointing!" said Minami in a bored tone.
"I'm glad it went smoothly, I didn't feel like shooting anyone today."
"Well, I guess...I agree but I thought it would've been more exciting."
"Right, anyways c'mon let's go." said Haruna as she opened the car door. Minami nodded and went in the car.
After the two women retrieve the suitcase, they headed to their own headquarters. As Minami drove she said, "I'm curious in what's inside."
"You're not the only one." answered Haruna while looking at the unopened suitcase in her lap.
"Want to open it?"
"As bad as I want to...sadly we can't"
"Why not?"
"It's one of those security lock where you need the fingerprints."
"Hearing that I REALLY REALLY want to know what's inside."
"Must be something important."
"I bet... since we're the one who came to get it...I mean boss could've send another agent to retrieve this if he wanted too, you know."

After driving for more than an hour they arrived at their headquarters and Minami parked her car in the parking lot. Haruna got out of the car with the suitcase in hand. The short woman locked her car and the two made their way at the entrance. Minami pressed a  secret button and in response a device emerged from the wall, asking for her code. She entered her, the door opened and she stepped in. The short woman stopped in the  designated area in order for the computer to fully scan her. Minami finished with the scanning process went ahead and waited for her partner at the next door. Haruna did the same procedure and just waited for the scanning to complete. After she was finished the woman met up with her partner and said, "I seriously never get use to those." Minami laughed, "Like what the boss say 'always be cautious' and besides this organization is always so do you say that now?"
"Uptight?" said Haruna as they walk towards the elevator.
"Techie." answered Haruna for her second try and pushed the elevator button.
" isn't 'techie' for people?"
"I don't know." shrugged Haruna, "ok what about...highly secure?"
"Yeah! That's it! This place is always highly secured with all these technology stuff, sometimes I wonder what will happen if all the power to this place suddenly cut off." said Minami as she scratch the back of her head.
"This place has a back up power...don't worry too much, c'mon we better deliver this thing." said Haruna and entered the elevator. Minami sighed and followed behind her partner.

Mariko arrived in the building. As soon as she got out of her car the annoyed Atsuko marched up  to her, "I was waiting for more than an hour here and there was no one, NO ONE!  Sitting in your car for a long time is seriously boring." She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, feeling more calm she said, "Are you sure it was suppose to be here." Mariko wasn't all that surprise by her partner's outburst, who could blame her really...waiting is always uninteresting. She nodded, "This is where they told me they'll meet." Atsuko shrugged, "Ugh, well it wasn't. So what do we do now?"
Mariko took out her phone, "We need to call Tomochin." She dialled the number, "Hello? I have bad news."
"What is it?"
"The rendezvous didn't happen, no suspicious cars or people showed up."
"What!? The content of that was very valuable."
"If I may ask what is it supposed to be?"
"It's not good to talk over the phone, just come back to headquarters." ordered Tomochin and ended the call. Mariko put her phone in her pocket and sighed, "She said get back to h.q." Atsuko nodded and went in her car, Mariko did the same.

Minami and Haruna entered the boss's room, his chair turned around from them. He was talking on the phone so Haruna just waited while Minami went over to a table full of different alcohol and looked for something to drink. Seeing an interesting bottle she opened it up and poured herself a vodka. She went over to Haruna and offered her the glass. The taller woman  took it and drank the alcohol then gave it back to Minami. The short woman took it back and went back to pour more vodka in the glass then sat on the couches near the corner of the room. Haruna liked the taste of the vodka but didn't want to drink anymore since their on the job. She sighed as she looked what her partner is doing, she really doesn't get how Minami can act so casually especially in front their boss but well that's her best friend. He turned around as he ended his conversation and greeted the two, "Ah, my two favorite agents! Long time no see! How was the vacation?" Haruna smiled, "The vacation was refreshing, thanks for giving us a time off."
"It's no problem, after everything that happened to -"
"Boss, this drink is good! Where'd you get this?" interrupted Minami as she stood up from her seat and walked over beside her partner. Haruna sighed, thankful to Minami that she interrupted...she still wasn't ready for that...discussion.
"Takahashi you like that? That's a Scottish Diva Vodka, ones of the most expensive alcohol in the world and the second most expensive vodka in the world.  Cost  a million dollars for one bottle so if you convert that it's 97,424,000 yen.  I bought five of them so I actually spent  487,120,000 yen to buy them."
"97 million y-yen just for one bottle!? And you bought five of them!?" shouted Minami in awe and whistled.The short woman looked at her drink, she couldn't believe she  was just drinking a one of the most expensive vodka. No wonder the taste was different but in a good way.
"Feel free to drink more if you want, I have another four of those." offered their boss.
"Hmmm...maybe later, anyways we got the suitcase." said Minami, and put the glass on her lips to drink the vodka. Haruna put the suitcase on his table.
"Wonderful." He grinned and put his thumb on the scanner for verification, after a few seconds the suitcase popped open. As it popped open, Minami and Haruna went behind their boss to look at the object.
"A USB stick!? Seriously!? A USB STICK!?" half-yelled Minami as she look at the object. It just annoyed her that the very first assignment after vacation is a...USB stick and that they had to wait for some time to get it. Haruna didn't say anything and instead is  thinking about what the content of the USB is. She was more worried about it since she knew it wasn't a simple USB stick because it was them that retrieve the object.
"So what's in it?" asked Minami, straight to the point. Haruna was surprised when Minami asked the question, her partner always say the unnecessary things but she have to admit that Minami is keen.
"That's a secret." chuckled their boss and closed the suitcase.
"Awww, c'mon~ you made us drive quite far to get this you know, also we HAD to you know how painful and boring that can be." acted Minami. Haruna covered her mouth to suppress her laughter.
"You'll find out soon enough."
"Booo!!! Tell us! Tell us!" chanted the short woman. The tall woman snickered.
"Ok fine I'll tell you...just because you two are my top agents." said the boss, submitting in to the request of one of her favorite agent. Minami grinned, obviously happy with her victory. Haruna smiled, really questioning herself on how Minami can just act like that.
"The contents of the USB shows how to build the ultimate...weapon...that could...destroy... the world."

"What!?" shouted Atsuko and Mariko at Tomochin's explanation about the particular item.
"Did I just hear that right?" asked Atsuko making sure she wasn't hearing things.
"Yes, the content of it is a blueprints on how to build the ultimate weapon, however we are not entirely 100% sure that they were meeting for that object. So it's a 50/50 chance that we have a chance to retrieve it."
"If that goes to the wrong hands, it will be dangerous. So no matter what,  we need to obtain that then." said Mariko thinking about what could possibly happen.
"You are indeed correct."
"Do we know when they will have another transaction?" asked Atsuko.
"No, we don't, in the first place we knew about this information since the agent that spies on the other organization informed us however...we lost contact with him the day he told us about the transaction."
"Does that" asked Atsuko slowly, the word killed sent a shiver through her spine.
"I hate to say it but there might be a...possibility." The room got quiet, they knew working as an agent, there risking their lives every time but still someone dying like that is just so bizarre. It just shows that human beings can be killed and die that easily.
"So...umm...what do we do now?" asked Mariko breaking the silence.
"It will be your primary mission to get a hold of the item along with agent Minami and Haruna. They still don't know about this yet but I'll leave you two to explain about your mission but just standby and wait for further instructions about it, also you will be given other missions other than the first." Atsuko frowned at the mention of Minami and Haruna being part of the mission since she still have her suspicions. Also the two of them disappeared around that area making it clearly suspicious.
"Speaking of them where did they go?" asked Mariko, 'I saw them earlier.' then suddenly blushed as that scene crossed her mind. Atsuko suddenly thought of the two and the location where they disappeared but didn't say anything, instead she  noticed Mariko's blushing face and raised her eyebrows in question. Mariko looked away from her. Tomochin acted like she didn't see anything, "An agent told me they left earlier."
"Oh, I see...and I was planning on asking them to go somewhere to welcome them in joining our  organization." said Mariko, disappointed that she couldn't ask them earlier then mumbled, "If I only have their numbers." Atsuko DID have Minami's number, she doesn't know how it got there in her contact list and when she saw it...she was about to delete the number but somehow she couldn't do it. The younger woman was hesitating if she should say that she has Minami's number, what could possibly go wrong if she did say...right?
"Ano...I actually have Minami's number with me." said Atsuko shyly. Mariko gasped hearing what Atsuko said, well she gasped just for fun but she was indeed  surprised, 'Who could've thought that Atsuko will ask Minami for her number.' smirked Mariko. Tomochin just thought, 'Up to her usual tricks again huh?'
"So did you ask for her number? When did this happen? I was sure I was with you all the time when we were with Minami and Haruna."
"No! I didn't ask for her number! When I was just scrolling through my contacts lists, I saw"
"Ooooo~ so she put it without you noticing, I wonder how she did that."
"Anyways here, call them if you want." said Atsuko and shove her cell phone to Mariko's face. Mariko thanked the girl and just grinned. Tomochin just sighed, "You two can go now."
"Why don't you come with us." suggested Mariko, knowing that maybe Tomochin will spill something about their 'steamy past' of her and Minami since she remembered what Haruna said earlier. 'You never might just happen.'
Tomochin thought about it for a second before answering and looked at her girlfriend, "Hmmm...I guess we can."
"Awesome! See you two later~" said Mariko with a huge grin on her face. Atsuko and Mariko made their way out of the room.

Minami who just consumed a mouthful of vodka spit it all out when she heard what her boss said, the worst thing the vodka all went to the boss's...face. Haruna had to turned around and covered her mouth so she couldn't laugh, '!' 'Oh...shit' cursed Minami and suddenly went to the bathroom to get a tissue. She gave the napkin to him and apologized,"Ah, boss...sorry about know I was surprised and it just...happened."
The boss took the napkin and wiped his face, "Thanks for the napkin Takahashi and don't worry about it, if it were me I would've probably do the same thing." he told her that but his left eye twitched. Haruna turned back around still trying to face her boss seriously but a giggle escaped from her mouth making her turn around again, 'Deep breath...deep breath...don't laugh.' thought Haruna as she inhaled and exhaled. After a few seconds, everyone finally calmed down and their conversation turned serious again.
"*ahem* say that the USB contains an ultimate weapon." said Minami.
"Yes, a blueprints."
"Are you planning on building it?" asked Haruna, curious about what her boss would do with other item.
"Yes, however I need a special engineer to this job for me."
"A special engineer?" asked Minami turning in to her 'serious mode' knowing that she needed to be more serious about this.
"Yes and I just have a woman in mind."
"A woman?" asked Minami with interest, her 'serious mode' slowly dissipating as she heard the word 'woman'. Haruna sighed and shook her head.
"Yes but right now she's out of the country and I couldn't contact her overseas so I don't know when she's coming back  so it might take a while."
"So this woman you speak it a young woman?" smiled Minami. 'Oh god, why does she always have to do this.' groaned Haruna as she watches.
"Indeed." he winked, knowing that Minami is showing interest in the woman or rather she IS interested.
"You know you should call us if you get a hold of her."
"And why would I do that?" said the boss playing along.
"Oh c'mon you know me right?"
"I do."
"So call us then if she's back."
"Ok fine, I wouldn't know though if she will be interested."
"That's fine, I'll make her." grinned Minami, imagining what her move will be.
"Ok, guys...we're talking a about a weapon that could destroy the world and it suddenly turned to a conversation about a woman, be more serious." said Haruna and sat on the chair in front of the desk. Minami sat down too, still smiling, "We couldn't help it." Suddenly Minami's cell phone started ringing but the girl didn't answer it. "Aren't you going to answer that?" asked Haruna as she heard that the cell phone is still ringing.
"Ignore it, maybe it's one of the girls I slept with...probably wanting me to do something with them like a date or so." said Minami casually. However the phone still kept ringing.
 "Just answer it will you." said Haruna looking at her partner.
"Fine." said Minami and answered the phone during the fifth ring.

Atsuko leaned on the wall, while Mariko dialled Minami's number.
On the fifth ring Minami picked her phone up, "Hello?"
"Oh hey! Minami! What took you so long to answer?"
"Hmmm, guessing by this beautiful this...Mariko? Oh and sorry about that...I was kind of busyz"
Mariko laughed, "You guessed right and well that's ok."
"Awesome, so yeah what's up?"
"I'm calling to see if you and Haruna are busy later and by later means tonight."
"What's on for tonight?" said Minami and Mariko could somehow imagine the woman thinking of something...crazy.
"Whatever your thinking it is NOT it." laughed the older woman.
"Who says I'm thinking that?"
"I just had a feeling, two want to go on a bar?"
"A bar!? Count us in! We're coming!" said Minami happily.
"Nice, well I gotta go...umm...say hi to Haruna for me will you?" 
"Ooooh~ what's this? A crush? And there I thought you were interested in me." grinned the short woman.
"No comment, anyways see you!" said Mariko quickly and ended the conversation.

"Who was that?" asked Haruna when she saw Minami grinning.
"It was you know who... oh by the way she says 'hi'~" said Minami, she didn't say the name because they were still in the boss's office. The short woman smiled and then Haruna knew who it was, "oh." Minami turned to their boss, "Well, boss glad to know what that item is...and what you want to do with it. So can we go now? And don't forget to call!"
"I suppose you can, I'll call you two again when you have new assignments and don't worry I won't forget hopefully." said their boss and dismissed the two. Both women nodded and headed to the door. The short woman was about to stepped out of the room but turned around, ran where the tables of alcohols are and picked up the bottle of the Scottish Diva vodka. As she ran out of the room she shouted, "You said I can have some more, so took the bottle...thanks boss!" Minami kept going and ignored her boss's protest as she heard him shout back, "Hey! I said just in the glass, not the whole bottle!"
"Did you seriously have to grab the whole bottle with you? Those cost like a LOT of money equivalent to your car, your new car." said Haruna while they waited for the elevator.
"He said I could take some more, so I took it besides he said he have more of them three that is." grinned Minami as she waved two bottles of vodka back and forth.
"You took two!? *sigh* I really admire that you are so daring. I gotta admit though it's really good." said Haruna remembering the taste of the alcohol when she tried some of it.
"Deshou." smiled the small woman and went in the elevator when the door opened. The tall woman followed behind her and said, "Oh...umm...Minami can we go visit them before we go home." Minami was surprised, Haruna never really went to visit them ever since that day and didn't talk about them. She nodded, "Sure, I know a place where we can buy flowers."
"Thank you." smiled Haruna trying to cover the pain but...pain still  resided on her face. Minami noticed it but decided not to say anything about it.

Minami and Haruna slowly walk towards their friends's...grave. Minami glanced at her partner every second or so, making sure that Haruna won't do-anything. Arriving at the tombstones, there were two tombstones, the two is beside each other.  Minami placed the flower to the right grave while Haruna placed hers to the left. The short woman glanced at the tall woman, she wasn't sure if she saw it but she thought she saw a tear trickle down her partner's face. Again she wasn't sure since Haruna turned away quickly.
"C'mon let's go." said Haruna and startled walking...away. Minami nodded then looked at the sky mumbling, "Guys...we're doing ok but you know what agent 17 Haruna is still down in the dumps but she's trying not to show it and doing her best to be cheerful.  Don't worry though I'll be by her side and take care of her like I promised you oh and agent 15 here." She looked back at the graves and opened the vodka pouring some of it on the right grave on agent 15's, "I bet you would've like this." The short woman and smiled looking one last time at the graves and ran to catch up with Haruna.

To be continued...

Hehehehe...well I think it's obvious who it is? well ME actually saying it's obvious will TOTALLY be obvious now...  :mon sweat:  Feel free to guess who they might be~ They will be revealed in the future...  :mon thumb: hahahaha...oh and yeah maybe I'll disappear for a while... since I have to tackle another book and it may take me a while since it's probably not my yeh...ja ne~   :mon bye: :mon bye: :mon bye:

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What a perfect timing for Minami's car to go pass Atsuko's...

Eh... There two agencies... one is Tomochin and  the other is Minami and Haruna's boss...

So Takamina and Haruna work for the bad guys?

Why did Takamina's boss want to build the weapon....?

Ah... the two agents that were in the graves... Takamina and Haruna's friends... died...

Agent 17 was Haruna's lover... Yuko?

How about Agent 15?

I want to know Takamina and Haruna past... why and how they become agents...?

And how did they lose their friends?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

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