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Author Topic: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]  (Read 57424 times)

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 6 [14.01.15]
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Lols, this chapter is just full of laughter!!! :rofl:

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 6 [14.01.15]
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So Cute!!!
Can't wait for another part :)

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 6 [14.01.15]
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 :nervous Lol I can't stop laugh when acchan like that , okey please make them happy author-san :') . And yup please update soon :3

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Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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Hi, everyone. With more less time for reading and commenting others fanfic and don't even speak about writing time, but somehow I found it. I am glad to hear, that you thought it was funny.
For me [probably for others too], next four months will be very hard, because, I have to write last reports in my studies and then.. school time will end, yee.. but still then.. hard work. 

Also, thank you everyone, who read it and leave comment, of course silent readers too, thank you!

Next part still is from Minamis view. So.. enjoy reading!  :)

                                                                                              PART 7
  With each day, she is getting more troublesome and annoying. But I need to be strong and continue to live.. my own life… with out her in there. I start to go on a dates with someone other.. and yeah, with some other girl, what is not Acchan. This new girl I meet more like accidently in the cafe. At that time, we most of the day spent together. Maybe would more, if some certain person wouldn’t have called me. At first, when I  answered her thru the phone, she was screaming like someone try to kill her -
Flashback moment (phone call):
 Atsuko: MINAMI~~!!! PLEASE, HELP ME!! (loud crying)
  Minami: Acchan!! What’s going on?! Someone is hurting you?! (panicking)
 Atsuko: I can’t.. I just can’t!!!
  Minami: What you can’t!? Where are you?! (with worrying voice)
 Atsuko: I just can’t.. Minami!!! Help me!! I am home!! (still crying)
  Minami: I am on my way!! Please hang on!!
 Atsuko: Please, faster!! I can’t take it any longer!!! (phone call ended)
When I enter in hers apartment, she was sitting on the floor and still little bit crying.
„Acchan, what’s wrong? Who is hurting you?!” She looked at me
  „Minami, where you so long?! No one is hurting me.. but I still can’t.!” She start to cry again. I approach her, by hugging.
 „Then what happened, Acchan?”
  „I .. I can’t.. I can’t open it?!” She looked deep into my eyes
 „What you can’t open?” At this moment she take from table, what was near to us, a jam.
  „Why you show this to me?” I was little bit confused
 „I can’t open my favorite strawberry jam… AND I WANT IT NOW!!”
  „… what?..” At that moment I think my soul leave my body „…a jam?..”
 „Please, Minami, open it, for me.. I am begging you! PLEASE!” She looks at me with her puppy eyes.
  „You – you just call me, because, you couldn’t open a jam?? HeHe.. A JAM!?” I was in my shock moment.
 „Well, yeah.. You said, if I need your help with something, I can ask you. So.. I call you.” I sit on the floor. She is like a kid.. a big kid. I take a jam from her hands and with little bit of my strenght, I open it.

End of flashback moment.
   Can someone believe that? She is just… just.. ah.. there is no point all the time talking about her. Sometimes I can’t understand, why I always thinking about her and always there, when she call me. My friendly side will kill me. Sooner or later.. with hers help… AAH! Again I am talking about her.. damn.. Okay, about that new girl..well.. she is pretty, but if I think little bit more, then Acchan is more prettier.. What? Why I even compare Acchan with her.? Ah.. just stop you stupid brain to think about Acchan!
 Oh.. pfew… breathes, Minami, breathes.. and stop thinking about Acchan. Right now you need to go and meet that new girl. Breathes, Minami, breathes. Everything will be okay. This time just turn off your phone. Try to think something positive… breathes… pfeeew…
  After long time of walking place to place with this new girl what I am dating, she wanted to come to my place. At first I wasn’t sure if this is a good idea, because, well.. you know why. But with her cute looking and puppy eyes, I agreed.
 „So, we are here, Tomomi.” We already standing in front of my apartment doors and inside I hoped, that Acchan won’t appear from nowhere.
  „Thank you, Minami and I am happy that you agreed to take me here.” She look at me with smile. We enter in my apartment. I felt little bit nervous.
 „Amm.. do you want something to drink?” I asked her when she went to sit on couch.
  „No, thanks, I am fine. Come here, Minami.” She showed me a place, what was very close to her. Oh my..
 „Y-yeah, sure.” I went to sit there, but not so close.. I think it would be better.
  „Minami, you have nice apartment. It’s so clean and it really feels like home.” She was looking around and sometime at me with smile. After while of looking around, she take my hand into hers. At that moment it felt very strange. They wasn’t like Acchans, but still they were gentle and soft. She start to squeezing it and my heart start to beat faster. Slowly leaning closer to each other, we got closer too. Our lips were very close.. our eyes slowly closing… BAMS..
 „MINAMI~!!” with very loud opened door, came person, from who I was scared and worried at this moment the most. It was Acchan.
  „A—Acchan? W-what you are doing h-here?” She was looking at me, then at her. Then again at me, then at her.
  „A-Acchan?” Why she is standing there and don’t say anything? „..amm.. Acchan.. please meet Itano Tomomi. She.. I mean, we are d--dating.” Why I am even stuttering? Now I am more nervous.. well.. scared from Acchan.
 „..Nice to meet you, Tomomi… just call me Acchan..” Finaly she start to speak, but the way how she speak.. was strange.
  „Nice to meet you too, Acchan.” Awkward moment. „ Amm.. how you two know each other?” Tomomi asked to us.
 „Well, we”
  „We long time ago were dating.” I didn’t finish my sentence, when Acchan start to speak. And why she did that? I never said her about my past.. oh crap..
 „Oh. But now you two..?”
  „We are friends now.” I said it fast, before Acchan say something unnecessary..
 „.. friend who is leaving near to her apartment and come here, when I want, because she let me do it and that is why she let unlocked hers doors. Because she is too lazy to get up from couch, to open doors every time, when I knock.” And of course, she had to said it.. damn, Acchan.
„Oh, I see..” Tomomi didn’t look very comfortable with Acchan answer.
  „So, Acchan, what you wanted?” I tried to change the subject.
 „Amm.. nothing much. I just have boring, so I come to you.” Acchan came closer to us and sit in chair what was left side of us.
  „Well, you see, Acchan, I am little bit beasy.. So..”
 „No, it’s okay, she can stay. Maybe she will tell me something interesting about you, Minami.” When Tomomi said it, Acchan looked at me, with killer look.
  „A-are you sure, Tomomi? Maybe she will be more boring with us?” please, Tomomi, it isn’t good idea.
 „No, I will be fine. I will tell her what she want to know.. about you.” I am dead. „So, Tomomi, what you want to know?” I don’t like how she is smiling at her.
  „Hmm.. let me think.. Oh! I know! I don’t know if it would be good to ask, but I will do, so.. how long you two were together and why you broke up?” I already don’t like first question.
 „Well, to be honest, we broke up two times. But time between them, was two years and also, not very long time we were together. But reasons why we broke up, well.. I think it will be better, if this only stay between me and Minami.” Thank you Acchan, that you didn’t tell the reason.. they are just painful memories.
  „Oh, I see, but it’s okay, if you don’t want to tell. I understand.”
 „Thank you.” When Acchan look at me, I saw a sadness in her eyes.
  „Next question.. how she was, when you were..well, dating? I mean, if she was kind person or something like that.?” If Acchan answered honest with first, then I hope with this too.
 „Hmm.. let me think…” Why she is smiling at me, I don’t like it. „..from the start, she was good and lovely person.. and was very kind to me..” oh, glad to hear Acchan.. „..but after some while, she got very.. awful.. When we slept together, then she snores very loud. Don’t care, if someone is in bed too.”
  „HEY, ACCHAN! It’s not true” What the heck.?
 „Let me finish, Minami.. So.. even in things, what do couple in bed, she is bad. Never though, that she would be so bad. Even when we kissed, she was awful. It feels like kissing stone.” My mouth opened from what I heard.
  „I am not that bad!” I start to pout.. because, it wasn’t true.
„Oh my! At least she make sure, that her apartment is clean.” Tomomi started to feel more uncomfortable.
 „About that.. she yesterday only cleaned it. The mess what was here.. oi, oi.. that was horrible.” I already though she would be honest. Wrong.
  „Acchan, in your room is more bigger mess..” I hate this person..
 „We are talking about you, not me, Minami.” This women…ah..
  „Oh, I see. Amm.. Minami, well I think”
 „By the way, Minami, did you catch that rat what was in your bedroom?”
  „R-rat.. in be-bedroom.. Mi-Minami?” Tomomi was more shocked
 „What rat? She is lying, Tomomi. Don’t listen to her, also”
  „Sorry, Minami, but I need to go. I-I forget that I have some meeting today. So.. I better going.” She stand up from couch and start to walk to the door way.
 „What? Wait? At least let me walk you.” I also stand up from couch and was ready to go, when she again start to speak.
  „No, thanks, Minami, I am okay. So.. bye.”
  „Sorry.” When she went out from my apartment, I turn around to look at that devil. Who was already sitting in couch and looking something what to watch in TV.
 „Acchan? You couldn’t think something better? Not even mentioned how bad I am with kisses and bed things, but also a rat.. A RAT?! What the hell.?!”  I was so angry at her.
„What? I just don’t share with things like this. And about that rat.. I think I watched too much horror movies yesterday.. So.. sorry about that?”
  „You are more awful then me.” I sit near to her in couch, but still angry at her.
 „Minami? Are you angry at me?” she asked me this with very soft voice.  When I look at her, she showed me her puppy eyes.
 „Please don’t. Because if you want to know the true about you in bed.. you was perfect.” At that moment  I think I blush. This woman..
  „Acchan?” with calm voice
  „Get out.”
 „What do you mean?”
  „I mean – GET OUT FROM MY APARTMENT! NOW!” I rise my voice. Right now, I want to be alone.
 „Oh.. okay.” She stand up and start to walk to the doors.
  „Amm. .Minami, I”
  „Sorry.” With that she went out and finally I was alone. When I though, I had a chance to start new life, but then.. she don’t let me..
  Next few days, Acchan didn’t come to my apartment. Maybe she is upset about what happened. I think I should go and talk with her. The best way how to make her talk with me, is get some snacks for her.. chocolate should be good. I bought the biggest and tasty chocolate.
 „Okay, I hope she will like it?” I went to hers apartment. Few times knocked to the doors. After half minute, she opened them. With no words, she only looked at me. „Amm.. Acchan, I wanted to apologise about that day and I bought you some chocolate.” When I give them to her, someone from behind of me start to talk.
  „What a nice couple.” There was some old lady. I think she is from this hotel.
 „What couple?” I asked her.
  „I mean both of you. And you even give her a chocolate. How nice.”
 „We-we are not a couple, we are just” I was blushing
  „How long you two are together?” Did she even heard what I said?
 „We are not together!”
  „Two years? How wonderful.”
 „I said, we are not. We are only friends!” I tried to say it louder. Acchan didn’t say anything. Just standing there and little bit blushing.
  „Acchan? Can you  please say her something.” Acchan looked at me with smile and then start to talk.
 „We are not a couple..” 
  „Did you hear it, old lady?”
 „..We are lovers!” she put her hand around my neck and push me closer to herself.
  „Yeah.. that’s right. WHAT!?! NO…” Why you had to told her something like this?
 „Oh.. that is still so cute. I remember my time, when I was young.. ah! Those memories.” Don’t tell me, she will start to tell us about her past.. I don’t want to hear it!
  „What’s wrong, Minami? Don’t you like this old lady? Because, I like her.” Why she is smiling like this.
 „I could watch you two all day, but I need to do some things.”
  „That’s right. You will be boring with us.” I hope she will leave us now..
 „But,. Before I go. Can you two do some favor for me?”
  „Yeah, sure.”  I will do anything, if she leave right now. Before, its go to far.
 „Can you two kiss each other?”
„Eh?! I don’t think it is”
„..It’s good idea.” Acchan intervened me. 
  „What! No!”
 „Minami, it’s just a kiss. Please?” With puppy eyes, what she is showing me.. I can’t resist.. okay, maybe on cheek I can do it. Also we already had done this and much more. I leaned her closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek, but…
  „Why on cheek? I meant on the lips.” Did this old lady asked to us kissing in front of her? Hell,NO!
 „Sorry, old lady, but it’s emberrasing to do it in front to some stranger.” I hope she will accept it.
  „Oh. How pitty, but I hope, next time you will do it? Okay girls, I need to go.”
 „Yeah, bye.” I answered her
  „I wish you two have good night.HiHi!” when this old lady was gone, we still both standing in front of Acchans apartment door.
 „Not mention, that this old lady is old, can’t hear, but also some kind of pervert.” I said to myself, but Acchan hear it.
  „Don’t worry, Minami. She is only old lady and want to hear things, what she likes. The best way how to get away from them.. just do what they like.”
 „Acchan? You are not better.”
  „HiHi.. in one thing I am.”
 „Yeah? In what?”
  „I am not old.”
 „….You are awful. So.. here your chocolate and I lost my mood to talk with you. Bye.”  She just accepted it with confused look in her face. I just turn around and went away.
I went back to my apartment. Sitting in couch, I thinking… If I, in  my old days, will be like that old lady?
 „Ah.. who knows..? But if Acchan this long will be near to me, then everything is possible.”
  ..TBC..?! probably..
                                                                             Look at the sky,
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                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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AH... so cute...

Atsuko is so good at ruining Minami's chance with others...

But minami can't really do anything to Atsuko...

I mean honestly how long does Minami want to ignore her feeling and Atsuko's...

She should just move on and accept Atsuko already...

May be make Minami's jealous of someone coming near Atsuko... might push Minami to make her moves.

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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That sure is one weird old lady...

And Acchan...I thought she would feel depressed but instead she told the old lady they're lovers, lok much

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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Nice acchan, get back takaboy soon!! Haha^^

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Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
« Reply #67 on: March 13, 2015, 07:25:28 PM »
Hello, readers. After some while I am back with next part for this story. I hope you still remember what is happening here. But the most important things is - it's a last part of this story. That mean it's finished..
And sorry about my bad english and don't even speak about grammar things..
Enjoy reading!  8)

                                                                                                                         PART 8                     

Each day things with Acchan getting worse. She is more annoying and more childish. But somehow, I already used to. At least it’s not boring and there is someone who thinks about me.

After some while, when I needed to go on my work place, one of my colleage asked me to set up a meeting with Acchan. He said, that he saw her some while ago and she looked very cute and nice person. He want to go on a date with her. From the start I wasn’t very sure about this idea and didn’t agree, but thinking little bit more, maybe.. it will be good for her and I agree. But.. what about me? Do I want it.. that she will belong to someone other, what is not me? Is it right? Is it wrong? Would it hurt, again? Ahh.. there is too  much questions in my head. I just want to be happy and wish for her too. Or it’s not possible?

After my work I went back to my apartment. Prepared for myself hot tea, I went to sit on couch. With cup of tea in my hands, I just sitting there and watched how it gets cold. I need to tell Acchan this. I must to set up this meet and it’s already too late to cancel it. While I was deep in my thoughts, Acchan came in.

„Hey~, Takamina! What are you doing?” She came to sit on couch with me. And of course she has to sit very close to me, on my right side. Not sitting straight, but little bit with her left side, she with her left hand were touching my hairs. I looked at her. She have again that beautiful smile, soft lips and those brown eyes, where I could see myself. While she stroking my hair, I start to speak.
„Acchan?” I look back at my tea, what was in my hands.
„There is someone, who want to meet with you.” I have to do that.
„Okay, who is this person?” She answered so happy.
„It’s a… It’s a man. He asked me to set up  a date with you and.. I agree to do it.” When I look at her again, that smile of hers was gone. In her eyes I could see a question – „Are you lie?”
„Oh..” It was only sound, what came out from her. Its sounded so sad.
„So.. could you.. Could you tomorrow wear something more beautiful,  I mean more like some dress? Please? He will be here about on six o’clock after work.”
„I.. Are you sure about this?” Hers voice little bit changed.. more like cracked.
„Yes, I am. It would be good for you. You wished for happy life.. so.. It’s your chance.” I couldn’t look at her anymore.
„Amm.. If you say that.. then probably okay. I will do it.” She turn herself like her back was fully at couch.
„Thank you, Acchan.” I tried to smile, but its somehow was hard.
„Yeah.. Amm.. I think I have to go.. So.. maybe later.” She didn’t look at me back.
„Okay.” She stand up from couch and went out from my apartment.

I put a said my tea, which was already cold in my hands and layed down on couch. Closing my eyes I put my right hand on my chest. I could feel my heart beats…                            deg…deg..deg..                               They are slow.
What is this feeling?
My heart.. It is empty. Why there is this feeling of emptiness?
My heart feel pain.. I hurt it. Why I let it hurt again?
Why there is feeling of guilty? She could said just ‘no’.
Why I want to turn back time? I wouldn’t agree him.
Why I want to change my mistakes? They shouldn’t even be.
Why it’s happening?
Someone… Please. Take these feeling away from me. Don’t let them control my mind and feel like I had done something horrible. Just, please, lock them somewhere in. Don’t let them get out. Hide them.

I fell a sleep with dripping tear from my eye.

In next day, she not even once came in my apartment. I even understand why. But at least I hope, that she would come in time, when I asked for. Or I am hoping for not.
It was already time. Soon this man will be here and also she. I heard a knock on the other side of my doors. When I went to open them, there was standing he.
„Oh, hello, Mario, you already here… with flowers and suit… wow.” He had red roses and black suit with white shirt under it. Impressive.
„Hello you too, Takamina.” He looked so happy.
„Oh, yeah.. come in. I think she will be soon too.” I smiled at him.
„Thank you.. Ah.. I can’t wait to meet her personally.”
„I see.. well.. soon you will have a chance to do it.” We went to sit in couch. We talked different things and I notice, that Acchan is late.. about half hour. I think she is mad at me. „Amm.. sorry, but looks like Acchan had forgotten or something doing. Maybe I should call her?”
„Oh.. don’t worry. I still have time. So.. I will wait little bit more. Of course, if you don’t mind.”
„It’s okay. You can wait.” I heard that someone slowly opening my apartments doors. Before they are fully open, I already know who it is. Knowing her and her fashion, she probably wearing white dress. What is above her knees. With naked shoulders. Her hair is layed down, which are covering her shoulders. Beautiful make up… and those soft pink lips. And of course with her heart melting smile. Before doors was open and she already came in, I start to speak.
„Acch.. What a!?” My jaw dropped from what I see. „A-Acchan.? Why are you.. What are you wearing?” I was shocked.
„Oh.. hi Takamina. What do you mean with it?” Man, who was sitting on couch, stand up and was shocked too.
„M-Maeda-san?!” he start to speak.
„Eh? Who are you?” She looked at him..
„Acchan? Did you forgot what I said to you yesterday?” I was still shocked. Maybe.
„Oh. And I though it was a dream.. Hehe.. sorry, may bad.” She smiled awkwardly… I bet with purpose.
„Yeah…. that’s why you are wearing long payam, one sock, what is half on and by the way.. your payam shirt is buttoned wrong. And your hairs looks like you had got a electricity. Also.. who are sleeping at time like this!?...... It’s a toothbrush in your hand??”
„Hehe.. that’s why I came here.. My toothpaste ended and I came to borrow it from you..” I hope she is joking.
„Amm. Excuse me, but can I?” our conversation interrupted man, who was also here. Ah, yeah, I already forgot that he is still here.
„Oh, yeah.. Amm.. Acchan, please meet Mario, he is from..”
„Are they roses? I hope they are not for me, because I don’t like roses.” She didn’t even let me finish, when already start to complain about him. And since when she don’t like roses?
„Oh.. s-sorry.. I – I din’t kn -know.” Poor man start to stutter.
„Well.. before you bought them, you should ask to Takamina..” in his face was seen feeling of guilt. „..and whay you are dressed like this? If you also have a black sunglasses, you would look like those men from Men in black.. with guns.. or maybe you hiding them somewhere..?” I could see, that she is proud for what she just said… while scratching her own butt..
„Acchan!! What are you saying?” unbelievable women.
„What? But he looks like them. Look at him.” She pointed at that poor man.
„Not even close.” I crossed my arms on my chest.
„Ah.. Takamina.. you have bad imagination.” She came to me and put her arm around my neck..
„Acchan? You are horrible and your imagination more horrible.” I tried to get her hand away from my neck..
„Amm.. sorry, but I think I will better go. It’s looks like I… forgot to do something. So, Takamina, see you someday in job.” I just look at him and nod.. When he went out from my apartment, Acchan went to my bathroom.. to take my toothpaste.. And like I said.. first was kitchen, but now is bathroom.. how wonderful.. scratch that.. She is devil.
„Thank you, Takamina.. and bye.” … and now she went back to hers own apartment. Somehow I am angry at her, for what she did, but I am not really sure about that.. coz also I am somehow happy about that.

Lately this things with Acchan… they are just… ah… I can’t even know how to describe it. I admit, that I still have feelings for her, but I can’t. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know what is right and what’s not. I am confuse with my myself.
For trying to, at least little bit, forget things with Acchan, I went to some bar and little bit drink something. I didn’t drink anything strong, just cup with beer. While I was drinking, some girl approached me.
After some time of speaking with her and with high level alcohol in her body, I take her to my apartment. I know, I shouldn’t do that.. but she wanted herself. Somehow, I know what’s up in her mind, but I just ignore it.
While I tried to open my apartment doors and she was besides me, someone approach us… and no.. it wasn’t Acchan.
„How could you?!!” there was standing again that old lady, what me and Acchan meet some days ago.
„Could, what?” What she is talking about?
„You already have such a beautiful girlfriend, but you.. you try to get in bed someone other, who looks like a bitch.” What the hell.?
„Hey, old lady.. I don’t have girlfriend, you are misunderstanding something…  and don’t call this girl like that!” Girl who was standing there also, was shocked.. maybe.. I don’t know.. but then happened something worst… old lady start to hit me with her bag.
„What the hell.. Itaii!!! Stop hitting me! Did you put some rocks in there? ITAII!!!” Old lady didn’t even listened in me and continue to hit me.. and then to my surprise, she start to hit that girl too.
„You little bitch! Get out from her! She already have a girlfriend.!” Old lady screamed at her. Poor girl. She have no idea, what this old lady talking about.
„Hey! Stop hitting her!” At that moment old lady start to hit me instead.. again. At that time, poor girl use a chance to run away. „Did you just see, what you did? She run away! Itaii!! Just stop hitting me!”
„No.. until you won’t go to your girlfriend and apologies her.” …and she continue to hit me.
„I already told you, she is not my girlfriend!!” I tried to avoid that bag.
„Go to her. Now!” this old lady is insane.
„What, now?! But she probably already is sleeping.”
„Go to her.. or I won’t stop to hit you.” Damn that hag.
„Okay, okay, I will go.. Now! Just stop already.” I slowly start to go to Acchans apartment doors, but at the same time I didn’t let my eyes down from that old lady. I knocked two times on doors, when I heard answer from Acchan to come in.
„Get lost old lady.” Tomorrow there will be bruisis.
„Hmm..” and with that I closed doors and went to look Acchan. She was sitting her couch, with tea in her hands.

„Hi, Acchan.” I went besides her on couch.. „Amm.. I..” I need to think something about what to say, but at that moment she start to first.
„I am sorry, Minami.” She dind’t even look at me.
„For what?” I was confused.
„For everything what I did to you. I am sorry.” When she looked at me, I saw a tears in her eyes. „..It was bad idea to move here. I really wanted to be near to you. And deep inside I still hoped, that you have feeling towards me.”
„Acchan, I..”
„I think, I will move out from here. And don’t disturb you ever again.” My heart were hurting from what I just heard. I don’t want that.
„Then I am sorry too. For hurting you too and make you do things, what you didn’t want…”
„It’s okay. You have your own life and I have mine.. but unfortunately, without you in there.” She wiped her tears from eyes. I can’t take this anymore. „..Tomorrow  I won’t be here anymore. And I better start to packing my things.” When she start to get up from couch, I grab her hand and pull her in my lap. „Minami, what are you?” She looked so confused.
„I won’t let you go away third time.” I hugged her, while burying my head in her neck.
„What are you talking about?” However, she was shocked about my action, she still put one of her hand on my shoulder.
„I don’t want  you to go. I want you to stay with me.”
„I can’t, Minami. I need to move out. It hurts.” She start to cry again.
„Yes, I agree about moving out from here, because… you have to move in my apartment. I don’t want to lose you, Acchan.” I move my head to look at her eyes.. and looks like she don’t believe, what I just said.
„Minami.. are you .. sure? I mean.. after everything what had happen and..”
„Acchan.. I am seriouse. I still have feeling towards you.. I just didn’t wanted to admit that. I tried to ignore them. But that was stupid from me. I am sorry. So, do I have a chance?” she didn’t said anything, but instead she.. kissed me. How I miss these lips. How I miss this feeling. „.I will take it like a yes.” She showed me her beautiful smile and sealed our lips again. „Acchan, you have no idea, how much I miss those tasty and soft lips, what are created just for me.”
„Pervert.” I laid her in couch, while I was half on top of her. We continue our kisses. They were slow and passionate. Deep and hungry. Her hands around my neck. Mine.. of course already traveling under her shirt. This smooth skin.. this turning on moans from her. I want her to be only mine. I can’t stop myself anymore. I want to hear more and more.. And this time, there are no one who can disturb us..

Bzzz.. Bzzz… Bzzz… What the hell? Who is calling me in this time?
„Minami.. no.. Don’t answer. Let it be.”
„Atsuko, I.. mhmm.” We started out tongue batling in our mouth.. I take my phone out from pocket and shut it down. There is only me and her… and our precious time.

At the same time in other place.

„That’s strange. Why she turn off her phone?”
„Come back in bed, Yuko. And why you even wanted to call her in the middle, when we have so good time.?”
„Oh, yeah.. Sorry, Nyan Nyan. I just don’t know. I just have strange feeling, like she is doing something…. But I don’t know what.”
„Just put down that phone and come back in bed… and beside… now it’s my turn to be on top.”
„Oh my!”

In the end, in the same time, in two places.. were people, who were meant to be together. Destiny indeed made their own plan about them.. and in the end.. they get their reward..  people, what they love.


* This time there won't be a continue. I just don't know what to write in here anymore. :depressed: 
One more important thing - thank you everyone, who read it and even leave a comment, or push a "Thank" button. I really appreciate it.  Thank you!! :kneelbow:
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                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
« Reply #68 on: March 14, 2015, 12:20:31 AM »
Atsumina together again.
Thank you old lady.
Yuko's sensor is superb!
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
« Reply #69 on: March 14, 2015, 05:10:42 AM »
Yeah... Atsuko and Minami are together at last...

Yuko had a sensor for Minami's

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see an epilogue

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
« Reply #70 on: March 14, 2015, 06:14:07 AM »
YEEEEEEEEES MY ATSUMINA!!! :D and kojiyuu smexy time!

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Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
« Reply #71 on: March 14, 2015, 09:23:41 AM »
@ NightSky; phoenix0i; cisda83; Haruko - So much thank you for reading and also leaving a comment. I am happy to hear, that you like it.  :kneelbow: About old lady, she just was in the right time and in the right place.  8)  And yeah.. Yuko was in her element..  :D
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1
« Reply #72 on: March 18, 2015, 11:06:18 PM »
Hello, readers. I change my mind and wrote it new story. At first in my mind was three stories, but in the end I turn it in one.
Also, high probably, this time I really disapper with new updates. I have to go back to my real home, and there are a lot of works what to do...
Enjoy reading. :)


                                                                             „THE SECRET OF MY HEART”

„I am in love.” Few simple words. So easy to write, but so hard to tell it to someone.

My name is Maeda Atsuko. I am in high school. I can do everything with perfect results. I have a lot of friends. Everyone just love me and want to be my friend and lot of guys want a date with me, but I always refuse them. I am really happy about these things, but it’s not enough. Person who I love, isn’t my friend. We never had a chance to talk. Our eyes never had meet with each other… Never smiled to each other.. Never touched each other. And that hurts. A lot.

But the worst thing is… many of our classmate don’t like this person. Also I have no courage to talk with this person. I am asking for miracle. Just tiny one. Where I have a chance to talk with this person.

I am afraid I could get a refuse from this person. From not accepting me.. and my confession.

But most of all, I am afraid. Afraid from what other would say. Afraid from my parents reaction, when they found out. They said, I am too perfect even in looking, I am looking like real beauty. My smile could melt everyone heart. And with that I need to find a prince… a prince with white horse. But this isn’t a fairy tail. Everything is real.

Only thing what I can do is… holding this secret in my heart.

Also they said, if you wish for something very seriously and want it from bottom of your heart.. then your wish can happen.. miracles can happen..

But unfortunately, for every wish have a price.. high price..

[and of course first chapter, enjoy reading]

                                                                                                    CHAPTER 1

A.K.B.ara high school. Place, where study many girls and boys. Very famous in everything what they do. Many great and smart students. Just perfect school. At least it looks like from outside..


..There is one problem, bullying. Few students were bullied. No one take attention for that. No one cares. No one want to take there places and be bullied. They are afraid from that. And who wouldn’t.

Between classes you can heard someone for begging for help.. Others just laughing about it. And just enjoy this moment. Teachers know about this things, but don’t do anything.. but instead some of them.. join it.

There is this one girl. She is short. Others calling her midget. I could see, that she don’t like it, and she start to fight back.. mostly who bullying her are boys. I hate them. And in the end, she is on the floor. Groaning in pain. My heart hurt from what I see. I want to help her, but I can’t..

„…. Accha… Acchan..!”
„Ah.. what?”  I was so deep in my thoughts, that I didn’t hear when I was called by my friends.

„What’s wrong with you? Again you are daydreaming..” Kojima Haruna or Nyan Nyan. Smart.. if she want it. Beautiful.. like a model. Taller then me.  Long hairs. Make sounds like cat…. it’s a reason for her nickname. Sometime very lazy.. or total airhead. But good friend.

„Of course, no.  I just want to sleep.” … even my friends don’t know about my secret.
„Yeah, right. And you want us to believe you? So, who is he?” Minegashi Minami or Miichan. Not very smart. Little bit shorter then me. Not very long hairs. Always know everything… about what is happening around. Rumor creator. Still miracle, that she don’t know about my secret. I think.

„He?” what she is talking about.. there is no ‘he’, but there is ‘she’.
„Yeah.. so there need to be someone, why you always daydreaming. Is he cute?” Itano Tomomi. Smart. Fashion queen. Know everything about fashion. Beautiful. Always is mad about something. In the end there are a dimples in her face. Ready to kill, if someone just accidently make mess with her clothes.

„Aah.. just stop it. There is no one. If there would be someone, then Miichan already would know it and told to everyone.” If they sometime want to know, they will do everything to know it. I need to think something.. and for my lucky, everyone attention went to the end of the class.

„Ah… again. Its start to get boring.” Oshima Yuko. Looks like squirrel. Short. Flirt with everyone. Total pervert. But has her limit, how far can go with flirting things. That’s miracle. I paid my attention there too. And again… I feel pain in my heart.


„What’s wrong midget? No guts? Aahaha..” There was three boys, who usually bullying her.

„Get up, you nerd.” Second one pushed her again.

„Hey, didn’t you heard us?” third one grabbed her by her hairs. It was Takeru Sato. I hate him so much. My parents want me to date him. Because he looks like someone, who could protect me. His parents is rich too. He is just jerk and spoiled brat. But most of all, he is one of them, who hurting person, who I love.

„You three.. kiss my ass.. idiots.” Takahashi Minami or Minami. Short.. very. Smart, but no one know that. Long hairs. Always a ribbon on the head. Will fight till the end. Friendly, but no one want to be friends with her. Looks like nerd.. but not for me. But most of all.. person, who I love from first day, when I saw her.

„What did you said, you bea-?” One of the boy wanted to hit her, when suddenly..

„Okay, stop it boys. We have classes right now.” Luckily teacher came in time, but…

„Takahashi! What are you doing there? Get up! Look at your messy clothes. Shame for you. Back in your sit! After classes you will clean here everything.”.. this teacher is one of them, who bully others too. Others said, that in her study time, she was bullied too and now she want to revenge them.

„Yes, teacher. Sorry, teacher.” She cleaned her clothes and sit in her place. Every time, when I see it.. I want to punch those guys. Or just yell at them to stop it.  I want to protect her. Take her in my arms and say, that everything will be okay, I am here with you…. But I can’t. I am too afraid.


Classes were ended. I still needed to do some things in library. Everyone went already home. Except her. She slowly cleaned class. How I wish, that I would have courage and could approach her.  But first, I need to do my things. After some while…

While going out from library, something outside caught my attention. When I went closer to the window, I could see, that some guys are hitting something. But this something was already on the ground. I even could see, that they kicked this person. And then I saw a ribbon.

„Oh no..” In low voice I said to myself.. „..Minami.” Quickly running out from school, I run to her. „..Minami… please, hang on.” I run as fast as I could. When I was already there, I didn’t see boys anymore. On the ground only lying her. She didn’t move. I felt tears in my eyes. My hands were trembling. Slowly walking closer to her, I tried to wake her up, but she didn’t respond.

After some while I managed to got her in the hospital. Doctors and nurses were taking care of her. I was still sitting in hospital and patiently waiting someone, who could tell me about hers condition.

„Excuse me, Miss. Are you friend of her?” There was nurse, who were looking after her.
„Yeah, I am..” How I wish for that.. „ Is she okay?” My heart start to race faster.
„Injuries were bad, but she will be okay. Right now she is still sleeping, but if you want, you can go see her.” What nurse just told me, made my heart little bit calm.

Slowly entering in hers room, I could see her still sleeping, like nurse told me. She looks so calm. Even in her sleep, she looks so cute. I take hers hand in mine. It was so tiny and soft. I couldn’t believe it, that I am holding her hand in mine. It felt like a dream.

„Minami, if you would know, that I love you so much, what would be your answer? This question is killing me inside. You have no idea, how much I want to hold you in my arms. Sleep in your lap or lay my head on your shoulder. Just only feel yours presence. You have no idea, how much I want to kiss you and feel your body against mine. You have no idea, how much I miss you, when our classes are ended. You have no idea, how much it hurt to see you like that… That’s why I am sorry for everything. For not protecting you. For not telling how beautiful and cute you are. I am sorry for not telling you this, when you could really hear it all. Sorry for being a coward.” I wiped my tears from eyes and slowly leaned closer to her face. Our faces were so close. I can feel hers breathing. Our noses touched.. and then I kissed her on the lips. They were so soft. I could kiss her more and more.. but I have to go. Before you wake up. I don’t want you to know, that I was here.

I went out from hers room. I saw her doctor coming. He had envelope with bill in his hands about treatment what was given to her. Instead for giving her, I take it.  Looking at the price, what was four hundred dollars, I knew, that she don’t have such a money. That’s why I went to pay for her. After I paid it, in bill you could see a name of the patient and the person, who paid for it.. and it was mine. I couldn’t let her know, that was me. So, I take it with me. Instead of bill, I wrote a note her and put it back in envelope. I gave it one of hers nurse and told her to give it to Minami.

Already out from hospital and walking back in streets, I put my right hand on my chest. I could feel my heart beat. It’s still so fast. In my hands I could still feel her tiny hand and on my lips, hers soft.. and with this feeling I have to leave.


This school.. At first I love it. But now… I hate it. From the first I tried to protect those who where bullied, but in the end, I am who is bullied by others. That sound so strange. Even teachers are not better. What’s wrong with this school?

Those three guys. They always love to bully me, but I trie to resist it.. But everytime it’s more harder and painful. When they wanted to punch me in the class, at first, I was happy about teacher, who came in just in time, but then I regret it, coz I know.. after school, that will wait me. And guess what.. they really did it.

Punches on my stomach.. kicks on my legs. Its hurt. When I fall or the ground, they continue to hit me. In my mind I screamed for help. But there is no one. And if would be, they won’t do nothing, just watching. After last kick on my back, everything went black.

I felt that someone is talking with me, but I didn’t know who and what. Someone was moving me. I just didn’t care who and where.

I think I am dreaming right now.. or I am died. But who cares. But I know one thing. There is someone.. This person is talking about something. I can’t recognize if it’s her or he.. or even what this person really talking about. But this person was crying and apologies for something. I felt that something touched my left hand, coz it felt so warm.. but then I felt something soft on my lips. I think this person kissed me. Then everything was so quite again.. until I heard my name. Someone was calling it.

„..mi…..nami…..Minami…” I know this voice. It’s belong to my mother.
„…Mom.?” I slowly tried to open my eyes. Light was so bright. „I am died, mom?”
„No, honey. You are in the hospital.” She takes my hand in hers. Again there is this warm feeling. Maybe it was my mom from the start.. or  the kiss was just a dream. „How you feeling, honey?” She looked so worried.
„I am okay, mom. Well, I think. But.. How I get it in here?”
„Oh, about that.. I don’t know. When I got phone call from hospital, they said, you are already here. So, I am here right now.” When I look at her, hers smile always makes me calm.
„Thanks, mom.” While we still talking, in room came one of the nurse.

„Hello, Takahashi. Looks like you are awake. Good to see. By the way.. there is a bill for hospital.” She gave it to my mom. When she take it out from envelope, and opened the bill, she looks confused.

„What’s wrong, mom? My hospital time is so expensive?” She looked at me. „Mom?”
„Honey, I think, it’s for you.” She gave me a bill. When I look at it, I was confused. It wasn’t a bill.. It was a note. There was written one short sentence –

„You are the secret of my heart”
It wasn’t a dream. Someone really was here and … even kissed me. But who?


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                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1 [19.03.15]
« Reply #73 on: March 19, 2015, 12:18:43 AM »
Ah... Atsuko was scared to be bullied

So just secretly looking at Minami as she was bullied

Poor Minami.... She can ask for Police to take care of it...

If there was chance the fighting result in hospitalize normally police would investigate

What about in Minami's case?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the new OS

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1 [19.03.15]
« Reply #74 on: March 23, 2015, 04:45:42 AM »
Damn it, i'm going to kill those damn boys!
pls update soon Author San

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1 [19.03.15]
« Reply #75 on: March 28, 2015, 03:07:21 PM »
great fanfiction, please update

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1 [19.03.15]
« Reply #76 on: March 28, 2015, 06:22:14 PM »
Wow that it's interesting
hopr update soon

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
« Reply #77 on: March 31, 2015, 05:10:06 PM »
Hello, everyone! Lately is happening so much things, even sad things, that I already thought I couldn't write something. There is so much works what to do, but somehow bad weather didn't let to do them. In the end I wrote it next chapter.
So much thank you readers about comments and for liking it.
By the way.. this is my last update.... in this month.. xD
But okay.. enjoy reading.

                                                                                          CHAPTER 2

Lunch break.

Five students on the school rooftop were eating their lunch. While eating there was discussed different kind of topics about everything.

„Oh.. why spring break went so fast? That one week went too fast.” While sitting on the ground some certain student were complaining.
„Hehe.. Yuko. For you even one month is too short.” After Miichan response, everyone start to laughing.
„Hey.. it’s not like that. I just like to relax my brain.” Everyone were still laughing, except one person, who wasn’t even listening, coz her mind was somewhere else.
„Hey, Acchan?” When Acchan didn’t responsed to Miichan call, everyone attention was on her. „Acchan!”
„Hm?” with second call she responsed by slowly lifting up her head to others.
„What’s wrong with you? Lately your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else.” Everyone just looked at her with question mark in their face, while waiting her answer.
„What do you mean? With me is okay.” She showed to everyone gentle smile. But inside she little bit crying and wanted to scream.
„No.. it’s not like that. It’s more like you are thinking about something or maybe someone.”
„Miichan.. stop saying nonsense. There isn’t no one. I just feel tired. That’s all.” She stand up from her spot and start to go away. Hers heart wanted to be alone and forget about that day, when she found Minami in very bad condition.
„Where are you going?” Yuko called her back.
„To the library. I forget something to do. See you later.” With that she went away. Other were still sitting on the floor and start to get worried about her. Until Miichan was first, who start to speak again.
„I think there is something, but she don’t want to tell us.” She put hers left hand on her face, while trying to think something.
„Yeah.. I agree with you. But she is still our friend.” Yuko agreed her, but also was worried.
„I think there is someone. Some certain person.”
„Are you sure, Tomomi? But then who is he? Why she don’t tell us? Aren’t we her friend?” Yuko and Miichan start to think every possible person, who could it be. After some while, one of the members start to speak too.
„Maybe..” Everyone attention was now on Haruna. „..maybe it’s not ‘he’, but.. ‘she’?” Everyone just looking at her, with strange look..
„Nyan Nyan.. she is Acchan. That is not possible.” Yuko didn’t agree with her.
„Well.. that is the reason why she don’t tell us.” Haruna still continue.
„Yeah, right. And then you maybe tell us, that this girl is one of us… Maybe even me.” Miicha with serious look pointing finger at herself.
„You? Ahaha.. I don’t think that someone even want to a date you!” Everyone start to laugh.
„Mou, Yuko.. you don’t know anything. I am just too good for everyone.” While Miichan pouts, others start to laugh even more. „Hmm.. maybe this ‘someone’ isn’t very popular… more like nerd.” At first all laughs was quiet, until..
„Miichan, stop joking. This is a reason, why we call you a rumor creator.” Tomomi answered her with serious face.
„That is also possible.” Now everyone’s attention again was on Haruna. „She is too afraid from other student reaction, when they will found out.. and maybe even from hers mother reaction too.”
„Nyan Nyan.. no wonder you are airhead. That is just silly.” Yuko still didn’t want to believe it. Miichan start to speak.
„About Acchan mother.. Well.. she is scary. When I was there first time, what was also my last time.. I hugged Acchan very tight. When hers mother saw that.. I though I would die.. I think she don’t like that some other girl is hugging hers daughter.”
„Oh..” Everyone was shocked. With that also stopped discussion about Acchan and that ‘someone’. After that lunch went in silent atmosphere. In everyone mind was a question – „Who and why?”


Ah, finally I am back to my home and in my comfortable and big bed. No strange sounds or smells.. I mean like medicine smell. Also hospital food wasn’t very tasty. If my mother wouldn’t bring me some food, I thought I would die.  But the worst thing was, time when was one week school break, I was in hospital. I just hate my life.

Still, I don’t understand one thing. Who was this ‘person’, who left a note and even kissed me? Is it a some kind of joke or there really is someone, who is in love in me.? Is this person even from my school? I just want to know the true.
„Honey, come down! Breakfast are ready!” Someone was calling from kitchen.
„Yes, mom. I am coming!” I still have to stay one week in home, until I fully recover. „Oh, mom.. it smell so good. What is it?” I just love my mom, coz she just know how to make my stomach happy.
„Of course, your favorite.” She turned around with food in her hands and put it on the table in front of me.
„Mom, you are the best.” I gave her quick kiss on hers right cheek and start to eat my favorite katsudon.
„Slow down, honey. It won’t go nowhere.” She laughed at me. Who won’t. I just love this food. I am just too hungry and just showed her my happy smile. „By the way.. Do you know, who is this person, who wrote that note.?” She sat on the other side of the table. My mom is very kind and just want to see me happy. It doesn’t matter what kind of life I choose and with who I want it to spend.. Most of all, she want to see me smiling..
„Hmm.. I don’t know. I don’t even have a clue. Not even if this person is a boy or a girl. However.. I think, when I was still in my sleep, I heard more like girl voice, but then I got confuse, because when I opened my eyes, in there was you.” I looked at her with sad look. But somehow, deep in my heart, I am scared from true.
„Don’t worry, honey. I hope you soon find out it. And I don’t care, if this person is a girl or a boy. Until you are happy, I am too.” She showed me her gentle smile.
„Thanks, mom.” I continue to eat my food „By the way.. when father and brothers will be back?”
„Your father will be late, because he have a lot of things what to do in his work place, but about your two big brothers.. I think they have some practice in basketball.” She answered me with happy tone, while continue to cook for others.
„Oh.. I see.” This katsudon is so good.


Why I can’t forget that incident? Why I can’t forget her? Why I kissed her in hospital? Every night I am dreaming about her. How I am kissing her. How I wrap my hands around her and holding her very close to me. Right now, I want to kiss her. I want to feel those soft lips again. It’s so hard to hold myself from not finding her and make her mine.
At least, she isn’t in this week in school, however, I really want to see her. Each day everything is going to worse, because my friends start to notice something. They start to ask me those questions. I don’t like to lie them, but I have no choice. I am sorry guys. Maybe someday you will find out everything.


Maeda resident

Ah, already one week is gone. However, it went so long. But now two days in home and doing nothing. Like usually.
While lying in my bed and thinking about everything, most of all, about her, I heard that my mother called from living room. I think I forgot to mention, that my mom is professional lawyer and my father is working with building things. Their personalities are opposite. I am still wondering how come, they are married. Maybe that’s why I am their only child. But about other things… Of course we are living in big house. My room is in second floor. In here I have everything what I need for school and for other things. Also we have two maids.
„Acchan, come down!”
„Okay, mom!” very lazy I stand up from my bed and walked down to the stairs. „What is it, mom?” She was sitting in couch, while drinking something.
„Come here.” She showed me spot, what was on left side of her in couch. While sitting there, I waited for her to speak. „How are things with you and him?”
„Him?” I was little bit confused from that kind of question. But somehow, I knew, that someday, she would ask me this.
„Yes, I mean Takeru Sato.” That word.. that person.. I hate it from bottom of my heart.
„W-why you are asking it right now?” why I have strange feeling inside?
„You know why I am asking it. He is a good boy and perfect man for you. His parents are very intelligent too.” Yeah.. good boy.. so good, that even bully others, hit them and after that laughing about them. He is bastard and total jerk. Even his parents are strange.
„I know. Just please, give me time for that. I am not ready for relationship. And right now, in first place I have my studies.” I just need a time, and show her, how big jerk he is. But how?
„I understand. Of course, school things are important too, but with relationship you can go slowly too.” Mom, why you can’t understand, that I don’t want to be with him? „But okay, take your time. But I hope it would be soon. Now you can go.” She didn’t show me some emotion like smile, more like was angry at me.  I stood up from my spot and went back to my room. Dropped myself in bed with my face in pillow, I wanted to cry. But there wasn’t tears.. I don’t know what to do.

In school.

Monday. Again there is Monday. New week. New things what could happen. I hate so much Mondays, that I want to scream, however, not this time. She is in school. Minami. My heart is beating so fast everytime, when I see her. I was already sitting in my spot, when she came in. Sitting in hers place.. putting her things for class. I just watching every single move of hers. Well, from other side looks like I am reading something, but that is just a cover. My eyes was on her. While putting some things on the table, she stopped. Lifted up her head, she start to look around. Like searching for something. My attention was so deep on her, that I didn’t seen, that her view was on me. She is looking at me. Oh shoot..
„Acchan, what are you reading.?” 
„Eh!?” I think I just jumped from my spot. But luckily it was only Miichan, who right now was standing in front of me and Minami can’t see me anymore. My heart were beating so fast. I think I even blushed.
„Acchan, stop dreaming. What are you reading?” Miichan little bit laughed about my reaction. I hope she didn’t see, how I looked at Minami?
„Ah.. I-ammm.. well.. it’s just some book… about some… things.” I am died. Yeah.. I screw it up.. ah..
„Hihi.. Acchan… I think you are watching too much movies lately.” With that, she went back in her spot and in the same time came in our teacher.
„Phew… that was close… more like too close.” In very low voice I said to myself. But somehow I could feel, that hers eyes are still on me. I wanted to turn my head, but I was scared. Just don’t think about her..


All day I couldn’t concentrate for what was written on the board. I was worry, that she saw me and that’s all.. she understand everything and now she hate me. I don’t want that. Why I even watched her? What I was even thinking while doing that?

Almost everyone student was gone.. and went to their homes.. While I was still in school and standing near to my closet, and scolding myself… Until… I saw her.. Minami… She is coming to my way..

She is coming closer….         * o.o *                  …. Acchan…just pretend like you are  searching something in you closet …   * Deg *

More closer….         * 0.0 *                   … Aah.. just don’t look at her …   * DEG *

And closer…            * O.O *          …. That’s all.. now she will hear my heart beats, what right now is beating very loud…   * DEGDEG * …    „Acchan, you are total idiot.” In low voice I scolded myself, again.

„TAKAHASHI!!” Someone was calling her. She stopped her steps to my way. Thanks God.. I almost got heart attack.. But when I looked at person, who was calling her.. I wasn’t happy anymore. It was those jerks. And the way, how they look at her.. isn’t very good. They have something up in their minds. That mean I can’t go home. I need to know, what they are planning.

Minami somewhere went with them. I followed, while hiding myself. They went in on of the classroom, what was left almost empty, because in there needed some reconstruction. They pushed her in the wall, while laughing at her.
„Looks like our nerd is recovered from punches.” In Minami eyes I could see a fears.
„What you want?” She tried to be strong.
„You still asking what? Ahaha…” she looked confused. „You midget.. We heard, that you in the morning looked at Maeda.. and guess what.. when we look after you.. you were going to her.” Oh no.. that mean, that someone even saw me looking at her?
„Pff.. why I would looking at her or even went to her? I even don’t know her. I think your brains are somewhere out.” Those words… why they sounded so painful? It’s just all my fault.
„What you just said? I think you need to put some manners in your stupid head.” One of the guy went closer to her and hard punched her in the stomach.
„Ah..” She collapsed on the floor, while holding her stomach. It looked so painful. I even closed my eyes. I can’t watch it.   
„You, midget, don’t even dare to look at her or go to near her. She is mine and only mine. Do you got it, nerd?” It was Takeru, who said it. What the hell he think he is? We haven’t even meet each other in personally. That jerk. And then he hit her very hard to the head. Now she was collapsed on the floor. Those three only laughed and went away, while leaving her there.
I waited, when they were gone and run to her. She was laying on the floor.. unconscious..
„Minami…” and again I saw the moment, when they hurt her. But me.. just watched.. I am such a coward.

I carried her on the school infirmary. Putting her one of the bed. She still didn’t move. I was standing on the left side of her. I was in panic about what to do. But still I put some wet and cold towel on her head. Also I needed to know, how bad is her injury, when they punch her on the stomach. First taking away hers scarf, what was around her neck and then I needed to open her blouse. When I unbuttoning second button, my hands froze. I already could see her smooth neck and collarbone. *gulp*..
„Acchan, just don’t think something stupid. You want to help her. That’s all.” I said to myself in low voice. When I looked at her face, her eyes were still closed. She looked so cute while sleeping.

Slowly unbuttoning third button and fourth, I could see her bra. It was pink. *gulp*My heart start to beat more faster. My hands were trembling. My eyes on hers next buttons… Now her blouse was open. Somehow in this room start to get very hot.

My mind was gone. Only thing what I could see was her white and smooth skin. I want to touch it. Slowly puting my left hand on her neck, I could feel how warm she is. Touching only with my fingertips, my hand moved by herself and it went it lower.. to her collarbone.. more lower… to her chest. At first, I didn’t touch  it in that place, but put full of my hand on top of it… but still not touching by myself. She touched me by herself when she breathes.  *gulp* .. hers chest were rising up and down.. and with each rising up, I could feel hers right mound in my hand. Why in this room is so hot? With my other hand I opend my own scarf and two buttons of my blouse.

I moved my hand more lower.. on her stomach. Her skin is so soft and smooth.. barely touching  it only with my fingers. With every touch, my heart beating faster and faster. What the hell I am doing? I am looking like some kind of pervert, who using innocent girl, while she is weak....
But at least looks like there isn’t big injuries. I move my eyes on her face.. and lips. Those lips. While looking at them, I bites in mine. I want to kiss them again. Feel their softens. Leaning closer my face to hers and putting my left hand almost on her chest, but little bit higher and with right hand stroking her hairs…
I kissed her…
Slowly… and gently.
This feeling.. it feel so good. I want it more. Taking her lower lip between mine I wanted feel more the taste of it.
Slowly kissing her and now touching with my left hand to her neck, I was shocked…   *o.o*   .. If I am not wrong and felt it right, then…. She just moved her lips and answered my kisses. Fast taking few steps back, I could see, that she start to move her head. Oh no.. I need to go, before she fully open her eyes.

Going out from infirmary and standing behind of the doors, I put my right hand on my heart.  * deg deg deg *It was so fast.
„What I had done?”


Finally I am recovered and can go to school. However, there is big possibilities, that those jerks again will bully me. But most of all, I want to find out about this ‘person’, who was in the hospital.
Entering in class and sitting in my spot, while putting some books on the table, I felt something strange. More like, that someone is watching me. Lifting my head up I start to look around. Everyone were busy with their own things. I could seen, that some girl were reading something.. however hers eyes isn’t following the lines, what is written in book.. hmm.. that’s strange. But then came some of her friend and start to talk with her and I couldn’t see her anymore. Only when teacher came in, she was already sitting normally in her spot and all attention was on the front.

Classes were ended. Almost everyone already went home. Only few students where in here. While walking in the corridors, I noticed some girl near to closet and looked like, she try to find something and is in trouble with it. Maybe she need some help?  While walking closer to her, I heard that someone was calling me. When I turned around, I saw those guys, who bully me.
Not again. It’s only first day in school after my recover and I already started to feel, that something won’t be good. And guess what.. it wasn’t something good.

They punched me very hard in the stomach. And even said me things like stay away from Maeda. I don’t even know her. How they can think something like that? But at least, now I know, who was standing in corridor, while searching something.

After second punch, what was on my head, I collapsed on the floor. Next thing what I remember was that I lying on the bed. And from the smell, I think I am in the school infirmary. But I am not alone…. In here is someone too.

Pretending sleep, I felt, that my blouse is opened and this person is touching me…    * O.O  *     What the hell? .. but from the gentle and warm touches, I understand one thing… it’s a girl. Why she is touching me? But at least, she don’t do nothing horrible, but just simple touching me with her fingers. And it’s so ticklish. Ah.. I need to hold myself from not laughing.

On my forehead she were putted some towel. It little bit also covered my eyes. I couldn’t fully see her or open my eyes. When  I though, that everything is over, she leaned closer to my face and ki-kissed me..     * 0.0  *   Why she is kissing me? She even bites in my lip. But those soft and gentle lips and kisses felt somewhere familiar. Like I am already kissed her in somewhere….
It’s the same feeling, the same lips and it’s the same girl. I want to see her. I want to know, who is she.

When she put her left hand on my neck and start to kiss me more deeper.. I felt something strange… in my heart. It’s beating very fast. Somehow I like those kisses and these lips. I didn’t even recognize, that I start to answer her. And that made her stop. Looks like she was shocked about my reaction. When she pulled herself away from me, I saw something… a necklace with pendant, what was around her neck. The upper part of her blouses were unbuttoned and I could see it. This pendat was from gold and with letter:


„Who is she?”  But one thing I know, she is from my school, because she have the same uniform like mine. But why she run away?



Ah.. I should continue to write my reports for school... but I am too lazy to think about it..
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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This sato takeru and friends deserve a beating to stop at the hospital.
Wonderful fanfiction, continue.  :twothumbs :thumbup :thumbup :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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AH  as i thought Minami must be awake  :cathappy:, since she's curious about Acchan  :hehehe:
*sigh* Acchan surely has strict mother there :depressed:
even when they should've just date each other already :mon zoom:

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