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Author Topic: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 4 20.08.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki  (Read 12924 times)

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 2. 21.04.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #20 on: April 24, 2015, 01:42:29 PM »
Wow.. I like where this is going.
So Mariko confronted Takamina on her dream, and Takamina thinks that she is insane or at least thats how i view it
Typical Kojiyuu scene eh.. Good luck in catching your cat, squirrel.
Is it me or Mayu might be feeling a little jealous with Yukirin's interaction with Takamina..
Hope to see another update soon and thank you for this chapter.
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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Pioneer Guardians Chapter 3 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #21 on: July 07, 2015, 09:54:27 AM »
Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Here's an update. It's been a long time coming.

I hope you like it!!!

Pioneer Guardians Chapter 3

Determined to prove that Mariko-sama was lying or just joking around about having powers, Takamina leaves home two hours before school to guarantee herself not to be late.

"There is no way I am going to be late"  Takamina says to herself smugly looking at her watch. "Mariko-sama sure likes to trick me"

Enjoying the beautiful weather, Takamina merrily takes big strides towards school. She turns into a street taking her daily route. As she looks around however, she seems something, more like someone familiar at a distant. "Eh? Yuko?" She says confused walking closer to where her friend is.

"EH!?!?! YUKO!?!?!" Takamina blurts out realizing that her friend is up on a tree.

"Yuko! Get down here! What are you doing!?!?!" She yells looking up at her friend

"Oh! Good morning Takamina!" Yuko flashes her friend a smile. "You know, just waiting on Nyan-Nyan" trying to look innocent

"Omg! Get down here. Now! Yuko, it's one thing being a pervert. But peeking into her HOUSE!?!??" Takamina shout as a vain becomes visible on her forehead.

"Uh oh" Yuko says in a whisper. Afraid of the angry Takamina. "I'm coming I'm coming" Yuko makes her descent.

"Careful that branch is not stro--" Takamina stops mid sentence at the sound of snapping.

Just like in slow motion, the branch Yuko tried to hold on to has snapped. Takamina runs and tries to catch her friend but does not make it in time.

Running to her side, Takamina find a groaning Yuko on the ground with the tree branch beside her.

"Yuko! Are you okay?!" Takamina looks in a panic.

"Ugh. I-i'm fine" Yuko says wincing in pain

"No you're not. Let me take a look" Takamina looks at Yuko's shoulder. "Eh Yuko. You've dislocated your shoulder"

"Oh I KNOW!" Yuko says in pain rolling her eyes in the process

"Eh. What do I do?" Takamina asks.

"Why are you even asking???? Just fix me up already!" Yuko looks at her friend with teary eyes

"Uh. Yuko, I can't." Replies an uneasy Takamina

Holding her shoulder, " Why the hell not?!?!" Yuko asks

"Erm" Takamina points at their surrounding

A small O forms on Yuko's lips as she sees their small audience of students passing by watching them

Just then, a car pulls over and a familiar face exits.

"Omg! Yuko! Are you okay?!?!" Says the small figure rushing towards the injured Yuko.

"Ah. Daijoubu" Yuko says still clutching her shoulder flashing a small smile at the new arrival

"Ohayo Tomochin!" Takamina smiles at the other girl

A big smile paints across her face flashing her famous fang "Ohayo Takamina! Yuko is getting herself in trouble again I see"

Rolling her eyes "Hello! Hurt person here" Yuko chimes in

"Let's get you to the hospital. This does not look good. My manager Togasaki-san and I were driving by and I saw you fall off. We had to stop." Tomochin now looks worried.

"Don't worry I'll be fine! I just need to be brought to the school and Takamina here will fix me up in no time! Right Takamidget?" Says Yuko still wincing in pain

"Call me Takamidget one more time and you'll have two dislocated shoulders instead of one" Takamina flashes a grin at Yuko before turning to Tomochin. "Really though, Tomochin. I'll take care of her. Don't worry"

"No no I insists! Togasaki-san! Let's take Yuko to the hospital" Tomochin calls out to her manager

"Of course. We wouldn't want your friend to be in any more pain" replies the man as he picks up Yuko from the ground carrying her like a sack of potatoes. He makes his way  towards the car with Tomochin following suit

The stubborn Yuko, looks helpless in his arms. She shoots Takamina a pleading look.

"You coming Takamina?" Asks Tomochin

Takamina rooted on the ground flabbergasted at what just happened snaps out of her trace. "Y-yea"


"How was your summer Takamina?" Tomochin asks at the smaller girl beside her.

"It was uneventful. You know, the usual. Doing homework and getting Yuko out of trouble. How about yours? Seemed very busy from all the press you've been doing." Takamina looks at Tomochin with admiration

"Oh it was nothing. I was mostly enjoying myself with every new thing." The popstar replies

"I don't know how you do it all. Being a popstar, a top student and not to mention member of the student council with us." Takamina then scoffs "It's not like you can be in two places all at once."

The giggling Tomochin replies "Wouldn't that be nice"

Yuko's voice can have heard on the other side of the door. "Hai, Hai, thank you very much."

Takamina and Tomochin gets up from their seats as Yuko steps out the door rolling her eyes as she closes it behind her. With her arm in a sling and a copy of her x-ray on the other, we looks at the other two. "You guys look like you've seen a ghost"

Takamina presents Yuko is a slightly strong pat on the back. "We were just worried. And these are relieved looks, stupid."

"Relieved?!?!" Yuko raises her voice as the three of them make their exit from the hospital. "The doctor says I can't do sports for at least 3 weeks! And I have a soccer game in a couple of days!"

"Look at the bright side Yuko, you can have Nyan-Nyan sign your sling" Tomochin tries to cheer the injured girl up.

"Don't give her any ideas Tomochin" Takamina says seeing Yuko's expression

"Well, Yuko. That's probably only if she doesn't find out HOW you got injured on the first place" Tomochin continues only to erupt with laughter joined by Takamina

Yuko in defensive mood chimes in "I wasn't peaking! I was waiting for her to leave home so we can walk to school together."

With that statement, Takamina and Tomochin bursts out into another set of laughter and in unison says "Sureeeeee"

"Mouuuu. Im the injured one here. You should feel sorry for me" pouts Yuko.


Arriving at the school, Takamina releases an exasperated sigh as she looks at her watch. The three of them are almost an hour late. "Its just a coincidence" she tells herself.

Just then a familiar figure makes its way towards them.

"Well good morning!" Mariko-sama greets the students with a big smile. Causing Takamina to avert any eye contact with the headmaster.

"Ohayo Mariko-sama" the three of them bows to her.

"What do we have here??? Three student council members being late to class. What example are you setting for your juniors." Mariko shakes her head.

"Ano" Yuko speaks up "It was my fault Mariko-sama. I had an accident on the way to school" pointing at her arm. "I'm just lucky Tomochin and Takamina were there to help me. " Gomen." Says the bowing squirrel

Takamina and Tomochin exchange looks of disbelief at what's happening. Yuko taking the blame.

"Hmm. Alright if that's what happened I guess its okay." Mariko replies. "Its not like we can predict when something like this happens, right Takahashi-san" the headmaster looks at the president.

"H-hai" Takamina replies taken aback.

"Well of you go to class. I'm sure your teachers are wondering where you are" Mariko-sama waves them off.

Just when they were about to take a step forward Mariko sama speaks up. "Except for you Superstar. I'd like to speak with you"

Yuko and Takamina looks back at their friend.

"Hai. Mariko sama."

"I'll see you guys in class" Tomochin waves at the other two.

"Oh okay see you" Yuko and Takamina waves bye as they sprint towards their classroom hoping not to be any later than they already are.


Sitting in class, Takamina anxiously watches the class door waiting for Tomochin to arrive. With Mariko sama expressing her knowledge about Takamina's powers, Minami is jumpy whenever the headmaster interacts with anyone afraid that her secret will be exposed.

The bell rings signalling that it's time for lunch.

"Oi. Takamina. Let's go eat outside." Yuko approaches Minami's desk.

"Yea.alright." grabbing her things, Takamina and Yuko make their way to the school grounds.

Settling themselves on a bench near the soccer field.

"Hey Yuko, where do you think Tomochin is? She didn't come back to class" ponders Minami

Yuko points ahead of them. "Ask her yourself. Oh look she's got someone with her"

"Hi guys!" Tomochin heads toward the two along with another girl.

Takamina sounding relieved, "Hey. Thought we got you in trouble for being late"

"Oh no. Mariko sama asked me to show our new classmate around school. This is Maeda Atsuko" Tomochin motions to her left.

"Hello" the shy girl bows

"Hi. My name is Takahashi Minami, the student council President." Takamina reaches her hand out flashing her charming smile

Atsuko grabs Takamina's hand into a handshake causing the two to have a brief eye contact making them both look to instantly away hiding what seems like a blush on their cheeks.

"N-nice to meet you Takahashi-san" Atsuko stutters

"You can call me Takamina" Minami responds eyeing her best friend who is eyeing down the new student as if sniffing her new prey

"Don't be rude Yuko" Takamina pulls Yuko by the shirt

Bouncing on her feet "Oshima Yuko at your service. Student council Vice President" Yuko says with a toothy grin

"There are no better people to meet first than these two." Tomochin takes a seat on the bench. "They know this school like the back of their hands. And they pretty much run the school being the council and all"

"You forgot to mention. That you are part of the council too Tomochin" Takamina adds

"That's right Ms. Popstar, Ace student and Secretary." Yuko points at Tomochin with  arched brows

"Hm. I'm sure you wouldn't want Nyan Nyan to break that other arm of yours Yuko" Tomochin points at the cast

Unable to respond, Yuko stuffs her mouth with her lunch filling her cheeks up causing her to look even more of a squirrel.

Turning to Atsuko "Have a seat and join us for lunch Maeda-san" Takamina motions on an empty spot on the bench

"Hai. Thank you Takahashi-san. But please call me Acchan. You guys can call me Acchan" Maeda informs the other two as well

"Hai. Acchan" Takamina, Yuko and Tomochin reply together.

The new student takes you her hefty sized bento and begins eating hungrily gaining the attention of her new friends.

"Oh. Looks like Acchan here is hungry" Yuko giggles

The new student blushes in embarrassment. "Did you guys want some?" She replies offering her sushi.

"Don't mind her. She has no manners" Takamina smacks Yuko's cast causing pain to appear all over the girls' face.

Tomochin interjects "Don't mind these two, they're always bickering"

Atsuko merely smiles entertained by her new friends and continues to eat her food.


Strolling through the school halls during lunch break, something catches Yukirins' eyes.
" oh look Mayu! It's Takahashi-senpai and Oshima-senpai!" She point through the window at the school grounds seeing Takamina and Yuko animatedly bickering
 " they always look like they're having fun aren't they" Yukirin continues

"Yea." Mayu timidly replies

"I don't understand what is your problem with them. They seem real nice" confused Yukirin asks her friend

"They give me bad vibes. They are different. They're not like our other classmates." Mayuyu begins to walk towards the classroom

"Eh. I don't get it. You're always talking in codes" Yukirin pretty much gives up on the subject hoping that Mayu would eventually say what's bugging her like she always have


"Ugh. How am I going to play in my soccer match next week with this stupid cast." Yuko talks to herself as she makes her way to the school grounds towards the sports equipment room.

"Takamina should just fix me already. Telling me to wait a couple of days so that it's not too obvious. Pfft. Whatever."  Yuko continues to talk to herself.

Entering the equipment room, she heads to the bag searching for the bag of soccer balls for practice. Just as she arrives at the other end, the sound of a closing door sends a chill down her spine knowing full well what it meant. She runs to the door banging. "Oi!. Chotto Matte!!! Someone's still in here!!!"

The room door automatically locks once it's closed that's why a door stopper had been put in placed to keep it open.

Yuko heads straight to the window trying to pry it open but luck wants on her side, it was too high for her to reach. She finds cardboard boxes and stacks them. Yuko climbs the unstable support and reaches the window trying to force it open. One big hit on the window causes the boxes to fall taking the unprepared Yuko down with it. The impact was strong causing Yuko to hint her head on the ground knocking her unconscious.

Meanwhile, another student occupying the room jerks awake from her nap due to all the commotion. She investigates the cause of the noise only to find the knocked out girl on the floor.

"Eh???? Yuuchan. Daijoubo?!?! Wake up!!" The girl lightly pats the other girls' cheek.

The student frantically bangs on the door. "Eto. Anyone??? Help!!!!! Open the door"

She heads to check on Yuko. "Omg. Your head is bleeding" panic engulfed her voice. Taking Yuko in her arms, the squirrel slowly opens her eyes looks up at her savior.

"Nyan nyan.." Yuko says in barely a whisper unheard by the other girl.

Still panic, Haruna does not notice stirring Yuko in her arms. "Here goes nothing" says the taller girl

In that moment, a strange sensation flows through Yuko's body. And within a second, her surroundings had changed from the cramped equipment room to the sunny school grounds before finally losing consciousness.

I slaved my butt off writing an update. At least leave me a comment.!


Just kidding guys.

No honestly, I look forward to all the comments. I'm an attention whore. Lol

Let's try to stay on the front page so maybe others will ready this story too.


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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter3. 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #22 on: July 07, 2015, 02:23:06 PM »
I wonder who are the 6 people with powers besides Mariko.. Im assuming Takamina, Yuko, Mayuyu, Yukirin, Acchan and Tomochin?

I like this story a lot, it's quite different from what I'm used to read  :D

Update soon!!!

PS. NyanNyan has come in Yuko's rescue  :wub:

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter3. 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #23 on: July 07, 2015, 06:13:23 PM »
You're back! *Cries tears of joy.
This update was nice. Atsumina was very cute. Oh and I honestly believe that Mayu is also a little jealous of Takamina and Yuko.
Kojiyuu was kawaii. Glad to see Haruna caring for Yuko instead of running away again.
Well, then i sincerely hope that you'll be able to update soon!
Thank you very much for the update. :kneelbow:
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter3. 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #24 on: July 08, 2015, 02:57:30 AM »

I love this!

update soon please.

what's mayu's problem???

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter3. 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
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 :wub:update soon please

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter3. 07.07.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #26 on: August 11, 2015, 02:16:08 AM »

i hope you didnt forget about the update lol

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Pioneer Guardians Chapter 4 20.08.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #27 on: August 20, 2015, 09:55:34 AM »
   Chapter 4

Nyan Nyan looks at the sleeping Yuko wondering when she became so fond of the small girl. Smiling to herself as she recalls the first time Yuko and her met. The Vice President just couldn't keep away after they were introduced. At first Nyan Nyan found it intrusive and annoying how Yuko always wants her attention and tries to get "skinship". Haruna however, have gotten used to it and found entertainment in watching the squirrel try and struggle. After awhile their daily interactions had now become a daily routine for Nyan Nyan.

Takamina and Tomochin enters nurses' office heading straight beside the unconscious student followed by the new girl.

" Yuko! What happened!? " Takamina turns to Nyan Nyan.

"Eto, she got locked in the equipment room. And tried getting out through the window but it was too high for her so she placed boxes on top of each other and thought it'd be smart to climb them. The boxes were unstable so it collapsed and hit her head when she fell on the ground." Haruna explains trying to catch her breath

"Always getting herself in trouble this Yuko" Tomochin looks worriedly at the sleeping girl

"But the nurse said she'll be okay." Reassures the taller girl. Turning to the third student "and who are you?" Tilting her head to the side

"Ah! Sorry I forgot. Nyan Nyan this is Maeda Atsuko." Takamina motions to her new friend

"Nya~! Nice to meet you. I'm Kojima Haruna, but everyone calls me Nyan Nyan. You can call me Nyan Nyan too!" The taller girls excitedly pulls Acchan into a hug

Taken aback at the gesture, Acchan hugs back to avoid being rude. "I'm Maeda Atsuko. But you can call me Acchan" the new girl gives a weak smile.

"Nya~~ Acchan. Sorry we had to meet under this circumstances. Hmmm. You look familiar Acchan. Have I seen you somewhere before?" Nyan Nyan points at Atsuko

Out of curiosity, this gains Takamina's attention silently listen while she watches her unconscious friend. She too, feels that she has seen her new friend somewhere before.

Atsuko gives an uncomfortable look automatically alerting Tomochin to interject.

"Chotto Matte Nyan Nyan. If Yuko was locked in the room, how did you find her?" Tomochin attempts to distract the taller girl from Acchan.

"Oh. I was taking a nap in the equipment room. I woke up when I heard all the commotion and found her unconscious on the ground." Nyan Nyan replies proudly about her nap

"Ah. Thank goodness you here there Nyan Nyan" Takamina bows to Haruna

Atsuko give Tomochin a weak smile as if thanking her. Tomochin returns her smile with reassuring nod.

The nurse enters the room causing the students except Takamina's jaw drop to the ground.

"Eh!?!?!" Tomochin and Takamina belt out simultaneously Acchan on the other hand stifles a small giggle. Watching the headmaster in a nurse outfit that honestly suits her tall figure very well

Quickly gaining her composure, Takamina let's out a small cough clearing her throat. "Ano, where's Shinobu-san? You know, the real school nurse?"

Ignoring the hint of sarcasm in Takamina's voice, "She away on vacation. Plus this outfit was just begging for me to wear it" laughs Mariko-sama doing a small twirl showing off her clothing

" Mariko-sama " Tomochin calls out.

"Hm?" She turns to the signer

"I don't mean to be rude. But are you even qualified be a substitute nurse?" Quaked Tomochin wearing a worried look

Mariko-sama let's out an audible laugh "Don't worry your pretty little heart out. Nurse credentials are a mandatory requirement to be a headmaster of instances like these."

"Oh okay." Tomochin says with a sigh of relief

"Plus, I'm sure Takamina here is more than qualified to take over. Aren't you Takamina?" The headmaster turns to the President sending her a wink

"H-hai" stutters Minami. "But I hardly think reading a lot of medical books will make me qualified to be a nurse." Takamina humbly smiles thinking quick on her feet.

"Oh don't be modest"  Mariko-sama replies giving Takamina a hefty pat on the back pushing her slightly forward

A tinge of pain flashes across her face "if you say so Mariko-sama"

"You girls best be off to class. Takamina here will help me watch over this squirrel" Mariko-sama guides Tomochin, Acchan and Nyan Nyan out of the room.

"See you later Takamina. Say hi to Yuko for us when she wakes up" Tomochin waves

"Hai." Takamina replies catching Atsuko's eyes instantly looking awake with a tinge of embarrassment

Mariko-sama smiles to herself seeing a hint of worry on Nyan Nyan's face as she silently walks out of the room closing the door behind her.

Yuko stirs awake seeing her best friend standing over her. "Ah! Takamina! She's like us! She's different too!!" She almost screams at the President.

With wide eyes Takamina let's out a couch pointing at the other side of the bed.

A silent "O" forms on Yuko's face looking at a smirking  Mariko-sama.

"Who are you talking about Yuko?" The headmaster flashes a grin

Tongue tied Yuko stumbles on her words "Ah. A-ano. I was j-just d-reaming Mariko-sama"

Mariko looks at Takamina as Yuko frantically tries to cover slips up give her a nod.

Sighing, Takamina finally within herself admits defeat. "Yuko. It's okay. Mariko-sama knows"

"Eh? Know what?" Yuko continues playing dumb

"About Takamina's powers. And from what you said earlier. By saying "us" I take that you're special too" the taller girl eyes Yuko

Yuko shoots Takamina a questioning look.

"I know Yuko..I couldn't believe it either.. But I didn't tell her I swear. Mariko-sama will explain won't you Mariko-sama" pleads Takamina

After what felt like hours, Mariko-sama had finally finished explain every detail to Yuko from her vision to how she told Minami.

Surprisingly, Yuko sat quietly on her bed listening attentively to the headmaster.

"So what do we do now?" Yuko looks at both Takamina and Mariko-sama with seriousness in her eyes. She along with the President hold a strong love for the school and carry its burden on their shoulders.

"I don't know." Replies Takamina now feeling the seriousness of the matter looking into her friend's eyes.

"For starters, I'm pleasantly surprised at how you are taking all of this Yuko." States the headmaster

"All joking aside Mariko-sama, I believe I speak for both of us when I say this school is our home. Of course we will protect it. Won't we Takamina." Yuko replies "plus I'm sure Takamina here was just being cautious around you. She did think you were crazy." Laughs Yuko

"Yes we will. And n-no I never thought you were crazy Mariko-sama." Minami defends herself.

A snort comes from Mariko-sama. "Oh no no Takamina. You didn't think I was crazy. But I'm sure you thought I was insane"

Yuko and the headmaster laughs at the President causing her to pout.

"Itai." Yuko says holding her head from laughing

"That's what you get for laughing at me stupid" Takamina crosses her arms.

"Now that all of this is somewhat sorted out, what do we do about the other students in your vision. Those with powers like us?" Yuko says still holding her head.

"You two have got to find them of course. How you'll convince them, I don't know. But you two are resourceful I'm sure you'll figure it out" Mariko-sama rubs her chin while in thought.

"Eh? The two of us? What about you Mariko-sama" Takamina eyes the headmaster suspiciously

"I have a school to run Ba-ka-mi-na. Plus, in the meantime, I'll have to wait for any visions I get about the threat." Defends the taller girl

"Okay, so how to use find the others like us? We have no clue of they are." Takamina inquires

"Hmm. That's a good question" the headmaster ponders since she too has no idea how to find the others

"I know where to start!" Yuko blurts out showing her dimples

"Eh?!" Mariko and Takamina look at her

"My Nyan Nyan is special like us!" Yuko says excitedly

"What makes you say that?" Takamina asks curiously

"How do you think we got out of the locked room? She teleported us!!!" Yuko now with admiration in her eyes.

"How do you know this Yuko?" Asks Mariko-sama

"When I hit my head, one second we're in the room, and the next, we were instantly outside" Yuko recalls.

Sighing, Takamina says "the thing is Yuko, you hit your head that time. You could have been seeing things."

"No no. I'm sure of it!! My Nyan Nyan is special!" Yuko insists

Mariko-sama looks at the student council President shrugging, "Well, since we don't have any solid leads, this is better than nothing"

Admitting defeat, Takamina sighs "Alright then. First, we actually need to see her use her power. Then we'll approach her. Deal?"

"Sounds like a plan!" Mariko claps her hands together

"But before we do anything else." Yuko point at the bandages around her head and pats her arm. "I need to be fixed please" looking at Takamina with her pleading eyes

Takamina shakes her head "You know how much energy healing takes out of me Yuko. If I heal you now, I'll be too tired to go home"

Yuko pouts understanding her friend. "Ok okay. How about, you get a good rest tonight and we'll do it tomorrow morning?"

Takamina who wants nothing more than to help her friend rolls her eyes. "Fine."

"Yosha! You're the bestest best friend in the world Takamina!" Cheers Yuko.


 "Boo!" Shouts Yuko jumping out of a bush attempting to scare Takamina.

"Ah!" Screams the other girl punching Yuko in the stomach out of reflex

"O-oha-yo Ta-ka-mi~na" Yuko on the ground holding her stomach as she tries to catch her breath

Takamina looks down at her friend with her hands on her waist. "Serves you right."

Getting on her feet, "I thought you'd be using your you know, your eyes. So I figured you wouldn't get scared." Yuko still rubbing her recently punched stomach "You've got one hell of a punch by the way"

"I don't use my "eyes" all the time Yuko. You should already know that." Scolds Minami

"Hai. Gomen. Gomen. But you know, I thought I'd catch you bright and early. While you're fresh and still full of energy." Responded Yuko patting her cast.

"Ugh fine. But if I get too tired at school, you'll be responsible for all of it." Minami explains giving up

"Daijoubu! I'm always by your side anyways" Yuko perks up

"Get inside then." Takamina heads back into her house.

"Hai hai." Yuko follows suit

Closing the door behind them. "Okay. Hold still don't move." Takamina places her hand on top of Yuko's casted arm closing her eyes.

In the silence, Yuko can do nothing but watch her friend. Within minutes, she feels a warm tingling sensation on her arm making its way to her shoulders. "Sugio" she says in barely a whisper as any traces of pain leaves her.

Finishing, Takamina looks at Yuko panting as if she'd just ran a marathon. "There happy?"

"Takamina! Arigatu!" Yuko pulls the exhausted Minami into her arms hugging her. Mostly knowing the fact the her friend needs support standing know how much toll is does on the President.

"Yea. Yea. Just try not to get in any more trouble will you?" Takamina smiles to herself "And please. You can stop hugging me now. I can't breathe."

Holding Takamina by the shoulders at arm's length. "Can you stand on your own?" Yuko ask her friend worriedly.

"Yea. I'm fine" replies Takamina.

"You sure you don't want to miss school today? I'm sure Mariko-sama will understand." Yuko grumbles with guilt in her voice

"Yes I'm sure. Plus if we need to be prepared for this threat, we can't afford to waste anymore time." Takamina flashes a determined look.

"Okay. But since you're weaker now, we'll take the taxi to school. I'll pay." Yuko replies with gratitude. Mostly to help her get over the guilt she feels for making Takamina heal her.


"Takahashi-san. If feel the need to sleep in class, feel free to go home" the teacher looks down at the sleeping Takamina on her desk.

Gaining consciousness she looks up at her teacher who now has his arms crossed wearing a disapproving look. "Gomen sensei."

"As the student council President, I expected more from you Takahashi-san" continues the teacher earning Takamina a look from her classmates

"Hai. Gomen." Takamina bows in apology

Walking back towards the board. "As I was asking Takahashi-san, please translate line 2 in page 10 of your English book."

Takamina abruptly takes a stand from her desk. She reads the book effortlessly "The young girl looked up at her mother and said " Wow mom! The Tokyo Dome is so Big!"

"Arigatou Takahashi-san. You may sit back down." Sensei dismisses Takamina from any more scolding admitting to himself that the student council President is actually and good student.

"Hai." Takamina sits back down and looks behind her giving Yuko a deathly look for not waking her up

As if to know what Minami was thinking, Yuko silently mouths "I tried to wake you up!" With a shrug

Facing the front one more time to give the lesson her full attention Takamina finds a small folded piece of paper on her desk.

In small neat writing says.

"You look really tired. I hope you're okay Takahashi-san"


Takamina looks to her right and sees her new friend looking at her with worried eyes.

She quickly scribbles a reply and passes it on.

"Hai. Just tired is all. Sorry for making you worry. And please, call me Takamina.

If I can call you Acchan then it's only fair for you to call me Takamina nee?"


Takamina flashes Acchan a reassuring smile making the other girl try to hide her blushing face.

Just when Acchan was about to hand Takamina another note their teacher speaks up. "Okay class. It's time for your lunch. I'll see you in a bit." All eyes follows their teacher out the door before letting out a collective sigh then a loud chatter begins as they make way to their friends for lunch.

"Oi Takamina. I'm going to go out for a walk" Yuko tells Minami putting an emphasis on "walk" discreetly pointing at Nyan Nyan who is grabbing her stuff to leave class for lunch

"I'll coming too" Takamina prepares grabs her bag to get her lunch

"No. No." Yuko waves her hands. "You stay here and rest. Eat your lunch and take a break. You're tired."

"I'm fine." Takamina says stubbornly

"If you're afraid of eating alone, don't worry. Acchan and Tomochin will keep you company." Yuko pushes Takamina to sit back down. She turns around at the other two. "Won't you guys?"

"Hai" Acchan nods

"Actually, I have to step out a bit for lunch. I'll see you guys later." Tomochin quickly grabs her stuff and rushes out the door before the others could chime in

"Huh." Yuko tilts her head at what just happened. "Well, Acchan here will keep you occupied. Won't you Acchan."

"Only if T-takamina wants me to" Atsuko stummers

Giving up, "Of course I do." Takamina smile at Acchan.

Yuko claps her hand " Great! Now I've got to go. Later!" Then rushes out the door.

An awkward silence engulps the two.

"A-no. What do you have for lunch today T-takamina.?" Acchan asks as she places her food on her desk

"Actually, I have katsudon." Minami rummages through her bag seeking for her lunch "Eh"

"Hmm" Atsuko looks at Takamina tilting her head. "Everything okay?

Takamina let's out a heavy sigh. "I think I forgot my lunch at home." Knowing full well that it's Yuko's fault for all the distraction she's caused in the morning

"Oh no. That's unfortunate. But you can share with me. I have more than enough food for two." Atsuko offers

"Ah. Daijoubu. I'm not that hungry anyways." Minami replies as her stomach let's out an audible growl quickly disregarding her previous statement.

Giggling Atsuko pulls her desk closer to Takamina's. "Still going to reject my offer?"

Takamina rubs the back of her neck letting out an embarrassed smile.


"Nyan Nyan!!" A faint voice was heard from a distance

Knowing full well who it was, Harunas' steps gradually get bigger. As much as she is relieved Yuko is feeling better after the accident, she wishes she had more peace  with Yuko's recovery time. Unfortunately for her, Yuko somehow miraculously recovered from her injuries with an abnormal speed.

"Waaaaiiittt. Nyan Nyan!!" Yuko's voice slowly became louder as she approaches closer.

Kojima who desperately craves her nap would like some time alone to herself during lunch break. She turns a sharp corner hoping to lose the squirrel. Looking around her to ensure she is alone, she closes her eyes and imagines her room. Just as she was teleporting, a hand grabs her wrists.

The groggy Kojima tumbles into her room wondering what happened.

Then a voice sends chills down her spine.
"Yosha! I'm in my Nyan Nyan's room!" Yuko bounces on her heels out of excitement.

"Yabai" Nyan Nyan whispers to herself sitting on her bed baffled

"Ah! I knew! I knew it! You ARE special!! Looking at the stunned Nyan Nyan, Yuko calms down and kneels in front of the quiet girl taking her hands

"Don't worry Nyan Nyan. Your secret is safe with me" Yuko flashes the girl a comforting smile.

"Eh." Still speechless Haruna looks down at the other girl still holding her hand. She was caught red handed and had no idea how to explain her ability.

As if to read her mind Yuko speaks up. "You're amazing Nyan Nyan. What you can do it's incredible"

Still trying to process the situation Kojima stays unmoved. Thinking to herself "she knows my secret"

"Aha! I know!" Yuko let's go of Nyan Nyan's hand and slams her fists on her palm.

"You're not alone my Nyan Nyan. Look" Yuko gets on her feet and moves her hands as if she was directing an orchestra. With each movement, each of Harunas' furnitures are lifted off the ground dancing in the air. "See? Nyan Nyan. Your secret is safe with me. I'm special too. You can trust me"

"Eh" Haruna let's out a confused and relieve sigh

After gently placing the items down on the ground. "Now, if you have time. I have so much to tell you"


Surprise!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed it!!!

Like always, please leave me your comments!!!


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poor takamina
hope that acchan's lunch can make her genki~~

hahahaha XD XD XD
'tokyo dome is big' is from mechaike, isn't?

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Oh oh... special indeed....

Who are the other special people?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

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