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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (41/41 END) [WMatsui] - REPLIES  (Read 236879 times)

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #120 on: November 11, 2014, 04:14:12 AM »
They kissed accidentally!! :mon star:
Seemed like Churi didn't believe Jurina since she is known as a kissing monster  :on lol:
"I don't know. You sometimes seem... lost in thoughts."
Rena was still thinking about what happened during New Years Eve. She should have asked Jurina. :mon exhaust:
More surprising, there's a small shy smile on her lips, and Jurina's eyes widen, not knowing what to make of the girl's reaction.
Rena's surprisingly not mad with the kiss. Maybe she liked it? :dunno: Considering how she had a shy smile.  :hehehe:
I wonder how Rena felt after the whole kissing scene? :ding:
Can't wait for next chapter :hee:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #121 on: November 11, 2014, 06:26:41 AM »
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !!!!  :cow: :cow: they kissed. i wonder if rena has finally realized her feeling for jurina i really want to know what happens ext  :inlove:  :twothumbs

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #122 on: November 11, 2014, 11:07:46 AM »
finally, the kiss~!!

now, i wonder why jurina thought rena sounded nervous...could it be..?

could it actually be that rena's actually is nervous?!

cant wait to read the next one!! :panic: :deco:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #123 on: November 11, 2014, 11:47:19 AM »
Oh my goodness!
At this rate both get sick of love, that romantic.
Although Rena .... not even know how she feels about Jurina.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #124 on: November 11, 2014, 02:04:38 PM »
spent almost 2 hours reading the fic from chapter 1. . .

I just fell in love (again), with JuriChuri, , , , , , ,
and it breaks my heart that it didn't escalate more T^T

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
« Reply #125 on: November 13, 2014, 08:13:12 PM »
*internal screaming intensifies*

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #126 on: November 20, 2014, 12:31:44 AM »

Jurina watches her reflection in the large mirror of the dancing room as her hands form circles in the air and her legs move in rhythm with the song. Just as she's about to spin around her feet don't end up quite where they are supposed to and she stops immediately. It's always the same step that causes a problem and she sighs, her fingers brushing her hair in frustration.

She stares at herself and tries to catch her breath. She arrived quite early this morning to rehearse the choreography, and she's kind of glad to be alone in the dancing room, as she doesn't want anyone to witness her current inefficiency.

She suddenly turns on her heels and her index swiftly stops the energetic music that's echoing loudly in the room. She gazes furiously at the black device for a few seconds, muttering under her breath, before lifting her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She has to participate in a huge AKB concert in a week, and of course, that's precisely when management has decided to release a new song.

Bending down, she grabs the bottle of water that's laying near her bag, and she takes a mouthful of it, appreciating the feel of the liquid against her dehydrated throat. When her thirst has finally been quenched she lowers it and exhales deeply in satisfaction. Reflecting upon her mistake she repeats the moves in her head again, trying to understand what she's doing wrong. After putting the water aside she hits the CD player's button, and turns to the mirror in renewed determination.

Her feet are in perfect synchronization as the songs starts again, but she can't help but be concerned as the second chorus approaches. She spins around again, and a smile grazes her lips when she manages to do the move correctly this time. However, her joy doesn't last, and she winces at the sudden sharp pain in her left ankle. She freezes at the unexpected turn of events and hesitantly tries to move, before grimacing in pain.

Her eyes widen in horror and she lowers her gaze to the culprit, before clumsily hoping to the nearest chair and slumping on it. A few whimpers escape her lips as she tries desperately not to let her left feet touch the ground, and she ponders her options for a few seconds, before releasing a defeated sigh.

She bends down to grab her bag at her feet when the door suddenly opens on Masana who looks at her, surprised to see her writhing in pain.

"Jurina? What happened?"

Jurina who's sitting on the side of her hospital's bed observes the bandage that's wrapped around her left ankle, wondering what on earth she did to deserve that. Just when she finally managed to master the new AKB's choreography, her body had to fail her. Fate was playing a cruel game on her. She was sure of that.

The younger Matsui raises her eyes and stares at the bottle of water that's standing on a small table unfortunately out of reach and she slowly lifts herself up, clumsily trying to hop towards it.

"Trying to flee again?"

Jurina tilts her head in surprise at the feminine voice, and her eyes widen at the view of the familiar nurse who's standing at her bedroom's doorstep. It's the same one who took care of her when she fainted before the Nagoya Dome concert.

Jurina slowly gets back into bed as she sees the nurse approaching and she lifts her index, pointing at the needed object.

"I was thirsty," Jurina explains, leaning her head against the headboard and pulling the bedcover over her when she knows her request has been understood.

The woman nods and moves forward, pouring water in a glass, before stretching her hand and offering it to the younger Matsui.

"Thank you," Jurina says and brings the glass to her lips, taking little sips, before giving it back once it's empty. 

Jurina watches as the nurse puts it back on the table and checks up on her, before asking the question that has been nagging her all morning. "Do you know when I'll be out?"

The woman raises her eyes at her words, and her disapproving look unsettles Jurina.

"You can't wait to get out of here, can you?" the woman notes, before continuing, "You'll have to wait for the doctor. He'll be the one to tell you the results of your blood test and x-ray."

Jurina nods, feeling a bit disappointed with the vague answer. She almost had forgotten that the doctor also requested to do a blood test. Apparently, she looked a bit weak when she arrived at the hospital.

"I'm done here. You should have some rest. You look tired, and the doctor won't be here until a couple of hours," the nurse suggests, already turning on her heels.

Jurina watches her as she leaves the bedroom and closes the door behind her, and she exhales deeply when silence engulfs her anew. The nurse's words flow her mind but she stubbornly refuses to sleep at first, before feeling her eyelids getting heavier and heavier as the minutes go by. When she knows fighting her weariness is useless she leans forward a little to grab the pillow behind her back and lays down, staring absently at the ceiling for a few minutes, before finally closing her eyes.

Rena sighs in relief when her eyes finally catch Jurina's room number. When she heard what happened to the younger girl she had rushed to the hospital as soon as she could, her heart pounding hard in her chest at the news. Her concern for the girl probably explained why she had absent-mindedly listened to the front-desk woman, got out of the elevator at the wrong floor a few seconds later, and took a few bad turns on her way here.

As her heart finally slows down, she lifts her hand and knocks. She patiently waits for an answer, and turns the doorknob when none comes a few seconds later.


Rena slowly pushes the door and takes a peek inside the white room, immediately noticing the sleeping girl. Her steps lead her to the bed and she stops when she's finally at Jurina's side, watching as a constant breath leaves her lips. As she takes a step back her legs meet a chair and she turns around in surprise before choosing to sit down, her handbag sliding at her side. Her eyes spot Jurina's left hand and she stretches her fingers to take it, her thumb caressing it gently.

"What did you do again?"

A small sigh escapes her mouth as her question stays unanswered, and her eyes linger on the girl's tired features, before falling on her lips. The Kiss Datte Hidarikiki incident suddenly flashes in her mind and she freezes, wondering why on earth she's thinking about that right now.

To be honest, she's been remembering this short moment way too much lately. She doesn't even know how she managed to stay so calm after the performance. The kiss couldn't stop playing in her head when she sang Kareha no Station.

Rena avert her eyes sheepishly, but her gaze falls back on the girl's lips a few seconds later, the memory of the kiss still vivid. When she just can't look away she takes a drastic decision and shuts her eyes, exhaling deeply.

"What's wrong with me?"
Unintentionally, her hand squeezes a little harder Jurina's, and a small sound escapes the younger girl's lips as she slowly wakes up.
Jurina's eyes widen when she notices Rena who's sitting near her bed, eyes closed, and she momentarily wonders if she's fallen asleep.


The older Matsui quickly opens her eyes at the sound of her voice and a smile moves to her lips, before she raises an eyebrow in concern.

"Jurina! Are you alright?"

The younger girl nods sleepily, stifling a small yawn, before lowering her gaze to their joined hands. Rena notices the action and squeezes the girl's hand softly, before setting her eyes on her again.

"What happened? Did you faint again?"

Jurina waves her free hand at the scolding look she's receiving, and swiftly defends herself.

"No. It's my ankle. I have to wait for the doctor to know if it's broken or not."

As to prove her point she moves the bedcover aside, and Rena stares at the large bandage.

"Let's hope not."

"Yes, I don't want to miss another concert."

"Jurina, your health is more important than anything else."

Jurina is about to answer when there's a sudden knock on the door, and both girls tilt their heads in surprise.

"Hello Miss Matsui, I'm Doctor Shimazu."

A short dark-haired man enters and approaches, stretching his hand to Jurina who shakes it. When he notices Rena who's now standing up and moving aside, he turns to her curiously.

"Are you a member of the family?"

"No, I'm... a friend."

Rena frowns at her slight moment of hesitation, before widening her eyes when the doctor is still gazing at her.

"Do I need to leave?"

"No, it's fine."

The doctor shoots her a small smile, before getting back to the injured girl.

"I have good news. Your ankle is not broken, it's just a sprain. It should be healed in a few days."

"Thank you doctor."

"However, your blood result is not so good. You're obviously overdoing yourself. I advise you to rest for a week."

"When can I leave?"

The doctor arches an eyebrow at the girl's sudden question, obviously not caring much about his recommendation.

"You just have a few papers to sign and you're good to go. Do you have any question?"

"No, I'm fine."

The doctor nods and shoots her a small smile, before making his way out.

"Two days at home and I'll be back on my feet in no time."

Jurina smiles in amusement, quite pleased with her little pun, before raising her eyes to the clock on the wall, now eager to leave this aseptic room. A small gasp erupts beside her and she tilts her head to the older girl who's staring at her in disbelief.

"Two days? The doctor said you needed to rest for a week!"

"It's just a sprained ankle, Rena. You don't have to worry so much."

"Well, I still do. I care about you."

Jurina listens to the girl's words but chooses not to answer, laying her head against her pillow and closing her eyes instead. How she wishes the girl would stop acting this way. It's making it way harder for her to move on. A small sigh escapes her lips, and she can't help the bitterness out of her voice as she speaks up again.

"I know, like an older sister."

"Why do you keep saying that?"

Jurina's eyes widen at the girl's sudden outburst and she stares at Rena in surprise, taken aback by the angry look she's giving her. She averts her eyes nervously, wondering why the older girl is acting this way when she's saying nothing but the truth.

"That's what you said last time."

"What do you mean?"

"When I fainted on stage before the Nagoya Dome concert and ended up at the hospital, you told me I was like a little sister to you."

Jurina can almost see the gears turning in Rena's head as the girl answers, confusion evident in her voice.

"I... don't remember."

Jurina nods and exhales deeply.

"I figured," she pauses, before speaking up again, "Unfortunately, I do."

Rena is momentarily speechless as she notices the girl's sadness, and she wishes she could remember those words who not only unnerve her, but also seem to affect the younger girl. Silence engulfs them as none of them say anything, before Rena speaks up again in determination.

"Well, I wish you would stop believing that."


"Because it's not true."

Jurina doesn't know want to make of Rena's words and she looks at her carefully, trying to decrypt her expression. The older girl avert her eyes nervously at the girl's scrutinizing and Jurina watches as Rena's mouth opens and closes a few times, as if she's trying to say something, but is struggling to find the right words.

A soft knock on the door suddenly breaks the silence and both girls tilt their head, watching as a smiling Akane enters the room.


"Hi Churi."

"Hello Akane."

Churi looks back and forth between them, somehow sensing the awkward tension.

"Did I interrupt something?"

"Not at all, I was about to leave."

Jurina frowns at Rena's obvious lie and almost wishes Churi wouldn't have interrupted her. Now she's left to wonder what the girl was trying so desperately to say, and she watches in confusion as Rena gets up from the chair, her eyes meeting shyly Churi's for a second, before stepping back to let the girl pass.

"You," Churi says, pointing an accusing finger at Jurina, "I don't know if I want to hug you or slap you."

"I don't think it's very appropriate to hit an injured girl."

Churi rolls her eyes at the girl's cheeky tone and moves forward, wrapping her hands around her neck. Jurina slips hers around her waist and smiles, her eyes closing when she feels Churi's digits gently caressing her hair.

As she opens them again she notices Rena who's still standing by the chair, and she frowns at the older girl who's fidgeting and looking anywhere but at the two friends. When Churi retreats from the embrace she follows Jurina's gaze, and tilts her head curiously to Rena. Noticing that both girls' attention is now on her, the older Matsui speaks up again in a small hesitant voice.

"Can I do something to help you? Is someone coming to pick you up?"

"No, it's fine. Churi already volunteered."


Jurina hears a hint of disappointment in her tone and she arches an eyebrow, puzzled, as Rena slowly nods and turns on her heels. When she's at the doorstep she halts a few seconds, before turning and locking eyes with Akane.

"Please take good care of Jurina."

"Of course."

Rena's mouth tugs into a faint smile at the swift answer and she briefly glances a last time at Jurina, before heading out and carefully closing the door behind her. The younger Matsui stares at the closed door for a few seconds, wondering where Rena's odd behavior suddenly came from.

"So, are you ready to go home?"

Jurina tilts her head as Churi suddenly interrupts her musing and she nods, a small smile grazing her lips.

"Yes, let's go."

Rena, now standing not far from the entrance of the hospital, shuts her eyes in displeasure as the cold wind hits her hard. She shudders and swiftly hides her nose in her warm scarf, while her hands slide in her pockets. Looking around her, she scans the street in the hope of finding the taxi she ordered a few minutes ago, before releasing a defeated sigh when it hasn't arrived yet.

Her phone suddenly starts buzzing and she rummages through her bag, before grabbing the white device.

"Hello Airin."

"Hi! I was calling to know if you wanted to go to the cinema tonight."

There's a slight pause, and Airi momentarily wonders if the girl is still on the other side of the line, before Rena speaks up again.

"I prefer not, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Can we go another time?"


Rena suddenly gets distracted when she hears familiar voices and she raises her eyes, spotting Jurina and Churi who are leaving the hospital and moving towards a taxi. 

"Are you alright?"

Her attention gets back to the phone when she hears Airi's voice, and her eyes still follow the two friends as she answers.

"Yes, why?"

"I don't know, you seem a bit... off."

Rena releases a small sigh at Airi's perceptiveness. Apparently, even on the phone, her troubled mind doesn't go unnoticed.

"I'm feeling a bit tired. Can we talk another time?"

"Of course."

She knows she's not saying the complete truth, but she doesn't feel like confiding in the girl right now. She's not even sure she would know what to say to explain her current troubled state. She should be happy Jurina has such a dear friend to take care of her, so why does it bother her so much when she sees them together?

Jurina flips through the pages of her book, before putting it down when she reaches the end. She gazes at the magazines scattered on the living room's table, before exhaling deeply. It's already the fourth day of her forced convalescence, and she pretty much went through every book and game she has. She had watched the television a bit during the afternoon, but had pretty quickly got bored of the old movies and silly programs.

She lowers her gaze to look angrily at her bandaged ankle responsible for her current state, before sighing when she knows staring at it is not going to change anything. Carefully laying down on the sofa, she stares pensively at the ceiling, before closing her eyes. She's living a nightmare.

At a sudden knock on the door she lifts herself up in surprise, wondering who could be visiting at this time of the day. It's already 7 PM, and her parents are currently away and won't be back until tomorrow morning. She hops off carefully to grab the crutches against the wall and makes her way to the entrance, before opening the door. A smiling Churi is standing on her doorstep, and Jurina widens her eyes in surprise.

"Churi? What are you doing here?"

"I knew you were alone, so I came to see you."


Jurina steps aside as the older girl moves forward, removes her coat and hangs it in the hall.

"How did you know?"

"I texted your mother to know how you were doing, and she told me you were alone tonight."

"You could have texted me."

"I did. You didn't reply."

Jurina frowns at the girl's words, before remembering putting her phone on charger an hour ago. Churi suddenly moves to the kitchen and looks around, before turning again to the younger girl. 

"So, what do you want to eat tonight?"

"You're really serious."

"Of course I am."

Jurina watches carefully her friend, pondering her options, before releasing a defeated sigh when she knows at her persistent look that she's not going to be able to change her mind.

"There's minced beef in the fridge."

"Great! Then minced beef and spaghetti it is. Go and sit down. It will soon be ready."

Jurina watches as Churi puts an apron on, opens the fridge and grabs a plate inside, before closing the door again. When the older girl notices from the corner of her eye Jurina who hasn't moved an inch, she turns in surprise, before pointing her index to the sofa.

"Come on, go and rest."

Jurina rolls her eyes at the girl's commanding tone and nods, grabbing her crutches and moving to the living room, before sitting in front of the television. Her digits grab the remote control and she flicks through the channels, before stopping at a music one. Her eyes follow absent-mindedly the beginning of the Every Little Thing 2000' concert before she hears a soft noise behind her and she tilts her head in curiosity. She smiles in amusement at Churi who's preparing dinner, while humming and moving her left hand in rhythm with Pray. Jurina progressively feels her heart warming up at the view of the cheerful girl, in the end thankful not to spend the evening alone.

Both girls are now watching a comedy on the sofa and Jurina suddenly chuckles and claps into her hands at a funny scene.

"Stop wriggling so much. You're going to hurt yourself."

Jurina's smile disappears immediately and she growls at Churi's disapproving tone.

"Sometimes, you sound just like Rena."

Churi raises an eyebrow, before getting lost in her musing. There is something that has been nagging her for a while now, and the mention of the older Matsui is all she needs to voice her thoughts out loud.

"I've been wondering why Rena is always acting weird around me."

"I told you, you're over thinking."

"I know you did, but I'm not so sure. I don't understand how you can't see it."

Churi pauses and watches Jurina whose attention is still on the screen.

"It's the way she acts when we're together. I think she's jealous."

Jurina tilts her head at Churi's sudden words, and she stares at her in surprise.

"Jealous? Of who?"


"That's ridiculous. Rena is the most selfless person I know."

Churi chuckles at Jurina's statement, and the younger girl frowns at her reaction.

"What are you saying? That she's a robot with no feelings?"

"Of course not. She cares about a lot of people, and she loves Airi."

"She loves her as a friend. They're not dating."

"I know. She told me."

"She did?"

Churi's mouth tugs into a smile and a soft laugh escapes her lips, surprising Jurina.


"Nothing. I just find it curious that she found it necessary to inform you. Come to think of it, she wasn't mad about the kiss. Maybe she... enjoyed it."

Jurina's eyes widen at her statement, before she cocks an eyebrow in amusement.


Churi stares in surprise at the younger girl who's now chuckling and shaking her head in disbelief. When Jurina finally calms down she leans her head on Churi's shoulder, and releases a sigh.

"Thank you Churi. I was starting to depress for being cooped up at home for so long. I really needed to have a laugh."

Churi is about to retort that she's being very serious but refrains at the last minute, somehow sensing the girl is not going to believe her, no matter what she says. She frowns at Jurina's attitude and diverts her attention to the screen again, watching absent-mindedly the funny fighting scene that's unfolding in front of her. For a second, she wonders if she hasn't been imagining Rena's odd behavior. After all, if Jurina isn't seeing anything, maybe it's all in her head? The recent strange events flow her mind and after reviewing them one by one, she can't help but shake the feeling that she's not wrong. Her friend may seem oblivious to what's happening under her nose, one thing is for sure: Rena has been acting very differently lately.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
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Been your silent reader,  :sweat:

I cant take it anymore, Jurina for once listen what Churi say is true  :err:

Hahah Churi you come at a bad timing, they were almost there  :depressed:

But finally at least Churi notice Rena acting strangly.  :bingo:

Thanks for the update and gambatte author-san for the next update  :byebye: :on woohoo:
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WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #128 on: November 20, 2014, 07:03:22 AM »
So exciting I cant wait to see what happens next wow I feel wmatsui coming on :)  :inlove: :twothumbs

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #129 on: November 20, 2014, 08:13:34 AM »
Now Rena is the one using the "I'm just tired" my how the tables have turned lol.

Rena is still unaware of her feelings and Jurina is somewhat in denial. It will be interesting to see what would happen when Jurina finally "moved on" and Rena is just a bit too late in realizing her feelings. and Furuyanagi is quick on picking up things regarding JR.

lastly, JuriChuri friendship is so precious. I wouldn't mind if Jurina and Churi become a couple for a bit.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #130 on: November 20, 2014, 09:11:01 AM »
jurina's way too oblivious.. :shocked :smhid

and rena's still unaware of her feelings..

cant wait to read the next one! :fap

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #131 on: November 20, 2014, 06:40:25 PM »
Ah, Jurina you have to believe or at least think about what Churi was saying. :mon sweat:
I'm glad that Churi is noticing Rena's odd behavior, maybe Rena is jealous :hehehe:
At least Rena is starting to notice something about her feelings, but she keeps on denying it. :mon exhaust:
Thanks for the update, can't wait for next chapter :hee:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #132 on: November 20, 2014, 07:45:00 PM »
I guess Jurina's so wholly convinced Rena would never return her feelings that she can't believe what Churi is telling her... though if more people pointed it out I wonder how she would react then...
It looks likes Airin, Churi, and Jurina have all realized there's something off with Rena, although each to different extents (part of me really wishes Jurina would tell Churi more about what Rena has done and said or for Churi to talk to Rena herself; Airin is definitely going to ask Rena about it regardless)...
Rena is slowly realizing her own feelings (and maybe even Jurina's)... o.o

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #133 on: November 20, 2014, 09:15:05 PM »
YES!!! NEW CHAPTER!! I´m waiting this for days!
Rena poor, is totally loss about his feelings.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #134 on: November 22, 2014, 02:21:40 PM »
ohh Rena, why don't you just accept your feeling for JR??? what if JR decide to moving on???

author-san, keep the good work ^^ waiting for the next one

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 16
« Reply #135 on: November 22, 2014, 02:41:53 PM »
Oh c'mon jurina!!! Why you become so dense when rena start to realized???

Now i'm just hope rena the first who confessed

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 17
« Reply #136 on: November 28, 2014, 01:27:18 AM »
Thank you gek geki, xerone914, Minami-chan, yuuyu, River1721, Kairi65, peaceandlove27 for commenting as usual! I always love reading your theories and ideas, and it makes me smile when you really get close to the truth :)
@qr.rima and Siren: thank you for commenting, even if you're usually silent readers!

Here's chapter 17! Please don't kill me for the ending   :nervous


Rena closes her apartment's front door with one hand, while the other goes through her mail, her attention drawn to a large white envelope from her manager. Curiosity gets the best of her and her fingers start to open it, when a noise suddenly disrupts the quietness of her living room. As she looks up in surprise, she notices drops of water beating against the window, and she stares outside in astonishment. The sky had started to darken just after her 5 PM television interview, but she had not thought too much of it, the weather forecast promising a day without rain.

The girl sets the few envelopes on the coffee table and moves to the window, watching as people run in the street to take shelter. Apparently, she is not the only one who got fooled by the wrong prediction. Lightning suddenly strikes and she jumps, before sighing in frustration. She is supposed to go to the cinema with Airi tonight, and this unexpected turn of events does not please her at all. She considers calling the girl to cancel their rendezvous and swiftly moves to grab her phone, hoping she's not already on her way here.

As she takes a look at her phone she notices an unread message and she opens it, sighing when she discovers Airi left her house thirty minutes ago. Rena lays the white device down, knowing it's now too late to cancel. A knock diverts her attention and she turns on her heels, fearing what she's going to see on the other side. If she didn't see the rain coming, Airi probably didn't either. As she opens, her eyes fall on her best friend who's indeed soaked from head to toe.

"I shouldn't have trusted Yuki. She's a really bad weather girl," Airi winces, her fingers clumsily attempting to brush her entangled hair.

"Come in," Rena says, opening the door wider before stepping aside.

Airi moves forward, grimacing when her drenched coat starts to drip on the red carpet.

"Give it to me, I'll put it in the bathroom to dry," Rena offers, stretching her hand to catch the girl's coat. She then swiftly disappears, before coming back with a clean towel.


Rena watches as Airi dries herself the best she can, before looking back at the window when lightning strikes again.

"We should postpone the cinema. It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon," Airi suggests, giving the towel back to Rena once she's done.

"Have a seat. We'll stay inside for tonight," Rena motions to the sofa, before moving to the bathroom again.

Airi does as she's told, staring outside and sighing loudly at the pouring rain.

"What do you want to drink?" Rena asks when she's back and now moving to the kitchen.

"Water is fine. I'm not really thirsty," she answers, feeling a bit down. She was really looking forward to the third Hunger Games movie.

"We'll go and see it next week," Rena promises, noticing the disappointment in her voice, and offering her friend a glass of water.
Rena sits near Airi and gives her an encouraging smile, getting a small nod in return. As she pushes her mail aside to set her glass of orange juice on the table, the half opened envelope accidentally falls on the floor. Airi swiftly leans down to pick it up and her eyes catch the first letters of the magazine that's inside.

"Is that the latest BUBKA?" she asks, and Rena tilts her head curiously, before nodding in recognition.

"Ah, yes. My manager always sends me the magazines I'm in. You can open it."

Airi's fingers carefully finish to open the large envelope, her eyes widening at the view of the two Matsui on the cover.

"Isn't that the photoshoot you did with Jurina a while ago?" she asks, moving it closer to take a better look at them.

"It is," Rena answers, her eyes falling immediately on the younger girl who's wearing a black suit.

"This white dress really looks good on you," Airi compliments, before flipping through the pages in curiosity.

Rena nods absently and watches expectantly as Airi's fingers pass the first pages, before finally stopping on the pictures of their photoshoot. On the third one, Jurina is leaning her head on Rena's shoulder, while the older Matsui has her hand around her waist. There's a shy smile on Jurina's lips, and Rena immediately remembers their small exchange. The younger girl was really nervous that day, despite Rena's attempt to calm her down. You could see Jurina had managed to compose herself on the last pictures, but her nervousness was definitely showing on the third one.

"You both are really photogenic. I'm a bit jealous," Airi teases, setting the magazine down and taking a few sips of her glass of water.

"Really?" Rena tilts her head in surprise, before lowering her eyes to the magazine, "I don't think I am. Jurina has always been the photogenic one."

Airi nods, watching as Rena's eyes linger a little more on the pictures and a smile moves to her lips.

"I remember the photoshoot as if it was yesterday. Jurina has always loved doing them, but she was unusually nervous that day and I had to soothe her. Do you believe it?" she exclaims, shaking her head in amusement.

"Really? That doesn't look like Jurina," Airi muses, lowering her gaze to the magazine, "the newlyweds theme was also a good idea. You look like a real couple."

Airi tilts her head curiously when her remark is met with silence, immediately noticing how the other girl is averting her eyes and fidgeting in her seat. A few seconds pass before Rena leans over and slowly closes the magazine.

"What do you want to eat?" Rena asks, now getting up.

"Anything is fine," Airi replies.

Airi arches an eyebrow at Rena's sudden odd behavior and watches her as she moves to the kitchen and opens the fridge, before silently starting making dinner. Airi leans against the sofa and turns her attention to the magazine again, wondering what prompted her friend to change the subject so abruptly.

Two hours later, rain has miraculously stopped falling, and the two friends have finally decided to stick to their original plans. As Airi goes to the bathroom, Rena puts her coat on to get ready to go to the cinema. Moving to the living room to get her bag, her eyes fall on the BUBKA magazine that's laying on the coffee table, and she stops to look at the younger girl on the cover.

Sliding her bag on her shoulder, her feet unconsciously lead her to the sofa and she sits down, taking the magazine and flipping through the pages. As the photoshoot comes into view she takes a look at each picture again, before stopping on the third one. A smile moves to her lips as she stares at it, somehow hypnotized by Jurina's shy expression. She's so lost in thoughts that she doesn't hear the bathroom's door opening and Airi approaching.

"I'm ready."

Rena tilts her head in surprise at the girl's voice.

"Oh. Okay."

Airi watches curiously as Rena awkwardly sets the magazine down and swiftly gets up, averting her eyes as if she got caught doing something bad.

"Let's go."

Jurina is gazing at the sea when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around to see Rena looking at her and she quickly intertwines their fingers together, smiling. There's a broad smile on Rena's lips as the older girl moves forward, her hand squeezing the nervous one. Jurina's eyes widen when she suddenly feels a pair of lips on hers, and she looks in surprise at the girl who's pulling away from the kiss. "You shouldn't be afraid of kissing me." Jurina stares speechless at the smiling girl and nods shyly, before seeing Rena leaning over again.

When Jurina opens her eyes, she's not gazing at the girl of her dreams, but at her bedroom's ceiling. A groan leaves her lips as she understands what just happened and she buries her head in her pillow, annoyed. "Not again," she mutters, squeezing it in frustration. She had stopped dreaming about Rena a few months now, until the girl has started haunting her nights again a week ago. Even if the setting of her dreams is still the same, there is a now slight difference. She is not dreaming about the girl's rejection anymore. Jurina perfectly knows what has triggered those dreams again: her clumsiness during the Kiss Datte Hidarikiki performance and Rena's unusual response to it.

The younger girl lifts herself up to check the time on her alarm clock, and sighs when she realizes it's only 8 AM. She knows she should try to get some sleep as it's still a bit early and she lays down, shutting her eyes and trying to relax. Unfortunately, Rena's kiss keeps playing in her head again and again. "Okay," she growls, slowly sitting up and resting her head against the headboard. She's now fully awake and, unfortunately, nothing is going to change that. Her feet meet the floor as she finally decides to get dressed, and she moves to her dresser when she hears a sleepy voice behind her.

"Who were you kissing?"

Jurina freezes at the question and turns around, staring at Churi who's sitting up and yawning. In her daze, she completely forgot about the other girl in her bed.

"What?" Jurina asks.

"You always forget that you talk in your sleep. Plus, you were making strange noises," Churi explains, chuckling when Jurina's eyes widen.

Jurina feels her heart beating fast at this new piece of information and she tries to compose herself, thankful the room is still dark enough to hide her discomfort. Ignoring the question, she turns around to rummage through her drawer, looking for her blue tracksuit. Now fully awake Churi observes her, amused by her obvious uneasiness, and decides to push her a little more.

"I hope it wasn't Rena," she teases.

Churi waits for the girl's reply, expecting her to get angry and tell her to stop being silly, but none of it happens. Churi's smile falters as she notices the girl's fingers stopping their frantic action, and hearing a small sigh a few seconds later. She watches as Jurina slowly pushes the drawer and moves to the bathroom, not meeting her eyes once, before closing the door behind her.

"Jurina?" she calls, before hearing a shuffling noise and guessing the girl is starting to get undressed.

Churi stares at the closed door, surprised by the girl's strange behavior. She patiently waits for her to get out, but frowns when fifteen minutes have passed and she's still in there. It's really unusual for her to take so long. After deciding to see what's going on she gets out of bed and makes her way to the bathroom.

"Jurina. Can I come in?" she demands, knocking softly.

Her request stays unanswered and she slowly pushes the door, her eyes falling on the girl who's huddled up on the floor, her head buried in her hands.

"Are you alright?" she asks in a small concerned voice, kneeling down next to the girl who's now looking back at her in surprise.

"I'm sorry I took so long. The bathroom is all yours," Jurina stutters.

Churi watches as she quickly gets up on her feet and leaves.

"No. It's fine," she answers, following the girl who's opening the dresser, "did I imagine it, or you also mentioned Rena in your sleep? I thought this thing was over."

"It's not what you think."

"What do you mean, it's not what I..."

Churi stops when she realizes what Jurina is implying. She only meant the 'kissing Rena thing' as a joke, but apparently, it's more serious than she thought.

"Wait," she murmurs, now gripping Jurina's arm and pulling it to force her to face her, "you were kissing Rena in your dream?"

"It's not what you think," Jurina repeats, averting her eyes and trying to move away from the girl's grasp.

Churi finally relents and lets the girl go, watching her as she zips her tracksuit all the way up.

"So this is what's all about?" she exclaims, disbelief in her voice, "you have feelings for her?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Jurina stresses.

"How long has it been going on? Why didn't you say anything?" Churi gasps out, ignoring the cold stare she's receiving.

"Well, you didn't talk about your feelings for Airi either, did you? You had to get drunk to let it out," Jurina answers.

Churi knows by her friend's sarcasm that she's not really happy about the direction of the conversation but she still continues, not willing to drop the subject.

"What are you going to do about it?" she asks, ignoring her remark and grasping her arm again.

"Nothing," Jurina hisses, yanking it away, "leave it alone."

Churi's jaw drops at the girl's answer, watching her as she's now moving towards the bedroom's door.   

"Where are you going?" she asks when Jurina's fingers grab the door handle.


Churi stares in astonishment at the girl who swiftly exits, hearing the front door opening and closing a few seconds later. A defeated sigh leaves her lips as silence engulfs her, and she shakes her head in annoyance at Jurina's stubborn behavior.

Jurina leans her head against the backseat of the taxi, watching as the scenery unfolds in front of her. Even if it's already 9 PM, the streets of Tokyo are still crowded and very animated. As the taxi stops at a red light, she observes absently a very agitated group of friends who are crossing. The three girls are chatting so loudly Jurina can catch their whole conversation and she frowns, wondering how they can be so energetic. She can barely keep her own eyes opened after such an exhausting day. The light finally turns green and Jurina yawns, fighting to keep her heavy eyelids from closing.

Ten minutes later, the taxi drops her off in front of the hotel she's staying at, and she makes her way in with difficulty, shaking her head to try and stay awake a little longer. As the front-desk woman gives her room key and informs her the other occupant has already arrived Jurina nods absently, hoping Churi is not going to broach a certain subject again. The older girl has mentioned Rena a few times last week, and she is not in the mood tonight for another round. If she didn't know it before, now she does. Churi is a really persistent girl.

When her hotel room comes into view Jurina releases a sigh in relief, already viewing herself in her nice and cozy bed. As she pushes the door, she freezes when she notices the girl who's sitting on a chair and reading.

"Rena?" she stutters, blinking, as to make sure her sight is not deceiving her.

"Good evening Jurina," the older girl smiles, lowering her book to gaze at her.

"I'm sorry, I think I have the wrong room," Jurina declares, raising the key in her hand to check the tag attached to it.

"What do you mean?" Rena asks, putting her book aside and getting up.

"I'm supposed to share the room with Churi," Jurina explains, frowning when she realizes she has the right room number.

"She asked to switch rooms," Rena answers, taking a step forward.

"What?" Jurina's voice pitches up, wondering why on earth her friend would do that, until it hits her.

"You didn't know?" Rena asks, confused by the girl's surprise.

"No," Jurina mutters, letting her arm fall by her side and gripping the key tightly, "she forgot to mention it."


There's an awkward silence as the two girls stare at each other, Jurina pondering her options on one hand, and Rena wondering why the girl is still standing in the middle of the room on the other.

"I can't do this," Jurina murmurs.


"I can't stay here with you."

Jurina suddenly turns on her heels, already feeling ashamed of what she admitted. She knows Rena will ask an explanation for her behavior soon or later, but it will have to wait. She needs a good night sleep before the AKB concert, and she's never going to be able to have it if she shares a room with Rena. She didn't sleep so well the last time it happened.

"Why do you want to leave?"

Jurina stills at Rena's words and tilts her head, watching as the girl takes an hesitant step forward.

"I'll inform Airi about the change of plans," Jurina says, ignoring her question, before turning to grab the door handle again.

"No, I want to know what's going on!" Rena stresses, quickly gripping Jurina's arm to prevent her from leaving.

Jurina looks back in surprise at the girl's action, her fingers leaving the door handle when she understands she's not going to be able to get out of the situation easily. Her left hand releases her suitcase and she stares defeated at her feet, trying to find the right words to get out of Rena's questioning. When she feels a caress on her cheek she raises her eyes in surprise, meeting Rena's pleading gaze instantly.

"Talk to me."

Jurina unconsciously shuts her eyes at the soft touch, starting to relish it, before taking a step back.

"Please don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Being so nice to me."

Rena looks back in shock at the girl's words, before remembering hearing something similar.

"You said the same thing during New Year's Eve. What does it mean?" she inquires.

Rena starts to move forward to reduce the distance but Jurina raises her hand in the air to stop her, a pained expression on her face. Despite being frustrated by the girl's behavior Rena doesn't push and patiently waits for her answer, that unfortunately never comes.

"Jurina, please answer me!" she exclaims, now really bothered by the girl's silence.

"I'm trying to move on!" Jurina hisses, before exhaling in frustration when she realizes what she just said. She didn't mean to voice that thought out loud.

"Move on from what?" Rena asks gently, despite being clearly disturbed by the girl's sudden outburst.

Jurina groans at Rena's persistence and sits down on the bed behind her, leaning over and hiding her face in her hands in embarrassment. The conversation pretty quickly escalated, and she has no idea how she's going to manage to get out of it. She hears her heart beating fast and tries to calm down, not willing to fight with Rena again. She still remembers vividly their confrontation during the shooting of Majisuka Gakuen 4. Even if she knows Rena forgave her, she still can't forget her horrible behavior. The mattress suddenly starts shifting as Rena quietly goes to sit next to her, and Jurina raises her eyes when she feels a hand resting on hers.

"Please don't be like that. You promised you would stop being so distant," Rena murmurs, intertwining their fingers together.

Jurina nods at the girl's words, indeed remembering making such a promise. Maybe she shouldn't have agreed after all.

"Is there... something you want to tell me?" Rena pushes, trying to catch a glimpse of the girl who's now averting her eyes, ill-at-ease.

Jurina swallows a lump at the girl's question. She feels the words on her lips, desperately asking to be released. The emotional part of her wants to finally let it out: Let's get over with it!, it screams at her.

"Rena..." she starts, feeling the older girl giving her hand a light squeeze in encouragement, "I...", she continues, before a sudden scene flashes in her mind and she stops.

She sees herself at the hospital, crying after hearing Rena's words. The ones that hurt her so much. That's when she remembers why she decided to stay quiet and try to move on. Rena will never share her feelings.

"I'm sorry," she whispers, shutting her eyes in frustration when she realizes she almost confessed. That's something she promised herself she would never do.

She slowly lifts herself up and start moving towards her suitcase when she feels Rena's hand still holding hers tightly.

"Please let me go," she murmurs, refusing to meet the older girl's eyes. Somehow, she knows her resolution would falter if she did.

When Rena still hasn't released her hand she pulls softly, sighing when the older girl still refuses to meet her demand. She tilts her head slightly, and for a second wonders if she's not seeing a tear rolling down Rena's cheek. Her hand suddenly gets freed before she can really assess it, and she shakily grabs her suitcase, before making her way out.

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