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Author Topic: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Finally... Chapter.13 [16/3/17]  (Read 55374 times)

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing
« Reply #20 on: November 29, 2015, 05:07:13 AM »
I'm a WMatsui shipper, still, i'm ok with any pairings. Twists will do great btw. :grin:
It's still 'readable' to me n let's say that u succeed in delivering the plot. :twothumbs
Well, creamy, why don't u help buciq-san? We can say that u r a senpai here n u r kind as well. :P

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing Update Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #21 on: December 04, 2015, 09:33:40 AM »
@MaYukiIsLife I find it cute as well from Furuyanagi, I prepare a plot for themself. actually it easy for me to creat their drama than main cast  :nervous anyway, thank you

@key17 Hahahaha i wonder should i make Jun yell like that to his brother, thank you for reading my lame ff  :cathappy: :cathappy:

@purnamazaki Thank you, it makes me really excited to write next chapter  :cathappy:

@arawche079 keep praying then! thank you  :cathappy:

@sadrilim Aaaawww don't be  :P , i also love WMatsui. but i really want to deliver this plot. thank you for reading

@calista_castro OH MY GOD! i can't believe you left comment. i really love your fanfic  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:, i'm sorry if it is my ff is so lame  :fainted: thanknyou so much for encouragement calista-san!  :nya: yeah i am very happy to write this story hehe

@niineechan thank youuu for reading mine !  :shy2: yeah, maybe you too can help me as well :p

Haiii, I’m back  :ptam-shy: are you still waiting for update? I’m sorry to keep you waiting :fainted:, because I’ve been busy to preparing my graduation  :err:. tomorrow my big day, because I will facing job selection *wishmeluck*  :whistle:. This time I slowly progress the story, I definitely choose Sae, Jun, Yuki and Rena as main Cast. but it doesn’t mean the other pairing will left behind. I will try my best to develop story and progress all of the pairing.  I will drop Chapter 3B probably in weekend, on progress already.  I’m sorry for my lame ff, and forgive me if  there are many grammatical or typo error.  :kneelbow:


Chapter 3A
General POV

At Miyazawa’s in the morning, This morning Jun’s turn to make breakfast, he decided to make omelette. While he busying flip omelette. He heard footstep coming

“Ohayou, Jun. Whats for breakfast?” Sae climbed down the stair, struggle tying his tie

“Ohayou, Niichan! Wait a minute, the omelette almost ready”

Jun prepared the table and they began to eat, until Jun asked Sae “Nii-chan, Where did you go last night?”

Sae almost choked because of Jun’s question. “ Errr, I-I’ve some-something to do.” *He stuttered. Jun knew there is something, but he decided not to push it. Sae took this time to asked Jun “What about you? Where were you Jun?

“I also have something to do”  Jun answered with cheeky cat-smile. Sae laughed and ruffled his brother hair.

*At School*

3-A Class, The first class is PE, Akimoto sensei decided that boys will have basketball while girls volleyball.

“Aaaahhh.. I hate PE class, ruining my make-up and make my hair drenched because of sweat” Acchan pouted and look at mirror

“Stop complaining Acchan, you’d better start passing the ball. I don’t think exercise is bad, it makes us healthy you know, right yuki? *Haruna passionately passing over the ball*

 “Unn” Yuki secretly take a glance at Boy’s side, fangirling by herself Even today He’s kakkoii~ Little did she know, she thought she just give a stare. in fact she’s like throwing dagger at boy’s side and emitted dark aura.

Fortunately, the boys didn’t paid attention much about girls. There is something bothering Kai and Sae, since earlier it is about Yuu looks different. he look excited, too much actually. his friends know there is something wrong, because Yuu has habit that usually hiding his problem behind smile. Kai broke silence first “What’s wrong, Yuu? you don’t look good” tapped Yuu’s shoulder.

“Ah, is it obvious? He stop smiled and take a deep breath. he took his time choosing the right word, Kai and Sae wait his friend to talk. Sae put arm behind yuu’s neck as a sign that he isn’t alone. Yuu know that he can count on this two friend and begin talk “I don’t know anymore, kinda hard to see her everytime I went home”

“About that again? Did you two talk?”

“Nah, It’s been a long time since we talked. I guess she didn’t even care if I die” Yuu laughed

“You always can stay at my place you know, there is only me and Jun. Ah but you can’t bring any girl” Sae flicked yuu’s forehead.

“Hahaha Sae is right Yuu, you have us. don’t keep it by yourself. we are like brother already”

“Thanks guy” Finally Yuu smile, not a fake smile this time.

After that, the boys resume their basketball practice. Kai, Sae and Yuu are on the same team. Although it just PE class, but Trio Akiba don’t hold back. They begin to attack, Sae as point guard dribbling to the front and pass ball to Kai. Kai worked as small forward is guarded by other player, he struggled to find for opening. The other side Yuu as shooting guard give pass-me-the-ball sign to Kai, without further ado Kai passed ball to Yuu, and forward to front, jumped doing his signature dunk. The girls side full of Kyaaa Kyaaaa and focus watching boys side. Yuu enjoy the attention and waving to the girls. Kai smile looking at his friend back to his usual self again.  The game continued, the other team has scoring the ball with another lay-up, don’t want to waste anytime Yuu took the ball and  without hesitation Yuu give a long pass to Sae attempting to make 3 point shoot, with his height is near 179 cm tall it was piece of cake! the girls crowd going wild Kyaaaaaa. the situation push another team into defensive mode, while this time Kai confidently continue dribbling the ball to the front, he swiftly move, passing 1 and 2 player, finishing with  lay-up and adding 2 point to his team. “Yosshaaa!” He yelled to increase their team morale. After a while, the other team frustrated to scoring until, one of them furiously overthrowing the ball much way to girl’s court.

“Watch out!” Sae yelled. But it’s too late and the ball flew hit Yuki’s head. it hard enough to make her passed out.

“Oh my God, Yukiiiii!” both Haruna and Acchan screamed

Heard girls screaming, Sae rushing to the crowd. When he saw the girl, it was Kashiwagi Yuki. Sae kneel over and patted her cheek “Kashiwagi! Kashiwagi-san?” Worried about Yuki, Sae carried her bridal style to Infirmary and yelled to Kai “Oi Kai, tell sensei that I take Kashiwagi to infirmary”. Kai put his thumb and index finger form OK sign. Sae’s action made the court full of kyaaaaaa and wow voices in unison.

“We should go to, Acchan!” Haruna dragged Acchan to Infirmary. but surprisingly Acchan brushed off her hands. Haruna tilted her head in confused. “Let them be, Yuki will thank us later” Acchan smirked

When sae arrived at infirmary, there is no one there. Sae put yuki on bed, he saw the red mark, he gently stroke it. “Aww..That must be hurt” he whispered. he wanted to leave, but he feel bad to leave unconscious girl alone, more of that he is worried that she will need help so he decided to stay. Actually he and girl don’t know each other much, he just know that the girl always glaring at him which he, himself didn’t understand. Maybe she hated me, that is what Sae’s thought. Sae carefully looking at girl’s face She’s not bad at all, actually she is beautiful. He continue learning girl’s face, without realized his hand begin to move from red mark forehead to her long nose, then move to caressed her cheek, and can’t help but stroke strain of raven hair to her ear. Finally he the reality hit him, What am I doing?  He shook his head furiously and he slapped his own cheek, quickly put blanket on her.  After time passed, Sae can’t help but yawned and can’t resist to closed his eyes beside her bed..

*Yuki’s POV*
 “Arrghh.. Ittai, Where am I?” Yuki slowly open her eyes. She felt sting from her head “I got hit in the head” slowly remember what happened and rubbed . Soon realized, that she is in infirmary, when she was about to move out from bed, her left hand is been occupied by something. she widened her eyes can’t believe what she saw.  “What is he doing in here? Did he brought me here?” She talked to herself. Deep inside, she is happy that he still the kind guy that she know.

Did you really don’t remember me, Sae?

Yuki continue stroking Sae’s hair, saw his body moving. She freaking out “W-Whaa!”

*End of Yuki’s POV*

Hearing that Sae’s body jolt, before he can fully open his eyes.

“Hentai!” Yuki slapped his head with pillow

“Ouch, N-No! I just brought you here” Sae hissed in pain and rubbed his eyes

“I-I don’t need your help!” So he did brought me here after all, yuki hid her shade of red

Sae frowned “I’m sorry, but I just worried about you. but it looks like you’re fine, I’ll go then” He bowed and left the infirmary. “What is wrong with her? is it thank you such a hard word? I hate her” Sae grumbled while go to his class.

 Yuki want to stopped him, but she realized it is too late.

 Ah, Why can’t I be honest about my feeling?  I want to be with him a little bit longer he put blanket cover her body.

in 1-A Class
*Akane’s POV*

Why do I always waiting for his messages lately? sigh

My name is Takayanagi Akane, my family usually called me Churi. I’ve 2 bestfriends Jun and Airi, we always together and there is no lie between us. Except… I fell in love with one of them

I know, there is no way that he will love me the way I love him…

He didn’t even know, that is why it makes more difficult for me..


*Bip Bip* Sound of Notification messenger
I grabbed my phone and saw 1 friend request. Who ? There is someone who has username “Luca”.  I saw his profile, he lives in Tokyo without much thinking, I accepted him as contact on my messenger. If this person sent me annoying messages, I can block him anyway, That is what I thought.  My messenger is the only getaway for me from school things, this is my private space. after a while, there is notification sound again.

[Luca]  : Hai :)
[Churi] : Hai, do I know you?
[Luca]  : Hmmmm.. Maybe, as if I remember all of people that I met before *Lol. am I disturbing you somehow?
[Churi] : N-No, you’re not. it just- it is my first time chatting with stranger *blush emoticon*
[Luca]  : Souka? Actually you are my first too. Let’s be friend, ok? What is your name btw?
[Churi] : Just call me Churi, what is yours?
[Luca]  : I’m Luca, yoroshiku Churi :)
*End of Flashback*

After that we continuously chatting at night, the amazing things we barely know each other. we kind have rules, we shouldn’t ask for personal information. we agree if we know too much, it will no fun anymore. we chat for almost in every night, he doesn’t reply much in day. we talked about daily life, at some point we talked about each other love story, he told me about his and I told him about mine as well. he is rather funny, I don’t know why somehow chatting with him put me in ease. that’s why recently I always waiting for his messages on phone. Deep inside, I’ve been wondering who he really is..

*End of Akane’s POV*

Little did Akane know, Airi has stared at her the whole time. The boy curious what’s bothering Akane lately. Airi is well-known to be observant person, especially Akane. He sneak out behind Akane and...
“Hey!!” Airi surprised her


“What are you doing, Akane? Did you take a glance again at Jun?” Airi enjoy teased her

“B-Baka!” Akane can’t hide tint of pink in her cheeks

“Ouch!” Airi hissed and rubbed his shoulder. “Nee, How long do you want to keep up your feeling?

Akane’s eyes widened, can’t hide her shock “How did-“ Airi cut her question

“How did I know? Well.. How long have we been friend? I just know the way you smiled and talked at him.” He stopped, there was sadness in his voice.

Akane still shock listened to Airi’s explanation Did I make it obvious?I thought I hide it very well . She sighed “I don’t even know his feeling, Airi. I just don’t want to destroy our friendship” Akane frowned

“Who knows he has the same feeling for you. you never knew someone’s heart, right? Airi give fake-smile

“Do you think so, Airi?” Akane’s face beaming “Ah, I forgot sensei told me to meet her at teacher’s room. Thank you Airi, you are my best friend” She winked and rushing to teacher’s room

“Just best friend, huh?”  Airi sighed 


*Rena’s POV*

“How are you my babies? time for eat!” 

I put down my bag, rushing to storage where the tools been kept. quickly I grabbed watering can, filling in with water. After giving my babies their food, I took my time to talk with them. yes you’re not misread, although it sound crazy I love talking with flowers as if they can hear me. at least, flowers doesn’t judge people based on how much their money. I don’t have friend in this school, why? I tried my best to make friends, but I think because of my appearances and background made me left out. I acknowledge that I am not beautiful, thick glasses because I am not familiar with contact, pale skin of mine make me look like zombie, my hair? I have a long-black hair. I find it bother to let it down so I usually tying up my hair. the only thing that I could proud of is my brain. Although I am not smart as what is his name Kun? Jun? Whatever his name. I got 5th rank for entrance exam. I guess flowers for me it is enough and do not forget mention manga. Although I read all of kind romance stories, but I grow up knowing that there is no such things romance in my world. Prince only exist in fairy tale, and I am not a princess. that is why I don’t have prince for me. That’s how my life, pretty much boring huh? Speaking of which, I met weird senpai, not in bad way weird rather silly Senpai *giggled*

*End of Rena’s POV*

Somewherelse 10 minutes before Rena’s POV

“Saaaafeee, Looks like she’s not here yet”

Jun looked around at Music room, there is no one else. After waiting for a while, he moved to window. There is a girl who caught his attention, Jun keep watching that girl who laughed and smiled and talked (?) “Who is she talking to?” He tried to find the other person. Before he could find, he saw a familiar back toward garden field. “What is he doing out there?” Mumbled to himself.

General POV

While thinking about that senpai, suddenly I felt something warmth covered my eyes.

“Guess who~”

“W-Who is it? A g-guy v-voice?” Rena grabbed hand that cover her eyes and throw stranger’s body to ground


“I-ttai.. Hahahaha never thought the girl who bump into electrical pole has this kind of strength” The guy hissed while rubbed his butt.

Rena’s eyes widened can’t help shocking to recognized the that familiar body

“Senpai! Gomen, Are you alright?”

Look at Rena’s reaction, Sae decided to tease the girl a little bit further.

“Aak my back, I don’t think I can stand up”

“L-Let me help you senpai” Rena hurried offer her hand

Sae took rena’s hand, instead standing up, he pulled rena to closer, leaving their faces inches apart. Rena frozen, don’t know what to do. She can feel heat in her cheeks, she can't breath as if her heart want to jump out of her chest. In the other hand, Sae struggled to keep his sanity, because rena is much adorable state right now. he just about to let go rena's hand something stopped him, those orbs behind thick glasses captivated Sae’s. he keep gaze at her in astonishment, rena broke silence first.

“is there something in my eyes, senpai?”

Sae laughed couldn’t believe how innocent the girl in front of him right now. Sae get closer to Rena’s ear “just your eyes so beautiful, Re-Na” Sae give the last word much intonation than others.

“..!” Rena diverted her eyes into the ground, swore her face near red as ripe tomato. before she could give proper reply. Rena saw a hand with phone in her eyes direction. She lift up her face,

“I told you right? When we will meet again, you are going to give me your number. Thanks God I found you here ” Sae grinned, The truth is I’ve been searching for you a whole day


“Ah..dame ka..” Sae can’t hide his dissapointment, he is about to leave Rena

“…S-Senpai! Chotto” She grabbed a tip of Sae’s shirt. “I-I never say that I wouldn’t give you my number. it j-just, it was my.. first time boy asked my number” She whispered in the last sentence. but it loud enough to Sae heard

Sae couldn’t hide his wide smile not forget to mention blushing part as well. Rena is waaaay to much cute in Sae’s eyes right now. But He doesn’t want to tease Rena again, So he just smile back at Rena “Thank you, Rena-chan” He stare those orbs for a while and continue “Have you done? Let’s go home together”

“Unn” Rena nodded

They don’t know that there are a pair of eyes that saw them since earlier. “oooh so that was your “something to do”, huh Nii-chan? Jun smirked

doou??  :dunno: :dunno:
i broke down chapter 3 into 2 part (hopefully doesnt need part 3)
otanoshii minii~  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:
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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing (Update!!) Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #22 on: December 04, 2015, 11:24:17 AM »
Yeeaaah i'm waiting for the update :)
But first congratulations for you're graduation tomorrow
I hope you will get a job that suits for you
Second i will waiting for next chapter in this weekend
Thankss for the update
Ganbateee ! ! !

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing (Update!!) Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #23 on: December 04, 2015, 01:48:54 PM »
Don't worry about it (you keep on mentioning that you FF is lame but that's not the case), also its your first fanfic, right? Even better with time you can improve your grammar and so on. For the time being us readers can concentrate on the story instead which is the most important part :thumbsup

Oooh and good luck with your graduation!  :on grad:

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing (Update!!) Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #24 on: December 05, 2015, 03:30:27 PM »
what is lame? i don't understand ._.
it's getting interesting!
update fast author-san!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing (Update!!) Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #25 on: December 05, 2015, 03:55:27 PM »
It's not that lame, as long as we can understand the general plot, it's all good~ Besides I want Furuyanagi~~~

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Re: Brave Enough - Multi Pairing (Update!!) Chapter 3A 12/4/15
« Reply #26 on: December 05, 2015, 05:10:15 PM »
please don't say that, this is not lame
This is very interesting
I'll wait until the end . . .

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Multi Pairing (Update!!) Ch.3B 12/20/15
« Reply #27 on: December 19, 2015, 11:23:05 PM »
@purnamazaki : sorry for keep you waiting :( i'm so sorry but here it is. i hope you like it  :hee:
@calista : ah hahahah thank you for encouragement. you sure have a talent as motivator tho  :hehehe:, about graduation things i think i wont bring up again hahahaha.
@key17 : i'm sorry i couldnt update fast  :kneelbow: real life dragging me. i hope you enjoy this update  :on gay:
@MayukiIsLife : Lol thank you for comment :3 its really help me to keep going. Furuyanagi will have their moment~ just be patient
@kumabear : I hope i dont make you wait long enough! Here it comes new update  :hee:

First of all, i'm sorry i broke my promise to drop update 2 weeks ago. that graduation weeks killing me  :imdead: sorry for bad grammar and typo  :kneelbow:

Chapter 3B

General POV

*Back to Yuki’s Accident Timeline* After PE Class

Haruna and Acchan decided to change their uniform.

“Nee, Acchan are you sure that we don’t have to go to infirmary? Somehow I worried about Yuki” Haruna who always has airhead aura can’t hide her worriness.

“Don’t worry, trust me okay” Acchan patted Haruna’s shoulder

“Why are you so sure about that?”

“Don’t you notice that Yuki always had that gaze while looking at Miyazawa-kun?”

“Did she?” Haruna tilted her head

“Hmmmm… Truthfully it just a woman’s hunch, maybe we should wait for Yuki to telling us about that”

Haruna want to said more, The sound of bell stopped them..

*ding dong deng*

Attention to Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuu class 3-B, please go to Principal office right now

“Eh? What did you do haruna?”

Haruna just shrugged her shoulder and shook her head

 “Put that aside, what is with Oshima Yuu? Are you guys know each other?” Acchan rubbed her chin

“Ah come on, you know it very well I can’t stand close to boys”

“Hmmm.. The principal must be have something to talk to you, you’d better go now”

“How about you?” Haruna keep looking back

“Don’t mind about me, Now Go!” Acchan Shooed Haruna away

Before Haruna took step away, Acchan’s screaming stopped her

“Haruna! Be careful”

Haruna tilted her head, she didn’t understand what Acchan’s meant. instead ask her back haruna just put her thumb and index finger as sign OK. Haruna rushing to Principal’s office, she take a deep breath and finally knock at door, and she heard Principal allowed her to get in. When she got in, she saw 2 people. one is the principal himself, Mori-P. there is no one who knows his real name. But I bet his nickname already down from generation to generation, so entire student just call him Mori-P. Inside of principal’s office, in front of mori-p sat is none other than Oshima Yuu. She doesn’t know much about him, but he already famous with his casanova style among the girls. Ignoring Yuu’s presence, she decided to talk to principal only.

“Excuse me Sir, did you call me? Haruna take a closer step and bowing to Mori-p

“Ah, Haruna-chan. Please sit down” He told her to sit beside Yuu “Don’t be so formal with me, me and your father are friend"

“…..H-Hai, Etoo.. I’m so sorry, but why did you call me?

“Actually, I need a favor from you"

“Favor?” Haruna can’t help but confused listen to Mori-p statement

“Ah,  this is  Oshima Yuu. I guess you guys should know each other since you are classmate. About favor just now, I need you to help Yuu-kun study Haruna-chan. because of you are our top student--“

“NO!” Said them both in desperation

“No, Absolutely No. Why does it have to be me after all?

“Yes, why do I have to study? And why does it have to be this weird girl? Yuu give disgust look to Haruna. Hearing that, Haruna just gritting her teeth and ready to throw daggers from her eyes. before that happening, Mori-p break the situation.

“Both of you stop! Yuu-kun you need to pass the upcoming exam, and if you fail for upcoming exam. your father will  forbade you to join trip for 3rd grade to Okinawa not forget to mention also banned you to do basketball activity”

“WHAT! W-Wait! You are the headmaster, aren’t you? Why would you obey my father? Yuu panicking

“Because Oshi Inc is our main donatur. There’s nothing I can do, I can’t help you. If you want to stay in basketball and join the trip you have to follow your father regulation” Mori-p calmly explain the situation.

Yuu let out long sigh “So basically I need to pass the exam right?”

Mori-p nod and let out a smile

“But are you sure about this girl? Well.. She doesn’t seem like have a brain? Yuu asked and mumbling the last sentence to himself.

“What did you say?” Haruna divert her eyes to to Yuu coldly

“Ah Nothing” Yuu let out his killer smile showed

After that, they both excuse to go to their class. they walk side by side, but no one make an effort to talk. before awkwardness killing him, Yuu decide to break silent.

“Ano.. Haruna-chan desu yo ne? When will we start? I mean the study thing?"

“Anytime is fine by me” haruna coldly said and keep walking

What is wrong with this girl – Yuu thought “How about tomorrow after school?” Yuu keep polite and give his smile

“Okay” again with cold tone

This time Yuu can’t hold out any longer his annoyance face. because this is his first time being ignored by girl, usually it is on contrary the girls who seeking Yuu’s attention. that is why Yuu keep wondering, is it his charm doesn’t work with this girl? Yuu doesn’t realized that he get behind haruna right now, Haruna suddenly stop moving and Yuu bumped her back, she turn around and make a couple step back from Yuu.

“Oshima-san, I will help you with one condition”

“What?” Yuu fake a smile again

“Please stop your annoying smile, maybe the others love yours but not me unfortunately”

Haruna walk to their class direction again. Yuu who already his hold his annoyance, now hit the peak pint after heard Haruna’s statement. He clench his fist ready to punch Haruna’s shadow. before it that happened Haruna turn around once again. Yuu’s fist already in the air

“What are you doing?” Haruna stare at Yuu’s fist clench in the air

“Ah! This?” Yuu’s panicking and continue “I just want to stretching after that PE class, that was tiring you know” Yuu awkwardly continue stretching, move his hand up and down

“What a strange guy, I’ll go first then” Haruna bow and finally left

After make sure that Haruna’s shadow finally disappear, Yuu stopped stretching and now crazily throwing punches in the air
“Arrrghhhhh !! What an annoying woman! How dare she make fun of my smile? Just look out Kojima Haruna, my smile will melt your cold-heart” Yuu smirk

Back to Acchan’s Situation

Acchan is in halfway to her class, suddenly her phone ringing. She look at her screen ,it was her manager Ume-chan. She take long sigh “Why did she call in this hour?” Reluctanly she pick up the phone

“Moshi-moshi” Acchan change her tone into workmode (T/N high tone idol type)

“Acchan, I just want to inform you that you will have a photoshoot this afternoon”

“Seriously? As long as I remember, today is my free day” Acchan sound confused with her manager statement.

“We have a offer from big magazine, Kasai Tomomi your rival made the photographer upset. they are looking for replacement” manager explained excitedly

“Why don’t you discussed with me first?” Acchan raised her voice in agitated

“I really though it is the best for you, you won’t have this opportunity like this again”

 “…...” As always, she can’t win over her manager in term of work schedules.

“Acchan? Are you still there?”


“I’ll email you about location, make sure don’t late on this photoshoot. okay?”

“Okay, thank you Ume-chan”

She hang up the phone, soon after that she received the detail photoshoot from Ume-chan. Actually she still upset because of Ume-chan didn’t discuss it first with her. but she can’t angry with her, since Ume-chan who raised Acchan as sister. Acchan is an orphan, Ume-chan took her because nobody want to raise her. Acchan choose to be model because she want to repay Ume-chan’s kindness. But somehow, recently this modelling things become such a pain the ass, she can’t find passion that she ever had before.

 “Tsk.. Another job. Can I even get a day off?”

Acchan pulled up cigarette from her pocket and  lit it up, yes she sometimes smoke to ease her mind and somehow smoke makes her appetite, so she basically said smoking is a another way to diet. when she lost looking at blue sky.

“I wonder what makes our rising model smoking in the school”

Acchan startled, didn’t even dare to look behind her. Who is it? isn’t still class time? - She finally bottle up courage to turn around with one eyes open. There is somebody standing behind her, leaning at wall. It was Takahashi Kai, the president council.

“Ah its just you Takahashi” Acchan let out a deep breath”

When she was about to continue smoke, Kai immediately snatched cigarette from Acchan’s hand. His action make Acchan glare at him.

“Oy! what are you doing?”Acchan yelled

“Do you know that we’re not supposed to smoke at school?” ignoring Acchan’s question

“It’s not your business, Ka-i-cho-u” At last word she smile and put high tone again after that her hand back to pull out another box of cigarette. Kai grabbed her wrist, stopped her movement

“Actually yes it is, as president council of Akiba High. Without a doubt, it is my job to make assure that all of the students follow our school’s rules”  Kai confisticated all of it.

Acchan about to hit him, but she is in the school. and before her eyes is Takahashi Kai, the mighty President council. A word from Takahashi Kai can caused her trouble and her career.

“Do you want to report me to principal? Go ahead!” Acchan try to provoked him, little did Kai know that she was just bluffing.

“I don’t, but somehow I pity you. if I’m not mistaken Maeda-san. isnt right?”

“What?!” Now Acchan can’t maintain her high tone voice anymore

Kai choose to remain silent, he really thought that debating with Acchan right know is wasting time. He decided to walk away. After a couple of step, he stopped

“If you’re not happy, you should quit ” He said it without looking at Acchan, and keep walking leaving her stunned

Lunch’s Breaktime

Today Shin and Milky are the only who eating at cafetaria, because of their home next to each other. they ended up went the same school from kindegarten until now. Little did Shin knew, Milky actually like him, but she can’t figure out what Shin thinks about her.
Did he like me the way I do? – That’s what inside her head over and over

That’s right, they usually go everywhere together. but milky believe that is because Shin being nice toward her and her family.

Ah maybe he doesn’t see me in that light – She just keep stir on her lunchbox, not bother to eat it.

“Are you sick, milky?” Shin quickly put his forehead on her’s

Sudden move from Shin made Milky stunned and blink for a couple times, her brain progressing what is going on, she feels heat from her face, it doesn’t take a long before crimson of red shows in her cheeks. Luckily, Shin is too engrossed worried about milky, milky still stunned and breathless. Before the redness  from her cheeks could consumed her whole face, The lucky goddess on her side. her phone suddenly rang, it was a mail. because of it milky could escape an awkward situation, she slighty move from Shin and began to read.

From : Oshima Yuu
To : Milky
Hey, Milky. What are you gonna do after school? Lets hang out together at BichaO![/center]

She smile read her senpai mail, she immediately reply it

To : Oshima Yuu
Okay ^^
Let’s meet up in front of gate after school.

Milky put away her phone. She look at Shin’s side, he’s already finishing his meals. Milky think she should thank Yuu because he indirectly save her. She’s about to shoved another bite, she heard Shin talking but she can’t hear it clearly

“huh?” She fully look at Shin’s side now

“I said, who is it? the one who mailed you”

“Ah, just now? It was Oshima-senpai. why?”

“Nothing, Have you done eating milky? We should go to class” Shin stood up from their table

“Un” short replied by milky

Along the way to their class they both keep silent, especially Shin. Milky doesn’t understand what made him so quite. Was he bothered by Yuu-senpai message?  Ah there is no way – She shook her head furiously. When she lost at her thought, Shin took a glance at her.

“Are you okay Milky?” He stopped and look at two orbs of his childhood friends. Once again his move took Milky’s breath. Not getting any answer from Milky’s, He continued “I think you’re not enough eat for lunch. Here hold my hand, I don’t want you to fall. your mom will mad at me” Shin grabbed Milky’s wrist and keep walking. Now, thanks to Shin, Milky’s face as red as tomato.

“Don’t make me falling in love with you more than this, Baka” She whispered to herself.

After School Same Day

*Yuki POV*

“Aahhh I should go playing again until I forget about today”

Yuki can’t ease her mind after her moments with Sae. They didn’t talk at all, actually she took a couple of glance to him but couldn’t afford to talk at all. All she want to say is simple thanks for helping her this morning, blame on her stupidity that chance is flew away. Somehow she regret her decision to yell at Sae. Yuki is from Yakuza background family, her mother died when she was 2 years old. Instead teach her ikebana or girly things, she’s been taught how to hold a weapon. She remembered when she was in kindegarten, her father said she have to look the other’s eyes when talking or smile a lot to have many friends. Because of her environment, there are only yakuza lurking around. She want to have a normal life. that’s why she tried her best, but in the end she can’t make any friends. why? simple! because they are afraid of Yuki. How can they not?

Actually when Yuki said she tried her best, actually she put waaaaayyy much effort in it. When she trying to talk to the boys/girls, remembering her father’s word instead looking with soft eyes, she actually glare at them. not forget to mention Yuki’s has a fringe covering near her eyes. more over because she’s rarely smile at her house, when she got home always welcomed by scary guy which is her father’s underlings and that’s why she find it hard to smile. In order to give her best smile, she learn hard how to smile from child books. when she did it, it turns out at the other point of view she actually glare and smiling creepily like a psychopath toward other. despite her effort, she doesn’t make any friend. she stopped trying, but after that rumours spread about her. including that she’s from yakuza clan and she’s actually good at fight and many more. of course some of them is lie, but she never try to clarified it, it’s useless.

After a while she arrived at Music room, but she’s not alone. there’s someone unfamiliar, but he is too engrossed looking out the window. Who is he? What is he looking at? – She sure know there weren’t many boy who like to go to Music room. Hesitant a bit, she took a closer step behind the boy, still the boy doesn’t noticed her presence. She decided to look at the direction, which is seen by the boy.  She’s somewhat frowned after looking at she saw. but it’s not important right now, she slowly took a couple step away from boy.

“What are you doing?”

*End of Yuki’s POV*

*Jun POV*

While Sae and Rena Moment

After saw his brother with gardener girl, he just smirk and keep wondering why Sae didn’t tell him. he thought he will ask him later. What’s so special about that gardener girl? – He knows that his brother is could get any girl he like, furthermore Sae has fanclub. That makes him more curious about gardener girl. He kept thinking about it, he forgets what his purpose comes to music room. He doesn’t know the one who he was waiting for had come. until he heard voice that brought him out of his thoughts

“What are you doing?”

He turn into stone, at this point he just finger crossed that the voice isn’t belong to the one that he’s waiting for. He took a deep breath before turning around. Crap – That is the only thing on his mind know. Now, What should I say? - Jun contemplating.

“Hey, are you listening to me?” Yuki’s losing her patience

“Anoo.. I was looking for…”

“For?” Yuki titled her head and not avert her eyes to Jun’s

For some reasons, just by looking at Yuki’s orbs Jun being witched by her. without thinking he said “Someone I like!” – Crap! Now you doomed Miyazawa Jun, Congrats!

Hearing that Yuki is in shocked state, never thought in her mind that boy in front of him said that.

“Don’t tell me.. that girl you like is..” Yuki hesitate a bit

Jun who already lost his mind, now thinking hard how to declared a love to girl next to him. Technically they met twice already, but Jun wonder if Yuki remembered him or not. So basically, he is going to say love to someone on their “first meeting”. how could be any worse than this! looking at Yuki who hesitant, after take a really deep breath. Yosh I gotta say it -

“Gardener Girl?”

“It’s Yo- Hah?” Now Jun’s eyes widen open and his mouth agape, can’t believe what he just heard.

“I’m right after all. Actually I saw you looking at her from earlier” Yuki launched her smile now

After hearing that, his guts to say love to Yuki is gone. Jun’s didn’t even care to clarify it, because now he can she Yuki’s smile at him ONLY right now. Yuki walked toward him and put her hand on Jun’s shoulder and smirk

“I think we both need working together, PARTNER” 

doou?  :dunno: :dunno:
i need your guys opinion, should i keep this all couple going on as one chapter, or break down on each pairing moment?  :dunno:

i can't promise that next update will be fast, but i'll working on it as long as you read it
otanoshi mini~  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:
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Aaw poor Jun :(
Yuki will become a partner jun? I can't wait
but I hope someday Yuki would like jun
not as a partner
And i will read it if you stay update
Dont drop this fic lol
Thanks for the update, i'm waiting for the next chapter

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Yey thanks for the update  :twothumbs 
So first of all, I like this partnering up idea, at least Jun and Yuki can spend more time together  :farofflook: though poor Juu unable to confess  :depressed:
Hehe, also I'm pretty sure Yuu can make Haruna fall for him, eh I can imagine that smile...  :shy1:

Upload when you can bicuq, I can wait! Oh and about your question... I think you can break it down on every pairing moment, I don't mind it. Or you can switch it up with chapters (you can make a decision, readers will be alright with whichever)

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Jun.. poor you.. :(
More drama are coming,.. XD
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oh i REALLY enjoying this part!
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Aaaa!!! Its good story!!! Please update author-san
Cant wait for Saeyukiiiiii moment ^^

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@Blackdawn : I decided to break into possible pairing, so i can focus with the developing progress each pairing  :bingo:

@kumabear : Hmmm... about Jun just enjoy this chapter first. okay? thankyou , it's nice to have a reader like you. i promise that i won't drop this fic. as long as someone still want to read this  :hee: :hee:

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First, I'm sorry it almost a month since my last update  :kneelbow:, i got really busy nowadays. but i worked this chapter for 2 days :on study: :on study: , because you've been patient waiting for mine (and for silent reader also)  i gave you a quite long chapter 3,6k words  :onionwhip: :wahaha: . Basically from now on, i'll be break into possible pairing moment.   :bingo: So it will be easier for me to develop a story  :on drink: , and i'm not really a funny guy. so i tried my best to input a little bit comedy here and there but I'm still learning to be a better writer  :stuffed: :stuffed: . and as usual i can't promise you for fast update, but i can promise you that i wont drop this fic as long as there's still people read mine   :whistle: :whistle: and the last Enjoy the update~

Chapter 4

*at 1A-Class*

Since morning, Jun always take a glance at Rena. Because doesn’t  everyone find out know what he’s doing, he use book as cover  while he secretly staring at the raven hair girl.  what is so good about her?  Jun doesn’t want to be rude, but look at her. she’s like nerd, loner, creepy, and what’s with that glasess? Now, Jun shows disgust look while staring at her. How come Sae-nii like her? That’s sentence keep repeating in his head. Wait-Wait Sae-nii never told me that he like her. Jun shook his head furiously and slap his own face. Airi since earlier watch Jun’s behavior, he knows that something occupied Jun’s head. not forget to mention Jun started making gestures like a broken-robot, or should Airi say Crazy? Still Airi can’t point out what is Jun thinking of. He decided to get behind Jun’s back, wants to know where are his eyes are located.

Why does he looking at Rena-chan? – Of course Airi know Rena, they became friend after Airi and Rena always ended up meeting at Library. It no secret that Airi love reading ,so does Rena. Despite her looks, Rena actually nice girl. Blame on sociality who judge people on her looks and her background. But Airi isn’t like that at all, somehow Airi want to be her friend. Because Airi think it must be suck, if no one want to be friend with you. After looking at situation, Airi once again look at Jun. his evil side come and want to prank his best friend. He slowly closing his gap to Jun’s ear.

“I don’t know you change your hobby into staring someone Jun” Airi whispered in his ear in creepy tone

“WAAAAA”! Jun screamed accidentally dropped his book

“Hey! What’s with scream?” Airi put his hands cover his ear “You scared out of me, you know” He continue talk

“That’s my line Airi! For God Sake” Jun reached out his hand to take back book to table.

“Forget about that, What are you looking at?”

“N-Nothing, don’t you see I’m looking at this book” Jun pointed book in front of him and averted his eyes avoiding Airi’s

“Really? you’re staring at Rena-chan, aren’t you? Airi smirked

“Rena-chan?” Jun frowned his eyebrows

“Yep, I believe her name is Matsui Rena right?” Now Airi’s turn frowned at Jun

Jun let out a deep sigh

“I mean the way you called her , Airi.  Do you guys know each other?”

“Of course, we usually meet at Library. she loves book, and you know I love to read. somehow,  we became friend since then” Airi explained to Jun.

It’s unusual for Jun to give his attention to girl, especially kind like Rena. Airi knew him too well, Jun isn’t type who chasing over girl nor interest in girl like Rena. So there must be something, instead confront him. Airi decided tease Jun furthermore

“What’s wrong, Jun? Ah! don’t tell me…” He smirking and made Airi’s signature hentai-face

Jun gave up, he knows he can’t lie to Airi at all. He took a deep breath

“I’m in BIG trouble, Airi” He cupped both his cheeks in desperation

“What do you talking about?”


“P-Partner? What do you mean?” Now Jun completely can’t grasped the situation

Yuki let go of Jun’s shoulder

“Hmmm in short word I will help you to get that girl”

Yuki smiling at Jun, and when she was about to sit

“I-I don’t need your help” Jun stuttered, panicking what he’ll do to make this trouble going further. Ah! Suddenly an idea popped up like a bulb in cartoon movie. “You didn’t even know me, I mean we barely know each other”

The latter didn’t speak any word, just stare at Jun. after that Yuki frowned her eyebrows, Jun couldn’t pinpoint what it is. Before Jun could thinking any possibilities, suddenly Yuki offered her hand to him. her face gave his sign to accept her hands. As if being hyptonized by Yuki, Jun accept her hand.

“My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, what is yours?”

“M-Miyazawa Jun”

Yuki let out an angelic smile, and once again our Jun captivated by it.

“Now we know each other!

Jun snapped back to the reality after hearing that. It’s too late to realized that, the older girl find a way to solved his excuse.

“Hey that’s not what I mean!”

 “What do you like about her?”

This time Yuki ignored Jun. looking at current situation, Jun knew it useless to debate against raven-haired girl as she state right now. Because Yuki is just too excited about partnering things with him. Jun decided to play along, although maybe it could make him regret in the future.

“Dunno” He’s shrugged his shoulder. Basically he’s not lying, he barely know that gardener girl.

“I see..”

Jun didn’t expect Yuki will gave him a plain reaction, or that was he thought..

“Aaaaakk such an Ikemen ! The raven-hair girl squealing “I’ve ever  read some manga and the main character said if we truly love someone, we couldn’t find the reasons why her till you can’t find the reasons” Yuki walked towards window and clasped her hands, looking at the sky. Because of her family issues, Yuki spent her time read shoujo manga. Because of that her dream is to have romance like heroine in manga. Too bad for Jun because Yuki’s misinterpret what Jun meant, She really thought that Jun is really love the gardener girl. She wants to help him, although for herself she wants Sae to be hers.


Jun’s mouth agape with incredulity, shocked because of Yuki’s reaction. as if the first reaction just a appetizer before main dish come. Jun never thought his thoughtless answer could be this serious. Girl’s Imagination sure mmmm Scary, I guess? - He chose remain silent he doesn’t want to add something in this trouble.

“Why would you do that?”

This time Jun’s turn ask Yuki. Actually, he began to think that this partnering up with her is another chance to get to know her. yet He can’t help but curious, why did the raven-hair girl want to pair up with him.


“Tell me the reasons why you are partnering up with me”


Jun could tell that Yuki a bit hesitant to say what’s on her mind. So, He decided to throw another question.

“Do you by any chance like Miyazawa-senpai?”

Yuki turned her eyes facing Jun’s now.  She knows the boy isn’t going back down before getting an answer.  The boys already answered her questions, after all it’s her turn to answer his question

“Yes, I do”

Great! Could it get any worse? The girl I love, loves my brother - Jun knew his brother quite popular among the Girls. But why did have to this girl? The self-talking interrupted by another sentences from the latter

“But, I can’t speak well in front of him. I always made him angry, I bet he hates me now.” Yuki looked down and frowned. Now, Jun could see a slight sadness in her eyes. “However, He still the same Sae that I know. Kind, considerate and honest , that’s Sae I know” This time Yuki smile from her eyes, just from eyes Jun could tell Yuki really loves his brother. Her eyes, nnn… Beaming(?) yeah it’s maybe the right term to describe Yuki’s eyes right now.

*End of Flashback*

“EH?? Are you saying you will be partnering with Kashiwagi-senpai for REAL?”

Jun’s story just too shocking for Airi.

“I don’t know..”

Jun stopped for a while and Airi knows that his friend isn’t finished talking. instead hurrying him, Airi choose remain silent and wait.
“You know what Airi, the gardener girl that Kashiwagi-senpai refer to is Matsui Rena”


“to make it worse is, it looks like Sae-nii like Matsui Rena” Jun ruffled his own hair in desperation


“Is there anything you want to say instead EEEEHH, Airi?”

Jun agitated looking at Airi’s reaction, his cheeks puffed

“Gomen, but it’s too shocking”

“Isn’t it? Even myself finding it shocking”

Jun leaned his cheek against table looking at Airi’s side. He much looks like a puppy who abandoned by his owner, soul-less.  his imagination puppy-ear drop indicated he is sad or down. So Airi now knows, whats his friend problem, Airi didn’t even want to try put himself in Jun’s shoes right now.  Airi begin to think about how to help this puppy-friend right now.

“What are you going to do?”


The puppy-boy now looking at Airi, If anyone could see his imagination puppy-ear perk up

“Basically the situation right now is, you like Kashiwagi-senpai, Kashiwagi-senpai likes Sae-nii, and Sae-nii likes Rena-chan (?)”
Airi isn’t so sure about the last conclusion. Indeed Airi is one of Jun’s bestfriends and they often sleep-over to Miyazawa’s Residence. Without a doubt he knew Sae-nii is one of Ikemen type, not mention he is one of the Trio Akiba. although he’s unlike Oshima Yuu who known as playboy, nor like Takahashi Kai known as President council has a charisma Aura. Speaking of Sae-nii, he has the popularity based on his kindness to everyone and do not forget the angelic smile he has. To be honest, the most shocking from what Airi heard from Jun is Sae-nii like Rena-chan. Among trio Akiba Sae-nii and Takahashi-senpai are the one who rarely seen with girl. The rumour said Takahashi-senpai is actually  has a fiancé, but no one know for sure.  Because of that Sae-nii is the only one who hasn’t sold out yet. If it is news about him getting another fans or confessed by girls, maybe Airi isn’t much bothered by it. Sae-nii isnt type who like to play someone’s heart, if Jun said was true Rena-chan is somewhat pretty GOOD? - He lost in deep thought, until the puppy-boy broke the silent air.

“I just can’t believe that girl is the Sae-nii's type”


“Yeah, beautiful? No. Popular? NO. Weird? YES. What else? Hmmm..”

Jun busy count with his fingers, looking at this Airi chuckled

“I think Rena-chan isn’t that BAD Jun. Just because you don’t know her, you didn’t have to bad-mouthed her. Although it’s surprising the one that Sae-nii like is Rena-chan”

“What are you trying to say?

“I think you should get to know her maybe?”

“Huh? What for?” Jun frowned his eyebrows

“Look, Kashiwagi-senpai  thought that you are after Rena-chan right? you can make this chance to get to know her, just pretend that you are interested in rena and…..” Now Airi stopped for a while “You can make this an opportunity to know her, namely find out what makes your brother like her” 

*At School’s garden*

*Jun’s POV*

Here I am waiting for that Matsui Rena. Airi Said that she usually at Garden girl by time like this. Actually I am against this get to know idea, but thanks to Airi keep persuading me until I said okay.

“Where is she?”

Speak of the devil, Jun saw Rena from a distance. She actually coming to this way, from a far Jun once again stare at Rena. but still couldn’t find the good thingas about her or his brother had a eye-problem, that what's he thought. Looking at Rena coming closer he decided to hide behind the tree near the flower’s garden.

*End of Jun’s POV*

*Rena’s POV*

“Helloooooo~ my babies !” as I am rushed to my babies. “Yappari, flowers is the best mood-booster”

I nearly died because of someone is looking at me the whole day. Staring a whole day? You must be think that I am lucky girl to have an admirer. Who said that if we are stared by someone kinda have a doki doki feeling? Thanks to him, my neck now stiffed because I didn’t dare to look any direction but to the front. He must be stupid to use book as cover, who’s gonna buy that. Maybe I look like a weirdo or dense because of my look. Just because I look like one, doesn’t mean I am dense enough not to realized that. For God Sake, I am just normal girl. The hell with my look, why did he stare at me in the first place? We didn’t even talk to each other aka we barely know each other beside we are in the same class. and the most important, I didn’t recall that I made him mad or something. Who? Ah I forgot his name is Miyazawa Jun, I don’t know he has a strange hobby stare at someone. Forget about him, Now it’s me time with the babies. I took my time to look at the flowers today, enjoy the view. Until…

“What is with this feeling again?”

I feel a familiar feeling behind my back.

“Don’t tell me…”

I looked back, there was no one.

“Hmm..  am I wrong?”

Maybe being stared a whole day affect my sense. When I was about to turn, I caught a glimpse of shoe and a bit white shirt behind the tree. I let out deep sigh

*End of Rena’s POV*

“What are you doing?” Rena intentionally raised her voice in order to the boy can hear her out.

Shit! Did she found out about me ? - Jun hold out his breath, he swore time goes slower than usual. he can feel her sweat from his  temple. he remain silent, finger cross that Rena is  talking to somebody else.

Rena wait for a while, but the latter isn’t coming out from tree or his hideout (?)

“If you want to hide, better pick the better place. I could see your shoe and shirt from here” This time Rena  obviously yell at him.

Ah ! - He looked at his shoes, yes one of them isnt covered by the tree. his shirt is slight coming out from his pants. He slapped his own forehead, Crap! What should I do ? –  Literally he want to runaway from this place, but it will caused more suspicion to Rena. Here I go – He slapped his own cheeks.

“H-Hey” Jun sticked his head first, after that he slowly approached the girl. “Gomen, Did I disturb you?” He stratch his head though isn’t itchy at all.

Rena somehow knew it was Miyazawa Jun. He again? for real? Just gimme a break -  Now, boost from the babies didn’t enough to help her current mood.

“No, it is School’s garden. Everyone can stay here whenever they want” Rena completely bad mood right now.

Jun think hard, what should he say next.
“Do you like flower, Matsui-san?” Such a lame question, but he couldn’t think any other question. his great brain couldn’t help him at time like this.

“Isn’t it obvious? We are in flower garden. If I like sport of couse I’ll be at gym” Rena grumbled while watering the flowers. Is he Baka? Wait did he mention my name? - Rena tilted her head looking at Jun

“W-What?” Jun was completely taken aback when rena stared at him.

“I don’t know you knew my name Miyazawa-san”

Jun forgot that he never interact with Rena before, luckily this time he has an excuses because of his best friend.

“You are Airi’s friend right? Airi talk about you often. I mean me and airi is best friend since Junior Hi –“

“Pffttt” Rena snorted with laughter

“What's so funny?”

“I never thought you are this SERIOUS type, Miyazawa-san” She continue laughed

Jun pouted and his imagination puppy-ear now drop

“Wait a minute ,do you know my name?” this time Jun realized that Rena also knew his name.

“Of course” her laughter stopped, as she brushed off her tears because of laughing

“So, whats wrong with me knowing yours? Jun still sulked

“It’s because you’re famous in this school, who doesn’t know you and not forget to mention that you're the little brother of Miyazawa Sae one of Trio Ikemen Akiba High”

Jun stunned, slight a red tint could shows in puppy-boy cheek. Fortunately, Rena busy with her flower.

“So, What are you doing hiding at there just now?” Rena asked without looking at Jun

“Hmmm Me? I-I was looking at the flowers. When I heard someone came, my body unconsciously… hiding”

The last sentence Jun muttering to himself but louder enough for the glasses-girl can hear it

“Pfffttt” once again rena couldn’t hold out her laughter

The puppy-boy puffed his cheeks, completely sulking right now. He crossed his arm and leaned on the wall.  “Just tell me when you are going to stop laughing”

“G-gomen Pfftt, I can’t help it” Rena tried her best not to laugh. “Did you happen interested in flowers?” 

“Mmmm… Kinda”

“Well.. That’s unexpected from you” 

Surprisingly, they began to converse amicably. Jun rather find it fun talking with Rena, and vice versa.   Jun began to think Rena isn’t that bad as he thought, Jun hates that Airi’s word was true after all. On the other hand, Rena never thought that the famous Miyazawa Jun could be this clumsy or puppy-like. Her irritation towards him for whole day gradually disappeared.

Little did they know, there was Sae walked towards them. Looking from afar, Sae could see easily Rena’s figure, but couldn’t point out who is her friend. He continue walking and frowned when he’s find out who her friend is. The both of them didn’t realized, because they immersed in their conversation. He decided just go with faking a cough. They startled because of Sae’s appearance


“S-Sae-nii!” // “Senpai?” Both of them stood up in unison

“Ah, did I interrupt something?”

“N-No Sae-nii ! Rena-chan immersed talking flowers and I ended up listening to her.
“Rena-chan? I didn’t know you’re friend of my brother, Rena” Sae looked at Rena’s side

Rena conveyed I-didn’t-even-know-whats-going-on eyes. Sae understood, that’s why he decided to asked Jun instead.

“Do you guys know each other Jun?”

“Umm Yeah, We are classmate”  Jun didn’t lie, but still a little bit anxious. Before Sae could ask him a further question. Jun took this chance to asked him back. “How about you Sae-nii? What are you doing in here?”

“Me? Picking up Rena like usual. Recently, I walked her home. isn’t right, Rena?”

Sae looked at the pale-skin girl, She just give a nod with smile.

Actually there are more things that Jun want to ask, but since already dark. He decided to ask Sae later at home. Basically Sae asked Jun if he wants to walk together home, but Sae has to walk Rena first. Jun declined the offer, he said he has something to do. but it was just excuses, he didn’t want to interrupt anything particular. Although Sae hasn’t say anything regarding him and Rena, but Jun somehow knew that Sae very fond of Rena.

“I guess, I’ll wait Sae-nii at home. I have a lot of question”

*Sae and Rena Situation*

Rena’s mind still processing whats happened today. Time sure flies fast today, because she rarely had friend to talk. as if she forgot how to engage conversation with her peers. Rena forgot to ask Jun about the reasons why did he stare at her. She never thought she’ll actually befriend with him (?) or they’re not friend yet (?) Maybe have a friend beside flowers isn’t bad at all - She continue stare at blank, She snapped back to reality when Sae decided to stop his steps.

“Are you even listening to me, Rena?”


“What’s wrong? Did Jun do something bad?” Sae said with fully worried tone, and let his hand cupped one of her cheek, then gently brushed it.

“mm-mm” Rena shook her head,  she feel guilty seeing taller boy’s worried face. She lean her face onto his hand, then held his hand that cupped her cheek. She gently brush Taller boy’s hand with her index finger .“I’m fine, Sa-e” finally gave him her warmest smile.


Sae turned into stone for a while, although he used to be around girls who often flirt with him. He didn’t feel anything, however when Rena is the one who initiate it he became helpless guy in front of this pale-skin girl. He feel his blood rushing to his face right now. Rena find it funny to tease the older boy, mostly she’s the one who get teased by Sae. This time she want to return the favor.

“Ah One of Trio Ikemen Akiba High can blushed because of me? Now, I’m flatter!” Rena smirked and stick out her tongue out

Sae become much redder than ever, he let go of his hand from Rena’s. Not wanting Rena see this side of him, he begin to walk again and left Rena behind. He actually want to ask about earlier garden’s school, so many question pop-up on his brain right now. when he was about to ask and look at his side, Rena nowhere to found.  he looked at behind, Rena actually still standing at the place he left her. He rushed over to back at Rena’s side.

“You'd say that we will walk home together, but you walk first leave me alone” Rena sulked

“Sorry, Rena. I didn’t know that you’re not following me”  Sae clashed his palms together. but the latter remain silent “Here” Sae reach out his right hand waiting for Rena’s.

*Rena’s POV*

I took his hand gladly, actually I wasn’t mad at all. I know he’s being embarrassed, I find him adorable. I am being impatient maybe, because he usually held my hand from school until my home. but he wasn’t doing anything. As much as I love being around Senpai, Sometimes I wonder what am I to him? Did he treat me like any his fans? Yeah I’m not that beauty queen, I admit there tons of beauty girl in Akiba High. So why?


He grasped my hand want to getting my attention


“There’s something I want to tell you”

dou??  :dunno:

Hmm.. I do think this fanfic is gonna be long hahaha. which pairing should i make a progress ?
 :whistle: :whistle:

otanoshiminii for the next update~  :on gay: :on gay:
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I wonder, if Airi's met Rena, then does that mean Churi's friends with Rena? If so, can you add more Furuyanagi? :3

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I wonder why my heart is fluttering at Saerena momment. Really. This is the first time :mon dunno:
That means you're doing a good job :thumbup thank you

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