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Author Topic: Untitled fanfic (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki) - COMPLETED  (Read 30776 times)

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #40 on: July 10, 2015, 10:02:32 AM »
I just read this fic and this is awesome :twothumbs
please continue author san

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #41 on: July 31, 2015, 09:58:55 PM »
Part 7

The next day, Miyuki arrived at the hospital early in the morning. When she walked into Haruka's room she wasn't expecting to find Haruka's father there. She was a bit startled but didn't let out a sound finding both father and daughter were fast asleep. She quietly tipped toed in, closing the door behind her and putting her bag down. As soon as she grabbed the chair to sit, she heard Haruka wake up. "Mmm, hey." She whispered looking at Miyuki who froze in place.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you." Miyuki apologized, taking a seat.
Haruka shook her head, "You didn't." She looked over at her father sleeping on the chair in the most uncomfortable way. "I'm surprised he spent the night here." Haruka whispered, not wanting to wake him.
"He was worried about you, I could tell." Miyuki said.
Haruka turned to her and sighed. "I doubt it."
"Really. I was able to see it when he heard the news about..." She stopped herself before saying that word, she didn't want to upset her friend again.
"My pregnancy?" Haruka said looking down at her stomach. She placed a hand over her belly and gently rubbed it.
Miyuki lowered her head, feeling sorry for Haruka's loss.
"If I'd known, I would have taken better care of myself." She kept running her hand in circles over her belly. "Maybe, I deserve it-"
"Don't say that!" Miyuki took Haruka's hand, "don't ever say that, Haruka."
Haruka looked up at Miyuki who stood up from her chair to move closer to her. Miyuki looked down at the girl, raising her hand over Haruka's forehead running her hand over it, moving her bangs aside. "No one deserves to loose their baby..."
Haruka couldn't hold her tears back and began to cry. Sitting up, Miyuki caught her into her arms and held her close again, letting her cry all she wanted. Soon, however, Haruka's father woke up and saw what was going on. He stood up and quickly made his way around the bed. Miyuki moved aside to let him hold his daughter. Haruka cried harder when she felt her fathers arms wrap around her and softly spoke to her, telling her, "it's okay."

Sayaka was up preparing breakfast at her apartment, waiting for Yui to wake up. Last night, Yui ended up making her way to a bar, wanting to drink away the thoughts of Haruka. Sayaka had followed her after she left the hospital, trying to get Yui to talk, but Yui only ignored her, changing the subject to work or anything else that didn't involve the name, Haruka.
Once in the bar Yui ordered shots, strong mixed drinks, and beer after beer. Yui pretty much wasted all her pocket money and Sayaka had to use up all of hers as well. If this was how Yui was going to cope then she let her go all out. Yui was drunk by the end of the night, she slurred her words, stumbled on her feet, and even fell off her chair hitting the floor pretty hard. She didn't feel
It though. At this point Sayaka picked her off the ground and left the bar, with a bit of a struggle.
Hailing for a taxi, Yui tried pushing away from Sayaka telling her to back off, she wanted nothing to do with her. Luckily before Yui almost dropped to the ground the taxi stopped in front of them and Sayaka leaned her against it, opening the back door and helping her in.
The whole ride, Yui kept signing to whatever the radio played, then she began to tell Sayaka some secret from her childhood. Yui just spoke and spoke, never saying a word about Haruka. That was until they arrived to Sayaka's. In front of Sayaka door, Yui stopped dragging her feet and Sayaka almost lost her balance at Yui's sudden stop.
"I-I'm-I'm not going in there." Yui slurred, adding a poke to Sayaka's cheek.
"Why? You need to sleep." Sayaka said taking her key to open the door.
"No-no, no, no, no!" Yui shook her head. "I'm not going in, because I can't imagine how many times you brought the girl I love to feck."
"To what?" Sayaka asked.
"Fwuk! Fuck!" Yui cursed.
"Yui, it's late I can't take you home." Sayaka tried opening her door, but Yui pushed away, stumbling and hitting the wall. She fell on her ass and Sayaka sighed. "I'm not... Going- I'm going home." Yui tried standing up, but only fell right back down and she began to laugh.
Sayaka, took her arm and helped her up. "Yui, come on."
Yui reached her hand out, "okay, help me up, Sayanee!"
Sayaka used all her strength to pick her friend off the ground. Finally getting her on her two feet she dragged her in the apartment.
"You're sexy, you know that." Yui continued to slur her words and poked Sayaka's face, "I bet that's why Haruka loves you."
Sayaka didn't answer, she only continued helping Yui into her apartment, closing the door and getting Yui to her bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, Yui tried getting back up. "I need to get out of these..." Yui began to unbutton her shirt and pants, "I've been wearing this since yesterday." Yui succeed in kicking her pants off and continued to unbutton her shirt.
Sayaka watched her struggle. "Need help?" She asked.
"No, no, I got this!" Yui waved her hand to keep Sayaka away.
Sayaka continued watching how Yui slowly and dumbly tried to get a grip of a button and push it out the hole. She sighed, tired of watching her struggle and instead turned to get some pajamas for her friend.
"Got it." Yui said, excited to have finished unbuttoning one button. Once Sayaka had the pajamas, she threw beside Yui on the bed and knelt down to help Yui. Yui didn't fight her away this time. Yui watched as Sayaka finished unbuttoning her shirt then helped her remove it. "I loved her, did you know that?" Yui asked, her voice sounding innocent like a kid. Sayaka, looked up at Yui, sadness filled her eyes. Instead of replying, Sayaka grabbed the shirt.
"She said, not be be mad at you. She said it was all her fault, but... You went along with it... You didn't try to stop her before, you didn't try to stop yourself... Even when you knew that I loved her." Yui's tears began to form. "How am I not suppose to be angry at you... Hate you for betraying me... You knew how much I..."
Sayaka began to feel worse than before. Yui had a point, she could have stopped this way before, but she didn't, she tried too late. But to Sayaka, she believed Haruka was in love with her and vice versa, that in the end it could have bee the two of them.
"Yui... I." She paused trying to find the right thing to say. "I do love her, i believed she loved me just as much, but... I was wrong."
"Are you sure she doesn't love you? Because I still remember how you two held each other and kissed at the party."
"I was saying goodbye... And she doesn't love me the way she loves you." Sayaka looked up at her, wanting to show her honesty. "She is in love with you."
Yui looked at Sayaka, believing what she said. She then grabbed the shirt from Sayaka's hands and threw it on, grabbing the pants as well she finally changed into pajamas instead of having the suit on for another night. Sayaka helped Yui lay back in her bed.
"We were suppose to run away..." Yui suddenly said before Sayaka left. "I bought plane tickets to surprise her... I guess I'll take the trip myself."
"Yui, I am sorry..." Sayaka said sitting beside Yui. "I should have been a better friend."
Yui only looked up at her, her eyelids halfway closed.
Sayaka turned around looking out her window. "You should fight for her like you said, remember?" Sayaka waited for a respond, but when she turned, Yui had fallen asleep.
Now, as Sayaka finished breakfast, she heard the door to her bathroom slam against the wall. "Guess she's up." Sayaka said to herself. She put breakfast on a plate and took it to the table. Leaving the plates, she walked over to the bathroom finding Yui kneeling over the toilet, barfing. "I have some aspirin." Sayaka said, opening a cabinet and taking out a small bottle. "I'll get you some water." Sayaka quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water, and took it to Yui. Once Yui finished puking, she took the water and pills from Sayaka and took them, hoping she won't throw them up.
"How are you feeling?" Sayaka asked.
"Like shit." Yui answered quietly, holding her head. "Can you not talk so loud, please."
"Sorry." Sayaka whispered. "I made breakfast, it will help with your hangover. Whenever you want to come eat, it will be there." Sayaka informed her.
Yui nodded and finished up what was left of the water.

Back at the hospital, Miyuki left Haruka with her father, leaving the two to talk once Haruka calmed down.
"I wish you didn't have to go through the this." Her father said, taking her hand into his. "I'm sorry."
Haruka tightly held onto her fathers hand tightly, forgetting her hate towards him and just enjoying the love he was giving her after all these years. "If I'd known, I would have taken better care of myself."
"Don't start with the what if's, Haruka. It's will drive you crazy." Her father said. He suddenly stood from his chair and sat on the bed beside her daughter. Haruka gave his some room and laid on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. "You know I remember the last time I held you like this was also the time I brought you to the hospital." He chuckled. Haruka stayed quiet waiting for him to continue. "You probably remember too... I took you to your first fashion show and I remember you were sitting on my lap when suddenly you jumped off because you said a lady had a pretty dress on." He laughed, as did Haruka. "So, you jumped off my lap and ran for the runway, and take note this was the end of the show so everyone was out parading the clothes. Anyways, you climbed onto the runway and bumped into one of the models!" Her father began to laugh so much remembering the scene that happened next. Haruka remembered it as well and laughed with him. "The model, she fell back and landed on the woman behind her and she fell on a male model and he fell and so on, it was the domino effect." He paused catching his breath from laughing and continued, "once you saw this happen, you got scared and what terrified you the most was the security coming to grab you so you ran down the runway, looking back at the man trying to grab you that you didn't notice the runway ended and you fell flat on the ground."
Haruka laughed more, holding her belly from the pain of the surgery, but she remembered that day being the most scariest thing to happen to her. As her father was about to continue, she heard his laughter die down. "And," he cleared his throat, "I ran to the end of the runway to find you sitting up on the floor, looking up to find me... I got scared when I saw the gash on your head. I remember you were pouting and your eyes were tearing up, but you didn't wail like I expected you to..." He smiled picturing little Haruka on the floor pouting.
"And then?" Haruka asked.
"Your arms stretched out towards me and I picked you up, pressed my expensive necktie on your head and ran out. I hailed a taxi and took you to the hospital. You laid on me just like this while they put stitches on your head."
Haruka, remembered. Pressing her head against his shoulder and gripping onto his arm, she let go of her anger towards him and realized he does love her more than she expected.
The two continued their talk 'til her fathers phone rang.
"They are summoning me." He said in an annoyed tone.
Haruka giggled, as he struggled to get off the bed. Up on his feet her grabbed his jacket, picking up the phone.
"I'll head over as soon as I can." He said before hanging up.
"Is it important?" Haruka asked.
Her father shook his head, "it can wait."
"Go ahead and go, there's not much to do here anyways. I'll be fine, I'll play cards with Miyuki." Haruka smiled.
"Are you sure?" He asked, making sure.
Haruka nodded giving him a smile.
"Alright..." He sighed, walking over to Haruka and giving her a kiss on her forehead. "I'll come back as soon as possible."
Haruka nodded and watched him go.
Just as soon as her father left Miyuki walked right into her hospital room, closing the door behind her. Turning, making her way to Haruka, she asked, "how are you, better?" She smiled at her.
Haruka returned the smile and a nod.
"I'm glad." Miyuki sat on the chair beside Haruka's bed.
"I need your help with something though." Haruka immediately said, her smile disappearing.
Miyuki's smile faded as well, "what's that?"
"I need to move far away from Japan, can you help me do that?"

Yui hung out in the bathroom awhile longer, still having the urge to vomit, but she ended up passing out on cold tile floor for a couple minutes. After those couple of minutes, she woke up again, slightly better than before, and she pushed herself off the floor and onto her feet. The world spun as she walked out of Sayaka's bathroom and made her way out the bedroom.
Now, upon entering the living room, she found Sayaka laid back on the couch sleeping. Turning around to look at the food placed at the table, she began dragging her feet to it. The shuffling sound woke up Sayaka, who hadn't been actually sleeping.
"You're up!" She sat up on the couch.
"Shhh." Yui hushed the girl as she grabbed her bowl and glass of orange juice, taking it with her as, again, she dragged her feet to sit on the couch next to Sayaka.
Yui placed her cup on the floor and her bowl of soup on her lap so she can begin eating.
Sayaka watched her, waiting to see if this miracle soup would cure her hangover.
"Did you eat already?" Yui asked before taking a spoonful of soup.
Sayaka shook her head, "I was waiting for you."
Yui only nodded and placed the spoon into her mouth feeling the warm soup go down her esophagus. She couldn't show how delicious it was since she was still feeling the hangover, but she loved the soup. "I haven't had this since... The party at that random girls house when we were still in school." Yui chuckled, taking another spoonful of soup.
Sayaka laughed remembering all the drinks they had and having no way of getting home. "We got into trouble, but your parents never knew you were hungover."
Yui laughed, "thanks to this soup." She slurped some soup, already feeling better. The laughing had died down and all Sayaka did was watch her friend eat.
"Stop watching me eat." Yui said, not bothering to look at her friend.
"Sorry." Sayaka looked down at her hands running up and down her thighs. "I wanted to say sorry... For-"
"I don't want to hear it anymore..." Yui stopped her. "I'm tired of hearing that word..."
Sayaka dropped her head.
"I can't forgive you or Haruka.... I don't know if I ever will." Yui turned to her friend.
Sayaka could still see hurt in her eyes, wishing she had thought about how much damage she could do to her friend.
"Thanks for the soup." Yui placed the unfinished bowl on the coffee table in front of her. "I'll head home now." Standing up, Yui slowly made her way of the door, leaving whatever she had behind. She still looked ill, but Sayaka let her go.
"By the way, I was serious last night, I'm going to leave the country for awhile. Guess I'll have use of my plane ticket." Yui said before opening the door and walking out.

Later that evening, Haruka's father returned to the hospital to spend the night with Haruka. Miyuki's shift ended, so she decided to make her way home. Being late Haruka's father offered her his driver to escort her home and Miyuki gladly accepted, but before leaving, Haruka's father reminded her about Paris, informing her he would have her plane ticket the next day and everything will be settled when she gets there. Miyuki smiled and gave a nod to him before bidding goodnight. Making her way out of the hospital the driver stood waiting for her beside a black Mercedes with tinted black windows. Just walking towards the driver was intimidating. He opened the door for her and Miyuki jumped in, the man closing the door. For her, it was weird. The man got in the driver seat and looked up at his rear view mirror asking Miyuki for her address.
"Uhm..." Miyuki placed her index finger on her chin, thinking. Did she want to go home or...
"Is it okay to drop me off at a friends place instead?" Miyuki asked.
The man smiled and gave her a nod, "yes, ma'am. Mr. Shimazaki, said wherever you need to go."
Miyuki just said, "oh."
"So where to?" He asked.

Miyuki soon arrived in front of Sayaka's building trying to push herself to go up to the girls apartment and talk to her, but she hesitated each time she got out the car, going right back in. The driver watched her, never did he complain though, while he stood holding the car door open for her. "I'm sorry," she apologized, "you probably need to get home."
The driver shook his head, "it's alright, I'm in no urge to get home." He smiled.
Miyuki sighed, "what should I do?" She asked herself. The driver heard her however and he chimed in. "If I may," he looked at Miyuki as she looked up then gave him a nod. "I suggest you take a deep breath and go for what you want to do, if not wouldn't the outcome be worse if you don't do it, especially if it worries you this much."
He had a point, Miyuki thought. She took that deep breath, stepped out of the car and her legs began to move toward the apartment buildings entrance. Placing her hand on the call button to Sayaka's apartment, she pulled back and turned to the driver, finding him leaning against the car. "I'll wait here." He called out.
Miyuki was glad he would wait for her. She turned back to the call button and pushed Sayaka's apartment number.
Sayaka answered the call and was glad to hear Miyuki. She let her in and waited for her in her apartment.
Shortly, Miyuki was at her door, puffing her chest, ready to speak to Sayaka about the two of them. She knocked the door and say a immediately opened up.
"Hey." Sayaka greeted with a weak smile.
Miyuki quickly noticed it. "What's wrong?" She asked, as Sayaka stepped aside to let her in.
"Nothing." She tried to fool the girl again.
"You can tell me." Miyuki said, slightly Sri king her lower lip out. All Miyuki wanted to do was make her feel better.
Sayaka closed the door, leading her to the living room where both sat on the couch.
"Yui was here. She drank a lot last night and I brought her to spend the night, this morning however she told me she was leaving the country." Sayaka explained. "First I lose Haruka, now my best friend..." Sayaka sighed.
Miyuki felt her stomach drop as Sayaka frowned.
"At least you're here." Sayaka again weakly smiled, but it was a more sincere smile than the one before, reaching to take Miyuki's hand. Miyuki pulled her hand away quickly.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
Miyuki didn't know how to respond, how to tell her she was leaving too and she didn't know for how long. She didn't dare to look up at her, only keeping her head down.
"If this is about the other night-"
"It's not that," Miyuki responded quickly. "Well it sort of is..."
"I know it was fast, but... I want to give it a shot, the two of us." Sayaka tried reaching for Miyuki's hand. However she pulled away again.
"Sayaka, you can't just..." Miyuki some softly, "you can't be over Haruka this quick."
"I'm leaving to Paris." Miyuki blurted, quickly glancing up to watch Sayaka's expression change.
"When?" Sayaka asked.
"Two days..."
"It was a last minute thing..."
The two sat quietly. Miyuki waiting for her to say something else, instead Sayaka took a deep breath and exhaled. "How long will you be gone?"
"I don't know." Miyuki shrugged. "This might be good, though."
"How?" Sayaka asked.
"Gives you time to heal from Haruka... Maybe when I get back we can give it a shot?" She tried to put a bright side to this.
Sayaka, however only nodded, still having the same sad expression. "I actually expected that you would help me... I guess I'll have to wait." She smiled, trying to show Miyuki she wasn't as hurt and that her words helped her in some way.
"I will be back as soon as I can." Miyuki smiled back.
Sayaka gazed into her eyes and reached up caressing her soft cheek, "I'll wait then."
Ending their conversation, Miyuki remembered she had left the driver outside. She quickly made her way downstairs and out the building hoping he didn't leave her. Luckily, he was still there.
"Told you I'd wait." He smiled opening the car door and took her home.

It was already late at night, but Yui didn't care, she held onto the bouquet of flowers and walked down the hall to Haruka's room. She was in luck, no nurses or doctors were around and security was outside having a smoke.
Yui walked into the dim lit room, taking gentle steps towards Haruka's bed. Before making it to her, she felt her insides jump when she caught a glimpse of Haruka's father on the chair. She sighed when she saw the man was fast asleep. Again, taking those soft quiet steps, she made it to Haruka side, placing the flowers on the bedside table as quietly as she could.
Turning back to Haruka, she watched the girl sleeping, reaching up to brush away some hair strands from the girls face. "You're so beautiful..." Yui whispered.
Haruka stirred and Yui pulled her hand away, afraid she may wake up. That wasn't her plan. She returned her hand over Haruka's forehead and gently petting her, moving down, closer to Haruka's face. "I know I shouldn't be here, but I'm going away for awhile," she began to whisper to her, "I came to say goodbye... Maybe someday I can bump into you again... Hopefully I can fall in love with you all over again..." Yui leaned closer, planting a kiss on Haruka's forehead.

Thanks for the comments I know I took too long, but I finished it! did you enjoy it? More Sadness? My bad... lol :nervous If there is spelling errors or random words that dont fit in.. I apologize I really wanted to post it and I didn't want to go over it lmao! honesty!

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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THIS ISN'T THE END, RIGHT? RIGHT?!  :cry: :bleed eyes:

don't say this is the end~!!! :bleed eyes:

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Uwaaa amazing...
more sadness please! I love angsty stuffs

But poor yuiparu  :cry:

Good job author-san  :twothumbs

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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you back ~T_T~

lets just say they will meet after a year or two since haruka wanted to go far away like yui.

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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i really want to say.. sorry for paru BUt I dont feel she deserve this and Miyiki makes a right move to leave the country...
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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Everyone gonna leave..
Sayaka will be all alone.. :cry:

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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This chapter is so sad.
I do hope for good news nxt chapter.
Thank you for the update!
Keep it up!
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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Uwaaaa!!! I don't expect it'll become like this. Please continue  :OMG: :OMG: :grr: :grr: :grr: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :prayers: :prayers: :prayers: :shock: :shock: :shock: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

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Re: Untitled Pt.7NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Noooooooo :cry: 😭:cry:😭 :cry:😭 :cry:😭 :cry:😭

I do not know it would be like this  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
Poor yuiparu,
But I feel sorry for sayaka,  :cry: she's the only one who left behind! 😭

Can't wait for your next update author san,😭😭😭

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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Ahhhh!.. This ones boring! I wanted to finish this for today cuz it's my birthday! :)... I also made two other fics as a gift for you guys! So this new chapter and two fics from me to you haha they arent great tho cuz I tried to finish them for today... I shouldn't have rushed myself... But here's a new chapter, I'll make the next one better and interesting.

Miyuki could hear her phone ringing and ringing, yet she was too sleepy to pick up and deal with anyone. When the ringing stopped, she was glad. Shifting back into a comfortable position in bed, she was about to fall right back asleep, but her phone went off again. She growled, whoever was calling she was going to kill them.
The person on the other line could hear her growl.
"Good morning, Milky..."
Miyuki could hear the girl chuckle. "Sayaka," she whined, "I'm going to kill you!"
"No! Why would you do that?" Sayaka cried.
"Because it's early and you woke me up." She whined more.
"I'm having a late lunch, though."
"You are in Japan and I'm in France, different time zones! I'm going to hang up." Miyuki was about to push the red button to end the call, but she heard Sayaka shouting.
"Wait, wait, wait!!"
"What?" Miyuki put the phone back on her ear.
"Call me later, I miss you." Sayaka said cutely.
Miyuki felt lucky she was miles away from Sayaka, so she couldn't see her blushing. "I miss you too." Miyuki replied in such a cute way as well.
The two said their goodbyes and after that call Miyuki couldn't go back to sleep, instead she did a little dance in bed.
"What are you doing?"
She stopped dancing once she heard Haruka at the door. Miyuki sat up in bed, "oh," she cleared her throat, "nothing." She was embarrassed. "I thought you were still asleep." Miyuki tried to change the subject, not wanting to tell Haruka why she was just dancing.
Haruka dragged her feet to Miyukis bed and plopped on it beside Miyuki. "I had another nightmare." Haruka mumbled.
Now getting a closer look, she saw Haruka had been sweating. This wasn't  the first time. "Come here." Miyuki opened her arms and Haruka jumped into her embrace, laying her head on Miyukis chest, listening to her friends heartbeat. Haruka learned that listening to Miyuki's heartbeat would soothe her.  Each time she would wake from a nightmare, she would run to Miyuki or Miyuki would run to her. Some nightmares were intense for Haruka's and she would wake up either screaming or crying at times it would be both.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Miyuki asked Haruka, while she played with her hair, not caring if it was soaked in sweat.
Haruka shook her head, "it was the same one from last week."
"Have you ever thought about talking to a professional? Therapist or counselor or someone?" Miyuki asked.
Haruka only shook her head.
"Haruka, you've woken up screaming, crying, sweating, you've hurt yourself in your sleep. The miscarriage was really hard on you, apart from that there was the situation with Yui and Sayaka. Also, from what you e told me about your family life-"
"Miyuki, please, I don't want to hear it." Haruka sat up facing her friend. "It will take time for me to get better."
"It's been months, six months since your miscarriage." Miyuki reminded her.
Haruka didn't say a word instead, she stood up to leave, but Miyuki caught her arm before she left, pulling her down. She laid her back like before, her head on her chest. "I don't want to upset you more, I just want you to get some help... I want you to move on and feel better and I don't know how to do that." Like before, Miyuki played with her friends hair.
"I understand... I'll try and find someone for help." Haruka gave in. She felt bad for having to always go to her and dump all her baggage, she didn't want to bug her all the time, so Haruka learned to only tell her half of her problems so she won't annoy her.   Most of the time they have been living in Paris, however has been calm, no drama or work or her father nagging at her.
"I'm glad you came with me to Paris, I couldn't imagine being here on my own again." Miyuki said.
"Thank you for bringing me with you." Haruka replied, turning to face her friend, giving her a smile.
Eventually the two fell back to sleep.
Sayaka was finished with her lunch and she headed back to the office finishing up the last of the designs for the next runway show. She was lucky to be part of the team for the runway designs, if not she would have gone crazy since all her closest friends were far far away. Miyuki in Paris, Yui in some other country, and Haruka missing, work was the only thing to keep her sane, until Miyuki began to keep in touch. Two months after she left, Miyuki called Sayaka, told her she wanted to keep in touch, Sayaka was happy to hear that. Now, the two couldn't stand not getting a call everyday from each other. It was as if they were already a long distance couple. Sayaka had spoken to Miyuki about making it official, but Miyuki declined, saying she'd rather wait until she returns to Japan. This did turn to an argument at one point, but the two talked it through and by the next day they were better. Now, all Sayaka needed was to know where Haruka is. She just remembers the day of her discharge her boss, Haruka's father, called her asking her if Haruka was with her, of course Sayaka replied with no. She believes she had left with Yui, hopefully to start a new life together, but she wasn't sure, Yui never kept in touch with her.
"Sayaka. "Her boss knocked at the door.
"Yes, sir?" She stood up from her chair.
He walked in with a file in his hand. "Can you look these over?" He handed the file to her. "I need another persons expertise on these designs."
Sayaka took the file, opening it quickly and finding a stack of designs drawn by hand. "Wow, these look amazing!" Sayaka was astounded by the designs. "Whose are these?"
"A young university graduate who applied for the job, I'm thinking of hiring her, well was thinking, now I must, after your reaction." He explained.
Sayaka averted her eyes off the paper and up to her boss. "Are you replacing, Haruka?" She couldn't believe he would replace his own daughter.
"I'm not replacing her, I'm hiring someone else that's all. Anyways, she is the one who disappeared without a word or trace. We need another designer and this," he took the file from Sayaka, "is the one!"
Sayaka watched him leave her office, shocked. He was replacing his daughter.

In Paris, once Haruka and Miyuki woke up, the two showered and changed ready to roam the streets of Paris, for food! Miyuki decided to take the day off, because she was already late for work and Haruka wasn't feeling "well", so she informed her secretary she wouldn't go in for the day. The two ventured out for food and shopping, something Miyuki hasn't had a chance to do in awhile, especially with her busy schedule.  Most of the time Haruka would spent her time at home, while Miyuki worked. Haruka, would cook, clean, and draw her designs. She would keep drawing and drawing until her hand would cramp up. Most of the time she would catch herself doodling cute characters instead of drawing up designs, something she's never done. Apart from drawing she would spend her time reading and learning French and English, though it was hard on her own. Miyuki would help with what she knows, but when their brain becomes exhausted,  the two just go back to Japanese and give up.  Apart from just taking the day off to go out, Miyuki knew Haruka needed time outside their apartment, she could tell she was getting cabin fever and with the nightmares acting up more, she needed to distract her in some way, at least until she seems help.
 The two ended up in a restaurant ordering pasta and bread. Since Miyuki knew more den h she would order for the two of them, but sometime Haruka gave it a try and Miyuki found it cute.
"So," Haruka began, picking at the bread in the basket. "Who were you talking to this morning?"
Miyuki should have known to talk quieter. "No one." She replied.
Haruka pouted, "how come you never tell me who you talk to on the phone. If it's my dad and you're exchanging secrets with him about me, I'll kill you." Haruka warned.
"I was talking to a friend back home."
"Which friend?"
"You don't know her."
"Liar." Haruka took a bite from her bread.
Miyuki picked up her sparkling water taking a drink
Haruka swallowed the piece in her mouth and said, "if it's Sayaka, you can tell me."
Miyuki choked on her sparking water.
"So you have been sneaking around talking to Sayanee." Haruka tried hiding her smirk. Haruka knew Miyuki was talking to Sayaka, all this time, they live in a big apartment but it is t that big. She's heard her, especial because she sneaks up behind Miyuki listening. At first she needed to make sure Miyuki wasn't talking to her father about her whereabouts and how she's been doing, she didn't want to go back to Japan, but it was Sayaka she mostly spoke to and Haruka was fine with that. Of course feelings for Sayaka were still there, but she'd rather try and let Sayaka be happy. From what Haruka's listened in to, the two seem to be falling in love slowly in a good way.
"It isn't Sayaka!" Miyuki protested.
Haruka just laughed. "Right."
"I swear!"
"It's okay, really. I'd rather see Sayaka happy and clearly you're the one."
Miyuki wasn't sure it this was all an act or what. "Really?" Miyuki wanted to make sure.
Haruka nodded with a smile. "Really."
"We aren't together, we are just friends keeping in touch." Miyuki stated.
"Whatever it is the two of you are clearly happy and that's all I want to see. Anyways, you've been putting up with me so you need someone to talk to other than me, of course."
Miyuki reached across the table placing her hand on Haruka's, "Haruka, I want you here with me, you're not a bother. You are my best friend and I don't want you to think that I've been just putting up with you. I'm here for you and you're here for me, got it?" She smiled at her.
Haruka smiled in return.
Sayaka was done with work for the day, she really wanted to get home and go to sleep, but before sleep she wanted to call Miyuki. While Sayaka cleaned up her desk she heard a faint knock at the door. Looking up she found Yui leaning against the door.
"Hey." She greeted.
"Y-Yui, when did you get back?" Sayaka asked, frozen in her spot.
"Actually I've been back for a month or two now. I've been keeping myself hidden though." Yui explained. She began to make her way in, taking the seat across Sayaka desk.
"What are you doing here?" Sayaka asked.
Yui chuckled, "not glad to see me?"
"It's not that, I expected you to never speak to me again or come back here." Sayaka referred to the company.
Yui cleared her throat and sat up on her seat, "I've been doing a lot of thinking and you're the only friend I actually have that knows a lot about me, yeah what you did was crap but... I can't dwell on the past."
"Yui, here you are!"
The two turned back to the door, finding young girl standing in a black long sleeve dress.  Sayaka watched Yui stand up and told her to come in.
"Are you done with the interview?" Yui asked.
Sayaka watched and Yui wrapped her arm around the girls waist.
"Yeah, I got the job!" The girl squealed quietly in excitement.
I stood there watching the two act like a couple.
"Ah, Rie this is Sayaka." Yu introduced her to Sayaka. "And Sayaka this is Kitahara Rie."
Rie approached my desk sticking her arm out to shake. Standing up off her seat, Sayaka shook her hand. "You're Haruka's replacement..." Sayaka muttered unconsciously. They heard her however.
"She isn't-"
"No I meant," Sayaka cut Yui off, "her job. I didn't mean to say it in the first place, her father told me it wasn't a replacement."  Sayaka blabbed on. "Nice to meet you, Rie. I am sorry for my comment. Hopefully we can work together." Sayaka smiled and apologized.
"No problem, I'm too happy to care anyways." She laughed.
"Ready to go?" Yui asked.
Rie turned and gave her a nod.
"See you later, Sayaka." She waved, leaving the room.
Yui walked behind her but Sayaka stopped her.
"Yui, wait!"
She turned.
"Is she..."
"Yeah." She smiled turning to leave but Sayaka stopped her again.
"Wait! You know Haruka's missing, right?"
Yui didn't turn, instead she only gave her a nod and walked out.

Haruka and Miyuki returned home, tired from walking the city of Paris. But it was a good day, Miyuki finally got the chance to see Haruka's dimples. As soon as they walked through the door, Haruka made her way to the couch and dropped on it with her bye falling to the floor.
"I'm tired!"
Miyuki joined her, "same here!"
The two laid there for awhile in silence, eventually falling back asleep, again.
An hour later Miyuki woke up finding Haruka laying on the couch while her feet rested on her thighs. She watched her for a little while hoping Haruka can finally get some proper sleep and no more nightmares. Suddenly, her phone rang. Not wanting Haruka to wake up, Miyuki quickly and carefully moved Haruka's feet off of her and ran to her phone.
"Hello." She picked up.
"Hey, Milky." It was Sayaka. "Why are you whispering?"
"Ah, because..." Miyuki needed to come up with a lie. "I'm at work!"
"Oh, but are you in a meeting?" Sayaka kept questioning.
"No. Hold on." Miyuki put Sayaka on hold, while she placed her phone down, grabbing a blanket and covering Haruka. She picked up her phone again and headed to the bedroom shutting the door.
"Okay, I can talk now." Miyuki took Sayaka off hold.
"Good, I've missed you."
Miyuki blushed. "Stop, your making me blush."
Sayaka chuckle, "good! Now, tell me you miss me."
"I don't." Miyuki teased.
"Why?" Sayaka cried. Miyuki was the only one who could let out this childish side of hers.
"Because I don't!"
The two argued after, but soon they just laughed and talked about anything they could think of, movies, TV shows, food, anything. Soon the two were on the phone for almost two hours.
"Okay, I need to go shower now." Miyuki said.
"No," Sayaka protested, "don't go yet!"
"I'll put you on speaker while I get my things ready." Miyuki placed her phone of top of her drawer and switched to speaker. "So, how was work?"
"It was okay... Yui was here."
Miyuki was surprised. "Really? What did she say?"
"She doesn't want to dwell on the past and become friends again... Also..."
"Also, what?"
At that moment Haruka walked in, just as Sayaka was saying, "Yui, has a girlfriend now."
Miyuki turned to the door. "Haruka!"
"Haruka?" Sayaka said, confused to hear Miyuki say the girls name.
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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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OMFG! ITS NOT BORING!! just amaziiiiiing wooot I cant believe... so many thing happen.. I just gonna wait for the next chapter :D
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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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So yui with rie now hahaha
Poor paruru, I'm waiting your next chapter

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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Haruka awakes??!!

Good. Now Sayaka knows ur hiding place soon... :ding:

Ah. Will Sayaka angry with Milky for being secretive all this time?? :dunno:

Arigatou for the update... :kneelbow:

Ah! Right!!! Happy Birthday... Wish ur "tomorrows" full of smiles... :on woohoo:
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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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It not boring. It's interesting!
Great timing to put the phone on loudspeaker.
Rie enteres the fic. What's next?
Hope to read another update!
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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Finally an update~!

This is an interesting continuation! Yui got herself a new girlfriend! Though i was wishing she would suffer a bit more(evil laugh)

Can't wait for the next update!!!

Ps, happy birthday 🎉

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Wooowwwww,,, this is COOL,,

Not borng at all,,,,

I'll be waiting for your update author-san :bow:

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Re: Untitled Pt.8NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Wondering if there will be a Sasshi appearance with Kitarie in the story now.

Really intriguing to see how everything plays out now with the main four.

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Thank you for the happy birthdays!:) also thanks for the comments! I would've made Yui suffer but I think I'll make her suffer as I keep writing lol! Also I was thinking about pairing Haruka with Somebody else in just not sure who... Maybe Shimada? Lol any ideas? Well here's a new part with someone new! theres parts that may make no sense or words are autocorrected cuz I write in my phone using an app so I apologize if you read it and makes no sense lol I type to fast and it autocorrects to the wrong word and I go through it sometimes and sometimes I don't

Yui had spent her vacation in New Zealand for a few months to help her forget about Haruka, although it wasn't working. But on the last day in New Zealand she had bumped into a young woman, dark skinned with a summer dress and mosquito eye sunglasses. Yui had apologized for bumping into her and the young woman shook her head telling her it wasn't a problem, as she removed her sunglasses. When she did, Yui found her to be really pretty. Offering her a drink the young woman had said she needed to catch her flight, only reminding Yui she was about to be late to hers. The two went on their seperate ways and Yui never had the chance to catch her name.
Yui said goodbye to New Zealand and boarded her plane. It mush have been faith because her seat was beside the young woman she had bumped into before. The two exchanged greetings and properly I torduced themselves.
The shook hands and after that the two couldn't stop talking or laughing. Yui learned so much about Rie that she saw her to be too perfect for her, yet she didn't hesitate to give her her number before parting ways again at the airport.
Yui wanted to keep low, not wanting anyone to know she had returned. She didn't want to bump into Haruka or Sayaka at all, so she stayed at home most of the time. However the day she found out about Haruka missing, she couldn't help but try calling her, worried for her. When she phoned her and the call didn't go through, Yui quickly gave up and told herself not to try anymore, she was the one to tell her to find someone better and she did. Searching her phone for, Rie, she called her up.
Yui had her first date with her, which was nerve wrecking and she showed her clumsy side, her second date, she tried to make up for what she had done in the first date, and the third date, which she never expected, was the one where she was able to show her sweet side making Rie fall for her entirely. When Yui found out about her wanting to work at the company she knew all too well for fashion design, Yui didn't say a word about her past and only supported her. Yui had only mentioned she had a friend at the company and that while Rie had her interview she would be paying her a visit.
After her visit with Sayaka, it had only rattled her, remembering the past even though she had said she pushed it aside.
"Are you okay?" Rie asked while the two walked along the sidewalk, hand in hand.
"I'm okay." Yui weakly smiled.
Rie stopped and Yui did as well. "You don't look fine. Tell me." She took a step closer to her her.
"I'm not feeling too good, it's all." Yui said and she brushed Rie's bangs aside.
"Let's go home then." Rie said, tugging her girlfriend.
Yui never planned on telling Rie about Haruka or Sayaka, or any of what she had experienced, she didn't want to ruin her perfect relationship with her.

The day Rie started work, she approached Sayaka. Tied was already part of the team that was going to Paris for Fashion week and all the designers were working hard. With the show in two months, it was all going quick. Rie had gone up to Sayaka and showed her a design she thought might make it into the fashion show. Sayaka took a look at it and turned her down.
"The dress is too short, we wouldn't be able to stitch it the way it looks on here..." Sayaka blabbed on and turned back to Rie handing her a paper marked with X's on it. Sayaka could see Rie's face turn into a frown. Sayaka sighed. "I'm sorry." She apologized, feeling bad for putting the new girl down. "It's not that bad of a dress."
"It is." Rie crumbled the paper.
Sayaka reached for her hand and took the paper. "It's not I swear! It's me being... I've been stressed with work and I've been having trouble with a friend. I promise it isn't you." Sayaka tried to clear it with her. She didn't want Rie to be a punching bag for her problems. "We can draw it up but a bit different, yeah?" Sayaka took her sketch pad and began drawing the dress. Rie stood beside her as the two began working on the dress together.
Hours passed and the two had a rough sketch of a dress for the fashion show, even if it's a late entry it can work. They hadn't noticed the time until they heard Yui coming in greeting the two.
"hey, how's it going?" She smiled.
"Yui!" Rie said excitingly, skipping her way to Yui giving her a quick peck on the lips. "Guess what!"
"What?" Yui asked, smiling at the excited girl.
"I'm part of the team for fashion week in Paris, can you believe that?" Rie jumped.
"That amazing!" Yui gave her a wide smile. "Congratulations!"
"Yup, now we can go travel to Paris!"
Sayaka then quickly looked up from cleaning her things from the table remembering Haruka was in Paris and if Yui goes, her happiness will go down the drain.
"Are we done Sayaka?" Rie asked.
Sayaka, looked up and nodded at her. "Yeah, you can go home now. We will continue tomorrow." She smiled.
"alright! Actually wait here," she said to Yui, "I left my bag in my office."
Yui nodded and let her go, leaving Sayaka and Yui on their own in the studio.
"How's working with, Rie?" Yui asked, approaching Sayaka.
"It's good. She is a good designer just needs more practice." Sayaka said. She was beginning to clean the long lit table and putting some fabric away.
Yui hummed. "That's good to hear." She smiled as she began to fold some of the fabric. "And Paris sounds fun. Is she really a part of that?" Yui was excited for her girlfriend to have her dreams come true after all the times she heard.
"Yeah," Sayaka replied, she felt nervous speaking about Paris, afraid she may spill the beans. "Paris is a beautiful city, the two of you will love it."
"Sounds fun, I can't wait." Yui smiled.
Just then, Rie returned and the two left. Sayaka sat on a stool heaving a breath of air.

A couple days have passed since Haruka heard the news about Yui. Now, she sat on a brown leather couch, in front of a Japanese man who was in a shirt and tie, glasses being pushed up the bridge of his nose, and a note pad and pen in his hand. Haruka only sat in silence not sure where to start. She had promised Miyuki the other night she would go see a counselor after another nightmare she had. Only now, she didn't want to be there.
"Just start whenever you want." The older man said.
Haruka rubbed her hands over her thighs, wiping the nervous sweat off of them. "Well..." Haruka finally spoke. "I'm Haruka, I'm-"
"No," the man stopped her, "I mean start with why you're here."
"Oh..." Haruka shifted in her seat and began to think, how should she start.
After a long time thinking, the older man just placed the pen down and told her, "we can continue tomorrow."
"What?" Haruka asked. "That's it?"
"It's been an hour, that's all the time we scheduled for today." He replied.
Haruka furrowed, upset at the man, he was no help at all. She stood up from the seat, taking her bag and leaving the office, mumbling some words.
"What is that?" A young woman asked.
Haruka looked up after shutting the door and said, "oh, nothing."
"He is a grouchy old man." The young woman whispered to her.
"He is." Haruka agreed. "He was suppose to help me but he didn't."
"Maybe, I can help you." The young woman smiled at Haruka.
Haruka tilted her head, "do you work here?"
And she nodded. "I'm new, but I've studied this for a long time so I need a patient someday."
Haruka let out a small laugh. "Okay."
"Good. Tomorrow at three? Just come to my office." The young woman pointed at the door to their right.
Haruka nodded with a smile. "Tomorrow at three."
Once Haruka got home, she expected Miyuki to be there. She snapped her fingers remembering Miyuki would be busy with the fashion week coming up soon. Haruka was a little depressed at the fact she couldn't participate this year, she had been looking forward to it mostly because she had finally showcased a design at the company's anniversary and got good feedback. She thought, if she hadn't gotten herself into this mess she would still be in Japan, working with her father. She let out a heavy exhale and dropped on the couch. Being alone in the apartment was going to drive her crazy, more crazy than she has been for the past few months. Getting back off the couch, Haruka grabbed her bag again and left the apartment, she didn't want to spend another day in the quiet, lonely apartment.
She couldn't do much around Paris, she hadn't learned the la that's well enough, only knew how to order certain foods and ask for a translator. Instead of hanging out the city she ran off to see Miyuki at work, but it was a risk being seen there, she was the daughter of the boss, the owner of the company, the man who managed them. They all knew who she was and Haruka needed a disguise. All she had was a scarf and sunglasses to cover her face, which worked perfectly. Sneaking into the building, she made her way up the elevator, and out on the floor Miyuki's office was in, except, arriving to the office a young man stopped her.
"Can I help you?" He asked
Haruka couldn't believe it, Miyuki had a secretary. "Uhm..." The man had been speaking in French, but Haruka's French wasn't good. Instead she tried English. "I am Miyuki's friend."
"I need your name." the man spoke in English as well.
"My name?" Haruka froze. She thought about making up a name but that wouldn't work and if he found out her name her cover would be blow. And her father would know she was in Paris the whole time.
"I got it." The sound of Miyuki's voice was a blessing. Haruka had turned to see Miyuki coming towards her and putting her hand on her shoulder to turn her and walk into her office.
"You saved me just in time." Haruka whispered before entering the room.
Miyuki shut the door and Haruka sat on the couch. Miyuki walked to her desk placing a pile of folders on it. "What are you doing here, Haruka? You know they could have figured it was you."
"Don't scold me..." Haruka pouted, "I was bored being home by myself."
"You didn't go to the counselor?" Miyuki made her way to sit beside Haruka.
Haruka quickly responded, "I did! But the old man was rude and old..."
"Haruka, he will help you-"
"No, it's okay, I found someone else to help me."
"Who?" Miyuki questioned.
"I didn't catch her name, but she seemed more kind than that old man." Thinking about the old man made Haruka mad.
"Alright, as long as you keep attending to her for help."
Haruka gave a nod. "Yes, ma'am!"
Miyuki smiled at the adorableness of Haruka. "Well I'll finish work and then we can head home." She got up returning to her desk and sitting on her office chair.
"Can I help?" Haruka had trailed behind looking at Miyuki's paper work.
"You can sort these designs from the ones you like to the worst." Miyuki handed a blue envelope.
"What is this?" Haruka took out designs and a photo of young people pinned on the corner of each.
"Some of the designers who will have a chance to join us in fashion week." Miyuki explained her eyes glued to the work in front of her.
Haruka just gave an 'oh' and sat across the table from Miyuki. Finally she had something to do. "I thought you only had two months or less for the show."
"We do." Miyuki answered still focused on work.
"Well, if you need help..." Haruka raised a brow to Miyuki, nudging her with her elbow.
Miyuki looked up, "that's means your father will know you are here."
Haruka's small hope died. "That's true..."
"Just tell him then." Miyuki looked back down at the paper in front of her.
"I'll tell him soon." Haruka made her way to the other side of Miyuki's desk and took one of the chairs, scooting it closer to the desk to begin her judging.

 It was late when Sayaka got to her house. She had planned on calling Miyuki after awhile of the two not speaking to each other, however Sayaka was in dire need of sleep. She threw her bag and jacket on the ground, took off her clothes as she dragged her feet to her bedroom, and plopped herself to bed. Glad to be in bed, her heavy eyes closed and she was falling asleep.
Around five in the morning she got a call. Sayaka shot up from her pillow and looked around for her phone. It was no where near here, she had to get up and walk over to the entrance of her room where her pants laid with her phone in the pocket.
"Hello?" She lazily picked up.
"Sayaka... I'm sorry to wake you up."
She heard the voice she's been missing. "It's alright. Is everything okay?"
"I just wanted to hear your voice."
And with that Sayaka heard a click. She hung up.
Sayaka looked at her bright screen noticing the number was from Paris. She dialed it again, but no one picked up. Sayaka turned her screen off and returned to bed, now she couldn't sleep, wondering why she called. Placing her phone on her bedside. Sayaka returned to sleep. Or at least tried.
Haruka placed the house phone back and laid back in bed. She had gone to sleep early and had another nightmare, this time with Sayaka. It had taken her back to the night where Yui found out about her and Sayaka, and instead of her falling into the pool it was Sayaka. After that Haruka woke up gasping for air, worried about Sayaka. She grabbed the phone and took out Sayaka's cell phone number from her old phone. She dialed the number, not sure of what to say to her. The moment she heard her voice she felt relieved it had been just a dream. She wanted to say more before hanging up, but couldn't bring herself to do it, instead she hung up.
The next day was her counseling session, when she arrived in front of the young woman's door, Haruka hesitated on knocking, but she took a deep breath and gave two light knocks.
"Come in." She heard.
Haruka opened the door and was greeted by the doctor. "Sit." She gestured Haruka to the couch.
Nervous, Haruka sat on the couch, her back straighten and her whole body tense. She began looking around the room, it was a little dark, but the sunlight helped brighten the office up.
"I never introduced myself yesterday." She heard her saying. Haruka turned to her now, giving her attention. "I'm Oshima Yuko."
The name sounded familiar, but Haruka only smiled, giving a slight bow and introduced herself. "Shimazaki Haruka."
"Nice to meet you." Yuko smiled. "Now, whenever you want to start you can if not, I can start and we can talk about anything you like."
"I have nightmares" Haruka began, "last night I had one."
"Do you want to tell me what happened in your nightmare?" Yuko asked.
Haruka saw how she grabbed a pen and notepad ready to start writing. "It had to do what happened six- seven months ago." Haruka stopped, lowering her head as she remembered that day again, like she had at times.
"What happened?" Yuko asked, writing something on the pad and looking back up at Haruka.
Haruka recalled the night, telling her but by bit. It felt good to get a lot off her chest. She kept telling her about that day that when she stopped she felt she had said too much. "I'm sorry, I didn't think I would go off like that on the first day."
"Don't apologize," Yuko told her, "it was good, but our hour is up. We can pick this up tomorrow."
Haruka took a deep breath. "Okay." She exhaled. Grabbing her bag, the two stood up and Yuko lead her to the door, opening it for her.
"Thank you." Haruka said to Yuko.
"No problem. Just remember we can continue this in your next appointment. It will take time." Yuko assured her
Haruka thanked her again before leaving.
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Re: Untitled Pt.9 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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An update that I've been waiting for!!

I wonder why Yuko's name is familiar to Paruru?

Will Yui meet Paruru in Paris..? Can't wait!

Ps, the last sentence you've mistaken Yuko's name to Yui.

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