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Author Topic: Neighbours [20/10 - Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no]  (Read 42469 times)

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Re: Neighbours [6/06 - Ep 6: Seishun Bus Guide]
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"So Kudou-chan, what's your favourite mug colour?"

"Huh?" Haruka blinked. "Orange, I guess?"

"Maa-chan likes clouds! They look like cotton candy! Do you like cotton candy, Kudou-chan?"

It was like watching a firing squad taking aim at a whole row of your conscious thoughts.
My sentiments exactly. But it’s Maa-chan so it’s all good, her overall bubbly (hyperactive) charm makes it interesting. It’s like watching a small puppy yap-yaping away.

"Kudou-cha--ah, that's so inconvenient! Kuu-chan? No, Duu-chan!"

"We're classmates right!" Nod. "That makes us friends!" Headtilt, and a raised eyebrow. "Friends give each other nicknames! That makes us closer, Duu!"
*nods head sagely* Yeah, randomly giving cute nicknames to the person beside you, whether you’re close or not, is the first step to becoming great friends. Did I mention the nicknames were cute? Cause they are.

Haruka could almost swear she saw a tail wagging on the girl. And she had always wanted a dog, so...
Oh God, my cheeks are already aching from smiling too much.

"Now you're a part of me too, Duu!"
That sounded so wrong… and yet so right. And… ah, bad thoughts *smacks self*

One must always keep up with appearances. She straightened a crooked sign. Dusted off some streamers. Picked up litter. Bumped into harried juniors. Arranged tables. Cleared broken glass. Somehow picked up a lost child...

...wait a minute.

Ayumi paused in the middle of the central square and looked closely at the tail she had inadvertently picked up. Said tail was beaming happily, had a lollipop in her mouth, and was holding another one out to her. She also looked very, very lost, in a way only a lost child could manage -- if said lost child were five and crying for their mother. The girl in front of her was at least 10 years older than five, wasn't crying, and even seemed quite cheerful in all respects...and yet she still somehow managed to convey a sense of "HI I'M A LOST CHILD" in glowing neon letters that blinked every 5 seconds. And who was looking at her with watery puppy eyes.
From vice-pres to baby sitter in a nano-second. Who’s the (not so)little lost girl? Hm…

"Are you from a different class? What's your name? Did you know it's probably still snowing in Hokkaido now? Are you lost too?"
Oh God. Remember when I said my cheeks were hurting? Scratch that, now my cheeks feel like they’re locked in a perpetual grin.

"Are high school students all so small? Duu's bigger than you are!"

Is that all she took out of what I said? And I'm not that small! I'm...average. Yes. Japanese people are petite. I'm the perfect example of the Japanese body I really that small?

because Haruka and her were now buddies, they needed to revert to kindergarten protocol and hold hands. Just like pre-schoolers on their first trip out into the big, bad world. "So that we don't get lost!" Maa-chan had cheerfully declared, and then held on in a shark-like grip.
D’aww. That’s so cute.

It was a mystery really, to then lose Maa-chan despite the fact that they were holding hands. Thing was, Haruka was so focused on keeping her distance that she wasn't even aware that the other girl had let go until she happened to flex her fingers...and met no resistance.

Apparently, no one else in their group noticed that Maa-chan was gone either, until someone pointed out that it was awfully quiet. Which, combined with Haruka staring at her hand disbelieving, clued everyone in to the state of affairs.


"I'm just saying that he seems awfully nice to you~" Riho said in a singsong fashion, that insufferable smirk still firmly in place. Kanon swatted at her smug roomie.

"Erio-kun is just a really nice guy! And we've been doing the closing shift together recently, that's why he's been walking me back! He says it's not safe for a girl to walk back on her own so..."
I smell a little romance in the air.

"Did I hear you just admit that you want him to like you?"

Imagines Zukki going

Aw… Riho Zukki friendship. Saiko!

"Riho-chan, you shouldn't be so carefree about something like this! And you never did tell me what happened that night at Kamei-san's friend's party. You never came back all night! I was so worried..."
Dun dun dun… Does she even want to remember… I wonder how she’ll react the next time she sees Duu.

Ayumi was about to answer when the shorter of the middle schoolers with her suddenly yelled.

"Maa-chan will defeat all suspicious people in the name of the moon!"
Da hell?

The two squabbling youngsters walked off, leaving bemused smiles in their wake. Mizuki watched Ayumi with interest instead, a soft curl touching the corner of her lip.

"So that's what it was..."

"Pardon?" Sakura, who was next to Mizuki, looked even more confused. Mizuki's smile widened, but she shook her head. "It's nothing."
Huh? Did I miss something?

"Maa...just a sense? Didn't think our straitlaced vice prez would be..."

"Fufufu...girls are beautiful, Akari-chan. Much better than stinky boys."
Ah…  That one.

Akari hummed a quiet agreement, tossing a wistful side glance at the now cheerful Mizuki. It would have been nice if...
Looks like Ayumi isn’t the only one.

You’re joking right?

Riho managed to squeak out a "Maa-chan?" before being steamrollered by a hyperactive 15 year old that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere…
XD Small world.

"Did you come here for the Open House?" Riho gamely played along with the impromptu thumb war Maa-chan initiated, and the two fell into a decisive battle of wits and thumb dexterity and ferocious concentration as they duelled. Riho had her tongue sticking out from one side of her mouth, while Maa-chan simply looked intense, even scary. Yes, over Thumb War. Because obviously this was Serious Business. Really.
ROLF, You’re killing me!

But with Maa-chan there I guess it won’t be long till Duu shows up.

"There you are! Stop running off like tha----YOU."
speak of the devil.

Awesome chap. Even without alcohol you still got all these crack out without it being weird. Guess Maa-chan’s the best substitute for alcohol.

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Re: Neighbours [6/06 - Ep 6: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Yeah I have good instincts lol
All this time I've been trying to figure out who Ringo_Daisuki (or what ever it was, from the second chapter) was and I think now that maybe it was Sakura? Is she the one that gave Riho those writing tools for her b-day?! It could also be masaki but I doubt she wants Rihos attention that much and she doesnt even go to rihos school soo...I can't come up with anyone else other than Sakura! lol And now I'm trying to figure out the pairings for this story(from the younger girls). lol It's obvious from this chapter that Ishida has got something for Kudo lmao And Takeuchi might have something for Mizuki lol And the listener for this chapter, Muzuirobot, is it Mizuki? I'm not completely sure if its her(Even though its pretty much her name lol) cause I cant figure out who she could be admiring from afar. Anyway I'll figure it out lol I'm getting a glist that the ships will be a mystery for now cause I'm getting love hexagons when thinking about how possible OTPs will work in this fic lmao and also, who could that mysterious handsome guy be?! (I have no idea what you're going to pull here, unless it turns out to be yoshi or something lmao) OMG, I totally forgot Ikuta is a guy here! Is it him?! that brings up the KanonxIkuta ship that I over looked lol
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Re: Neighbours [6/06 - Ep 6: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Alchol was involved in their second time together okay now i am really interested in their past and first time how can Reina not remember it? Haruka really looks up to Reina lol poor Haruka though her seat mate wouldnt shut up Maa-chan let Haruka have her peace lol looking foward to your future updates.

I cant wait to know more about Tanashiges past!

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Re: Neighbours [6/06 - Ep 6: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Ok guys, I've been away for too long but yeah, been suffering a major block on the still half written chapter 7. Therefore I decided to post some one shots to get me going! XD

Anyway, some comment replies first:

@rndy: Maachan is amazing. And yes, writing her is exhausting. I think I used up all my mojo writing Maachan. XDDDD Glad you like all the plot advances going on!

@Shiawase: MaaDuu is invincible :nod: Duu will get used to Maachan eventually. lol. And hehe, you're welcome.

@yunagi: Agreed, when in need of weird, sub Maachan in. Maachan is better than alcohol. XD

@H!PShipper: Hehe have fun trying to figure things out XD It's going to be a fun ride~

@robyn: Tanashige's past...I need to cover it sometime. lol.

Ok short post!


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Re: Neighbours [6/06 - Ep 6: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Apple Diary #1

Father bought me a new notebook today, so I've decided to start an observational diary on my favourite~st person in the world! My senpai, Sayashi-san!

Unnnn, where to start? Firstly, she's cute! That's right! Senpai is really adorable when she smiles! Even when she falls asleep in class! I know because I got someone to take a picture for me and it's my phone wallpaper now!

Furthermore, Sayashi-senpai is really smart and also good at athletics!  She's a really nice person too! When I bumped into her in the corridor and dropped my things, she stopped to help me pick them up! ...I really want to do it again but I'm afraid that she'l think that I'm clumsy...what to do...

I gave her something for her birthday too, I hope she likes it! Sayashi-senpai is such the epitome of a traditional Japanese girl! Her calligraphy is beautiful! I want to be like her...Mama's always telling me to work harder at my lessons...maybe if I were a bit more like Sayashi-san, maybe Mama wouldn't look so disappointed? Un, I'll work hard like Senpai too!


Who is the mysterious ringo_daisuki-san, aka Apple-chan? XD

Oh Riho, you have a fan~ :P


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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
« Reply #65 on: October 02, 2013, 08:53:11 AM »
who would like apples so much? Im suddenly thinking odasaku just cause the senpai thing but I'm not sure right now. I'll need to reread your other chapters cause its been a while and I think sakura's been mentioned as a different role?

I'll update you on my theories lmao

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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
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When I think of Apples&Momusu together I think of that video

Do the people who writes the letters are all Morning Musume members? Or some of them are random people?

So far we have:
ikemen_shoujo-san: Duu~
chanponchan-san: Gaki-san~ so obvious XD

ringo_daisuki-san: Sakura?
mizuirobot-san:? Ayumi?
iroiro_tsuma-san:? I think she's some random person since she's married & has a child (or she's an OG?)

Episode 6: Seishun Bus Guide
this flashily dressed young man outside talking to some of my classmates.
"Tall and good-looking huh...doesn't sound like the typical pervert..."
Eripon? XD


The looming shadows of campus security bulked large over them. Riho smiled innocently. Kanon still couldn't stop laughing. Maa-chan waved. And Haruka just gulped. With fairly good reason.
I didn't understand what happened there XD

Thanks for the update! ^_^

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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
« Reply #67 on: October 04, 2013, 07:18:59 AM »
I don't know.... But good luck with everything Essy!

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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
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I thought Apple-chan might be Uemura, because she seems to have developed a healthy love for Riho, but we've already seen Uemura working at Eri's cafe, and besides, Apple-chan first appeared in the story months before Juice=Juice even debuted. Hmm...

As for Mizuirorobot-san, Fuku-chan seems to be an obvious choice (because of the name, I guess)...but what is obvious is not always correct.

Iroiro_tsuma-san will probably be an OG, but watch it be an unexpected one like Kago or something. :lol:

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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
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Too frigging tired to comment reply. It's 3.30am blah blah blah. Be nice.


Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no

This week we have a somewhat unusual request from charming_choco-san. Without further ado, let's get to it!

Konnichiwa I-sensei! This might be a bit sudden but I would really like to ask a favour from you. You see, I have a girlfriend I love very much, but due to work I haven't really been spending time with her. I feel really bad about this, but I'm not really sure how to approach her on this matter. It's a little silly considering how long we've been together, but well... That's why I would like to be able to tell her how I really feel through your programme. I know she listens to you pretty regularly, so could you please lend me some air time to broadcast my feelings?

Of course, charming_choco-san! I-sensei is an ally to all lovers out there! I'm sure your girlfriend will be happy that you're making an effort!

Speaking of which, my R-kun has also been really busy with work lately so we haven't been spending much time together too. As a girl, I can assure you that your girlfriend will definitely appreciate what you are trying to do! After all, we need assurance every once in a while that you care!

Ah, but enough about me. Let's get on with the show! Charming_choco-san, I will leave your message to the finale so please wait for it~

And the next message is from...


"Otsukaresama, Ishikawa-san."

Ishikawa Rika, or should that have been Reporter Charmy?, turned out and flashed a dazzling smile at one of the dozen juniors who lived for her approval.

"Otsukare, Kashiwagi-chan. You did well on that weather report earlier. Keep it up."

The tall young girl flushed slightly under the compliment, but kept her expression serious and sober. Still in her mid 20s, not young enough to be called a young girl per se, but younger than Ishikawa herself, which was enough for Rika to add the endearment to the girl's name.

"Oh, I'll be taking the rest of the day off, so work hard, alright?"

To her credit, Kashiwagi didn't even stop and stare like a number of more seasoned crew members who had worked with Rika for years. Reporter Charmy never took a break. If there was a story or breaking news out there, Reporter Charmy could be counted on to be on-site within the hour, traffic and typhoon be damned. It was that work ethic, coupled with sheer force of personality, that propelled her into recognition as one of the most well known reporters on TV.

"I understand, Ishikawa-san. Have a good rest."

Rika nodded at her junior -- you could always count on the slightly older ones with more life experiences than the fresh meat just out of high school or college. Despite her deceptively youthful appearance, Kashiwagi had had a more checkered past than most people were privy to. Rika had a deal more sympathy towards a single mother like Kashiwagi, knowing how intolerant and inflexible society could be towards anyone who broke the norm. Being someone who was not strictly in the norm as well, Rika knew well the pressures of having to stay closeted, and was thus kinder to others disenfranchised by a society that adhered strictly to unspoken rules of behavior, punishing those who dared even to toe the line.

Brushing past any number of busy-looking TV people, Rika managed to avoid the majority of small talk, engaging only when it was inevitable and doing her best to actually get out of the door before someone tried to waylay her with more work. The problem with being always available meant that people couldn't comprehend the fact that she actually really did want the rest of the day off. As in she was going to shut off her work phone, divert all calls, and resolutely ignore her emails. She absolutely did not want any last minute emergencies to divert her from her self-imposed mission. Speaking of which, she needed to iron out a few more details on that.

Whipping out her other phone, Ishikawa Rika shed her Charmy persona the moment she stepped out of the building, and became the "Rika-chan" only her closest friends knew anything about. Which was about as far a cry as you could imagine Charmy ever being.

It was a good thing to have friends who accepted her for who she was, Rika mused. The dial tone hummed an annoyingly catchy jingle as she navigated the busy streets at lunchtime. Her Yocchan would only have been up and about not too long ago, since she knew that work began late for her significant other today. She had taken that fully into account as well.

Click. The call went through.

"It's Ishikawa. Yes, the plans are still in place. I'm not going to cancel them. Really! Don't make me sound so evil...yes I know, that's why I'm doing this! I really need your help to make this work...thanks a billion, Kozaki-san! Haha, why do you sound so embarrassed? Do you want me to go back to calling you baba again? Heh, thought so. All right, I'll see you later!"

Yet another check off her list. Today had to go well. She would make it so.

She had too much to make up for...


"Hmm, I think it's in this direction...ah, sumimasen!"

Wada Ayaka apologized on reflex as her sketch pad collided with someone as she was turning to ascertain her surroundings. Then she swallowed nervously as the intimidating figure gave her the most terrifying glare she had ever experienced in her life. It made her feel very, very small.

Then the feeling was gone in an instant as the person she bumped into looked away and started walking off, and Ayaka breathed out a sigh of relief. For a moment there she seriously thought she was going to die before she made it to see Harunan...

The art student looked at her phone again. She had started exchanging friendly mails with the history student, and they had discovered that they had many things in common. Their friendship sometimes expressed itself in ways her good friend and roommate Yuukarin couldn't understand -- why, Yuukarin sensibly asked, do you guys even bother going to art museums together when the first thing you do is split up at the entrance?

Other people simply wouldn't understand. Art had to be appreciated in one's own time and at one's own pace. Ayaka liked that Haruna knew and understood this fact, so they could do things independently of each other, congregating only at the end to go out for snacks and drinks after the experience at the museum. There they could talk to each other about what they saw, and exchange thoughts and ideas about things. It was a nice change from her other friends. Kanyon and Yuukarin were good friends and they had grown up together, but they just couldn't understand her passion for the fine arts. It was as if she had been waiting her whole life for someone like Harunan to come into her life.

As she resumed walking on her quest to find the cafe where Haruna worked part time, Ayaka abruptly realized that she was inadvertently trailing behind that scary person who had glared at her earlier. Are we going to the same place? Not that she dared to ask, and checked the map on her phone once again. Yep, she was on the right track.

On second thoughts, the scary person wasn't all that scary from the back. Kind of small, actually. Ayaka knew she was relatively tall for a Japanese girl. Not model-sized, but not tiny either. The scary person had seemed a lot larger than life when that deadly gaze had been trained on her earlier. Now that Ayaka was looking at her from the back, the reality was very much scaled down. Long wavy hair and a fearless sort of attitude that was apparent even from a back view.

It wasn't until the moment they reached her intended destination that Ayaka realized two things:

1) She and scary person were in fact headed to the same place;
2) She'd stopped following the map and started following the scary person somewhere along the way.

Thank goodness they had been headed for the same destination. It would have been disastrous otherwise. Waiting for the scary woman to head in first, Ayaka felt her heart leap slightly as she heard a familiar voice going "Irasshaimase!" as the scary person went in.

She managed to wait all of 5 seconds before running into the cafe herself.


"Wada-san! You made it!"

And all was well in the world.


"You're late."

"Toranosuke didn't want me to leave."

"How is that little munchkin?"

"Insufferable. As needy as his father."

"You love it."

"I do."

Yoshizawa Hitomi waved her best friend down to sit opposite her. They had been acquainted since junior high, and kept in contact even after they had gone separate ways post-university. It hadn't been that long ago when she had received the invitation to the wedding. Yossy had gone with Rika to the event, and Fujimoto Miki didn't even bat an eyelash at it, even if some of the other guests had shot them odd looks. Most likely it was because most people had some difficulty deciding if Yossy was male or female, but in any case, having Charmy Ishikawa show up on her arm was a very good reason for a double-take.

Miki knew about her friend's inclinations, of course. It never bothered her, and their friendship was never adversely affected -- contrary to popular opinion, it was possible to have lesbian friends without actually being homosexual yourself. Though no doubt many people thought they were dating during their school days, but Miki couldn't give a damn about the rumours.

They were both older now, and Miki was even married with a baby, but they still met up religiously to catch up at least once a month. It was something they had agreed to after graduation, and nothing short of death and deadly illness could keep them from their monthly gatherings. Oh, and a bout of colic for the baby that one time. Actually, even that didn't stop Yossy from dropping by the hospital to fret with Miki and Shouji (the completely henpecked and loving it husband) over Toranosuke, her favourite god-son.

"How are you and Rika-chan?" Miki asked lightly, though her eyes were sharp as always. Yossy shrugged noncommittally as she poked at the ice in her drink with her straw, but her shoulders slumped after a moment.

"She's been busy...I don't see her as much."

"I see her on TV all the time." Miki said it as if it proved something -- which it did. It meant that work was taking her best friend's significant other away from the relationship, and anyone with eyes could see that Yossy wasn't too happy about it.

Yossy waved a hand as if to dismiss the issue. "We'll get over it." The wry grin on her face was almost convincing, but painful to watch for anyone who truly knew her. Respecting her boundaries though, Miki inclined her head, allowing Yossy to change the topic.

"So, aren't they missing you at work yet? I didn't think they'd beg you to stay even after you gave got married and pregnant and all."

Miki chuckled, tapping idly on her knuckles with one hand.

"They haven't found anyone else as capable...well, mostly because I keep everything to myself and they know they can't afford to lose me. The only complete records are here," she tapped the side of her head, "and they know they can't have it any other way, if they want operations to remain secure. I'm pretty much indispensable at this point." Miki concludes with a self satisfied smirk, drawing a laugh out of Yossy.

"You're the only person I know who holds her own employers hostage, you know."

"Their own fault for appointing me to that position..."

"Which you totally schemed your way into."

"Hey that was a job requirement! I totally earned it too." Miki grinned, arching her fingers and resting her chin on them. "Someone has to do it anyway."

"What's amazing is that they let you get away with it." Yossy shook her head, still impressed by her best friend's feat. In a male dominated society, for her friend to have risen as far as she had was an achievement in itself.

"You could do more than what you're doing now, you know." The bubbly waitress that had greeted her at the entrance zipped by and set a drink in front of Miki, who raised an eyebrow at her old classmate. Yossy shrugged one shoulder. The moment Miki had texted her to say that she was "almost there", she had ordered the drink. When you have been friends for so long, you settle into a pattern. Miki gave up and took a sip.

"No, Kuwagata, I'm not going to work for you. You know I can't be bound to all those rules." Yossy preempted the question, reading the familiar lines on best friend's face.

"Bah, rules." Miki waved a hand dismissively. "Never bothered me."

"I'm not you, unfortunately." Yossy took a sip from her own drink. They fell into a companionable silence for a while, Miki thumbing through her cellphone idly and occasionally showing off pictures of her son engaged in various antics.

"You ought to do something about Ishikawa." Miki said suddenly, after their food had arrived and they had proceeded to tuck in. Yossy froze between one forkful of pasta and the next, but masked it by shoving the fork into her mouth and chewing harder than was actually necessary. Miki pressed a little harder.

"You've been with that woman for practically forever. I see you two together sometimes and it seems like something out of a dream...when you're actually together. I hope she's not taking you for granted, Kabutomushi. You deserve better."

"And you wonder why Rika doesn't like you when you keep telling me to move on." Yossy said blandly. Miki grinned unrepentantly.

"Gotta look out for my buddy. I want you to be happy too, you know."

"Are you attending Matsuura's wedding?"

Talk about a thunderbolt from the blue. A muscle jumped in Miki's cheek, and she narrowed her eyes at Yossy, who calmly swallowed her pasta like she had just made a remark about the weather.

"She invited you?" Miki replied neutrally. Yossy shrugged.

"We did run together in the same circles for a while." She didn't add 'because of you', but it hung palpably in the air between them. Miki pushed her plate a little away from her, appetite apparently lost.

"I suppose I should go."

Yossy put down her fork. "You two were close before." The unspoken "what happened?" flickered behind her statement, and Miki leaned back in her seat.

"We grew up."

Yossy's phone buzzed loudly on the table, ending the awkward conversation before it went further. Miki saw the caller ID and was suddenly oddly grateful towards her best friend's significant other. Miki and Rika had never been on the best of terms, the latter being jealous of Yossy and Miki's friendship, while Miki just found Rika too flighty for her best friend. Despite Yossy's manly pose, Miki knew that the woman was a lot more devoted and and sincere than her apparently flippant manner suggested. An outsider would have assumed that Yossy was the 'man' in the relationship. The outsider would have been wrong.

"Rika? Mm, I'm awake...yeah, I'm going to work later on. Thanks for giving me a call...yeah, I'll catch you later...I'm sure you're you too. Bye."

"You can stop smiling now." Miki smirked at the slightly goofy grin on Yossy's face.

"She remembered that I start work late today!" Glee. Miki rolled her eyes, scoffing.


"Lunch is on you, just for that."

"Cheap trick."


They looked at each other, and grinned. What else were friends for?


"If you're not going to be serious about this, we don't need you here."

Yossy walked onto the main stage of the theater to a very tense atmosphere, where a familiar scene was taking place. A diminutive woman was scowling at a younger and taller ingenue was clutching her script and looked to be on the verge of tears. A couple of stage hands tossed her helpless looks as Yossy strode across the stage, placing one hand on Takahashi Ai's shoulder.

"Ai-chan, what's wrong?"

The tiny producer let the comment drop at first as she ordered the cast to 'take five', before turning back to her lighting and effects specialist with a sigh.

"They're not doing it right."

"You're too hard on the newbies." Yossy chided gently, steering the stressed Ai towards the backstage. Ai's shoulders were tight and tense, and she had an irritated tic on her eye.

"Everything has to be perfect. This show's my baby." Ai seemed more aggravated than usual, checking and doublechecking with each and every person to make sure they were doing their parts correctly.

"We'll pull through, Cap'n." Yossy drawled, and Ai flashed her a grateful half-smile.They stopped by with the sound technicians to check up on something, and then Hurricane Takahashi was whisked off to the costuming department to deal with some last minute issues with props and the like. Bemused, Yossy went off to check her own area instead.

The opening night would be in 2 days, and everyone was running high on adrenaline and stress as they absolutely had to make the play succeed. It was Ai's first independent work as a producer, and she had been stressed over everything from finding sponsors to get things going, negotiating with everyone involved, running through the script and being excessively anal about the casting...if Yossy hadn't known Ai for as long as she had, she might have walked out from all that micromanaging.

Thing was, Ai wasn't usually that much of a micromanager, though sometimes her desire for perfection could make her come across as overbearing. Added stress from external sources didn't help, Yossy chuckled to herself. She had heard from Shige-chan that the silly beanhead that Ai lived with was still deeply in denial about, well, everything. It was almost laughably amusing how Niigaki Risa could completely ignore the fact that "her perfect prince" was already right next to her...albeit shorter and not quite a guy. It almost made Yossy want to intervene in order to speed things up, but the knowledge that Ai wouldn't like it stayed her hand. Then again, it was faintly hilarious to see all that unresolved sexual tension between those two. It was like a real life drama. Just better.

The afternoon and best part of the evening passed quickly. Ai only made two more people cry in the process, but otherwise everything seemed to be right on track. In the midst of more last minute adjustments to the script as well as all the timing of the cues for light and sound, everyone totally missed dinner until stomachs started to rumble, prompting an enterprising crew member to call in pizza for the entire crew. Raucous cheers greeted the Pizza-la delivery man, and everyone retired into their own corners to take a breather and grab a bite to eat.

Yossy was about to get her portion when Ai called her over. Regretfully, she put down her cup and eyed the slices in the open pizza boxes heaped at the table before trotting over to the production nazi who also happened to be her neighbour.

Ai seemed to be a strange combination of hyper and stressed, if her behaviour was any indication. Her motions were jerkier than usual, and she seemed to cycle through 5 different emotions within a span of 3 seconds, all while animatedly talking about some idea she had. Yossy nodded at the suggestions and tried very hard not to think about the dwindling amount of pizza back at the tables backstage.

They ended up in the main stage area, which was more or less clear of everyone except for stray props and a couple of abandoned scripts. The lights were dimmed. Ai stopped abruptly, turning to Yossy.

"Thanks for listening, Yoshizawa-san."

"Comes with the job." Yossy replied wryly. Ai smiled.

"I know, but thank you anyway." The producer looked across the dimmed stage where props had been left untended by the starving crew. Apart from some backdrop stuff, there was also a table and a couple of chairs.

"Well, I won't hold you back from dinner anymore. Have fun!" Ai suddenly dashed off, leaving a bemused Yossy in her wake.

"Hm?" Shrugging, the effects specialist was about to follow her back to where the pizza was when a spotlight came on, freezing her in her tracks.

"What?" Yossy spun on her heel. Was this a prank?

A crackle, then the unmistakeable sound of a familiar voice started playing through the speakers.

"...and I hope my advice can help you, eien_rival-san! I'm sure your childhood friend takes you very seriously too!"

...I-sensei? Yossy blinked. She checked her ever present silver watch, which had been a birthday gift from Rika. Its twin adorned Rika's wrist. The time was about right for the latest broadcast of the I-sensei show, and she had been resigned to missing it since she was sure work was going to run late today. What was this?

"And now, it's time to address charming_choco-san's request! I really hope that it will reach the ears it's meant for!"

Yossy looked around once more, certain she was being punk'd somehow but not sure who was behind it or why this was even happening. Her mind turned quickly to the look on Ai's face earlier. Dammit, had Ai-chan been in on whatever this was?

Yossy had half a mind to just walk back to the waiting pizza, but the next lines from I-sensei's lips stopped her again.

"Yocchan, are you hearing this? I hope you are. Actually, I'm making sure you are."

Only one person called her that. And suddenly things made a whole lot more sense.

"I'm sorry how I never have much time for you these days. Coming home late and seeing you already asleep, then having to leave you again early in the morning for work...I feel like we barely see each other anymore, even though we live together, and it's really all my fault."

The words were spoken in I-sensei's somehow very familiar voice, but Yossy could hear Rika's lilting tone in each heartfelt line. Rika could be a little closed off sometimes, and they had become so used to reading each other's nonverbal cues that it came at the cost of actually having conversations. Yossy didn't remember how much she missed it...until now.

"Ne, Yocchan, remember when we first met?"

It was a long time ago. Coffee had been involved, Yossy remembered vaguely. Their first date had been at a cafe. Except it wasn't really a date, yet. Memories.

"I thought you were a gopher and told you to get me a coffee and you did it anyway. Then you left a note with my coffee saying it wasn't your job, but that it was ok since I was cute. I still have that note with me."

An involuntary smile crept its way up her face. Had Miki been there, she would have been mocking her again. But why shouldn't she be smiling? She remembered bumping into Rika now, back when she was still only an assistant effects specialist and had been contracted to work at the TV studio. How many years ago was that? And Rika kept the note? All this time?

"I got you back though, remember?"

Oh yes. Yossy hadn't expected it to go anywhere. She had left the note on a whim, fully expecting it to be tossed away and ignored. So she had totally been surprised when Rika walked right up to her the next day and shoved a cup of coffee into her hands.

"...then I told you we should go out for coffee sometime. I was really nervous when I did that then, you know. I'm glad I did though. That's what led to there being an 'us' at all."

It was like being a teenager again, that date. Yossy recalled having sweaty palms while trying to act cool, never mind that they were both already past 20 and adults then. Rika wasn't Charmy Ishikawa the intrepid reporter yet back then, but she was still gorgeous. Almost intimidatingly so. And there was no real indication that Rika even swung that way at first. After all, Yossy was used to girls falling all over her during high school due to her tomboyish good looks. But girls liking her because she looked like a guy wasn't the same as girls liking her as a girl. A few failed relationships taught her that painfully crucial difference. It might also have led her to start growing out her hair and adopt a slightly more feminine, though still androgynous look, after graduation.

"And I want there to continue being an 'us'. You've always made an effort to be there for me, to be the first one to initiate things between us, and...I'm scared of losing what we have. I don't want us to grow apart, Yocchan. You promised me you'd always be there for me, but I haven't always been there for you. So, starting today, I'm going to try harder to be."

Another spotlight came on, illuminating a figure on the other end of the stage. Time had not dimmed Rika's beauty in the least, Yossy mused, her eyes locked on the beautiful woman coming towards her. Unconsciously, her feet brought her forward, meeting the love of her life halfway as she always did.

They stopped before each other, Rika smiling shyly up at Yossy, whose unconscious grin gave her a distinctly Cheshire appearance, but for the soft expression in her eyes. They pause, uncertain where to begin.

"I love you, Yocchan. Forgive me?"

"What she said." Rika quipped, laughter dancing in her eyes. Yossy grinned, putting one hand on her hip and pretending to scowl for a moment.

"I want to hear it from you."

Rika met her eyes. Yossy could see the colour rise in her lover's cheeks, knew from experience that Rika was painfully shy about airing her emotions, and was, to some extent, socially awkward. Odd for an ace reporter who was a veteran in her field, but Yossy loved her no less for it.

Neither noticed how the broadcast had been turned off, and some enterprising person had put on some soothing ballroom music to 'work the mood', so to speak. Later, Ai would buy that clever person a beer for their initiative. But back to our couple.

"I missed you, Yocchan." Rika said softly, taking a half step forward to take one of Yossy's hands in her own.

"I never left." Yossy replied quietly, and Rika flinched ever so slightly, making the taller woman wince. It would sting, that comment. And it had hurt, Rika never being around. But she never wanted to hurt Rika. No, not ever.

"I'm sorry." Both apologized simultaneously, and the absurdity of their timing coaxed identical chuckles from the lovers. It felt right, this synchronicity, the bonds they had developed over years of their relationship, almost to the point where their mutual friends had begun to suspect them of telepathy. It was an intimate connection, and Yossy had not known how much she had missed it until they rekindled it once more. How do you explain missing something like a limb, but more? It was a phantom pain that was made ever more subtle by the fact that they still lived together and caught glimpses of each other every day. But it was not the same as the deep connection of truly understanding, truly paying attention to each other's needs. That was what they had been missing.

Rika hugged Yossy suddenly, laying her head on the taller woman's shoulder. Yossy's arms wrapped automatically around Rika's waist, burying her face into the luxuriously long locks. Her own hair was almost shoulder length, but tied back into a neat ponytail. There was a deep sense of completion in the gesture.

"I missed doing this." Rika mumbled. She tilted her head up, her eyes guilty.

"I'm sorry I was always away."

"You were busy." The excuse came up automatically, the usual defence. Yossy was so used to defending Rika against criticism that it came as second nature now.

"That's no excuse. I should have made time..." Rika shook her head. Yossy placed a finger on her girlfriend's lips.

"You're making time now, aren't you?"

And there lay the first step to forgiveness and healing...until Yossy's stomach rumbled a loud protest at being deprived for so long. Rika let out a chuckle.

"Sorry Yocchan, I guess it's time to feed you?"

The taller woman laughed and scratched at the back of her head awkwardly. Rika smiled mysteriously and disengaged from her tall lover, taking Yossy's hand and leading her to the table that had been left in the middle of the stage. Glasses and cutlery were neatly arrayed there, and they took seats opposite each other.

"Ai-chan was totally in on this, wasn't she?" Yossy said wryly. Rika grinned unrepentantly, clapping her hands sharply to signal someone. When the food came rolling up in a trolley pushed by an elegantly dressed waiter, Yossy raised an eyebrow. Her eyebrow went even higher when the waiter laid out the French cuisine before her.

"Is this...?"

"I called in a favour." Rika said simply, an impish look on her face. Yossy laughed.

"Yasuda-san just called me the other day and we were taking about her husband and his cooking...I guess this was the result?"

"Guilty as charged." Rika winked, blowing a kiss. "And it's Kozaki-san now that she's married~"

"She'll always be Yasuda-obachan to us though!" Yossy completed the joke, both of them beaming at each other. A tender expression crept onto Yossy's face, and she reached out to grip Rika's hand.

"I love you, Rika."

Rika's answering smile was brilliant as the sun itself.


Ahhh~ I'm all teary now! I hope your Yocchan appreciates your gesture, charming_choco-san! And if I may add, just spend more time with her! But awww you two sound like the cutest couple, just like me and R-kun!

To all lovers out there, a little time to show your care and concern always helps! It doesn't have to be a grand gesture every single time, but it's the little things that you do every day that really matter. Never forget to show your love; they won't know if you hide it away somewhere, and you can't expect your loved ones to read your mind!

Once again, I wish the best to not only charming_choco-san, but to all lovers out there!

Sayumi ended the live broadcast with a click, letting out a long breath she couldn't hear due to the noise-cancelling headphones she had on her head. She sat in silence for a moment, not wanting to take the headphones off to hear the very real silence of the house.

Reina had been busy with studio practice this past week, spending all day cooped up there with her bandmates as they rehearsed for their upcoming tour. By the time she came back, it would be in the wee hours, and so Sayumi didn't get to see her girlfriend quite as much lately.

With a sigh, Sayumi removed her headphones and rose from her swivel chair, padding out into the darkened living room and groping around on the couch for the remote. She found it hidden under a cushion where Reina had no doubt left it, and turned the TV on to some random channel.

It was comforting to hear the TV when she was alone at home. It gave her the illusion of having Reina home with her, since Reina always left the TV on whenever she was home, whether or not she was currently watching something. If she was lucky, Reina would be on some program and she'd even be able to see her cat-like girlfriend.

Of course, if she were luckier, Reina would be home with her right now. Sayumi curled up on the couch and hugged a cushion to herself. It still smelt like Reina. Gods, she missed her. Was it this hard back when they only saw each other once or twice a week? Sayumi felt greedy, wanting ever more of Reina's presence. Was this what being in love was like? It made her feel jealous and small, somehow.

"Reina..." The bunny sighed as she flipped to another channel. It was going to be another long night without her girlfriend with her.


Title is self evident. All the nicknames. Ishiyoshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Things. Stuff. Happening.

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Re: Neighbours [1/10 - Side Story: Apple Diary #1]
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So much OG goodness! I admit I wasn't thinking of Yasuda's married name when "Kozaki-san" was mentioned, so it didn't hit me who it was until Yossy namechecked her maiden name, ho ho ho.

I giggled at the absurdity of everyone working together to such lengths to let Reporter Charmy have her moment with Yossy, but damned if it wasn't a great read. :)

I'm interested in what went down between GAM, too. You're such a tease, Estrea!

Best line(s) of the chapter, though, hands down:

An outsider would have assumed that Yossy was the 'man' in the relationship. The outsider would have been wrong.


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Re: Neighbours [20/10 - Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no]
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So sweet~ Ishiyossi <3 I was so hoping that Rika would suddenly appear on stage… and there she was!  :cow:

And not to forget Ai micromanaging and making people cry instead of crying herself XD
Having to oversee two separate events in the same location within the same timeline would do that to a perfectionist.

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Re: Neighbours [20/10 - Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no]
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Hiya Essy I'm back after a long while! Missed me?  :P  :lol:

Anyways Essy I think I have a love-hate relationship with ya. I love the fact that your fanfics are so freaking awesome and totally out of the world in a good way but I hate the part where you write so many fanfics and end up not finishing any of em lol  XD

But I think I still love ya Cos your fanfics are just simply too awesome for my liking  :lol: keep up the good work and update soon lol  :twothumbs

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