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Author Topic: Neighbours [20/10 - Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no]  (Read 29298 times)

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Neighbours [20/10 - Episode 7: Motto Aishite Hoshii no]
« on: December 10, 2012, 06:02:46 PM »
*creeps in* I really shouldn't be starting new fic but what the heck. I miss writing Gorokkies so tadaaaaaa.

Title based on soap opera. Yes, that one. Episodic chapters can be expected as and when I bloody feel like it. You have been warned.

Credits to Kuji for prodding me and giving me ideas to bounce off. XD Trolling you always, ya shorty! :P

And 'ere we gooooooo~


Pilot Episode

"And that's all for tonight's Guerilla Love Navi~ This is everyone's favorite love guru, I-sensei signing out! Goodnight~"

Click. The connection fizzled out, and the young woman removed her headset with a whoosh of relief. She replayed the section she just recorded, checking through her own diction to make sure it sounded good. She would have to vet through the whole thing at least a couple times more before uploading it the following night. Which reminded her, she needed to pick a couple of songs to insert in between the questions in order to emphasize the points in her answers...

A click at the door, followed by the familiar rasp of the doormat. Keys jangled noisily, slapping against what had to be a leather surface, and the seated woman smiled, turning her head in a flurry of dark locks towards the newcomer.


"Tadaima... Sayu? I thought you weren't coming over?" This was accompanied by the slip-slide of cloth against more leather. The door to the shoe cabinet creaked open and shut a pause later. Then the actual owner of the apartment came into view, a tiny young woman with pink highlights in her bronzed hair. She wore more leather than was perhaps recommended for the season, but instead of appearing skanky, managed to pull off cool, with some cute thrown in. She was in the process of hauling off her stockings as she came in, and her toenails were a coral pink. This, the woman on the couch knew even before the stockings were off -- she helped paint them on after all.

"Oneechan called to say she was going drinking with her friends from work. She asked me to come along, but I didn't feel like it. So I came over instead." She smiled sweetly, and the newcomer scoffed in her usual fashion, slinging her bag down at the tiny dining table before crossing the three steps to the couch and all but plunging down next to the seated girl.

"Rough day at work?" Sayu looked down at the kittenish girl who was leaning against her shoulder. Removing the laptop from her lap, she shifted, allowing her companion to wriggle into a more comfortable position.

"Mm. Met one of my new guitarists. Marina, I think her name is. Damn newbie treating me like a little kid. I'm older and the senior one, damnit!"

Sayumi giggled at the indignant pout on the girl's face. It was easy to forget that the girl on her lap was already 24, same as her, just a few months younger. Reina did look no older than 16 after all. The size didn't help either.

"So did the great Tanaka Reina put those upstarts in their place?" Sayu teased lightly, stroking Reina's hair gently and untangling knots as she went. The smaller girl puffed up proudly.

"Course I did! They're my minions, not the other way round!"

Only Tanaka Reina could get away with calling other people her minions. Sayumi couldn't help it; she laughed. Reina frowned imperceptibly, then slid up into a sitting position in a flash, straddling Sayumi easily. In that position, it didn't matter that Sayumi was bigger and taller than her. She had the advantage, and that was the way she liked it.

"Laughing at me, are you?" Reina growled with a hint of menace, but the playful twinkle in her eye was speculative as she eyed the girl she was on top of. Sayumi smiled innocently, her eyes wide and doe-like as she relaxed easily under the smaller girl.

"I missed you all week." Sayumi breathed quietly, disarming the cat-like girl before they could drag out the charade for longer. Reina did so love these little games, and Sayumi did as well, but there were times when she just wanted to get to the point. This was one of those times.

A smirk curled on Reina's lips. "Five days, and I did ask you to come with..."

"And get stuck in your hotel room the whole time? No thanks." Sayumi sassed back just as easily. She liked being around Reina, but she wasn't that needy.

"Oh you're going to pay for that..." Their noses were barely an inch apart, close enough to see each other reflected in their eyes.

"And who'll make you dinner, hmm?" Sayumi let her eyelashes flutter oh so briefly, moving on hand to trace the inside of Reina's knee. She felt more than heard Reina's breath catch, and allowed herself a brief moment of triumph.

Reina growled low in her throat, though it evened out into a purr as Sayu's questing fingers trailed up from her knee along the inside of her thigh. The dark amber of her eyes had hardened almost to a rich chocolate, sending a trill of excitement along the taller woman's spine. Not much longer now...

"Dinner can wait. I want dessert right now."

Hook, line and sinker... Sayumi thought smugly as her girlfriend swarmed over her like piranha over prey. And that was the last coherent thought either of them for the next hour or so.


"So you're staying over tonight?" Reina asked casually, taking another dumpling off the plate. She had thrown on a large t-shirt and shorts since the nights were still a little chilly. Winter could not be over soon enough, in her opinion. She scuffed the floor idly with one bunny slippered foot as she thumbed through the channels using the remote control from the dining table.

The person she was addressing was currently curled up snugly at the kotatsu, the only visible part of her being that luxurious mane of dark hair and her bare shoulders. Sayumi hadn't really bothered to get dressed after their, ahem, activities. As a matter of fact, neither of them had bothered to pick up their scattered articles of clothing yet. They would get round to it eventually. Right now, Sayu just wanted to bask...and catch her breath. Her stamina wasn't exactly the greatest, and Reina was always extra frisky whenever they were separated for longer than a few days.

"Mm...I already told oneechan that I'm staying over." Sayu stretched luxuriously, feeling the delicious ache in her muscles as she tried to find a more comfortable position without leaving the warmth of the kotatsu. Reina raised an eyebrow at her girlfriend, taking in the laptop bag that she brought along and obviously, precious little else.

"You planning on sleeping naked? Not that I mind..." Reina smirked. Sayu rolled her eyes.

"Don't be silly, I left a set of clothes here the last time and forgot to bring it back. I'll be wearing that...and don't get any ideas." Narrowed eyes met off-center ones, who promptly put on the most innocent expression ever. Not that it fooled the bunny.

"Don't look at me like that. You hog the covers and it's cold at night. I rather not fall sick."

Reina pouted adorably, sulking behind another mouthful of dumpling. Sayumi giggled at the petulant expression on her girlfriend's face. 2 years together (or a year and 5 months, depending on who you were asking -- it's a long story) and they had settled into a comfortable routine. Reina had her work, and Sayumi had hers -- though Reina would argue that what Sayu was doing wasn't really work, but the poison tongued bunny sweetly rebuts that if a hobby that makes money wasn't work, then Reina wasn't exactly working either. Reina couldn't really say much to that -- she did love her music and fronting a band was like a dream come it brought in the dough and made her famous in her own right.

They led radically different lives, truth to be told. Reina lived in the spotlight and thrived on it, and while Sayumi wasn't in the spotlight the same way, she did crave attention, and found ways to get it while never even leaving her own comfort zone. One could say that they were both famous, but in different circles. Sayumi's weekly web radio program was followed by hundreds, if not thousands, which made her a celebrity in her own right. Of course, that wasn't really her day job, but it was a nice addendum to the drudgery of coding and programming work she did for a living. She designed her own homepage and blogged regularly, managing to garner enough of a following that eventually gained enough critical mass to organize itself into a fanclub. Well, she was cute, so she felt like it was fully deserved. Reina scoffed and called her a narcissist, but didn't discourage her otherwise. Truth to be told, Reina was actually rather impressed (not that she would ever tell Sayu, the girl didn't need any more of an ego boost).

Few people knew of their unorthodox relationship. By mutual consent, they told no one, except for Sayu's best friend, a certain Kamei Eri, who absolutely had to be told, given how it was mostly due to Eri that this unlikely couple even crossed paths to begin with. If you had told them 10 years ago that they would eventually end up together in a steady, committed relationship, Sayumi would have called you a lunatic, and Reina would have hit you on principle. They really didn't get along back in school.

But that was a story for another time, and Sayumi cast around lazily for a way to get up and take a shower without exposing herself to the cold air. It was nice and comfy in the cocoon she had burrowed into, but she had to get clean eventually. Her dilemma was solved when a big fluffy blanket landed on her head. Sayu bit back an instinctive curse, pulling the blanket down with a huff to glare at her laughing girlfriend, who stood with folded arms leaning against the entrance to her bedroom. The girl must have gotten up and stole off to her room for the blanket while Sayumi was woolgathering. It was sweet and annoying at the same time, but that was Reina for you. Well, Sayumi was not one to be trifled with either.

"I guess I'll just have to take a shower then...alone."

Getting up with deliberate slowness (also, because her muscles were cramped), Sayumi made sure that Reina's eyes were on her as she wrapped the blanket around herself and sashayed past her lover with an air of haughty indifference. Sayu was always a little insecure about her figure, but Reina had assured her that she liked her the way she was, small boobs and all. Which had then led to an animated discussion on who had smaller boobs, in which tempers flared dangerously until Sayumi had defused the tension in a completely ingenious move so that things could end on a more pleasant note. Who said being a pervert was a bad thing?

Regardless, Sayumi was satisfied by the way Reina traced her form, chasing her outline with hungry eyes. Their eyes met for a split second, and Reina smirked wolfishly, making Sayu frown -- was she keeping something from me? -- and the smaller girl slid smoothly out of her girlfriend's way, but not before pausing to lean up and nuzzle into the taller girl's ear.

"Dinner was great, thanks."

And just like that, all irritation melted away. Sayu cocked an eyebrow at her departing lover, and made sure to leave the bathroom door unlocked after her. To her disappointment, Reina didn't take the unspoken invitation. Though, when she emerged from her hasty shower, she spotted where Reina had left her a set of PJs from her last sleepover. Thus dressed, she stomped out of the tiny bathroom into the narrow confines of the 2LDK apartment, and on spotting Reina clearing up the mess they'd left behind earlier, her vague dissatisfaction faded away into nothingness.

Insinuating herself into the cleanup process had never been easier. All she had to do was stand within reach of her girlfriend, and Reina would hand her something to either put away or toss into the trash pile. Through their domesticity, they nattered on about little tidbits in their lives during the enforced separation. Reina divulged juicy details about the band circuit and entertainment gossip, and Sayu gave her a general update on difficult clients as well as interesting questions sent into her radio show. The web DJ never had the luxury of time to answer all the questions sent in during the self imposed time limit of her show, but she usually gave out general advice on her blog that targeted a broad spectrum of relationship issues. Reina often jokingly referred to her as a modern day Aunt Agony, but Sayu only laughed and then forcibly drafted Reina's help on some of the thornier cases she selected for individual treatment on the show. And while Reina would never admit it, she often listened to the broadcasts whenever she was away from her lover. Even though she could always just pick up the phone to call, Reina didn't often want to act like a needy kitten, so she found a way to get her dose of Sayu-time without having to get off her pedestal. In any case, Sayu usually initiated calls anyway, and they texted each other on and off through the day.

As Reina finished up and nipped off for a quick shower, Sayumi curled up on the couch, relaxed by the routine between them. Eri often called them an old married couple whenever Sayu called her to chat -- her bestie seemed to be keeping well occupied post-graduation, though exactly what she was up to, Sayu wasn't really sure. Something about a theme cafe of some sort. She kept planning to go, but work kept her busy, and in between running over to see Reina, it left her with little time for anything else. Eri was very understanding though, but Sayu made up her mind to clear out some space in her schedule the following week so she could go visit. Maybe even drag Reina along, schedules willing.

"Yen for your thoughts?"

Reina sauntered over, towel still draped around her shoulders. The cat-like girl didn't bother asking Sayu to scoot over, flopping comfortably half on top of her girlfriend and nuzzling into the taller girl's neck. Sayu curled her arms around the lithe form of the girl on her lap, taking comfort from the close contact.

"Just thinking of visiting Eririn at her cafe. I haven't been a very good best friend..."

"You've been busy." Reina defended her instinctively. Cupping Sayu's face with one hand, Reina leaned in and rubbed noses with her worrywart lover.

"Don't worry, I dropped by that place a couple weeks ago when work took me nearby. Got your bestie some of those snacks she really likes and said they were from you. There, problem solved!" Reina looked so proud of herself. Sayumi laughed softly.

"What would I do without you?"

Reina paused in her contemplation of one of the many love bites she had left on the bunny earlier, eyes flickering with mischief as she replied.

"Not have amazing mindblowing sex like you do now."

Sayumi swatted at her lover playfully, earning a mock growl from the kitten, who pretended to nip at her. It lasted only a moment before they settled back into their comfortable embrace.

It was Sayumi who broke the silence first, idly voicing a whim as she traced circles on Reina's arm.

"I wish we could do this more often..."

Without even looking away from the TV screen, Reina replied just as casually.

"We could if you moved in with me."

Silence. The talk show host on the screen squawked something that brought on the canned audience laughter reels. Reina's hand rested on the remote control, but did not change the channel as she usually did. Her eyes remained focused on the screen, not even looking back for Sayu's reaction.

"Did...did you just...?" The normally eloquent bunny was reduced to stutters. If Reina had been looking she would have laughed her ass off at the way Sayu was gaping like a stranded goldfish.

"Mm." If they hadn't been sitting practically on top of one another, Sayu wouldn't have noticed the slight tensing of her lover's muscles. Reina was nervous, though she hid it well. The thought left a warm feeling in Sayu's heart, and she tightened her embrace on the smaller girl.

"I would love to, but your apartment's too small..."

"I found a place." Reina cut in abruptly. She turned halfway around, eyes anxious for approval. It's big enough for both of us, and I should be able to afford the rent and it's located in a really nice district and..."

Sayumi silenced her with a kiss. Reina's eyes widened briefly, then she relaxed into it, the familiar motions calming her obviously rattled nerves. When they parted, Sayumi leaned her forehead against Reina's.

"You did all this without telling me?"

Reina smiled lopsidedly. "I was afraid you'd say no otherwise."

Sayu quirked an eyebrow. "And what's to stop me from saying no now?"

"You wouldn't." Reina looked briefly dismayed, making Sayu giggle and pinch at the smaller girl's cheeks. "Of course not, silly. But what am I going to tell Oneechan?"

"About that..." Reina had a mischievous little grin on her face. "I asked her for permission first."

"You what?" Sayu's jaw dropped. "But we, I, I mean, I never told her about us." The last part came out slightly strangled. Reina made a small 'o' with her mouth, tapping her chin thoughtfully.

"So that's why she looked so surprised at first..."

Sayumi delivered her best death glare at her unrepentant lover. "Reina..."

"She wasn't that surprised." Reina waved it off smoothly. "You give your sister too little credit. She said something along the lines of 'knew there was something going on between the two of you' and 'well done'." Reina looked fairly smug. "I think she approves."

Sayumi did not look reassured. "But, but Oneechan can't keep a secret! First time Mama calls in to check on us, she'll spill everything!" She looked next to panicked. Mama Michishige was a pretty scary entity in her own right, so she had reason to worry. Reina just shrugged.

"Hey, she knew about it for weeks and kept it from you. And you guys live together. I think she knows when to keep her mouth shut." Reina still had that smug little expression on her face, making Sayu torn between wanting to slap her and wanting to kiss her. Or both. Probably both.

"Are you ashamed of us? Of me?" Reina gathered Sayu's hands in hers, kissing each of the knuckles in turn, her eyes never leaving Sayumi's. Sayu swallowed nervously.

"It's just...I'm worried, Reina. It doesn't matter so much for me, but're in the entertainment industry and it would ruin your career if this gets out. There being an 'us' would hurt you more and, and...I'm afraid..."

This time it is Reina who silences her with a kiss. Through it they shared their fears and anxieties, worries and concerns bleeding through the intimacy, and Sayu felt a load lifting off her shoulders as she felt Reina's love for her through the contact. Unwavering devotion, intense and unguarded. It wasn't often that Reina was so forthright with her feelings, and Sayu treasured every second of it.

"I'm scared too, but I want to be with you. I don't like waking up alone and wondering where you are and what you're doing. I like when we cuddle in front of the TV and when you help me with my nails. I like brushing your hair before bed and stealing the covers off you just so you'd cling on to me at night.  I like it when you cook for me and that you remember to help me record my dramas when I'm too busy, and there's just so much more. I love you, Sayu, and I want to be with you. I don't care what other people think. The people who matter won't care, and the people who care don't matter."

Tears started to flow before Reina was even halfway through her speech, and Sayu was a bawling mess by the end. Reina held her through it all, rubbing soothing circles on her back.

"I'll call Mama to tell her. About us. About everything." Sayu blurts after a moment, her face still buried in the front of Reina's shirt. Reina chuckled.

"You don't have to rush on my account. I'll be there when you decide to tell her. We should do it together. I won't let you be alone, you know."

"I know." They kiss again, gentle and probing, unhurried. Sayu drew back briefly to regard her girlfriend, who was smiling lazily like a cat that got the canary.


"Nothing...just thinking that I'll have something else to tell Eri when I see her..."

"Oh, about that....she knows too." Reina had the decency to look slightly shamefaced as Sayu's eyes widened.

"Tanaka Reina. Does the whole world except me know about this until now?"

"It's just your sister and Kame! Kame helped me find the place actually. I'm sure you'll love it."

"Some best friend she is. I can't believe she was plotting behind my back." Sayu pouted. Reina laughed and kissed the pout off her lips.

"Hey, it was for a good cause." Reina grinned at her girlfriend. "So I ask again...move in with me?"

Under that confident, cocky attitude was that of a child. Sayu saw through it immediately, and she laughed, hooking her arms around Reina's neck to bring her in close.

"What if I say I have to think about it?" Sayumi purred in her most sultry voice. Reina's eyes took on an eager expression, her lips curving into a cocky smirk.

"I'll be happy to add my persuasion to your consideration..."

They never did remember to turn off the TV after that.


I-sensei has some good news and bad news for everyone this week! Bad news: the next episode of Help Me, I-Sensei's Emergency Phonebooth will be cancelled! The good news is...I'm moving in with my perfect boyfriend and that's why I won't be available for the broadcast~ I know everyone will miss me but I-sensei will be back the following week to help solve everyone's relationship problems! Until next time~


"I don't think the world is ready to know that I'm a raging lesbian."

"True. But...boyfriend? Me?"

"Well I can't be the boy in this..."

"But I like pink just as much as you!"

"Oh for god's sake...Reina. I know you're a girl. I love you in all your girliness and tantrums and shopaholic tendencies. I don't want you to be a boy and have never wanted a boy anyway."


"Yes. Geez, you're such a girl."

"That's why you love me."

"I do."

"But, boyfriend? Really?"



I realize this is my first ever Tanashige. I hope I did ok. Haha.

Just the beginning. The real story begins after they move in together. Fufufu. XD

*wanders away*
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Re: Neighbours
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 06:38:47 PM »

I know I basically gave you a running commentary as I read this but can I say again that I love the idea of this whole neighbourhood deal? The prologue is a great start, introducing basically our lovely Tanashige couple who are joining this new community. I can't wait for them to meet and interact with the rest of the cast. Fun stuff.

Hmph. Since I like this story, I'll even forgive you for the shorty comment. This time. :catglare:

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Re: Neighbours
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Reading at work. Bad me! XD

EDIT: Ok, I'm back. So the couple has been firmly established, as has their jobs and their 6ki connections. Funny how there's no mention of Reina's family, yet. And I noticed that you said GOrokkies... I'm guessing the 5kis show up as neighbors?

I'm glad to see it starting off so upbeat! I can't wait to see where you'll be taking this...
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Re: Neighbours
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Lol sorry for the hype anyway i love this fic i think its great the way Renia has planned everything before she even asked Sayu and the way Sayu is a tease lol an now they are fighting on who the boy in the relationship ahahaha please update soon its very interesting and funny and plus its TANASHIGE !!!

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Re: Neighbours
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Ahaha this seems really good and the couple are dead pervy lol I enjoyed reading this hope you update soon please

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Re: Neighbours
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Another GoRokkies fic! *pumps fist into air*  :cow:  :cathappy:

Totally though it was Ai doing the broadcasting what with the “I-sensei signing out!” and the whole checking the recording thing. I never pegged Sayu to be the responsible character, not that I’m saying she isn’t responsible… It’s just that I hardly see(and read) Sayu being ‘responsible for her action’, but hell I’m (sorta) new to this so Imma shut up now.

Soon as I read the word leather Reina came to mind... and I was right.  :lol:

"I'm older and the senior one, damnit!"
Lol, apparently it doesn’t show

Sayumi giggled at the indignant pout on the girl's face. It was easy to forget that the girl on her lap was already 24, same as her, just a few months younger. Reina did look no older than 16 after all. The size didn't help either.
See, even Sayu thinks it.  XD

Tanashige foreplay  :drool:

"Don't look at me like that. You hog the covers and it's cold at night. I rather not fall sick."
*falls off chair*

Reina often jokingly referred to her as a modern day Aunt Agony

… but Sayu only laughed and then forcibly drafted Reina's help on some of the thornier cases she selected for individual treatment on the show.
:lol: You go Sayu.

Sayu worrying over how she’s been a bad friend and Reina taking on the sweet lover role. <3

"Not have amazing mindblowing sex like you do now."
Ah, do I sense another round of playtime?

"I wish we could do this more often..."
What? Foreplay and then bedroom? xD

Tanashige serious moment

Sounds like a proposal to me. Sayu say yes! I know you want to.

"You give your sister too little credit. She said something along the lines of 'knew there was something going on between the two of you' and 'well done'." Reina looked fairly smug. "I think she approves."
Hell she does!

…and stealing the covers off you just so you'd cling on to me at night.
And the mystery is revealed. Reina you little devil. Lol

"What if I say I have to think about it?" Sayumi purred in her most sultry voice. Reina's eyes took on an eager expression, her lips curving into a cocky smirk.

"I'll be happy to add my persuasion to your consideration..."
And round two is a-go!

The last part just cracks me up. Boyfriend? Really? Haha.

Totally following this story. The world needs more GoRokkies!(or at least my world)

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Re: Neighbours
« Reply #6 on: December 13, 2012, 06:46:14 AM »
That was very nice!   :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs
Headache was forgotten for a moment   :mon sundae:


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Re: Neighbours
« Reply #7 on: December 19, 2012, 08:06:26 PM »
Yay new chapter! Yay comment replying!

Kuji: Why are you asleep. Too bad, you can read this when you wake up. :P I expect another running commentary when the time comes :P More of the cast in the upcoming chapter. You already had the privilege of previewing some sections, but I hope you like the rest as well! Also, try to keep your KameShige instincts under control, ya? :lol:

rndy: Haha nice observations. Reina's family will come into play later. I'm still shoring up on details for basically everything as I go. XD Hope you like the new cast members that show up this chapter! (pretty sure you will :P)

XxRoByNxX78: Can I just call you Robyn? Easier to type. :lol: Yeah Tanashige managed to hook me lately, so here I am with Tanashige. XD It took me a while to get this chapter out cos it's loooooong. Haha. But yeah I like how Reina and Sayu are together. :3 They're so cute and non-standard lol. Glad you liked it!

farquhar97: Thanks for commenting! I'm notorious for taking my time to update, I must say. :lol:

yunagi: Thank you for the massive quote-commenting. :lol: I missed those! Sayu is so often written as being selfish and narcissistic but the Sayu in my eyes is a different sort of person I must say. She plays up the image of being self absorbed, but she's extremely aware of everything that goes on around her, and she's very sensitive and responsible in her own way. :) I always enjoy writing Sayu, even though I tend to typecast her in the lolicon narcissist role myself :lol: Mostly cos it's just hilarious...but I try to balance that here. I like fleshing out my characters :D Glad you liked the Tanashige! :D

krisz: Yo! Glad I could help with the headache! Haha. Moar, as requested!

Okie, time to edit and post!


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Re: Neighbours
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Episode 1: Love Like A Game

And the next message is from ringo_daisuki-san:

I-sensei konnichiwa! It's going to be the birthday of the senpai I admire, and I really want to make an impression so she'll remember me. What do you suggest I give her? She's really proper and elegant and reserved, so I'm not sure what to get her that will stand out from the rest. What should I do???

Ahh, young love! Don't worry, ringo_daisuki-san! I-sensei is here for you! Firstly...


"Thank you so much for helping us with the boxes!"

Sayumi had to fight to suppress her squeal reflex. The person who was helping them was sooooooo handsome! Never mind that she was in love with Reina, surely she could be forgiven for ogling such a wonderful specimen of eye candy? The best part, it was a girl! Tall and cool and so much like a fairytale prince! If only...

A sharp pinch to her arm brought the bunny to her senses. Sayumi made a small yelp and glared balefully at her erstwhile best friend, one Kamei Eri, who had already moved on to speak with said "prince", their neighbour and resident eye candy, Yoshizawa Hitomi.

"Oh it's no big deal, I just came back to pick up some documents and equipment. Work doesn't start until later in the afternoon anyway, and I'm always glad to get out of those production meetings."

Sensibly dressed in flannel shirt and jeans, Yoshizawa ("call me Yossy!") cut a fine figure in practical sneakers, and a silver watch that didn't quite match the rest of her outfit rested around one slim wrist. Her hair was dyed a deep brown, with bleached streaks hidden in the waves that almost reached her shoulder, though not quite. She was taller than Sayumi and Eri both, and had very kindly lent a hand with the unpacking process.

Reina had had to leave halfway after an irate phone call from her manager, with many apologetic looks and a last affectionate kiss on Sayu. The kitten did make a point to glare at Yossy while doing so, as if daring the older woman to say something about inappropriate relationships. To her eternal surprise, Yossy only chuckled and said something about young love. Reina had seemed somewhat mollified by the response, though she still cast suspicious looks at the tall woman. Reina did not warm to strangers quickly or easily. It probably did not help that she had spotted her girlfriend getting a serious case of googly eyes at the handsome appearance of their new neighbour. Jealousy was unbecoming, but the green eyed monster was a somewhat familiar guest for the pair.

When Sayumi had drawn her best friend aside to ask about Yoshizawa's non reaction to Reina's territorial display, Eri only grinned and said that she wouldn't have found a place for them to live that would be hostile to their relationship.

Speaking of which, Sayumi had been more than surprised when Reina first showed her the new place...especially when Eri popped up from a door over dressed only in her pajamas. Clearly, her girlfriend had been keeping it from her, judging from the smug expression on her face when the two best friends embraced with a squeal.

The apartment itself was a dream come true. Reina refused to let her know how much it cost, but Sayumi had promptly changed gears and declared that she would be in charge of all other household expenses instead. Reina took one look at her girlfriend's face and wisely decided not to press the point. She did know when to pick her battles.

It was a modest 3LDK, with 3 rooms, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen. When Sayumi asked Reina why they needed 3 rooms, the girl said this:

"Well, one is for our bedroom of course. We probably need a second room for all our clothes...mine alone already spilled over to the spare room at my old apartment."

"And the last room?"

"That's for you. I know you always wanted a room for all your tech stuff, so, well...I wanted to make it a reality for you. I have absolutely no idea about all that advanced crap so you can do whatever you want..."

Reina had been cut off at that point by an enthusiastic squeal from Sayu, who practically smothered her tiny girlfriend with appreciative affection. If Eri had not been standing nearby, it was very likely that they would have had sex right there and then. As it was, they almost did, but Eri reminded them of her presence in spectacular fashion. A bucket of cold water had never been taken quite so literally.

As it was, they already had Eri muttering something about soundproofing, to which Sayumi smartly replied that if Eri could sleep through an earthquake, she could sleep through anything. This was actually a proven case. When they last had a "minor" quake, Sayu had been worried sick about her best friend, who had remained uncontactable during the time. A quick visit revealed that the turtle girl was quite safely ensconced in her futon and had apparently not even been aware that she had just slept through a 3.4 earthquake. It was the stuff of legends, one of many that surrounded one Kamei Eri. They had met in high school, and through some twist of fate, become absolutely inseparable in the process. Considering Eri was a year older (you really couldn't tell), that was a surprise in itself.

It actually was a pretty funny story. Eri was supposed to be in class 2B, but for some reason she had wandered into the wrong classroom and wound up napping in class 1B instead...right next to freshie Sayu, who thought that the sleepy looking girl was her age until after the end of first period when an exasperated form teacher had strolled past them and exclaimed loudly that if Kamei-san wanted to be held back a year so much, all she had to do was tell the principal. Or something. To which Eri had only yawned, grabbed Sayumi's hand, and towed the disoriented firstie along with her to the cafeteria for a mid-morning snack.

Of such stuff friendships are made, and they had bonded over yakisoba bread and tea. The rest, as they say, is history.

"We ought to take a break from all the heavy lifting though! Why don't we all head down to the cafe and get something? It'll be on the house!"

Eri flopped down by the squishy couch that the burly movers had moved in days before. The only things left that had required Yossy's help was mostly Sayu's stuff, since Reina already had hers shipped over. Reina had been right, they would need a whole room to contain both their not-inconsiderable wardrobes. Sayumi joined her on the couch, also visibly worn out by spending the better part of a morning supervising the move.

"As much as I'd like to join you ladies," Yossy checked her watch, "I really have to get going or I'll be late for a meeting I can't afford to skip. And ah, gotta grab some files for Ai-chan too!"

"That's right, you're working with Ai-chan for that new production she was talking about! But wait, isn't Gaki-san off at work too? How are you gonna get into their place?"

Yossy grinned and produced a small key with some impressive sleight of hand. "Ai-chan passed me hers. She's stuck in cast meetings and they're having a preliminary reading later on, but she left a couple of her notes. I offered to pick them up since I was coming back for some of my stuff too."

Eri nodded. "Okay~ Say hi to Ai-chan for me when you see her later!" She waved as Yossy headed for the exit.

"Will do~ Oh, and rain check on that cafe offer?"

Eri stuck her tongue out at the departing figure. "Limited to today only~ I have a business to run, you know!"

Yossy's laugh echoed from round the corner, fading quickly as the lanky woman headed to a different floor via elevator. Sayumi, who had been watching the proceedings with some amusement, turned to her best friend with a raised eyebrow.

"What happened to the person who was too lazy to socialize that I remember?" Sayumi poked a pouty Eri in the cheek, giggling at the injured expression on the turtle's face.

"Occupational hazard? But well, in this case it's all really Gaki-san's fault."

"Gaki-san? Is that the same girl you shared most of your classes with in college?"

Eri leaned back, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she made herself comfortable. "Yup! She's rooming with Ai-chan now, so that's one down. And Ai-chan runs into Yossy at work often enough that they've moved from colleagues to friends by now, and Ai-chan was the one who recommended Yossy to move in about a year ago or so. Oh! You should meet Yossy's girlfriend! Gorgeous, but scary. Definitely scary." Eri shivered at the last bit, leaving Sayumi to gape at her.

"Wait. Wait a minute. Are you saying that my prince, I mean, gay and lives with her girlfriend?" For all of her vaunted wit, Sayumi found herself nearly short-circuiting at the casual way her best friend was dropping all this information on her.

Eri smirked. "Just to show you how good of a best friend I am, I won't even tell Reina about your oh-so-obvious schoolgirl crush on Yossy. And yes she is very taken and very happy about it. They're even more of an old married couple than you and Reina...speaking of which, you are also 'gay and living with your girlfriend' as of today."

Sayumi hit her best friend on the arm. Eri had definitely taken a level in Verbal Sparring. The turtle laughed and then begged mercy when her best friend unleashed the weapon of last resort: The Tickle Attack!

Ten minutes later and utterly reduced to helpless puddles of mirth and gleeful tears, the two best friends leaned against each other on the couch, heaving for breath after having called a truce. Sayumi missed hanging out with Eri. They hadn't been able to spend as much time together as life and work started getting in the way, but it was good to unwind with her whenever they got together. The lack of expectation and mutual acceptance of each other's flaws made it easy to relax. Sayumi loved Reina, but Eri would always hold a special place in her heart.

"I think I'm ready for that tea now." Eri breathed between gasps. Sayumi nodded, also trying to recover from the intense side-splitting ordeal they had just been through.

"Shall we go then?"


"So explain to me how you managed to gather so many gay people around you. Are you sure you're not secretly gay too?"

Sayumi stirred her ice tea, watching the cubes clink against the frosted glass as she waited for her best friend to respond. Eri shrugged.

"Luck? I'm pretty sure I'm not gay though...not sure what I am, but definitely not just into girls."

Sayumi snorted. "I seem to recall you dating Reina back in school. You sure you're not into girls?" Surprisingly enough, considering what was being said, Sayumi did not sound jealous. In fact, she seemed rather amused. Eri sighed and rolled her eyes, taking a sip of her tea.

"You know I say 'yes' to any given person depending on my mood. And I think Reina wasn't so much interested in me as she was in what I could do. It certainly didn't last." Eri shrugged. "You hated her back then though."

Sayumi smiled wistfully. It certainly was ironic how things turned out. She really did go out of her way to make life hell for Reina after the yankii (that she was back then) had split with her best friend. Not that Reina took the punches lying down either. The hostility between them was legendary, and it practically polarized their entire year into opposing camps as both sides sought to out-maneuver each other.

Sayumi could never have imagined that she would end up with Reina. And now she was moving in with her! It would have been unthinkable to her high school self. Youth and immaturity plus Unresolved Sexual Tension (this, Sayu determined years after the fact) had led to a very explosive combination. Throw in friend jealousy and general irritation at Reina's don't-give-a-fuck attitude, and it made for a very interesting last year at high school. It did not help that Eri had already graduated by then and was off at college. High School Sayu probably just needed something to focus on, the older (and hopefully more mature) version mused. Even if it was just a petty rivalry...or righteous rage...or just something.

"I was upset that she took you away from me...and then you guys split up. I thought she dumped you or something so..." Eri laughed at Sayumi's sheepish admission.

"We just...didn't work out. And for your information, I dumped her, not the other way round!"

Sayumi laughed. Reina had said exactly the same thing, down to the dumping part. The bunny had pretty much resigned herself to never finding out who actually did do the dumping. With both parties actively muddying the waters, the truth was unlikely to surface. Not that it mattered, since Reina was with her now, and Eri was still her best friend. Best not to dig up old issues.

"So how's business around here?" Sayumi changed topics smoothly as she looked around the cafe. It was a small, intimate space with many private booths like the one they were seated at. The wood panelling could easily have lent a heavier atmosphere with a lack of adequate lighting, but the usage of pseudo gas lighting along with strategic placement of furnishings gave it a cozy and homely feel instead. A sprig of fresh greens poked out of a slim vase on every table, and soft chamber music played in the background. The soft murmurs of customer conversations was suddenly pierced by running feet, muted only by the carpeting.

"Sorry I'm late!" A panting voice wheezed from just out of sight. A high pitched voice replied with some exasperation.

"Mou, Ikuta-kun, that's the third time this week!"

"Sorry Haruna...ah! I saw your spread in last week's Seventeen! You looked great!" Some rustling as the newcomer rummaged in her bag. "And here's the latest issue of your favourite manga! I saw it on my way in Akiba earlier!"

"Thanks! I see you had a good haul yourself!" The two teenagers chatted on for a short while before Eri stuck her head out of the booth and not-so-subtly told her employees to get cracking. The shamed silence was very telling for the next several minutes.

"Your employees sure are lively." Sayumi twirled her straw. Eri sighed.

"Ikuta gets a little over-excited at times, but he makes up for it by being enthusiastic and being a decent hand in the kitchen. And I'm not even sure why Iikubo-chan is working for me. She's a history major at Todai and models part-time." There was a pause as Eri steepled her fingers and rested her chin on them. "I suspect she just likes wearing an apron and calling people goshujin-sama."

Sayumi giggled as the aforementioned girl flitted by, expertly balancing a laden tray and greeting customers with a brilliant smile as she set down their orders. The slim university student stopped by their table with one last dish on her tray.

"Kamei-sama! Suzuki-san asked me to pass you and your friend this! It's a new recipe and she would like your opinion on it!" Again, Sayumi had to marvel at how effortlessly the girl hit the higher ranges without even trying. It was like hearing a real-life anime character talk. She even looked like one, Sayumi had to admit. Large, dark eyes and doll-like features paired with a stick-thin figure and the most brilliant smile you could imagine. It wasn't hard to picture the girl as a model, though Sayumi personally preferred her girls to be more petite.

"Thanks Iikubo-chan. You can take a break now that Ikuta's here." Eri smiled briefly as she dismissed the bouncy girl. Her attention drifted down to the pastry resting on the little dish between her and her best friend. It wobbled enticingly, seducing the onlooker with the promise of rich cream and chocolate. The frosting seemed to shimmer in the low light. It was beautifully presented and it felt almost like a waste to sink a fork into the confectionery.

"This is sooooo good!" Sayumi all but moaned into her fork. "It actually melts in my mouth!"

Eri licked her fork discreetly and pinched another forkful before Sayu could. Between the two of them, they polished off the little cake in record time. Sayumi dabbed at her lips delicately with a napkin, eyes flicking to the kitchen doors.

"Can I kidnap your patisserie?"

"Only if you want to get arrested as a lolicon on top of kidnapping charges." Eri shot back with a grin. "Suzuki-chan's still a student, but she's very gifted as you see. I let her have more or less free run of the kitchen when she's here, and she comes up with my bestsellers. She gets to practice and I get a reputation for excellent pastries." Eri shrugged. "Win-win."

Sayumi gazed at Eri for a few beats, until the turtle girl raised an eyebrow at her. "What?"

"Nothing. Just thinking that you've grown a lot since we were in school. You're so capable now."

Eri scratched at her head sheepishly, betraying a hint of the slightly goofy girl that Sayu remembered underneath the capable businesswoman she had become. She tried to disguise it by lifting her teacup to her lips, forgetting that it was just recently topped up with fresh brew, and scalded her tongue with the overly large gulp she took. The next several moments saw her fumbling with her cup, splashing hot tea on her hand, and trying desperately to fan her tongue at the same time.

Sayumi burst out laughing at the hangdog expression her best friend was sporting, helping to clean Eri up as the older girl pouted. Sayumi poked her best friend in the cheek as Eri puffed them up, chuckling at the indignant expression on her face.

"And here I was just saying that you have gotten so capable..." Sayumi fussed over Eri with her usual gentle care, making the older girl squint as she ruffled her long silky hair on purpose.

"I'll always need you to take care of me, Sayu." A rabbit-toothed grin. Sayumi rolled her eyes and smacked Eri on the side of the head, but inside she felt nice and warm. She had been a little worried that they were drifting apart as they grew up, but as usual Eri knew what to do and say to allay her fears. What more could she ask for in a best friend?

"Don't change, Eri."

"I won' tell me, is that a mosquito bite on your neck or did a certain kitten get there first?"

"Kamei Eri!!!"


The back door to the dorms creaked open with the faintest of squeaks, letting in a sliver of moonlight and a human-shaped shadow before it swung back into place. A click of a lock turning, and a quiet thanks was murmured as the intruder tiptoed with extreme care down the dim hallway. It wouldn't do for the dorm head to catch her after curfew, and she skirted the main common areas where the other girls congregated for talk or study before lights out. Too obvious that she had been out late given that she was still dressed for the outdoors. Once she managed to get back to her room and changed to more appropriate indoor wear, she would be able to blend in. Of course, getting there was half the challenge. The other half had been getting in without being spotted. The girl gave thanks that her roommate was supremely understanding and also an exemplary exemplary student who managed to swipe the keys to every door in the dorm building, make copies, and then return them before anyone was any the wiser. Rumours of that girl being the incorruptible and perfect star student who could do no wrong were greatly exaggerated, though no one else but her knew the truth.

And success! Tonight's skulking trip had gone without a hitch, and the girl exulted as she pushed open the door to her dorm room. The room was dark except for the lamp at the table, which spilled light in a halo onto a pool of hair that trailed silky tendrils across an exercise book. There was a light snoring sound, though perhaps that was too inelegant a term. Her roommate did not snore, she snuffled like a kitten and made little mewling sounds once in a while. A pencil was clutched slack in her limp hand. Clearly, the girl had fallen asleep while doing work. Again. As usual.

"Nngh..." The sleeping girl stirred as the newcomer dropped her bag on her bunk. "Kanon-chan?" The voice was blurred with sleep, and the mop of hair stirred as the sleepy girl lifted her head and rubbed at one eye with a hand...the pencil-holding one. The effect was such that she managed to poke herself in the eye. "Ow!"

"Riho-chan..." The girl named 'Kanon-chan' by the newly awoken sleeper seemed halfway between laughter and a familiar, fond exasperation. Her roommate was a klutz, could fall asleep any time and anywhere, and who would forget her own head if it weren't permanently attached. The last two years rooming with her had seen Kanon acting as schedule, alarm clock, and personal nursemaid to the somewhat oblivious yet at the same time, completely brilliant Sayashi Riho.

"Kanon-chan? You're back?" Riho yawned, showing even white teeth that gleamed in the lamplight. She winced in the next second when Kanon flipped the room lights on, shielding her eyes from the glare.

"How many times must I tell you to not work in the dark?" Kanon repeated a familiar refrain, and Riho grinned sheepishly, scratching at the back of her head as she stood and stretched.

"How was work? I saved you some dinner by the way." The wrapped sandwiches rested on the other tiny desk that was a lot more organized compared to whirlwind mess on the one where Riho had been taking an impromptu nap at earlier. Kanon smiled gratefully up at her friend, falling into the plain foldout chair and grabbing the sandwiches. Her gaze drifted to the other mess on Riho's bed. A small mountain of unopened gifts teetered precariously in a disorganized heap, shifting and spreading into a wider hillock of presents when Riho's weight sank onto an open spot on the bed.

Riho caught her gaze, smiling ruefully. "I don't even know how they found out about my birthday. It's not like I go around advertising it." That was true. Riho was intensely private, and kept a closed circle of friends. If the random room assignment had not landed her with Kanon in their first year, there would have been little chance of them becoming anything more than just classmates. After all, they had chosen different specializations, Kanon going down the cookery route, and Riho choosing the sciences. Riho could just as easily have gone down the humanities route with her strong grasp of Japanese and literature, but had preferred to pick a course that would provide her with more opportunities when college rolled along. She was an ambitious girl, Kanon had to give her that. Even if she was a forgetful klutz who was messy and slept too damn much.

"Happy birthday again, anyway." Kanon grinned, eyeing the pile with a kind of amusement. There was a price to being too popular. Though it was fairly convenient at times. Riho always shared the spoils with her, so to speak. For whatever reason, most of the gifts were usually foodstuffs, and even with the girl's legendary appetite, she needed Kanon's help to finish everything. Which Kanon was only too happy to, of course. Some of those gifts had been really tasty!

"I saw your gift by the way. Thanks." A cat-like grin curled thin lips, her eyes thinning into slits as her cheeks dimpled. There were times when Kanon felt like she was living with a cat instead of a person. Whenever Riho smiled that way the feeling grew stronger.

"I've got something else for you though." Setting her half eaten sandwich aside, Kanon turned and carefully removed a box from her bag. The edges were a little battered, but the plain cream-coloured box was still happily intact. She breathed a sigh of relief at that. It would be a waste if the contents got crushed.

"Oooh?" Riho bounded off the bed, sending another cascade of gifts scattering to the floor, which she gleefully ignored and instead pulled up her own chair closer to Kanon's side of the room. Her eyes were bright and fixed on the box in Kanon's hand. Living with a chef-in-the-making had its benefits, and Riho never minded being used as a guinea pig for Kanon's culinary experiments. She ate basically anything and everything, and gave informed criticisms as necessary. Kanon could not have asked for a better test subject. Not that she was testing anything on her dear roommate tonight.

"You got your present earlier today, but I figured we should celebrate properly. Tadaaa!" Kanon undid the ties holding the box closed. The sides unfolded to reveal a perfect wedge of cheesecake with the words "Happy 16th birthday, Riho-chan! Hya~hoi~" written in syrup that seemed embedded in the topmost layer of the cake, and a chocolate carving of a kitten and a puppy perched on one side.

Riho beamed and promptly leapt on her best friend, enfolding the smaller girl in a bear hug. "Kanon-chan you're the best! Hyahooooooi~" Her random exclamation was only reserved for special moments and amongst friends, and was an indicator of how excited the girl was depending on the pitch and volume of the cry. Riho was practically brimming with energy right now, all sleepiness forgotten in the face of cake.

With a quick 'itadakimasu!', Riho took a bite...and then promptly froze. Kanon stared at her with obvious worry for a few seconds, before her friend turned to her suddenly with...was that actual tears in her eyes?

"Kanon-chan..." Sobs. "Cider cheesecake..." Another quivering mouthful. "I love you..." She actually sniffled as she said the last, unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

Kanon barked a laugh. Riho was such a dork, crying over cake. Well, it was very good cake, if she could say so herself, so she felt somewhat justified by the reaction. Honestly, she could never have imagined that the perfect student who aced both academics and club activities could be capable of such derpiness. A total 180 degree change from her first impression of the girl, that was for sure.

Leaving her roommate to polish off the rest of the treat, Kanon stood up and started tidying up. She had a neat streak and it was a constant battle to maintain a spotless room with Riho's tendency to leave things everywhere. Her current task: picking up the fallen presents and stacking them in a corner.

"Oh? Riho-chan, did you see this?"

"Mmgh?" Came the reply from a mouth stuffed full. Kanon held up an oblong box with a scroll attached. The scroll had come loose, and out of curiosity, the aspiring chef had glanced through it. Love letters were fairly common...even with this being an all girls' school. The two roommates often read them out loud to each other for comic effect. A little sad for the sender, but it amused the recipient and her friends well enough before landing in the trash. Harsh, but when you got that much spam, you learned to tune most of it out.

"Someone's being a little more original for once." Kanon waved the scroll at Riho, who snagged it out of the air and eyed it with the speed and grace of a professional.

"Basic calligraphy. Someone did their research at least..." Riho muttered. Her secret admirer, whoever it was, had written a haiku in traditional form, though she found enough to pick upon in the execution. The strokes were rough and unsteady at the edges. A beginner who picked up the bare basics. I was doing better work than that when I was 8, Riho thought to herself with a small scoff, but she gave the work the courtesy of being read. She would at least honour the effort put in.

"Do you even remember who gave you that?" Kanon asked skeptically. Riho pulled a face, scrunching her nose as she tried to recall. Nothing. Maybe a vague sense that it was someone smaller than her. Nondescript. Riho wasn't very good with names and faces outside her immediate social circle. It couldn't be helped. Kanon watched her with a small smirk on her face. She knew Riho never remembered these things.

"So how many does that make this month?" Kanon teased. Riho made a face, putting the scroll aside and reaching for the box it came with. She came to a girls' school to get away from this kind of nonsense! Unfortunately for her, she forgot that fangirls were always more demonstrative than fanboys. At least boys knew to back off...or at least, they couldn't follow you into changing rooms without being called a pervert. Riho sighed. At least she didn't have to deal with that. Only starstruck juniors who wanted her to mentor them. Things could be worse.

She almost dropped the gift when she saw what was inside. A fine set of brushes, elaborately tooled and set. An ink stick that seemed to glow from within, a cool blue that matched the equally impressive ink stone. Riho held her breath almost reverently as she stroked the cool inkstone. It was of excellent quality. Expensive, to be sure. She frowned when she found a minor flaw on the inkstone. Bought with more money than sense, she determined after a closer inspection. They were good tools, pretty tools, but not perfect. And Sayashi Riho was very exact when it came to what she used for her calligraphy.

"Another one bites the dust?" Kanon commented offhandedly as Riho set the package aside without so much as a second glance. Riho waved a dismissive hand over the gift.

"I don't need people bribing me with gifts for my attention. Especially if they don't even know what they're doing." And that was that. Kanon chuckled and shook her head. Riho could be completely heartless sometimes. She almost felt sorry for the girl's fans, given how fickle Riho could be. They would have better luck approaching her directly rather than resorting to such desperate and extravagant measures. She shrugged. Not like it was her loss in any case.

They spent the rest of the night sorting through the stack. Or rather, Kanon sorted; Riho rejected. It was a familiar routine. Many things happened behind closed doors. They laughed at extravagant love letters. They ate the chocolates that came with more than one package. Kanon appropriated some of the useful gifts that Riho didn't need or want. No matter that they were indirectly trampling on the unanswered feelings of many admirers.

High school life was cruel like that. Best to learn these things early, after all.


1) Get something significant to your senpai's interests! If she has a hobby or craft of some kind, get her things she can use, so that she will remember you when she uses them!

2) Write something classy in a note with the gift! Anyone can gush in prose, maybe you can try poetry? Something that stands out, for sure. Try to avoid cliches in your message and it should be fine!

3) Pass the gift directly and when she is alone. If she is as popular as you imply, you don't want to be lost in a sea of faces! Smile at her and be confident! That will be memorable, instead of leaving gifts in her locker or on her desk.

And lastly, ringo_daisuki-san...good luck! I hope I was able to point you in the right direction! All the best from I-sensei and your fellow listeners!


I am a terrible person, I know. :lol: I troll with the best. :P

Long chapter. Probably mistakes I can't spot with my eyes drifting shut Typing half blind cos I can't see the words on the screen. orz Will proofread again after I get some sleep, hee.

hope everyone enjoys the chapter! All the characters! :D

And no, I don't know where the chapter title came from. Sleep deprived brains don't always make sense.

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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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looks like someone took sayu's advice lol

Eri and Sayu so cute together best friends forever =)

Yossy is Sayu's prince lol

Yossies Gf is Rika or miki right ??? I think its most likely miki considering she is the scariest but then when Rika is mad u dont really want to cross her lol

I wonder wht Renia did after the call from her manager

Renia so secretive lol coz Eri lives next door lol

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I love your fic update soon Tanashige is so cute lol
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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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More new characters are revealed!

Yossy, of course, as Sayu's Prince Charming. XD

I so love the KameShige friendship (and the surprising hint of past Tanakame) The Aho Combi is so awesome, I've always loved their relationship.

Iikubo, Ikuta and Kanon(whom I thought was Airi at first, lols) all work for Eri... And Kanon is Riho's roommate.... and ringo_daisuki was the admirer....

So many degrees of separation!  :panic: I can feel the train slowly chugging along and I can't wait til it gets up to speed.

(I'm not going to talk about Ai and Risa... I'm not... :lol:)

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Long time no see, Essy XD
Moreover, you always come with another new fiction :lol:
Never mind, your fiction is one of my top list favorite :thumbsup

I love how Eri has about luck of gathering people :lol:

P.S. Friendship of RihoKanon is so beautiful :deco:
PSS. It's kind of fun to have Harunan and Eripon there, because Eripon happens :rofl
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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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Glad you liked it. Imma try my best to deliver. ;p

Gotta say I really like this Sayu, not that I’m saying I dislike her or anything of the sorts. From what I hear Sayu’s the type that’s – how would you say this… a balance of childish innocence and a mature adult. Contradicting much? xD More like a spoiled little princess trapped in a grown-up’s body. Sound’s better but it still missing something…

Bah- Anyway I like her and that’s what matters right?

Anyway… Yes~ New chapter!

Sayumi had to fight to suppress her squeal reflex. The person who was helping them was sooooooo handsome! Never mind that she was in love with Reina, surely she could be forgiven for ogling such a wonderful specimen of eye candy? The best part, it was a girl! Tall and cool and so much like a fairytale prince! If only...
Hm… let’s see. Girl, tall, cool, fairytale prince. Yossie, no doubt about it. Imma gonna go ahead and guess that there’s going to be a very jealous (and possessive) kitty nearby.

Reina had had to leave halfway after an irate phone call from her manager, with many apologetic looks and a last affectionate kiss on Sayu. The kitten did make a point to glare at Yossy while doing so, as if daring the older woman to say something about inappropriate relationships. To her eternal surprise, Yossy only chuckled and said something about young love.
Of couse it’s Yossie we’re talking about here.

Reina did not warm to strangers quickly or easily. It probably did not help that she had spotted her girlfriend getting a serious case of googly eyes at the handsome appearance of their new neighbour. Jealousy was unbecoming, but the green eyed monster was a somewhat familiar guest for the pair.
Lol called it.

Speaking of which, Sayumi had been more than surprised when Reina first showed her the new place...especially when Eri popped up from a door over dressed only in her pajamas.
*tears up from laughing* that is so like Eri! Reminds me of that episode of madori ari XD

Damn they have that much. Might as well call that one room a walk in clos– no mini mall is more like it. And aw… Reina that’s so nice, giving Sayu her own room for her recording. She’s really taking the responsible “boyfriend” *ahem* girlfriend *ahem* role really well.

As it was, they already had Eri muttering something about soundproofing, to which Sayumi smartly replied that if Eri could sleep through an earthquake, she could sleep through anything.
You’d be surprise how a little “quirky” sound can wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. *shiver* I didn’t hear anything. -_-“

At the mention of Ai and Risa somewhere in my mind the takagaki fangirl just did the chocosamba dance.

You should meet Yossy's girlfriend! Gorgeous, but scary. Definitely scary." Eri shivered at the last bit, leaving Sayumi to gape at her.

Two options… But is Eri even afraid of Rika?

… Mikitty?

"So explain to me how you managed to gather so many gay people around you. Are you sure you're not secretly gay too?"
The million dollar question! lol

"Luck? I'm pretty sure I'm not gay though...not sure what I am, but definitely not just into girls."
It’s called being bi my dear. Like I usually say “Now a days even a ruler can bend. ” ;)

"You know I say 'yes' to any given person depending on my mood. And I think Reina wasn't so much interested in me as she was in what I could do. It certainly didn't last."
Oh… what did she use to do:jerk:

And damn~ past TanaKame :w00t:

Oh Kami-sama. I absolutely love Eri in all her goofiness <3 Like Sayu said and I quote “Don’t change!”

Crap! My cute senses are on overload. Any more and I might just go blind from too much of the eye sparkles. Dear Kami-sama, that's one big sparkling thingy... Oh no wait... that's a light bulb, isn't it? (lol don't mind me, common sense just clocked out for a sec.)

XD Riho-chan’s so cruel. Can't really say much except for FOOD! It's not Momusu without those goodies, a lot of those precious goodies.

Awesome chapter. Can't wait for the next update!  :thumbsup

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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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Okay, so I finally read this :lol: I like the idea, neighbors and six degrees of separation - it'd be fun if Sayu ever has any idea that the crush of one of her loyal listeners she gave advice to is the roommate of one who created for her such a delicious pastry XD That's... 4 degrees of separation there? XD (I count -> Eri (for taking her to restaurant and having Kanon as employee -> Kanon -> Riho -> ?). Speaking of young mystery girl, based on hints given I have my ideas, but I'll keep them secret (here at least) for now. XD

...And obviously first thing I start talking about here are the QTenkis lol. Love the TanaShige and curious to see how it develops... though I feel like it won't really be a big factor in the story? more like a status quo and setting. I wonder how far the dorm is from the apartment building Reina and Sayu moved into :lol: Though I suppose you can be neighbors in many senses...

Anyhow, things really just getting started, but it's a nice warm fuzzy flair from you, so I look forward to the continuation. :) :heart:

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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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Ehehehe~ I'm back~ Did anyone miss me? XD

Robyn: Yes, taking Sayu's advice will be a recurring theme. :lol: You'll see what I mean soon enough. :P And I agree, Tanashige is cute together~

rndy: Even more new characters as I go. I love doing this. ;w; Awesome Aho Combi is awesome. I miss KameShige friendship too. You will love the degrees of separation involved here too~ :lol: I spare no effort in making everything link together fufufufu... oh and AiGaki? Did you not mention them? :P

Shiawase_Honoo: Yes, me and my new stories. Thank you for always reading. :3 I'm very grateful to you and rndy for always commenting regularly on everything~! :D And yes, RihoKanon friendship is beautiful~ And I love Eripon. Eripon happening is a must in any Essy story. :lol:

yunagi: Sorry about my long delay in updating~ I ran into a mini block trying to figure out the sequence of the next chapter. You'll see why. XD I love Sayu dearly so my interpretation of her tends to be on the evil poison-tongued princess on the outside, but heart of gold on the inside. Many layers, my Sayu. XD I like her and that's good enough for me~ I hope you like the Ai and Risa here if you like that sort of thing. Fufu...I'm having fun. Is Eri afraid of Rika? All 3 Rokkies are afraid of Rika, FYI. :P It's kind of infamous by now. Their scariest senpai is Ishikawa-san rofl. But yes, KameShige cuteness is the best. :3 And I hope you'll comment on this chapter as well! :D

rokun: Why hello there. :D I love my degrees of separation. It's amazing how connected people are without even knowing it. More QTenkis for you to dissect here as well. I do love my newgen members (of all kinds XD). You do have a good eye in spotting the fact that Tanashige is basically a given in this story...though I will be moving their relationship along as we go. It's basically progressing on multiple levels at the same time. :lol: You can tell I enjoy doing such things. :3 And yes, Neighbours as a theme comes across in many ways...they all live in the same general neighbourhood, but whaddya know? XD One continuation coming up!

Wee, time to edit and post~


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Re: Neighbours [20/12 - Ep 1: Love Like A Game]
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Episode 2: Honto no Jibun

Hai! The next message is from ikemen_shoujo-san:

Osu! I always have fun listening to I-sensei's advice every week, and I finally got the courage to send in a message! You see, I grew up with two brothers and am often mistaken for a boy because of my short hair, but the thing is I'm still a girl and would really like an older sister figure to look up to! I have this cousin I really admire, but my parents don't like her should I get back in contact with her without it sounding awkward? I'm really shy despite my appearance so please help me!!

Hmm, this really is a problem, yes? Even though you didn't put your age here, I assume you're still in either middle school or high school? But that's fine, because I-sensei is here to help! Well the first step is just the same as what you did here: send a message! And then...


"Oh, otsukare~ Ai-chan, you're heading back yet?"

"Nope, meeting Gaki-san for dinner first after she closes shop. What about you, Yoshizawa-san?"

"I'm headed back, the missus seems to finally have an open slot tonight, so we're making plans for dinner at home. And call me Yossy dammit! How many times must I tell you?"

Yoshizawa grinned at the tiny woman before her, and Takahashi Ai grinned back sheepishly.

"Only since you first met me Yoshizawa-san."

"Ch! Cheeky brat. Living with that girlfriend of yours must have rubbed off on you." Yossy grabbed her coat even as Ai shook her head behind the taller woman.

"We're not like that..."

Yossy rolled her eyes and thrust Ai's coat at the actress. "Whatever. That Gaki needs to get a clue, seriously. How long have you guys been together-but-not-together?"

"Only since high school." Ai deadpanned, grabbing her bag as well. The pretty young actress seemed bemused but resigned. "Risa's a little dense. But I'm fine with the way things are now."

"You have the patience of a saint." Yossy rolled her eyes. "I'm surprised you haven't jumped her by now."

Ai blushed cutely, making the taller woman go 'awww' and try to pinch her cheeks. Ai ducked and put her hands to her flaming face.

"We're not like that, Yoshizawa-san!"

Yossy was about to make a clever retort when her phone chirped at her, cutting her off automatically mid-sentence as she rushed to answer. The ringtone was unique, set for her partner only. Ai politely slowed to a stop as Yossy answered the call.

"Hey love. How's work? All finished up? Oh? Oh...I understand, it's ok...there's always other no, don't worry about can always make it up to me some other time, like..."

Yossy's voice faded to a whisper, and Ai wasn't trying to overhear, but the wicked grin and half-chuckle said volumes. Ai tried to keep her face straight as Yossy murmured a few more endearments to her lover over the phone, and only managed to restrain herself to a raised eyebrow as Yossy turned around to face her.

"Let me guess: she had to cancel because of work?" Ai intuited. Yossy nodded glumly, her arm falling to her side.

"Yeah, the price of dating a busy and popular reporter." The tall woman shrugged, though her eyes carried a tinge of sadness. "I'll be able to see her more often after the season's over in any case. Guess I'll just whip up something simple and comfort myself with ice cream while watching her on TV again later..."

"Why don't you join us?" Ai invited. Now it was Yossy's turn to raise an eyebrow.

"You don't mind me interrupting your date?"

"As I said earlier, we're not dating. And who knows, maybe this time Risa will figure out that she wants to spend time alone with me instead of sharing."

Yossy outright burst out laughing at that, slapping at one thigh in mirth.

"Using me as bait? Tsk, Ai-chan, I thought you were a good girl!"

"But I am~" Ai batted her eyelashes innocently, causing the two of them to break down laughing after a few seconds. Yossy wiped away tears of merriment as she gasped.

"Thanks, I needed that."

Ai grinned. "So you coming?"

Yossy hooked one arm around the smaller woman's shoulders, leaning in conspiratorarily close.

"Of course! Wouldn't miss seeing you bait that dense little brat for anything. Maybe I'll even help you guys along..."

"You do know that since you're the oldest there you should treat us juniors?"

"Oi, don't push it, kid."

"Just kidding."


"I'm telling you! I'm innocent! You got the wrong person!"

"Yeah yeah, that's what they all say, boy."

"I'm a girl, dammit!"

This was turning out to be a really shitty day for Kudou Haruka. Firstly, she had just been minding her own business after swimming practice at the local pool, taking an alternative route home on foot. Dressed casually in jeans and hoodie with a sports bag slung on one shoulder, her short hair and lanky frame contributed to the popular first impression of her as a boy. A fact that she sometimes played to her advantage at school, when some starstruck girls gave her chocolate on Valentine's Day. Hey, if you've got it, you would flaunt it too!

As it turned out, her alternative route home took her past an alley where she was first run over by another girl with short hair (that moon-face was kind of girlishly cute), helped to her feet by a prim-looking girl with aristocratic features, and then noticing the defaced wall on the apartment behind the girl. It was actually rather prettily done, she had to admit, if only it hadn't been spray painted on private property. A discarded spray-can rolled to her feet around then, just as a police officer on bike patrol rode by while she was still clutching onto the taller girl's arm.

One thing led to another, and somehow Haruka found herself arrested for 'defacement of public property' and 'disturbance of peace', the latter of which had something to do with how she yelled back her innocence while still clutching on to the stranger's arm, inadvertently causing the girl pain in her vehemence. Haruka knew that she looked like a troublemaker, what with her short spiky hair and rebellious dress sense. Not to mention her defensive potty-mouthed nature. She was on her school's medal-winning swim team for god's sake! And she was on the student council as well! She wasn't a delinquent dammit! Just because she looked like one doesn't mean she was one!

Stupid policemen... She kept this opinion to herself. The last time she said that out loud, they had tacked on the charge of "disrespect and resisting arrest". Yes, this wasn't the first time she has seen the inside of this bleak grey cell they called a holding room. And if she didn't miss her count, that barmy old officer Degawa would be stepping in any time now...

True to form, he did. The first thing she saw of him was his belly, then the rest of him came through as the metal slab of a door swung inward. Haruka cringed inwardly. Her parents Would Not Be Happy about this. But how was she going to avoid letting them know when someone was going to have to bail her out for this?

"Well well, who do you have here? Kudou, what did I tell you the last time?"

"That you didn't want to see me here again?" Haruka deadpanned, some snark slipping into the 15 year old's voice. She folded her arms stubbornly. "I'm telling you, I didn't do it. I was just walking past."

"My patrol officers have been seeing those graffiti works all over town for the last couple of days. Right mess they are to clean up. One of my boys spotted a short haired punk near those scenes..."

"Just because I have short hair doesn't prove a thing! You can't accuse me like this!" Haruka protested, throwing her hands up in the air. Indignance coloured her every word, and with good reason.

"You were next to the scene of the crime. There was a spray paint can next to you." The middle-aged officer wasn't giving up. Damnit, he was nearing his retirement age and didn't want to deal with delinquents like this! He was the most senior officer in this precinct! He never wanted this sort of trouble! Why did he always get the problem cases? Like all those years ago...

"It really wasn't me! Now that you mention it though, I saw this short haired girl who ran past me right before one of your cronies showed up. Maybe that's the culprit you were looking for!"

The balding officer narrowed his eyes disapprovingly at her, and Haruka felt her heart sink. They probably couldn't actually charge her officially since they didn't catch her in the act, just like the last few times she ended up in a similar state (because she really didn't do it, dammit!), but they were going to have to call her guardians aka her parents and issue official warnings and what-not. Ugh, this was going to be highly unpleasant. She was in the third year of middle school and high school entrance exams were on this year! She had really wanted to get started on a good footing this school year, but here she was, a few weeks into the semester, and already in the police station. She had no luck whatsoever.

"I'm going to call your parents. We're letting you off with a warning this time, but if we catch you doing anything next time, it's off to juvie for you."

That was what he said every single time. Usually, Haruka would just cringe and nod grumpily, knowing that she was innocent but having no proof of it otherwise. The local police already had the worst possible opinion of her, so by now all she had to do was walk by anything suspicious and they would pin it on her. It was total discrimination!

But this time Haruka had a plan. A desperate plan that wasn't even really a plan, but she really wanted to avoid having her mother ground her like last year. She wanted to enjoy her last year in middle school like any other normal middle-schooler!

"Wait a minute, ossan." Haruka knew she wasn't scoring any points by calling him 'ossan', but the man was old and didn't like her already, so she figured there was no point in trying to butter him up. As long as she wasn't outright rude she figured she could get away with it.

"Kids these days have no manners..." Degawa groused, towering over the seated girl. "What do you want?"

"About that, you need a guardian to speak to and pick me up, right?" Haruka's mind was working quickly. Her parents were busy people. Papa had been posted to a different regional branch in the company early this year, so it was just her mother and two younger brothers here now. As a good daughter she really wanted to save her mother the headache of hearing from the police once more, especially since her mother had caused quite the scene at the police station the last time. All those tears...the look on Degawa's face clearly showed his resignation at having to bear with Kudou-mama's histrionics again.

"What do you know, even a delinquent like you knows about proper procedure. Then again, you've been here plenty of times. Enough to pick a few things up, eh?"

That was true. Haruka scowled at the implication, but reminded herself that she could exploit a loophole in that procedure that would hopefully leave her mother out of the equation. She really wanted to avoid that grounding.

"Can I make a phone call then? My father's not in town and Mama's busy with my younger brothers...I can get another family member to stand in, right?"

"Well, we need an actual guardian..."

"Older relative. Related. Guardian-ly. I swear." Haruka said quickly. Degawa did not look very convinced. Haruka added.

"Mama will hear about this from the person I'm calling. I will definitely get chewed out and punished. But you won't have to deal with her."

That convinced him if nothing else. Haruka was not above below-the-belt moves when her ass was on the line. That was one thing that was sort of delinquent-like about her, if one was pressed to find an actual trait. He grunted an assent and escorted the lanky teen to the front desk, where he watched like a hawk as she dialled some numbers. It was probably a good thing he didn't notice the way her fingers trembled as she pushed the buttons. Truth was, the person she was calling made her nervous...

But there was only one way to move forward, right? Just do it! Haruka took a deep breath as the call went through and the other voice on the line answered.

"Moshi moshi..."


"Ah~ When's Reina coming back? Now that we finally have a place of our own..."

Sayumi whined out loud as her bestie stepped out of the kitchen. They were over at Eri's place, since Sayumi did not want to be alone in her apartment with no Reina to keep her company. She still had unpacking to do, but she figured that she would get round to it in good time. In any case, since her best friend literally lived just around the corner, they could have a girls' night in and chat until Reina came back. It was very considerate of her girlfriend to consider this point as well. Sayumi had been missing time spent with Eri lately, after all.

"Geez, you'll be seeing more of her every single day from now on, so quit whining." Eri dropped off drinks and snacks at the coffee table, plopping unceremoniously into the sofa seat next to Sayumi. The bunny had a hand on the remote and was idly channel-surfing.

"But I miss her..." Sayumi pouted, making Eri roll her eyes and pretend to gag. Really, the turtle sometimes found it amazing how the two went from outright rivalry in their high school days to their disgustingly saccharine married couple lovey-doveyness now. Though perhaps saccharine wasn't really the right word. Reina and Sayu together was like tying a cat and dog together, their banter playfully vicious yet filled with a kind of loving tenderness. It was amazing to watch in action, and Eri occasionally felt like she couldn't get a foot in once those two started on one of their famous back-and-forths. She couldn't keep up with the speed of their verbal fencing, that was for sure.

"Yes, I know...oh, stop, go back a channel!" Eri pointed at the TV excitedly, and Sayumi obediently flipped one channel back.

"Ah, it's reporter Charmy. Is that a police station in the background?" Sayumi squinted to read the sign that was blocked by the beautiful reporter in the foreground. Eri grinned.

"Just so you know, 'reporter Charmy' lives in the same building as us~"

"Uso! Really? Wow!" Sayumi stared at her best friend, who was still grinning madly and was about to say something when Reina's voice suddenly started singing from Sayu's obnoxiously pink phone on the table.

"Ah! Reina's calling!" Sayumi squealed and grabbed her phone with way too much excitement. It was rare for Reina to initiate calls. She got the occasional message from her cat-like girlfriend, but Reina usually didn't communicate much electronically, preferring to leave it until she saw Sayu directly. Reina was a bit old-fashioned like that, but Sayu would have her girlfriend no other way.

"Reina~ When are you coming home? Hehe...home...sounds sooooo good to say that... Oh? Oh ok...sure...but I want to wait up for's cold at night...mmm....come back soon, ok? Miss you~"

Normally, Eri would have had something to say about how disgusting a couple her friends were, but her attention was currently fixated on the TV screen, a fact her best friend immediately noticed upon hanging up.

"What are you looking at, Eririn?"

"That." Eri pointed. Sayu followed her gaze to the 50-inch screen.

"...rise in crime committed by adolescents. This is a disturbing trend in our society amongst the youth! This is Reporter Charmy, reporting live from our local police station."

Eri was not pointing at the reporter. Sayu knew this immediately. She would know that silhouette any day, even with the hat and sunglasses (who else would wear sunglasses after the sun has set?) on. The clincher, of course, was the old-school keypad phone the young woman was clutching in one hand. Her other hand was holding on to the arm of a lanky young lad as they emerged from the police station in the background.

"Who's that?" Eri wondered out loud. Sayu stared blankly at the screen for a moment.



"Whew. We got away again! Lucky~"

"All thanks to you...we were so close to getting caught today..."

"Oh pssht, the police would never suspect you of any wrongdoing. You look perfectly innocent. Me, on the other hand..."

"But you didn't do anything?"

"Like I said, you don't look the part. But that's ok, it's my job to keep you out of trouble anyway~ Besides, aren't you having fun?"

"Fufu...well, yes."

"So we can tick off the 'almost get caught doing something illegal' thing on our list~ What's next?"

"I think we can tick off the 'get someone else to take the fall' thing too."


"There was someone who looked kind of like you today who got arrested in my place. She was taller though..."

"Ah, is that so? Double lucky~ And see just like I said, no one would ever suspect an ojou-sama like you of any kind of wrongdoing!"

"Fufufu...but I'm not an ojou?"

"You look the part, Mizuki-chan. That's enough."

"Why thank you Akari-chan. Does that make you my servant then?"

"As always, my lady~"



The first step to establishing contact with someone is to simply Just Do It! You can always open with a simple message saying "hi" and talk about something relevant to your mutual interests.

If you're too shy to do that, maybe you can ask her for help with something? After all, your cousin isn't a complete stranger, and it helps to build rapport if you ask for advice or something of the like. People like being asked for help even if they don't show it right at first! It's always nice to be needed.

And remember, ikemen_shoujo-san, the first step to gain communication with anyone is simply to start doing so. The only one who can change things is you! Good luck, and I hope things go well with your cousin! And don't worry too much about your parents, what they don't know won't hurt them. *wink*


Yup, still trolling. XD Poor Duu.

Credits to Kuji for the reporter Charmy's line on TV. :lol: The rest came out of the fevered imagination of yours truly. Inside jokes galore! So many degrees of separation you need a relationship chart to keep things straight! Eripon didn't happen this time, but the other half of the PonPon combi sure did! Take-chan! Again, poor Duu. TV is awesome. And I love I-sensei corners.

Hehe. Comment lots, everyone!

And yes, in case no one noticed, H!P song titles all round for chapter titles. :P First chapter is a bastardization of Gomaki's song, but this one had Buono. Felt right. XD

P.S. That last bit with Takechan/Mizuki? I kind of have Takechan saying かしこまりましたお嬢様~ in my head. XD Can't be helped I guess...

EDIT: Thanks Slack! I was a bit iffy about the way Fukuchan addressed Takechan, so thanks for the tip! Fixed now. :D

EDIT 2: Thanks again to Kuji, my informal editor. :P What would I do without you? :lol: Fixed the stuff you pointed out!
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Re: Neighbours [31/01 - Ep 2: Honto no Jibun]
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With the opening of the I-sensei corner, I thought this one might be Du related. Poor kid XD I felt stupid when I didn't immediately guess her beloved cousin, especially with all of the connections around here. I did figure out the defacer was Mizuki, but, again, felt dumb for n ot guessing the other was Takechan, what with all of the talk of their closeness around here lately. Are they doing a bucket list?

Now I wonder if Reina is going to tell Sayu about Kuudu or is Sayu going to confront her or is Sayu going to let it go with hurt feelings about not being confided in? The possibilities are endless!

P.S. I got a hearty chuckle out of your P.S. btw XD

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Re: Neighbours [31/01 - Ep 2: Honto no Jibun]
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Aww Take-chan nervous about contacting her admired cousin Maimi. I know I said I don't usually go for present-day slash fic, which this one appeared to be at first, but this has all these side stories that add more variety! I really dig the way you use Sayu's advice show as a framing device to introduce characters before we actually meet them and tie together the separate plot lines. That said, we haven't really found out who gave Riho her brush set, even though I have a suspicion of who it might be. (If this was supposed to be a future character, that is.)

Oh, and I especially liked how you threw in Kudou's swimming and had Degawa show up as her antagonist. I'm looking forward to seeing how she and Reina are connected.

Now if I could be a little more critical for a moment, I know it would make it more confusing to those less familiar with those two, but it kind of stuck out a bit to me when Mizuki called her "Take-chan" instead of "Akari-chan".
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Re: Neighbours [31/01 - Ep 2: Honto no Jibun]
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Nice update  :twothumbs

but there wasnt any tanashige ='(

anyway how can Gaki be so dense to Ai-chan I mean come on its Ai-chan she is like as obvious as they come who Gaki open your eyes.........

Charmy is Yossi's gf lol poor Yossi getting ditched but then i suppose its all fun an games if she gets to see Gaki be dense lol

And Reina getting Haruka from the police station I wonder what Sayu will think since Reina didnt tell her the truth ahhhhhh

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Re: Neighbours [31/01 - Ep 2: Honto no Jibun]
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The dense person is always fun to write. lol
Oh~ My Kuduu. Don't worry, I am also the rebelion-liked aura, but Megane-wota looks. I can be more harsh than my appearance. XD
Just want to know how Sayu deal with Tanasa-tan after this. Wait for sure. lol
Mizuki and Akari-chan... I haven't seen S/mileage member in fiction before, so interesting.

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