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Author Topic: Secret of GAM Ⅰ [Aya Version]  (Read 27932 times)

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Re: Secret of GAM
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WTH? With my Ava o_O

And Damn long time fic =D

love it *o*

I just listen right now Lady rise -3-

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Secret of GAM
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Chapter 21

The strong cold made my body freeze like hell.
Snow was covering me so fast that I nearly looked like a Snowman…
If I have to stay another minute like that I will die.

“Miki…we are standing here for 30 minutes now…it’s freezing cold here and it only needs a press on the doorbell to get in…” I said grumpy pointing at the house of Miki’s parents.
Miki bit on her lower lip, took my hand and squeezed it. That made me wince out in pain.
I glared at her. She gave me her puppy look.
I took a deep breath and sighed. A heavy steam cloud came out of my mouth.
“I can do it.” She finally said.
“You’re not alone. I’m right here.” I comforted her.

Miki suddenly rushed to the door, dragging me behind her.
She put up her ‘everything is alright’ face and pressed the doorbell.
The door opened and Mrs. Fujimoto was standing there.
“Miki-chan?” she asked surprised.
Then she looked at me, “And Aya-chan too!”
I know the question ‘what are you doing here?!’ was burning on her tongue but the lady brushed it off and said we should come in.
Miki and I stepped in. The floor was now covered with snow which immediately melt down.
“Gosh you two are totally wet! Miki you could at least have called that you will visit us!” Mrs. Fujimoto said quite angry to Miki but then smiled, “Go get yourself changed and come downstairs again. I already cooked and I will warm it up for you two. Do you need towels?”
Miki was quite lost in her head so I answered that we will be fine.
I took Miki at her wrist and she followed me upstairs.
When we entered Miki’s childhood room there was a little silence between us.
I sighed and let our bags fall onto the ground.
“I can’t believe we are here…” Miki said and sat down on her bed.
“Don’t worry it will be fine.”  I kissed Miki’s forehead. She closed her eyes and nodded.
“We have the whole weekend to tell them. Just relax for a bit. We can do this.”

Suddenly she took my hand and pulled me towards her. It all happened quite fast.
Her eyes were looking at mine.
Slowly she came nearer to my face but stopped. She had one eye suddenly. It looked quite funny!
Strains of hair were tickling against my skin and I sensed her warm breath against my lips.
“I missed you.” She whispered and kissed me.
My body began to shiver and I wrapped my arms around her neck.
It was a kiss we haven’t had a long time. Full of love.
After this kiss we just lay there saying nothing just looking into our eyes.
I kissed her one more time and after it she rested her head on my shoulder.
“I think we should go back downstairs, Aya.” She said.
Actually I would have loved to stay liked that for the rest of the day…but Mrs. Fujimoto warmed us up some dinner. And it was waiting for us.

We went down and entered the living room.
Miki’s father greeted us with a big smile, “Nice to have you two here. But you could at least have called Miki.”
“Yeah…uhm…somehow I thought I told you already.” Was the kind of weak reply of Miki.
We seated ourselves at the table and began to eat the meal that was standing on it.
Everything was quiet.
The situation somehow scared me now too…
Something is just not right...but I can’t tell what it is…
Miki and I were sitting in cave of the lion. Maybe that was the reason we felt so uncomfortable.
It took quite a lot not to burst into anger and let all my feelings out I had created over the last days.
I want to shout at them for forcing Miki to marry.
But I was here to get their blessing for us both…so it wouldn’t be the best to start a fight with them…Sooner or later it will happen this weekend anyway… But then if it will come to a fight I will tell them what I think about them!
I actually like Miki’s parents. Very much. But forcing Miki into something she doesn’t want isn’t nice at all. And they need to know that. Maybe not today but tomorrow.

“Say Miki…” Mr. Fujimoto started.
I sensed something. It was like a shiver through my whole body.
Miki must have sensed it too because she grabbed my hand.
“…how are things going with S-“

“Ohh! Miki! Damn! I lost my watch on the way here!!” I blurted out before he could finish his sentence.
I know it was lame. It just happened.
Miki realized that I was trying to act and joined me.
“Oh no! It was a present of your cousin! We have to find it!”
Lame. Really lame Miki. She played worse than I did.
Mr. Fujimoto looked really confused but told us that we should search for it.
We excused us and went outside.

“Cousin?! I don’t even have one! How about grandma or mother?!” I said angry.
“Watch?! You didn’t even took one with you! How about your wallet or cell phone?!” she replied throwing her arms up to the air.
“Oh cut it out already!”
“You started it!”
“Only to get your butt safe out of there!”
“Thanks but I could have managed that in another way!”
We argued and argued and haven’t realized how far we went.
I stopped and looked in front of, “Hey…look.”
Miki made a pissed off noise and followed my look.
“Oh…” she replied her voice getting quieter.

We were standing on the hill where we were the last time when we were her.
At that time it was full of bright flowers. And now it’s covered by snow giving a wonderful view of the landscape.
Suddenly something hit me on my shoulder. 
“YIKES!!!” I screamed. It was damn cold!
Miki giggled forming something in her hand.
She threw a snowball at me!
“Whoa…you so gonna pay for that…” I grinned.
“Yah?” she laughed.

And so our snowball fight began.
First it looked good for Miki but then good for me.
We were playing and fighting like little kids. It made really fun!

“Uhhh watch out my dear!” I screamed and ran towards her, “ATTAAACK!!” I shouted and tackled her.
“Whoaaa!” Miki managed to scream while we fell to ground.
We were rolling down the hill, fighting and laughing.
When we stopped I was on top of her still laughing.
She laughed along and slapped my cheek carefully, “I hate you.”
I grinned and poked her nose with mine.
“I’m sorry about shouting at you.” I apologized.
Miki waved with her hand, “No I need to be sorry. You just wanted to help me.”
“Then we’re both sorry. Quit?” I asked smiling down at her.
“Quit.” She smiled back and pulled me towards her again.
We kissed us again.
I wanted to feel her in a special way again.
She might have read my thought.
“It’s getting dark. Maybe we should go back and spend some nice time together a little bit longer?”
I grinned at her and she replied with a naughty laugh.

And so we did what we both wanted so desperately.
The room was filled with heat that could melt away the whole snow on Hokkaido.
Miki took a deep breath, “To answer your question of yesterday: Yes you are really good in bed.”
I managed a laugh and turned to face her.
“But you know” she added and stroked my cheek, “It’s not only about skills or something like that. I feel good every time you touch me. To feel you in other ways makes me shiver. I love to share moments like this with you together.”
I smiled and kissed her, “You’re so sweet.”
“I know” she replied cute and blushed.

I took her in my arms and she snuggled herself into me.
We both drifted off to dreamland after a while.

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Re: Secret of GAM
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Snowball fight! XD

They're going to have to find a way to tell Miki's folks, and they're going to have to do it fast (otherwise one of them is going to walk in on them and see them cuddling in bed). :yep:

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Secret of GAM
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 :heart:   :heart:

Just something little :)

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Re: Secret of GAM
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Chapter 22

It was quite early in the morning when I opened my eyes.
Blood gushed up to my head and I pulled the blanket up to hide it.
“How long have you been watching me?!” I mumbled embarrassed into the sheets.
Miki giggled every so cutely that it melted my heart.
She joined me under the blanket and looked at me with a smile, “Does it matter?”
“Since maybe 20 minutes. You look so adorable when you sleep.” Playfully she touched my cheek, “You even drooled a bit.”
“Enough!” I speaked and felt even more embarrassed.
Miki just laughed very loud.
‘Payback time’ I thought.
I began to tickle her. She was naked so it had even more success.
She began screaming, kicking and punching me at the same time.
Oh I so didn’t care I continued. I had my fun.
A devilish grin came to my face.
But as fast as it came it was gone when I felt pain in my lower zone.
Ok so one kick managed to get me.

“Not again!” I rolled over to my side in pain.
Miki who used the chance to recover hasn’t noticed it.
She brushed away the tears from laughing and turned me around.
“Do you have a habit of kicking me there? It’s the third time now!” I winced.
“Huh?” was her confused reply.
I showed her where she kicked me and then I got embarrassed again when I noticed that I was actually naked as well.
The only thing she did was staring. Hey was that a smirk on her face?!
“Mou…I hate you…” I groaned and lay myself on belly.
Miki put her warm hand onto my back, “Sorry.”
I remained ‘pissed off’.
Then she began to kiss it. Slowly. Up and down.
When she reached my neck I tried hard not to shiver.
She kissed her way up my jaw and then to my ear.
I took in a deep breath.
But when she began to breathe into it I couldn’t resist anymore.
I pushed her down and bend over her.

“Gosh you turn me so on.” I whispered and kissed her hungrily.
She pulled me closer and held me tight.

Knock knock.

The door opened slowly.
Miki pushed me away that I fell off the bed.
“Wait! Don’t come in! I’m getting changed!” she shouted.

The head of Miki’s mother popped in “Ups. Sorry dear. Where is Aya?”
“Erm…Bathroom?” Miki stuttered.
“Oh…ok. I just wanted to tell you that I will make breakfast now.”
She excused herself and closed the door.

I lay there on the ground. Nervous and not breathing.
‘What the…?’
Miki came around the bed and pulled me up.
I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, “You are quick in changing!” I said and was quite surprised how quick she managed to get her underwear on in only a few seconds.
“I’m sorry for pushing you! But I really had no other choice! God! Do you think she saw us?!”
Miki looked at me with a scary face.
“I don’t think so. Think we were quite lucky…” I sighed and got dressed.
“Maybe you’re right…” Miki said. But still she wasn’t calm down at all. I wasn’t too.
“I think…we should keep things low when we are here.” I finally said.
“No!” Miki blurted out. And I looked at her in surprise.
She lowered her head, “No…why should we? They must respect our doing…Ok maybe it’s not very good when they see us in quite more private moments like this…But still, we want to tell them that we are together. I want to show them that I am no kid anymore and that I can handle and decide things on my own now.”
I smiled and rested a hand on her hair slowly brushing through it.
“You are right. We can do this.” I said and kissed her head.

The sun was going under and Takikawa was covered by a shade of red.
Miki and I were sitting in the living room, waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Fujimoto coming back from their stroll outside.
Miki said that she wants to talk first to them. I told her that it was going to be ok but I would listen carefully and fight back if something would happen.

The front door opened and two people were stepping in. Here they are.
“Oh, nice to have you downstairs some time.” Mrs. Fujimoto said and we just nodded.
Miki’s father smiled “Well, I will go to the cellar and work on my model ship.”

“Wait!” Miki replied.
Both looked at her in surprise.
“I…we want to talk to you.”
Mr. Fujimoto sat down in his chair und Mrs. Fujimoto sat beside him on the crutch.
“What is it dear?” He said.
Miki took a deep breath.
“Actually…I came here to say something to you. 2 things.”
They nodded.
“I’m not going to marry Shouji. And I will not marry anyone.” She said and waited.
Mr. Fujimoto coughed, “So you decided to break our hearts?”
I gave him an angry look. How dare he?!
I felt a pressure on my knee. It was mIki’s hand. She must have sensed my anger.
“I don’t want to break your hearts, but do you want to break mine for you making me something to do I don’t want to do?”
“Cut it out.” He said and leaned forward, “We talked about that. You are a grown woman. Don’t you too think it’s time to marry and start a family?”
“Yeah, when you think I’m grown why you won’t let me live my life how I want it to be? I don’t need anything more to make it better. I have everything.” She said polite.
“I don’t agree on that. You are in a dream world. You need to wake up.”
“Dream world?!” Miki shouted back, “Do you have any idea of how hard I’ve worked to get everything I needed and wanted?! Maybe I was in a dream world when I was a teenager! But I learned how hard life can be! Have you any idea how hard it was leaving safe home as a child?”
Fujimoto said nothing.
“And now you, my parents, who I thought would support me for being me, are against me?”
“We never said that we won’t support you!” Fujimoto bit back.
“So, why are you doing this? Making me to go out with a man…no boy I don’t love? Wanting me to marry him? HE lives in a dream world dad! YOU live in a dream world too! That is not as easy as you think! You need to discover feelings for this person.”
Miki’s mother looked at her husband.
“Mom, why do you love dad?” Miki then asked.
Mrs. Fujimoto looked puzzled, “Erm…”
“You grew to like him right? Having found someone who cares about you. Never letting you down in bad situations. Loving the way he touches you. Loving it only to sense him near you, right?”
She nodded and blushed a bit.
“And that’s why I can’t do something what’s against my heart and me.” Miki whispered.
“What are you actually trying’ to say?” Fujimoto said still with an angry tone in his voice.

Miki took my hand and squeezed it. I listened so closely and I nearly began to cry by her words. She was speaking of her feelings.
“I can’t marry anyone I don’t love. And I love someone already from the bottom of my heart.”
“You have a boyfriend? Why haven’t you told us?” Mik’s mum asked in disbelief.
Miki shook her head.
“No. But I’m in love with the loveliest person on earth.” She said and smiled shyly.
“Who’s it?” Fujimoto asked.
“She is sitting right beside me.”

Mr. and Mrs. Fujimoto looked at each other totally confused.
“What?” They both asked at the same time.
“I’m the person Miki’s in love with.” I finally said looking dead serious at them.
Fujimoto laughed, “Do we have the 1st of April already?”
I knew he won’t believe it…
“No. We haven’t” I said and was quite surprised that Miki said the same at the same time.
I looked at her. She was looking straight into the eyes of her father.
‘My…she’s so cool…’ I thought for a second but got pulled back into reality when I heard a slam on the table.
“I will not allow that!” he shouted and stood up.
“Where are you going?!” Miki shouted after him.
But back came nothing. He put on his jacket and went outside.

“I will follow him.”
Miki looked up at me, “What?”
“I will follow him. I won’t leave until I got his blessing for us. I promised you and I’m going to hold it. At least I will try.”
Miki took my hand, “I’m coming with you.”
I shook my head, “No, you stay here. Don’t worry I will come back to you.”
I smiled and gave her a wink.
She smiled back and places a kiss onto my lips.
“Be carful. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

I went past Mrs. Fujimoto and she looked at me with wide opened eyes.
When I put on my jacket I could hear her talking to Miki.
But I hadn’t had any time to listen.
I needed to talk to Mr. Fujimoto.

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Re: Secret of GAM
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Well, that wasn't an entirely surprising reaction from Miki's folks. With any luck Aya might be able to keep a level head and convince Miki's dad that what the two of them have is real (somehow you know that if Miki had gone it would just end up being a big shouting match).

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Re: Secret of GAM
« Reply #106 on: April 05, 2009, 01:18:16 AM »
I remember this story!! :w00t: I'm so glad you're back to updating, Gomaki! :heart:
I admire Miki's determination to get her parents to accept her and Aya's love. :inlove: And LOL at the crotch-kicking. XD

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Re: Secret of GAM
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oh!!  :)
is interesting  the history.  :)
100% Mikitty and Ayaya.   :heart:  :wub:
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Re: Secret of GAM
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(somehow you know that if Miki had gone it would just end up being a big shouting match).

Yeah somehow...I don't think it would end in a good way...but who knows :D

I remember this story!!  I'm so glad you're back to updating, Gomaki!
I admire Miki's determination to get her parents to accept her and Aya's love. And LOL at the crotch-kicking
is interesting  the history.
100% Mikitty and Ayaya.     

Thank you very much :)

Well this one took a little longer...I'm still not quite sure about it. But I will post it. I have checked it a thousand times and  don't know what to think xDD
Well then here's the next chapter!


Chapter 23

It had stopped snowing.
But still it was freezing cold.
I looked around but there was no sight of Fujimoto.
“Damn…” I sighed, let my hands slip into my pockets and looked down.
There were big prints pulped into the snow. Footprints!
With my hands still in my pockets I followed them.
I knew that he would get mad… But now was the right time to tell them. I don’t regret anything.
It’s needed to be said, right?
The scenery I’m going through is familiar to me.
Again I remember more memories.
I was walking to this little channel in the center of Takikawa.
The last time I was there I wondered what Miki means to me. I began to realize that she was more than just a good friend for me…
I looked up to the bridge that leads to the other side of the channel.
Slowly I walked up to it and stopped.
A fresh gust of wind hit my body.

“Why are you here?” Mr. Fujimoto asked quietly without turning back.
He had his arms rested on the rail and was looking down.
I took a step closer and did the same. I only looked straight.
“Because I want to talk to you.”
No response.
“Miki and I…we like each other really well. In fact we are more than just good friends.”
“That’s impossible. You can’t be more. Two girls can-“
“Mr. Fujimoto stop acting like someone of 1600 or something like that.” I said firm.
Inside I was filled with anger but that would be the wrong way to talk with him.
“Have you listened to a single word Miki said?” I asked looking at him.
He gave me a light nod.
“Those words she said were coming from the bottom of her heart. That’s how she feels. And this whole situation wasn’t hard only for Miki. It was hard for me too. When she came back from here she changed completely. She always kept saying that it was ok. That she was ok. But she wasn’t. Do you know how I found out about what was going on? It was th-“

“Why are you telling me all this?” he interrupted.
I sighed.
“Listen. Please. Because you don’t see how messed up this is. How she feels. What she went through.”
He shut up.
“…I found out through a magazine. A world collapsed for me. The woman I love the most on earth betrayed me? I wanted answers so I went to her apartment. And hell yeah what I saw there was making me sad and angry.  Mr. Fujimoto how would you feel when you would find out that you’re wife is dating someone else?”
“She would never do that!” he shouted and turned towards me.
“You would react angry right? You’re world would collapse too? You wouldn’t see any point in life.” I answered for him, “And I felt like that in that moment. Miki started explaining everything to me while she was crying badly. Now ask me again, why am I teling you all this?”


“Because I love her. And she loves me. How could you make your daughter so sad and scared? Don’t you love her? Why can’t you respect the way she wants to life her life. She knows what she is doing. And she loves every bit of her life. I know. She tells me. I see it. If she would have been unhappy she would changed it directly! Miki is strong.”

I wonder if all that made sense to him.

“She’s right.”

Quickly I turned around and Fujimoto did as well.
“Miki?” he asked irritated.

She smiled and snuggled up to me.
“Every word she said is true, dad. You did hurt me. I felt so sad and angry because you don’t trust me. Aya is there beside me almost every day. I don’t blame you because you aren’t, but she notices everything, even if it is little, about me. If I would live at home you would see how I well I can handle my life. I know you care about me. But you went too far…”

Mr. Fujimoto looked at her. Was he going to cry?!
“I’m sorry Miki…You’re right…I should have trusted you. I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my everything…” Fujimoto said sadly.
“Apologize to Aya as well…you have hurted her too. And she means everything to me. I love her so much and it’s pain to see her hurt too.” Miki said and looked up to me.

I gave Miki a small smile and put my arm around her, giving her a hug.

“I see what she sees in you Matsuura san… Have I ever seen Miki so happy? I think not…She has a look in her eyes and somehow that calms me down.” he says looking at us, “But Matsuura san. If you won’t…Miki? Could you please cover your ears?”
She looked confused but did so.

“…If you won’t treat her well I will search you up and beat your damn ass up!!!” He shouted at me.
My eyes popped out in surprise and I shifted uncomfortable.
He began laughing.
“Just joking. Please take good care of her.”
“I will.”

I will…for the rest of my life.

“Well then…I will go and calm your mother down.” He said to Miki.

I laughed and took her hands down. They were still covering her ears.
Mr. Fujimoto and I shared a big laughing at her.

“Have I missed something?” she asked confused.


Miki and I sat down on the stones that were under the bridge.
I held her close to me.
“Did it really happen? We’ve told them.”
“We did. Somehow it’s a really strange feeling…I never had done something like that before…you know…um…like introducing my boyfriends to them.”
“Me either…so what do you think? Will this be all over now?” I asked.
“As long as you don’t want to marry me.” She laughed with a smile.
“Uhm…actually…this was the next thing I wanted to ask.”
Miki looked at me with wide opened eyes, “You what?”
I looked at her dead serious but dropped it the next second.
“Just joking!” I laughed and kissed her cheek.
She giggled along.

No I actually wasn’t joking when I said that… But there’s no way we can do it.
I still got the feeling that Mr. Fujimoto didn’t quite get the fact that we’re together…
More than friends… I think this needs another talk with him. But not now and not this weekend. I’m glad that we’ve talked about how mIki feels and so on.
I’m thinking too much! Maybe he got it? And I’m just still worried?
Uhm…I will talk to him once more…just to be sure.

“But actually…” she trailed off.
Now I looked at her with wide opened eyes, “Uhm? Miki…you know something like that is quite impossible here in Japan.”
“I know…it’s a shame somehow. And it means that we have to quit our jobs or we get fired…”
“And I don’t actually know if I can carry you over the doorsill!”
“What the?! Sure you can!” she shouted at me.
“Hey…” I pinched her cheek softly, “Sure I can, and I’m just joking.”
“Hmpf!” she turned around.
“And you know what…?” I whispered, brushed her hair besides and kissed her neck.
“Mhhmm…?” she mumbled.
“We will share a hot night after I carried you over the doorsill and then to our bed.”

“…I like the idea.” She whispered with a sexy tone in her voice.


The next morning the Fujimoto’s drove us to the airport.
“Aya? Are you coming? I want to check in.” Miki said.
“Yah…Give me 1 minute please.” I replied with a smile.
I turned around and looked up.
“Uhm Fujimoto san?”
“Yes Aya chan?”
“I just wanted to ask if you have understood the kind of relationship Miki and I have. Well like you know doing things…we are a couple so…you know-“
“Aya chan I don’t need any private details please…It’s still hard to believe the situation but I trust in you. I want that my Miki chan is happy. And when you are the person that makes her happy its fine by me. I give you both my blessings if it’s that what’s bothering you. You are part of our family matsuura san. Well you always have been kind of! So please take care you too. And I hope you visit us more often. But please…no private things in our home ok?”

I blushed. If he would know what we’ve already done…I’m so dead!!!

“T-thank you very much Fujimoto san!!!” I smiled.
He smiled as well and said good bye to me.
On my way to the information desk I said good bye to Mrs. Fujimoto as well.
“Aya! Hurry up!” Miki shouted at me.

I smiled at her and was happy.
And now let’s go back to Tokyo with new energy!

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Re: Secret of GAM
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

“Well then…I will go and calm your mother down.” He said to Miki.

I laughed and took her hands down. They were still covering her ears.
Mr. Fujimoto and I shared a big laughing at her.

“Have I missed something?” she asked confused.
Do I even have to say how cute this part is?

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Secret of GAM
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Just something little.


Chapter 24

„You’re late…“
„Sorry I needed a shower and forgot the time! Have you ordered already? “
“Uh lala…Aya I think you already had you’re lunch~ you’re so naughty!”
“Maki! It’s not what you think!” I shouted in disbelief.
Maki laughed.
“You can’t deny it! ~ I know Miki and she gets what she wants.”
I blushed, “Uhm…what do you mean by ‘I know Miki’?”
“Wooo?! She didn’t tell you?!” Maki asked surprised.
“About what…?” I shifted uncomfortable.
“Well you know…things happen when you get drunk…” she mumbled and looked away.
“You haven’t…had you?!”

“HAHA! Me and Miki? We never slept together. I was just joking.” She laughed.
“I hate you…” I huffed, “Anyway…Maki are those gossips true about your brother?”
She bit on her lip and looked down, “Yeah…they are true and well I might get in trouble now as well…”
“But you haven’t done anything! What’s this fuss all about?”
“You see…one of Yuki’s friends who helped him with his crime…well he was my boyfriend.”
I was so in shock that I spilled my coffee, “W-WHAT?!”
Maki looked around embarrassed, “Sshhh!”
“I’m sorry…” I whispered, “B-but…damn…did someone tell you already how your career will continue?”
“That’s why I’m in big trouble. You know how the rules are… I love my job and I don’t want to give it up. But I think I have no other choice…”
I could see tears forming in Maki’s eyes.
That’s so unfair…
“I feel so guilty…”
Maki looked up, “Why?”
I sighed, “Well look…Miki and I am together. Even if we aren’t allowed to. You were in a relationship and everything came out. Why you? I feel guilty because you did so well to hide it no one would have ever seen it. It’s so unfair… you could lose everything.”
“Aya. It could have happen to anyone. So don’t feel guilty. But the last thing you just said might be very true… I don’t know if I will be taken by another label.”
“I will graduate as well and then I will take you as a model for my agency!”
Maki laughed, “You’re so sweet Aya-chan. I will look forward to it one day.”
We both smiled at each other.

Maki was always right… Everyone always thought that she was some person with no feelings. But no.
She has feelings. Strong from the outside but weak from the inside. Well not weak! But she also has feelings and it’s good that she shows them.

Suddenly Maki’s cell phone rang.
It was her Manager.
“Aya-chan I need to go. I will call you when I’ve found the time. Thank you for listening.”
I just nodded and we smiled at each other once more before she left.


“Ok!  We’re finished. Good job Matsuura san. Tomorrow we will repeat this again and then there’s only one last meeting next week.”
“Thank you. See you tomorrow. Good night.” I said happy but more because of the fact that I finally have finished my work for today.
I put on my jacket, grabbed my bag and made my way down to the lobby.
Why is my work suddenly so boring?
There’s nothing what is exciting. But maybe it’s only a phase for me?

“Ah. Aya chan wait a sec please.”
I turned around and was quite surprised seeing Abe san here.
“Oh, good evening Abe san! Can I help you with something?”
“Yes, actually you can. Miki asked me for something and I found some information. Could you give it to her if you see her?”
“Yeah sure, I’m going to her place right now so it’s no big deal.” I smiled and took the sheets of paper, putting them into my bag.
“Information you said?” I asked Abe san.
She nodded and smiled, “It might be better if you ask Miki about it because I don’t have a clue why she wants this.”
“Hooo… I see. Well, I must go now. It was nice meeting you again!” I smiled and gave her a wink.
She returned it, “Keep up your great work Aya chan! Bye bye~”

Great work? Oh well…

Outside it was cold and raining. I can’t believe that this year will be over soon again.
Why am I in such a sad mood?
Aya stop thinking this kind of crap and hurry to Miki’s place!



Miki’s front door was opened so I went in.
“I told you get out of here you idiot!”
“No I won’t! Tell me why you don’t want to marry me!”

Oh great… Could this day get even worse?

“Hey…get out.” I said calm.
He threw his arms up into the air, “I won’t! And it’s none of you’re business anyway!”
“Get out.” I repeated giving him a glare.
He ignored me and grabbed Miki’s wrist.
“OK! That’s enough! I will kick your ass out of here!” I shouted, pulled him to the door and pushed him out.
He fell onto the floor.
“Dare you to touch her again!” I said in a very angry tone.
Miki was quite shocked by my reactions but came up to me after a few seconds of staring.
“If you come here once more I will call the police, you heard me?!” Miki shouted and closed the door.

I sighed, “I was really close to knock him out.”
“You were. I’m glad you didn’t because then we’re in really bad trouble.”
“Oh please don’t say the word trouble...” I groaned and collapsed onto the sofa.
Miki sat herself beside me, “Are you ok?”
“No…not really. It’s just…Can we make out and stop the time?”
“We could do the first but I’m not sure if we’re able to do the second.” She smiled and kissed me.
I let out a smile as well and let Miki climb on top of me.
“You know…I think that I should quit everything and just be here with you.”
“Mh…give your head a break time for today. Relax and uhm… relax~”
I giggled and yawned.
My princess helped me out of my jacket and stroked through my hair.
It was making me feeling comfortable and sleepy.
“Go and sleep a bit Aya chan.” She said cute and kissed my lips once more.

The nice and slowly movments of her hand on my head were leading me into dreamland.

“I…num num…love you so…mhh…much Miki…”
She whispered something back but I couldn’t quite get it.
I was too sleepy.



I will be away from monday till friday because I will travel to the Netherlands with my school class.
Hopefully I will get some time to write some chapters!

See you!  :heart: :byebye:

EDIT: Maybe I should begin working on Miki's version of this story? This thought came up a few times the last days :P
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Way to go Ayaya! :rockon:

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Whaa! The chapter 17 can't be found anymore, could you post it somewhere again, pleaseplease? :cry: :)
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Secret of GAM Aya ver.

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